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The contents page also has the Mast head text as the heading on the page; this continues

to present the brand of the magazine and ensures they are aware of it being this companys product if the mast head was covered by a image on the front cover. The font is very simple and bold; it is an average size as well making sure it can be seen by the consumer.

Contents Page Annotation 2

This is a contents page taken from the DAZED magazine.

This dazed magazine contents page is a very basic. It uses only 2 colours: black and white. From my research i have noticed that a lot of indie magazines like to use this colour scheme because of its simplicity and effectiveness, this makes it dramatic and bold and this is what indie followers seem to be interested in.

The magazine text is quite detailed, expressing a lot about what is at each page, the font used is very standard, a lot like the common Ariel Bold font style, it makes it simple for the customer to read and see. The DAZED magazine has 3 topics within their magazine: music, fashion & film, these topics are sectioned on the contents using a bold effect on that text which outlines which section is what.