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In this coordination stage. the Office of the Executive Assistant IV. the City’s sheer insufficiency of rehabilitation fund s makes it impossible to address the rebuilding of houses of its constituents with initial damage assessment amounting to PHP 295. through its coordinating and managing arm. Ahmad Clay Escolar. and permits processing. THE PROJECT MECHANISM ABP OFFICE IT Office.612. the City Government has a limited rehabilitation budget amounting to only PHP 16 million pesos to address an estimated total damage worth of PHP 700 million. 5 . for data gathering and project/program/aid assessment.000 needed to be rebuilt on site. Thus. 8.00. THE COORDINATION PROCESS The Helping NGOs coordinate with the City. Earmarking of communities/sectors/families to be given aid.589. 6. If necessary. Type of aid to be given. Barangay support needed by the aiding NGO. coordination. In that. the City Government comes up with a two-year COMMUNITY REBUILDING PLAN dubbed as ADOPT A BARANGAY PROJECT. documentary and processing support from the City. the City has moved a step forward on the MACRO level of rehabilitation. Initial damage assessment blots a figure of 18. 5. the NGO and the City develop a work plan containing the following details. 4. its basic economic and social service facilities are now getting up and running. 3.000 needed to be repaired on site. maintains a “ONE STOP OFFICE” that serves the helping NGOs with the following: data dissemination. 2.000 damaged houses: 4. quantitative projection of aid and duration of implementation of aid.ADOPT A BARANGAY TAMBAYAYONG SA PAGBANGON PROJECT RATIONALE In response to Yolanda Disaster. support and supervision. New City Hall ONE STOP SHOP FOR PROJECT COORDINATION The City Government headed by the Office of the Mayor. through the Office of the City Executive Assistant IV Atty.000 needed to be relocated. Project implementation Plan and Tasking. Execution. as well as with project implementation. However. To address this problem. Barangays and NGOs. documents. 6. as follows: 1. licenses.

And within the period of 2 years. The City encourages a situation wherein paid skilled labor should come from the locality or proximately nearby the community being helped upon by the aiding NGO.000 socialized housing units to relocate 4. All throughout the project implementation process. and others. REPAIR TYPE OF AID: Materials to be used for repair TARGETED BENEFICIARIES: Indigents whose houses were damaged but can be liveable once repaired.000 families within the period of one year. and (2) the private lands of another REBUILD ON SITE TYPE OF AID: 30K WORTH OF HOUSE TARGETED BENEFICIARIES: Indigents families whose houses were totally destroyed and whose owners of said houses also own or have a valid claim over the land where their houses used to stand. the City shall improve the relocation projects to the best living conditions attainable. the City closely coordinates with the aiding NGOs. 6 . all the parties in this project are encouraged to give the best of their respective abilities and within the confine of their respective limitations. human resource. the ABP advocates for tripartite participation. Because ABP draws inspiration from the Bayanihan tradition of the Filipinos.ABP REHABILITATION PROGRAMS 3R RELOCATE| REPAIR | REVITALIZE RELOCATE RELOCATE TYPE OF AID: THE RELOCATION HOUSES: The City plans to build 4. the Barangay and community/sector adopted for any technical support on logistics. REVITALIZE (Livelihood programs) TYPE OF AID: Livelihood Programs Targeted Beneficiaries: (1) indigents (preferred) (2) Jobless THE TRIPARTITE RELATIONS AND SUPPORT ARRANGEMENTS During project implementation. TARGETED BENEFICIARIES: All indigent families who are residing in (1) danger zones and public easements.

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000 households needed to be relocated. Guadalupe In the Process of procurement In the Process of procurement On the aforementioned areas will rise about 1. the City of Bogo has identified at least four (4) lots as relocation sites: One hectare in Barangay La Paz Three hectares in Barangay Malingin One hectare in Barangay Cayang One hectare in Barangay Polambato Owned by the City Owned by the City Donated by the heirs of the late Jose and Luisa Martinez Donated by the heirs of the late CJ Marcelo Fernan The City is still negotiating for more land as resettlement sites in the following barangays: Two hectares in Brgy. This scheme will continue until all affected households and all homeless in the City shall have availed of the said housing projects. NGOs. ENTIRELY FREE HOME FOR THE HOMELESS SCHEME Housing units of other Resettlement Housing Developments funded and initiated by NGOs and other private personalities may be given to their indigent beneficiaries for free. meter shall be payable for the amount of PHP 50.000 within the period of 20 years with amortization holiday of two years from the date of acquisition. This is under the presupposition that the City does not contribute a land or housing materials to the projects. In the process. the City campaigns for the support from the National Government.There are 400. of project implementation. all of these households will be relocated. this is earmarked for more socialized/relocation housing projects and development and/or maintenance of socialized/relocation housing projects. with amortization grace periods provided for by law. the City aspires that within a year. Three of these housing projects are initiated by the City government with 10 housing units as initial houses to be built. and different sectors of the society on the following:  Funding  Coordination and  Project Implementation  The Housing Project Continuity Plan Each lot consisting of 50 sq.200 relocation housing units. the city shall maintain all other forms of support to these NGOs providing for these kinds of relocation housing projects schemes. Libertad Two hectares in Brgy. With the ABP Relocation Project. Nonetheless. 8 . The funds raised from the amortization paid by the beneficiaries shall be held by the City as trust fund. Presently.

The components are as follows: 9 .The relocation housing development has five (5) divisible yet complimentary components which the aiding NGOs may commit to provide or help with.




483.760.00 405.845.00 63.00 1.00 1.000.00 1.05 JEMBRANT MONTAÑEZ CPDC STAFF-ARCH.00 3.100.395. Def.00 45.00 2.00 84.00 189.i plain #26 10' Umbrella nails 250.00 Concrete Works Woodworks 3 5 25 15 30 3 15 3 6 5 2 1 8 pcs pcs pcs pcs pcs pcs shts pairs pairs kls kls kls set 3x3x8 Coco Lumber 3x3x6 Coco Lumber 2x3x8 Coco Lumber 2x2x10 Coco lumber 2x2x8 Coco Lumber 2x3x10 Coco Lumber Marine plywood 1/4 Hinges 3x3 Hinges 1 1/2x 1 1/2 4" cwn 2 1/2" cwn 1 1/2 cwn Post strap w/ bolt 1/2 12 126. Bogo City : Calamity Fund : December 18. Bar #16 Tie Wire Unit Cost 195.00 Roofing 9 9 2 3 shts shts shts kls G.00 315. LEPON CE Approved By: HON.00 52.00 31.00 4. Noted By: CARLO FERNANDO LOGARTA CPDC RAMIRO A.00 2.00 295.00 45.00 63.i corr #24 10' G.05 Material Cost Labor 35% MC Total Housing Unit Cost Prepared By: Checked By: P 42.250.00 304.00 45.00 152.000.Location SOF Date : Bliss.00 2.425.00 12.00 1.502.00 65. Lapaz.00 270.00 57.100.955.00 114.680.00 205.00 13.00 11. 30 3 1 220 31 3 Unit bags cum cum pcs pcs kls Particulars Cement Sand Gravel 4" CHB 8 mm Dia.00 105.00 135.300.00 56.i corr #24 8' G.00 378.00 260.850.00 70.00 1.00 1.00 195.00 Amount 5.050.00 1.00 10.200. CELESTINO MARTINEZ JR.00 220. CITY MAYOR 13 .019.00 1.00 4.00 63. 2013 Construction of one (1) Units Residential Building (12'x14') Qty.594.00 81.934.

As of 16 December 2013: Project: The Yolanda Village (Housing Resettlement Development Site) Number of houses to be made: Land: Developer: Labor: Materials: Partner NGOs: Status: 120 houses Contributed by the City Government of Bogo Bogo City 1 hectare by City Government of Bogo by City Government of Bogo (initial outlay: good for 10 houses) Sunshine Corner Ministry of Encouragement. Project: Housing resettlement development site in Barangay Cayang. All ten houses will be finished in about three weeks. Inc. And all ten houses will be done within a month. Project: Housing Resettlement development site in Barangay Polambato. Bogo City Number of houses to be made: Land: Developer: Labor: Materials: Partner NGOs: Status: 200 1 hectare from the Martinez Family Bogo City Partly from Bogo City and from participating NGOs Participating NGOs Light of Jesus Community Couples for Christ Ground breaking ceremony will be on the Second Week of January 2014.materials for 30 houses Ground Breaking and capsule laying were done on 7 December 2013. . Two houses are about to be finished and five more to follow within a week.materials for 10 houses CARETAS . Bogo City Number of Houses to be made: Land: Developer: Labor: Materials: 200 1 hectare donated by the Fernan Family SM Care Foundation SM Care Foundation SM Care Foundation Procurement of more housing resettlement sites: Barangay Marangog: Barangay Libertad: Barangay Guadalupe: Barangay Don Pedro: two hectares two hectares two hectares two Hectares 14 .

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and workforce from participating NGOs shall have weekly schedules . engineers. volunteers from private sectors. They will go to the communities they have identified and shall repair damaged houses therein. carpenters. 16 .The Repair Team composed of City Government employees. architects.

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With this Revitalization Program. the City shall be in consultation with the communities in resettlement sites and all indigent households in the City as to the livelihood programs viable for their respective geographical areas. In coordination with NGOs whose thrusts are to provide livelihood projects and in coordination with the TESDA and other government agencies. the City shall establish community livelihood projects and shall develop and implement micro financing to finance these livelihood projects. 19 .

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000 5.820.000 2.000 268.000 6.ROSARIO SIOCON LA PURISIMA SAN VICENTE STO.307.500 12.957.000 6.272.327 TOTAL HOUSEHOLD AFFECTED: 18.635 10.306.000 8.183.399 23.000 2.295 24.300 5.469.NINO SUDLONON LOURDES CARBON 1715 901 408 465 624 445 486 476 335 488 320 330 295 409 357 259 230 210 294 167 203 244 234 230 144 76 75 42 37 490 258 510 372 178 256 309 303 415 244 400 210 236 117 102 165 183 168 84 209 130 70 67 66 41 95 93 52 46 245 129 101 93 90 189 89 86 83 82 80 61 58 58 51 46 46 43 42 42 37 35 33 33 20 19 19 11 9 TOTAL 22 .383.529.000 4.902.000 1.264.000 4.703.145.835.000 ESTIMATED DAMAGE GAIRAN NAILON DAKIT LA PAZ POLAMBATO GUADALUPE CAYANG LIBERTAD COGON TAYTAYAN DON PEDRO BANBAN MALINGIN ODLOT SAMBAG BUNGTOD ANONANG NORTE ANONANG SUR MARANGOG BINABAG PANDAN STO.520.TOTAL POPULATION: 82.995 31.589 39.000 7.730.295 DAMAGED HOUSES MAJOR MINOR UNDAMAGED TOTAL AFFECTED 2450 1288 1019 930 892 890 884 865 830 814 800 601 589 584 510 470 459 421 420 418 370 349 334 329 205 190 187 105 92 18.000 5.075.000 7.448.260 7.483.556.000 9.000 3.413.500 11.400 629.000 5.000 1.172.

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New Bogo City Hall Buac. Bogo City Tel No.OFFICE ADDRESS: Office of the Executive Assistant IV c/o IT Office. 260-5310 to 12 local 325 29 . Cayang.

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Immediately after shipping the goods. A letter of acceptance from CITY GOVERNMENT OF BOGO shall be sent back to the donor. 31 . Checks should be made payable to The CITY GOVERNMENT OF with your name.Cellphone No. Local You can send in-kind local donations to the Project Chairman Atty.: 0915-002339-083 Account Name: City of Bogo You can send your cash or check donations to the Project Chairman Atty. Bogo. 3. Email us your letter of intent to donate to the CITY GOVERNMENT OF BOGO. We could also arrange for donation pick-up International 1. Ahmad Clay Escolar at Office of the Executive Assistant. 2. please email the bank transaction slip at info@cityofbogocebu. address and contact number. Ahmad Clay Escolar at Office of the Executive Assistant . please send the (a) original Deed of Donation. Cebu Philippines 6010 For your donations to be properly acknowledged.: 0932-1000-88 Account Name: City of Bogo Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP Bogo Branch) Trust Account No.You can deposit your donations in the following bank accounts: Landbank of the Philippines (LBP Bogo Branch) Trust Account No. (b) copy of packing list and (c) original Airway Bill for air shipments or Bill of Lading for sea shipments to: CITY GOVERNMENT OF BOGO Office of the Executive Assistant Cayang.