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Meljorie Co


Learning and getting to experience dancing was such an amazing experience for me. I came to this class expecting to be very boring for the reasons that I dont dance at all, dancing dont interest me and specially that its too early in the morning to actually get my mood to learn more about dancing. On the first two weeks of classes, I thought that I wouldnt blend well with my group because I have no intentions to be friends with them anyway but it was the total opposite! As we do the group works together and get to discuss and know each others opinion, I found it interesting to learn how dancing impacts the life of my group mates and their opinions about how dancing influence their lives. Class participation is also a great way for us to share our own opinion and insights in the class. One of the things that influenced me most is Orosas body of work. Her stylized version of the Filipino traditional dances, traditions and folk lore. Orosa did a great job in making folkdance more sophisticated and creative. Where she based it to our modern culture by for example, conceptualizing the Ifugao dance from mountain province dance with a mix of ballet movements. I think that Orosa tries to change and revolutionize the steps of our dances because every step, every moves, every twitch, every facial/body movements means something and she wants to modernize the concept and is simple taking influences by portraying part ritual and part ballet. In that way, our modern understanding of dance today maybe performed by adopting the westernize culture dances with a mix of Filipino culture dances, often includes the outline of what Orosas definition of Philippine folkdance is. Her own cultural way of portraying Philippine folkdances has given much attention to our Philippine culture. Her dances preserves and restores our countrys folk dances and substa ntiate with different cultural presentation.

It is worthy to actually get to perform the ballet dance in the classroom together with my classmates. I learned that I am actually flexible and capable of doing moves that I never thought I would ever be able to. Like the turning the legs from side to side, graceful hand movements, to have someone balance on my lower back, which it was an amazing experience and many more. I also love how others seem to be

very flexible, to be honest in the beginning of our group practice I was so nervous

because almost all of my group mates looked like they were such experts during the practice. I was so worried that I would not be able to do any of the moves and that others would laugh at me if I dont get it right. As we practice I realize that to be able to dance in front of people for me means not being shy and not caring what others would think of me, which I always did. Now with the help of my group mates, built up my confidence and learned that every person is capable of anything and there are no restrictions in dancing. My favorite move, we call it The chicken dance where your both hands are rest on each armpits then move it upside down while feet hops alternately. It is an Itik-Itik inspired kind of dance which we really did enjoy learning.

Overall, I am so happy that I got learn more about dancing actually get to experience it too. I also learned some new movements and I just automatically dance anywhere I want and be comfortable with it. I am very thankful that our prof got to introduce to us a variety of dance genres. I like how she explained and were enthusiastic all along in teaching us what we should know about dancing.