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Scientists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in the month of June 2013 have found that

the pattern of the Indian monsoon is supposed to change under global warming in the future Research supported with Computer simulations and a comprehensive set of 20 state!of!the!art climate models shows that Indian monsoon dail" variabilit" might increase #he ongoing ups! and!downs of Indian monsoon rainfall are li$el" to increase under warming %&'SC()s *orld +eritage Committee on 1, June 2013 increased pressure on the -ustralian government so as to conserve the .reat /arrier Reef #he *orld +eritage Committee gave Canberra one "ear time to present a plan on how to protect the reef0 listed as a *orld +eritage site since 11,10 from increasing coal and gas e2traction and shipping -s per the discussion in the 33th session in Phnom Penh0 Cambodia0 If -ustralia fails to come up with a satisfactor" plan then *orld +eritage Committee will place it on the 4in danger5 list It was also stressed that b" 20160 -ustralia has to improve water 7ualit" monitoring and limit port development to e2isting port areas It is worth mentioning here that among the 3, *orld +eritage sites currentl" listed as 4in danger5 is the 'verglades &ational par$ in 8lorida and the (ld Cit" of Jerusalem P Sathasivam on 21 June 2013 was appointed as the ne2t Chief Justice of India after he 9ustified the Collegiums S"stem of appointment of Judges #he :6 "ear old Sathasivam will succeed the incumbent Chief Justice of India0 -ltamas ;abir0 who will superannuate on 1, Jul" 2013 from his office Sathasivam will be the 60th Chief Justice of India <CJI= and his appointment to the post has been approved b" Pranab >u$her9ee0 the President of India #he Supreme Court is the highest court of appeal as established b" Part ?0 Chapter I? of the Indian Constitution and -rticle 126 to 163 states about the composition of Supreme Court of India Supreme Court of India consists of one Chief Justice and 31 9udges #he bench that comprises 2 or 3 9udges is termed as

a @ivision /ench and the one that bench that consists of five or more 9udges is termed to be a Constitutional /ench President appoints the 9udges of the Supreme Court and the retirement age of these 9udges is :A #he Judge can be removed from India on certain ground that includes incapacit" to hold the office or proven misbehavior #he" can be removed onl" after the resolution of both the houses of Indian Parliament that is supported b" the ma9orit" of two!third of the members voting and present Indian Space Research (rganisation)s scientists will establish a navigation satellite s"stem for India li$e that of -merica)s .lobal Positioning S"stem <.PS= ?er" much similar to the .PS0 the Indian satellite is supposed to transmit data continuousl" that will allow correctl" e7uipped receivers to establish their location with considerable precision #he pro9ect is set to establish the IR&SS at a cost about 1620 crores rupees and was approved b" the %nion .overnment in June 200: #he first of the IR&SS satellites is scheduled go into space aboard the Polar Satellite Baunch ?ehicle on 1 Jul" 2013 #he .PS re7uires a constellation of 26 orbiting satellites0 which will be supported b" a global networ$ of ground stations0 so that ever" part of the world is covered ISR( will create a s"stem wholl" in IndiaCs control for providing navigation signals over this countr" and surrounding areas -fter seeing man" configurations0 the finall" chosen configuration was the Indian Regional &avigation Satellite S"stem <IR&SS= which re7uired 9ust seven satellites -ll seven IR&SS satellites will be at a height of about 3:000 $m0 which will ta$e a whole da" to circle the 'arth #hree of the satellites will be placed over the e7uator0 in what is $nown as the geostationar" orbit0 where the" match the 'arthCs rotation and therefore appear from the ground to remain at a fi2ed position in the s$" #he remaining four satellites will be in pairs in two inclined

geos"nchronous orbits 8rom the ground0 these satellites will appear to travel in figures of D,) during the course of a da" (3b &etwor$s0 whose name represents the other 3 billion in month of June 20130 launched a series of satellites which is supposed to provide fast0 cheap Internet and phone service to remote areas in 1,0 countries #he idea behind launching such satellite is to bring people from remote area online b" the end of the "ear 2013 .oogle have alread" committed to invest about 1 2 billion dollars in support (3b &etwor$s is planning to suppl" the bandwidth for voice and data traffic to mobile phone operators instead of being sold directl" to customers and internet service providers who will be able to trac$ the satellites with ground stations - group of four satellites was launched on 2A June 2013 in a So"uE roc$et from 8rench .uiana and it is going to be followed with similar satellite launch of four more in September 2013 and another four ne2t "ear /CCI </oard of Control of Cric$et in India= on 21 June 2013 was awarded a chance to host two ma9or events of International Cric$et namel" *orld #went"20 for the first time in 201: and its fourth A0!over *orld Cup in 2023 b" ICC <International Cric$et Council= /CCI also got the chance to host the second edition of ICC *orld #est Championship scheduled in 8ebruar"!>arch 2021 #he inaugural edition of the #est Championship will be hosted b" 'ngland and *ales Cric$et /oard <'C/= June!Jul" 2013 I&S #ri$and0 the last of the three 8ollow on #alwar Class frigates built in the Russian 8ederation0 was commissioned into the Indian &av" on 21 June 2013 at ;aliningrad0 Russia b" ?ice -dmiral R ; @howan0 the ?ice Chief of the &aval Staff0 Indian &av" #he commissioning of I&S #ri$and mar$s the culmination of a three ship contract for 8ollow (n #alwar Class ships built in Russia +er sister ships I&S #eg and I&S #ar$ash were commissioned in 2012 I&S #ri$and carries a state!of!the!art combat suite which includes the supersonic

/R-+>(S missile s"stem0 advanced Surface to -ir missiles Shtil0 upgraded -110 medium range gun0 'lectro!optical 30 mm Close!in *eapon S"stem0 -nti!Submarine weapons such as torpedoes and roc$ets and an advanced 'lectronic *arfare s"stem #he weapons and sensors are integrated through a Combat >anagement S"stem Trebovanie-M0 which enables the ship to simultaneousl" neutralise multiple surface0 sub!surface and air threats Scientist in month of June 2013 discovered a complete new species of bird hiding in plain sight in CambodiaCs capital Phnom Penh #he bird has been named the Cambodian tailorbird <(rthotomus cha$tomu$= and was first spotted in 2001 during routine chec$s for avian flu #he detailed outline of the discover" has been mentioned in the (riental /ird Club 9ournal0 8or$tail #ailorbirds are in the famil" of warbler and got their name of their careful preparation of their nests0 weaving leaves together #he *orld +ealth (rganiEation on 30 June 2013 introduced new guidelines for the treatment of +I? could help prevent millions of people d"ing of -I@S #he *+( sa"s these guidelines represent a ma9or shift in treatment polic" #he idea is to give a single pill combining three drugs to people who are +I? positive much earlier while their immune s"stems are still strong -lgeria0 -rgentina and /raEil are alread" doing this #he cow!siEed specimen named /unostegos0 which means $nobb" roof roamed isolated desert about 2:0 million "ears ago &ew fossils from northern &iger in -frica were described in the Journal of ?ertebrate Paleontolog" /unostegos means $nobb" roof #he distinctive creature belongs to a new genus of pareiasaur ! plant!eating creatures that e2isted during the Permian period @uring Permian times0 a single supercontinent called Pangaea dominated the 'arth .

June 2013 was recentl" conferred the prestigious Indian +ealthcare ?isionar" of the @ecade award at a glittering ceremon" of the 6th -nnual /usiness Beadership Conclave at +otel Beela in >umbai -lso felicitated with other prestigious awards were industrialists Ratan #ata 0 #ransformational Beader of the @ecade and >u$esh -mbani who is the >illennium /usiness Beader of the @ecade -fter the award ceremon"0 >u$esh convincingl" laid out a 100 /illion @ollar >edical #ourism opportunit" for India as a b"product of %S President /arac$ (bama)s new Patient Protection and -ffordable Care -ct which unofficiall" is also termed Obamacare .Sri Ban$a and India on 26!2A June 2013 held discussion in Colombo on trade0 investment and economic cooperation It is aimed at doubling the bilateral trade volume to the tune of 10 billion %S dollars in the ne2t three "ears India is Sri Ban$a)s leading trade partner and that bilateral trade between the two countries has now reached A billion %S dollars @uring the tal$s0 India and Sri Ban$a decided to e2pand the bilateral trade in a balanced wa" b" utilising the opportunities available between the two neighbouring nations #he tal$s included economic0 trade and development related issues between the two countries India and %nited .ingdom in the third wee$ of June 2013 decided to develop the Bangalore-Mumbai Economic Corridor project in close association with private companies from /ritain #he decision on ta$ing the pro9ect0 which had been outlined both b" Prime >inister >anmohan Singh and /ritish Prime >inister @avid Cameron in 8ebruar" this "ear0 was ta$en at the meeting of Commerce and Industr" >inister -nand Sharma with %.)s Secretar" of State for /usiness0 (liver Betwin during his recent visit to Bondon +arvard trained and internationall" acclaimed Indian -merican Cardiac Surgeon and +ealthcare 'conomist @r >u$esh +ariawala on 2.

(I share and 30 crore rupees was the State share @uring the five!"ear period from 200.and Saudi -rabia .!01 to 2012!130 India!(man bilateral trade increased b" 121 percent as per the data released b" >inistr" of '2ternal affairs of India India has been a ma9or e2porter to (man and emerged as the fourth largest source of imports into (man after Japan0 %S.(I= and corresponding State share of 3A0 crore rupees #his includes 320 crore rupees alread" approved for 2012!130 of which 2A0 crore rupees was the .-fghanistan was granted the -ssociate membership of the ICC0 ma$ing it the eighth -sian nation and the <11:1=0 . June 2013 approved the continuation of the &ational >ission on 8ood Processing <&>8P= for the remainder of 12th 8ive Fear Plan <2013!13= based on detailed proposals submitted b" the >inistr" of 8ood Processing Industries <>(8PI= #he &>8P outla" for 2012!13 has been $ept at 1:00 crore rupees consisting of 12A0 crore rupees provided b" the .overnment of India <. #he 3@ model of a +%>-& /R-I& was prepared b" mounting thin sliced sections of the whole!brain on slides #he stained sections were then scanned and reconstituted b" supercomputers into a 3@ model of an entire brain #he Cabinet Committee on 'conomic -ffairs on 2.uwait <200A=0 >ala"sia <11:3=0 &epal <111:=0 Singapore <1136=0 #hailand <200A= and %-' <1110= as ICC -ssociates from the -sian region Scientists in the >onth of June 2013 have created the worldCs first high! definition 3@ model of a complete human brain which is named b" Big overall to get the status Boo$ing at the immense progress shown b" -fghanistan0 the -CC <-sian Cric$et Council= had last "ear sent the nomination re7uest in 2012 and the decision to grant -fghanistan the status was ta$en b" the ICC at its ongoing annual conference0 which concluded in Bondon on 21 June 2013 -fghanistan now 9oin +ong .

eneral of India < 2012 #he balance of trade is in India)s favour due to increase in e2port of mineral fuels0 mineral oils and products of their distillation Indian . billion dollar over the ne2t two "ears to support 9ob creation0 training and apprenticeships for "oung people .overnment in the >onth of June 2013 has banned the testing of Cosmetic product on animals and thus became the first countr" in South -sia to end such tests &ow0 with the ban on testing and as per the @rug Controller .I= an" cosmetic product made in India will be free of animal testing #he decision of banning the testing was ta$en in order to prevent cruelt" to animals0 especiall" after seeing the available simulation alternatives #he 8inal norms on the decision will be coming out shortl" which is being chaired /ureau of Indian Standards </IS= sectoral!committee #he %nion . June 2013 have signed a deal of a 1 3 trillion dollar for seven!"ear budget from 2016!2020 -ll 23 member states of 'uropean %nion collectivel" approved the deal in /russels after providing a solution to /ritish concerns about a rebate that remains intact It is e2pected that the plan for 2016!2020 period is going to be approved b" the 'uropean Parliament in Jul" 2013 '% leaders also resolved to spend .overnment also made a decision to grant international airport status to the airports of Imphal and /hubaneswar at a cost of 20000 crore rupees 'uropean %nion leaders on 2.overnment of India on 2. June 2013 decided to set up A1 new low! cost airports in #ier!II and #ier!III cities of the nation #he decision was ta$en with an aim to the give a boost to civil aviation sector and increase air connectivit" to #ier!II and #ier!III cities -irport -uthorit" of India <--I= will be responsible for setting!up the airports in A1 different cities across different states #he %nion .

rade -= at 136A rupees per 7uintal #his is an increase of :0 rupees per 7uintal and :A rupees per 7uintal respectivel" over their >SPs of 2012 #he >SPs of Jowar <+"brid=0 Jowar <>aldandi= and Ragi have been retained at last "earJs level of 1A00 rupees per 7uintal0 1A20 rupees per 7uintal and 1A00 rupees per 7uintal respectivel" #he >SP of /a9ra has been raised b" 3A rupees per 7uintal and fi2ed at 12A0 rupees per 7uintal #he >SP of >aiEe has been raised b" 13A rupees per 7uintal over 2010Js >SP at 1310 rupees per 7uintal .umar ?arma0 who will retire from his office on 30 June 2013 ?arma is an I-S officer of 113: batch of >adh"a Pradesh Cadre #he Cabinet Committee on 'conomic -ffairs on 2.. June 2013 b" the ?ice President of India0 +amid -nsari #he boo$ is a historical publication and would benefit the students and researchers Giauddin /arni belonged to the elite societ" of medieval India and was able to achieve the status of Secretar" <&adeem= to Sultan >ohammad /in #ugla7 <132A!A1 -@= #here are two versions of Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi. June 2013 Jul$a will succeed %da" .boo$ entitled Giauddin /arni)s #ari$h!i!8iroE Shahi brought out b" Rampur RaEa Bibrar"H Rampur <%P= under >inistr" of Culture was released on 2. #he %nion Cabinet on 2. June 2013 has approved the setting up of a Coal Regulator" -uthorit" <CR-= meant to address controversial issues li$e suppl" and 7ualit" #he coal authorit" would be empowered to specif" methodolog" for determining coal prices -ppointment of /imal Jul$a as Secretar" of >inistr" of Information I /roadcasting was approved b" the -ppointments Committee of the Cabinet <-CC= on 2. June 2013 approved the >inimum Support Prices <>SPs= for $harif crops of 2013!16 season #he >SP of Padd" <Common= has been fi2ed at 1310 rupees per 7uintal and of Padd" <.

Japanese got its 8irst >(K &uclear Shipment port since 8u$ushima on 2. months #he satellite will be similar to the . June 2013 gave its approval to the proposal of signing of a head7uarters agreement between the >inistr" of '2ternal -ffairs and &alanda %niversit" #his agreement would confer on the %niversit" and members of its academic staff privileges and immunities considered necessar" .S-#!1A communication satellite pro9ect along with procurement of launch services and insurance #he building of the . #he %nion Cabinet of India on 2.S-#!1A satellite will cover the entire Indian mainland -ll heritage proven bus s"stems will be used to build the satellite in 1.S-#!.S-#!1A is part of the Indian Research (rganisation)s <ISR(Js= efforts towards in!orbit spare capacit" to meet contingenc" and to protect the services of e2isting users #he satellite will provide re7uired redundant capacit"0 will augment capacit" in the .S-# satellites are currentl" providing different fre7uenc" bands to nearl" 11A transponders #he .u band0 and shall provide in!orbit redundant re7uirement of safet" of life operations benefitting civil aviation services in the countr" &ine operational I&S-#M. June 2013 which was arrived from 8rance loaded with reprocessed nuclear fuel #he &uclear Shipment was arrived in order to restart their atomic reactors >(K0 <mi2ed o2ide= is a blend of plutonium and uraniumH it was arrived at the #a$ahama nuclear plant on the western coast of central Japan >i2ed o2ide <>(K= fuel basicall" provides about 2L of the new nuclear fuel used toda" >(K fuel is manufactured from plutonium recovered from used reactor fuel It also provides a means of burning weapons!grade plutonium <from militar" sources= to produce electricit" %ranium reactors produce a mi2ture of depleted uranium and plutonium as a b"!product of fission #hese can be re! processed into >(K fuel0 which can then be used in other reactors to generate more power #he %nion Cabinet of India on 2. June 2013 gave its approval to the proposal for the .

channels for ma$ing changes in their board of directors and shareholding patterns without government permission #he %nion Cabinet of India on 2.overnment of India <.oI= and .o>=0 with e7uit" participation on A0PA0 basis . Regional provide an overall framewor$ for the efficient functioning and operation of the %niversit"0 and allow it to obtain talent from across the globe #he -greement will come into force immediatel" upon signing and notification *orld /an$ in June 2013 came up with an e2ecutive Summar" Report named b" Turn Down the Heat: Climate Extremes. June 2013 approved the >umbai >etro Bine! 3 Colaba!/andra!SantacruE 'lectronics '2port Processing Gone <Colaba! /andra!S''PG= corridor It has further approved the conversion of the e2isting State level Special Purpose ?ehicle <SP?= O >umbai >etro Rail Corporation <>>RC= into a Joint ?enture Compan" of the .overnment of >aharashtra <. and the Case for Resilience which focuses on the ris$s of climate change to development in Sub!Saharan -frica0 South 'ast -sia and South -sia #he Report is a said e2tension to *orld /an$ report in &ovember 2012 which was named b" Turn Down the Heat: h! a "#C armer orld $ust be %&oided which concluded that the world would warm b" 6NC b" the end of this centur" if we did not ta$e concerted action now #he II/ ministr" in >onth of June 2013 has cancelled the licence of 1A channels and suspended the license of seven others for 30 da"s as the" fail to abide b" with licensing conditions >ost of channel whose license are cancelled are regional #he ministr" has also issued notices to 3.

June 2013 cleared the proposal of @epartment of +ealth Research under the >inistr" of +ealth I 8amil" *elfare for the setting up of 10 Regional Babs0 30 State Bevel Babs and 120 >edical College Bevel Babs under the scheme of 'stablishment of a networ$ of Baboratories for >anaging 'pidemics and &atural Calamities #he scheme is estimated to cost :6: .#he Ra9asthan government on 23 June 2013 launched a uni7ue scheme called >u$h"amantri /i9li /achat Bamp Fo9na for energ" conservation #he State government will provide 2 C8B bulb free of cost to all electricit" consumers of villages and /PB consumers in urban areas #his uni7ue scheme will continue till -ugust 2013 %nion .uwaitis who went missing under chapter ?II of %& Charter &ow it will come under Chapter ?I of the %& Charter0 which calls for a peaceful resolution of disputes +owever0 Ira7 still has to pa" 11 billion .overnment on 23 June 2013 raised the base price it will pa" farmers for common rice to 1310 rupees per 100 $ilograms from 12A0 rupees as compared to "ear 2012 #he government has set a minimum support price <>SP= for $e" crops to give farmers an incentive to produce supplies needed for welfare programmes that give cheap food to half a billion poor #he >SP help protecting the farmers from e2cessive price falls India is one of the worldCs ma9or producers and consumers of grains It has built up massive stoc$s of rice and wheat because of abundant harvests encouraged b" these assured prices #he Cabinet Committee on 'conomic -ffairs <CC'-= on 2.uwait for its support and assistance to get the sanctions lifted #he Securit" Council imposed sanctions on Ira7 and as$ed it to pa" compensation worth A2 billion %S dollars and help in finding more than :00 .3 crore rupees during the 12th 8ive Fear Plan #he %& Securit" Council eased sanctions against Ira7 imposed after Saddam +usseinCs invasion of .uwait in 1110 Ira7 welcomed the move as a landmar$ decision and promised to enhance cooperation with .

!.uwait and help find more than :00 . A dollars per mm/tu #his will be the first revision in gas prices in three "ears C Rangara9an0 formula uses long!term and spot li7uid gas <B&.eneral *u +ongbo Chand" bagged the first place in the categor" Preventing and Combating Corruption in the public +e received the award for the mass contact programme conducted b" him in 2011 after becoming the Chief >inister for the second time Chand" bagged the first place in the categor" Preventing and Combating Corruption in the public +e received the award for the mass contact programme conducted b" him in 2011 after becoming the Chief >inister for the second time #he %nion government on 23 June 2013 almost doubled the price at which natural gas is supposed to be sold to producers of power0 fertiliEer0 minerals and steel #he increase0 in natural gas price was decided at a meeting of the %nion cabinet0 which is in line with the recommendations of a committee headed b" C Rangara9an0 chairman of the Prime >inister)s economic advisor" council0 which had suggested a s"stem that would price the fuel at .uwaitis missing since the invasion It has also urged Ira7 to return national treasures and archives .dollars as war compensation to .= import contracts as well as international trading benchmar$s to arrive at a competitive price for India #he %nited States Senate on 23 June 2013 passed a landmar$ comprehensive Immigration Reform /ill to provide a pathwa" to citiEenship to some 11 million illegal immigrants in the countr" #here are over 260000 illegal Indian migrants in the %S #he immigration reform received a bipartisan support in the %S .erala Chief >inister (ommen Chand" on 2. June 2013 received the prestigious United Nations Public Service A ard for his mass contact programme initiative #he award was presented at a function held in /ahrain b" %nited &ations %nder Secretar" .

evin Rudd on 23 June 2013 was sworn in as -ustralia)s new prime minister ousting Julia ..overnor .0 '% and -ustralia -s per the @rugs and Cosmetic Rule 30!/0 a drug cannot be mar$eted in India unless it is approved in its countr" of origin #he drug is banned in other countries as well as its user e2perienced cardiovascular effects0 diEEiness0 fatigue0 insomnia and vomiting .illard0 the countr")s first female premier0 was forced to leave in a part"!room vote and announced her retirement from politics %S -mbassador to India &anc" J Powell on 23 June 2013 announced that %S would provide 1A0000 %S dollar through the %nited States -genc" for International @evelopment <%S-I@= to &.(s that are wor$ing for affected areas of %ttara$hand #he %S embass" declared that the support would help in .overnment +ouse in Canberra b" .atter and -ndrew *il$ie0 in the lower house #he %nion government on 2: June 2013 has banned three ma9or medicinesQ the widel" prescribed anti!diabetes drug pioglitaEone0 pain$iller analgin and anti!depressant dean2it #he decision to ban the drug was ta$en in wa$e of health ris$s associated with them It was ta$en after strong stand b" the government on suspending mar$eting of all drugs prohibited for sale in other countries li$e the %S0 the %. votes in favour and 32 votes in against #he supporters included A2 members from the @emocratic Part"0 16 Republican members of the senate and two independent members -ustralian Parliament on 23 June 2013 approved a proposed law with new rules to clear out wrong use of the visa scheme for foreign wor$ers b" emplo"ers -s per the reports the law managed to get approval b" onl" one vote0 in a 33!32 vote result0 with the support of crossbench >Ps #on" *indsor0 Craig #homson0 /ob .SenateH the bill received .eneral Ruentin /r"ce .illard as Babor chief in a ballot +e was sworn in at .evin Rudd conserved his dramatic return after a leadership ballot on 2: June 2013 in which .

overnment of India on 11 June 2013 announced a disaster relief fund of 1000 crore rupees to %ttara$hand #he Secretar" of State of the %nited States0 John .providing emergenc" relief to families of people living in the state It is important to note that .ashmir #his train started off from /anihal Railwa" Station to RaEigund through the Pir Panchal mountain range #he train0 in the meanwhile0 also chugged through the 11!$ilometer Pir Panchal railwa" tunnel0 which is the .Chairperson Sonia .andhi on 2: June 2013 flagged off first train which connects /anihal in Jammu with RaEigund in .err" completed his India visit on 2A June 2013 +e was on three!da" visit to India from 23 June 2013 to 2A June 2013 +e reached &ew @elhi along with his delegates on 23 June 2013 #his was his first visit to India as a Secretar" of State of the %nited States @uring the visit0 he had detailed discussions over topics such as strategic pillars of relationship between India and %S0 which included global issues0 economics0 securit"0 technolog" and political issues >uthoot 8inance got in!principal approval from the Reserve /an$ of India <R/I= for establishing as well as operating White Label ATMs (WLAs) #he *hite Babel -#>s <*B-s= are the ones which are not owned and operated b" the ban$ but b" another non!ban$ entit" /" pa"ing a stipulated fee0 an"one can use it for the purpose of financial transaction with an" other ban$ branch -s the part of R/I)s Scheme -0 >uthoot decided to establish 1000 -#>s -ccording to this scheme0 >uthoot 8inance will establish 1000 -#>s in first "ear0 2000 in second "ear and :000 in third "ear >uthoot 8inance alread" began the process of identification of sponsor ban$s -part from this0 the compan" has also decided to finalise the networ$ of -#>s all over India R/I decided to have more *B-s in tier!III to tier!?I centres of >uthoot 8inance Prime >inister >anmohan Singh and %P.

ansu0 China #ra$son Ra ing Te hnologies established the new world record on 8ederation Internationale de lC-utomobileCs <8I-= %orl& ele tri lan& s'ee& re or& when the lightweight electric powered car reached the top speed of ()*. as well as 20010 the 111 $ilometer RaEigund!/aramulla rail lin$ was inaugurated -ll these pro9ects were a part of the Prime >inister)s Reconstruction Program <P>RP=0 which was announced in 2006 (ut of :3 pro9ects under P>RP0 33 have been completed -part from these pro9ects0 widening of the . $m long rail lin$0 which also includes the 11$m long tunnel across Pir Panchal range #his is the longest tunnel of India and second longest tunnel of -sia #he tunnel was constructed b" ma$ing use of the &ew -ustrian #unnelling >ethod <&-#>= It is for the first time that the method of this $ind was used on a large scale in India #he pro9ect was implemented b" +industan Construction Compan" #his is also the second longest tunnel of -sia #he longest tunnel of -sia is in China #he tunnel is absolutel" water proof It is also e7uipped with latest fire fighting s"stem throughout the tunnel Bongest tunnel in -sia is *ushaoling tunnel <20 $m= in .longest tunnel of India and is a part of 13 3 $ilometer RaEigund!/anihal railwa" trac$ The Prime Minister’s Re onstr! tion Program (PMRP)" In the "ear 200A0 >anmohan Singh had inaugurated the Jammu!%dhampur section of the rail lin$ In 200.hannabal!Pahalgam and &arbal!#angmarg roads0 upgradation of Srinagar airport to international standards0 establishment of 16 new degree colleges0 creation of 12 new #ourist @evelopment -uthorities in the State0 modernisation of JI. police as well as establishment of 1 it is were also a part of P>RP #he /anihal! RaEigund rail lin$ is the 1.+ km 'er ho!r #he /ritish team bro$e all the world land speed records for the .

lightweight electric car after the ar name& Lola B.) +-./0 crossed the previous top speed record of 2..eneral electric in 1136 .surve" conducted b" %nited &ations Conference on #rade and @evelopment <%&C#-@= revealed on 2: June 2013 that India was the third most attractive destination for investment in the world #he surve" b" %&C#-@ included transnational corporations <#&Cs= as the respondents India was ran$ed at the third position after china and the %nited States #he surve" was based on the responses given b" 1A1 top global companies of the world #he *orld Investment Report 2013 b" the %nited &ations Conference on #rade and @evelopment <%&C#-@= revealed that the ran$ing of top five host economies of the world remained unaltered since 2012 China was still leading the list of top most destinations for investment with 6: percent respondents agreeing on it #his was followed b" %S0 which got 6A percent agreeing votes -mong other top five investment destinations as responded b" #&Cs0 were Indonesia and /raEil %S retail giant *al>art on 2: June 2013 announced that the India unit head Ra9 Jain resigned from the compan" Ramni$ &arse" was named as the interim head of India operations Ra9 Jain served *al>art for si2 "ears Ramni$ &arse"0 as of now0 was the senior vice president for *almart International Ra9 Jain had 9oined *al>art in the "ear 200: In 20030 he was made the India head of the compan" It is important to note that his e2it followed the investigations b" *al>art over allegations of the corruption against the compan" in all foreign mar$ets0 which also include India In >arch 20110 *al>art0 the %S!based .1 :$ph at a Ro"al -ir 8orce base in For$shire #he Chief '2ecutive of @ra"son Racing #echnologies0 Lor& #ra$son0 who &ro1e the ar0 e2plained that the car was designed to highlight about the technolog" potential of electronic vehicle #he 're1io!s re or& o2 to' s'ee& %as )*.+k'h0 which was set up b" /atter" /o2 .

2 billion dollars ta$eover of &FS'!'urone2t #he 'uropean Commission stated that IC' and &FS'!'urone2t are not direct competitors in most mar$ets and will be facing strong competition from other e2changes Inter Continental '2change is based in -tlanta0 .aga came in second0 followed b" directorMproducer Steven Spielberg and singers /e"once and >adonna A1 Fears old (prah *infre" is said to have made 33 million earnings between June 2012 and June 2013 She was also credited for her prominence on #?0 on social media and in the press (prah *infre" is an -merican media proprietor0 tal$ show host0 actress0 producer0 and philanthropist She is best $nown for her multi!award!winning tal$ show #he (prah *infre" Show which was the highest!rated program of its $ind in histor" and was nationall" s"ndicated from 11.eorgia and is popular as a commodities mar$etplace It announced its stoc$!and!cash offer for &FS'Q'urone2t0 valued at 33 12 dollars per share0 in @ecember 2012 Inter Continental '2change is based in -tlanta0 .eorgia and is popular as a commodities mar$etplace It announced its stoc$!and!cash offer for &FS'Q 'urone2t0 valued at 33 12 dollars per share0 in @ecember 2012 .compan" initiated the worldwide review of the policies0 internal controls as well as practices for 8oreign Corrupt Practices -ct <8CP-= compliance (prah *infre" was named the most powerful celebrit" on 2: June 2013 b" 8orbes0 among the si2 women and four men who made up to the top 10 Singer Bad" .: to 2011 #he 'uropean Commission <'C= on 2: June 2013 approved Inter Continental '2change)s <IC'= proposed .

0 percent artemesinin combination therap" <-C#=0 which is procured under .ate.ate.eneral >anager!&ew Initiatives0 and .ate.Strides -rcolab Pharma0 the drug firm on 2A June 2013 announced that it was given *orld +ealth (rganisation <*+(= pre! 7ualification for the anti!malarial tablets which will be launched immediatel" #hese tablets are called -rtemether and Bumifantrine <-B= tablets #he -rtemether and Bumifantrine <-B= tablets consist of more than .uru will complement the alread"!e2isting flight products of #rip-dvisor Post!ac7uisition0 .ate.u9arat State Petroleum Corporation signed an agreement with 6ason /ngineering Pl 0 +ungar"0 for gas monitoring s"stem #his agreement was in accordance with the >o% signed during the ?ibrant .u9arat Info Petro Btd offers the I# services to government departments0 corporate houses0 corporations as well as boards Cason 'ngineering Plc0 on the other hand0 is the +ungar"!based technolog" compan" which offers services such as implementation0 manufacturing as well as development of the s"stems which are responsible for gas distribution networ$ monitoring #rip-dvisor announced in June 2013 that it ac7uired .uru team will operate outside the &ew For$ Cit" onl" and will report to the /r"an SaltEburg0 .lobal 8und as well as similar programmes #his is said to be "et another initiative of Strides -rcolab Pharma for ma$ing affordable and high 7ualit" medicines which will be available in -frican sub!continent as well as other middle!income countries 3!4arat 5n2o Petro Lt& (35PL) 0 the subsidiar" of .u9arat Info0 and 8erenc SEa$Scs0 Chairman and C'( of Cason .uru0 the mobile resource for airport as well as flight information across the globe .uru is built on the combination of user!generated content as well as information from airports #he fl"ers can easil" view the detailed maps as well as insights into gate locations0 amenities0 stores and restaurants on the airports It also gives weather forecasts0 real!time flight status as well as estimated securit"!wait time . Sharma0 C'(0 .u9arat Summit!2013 #his agreement was signed between ?.

3 #he ob9ective .uru brand It is important to note that in >arch 20130 #rip -dvisor Inc had also bought /eeem Inc0 which is responsible for development of #in" Post0 a photo captioning -pplication In the "ear -pril 20130 it ac7uired &ew For$ based Jetsetter com0 which is the onl" private sale site for the hotel boo$ings #hree $inds of International Pepper Communit" <IPC= Common Sales Contracts were launched b" International Pepper Conclave 2013 in order to standardise the contract terms for e2port of pepper from various origins #he International Pepper Conclave 2013 was organiEed with the assistance of Ja$arta!based International Pepper Communit" <IPC=0 which is an inter!governmental organisation -ll these contracts were earlier approved b" member countries of International Pepper Communit" in 2013 IPC e2plained that the bu"ers as well as sellers would adopt the terms of these contracts in some time and trading on these terms would also begin Scientists at the &ew Jerse" Institute of #echnolog" <&JI#= engineered a cutting!edge sensor chip which is capable of detecting the diseases 9ust from the drop of blood #he stud" describes how the researchers! Reginald 8arrow and -lo$i$ .anwal along with their team created a carbon nanotube!based device in order to rapidl" and noninvasivel" detect the mobile single cells with potential of maintaining high degree of spatial resolution #he boo$ called #he .leader of the #rip-dvisor flights products and of St"leP @ressing >ichael Jac$son b" >ichael /ush0 the personal assistant and designer of >ichael Jac$son won the gold medal from the Independent Publisher /oo$ -wards in Pop CultureMBifest"le categor" #he boo$ is about the fashion st"le of singer >ichael Jac$son #he %nited &ations .eneral -ssembl" declared 2: June as the International @a" against @rug -buse and Illicit #raffic$ing in the "ear 11.

.ingdom #he two da" summit was attended b" the leaders from .erman"0 Japan and Ital"= for the first time met in .erman"0 Ital"0 Japan0 Russia0 the %S. assumed the one!"ear Presidenc" of the . Summit concluded at Lo!gh /rne in 7orthern 5relan& on 1. Jose >anuel /arroso0 the President of the 'uropean Commission0 and +erman ?an Rompu"0 the President of the 'uropean Council also were a part of the meet 31th edition of the .. June 2013 #he two da" summit from 13 June O 1. in Januar" 2013 and thus @avid Cameron0 the Prime >inister of %nited .of observing this da" is to strengthen the action as well as cooperation in order to achieve the aim of a societ" free of drug abuse #he . June 2013 #he two da" summit was presided over b" the @avid Cameron0 the Prime >inister of %nited .eneral -ssembl" however found out that inspite of increasing efforts b" the international communit" to curb this menace0 the world problem of drug abuse increased @rug abuse poses serious threat to safet" as well as well being of humanit" as well as to the public health 'ventuall"0 the Commission and the %nited &ations (ffice on @rugs and Crime <%&(@C= was directed to continue its wor$ towards international drug control #he theme of the International @a" against @rug -buse and Illicit #raffic$ing is decided upon b" the %nited &ations (ffice on @rugs and Crime <%&(@C= #he 2013 theme is >a$e health "our new high in life0 not drugs #he themes are decided with an ob9ective to raise awareness regarding the drug problem #hirt" ninth .. &ations namel" Canada0 8rance0 . Summit was held at Bough 'rne in &orthern Ireland from 13 >a" ! 1.and %.ingdom #he %..ingdom was the presiding leader of the 31th Summit What is 3*8 #he head of the si2 ma9or industrial democracies <8rance0 the %nited States0 /ritain0 . June 2013 was presided over b" the @avid Cameron0 the Prime >inister of %nited .

.. basicall" demands to amend the River /oards -ct0 11A: It was put in public domain b" the *ater Resources >inistr" . summits hosted b" the %nited . summit was held from 13 to 1..mechanism for integrated planning0 development and management of water resources of a river basin is planned to be created under the ambit of the bill as the River /oards do not have such a provision It has been found that there is not an" single River /oard which has been constituted under the present -ct as not an" re7uest was made b" an" of the state of the countr" under the provisions of the legislation China0 on 20 June 2013 conducted the first classroom lecture from space which was given b" female Chinese astronaut *ang Faping *ang Faping0 330 addressed around 330 primar" as well as middle school students at the +igh .leneagles in 200A #he government on 2A June 2013 floated a draft /ill demanding setting up of 12 river basin authorities in the countr" to settle discordances and prevent deluge and pollution in inter!state rivers #he bill named as Draft Ri&er 'asin $anagement 'ill. #he Presidenc" of the .: In the San Juan Summit of 113: in Puerto Rico Canada became its member followed b" the 'uropean Communit" at the Bondon Summit of 1133 In 111... Russia came up with its full participation0 at /irmingham Summit ma$ing it . and .6 and 11110 /irmingham in 111. rotates each calendar "ear and the countr" holding the .&ovember 113A to deal with the ma9or economic and political issues facing their domestic societies and the international communit" as a whole In the "ear of its constitution it was termed as .ingdom were held at Bondon in 11330 11. June 2013 at the Bough 'rne Resort0 in Bough 'rne in &orthern Ireland #his was the si2th edition of the . summit to be held in the %nited .ingdom #he earlier .. Presidenc" is responsible for hosting and organising the annual summit0 with a number of preparator" meetings leading up to it Abo!t (-th 3* S!mmit" #he 31th .

000 "ears ago #he fact is that the slipper" creatures found in Ireland at present are more or less similar to the snails found in &orthern Spain and Southern 8rance Researchers from the %niversit" of &ottingham e2plained that the genetic similarit" between the snail fossils which were found in the 'astern P"renees as well as Ireland suggested that human beings migrated from Southern 'urope to Ireland .orgotten Heroes and $art!rs of India/s .000 "ears ago #he fact is that the slipper" creatures found in Ireland at present are more or less similar to the snails found in &orthern Spain and Southern 8rance .(-"+: .pictorial coffee table boo$ which depicts the miser" and povert" of descendants as well as families of India)s freedom fighters was launched on 26 June 2013 in >umbai b" former /omba" +igh Court chief 9ustice C S @harmadhi$ari #he boo$ titled0 ()*+.reedom $o&ement)0 is written b" 9ournalist Shivnath Jha and is fifth in the series of -ndolan '$ Pusta$ Se #he boo$ will act as a campaign to highlight the miserable conditions of descendants and families of freedom fighters as well as an attempt to bring about a change #he boo$ basicall" tal$s about the families as well as descendants of mart"rs li$e Ra9guru0 Su$hdev0 %ddham Singh and #at"a #ope India clinched the ICC Champions #roph" 2013 on 23 June 2013 against 'ngland at 'dgbaston in /irmingham with a five!run victor" -fter this victor"0 India not 9ust maintained the top most position in ICC (@I ran$ings0 but also .School -ffiliated to Renmin %niversit" in /ei9ing through live video feed from space module #iangong!1 Researchers from the %niversit" of &ottingham e2plained that the genetic similarit" between the snail fossils which were found in the 'astern P"renees as well as Ireland suggested that human beings migrated from Southern 'urope to Ireland .

widened the gap with its nearest rivals0 'ngland India has the rating points of 123 now and its nearest rivals0 'ngland as well as -ustralia have the ran$ing of 113 points South -frica0 on the other hand has rating of 111 Scientists of %niversit" of -las$a >useum discovered a new species of bur"ing beetle from the Solomon Islands archipelago #he new species is named &icrophorus efferens /ur"ing beetles are $nown for large siEe0 interesting reproductive behaviour as well as stri$ing blac$ and red colours #his species bur" the small vertebrate carcasses which are eaten in underground cr"pt b" their offspring #he &icrophorus efferens are a part of si2 other specimens collected in 11:, /ut the" were unrecognised as well as undescribed species for more than 60 "ears South ;orea0 in the month of June 2013 issued a c"ber alert after various government websites were hac$ed -mong various official as well as media sites which were hit b" co!ordinated attac$ on 2A June 20130 was also the website of presidential office #he Science >inistr" of South ;orea announced that the .overnment confirmed about the c"ber attac$ on various websites including /lue +ouse0 b" the unidentified hac$ers #he c"ber attac$ also affected the website for the office for .overnment Polic" Co!ordination0 along with the media servers 8ormer Italian Prime >inister Silvio /erlusconi was sentenced to seven "ears in prisons and a lifetime ban on holding public office b" a lower court of >ilan as he was found guilt" of soliciting se2 from a minor and abusing his powers to cover up his actions Silvio /erlusconi was accused of pa"ing for se2 on several occasions with >oroccan!born ;arima 'l!>ahroug0 a then 13!"ear!old dancer and glamour girl nic$named Rub" the +eart Stealer Connaught Place0 the mar$etplace located in @elhi has been ran$ed fifth in the list of world)s most e2pensive office mar$et due to its strong demand amid

limited suppl" as per the C/R' report #he reason of Connaught place being one of the most e2pensive mar$ets is the Strong demand coupled with Connaught Place)s central location0 e2cellent access to $e" regional mar$ets and limited availabilit" of prime office space The to' three /9'ensi1e markets are" +ong ;ong <Central= with annual occupanc" costs of 23A 23 dollars per s7 ft topped the most e2pensive list for the third consecutive time Bondon)s *est 'nd0 /ei9ing)s 8inance Street0 and /ei9ing)s Jianguomen #he point is supported from the fact that while @elhi is placed at Ath place0 .urgaon is at the 32nd place in the same list %nion >inister for Culture Chandresh ;umari ;atoch inaugurated a special e2hibition titled Jamini Ro" <1,,3 O 1132=P Journe" to the Roots on 26 June 2013 #he special e2hibition is meant to celebrate the 12Ath /irth -nniversar" of Jamini Ro" who was an eminent artist #he e2hibition would be open for public displa" at &ational .aller" of >odern -rt till -ugust 2013 ever"da" from #uesda" to Sunda" e2cept on Public +olida"s from 10 am to A pm #he ?ice President of India0 +amid -nsari released a boo$ entitled +ealing >emoriesP CiviliEations in @ialogue on 26 June 2013 #he boo$ is edited b" Geenat Shau$at -li *isdom 8oundation brought out the boo$ &-S- -dministrator Charles /olden and Italian Space -genc" <-SI= President 'nrico Saggese at a meeting in Rome on 20 June 2013 signed a >emorandum of %nderstanding for cooperation on the 'uropean Space -genc"! <'S-= led /epiColombo mission to >ercur"0 strengthening mutuall" beneficial cooperation between &-S- and -SI in planetar" e2ploration /olden and Saggese also discussed &-S-Cs plans for a new asteroid initiative0 previousl" announced in President (bamaCs fiscal "ear 2016 budget proposal Saggese e2pressed the strong interest of Ital" for the initiative and welcomed the

opportunit" to discuss potential -SI participation in a long!term e2ploration strateg" 63 "ears old @arren Behmann in the >onth of June 2013 has been appointed coach of -ustralian Cric$et team +e was appointed replacing >ic$e" -rthur who was sac$ed two wee$s before the -ustralia -shes #our which was set to start on 10 Jul" 2013 South -frican >ic$e" -rthur0 faced criticism following poor performances and disciplinar" issues within the camp +e had coached -ustralia to 10 wins and si2 defeats in 11 #est matches #he %nion +ealth >inistr" on 20 June 2013 launched the ambitious schemes called 8ree @rug Service and 8ree @iagnostics Service for providing free generic drugs at government health care centres #he schemes were launched under the &ational +ealth >ission %nder the scheme0 Public can avail free drugs and free diagnostics services at the government health centres and hospitals after the scheme is initiated - personCs medical e2penditure is ver" high in India and according to an estimate almost 33 per cent people suffer from povert" due to their medical e2penditures #he Retirement fund bod" 'mplo"eesC Provident 8und (rganisation <'P8(= launched its e!Passboo$ service on 21 June 2013 It will help P8 subscribers to access their accounts online -ctive subscribers0 whose electronic challan!cum! return is alread" uploaded0 can download their e!Passboo$ ever" month #he facilit" shall be available on www epfindia gov in 'uropean Southern (bservator" in the >onth of June 2013 gathered the most detailed observations ever of the dust around a huge blac$ hole at the centre of an active gala2" with the help of ?er" Barge #elescope Interferometer <?B#I= #he astronomers found that the glowing dust is located above and below the torus rather than being located in a dough nut shaped torus around the blac$ hole

olden .ha"at in order to stop protest and bloodshed following his appointment in third wee$ of June 2013 which provo$ed violent clashes between his supporters and opponents outside his offices Begal -ctivist and the "oungest daughter of Prime >inister >anmohan Singh -mrit Singh received the India abroad publisher)s special award for e2cellence 2012 -mrit is senior legal officer for national securit" and counterterrorism at the (pen Societ" Justice Initiative based at the &ew For$ -mrit Singh was .ha"at who was lin$ed to the terrorist massacre of foreign holida"ma$ers in Bu2or in 1113 had resigned his appointment on 22 June 2013 as governor of the cit"0 subse7uent to the outcr" from locals and tourist chiefs #he decision of resignation was ta$en b" -del el! .oblet on 23 June 2013 for best feature film at the 1:th Shanghai International 8ilm 8estival #he film tal$s about how things go out of control when corrupt police officers tr" to cover up a hit!and! run case for their colleague #he %nited &ations .eneral -ssembl" designated 23 June as the %& Public Service @a" in its resolution #his da" is celebrated across the world to celebrate the virtue as well as value of public service to the communit" #he theme of %& Public Service @a" 2013 was #ransformative e!.#he /ritish government in the second wee$ of June 2013 planned to introduce a new scheme re7uiring visitors from high ris$ countries in -frica and -sia0 including India and Pa$istan0 to put up a 6:00 %S dollars cash bond before entering /ritain #he countries have been pic$ed for their high number of visa applications and what the government views as relativel" high levels of immigration abuse and fraud Russian film0 #he >a9or won .overnment and InnovationP Creating a /etter 8uture for -ll #his da" highlights contribution of service to the public in process of development .member of an 'g"ptian Islamist group0 -del el!.

30 crore rupees in the 12th Plan and 11.( on 23 June 2013 against 'ngland at /&gbaston in Birmingham with a five!run victor" >ahendra Singh @honi captained the Indian Side in the tournament0 whereas0 -lastair Coo$ captained the 'nglish team #he Cabinet Committee on 'conomic -ffairs <CC'-= on 21 June 2013 decided to e2tend the Restructured -ccelerated Power @evelopment and Reforms Programme <R!-P@R= for the 12th 8ive!Fear Plan period in order to strengthen the distribution sector #he R!-P@R programme was launched b" the government in 11th Plan with a purpose of reducing distribution loss #he scheme is going to cost around 10.lobaliEing #ortureP CI.13 crore rupees as spill over cost in the 13th Plan .given the award at the event organiEed b" India -broad on 21 June 2013 for her report .Secret #orture and '2traordinar" Rendition released in 8ebruar" 2013 International (l"mpic @a" was celebrated across the world on 23 June 2013 #he da" is celebrated for promotion of participation of people in the sports all across the world0 irrespective of athletic0 gender or age abilit" (l"mpic @a" has been associated with the (l"mpic @a" Runs across the world over last 20 "ears #here are three main pillars of the International (l"mpic @a" and these include discover0 learn and move #hese three pillars of the sports event are deplo"ed b" the &ational (l"mpic Committees into sports0 educational and cultural activities -nand Sharma0 >inister of Commerce I Industr"0 led an official delegation on 11!22 June0 20130 to the St Petersburg International 'conomic 8orum <SPI'8= 2013 5n&ia lin he& the 566 6ham'ions Tro'h$ ):.

and China in >onth of June 2013 signed a three!"ear deal to swap their currencies when needed in order to boost the Chinese Fuan outside -sia %.Abo!t Restr! t!re& A elerate& Po%er #e1elo'ment an& Re2orms (RAP#R) Programme" #he focus of the R!-P@R programme is on actual0 demonstrable performance in terms of sustained loss reduction 'stablishment of reliable and automated s"stems for sustained collection of accurate base line data0 and the adoption of Information #echnolog" in the areas of energ" accounting will be essential before ta$ing up the regular distribution strengthening pro9ects #he R!-P@RP programme is divided into two parts #he first part includes pro9ects for establishment of baseline data and implementing I# applications0 billing and customer care services0 among others #he second part includes distribution strengthening pro9ects &i$ *allenda0 said to be the 3th generation high!wire artist on 23 June 2013 successfull" completed wal$ing the 2!inch thic$ cable across Bittle Colorado River .rand Can"on on the tightrope #he tightrope was stretched 1A00 feet above the gorge floor +e completed the 1600 foot long televised wal$ without an" safet" harness or net &i$ *allenda0 in the meanwhile0 also declared that his ne2t tightrope wal$ would be between the 'mpire State building and the Chr"sler building in &ew For$ %.orge near the . wishes to become a centre for the Chinese currenc" which $nown b" renminbi It is important here to note that the /ritish ban$s hold 3Abn "uan worth of deposits in the Chinese currenc" *ith the signing of agreement /an$ of 'ngland could draw on the line with the P/(C when there is a sudden shortage of "uan funds in the % . mar$etQand ma$e the "uan .rand Can"on +e finished this wal$ in merel" 23 minutes *ith this0 he became the first man to cross .

#he >aharashtra Chamber of +ousing Industr" or >C+I organised the India Realt" '2po 2012 @ubai from 20 June 2013 to 22 June 2013 #his event was inaugurated b" P Ra9gopalan0 +ead of Chancer" of the Indian 'mbass" in -bu @habi #he event aimed at helping the non!resident Indians0 or &RIs to invest in the propert" #his edition of the India Realt" '2po 2012 @ubai was organised b" >C+I0 which is the representative bod" of builders as well as developers from >umbai0 suburbs as well as >umbai >etropolitan Region <>>R= #he largest as well as the brightest moon of the "ear 20130 called the Supermoon was observed on 23 June 2013 as it passed the closest point to 'arth Supermoon is said to be that situation when the natural satellite of the 'arth is closer to 'arth in the orbit than ever" da" #his effect can be noticed when it happens at same time li$e the full moon #herefore the Supermoon seems ver" big0 even though the onl" difference is in the distance from 'arth #his $ind of a moon is called Supermoon because of its ver" noticeable alignment #he distance of moon varies from 'arth because it follows the elliptical orbit than the circular one &asa e2plained that in 20130 the Supermoon is around 16 percent larger as well as 30 percent brighter than the t"pical 8ull >oon #his happens when the moon reaches perigee0 which is the closest distance that moon0 can reach to 'arth during course of its orbit Perigee is a situation when the moon is around 3A:112 $m awa" in comparison to 60A:1: $m awa"0 which is the farthest distance from the 'arth <apogee= #he effects of Supermoon on 'arth are ver" minor It does not affect the 'arth)s internal energ" balance Scientists e2plained that this will not cause an" natural disasters #he onl" significant impact of Supermoon is on the tides &e2t Supermoon would appear in -ugust 2016 #he Cabinet Committee on 'conomic -ffairs on 21 June 2013 approved disinvestment of A percent e7uit" of &e"veli Bignite Corporation <&BC= #his A .

overnment of India in &BC would drop down to .roup <I@.= Computerworld +onours Program0 Computerworld +onors Baureate selected %I@-I for 21st Centur" -chievement -ward 2013 under the categor" 'conomic @evelopment for the pivotal role pla"ed b" %I@-I in leveraging technolog" to change people lives0 streamline . A: percent Mo!nt F!4i" It was given world heritage status b" the %&'SC( *orld +eritage committee on 20 June 2013 JapanCs highest >ountain and famous landmar$ >ount 8u9i on 20 June 2013 was given world heritage status b" the %&'SC( <%nited &ations 'ducational0 Scientific and Cultural (rganisation= *orld +eritage committee #he decision was ta$en at the annual 10!da" %&'SC( conference held in Cambodia -t 333: metres0 >ount 8u9i is the highest mountain in Japan >ount 8u9i0 which last erupted around 300 "ears ago0 is the seventeenth site in Japan to be included on the list >ount 8u9i is located on +onshu Island It lies about 100 $ilometres south!west of #o$"o It is one of JapanCs #hree +ol" >ountains along with >ount #ate and >ount +a$u #he %nion ministr" of Information and /roadcasting on 23 June 2013 constituted a committee headed b" JS >athur to review the rate revision of the newspaper advertisements #he committee will also loo$ into different parameters on the basis of which advertisements are issued JS >athur is the -dditional Secretar" in the >inistr" of Information and /roadcasting #he 9ur" of International @ata .percent e7uit" was approved out of its holding of 13 A: percent through an (ffer for Sale <(8S= in the domestic mar$et according to Securities and '2change /oard of India <S'/I= rules and regulations &BC is authorised the capital of 2000 crore Rupees0 out of which the subscribed as well as issued e7uit" capital was 1:33 31 crore Rupees as on 31 >arch 2013 #his comprised of 1:3 331 crore e7uit" shares of face value of 10 Rupees each -fter this disinvestment0 the holding of the ..

deliver" of welfare services and provide opportunit" to people to participate more full" in societ" #he Computerworld +onors Program awards were presented at the .C realiEed the audacious dream of transporting such heav" and over!dimensional e7uipment through the territories of /angladesh #he %nion .C)s >ega Power pro9ect in #ripura was formall" dedicated to the &ation b" the President of India0 Pranab >u$her9ee at Palatana on 21 June 2013 #his %nit 1 of the gas!based plant will generate 3:3 3 >* #he %nit II of the 32: : >* power plant is e2pected to be commerciall" operational later this "ear (&.overnment of India was widel" appreciated b" the participants at the function #he first %nit of (&.overnment of India on 22 June 2013 planned to introduce ?isa!on! -rrival facilities for the Chinese nationals to give a boost to Indian tourism China is among 30 countries for which his >inistr" wants ?isa!on! -rrival facilit" as /ei9ing has a huge potential for e2changes in the sector #he aim behind the plan is to ensure that India has at least one per cent share in the international tourist arrivals which is about 0 :6 per cent -t present0 India has e2tended ?isa on -rrival facilities to 11 countries including Singapore0 Japan0 &ew Gealand0 ?ietnam and Philippines %nder ?isa!on!-rrival facilit"0 a traveller can go straight to the intended countr" and get visa at the airport itself >an9eet Singh bagged a Silver medal for India at the 3rd China (pen bo2ing tournament on 22 June 2013 In the final of the super heav" weight categor" .ala 'vening and -wards Ceremon" at the -ndrew * >ellon -uditorioum in *ashington in the second wee$ of June 2013 #he Computerworld +onors Program0 recogniEes and honours visionar" application of Information #echnolog" promoting positive social0 economic and social change #here were 26 nominees under this categor" from different parts of the *orld #he initiative of .

agaron <Jhalawar= #he *orld +eritage Committee meets once a "ear0 and consists of representatives from 21 of the States Parties to the Convention elected b" their .decision to this effect was ta$en at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the 11 countries in Ratari capital @oha 8oreign ministers and senior officials of 8rance0 .ui"ang0 China #he 8riends of S"ria on 22 June 2013 decided to give urgent militar" support to S"rian rebels .<T11$g=0 the 21!"ear!old Indian went down to local lad -$epeer Fusuf -lthough >an9eet lost in the final0 he became the onl" Indian bo2er to reach the final of the third China (pen bo2ing tournament It was his first international tournament #he bo2ing tournament was held in .eneral -ssembl" -t its first session0 the Committee adopted its Rules of Procedure of the *orld +eritage Committee #he Committee is responsible for the implementation of the *orld +eritage Convention0 defines the use of the *orld +eritage 8und and allocates financial assistance upon re7uests from States Parties It has the final sa" on whether a propert" is inscribed on the *orld +eritage Bist #he Committee can also defer its decision and re7uest further information on properties from the States Parties It e2amines reports on the state of conservation of inscribed properties and as$s States Parties to ta$e action when properties are not being properl" managed It also decides on the inscription or deletion of properties on the Bist of *orld +eritage in @anger .umbhalgarh0 Chittorgarh0 Jaisalmer0 Ranthambhore <Sawai >adhopur= and .erman"0 'g"pt0 Ital"0 Jordan0 Ratar0 Saudi -rabia0 #ur$e"0 %nited -rab 'mirates0 /ritain and the %nited States attended the meeting +owever0 a divided S"rian opposition was absent Si2 8orts of Ra9asthan included in the list of *orld +eritage Site of %&'SC( and won international recognition on 21 June 2013 in the 33th session of the *orld +eritage Committee <*+C= in Phnom Penh0 Cambodia #he si2 ma9estic forts include -mber <Jaipur=0 .

)+.+MW Palatana 'o%er 'lant has alread" started and has a capacit" of 3:3 >* #he -nnual Plan of 631A crore rupees for .eorge * /ush +is nomination awaits confirmation from the %S Senate (n getting this confirmation for the post0 the A2 "ear old Come" would succeed Robert >ueller Robert >ueller held the post of 8/I @irector since 2001 and will retire after completing 12 "ears of his service to 8/I as its @irector 8irst gas based Power Plant was commissioned b" Pranab >u$her9ee0 the President of Indian %nion on 21 June 2013 at Palatana in #ripura #he Palatana .oa for the financial "ear 2013!16 was finaliEed on 21 June 2013 b" the Planning Commission of India at &ew @elhi @eput" Chairman of Planning Commission0 >onte$ Singh -hluwalia .C and is the first such Power Compan" in India to be awarded with the Clean @evelopment >echanism b" the %nited &ations 8ramewor$ Convention on Climate Change #he electricit" generation from the first unit of the .#he Indian 'mbass" in Ri"adh on 21 June 2013 appealed the migrant Indian nationals in Saudi -rabia to avail concessions granted b" the Saudi authorities and get the e2it passes issued to return to India or to get their 9ob or visa or residenc" status in the countr" corrected b" the deadline of 3 Jul" 2013 -bout :0000 Indian nationals have approached to the embass" to avail the concessions announced b" the Saudi -uthorities -bout 30000 out passes were issued for the Indian nationals who wished to return bac$ to India >ore than 20000 migrated Indian &ationals have applied for visa or the legal resident status corrected -bout 10000 persons are in a process of getting their 9ob status corrected /arac$ (bama0 the %S President on 21 June 2013 nominated James Come" as the ne2t 8/I <8ederal /ureau of Investigation= @irector James Come" is a registered Republican and former Justice @epartment official under President .as /ased Power Pro9ect is developed b" (&.

overnment of India It deals with the tas$s of formulation of polic" concerning lev" and collection of Customs I Central '2cise duties and Service #a20 prevention of smuggling and administration of matters relating to Customs0 Central '2cise0 Service #a2 and &arcotics to the e2tent under C/'CCs purview #he /oard is the administrative authorit" for its subordinate organiEations0 including Custom +ouses0 Central '2cise and Service #a2 Commissionerates and the Central Revenues Control Baborator" Salman .oa over 600 crore rupees during 2013!16 ?.hurshid to Ira7 was to .hurshid0 the %nion '2ternal -ffairs >inister was on a two!da" visit to Ira7 from 11 to 20 June 2013 #he aim of this visit of . @uggal0 the former %nion +ome Secretar" on 21 June 2013 was appointed as the nodal officer for relief and rescue operations in the rain!ravaged %ttra$hand b" the %nion .overnment of India on 21 June 2013 increased the dut" drawbac$ rate of gold ornaments b" 33 rupees to 133 3 rupees per gram #he decision to increase the drawbac$ rate was ta$en with an aim to increase 9eweller" e2ports #!t$ &ra%ba k is the re2!n& o2 &!ties on im'orte& in'!ts 2or e9'ort items. Central /oard of '2cise and Customs <C/'C= is a part of the @epartment of Revenue under the >inistr" of 8inance0 .overnment to the State of .oa0 >anohar Parri$ar together finaliEed the plan #he agreed plan siEe includes the central assistance to the State Plan of 22A crore rupees In addition0 an amount of over 100 crore rupees is li$el" to flow from the Centre to .and Chief >inister of .oa through various Centrall" Sponsored Schemes #hese allocations will ta$e all the resources0 Plan assistance from the Central .overnment of India @uggal will operate from @ehradun @uggal will help in establishing coordination between different agencies involved in relief and rescue operations and the centre0 as lac$ of coordination between the agencies was hampering the mitigation efforts .

hurshid held tal$s on issues of bilateral and mutual interests including import of oil for energ" securit" along with the avenues of partnership0 with the top Ira7i leaders .hurshid0 the %nion '2ternal -ffairs >inister was on a two!da" visit to Ira7 from 11 to 20 June 2013 #his is the first visit of an" >inister from Indian %nion to Ira7 after 23 "ears in the war!raved countr" #he two nations discussed issues of bilateral and mutual interests including import of oil for energ" securit" along with the avenues of partnership @uring his visit0 .enhance cooperation in oil and h"drocarbon sector @uring this visit .decision to ta$e the relationship to a higher level between the two countries b" enhancing cooperation in h"dro carbon sector was also made Salman .hurshid met with the Prime >inister of Ira7 &ouri al!>ali$i and his counterpart +osh"ar Gebari S'/I <Securities and '2change /oard of India=0 the mar$et regulator of India on 20 June 2013 notified guidelines for investment advisers and their associated person and made it compulsor" for them to get the re7uisite certifications for them to operate in stoc$ mar$et #he notification released b" S'/I ordered the investment advisers and their associates which includes representatives and partners offering investment advice to get a certification from the 7ational 5nstit!te o2 Se !rities Markets (75SM) after passing the relevant e2aminations %&)s 8ood I -griculture (rganiEation announced that the global prices of fish reached record high in >a" 2013 because of rising demand of salmon fish and failing suppl" of the tuna fish Prices for the farmed fish li$e salmon increased faster than the ones captured from the fisheries in 2012 It is predicted that the a7uaculture production would elevate to A : percent in 2013 In the meanwhile0 the capture of wild fish would increase 0 1 percent .

Researchers from %niversit" of >ar"land in third wee$ of June 2013 developed an eco!friendl" batter" using wood0 tin and sodium as raw materials #his batter" is thousand times thinner than a paper and can store large amount of energ" to last longer than a commercial batter" %se of sodium instead of lithium ma$es these batteries eco!friendl" Bimitation of this batter" is that it can)t store energ" as efficientl" as the lithium batter" and thus can be used at a power plant or to store solar energ"0 but not in the cell phones #he #o$"o 'lectric Power Compan" <#epco=0 operator of the 8u$ushima nuclear plant in Japan unveiled that high levels of to2ic radioactive isotope were found in the groundwater at the plant #he tests indicated that in the groundwater at the 8u$ushima nuclear plant0 Strontium!10 was found at 30 times more than the legal rate #he radioactive isotope tritium was also found at the elevated levels Strontium!10 is formed in the form of b"!product of the nuclear fission #he tests conducted b" #epco unveiled that levels of Strontium! 10 at 8u$ushima plant increased 100 times since end of 2012 #epco believed that the increased levels of Strontium!10 were a result of lea$ of contaminated water in -pril 2011 from one of the reactors of this nuclear plant #he Jell"fish which usuall" has its habitat in the colder waters was discovered stranded near the &ew7ua"0 Cornwall .group of from the >anor +ouse -ctivit" Centre in St Isse" discovered an usual blue 9ell"fish #his blue 9ell"fish0 which was found at the #revone /a" near &ew7ua"0 Cornwall was given to /lue Reef -7uarium in &ew7ua" #he authorities from the /lue Reef -7uarium e2plained that in the month of >a" and June 20130 several washing up too$ place0 but discover" of the blue 9ell"fish is the first live specimen #he %nited &ations committee0 *orld +eritage Committee placed si2 world heritage sites of S"ria on endangered list in light of ongoing conflicts in the countr" #hese conflicts are posing threat to the cultural heritage of S"ria .

eod"namics0 which is an -ustralia!based leading pla"er in 'nhanced .overnment of >aharashtra on 20 June 2013 made possession of -adhaar Card mandator" for teaching and non!teaching emplo"ees to draw salaries from -ugust #he Chief >inister of the >aharashtra Prithvira9 Chavan 7uoted 4%I@ number is mandator" for teaching and non!teaching emplo"ees to draw their monthl" salariesU Central /oard of @irect #a2es <C/@#= on 11 June 2013 announced that the Commodities #ransaction #a2 <C##= shall be levied on the derivative contracts of non!agricultural commodities which are transacted via recognised commodit" bourses #his rule shall appl" with effect from 1 Jul" 2013 It is also important to note that 23 specified agricultural commodities are e2empted from this ta2 -ll the processed agricultural items such as guar gum0 so"a oil and .S= technolog" #ata Power has an ob9ective of 20!2A percent generation portfolio from clean energ" .#he official figures b" the Swiss &ational /an$ <S&/= in Gurich on 20 June 2013 unveiled that the Indian mone" found in Swiss ban$s dropped down to record lowest level at 1000 crore Rupees or 1 62 billion Swiss francs #he official data released b" the Swiss &ational /an$ <S&/= is a part of annual report of Swiss /an$s released b" S&/ #he overall funds held b" Indian entities as well as individuals included 1 36 billion Swiss francs being held b" entities and individuals directl" while another 33 million Swiss francs held through wealth managers or fiduciaries at 2012 end #ata Power with .eod"namics0 in the meanwhile0 alread" has its geothermal e2ploration interests in three -ustralian states It also includes the license for e2ploration of 2000 s7uare $ilometres of the area in Cooper /asin #he State .eothermal S"stem <'.eod"namics commissioned a 1 >* geothermal plant in -ustralia0 thereb" strengthening the footprint in overseas mar$et #ata Power alread" has a minorit" sta$e in .

overnment of India on 11 June 2013 announced a disaster relief fund of 1000 crore rupees to %ttara$hand (f the total fund announced0 16A crore rupees will be released b" the .overnment immediatel" #he decision of the disaster relief pac$age was decided b" the Prime >inister of India after ta$ing an aerial surve" of disaster affected areas of %ttra$hand Scientists at the department of linguistics at the %niversit" of >ichigan in -nn -rbor discovered a new language called Light Warl'iri in &orthern -ustralia #his language is composed of uni7ue blend of elements from different languages as well as rare grammatical innovations Carmel (CShanness" of the department of linguistics at the %niversit" of >ichigan discovered this language while wor$ing with school in the &orthern #erritor" where this language was .sugar are sub9ect to the C## on future contracts C## will not be applicable to the agri!commodities but it will appl" to energ" comple2 as well as metals which are traded in the futures e2changes *orld >usic @a" also called 8Vte de la >usi7ue was observed on 21 June 2013 across the world #his da" is celebrated to promote peace and spread goodwill through music #he main idea behind the da" is to bring music out onto the streets Solstice is an astronomical event that occurs twice each "ear as the Sun reaches its highest or lowest e2cursion relative to the celestial e7uator on the celestial sphere #his astronomical event occurs on 21 June and 21 @ecember ever" "ear #he Supreme Court of India on 11 June 2013 in its decision established that right to life and libert"0 enshrined under -rticle 21 of the Constitution0 is available to foreign nationals also #he Supreme Court 7uashed the 8IR registered b" the .overnment of >aharashtra against three citiEens of %ganda including an -dvisor to the President of %ganda0 based on the complaint given b" ?ideocon .

old Bions0 1re! orldwide India on the other hand won two bronEe lions -lso0 the 23$ India won two bronEe lions #he Cannes Bions International 8estival of Creativit" started off on 1: June 2013 and will end on 22 June 2013 in Canes0 8rance /harti -irtel on 11 June 2013 slashed the charges of data usage b" 10 percent for the pre!paid subscribers in Pun9ab and +ar"ana #his was done in view of competition #he slashing of the rates came a da" after the competitor ?odafone diminished its charges b" .arnata$a0 %P *est and >adh"a Pradesh I Chhattisgarh circles -irtel announced that ?olume /ased Charges <?/C= on the recharge vouchers of 2.0s +arle7uin 'nterprises0 publishers of the >ills I /oon romance fiction series entered the mar$et of language boo$s +arle7uin 'nterprises released its translations of two best!selling international boo$s in #amil as well as +indi #he boo$s will also be released in >ala"alam and >arathi #he +indi and #amil boo$s are available at all the news!stands and boo$ stores #he +indi titles are available at the price of 3A Rupees while the #amil boo$s are available at a price of 2A Rupees with an introductor" price of 10 Rupees #hese boo$s will be available in bi!monthl" magaEine form which will also cover other items such as horoscopes and surve"s -t the ongoing Cannes 0ions International .0 percent for both pre!paid as well as post!paid customers in three circles0 i e 0 .esti&al of Creati&it! 0 Indian advertising agencies grabbed a range of awards *hile the Taproot India won two . data usage of three denominations were brought down to 1 paisa per 10 ./ from 10 paisa per 10 .taught to the children Carmel (CShanness" also e2plained that Bight *arlpiri might have been evolved during 1130s and ./0 which would ma$e the Internet even more affordable for the subscribers #he recharge vouchers of 22 .

umar on 11 June 2013 won the ?ote of Confidence in the State -ssembl" with the support of 12: >B-s after parting awa" with /JP #he trust motion was opposed b" 26 >B-s #he '2port Import <'KI>= /an$ of India announced on 11 June 2013 that it received a license for opening the representative office in Fangon0 >"anmar #he license was granted to the 'KI> /an$ b" % #hein Gaw0 @eput" @irector . da"s Chief >inister of /ihar0 &itish ./ for 2.Rupees0 2A Rupees as well as 12A Rupees carr" the free download limit of 12A >/ for five da"s0 1A0 >/ for seven da"s and 1 . 5ttara6hand: #he Chief >inister of %ttara$hand0 ?i9a" /ahuguna announced on 11 June 2013 that the .edarnath shrine situated in the +imala"an ranges will remain shut down for a minimum period of one "ear0 following devastation because of earl" >onsoon rains #ata Coffee0 the largest plantation compan" of -sia on 11 June 2013 inaugurated the premium e2traction plant at #heni near >adurai in #amil &adu #his plant is opened for the processing of coffee beans into freeEe dried powder0 which in turn can be used for e2port purpose to the international mar$ets It is important to note that the #heni plant had become top most e2porter of the soluble coffee to Russia as well as CIS countries in the 2012!13 fiscal "ear .eneral0 8inancial Institutions Supervision @epartment0 Central /an$ of >"anmar 'KI> /an$ e2tended seven lines of credit <B(C= worth a total of 263 63 million %S dollar to >"anmar 8oreign #rade /an$ <>8#/= #hrough these B(Cs0 a range of pro9ects such as setting up >oreh!#amu (8C lin$0 manufacturing of #ata vehicles0 upgradation of the Fangon ! >andala" railwa" s"stem0 upgradation of #hanba"a$an Petrochemical Comple20 #hanl"in refiner" pro9ects0 setting up of three transmission lines and assembl" and manufacturing plant for assembl" are being carried out 4edarnath Temple.

#ata Coffee is the subsidiar" of #ata .lobemaster landed at +indan -irbase in India #he I-8 signed a <.lobemaster III -ircraft is a 6!engine0 high wing0 #!tailed militar" transport aircraft and is capable of carr"ing large e7uipment0 supplies and troops directl" to small airfields0 da" and night0 an"where across the world It has delivered cargo in during worldwide operations0 since the 1110s It is a premier transporter for the militar" during peace$eeping missions0 humanitarian assistance at times of disasters and more because of its abilities of fl"ing long distances across the remotest airfields as well as land!loc$ed regions -ndhra Pradesh state -ssembl" on 11 June 2013 passed the bill called t!e And!ra Prades! Bangaru Talli "irl C!ild Promotion and Empo erment Bill #$%& which provides0 among other benefits0 financial assistance of 2A00 rupees to a famil" on birth of a girl child 'ach such famil" would get a total of AA000 rupees till the girlCs 21st birthda" and upon completion of intermediate <Plus!2= or graduation0 an additional A0000 rupees or one la$h rupees respectivel" would be given as incentive #he bill is aimed at the restoring the gender balance and channeling the capabilities of women for nation building #he (pposition benches remained empt" in the +ouse following the suspension of #RS and .ulf countries0 -sia0 'urope and &orth -merica regions It is the largest integrated coffee plantation compan" of the world Indian -ir 8orce received its first of the ten Boeing 6-. June 2013 #he first C!13 . 3lobemaster 555 Air ra2t from %nited States on 1.lobal /everages Btd It produces a total of 10000 tonnes of shade grown -rabica and Robusta beans in 11 estates all over South India -lso0 it e2ports green coffee to . billion =S &ollar &eal with /oeing to get 10 C!13 -ircraft #he deal was signed after conducting a thorough stud" of its capabilities of being operational under all conditions and abilities to ta$e!off from short runwa"s with heav" loads /oeing C!13 ...

astronaut candidates0 out of which 6 are women It is important to note that this is the highest percentage of female astronauts chosen b" &-S. June 2013 proposed sweeping changes in 8oreign @irect Investment <8@I= regime #he committee that was headed b" the 'conomic -ffairs Secretar" -rvind >a"aram recommended to raise the 8oreign @irect Investment limit to 61 percent from 2: percent at present in almost all sectors li$e multi!brand retail0 defence and telecom through automatic route #he %nion .FSR Congress members and wal$out staged b" #@P0 /JP0 CPI and CP> >B-s #he *orld Refugee @a" was observed on 20 June 2013 across the world *orld Refugee @a" is observed on 20 June ever" "ear to honour the courage0 strength and determination of people who are forced to flee their homeland under threat of persecution0 conflict and violence #he focus of *orld Refugee @a" 2013 is on the impact of war on families #he core message is . #o promote India as an attractive destination for investment0 the %nion 8inance >inistr" on 1.for an" class in its histor" -ll these eight new astronauts were publicall" named0 9ust a da" before the 30th anniversar" of Sall" RideCs first flight aboard Challenger which had launched her as first -merican woman to fl" in space .overnment in >arch 2013 constituted a four!member committee to give clear definitions to 8oreign @irect Investment <8@I= and 8oreign Institutional Investment <8II= with an aim of removing the ambiguit" from both t"pes of foreign investments #he Committee was headed b" the 'conomic -ffairs Secretar" -rvind >a"aram and the high power committee constituted a @IPP Secretar"0 an R/I @eput" .overnor and a S'/I *hole!time >ember &-S-0 the %S Space agenc"0 announced on 13 June 2013 that it had selected eight new &-S. 2amil$ torn a'art b$ %ar is too man$.

#he annual plan of A1000 crore rupees for .desiccant is basicall" the h"groscopic substance which sustains or induces the dr"ness state in local vicinit" in well!sealed container India and &epal signed an >emorandum of %nderstanding <>o%= in the third wee$ of June 2013 to provide assistance for construction of a three O storied school building under India!&epal 'conomic Cooperation Programme #he >o% was signed between Indian 'mbass" in .apilvastu @istrict under 5n&ia-7e'al / onomi 6oo'eration Programme.u9arat0 &arendra >odi together finaliEed the plan #he agreed plan siEe also includes 3131 crore rupees in form of the central assistance to the State Plan -long with this about :000 crore rupees will be offered to . June 2013 @eput" Chairman of Planning Commission0 >onte$ Singh -hluwalia and Chief >inister of .u9arat from the centre via different Centrall" Sponsored Schemes -rchitects building &alanda International %niversit" at /ihar decided to ma$e use of the @esiccant 'nhanced 'vaporative or the @evap air!cooling s"stem It is the first time that this $ind of s"stem will be used in India #he @evap s"stem functions b" ma$ing use of dessicant material which gets rid of the moisture from using b" ma$ing use of heat #he s"stem also ma$es use of the evaporative technologies which bring cooling b" ma$ing use of up to 10 percent less energ" in comparison to the older methods #he @evap air!cooling s"stem provides solution to -C necessit" #his s"stem provides dehumidified0 cold and clean air0 but with an added advantage of less electricit" and less energ"!usage It ma$es use of the chemical capabilities of desiccants .athmandu0 @istrict @evelopment Committee0 . .apilvastu and Shree +igher Secondar" School -s per the >o%0 India would grant 6 16 crore &epali rupees for construction of School building in .u9arat was finaliEed b" the Planning Commission of India for the financial "ear 2013!16 on 1.

erala along with officials of the *orld 'conomic 8orum announced on 1. June 2013 that the 21th annual meeting of the *orld 'conomic 8orum <India chapter= scheduled for .overnment of China 9oined hands for organising the first ever Chinese film festi&al in India from 1.(3 #he Chief >inister of .overnment of India and .ong is among the Special 'conomic Gones <S'Gs= of China It houses 11 million residents China committed to bring down the carbon emission intensit" b" 21 percent b" the "ear 201A .ochi0 . June 2013 It is worth noticing that China is the largest carbon gas emitter of the world ShenEhen which is situated across border from +ong . &ovember 2013 and 1 &ovember 2013 will be hosted b" .#he . June 2013 to 23 June 2013 at Siri fort -uditorium0 &ew @elhi #he Chinese 8ilm 8estival is 9ointl" organised b" Indo China 'conomic and Cultural Council <IC'C=0 State -dministration of Press0 Publication0 Radio0 8ilm and #elevision and PeopleCs Republic of China #he Institute of Compan" Secretaries of India <ICSI= and &ational Institute of Securities >ar$ets <&IS>= signed a >emorandum of %nderstanding <>o%= for the purpose of 9oint promotion of corporate as well as securities mar$et governance %nder the >o%0 the professionals of securities mar$et will get training in the corporate governance matters 4ochi. 4erala: 7-th annual meeting of the orld Economic .erala It is important to note that this is the second time that annual meeting of *orld 'conomic 8orum <India chapter= was being hosted b" a state other than @elhi 'arlier0 23 >eetings of *orld 'conomic 8orum were held in &ew @elhi and once in >umbai0 >aharashtra #his is the first time that *orld 'conomic 8orum <India chapter= event was being planned for South India #he first of seven pilot carbon emission trading schemes for China was launched in the cit" of ShenEhen0 China on 1.orum 8India chapter9 to be held here in :o&ember 7.

wheat and rice were permitted #he specialt" of . #he office has been opened to help in ending the 12 "ears old conflict #o bring the tal$s in process0 %S agreed to drop the series of preconditions that have held bac$ the negotiations0 previousl" %S representatives will meet with the #aliban envo"s for the first round of tal$s in @oha in third wee$ of June 2013 #he basic agenda between the two during first round of tal$s will be peace and reconciliation .The 1enetic Engineering %ppro&al Committee 81E%C9 permitted certain companies as well as the research institutes for conducting the field trials of * 1$ 8geneticall! modified9 crops #he trials for development of geneticall" modified cotton. mai<e.oa celebrated its revolution da" on 1. June 2013 died in a road accident near &algadha village on &oida '2presswa" in %ttar Pradesh She is now survived b" her mother and five sisters Ruma Chatter9ee died while training 20 9unior team members on the e2presswa" when she was hit b" a speeding car from behind She was attending the national camp ahead of the Indian teamCs visit to International C"cling %nion <%CI= -cadem"0 SwitEerland for training #he four!member s7uad will participate in the *orld Championships in Scotland in -ugust 2013 #he %nited State of -merica on 1. June 2013 (n this occasion0 the .> crops is that the" are formulated for getting protection against the insects -lso0 these crops are resistant to salinit" and water -lso0 the" are more resistance to the use of nitrogen which is re7uired b" them for growing efficientl" Ruma Chatter9ee0 the C"cling Coach of Indian national team on 1.overnor of the state /harat ?ir *anchoo led the people of state to -Ead >aidan in Pana9i to pa" homage to the sacred memor" of revered mart"rs who . castor. June 2013 announced that it will held direct peace tal$s with #aliban #he announcement from %S came after #aliban opened its first political office in #oha> ?atar.

June is celebrated as Revolution @a" <. So 1. June 2013 launched operation Rahat to rescue stranded pilgrims in %ttara$hand and +imachal Pradesh after heav" rains wrea$ed havoc in northern India on June 1: #wo additional helicopters were put into service toda" along with the &ational @isaster Response 8orce teams in +imachal Pradesh Relief operations are in full swing providing aid to thousands of stranded pilgrims and tourists *orld @a" to Combat @esertification was observed across the world on 13 June 2013 #he theme of 2013 *orld @a" to Combat @esertification was drought and water scarcit" #he Reserve /an$ of India <R/I=0 in its June mid!7uarter monetar" polic" on 13 June 20130 left its $e" polic"0 repo rate unchanged at 3 2A percent in line Cash reserve ratio <CRR=0 remained at 6 percent Repo is the rate at which ban$s borrow from the Central ban$ CRR is the portion of deposits that ban$s are mandated to $eep with R/I Conse7uentl"0 the reverse repo rate will remain .oans <people of .oa from Portuguese Colonial Rule (n 1. June 116:0 @r Ram >anohar Bohia and @r Juliao >eneEes as$ed of the .ranti @in= to commemorate the saga of the struggle of the people of .laid down their life for the liberation of . June 2013 #he (b9ective of the pro9ect is to increase safe behaviors among high ris$ groups in order to contribute to India)s national goal of reversal of the +I? epidemic b" 2013 #he Indian -ir 8orce <I-8= on 1.oa= to stand against the oppression from the Portuguese and to fight for their freedom #he" sought to unite the .oa for freedom India signed an agreement for loan of 2AA million %S dollars with *orld /an$ for the &ational -I@S Control Pro9ect <&-CP!I?= in &ew @elhi on 1.oans for a common cause and those were for a better life and better future and freedom from oppression Since then0 this da" was remembered as the 3oa Re1ol!tion #a$.

2A per cent -s per the report entitled 'rom Bu(( to Buc)s* Capitali(ing on +ndia.s -igitall.overnment was in power in the state for past eight "ears0 since &ovember 200A .umar /efore the brea$!up of /JP!J@<%= alliance in /ihar0 the &itish .roup </C.unchanged at : 2A per cent0 and the marginal standing facilit" <>S8=0 rate and the /an$ Rate at .surve" conducted b" #op A000 revealed on 13 June 2013 that the Chinese supercomputer is the fastest computer of the world #his Chinese supercomputer is called #ianhe!2 and it replaced %S machine called #itan0 which was earlier said to be the fastest computer of the world #ianhe!2 means >il$" *a"!2 #ianhe!2 is a supercomputer developed b" ChinaCs &ational %niversit" of @efense #echnolog" Janta @al %nited <J@<%== on 1: June 2013 bro$e awa" its 13 "ear old alliance with &ational @emocratic -llaince <&@-= in /ihar #he announcement of brea$up of the alliance was made at Patna b" the J@<%= President Sharad Fadav and /ihar Chief >inister0 &itish .=0 the number of Internet users in India is li$el" to triple from 12A million in 2011 to 330 million b" 201: #he report states that 60 percent of India)s 10 million urban Internet users are influenced b" online activities such as product research and price comparison while bu"ing an"thing /C.Cs Centre for Consumer and Customer Insight surve"ed 2A000 Indian consumers on their online activities during each step of the purchase c"cle in different product categories so that how Internet use affects bu"ing decisions could be determined . +n/luenced Consumers0 released b" /oston Consulting .umar led State .

orea0 &ew Gealand0 -ustralia0 %S. S Rao >ani$rao . June 2013 -mol Ra9an0 the 21!"ear!"ear!old Indian origin 9ournalist became the 'ditor of %.and India Potento2 is the antibiotic ad9uvant entit" <--'= It is the drug used for treatment of hospital!ac7uired pneumonia as well as febrile neutropenia infections which are caused b" 7uinolones or aminogl"coside!resistant microbes #his drug is growing at the compound annual growth rate <C-.?enus Remedies Bimited0 the global pharmaceutical compan" received novel antibiotic product Potento2 patented from >e2ico #he patent was granted to it b" the >e2ican Institute of Industrial Propert" <I>PI= #he patent will provide it protection of composition of Potento2 #he patent will facilitate the compan" with an e2clusivit" period for Potento2 up to 202A Potento2 is also patented from other countries such as %$raine0 Canada0 South -frica0 South . national paper0 #he Independent0 on 13 June 2013 +e became the first non! white editor of #he Independent -mol Ra9an replaced Chris /lac$hurst 'arlier0 -mol Ra9an was the comment editor of the newspaper Sisram (la ! Babour and 'mplo"ment >inistr" ! Road #ransport and +ighwa"s >inistr" (scar 8ernandes .avit ! +ousing and %rban Povert" -lleviation ! ! #e2tiles >inistr" >inister of State for Social Justice and 'mpowerment ! >inister of State for +ealth and 8amil" *elfare >inister of State for 8inance Santosh Chowdhur" Jesudasu Seelam ! .R= of A0 percent since 2010 Subramanian Ramadorai0 former head of the #ata Consultanc" Services <#CS=0 was appointed as the Chairman of -ir-sia India on 1.iri9a ?"as @r .

st Amen&ment o2 6onstit!tion o2 5n&ia> insertion o2 Arti le .@ (. A) too$ place and it states that total number of >inisters in the list of council of ministers including the Prime >inister shall not e2ceed 1A percent of the total strength of the members of Bo$ Sabha <+ouse of People= (n sidelines of the 31th .overnment of India on 13 June 2013 e2tended the facilit" of e! filing the R#I application to President and ?ice!President)s secretariat as well as 8oreign >inistr" #his move came up to ensure better transparenc" in governance #o facilitate the e!filing of applications and pa"ment of fees0 the @epartment of Personnel and #raining <@oP#=0 the nodal >inistr" for implementation of Right to Information -ct launched a new website www rtionline gov in .!.@ o2 the 6onstit!tion o2 5n&ia that the President is the person who can appoint0 the Prime >inister and the other ministers shall be appointed b" the President following the advice the Prime >inister In the -.< o2 the 6onstit!tion o2 5n&ia it is mentioned that their shall be a Council of >inisters with the Prime >inister as its head to aid and advise the President for e2ercising his functions It is mentioned under Arti le . meeting in &orthern Ireland0 %S. June 2013 agreed to end violence in S"ria0 though the" have a different stance /oth nations are united b" the common intention to end the violence0 to stop the number of victims increasing in S"ria and to resolve the problems b" peaceful means %S and Russia agreed to push for a summit in .and Russia on 1.eneva and also agreed to meet in >oscow in September 2013 /oth nations stated0 the" are optimistic on Iran0 after its Presidential elections #he %nion .' > S &atchiappan ! >inister of State for Commerce and Industr" In the Arti le .

agandeep .Right to Information -ct 200A mandates timel" response to citiEen re7uests for government information It is an initiative ta$en b" @epartment of Personnel and #raining0 >inistr" of Personnel0 Public .atewa" to the citiEens for 7uic$ search of information on the details of first -ppellate -uthorities0 PI(s and more amongst others0 besides access to R#I related information M disclosures published on the web b" various Public -uthorities under the government of India as well as the State .err" *eber (pen +alle -#P final after defeating >i$hail FouEhn" of Russia b" :!3 <AM3=0 :!30 :! 6 at the .erman" #his is the first title won b" 8ederer in the "ear 2013 and si2th +alle #itle and 33th title of the career #he 31 "ear old Swiss star0 bro$e awa" the 10 months and 11 tournament drought without a title FouEhn"0 lost for the 1Ath time in a row against 8ederer .aur and Jhano +ansdah had won silver #he .rievances and Pensions to provide aO R#I Portal .err" *eber Stadium in +alle0 .ing0 Roger 8ederer on 1: June 2013 won .rass Court .overnments India topped in the medal tall" in the Junior -sian *restling Championship b" winning 13 medals in the tournament on 1: June 2013 India secured three gold0 five silver and nine bronEe medals in the championship #he tournament was held from 13 June to 1: June 2013 in Phu$et0 #hailand Ra9at Chouhan and >an9udha So" of India won silver medal at the *orld Cup <Stage!II= -rcher" competition in #ur$e" on 1: June 2013 #he @uo lost the Compound >i2ed #eam final b" 161!1A0 in a thrilling contest b" the Italian world champions Sergio Pagni and >arcella #oniolli India has never won a gold medal in the Compound Section of the event and before this India)s best performance in this format was in the (gden *orld Cup 2011 <Stage!III= when the *omenCs team of >an9udha0 .

Aalle B'ens 3rass 6o!rt S%ing #he .enome Pro9ect at the Sanger Institute helped considerabl" in diagnosis as well as treatment of cancer -part from >ichael Stratton0 three more $nighthoods were awarded in healthcare sector #hese included Professor -ndrew +all for services to public health0 Professor Peng #ee .err" *eber (pen is one of five grass court events on the -#P *orld #our calendar #he tournament gives pla"ers their first chance to pla" on the surface in the lead!up to *imbledon #elecom regulator #R-I on 13 June 2013 announced reduction in the national mobile phone roaming charges which will come into effect 1 Jul" 2013 #R-I has also come out with conditional a free national roaming plan that is aimed at bringing down cellphone roaming charges Prof >ichael Stratton0 the scientist who made identification of the genes causing breast cancer0 was awarded prestigious $nighthood in the Rueen 'liEabeth II /irthda" +onours #he research conducted b" the Prof >ichael Stratton on Cancer .arden of 'vening >ists b" the >ala"sian author #an #wan 'ng won the *alter Scott PriEe 2013 #his was #an #wan 'ng)s second novel #he .arden of 'vening >ists b" #an #wan 'ng is a novel about traumatic aftermath of the Japanese occupation of >ala"a It also covers the post!war insurgenc" against /ritish rule #he novel covers themes such as love and atonement0 disturbing co! .u9ranwala in Pa$istan and had married to ?imla0 another CPI leader0 in 11A2 ?imla died in 2001 #he couple was $nown for their courage in raising their voices against terrorism in Pun9ab :o&el: The 1arden of E&ening $ists b! Tan Twan Eng #he .haw for research in glaucoma as well as Stephen (CRahill" for research on the causes of human obesit" 12 "ears old ?eteran CPI leader Sat"a Pal @ang passed awa" in -mritsar on 1A June 2013 Sat"a Pal @ang was /orn in 1120 in .

e2istence of cultural refinement0 barbarism and personal and national honour #his novel had also won the 2012 >an -sian Biterar" PriEe on 16 >arch 2013 Tan Twan Eng0 the >ala"sian author was declared as the winner of alter =cott >ri<e for his 'nglish fiction novel The 1arden of E&ening $ists +e got 2A000 pounds for the priEe #he ceremon" was held in >elrose0 situated at the Scottish borders +e won the award during /orders /oo$ 8estival which was held from 13 June 2013 to 1: June 2013 #he priEe was given to him b" @u$e of /uccleuch CP Joshi and -9a" >a$en on 1A June 2013 resigned from %nion Cabinet of India /efore resignation0 CP Joshi was handling the portfolio of %nion >inistr" of Railwa"s as well as #ransport and +ighwa"s >inistr" and -9a" >a$en was handling the portfolio of %nion +ousing and %rban Povert" -lleviation >inistr" #heir resignation was accepted b" the President of India0 Pranab >u$her9ee on 1: June 2013 #he Supreme Constitutional Court of .overnment but re9ected b" the opposition %nder the old s"stem of voting0 the candidates were allowed to vote for up to four candidates but the new s"stem of voting will allow selection of onl" one candidate +assan Rohani0 the moderate cleric of Combatant Clerg" -ssociation part" won the presidential election in Iran on 1A June 2013 +e secured a little over A0 percent votes to win the election +e would succeed >ahmoud -hmadine9ad +e defeated >ohammad /agher .halibaf of Islamic Societ" of 'ngineers part" #he presidential elections in Iran too$ place on 16 June 2013 +assan Rohani had registered for the prestigious designation of the countr" on 3 >a" 2013 +e .uwait has ordered fresh elections in the countr" after it dissolved the Parliament #he Court ordered to conduct the fresh election under the new voting s"stem that was cleared b" the .

ausar -bbas Gaidi in Islamabad following the application of the prosecution -ir-sia on 13 June 2013 appointed Ratan #ata0 the e2!chairman of the #ata .would ta$e the office on 3 -ugust 2013 +e would become the seventh different President of Iran #he Pun9ab Cabinet in >onth of June 2013 has approved the polic" for regularisation of about A000 unauthorised colonies in the State #he polic" was approved under the P!n4ab La%s (S'e ial Pro1isions) A t-):.( and is supposed to provide relief to about A000 colonies covering two la$h individual plot holders or building owners) across the State #he polic" for regularisation of unauthorised colonies is meant to bring all the unauthorised colonies into the planning framewor$ for regularisation #he Residenc"0 a national monument that was used b" >uhammad -li Jinnah during his last da"s at Giarat in /alochistan Province of Pa$istan was blown up b" the militants of the /alochistan Biberation -rm" </B-= on 1A June 2013 @uring the four hour gunfire and bomb blasts0 the memorials as well as furniture of the residenc" was destro"ed completel" #he militants also replaced the Pa$istani &ational 8lag with the flag of their outfit in its place #rial of the seven Pa$istanis including Ga$iur Rehman Ba$hvi Be# Commander0 who are the prime accused of the 2:M11 >umbai #error -ttac$s on 1A June 2013 was shifted to a new antiterrorism court in Islamabad from the antiterrorism court in Rawalpindi #he Judge of the Rawalpindi based antiterrorism Court Chaudhr" +abib!ur!Rehman too$ the decision of shifting the case to antiterrorism court of Judge .roup as the Chief -dvisor of -ir-sia)s India board In the meanwhile0 C'( of the -ir-sia India was "et to be announced Ratan #ata paved the wa" for creating 9oint venture between -ir-sia0 -run /hatia of #elestra #radeplace and .

R%B-C member states to be the president of the %nited &ations .eneral of Police S"lendra /abu on 1: June 2013 announced that 30 marine police stations will be set up in #amil &adu #o support the coastal securit" group and enhance securit" of the coastal areas0 26 fast!interceptor boats and 16 small boats will be produced >arine Police patrols up to 12 nautical miles from the coast after that the control shifts in the hand of Indian Coast .th session John *illiam -she was chosen as the consensus candidate b" all 33 .uard and Indian &av" John *illiam -she0 the ambassador to the %nited &ations for -ntigua and /arbuda in the month of June 2013 selected as the President of %& .the #ata .roup In the 9oint venture0 -ir-sia has 61 percent share0 while #ata has 30 percent share Remaining 21 percent share is held b" -run /hatia /ahu$utumbi Raman0 who was one of the founders of Indian intelligence agenc" called Research and -nal"sis *ing <R-*=0 passed awa" on 1: June 2013 in Chennai after a long fight with cancer +e was 33 "ears of age @evaluation of currenc" in the monetar" polic" means fall in the value of an" currenc" with respect to goods0 services or other monetar" units with which that currenc" can be e2changed #he rate of a currenc" is devalued against the ma9or currencies to encourage e2ports and improve the current trade deficit Coastal Securit" .eneral -ssembl" for its :.roup -dditional @irector .eneral -ssembl" thus not necessitating an election @ior +omme announced on 12 June 2013 that Robbert Pattinson would be the new face of the men)s perfume Robert Pattinson0 the #wilight!famed actor became the new brand ambassador of @ior +omme fragrance Robert Pattinson replaced the actor Jude Baw whom @ior signed in 2010 >uthoot 8inance0 said to be the largest gold loan compan" with appro2imatel" 6000 branches0 launched its new ad campaign with a tagline! sapne aap$a0 .

apoor0 the Indian!origin sculptor was honoured with .night0 in general0 is the person who is granted the honourar" title of $nighthood b" political leader or a monarch In earl" da"s0 .an9i Ram became onl" the second +indu to be part of the Pa$istan)s Pun9ab assembl" after Seth /harta Ram who was elected a lawma$er in 1113 .an9i Ram is scheduled to ta$e oath on 13 June 2013 >oreover0 Saradar Ramesh Singh -rora on 1 June 2013 became the first ever Si$h to be elected as the member of the +ouse since Pa$istan)s creation in 1163 -nish . percent in >a" 2013 was measured in the categor" of non food articles that includes fibre0 minerals and oil seeds #he Parliament of &orwa"0 called the Storting0 voted on 16 June 2013 to recruit women in armed forces *ith this0 &orwa" became the first &-#( and also the ..1 percent In >a" 2012 inflation was measured at 3 AA percent #he released data0 the *PI inflation in the categor" of the manufactured items declined to 3 11 percent in >a" 2013 from 3 61 percent of -pril 2013 .sharp decline in the inflation from 3 A1 percent in -pril 2013 to 6 .prarthana hamari <"our dreams0 our pra"ers= #he theme of the campaign is said to portra" the essence of >uthoot 8inance0 i e 0 care and trust #he campaign e2plains how the compan" cares about dreams of its customers .nighthood was conferred on the mounted warriors in 'urope +owever0 since 'arl" >odern period0 this title is considered as absolutel" honorific s -s per the official data released on 16 June 20130 the inflation in India that is based on the *holesale Price Inde2 fell to 6 3 percent in >a" 2013 @ecline in the prices of manufactured items and a slight rise in the prices of food items resulted in the measured fall of inflation In -pril 20130 the *PI based inflation was measured at 6 .nighthood0 which is the highest honour of /ritain +e was conferred the award b" the Rueen 'liEabeth II in her birthda" honours list 2013 for ?isual -rts services .

roup #he first >aers$ Bine vessel sailed in 1106 #he .P >oller O >aers$ .first 'uropean countr" to ma$e militar" services obligator" for males as well as the females It is worth noticing that &orwa" has alwa"s led the fight for gender e7ualit" and for this0 it also introduced measures li$e ma$ing it mandator" for all the public limited companies to fill minimum 60 percent board seats with female members *orld 'lder -buse -wareness @a" was celebrated on 1A June 2013 #he da" aims to focus global attention on the problem of ph"sical0 emotional and financial abuse of elders It see$s to understand the challenges and opportunities presented b" an ageing population #he da" also provides an opportunit" to bring together senior citiEens0 national and local government and private sector to e2change ideas about how best to reduce incidents of violence towards elders and to develop elder friendl" policies >aers$ Bine on 16 June 2013 unveiled the *orld)s Bargest Container ship *ith the launch of the new fleet of super!siEe vessels0 @enmar$)s >ares$ Bine hope to deliver better saving and returns in form of profits in the industr" that is suffering due to overcapacit"0 cut!throat competition and wea$ economies #he AA000 tonne ship has been named as Maersk M Cinne$ Moller <on the name of son of >aers$ group founder= #he ship was unveiled in the South . Ro"0 on 31 >a" 2013 was appointed as the >anaging @irector of BIC after retirement of the then >@0 @ .orean Ship"ard0 where it was built >aers$ Bine is a unit of the oil and shipping group .P >oller!>aers$ #hese are also called Tri'le / vessel because of its design standards0 which is based on 'conomies of Scale0 'nerg" 'fficienc" and 'nvironmental Improvements >aers$ Bine is the global containeriEed division of the . Ro" as the new Chairman of Bife Insurance Corporation of India <BIC= S.overnment of India decided to appoint S.

leaving behind China #he report also claimed that b" 202A the world population will increase b" one billion and reach to . >ehrotra (n 31 >a" 20130 #homas >athew # was appointed as the interim chairman #he %& report titled Worl& Po'!lation Pros'e ts was released on 13 June 20130 forecasted that India will be the most populous countr" of the world b" 202. 1 billion from 3 2 billion at present /" 20A00 the world population will be 1 : billion as per the report #he report has also pro9ected that ma2imum growth in population will ta$e place in developing nationsH population in these regions will increase from A 1 billion in 2013 to . 2 billion in 20A0 #he report also pro9ected that the population of the developed countries will remain unchanged largel" to 1 3 billion people >ar$et regulator Sebi in >onth of June 2013 notified a new set of regulations to regulate issuing and listing of non!convertible preference #he listing of preference shares is basicall" meant to bring more transparenc" in raising of funds through such securities #he listing of privatel" placed non!convertible redeemable preference shares would re7uire a minimum application siEe of 10 la$h Rupees for each investor which will safeguard the interest of small investors from high ris$ securities Preference share is an e7uit" securit" which has the properties of both e7uit" and a debt instrument Preference share usuall" carries no voting rights but sometimes it ma" carr" a dividend #here would be a comprehensive regulator" framewor$ as per the new norm for the public issuance of non!convertible redeemable shares also for listing of privatel" placed redeemable preference shares It is important here to note that in the last three "ears0 Indian companies have raised over 2A000 crore rupees through preference share issuance ..

reece b" ma$ing use of duplicate debit cards #his is called -#> s$imming -#> s$imming implies that the criminals ma$e use of hidden electronic items in order to steal information of the card which is inserted in -#> machine #he %nited States of -merica on 16 June 2013 announced to suppl" militar" aid directl" to the S"rian rebels #he decision was made b" the President /arac$ (bama0 after his administration concluded that the S"rian forces under /ashar al!-shad were using Chemical *eapons 8or the first time0 %S have made such an announcement #he %S intelligence has suggested that about 1A0 people have been $illed b" due to the small number of chemical attac$s in S"ria #he decision to give direct militar" support to the S"rian rebels came up after President (bama)s discussions with the 'uropean leaders over the S"rian conflict Infos"s0 the I# giant0 on 13 June 2013 announced a hi$e in the wages for 2013! 16 financial "ear for emplo"ees in India as well as abroad with effect from 1 Jul" 2013 In the meanwhile0 *ipro0 the rival compan" of Infos"s0 also .ashmir <JI.reece #he >umbai policemen received S>Ss about withdrawal of cash from the -2is ban$ accounts in the 'uro currenc" #he mone" was withdrawn in .= for a period of A "ears0 i e 0 up to 16 June 2013 'arlier0 this pac$age of Industrial Incentive for the State of JI.overnment of India e2tended special pac$age for Industrial @evelopment of Jammu I .sum of 13 la$h Rupees has been withdrawn from the -#>s in .#he @epartment of Industrial Polic" I Promotion <@IPP=0 . #went"!nine accounts of -2is /an$ were hac$ed during -pril 2013 and >a" 2013 (ut of these0 12 accounts were those of >umbai policemen . was announced on 16 June 2002 for a term of 10 "ears up to 16 June 2012 #he incentives under the special pac$age for Industrial @evelopment were e2tended for providing continuit" as well as maintenance of ongoing industrial development of the state of JI.

lobal sales team will get a hi$e of .can be claimed as intellectual propert" #he court re9ected patents held b" a %tah!based firm on two genes lin$ed to breast and ovarian cancer #he court opined that @&.uru &ana$ @ev0 the founder of Si$h religion #his is a popular Si$h pilgrimage across the world Pan9a Sahib is located near Rawalpindi in Pa$istan #he %S Supreme Court on 16 June 2013 ruled that human genes cannot be patented +owever0 artificiall" copied @&.came from nature and was not eligible for patenting #he %S biotechnolog" industr" had warned an" blan$et ban on such patents would 9eopardise huge investment in gene research and therapies #he court added in the ruling that s"nthetic molecules $nown as complementar" @&.overnment was disclosed b" -rif Chaudhr"0 Begal Counsel to Pa$istanCs Interior >inistr" during his meeting with the Chief >inister of Pun9ab0 Par$ash Singh /adal at Chandigarh Pan4a Sahib" It is believed that Pan9a Sahib is the house of a roc$ that has the hand print of . percent (n the other hand0 for the emplo"ees placed abroad0 the average hi$e would be that of 3 percent . percent #he .announced a hi$e in the wages for its emplo"ees with effect from June 2013 #he hi$e being introduced b" Infos"s and *ipro is a single digit hi$e Infos"s announced that average increase in the wage for its emplo"ees who are based in India will be .can be patented because it is not occurring naturall" #he income!ta2 <I!#= department in >onth of June 2013 has notified a revised form to chec$ for transfer pricing infractions0 something that could intensif" the .overnment of Pa$istan on 16 June 2013 decided to declare Pan4a Sahib as a hol" cit" #he government will initiate steps for sorting out the issues related to the welfare of the Si$hs0 who live at the pilgrimage site #he decision of Pa$istan .

3 crore rupees0 lignite 610 crore rupees and limestone 3.scrutin" on their boo$s #he new form clearl" re7uires companies to release specific international transactions although in case if the" do not have an" impact on profits #he ta2 scrutin" is meant to compel companies to unveil all business transactions such as the issue or bu"!bac$ of shares or details of restructuring #he I!# department issued notices to 2: companies0 including Shell India Pvt Btd0 +S/C Securities and Capital >ar$ets <India= Pvt Btd and Standard Chartered Securities <India= Btd0 in 2012!13 for under!pricing an intra! compan" share sale0 according to the I!# department #he &orthern Railwa" decided in June 2013 to install the golf carts for ph"sicall" challenged as well as senior citiEens at all the railwa" stations in @elhi -s of now0 the &ew @elhi railwa" station has deplo"ed three carts li$e these and furthermore0 two will be deplo"ed In the meanwhile0 (ld @elhi Railwa" Station has one cart and two more carts will be introduced #wo carts will be introduced at Sarai Rohilla0 -nand ?ihar and &iEamuddin stations -ll these carts will be made available b" June 2013 end #he golf carts will have their par$ing at end of platform #he inde2 of mineral production of mining and 7uarr"ing sector in -pril 2013 was lower b" 1: 1 percent compared to >arch 2013 as per the data released b" ministr" of mines #he mineral sector has shown a negative growth of 3 1 percent during -pril 2013 as compared to that of the -pril 2012 #he total value of mineral production <e2cluding atomic I minor minerals= in India during -pril 2013 was 13332 crore rupees #he contribution of coal was the highest at A:33 crore rupees <32 percent= &e2t in the order of importance wereP petroleum <crude= A:31 crore rupees0 iron ore 2312 crore rupees0 natural gas <utiliEed= 1..2 crore rupees #hese si2 minerals together contributed about 1A percent of the total value of mineral production in -pril 2013 .

September 2001 It aims to further promote and strengthen adult education0 speciall" of women0 b" e2tending educational options to those adults who having lost the opportunit" of access to formal education and crossed the standard age for receiving such education0 now feel a need for learning of an" t"pe0 including0 literac"0 basic education <e7uivalenc" to formal education=0 vocational education <s$ill development=0 ph"sical and emotional development0 practical arts0 applied science0 sports0 and recreation #he *orld /an$ on 16 June 2013 slashed its growth forecast for ChinaCs econom" for 2013 to 3 3 percent from . percent e2pansion the countr" recorded in 20120 which was its wea$est in 13 "ears #he *orld /an$ on 16 June 2013 slashed its growth forecast for ChinaCs econom" for 2013 to 3 3 percent from . 6 percent In its report0 the *orld /an$ . 6 percent In its report0 the *orld /an$ stated that the main ris$ related to China remains the possibilit" that high investment rates prove unsustainable0 provo$ing a disorderl" unwinding and sharp economic slowdown #he pro9ection is lower than the 3 .#he %nion .overnment of India <.0 percent literac" rate in the countr" b" 2013 #he literac" rate of the countr" at present is 36 percent #he government is aimed to strengthen the Pancha"ati Ra9 Institutions as it serves as a vital leverage to promote education in general and literac" in particular .(I=0 on the International Biterac" @a"0 .overnment of India on 12 June 2013 announced that it has set a target to achieve .overnment of India)s Saa$shar /harat Programme that is operational in 332 districts covering nearl" 1 A la$h gram pancha"ats spread over 2A states will wor$ as an instrument of literac" and empowerment as well as the agent of change to create e7ual and inclusive India #he Prime >inister launched Saa$shar /harat0 a centrall" sponsored scheme of @epartment of School 'ducation and Biterac" <@S'B=0 >inistr" of +uman Resource @evelopment <>+R@=0 .

percent e2pansion the countr" recorded in 20120 which was its wea$est in 13 "ears *orld /lood @onor @a" was observed on 16 June 2013 across the world #his da" is observed ever" "ear on 16 June with an aim of creating a worldwide culture of voluntar" blood donation #heme selected for the "ear 2013 is 3i1e the 3i2t o2 Li2e" #onate Bloo&.stated that the main ris$ related to China remains the possibilit" that high investment rates prove unsustainable0 provo$ing a disorderl" unwinding and sharp economic slowdown #he pro9ection is lower than the 3 . #he main ob9ective of the campaign is to than$ donors and their life!saving blood gifts and to promote the voluntar" unpaid blood donation #he 10th anniversar" of *orld /lood @onor @a" will focus on the value of donated blood to the patient0 not onl" in saving life0 but also in helping people live longer and more productive lives >aharashtra government in >onth of June 2013 decided setting up separate education commisionerates in order to provide education to students of the tribal communit" #he Commissionerates for tribals will be named b" -divasi Shi$shan -"u$tala" and will first come up in four divisons of the state and the head office will be in &ashi$ @ubai in the first wee$ of June 2013 inaugurated the tallest twisted tower of the world called Ca"an #ower at the cost of 232 million %S dollar 'arlier it was called the Infinit" #ower It was inaugurated in @ubai >arina *ith this0 @ubai created "et another record of engineering marvels as well as s$"scrapers Sneha Singh a girl of Indian origin and .raduate from -von +igh School0 Connecticut got admission in the prestigious %nited States >ilitar" -cadem" at *est Point Sneha became the first Indian woman cadet to get entr" to the %nited States >ilitar" -cadem"0 in the -cadem"Cs prestigious 211!"ear histor" She will 9oin the academ" on 1 Jul" 2013 to begin her 63 months 9ourne" that .

India)s entr" into the %. /roadcast on 13 June 2013 launched a 26 hours news channel :ews() India in %.0 it is going to be launched across the world including $e" mar$ets of %S0 Canada0 >iddle 'ast and -ustralia &ews1.@P of India #he tie up will help these S>'s in getting access to the foreign e2change products >edia firm #?1. which would be distributed through a 9oint venture formed with ?iacom 1.)s mar$et news services India)s appearance on the global level is evident from the almost unappeasable global interest in its present as well as its future @uPont on 11 June 2013 announced opening of a seed plant in %$raine which is designed to support farmers in increasing their harvests using more productive seeds #he new seed facilit" cost around 60 >illion dollars and is located in the central region of Poltava which is the prominent area for agriculture in the former Soviet %nion)s /read /as$et as the Productivit" of %$rainian grains is highl" dependent on weather and anal"sts . It has been decided that after &ews1. India would be produced b" the same team which runs #?1.will help her to gain the /achelor of Science degree and will be commissioned as the second lieutenant in the %nited States -rm" IndusInd /an$0 the private sector ban$ tied up with *estern %nion /usiness Solutions in order to provide effective foreign e2change pa"ments for S>'s or small and medium enterprises in India IndusInd /an$ additionall" signed two *estern %nion)s licensed agents as their referral agents in order to help mar$eting of these services in India #his service will go live in 22 cities of India and its aim is to provide doorstep service to its clients Small as well as mid!siEed enterprises pla" a crucial role for the econom" of India #here are around 30 million Indian S>'s which contribute significantl" to the .

i >oon also warned that the tensions in the .ehlot in the 2013!16 budget #he 8irst of the Scheme is open to 2A000 applicants wherein eleven pilgrimage centres has been selected #he last date for submission of -pplication 1 Jul" 2013 and the -pplicants have to fill up a form available at all divisional head7uarters in the state #he pilgrim destination which are covered under the scheme are Puri0 .olan +eights /an .olan +eights can due to violation of S"ria!Israel ceasefire ma" escalate #he =nite& 7ations #isengagement Bbser1er For e (=7#BF) was established b" Securit" Council resolution 3A0 <1136= of 31 >a" 1136 toP >aintain the ceasefire between Israel and S"ria0 Supervise the disengagement .a"a0 Rameswaram0 ?aishno @evi0 #irupati0 ?aranasi0 -mritsar0 @war$apuri0 /ihar Sharif0 Shirdi &uclear Reactors of -reva0 the 8rench compan" will start the production at first in China before suppl"ing the production to Jaitapur in >aharashtra #he 8rench -mbassador to India 8rancois Richier announced that -reva will facilitate two reactors to China #hese reactors are under construction 8rance e2plained that reactors li$e those in China will also be built up in Jaitapur #he Jaitapur &uclear Power Pro9ect in >aharashtra includes :K10:A0 >* light water reactors which will be constructed in cooperation with 8rance for the purpose of generation of 1100 >* of power -fter being built0 this will be one among the largest nuclear power generating stations of the world /an .Ra9asthan government on 13 June 2013 signed >o% with the Indian Railwa" Catering and #ourism Corporation <IRC#C= Btd for a scheme as per which it will bear all the e2penses for senior citiEens to go on select pilgrimages #he scheme was alread" announced b" Chief >inister -sho$ .i >oon0 the %& Secretar" .eneral has as$ed the %& Securit" Council <%&SC= to enhance the strength of %& @isengagement 8orces <%&@(8= from 100 to its authoriEed strength of 12A0 to maintain the peace along S"ria!Israel borders in the .

li7uefaction plants #he pro9ect would be completed b" late 201.overnment on 12 June 2013 decided to discontinue the #elegraph Services in India from 1A Jul" 2013 #elegram in India was also $nown as #aar #he decision of ceasing the services of #elegraph came up after more than 1:0 "ears of its being into operations #he last time #elegraph would be used to send a telegram on 16 Jul" 2013 .of Israeli and S"rian forces0 Supervise the areas of separation and limitation0 as provided in the >a" 1136 -greement on @isengagement Petronas0 the >ala"sian national oil compan" announced in the second wee$ of June 2013 about its multibillion dollar plan for e2tracting0 li7uef"ing as well as e2porting the natural gas in *estern Canada to the mar$ets of -sia -rif >ahmood0 the ?ice President of corporate planning0 Petronas e2plained that an amount between 1 billion %S dollar and 11 billion %S dollar would be invested for the construction of two B&. Industrial production growth declined to 2 per cent in -pril 2013 #he fall is attributed to dismal performance of the manufacturing0 mining and power sectors coupled with lower output of capital goods 8actor" output measured in terms of the inde2 of industrial production or IIP had seen a contraction of 1 3 per cent in -pril 2012 >eanwhile0 the IIP growth rate for >arch 2013 was revised to 3 6 per cent from the provisional estimate of 2 A per cent released in >a" 2013 Industrial growth in 2012!13 was revised slightl" upwards to 1 1 per cent from the provisional estimates of 1 per cent released in >a" 2013 IIP growth in 2011!12 was 2 1 per cent %nion .circular was issued b" /harat Sanchar &igam Btd </S&B= Corporate office on 12 June 2013 and sent to different telegraph circle and district offices with an order to discontinue the telegraph services from 1A Jul" 2013 onwards -s per the issued circular0 the telegraph .

0 in the second wee$ of June 2013 discovered a new la"er in the Cornea and named it @ua)s Ba"er after the name of an Indian Researcher0 the person responsible for the discover" #he new la"er has been named after the name of the professor +arminder @ua #his discover" can help the surgeons to improve the results of treatment of patients who undergo corneal grafts and transplants -s per the data released on 12 June 20130 Retail inflation stood at 1 31 per cent in >a" 2013 due to easing of prices of edible oil and protein!based items0 even as vegetable prices moved up sharpl" #he Consumer Price Inde2 or CPI based inflation had stood at 1 31 per cent in -pril It was 10 31 per cent in >arch #he .offices under /S&B have been directed to stop boo$ing telegraph from 1A Jul" 2013 onwards #elegraph is the means via which a telegram is sent0 whereas0 telegram is the message itself #elegraph is a communication s"stem that is used to transmit and receive the unmodulated electric impulses via radio or wire #he telegraphs are the messages send b" the telegram and are transmitted as a series of short and long electric impulses *hereas0 telegram can be defined as the message that is encoded0 decoded or telegraphed in form of the original message #he Coffee /oard announced establishing the Coffee 'ntrepreneurship Centre in /angalore in order to sustain the coffee cafe culture in India #he Chairman of Coffee /oard0 Jawaid -$htar e2plained that the idea came up because of rapid growth of coffee cafes as well as parlours in India0 especiall" in the non! traditional <non!coffee growing States= areas +owever0 there is a dearth of manpower in these areas #he primar" ob9ective of the Coffee 'ntrepreneurship Centre is to create the manpower base #his base would be created b" facilitating training to people scientificall" and providing them the $nowledge about specialt" coffees #he Scientists from %niversit" of &ottingham in %.

overnment of India on 12 June 2013 enhanced the limit of Foreign 5n1estments in 3o1ernment Se !rities b" A /illion %S @ollar #his decision of the . per cent in >a" from A 63 per cent in -pril 2013 #he completel"!owned subsidiar" of -pollo >auritius +oldings decided to pa" Cooper stoc$holders 3A dollar per share in the cash #he combination of the two companies will together create the seventh largest t"re compan" of the world #his is the third crucial foreign ac7uisition of -pollo #"res #he first two were @unlop South -frica for 210 crore Rupees which too$ place in 200: and &etherlands!based ?redestein /anden /? in the "ear 2001 #he %nion .overall food and beverages segment saw an inflation of 10 :A per cent in >a"0 higher than 10 :1 per cent in -pril #he prices in the vegetables bas$et rose sharpl" b" 1 3.overnment mentioned that the 8oreign Institutional Investors registered to S'/I are onl" eligible for investment in the enhanced limit of A billion %S @ollars #he investments can be made in categories named Sovereign *ealth 8unds0 >ultilateral -gencies0 'ndowment 8unds0 Insurance 8unds0 Pension 8unds and 8oreign Central /an$s Indian street food vendors -sho$ Sah and ?i9a" Chaudhar" won the critics award at the *orld Street 8ood Congress in Singapore #he Congress was held from 31 >a" 2013 to 1 June 2013 #he" had gone there as a part of a team of Indian street food vendors -longside the *orld Street 8ood Congress0 a *orld Street 8ood @ialogue was also held It discussed the responses of the national and provincial governments in India towards promoting street food vending as well as social!economic d"namics of street food vending .overnment is an effort to increase the overseas capital inflows and strengthen the value of rupee #he enhancement has raised the total limit of investments from foreign entities to 30 billion %S dollar from previous 2A billion %S dollar #he notification released b" the %nion .

#he cash strapped new .arachi Port #he >aharashtra government on 13 June 2013 confirmed that the -sian -thletic Championship will be held in Pune from 3 to 3 Jul" 2013 #he decision was finalised at the State)s Cabinet meet held in >umbai #he State government has said that it would incur an e2penditure of 1.overnment of Pa$istan on 12 June 2013 announced hi$e of 1A percent in its defence budget to :23 billion rupees for the fiscal 2013! 16 #he . crore rupees for this tournament #o ensure that the -sian -thletic Championship goes off smoothl"0 the State government has alread" formed a few committees to loo$ into the various aspects of the tournament 8aceboo$ Inc announced on 12 June 2013 that it is introducing the hashtags0 which are basicall" the number signs used on services such as Instagram and #witter for identification of topics for discussions +ashtags allow the users to search for the topics if the" have hashtags used before the word because it creates the lin$ to that word 8or instance0 in case a user ma$es use of hashtag before the name of >ount 'verest0 the word will turn into the lin$ which will be clic$able and will allow the users to find other posts related to >ount 'verest .A trillion rupees for fiscal "ear 2013!16 for all the three defence services of the nation #he arm" got the lionCs share of the outla" with 301 A6 billion rupees and the -ir 8orce was allocated 131 1. billion rupees and the &av" got :2 .0 billion rupees #he &awaE!Sharif led .overnment of Pa$istan has made an allocation of 2300 million rupees for defence production division in Public Sector @evelopment Programme for the fiscal "ear of which 226: 30 million rupees will be invested on installation of the ship lifts0 machiner" and e7uipment for doc$ing0 transfer s"stem0 repair units for all t"pes of commercial vessels0 ships0 submarines at .overnment of Pa$istan made an allocation of 1A 3 percent of the federal budget of 3 1.

oogle has surpassed two of its fiercest competitor 8aceboo$ and -pple0 in the bidding for *aEe *aEe >apping service has .0L of such viewers in the countr")s cities as the new s"stem has been implemented in 62 cities that have populations in e2cess of 1 million #he Bower +ouse of the Parliament of Russia <State @uma= on 11 June 2013 approved a bill that stigmatiEed ga" people and banned providing children an" information about homose2ualit" in the countr" .oogle in >onth of June 2013 bought online mapping service *aEe for a deal of 1 03 billion dollars #he deal is supposed to allow .#he Cauver" Supervisor" Committee on 12 June 2013 re9ected the demand for its share of water b" #amil &adu stating deficit inflows and low storage level in the reservoirs in . @as and representatives from both states0 .arnata$a and #amil &adu were also present in the meet #he committee noted that the water available was comparativel" lesser than the average water #he +ar"ana government in >onth of June 2013 has notified a new Communication and Connectivit" which is intended at encouraging use of latest technolog" advancements in the telecom and communication sector #he polic" is designed to encourage the use of latest technolog" advancements in the telecom sector such as 8ibre to the +ome <8##+= and innovative business models such as the (pen -ccess &etwor$ <(-&= where ph"sical access to the networ$ is separated from the deliver" of services #elecom Regulator" -uthorit" of India in >onth of June 2013 issued guidelines that Cable #? subscriber who fails to submit their consumer application forms b" 2A June 2013 will face disconnection #he disconnection can affect .oogle to gain technolog" that is meant to improve the accurac" and usefulness of its own popular navigation s"stem .arnata$a #he supervisor" committee met in the chairmanship of the %nion *ater Resources Secretar" S.

umar claimed that the new technolog" installed can predict the #sunami within 3 minutes after the initial tremors are felt and can send alerts 8ollowing the alerts sent from the #sunami *arning S"stem0 the tsunami alerts can be issued to the ris$ Eones via Centre in consultation with 5n&ian 7ational 6entre 2or B ean 5n2ormation Ser1i es> 576B5S at A$&eraba&.combined elements of a social networ$ into its maps to produce more accurate directions and more reliable information about local traffic conditions Chief Scientist of the 7ational 5nstit!te o2 B ean Te hnolog$ (75BT)> 0inith C!mar on 11 June 2013 announced that the /arl$ Ts!nami Warning S$stem (/TWS) installed at Ranga hang in An&aman an& 7i obar 5slan&s can predict a tsunami immediatel" after an earth7ua$e ?inith .(3 militar" e2ercise is scheduled to ta$e place in (ctober 2013 at >aha9an field firing range of Ra9asthan in India #he 9oint >ilitar" e2ercise will involve over 2A0 servicemen from the 'astern >ilitar" @istrict and the same number of troops will be involved from the Indian armed forces -round 2A0 Russian servicemen from the 'astern >ilitar" @istrict are alread" set to 9oin Russo!Indian 9oint ground and naval drills at Indra!2013 . #o benefit the fishermen0 the &ational Institute of (cean #echnolog" has also installed 10 Fish Aggregating #e1i es (FA#) at ten locations in different islands namel" >a"abandar0 @ilgipur0 Chidia"atapu0 +ut /a"0 Car &icobar and Campbell /a" for the benefit of fishermen #he devices costs 10 la$h rupees each and has been designed and installed to improve the abilities of fish catching #he center has also developed an 5slan&s Reso!r e 5n2ormation S$stem (5R5S) for better e2ploitation of the resources &I(# is also planning a solar desalination pro9ect in the islands Indo!Russian I:DR% 7.

June 2013 which decided to review the position of storage levels #he result of meeting was that the representatives from #amil &adu wanted allocation of water as set in the award for the month of June on pro!rata basis for first 10 da" period ta$ing into consideration the poor storage and oncoming monsoons in .arnata$a0 #amil &adu0 .erala and Puducherr" #he committee is headed b" central water resources secretar" and chief secretaries of the three states and the union territor" are its members #he Central /ureau of Investigation <C/I= on 11 June 2013 registered an 8IR against the Congress >P and @irector of Jindal Steel and Power Bimited <JSPB= &aveen Jindal and former >inister of State for Coal @asari &ara"ana Rao <congress leader from -ndhra Pradesh= on charges of cheating0 criminal conspirac" and misconduct in getting the -mar$onda >urgadangal coal bloc$ in Jhar$hand C/I also registered the 8IR against five private companies -s per .overnment also decided to grant monetar" allowance at enhance rate of A00 rupees per month to the Sena M &ao Sena M ?a"u Sena -ward >edal awardees0 where the awards have been given for .#he %nion government of India on 11 June 2013 doubled the special monetar" allowance given to gallantr" award recipients of police and paramilitar" forces #he monetar" allowances attached with the PresidentCs Police >edal for gallantr"0 has been enhanced from 1A00 to 3000 rupees and for the Police >edal for gallantr"0 from 100 to 2000 rupees per month #his would be effective from 10 >a" 2013 #he .allantr" #his will be pa"able to those who have been given these awards on 2: Januar" 1111 or thereafter #he first meeting of the Cauver" Supervisor" Committee was held on .arnata$a #he Cauver" Supervisor" Committee was set up b" the Central government on the direction of the Supreme Court to oversee water sharing among .

the investigations of C/I0 the Jindal Steel and Power Bimited and .oreas had e2changed undisclosed lists of five representatives0 but could not reach a consensus It was not immediatel" clear whether the tal$s0 scheduled to ta$e place at a hotel in Seoul0 had been postponed or cancelled #he Competition Commission on 10 June 2013 has approved ac7uisition of a manufacturing facilit" of %nichem Baboratories b" pharma firm >"lan Baboratories -s per the deal >"lan will ac7uire the newl" established manufacturing facilit" pharma compan"0 %nichem located in a Special 'conomic Gone in @har district of >adh"a Pradesh0 from It ma$es C8inished @osage 8orms <8@8s= >"lan has 11 manufacturing facilities in India0 of which . facilities are for manufacture of -ctive Pharmaceutical Ingredients <-PI= and two are for ma$ing 8@8s *hereas %nichem have seven manufacturing facilities in India0 of which 2 facilities are for manufacture of -PIs and five are for 8@8s which form the core of its business *orld @a" against Child Babour was celebrated on 12 June 2013 #he theme this "ear was0 No to C!ild 1abour in -omestic 2or) -ccording to International . #he 8IR has also noted that &aveen Jindal signed the documents0 which were submitted to the Coal >inistr" &aveen Jindal is also a sta$e holder in the Sponge firm South .orea0 as scheduled to begin in Seoul on 12 June 2013 #he two sides had agreed to the two!da" tal$s0 e2pected to focus primaril" on 9oint economic pro9ects (n the eve of the meeting0 the two remained unable to agree on the composition of their delegations #he two .agan Sponge Iron misrepresented facts and provided wrong information about the land of the compan"0 its water suppl" and the previous allocations made to them to get the coal bloc$s0 in Januar" 200.orea on 11 June 2013 called off the high!level tal$s with &orth .

1.ol$ata! based JIS .ol$ata0 the eastern region of the countr" which will allow students access to >icrosoftCs laborator" facilities #he name of the programme0 sponsored b" >icrosoft0 is 'd!?antage and will e7uip students to get directl" absorbed in industr" #he benefit of the innovation centre is that students can get access to >icrosoft products ahead of their mar$et launch through the laborator" Prime >inister >anmohan Singh said the government)s endeavour is to ma$e the countr" slum!free through the Ra9iv -was Fo9ana <R-F= scheme and empowering slum dwellers with house ownership A6th Subroto Cup International 8ootball #ournament to $ic$ off on 23th September 2013 at @r -mbed$ar Stadium0 &ew @elhi Subroto Cup 8ootball #ournament is an inter!school football tournament in India0 named after the Indian -ir 8orce -ir >arshal Subroto >u$er9ee . against the %S dollar and in last two da"s it has gone down b" 3 A percent against dollar Since -pril 20130 it has gone down b" .Babour (rganisation0 IB(0 throughout the world0 there are around 21A million children who wor$0 man" of them0 full!time In fact0 the IB( is mar$ing the da" b" calling for action to build a worldwide movement against child labour Reserve /an$ of India <R/I= on 11 June 2013 raised the limit for online repatriation of e2port proceeds b" over three!folds to 10000 %S dollars R/I also made it mandator" to repatriate full value of e2ports within 12 months for units in S'e ial / onomi Dones (S/Ds). percent >icrosoft India on 11 June 2013 announced its partnership with the .roup for setting up its innovation centre #he new innovation will be set up in . #he decision from R/I came up with an aim of arresting the rupees slide b" boosting 8ore2 inflows -t present the rupee has touched its life time low of A.

reat /ritain and the %nited States #he womenCs e7uivalent of the @avis Cup is the 8ed Cup The C$oto Proto ol to the =nite& 7ations Frame%ork 6on1ention on 6limate 6hange <%&8CCC= is an international treat" that sets binding obligations on industrialised countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases #he %&8CCC is an environmental treat" with the goal of preventing UdangerousU anthropogenic <i e 0 human!induced= interference of the climate s"stem ?id"a Charan Shu$la0 a former %nion >inister and Congress veteran from Chhattisgarh0 died on 11 June 2013 of multiple organ failure #he 8oreign '2change 'arnings <8''s= of India from tourism in the month of >a" 2013 increased b" more than nine percent #he 8'' recorded in >a" 2013 wad :0.1 crore rupees against the AA:2 crore rupees recorded in >a" 2012 India and a top %S science bod" in >onth of June 2013 have forged an international organisation to develop space solar power #he new solar power developed is an initiative that has th/oth the Countr" will give a direction and impetus to this movement to realise space solar power and its enabling technologies through international collaboration that can help rebuild our environmentall" vulnerable planet at possibl" can solve the humanit")s energ" needs and greatl" e2tenuating climate change .#he -avis Cup menCs tennis event is the largest annual international team competition in world sport #he #a1is 6!' is the premier international team event in menCs tennis It is run b" the International #ennis 8ederation <I#8= and is contested annuall" between teams from competing countries in a $noc$!out format #he competition began in 1100 as a challenge between .

.auhati +igh Court on 10 June 2013 ordered the -ssam .auhati +igh Court led b" .P ran$ would automaticall" 7ualif" to be on the P'/ alongside the state police chief Sebastian ?ettel on 10 June 2013 won the Canadian .overnment and State Police to en7uire the role of /adruddin -9mal0 the -I%@8 Bo$ Sabha member into the 2012 .rand Pri2 8errariCs 8ernando -lonso too$ the second position followed b" Bewis +amilton of >ercedes0 who con7uered the third position #his is the third win of the .illes ?illeneuve in >ontreal *ith this win team0 the Red /ull)s won its maiden Canadian .oel and Justice .imi Rai$$onen lies third on .arnata$a state government on 11 June 2013 amended the .#he ..rand Pri2 at the Circuit . points #he Reserve /an$ on 10 June 2013 imposed a fine of A crore Rupees on -2is /an$0 6 A crore Rupees on +@8C /an$ and 1 crore Rupees on ICICI /an$ for . .arman 81 driver0 before the Canadian .rand Pri20 ?ettel won the >ala"sia and /ahrain .o$ra9har ?iolence and its aftermath situation #he division bench of .rand Pri2 of the "ear +e is now on 132 points0 3: clear of -lonso on 1: points .arnata$a Police -ct0 11:30 to restore final powers over police transfers with the government 'arlier0 it was vested with the Police 'stablishment /oard <P'/= -s per the latest amendment0 the government will nominate members to the P'/ 'arlier0 three officers not below -@.undra0 the co!owner of Ra9asthan Ro"als for allegedl" betting on IPB matches +e has been suspended from having an" involvement in cric$et till the police probe in the matter was completed #he ..oswami in its 9udgment after hearing a PIB instructed the state government and the police to en7uire the role of -9mal and submit a report on the basis on the information provided b" the petitioner and investigating agencies #he /oard of Control for Cric$et in India </CCI= on 10 June 2013 suspended Ra9 .

crore rupees which includes the central assistance to the State Plan of about 31:A crore rupees .FC norms and anti!mone" laundering guidelines #he fine was imposed after in7uiring into charges pointed b" an online portal Cobrapost #he meeting of all political parties on &a2al violence unanimousl" passed a resolution on 10 June 2013 in &ew @elhi It strongl" condemned the brutal $illing of political leaders and wor$ers b" the CPI <>aoist= on 2A >a" 2013 at Jiram .hati0 @istrict /astar0 Chhattisgarh #went" si2 persons0 mostl" members of the Congress part"0 some securit" persons and innocent villagers0 lost their lives in this dastardl" attac$ on a peaceful convo" returning from a political event Scientists at Jadavpur %niversit" in the month of June 2013 discovered that Einc!doped h"dro2"apatite <+-P= which is a calcium phosphate!based bioceramic material has a stimulator" effect on bone formation +"dro2"apatite <+-P= is actuall" one of calcium phosphate!based bioceramic materials which form most of the inorganic components of human bones and teeth It was also found that the bonding with bone was better for Einc!doped bicalcium phosphate than conventional ceramics #he world)s tallest twisted tower0 the 5n2init$ To%er was launched in @ubai >arina on 10 June 2013 #he Infinit" tower features0 its uni7ue abilit" of twisting to 10 degrees and the shape of the tower being aestheticall" uni7ue also allows reduction of the wind forces on the tower because of its twisted shape #he 3A store" 303 meter tall Infinit" #ower has been developed b" the ma$ers of the tallest tower of the world0 B!r4 Chali2a. #he -nnual Plan for 2013!16 for the State of #amil &adu was finalised on 10 June 2013 at a meeting between >onte$ Singh -hluwalia0 @eput" Chairman0 Planning Commission and J Ja"alalithaa0 Chief >inister of #amil &adu #he Plan siEe has been agreed at 3312.violation of .

/JP veteran politician Bal .oa on 1 June 2013 in the /JP national e2ecutive meet #he Central /oard of @irect #a2es <C/@#= in month of June 2013has specified a value for the cost inflation inde2 for 2013!16 A brie2 insight into 6ost 5n2lation 5n&e9 as &e lare& b$ 6B#T In "ear 2012!13 the inde2 was .has been discovering evidence for water on >ars since it first landed bac$ in 2006 Cla" minerals onl" tend to form at a more neutral p+ #his is water that was much more favourable for things li$e pre!biotic chemistr" 0 the $ind of chemistr" that could lead to the origin of life #he power tariff hi$e announced on 31 >a" 2013 came into effect in %ttar Pradesh on 10 June 2013 @omestic users would now pa" 3A percent more for power0 while the rural sector would have to pa" 6A percent more @irector <Commercial= of the %ttar Pradesh Power Corporation Bimited <%PPCB= confirmed the hi$e .cost inflation inde2 helps in reducing the inflationar" gains0 thereb" reducing the long!term capital gains ta2 pa"out for a ta2pa"er #he inde2 is useful for income!ta2 assesses in the computation of ta2 on long!term capital gains <for inde2ation purposes= In the previous "ear <2011! 12=0 the cost inflation inde2 increased .rishna -dvani on 10 June 2013 resigned from all top positions of the part" namel" Parliamentar" /oard0 &ational '2ecutive and 'lection Committee #he decision of the part" veteran came a da" after . A per cent &asaCs (pportunit" rover on >ars identified roc$ laden with what scientists believe to be cla" minerals #heir presence indicates that the roc$ called 'sperance was altered at some point in the past through prolonged contact with water &-S.u9arat Chief >inister &arendra >odi was selected to head part")s election campaign at .A20 and this "ear it is 131 which signif" that there has been a 10 2 per cent rise in the cost inflation inde2 for 2013!16 =se o2 6ost 5n2lation 5n&e9 .

#he C/@# is a part of @epartment of Revenue in the >inistr" of 8inance which basicall" provides essential inputs for polic" and planning of direct ta2es in India0at the same time it is also responsible for administration of direct ta2 laws through the Income #a2 @epartment -ccording to 13th annual global wealth management report released b" the /oston Consulting .roup)s0 Ratar has the highest densit" of millionaires in the world0 with 16 3 percent of the oil!rich .ulf nationCs population holding private wealth of at least 1 million %S dollars #he figure shows 163 out of ever" 1000 households in Ratar holding private wealth of at least %S@ 1 million which is much higher than the global average ;uwait ran$s third with 11 A percent0 while /ahrain <6 1 percent= and the %-' <6 0 percent= ran$ seventh and ninth0 respectivel" Carnatic vocalist Ran9ani +ebbar .uruprasad died on 1 June 2013 in her hometown %dupi She was suffering from cancer She was onl" 31 "ears old She was the daughter of ?asanthala$shmi and -ravinda +ebbar She performed at man" leading sabhas which include priEe!winning performances at the >usic -cadem" Ran9ani was also the recipient of honours such as the ;al$i -ward and Isai Chudar #he >inistr" of Rural @evelopment on 3 June 2013 launched a new s$ill development scheme designed to offer emplo"ment to tribal "outh in 26 &a2al !affected districts #he scheme0 which is named Roshni is supposed to provide training and emplo"ment to an anticipated A0000 "outh in the 10!3A "ears age group0 for a period of three "ears #he scheme is designed in light of the +ima"at pro9ect model0 which was launched in Jammu and ;ashmir has been implemented in Su$ma0 Chhattisgarh0 and *est Singhbhum0 Jhar$and0 on a pilot basis over the last 1, months

#amil &adu -gricultural %niversit" in >onth of June 2013 launched a Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative <SSI= to improve productivit" of water0 land and labour #he decision to launch Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative <SSI= was ta$en in light of successful implementation S"stem of Rice Intensification <SRI= in various parts of the countr" Bene2its o2 the S!stainable S!gar ane 5nitiati1e (SS5) #he SSI is supposed to improve the productivit" of water0 land and labour0 all at the same time0 while reducing the overall pressure on water resources0 #he SSI method involves use of less seeds0 less water and optimum utilisation of fertilisers and land which directl" aims at achieving more "ield India on , June 2013 offered 1A0 million @ollars credit to >"anmar for establishing a Special 'conomic Gone at Sittwe in >"anmarCs /u"erCs Credit Scheme under &ational '2port Insurance -ccount #he offer was made at a meeting the Commerce and Industr" >inister0 -nand Sharma had with the >"anmar President % #hein Sein recentl" in &a" P"i #aw Cooperation in 'nerg" sector also came up for discussion during the meeting India appreciated the >"anmar .overnment)s decision to allow %nited /an$ of India to set up a representative office in >"anmar /an$ of India and State /an$ of India would also be permitted to operate in that Countr" India has made significant progress in improving road connectivit" with >"anmar which will create new opportunities for IndiaCs north eastern region Rafael &adal on 1 June 2013 won his ,th >enCs Singles #ittle of the 8rench (pen #ennis #ournament In the final at Paris0 &adal beat Spanish compatriot @avid 8errer :!30 :!20 :!3 *ith this0 he became the first pla"er to win , Singles #itles at the same .rand Slam #ournament It was his 12th .rand Slam title overall It also gave &adal his A1th win out of :0 matches pla"ed in Paris Bast "ear0 he passed si2!time Roland winner /9orn /org with his seventh title (nl"

one pla"er of his generation0 Robin Soderling in 20010 has been able to register a victor" over him at Roland .arros Central +imala"an 'nvironment -ssociation <C+'-=0 an &.( in %ttara$hand on : June 2013 bagged a 8rench award for its contribution to protection of human rights #he Central +imala"an 'nvironment -ssociation <C+'-= is a voluntar" organisation based in &ainital It was honoured with =pecial $ention of the 7;(7 Human Rights >ri<e of the 8rench Republic in appreciation of its wor$ in the field of defence of socio!economic rights and sustainable development of people #he award basicall" consists of a medal and a diploma and it was presented to director of Central +imala"an 'nvironment -ssociation <C+'-= b" the -mbassador of 8rance 8rans Richier at a function in @elhi Serena *illiams on , June 2013 won the *omenCs Singles title of 8rench (pen #ennis tournament In the final0 she defeated >aria Sharapova in straight sets b" :!60 :!6 #his is SerenaCs second 8rench (pen title and 1:th grand slam It was the 31!"ear!old -mericanCs 1:th .rand Slam title win It was Sharapova)s 10th straight loss to *illiams It was the first 8rench (pen womenCs final involving the two top seeds since 111A India and %S- discussed a host of pric$l" issues0 including c"ber securit" and climate change during their two!da" summit held at a California resort on 3!1 June 2013 #he nations also committed to wor$ together to phase down the consumption and production of h"drofluorocarbons <+8Cs= as part of their combined effort against climate change 8or the first time0 the %S and China will wor$ together and with other countries to use the e2pertise and institutions of the >ontreal Protocol to phase down the consumption and production of h"drofluorocarbons <+8Cs=0 among other forms of multilateral cooperation IndiaCs talented "oungster Sri$anth ; on 1 June 2013 clinched the #hailand (pen .rand Pri2 .old /adminton troph" In the >enCs Singles title clash

orea on 1 June 2013 held their first official tal$s after two "ears0 confronting decades of mutual distrust0 in a search for some positive end to months of soaring militar" tensions #he wor$ing!level discussions0 which began in the border truce village of Panmun9om0 were aimed at building a framewor$ for ministerial!level tal$s tentativel" scheduled for 10 June 2013 in Seoul #he ministerial!level tal$s will focus on restoring suspended commercial lin$s0 including the .2 la$h s$illed wor$force is to be created while the &ational Polic" on S$ill @evelopment aims at producing a A00 million s$illed wor$force b" the "ear 2022 #he &S@.has been formed b" integrating the Prime >inister)s &ational Council on S$ill @evelopment0 the &ational S$ill @evelopment Coordination /oard and the (ffice of the -dviser to the P> on S$ill @evelopment #op!ran$ed -merican twins /ob and >i$e /r"an on .will coordinate and harmoniEe the efforts of public and private sector to achieve the targets of the 12th Plan and be"ond %nder the 12th plan . June 2013 won their record 16th ma9or doubles title b" defeating >ichael Blodra and &icolas >ahut of 8rance :!60 6!:0 3!: in the 8rench (pen menCs doubles final tiebrea$er0 the /r"an brothers rallied from 6!2 down to clinch the victor" In the .pla"ed this morning0 13th seed Sri$anth defeated top seed and local favourite /oonsa$ Ponsana in straight games0 21!1:0 21!120 to bag his careerCs maiden title #he match lasted for 36 minutes #hailand (pen /adminton 2013 was held in /ang$o$ &orth and South .aesong 9oint industrial comple2 that the &orth effectivel" shut down in -pril as tensions between the historic rivals pea$ed %nion government of India set up a &ational S$ill @evelopment -genc" <&S@-= to meet the growing need for s$illed wor$ force in both the public and private sectors #he &S@.

eneral .ofi -nnan and %nilever chief e2ecutive Paul Polman *orld (cean @a" was celebrated across the world on . June 2013 #ogether0 we have the Power to Protect the (ceans is the theme for 2013 8or the first time0 *orld (cean da" was introduced in 1112 at Rio de Janeiro with a motive of raising awareness of people towards the crucial role that sea pla"s in our lives #he official designation of *orld (ceans @a" is an opportunit" to raise global awareness of the current challenges faced b" the international communit" in connection with the oceans #op secret documents obtained b" #he .lobal &utrition for .rowth was signed during the central Bondon summit #he summit was participated b" two Presidents and four Prime >inisters from -frica0 philanthropist /ill .ates0 former %& Secretar" .uardian claimed that %S &ational Securit" -genc" <&S-= has obtained direct access to the s"stems of 8aceboo$0 . June 2013 decided to launch &ational +igher education Campaign0 Rashtri"a %cchatar Shi$sha -bhi"an0 to focus on e7uit" based development0 improvement in teaching!learning 7ualit" and research %nder it0 funds will be provided to public %niversities and Colleges so that higher educational institutes do not rel" heavil" on the affiliation fees *ith the implementation of the scheme0 the %niversities can give more emphasiEe on life!s$ill development activities which would ultimatel" help in emplo"ment generation *orld leaders on .oogle0 -pple and other %S internet giants -ll this was done under the secret program of %S to search the data potentiall" lin$ed with terrorism0 espionage or nuclear proliferation #he %S agenc" tapped into the central servers of different . June 2013 signed a global agreement to fight malnutrition in children and made commitments of up to 6 1A billion dollars to tac$le under nutrition up to 2020 #he agreement0 called .#he %nion government of India on .

searched for the emails0 videos0 photographs0 search histor"0 the content of emails0 file transfers0 live chats and other documents #he %nion .vacation bench that comprised Justices >anmohan Singh and R ? 'aswar in their interim order ordered the petitioner <'SP&= to provide live signals without an" commercials of the ongoing Champions #roph" to @oordarshan0 so that @oordarshan would be able to telecast the ICC Champions #roph" 2013 as per commitment and ob9ect of the Prasar Bharati (Broa& asting 6or'oration o2 5n&ia) A t.internet giants under the si2!"ear old programme0 code!named PRIS> %nder this program0 the 8/I and &S.ab #a$ is a compilation of poems composed b" poetess Ru$hsar -mrohvi and some rare pictures of the historic . Reserve /an$ of India <R/I= on 3 June 2013 directed the ban$s to periodicall" audit and re!verif" the documents of all credits of and above A crore rupees0 till the loan is completel" repaid #he directions came in order to control frauds R/I issued this notification in >umbai and said that the ban$s should provide 7uarterl" review notes of such audits that include information li$e number of accounts where rectification is re7uired0 list of deficiencies observed b" auditors and steps ta$en to rectif" the deficiencies It also as$ed about the action ta$en on issues of pending accounts from earlier 7uarters #he ?ice President of India0 +amid -nsari on : June 2013 released a boo$ entitled @ard!e!@il Bi$hun .ab #a$5 <in %rdu and +indi= authored b" Ru$hsar -mrohvi #he boo$0 @ard!'!@il Bi$hun .overnment of India on 3 June 2013 constituted a Stan&ing 6o!n il o2 /9'erts (S6/) to a ess global om'etiti1eness o2 5n&ian Finan ial Se tor in the @epartment of 'conomic -ffairs0 >inistr" of 8inance #he 'SP& channel on 3 June 2013 was directed b" the +igh Court of @elhi to provide live signals of ICC Champions #roph" 2013 in 'ngland to @oordarshan without an" commercials till its further orders .

overnment raising the import dut" on gold to .amal -mrohvi Reserve /an$ of India on 3 June 2013 e2tended the restriction on advance against gold on co!operative ban$s set to curb the demand for gold #he decision ta$en b" R/I was in the bac$drop of . #his specimen was discovered some ten "ears ago in the Eingzho! area o2 A!bei Pro1in e in 6hina> b" a local farmer but the researchers too$ time to describe the creature and its importance #he fossil of the -rchicebus was discovered from two slate slabs and the scientists have discovered most of the $e" bones of the animal0 which includes impression of its feet and rear limbs . per cent from : per cent -s per the R/I0 while granting advance against the securit" of speciall" minted gold coins sold b" ban$s0 stateMcentral co!operative ban$s should ensure that the weight of the coin<s= does not e2ceed A0 grams per customer #he 8inance ministr" on : June 2013 has as$ed the Indian /an$sC -ssociation to set up an independent bod" to manage the corporate debt restructuring <C@R= mechanism to restrict the use of loan restructuring mechanism onl" to deserving cases #he decision was ta$en in light of increasing number of debt restructurings over the past two "ears #he effect was that0 the ban$s and their clients are ta$ing undue advantage of the C@R mechanism0 giving in the issue of non!performing assets) <&P-= formation Scientists0 from the Chinese -cadem" of Sciences0 /ei9ing0 China discovered a mo!se-size& 2ossil0 which provided new insights into the origin o2 Primates #he discovered fossil is AA million "ears old and represents the earliest $nown member of the group of animals that includes humans Scientists have named this creature Ar hi eb!s> which means an ient monke$.moments of Indian Cinema #his boo$ is a valuable addition to the %rdu Biterature #he author Ru$hsar -mrohvi is the daughter of the legendar" film director and writer .

@o#<@epartment of #elecommunication= in month of June 2013 has as$ed #rai to carr" out regular spectrum utiliEation audit of all service providers in order to ensure efficient utiliEation of spectrum -s per the @ot Report0 an unproductive utiliEation of spectrum should be discouraged and a proper mechanism is put in place to ma$e certain that if spectrum remains unu or underutiliEed0 it is returned to the government as inefficient usage has great impact on opportunit" cost Reliance Industries <RIB= announced that it was planning to invest a whooping amount of 1 A la$h crore Rupees or 2: billion %S dollar b" 201: #he RIB Chairman >u$esh -mbani0 at the -nnual .eneral >eeting held on : June 2013 announced that this investment will be embar$ed and that it would be the largest ever investment underta$en b" the compan" Pointing out about the commencement of Silvassa Petchem plant in 20130 >u$esh -mbani declared that RIB will become one of the top A Petchem producers of the world as RIB will e2pand its petchem capacit" from 1A mtpa to 2A mtpa RIB is the largest private sector compan" of India that has business in various sectors such as telecom0 retail0 span energ" and petrochemicals 6it$ o2 Bohane0 a novel written b" Ce1in Barr$ an Irish author won 5MPA6 #!blin Literar$ A%ar& ):. In this novel /arr" has portra"ed Ireland of 20A3 as a place0 where one would not want to be alive Cit" of /ohane is the debut novel of /arr" and has been successful in winning the award after beating 1A3 more nominations from 66 different countries #he priEe is open for novels in an" language that has been published in or translated into 'nglish and is organised b" @ublin Cit" Bibraries on behalf of @ublin Cit" Council #he award is sponsored b" 5MPA60 an international management productivit" compan" .(.

#he %nion government on 3 June 2013 issued guidelines defining clearl" the concept of group compan" in the foreign direct investment <8@I= polic" #he new polic" is estimated to address concerns over bac$ entrance of foreign retailers into India through the wholesale route . is a state bod" responsible for relations with South .orea CPR.for 2013!16 tenure -t the ::th annual general meeting0 I/.orea #he Indian /an$sC -ssociation <I/-= announced on : June 2013 that 4 R 4amath0 the chairman and managing director of Pun9ab &ational /an$ <P&/= was re!elected as the Chairman of I/. doesn)t cleared that the tal$s will ta$e place at what levels at which place or on which date and announced that it depends at the convenience of South .also elected -dit"a Puri0 managing director and C'( of .orea on several issues li$e reopening a shuttered Eoint 5n&!strial 6om'le9 as well as resuming the cross!border famil" reunions #he surprise move of &orth .roup compan" that runs around 200 retail stores under the 'as" @a" brand &orth .orea came up b" the 6ommittee 2or the Pea e2!l Re!ni2i ation o2 Corea (6PRC) #his step0 followed months of militar" tensions between the two sides after &orth triggered tensions b" the &uclear #est conducted in 8ebruar" 2013 CPR.orea on : June 2013 proposed tal$s with the South .roup compan" means when two or more enterprises0 which directl" or indirectl" are in a position to either e2ercise 2:L or more voting rights in the other enterprise or appoint more than A0L of members of board of directors in other enterprise +owever0 the e2perts are not sure how the group compan" would impact worldCs biggest retailer *almart which has a wholesale cashIcarr" venture in India with the /harti group0 /harti!*almart It is worth mentioning here that *almart owned slightl" more than A0L sta$e in /harti! *almart0 which has about 20 cash I carr" stores in India >a9orit" of /harti! *almart sales are to /harti Retail0 a /harti .

?.eneral0 the owner of 1.eneral that trades on &ew For$ Stoc$ '2change under the s"mbol >'.+@8C /an$0 as its @eput" Chairman -long with this0 the Chairman of State /an$ of India <S/I=0 Pratip Chaudhuri was elected as the +onorar" Secretar" >edia .> movie actress during 1160s and A0s died on : June 2013 in California She was 11 "ears of age .alilee basin in -ustralia #he agreement will facilitate . metres0 which ma$e it suitable for high!production open!cut mining >ichael Christian0 one of the -ustralian radio presenters wor$ing at 2@a"!8>0 who hoa2ed a call to the Cambridge)s hospital about . will ma$e use of the stoc$s in order to purchase &ew Foung /roadcasting Combined compan" will retain the name of >edia . +ancoc$ Coal signed a preferred mine operations contractor with #hiess in the first wee$ of June 2013 #he contract is worth 10 billion %S dollar #he contract was signed for -lpha thermal coal pro9ect in the .eneral Combined >edia . +ancoc$ to wor$ onl" with #hiess in order to develop 10!"ear mine plan and budget #he plant0 engineering and technical e2pertise of #hiess shall be used for development of the operational strateg" as well as management plan of the -lpha thermal coal mine pro9ect #he -lpha thermal coal pro9ect was declared as pro9ect of State significance b" the Rueensland .eneral will operate in 23 mar$ets in all and will reach 1: A million households0 or around 16 percent of %S television households 'sther *illiams0 the competitive swimmer as well as >.overnment #he mines of this pro9ect have a thic$ness of 3!. networ$!affiliated #? stations announced on : June 2013 that it will merge with &ew Foung /roadcasting0 which is a privatel" held compan" and operated 12 stations in all >edia .ate >iddleton0 was awarded with the title of #op Joc$ as well as a trip to Bos -ngeles b" the .?.

<::: 2eet. #he main aim of the .C is the part of Corporate Social Responsibilit" <CSR= of (&.C include >ahabalipuram in #amil &adu0 'llora Caves and 'lephanta Caves in >aharashtra0 #a9 >ahal in -gra0 .as Corporation Btd <(&.?. Chiran9eevi met (&. center in the location is to improve fodder production of the region and provide fine health care to roaming animals in the area It also aims towards introducing vegetable production under protected environment and impart training to women on animal care #he 7$oma Crishi 0ig$an Cen&ra is e2pected to bring up substantial change in the lives of the people of nearb" areas >ost of the people living in the region .C will adopt si2 tourist destinations in all #he si2 tourist destinations adopted b" (&.(s and academia of travel industr" It also encourages active participation for promoting cleanliness at the tourist destinations all over India 7$oma> Leh" Aighest Crishi 0ig$an Cen&ra is to be set !' in the region.eith ?aE criticised the award #he >inistr" of #ourism <>o#= roped in (il and &atural .C Campaign Clean India is the sensitisation as well as awareness campaign of >o# It has been launched as the part of initiatives for tourism in the 12th 8ive Fear Plan Campaign Clean India brings together government departments0 sta$eholders0 media0 &.emplo"er0 radio networ$ Southern Cross -ustereo >P .ol$onda 8ort in +"derabad and Red 8ort in @elhi #ourism >inister . #he highest Crishi 0ig$an Cen&ra (C0C) of India will be set!up at &"oma0 Beh district of Jammu and .ashmir at an altitude of about .C C>@ S ?asudeva to see$ its participation in Campaign Clean India #he initiative of (&.C= for maintenance as well as cleanliness of #a9 >ahal as well as five more tourist destinations0 under the Campaign Clean India (&.

overnment has tried to showcase its concern towards the protection of women in the state .erman" on : June 2013 signed an !mbrella agreement on 2inan ial an& te hni al oo'eration in 2iel&s o2 energ$> en1ironment an& management o2 nat!ral reso!r es. per cent on A June 2013 #he hi$e is aimed at curbing import of gold0 which is mainl" responsible for the rise in Current -ccount @eficit <C-@= impacting on the countr"Cs foreign e2change reserves as well as the rupee value #his is the second hi$e in the dut" in si2 months as gold imports touched an alarming 1:2 tonnes in >a" 2013 #he imports touched a staggering figure of 1A billion %S dollars in the last two months #o deal with the Crimes against the women0 the first all!women police station started functioning in Itanagar0 -runachal Pradesh on 6 June 2013 *ith the opening of the first all!women police station0 the state .are nomads and rear pashmina goats Promoting stable agriculture in the region is a challenge because of the e2treme cold and dr" weather here India and . #his agreement displa"s the commitment of both nations towards strengthening the long!standing partnership between the two in field of development co!operation 'arlier0 India and .old and Platinum from : to .erman" had negotiated about 323 million 'uros worth pro9ects in 2012 as part of a pact on development cooperation between them #he %nited States of -merica on A June 2013 e2empted India and eight other countries from sanctions for importing oil from Iran India0 China0 >ala"sia0 South .orea0 Singapore0 South -frica0 Sri Ban$a0 #ur$e"0 and #aiwan have 7ualified for an e2ception to sanctions under -mericaCs Iran Sanctions -ct #hese countries have significantl" reduced their dependence on Iranian oil in the last si2 months #he %S is putting pressure on the Iranian regime until it full" addresses concerns about its nuclear programme #he government hi$ed the import dut" on .

ing0 the @oor)s 8rontman0 Jim >orrison #he e2tinct liEard of about si2 feet in siEe was the one of the biggest herbivorous liEard on earth and was named as Barbat!re9 Morrisoni.iant BiEard that lived on the earth some 60 million "ears ago in the hot tropical forests of Southeast -sia was named after the BiEard .new t"pe of Solar +eater was designed b" three "oung techies from the &orth 'astern Regional Institute of Science and #echnolog" #hese new heaters contain a parabolic reflector that wor$s in con9unction with the drum that contains water >echanism of the Solar +eaterP Sun radiant energ" is reflected b" the aluminum dish of the solar heater into the drum with a lid at top #he radiant energ" of the sun continuousl" falls on the earth and on a normal sunn" da"0 about 1000 watt of energ" per second is received b" ever" s7uare meter b" the earth #he radiant energ" from sun wor$s on the principle on which the microwave and the electric oven functions0 i e the energ" doesn)t rapidl" heat the things but spreads0 thus can be used for coo$ing0 grilling0 roasting and other purposes Paleontologists named an ancient Southeast -sian .India and >"anmar set three billion dollar trade target b" 201A during the meeting of India)s energ" minister -nand Sharma with his >"anmar counterpart % #han +ta" in &ew @elhi held on : June 2013 India conve"ed the interest of Indian ban$s in setting up their branches in >"anmar It also conve"ed its interest in deepening cooperation in the fields of energ"0 oil and natural gas Improving air0 road and water connectivit" between the two countries was also discussed during the meeting >"anmar e2pressed $een interest in building lin$ages with the te2tiles sector of India It has immense potential for >"anmar It also sought India)s help in developing a full value chain for sil$ production in her countr" . It weighed about :0 pounds #he giant liEardCs genus name /arbature2 means bearded $ing .

overnment of &C# of @elhi signed a >emorandum of understanding <>o%= on A June 2013 for ma$ing use of electronic /an$ RealiEation Certificate <e!/RC= #he >o% was signed between Prashant .eneral of 8oreign #rade <@. la$hs e! .8# #ransmission of /an$ realiEation against shipping bills was made obligator" since 1: -ugust 2012 'ight"!one ban$s have transmitted more than 3.o"al0 Commissioner <#rade I #a2es= and @. Singh0 -dditional @.8#= and Commissioner <#rade and #a2es=0 .arden &awaE Sharif on A June 2013 too$ oath to the office of the Prime >inister of Pa$istan for his third term after formall" being elected as the Prime >inister b" the &ational -ssembl" Sharif returned bac$ to power almost after 16 "ears after he was forced to leave the office in a militar" coup and went into e2ile +e was sworn!in b" the President -sif -li Gardari at a function in an ornate hall at the Presidenc" @irectorate .!based &etwor$ Rail for building as well as management of I# infrastructure #he deal is worth 3A0 million pounds &etwor$ Rail0 on A June 2013 announced that it signed framewor$ agreements with five main I# vendors #he agreements are called Eero!sum I# solutions and s"stem integrator framewor$ agreements and the five I# vendors with whom these agreements were signed include #ata Consultanc" Services0 /-' S"stems @etica0 -ccenture0 CSC and CogniEant &etwor$ Rail owns as well as operates the railwa" infrastructure of /ritain0 which includes stations0 tunnels0 signals0 trac$s0 bridges as well as level crossings Susan 'liEabeth Rice0 the -merican ambassador to the %nited &ations was appointed as the &ational Securit" -dviser of %S President /arac$ (bama on A June 2013 She replaced #om @onilon #he announcement of her appointment was made b" (bama in a ceremon" at Rose .8ive I# vendors which also include -ccenture0 CogniEant and #ata Consultanc" Services <#CS=0 were roped in b" the %.

/RC to @.overnments to ma$e use of the e! /RC in their efforts to refund ?-# and other related ta2 administration Japan on A June 2013 conducted the first successful test of new generation L: Series Trains (magle1 b!llet trains) designed to travel at speeds of 311 mph #hese trains are lashed with latest magneti le1itation te hnolog$ (magle1) instead of the conventional wheels #he commercial services of this series of trains will start in 2023 .upta period were unearthed on 1 June 2013 at -hiran in *est /engal >urshidabad district #hese coins were found during the construction of &ational +ighwa" 36 #he coins date bac$ to fourth centur" .@ #he gold coins from .upta 'mpire #his discover" will also facilitate new scope in the research of .8# @.upta coinage s"stem in India Rail#el Corrporation signed a >emorandum of %nderstanding with II# Roor$ee on A June 2013 establishment of Rail#el II# Roor$ee Centre of '2cellence in #elecom <RIC'#= *ith the signing of this >o%0 India got its .th #elecom Centre of '2cellence <#C('= #he #C(' will be funded b" Rail#el through 100L budgetar" support over A "ear period for doing Research I @evelopment in the field of IC# I /roadband -pplications Rail#el Corporation is the >ini Ratna <Categor" I= PS% of the >inistr" of Railwa"s It is one of the largest telecom infrastructure providers in India with the countr" wide optic fiber networ$ along Railwa" right of wa" R7 Sa%ani> the former police officer appointed to probe spot!fi2ing case in IPB on A June 2013 submitted his report to /CCI0 without getting access to the .alighat #herefore0 the discover" is considered as e2tremel" important +istorians e2plained that the discover" will help in presenting the clues about the reach of .8# had as$ed the State .old coins said to be from .upta period are second discover" in *est /engal from the earl" colonial period #he first one was the discover" at .

>emorandum of %nderstanding was signed between Competition Commission of India <CCI= and -ustralian Competition and Consumer Commission <-CCC= on Cooperation at Canberra0 -ustralia on 3 June 2013 #his >o% was signed b" the Chairperson of CCI0 -sho$ Chawla and Chairman of -CCC0 Rod Sims #he signing too$ place in the presence of State >inister of Corporate -ffairs <Independent Charge=0 Sachin Pilot #he Cabinet Committee on 'conomic -ffairs <CC'-= on 6 June 2013 approved the revival of the &agaland Pulp and Paper Compan" Bimited <&PPC= with the infusion of funds of 301 3.accused cric$eters namel" S Sreesanth0 -9it Chadila and -n$eet Chavan 'arlier /CCI0 appointed R& Sawani0 a former IPS officer to probe into the s'ot-2i9ing iss!e R& Sawani is the same officer0 who probed into the 2000 match!fi2ing case Sawani was given the tas$ of e2amining in detail the charges levelled b" @elhi Police against the three cric$eters and the three IPB matches figured out b" the police . crore0 Rupees #he Committee also approved the regulariEation of inter se diversion of fund of A6 :0 crore0 rupees and had increased the authoriEed capital of &PPC from1A0 crore rupees to 2A0 crore Rupees #he Prime >inister of India0 >anmohan Singh0 visited Japan on 23!30 >a" 2013 for the -nnual Summit of the Prime >inisters /oth the Countries of India and Japan held e2tensive tal$s on bilateral0 regional and global issues on 21 >a" 2013 in #o$"o #he Cabinet Committee on 'conomic -ffairs on 6 June 2013 approved the proposal for allowing 2:0 Central Public Sector 'nterprises <CPS'= to start wage negotiation with the emplo"ees #his approval will offer benefit to the wor$men of those CPS's who had chosen five "ears of wage settlement with .

. @uring the course of implementation0 RS/F was e2tended to street vendors0 beedi wor$ers0 domestic wor$ers0 building and other construction wor$ers0 and >.&R'.wor$ers0 who have wor$ed more than 1A da"s during the previous "ear #he 'nforcement @irectorate <'@= slapped .8 Band on the grounds that the 9oint venture between @ubaiCs 'maar Properties and IndiaCs >.8 @evelopment violated 8oreign '2change >anagement -ct <8'>-= #he investigation conducted under 8'>-0 it was found that the 'maar >.8 Band as well as its four subsidiaries received the funds from >auritius0 C"prus0 @ubai and other countries since -pril 200A under foreign direct investment scheme of the Reserve /an$ of India .effect from 1 Januar" 2003 #hese wor$ers can go for the wage negotiation for A "ears with effect from 1 Januar" 2012 #he International -ir #ransport -ssociation <I-#-= on 6 June 2013 announced that it has recorded a ma9or dip in air accidents with a huge decline in accident rate worldwide$ed all the airlines across the world to become a part of the continuous safet" monitoring s"stem #he announcement was made on the sidelines of the three!da" annual general meeting #he %nion Cabinet of India on 6 June 2013 approved the e2tension of the Rashtri"a Swasth"a /ima Fo9ana <RS/F= to ri$shaw pullers0 rag pic$ers0 mine wor$ers0 sanitation wor$ers and auto ric$shaw drivers and ta2i drivers #he >inistr" of Babour and 'mplo"ment is implementing the health insurance scheme0 RS/F0 which provides for smart card based cashless health insurance cover of 30000 rupees per annum to /PB families <a unit of five persons= in the unorganiEed sector #he scheme became operational from 1 -pril 200.:00 crore Rupees show!cause notice on 'maar >.

rishnanagar and Ju9hagarh @emarcated Protected 8orests <@P8= &andan$anan0 in m"tholog"0 define the ecstatic but imaginar" beaut" of the celestial garden #his par$ is a house of 12: species of animals that include 60 mammals0 A: birds and 26 reptiles #he %nion Cabinet of India on 6 June 2013 approved the 3eal Estate 43egulation and -evelopment5 Bill #$%& to set up a regulator for the real estate sector in the countr" #his was done with the ob9ective of protecting home bu"ers from dishonest builders #he bill see$s to ma$e it mandator" for developers to launch pro9ects onl" after ac7uiring all the statutor" clearances from relevant authorities Coca!Cola0 the largest soft!drin$ ma$er of the world0 opened its bottling plant in >"anmar on 6 June 2013 as part of its planned five!"ear 200 million %S dollar investment #he plant was opened in >"anmar after more than : decades Coca! Cola announced that its bottling plant was inaugurated in +mawbi #ownship0 a .%nion Cabinet on 6 June 2013 approved the finance ministr"Cs proposal of a non!binding conciliation in 16000!crore Rupees ?odafoneCs ta2 dispute case as under the Indian arbitration law ?odafone had initiall" proposed arbitration under international law #he approval b" %nion Cabinet is directed towards opening a framewor$ for settlement of ta2 disputes in India If the outcome is acceptable to the government0 it will then move to the Cabinet and thereafter to Parliament for approval #he *hite #iger Safari at the &andan$anan Goological Par$0 (disha was reopened on 6 June 2013 #he safari was shut down for over a period of one month due to safet" reasons &andan$anan Goological Par$ lies in the vicinit" of .ani9a Ba$e amidst the natural beaut" of natural forests ad9acent to Chanda$a!@ampara *ildlife Sanctur" #his site covers a portion of .

for abbreviated new drug application <-&@-= for generic version of @epo!#estosterone In9ection0 #estosterone C"pionate In9ection %SP #he approval was given for the in9ection in 100 mgMml and 200mgMml strengths .suburb of Fangon0 the biggest cit" of >"anmar0 along with the local partner Pin"a >anufacturing Co -maEon com0 the worldCs largest online retailer in >onth of June 2013 entered into Indian e!commerce mar$et with the launch of its mar$etplace -maEon in0 offering boo$s0 movies and television shows for sale #he launch of online mar$etplace has helped -maEon overcome Indian regulator" obstacles that prevent foreign online retailers from having an entirel" owned Indian arm selling directl" in India #he model adopted b" -maEon is full" compliant with all relevant Indian laws *orld 'nvironment @a" was observed on A June 2013 #he theme for the "ear 2013 was T!in)0 Eat0 Save 3educe 6our 'oodprint It aims at an anti!food wastage and loss campaign to encourage people to reduce their foodprint It also calls for more awareness about the environmental impact of the food choices people ma$e and empowers them to ma$e informed decisions #he theme #hin$0 'at Save Reduce "our 8oodprint is aimed at encouraging ever"one to reduce the wastage of food b" becoming more aware of the environmental impacts of food waste -ccording to the %nited &ation)s 8ood and -griculture (rganisation0 8-(0 ever" "ear 1 3 billion tonnes of food is wasted Sun Pharmaceutical Industries0 the drug compan"0 on 6 June 2013 announced that got the final approval from %S health regulator0 %S 8ood and @rug -dministration <%S8@-= for generic testosterone c"pionate in9ection used for the treatment of testosterone hormone deficienc" Sun Pharmaceutical Industries got final approval from %S8@.

ulbarga @istricts in .arnata$a +igh Court at @harwad and .overnment of /angladesh decided to prepare a list of the +indu charitable endowments also $nown as @evottar propert" management board will also be constituted once this law will be passed b" the Parliament of /angladesh //C *orldwide and 'dutainment channel GeeR on 6 June 2013 announced that the" signed a licensing agreement which would facilitate to bring time band of the C/eebies)s programmes to the Indian audience C/eebies is the //C)s pre!school channel #he agreement between //C and GeeR will help the latter in airing the programme from C/eebies in India from >onda" to #hursda" for one hour #he C/eebies band will be launched on 10 June 2013 @uring the band0 live action series of #eletubbies for pre!schoolers will also be aired -part from #eletubbies0 other shows that will be aired include Charlie and Bola as well as 3rd I /ird #he %nion Cabinet of India on 6 June 2013 gave its approval for establishment of permanent benches of the .overnment of /angladesh on 3 June 2013 approved the draft law meant for the development of +indu religious properties as well as for protection of these properties from land grab and encroachment #he Cabinet gave its final approval to the draft law #he .ulbarga /enches #hese benches will also facilitate speed" disposal of cases with the reduction in pendenc" in +igh Court #he Re7uisite infrastructure facilities have been created b" the State .#he .arnata$a 'stablishment of these permanent benches will help in better access for 9ustice to litigants of the @istricts0 which are covered under the @harwad and .Congress .overnment for establishment of the permanent benches -t present0 the 9udges of these benches are sitting at the Circuit /enches on a rotational basis for one month /urundiCs B"dia &se$era became the first woman to be elected to the 8I8'2ecutive Committee <'2Co= for a full term of four "ears at the 8I8.

emplo"s some 310 people from over 3A nations and is composed of a Congress <legislative bod"=0 '2ecutive Committee <e2ecutive bod"=0 .orea because of its nuclear programme It is worth >entioning here that a %& resolution against &orth . member associations and its goal0 enshrined in its Statutes0 is the constant improvement of football 8I8.orea0 directl" or indirectl" #he decision was ta$en $eeping into view %& sanctions against &orth .orea was adopted on 3 >arch 2013 .eneral Secretariat <administrative bod"= and committees <assisting the '2ecutive Committee= State /an$ of India <S/I= on 6 June 2013 announced reduction in interest rate on fi2ed deposits of maturit" up to one "ear b" 0 2A percent to 3 2A percent It has been decided to revise downwards b" 2A basis points the interest rate on bul$ deposits above Rs 1 crore for the tenors 3 da"s to less than 1 "ear Beader of Pa$istan >uslim Beague! &awaE <P>B!&=0 -"aE Sadi7 was on 3 June 2013 elected as the Spea$er of the &ational -ssembl" of Pa$istan +e won with >auritius held on 30 >a" 2013 #he two other women >o"a @odd of -ustralia and Sonia /ien!-ime of the #ur$s and Caicos Islands0 were coopted on for one "ear &se$era was also the first woman to be coopted on for one "ear at last "earCs congress in /udapest B"dia &se$era is President of the 8WdWration de 8ootball du /urundi since 2006 and has been a member of the International (l"mpic Committee since 2001 #he '2Co comprises a total of 26 members #he 8WdWration Internationale de 8ootball -ssociation <8I8-= is an association governed b" Swiss law founded in 1106 and based in Gurich It has 20. votes out of 313 votes which were cast in the election of a Spea$er in lower house of the Parliament of Pa$istan #he strength of &ational -ssembl" of Pa$istan is 362 India on 3 June 2013 added some more items0 including gems and 9eweller" to its list of items prohibited for trade with &orth .

3: million tonnes in 2006!0A #his is result of government initiatives li$e &ational 8ood Securit" >ission0 &8S>0 and Rashtri"a .:1.?F is a highl" fle2ible mega scheme to incentivise states for investment in agriculture #he flow of agricultural credit was raised from .eneral Secretaries of the political parties to designate Central Public Information (fficers and -ppellate -uthorities at their head7uarters within si2 wee$s #he orld 'an6 report titled Capital for the .uture: =a&ing and In&estment orld released on 3 June 2013 forecasted that India and in an Interdependent China will become the largest investors among various developing nations of the world in the "ear 2030 #he report also indicated that both these countries will account for around half the global manufacturing investment .1 crore rupees in 2003!06 to A 3A la$h crore in 2012!13 #he >inimum Support Price of ma9or crops also increased b" more than hundred per cent during the period #he %S in the >onth of June 2013 has slapped new sanctions on Iran directed toward the devalued currenc" of the nation and its automobile industr" It is for the first time that the %S has directl" targeted the Iranian currenc" as the sanctions include penalties on ma$ing possible the significant transactions in the rial or holding significant amounts of the currenc" outside Iran #he Central Information Commission <CIC= in a landmar$ 9udgement on 3 June 2013 held that political parties are answerable to citiEens under the Right to Information -ct <R#I -ct= #he ruling means that these parties will now have to disclose sources of funding as well as details of e2penditure if as$ed to do so It also directed the Presidents and .rishi ?i$as Fo9ana *hile &8S> is an area and crop specific scheme0 R.IndiaCs foodgrain production registered an impressive growth of over 30 percent in the last nine "ears It went up to 2A1 million tonnes in 2012!13 from 11.

ol$ata0 +"derabad0 Chennai0 >umbai0 /angalore and @elhi!&CR #he #'RI 'nvironmental Surve" 2013 made use of the sample siEe of 6031 respondents #here were si2 main themes selected for this surve" #hese were waste management0 water management0 overall environment0 climate change0 forestMgreen cover0 water 7ualit" and air 7ualit" Raghav Jone9a became the "oungest Indian to scale the >ount 'verest on 21 >a" 2013 when he along with his five schoolmates climbed the fifth highest pea$ in the world Climbing at the age of 1A "ears and seven months Raghav Jone9a bro$e the record set b" &ameira$pam Ching$heinganba of >anipurCs0 who climed the everest at the age 1: "ears seven months and 11 da"s .ol$ata0 +"derabad0 Chennai0 >umbai0 /angalore and @elhi! &CR worsened b" the "ear #he surve" which was conducted b" #he 'nerg" and Resources Institute evaluated people)s behaviour0 opinion0 perception and awareness towards the environment #he aim of the surve" was to help in formulation of policies as well as implementation of the measures in order to ma$e these ma9or metros sustainable #he #'RI Surve" 2013 was conducted b" #he 'nerg" and Resources Institute <#'RI= #he surve" was conducted in si2 ma9or cities of India! .Indian S$ipper >S @honi received the ICC (@I Championship Shield and a che7ue of 13A000 %S dollars for leading the number (ne (@I team on the annual 1 -pril cut!off date Indian team claimed the number!one spot from 'ngland after winning the series 3!2 in Januar" 2013 India won eight out of 13 (@Is while losing five in the 12!month period between 1 -pril 2012 and 1 -pril 2013 #he 2013 #'RI <#he 'nerg" and Resources Institute= environmental surve" published on 3 June 2013 indicated that the air as well as water 7ualit" in si2 metros of India! .

old Council in entering in the commercial arrangements with ma9or gold industr" pla"ers as well as the ban$s -s of now0 as the liaison office0 *orld . >arch 2013 to 2.eneral -ssembl" #he R/I <Reserve /an$ of India= on 3 June 2013 released certain clarifications on the guidelines issued for licensing of new ban$s /ased on the feedbac$ received from the interested entities0 the R/I increased the validit" period of the in!principle approval of setting up of ban$s from one "ear to 1.old Council was able onl" to promote . >arch 2013 8inall"0 on 2 -pril 20130 the -rms #rade #reat" was adopted b" the %& .old Council was operating in India as the liaison office onl" #his corporate structure will help the *orld .(ver :A countries of the world signed the -rms #rade #reat" on 3 June 2013 #he %nited States0 in the meanwhile announced that it will sign the treat" in near future #he -rms #rade #reat" regulates the multibillion!dollar global arms trade Signing the treat" will start the first crucial international campaign in order to curtail the illicit trade in weapons which results in fuel conflicts as well as e2tremists #he number of nations to sign the treat" is li$el" to increase #he -rms #rade #reat" is the multilateral treat" which regulates international trade in the conventional weapons It is estimated that the trade of international weapons has reached 30 billion %S dollar on an annual basis #he treat" was discussed at the global conference from 2 Jul" 2012 to 23 Jul" 2012 in &ew For$ &o agreement was reached at that time0 and eventuall" a new conference was held on the same from 1. months R/I stated that intending applicants have brought out several comple2 issues pertaining to reorganiEation of the e2isting corporate structure0 restructuring of businesses and meeting the regulator" re7uirements #he *orld .old Council in ta$ing up the activities on much larger scale in Indian mar$ets #his will help the *orld .old Council established its complete local unit in India with the full!fledged corporate structure -s of now0 the *orld .

Its renewal allows the Singapore -rm" to train and e2ercise with the Indian -rm" in India for another five "ears @epartment of Space in >onth of June 2013 has established an endowed fellowship in honour of Prof Satish @hawan at the . -nton" held bilateral tal$s with his Singapore counterpart &g 'ng +en #he -greement for the Conduct of Joint -rm" #raining and '2ercises was first established on 12 -ugust 200.e2istence of its parent compan" It was not able to promote the individual products of the Indian entit" -pple Inc in >onth of June 2013 has signed an agreement with *arner >usic for music licences so as to create a streaming music service #he new service is going to be unveiled at the -pple *orldwide @evelopers Conference in the second wee$ of June 2013 #he deal was signed considering the fact that a music!streaming service is necessar" for apple to complement its i#unes0 the largest repositor" of music for sale although the progress has been slow in discussing deals with music companies India and Singapore on 3 June 2013 reaffirmed their strong and long!standing defence ties as the" renewed a bilateral agreement for the conduct of 9oint arm" training and e2ercises #he agreement was signed after visiting @efence >inister .6 -s per the Surve" conducted b" Cisco in the first wee$ of June 20130 nine out of ten people suffer from nomophobia #he surve" also found that these people were addicted to their smartphones and became an2ious when it went missing 8or man" under the age of 300 the smartphone is an e2tension of themselves0 from the moment the" wa$e up until the" fall asleep #hese people chec$ for te2ts0 emails and social media at least once ever" 10 minutes ..raduate -erospace Baboratories of the California Institute of #echnolog" <Caltech= in the %S It is worth mentioning here that Satish @hawan0 was the Chairman of Indian Space Research (rganisation during its formative period 1132!11.

old Council <*.Nomop!obia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact #he term is an abbreviation for no!mobile!phone phobia &igeriaCs Parliament on 2 June 2013 passed a bill criminaliEing ga" marriage0 ma$ing it punishable with a 16!"ear prison term +owever0 speculation is rife whether President . >a" 2013 designed a novel0 small molecule that could help in the treatment of prostate cancer #he molecule)s effectiveness lies in bloc$ing the cancer!promoting function of proteins called androgen receptors -ndrogen receptors are located inside cells #he" have comple2 surfaces with several doc$ing points where various proteins can bind to the receptor 'ach doc$ing point has got uni7ue shape0 so a molecule of correct shape will fit -ndrogen hormones0 such as testosterone are described as the primar" molecules that bind to androgen receptors Scientists while anal"sing fossil records in the >onth of >a" 2013 have discovered a new three!horned dinosaur0 which is dated bac$ :: to .0 million "ears #he distinctive feature of the #hree +orned @inosaur is that it sported a .oodluc$ Jonathan would sign the bill into law #he countr"Cs lower house0 the +ouse of Representatives0 followed the action of the Senate and endorsed the bill #he %nion government of India increased the import tariff value of gold to 6A1 dollars per 10 grams0 while it was reduced to 333 dollars per $g for silver imports In >a" 20130 the tariff value of gold was at 660 dollars per 10 grams and silver at 3:1 dollars per $g #he notification in this regard was issued b" the Central /oard of '2cise and Customs <C/'C= on 1 June 2013 .overnment raised the import tariff value of gold as its prices are increasing at global level India)s gold import in -pril!June 2013 period is li$el" to register a record level at 300!600 tonnes0 as against 1A3 tonnes in the corresponding period of 2012 as per the *orld .C= estimate Scientists at the %niversit" of #e2as in @allas on 2.

hoodie!li$e growth on the bac$ of its head It differs from all other horned dinosaurs in the shape and arrangement of the scallops on the edge of the frill0 which are large and triangular toward the front0 and low and blunt toward the bac$ -s per the researchers it ma" be the oldest $nown lin$ of #riceratops and #orosaurus !! the best!$nown horned dinosaurs #he 'uropean Southern (bservator" <'S(= on 21 >a" 2013 announced that astronomers in Chile discovered 1A new dar$ gala2ies #he dar$ gala2ies were discovered b" ma$ing use of the -tacama Barge >illimeterMsub!millimeter -rra" <-B>-= telescope #here were 1A un$nown dar$ gala2ies that were buried in the cosmic dust #he astronomers observed a field named SubaruMK>>!&ewtown @eep Surve" 8ield in direction of the Cetus constellation @ar$ gala2ies are gas!rich0 small gala2ies which are said to be from the times of earl" universe @ar$ gala2ies are also said to be the earl" phase of gala2" formation #he observations from -B>.disclosed that around .0 percent of unidentifiable millimeter wave signals from universe are emitted from these gala2ies #he 'uropean Southern (bservator" is supported b" various countries which include SwitEerland0 Portugal0 Spain0 CEech Republic0 @enmar$0 &etherlands0 Sweden0 -ustria0 /elgium0 . la$h >illion %nits in 2006!0A #he total installed capacit" of electricit" generation was more than two la$h 23 thousand >* as on 31 >arch 2013 while the demand was one la$h 3A thousand >* Power sector has grown positivel" over the 11th plan period registering a growth rate of nearl" 6 per cent in 2012!13 .erman"0 Ital"0 8rance0 8inland0 /ritain and /raEil India witnessed a five!fold increase in the additional power generation capacit" during the last nine "ears as per the official data released b" the union government on 2 June 2013 It has gone up from over 3100 >* in 2006!0A to 20::0 >* in 2012!13 (ver 1 la$h million units of power was generated in 2012!13 as against A .

students appearing for class KII or e7uivalent e2ams through the State /oard of Jammu I . %nder this scheme0 A000 scholarships will be given ever" "ear to JI. students0 who see$ admission outside the State to pursue higher education in general degree .ashmir or Central /oard of Secondar" 'ducation <C/S'= affiliated schools located in JI.China and the %S agreed mutuall" to hold high level0 regular negotiations on setting standards for the commercial sp"ing as well as c"bersecurit" #his is said to be the first diplomatic effort between two countries to defuse issues of government and corporate thefts as well as computer trespassing #he official negotiation on the issues will commence from Jul" 2013 (n 3 June 20130 President Ki Jinping of China and %S President (bama will have an informal summit meeting in Rancho >irage0 California 'g"pt)s Supreme Court on 2 June 2013 invalidated the Countr")s Shura Council and a panel that drafted the countr")s constitution +owever the court stated that the Shura would onl" be dissolved after new elections Shura Council is the upper house of Parliament which was given legislative powers last "ear after Parliament was dissolved #he Supreme Constitutional Court stated that the Shura Council is legall" invalid since one third of its elected members should have been independentsH but the parties fielded their candidates in this categor" in a clear violation of the electoral law #he ape2 court ruling however made it clear that the upper house of the parliament won)t be dissolved till the parliamentCs lower chamber is elected later this "ear or earl" ne2t "ear #he President of Palestine0 >ahmoud -bbas on 2 June 2013 named Rami +amdallah as his new Prime >inister Rami +amdallah replaced *estern! favoured economist Salam 8a""ad who had left the office of Prime >inister in -pril 2013 and formall" 7uit now #he >inistr" of +uman Resource @evelopment on 2 June 2013 launched a Special Scholarship Scheme for JI.

C Researchers at &an"ang #echnological %niversit" <&#%= in Singapore developed an all!new as well as less!e2pensive camera sensor which is 1000 times more sensitive to the light #he recent development would help in clic$ing the photographs clearl" even in the dim lights #he newl" developed sensor is ver" sensitive to the infrared as well as visible light and it could easil" be used for various applications0 such as for clic$ing ever"!da" pictures as well as for surveillance and satellites %nion government approved the &ational (il Spill Contingenc" Plan <&(S@CP= in the >onth of June 2013 in order to lessen the effect of oil spills on land and in marine areas #he basic thought behind approving &(S@CP is to diminish the impact of all oil spills on the environment b" setting specific standards for oil spill e7uipment stoc$piles0 establishing time frames for oil spill response and increasing collaboration among partner agencies #he >inister of Petroleum I &atural .as0 > ?eerappa >oil" launched the @irect /enefit #ransfer for BP. districts on 1 June 2013 at #um$ur near /angalore #he scheme was also flagged off b" Chief >inister of -ndhra Pradesh . districts of India will en9o" the benefits of @/#B Scheme India is developing guided bombs or 1lide bombs for its fighter 9ets0 which are e2pected to be geared up for deplo"ment b" the end of "ear 2016 #he fighter planes are supposed to be e7uipped with indigenousl"!developed glide bombs0 which will be guided to their targets for precision attac$s .umar Redd" @/#B Scheme became operational in 1. consumers in 1.iran .courses0 engineering and medical studies in government collegesMinstitutes M other non!government institutes recogniEed b" -lC#' or %. districts of India &ow0 the subsid" on BP. c"linders in the districts would be provided directl" to consumers in their -adhar lin$ed ban$ accounts >ore than :3 la$h BP. <@/#B= Scheme in 1.

overnment of &C# of @elhi has ta$en number of initiatives for the improvement of health services .uardiolaCs /arcelona in 20010 and Inter >ilan in 2010 had won the treble #he -nnual Plan for the "ear 2013!16 for the state of @elhi was finalised on 31 >a" 2013 at a meeting between @eput" Chairman0 Planning Commission0 >onte$ Singh -hluwalia and Chief >inister of @elhi0 Sheila @i$shit #he plan siEe has been agreed at 1::2:crore rupees .I and can detect a radar b" trac$ing its electro!magnetic radiation and pulses generated and these would be independent of the radar wavelength and be able to destro" it /a"ern >unich defeated Stuttgart in the ..0 >anchester %nited in 11110 .erman team to win the /undesliga0 the 'uropean cup and the .central procurement agenc" has been set!up which is ensuring access to high 7ualit" and low cost drugs in all public facilities -round :0percent of population including slums and unauthoriEed colonies has been covered through networ$ of -S+-s for immuniEation0 safe deliver"0 new born care0 improved nutrition and health education .erman cup final in /erlin on 1 June 2013 to win the tournament #he final score was 3!2 It became the first .glide bomb is an aerial bomb with aerod"namic surfaces to give it a flatter0 gliding0 flight path than that of a conventional bomb without such surfaces #his allows the bomb to be released at a distance from the target rather than right over it0 allowing a successful attac$ without the aircraft needing to survive intact until reaching the target @R@( also aims to develop an anti!radiation missile0 which will multipl" the stri$e capabilities of the armed forces b" destro"ing the enem"Cs advance warning s"stem #he >issile can be mounted on Su$hoi fighter planes Su!30 >.erman cup in the same season (nl" Celtic in the "ear 11:30 -9a2 in 11320 PS? 'indhoven in 11..

? .irlCs team won the .irls0 led b" Sutirtha >u$her9ee beat Serbia!-0 3!2 #he other members of the team were >oni$a /atra and Reath #ennison . Singh0 while the &epali delegation was led b" his counterpart &avin .Ra9eev Shu$la resigned as Chairman of IPB on 1 June 2013 in the wa$e of the raging spot!fi2ing scandal #he resignation of Shu$la came on the eve of the emergenc" meeting of the /CCI wor$ing committee scheduled to be held in Chennai Ra9eev Shu$la was an Indian 9ournalist0 political commentator0 television host and the >inister of State for Parliamentar" -ffairs and Planning0 .old medal while the /o"Cs team won the silver medal in the Slova$ Junior I##8 (pen #able #ennis tournament held in Senec0 Slova$ia on 31 >a" 2013 In the title clash0 the Indian .athmandu /oth nations agreed to increase vigilance and cooperation in border areas against criminal activities such as human and drug traffic$ing0 smuggling of Indian counterfeit currenc" and trade in illegal substances #he Indian @elegation was led b" +ome secretar" R.amath stepped down from his position as Chairman of the /oard and too$ up the position of Bead Independent @irector In fact0 &ara"an >urth" was appointed as the chairman for the second time Prior to this0 he was the chairman from 2002 to 2011 India and &epal on 1 June 2013 agreed to address each other)s securit" concerns and curb illegal activities across the open border #he agreement too$ place during the annual +ome Secretar"!level tal$s held in .overnment of India +e is a >ember of Parliament since 2000 +e serves as secretar" of the -ll India Congress Committee In a ma9or top management re!shuffle0 Infos"s on 1 June 2013 appointed & R &ara"ana >urth" as e2ecutive chairman of the /oard +e would serve as board chairman for A "ears .himere Indian .umar .

opichand -cadem" in +"derabad .orea in the last wee$ of >a" 2013 have suspended some imports of %S *heat as rogue wheat was discovered b" the regulators that were geneticall" engineered to resist >onsanto herbicide in an (regon field It was insisted b" the %S regulators that the wheat carries no ris$s but the outcome of the investigation could have a huge impact on world mar$ets0 with the %S the biggest global e2porter of wheat >CK!SK0 the third bourse on the e7uities and e7uit" derivatives trading bloc$ declared on 31 >a" 2013 declared that it received approval from S'/I for operating separate debt as well as S>' trading platforms #rading in these segments on >CK!SK would begin in coming wee$s S'/I0 the mar$et regulator gave final approval to >CK Stoc$ '2change <>CK!SK= for trading in the debt segment In!principle approval was granted for Small >edium 'nterprises <S>'= platform Indian /adminton Beague0 which was formed recentl" along with the commercial partner Sport" SolutionE launched new programme called Indian /adminton Beague School Programme <I/BSP= for promotion of badminton all over India #he programme is also $nown as Shuttle '2press #he programme will offer a cash priEe of 10 la$h Rupees to winners in girls as well as bo"s single events #hese events will be held in si2 cities of India! Pune0 Buc$now0 @elhi0 +"derabad0 /angalore and >umbai #he finalists of the event will be given an opportunit" to become trainers a Pullela .#he %& Securit" Council on 31 >a" 2013 imposed sanctions on the S"rian rebel group0 -l!&usra 8ront on account of its lin$s with -l!Raeda #he move comes after the %& sanctions committee0 chaired b" -ustralian -mbassador .ar" Ruinlan voted to blac$list the group due to its terror lin$s with -l!Raeda! related individuals and entities Japan and South .

bench of Justices headed b" &.eoPost S .'#I# Infoservices #hese eight proposals are worth :1: crore Rupees 8IP/ cleared -C>' Solar 'nerg")s proposal to get 23A crore Rupees foreign investment #he foreign investment worth 21: crore Rupees was roped in b" clearance to .# Chairperson Justice Swatanter .inse" I Compan"0 -C>' Solar 'nerg" and .reen #ribunal #he Sterlite Copper unit was shut down following an order of #amil &adu Pollution Control /oard on 21 >arch 2013 #here were complaints of throat irritation as well as e"e irritation from public0 due to which the unit was closed Sterlite Industries Btd0 in turn appealed to Southern /ench of the #ribunal #he Southern /ench of the #ribunal in response0 constituted the two!member e2pert committee in -pril 2013 in order to assess the emission safet" s"stems of the factor" Rotar" InternationalCs India &ational Polio Plus Committee in the >onth of >a" 2013 has offered to ta$e >uslim %lamas from %ttar Pradesh to Pa$istan to persuade people and advocate polio vaccination #he decision to offer help was ta$en in light of the recent $illing of a polio vaccinator in Pa$istanCs Peshawar cit" that enforced *+( to suspend the vaccination campaign in the cit" provisionall" #he 8oreign Investment Promotion /oard <8IP/= on 31 >a" 2013 approved eight 8@I proposals0 which include those of >c.umar cleared it that the copper plant unit of Sterlite Industries Btd will start its operation in presence of the committee which was established b" the &ational .'#I# Infoservices -part from this0 the 8IP/ approved 8ranceCs .roup compan" so that it can start operations of copper plant in #uticorin district of #amil &adu .!based ?edanta .#he &ational .Cs proposal for ac7uiring the shares of Indian compan" that is wor$ing on commercial e2press as well as parcel deliver" .reen #ribunal on 31 >a" 2013 gave approval to Sterlite Industries Btd0 the %.

business #his is worth 131 crore Rupees >c. 2 per cent0 compared to 6.13A crore Rupees in "ear 2012 Pro9ect -nanta is a mega plan of -ndhra Pradesh to prevent desertification of -nantapur district and increase farm output through innovative technological interventions including satellite imager" to revive the lost rivers -s per the Pro9ect plan0 a group of scientists will find out the original course of rivers0 streams and other water bodies in -nantapur (nce their course is identified0 obstacles will be removed to ensure that rain water flows into them #his will help not onl" in reviving the dead water bodies0 but also in the recharge of the ground water .inse" I Compan" Inc)s proposal for setting up BBP was also approved -vinash Chander0 the principal architect of India)s long!range missile programmes on 31 >a" 2013 appointed @efence Research and @evelopment (rganisation <@R@(= chief and scientific advisor to defence minister -dit"a /irla Chemicals <India= on 31 >a" 2013 declared that the /oard of @irectors approved to ac7uire Chlor!-l$ali I Phosphoric -cid @ivision <C-IP @ivision= of Solaris Chemtech Industries for a total of 1A3 crore Rupees #he ac7uisition will help the -dit"a /irla Chemicals in getting entr" into Southern Indian mar$et0 while also adding phosphoric acid to the present product portfolio #he ac7uisition strengthens the position of in business of Chlor!-l$ali #he ac7uisition will also encourage the suppl" of caustic soda0 which is ver" crucial input for -luminium and ?S8 businesses #he Planning Commission in the >onth of >a" 2013 approved Pro9ect -nanta0 a programme that loo$s for pulling -nantapur district out of the control of the perennial drought #he Planning Commission has approved a A3000 crore Rupees Plan for the State0 up b" .

-steroid 111.leiner Per$ins Caufield I /"ers <.oldstone when this asteroid was situated at around 3 3A million miles <: million $ilometers= from 'arth .monitored the asteroid and it was revealed that the asteroid was accompanied b" its own >oon #he scientists from &-S.leiner Per$ins Caufield I /"ers <.latest stud" called >ee$er Report 20130 conducted b" the venture capital firm of the %SH .obtained the radar images of this asteroid on 21 >a" 2013 b" ma$ing use of 230!foot <30!meter= @eep Space &etwor$ antenna at . R'2 passed relativel" close to 'arth on 31 >a" 2013 #he asteroid was actuall" a space roc$ which was huge enough to completel" wipe out the civiliEation on 'arth Scientists from &-S. >a" 2013 to 30 >a" 2013 #he @11 Conference was held in which highlights about the technolog" and media were made #he report revealed that the Internet users in India were the second largest online sharers #he report also highlighted that the Indian Internet users would share almost ever"thing or most of the things on the Internet /" sharing online0 it means that the Internet users will share status updates0 videos0 photos and feelings on the Internet #he first place of the online sharers is grabbed b" Saudi -rabia #he >ee$er Report 2013 was unveiled at the @11 Conference #he *all Street Journal)s @P -ll #hings @igital conference made its debut in 2003 #he conference brea$s the news about the technolog" and media0 as well as brings out highlights of the innovations #he surve" is the annual stud" which is conducted b" the venture capital firm .PC/= was held from 2.PC/=0 which studies about the internet penetration as well as smartphones #he firm also studies about the increasing demand of tablet computing as well as the effect of immigration in %S on tech industr" >ee$er Report is named after the anal"st $nown as >ar" >ee$er #he entire tech communit" loo$s forward to the annual status reports of >ar" >ee$er >ar" >ee$er0 the .leiner .

hamenei is the Supreme Beader of Iranand a Shia >ar9a +e had also served as the President of Iran from 11.Per$ins Caufield I /"ers partner0 actuall" highlights about the growth of Internet use as well as activities on the mobiles #he (rganisation for 'conomic Co!operation and @evelopment <('C@=0 on 21 >a" 2013 scaled down India)s growth estimate to A 3 per cent for 2013 from A 1 per cent #he report warned that investment and growth potential could face constraints because of structural set up +owever0 the report stated that .1 In 20120 8orbes selected him 21st in the list of C*orldCs >ost Powerful PeopleC +e has been described as one of onl" three people having important influence during the histor" of the Islamic Republic of Iran .1 that paral"Eed his right arm although so far the biggest challenge to his leadership has been the 2001 Iranian election protests following the 2001 presidential elections during which he strongl" supported President >ahmoud -hmadine9ad .hameneiCs deput" chief of staff and over A0 other Iranian government officials for alleged human rights abuses #he %S in order to help Iranians e2ercise freedom of e2pression accused Iran of bloc$ing Internet and communications access to silence dissent ahead of its 16 June 2013 Presidential 'lection #he sanctions issued has made easier for -mericans to e2port advanced communications e7uipment to Iranian civilians -"atollah .1 to 11.@P growth is li$el" to rise graduall" over the ne2t two "ears #he report added that growth will graduall" recover in 2013 #he %S government in the >onth of >a" 2013 has issued sanctions against -"atollah -li .hamenei was the victim of an attempted assassination in June 11.