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Parts of Speech Review Sheet

NOUN Nouns are words that name people, places, things, and ideas. Examples of nouns include student, chef, Jennifer, school, Florida, Europe, chair, homework, book, peace, happiness, and anger. A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing. Proper nouns always begin with a capital letter. A common noun is a general word that can mean more than one person, place, or thing. hese nouns are lower case, except when they come at the beginning of a sentence. !!!"E#A$E of words that look like actions, but are being used as nouns% Noun% & raced in the '()mile run. *erb% & run with my dog. Noun% Are you going to the dance+ *erb% #e will dance to the music. PRONOUN Pronouns are words that replace nouns. he personal pronouns are &, me, my, mine, you, your, yours, he, him, his, she, her, hers, it, its, we, us, our, ours, they, them, their, and theirs. he demonstrati,e pronouns are this, that, these, and those. All pronouns ha,e antecedents. he antecedent is the noun that a pronoun stands for. For example, in the sentence -.iss /ease told us her classroom rules,0 the word her is the pronoun and its antecedent is .iss /ease. VERB *erbs are words that express action or condition. Action ,erbs tell what a person, place, or thing is doing. $un, think, decide, read, and go are action ,erbs. /inking ,erbs tell what a person, place, or thing is. &s, are, was, were, seem, and become are linking ,erbs. 1elping ,erbs ha,e two or more words, such as is going, should ha,e been done, and will be talking. ADJECTIVE Ad2ecti,es are words that describe people, places, and things 3nouns4. Ad2ecti,es answer these 5uestions% #hat kind+ #hich one+ 1ow many+ 6ome examples of ad2ecti,es include purple, fi,e, talkati,e, large, many, and smart. here are three special ad2ecti,es called articles% a, an, and the. Pronouns can be used as ad2ecti,es when they come before a noun. Pronoun% & want a slice of that. Ad2ecti,e% & want a slice of that cake. !!"E#A$E of ad2ecti,es that end with the letters 7ly, such as friendly and ugly. Although most words that end with 7ly are ad,erbs, some are ad2ecti,es8

ADVERB Ad,erbs are words that describe actions or descriptions 3,erbs, ad2ecti,es, and ad,erbs4. Ad,erbs answer these 5uestions% #here+ #hen+ 1ow+ 1ow much+ .any ad,erbs end with the letters 7ly, such as slowly, gently, carefully, totally, widely, and usually. 9thers do not% often, fast, tomorrow, ,ery, sometimes. !!"E#A$E of telling the difference between ad,erbs and ad2ecti,es. Ask yourself what the word is describing. &f it:s a person, place, or thing, the word is an ad2ecti,e. &f it:s an action or description, the word is an ad,erb. ad2ecti,e ; .ake a right turn at the stoplight. ad,erb ; #e turned right onto "en,enue $oad. PREPOSITION Prepositions tell in what position a noun or pronoun is. <ommon prepositions include in, on, under, beside, below, to, at, by, like, of, o,er, since, and with. Prepositions are always found in prepositional phrases. A prepositional phrase is made up of a preposition and the noun or pronoun that comes after it, like -at the mall,0 -under the table,0 -with .rs. "rown,0 or -of mine.0 !!!"E#A$E of prepositions that can also be used as ad,erbs. $emember that a preposition always has to be part of a prepositional phrase 7 it can:t stand alone. An ad,erb can stand alone. Preposition ; #e waited in line outside the mo,ie theater. Ad,erb ; & like to play inside and outside. CONJUNCTION <on2unctions are words that connect words, groups of words, or sentences. here are two kinds of con2unctions. he first kind, called coordinating con2unctions, is the FAN"9=6% For, And, Nor, "ut, 9r, =et, and 6o. he second kind, called correlati,e con2unctions, are made up of two or more words% both)and, either)or, neither)nor, not only)but also, and whether)or. !!"E#A$E of -for.0 &t:s only a con2unction when it connects two sentences. 9therwise, it:s a preposition% con2unction ; & got a new coat, for it:s cold this winter. preposition ; & got a new coat for my birthday. INTERJECTION &nter2ections are words that show strong emotion, like wow8 =ippee8 "oo8 9uch8 >sually, these stand alone and are followed by an exclamation point 384. 6ometimes 3as in the sentence -9h dear, & forgot my homework again04 they are followed by commas instead.