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Well this happened quite sometime ago in the history of Maple Story. I was training in Maple Island(my first day) getting used to the controls and etc.. I remembered this part really clearly(at least I think I do)…Hmmm, Ah! Yes! How could I forget..It happened in 1st day ,BR(Before Rio) I was training on snails then I couldn’t remember anything else except going to heaven then coming back down with tons of money$$ yes I got the blink blink too. Well what do u expect? Tell u that I got bashed up by a snail NO WAY! But I died yes. That’s the truth. I landed in South (whatever the name is) and I found Asha and her friends. whatever their name was…They were kind enough to land a helping hand to me when I was in hospital. They brought me ice for my bruises when I had not enough money for the hospital bills. Yes, now this is where Asha comes into the picture. So a few minutes later (quiet long for a newbie like I was), I recovered from the trauma of the bashing. I was back on the training ground, fighting more fiercely than before, like a true newbie. Standing next to me was Asha looking on from above the hill just next to Mai. After training non-stop for about 3hours, it started to get dark, me and Asha decided to go back to my house (which was an old shack). Since the roof had a hole, ( remember… don’t look down on me! I was just a newbie then..) we could see the sky from our camp beds. In my mind, I knew.. this was beginning of my life in maple as a student and I would never leave it, for it

was my destiny. Little did I know, up in the sky, The Maple Almighty was looking down and planning my destiny. As I looked up to the sky, I could see many stars shining upon me. I said goodnight to shaggy and asha then I went to sleep. Riiiiing!! Riiiiiiiiing!! The sound of the alarm clock kept ringing. Groggily, I switched off the alarm and soon went back to sleep. Asha was surprisingly wide up a wake like they say ‘wide eye bushy tail’ in my mind I was like ‘OMG! Give me a break! I need my beauty sleep!’ But, who would tell her that??? with one look at me, she knew what I was up to.. and with that, she dragged my out of bed. Breakfast that day was delicious, never before have I tasted such wonderful fried eggs. (So, she’s not a bad cook! Let’s see what else she’s got!) after breakfast, we went back to the battlefield to sharpen my skills before I could go on to the next stage which was Victoria island. I warmed up with some push-up’s and boxing exercises. Then, into intensive training. That day, I knew I could be somebody when she praised me ‘good kill eriene!’ and soon, it was time for me to pack up and move on . Asha gave me some money and sent me off. My eyes were watery. ‘aren’t you coming along asha?’ I asked. ‘I’m sorry buddy, but I’ve got to stay here for awhile. I’ll meet you soon in vic!’ she replied. That was the saddest moment of my life… leaving my only friend behind. The journey took 2months. The waves were usually strong, and there were many storms. By the time I reached vic, I needed a new haircut, as my hair had obviously grown long actually too long.. (I mean, whose hair does not grow in two

months!) there was a problem. I had not the slightest clue where to go. Then I guess.. in the history of noobs, I had the most brilliant idea, to buy a map. With that, I traveled continents, countries, and towns on foot, taxi’s and bus. But before that, I must tell you, I became a wizard. I practiced hard in making potions, spells, and other magical things. When learning magic, I always learnt something new, something I thought never existed. But as time passed by, I started to miss Asha more and more each day, although I had many other friends already. Not only the number of my friends had increased, but my fame and power over vic island also increased. Soon enough, I became the assistant to grendal, the greatest wizard in the whole of maple, followed by me. Then one day, my prayers were answered! Asha was coming to vic! I was so happy the whole day that even my members from grendel’s guild were surprised. But soon later, I explained everything to them, they also felt happy for me and suggested I throw a feast upon her arrival in my 4 storey mansion. I agreed and so it was planned, a feast for Asha. On her day of arrival, I greeted her with hugs in elinia station. She hugged me back and then I offered her a place to stay. She happily accepted and we were in my limo driven by my driver heading towards home. That night itself, the feast happened according to plan. I just felt that I had to do this for her as she was the one who helped me during hard times in maple island. I felt as if we had a lot of things to share as we had been away from each other for two months (that two months that took her to come to vic). It felt like eternity. So at the

end of the feast, I got her room ready. She slept peacefully (I think) after all those sleepless nights on the ship. The next day, both of us woke up at the same time, wide eye, bushy tail. After having a nutritious breakfast, we sat down in the living room and shared our stories during our two months being away from each other. ‘So eriene, I see that you have changed a lot during our two months being away.. what happened? U became so rich suddenly.’ Then, I told her the whole story of what happened, then I asked her for her story. ‘Actually eriene, times weren’t good from the moment you left from maple island. I did not have a place to stay and was out of money as I lost my job soon after you left. I hadn’t been true to you when I said I had some stuff to take care of. I just didn’t know whether or not to proceed to vic. I needed some time to think about it. After I was out of money, I had to borrow some money from the loan sharks to board the ship. Now, I am in serious trouble because I haven’t any money to pay up.’ She replied. ‘No need to worry, I can help you pay it up. How much is it exactly?’ I asked. ‘5,000mesos.’ She replied. ‘after this lets go to the bank for me to withdraw the money.’ ‘alright and thank you.’ She said.

Fast Forward 2 years later,
So, I became rich, rich , rich and Asha became rich too. I was posted to a job in el nath, ossyria island as a 3rd job advancement instructor. But me and Asha were still

friends and she lived not far from my current house in el nath. She now works as the maple administrator and earning good income. I will always cherish our memories during my first day in maple.. under the sky.. predicting my destiny. Now, I can fight with MAGE POWER!

THE END! Hope you enjoyed it Rio! The Legend of A Legend..

Mighty heroes of Maple! COMING SOON! 2008
(This is not the real typeface. I used another computer to print this)

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