BIRTHDAY MAD LIB FOR BOYS aged 10-13 This is a 95-word Mad Lib for boys who have their

party on, full of body parts, liquids, weapons, and an adverb or two because they know what that is now. List at end. ______ woke up early on Saturday morning. “Wow!’ he said, hitting his younger brother on the _____. “It’s my birthday, dude! Today I am _____ years old!” He arose with alacrity, dressed, brushed his ____ thoroughly with ______and went downstairs. He had his favorite breakfast, ______ with _______ sprinkled on top, a little bit of ______, and lots of ____ to drink. Then he watered the ______ and took out the _____ because he wanted to be extra-helpful: TODAY WAS HIS _____ , ______, ______ totally cool Airsoft Gun Battle Birthday Party! His guests arrived at _____ in the _____. They were dressed in ______ and ______ because he had mentioned to them they might end up getting wet. Extra _____ of _______ had been brought along by the guests for this eventuality, at the request of ______ mother. All the parents were really glad to get rid of their kids and drove off ______ in their ______for a few free hours of _____. First everyone ran around the house, _____ and _____. Then, after they had gotten settled in, they started their airsoft gun battle. They strapped their _____ on to protect their _____, shouldered their _____ and went forth to do battle, _____ like banshees. Luckily ____ mother had warned all the ______ in the ______ and they all stayed inside. Finally, all the ammunition was gone, and the guests collapsed _____, ___ streaming from their ____ . After they recovered, their next activity was to lock _____ younger brother into the _____, requiring ______ dad to pick the lock with a _____, which he did. Then, the doorbell rang. ______ went to answer the ____ and who should be standing there but ______, doing a special birthday pizza delivery! The kids were out of their _____ with excitement. _______ autographed everyone’s airsoft gun with a permanent marker! And had his ____ taken with each guest using dad’s digital ______! After he left, everyone chowed down on the _____, and there was lots of ____ to drink. They sprayed each other with the _____ of _____ , which they thought was very _____, but when they sprayed ____ younger brother he started to ______, so they locked him in the _____ again, requiring dad to pick the lock with a _____, which he did. Then they had the birthday _____ and ice cream. There were ___ candles _____ on the ______, so many that _____ could not ____ them out himself and had to have help. There was a little situation with the ice cream, and nobody knows who started it. But _______ was seen pouring a _____ of it down the back of ____ ‘s ______ and this fact was established by corroborating evidence from _____ and _____. However it got started, it led to a free-for-all which resulted in every boy having to take off his _____, be hosed down with _____, and putting on the clean ______ the mothers had sent along in ______. Then they locked _____ younger brother in the ______ again, requiring dad to pick the lock with a _____, which he did.

After _____ unwrapped his presents, which included ______ and ______ and ________ favorite, an exploding, glow-in-the-dark ________, they got to do the piñata. Since there was no more ammunition left, they had to use _____. Dad wrapped a ______ around their _____ and turned them ____ ____ times. Nobody even came close to hitting the piñata, so _____ dad threw it a couple times against the basketball hoop and it broke open, releasing dozens of pieces of ______. At ______ in the ______the parents drove back up the driveway in their _____ to pick up their _____, ______ sons and take them home for party detox. It had been a _______ day and a _______, _______ birthday party!
1. name of birthday boy 2. name of younger brother 10. beverage 3. body part 4. number 12. noun 5. body part

6. gooey substance 7-9 food item 16. number 17. time of day

11. noun, plural

13-15 adjective

18-19 clothing item

20. type of container

21. another clothing item 28. noun, plural 34. same

22. name of birthday boy 29. body part, plural

23. adverb

24. mode of transportation 31. –ing verb 36. fluid

25-27 –ing verb 33. noun

30. kind of weapon

32. birthday boy 37. body part 41. noun

noun with suffix –hood attached

35. adjective

38. name of birthday boy

39. small room or place in house 40. name of birthday boy 43. structural component of house 46. action hero, again 53. adjective 58. noun 47. noun

42. name of birthday boy

44. favorite action hero or male movie star 45. body part, plural 48. noun 49. food 50. beverage 51. container 52. beverage 57. noun

54. name of birthday boy 60. –ing verb 65. container

55. verb 61. food

56. small room or place in house 62. name of birthday boy

59. number

63. verb.

64. name of a party guest

66. name of another party guest

67. item of clothing 71. liquid 76. noun

68. name of another party guest 72. clothing 73. container

69. name of another party guest

70. item of clothing

74. name of birthday boy 78-81 noun 82. weapon

75. small room or place in house 83. item of clothing 84. body part

77. name of birthday boy 85. direction transportation 86. number

87. very small object

88. number

89. time of day

90. mode of

91-95 adjective