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This book is dedica ed o !" #i$e, Ma%&ee', a #o!a' #ho &ea s !e (ike he& h%sba'd, he& b&o he&, he& so', he& $&ie'd, he& co!)a'io', a'd he& doc o&, de)e'di'* o' !" *i+e' si %a io's a'd cha((e'*es. He& a(e' s as a #i$e, a *o%&!e cook, a' ac &ess, a' a& is , a '%&se, a !o he& ,o$ $i+e bea*(es-, a co%'se(o&, a s)e((e&, a (e*a( ad+iso&, a'd a case !a'a*e& ha+e co' i'%ed o sa is$" a(( !" %')&edic ab(e 'eeds h&o%*ho% o%& "ea&s o$ a b(essed !a&&ia*e. Ma%&ee'.s $a'a ica(, e' h%sias ic de+o io' o !e is &ea((" be"o'd !" abi(i " o %'de&s a'd o& e/)(ai'. F&o! a 0e#ish )oi' o$ +ie#, I *o !"se($ s%ch a *ood dea(. M" )e&so'a( be(ie$ is ha God o&ches &a ed o%& *od(" &e(a io'shi), ha I #o%(d *&o# %) a'd (i+e #i h a bea% i$%( #o!a', o'e #ho is he idea( he() !ee $o& a(( seaso's a'd $o& a(( &easo's. Tha'k "o% $o& "o%& )a ie'ce, Ma%&ee'. I (o+e "o%. As a &e#a&d, I )&o!ised he& i' o%& 'e/ ho%se he&e #o'. be a ki che', 1%s +e'di'* !achi'es2

4 6 3 8 ; < > : ? 45 44 46 43 48 4; I' &od%c io' A Ne# Ho%& The O'(" 7o(% io' A' 9'e/)ec ed 0o%&'e" O+e&co!i'* De!o'ic Fo&ces The De!o'ic Rea(!s =a&'i'*s O$ =i chc&a$ 7 &o'*!e' A'd 7)i&i s Dea(i'* =i h 7)eci$ic 7)i&i s F&o! Bo'da*e To De(i+e&a'ce 7i' Is 7%icide God.s A'oi' i'* O' @o% Hea&i'* The Voice O$ God Cas i'* O% De!o's > F%'da!e' a( Bib(ica( Re+e(a io's Fo& Hea(i'* A'd De(i+e&a'ce Hea(i'* A'd De(i+e&a'ce Mi&ac(es A Fi'a( =o&d 3 45 48 4: 3; 8: ;< <6 <; :6 ?3 ?; ?> 45 4 45 ; 44 > 4< 4

The )%&)ose o$ his book is o e/)ose "o% o he %( i!a e ba (e #e $aceA o co'B%e& "o%& e'e!", he decei+e&, a'd $&ee he ca) i+es $&o! bo'da*e. =he he& "o% a&e a !i'is e&, co%'se(o&, hea( h )&o$essio'a(, o& a be(ie+e& #ho #a' s o be a&!ed #i h s)i&i %a( )o#e&, #ha "o% a&e abo% o &ead #i(( *i+e "o% he a% ho&i " o ac o' God.s beha($A o b&i'* de(i+e&a'ce o hose #ho a&e des)e&a e(" i' 'eed. As a )h"sicia', !%ch o$ #ha I ha+e o sa" is di&ec ed s)eci$ica((" o doc o&s. =h"C Beca%se I a! co'+i'ced ha #he' s)i&i %a( hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce is (i'ked #i h he )&ac ice o$ !edici'e, he&e is 'o (i!i o he hea(i'* ha akes )(ace. This is a s)i&i %a( ba (e, a'd ha is #h" I #a' o )&o+ide "o% #i h si*'s, #o'de&s, a'd !i&ac(es $o& ha'd(i'* de(i+e&a'ce. @o% a&e bei'* )&e)a&ed $o& "o%& %( i!a e des i'a io'A o e'*a*e i' #a&$a&e i' a s%)e&'a %&a( co'$(ic a*ai's he de!o'ic #o&(d. 7o !a'" ch%&ches ha+e bee' s"s e!ica((" i'$i( &a ed b" de!o'ic ac i+i " i' hese (as da"s. The&e is !%ch &esea&ch #hich s &o'*(" s%**es s ha he&e a&e as !a'" Ch&is ia's #ho 'eed de(i+e&a'ce, as he&e a&e Ch&is ia's #ho 'eed hea(i'*. =e a&e i' he e'dD i!e ha&+es #he' bo h he seeds o$ *ood a'd e+i( a&e co!i'* o $%(( $&%i io'. God is ca((i'* %s o a&ise a'd ake a s &o'* s a'd a*ai's he #o&ks o$ da&k'ess beca%se #e #e&e c&ea ed $o& +ic o&". ;

"And from the days of John the Baptist until the present time, the kingdom of heaven has endured violent assault, and violent men seize it by force [as a precious prizea share in the heavenly kingdom is sought with most ardent zeal and intense e ertion!" ,Ma he# 44E46-. A SPIRITUAL PHENOMENON He&e is a' i!)o& a' s"'o)sis o$ his c&i ica( si %a io' as he (a e eache&Fe+a'*e(is Les e& 7%!&a(( sa# i . He a%*h ha i$ a(( he !e' i' he #o&(d #e&e doc o&s, a'd i$ a(( he #o!a' i' he #o&(d #e&e '%&ses, a'd i$ a(( he ho!es #e&e hos)i a(s, #e #o%(d s i(( ha+e sick'ess a'd disease beca%se his is a s)i&i %a( )he'o!e'o' d%e o he i' e'se de!o'ic ac i+i " ha e/is s o' he ea& h. The ch%&ches a&e 'o ba (i'* his si'ce he" a&e 'o ab(e o &eco*'iGe he 'eed. I co!es as a shock o !a'" #he' he" (ook i' a )ho'e book o& I' e&'e di&ec o&" a'd see he '%!be& o$ #i ches a'd #a&(ocks (oca ed i' hei& a&ea. The &es)o'sibi(i " I ha+e bee' *i+e' &e*a&di'* he co' e' s o$ his "andbook for #eliverance is o )&ese' #ha I be(ie+e he Lo&d desi&es $o& "o% o k'o#. JUST DO IT! God has a(&ead" b(essed "o% #i h "o%& co!!i !e' as a )h"sicia' a'd He #i(( co' i'%e o do so as "o% e' e& #i h Hi! i' o His s)i&i %a( <

do!ai'. I' his &ea(!, he&e is 'o (i!i o& &es &ic io's #i h i!e o& s)ace. @o% #i(( (ea&' ho# +i a( i is o be $&ee o e/)&ess #ha he Fa he& asks "o% o s)eak a'd do. This !ea's &e*a&d(ess o$ #ha e+e& "o% hea& Hi! sa" o& do, #he he& o& 'o i !akes se'se, e+e' i$ i see!s i&&e(e+a' , 1%s do i 2 I .s "o%& obedie'ce ha #i(( e'ab(e "o% o $&ee "o%& )a ie' s. @o%& hea+e'(" Fa he& is (ooki'* $o& hose #ho #i(( do a'd sa" #ha He asks, &e*a&d(ess o$ ho# $oo(ish i see!s beca%se He a(#a"s has a )%&)ose2 T%&' e+e&" hi'* o+e& o 0es%s a'd s a& de)e'di'* o' Hi! &a he& ha' "o%&se($. This !ea's "o% ca' de)e'd o' Hi! o *i+e "o% he desi&es o$ "o%& hea& . As "o% (is e' o Hi!, co' i'%e o beco!e !o&e obedie' . A$ e& a((, obedie'ce is be e& ha' sac&i$ice. This #as !ade c(ea& #he' 7a!%e( said, ""as the $ord as great a delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the $ord% Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams" ,4 7a!%e( 4;E66-. DEMONS ARE NO MATCH FOR THE WORD =he' "o% !i'is e& o )eo)(e, (is e' a'd obe" he Ho(" 7)i&i . @o% #i(( be s%&)&ised ho# o$ e' "o% #i(( hea& $&o! "o%& )a ie' s, HHo# do "o% k'o# ha abo% !eCH o& HI .s (ike "o%.&e &eadi'* !" !ai(,H o& H=ho o(d "o% ha CH This is he #o&d o$ k'o#(ed*e "o% a&e &ecei+i'*, bei'* o(d #ha o sa" a'd ho# o !i'is e& $o& ha )a& ic%(a& !edica( si %a io'. @o%& a i %de o#a&d he =o&d has o be he sa!e as "o%& >

a i %de o#a&d God beca%se his is #ha .s *oi'* o !ake he di$$e&e'ce $o& "o%& s%ccess. @o% ca'. he() b% b(ess "o%& )a ie' s as he" *e hea(ed #he' he" %'de&s a'd hei& cha((e'*es #i h hese de!o'ic s)i&i s a&e 'o !a ch $o& he )o#e& o$ he =o&d. The ke" is ha "o% do'. 'eed o $i*h he de+i( #i h e/)e&ie'ce, b% b" he #&i e' ho(" =o&d o$ God. @o%& #ea)o' a*ai's he de+i( is 7c&i) %&e #hi(e 7a a'.s s%ccess is de)e'de' o' "o%& )a ie' .s i*'o&a'ce o$ he =o&d.


The &% h is ha "o%& )a ie' is 'o (o'*e& %'de& he co' &o( o$ he e+i( o'e. @o% ha+e o e'co%&a*e he! o k'o# a'd be(ie+e his $o& i o be e$$ec i+e. 0es%s ook a#a" he de+i(.s a&!o& #he' He &e!o+ed his )&i!a&" #ea)o's #hich #e&eE 4. Acc%sa io's. 6. Co'de!'a io's. 3. G%i( . Those "o% !i'is e& o ca' %se hese *&ea &eco!!e'da io's $o& s%ccess #hich #i(( b(ess he!E 4. De)e'd o' he Ho(" 7)i&i a'd be (ed. 6. H%!i(i ". 3. De(i+e&a'ce $&o! se($ o& e*o b" s%b!i i'* o he c&oss.

7c&i) %&e e((s %sE "&race and spiritual blessing be to you and [soul! peace from &od the 'ather and our $ord Jesus (hrist )the *essiah+, ,ho gave )yielded+ "imself up [to atone! for our sins [and to save and sanctify us!, in order to rescue and deliver us from this present wicked age and world order, in accordance with the will and purpose and plan of our &od and 'ather" ,Ga(a ia's 4E3D8-. YOUR POWER The Bib(e sa"s he de+i( has 'o co' &o( o+e& be(ie+e&s beca%se o$ he )o#e& $&o! he Ho(" 7)i&i ha is #i hi' %s. This !akes hi! acco%' ab(e o "o%. Those "o% a&e &"i'* o he() 'eed o k'o# his. The de!o's a&e s%b1ec o "o% a'd he! h&o%*h His 'a!e. He o(d "o% o *o i' His )(aceE "But to each one is given the manifestation of the ["oly! -pirit [the evidence, the spiritual illumination of the -pirit! for good and profit" ,4 Co&i' hia's 46E>-. I'cide' a((", #he' "o% (i+e a c(ea' (i$e de!o'ic s)i&i s ha+e o obe" "o%. @o%& s)i&i %a( a% ho&i " a'd do!i'io' *i+e' o "o% b" 0es%s Ch&is o$ NaGa&e h #i(( &a+e( #i hi' "o% so ha he de!o'ic s)i&i s #i(( e/)e&ie'ce $ea& a'd a(a&! #he'e+e& "o%& )&ese'ce is a' ici)a ed. Ho#e+e&, i .s &%e ha he" do see "o% as "o% see "o%&se($. MANIFESTATIONS OF DELIVERANCE As "o% abso&b he s)i&i %a( i'$o&!a io' "o% #i(( $i'd i' his ha'dbook, "o% #i(( be &ai'ed a'd a%*h . @o% #i(( &ead o$ s%)e&'a %&a( e/)e&ie'ces h&o%*h he Ho(" 7)i&i i'c(%di'* %'(i!i ed !i&ac(es, si*'s, a'd #o'de&s. ?

@o% #i(( a(so ha+e he o))o& %'i " o de+e(o) i' his &ea(!. The *&o# h "o% &ecei+e i' he s%)e&'a %&a( is &ea((" a(&ead" )&o*&a!!ed i' o "o%& DNA. E+e&" hi'* "o% e+e& 'eeded #as a(&ead" )(aced i' "o%& b&ai', #he&e God has s o&ed His &eas%&es $o& "o%. God #i(( &e+ea( his as "o% (ea&' ho# o )%(( i o% $&o! he s%)e&'a %&a( i' o he 'a %&a(. The &% h is ha hea+e' is &ea((" he&e o' ea& h a'd "o% 1%s ha+e o (ea&' ho# o access i . @o% ca' d%)(ica e hese !a'i$es a io's o$ de(i+e&a'ce b" ,4- !e&e(" i'c&easi'* "o%& be(ie$ (e+e( a(o'* #i h "o%& &%s i' Hi! a'd ,6- b" ad1%s i'* "o%& !i'dDse #i h he )a&adi*! shi$ ha has a(&ead" bee' &e+ea(ed o "o%. This #i(( be eas", beca%se he Bib(e e((s "o% o *e he s &e'* h "o% 'eed $&o! Ch&is . ,7ee Phi(i))ia's 8E43.=hi(e "o% s %d" his "andbook for #eliverance, a(#a"s &e!e!be& ha "o%& !a1o& s)i&i %a( e/ book is he Bib(e.




God has %she&ed i' a )he'o!e'a( s)i&i %a( e&a #i h a 'e# !o+e!e' o$ His )o#e& ha is 'o# bei'* #i 'essed h&o%*ho% he *(obe. A h%'*e& $o& Hi! is )&ese' i' !a'" )a& s o$ he #o&(d, #i h so!e Ch&is ia' se&+ices (as i'* #e(+e ho%&s a a i!e. Ma'" )eo)(e, ho#e+e&, #a' o ho(d o' o hei& o#' $o&!s o$ *od(i'ess a'd do #i ho% Hi!Ao& he" e+e' de'" His )o#e&. =he' B%es io'ed abo% hei& o)i'io' o$ he Ch%&ch, he" e/)(ai' ha he" do'. (ike he s &%c %&e, b% )&e$e& #ha .s &ea(. Thei& 'e# ch%&ch 'eeds a&e $oc%sed o' +a&io%s $o&!s o$ e' e& ai'!e' . =e a&e (i+i'* i' a di$$e&e' ki'd o$ ho%& ha' e+e& be$o&e. =e a&e o' he ba (e$ie(d o$ he Lo&d, #he he& #e &ea(iGe i o& 'o . This 'e# *e'e&a io' is 'o (o'*e& ha))" #i h 1%s Hha'*i'* o% H i' )iGGa a'd ice c&ea! )a&(o&sI he" )&e$e& o !ee i' *&o%)s i'+o(+ed i' sJa'ces a'd de!o'ic s)i&i %a( e'co%' e&s. This is a 'e# &e+o(% io' ha co'sis s o$ )eo)(e #ho a&e bei'* &ai'ed o ac %a((" ha&! he!se(+es. This a))ea&s o be he e'd o$ #ha #e ca(( he Ch%&ch A*e a'd he be*i''i'* o$ #ha is 'a!ed he Ki'*do! A*e. The ch%&ch o$ o!o&&o# is *oi'* o be &adica((" di$$e&e' $&o! he )&ese' Dda" ch%&ch. This is he


cha((e'*e o$ o%& da"E "And if it seems evil to you to serve the $ord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the .iver, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell/ but as for me and my house, we will serve the $ord" ,0osh%a 68E4;-. As "o% %&' "o%&se($ o+e& o he Lo&d, "o% #i(( beco!e #e((DeB%i))ed a'd s)i&i %a((" #e((Ded%ca ed o $ace de!o'ic s)i&i s. "#o you not know that your body is the temple )the very sanctuary+ of the "oly -pirit ,ho lives within you, ,hom you have received [as a &ift! from &od% 0ou are not your own" ,4 Co&i' hia's <E4?-. GOD CALLS IT MURDER The&e a&e !i((io's #ho 'eed &e(ease $&o! hei& bo'da*e, $&o! he e'e!" he" ha+e bee' (i+i'* %'de&, he e'e!" ha has bee' !aki'* he! ca) i+es. This i'c(%des h%& i'* #o!e' a'd hei& h%sba'ds #ho ha+e a((o#ed hei& babies o be o&' o% o$ hei& #o!bs as i$ NaGi Ge&!a'" a'd he Thi&d Reich s i(( e/is s. The&e ha+e bee' o+e& $i$ " !i((io' babies e/ e&!i'a ed h%s $a&. 7ocie " ca((s his Hchoice,H b% God ca((s i !%&de&. Abo& io' co!es $&o! he s)i&i o$ !%&de&, #hich is $&o! he s &o'*!a', he s)i&i o$ 1ea(o%s". =hi(e I #as #o&ki'* i' he o)e&a i'* &oo! d%&i'* he s%!!e& as a )&e!ed i' co((e*e, I s)oke o a $o&!e& OBG@N doc o& abo% a' %'$o&*e ab(e (i$eDcha'*i'* e+e' he e/)e&ie'ced. He &e i&ed i' o a'o he& $ie(d, e+e' ho%*h he #as s i(( i' his "o% h, 43

beca%se, as he #as abo% o )e&$o&! a' abo& io' o e(i!i'a e he (i$e o$ a bab", he c(ea&(" hea&d he #o&ds, HDo'. ki(( !e2H se+e&a( i!es. He o(d !e he #as 'e+e& he sa!e a$ e& ha , a'd added, HI.(( 'e+e& $o&*e ha da"2H =he' he e&! H$e %sH is %sed i's ead o$ he #o&d Hbab",H i a))a&e' (" !akes i easie& o )e&$o&! he abo& io'. Pe&so'a((", I do'. see he di$$e&e'ce. Ho#e+e&, A!e&ica has a cha((e'*i'* $% %&e as (o'* as o%& 'a io' co' i'%es o sa'c io' he ki((i'* o$ babies. The c&isis is ha abo& io' beco!es a )&ac ica( 'ecessi " beca%se se/ is co'side&ed &ec&ea io'a(. Ho# ca' his %'*od(" ac i+i " be co' &o((edC IT IS GOD WHO SUFFERS I be(ie+e cha'*e is o' he #a". =e a&e *oi'* o see &e+i+a( h&o%*ho% he Ch%&ch a'd he &ai' o$ he *(o&" o$ God #i(( ca) %&e he hea& s o$ he )eo)(e. =i h his %'i " o$ be(ie+e&s, &eco+e&" #i(( co!e. Re+i+a( is in "o%, a'd he (a"i'* o' o$ ha'ds $o& hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce is a *&ea s a& o#a&d a !i*h " s)i&i %a( &ebi& h. Le !e sha&e so!e hi'* ha is +i a( abo% God. As soo' as "o% (o+e so!ebod", "o% a&e 'o (o'*e& i'de)e'de' o$ he!I i' &% h, "o% beco!e o)e' o a'" e/)e&ie'ces o$ hei& h%& s, hei& &e1ec io's, hei& ab%ses, hei& e!o io's, e c. God (o+es a'd, he&e$o&e, His (o+e ca%ses Hi! o e/)e&ie'ce he sa!e e!o io's #e $ee(. This is #h" 0es%s s%$$e&ed $o& %s. =i h abo& io', i is &ea((" God #ho s%$$e&s, as His 'e#bo&'s a&e des &o"ed. B% i's ead o$ bei'* 48

co'ce&'ed abo% he Lo&d, #e co's a' (" ask Hi! o H$i/ !e, hea( !e, b(ess !e,H e c. He&e is Bib(e )&oo$ o$ #ha ha))e'ed as a &es%( o$ !a'.s &ebe((io' a*ai's he A(!i*h "E 1he $ord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination and intention of all human thinking was only evil continually2 And the $ord regretted that "e had made man on the earth, and "e was grieved at heart2 -o the $ord said, 3 will destroy, blot out, and wipe away mankind, whom 3 have created from the face of the groundnot only man, [but! the beasts and the creeping things and the birds of the air for it grieves *e and makes *e regretful that 3 have made them" ,Ge'esis <E;D>-. =e ca' 'o (o'*e& i*'o&e he #o&k o$ he e'e!". I's ead, #e !%s co'$&o' 7a a' a e+e&" (e+e(. This is #h" "o% a&e 'eeded i' he ba (e o$ a(( ba (esA he #a& a*ai's "o%& +e&" so%(.



I be(ie+e ha as he $i'a( da"s o$ o%& #o&(d &a)id(" a))&oach, he&e is a des)e&a e a'd de$i'i e 'eed $o& a s)i&i o$ %'i " o be es ab(ished so !a'ki'd #i(( be ab(e o dea( #i h he o+e&#he(!i'* cha((e'*es ha h&ea e' o%& +e&" e/is e'ce. 7%ch %'i " has 'e+e& bee' see' i' h%!a' his o&", b% i is i!)e&a i+e o o%& s%&+i+a( i' hese i!es. B" he s)i&i o$ %'i " I do 'o !ea' c(o'i'* o& co'$o&!i ", beca%se hose a&e co'di io's #e 'eed o o))ose a'd $i*h a*ai's . E+e' i$ h%!a' c(o'i'* co%(d s%cceed, i #o%(d 'e+e& i'c(%de he Ho(" 7)i&i . The %'i " o #hich I &e$e& #i(( &eB%i&e a (e+e( o$ s)i&i %a( k'o#(ed*e a'd co!!i !e' ha *oes $a& be"o'd a'" hi'* #e.+e e+e& e/)e&ie'ced be$o&e. God a(#a"s ho'o&s a'd b(esses %'i ". =h" is his s)i&i o$ a*&ee!e' so i!)o& a' C I is he o'(" #a" i' #hich #e #i(( be ab(e o co'$&o' a'd $i'd de(i+e&a'ce $&o! he de+as a i'* de!o'ic )o#e&s ha ha+e b&o%*h ho&&e'do%s de+as a io' a'd o))&essio' o !i((io's o$ )eo)(e #ho a&e (i+i'* hei& (i+es i' dai(" bo'da*e. These i'di+id%a(s 'eed o k'o# ha he&e is a #a" h&o%*h a'd a #a" o% o$ he de!o'ic des)ai& a'd do!i'a io' he" a&e %'de&. As be(ie+e&s %'i e i' he )o#e& o$ he Ho(" 7)i&i , #e #i(( be ab(e o sho# he! he #a" o co!)(e e $&eedo! a'd de(i+e&a'ce. These a&e )&ob(e!s ha )s"chia &is s a'd )s"cho(o*is s a&e %s%a((" %'eB%i))ed o dea( 4<

#i h, beca%se hei& $oc%s is o' he h%!a' !i'd a'd so%(, 'o he s)i&i . 7i'ce his is a s)i&i %a( !a e&, he Ho(" 7)i&i is he o'(" O'e #ho has he a's#e&s o he )&ob(e!s. His so(% io's a&e $o%'d i' he Bib(e, a'd hese a&e )&o$o%'d a's#e&s o he di(e!!as $aci'* !a'ki'd. O'e !i*h sa", H=e((, he Ch%&ch a(&ead" %ses he Bib(e, does'. i CH @es, he Ch%&ch is %si'* he Bib(e, b% is he Ch%&ch &e("i'* o' he s)i&i %a( )o#e& i )&o+idesC The Bib(e e((s %s, "'or the ,ord that &od speaks is alive and full of power [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective!/ it is sharper than any two4edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the breath of life )soul+ and [the immortal! spirit, and of 5oints and marrow [of the deepest parts of our nature!, e posing and sifting and analyzing and 5udging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart" ,Heb&e#s 8E46-. THE POWER OF UNITY The Ch%&ch o$ 0es%s Ch&is has he a's#e&s o he cha((e'*es ha o%& #o&(d a'd i s )eo)(e $ace o' a dai(" basis, b% a(( oo o$ e' he&e has bee' a $ai(%&e o a))(" hese so(% io's o he h%!a' co'di io'. =e 'eed *od(" (eade&shi) a'd co%'se(o&s #ho ca' ake %s $&o! he )&ob(e! o he so(% io'. As he #&i e& o$ he Book o$ P&o+e&bs s a esE ",here no wise guidance is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety" ,P&o+e&bs 44E48-. No e he #o&d H!%( i %deH he&eI i s)eaks o he )o#e& ha co!es $&o! %'i ". Fa& oo !a'" (eade&s i' o%& ch%&ches do 'o e+e' &eco*'iGe he de!o'ic 4>

ac i+i " #hich is aki'* )(ace a(( a&o%'d %s. The&e a&e hose #ho do 'o e+e' be(ie+e i' he e/is e'ce o$ de!o's2 This bei'* he case, ho# ca' s%ch a )o#e&(ess ch%&ch be s%ccess$%( a'd +ic o&io%s i' he s)i&i %a( #a&$a&e ha is so des)e&a e(" 'eeded oda"C O$ e', !a'" (eade&s #ho do ack'o#(ed*e he &ea(i " o$ he de!o'ic &ea(! a&e $ea&$%( abo% aki'* he H&iskH o$ *e i'* i'+o(+ed i' s)i&i %a( #a&$a&e. =h"C Beca%se he" a&e a$&aid ha s%ch i'+o(+e!e' a'd he )o e' ia( c&i icis! i !i*h a&o%se co%(d 1eo)a&diGe hei& i'co!e, hei& ho!es, hei& ca&ee&s, a'd e+e' hei& ch%&ches. 7o !a'" a&e i'$(%e'ced b" Ne# A*e eachi'*s ha &es%( i' ch%&ches bei'* socia((" o&ie' ed &a he& ha' s)i&i %a((" di&ec ed. I's ead o$ seeki'* o )(ease God, a(( oo !a'" seek o )(ease !a'. I' so doi'* hese (eade&s a&e o)e'i'* he!se(+es %) o e+i( a'd e+i( s)i&i s. TAKING AUTHORITY E+i( e' e&s he )ic %&e #he' !e' a'd #o!e' do 'o k'o# a'd adhe&e o he =o&d o$ God. 0es%s $o%'ded he Ch%&ch so i #o%(d ha+e a )he'o!e'a( s)i&i %a( i!)ac %)o' his )(a'e . Be(ie+e&s a&e o be he sa( o$ he Ea& h a'd he (i*h o$ he #o&(d. ,7ee Ma he# ;E43D4<.Ho#e+e&, oda" i #o%(d be acc%&a e o sa" ha he #o&(d has a *&ea e& i!)ac o' he Ch%&ch ha' he Ch%&ch has o' he #o&(d. This is a si %a io' #e 'eed o cha'*e i' he s)i&i o$ %'i ". O%& Lo&d a'd 7a+io&, 0es%s Ch&is , is s i(( i' he b%si'ess o$ hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce. He is he G&ea Ph"sicia', a'd He has *i+e' %s he co!!a'd a'd 4:

do!i'io' o co'$&o' a'd ake a% ho&i " o+e& he s)i&i %a( bo'da*e i' #hich so !a'" $i'd he!se(+es. Th&o%*h he )o#e& o$ he Ho(" 7)i&i #e a&e ab(e o se he ca) i+es $&ee, a'd his #e !%s do #i ho% $ai(. The o'(" &%e so(% io' o he )&ob(e!s $aced b" !a'ki'd oda" is $o%'d #i hi' he Ch%&ch o$ 0es%s Ch&is .



I$ "o% ha+e &ead !" book, 1he 6hysician7s and 6atient7s "andbook for "ealing, "o% k'o# ha I a! he (eas (ike(" )e&so' o be #&i i'* a book o' his o)ic. I' case "o% ha+e'. &ead i , (e !e *i+e "o% a s"'o)sis. O%& $a!i(" !o+ed B%i e o$ e' #he' I #as *&o#i'* %). M" ei*h h schoo( #as Ce' &a( Hi*h i' Phi(ade()hia, a' a(( bo"s. schoo(. =he' I &e$(ec back o' his, I o$ e' #o'de& #ha God.s )%&)ose #as $o& !e i' $aci'* a(( hese 'e# e'+i&o'!e' a( cha'*es. Tha'k God, I 'e+e& had o e/)e&ie'ce a'o he& se+e' hD*&ade cha((e'*e o$ bei'* he o'(" 0e# i' he schoo(I ho#e+e&, I *%ess I #o%(d s i(( &eco!!e'd i i$ "o%.&e (ooki'* $o& a #a" o de+e(o) a *&ea se'se o$ h%!o&2 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS I #as a $e# #eeks a#a" $&o! s a& i'* he e(e+e' h *&ade #he' as I e' e&ed he s ai&#e(( o$ o%& &e' ed d%)(e/ a)a& !e' , I 'o iced he doo& o he $i&s D$(oo& a)a& !e' #as #ide o)e'. I ook 'o e o$ a "o%'* !a' #ho #as si i'* o' he so$a #i h his $ee e(e+a ed. He #as #ea&i'* sho& s a'd )%((i'* a s &i'* back a'd $o& h ha #as ied o his bi* oe. A$ e& I i' &od%ced !"se($, he i'$o&!ed !e ha he #as a hi&dD"ea& !edica( s %de' s %d"i'* he !%sc(es o$ he $oo . I (ea&'ed ha his 'a!e #as Pa%(, a'd he B%ick(" beca!e !" $&ie'd, !e' o&, a'd Ha's#e& !a'.H 65

M%ch (a e&, as I (ooked back o' ha &e(a io'shi) a'd o he&s, I #as a!aGed o see ho# God had )(aced he a))&o)&ia e )eo)(e i' each (e+e( a'd )hase o$ !" (i$e. The !o&e a's#e&s I &ecei+ed $&o! Pa%(, o !" B%es io's, he *&ea e& he (e+e( o$ !" h%'*e& beca!e. I .s so &%e ha "o% beco!e #ho "o% ha'* a&o%'d #i h, as I (ea&'ed i' hose $o&!a i+e "ea&s #he' he di&ec io' o$ !" ea&(" ca&ee& be*a' o ake sha)e. "WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?" Tha sa!e "ea&, I beca!e a#a&e o$ he $i&s *&ea e(e+a'*e(is , O&a( Robe& s, #ho #as !i'is e&i'* o h%*e c&o#ds i' e' &e+i+a(s a(( o+e& he co%' &". The $oc%s o$ his !i'is &" #as o' hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce. Robe& s had he co%&a*e o s e) o% #i h his s)i&i %a( be(ie$s i' s)i e o$ he cha((e'*i'* co' &o+e&sies his ac i+i ies c&ea ed e+e&"#he&e he #e' . A$ e& schoo( a'd o' #eeke'ds I #o%(d (ook $o& his )&o*&a! o' e(e+isio' a'd si *(%ed #a chi'*A #i h i'c&eased e' h%sias!, b% #i ho% a'" %'de&s a'di'*, as I a e!) ed o $i*%&e o% #ha I #as seei'* a'd e/)e&ie'ci'*. Re+. Robe& s #o%(d )(ace his ha'ds o' he heads o$ )eo)(e, a'd, as he o%ched he!, he" #o%(d $a(( backD#a&ds $o& &easo's I did 'o co!)&ehe'd. I #o%(d s a&e a he sc&ee', a(!os !es!e&iGed, a'd hi'k ho# d%!b i a(( see!ed o be. The' I #o%(d ask !"se($, H=h" a! I #a chi'* hisCH I 'e+e& &ea((" %'de&s ood i s )%&)ose, b% i &e)ea ed(" ca) %&ed !" a e' io'. The&e #as 'o #a" I #o%(d ha+e be(ie+ed ha #ha I #as #a chi'* #as 64

a s)i&i %a( hi'* ha i'+o(+ed hea(i'*, es)ecia((" #he' I had 'o )a& ic%(a& hea( h iss%es a'd #as'. a#a&e o$ a'"o'e e(se ha+i'* he!. No'e he(ess, I #as $asci'a ed b" #ha I #as seei'*. La e&, I (ea&'ed ha .e' h%sias!. !ea's .God #i hi'. a'd I #o%(d %se he (as $o%& (e e&s o$ he #o&d e' h%sIA7M as a' ac&o'"!E I A! S)i&i %a((" Mo i+a ed. AN ENCOURAGER A(so d%&i'* he e(e+e' h *&ade, I had o +isi !" (oca( doc o& o co!)(e e a hea( h $o&! $o& schoo(. =ha a s%&)&ise o $i'd I de+e(o)ed a' i's a' $&ie'dshi) #i h D&. A& h%&, #ho beca!e !" eache&, as #e((. He #as a' e'co%&a*e&, (ike Ba&'abas i' he Bib(e #as, a'd I be*a' o +isi hi! $&eB%e' (", 'o o'(" a his o$$ice, b% a(so #he' he i'+i ed !e o his ho!e, as i$ I #e&e a )a& o$ his $a!i(". Tha .s o'e o$ he &easo's #h" I ha+e beca!e a' e'co%&a*e& o o he&s as #e((, 1%s (ike "o% #i(( be o "o%& )a ie' s. 7oo' he&ea$ e&, I #as )&i+i(e*ed o &ecei+e a scie'ce book ha I i' e&)&e ed as bei'* &es &ic ed o doc o&s. I #as e' i (ed, *an the 8nknown b" A(e/is Ca&&e( ,4:>3D 4?88-, a Nobe( P&iGe #i''e& a'd a s%&*eo'. I &ead ho# his e/)e&i!e' a( bio(o*is ke) iss%e $&o! a chicke'.s hea& a(i+e $o& hi& "D #o "ea&s a!o'* o he& a!aGi'* s o&ies. D&. A& h%& o(d !e ho# he ha'd(ed ce& ai' !edica( si %a io's, a'd he sha&ed #i h !e !edica( i)s ha he had (ea&'ed i' his )&ac ice. I 'e+e& $o&*o a'" o$ he!, es)ecia((" ho# o &es)o'd o he !o he& #ho asks, H=ha "o% do hi'k abo% !" 'e# bab"CH He o(d !e o sa" #i h e!o io', HNo#, ha .s a bab"2H B% he &ea((" !ea' i . 66

I' he $i&s #eek o$ #e($ h *&ade, #e #e&e i's &%c ed o s)e'd he co!i'* #eeke'd $oc%si'* o' he !a1o& decisio' &e*a&di'* #ha #e #a' ed o do $o& o%& $% %&e ca&ee&. Re)&ese' a i+es $&o! +a&io%s co((e*es #o%(d be )&ese' a he schoo( i' he $o((o#i'* #eek o a's#e& o%& B%es io's. Ce' &a( #as a' e(i e acade!ic schoo( ha #as acc&edi ed o iss%e co((e*eD(e+e( de*&ees o i s s %de' s %)o' *&ad%a io'. I &e!e!be& $i((i'* i' ha $o&!, a'd I #&o e he #o&ds HP&eD!edH i' he a))&o)&ia e s)ace. La e&, I &ea(iGed ha he Ho(" 7)i&i k'o#s o%& des i'" ce& ai'(" e+e' be$o&e #e do. This choice o$ )&eD!ed #as a bi sca&" o !e, $o& I k'e# he&e #as 'o o'e i' !" $a!i(" #ho #as i' he $ie(d o$ !edici'e. =h" had I !ade his choiceC Pe&ha)s !" $&ie'ds Pa%( a'd D&. A& h%& had *&ea i'$(%e'ce i' !" (i$e. "YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING!" I' !" (as "ea& o$ hi*h schoo(, I )%&chased a book e' i (ed, ,illiam -harpe, Brain -urgeon. I (ea&'ed a!aGi'* hi'*s $&o! his 'e%&os%&*eo'.s e/)e&ie'ce, hi'*s ha a*ai' d&as ica((" cha'*ed he di&ec io' o$ !" (i$e. I (ea&'ed ha his !a' ha))e'ed o a e'd he sa!e hi*h schoo( i' Phi(ade()hia ha I #as a e'di'*2 This a))a&e' coi'cide'ce !ade !e si %) a'd (is e' o #ha he had o sa". I decided o a e'd A(b&i*h Co((e*e, a s!a(( schoo( i' Readi'*, Pe''s"(+a'ia. I' !" seco'd "ea& he&e, !" as &o)h"sics !a1o& $&ie'd s)oke o !e i' he (ocke& &oo! #i h he 63

d"'a!ics o$ a' ac o&. He (i$ ed %) his +oice a'd said, H@o% 'eed o do so!e hi'* i' "o%& (i$e a'd beco!e so!ebod"2 =h" e(se #e&e "o% )% he&e o' ea& hCH I #as a(&ead" !a1o&i'* i' bio(o*" a'd che!is &" as a )&eD!ed s %de' , b% his ho%*h had beca!e a !a1o& i!)ac i' !" *&o# h a'd I ado) ed i as !" (i$es "(e, as I be*a' o )(a" he &o(e o$ a !o i+a o&. As a $o((o#D%) o his, $i$ " "ea&s (a e&, $o((o#i'* o%& c(ass &e%'io', I #as ab(e o (oca e his e(e)ho'e '%!be& a'd #as s %''ed o (ea&' ha he had beco!e a' a heis . He #as basica((" 1%s e/is i'* i' (i$e $o& he had (os his d&ea!. MUSIC OR MEDICINE? M" !o he& )(a"ed he +io(i' i' he s"!)ho'" o&ches &a, a'd (a e& she beca!e he bookkee)e& $o& o'e o$ he *&ea o)e&a co!)a'ies. =i h his i'$(%e'ce i' !" (i$e, I a(so beca!e abso&bed #i h !%sic, a'd I ook +io(i' (esso's $&o! he i!e I #as i' si/ h *&ade %' i( he be*i''i'* o$ !" $i&s "ea& o$ !edica( schoo(. I a(so ook (esso's b&ie$(" $&o! a s %de' a 0%((ia&d 7choo( o$ M%sic, b% I B%ick(" &ea(iGed I co%(d'. do bo h. E+e' %a((", I )(a"ed i' he Readi'* Phi(ha&!o'ic a'd 7a+a''ah 7"!)ho'" O&ches &as, a'd a o'e i!e I se&io%s(" co'side&ed !%sic $o& !" ca&ee&. M" $a he& )(a"ed he !o% h o&*a', a'd so I e+e' %a((" s %died he ch&o!a ic ha&!o'ica, so I co%(d )(a" c(assics (ike Bach, Bee ho+e', a'd B&ah!s. ,M" c%&&e' desi&e is o )(a" he h&eeD s &i'*ed, &ia'*(e sha)ed ba(a(aika.68

God co' i'%ed o Hd&o)H )eo)(e i' o !" (i$e, as I a! s%&e He does i' "o%& (i$e. O'e a$ e&'oo', $o& e/a!)(e, I #as #a(ki'* h&o%*h he co((e*e *"! a$ e& a c(ass, a'd he 1a'i o&, a )a& D i!e !i'is e&, a))&oached !e. =i hi' e' !i'% es, he o(d !e abo% he i'e$$ec i+e'ess o$ a(( !" books, i'c(%di'* he )&eD!ed o'es I #as ca&&"i'* a&o%'d. =i h si!)(ici " he sha&ed #i h !e he +a(%e o$ 0es%s i' he (i+es o$ )eo)(e. I #as a )o#e&$%( !essa*e, a'd he &% h o$ i a$$ec ed !e (a e& i' (i$e, b% I did e+e&" hi'* I co%(d a ha i!e o i*'o&e i , si'ce I #as a(&ead" )&o*&a!!ed as a 0e#. A DESTINY DECISION The !o&e I &e$(ec ed back o' he )a h o$ !" (i$e, he !o&e I #as i!)&essed #i h #ha God had bee' doi'* a(( a(o'*. Those ea&(" e/)e&ie'ces #e&e 1%s he be*i''i'* )&e)a&a io' $o& !e o !o+e i' o he $ie(d o$ !edici'e, b% I be(ie+e he desi&e o do so had bee' (o'* i' )(ace. O'e da" I #o%(d $%($i(( his des i'" h&o%*h God. The', i' 4?:8, #hi(e a a b%si'ess co'+e' io', I a e'ded a 'o'de'o!i'a io'a( #o&shi) se&+ice, a'd I said a )&a"e& I &ea((" did'. co!)(e e(" %'de&s a'd. Ho#e+e&, i #as a si!)(e )&a"e& o$ sa(+a io', a'd I had bee' bo&' a*ai'. 7oo' he&ea$ e& I $o%'d !"se($ aski'* he Lo&d o $i(( !e #i h he Ho(" 7)i&i , es)ecia((" #he' I #e' o bed a 'i*h . B% I did'. 1oi' a ch%&ch o& beco!e #ha "o% #o%(d ca(( a' Hac i+eH Ch&is ia'. 9' i( 4??4, I #as ob(i+io%s o God, e+e' ho%*h I had acce) ed 0es%s i' o !" hea& . I 'e+e& had a &easo' o ack'o#(ed*e Hi! si'ce I #as oo 6;

i'+o(+ed i' !e, !"se($, a'd I. This is a$$ec io'a e(" k'o#' as he HIH disease. HOW COULD I BE REJECTED? Ho# I #as ab(e o *e i' o !edica( schoo( is a !i&ac(e i' i se($. M" b&i((ia' !o!, #ho #as a(so 0e#ish, )(a"ed a ke" &o(e. As a doc o&, I.! s%&e "o% k'o# #ha i #as (ike o #ai o hea& abo% "o%& a))&o+a( ,o& &e1ec io'$&o! "o%& a))(ica io' o !edica( schoo(s. The c&aG", !i/edD%) e!o io's ha a&e associa ed #i h #ai i'* o hea& a&e so!e i!es o+e&#he(!i'*. I $i'a((" ha))e'ed. I *o a' a's#e& a$ e& se+e&a( #eeks o$ #ai i'*. The &es%( #as i's a' de)&essio'2 The (e e& &ead, H7o&&" o i'$o&! "o% ha .H @o% k'o# he &es 2 Ho# co%(d I be &e1ec edC Goi'* o !edica( schoo( #as !" )assio'. =he' I o(d !" !o!, #ho had bee' &e$e&&i'* o !e as HM" so', he doc o&,H $&o! he i!e I #as se+e' "ea&s o(d, said, HGood, ha #as 'o "o%& $i&s choice2H Tha #as &%e, b% I #o%(d ha+e acce) ed i a'"#a". 7he ad+ised !e o #&i e o he schoo( o$ !" choice a'd i'$o&! he! ha , HI #as a(&ead" acce) ed o a'o he& )(ace, b% ha I #o%(d )&e$e& o *o o hei& !edica( schoo(.H I #as 'e+e& co!$o& ab(e hi'ki'* ha #as a God idea, b% I &ea(iGed, ha'k he Lo&d, i #as a *&ea idea #he' I $i'a((" *o acce) ed b" !" $i&s choice. Tha'k God, !" )a&e' s #e&e ab(e o )a" $o& !" %i io' ,a))&o/i!a e(" o'e ho%sa'd do((a&s a "ea&-, )(%s &oo! a'd boa&d, #hich #as a' e/ &ao&di'a&" a!o%' o$ !o'e" a ha i!e.


Fo& !e, !" s %d" i!e &eB%i&ed a' a+e&a*e o$ si/ ho%&s 'i*h (" a$ e& schoo( a'd $i$ ee' ho%&s each #eeke'd. M" o%*hes co%&se i' !edica( schoo( #as e)ide!io(o*". The" had o )ass !e, ho#e+e&, beca%se I did #e(( i' a(( !" o he& co%&ses2 OFF TO PARRIS ISLAND I' !" !a chi'* &o a i'* i' e&'shi) a))(ica io' )&o*&a!, I #as $o& %'a e e'o%*h o ob ai' he hos)i a( a'd he e(ec i+e o$ !" choice, Readi'* Hos)i a( a'd 'e%&os%&*e&". I ho%*h ha #o%(d be he o%*hes a'd !os cha((e'*i'* $ie(d I co%(d choose, es)ecia((" a$ e& &eadi'* ha book abo% he b&ai' s%&*eo'. O$ co%&se, !" !o he& #as &es)o'sib(e $o& !e *oi'* i' o 'e%&os%&*e&" si'ce she a(#a"s o(d !e ha i' (i$e I a(#a"s had o *e Hahead.H 7he (o+ed !" se'se o$ h%!o&I o& )e&ha)s she 1%s )% %) #i h i 2 7i'ce I had o e'(is i' he !i(i a&" se&+ice, I a))(ied o he 9.7. Na+" a'd e+e' %a((" &ecei+ed 'o ice ha I #as o be s a io'ed a Pa&&is Is(a'd i' 7o% h Ca&o(i'a as a Na+" (ie% e'a' . I #as a %'iB%e e/)e&ie'ce, o'e I #o%(d 'e+e& $o&*e . M" i!e he&e #as a' e'o&!o%s co' &as o !edica( schoo(, i' e&'shi), a'd so!e i!es e+e' !edici'e i se($. A CAREER DECISION The Na+" co&)s!e' I #o&ked #i h #e&e a#eso!e. M" $i&s da" o$ i'doc &i'a io' doi'* H a'd P.s ,his o&" a'd )h"sica(s- o a h%*e (i'e o$ Ma&i'e )&i+a es s a& ed o$$ &a he& )oo&(". I #as'. ab(e o hea& a'" hea& o& (%'* so%'ds e+e' #he' I ca!e o he ches o$ he hi&d &ec&%i . I s o))ed a'd 6>

&ea(iGed so!e hi'* #as +e&" #&o'*. I disco+e&ed ha o'e o$ he co&)s!e' had s %$$ed he dia)h&a*! o$ !" s e hosco)e #i h co o'2 I (ea&'ed ski((s I 'e+e& k'e#, i'c(%di'* ho# o e/a!i'e (a&*e *&o%)s o$ "o%'* !e' a'd #o!e' ,'a+" =a+es- #ho #e&e hea( h", s%)e&+isi'* +acci'a io's ha #e&e ad!i'is e&ed o h%'d&eds, ca&i'* $o& hose !e' #ho #e&e co'$i'ed o he b&i*, &ea i'* he &ec&%i s, Ma&i'es a'd hei& $a!i(ies, a'd *ai'i'* ski((s i' )(a" i!e ac i+i ies, s%ch as bo#(i'*, )ho o*&a)h", )oo(, s#i!!i'*, a'd shoo i'* o' he &i$(e &a'*e. Ha+i'* !ade a ca&ee& decisio', I 'eeded o a))(" $o& a 'e%&os%&*ica( &eside'c" )&o*&a! a'd ob ai' a' i' e&+ie#. THE EJECTION SEAT 7i'ce I #as +e&" $a!i(ia& #i h he Phi(ade()hia a&ea, he&e #as a )&o*&a! I #a' ed o a e'd he&e, a'd I #as s%&e I #o%(d be acce) ed. I ook a &isk b" de)e'di'* o' !" $ai h a'd o'(" a))(ied o ha o'e )&o*&a!. The i' e&+ie# #as de)e'de' o' $("i'* #i hi' a ?< ho%& (ea+e. To hi ch a &ide o' a TIA si'*(e e'*i'e 1e , I had o )ass a hi*hD)&ess%&e cha!be& co%&se. This #as eas", !" 'e/ doo& )i(o $&ie'd o(d !e, co!)a&ed o bei'* h%&(ed $i$ " $ee $&o! he e1ec io' sea i' case I had o e1ec d%&i'* he $(i*h . 7i i'* i' a cha!be& a 65,555 $ee a'd #i ho% o/"*e' $o& a sho& )e&iod o$ i!e #as'. di$$ic%( , b% #he' he" sho% ed, HP%((,H I had o &es)o'd i's a' (" a'd )%(( he o+e&head (e+e& o' ha o% side !e a( )(a $o&! i$ I e/)ec ed o $(" a'd *e !" i' e&+ie#. I s i(( be(ie+ed !" $&ie'd %' i( I 6:

)%((ed ha (e+e& o' co!!a'd a'd o'(" !o+ed so!e e' $ee .. .a'd )assed he co%&se. I #as acce) ed $o& !" 'e%&os%&*ica( &eside'c" a'd sched%(ed o be*i' !" $o%&D"ea& 'e%&os%&*ica( )&o*&a! $o((o#i'* !" discha&*e $&o! he se&+ice. LEARNING ALL OVER AGAIN D%&i'* he i!e o$ !" se&+ice ob(i*a io', I de+e(o)ed a %'iB%e $&ie'dshi) #i h a hi*hD&a'ki'* 'a+" o$$ice&, Ca) ai' F&ed E. 0ackso', #ho #as he Chie$ o$ Ne%&os%&*e&" a he Cha&(es o' Na+a( Hos)i a( i' 7o% h Ca&o(i'a. D%&i'* hose #o "ea&s. I +isi ed hi! $&eB%e' (" a'd (ea&'ed a' i!!e'se a!o%' o$ )&ac ica( 'e%&os%&*ica( &ai'i'* i'$o&!a io'. I #as !o&e (ike a' a))&e' iceshi) o& a sho& &eside'c" )&o*&a! #i ho% he b(ood, e+e' be$o&e !" &eside'c" e+e& co!!e'ced. This #as 1%s a'o he& *od(" coi'cide'ce ha i'+o(+ed a !a' #ho beca!e a he&o o !e, i' he sa!e #a" ha !" 'e/ Ddoo& )i(o b%dd" had beco!e a $&ie'd o !e. F&ed #as a *i$ ed eache& #ho (o+ed )eo)(e a'd #as a(#a"s &ead" o &esea&ch a'd &ai' #i h his &ead"D oD*o !o+ie ca!e&a. This is a &ib% e o hi!. M" $o%&D"ea& 'e%&os%&*ica( &eside'c" #as o+e&D #he(!i'*, b% ho&o%*h(" e/ci i'* as #e((, a'd i #as so e'o&!o%s(" di$$e&e' $&o! !" )as &ai'i'* ha i #as (ike *oi'* back o !edica( schoo( a'd (ea&'i'* a(( o+e& a*ai', #i h a(!os e' i&e(" di$$e&e' i'$o&!a io'. I #o'de& i$ "o% ca' *e addic ed o& &a he& de)e'de' o' he h&i(( ha co!es $&o! (ea&'i'*. Pe&ha)s i has o do #i h o%& e'do&)hi's a'd he e'ce)ha(i's. 6?

I' 4?:?, !" $a he& #as dia*'osed #i h a hi*h(" !a(i*'a' %!o&, a'd he iss%e bio)s" &e+ea(ed a sa&co!a. 9'$o& %'a e(", he %!o& had beco!e !e as a ic a'd %' &ea ab(e. I #as a(&ead" i' 'e%&os%&*ica( )&ac ice a'd i!!edia e(" %'de&s ood ha he&e #as 'o a!o%' o$ !edica( k'o#(ed*e ha #o%(d &eso(+e his. He did ha+e e/ce((e' o'co(o*is s i' a o)D'o ch hos)i a(, ho#e+e&. UNBEARABLE PAIN La e& ha sa!e "ea&, I !"se($ #as dia*'osed #i h bi(a e&a( )(a' a& $asci is associa ed #i h s)%&s. M" )&o*'osis #as *ood i' ha i #as 'o (i$eD h&ea e'i'*, e/ce) !" co((ea*%es i'$o&!ed !e he&e #as 'o c%&e o& de$i'i i+e &ea !e' $o& his co'di io'. I #as o(d I had o (ea&' ho# o o(e&a e ch&o'ic i' &ac ab(e )ai'. M" B%es io' #as, H=he&e ca' I e'&o(( i' To(e&a io' 7choo(C The cha((e'*e #as ha I co%(d'. ake )ai' !edica io' #hi(e #o&ki'* i' he o)e&a i'* s%i e a'd #o&se, aki'* )ai' !edica io' #as a*ai's !" )hi(oso)h" a'"ho#. M" $a he& died i' No+e!be&, 4??5. I #as #i h hi! he 'i*h be$o&e as he *&ad%a((" )assed a#a", s%$$e&i'* #i h %'bea&ab(e )ai' i' s)i e o$ a !o&)hi'e d&i). 9'$o& %'a e(", he #as 'o o)e' i' a'" #a" o &ecei+e sa(+a io' o& e+e' o &ecei+e )&a"e&. I !ade a )&o!ise o !"se($ ha I #o%(d $i'd so!e #a" o he() hese %'$o& %'a e +ic i!s e+e' ho%*h I be(ie+ed ha i' s)i e o$ a(( o$ !" &ai'i'* a'd k'o#(ed*e ha a' a's#e& $o& hea(i'* o& e+e' a'" ki'd o$ c%&e #as s i(( )ossib(e. 35

@o% )&obab(" #o'. be s%&)&ised o (ea&' ha I $o%'d a #a" o &ea )a ie' s #ho #e&e s%$$e&i'* #i h ch&o'ic )ai' #he' I !e a Med &o'ics &e)&ese' a i+e #ho ca!e o !" o$$ice. The s)ecia(iGed )&o*&a! he o$$e&ed #as &e$e&&ed o as 'e%&oa%*!e' a io'. He e/)(ai'ed ha s%bs a'ces 'a %&a((" )&od%ced b" he b&ai', ca((ed be a e'do&)hi's, ac o' he )e&i+e' &ic%(a& a'd )e&iacB%ed%c a( a&eas o a((e+ia e )ai'. Ne%&oa%*!e' a io' akes ad+a' a*e o$ his s"s e! b" he %se o$ e(ec &ica( s i!%(a io' o$ dee) b&ai' s &%c %&es a'd he s)i'a( co&d o &e(ie+e debi(i a i'* ch&o'ic )ai'. 7oo' he&ea$ e&, I be*a' o &ea )a ie' s #i h 'e%&os)i'a( )ai' i!)(a' s a'd (a e& (ea&'ed ho# o i!)(a' !o&)hi'e )%!)s, !os (" o a((e+ia e he %se(ess )ai' associa ed, $o& e/a!)(e, #i h a !a(i*'a'c". FIGHTING THE ENEMY These %'i s #e&e 'o he a's#e&, ho#e+e&, #hich e/)(ai'ed #h" o'(" a s!a(( )e&ce' a*e o$ 'e%&os%&*eo's #e&e i'+o(+ed i' his $o&! o$ )ai' &ea !e' . I 'e+e& &ea(iGed a he i!e ha he&e #as so!e hi'* ha co%(d be do'e abo% ch&o'ic a'd e&!i'a( co'di io's. I #as +e&" $o& %i o%s ha I (ea&'ed ho# o ha+e access i' o he s%)e&'a %&a( &ea(! h&o%*h 0es%s as a &es%( o$ !" )e&so'a( hea(i'* a'd ha+e he o))o& %'i " o *e e+e' #i h he de+i( h&o%*h Ma&k 4<E4:I "1hey shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover" ,A!e&ica' 7 a'da&d Ve&sio'-. The Bib(e *i+es ad+ice o 'e+e& seek &e+e'*e o& bea& a *&%d*e, b% I.! &e$e&&i'* o hose cases i' 34

#hich #e a&e $i*h i'* he e'e!", #ho is a(so he decei+e&. @o% 'eed o %'de&s a'd ha o'e o$ he !a'" #a"s he e'e!" co!es o "o% is h&o%*h )eo)(e, b% his i'c(%des he !edia as #e((. "0ou shall not take revenge or bear any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself2 3 am the $ord" ,Le+i ic%s 4:E4?-. THE HOPE FACTOR As a &es%( o$ his &a*ic e/)e&ie'ce #i h !" dad, I &ea(iGed o'e o$ he !a1o& &easo's $o& *e i'* i'+o(+ed i' a hea(i'* !i'is &" #as o ha+e a &eso%&ce ha #o%(d *i+e )eo)(e hope. This is i' co' &as o he i!es #he' I.+e had o i'$o&! a )a ie' a'd hei& $a!i(" ha 'o hi'* e(se ca' be do'e. Do "o% ha+e a'" idea #ha i .s (ike o ha+e ho)e o& 'o o ha+e ho)eC The &% h is ha ho)e ca' (ead o $ai h, b% ho)e is 'o e'o%*h, si'ce "o% ca' s i(( die #i h ho)e. He&e.s he di$$e&e'ce. Ho)e is i' he head, b% $ai h is i' hea& . Ho)e is i' o!o&&o#, b% $ai h is i' oda". I.+e had o &ea oo !a'" )a ie' s, #ho ha+e 'o ho)e 1%s (ike "o% ha+e. Thei& !edica( co'di io' see!ed be"o'd $i'di'* a c%&e. =ha a b(essi'* i is o be ab(e o *i+e )eo)(e ho)e. B% ha'ks o 0es%s, i is be e& o *i+e )eo)(e Bib(e ho)e. =h"C Beca%se Bib(e ho)e i'+o(+es si*'i$ica' $ai h. 9NEKPECTEDA9NEKPLAINABLE I' 4??4, a sa(es!a' ca!e o !" o$$ice aski'* !e o )%&chase a' ad+e& ise!e' i' his (oca( Ch&is ia' b%si'ess e(e)ho'e book. I' e/cha'*e, I 36

#as s%))osed o e/)ec e'o%*h )a ie' &e$e&&a(s o a (eas co+e& he cos s. He s)o ed a book ha #as o' !" desk. I #as #&i e' b" Be''" Hi'' a'd #as e' i (ed, &ood *orning, "oly -pirit. =he' he hea&d !e !e' io' I #as sched%(ed $o& a +aca io' a Dis'e" =o&(d, he i'sis ed ha I +isi he a% ho& a'd his ch%&ch i' O&(a'do. I )&o!) (" e/)(ai'ed ha 0e#ish )eo)(e do'. *o o Ch&is ia' ch%&ches, ,a( ho%*h I 'e+e& co'side&ed he se&+ice a a b%si'ess co'+e' io' as a ch%&ch-. I #as %'ab(e o e/)(ai' o hi! #h" I &ead a Ch&is ia' book, a'd I 'e+e& o(d hi! abo% !" ch&o'ic, i' &ac ab(e )ai'. Ho#e+e&, o'ce I #as a Dis'e", !" c%&iosi " o+e&ca!e !" &adi io' a'd I #as ad+ised I had o be a he O&(a'do ch%&ch b" <E55 A.M. i' o&de& o *e a sea . Be''" Hi'' sho#ed a +ideo $&o! a hea(i'* se&+ice ha had bee' &eco&ded he )&e+io%s 'i*h #i h Re/ H%!ba&d. I #as &a he& H#ei&dH o !e, $o& I sa# a(( he !i'is e&s ("i'* o' he )(a $o&! H)&a"i'* i' o'*%es,H as i #as (a e& ide' i$ied o !e. As I #a ched his %'e/)(ai'ab(e, a(!os Dis'e"D (ike e+e' , so!e hi'* a!aGi'* ha))e'ed a(!os i's a' a'eo%s(". I' 1%s a !o!e' I $e( a )o#e&$%( Hhea H co!e i' o bo h !" $ee a'd &adia e %) !" (e*s. 7%dde'(", a(( he )ai' ha I had e/)e&ie'ced $o& so (o'* co!)(e e(" disa))ea&ed. I did'. k'o# #ha had ha))e'ed, a'd he&e #as 'o #a" I co%(d e/)(ai' i . A$ e& #o a'd a ha($ "ea&s he e/c&%cia i'* )ai' #as i's a' (" *o'e. I i!!edia e(" (ea)ed %) a'd 33

s a& ed 1%!)i'* %) a'd do#'. I had 'o bee' ab(e o do his si'ce he co'di io' s a& ed, a'd I ce& ai'(" co%(d'. ha+e o(e&a ed he )ai' ha #o%(d ha+e &es%( ed $&o! ha ki'd o$ ac i+i ". A he sa!e i!e, I s a& ed c&"i'*. I co%(d'. be(ie+e he o a( a'd i's a' &e(ie$ I #as e/)e&ie'ci'*. I #as i'i ia((" e!ba&&assed as I s ood he&e a'd I c&ied %' i( I sa# !a'" o he& )eo)(e #ho #e&e a(so s a'di'*. I $i*%&ed he" #e&e )&obab(" hea(ed as #e((. HI7 THI7 REALCH The' I $o%'d !"se($ s)eaki'* 'e*a i+e co'$essio's2 I #as sa"i'* e+e&" hi'* I &ai' )eo)(e 'o o sa" #he' he" a&e bei'* i's &%c ed o' ho# o *e hea(ed a'd s a" hea(ed. I asked !"se($, HIs his &ea(C Ho# (o'* #i(( his (as C =i(( !" )ai' co!e backCH This beca!e !" &adica(, !idD(i$e co'+e&sio' i' #hich God sho#ed %) #i h !" s)i&i %a( a'd )h"sica( hea(i'*. Ho#e+e&, i' he !ea' i!e, #he' I #as $i'a((" i'$o&!ed ha 0es%s #as &es)o'sib(e $o& !" (ibe&a io' $&o! his bo'da*e, !" i' e((ec %a( &es)o'se ha &a+e(ed $&o! !" !i'd i' o !" !o% h a'd o'*%e #as, HI do'. hi'k so2H e+e' ho%*h I had e/)e&ie'ced a s%)e&'a %&a( !i&ac(e $&o! God. I #as o(d, HThe&e is 'o hi'* #&o'* i' bei'* i*'o&a' I "o% 1%s do'. #a' o s a" he&e.H Ob+io%s(", I &e$%sed o ack'o#(ed*e he He&o o$ his (i$e cha'*i'* e+e' i' !" (i$e beca%se o$ !" (ack o$ k'o#(ed*e a'd !" )&ide. This #as #i ho% do%b he sa!e &easo' I 'e+e& a((o#ed !"se($ o be Hs%cked i' oH ha 0es%s Hs %$$H I had hea&d a'd occasio'a((" &ead abo% . 38

@o% see, I a(&ead" had !" (i$e o*e he&, es)ecia((" i' !" !edica( )&ac ice. I did i*'o&e $o& ha !o!e' #ha had ha))e'ed o !" $a he&, ho#e+e&. I ca!e o &ea(iGe ha he&e is a c"c(e ha occ%&s i' (i$e. I *oes so!e hi'* (ike hisE P&ide...(eads o... &ebe((io'...(eads o...1%d*!e' . P&ide a'd &ebe((io' a&e he $i&s #o si's &e)o& ed i' he Bib(e a'd his sho#s "o% ha he de+i( had 'o &easo' o cha'*e his ac ics a*ai's %s, si'ce his c"c(e a(#a"s #o&ks i' he (i$e o$ e+e&" %'i'$o&!ed )e&so'. A NEW HUNGER I' !" &esea&ch, !a'" !o' hs, !a'" books a'd a)es (a e&, I be*a' o $ee( co!$o& ab(e #i h !" 'e# )a&adi*!. I k'e# he Ho(" 7)i&i #as &es)o'sib(e $o& !" i' e'se desi&e o &ead a'd #a ch !o&e ha' ;55 books a'd a)es. This 'e# h%'*e& o (ea&' abo% he s%)e&'a %&a( #as &e+e(a io' o !e. The' I s a& ed !e!o&iGi'* 7c&i) %&es, beca%se he" #e&e +e&" i's)i&i'* o !e. The&e #as o'e )assa*e i' )a& ic%(a& ha I #o%(d &e)ea o$ e'. I .s Isaiah <E:, a'd i see!ed o H)o)H i' o !" co'scio%s'ess a'd beco!e !o!e' o%s i' !" (i$e. This occ%&&ed o !e #he'e+e& he ho%*h ca!e i' o !" !i'd ha I #as *oi'* o be o' a !issio' o sha&e #ha I had (ea&'ed. The' I #o%(d &ehea&se his +e&se i' !" !i'dE "Also 3 heard the voice of the $ord, saying, ,hom shall 3 send% And who will go for 8s% 1hen said 3, "ere am 3/ send me2" M" $i&s book, "ealing 3s 0ours, ook se+e' "ea&s o #&i e. I #as !o i+a ed b" he )&ecedi'* 7c&i) %&e, as #e(( as he !i&ac(e o$ !" o#' hea(i'*, 3;

a'd he des)e&a e 'eed o o$$e& so!e ki'd o$ Hho)eH o he sick a'd d"i'*. I a! so ha'k$%( o God $o& his o))o& %'i " o beco!e i'+o(+ed #i h hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce. I co%(d ha+e !issed (i$e co!)(e e(" b" 'o 1oi'i'* %) #i h God a a((I (a e i'+o(+e!e' #as $a& be e& ha' 'o i'+o(+e!e' .



=ha a' e/ci i'* ad+e' %&e his has bee'A seei'* he (i+es o$ !e', #o!e', a'd "o%'* )eo)(e o a((" &a's$o&!ed b" God.s )o#e&. De(i+e&a'ce !ea's o be se $&ee. I' his co' e/ , his si!)(" !ea's "o% ha+e he a% ho&i " a'd do!i'io' o &e!o+e a )e&so' $&o! s%$$e&i'* %'de& de!o'ic bo'da*e. Th&o%*h "o%& GodD*i+e' )o#e&, "o% ca' (ibe&a e he! b" #ha e+e& !ea's is 'ecessa&" $&o! he o))&essio' o$ de!o'ic s)i&i s a'd bo'da*e i'c(%di'* cas i'* he! o% , e/)e((i'* he!, a'd d&i+i'* o% he e+i( s)i&i s #hich ho(d he!. 0es%s has *i+e' "o% his a% ho&i ". Be$o&e He asce'ded back o he Fa he&, He s a edE "1hese signs will accompany those who believe9 1hey will cast out demons in my name" ,Ma&k 4<E4>, Ne# Li+i'* T&a's(a io'-. =he' "o% a'a("Ge he +e&" s)e((i'* o$ he 'a!e, de+i(, "o% $i'd ha he (e e& HdH co%(d s a'd $o& de+i(, #hich is 7a a'I "o% co%(d s%bdi+ide he o he& ha($ o$ he #o&d i' o he #o&d He+i(H #hich !ea's $%(( o$ e+i(. =he' "o% (ook %) he #o&d de+i( "o%.(( $i'd i is de&i+ed $&o! he G&eek #o&d diabolos #hich !ea's Hacc%se&H o& Hs(a'de&e&.H I' he *e'e&a( !ids &ea! o$ Ch&is ia'i ", he $i*h be #ee' God a'd he de+i( is o+e& he Hso%(sH o$ )eo)(e i' o&de& o kee) he! $&o! *oi'* o he((. 3>

The de+i( co!!a'ds a $o&ce o$ de!o's o& e+i( s)i&i s ha "o% !i*h hi'k ca!e o es h%!a'ki'd, b% hei& i' e' is o ake hea( h a'd hea(i'* $&o! "o% a'd e+e&"o'e e(se #hi(e he" he!se(+es a&e #ai i'* #i ho% a'" o) io' o$ a+oidi'* he e e&'a( )i . "THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!" I' o%& sec%(a& #o&(d he&e a&e !a'" !is&e)&ese' a io's a'd e+e' h%!o& &e*a&di'* de!o'ic ac i+i " )e&ha)s o &ed%ce he $ea& associa ed #i h i . This i'c(%des o'e co!edia' #ho beca!e $a!o%s c(ai!i'*, HThe de+i( !ade !e do i .H The cha((e'*es a&e ha #he' )eo)(e a&e i!bedded #i h #i chc&a$ , he" ca'. &es)o'd o )&a"e&Ao& $o& ha !a e&, e+e' !edica( &ea !e' . I )&a" "o% #i(( $ee( he co!)assio' o$ #ha 0es%s did $o& "o%E "-ince, therefore, [these "is! children share in flesh and blood [in the physical nature of human beings!, "e ["imself! in a similar manner partook of the same [nature!, that by [going through! death "e might bring to nought and make of no effect him who had the power of deaththat is, the devil" ,Heb&e#s 6E48-. M" 0e#ish &adi io' (i!i ed !" %'de&s a'di'* o$ de!o'ic ac i+i ". Ho# co%(d I e/)ec o be(ie+e a'" o$ his ha+i'* bee' e/)osed o'(" o he (e$ side o$ he Bib(eC BREAKING THE CHAINS I' !" "o% h$%( "ea&s, I +ie#ed he #o&d e+i( as H(i+eH s)e((ed back#a&ds. @e , God is B%i e c(ea& 3:

abo% 'o a((o#i'* "o%&se($ o be i*'o&a' o& s%$$e&i'* $&o! (ack o$ k'o#(ed*e. ,7ee Hosea 8E<.The abse'ce o$ k'o#(ed*e )oses *&ea &isks o "o% beca%se he de+i(.s s%ccess is de)e'de' %)o' "o%& i*'o&a'ce. Ho#e+e&, he =o&d o$ God des &o"s he )o#e& o$ he des &o"e&E "[But! he who commits sin [who practices evildoing! is of the devil [takes his character from the evil one!, for the devil has sinned )violated the divine law+ from the beginning2 1he reason the -on of &od was made manifest )visible+ was to undo )destroy, loosen, and dissolve+ the works the devil [has done!" ,4 0oh' 3E:-. The &% h is ha hese )eo)(e a&e 'o bo%'d b" accide' o& coi'cide'ceI he" ac %a((" !ake hei& o#' choice o 1oi' $o&ces #i h he de!o'ic &ea(!. The" do'. #a' o &e(ease he de+i( si'ce he ca' *i+e he! hei& 'eeded i!)o& a'ce i' (i$e. I' hese cases, de(i+e&a'ce is %'(ike(" o ha))e' $o& he! beca%se he".&e co!$o& ab(e &i*h #he&e he" a&e. "#o you not know that if you continually surrender yourselves to anyone to do his will, you are the slaves of him whom you obey, whether that be to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience which leads to righteousness )right doing and right standing with &od+%" ,Ro!a's <E4<-. The" !ake a #i(($%( choice o si' a'd a&e &es)o'sib(e $o& i'+i i'* he e+i( s)i&i s i'. The Bib(e e((s %s ha !a' sha(( be he(d b" he co&ds o$ his o#' si'sE ""is own ini:uities shall ensnare the wicked man, and he shall be held with the cords of his sin" ,P&o+e&bs ;E66-.


This (ack o$ i's &%c io' is, o$ co%&se, &es)o'sib(e $o& )eo)(e #ho *o as &a" #i ho% God.s =o&d, #hich a((o#s e+i( o ake co' &o(. I's &%c io' is he ke" o de(i+e&a'ceE "1hey promise them liberty, when they themselves are the slaves of depravity and defilementfor by whatever anyone is made inferior or worse or is overcome, to that [person or thing! he is enslaved" ,6 Pe e& 6E4?-. God.s 7o' s)oke o His disci)(es a'd o(d he! He &ecei+ed a(( His a% ho&i " $o& bo h hea+e' a'd ea& h. "Jesus approached and, breaking the silence, said to them, All authority )all power of rule+ in heaven and on earth has been given to *e" ,Ma he# 6:E4:-. WHAT IS THIS? The 0e#ish &e(i*io%s (eade&s !a&+e(ed #i h he )o#e& a'd a% ho&i " 0es%s de!o's &a ed o+e& de!o's si'ce he s)i&i s (e$ !e&e(" #i ho% a #o&d, e+e' he %'c(ea' s)i&i s. "And they were all so amazed and almost terrified that they kept :uestioning and demanding one of another, saying, ,hat is this% ,hat new )fresh+ teaching; ,ith authority "e gives orders even to the unclean spirits and they obey "im;" ,Ma&k 4E6>-. 0es%s de!o's &a ed ha !a'" de!o'D)ossessed !e' a'd #o!e' #e&e b&o%*h o Hi! a'd He co!!a'ded he de!o's o (ea+e. He cas o% s)i&i s #i h 1%s a #o&d a'd he *os)e(s &e+ea(ed He hea(ed a(( he sick. "<ow at the setting of the sun [indicating the end of the -abbath!, all those who had any [who were! sick with various diseases brought them to "im, and "e laid "is hands upon 85

every one of them and cured them2 And demons even came out of many people, screaming and crying out, 0ou are the -on of &od; But "e rebuked them and would not permit them to speak, because they knew that "e was the (hrist )the *essiah+" ,L%ke 8E85D84-. 0es%s #as a(so a *&ea i's &%c o& eachi'* His #e(+e disci)(es a'd he' a))oi' i'* a' addi io'a( se+e' "D #o. "And Jesus summoned to "im "is twelve disciples and gave them power and authority over unclean spirits, to drive them out, and to cure all kinds of disease and all kinds of weakness and infirmity" ,Ma he# 45E4-. "And they drove out many unclean spirits and anointed with oil many who were sick and cured them" ,Ma&k <E43-. "DEMONIZED" As Ch&is D$o((o#e&s #e ha+e bee' *i+e' he s)i&i %a( )o#e& o$ a o&'e" a'd a% ho&i " o bi'd )&i'ci)a(i ies, )o#e&s, a'd &%(e&s h&o%*h 0es%s. ,7ee L%ke 45E4?.=he' a )e&so' is %'de& he )o#e& o& i'$(%e'ce o$ a de!o' o& #he' i is said he" ha+e a de!o' i !ea's he" a&e Hde!o'iGed.H These de!o'ic s)i&i s ha+e assi*'!e' s o+e& i'di+id%a(s, ho!es, si'*(e'ess, hea( h, $i'a'ces, e c. =he' #e b&i'* he Ki'*do! o$ Hea+e' o' he sce'e, #e cas o% de!o's a'd he" ha+e o &e &ea beca%se "o% a&e he Ki'*do! o$ God. B% i .s &ea((" he Ho(" 7)i&i #ho has he )o#e& o cas o% de+i(sI #e a&e 1%s oo(s i' His ha'ds. He sho#s his i' Ma he# 46E6:E "But if it is by the -pirit of &od that 3 drive out the demons, then the kingdom of &od has come upon you [before you e pected it!2" 84

ESCAPING THE SNARE Reco+e&" occ%&s #he' !e' a'd #o!e' disco+e& he &% h b" "ie(di'* #i(($%((" a'd k'o#i'*(" so he" ca' b&i'* he!se(+es o% o$ bo'da*eA1%s b" ack'o#(ed*i'* he &% h o$ he =o&d o$ God. As 7c&i) %&e dec(a&esE ""e must correct his opponents with courtesy and gentleness, in the hope that &od may grant that they will repent and come to know the 1ruth [that they will perceive and recognize and become accurately ac:uainted with and acknowledge it!, And that they may come to their senses [and! escape out of the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him, [henceforth! to do "is [&od7s! will" ,6 Ti!o h" 6E6;D6<-. He&e.s $%& he& )&oo$ o$ he i!)o& a'ce o$ bei'* obedie' o Hi! a'd o a+oid &a+e(i'* he #&o'* )a hE ",hoever observes the [king7s! command will e perience no harm, and a wise man7s mind will know both when and what to do" ,Ecc(esias es :E;-. =e a(so (ea&', ""e is dressed in a robe dyed by dipping in blood, and the title by which "e is called is 1he ,ord of &od" ,Re+e(a io' 4?E43-. A'd he )sa(!is #&i esE "= $ord my &od, if 3 have done this, if there is wrong in my hands, 3f 3 have paid back with evil him who was at peace with me or without cause have robbed him who was my enemy, $et the enemy pursue my life and take it/ yes, let him trample my life to the ground and lay my honor in the dust2 -elah [pause, and calmly think of that!;" ,Psa(! >E3D;+2


SUPERNATURAL COMMUNICATION A*ai', (e !e s)eak di&ec (" o )h"sicia's. I be(ie+e ha doc o&Ds%)e&+ised de(i+e&a'ce #i(( b&i'* abo% a !%chD'eeded &e+i+a( ha #i(( &e(ease *(o&" a'd )eace a'd $&ee he ca) i+es. @o%& i'c&eased o))o& %'i ies $o& )a ie' hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce #i(( &each he sa!e (e+e(s o$ ski((s a'd a(e' s "o% de+e(o)ed as a !edica( doc o&Aa'd !o&e. @o%& co!!%'ica io' #i h "o%& )a ie' s h&o%*h he s%)e&'a %&a( #i(( *&o# a!aGi'*(" as i is *%ided a'd (ed b" he Ho(" 7)i&i . He has a))oi' ed "o% as Head o$ "o%& Di+isio' a'd )e&!a'e' Chie$ o$ he 7e&+ice %'de& His di&ec io'. @o% a&e *oi'* o )e&$o&! #ha !a'" !i'is e&s i' ch%&ches a&e %'ab(e o do. 9'$o& %'a e(", s)i&i %a( de(i+e&a'ce is &a&e(" a%*h i' se!i'a&ies o& i' he c%&&ic%(%! o$ Ch&is ia' schoo(s o$ ed%ca io'. The&e is de'ia( abo% he e/is e'ce o$ de!o'ic s)i&i s #hich is based o' $ea& ha occ%&s $&o! disbe(ie$ A#hich *i+es &ise o disobedie'ce. 0%s as i' "o%& !edica( )&ac ice, "o%& s &e'* h a'd co'$ide'ce i' aki'* cha&*e #i(( *&o# #i h "o%& e/)e&ie'ce. The&e #i(( be cha((e'*es #i h "o%& )a ie' s ha #i(( be e+ide' o' bo h sides as "o% B%es io' he! abo% his se'si i+e a'd e!ba&&assi'* si %a io' o$ e+i( s)i&i s. Lea&' ho# o ob ai' adeB%a e a'd s%$$icie' i'$o&!a io' #i ho% bei'* o$$e'si+e a'd #i ho% co!)&o!ise o "o%& )a ie' . @o% 'eed o be ab(e o cas o% de!o'ic s)i&i s, hei& $ea&s, hei& &e1ec io's, hei& h%& s, a'd hea( hei& #o%'ded !e!o&ies. 83

DEALING WITH THE DEVIL L%ci$e&, o'e o$ he h&ee a&cha'*e(s, &ebe((ed a*ai's God a'd a e!) ed o ake his )(ace i' hea+e' beca%se o$ his )&ide. This $a((e' a'*e( co' &i+ed o !ake his h&o'e hi*he& ha' he c(o%ds a'd God. His )%'ish!e' #as o be h&o#' o% o$ hea+e' a(o'* #i h o'e hi&d o$ he a'*e(s #ho &ebe((ed a(o'* #i h hi!. The &e!ai'i'* #oD hi&ds o$ he a'*e(ic hos s s i(( se&+e as a&!s o$ God. 7a a', he CEO #ho! "o% a&e dea(i'* #i h, is &ea(, "e has 'o (e*a( &i*h o ha&! "o% si'ce "o% a&e a bo&' a*ai', Bib(eD&eadi'*, s)i&i D$i((ed, =o&dD s)eaki'* be(ie+e&. @o% ha+e o disce&' ha he de+i( k'o#s "o% be e& ha' "o%& !o!2 He.s *ood a s ea(i'* he =o&d $&o! "o% a'd "o%& )a ie' so co'side& his as a #a&'i'* o )&o ec #ha "o% hea& si'ce he =o&d ca' se "o% $&ee. The de+i( is i' e' o' kee)i'* "o% o% o$ he 7c&i) %&es. HI do'. %'de&s a'd i ,H a #o!a' o(d !e, HI (ooks (ike he de+i( is a$ e& "o% *%"s a(( he i!e. He does'. e+e& bo he& !e.H H=e((,H I &e)(ied, Ha))a&e' (" "o% !%s 'o be a h&ea o hi!.H SATAN'S LIMITS 7c&i) %&e desc&ibes ho# L%ci$e&, #ho beca!e 7a a' , his !ea's God.s e'e!"-, $e(( $&o! hea+e'E ""ow have you fallen from heaven, = light4bringer and daystar, son of the morning; "ow you have been cut down to the ground, you who weakened and laid low the nations [= blasphemous, satanic king of Babylon;!" ,Isaiah 48E46-. 88

=ha I a! abo% o sa" is i!)o& a' . Do 'o $a(( i' o he habi o$ cas i'* 7a a' o% &a he& ha' he de!o'ic s)i&i s, $o& "o% 'eed o &ea(iGe ha he is 'o o!'i)o e' . This !ea's, %'(ike God, he ca' o'(" be i' o'e )(ace a o'e i!e. A' e+a'*e(is hea&d $&o! he Ho(" 7)i&i as she s e))ed o' o he (a#' o$ he =hi e Ho%se i' =ashi'* o', D. C., ha she #o%(d be dea(i'* #i h 7a a' #ho #as a(&ead" he&e. =he' she asked #h", she hea&d ha he )&e$e&&ed o s)e'd his i!e #he&e he&e #as )o(i ica( )o#e& a'd a% ho&i ". The&e is 'o )o#e& behi'd "o%& #o&d o#a&d hi! i$ "o% be(ie+e he is #he&e+e& "o% a&e. YOU CAN BIND SATAN =he' "o% &e$e& o 7a a', he de+i(, "o% a&e !o&e (ike(" a(ki'* abo% he !i'io's, e+i( s)i&i s, de!o's, o& he de!o'ic s)i&i s. A+oid )oki'* $%' a hi! o& ca((i'* hi! !adeD%) 'a!esI 1%s !ai' ai' his 'a!e as *i+e' e+e' b" %si'* a ca)i a( 7. O he&#ise "o% (ose "o%& abi(i " o h%& hi! #i h "o%& *od(" #o&ds. @o% a&e s%))osed o &eco*'iGe hi!, he de+i(, acco&di'* o he Bib(e, 1%s as i$ "o% #e&e ho'o&i'* a *e'e&a( beca%se o$ his a% ho&i ", 'o beca%se o$ he e+i( i' hi!. @o% a(so 'eed o k'o# ha "o% ca' bi'd 7a a', b% "o% ca'. &eb%ke hi!. 7a a' co!es a*ai's "o%& !i'd beca%se ha is #he&e "o% !ake "o%& choices. He ca' beco!e as bi* i' "o%& !i'd as "o% a((o# hi! beca%se his is he doo&#a" h&o%*h #hich he ca' *ai' access a'd $i(( "o% #i h his e+i( ho%*h s. @o%& *oa( is o kee) 7a a' $&o! "o%& ho%*h (i$e beca%se he #a' s o se)a&a e "o% $&o! "o%& 8;

$ai h a'd #ha "o% be(ie+e. =he' "o% de ec %'*od(" ho%*h s, 1%s a(k o he! a'd e(( he! o s o) i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s a'd co!!a'd he! o (ea+e. @o% a&e i' cha&*e a'd "o% ca' &e$%se o acce) 'e*a i+e ho%*h s. @o% ha+e o &ea(iGe #ho "o% a&e dea(i'* #i h &e*a&di'* he ac i+i ies o$ he decei+e&. As he Bib(e s a es, "0ou are of your father, the devil, and it is your will to practice the lusts and gratify the desires [which are characteristic! of your father2 "e was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him2 ,hen he speaks a falsehood, he speaks what is natural to him, for he is a liar [himself! and the father of lies and of all that is false" ,0oh' :E88-. The *&ea es ba (e "o% #i(( e+e& e'co%' e& a*ai's he de+i( is ha o$ *%i( a'd &i*h eo%s'ess. He #i(( se "o% %) #i h *%i( so ha "o% be*i' o be(ie+e ha "o% ha+e o $i*h i o' a co's a' )e&sis e' basis e+e' ho%*h 0es%s o a((" ook i $&o! "o% #he' He #as 'ai(ed o he c&oss $o& "o%& si's. This cha((e'*e is &a he& )&e+a(e' i' he ch%&ch beca%se he de+i(.s ac i+i ies )e&sis as e/e!)(i$ied #i h !a'" si'Dce' e&ed h"!'s s%'* i' ch%&ches #hich a e!) o kee) %s a#a&e o$ his. THE ONGOING CONFLICT I' "o%& Ho he&H ba (e, #i h &i*h eo%s'ess, he de+i( #i(( se "o% %) i' a' a e!) o )% "o% %'de& he (a#. The &% h is ha o'(" si' )(aces "o% %'de& he (a#, $o& his is he (a# o$ si' a'd dea h. The a)os (e Pa%( e/)(ai'ed his &a he& #e(( i' Ro!a's >, #hich is &ea((" based o' scie'ce. I $o((o#s a )&i'ci)(e beca%se i &eac s he sa!e #a" 8<

e+e&" i!e, e+e&"#he&e, &e*a&d(ess o$ he ci&c%!s a'ces. I .s 'o di$$e&e' ha' he #a" he (a# o$ *&a+i " #o&ks ha #as disco+e&ed b" Ne# o'. E+e&" i!e Pa%( #i((ed o do *ood, he si''ed i's ead. This co' i'%ed o ha))e' &e)ea ed(" %' i( he disco+e&ed he #as 'o &ebe((i'* a*ai's e+i( o& hi!se($, b% so!e hi'* i'side hi!. E+e' ho%*h he #a' ed o do *ood, he &ea(iGed his &eac io' o$ e+i( ook )(ace #he'e+e& he e/e& ed his $(esh o& his se($D e$$o& o do *ood. This a(ie' e(e!e' , his $(esh, #as &isi'* %) #i hi' hi! o a(#a"s !ake hi! do e+i(. He k'e# ha a e!) i'* o kee) he (a# a(#a"s ca%sed his e+i( o occ%& beca%se o$ his $(esh. The a's#e& is o %&' e+e&" hi'* o+e& o God a'd he Ho(" 7)i&i &a he& ha' "o%& $(esh. @o%& ca&'a(i " is a &ebe( (i+i'* #i h "o% e+e&" da", *oi'* o bed, #aki'* %), sho#e&i'*. I is "o%& '%!be& o'e e'e!" a'd "o% ca'. each o& ed%ca e hi!. @o% ha+e o e ecute hi!A'o 1%s #he' "o% beco!e bo&' a*ai', b% #he' "o% $o((o# 0es%s a'd s a& (i+i'* i' he 7)i&i so "o% ca' #a(k i' he 7)i&i . DESTROYING THE FLESH The $(esh is )&obab(" he *&ea es cha((e'*e $o& hose "o% a&e &"i'* o he(). The &easo' is ha "o%& )a ie' is $eedi'* he $(esh b" #a chi'* he #o&(d. 7i'ce he $(esh is so s &o'*, he o'(" #a" o ki(( i is b" he Ho(" 7)i&i . He ca' he() "o% $o& He is he o'(" o'e #ho #i(( he() "o%& )a ie' i$ he" &ea((" #a' Hi! o. A(( he" ha+e o do is o s%&&e'de& he $(esh o' he c&oss so he Ho(" 7)i&i 8>

ca' des &o" i . F&o! ha )oi' $o&#a&d, he() he )e&so' so he $(esh #i(( 'o be &es%&&ec ed. =i chc&a$ is &ea((" "o%& ca&'a( $(esh, b% "o% ha+e bee' $&eed $&o! ba (i'* his i' he &ea(! o$ "o%& !i'd. Ho#C Beca%se i .s 'o (o'*e& ca&'a(, b% s)i&i %a(. 0oh' 4>E6 co'$i&!s his9 "[Just as! 0ou have granted "im power and authority over all flesh )all humankind+, [now glorify "im! so that "e may give eternal life to all whom 0ou have given "im2" @o% !%s be(ie+e ha "o% a&e %'de& he (a# o$ he 7)i&i o$ (i$e. 7i'ce he Ho(" 7)i&i has do!i'io' o+e& "o%, #hich He does, "o% a&e 'o %'de& he $o&!e& (a#. God.s (a#s )&o+ide "o% #i h )eace, b% !a'.s (a#s #i(( 'o . Ri*h eo%s'ess co!es $&o! be(ie$, $ai h, a'd he shed b(ood o$ 0es%s. @o% #i(( a))&ecia e his, $o& #he' "o% a&e es ab(ished i' &i*h eo%s'ess, #i ho% o))&essio' o& $ea&, he' )eace #i(( co!e %)o' "o%E H0ou shall establish yourself in righteousness )rightness, in conformity with &od7s will and order+9 you shall be far from even the thought of oppression or destruction, for you shall not fear, and from terror, for it shall not come near you" ,Isaiah ;8E48-. "LORD OF FLIES" 7a a' is so!e i!es &e$e&&ed o as he HLo&d o$ F(ies.H I .s &%e ha he de!o'ic #o&(d is +e&" !%ch (ike he i'sec #o&(d. Did "o% e+e& co'side& a(( he dea h a'd des &%c io' ha is b&o%*h o' b" i'sec s #hich !os )eo)(e esse' ia((" i*'o&eC The&e a&e a' es i!a ed o'e !i((io' di$$e&e' k'o#' s)ecies o$ i'sec s o' 8:

o%& )(a'e , a'd so!e e/)e& s be(ie+e he&e a&e as !a'" as e' !i((io' s)ecies. Co%' (ess diseases a&e s)&ead b" i'sec s beca%se o$ o&*a'is!s ha a&e )assed o' #he' he" $eed o& bi e. Fo& e/a!)(e, !a(a&ia is s i(( o'e o$ he (eadi'* ca%ses o$ dea h a'd disease i' !a'" de+e(o)i'* co%' &ies e+e' ho%*h *&ea *ai's ha+e bee' !ade o co' &o( i s i'i ia( des &%c io'. No o'(" ca' de!o'ic ac i+i " a$$ec %s b" he 'e*a i+i " o$ he i'sec #o&(d h&o%*h des &%c io', b% a(so b" des &%c io' o$ he positivity o$ he i'sec #o&(d o$ bees. THE ANTIDOTE FOR EVIL Bees a&e a' e'*i'ee&i'* !a&+e( $&o! hei& ae&od"'a!ics, o hei& she((, o hei& se'so&s, a'd es)ecia((" $o& hei& abi(i " o )o((i'a e. The" a&e &es)o'sib(e $o& )o((i'a i'* hi& " )e&ce' o$ he 'a io'.s $ood s%))(" #hich a!o%' s o o+e& 65 bi((io' do((a&s a "ea& i' seeds a'd c&o)s. Ho#e+e&, i' &ece' "ea&s he&e has bee' a si*'i$ica' &a*ed" occ%&&i'* ha is a$$ec i'* bees ca((ed Co(o'" Co((a)se Diso&de&. =ha has bee' ha))e'i'* is ha !a %&e bees a&e aba'do'i'* hei& hi+es a'd disa))ea&i'* $o((o#ed sho& (" he&ea$ e& b" hei& B%ee's a'd "o%'* o'es. The&e is *&ea co'ce&' abo% he )o e' ia( o$ $a!i'es beca%se o$ he $ood sho& a*es ha ha+e a(&ead" bee' &e)o& ed. =i(d )o((i'a o&s s%ch as 'a i+e bees, #as)s, a'd b% e&$(ies a&e a(so s%s)ec ed o be i' sha&) dec(i'e. I' his sa!e #a", 7a a', he Lo&d o$ F(ies, #i(( do e+e&" hi'* i' his )o#e& o s)&ead dea h a'd des &%c io'. 8?

Tha'k$%((", #e k'o# he a' ido e $o& his e+i( sche!es. =e ha+e he )o#e& o$ God.s 7)i&i , #hich is *&ea e& ha' he #ho is i' he #o&(d.


7a a' 'e+e& co!es o %s as he de+i(, b% a(#a"s as a' a'*e( o$ (i*h . As "o% #o%(d *%ess, his $i&s e!) a io' a))ea&s as a' o))o& %'i " $o& *ood, b% he $%'c io's h&o%*h dece) io'. He&e a&e ei*h #a"s 7a a' !a'i$es s his )o#e&E 4. Th&o%*h e!) a io' o si'. 6. Th&o%*h acc%sa io' i' !%( i)(e #a"sE be$o&e God, a*ai's GodI be$o&e he b&e h&e', a*ai's he b&e h&e'I o God a*ai's he b&e h&e'I o he b&e h&e' a*ai's God. 3. Th&o%*h o))osi io' o he #o&k o$ God. 8. Th&o%*h co'$%sio' o &% h. ;. Th&o%*h ido(a &" a'd !a*ic. <. Th&o%*h !a'" a' ich&is s. >. Th&o%*h s &%c %&a( o& o&*a'iGed e+i(s. :. Th&o%*h de!o's. YOUR ADVERSARIES De!o's a&e dise!bodied s)i&i s o' ea& h ha a&e a(#a"s h%' i'* $o& a bod" so he" ca' !a'i$es hei& #icked'ess i' he 'a %&a( #o&(d a'd co' i'%e hei& e+i( #a"s. The" #o%(d e+e' )&e$e& a' a'i!a( bod" o d#e(( i' &a he& ha' do #i ho% o'e o& e+e' (i+e i' a' i'a'i!a e ob1ec . O he&#ise, he" *o i' o o&!e' #he' he" do'. ha+e a bod" o i'habi . ;5

7i'ce he" a&e #i ho% co&)o&a e bodies, he" ca' *o h&o%*h so(ids ,(ike #a((s-. These a&e i'+isib(e bei'*s a'd ca'. be see' beca%se he" e/is o' he !o(ec%(a& (e+e(. The de!o'ic &ea(! a e!) s o s'eak )as )eo)(e.s a#a&e'ess b" e/a**e&a i'* hei& ac i+i ies i' ho&&o& a'd +a!)i&e !o+ies. As a &es%( , he #o&(d akes de!o's as a 1oke, b% he" a&e abso(% e(" &ea(. The de+i( #a' s "o% o be(ie+e he" do'. e/is b" bei'* &idic%(o%s o' he o'e ha'd a'd s%b (e o' he o he&. The bo o! (i'e is ha "o% a'd he ch%&ch a&e he o'(" a% ho&i ies ab(e o o))ose hi!. THE ROARING LION The e'e!" "o% a&e $i*h i'* is a hi*h(" o&*a'iGed !i(i a&" !achi'e ca&e$%((" &ai'ed o 'e+e& b&eak &a'k. The" do e!)(o" a s%)e&'a %&a( )o#e&, b% i .s co%' e&$ei . These de!o's e/is i' he ai& abo+e %s i' he seco'd hea+e' #hich is hei& abode a'd #he&e he" ca&&" o% he base o$ hei& o)e&a io's. B% #e a&e i' he $i&s hea+e' a'd ha+e a% ho&i " o+e& he!, #hi(e God a'd he a'*e(s a&e i' he hi&d hea+e'A#ho o$ co%&se e/is #i ho% he 'eed $o& a bod". 0%s o *i+e "o% a' idea o$ #ha "o% a&e *e i'* i'+o(+ed #i h, "o% !i*h be s%&)&ised o (ea&' ha he&e is a 'a!e o$ a de!o' $o& e+e&" co'cei+ab(e e!o io' o& co'di io' ha )eo)(e ha+e, a'd so!e "o% o& I ha+e 'e+e& hea&d abo% as "e . =he' )eo)(e de!o's &a e e!o io's s%ch as e!)e&, a'*e&, de)&essio', $ea&, &ese' !e' , bi e&'ess, a'/ie ", e c., he" ca' de+e(o) de!o'ic ac i+i " as he &es%( o$ hei& )&essi'* i' o hei& e!o io's. =e *i+e he de!o's he (e*a( &i*h o ;4

e' e& o%& bod" a'd !i'd beca%se o$ o%& )e&sis e' beha+io&. The de+i( a))ea&s as a &oa&i'* (io' a'd !akes )(e' " o$ 'oise, b% he &ea((" is'. , e+e' ho%*h he ce& ai'(" ac s as i$ he #e&e. =e a&e o(dE "Be well balanced )temperate, sober of mind+, be vigilant and cautious at all times/ for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring [in fierce hunger!, seeking someone to seize upon and devour" ,4 Pe e& ;E:-. FIVE DEMONIC REALMS God.s =o&d e((s %s e/ac (" #ha #e a&e %) a*ai's . "'or we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents!, but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are! the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly )supernatural+ sphere" ,E)hesia's <E46-. These s)i&i %a( e' i ies i'+o(+e da&k )o#e&s #hich seek o i'$(%e'ce "o%& !i'd, "o%& #i((, "o%& se'ses, a'd "o%& e!o io's a*ai's God. =e a&e ac %a((" #&es (i'* a*ai's he $o((o#i'* $i+e di+isio's o$ s)i&i %a( de!o'ic &ea(!s &a he& ha' a*ai's )h"sica( #ea)o'sE One: Demons or hosts are the vast multitudes of foot-soldiers in Satan's kingdom. The" a&e i' he a !os)he&e a'd i' )eo)(e. E)hesia's 6E6 e((s %s ho# he" #o&k i' he so's o$ disobedie'ce. "3n which at one time you walked [habitually!2 0ou were following the course and ;6

fashion of this world [were under the sway of the tendency of this present age!, following the prince of the power of the air2 [0ou were obedient to and under the control of! the [demon! spirit that still constantly works in the sons of disobedience [the careless, the rebellious, and the unbelieving, who go against the purposes of &od!2" Two: Principalities are the chief rulers and strong spirits of the highest powers that seek to e ercise dominion over particular geographical !ones. Three: Powers are stronger spirits and authorities that influence respective cultures in certain negative wa"s. Fo& e/a!)(e, he&e a&e si*'i$ica' &e(i*io%s &adi io's i' so!e c%( %&es ha a&e #o&ki'* o b(i'd he e"es o$ )eo)(e o he *os)e( as &e+ea(ed i' 6 Co&i' hia's 8E8E "'or the god of this world has blinded the unbelievers7 minds [that they should not discern the truth!, preventing them from seeing the illuminating light of the &ospel of the glory of (hrist )the *essiah+, ,ho is the 3mage and $ikeness of &od2" The&e a&e a(so c%( %&es #i h s &i$e, (%s , ido(a &", o& e+e' #i chc&a$ o)e&a i'* o +a&"i'* de*&ees. #our: The world rulers of the darkness of this world are princes and wicked men in the spiritual realm throughout all the nations of this world. Satan is the prince of the power of the air. ;3

#ive: Spiritual wickedness in high places are wicked spirits and fallen angels who have infiltrated the religious s"stems of the world including the congregations of the righteous. SATAN'S COUNTERFEIT =he' "o% dea( #i h i'di+id%a(s #ho a&e 'o'be(ie+e&s a'd #ho be(ie+e i' &ei'ca&'a io', he&e is a' %&*e' a'd se&io%s 'eed $o& he! o be &e(eased $&o! de!o'ic i'+o(+e!e' beca%se his is 'o bib(ica( a'd co'seB%e' (" co'side&ed a s)i&i o$ a' ich&is . The Bib(e dec(a&es, "And 5ust as it is appointed for [all! men once to die, and after that the [certain! 5udgment" ,Heb&e#s ?E6>-. 7a a' has co%' e&$ei ed God.s a&!" #hich a(so co'sis s o$ $i+e di+isio's i'c(%di'* he 4- se&a)hi!, 6- che&%bi!, 3- (i+i'* c&ea %&es, 8- a&cha'*e(s, a'd ;- a'*e(s. The se&a)hi! i' &od%ce a'd )&ese' he *(o&" o$ God. CLUES REPRESENTING DEMONIC ACTIVITY Those #ho dea( #i h cas i'* o% de!o's &e)o& se+e&a( s%b (e c(%es o hei& ac i+i ". 7o!e !a" see! (ike 'a %&a( &es)o'ses o& i''oce' a))ea&i'* ac i+i ies, b% #he' co!bi'ed #i h o he& si*'a(s "o% ca' disce&' a sa a'ic )&ese'ce. These c(%es i'c(%deE 4. Co%*hi'*. 6. @a#'i'*. ;8

3. Be(chi'*. 8. 7'eeGi'*. ;. Vo!i i'*. <. E"e b(i'ki'*. Thei& e"es ca' &e+ea( o'*oi'* de!o'ic ac i+i ". >. Fo%( odo&s s%ch as s%()h%&. :. Pai' ha !o+es i' he bod". ?. Ma'i$es a io's o$ a(ki'*. =he' a !a'i$es a io' occ%&s, ha is, #he' he de!o's be*i' o a(k h&o%*h he )e&so', "o% ca' o$ e' hea& a di$$e&e' +oice e+e' o'e o$ he o))osi e *e'de&. 0es%s #o%(d'. a((o# !a'i$es a io's o occ%& beca%se de!o's 'e+e& s)eak he &% hA'o& ca' he" be &%s ed as o #ha he" sa". He 'e+e& *o i'+o(+ed o(e&a i'* his e/ce) #i h he Gada&e'e de!o'iac ,Ma&k ;-. DEMONIC ACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES Acco&di'* o 7c&i) %&e, de!o's ca' a))a&e' (" )e&$o&! he $o((o#i'*E 4. De!o's seek a'd sea&ch. 6. De!o's ha+e e!o io's a'd 'eed &es . 3. De!o's ha+e i' e((i*e'ce. 8. De!o's ha+e e"es beca%se he" ca' see. ;. De!o's ca' a(k. <. De!o's ha+e a #i(( a'd ca' !ake decisio's a'd ca' )(a'. >. De!o's ha+e $ai h. :. De!o's ha+e !e!o&". ?. De!o's ha+e )e&so'a(i ies. ;;

45. De!o's ca' hi'k #hich a$$o&ds he! a' i!a*i'a io'. 44. De!o's ca' &ec&%i o'e a'o he& d%&i'* o$$e'si+e ac i+i ies. HOW THEY COME IN De!o's e' e& a' i'di+id%a( beca%se si' *i+es he! he (e*a( &i*h o do so. The Bib(e c(ea&(" &eco&ds o'e s%ch e+e' beca%se o$ si' ha occ%&&ed #i h 0%das Isca&io #ho #as o'e o$ he #e(+e disci)(esE "1hen after [he had taken! the bit of food, -atan entered into and took possession of [Judas!2 Jesus said to him, ,hat you are going to do, do more swiftly than you seem to intend And make :uick work of it" ,0oh' 43E6>-. He&e a&e 6< &easo's de!o's e' e& a' i'di+id%a(E 4. Lack o$ he =o&d. 6. 9'$o&*i+e'ess. 3. The ca&'a( !i'd. 8. P&o$a'e %se o$ i'a))&o)&ia e #o&ds ,s#ea&i'*-. ;. @ie(di'* o si'. <. I'+o(+e!e' #i h he occ%( . >. Rebe((io'. :. 7(a'de&. ?. LaGi'ess o& s(o h$%('ess. 45. Void o$ %'de&s a'di'*. 44. The #&o'* co'$essio'. 46. He&edi a&" a'd *e'e&a io'a( c%&ses h&o%*h b(ood(i'es. 43. I'+i i'* he!se(+es b" hei& o#' choice. 48. Vic i!iGa io' $&o! &a%!a o& #eak'esses ha de+e(o). ;<

4;. 7i's o$ co!!issio' h&o%*h hei& (e*a( s)i&i %a( &i*h s. 4<. 7%dde' shocks, &a%!as, (o%d 'oises, a'd c&ises. 4>. Ri %a(s o$ 'o'Dbib(ica( &e(i*io's a'd sec&e socie ies. 4:. H%& s a'd #o%'ds $&o! o he&s. 4?. Co+e'a' s, &e(i*io%s $es i+a(s, a'd )i(*&i!a*es. 65. Ido(a &", c%&sed ob1ec s, occ%( ic si's. 64. 7)i&i %a( &a's$e& h&o%*h *&ie$, e&!i'a( i(('ess, %'*od(" so%( ies, a'd dea h. 66. E'+i&o'!e' a( &a's$e& i' i's i % io's s%ch as )&iso's, hos)i a(s, !e' a( a'd )s"chia &ic as"(%!s %s%a((" i'+o(+i'* )ai' a'd s%$$e&i'*. 63. 7e/%a( &a's$e& i'+o(+i'* )e&so'D oD)e&so' co' ac #i h &es%( i'* de!o'ic s)i&i %a( %'io'. 68. I''oce' chi(d&e' se/%a((" ab%sed #i h (%s $%( s)i&i s. 6;. 7)i&i s o$ &ese' !e' , &e1ec io', a'*e&, ha &ed, a'd bi e&'ess. 6<. Po&'o*&a)h", occ%( ic &o(eD)(a"i'* *a!es, a'd de+ices o co!!%'ica e #i h he dead. GUARD YOUR GATES! 7i'ce de!o's ca' e' e& "o%& (i$e h&o%*h a'" doo& ha is (e$ o)e', #e 'eed o be co's a' (" o' #a ch. The" ca' e' e& h&o%*h 4- he $a!i(" *a e, 6- he si' *a e, 3- he &a%!a *a e, 8- he %'disci)(i'ed (i$e *a e, ;>


he &e(i*io%s *a e, he &e(a io'shi) *a e, he occ%( *a e, a'd he )assi+i " *a e.



Pe&ha)s he (eas %'de&s ood o& &eco*'iGed o$ he !a1o& e'e!ies o$ God a'd His )eo)(e is #i chc&a$ . I ca' a ack he ch%&ch b" &e(easi'* i s )o#e& 1%s (ike a' i'+adi'* a&!" co'B%e&s a ci ". The *e'e&a( desc&ibes his a' ici)a ed +ic o&" b" e/)(ai'i'* ha his &oo)s co!e $&o! he 'o& h, he so% h, he eas , a'd he #es b% his &i%!)h is $&o! he $i$ h co(%!'. Tha .s he )&ese'ce o$ his &oo)s i'side he ci ". =i chc&a$ is s%ccess$%( beca%se i is he $i$ h co(%!' #i hi' he ch%&ch. The Bib(e co'de!'s he )&ac ice as a' abo!i'a io'. I is he si'*(e !os da!a*i'* h&ea a*ai's he ch%&ch beca%se #i chc&a$ is he $&o' $o& (e*a(is! a'd ca&'a(i ". Le*a(is! is a s%b (e &e(i*io%s s)i&i ha a e!) s o achie+e &i*h eo%s'ess #i h God b" obse&+i'* o& addi'* a'" se o$ &%(es. Ca&'a(i " is a((o#i'* "o%& $(esh o &%' he sho#A#hich is #ha #i chc&a$ is. I' o he& #o&ds, #i chc&a$ $(o%&ishes i' he so%(ish &ea(! #hich i'+o(+es h&ee !ai' o)e&a io'sE 4. 7)e((s a'd c%&ses 6. Di+i'a io' 3. 7o&ce&" The %( i!a e ob1ec o$ a(( #i chc&a$ , #hich is he H)o#e& a&!,H is o b&i'* a' i'di+id%a( %'de& a c%&se o& a s)e((. ;?

UNDER A CURSE Ma'" Ch&is ia's a&e %'de& a c%&se beca%se he" ha+e %&'ed a#a" $&o! he Lo&d a'd )&e$e& o do hi'*s b" hei& o#' h%!a' e$$o& s a'd he&e$o&e de)e'd o' hei& o#' h%!a' )o#e&. "1his is the word of the $ord9 1hus says the $ord9 (ursed [with great evil! is the strong man who trusts in and relies on frail man, making weak [human! flesh his arm, and whose mind and heart turn aside from the $ord" ,0e&e!iah 4>E;-. =i chc&a$ b&i'*s a' i'di+id%a( %'de& a c%&se beca%se i ca%ses he! o disobe" God e+e' ho%*h he" k'o# he" ca'. be o%ched #he' he".&e %'de& God.s di+i'e o&de&. DIVINATION Di+i'a io' is he H)&edic i+e a&!H ha o)e&a es h&o%*h $o& %'e e((i'*, c&"s a( ba((s, ea (ea+es, a'd ca' e+e' )&edic 7a a'.s des i'" o' "o%. Fo& so!e &easo', !a'" )eo)(e ha+e a' o+e&#he(!i'* desi&e o k'o# #ha .s *oi'* o ha))e' i' hei& $% %&e #hich is &ea((" co' &adic o&" o he Bib(e. This desi&e #i(( a((o# he de+i( o ob ai' a ce& ai' co' &o( o+e& hei& (i$e. The de!o's ha+e a s%)e&'a %&a( i'si*h h&o%*h hei& de!o'ic )o#e& b% 'o )eo)(e.s ho%*h sAa( ho%*h he" &eadi(" %'de&s a'd 'o'+e&ba( co!!%'ica io'. Be a#a&e ha he )&o)hec" he" &ecei+e $&o! his ki'd o$ de!o'ic ac i+i " !a" +e&" #e((, %'$o& %'a e(", co!e o )ass.


SORCERY 7o&ce&" o)e&a es h&o%*h hi'*s s%ch as a!%(e s o& cha&!s, )o io's, a'd a(is!a's o *ai' co' &o( o$ )eo)(e. @o% a&e e'co%&a*ed o be(ie+e ha hese ob1ec s a&e )(aced o' "o%& bod" o H)&o ec "o%.H =he' "o% &a's(a e he Heb&e# #o&d kashaph #hich is so&ce&e&, i !ea's so!eo'e #ho %ses !a*ic o ha&! o he&s. 7o&ce&" a(so i'+o(+es d&%*s a'd !%sic. The &% h is ha he #ho(e d&%* c%( %&e is a $o&! o$ so&ce&" i'c(%di'* !%sic. I #as o' a c&%ise shi) #he&e s%ch !%sic #as b(as i'* o+e& he (o%d s)eake&s. I &ea(iGed I had o (ea+e he deck beca%se o$ he &h" h! o$ sa a'ic !%sic. I co%(d see he s a&i'* d&ea!" s a e o$ he e"es o$ ee'a*e&s e/)osed o his ")e o$ e' e& ai'!e' . Rebe((io' !ea's o))osi io' o o'e i' a% ho&i " a'd i i'+o(+es se($ dece) io', co' &o(, (a#(ess'ess, a'd #i chDc&a$ . He&e is a'o he& #a" o e/)&ess hese ac i+i ies ha a&e bo%'d o*e he&E (a#(ess'ess L co' &o( L #i chc&a$ L &ebe((io'. The Bib(e s a es i' 4 7a!%e( 4;E63, #he' 7a!%e( #as a(ki'* o Ki'* 7a%(E "'or rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as idolatry and teraphim )household good luck images+2 Because you have re5ected the word of the $ord, "e also has re5ected you from being king2" The s %bbo&' )e&so' !akes ido(s o% o$ his o#' o)i'io'. The &% h is ha &ebe((io' a'd #i chc&a$ a&e #i'sAbeca%se he" se(do! e/is a(o'e. Did <4

"o% &ea(iGe ha &e1ec io' b&eeds &ebe((io'C I is a(so be(ie+ed ha &e1ec io' is he &oo o$ !os de!o'ic s &o'*ho(ds. DOMINATION, INTIMIDATION, AND MANIPULATION =i chc&a$ is a #o&k o$ he $(esh $o& i co!es o% o$ o%& $(esh(" 'a %&e a'd i sho#s %) as Do!i'a io', I' i!ida io', a'd Ma'i)%(a io'. A' ac&o'"! o &e!e!be& his is o &ea(iGe ha he de+i( akes a D.I.M. +ie# o$ %s. O'e o$ he $a+o&i e ac ics o$ #i chc&a$ is $o& he )e&so' i'+o(+ed o !ake "o% $ee( *%i( ". Mi((io's o$ #o!e' o)e&a e #i h D.I.M. beca%se hese a&e he sa!e co' &o(s he".+e (ea&'ed o %se $&o! hei& !o he&s a'd hei& *&a'd!o he&s. A% ho&i ies o' he o)ic &e)o& ha 'i'e " )e&ce' o$ #i ches a&e #o!e'. The" do'. k'o# a'" o he& #a" beca%se he" 'e+e& a))&ecia ed ha his beca!e a !a1o& )a& o$ hei& )e&so'a(i ". Co'seB%e' (", he" ca'. b&eak $&o! hei& #i chc&a$ #hich is o'e o$ he &easo's he" a&e %'ab(e o %'de&s a'd he Bib(e beca%se i akes he )(ace o$ he Ho(" 7)i&i . Hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce &eB%i&es ha he" &e)e' $i&s , $o((o#ed b" a o'e h%'d&ed )e&ce' &e'%'cia io'. =o!e' a&e !o&e se'si i+e ha' !e' a'd he de+i( akes ad+a' a*e o$ his. He &ides o' hei& se'si i+i ies. O'e !i'is e& s)oke abo% ho# he had a d&ea! o$ a *&o%) o$ Ch&is ia's &%''i'* a'd he sa# he de+i( &idi'* o' hei& backs. The de+i( is a(#a"s o' hei& back i' #i chc&a$ a'd )eo)(e do'. &ea(iGe o& k'o# abo% i . He.s so s%b (e. E+e' E+e had his e/)e&ie'ce. <6

O%& h&ee !ai' 'eeds i' (i$e a&e (o+e, sec%&i ", a'd si*'i$ica'ce. =he' #e do'. k'o# ho# o ob ai' hese $&o! God, #e &eso& o #i chc&a$ . RESULTS OF WITCHCRAFT Mi'is e&s, es)ecia((" hose #ho a&e !a&&ied, 'eed o %'de&s a'd ha as he )as o& he" !%s !ake decisio's beca%se o$ hei& &es)o'sibi(i ies o hei& shee). 7i'ce i .s God #ho s)eaks o he!, he" 'eed o "ie(d o His 7)i&i . 9'$o& %'a e(", he&e a&e $e# !e' s &o'* e'o%*h o dea( #i h #i chc&a$ i' #o!e' a'd co'seB%e' (", i sho%(d be )oi' ed o% ha he&e a&e !i((io's o$ !e' #ho a&e %'de& #i chc&a$ . I co%(d #e(( be he '%!be& o'e ho%seb&eake& ha .s &es)o'sib(e $o& di+o&ce i' his co%' &". =i chc&a$ ca' de+e(o) i' he! beca%se o$ he &ebe((io' i )&od%ces. I ca' kee) !e' $&o! !a %&i'* bo h s)i&i %a((" a'd e!o io'a((". Tha is, i i'hibi s !e' $&o! beco!i'* s%ccess$%( i' he Lo&d a'd i' hei& ho!es, b% 'o 'ecessa&i(" i' hei& b%si'esses. The #i chc&a$ (abe( is a))(ied #he' i i'$(%e'ces a'o he& )e&so'.s !i'd, bod", o& )&o)e& " a*ai's his o& he& #i((. This has bee' c(ea&(" de!o's &a ed i' !a'" c%( %&es ha ca' e+e' be &aced back o a'cie' e/ s s%ch as hose $&o! E*") a'd Bab"(o'ia. I has beco!e a c&edib(e ca%se $o& sick'ess a'd disease, i'c(%di'* a'i!a(s. I co%(d e/)(ai' #ha )eo)(e &e$e& o as Hbad (%ck,H s%dde' dea h, i!)o e'ce, a'd o he& s%ch !is$o& %'es. Re*a&d(ess o$ he a))a&e' (" &e)o& ed !o&e be'i*' a'd socia((" acce) ab(e +a&ie ies, he&e is <3

a(#a"s *&ea &isk o a'" i'+o(+e!e' #he' "o% o)e' %) "o%& hea& o& !i'd o #i chc&a$ . =i chc&a$ does'. ha+e o be de!o'ic, b% o$ e' %&'s i' o i .



De!o's o)e&a e i' *&o%)s, each ha+i'* a &%(e& o& co' &o((e& i' cha&*e o$ he!. These de!o' &%(e&s a&e &e$e&&ed o as s &o'*!e' beca%se he" &%' he sho# a'd a))ea& de)e'di'* o' #ha e+e& co'di io's o& si %a io's occ%& i' "o%& )a ie' . This !ea's i$ "o% #a' o de(i+e& a )e&so', "o% $i&s 'eed o cas o% he s &o'*!a' &a he& ha' he de!o'ic s)i&i ha ide' i$ies he )e&so'. De)e'd o' he Ho(" 7)i&i $o& he(). Fo& e/a!)(e, i$ he i'di+id%a( "o% a&e #o&ki'* #i h has a' addic io' o d&%*s, he s &o'*!a' ha 'eeds o be cas o% is he s)i&i o$ bo'da*e a'd 'o he s)i&i o$ addic io'. This sa!e s &o'*!a' a(so i'c(%des addic io' s)i&i s o a(coho(, s!oki'*, *a!b(i'*, e c. A'o he& e/a!)(e is he s &o'*!a' s)i&i o$ dea$ a'd d%!b #hich !%s be cas o% &a he& ha' he s)i&i o$ s%icide. The s)i&i o$ s%icide 1%s ide' i$ies he )e&so'.s cha((e'*e, b% his s)i&i is 'o i' cha&*e. These a&e he s &o'*!e' a(o'* #i h hei& associa ed s)i&i sE 1. The Spirit of Jealousy ( umbers !:11"1#$ M 7)i&i o$ A'*e& M 7)i&i o$ Co!)e i io' M 7)i&i o$ M%&de& M 7)i&i o$ Ra*e M 7)i&i o$ Re+e'*e M 7)i&i o$ 7%s)icio'


$. The Spirit of %"ing ,6 Ch&o'ic(es 4:E66M 7)i&i o$ Di+i'a io' M 7)i&i o$ E+i( Doi'*s M 7)i&i o$ H")oc&is" M 7)i&i o$ P&o$a'i " M Re(i*io%s 7)i&i M 7)i&i o$ 7%)e&s i io' M 7)i&i o$ Va'i " &. #amiliar Spirit ,4 7a!%e( 6:E>M As &o(o*" M Fo& %'e Te((i'* M Ho&osco)e M Occ%( '. Perverse Spirit ,Isaiah 4?E48M Fi( h M Fo&'ica io' M Ha i'* God M Ho!ose/%a(i " M A(#a"s T#is i'* he =o&d o$ God M LaGi'ess M Li+i'* i' E&&o& M L%s M Me' #ho L%s a$ e& =o!e' (. Spirit of )eaviness ,Isaiah <4.3M De)&essio' M Des)ai& M G(oo!i'ess M G(% o'" M G&ie$ M Ho)e(ess'ess M Lo'e(i'ess M 7e($D)i " M 7e($D&e1ec io' M =ei*h P&ob(e!s *. Spirit of +horedom ,Hosea 8E46M Ad%( e&" M A(#a"s e'di'* %) i' Po+e& " M Fi( h" 7)i&i M Ido(a &" M Ne+e& 7a is$ied M No =i(( o$ hei& O#' M Pe&+e&sio' M P&os i % io' M Re(i*io%s 7)i&i M 7)i&i o$ E&&o& M Ido( =o&shi) ,. Spirit of -nfirmit" ,L%ke 43E44M A(( 7ick'esses a'd Diseases .. Spirit of Deaf and Dum/ ,Ma&k ?E4>M A'o&e/ia M I'sa'i " M L%'a ics M 7eiG%&es M 7%icide 0. Spirit of #ear ,6 Ti!o h" 4E>M A(( Phobias M Do%b M Fea& o$ Da&k M Fea& o$ Hei*h s M Fee(s I'adeB%a e M I'$e&io&i " <<

Co!)(e/ M Ni*h !a&es M 7e'se o$ Da'*e&s M Te&&o& M Ti!idi " M To&!e' M 9'co' &o((ab(e T&e!b(i'*s ,)h"sica(- M =o&&" 12. Spirit of Pride3)aughtiness ,P&o+e&bs 4<E4:M A'*e& M B&a* abo% The!se(+es M Co' e' io' a'd =a&s A!o'* Peo)(e M Co' &o((i'* M Fi*h i'*s M Gossi) M Mocke&" M Re(i*io%s M 7e($D&i*h eo%s'ess M 7 %bbo&''ess M =&a h 11. Spirit of 4ondage ,Ro!a's :E4;M Addic io' M A(coho(is! M A'*%ish M Bi e&'ess M Fea& M 7)i&i %a( B(i'd'ess 1$. Spirit of 5ntichrist ,4 0oh' 8E3M De'" he C&oss o$ 0es%s M De'" he Dei " o$ 0es%s M Re(i*io%s 7)i&i M De'" Res%&&ec io' M De'" he Vi&*i' Bi& h



Ma'" o$ he s &o'*!e' a'd s)i&i s !e' io'ed i' he )&e+io%s cha) e& a&e se($De/)(a'a o&", b% he&e a&e se+e&a( a&eas i' #hich "o% 'eed o be a#a&e. The" i'c(%deE Spirit of )eaviness O'e o$ he #a"s he s)i&i o$ hea+i'ess !a'i$es s i se($ i' he ch%&ch is de!o's &a ed #he' he )eo)(e beco!e d&o#s" a'd s(ee)" d%&i'* he se&!o's. Co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ hea+i'ess o (ea+e, $o& he Bib(e e((s %s #e a&e o )% o' a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness ,Isaiah <4E3-2 Spirit of -nfirmit" =he' "o% s)eak abo% a' i'$i&!i ", "o% a&e &e$e&&i'* o a )h"sica( #eak'ess o& a de$ec ,acco&di'* o =ebs e&.s Ne# =o&(d Dic io'a&"-. O'e o$ he s &o'*!e' (is ed is ca((ed a s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " a'd is a !a1o& s)i&i beca%se i is &es)o'sib(e $o& a(!os a(( o$ he sick'esses a'd diseases ha e/is . This s)i&i ca' a$$ec he bod" as #e(( as he !i'd, si'ce he !i'd ca' beco!e H$eeb(e, #eak, a'd $&ai(.H To c%&e sick'esses a'd disease "o% !%s cas o% his s)i&i . Fo& e/a!)(e, 0es%s co!!a'ded he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% o$ a #o!a'.s s)i'eE "And there was a woman there who for eighteen years had had an infirmity caused by a spirit )a <:

demon of sickness+2 -he was bent completely forward and utterly unable to straighten herself up or to look upward" ,L%ke 43E44-. The Bib(e &eco&ds ha 0es%s #as a'oi' ed #i h he Ho(" Ghos a'd )o#e& a'd #e' abo% doi'* *ood a'd hea(i'* a(( o))&essed b" he de+i(. ,7ee Ac s 45E3:.@o% a(so ha+e his a'oi' i'* #hich b&eaks e+e&" "oke a'd &e!o+es e+e&" b%&de'. "And it shall be in that day that the burden of [the Assyrian! shall depart from your shoulders, and his yoke from your neck2 1he yoke shall be destroyed because of fatness [which prevents it from going around your neck" ,Isaiah 45E6>-. 6e!e/el Spirit This is a !a1o& s)i&i i' o%& #o&(d oda" as he &es%( o$ he )&e+io%s ac i+i ies o$ N%ee' 0eGebe(. 7he #as he #icked #i$e o$ Ki'* Ahab o$ Is&ae( #ho %sed his #eak'ess o co' &o( hi! as #e(( as he 'a io'. 7he #as ab(e o s%bd%e a'd do!i'a e %si'* co' &o((i'* de!o'ic ho%*h s. This is +e&" co!!o'(" $o%'d i' &e(i*io%s 'o'D Ch&is ia' ci&c(es. I is a )&od%c o$ he $(esh ha o)e's he doo& o a' e+i( s)i&i a'd i co' &o(s b" he %se o$ Do!i'ee&i'*, I' i!ida i'*, a'd Ma'i)%(a i+e ac ics ,DIM.- #e )&e+io%s(" !e' io'ed. This beha+io& ca' easi(" o)e&a e h&o%*h a )e&so'. I' he ch%&ch, i dis&%) s he $(o# o$ he 7)i&i . I is !o&e ha' 1%s e!) i'* !a'" )eo)(e i' o i((ici se/%a( a$$ai&s. These 0eGebe( s)i&i s ca' s i& %) e'+", 1ea(o%s", *ossi)i'*, a'd s(a'de&. The de+i(, o$ co%&se, ha es he )&o)he ic $(o# o$ God beca%se he <?

)&o)he ic !i'is &" de!a'ds &e)e' a'ce a'd &e!o+es e+i( #i ho% co!)&o!ise. 0eGebe( #a' ed o des &o" E(i1ah, he )&o)he , beca%se his )&o)he ic #o&ds ca!e #i h s%ch c&ea i+e )o#e& ha his #o%(d &e'de& he e'e!" he()(ess. I' addi io', se/ #as a )a h o he& )o#e& a'd i'$(%e'ce. I' hese de!o'ic co'di io's, he )e&so' !%s be #i((i'* o b&% a((" $ace he &% h a'd be o)e' o (e God c&%ci$" hei& $(esh. Bei'* s%b1ec ed o he Ho(" 7)i&i o' a dai(" basis #i(( )e&!a'e' (" se )eo)(e $&ee. 7eligious Spirit These &e(i*io%s o& e+i( s)i&i s 'o o'(" o))ose, b% co%' e&$ei he #o&k o$ he Ho(" 7)i&i b" i's)i&i'* (o"a( " o de!o'ic &e(i*io%s co'ce) s a'd )&ac ices. Thei& )(a' is o %&' )eo)(e a#a" $&o! Ch&is h&o%*h dece) io'. "3n which at one time you walked [habitually!2 0ou were following the course and fashion of this world [were under the sway of the tendency of this present age!, following the prince of the power of the air2 [0ou were obedient to and under the control of! the [demon! spirit that still constantly works in the sons of disobedience [the careless, the rebellious, and the unbelieving, who go against the purposes of &od!" ,E)hesia's 6E6-. The s%)e&'a %&a( )o#e& o$ 7a a' d&i+es !e' $&o! #o&shi)i'* he &%e God so he" ca' %&' hei& )&i!a&" a$$ec io's o $a(se *ods a'd o he& +ai' hi'*s.


Re(i*io%s s)i&i s #o&k bo h o% side a'd i'side he ch%&ch, #hich acco%' s $o& he i!!e'se o a((" %''ecessa&" heo(o*ica( disa*&ee!e' s a'd a))a((i'* &e(a io'D shi)s ha e/is i' he ch%&ch i's ead o$ he e/)ec ed s)i&i %a( ha&!o'" ha sho%(d )&e+ai(. These )eo)(e a&e 'o a#a&e he" ha+e &e(i*io%s s)i&i s. E+e' i$ he" #e&e i'$o&!ed o$ he &% h, he" #o%(d'. be i' e&es ed i' bei'* $&ee beca%se his s)i&i ac %a((" *i+es he! a s)i&i o$ i!)o& a'ce as he &es%( o$ )&ide, e'+" a'd se($D&i*h eo%s'ess. This a i %de #as ce& ai'(" cha&ac e&is ic o$ he 7c&ibes a'd Pha&isees #ho ha ed 0es%s a'd &e$%sed o be(ie+e i' Hi!, $o& i$ he" had, he" #o%(d ha+e had o h%!b(e he!se(+es. The $o((o#i'* a&e cha&ac e&is ics o$ he #o&k o$ he Re(i*io%s 7)i&i sE 4. The" be(ie+e he" a&e a(#a"s &i*h , b% $i'd $a%( #i h o he&s. 6. The" o'(" ea& do#', 'e+e& b%i(d %). 3. The" a&e %'ab(e o &ecei+e co&&ec io' a'd i's &%c io'. 8. The" c(ai! a $a(se )hi(oso)h" si'ce he" ca' o'(" (is e' o !a'. ;. The" be(ie+e God a))oi' ed he! $o& he )%&)ose o$ he()i'* o he&s. <. The" a&e %'ab(e o o(e&a e #eak'esses a'd $ai(%&es i' o he&s. >. The" !%s a(#a"s &ecei+e &eco*'i io'. :. The" be(ie+e e+e&" 'e# !o+e o$ God is s%s)icio%s. ?. The" a&e %'ab(e o *(o&" i' oda", o'(" "es e&da".


45. The" a&e'. ab(e o (ea+e hei& o#' *&o%) a'd do'. e/)ec "o% o ei he&. A &e(i*io%s s)i&i s a& s o% as a h%!a' s)i&i a'd %'(ess i .s co' &o((ed i ca' *&o# i' o a de!o'ic s)i&i #i h )o#e&. =he' he co' &o( is si*'i$ica' , i beco!es #i chc&a$ #i h !o&e de!o'ic ac i+i ". 7o!e )eo)(e beco!e so *ood a )e&$ec io' a'd co' &o( he" *e i' o de!o'ic )e&$ec io'. This is 'o %'(ike he obsessi+eDco!)%(si+e )e&so' #i h hei& )e&sis e' ac i+i ies s%ch as #ashi'* hei& ha'ds o' a co' i'%o%s basis. The Bib(e has he a's#e&E "But "e gives us more and more grace )power of the "oly -pirit, to meet this evil tendency and all others fully+2 1hat is why "e says, &od sets "imself against the proud and haughty, but gives grace [continually! to the lowly )those who are humble enough to receive it+" ,0a!es 8E<-. #amiliar Spirits These a&e &a he& co!!o' i' he )&ac ice o$ #i chD c&a$ . This e+i( s)i&i akes o' i s o#' )e&so'a(i " a'd ob ai's i s 'a!e beca%se o$ he $a!i(ia&i " ha i de+e(o)s $&o! he &e(a io'shi) #i h he )e&so' i'+o(+ed. Le+i ic%s 4?E34 i'$o&!s %sE "1urn not to those [mediums! who have familiar spirits or to wizards/ do not seek them out to be defiled by them2 3 am the $ord your &od2" A' i'di+id%a( co!!i s s)i&i %a( ad%( e&" #he' he o& she *oes o% side hei& &e(a io'shi) #i h God o *e s%)e&'a %&a( k'o#(ed*e, #isdo!, *%ida'ce, a'd e+e' )o#e&. Fo& so!e &easo', he" 'eed o k'o# >6

abo% he $% %&e. Dece) io' a(#a"s e/is s #i h a )e&so' i'+o(+ed #i h a $a!i(ia& s)i&i a'd o$ e' he" !is ake he de!o'ic s)i&i $o& he Ho(" 7)i&i . He&e is #ha he O(d Tes a!e' &e+ea(s abo% his ac i+i "E "A man or woman who is a medium and has a familiar spirit or is a wizard shall surely be put to death, be stoned with stones/ their blood shall be upon them" ,Le+i ic%s 65E6>-. 8ecromanc" This is a'o he& dece) io' i' #hich he !edi%! is i' co' ac #i h a s)i&i #hich is $a!i(ia& #i h a dead )e&so'. The 'ec&o!a'ce& he' a))ea&s o ha+e co' ac ed he s)i&i o$ ha dead )e&so' #he' i is ac %a((" he $a!i(ia& s)i&i ha )&o+ides he i'$o&!a io' a'd a'" o$ he !a'i$es a io's. This is #ha God.s =o&d dec(a&es abo% his ha&!$%( e/)os%&e i' De% e&o'o!" 4:E45E44E "1here shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or daughter pass through the fire, or who uses divination, or is a soothsayer, or an augur, or a sorcerer, =r a charmer, or a medium, or a wizard, or a necromancer2" A $o&!e& b%si'ess $&ie'd (e i be k'o#' o !e abo% hei& $a!i(" !ee i'* i' his *&a'd$a he&.s bed&oo!. His b&o he& #as he s)okes!a' beca%se he &e+ea(ed !a'" H$ac sH abo% he *&a'd$a he& e+e' ho%*h he !a' died #he' his b&o he& #as o'(" h&ee "ea& o$ a*e. The" did'. %'de&s a'd his $a!i(ia& s)i&i #as a(&ead" i'$(%e'ci'* he (i+es o$ his $a!i(" h&o%*h cha''e(i'*. Cha''e(i'* is a )&ocess #he&eb" a' i'di+id%a( , he Hcha''e(e&H- c(ai!s o ha+e bee' i'+aded b" a >3

s)i&i e' i " #hich s)eaks h&o%*h he cha''e(e&. This has bee' se %) as a )o)%(a& e(e+isio' sho# #i h he s)eake& &e+ea(i'* i'$o&!a io' o he !e!be&s o$ he a%die'ce abo% hose #ho ha+e died. Do'. be e!) ed o de(+e i' o his a&ea. Drugs Ma'" d&%*s, es)ecia((" he ha((%ci'a o&" o'es, a( e& he $%'c io' o$ b&ai' ce((s )&od%ci'* a' i'$i'i e +a&ie " o$ s%))osed &e+e(a io's a(( $os e&ed b" $a!i(ia& s)i&i s. This is a s &ai*h co&&ido& i' o he de!o'ic &ea(!. 9ames and To"s These ca' beco!e a )o#e&$%( i'$(%e'ce i' *&o#i'* chi(d&e' as he de+i( a e!) s o co' &o( hei& (i+es. 7i'ce )a&e' s a&e hei& s)i&i %a( *%a&dia's, he" !%s s a" a(e& a'd beco!e !o&e +i*i(a' a'd a#a&e o$ 7a a'.s &icks. O'e s%ch *a!e is HD%'*eo's O D&a*o'sH i' #hich a ee'a*e& ac %a((" (os his o#' ide' i " a'd ook o' he ide' i " o$ his $a!i(ia& s)i&i . -maginar" Pla"mates These soDca((ed )(a"!a es a&e i'+isib(e s)i&i s ha ca' beco!e a co!)a'io' a'd a eache& o a chi(dA )e&ha)s as a &es%( o$ (o'e(i'ess. This e+o(+es i' o a &e(a io'shi) #i h a $a!i(ia& s)i&i . O'e s%ch &a*ic case is &e)o& ed i' a "o%'* #o!a' #ho e/)e&ie'ced a' i!a*i'a&" )(a"!a e i' he& chi(dhood. 7he #o%(d $ee( &e1ec io' a'd i'sec%&i ". He& )(a"!a e #as a $a!i(ia& s)i&i ha >8

ass%!ed +a&io%s $o&!s a'd e/e&cised s%)e&'a %&a( )o#e& i'c(%di'* occ%( )he'o!e'a. =he' she #as o(de&, she hea&d %'e/)(ai'ed 'oises #hich !a'i$es ed he!se(+es i' he& ho%se ho%*h o be e/)(ai'ed b" a !ischie+o%s *hos . 7he a(so e/)e&ie'ced %'so%*h as &a( &a+e( ,o$ o& &e(a ed o co!i'* $&o! he s a&s-, a'd %'desi&ed )s"chic i'si*h s. Oui:a 4oard This s%))osed(" ca' )&o+ide &ead" a's#e&s o !a'" B%es io's co'ce&'i'* (i$e.s $% %&e beca%se "o%.&e dea(i'* #i h a $a!i(ia& s)i&i . I is ob+io%s(" +e&" da'*e&o%s #i h *&ea &isks i'+o(+ed. Poltergeist Acco&di'* o =ebs e&.s de$i'i io' his is a 'ois" *hos he(d o be &es)o'sib(e $o& !"s e&io%s 'ois" dis %&ba'ces. I .s eas" o %'de&s a'd ho# 'i*h !a&es ca' occ%& i' )eo)(e e/)osed o his ac i+i ". Po( e&*eis s)i&i s ca' be i'+i ed i' b" he )&ese'ce o$ ce& ai' )ic %&es, #i chc&a$ , o& occ%( ic !a e&ia(. Transcendental ;editation =he' )&ac iced, his o)e's a )e&so' %) o decei+i'* s)i&i s. 7ock ;usic This beco!es a &e(i*io' o he de+o ees $o& he" %s%a((" *&o# o beco!e +e&" de$e'si+e a'd %' eachab(e. The a's#e& is o acce) Ch&is so he" ca' (o+e God a'd 'o a((o# he Ho(" 7)i&i o be >;

&e)(aced #i h Ha'o he& s)i&i H he" ha+e beco!e $a!i(ia& #i h. Tattooing This ca' &es%( i' a' a((e*ia'ce o a dei ". Ta ooi'* a'd bod" )ie&ci'* *oes back o )a*a' ido(a &" a'd )eo)(e 'eed de(i+e&a'ce $&o! so!e o$ he )ic %&es, s"!bo(s, a'd es)ecia((" he des &%c io' o )a& s o$ he bod". "0ou shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead nor print or tattoo any marks upon you/ 3 am the $ord" ,Le+i ic%s 4?E6:-. Teraphims These a&e ho%seho(d i!a*es !ade i' he (ike'ess o$ hei& deceased a'ces o&s. Those i'+o(+ed i' his ido(a &" be(ie+e hese h%!a' $i*%&es a'd s a %es &e)&ese' he s)i&i s o$ he de)a& ed dead. The Bib(e &e$e&s o Rache( s ea(i'* Laba'.s ,he& $a he&- Te&a)hi!. ;odern Da" <urses The $o((o#i'* a&e he !os co!!o' !ode&' da" c%&ses ha 'eed o be b&o%*h %'de& co' &o( si'ce he" a&e 'o &oo ed i' he =o&d o$ God. 1. %isease @o% 'eed o *e he =o&d o$ God i' "o%& hea& a'd s)eak i o% o$ "o%& (i)sE ""e sends forth "is word and heals them and rescues them from the pit and destruction" ,Psa(! 45>E65-. &. A'ultery ><

=i h )&o)e& i's &%c io' "o% ca' be $&ee $&o! ad%( e&"E "'or the commandment is a lamp, and the whole teaching [of the law! is light, and reproofs of discipline are the way of life, 1o keep you from the evil woman, from the flattery of the tongue of a loose woman2 $ust not after her beauty in your heart, neither let her capture you with her eyelids" ,P&o+e&bs <E63D6;-. (. Arthritis Ma'" (ook o' his !a(ad" as o'(" a )h"sica( i'$i&!i ". I is a !a'i$es a io' ha ca' be &a's!i ed $&o! o'e *e'e&a io' o a'o he&, b% I ha+e see' he c"c(e b&oke' h&o%*h cas i'* o% his co'di io'. As he Bib(e sa"s, "Behold, you have instructed many, and you have strengthened the weak hands2 0our words have held firm him who was falling, and you have strengthened the feeble knees" ,0ob 8E3D8-. Tha'k God, his ca' be hea(ed #i h "o%& #o&ds a'd he a% ho&i " o$ he A(!i*h ". #. )loo' %isease The #o&d o$ God &e+e&ses b(ood diseaseE "And when 3 passed by you and saw you rolling about in your blood, 3 said to you in your blood, $ive; 0es, 3 said to you still in your natal blood, $ive;" ,EGekie( 4<E<-. !. )one %isease P(easa' #o&ds a&e hea( h o he bo'es. "6leasant words are like a honeycomb, sweet to the


soul and healing to the bones" ,P&o+e&bs 4<E68 NIV-. *. +ear of Man. =he' "o% )&aise he 'a!e o$ he Lo&d, "o% #i(( 'o (o'*e& $ea& #ha o he&s !a" do. "By [the help of! &od 3 will praise "is word/ on &od 3 lean, rely, and confidently put my trust/ 3 will not fear2 ,hat can man, who is flesh, do to me%" ,Psa(! ;<E8-. ,. +ear of -l' Age I$ "o% a&e &i*h eo%s, "o% #i(( be $&%i $%( i' "o%& (a e& "ea&s. "1he [uncompromisingly! righteous shall flourish like the palm tree [be long4lived, stately, upright, useful, and fruitful!/ they shall grow like a cedar in $ebanon [ma5estic, stable, durable, and incorruptible!222 [&rowing in grace! they shall still bring forth fruit in old age/ they shall be full of sap [of spiritual vitality! and [rich in the! verdure [of trust, love, and contentment!" ,Psa(! ?6E46,48-. .. Mental /roblems A )e&so' #ho 'eeds o be de(i+e&ed o$ his !%s *e he =o&d i' o hei& !i'd o &e+e&se hei& !e' a( diso&de&. ".oll your works upon the $ord [commit and trust them wholly to "im/ "e will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to "is will, and! so shall your plans be established and succeed" ,P&o+e&bs 4<E3-. 0. /o1erty


=he' Ada! si''ed, he cha'*ed *ods a'd as a &es%( #e (os o%& i'c&edib(e #ea( hAca%si'* )o+e& " o be bi& hed i' h%!a'i ". Ho#e+e&, he i he #as es ab(ished o &es o&e he (oss o$ #ea( h #hich "o% a&e 'o# aki'* back h&o%*h 0es%s. "1his Book of the $aw shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe and do according to all that is written in it2 'or then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall deal wisely and have good success" ,0osh%a 4E:-. 12. 3ebellious 4hil'ren The Lo&d e((s %s #e ha+e o cease $&o! #ee)i'* a'd i's ead )&a", seek Hi!, a'd ca(( o% $o& Hi!. The' He #i(( b&i'* o%& chi(d&e' back $&o! 7a a'.s e&&i o&". "1hus says the $ord9 .estrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work shall be rewarded, says the $ord/ and [your children! shall return from the enemy7s land" ,0e&e!iah 34E4<-. The )ippocratic Oath I' !" !edica( schoo(, he Hi))oc&a ic Oa h #as co'side&ed a &i e o$ )assa*e $o& a(( )&ac i io'e&s o$ !edici'e. I #as #&i e' b" Hi))oc&a es i' he $o%& h ce' %&" BC. Ho#e+e&, #he' I ca!e ac&oss i o'ce a*ai', (o'* bei'* a doc o&, I #as bo h s%&)&ised a'd %)se ha I s)oke a' oa h a'd )&a"ed o *ods ha a))a&e' (" #e&e co' &adic o&" o he Bib(e. 0%s $o& "o%& &e+ie#, he&e.s he $i&s )a& ha #as o&i*i'a((" &a's(a ed $&o! he G&eekE "3 swear >?

by Asclepius, "ygieia, and 6anacea, and 3 take to witness all the gods, all the goddesses, to keep according to my ability and my 5udgment, the following =ath2" He&e.s #ha I $o%'d i' !" &esea&ch. To be*i' #i h, 0es%s said, "#o not bind yourself by an oath at all" ,Ma he# ;E38-. The' I &ead i' E/od%s 63E43, ha "o% sha(( 'o +io(a e God.s i's &%c io'sE "3n all 3 have said to you take heed/ do not mention the name of other gods [either in blessing or cursing!/ do not let such speech be heard from your mouth2 He&e is a' %)D oDda e !ode&' +e&sio' o$ he oa h A 'o he o&i*i'a( o'e I s#o&e b" %)o' e' e&i'* a'd (ea+i'* !edica( schoo(E 3 swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and 5udgment, this covenant9 3 will respect the hard4 won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps 3 walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow2 3 will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures [that! are re:uired, avoiding those twin traps of over treatment and therapeutic nihilism2 3 will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon7s knife or the chemist7s drug2 3 will not be ashamed to say "3 know not," nor will 3 fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient7s recovery2 3 will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know2 *ost especially must 3 tread with :5

care in matters of life and death2 3f it is given me to save a life, all thanks2 But it may also be within my power to take a life/ this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humble4 ness and awareness of my own frailty2 Above all, 3 must not play at &od2 3 will remember that 3 do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person7s family and economic stability2 *y responsibility includes these related problems, if 3 am to care ade:uately for the sick2 3 will prevent disease whenever 3 can, for prevention is preferable to cure2 3 will remember that 3 remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm2 3f 3 do not violate this oath, may 3 en5oy life and art, respected while 3 live and remembered with affection thereafter2 *ay 3 always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may 3 long e perience the 5oy of healing those who seek my help2" This !ode&' da" oa h #as #&i e' i' 4?<8 b" Lo%is Lasa*'a, he Acade!ic Dea' o$ he 7choo( o$ Medici'e a T%$ s 9'i+e&si " a'd is %sed h&o%*ho% !a'" !edica( schoo(s oda". =he' "o% &ead he c%&&e' ho%*h s o$ !a'" ac i+e(" )&ac ici'* )h"sicia's o' he I' e&'e , he&e is si*'i$ica' co' &o+e&s" #i h !a'" co' &adic o&" o)i'io's &e*a&di'* he 'ecessi " o$ a*&eei'* #i h so!e o$ hese s a e!e' s o& $&o! e+e' %si'* his oa h.


The&e a&e %'do%b ed(" !a'" )osi i+e as)ec s i' his %)D oDda e +e&sio', b% I a! co'ce&'ed $o& )o e' ia( ab%se co'ce&'i'* he #o&ds "it may also be within my power to take a life2" I &eco!!e'd, i's ead, "o% 1%s $o((o# 0es%s a'd a+oid oa hs. )ospice He&e.s #ha a))ea&s o be ob+io%s(" *ood 'e#s. The #o&k o$ Hos)ice a'd i s !issio' h&o%*ho% he #o&(d has bee' &e!e'do%s. Thei& *oa( is o b&i'* hi*h B%a(i " )a((ia i+e ca&e $o& bo h )a ie' s a'd $a!i(ies. Thei& desi&e is o he() a((e+ia e he )h"sica( a'd e!o io'a( s%$$e&i'* ha has )(a*%ed he #o&(d $&o! i'c%&ab(e sick'esses a'd diseases #i h i s &a*ic co'seB%e'ces. The" ha+e a' o&*a'iGed s"s e! ha $%'c io's b" )&o!o i'* co!!%'ica io', $aci(i a i'*, a'd )&o+idi'* ed%ca io', a'd b" beco!i'* a' i'$o&!a io' &eso%&ce $o& )a ie' s, )&o$essio'a(s, hea( h ca&e )&o+ide&s, a'd )o(ic" !ake&s a&o%'d he #o&(d. He&e.s he %'$o& %'a e &% h abo% he *ood 'e#s. I .s 'o a(( *ood, beca%se !a'" o$ hese )a ie' s do'. ha+e o die. God.s &ei*' o$ *(o&" 'o o'(" co' i'%es o !a'i$es i se($ %)o' he h%!a' &ace b% is i'c&easi'* i' hese e'd da"s. Doc%!e' ed es i!o'ies o$ c&ea i+e !i&ac(es abo%'d, i'c(%di'* bei'* b&o%*h back $&o! dea h. I*'o&a'ce o$ he s)i&i %a( &ea(! has b&o%*h e e&'a( disas e& o !a'" o$ hese )a ie' s #ho ha+e bee' sched%(ed o& )&edic ed o die, b% 'o i' e' io'a((", b" he s)eaki'* o$ 'e*a i+e :6

co'$essio's b" hei& hea( h ca&e )&o+ide&s. I 'e+e& a((o#ed !"se($ o ake s%ch a c(ass beca%se i ca' beco!e habi $o&!i'* a'd e!ba&&assi'*. Fo& e/a!)(e, o'e #o!a' #as i' a co!a $o& a(!os a #eek a'd #as scie' i$ica((" de e&io&a i'* %' i( he& da%*h e& )(aced a' a'oi' ed )&a"e& c(o h o' he& head. The #o!a' #oke %) a'd #as soo' discha&*ed. As a !edica( doc o&, I 'e+e& B%es io'ed he 'ecessi " o ca(( %)o' he co's%( i'* e/)e& ise o$ o he& s)ecia(is s $o& !" )a ie' s. 'eeds, $o& I #as 'e+e& asha!ed o &e+ea( !" i*'o&a'ce i' hese $ie(ds. Like#ise, 'o k'o#i'* a'" hi'* abo% he s)i&i %a( &ea(!As%ch as he s)i&i o& he so%(Ais &ea((" 'o a *&ea e/c%se o de'" )a ie' s $&o! e' e&i'* e e&'i " i' hea+e' i's ead o$ he((. =he he& a hea( h ca&e )&o+ide& be(ie+es o& does'. be(ie+e, does 'o &ea((" !a e& si'ce he )ossibi(i " e/is s. A'd s)eaki'* sa(+a io' o he )a ie' s is ce& ai'(" !o&e )&o$o%'d ha' #&i i'* DNR ,Do No Res%sci a e- o' he cha& . =ha I.! sa"i'* is ha hos)ice co%(d be he (as cha'ce o sa+e a d"i'* )a ie' . Besides, his is a &% h ha has a(&ead" bee' )&o+e' a'd de!o's &a ed b" God (i e&a((" &aisi'* )eo)(e $&o! he dead. =i h he )&a"e& o$ sa(+a io' he" ca' be di&ec ed o hea+e'. The &a*ed" o$ 'o &ecei+i'* hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce be$o&e hei& (as da"s is o'e &easo' $o& his ha'dbook. The&e is 'o e/c%se $o& )eo)(e 'o bei'* *i+e' he o))o& %'i " o (i+e i' hea+e' $o& e e&'i " si'ce his is hei& (as s a" he&e o' ea& h. F%& he&, he&e is a' %'$o%'ded i!)&essio' ha as #e &each a' ad+a'ced a*e ha sick'ess a'd disease is :3

s%))osed o acco!)a'" %s. @o% #o%(d do #e(( 'o o s)eak his i' o e/is e'ce. God is 'o &es)ec e& o$ )e&so's a'd i$ Moses co%(d s a& his !i'is &" a he a*e o$ ei*h " a'd (i+e o he &i)e o(d a*e o$ 465 #i h kee' e"e si*h a'd be s &o'* e'o%*h o c(i!b a !o%' ai', so co%(d "o%. B% "o% #o'. ha+e o asce'd a !o%' ai' %'(ess "o% #a' o2 RICH REWARDS I be(ie+e doc o&s a&e he se&+a' s a'd ha'd!aide's o$ God #ho #i(( he() %she& i' he e'dD i!e &e+i+a( ha #i(( b&i'* his #ho(e a*e o a *(o&io%s c(ose. @o% a&e he o'es e/)e&ie'ci'* he *&ea o% )o%&i'* o$ God.s 7)i&i . He is &e(easi'* o "o% His )o#e& h&o%*h 7)i&i Di's)i&ed #o&ds o$ )&o)hec" a'd )&a"e& #i h si*'s, !i&ac(es, a'd #o'de&s $o((o#i'* "o%. @o% #i(( be i'+o(+ed i' #ha God is doi'* i' his ho%& as His bo'd s(a+e, a+ai(ab(e o do His biddi'* 68 ho%&s a da". This is 'o di$$e&e' ha' #ha "o% ha+e bee' doi'* h&o%*ho% "o%& e' i&e !edica( ca&ee&. I .s a de!a'di'* &o(e, b% he &e#a&ds a&e &ich. @o% #i(( be God.s !o% h)iece he&e o' he ea& h i' hese $i'a( da"s as ke" )(a"e&s i' he Ho(" 7)i&i .s *&ea es ea& h(" )&od%c io'A )&e)a&i'* )eo)(e $o& hea+e'.



The )a h $&o! ca) i+i " o (ibe& " i'+o(+es cas i'* o% de!o'ic s)i&i s #he&e+e& he" a&e $o%'d. Le !e sha&e se+e' s a*es ha (ead $&o! &e*&essio' o o a( )ossessio'. Stage One: 7egression Peo)(e o$ e' &e+e& o ea&(ie& beha+io&s he" k'e# )&io& o sa(+a io'Aac io's he" had bee' $&eed $&o!. Ho#e+e&, &a he& ha' )&o*&ess $o&#a&d he" s a& &eachi'* o#a&d habi s o$ he )as . The&e a&e 'e*a i+e ac i+i ies #hich be*i' o hi'de& 'o&!a( e/)&essio's a'd o(d beha+io&s beco!e !o&e )&e+a(e' . Fo& e/a!)(e, he" !a" %se $i( h" (a'*%a*e a'd e(( o$$Dco(o& 1okes $&o! hei& ea&(ie& (i$e. Stage Two: 7epression This (e+e( is eas" o !iss beca%se he s e)s a&e so s(i*h , b% i beco!es !o&e e+ide' ha $ee(i'*s a&e he(d back. Res &ai' is a))a&e' . The" !%&!%& a'd co!)(ai' !o&e abo% &o%b(es a'd )&ob(e!s. I' addi io', he" &ed%ce hei& co'+e&sa io' abo% he Lo&d a'd !a" e+e' sho# a'*e& a'd hos i(i " o#a&d God $o& he ci&c%!s a'ces he" a&e *oi'* h&o%*h. =ha is he a's#e&C ""e must correct his opponents with courtesy and gentleness, in the hope that &od may grant that they will repent and come :;

to know the 1ruth [that they will perceive and recognize and become accurately ac:uainted with and acknowledge it!" ,6 Ti!o h" 6E6;-. Stage Three: Suppression The" beco!e i'ac i+e, (is (ess, s(o#e&, ha+e (ess e'e&*" a'd e' h%sias!, a'd de$i'i e(" (ose i' e&es i' hei& e'+i&o'!e' . The" be*i' o co'cea( hi'*s, sho# (i (e desi&e i' hei& ac i+i ies a'd hei& (i$e, a'd ha+e 'o 'eed o disc%ss hei& e/)e&ie'ces #i h he Lo&d. God beco!es a sec&e . 7%))&essio' is (ike bei'* )&essed do#', sB%eeGed, a'd c&%shed. Stage #our: Depression Thei& s)i&i %a( (e+e( o$ ac i+i " is !a&ked(" &ed%ced. The" de!o's &a e &e1ec io', sad'ess, i'ac i+i ", ho)e(essD'ess, a'd i'adeB%ac". =i hd&a#a( is a))a&e' . Ta(ki'* s o)s. The&e is $ea&, se)a&a io' $&o! o he&s, se($D)i ", e/ &e!e B%ie 'ess, a'd s a&i'* i' o s)ace. The&e is 'o 1o" o& $ai h. 7%ch )eo)(e )&e$e& o s a" a(o'e. The" ca' dea( #i h he $i&s h&ee s e)s, b% i$ he".&e *oi'* o &esis he de+i( he" ha+e o beco!e #e(( ba(a'ced. The" 'eed o *e hei& #i(( ac i+a ed a'd s a& )&aisi'* a'd #o&shi)i'* he Lo&d a'd doi'* he s)i&i %a( hi'*s o$ God o (i$ his de)&essio' $&o! hei& (i$e. Stage #ive: Oppression This is se&io%s beca%se he&e a&e hi'*s ha #i(( #ei*h he! do#' o he )oi' he" a&e %'ab(e o !ai' ai' hei& &es)o'sibi(i ies. 7ick'ess a'd disease :<

ca' occ%& a(o'* #i h $ea&, a'd o he& %'$o& %'a e ci&c%!s a'ces. The" a&e o+e&)o#e&ed b" 7a a' #i h $ee(i'*s o$ bei'* c&%shed, o+e&#he(!ed, &a+a*ed, a'd s!o he&ed. "And that they may come to their senses [and!escape out of the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him, [henceforth! to do "is [&od7s!will" ,6 Ti!o h" 6E 6<-. Stage Si : O/session The" beco!e obsessed #i h he #&o'* hi'*s a'd &eB%i&e he() a his )oi' i' o&de& o be se $&ee. The" a&e %'&easo'ab(e, o$ e' (ie, a'd ca' e+e' beco!e obsessed #i h a s)i&i o$ 1ea(o%s". The" a&e %'ab(e o de(i+e& he!se(+es. I' addi io', he" ca' beco!e $i/ed o' a si'*(e o& %'&easo'ab(e idea beca%se hei& !i'd is 'o c(ea& a'd ac %a((" he" a&e i' bo'da*e. I' &% h, he" a&e besie*ed b" e+i( s)i&i s. Stage Seven: Possession This is a (o'* s e) $&o! obsessio'. E+e' ho%*h he&e a&e hose #ho ac %a((" beco!e )ossessed, he" ha+e o e' e& a e&&ib(e s a e be$o&e &eachi'* his s a*e. No# he" a&e co!)(e e(" %'de& he co' &o( o$ he de!o'. Thei& o#' )e&so'a(i " is 'o (o'*e& +isib(e. O he&s ca' see de!o'ic ac i+i " i' hei& e"es. The&e is o a( co' &o( a'd &%(e b" e/ &a'eo%s $o&ces #i h do!i'a io'. @o% ca' see ha 7a a' a e!) s o de+o%& he )e&so' a (i (e bi a a i!e. The ke" is o &esis he de+i( a he +e&" o'se E "Be well balanced )temperate, sober of mind+, be vigilant and cautious at all times/ for that enemy of yours, the devil, :>

roams around like a lion roaring [in fierce hunger!, seeking someone to seize upon and devour2 ,ithstand him/ be firm in faith [against his onset rooted, established, strong, immovable, and determined!, knowing that the same )identical+ sufferings are appointed to your brotherhood )the whole body of (hristians+ throughout the world" ,4 Pe e& ;E :D?-. YOUR SPIRITUAL ARMOR God.s a&!o& is o'e o$ he !a'" b(essi'*s He has *i+e' "o% $o& he )he'o!e'a( s)i&i %a( )&o ec io' o$ "o%& bod". 7c&i) %&e desc&ibes ho# "o% ca' % i(iGe "o%& s)i&i %a( a&!o& a*ai's de!o'ic s)i&i s. Lea&' ho# o )% o' a'd #ea& hese )ieces o$ s)i&i %a( c(o hi'* b" $ai h so "o% ca' a+oid e'co%' e&i'* de!o'ic s)i&i %a( cha((e'*es. The' #a ch ho# "o% s a'd "o%& *&o%'d a'd co'$i&! "o%& +ic o&" i' Ch&is 0es%s &a he& ha' a((o# "o%& doo& o o)e' a'd beco!e a'o he& cas%a( ". =e a&e o(dE 1herefore put on &od7s complete armor, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day [of danger!, and, having done all [the crisis demands!, to stand [firmly in your place!2 -tand therefore [hold your ground!, having tightened the belt of truth around your loins and having put on the breastplate of integrity and of moral rectitude and right standing with &od, And having shod your feet in preparation [to face the enemy with the firm4footed stability, the promptness, and the readiness produced by the good news! of the &ospel of peace2 $ift up over all the [covering! shield of saving faith, upon which you can :uench all the flaming ::

missiles of the wicked [one!2 And take the helmet of salvation and the sword that the -pirit wields, which is the ,ord of &od2 6ray at all times )on every occasion, in every season+ in the -pirit, with all [manner of! prayer and entreaty2 1o that end keep alert and watch with strong purpose and perseverance, interceding in behalf of all the saints )&od7s consecrated people+ ,E)hesia's <E43D4:-. This de$e'se a*ai's de!o'ic ac i+i " is i((%s &a ed #i h he $o((o#i'*E 1. The helmet of salvation. This co+e&s "o%& head a'd )&o ec s "o%& !i'd. @o% ha+e +ic o&" a'd "o% ca' s a e ha E HI ha+e he !i'd o$ Ch&is #i h His #isdo! a'd &e+e(a io' o dea( #i h e+e&" iss%e &e*a&d(ess o$ i s 'a %&e.H $. The /reastplate of righteousness. =he' "o% )% his o' "o% a&e i' &i*h s a'di'* #i h God. @o% ca' )&oc(ai!E HM" hea& is )&o ec ed a'd !ade i''oce' o$ si' a'd I.! ho(" h&o%*h he c&oss a'd he shed b(ood o$ 0es%s Ch&is .H Ri*h eo%s'ess !ea's H&i*h doi'*,H #hich is a co'di io' o$ he hea& . &. %oins girt a/out with the /elt of truth. This )&o ec s "o% a*ai's &ia(s a'd &ib%(a io's $&o! he de+i(. I be(ie+e, HM" God is $ai h$%( a'd I #i(( 'o s%$$e& o be e!) ed o& acce) he (ies o$ he e'e!" as I s)eak he &% h #hich is he =o&d o$ God.H


'. #eet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. P% o' hese shoes #hich a&e ea*e& o *o #i((i'*(" #he&e+e& He se'ds "o% so "o% ca' e+a'*e(iGe he #o&(d. C(ai! hese #o&dsE HThe Lo&d 0es%s #i(( (ead !e so ha I #i(( b&i'* )eace, $e((o#shi), 1o", a'd *(ad idi'*s o$ *ood hi'*s o a(( he si %a io's #i h #hich I.! dea(i'*.H (. The shield of faith. D%&i'* o%& $i&s da" o$ !edica( schoo(, he )&o$esso& a''o%'ced ha #e, he s %de' s, had o !ake a decisio' o be(ie+e e+e&" hi'* he" o(d %s. 7i!)(" s a ed, #e #e&e'. *oi'* o $i'd i!e o &esea&ch e+e&" hi'* #e hea&d, b% &a he& #e had o 1%s acce) i a((. I ook !e !a'" "ea&s be$o&e I *&as)ed ha he" #e&e ac %a((" eachi'* %s $ai h #i ho% e+e& %si'* he $ai h #o&d. @o%& shie(d o$ $ai h is b%i( %)o' he =o&d o$ God $o& his #i(( s o) he e'e!".s b%&'i'* a&&o#s $&o! )ie&ci'* "o%. I i'sis ha E HE+e&" i!e I &ead he =o&d o$ God o& si %'de& he eachi'* o$ he =o&d, !" shie(d o$ $ai h *&o#s (a&*e&.H *. The sword of the Spirit. This #ea)o' #i(( #i hs a'd a'd s(a" he e'e!" beca%se he =o&d o$ God is sha&)e& ha' a #oD ed*ed s#o&d. I s &ess ha E HAs I co!!i 7c&i) %&es o !e!o&", he" #i(( a))ea& o !e i' &o%b(ed i!es a'd c% h&o%*h a'" cha((e'*es as a )o#e&$%( a'd !i*h " #ea)o'.H The =o&d o$ God is he o'(" o$$e'si+e #ea)o' o co'B%e& he de+i(. ?5

,. Pra"er and supplication. P&a"i'* i' he 7)i&i !akes *ood se'se $o& i is o'e o$ he #a"s o &e(ease he #i(( o$ God %)o' he ea& h. I a(#a"s sa", HM" co!!%'ica io' #i h God is s &e'* he'ed b" )e&se+e&a'ce, ha'ks*i+i'*, a'd )&aise a'd I be(ie+e ha s &o'*ho(ds i' he hea+e'(ies a&e b&oke'.H =e a&e o(dE "Be unceasing in prayer [praying perseveringly!" ,Thessa(o'ia's ;E4>-. I ho)e "o% &ea(iGe ha he&e is 'o a&!o& o )&o ec "o%& back si!)(" beca%se God e/)ec s "o% o be $aci'* he e'e!" a a(( i!es, ha is, "o%.&e a(#a"s !o+i'* $o&#a&d a acki'* "o%& ad+e&sa&". DETHRONING THE DEVIL =he' "o% #a(k i' o a &oo! #i h a )e&so' #ho 'eeds de(i+e&a'ce, (ea&' ho# o sho# %) #i h a' a i %de o$ )o#e&. Do'. be s%&)&ised o hea& *&o#(i'* a'd ba&ki'* de!o's #he' "o% a&&i+e, #hich co'$i&!s #h" he de!o's $(ee $&o! "o%. @o%& 1ob is o de h&o'e he e+i( ha e/is sA #hich co!es $&o! he de+i(. 7i'ce "o% a&e a(#a"s i' #a&$a&e #i h hi!, "o% a&e ad+ised o co's a' (" be o' he o$$e'si+e &a he& ha' he de$e'si+e a'd 'o o(e&a e o& e+e' &e$e& o his soDca((ed Ha acks.H @o% de(i+e& !e' a'd #o!e' $&o! de!o'ic ac i+i " #he' "o% b&i'* God o' he sce'e a'd he" &e &ea E "But if it is by the -pirit of &od that 3 drive out the demons, then the kingdom of &od has come upon you [before you e pected it!" ,Ma he# 46E6:-. The&e is a si!)(e #a" o ha'd(e he de+i( $&o! *e i'* i' o "o%& ho%*h s acco&di'* o ?4

7c&i) %&eE"[3nasmuch as we! refute arguments and theories and reasonings and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against the [true! knowledge of &od/ and we lead every thought and purpose away captive into the obedience of (hrist )the *essiah, the Anointed =ne+" ,6 Co&i' hia's 45E;-. DISCOVER THE TRUTH Those #ho a&e i' o))osi io' o he &% h 'eed o o)e' hei& hea& s so he" ca' &ecei+e &e)e' a'ce. ""e must correct his opponents with courtesy and gentleness, in the hope that &od may grant that they will repent and come to know the 1ruth [that they will perceive and recognize and become accurately ac:uainted with and acknowledge it!, And that they may come to their senses [and! escape out of the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him, [henceforth! to do "is [&od7s! will" ,6 Ti!o h" 6E 6;D6<-. Reco+e&" beco!es e+ide' o he ca) i+es #he' he" disco+e& he &% h o$ he =o&d #hich &e(eases he! $&o! bo'da*e so he" ca' kee) he co!!a'd!e' sE ",hoever observes the [king7s! command will e perience no harm, and a wise man7s mind will know both when and what to do" ,Ecc(esias es :E;-. B" aki'* ho(d o$ he =o&d o$ God he" *&ea (" &ed%ce he &isk o$ e+e& &e %&'i'* o ha )a h a*ai'. This co'seB%e' (" e'ab(es he! o es ab(ish a sa$e*%a&d o )&o ec o he&s. KEYS OF THE KINGDOM The )&a"e& *i+e' b" 0es%s i'+o(+i'* he )o#e& o$ bi'di'* a'd (oosi'* is s)i&i %a( i' bo h he ea& h ?6

a'd i' hea+e'. This )o#e& *i+es "o% he o))o& %'i " o ha'd(e a(( si %a io's h&o%*h he Ho(" 7)i&i . @o% #i(( ha+e 'o !o&e ba&&ie&s be #ee' hea+e' a'd ea& h o& be #ee' ea& h a'd hea+e' beca%se "o% 'o# ha+e he ke"s ha !ake i )ossib(e 0%s c(ai! #ha "o% #a' a'd i #i(( be do'e a'd si!)(" be(ie+e i b" "o%& $ai h. "3 will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven/ and whatever you bind )declare to be improper and unlawful+ on earth must be what is already bound in heaven/ and whatever you loose )declare lawful+ on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven" ,Ma he# 4<E4?-. The *&ea es s%ccess $o& "o% a'd hose "o% a&e &"i'* o he() is o acco!)(ish he #i(( o$ God. YOUR WEAPONS A((o# !e o sha&e ei*h i'c&edib(e #ea)o's ha a&e a+ai(ab(e $o& "o% o % i(iGe i' i!es o$ cha((e'*eE 4. P&a"e& 6. P&aise 3. P&eachi'* 8. @o%& es i!o'" ;. The =o&d o$ God <. The 'a!e o$ 0es%s >. The b(ood o$ 0es%s :. 7c&i) %&es Re!e!be&E H-o be sub5ect to &od2 .esist the devil [stand firm against him!, and he will flee from you" ,0a!es 8E>-.


JESUS DESTROYS SATAN The 7o' o$ God s)e' !o&e i!e a(ki'* abo% he de+i( a'd he(( d%&i'* His )&eachi'* a'd eachi'* ha' hea(i'* si'ce He #as ac i+e(" i'+o(+ed i' de(i+e&a'ce. I' doi'* so, He #as &e+ea(i'* a'd e/)osi'* 7a a', 'o e/ho& i'* hi!. 0es%s ca!e i' he $(esh as a $i'a( sac&i$ice $o& "o%& )a ie' .s si's, b% a(so o a''ihi(a e he #o&ks o$ he de+i(. As a &es%( o$ he 1%d*!e' o$ Ch&is #he' He #as 'ai(ed o he c&oss, he )&i'ce o$ his #o&(d ,#ho #as he &%(e& o$ his #o&(d- #as $i'a((" a'd (e*a((" cas o% . The Bib(e dec(a&es, "<ow the 5udgment )crisis+ of this world is coming on [sentence is now being passed on this world!2 <ow the ruler )evil genius, prince+ of this world shall be cast out )e pelled+" ,0oh' 46E34-. @es, i #as a he c&oss ha he de+i(.s e&&i o&", his a% ho&i ", a'd his c(ai!s #e&e o a((" e&!i'a ed. @o% ca' sa" #i h co!)(e e ass%&a'ce ha he de+i( #as des &o"ed h&o%*h he dea h o$ 0es%s o' he c&oss. 7i'ce his ook )(ace, he does'. 'eed o be de$ea ed a'" $%& he&. I #as a(&ead" do'e. =ha #e 'eed o do 'o# is o 1%s ad!i'is e& his de$ea . "[But! he who commits sin [who practices evildoing! is of the devil [takes his character from the evil one!, for the devil has sinned )violated the divine law+ from the beginning2 1he reason the -on of &od was made manifest )visible+ was to undo destroy, loosen, and dissolve+ the works the devil [has done!" ,4 0oh' 3E:-. ?8

Tha'k God $o& se'di'* His 7o' o )a" he )&ice $o& o%& hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce a Ca(+a&".



Ne+e& ski& a&o%'d he iss%e o$ si'. I is he co&e )&ob(e! o$ )eo)(e 'eedi'* de(i+e&a'ce. 7i' is s%icide. I .s a +io(a io' o$ #ha "o% a(&ead" k'o#. The basic !o i+a io' )&od%ci'* si' ,7e($ I'$(ic ed No'se'se- is o #a' o be $&ee o& i'de)e'de' o$ God. @e , si' *i+es he de+i( he (e*a( &i*h o des &o" "o%& )a ie' s. =e ha+e (ibe& ies as he &es%( o$ o%& $&ee #i((, b% his !ea's #e ca' "ie(d o e!) a io' e+e' ho%*h #e do'. ha+e o si'ce #e a&e i' cha&*e o$ o%& $(esh. The B%es io' o ask he )e&so' i' 'eed is hisE do he" #a' o se&+e God o& do he" #a' o se&+e he de+i(C The si'$%( !i'd co!es a*ai's GodE "[1hat is! because the mind of the flesh [with its carnal thoughts and purposes! is hostile to &od, for it does not submit itself to &od7s $aw/ indeed it cannot" ,Ro!a's :E>-. The de+i( sho#s %) a'd e' e&s basica((" beca%se #eak'ess de+e(o)s $&o! e!) a io'. Tha .s he i!e 7a a'.s s a$$ has he o))o& %'i " o bi'd "o%. He akes ad+a' a*e o$ !a' h&o%*h he (%s o$ he e"e, he (%s o$ he $(esh, a'd he )&ide o$ (i$e. The de+i( sees %s as #e see o%&se(+es so "o% 'eed o a))&ecia e ha "o%& o% #a&d a))ea&a'ce &ea((" &e$(ec s #ha .s *oi'* o' i' "o%& i'side. Re!e!be&, e+e&" hi'* he de+i( does is co%' e&$ei beca%se he is %'ab(e o c&ea e. He.s a(so ?<

a' e/)e& o' #ha .s (e*a( a'd #ha .s 'o $o& he&e.s 'o as)ec o$ &a's*&essio' ha is (a#$%( $o& "o%. The&e is 'o ho)e $o& hose #ho i'sis i' )%&s%i'* a$ e& si'. I's ead, he" 'eed o o)e' hei& hea& o he Lo&d 0es%s Ch&is o$ NaGa&e h. A( ho%*h si' has sca&s, hea(i'* ca' &e!o+e he!. The e)i o!e o$ he de+i(.s ha &ed is o *i+e %s sickD 'ess a'd disease so he ca' a ack God i'di&ec (" b" h%& i'* !a'. He &ea((" does'. ca&e abo% da!a*i'* "o% beca%se he has 'o h%!a' e!o io's. He akes ad+a' a*e o$ h%& i'* God b" ha&!i'* God.s c&ea io's. He bi'ds %s i$ #e a((o# hi! b" de'"i'*, disc&edi i'*, a'd o+e&co!i'* he =o&d #e &ecei+e. BREAKING THE CORDS The #icked !a' !akes a #i(($%( choice o si' a'd so he beco!es e' &a))ed i' his o#' i'iB%i ies. He is &ea((" he(d b" he co&ds o$ his si's. The #o&ds o$ his !o% h i'dica e a (ack o$ i's &%c io' a'd %'de&s a'di'* #hich ca%ses hi! o *o as &a". =he' God.s )&ecio%s =o&d is (acki'*, e+i( %s%a((" akes co' &o(. O'e o$ he ke"s o de(i+e&a'ce, he&e$o&e, is )&o)e& i's &%c io'. Re!e!be&, ""is own ini:uities shall ensnare the wicked man, and he shall be held with the cords of his sin" ,P&o+e&bs ;E66-. Tha'k God, he&e is o a( $o&*i+e'essE "3f we confess our sins, he is faithful and 5ust to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness" ,4 0oh' 4E? K0V-.



@o% ha+e bee' )&e)a&ed o &ecei+e he Lo&d.s a'oi' i'* so "o% ca' a'd #i(( #i 'ess he !a'i$es a io' o$ God.s a#eso!e hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce )o#e&. The bib(ica( basis $o& hea(i'* is &e(a i+e(" si!)(e. =he' "o% s)eak he 'a!e o$ 0es%s, God he Fa he& &e(eases His hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&i'* )o#e&, a'd he a'oi' i'* o$ he Ho(" 7)i&i co!es o #o&k #i hi' "o% o' "o%& beha($. B" he a'oi' i'*, I !ea' he )o#e& o b&eak he "oke ,se&+i %de o& bo'da*e- a'd des &o" he #o&ks o$ he de+i(. The G&eek #o&d $o& H)o#e&H !ea's Ha% ho&i ".H This a% ho&i " e'ab(es %s o &e!o+e a(( $(esh(" a'd de!o'ic )o#e&. A "oke co%(d be de$i'ed as a' a&ched de+ice ha #as $o&!e&(" (aid o' he 'eck o$ a de$ea ed )e&so'. The a'oi' i'*, he', is he *(o&" ha &e!o+es a(( $(esh a'd a(( he )o#e& o$ he e'e!". The Bib(e does'. &eB%i&e "o% o beco!e &ai'ed as a !i'is e& o& a )as o&I 'o& does i de!a'd ha "o% e'&o(( i' a se!i'a&" o& Bib(e schoo(. The o'(" &eB%i&e!e' $o& "o% o (a" ha'ds o' he sick a'd see he! &eco+e& is $o& "o% o be a be(ie+e&. E+e&" bo&' a*ai' Ch&is ia', i'c(%di'* "o%, has bee' *i+e' a% ho&i " b" God o !i'is e& hea(i'* o he sick a'd o))&essed. Ac %a((", acco&di'* o he Bib(e, he Lo&d e/)ec s "o% o !ake he decisio' o )a& ici)a e as a be(ie+e&. A'd #he' "o% do, his #i(( ha))e'E "1hey shall set their hands on sick men, ?:

and they shall wa whole" ,Ma&k 4<E4: ="c(i$$e Ne# Tes a!e' -. TANGIBLE AND TRANSFERABLE As "o% abso&b his !a e&ia(, "o% ca' a' ici)a e he co' i'%ed &e(ease o$ God.s a'oi' i'* i' o "o%& s)i&i $o& "o%& s%)e&'a %&a(, s)i&i %a(, %'de&s a'di'* )o#e&. The&e is a s)i&i %a( &a's$o&!a io' o$ he =o&d ha "o% #i(( &ecei+e. The =o&d o$ God is 'o 1%s a co((ec io' o$ di+i'e(" i's)i&ed )&o!ises, b% a (i+i'* $o&ce ha ca' ac %a((" b&i'* he )o#e& o !ake hose )&o!ises beco!e a &ea(i " i' "o%& (i$e. This a'oi' i'* is bo h a'*ib(e a'd &a's$e&ab(e. Tha'k God $o& he scie' i$ic a))&oach a'd he b(essi'*s "o%.+e e/)e&ie'ced a'd see' co!e $&o! i , $o& doc o&s ha+e % i(iGed his s"s e! o ca&e $o& co%' (ess )a ie' s h&o%*ho% he e' i&e #o&(d. Ea&(" o', his #as he o'(" !e hod I #a' ed o k'o# abo% i' !" )&ac ice. =he' "o% ha+e bee' &ai'ed i' a'd )&ac iced a ce& ai' a))&oach $o& !os o$ "o%& ca&ee&, "o% beco!e o a((" &e(ia' a'd de)e'de' %)o' i . The&e$o&e, #h" #o%(d "o% #a' o &esea&ch o& i'+es i*a e a'" o he& $o&! o$ )a ie' &ea !e' C B% #he' I #as hea(ed o$ a' i'c%&ab(e !edica( co'di io', I be*a' o #o'de&, HCo%(d I ha+e bee' #&o'* a(( hese "ea&s i' !" !edica( )&ac iceCH I )&a" "o% #i(( disco+e& o'e o$ he )&ice(ess &eas%&es o$ !" (i$eAGod.s a'oi' i'*.



He&e.s a B%es io' I a! co's a' (" askedE HHo# do "o% hea& he +oice o$ GodCH Le .s s a& #i h he basics. The $i&s hi'* "o% ha+e o be(ie+e is ha "o% can hea& His +oice h&o%*h he !i'd He has *i+e' "o%. @o% !a" 'o &ea(iGe o #ho! "o% ha+e bee' (is e'i'*, b% he &% h is ha i .s bo h "o%& +oice a'd His +oice. The o'(" #a" o disce&' he di$$e&e'ce is o &ea(iGe ha His +oice is a(#a"s (ooki'* $o& His desi&es $o& "o% a'd "o%& +oice is a(#a"s (ooki'* $o& "o%& desi&es $o& "o%&se($. God #a' s "o% o hi'k a'd a(k abo% hi'*s ha a&e o% side "o%& o#' co!$o& s, bo%'da&ies, a'd (i!i a io's. The i!)o& a'ce o$ hea&i'* His +oice is $o& "o% o be ab(e o )%(( His desi&es ha a&e $o& "o% o% o$ "o%&se($. @o% a(&ead" ha+e a &eas%&" i' "o% ha God )(aced he&e. This is #h" "o% #a' o hea& His +oice. I' &ea(i ", he&e a&e !a'" #a"s He co!!%'ica es #i h "o%, )&obab(" de)e'de' o' "o%& )e&so'a(i " a'd cha&ac e& ha He ho'o&s. E+e&" doc o& has had cha((e'*i'* !edica( si %a io's ha #e&e )&o)e&(" a's#e&ed #hich, as "o% &e$(ec back, "o% k'e# "o% did 'o so(+e. M" i!)&essio' is ha God s)eaks o %s a(( he i!e )&o+ided #e a&e &ead" a'd o)e' o hea& Hi!. Ho#e+e&, he so%'d o$ o%& +oice !a" 'o a((o# 455

Hi! o *e h&o%*h es)ecia((" #he' #e a&e co' i'%o%s(" a(ki'*. =e 'eed o ha+e $ai h a'd ac %a((" be(ie+e i is )ossib(e. He&e is o'e o$ he !a'" )o#e&$%( 7c&i) %&es ha &e+ea(s God.s )&ese'ce #i hi' %sE "$ittle children, you are of &od [you belong to "im! and have [already! defeated and overcome them [the agents of the antichrist!, because "e ,ho lives in you is greater )mightier+ than he who is in the world" ,4 0oh' 8E8-. 7i'ce he be*i''i'* o$ c&ea io', e+e' be$o&e God s)oke, he 7)i&i !o+ed a'd His )a e&' has 'e+e& ceased o cha'*e. Th&o%*h His *&ace He is (i+i'* i' "o%. I' o&de& o ha+e a' o'*oi'* &e(a io'shi) #i h God, i is +i a( o hea& His +oice. This is s%!!ed %) i' 0e&e!iah >E63E "But this thing 3 did command them9 $isten to and obey *y voice, and 3 will be your &od and you will be *y people/ and walk in the whole way that 3 command you, that it may be well with you2" This is a(so co'$i&!ed i' he Ne# Tes a!e' , $o& hea&i'* His +oice is he !a&k o$ a &%e disci)(e. "1he sheep that are *y own hear and are listening to *y voice/ and 3 know them, and they follow *e" ,0oh' 45E6>-. Fai h co!es #he' "o% hea& His +oice e+e&" da", $o& i )&o+ides "o% #i h di&ec io' a'd s &e'* h. Hea&i'* ac %a((" co!es h&o%*h a' i''e& co'di io' o$ he hea& A k'o#' as a hea&i'* hea& A#hich "o% ca' ask God $o&. To *e his se'si i+i " o$ he hea& o hea& His +oice co&&ec (", $o%& hi'*s a&e &eB%i&edE 454

4. 9'di+ided a e' io'. 6. H%!i(i " ,obedie'ce-. 3. Ti!e. 8. N%ie 'ess. The bes )&e)a&a io' $o& his is #i h #o&shi)E "= come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the $ord out *aker [in reverent praise and supplication!" ,Psa(! ?;E<-. The e+ide'ce ha "o% hea&d he +oice o$ GodE 4. The&e is a*&ee!e' #i h 7c&i) %&e ,#hich co!es $&o! he Ho(" 7)i&i - a'd i s )&i'ci)(es. 6. The&e #i(( be co'$i&!a io' ci&c%!s a'ces i' o'e #a" o& a'o he&. 3. God.s )eace &esides i' "o%& hea& . 8. The&e #i(( be co'$i&!a io' h&o%*h $e((o# be(ie+e&s. "JESUS LOVES YOU" Ma" I s%**es ha #he' so!e hi'* ha))e's ha a))ea&s o be )e&$ec i!i'* ha "o% a&e &e$e&&i'* o as a coi'cide'ce, ake a !o!e' o &eco'side& ha i #as God. He&e is a *&ea e/a!)(e o$ hea&i'* he +oice o$ God a'd co'$i&!a io' o$ he ci&c%!s a'ces. I !e a '%&se i' he hos)i a( #i h a ha&de'ed s)i&i . =e #o%(d )ass each o he& i' he hos)i a( ha((#a"s a'd a(k b&ie$(", b% a))a&e' (" #ha e+e& I 456 o$ he

said #o%(d %)se he&. 7o, o b&eak ha ha&d'ess, I k'e# o e(( he&, H0es%s (o+es "o%.H I s%s)ec ed ha #as he Ho(" 7)i&i . O'e i!e #e sa# each o he& a a !a(( a'd she co'$&o' ed !e, HI a! %)se ha "o% )&a"ed $o& !" !o he&, a'd she did'. (ike i ei he&.H I a e!) ed o a)o(o*iGe, b% ha see!ed o !ake !a e&s #o&se. 7he #o%(d'. (is e' beca%se she said !" )&a"i'* sho%(d ha+e 'e+e& ha))e'ed i' he $i&s )(ace. A*ai', I hea&d o e(( he&, H0es%s (o+es "o%.H I'di*'a' (", she o(d !e o s o) sa"i'* ha beca%se she did'. be(ie+e i . Abo% a #eek (a e&, I hea&d $&o! a c(ose $&ie'd o$ he&s i' he hos)i a( ha as she #as d&i+i'* o% o$ s a e, he& e"es ca%*h a (a&*e bi((boa&d ha &ead, H0es%s (o+es "o%H a$ e& #hich she co%(d'. s o) c&"i'*. God has #a"s o$ s)eaki'* o %s.



=he' i is 'ecessa&" o cas o% de!o'ic s)i&i s $&o! "o%& )a ie' s, i$ he&e is a'" B%es io' i' "o%& !i'd, 1%s e(( he! o co!e o% i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s #i ho% ca%si'* a'" ha&! a'd he' se'd he! o Hd&" )(aces.H This is a bib(ica( e&! &e$e&e'ced be(o#. @o% ca' a(so co!!a'd he! o be bo%'d o he co&d o$ he Ho(" 7)i&i a'd se' o he )i . 7o!e co!!a'd he" be se' o he ab"ss, b% d&" )(aces a&e a' a*&eeab(e )(ace o *o. The" a&e 'o i' he(( as "e so do'. bo he& se'di'* he! he&e. =he' s)i&i s a&e cas o% $o((o#i'* de(i+e&a'ce, %'(ess he Hc(ea' ho%seH o$ ha )e&so' is !ai' ai'ed a'd &e)(aced #i h s)i&i %a( k'o#(ed*e, #hich i'+o(+es &eadi'* he =o&d, !e!o&iGi'* 7c&i) %&es, ho'o&i'* God, a'd &e!o+i'* a(( he o(d 1%'k #hich ca%sed he )&ob(e! i' he $i&s )(ace, he de!o's o$ e' &e %&' o seek &ee' &a'ce i' o hei& o(d ho!e a'd &ees ab(ish hei& de!o'ic #a"s. This is B%i e ob+io%s $&o! &eadi'* Ma he# 46E83D8;E "But when the unclean spirit has gone out of a man, it roams through dry [arid! places in search of rest, but it does not find any2 1hen it says, 3 will go back to my house from which 3 came out2 And when it arrives, it finds the place unoccupied, swept, put in order, and decorated2 1hen it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and make their home there2 And the last 458

condition of that man becomes worse than the first2 -o also shall it be with this wicked generation2" Tha'k God $o& he )o#e& o$ he =o&d #i h his a#eso!e desc&i) io' as desc&ibed i' 0e&e!iah 63E6?E "73s not *y word like a fire%7 says the $ord, 7And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces%7" DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL SPIRITS =he' "o% dea( #i h a de!o'ic si %a io', $i'd he seed o$ he )&ob(e! a'd de)e'd o' "o%& *i$ o$ disce&'!e' . Ask !%( i)(e B%es io's o "o%& )a ie' %' i( "o% *e a c(%e o& a ha'd(e as o ho# his s a& ed. Do'. $o&*e ha &e1ec io' is a co!!o' &oo . E'co%&a*e "o%& )a ie' o co'side& )&a"e& a'd $as i'* )&io& o "o%& !ee i'*. A*ai', &e$e& o hei& de(i+e&a'ce as &e!o+i'* HbadH o& e+i( s)i&i s &a he& ha' i'i ia((" i'$o&!i'* he! ha he" ha+e a de!o'. PREPARATION FOR DELIVERANCE 4. Gi+e %) si'I o he&#ise his beco!es a' o)e' i'+i a io' o de!o's. @ie(di'* o he de+i( is s)i&i %a( dea h. Obedie'ce (eads o &i*h eo%s'ess o& &i*h s a'di'* #i h God. 6. Ge i' o &e)e' a'ce. 3. Fo&*i+e'ess is abso(% e(" 'ecessa&". 8. Cas o% )&ide so he" do'. ha+e o dea( #i h he (%s o$ he e"es, he (%s o$ he $(esh, a'd he )&ide o$ (i$e. 45;

;. To a( se)a&a io' is 'ecessa&". Gi+e %) a'" hi'* a'd e+e&" hi'* co''ec ed #i h he occ%( , a'd c%( s, a'd des &o" a'" a'd a(( !a e&ia(s associa ed #i h his. C(ea' hei& ho%se, hei& &oo!, hei& d&a#e&s, e c. Des &o" de!o'ic )ic %&es, !a e&ia(s, i!a*es, i'c(%di'* )o&'o*&a)h". INDICATIONS FOR DELIVERANCE 4. Dee)Dseeded e!o io'a( si %a io's. 6. Me' a( cha((e'*es $&o! "o%& ho%*h s. 3. 7i*'i$ica' s)eech cha((e'*es. 8. Dee)Dseeded se/%a( cha((e'*es. ;. Addic io's a'd co!)%(sio's. <. Ph"sica( i'$i&!i ies. >. Fa(se &e(i*io%s be(ie$s. :. Roa!i'* abo% #i ho% )%&)ose. KEYS TO DELIVERANCE 4. Re'o%'ci'* he )&ob(e!. 6. Ca((i'* o' he Lo&d. 3. Obe"i'* he =o&d. 8. Ceasi'* de!o'ic ac i+i ". ;. F%((" &e)e' i'*. SOLUTIONS TO DELIVERANCE 4. Ho'es " #i(( e/)ose de!o'ic ac i+i " ha he Ho(" 7)i&i #i(( &e!o+e. 6. H%!i(i " #i(( &ed%ce )&ide so "o% ca' be $i((ed #i h he Ho(" 7)i&i . 3. Re+e&e'ce ,$ea&- a'd &es)ec $o& God de+e(o)s a ha &ed $o& i!)&o)e& beha+io&. 8. Lo+e o$ God #i(( ca%se "o%& (o+e $o& hi'*s o$ he #o&(d o be )%&*ed. 45<

;. Re'o%'ce si' a'd he ki'*do! o$ da&k'ess $o& his #i(( des &o" a (i$es "(e o$ i'iB%i " i'c(%di'* associa io's #i h he #&o'* )eo)(e. <. Fo&*i+e'ess o$ a(( o$$e'ses, bo h o$ "o%&s a'd o he&s, o )&od%ce a 'e# "o%. >. E' e& i' o #a&$a&e a*ai's he de+i(, a'd co!!a'd he de!o' s)i&i s o (ea+e b" 'a!e. :. 7%b!i o he a% ho&i " o$ God, he b(ood o$ 0es%s, he =o&d o$ God, a'd he (eadi'* o$ he Ho(" 7)i&i . ?. P% God $i&s i' "o%& (i$e.



Hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce ha+e a(#a"s bee' e/)&essio's o$ he cha&ac e& o$ God. The bib(ica( basis $o& his di+i'e #o&k is &e(a i+e(" si!)(e. =he' "o% s)eak he 'a!e o$ 0es%s, he Fa he&, God, &e(eases he )o#e& a'd he a'oi' i'* o$ he Ho(" 7)i&i o #o&k o' "o%& beha($. His di+i'e #o&k!a'shi) co!es i' o o)e&a io' $o& "o% as "o% #a(k #i h Hi!. Le !e s)eak o hose #ho a&e 'o hea( h )&o$essio'a(s. @o% !a" be hi'ki'*, HB% , I ha+e 'o !edica( &ai'i'*.H Ho#e+e&, "o% ca' &ead a'd %'de&s a'd s)i&i %a( (a#s. I' addi io', a( ho%*h "o%.+e 'e+e& bee' i' a !edica( schoo( c(ass&oo!, "o% ca' (a" ha'ds o' he sick, % i(iGi'* hese )&i'ci)(es a'd )a& ici)a e i' hei& $%(( &eco+e&". ,7ee Ma&k 4<E4:.Hea(i'* is abso(% e(" based o' a co+e'a' $&o! God ha is $o%'d i' he O(d Tes a!e' E "And the $ord said, Behold, 3 lay down [afresh the terms of the mutual agreement between 3srael and *e! a covenant2 Before all your people 3 will do marvels )wonders, miracles+ such as have not been wrought or created in all the earth or in any nation/ and all the people among whom you are shall see the work of the $ord/ for it is a terrible thing [fearful and full of awe! that 3 will do with you" ,E/od%s 38E45-. 45:

0es%s has *i+e' %s he &es)o'sibi(i " o$ !i'is e&i'* His hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&i'* )o#e& o he sick a'd o)D )&essed so he" ca' s a" hea(ed a'd &e!ai' $&ee $&o! 7a a'.s bo'da*e. P(%s, He #a' s %s o each o he&s ho# o hea( a'd de(i+e&. The )(a' o$ God is o %)(i$ 0es%s, so He ca' d&a# a(( !e' o Hi!. The G&ea Co!!issio'A he (as #o&ds 0es%s s)oke o' Ea& hAi'$o&!s %s o$ #ha #e a&e &eB%i&ed o do he&e a'd 'o#E "And "e said to them, &o into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news )the &ospel+ to every creature [of the whole human race!2 "e who believes [who adheres to and trusts in and relies on the &ospel and "im ,hom it sets forth! and is baptized will be saved [from the penalty of eternal death!/ but he who does not believe [who does not adhere to and trust in and rely on the &ospel and "im ,hom it sets forth! will be condemned2 And these attesting signs will accompany those who believe9 in *y name they will drive out demons/ they will speak in new languages/ 1hey will pick up serpents/ and [even! if they drink anything deadly, it will not hurt them/ they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will get well" ,Ma&k 4<E4;D4:-. PREPARATION FOR MIRACLES 0es%s #as a be(ie+e& a'd doe& o$ he $%(( *os)e(, #hich i'+o(+es )&eachi'*, eachi'*, hea(i'*, a'd de(i+e&a'ce. The &% h is ha he !i'is &" o$ he *os)e( !%s i'c(%de de!o's &a io'A$o& his b&i'*s co!)(e io' o he $%(( *os)e(. I' s %d"i'* he =o&d, I de+e(o)ed se+e' ke", $%'da!e' a( bib(ica( &e+e(a io's $&o! he Bib(e. I 45?

e/ &ac ed he!, $oc%sed o' he!, !a*'i$ied he!, a))(ied he!, e/)e&ie'ced he!, a'd $i'a((" #a ched he! #o&k B%i e s%ccess$%((". @o% #i(( &ecei+e he sa!e s)i&i %a( &e+e(a io's ha a&e based o' bib(ica( )&i'ci)(es. @o% do'. 'eed doc o& e/)e&ie'ce i$ "o% 1%s &e(" o' he Ho(" 7)i&i a(o'* #i h he =o&d o$ God #hich is a(&ead" i' "o%& hea& . A*ai', "o% did'. !iss o% b" 'o *oi'* o !edica( schoo( o& i' o he !i'is &". These i's &%c io's a&e easie& Hca%*h ha' a%*h ,H a'd his ha))e's as 0es%s Ch&is o$ NaGa&e h %ses "o% as a "ie(ded +esse(. Re!e!be&, o (i+e b" &e+e(a io' k'o#(ed*e i's ead o$ se'se k'o#(ed*e "o% sho%(d o'(" be !o+ed b" #ha "o% be(ie+e, 'o b" #ha "o% see, $ee(, hea&, as e, o%ch, o& s!e((, beca%se his is #i ho% $ai h. 7 o) a(ki'* o'(" abo% he #a" hi'*s a&e. @o% ca''o dea( i' he s%)e&'a %&a( &ea(! i$ "o% a&e &e("i'* o' "o%& so%(, "o%& bod", "o%& $i+e )h"sica( se'ses, o& "o%& (o*ic. @o% #i(( &ecei+e %'shakab(e co'$ide'ce $&o! hese &e+e(a io's, so ha he *a es o$ he(( ca''o )&e+ai( a*ai's "o%. As 7c&i) %&e s a es, "3 will build *y church, and the gates of "ades )the powers of the infernal region+ shall not overpower it [or be strong to its detriment or hold out against it! H ,Ma he# 4<E4:-. God.s heo(o*" sa"s ha as a be(ie+e& "o% ha+e a(&ead" &ecei+ed he a% ho&i " a'd do!i'io' o e'ab(e "o% o a))(" Ma&k 4<E4:E "1hey will lay their hands on the sick, and they will get well2" @o% ha+e he abi(i " o a' ici)a e a'd #i 'ess !i&ac(es, si*'s, a'd #o'de&s, a'd o he() )eo)(e #i h 445

sick'esses a'd diseases, es)ecia((" hose #ho !a" (ack be(ie$, #hich !ea's he" &ea((" a&e $%(( o$ do%b a'd %'de+e(o)ed $ai h. The &% h is ha 0es%s has a(&ead" hea(ed a'd de(i+e&ed "o%I He did so #he' He died o' he c&oss $o& "o%& si's a'd "o%& sick'esses. @o% a&e 'o (o'*e& s &%**(i'* o *e hea(ed, $o& "o% ha+e a(&ead" bee' hea(ed i' he s%)e&'a %&a(, b% &a he&, "o% a&e $i*h i'* o !ai' ai' "o%& hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce. Ne+e& $o&*e E "At all times and for everything giving thanks in the name of our $ord Jesus (hrist to &od the 'ather" ,E)hesia's ;E65-. Be$o&e he hea(i'* akes )(ace, c&ea e a s)i&i %a( a !os)he&e a'd )&a" he $o((o#i'* )&a"e& o$ sa(+a io' ha he" ca' &e)ea o% (o%d as "o% sa" i E "$ord Jesus, 3 need 0ou2 1hank 0ou for dying on the cross for my sins2 3 open the door of my heart and life and receive 0ou as my $ord and -avior2 1hank 0ou for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life2 1ake control of my life and make me the kind of person 0ou want me to be2" FUNDAMENTAL BIBLICAL REVELATIONS 1. <ontrol =our Tongue Le .s be*i' #i h his )&e!iseE acco&di'* o he Bib(e, he&e is abso(% e(" 'o hi'* #&o'* #i h "o%. @o% 'eed o acce) his &% h, beca%se 0es%s o(d %s o sa" #ha "o% #a' &a he& ha' o sa" #ha "o% ha+e, acco&di'* o Ro!a's 8E4>E ",ho gives life to the dead and speaks of the none istent things that ["e has foretold and promised! as if they [already! e isted2" God, #ho b&i'*s he dead back o (i$e, ca' b&i'* i' o e/is e'ce #ha did'. e/is be$o&e. 444

I .s +i a( o %'de&s a'd ha #ha "o% sa" is #ha "o% *e . This !ea's ha #ha "o% co'$ess is #ha "o% )ossess. I' he s%)e&'a %&a( #o&(d, #he' "o% s)eak 'e*a i+e co'$essio's, "o% b&i'* de!o'ic s)i&i s i' o "o%& a !os)he&e a'd "o% ca' ac %a((" %she& i' he &ea(i " o$ #ha "o% said i' o e/is e'ce. Ho# "o% &%' o& co' &o( "o%& !o% h is &e$(ec ed i' ho# "o% &%' o& co' &o( "o%& (i$e. =e a&e s)eaki'* #o&ds ha a*&ee #i h he =o&d o$ God, #o&ds ha i*'o&e "o%& ci&c%!s a'ces. @o%.&e s)eaki'* he &% h i' ad+a'ce a'd s)eaki'* h&o%*h "o%& s)i&i &a he& ha' "o%& !i'd. This a!o%' s o s)eaki'* b" $ai h, #hich is &ea((" a' ac&o'"! ha is $o&!ed b" hese #o&dsE Fa' as ic Ad+e' %&es I' T&%s i'* Hi!. This a))(ies o e/)&essio's s%ch as his o'e, #hich I.+e hea&d a $e# i!esE HDoc, e+e&" Dece!be&, (ike c(ock#o&k, I *e )'e%!o'ia. This )ai' co!es a'd *oes.H I asked, HThe', #h" do "o% sched%(e i CH @o% see, #o&ds ha+e )o#e&, a'd he" ca' e$$ec cha'*es i' a(( as)ec s o$ o%& (i$e. The&e$o&e, s)eak )osi i+e co'$essio's. Fo& hea(i'* o ake )(ace h&o%*h he a'*e(s, b&i'* "o%& #o&ds i' o he &ea(! o$ s)i&i %a( &ea(i ". O he&#ise, i #i(( ake hi& ee' )osi i+es o o+e&co!e o'e 'e*a i+e. $. 6esus 5lread" )ealed =ou on the <ross =he' 0es%s died o' he c&oss a'd ook %)o' Hi!se($ e+e&" !edica( co'di io' ha e+e& e/is ed, his i'c(%ded diabe es, hea& disease, hi*h b(ood )&ess%&e, obesi ", )ai', co(ds, accide' s, e c. The B%es io' isE ho# co%(d "o% ha+e a'" o$ hese i$ He ook he!C The".&e a(( (is ed %'de& he 446

ca e*o&" o$ sick'esses a'd diseases i' he Bib(e, each a'd e+e&" o'e. I a(so a))(ies o "o%& de(i+e&a'ce. He #as he o'(" Ma' #ho 'e+e& had a sick'ess o& disease %' i( He #e' o he c&oss, a'd he' He 'ai(ed e+e&" o'e o$ he! o he &ee, so "o% #o%(d'. ha+e o bea& he!. "And thus "e fulfilled what was spoken by the prophet 3saiah, "e "imself took [in order to carry away! our weaknesses and infirmities and bore away our diseases" ,Ma he# :E4>-. Isaiah )&o)hesied ha 0es%s #o%(d 'o be &eco*'iGed o' he c&oss, beca%seA h&o%*h His s%$$e&i'*AHe #as se+e&e(" o& %&edAHe ook a(( o$ o%& sick'esses a'd diseasesE "['or many the -ervant of &od became an ob5ect of horror/ many were astonished at "im2! "is face and "is whole appearance were marred more than any man7s, and "is form beyond that of the sons of menbut 5ust as many were astonished at "im" ,Isaiah ;6E48-. He ac %a((" ook e+e&" sick'ess a'd disease #he' He &ecei+ed s%ch a' i'h%!a'e a'd o& %&o%s bea i'*. I ca'. i!a*e #h" He #a' ed o s%bs i % e His bod" $o& "o% a'd !e, b% He e'd%&ed i so #e #o%(d'. ha+e o. The 7c&i) %&es !e!o&ia(iGed his sac&i$ice i' Isaiah ;3E;E "But "e was wounded for our transgressions, "e was bruised for our guilt and ini:uities/ the chastisement [needful to obtain! peace and well4being for us was upon "im, and with the stripes [that wounded! "im we are healed and made whole2" &. 9od is 9reater than ;edical #acts


The )(ace o$ a*&ee!e' is he )(ace o$ )o#e&. 0es%s )oi' ed his o% i' Ma he# 4:E4?E "Again 3 tell you, if two of you on earth agree )harmonize together, make a symphony together+ about whatever [anything and everything! they may ask, it will come to pass and be done for them by *y 'ather in heaven2" The doc o& #i(( b&i'* "o% %) o da e b" sho#i'* "o% e+e&" o'e o$ he $ac s a'd &es%( s $&o! a(( he es s i' "o%& !edica( cha& . B% (is e' o his $i&s 2 Fac s he!se(+es a&e %'&e(iab(e, %'s ab(e, %'de)e'dab(e, $(%c %a i'*, a'd 'o co's a' . A(( he hi'*s I (ea&'ed i' !edica( schoo( a&e #i hi' he &ea(! o$ $ac sI a'd beca%se he" a&e $ac s, he" kee) cha'*i'*. 0es%s s%!s i %) B%i e acc%&a e(" b" e((i'* "o% ha a(( $ac s a&e !ade b" h%!a's. 7o, #h" acce) he!C F%& he&, !edica( dia*'oses &e)&ese' a c%&se, so do'. a*&ee #i h he! i' "o%& hea& beca%se "o%& a% ho&i " is &ea((" i' 0es%s #ho a(&ead" ook he!. @o%& hea(i'* o& de(i+e&a'ce &ea((" a!o%' s o $ai h o+e& ci&c%!s a'ces. Tha is, "o%& $ai h is so s &o'* ha i &e$%ses he &i*h o$ a'" 'e*a i+e ci&c%!s a'ces o e/is i' "o%& bod", e+e' ho%*h he" !a" e/is o% side "o%& bod". I' addi io', "o%& $ai h 'o o'(" de'ies a'd i*'o&es he $ac s, b% i ca' ac %a((" cha'*e he!. This !ea's ha soDca((ed $ac s ca' beco!e a' i((%sio' o& a' a& i$ac . I$ he $ac is ha "o% (i!) #he' "o% #a(k a'd "o% a&e hea(ed, hose H$ac sH ca' 'o (o'*e& e/is . Fo& he" ha+e disa))ea&ed. The &% h is ha e+e&" hi'* i' he 'a %&a( is s%b1ec o cha'*e. 448

'. =ou )ave 5wesome Power +hen =ou >now +ho =ou 5re in the Spirit The &easo' $o& his is ha he Lo&d is (i+i'* i'side o$ "o% a'd "o% a&e he Ki'*do! o$ God. Acco&di'* o 7c&i) %&e, "&od said, $et 8s ['ather, -on, and "oly -pirit! make mankind in =ur image, after =ur likeness, and let them have complete authority over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the [tame! beasts, and over all of the earth, and over everything that creeps upon the earth" ,Ge'esis 4E6<-. This is ho# He did i $o& "o%E "1hen the $ord &od formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath or spirit of life, and man became a living being" ,Ge'esis 6E>-2 The &% h is ha he de+i( k'o#s "o%.&e bo&' a*ai', $o& he ca' see he Ho(" 7)i&i i' "o%. B% i$ "o% do'. &ea(iGe ho# !%ch )o#e& "o% &ea((" ha+e, he de+i( ca' he' ake ad+a' a*e o$ "o%& %'a#a&e'ess a'd s o) "o%. @o% !%s 'o (e his ha))e'. The (e*i i!ac" he&e is ha "o% ha+e )o#e& o s o) o&'ados, h%&&ica'es, o hea( a'd de(i+e&, a'd e+e' &aise he dead. @o% ac %a((" ha+e !o&e )o#e& ha' Nia*a&a Fa((s, #hich s%))(ies he Eas coas #i h e(ec &ica( )o#e&. I' addi io', Ga(a ia's 8E> s a es ha "o%.&e a' hD eDiD& o$ God, a'd he &es%&&ec ed Ch&is is (i+i'* i'side "o%. I ha+e see' )eo)(e i's a' (" hea(ed a'd de(i+e&ed #he' he" #e&e ab(e o *&as) he &% h ha 0es%s is (i+i'* #i hi' he!, beca%se he" ,"o%a&e he Ki'*do! o$ God. 44;

I .s a )a&ado/ $o& 0es%s o (i+e i' a' i(( bod" i$ he a$$(ic ed )e&so' is a#a&e o$ his, beca%se He #i(( des &o" sick'ess a'd disease i$ i e/is s i' His )&ese'ce. (. =our Spirit is Totall" )ealth" and 8ormal 9'de&s a'd hisE I$ "o%& s)i&i ook o'e s e) o% side "o%& bod" so "o% co%(d obse&+e i , "o% #o%(d $i'd ha i is co!)(e e(" hea( h" a'd 'o&!a(, beca%se i is desi*'ed b" God. This !ea's he&e ca'. be a'" sick'ess o& disease i' "o%& bod" o& i' hea+e'. P&ac ica((" a(( o$ o%& sick'esses a'd diseases a&e $&o! he de!o'ic &ea(!. Acco&di'* o he =o&d, "o% ha+e )o#e& o+e& "o%& bod" a'd he e'e!" #he' "o%& s)i&i akes cha&*e o$ "o%& $(esh ,so%( a'd bod"-. @o% ca' !i'is e& o he s)i&i #i h his 7c&i) %&e, so s)eak i o% (o%dE "Behold; 3 have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and [physical and mental strength and ability! over all the power that the enemy [possesses!/ and nothing shall in any way harm you" ,L%ke 45E4?-. A*ai', "o% ha+e i'c&edib(e )o#e& o+e& bo h "o%& bod" a'd he e'e!". @o%& so%( is "o%& #i((, "o%& !i'd o& i' e((ec , "o%& e!o io's, a'd "o%& se'ses. Do "o% k'o#, "o%& so%( is ki'd o$ $(ake", $ick(e, a'd 'o +e&" s ab(eC The&e$o&e, do'. a((o# "o%& so%( o &%' he sho#, beca%se i ca' be *&ea (" i'$(%e'ced b" he de+i(. 7i'ce 'o a(( o$ "o%& ho%*h s a&e $&o! "o%, be s%&e o di&ec he de+i( o s o) ,sh% %)- a(ki'* a'd s o) (is e'i'* o he 'e*a i+e.


*. =ou <an Talk to =our 4od" P(ease hea& hisE e+e&" hi'* i' he s%)e&'a %&a( as #e(( as he 'a %&a( has ea&s a'd e+e&" hi'* has o obe" "o%. @o% ca' co!!a'd "o%& bod" o )e&$o&! b" s)eaki'* o i #i h a% ho&i " a'd do!i'io' i' he !i*h " 'a!e o$ 0es%s2 E+e&" iss%e i' "o%& bod" has ea&s a'd has o obe". A !i'is e& 'a!ed 0o"ce Gi(( #as ad1%s i'* he& c%& ai's #he' he (adde& o' #hich she #as s a'di'* s a& ed $a((i'*. 7he i!!edia e(" s)oke a'd co!!a'ded, HLadde&, %)&i*h "o%&se($ i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H I did2 0es%s a%*h %s o a(k o o%& bodies 1%s (ike He did #he' He s)oke o he $i* &ee #he' He disco+e&ed ha i had 'o $&%i E "And as "e saw one single leafy fig tree above the roadside, "e went to it but "e found nothing but leaves on it [seeing that in the fig tree the fruit appears at the same time as the leaves!2 And "e said to it, <ever again shall fruit grow on you; And the fig tree withered up at once" ,Ma he# 64E4?-. The disci)(es #e&e s%&)&ised ha he &ee died, es)ecia((" si'ce i ha))e'ed so B%ick(". 0es%s #as disa))oi' ed #i h His disci)(es. (ack o$ $ai h. I' &% h, "o% ac %a((" ha+e !o&e $ai h #he' "o%.&e o'(" !o+ed b" #ha "o% be(ie+e a'd "o% ake "o%& e"es o$$ "o%&se($ a'd he )&ob(e!E "And Jesus answered them, 1ruly 3 say to you, if you have faith )a firm relying trust+ and do not doubt, you will not only do what has been done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, Be taken up and cast into the sea, it will be done2 And whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and [really! believing, you will receive" ,Ma he# 64E64D66-. 44>

,. =ou <an ;inister )ealing and Deliverance Beco!e $&ee o$ hi'd&a'ces s%ch as heseE i .s 'o God.s #i((I I.! 'o #o& h"I o& i #o'. #o&k. The&e is a B%ick #a" o &eso(+e %'$o&*i+e'ess, si!)(" %se his )&a"e&E H$ord Jesus, thank you for the opportunity and privilege to totally forgive and forget any hurts 3 may have received from the following people9 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>and anyone else 3 may not remember2 <ow, $ord Jesus, thank you for this release of bondage and any hurts that 3 may have given to any of them or myself2" P&e)a&e he )eo)(e as "o% !i'is e&E 4. 0%s (is e', do'. a(kAa'd kee) "o%& e"es o)e'. 6. Pic %&e 0es%s hea(i'* "o% e+e&"#he&e "o% h%& . 3. Gi+e "o%& es i!o'" , a #ea)o'- o be(ie+e&s. 8. O'(" %se )as e'se o disc%ss "o%& )&e+io%s i(('ess. =he' "o% doc%!e' he &es%( s o$ "o%& !i'is e&i'* a'd 'o e he )e& i'e' )oi' s, be s%&e o ")e o& #&i e do#' ha he )e&so' #as Hhea(ed.H $o& his #i(( o+e&co!e a'" 'e*a i+i " s)oke' o& &eco&ded o' hei& !edica( cha& s. I be(ie+e HI is #&i e'H is !o&e )o#e&$%( ha' HI is s)oke'.H Le !e e'co%&a*e "o% o ac o' hese se+e' $%'da!e' a( bib(ica( &e+e(a io's as "o% !i'is e& hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce o hose i' 'eed.



Le !e e!)hasiGe ha a(!os e+e&"o'e #ho &eB%i&es a'd is o)e' o hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce 'eeds o &ecei+e a'd )&ac ice he )o#e& #hich has bee' *i+e' o %s, i'c(%di'* c%&si'* he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds, cas i'* o% he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i ", e(i!i'a i'* he $ac s, &eb%ki'* he !edica( co'di io's, a'd di&ec i'* he c&ea i+e !i&ac(es. HI COMMAND2H O+e& i!e "o% #i(( k'o# a'd (ea&' he co!!a'ds 'eeded b" "o%& )a ie' s o& hose "o% a&e &"i'* o he(). The" #i(( $(o# $&o! "o% a(!os adD (ib o& a% o!a ic. Fo& e/a!)(eE M HI co!!a'd s &e'* h o co!e back i' o he (e*s2H M HPai', co!e o% 2H M HA(( &aces o$ sca& iss%e, (ea+e2H M H@o% de+i( o$ b(i'd'ess, co!e o% 2H M HDe+i(, I ca'ce( "o%& assi*'!e' . I b&eak a'd des &o" "o%& )o#e&2H M HI co!!a'd "o% s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% 'o#2 I &eb%ke "o%2H M H7)i&i o$ a'*e&, I (oose "o%2H M H@o% )o#e& o$ #i chc&a$ , *o2H M HI co!!a'd "o% o obe" !eAco!e o% o$ hi! 'o# #i ho% h%& i'* hi!2H M H@o% dea$ a'd d%!b s)i&i , co!e o% 2H M HI ca(( $o& h he a'*e(ic )o#e& o $i*h $o& !e i' he s)i&i %a( #o&(d.H 44?

As "o% co!!a'd hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce, kee) i'c(%di'* he #o&ds HI' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H SPECIFIC PRAYERS The $o((o#i'* )&a"e&s #i(( e'ab(e "o% o &eso(+e se&io%s cha((e'*es. The ke" is $o& he )e&so' o be &e(eased $&o! de!o'ic ac i+i " a'd be se $&ee b" he )o#e& o$ Ch&is be$o&e dea(i'* #i h he )h"sica( e(e!e' s. The ac %a( #o&ds "o% %se #i(( de)e'd o' he i'di+id%a( ci&c%!s a'ces i' each case. Fee( $&ee o desi*' a'd add a'" a' iDde!o'ic )&a"e& o co+e& #ha e+e& is 'ecessa&" so he )e&so' ca' be &e(eased $&o! ha )a& ic%(a& si %a io'. I' hese co!!a'ds "o% ca' &e)(ace a(( he esse' ia( b%i(di'* b(ocks o$ he bod" b" s)eaki'* he! i' o e/is e'ce. @o% ca' a(so choose #ha "o%& )a ie' 'eeds, i'c(%di'* co!!a'ds $o& c&ea i+e !i&ac(es (is ed be(o#. @o% #i(( $i'd he $o((o#i'* e/a!)(es ca' co+e& he !a1o& as)ec s ha "o% #o%(d 'eed $o& hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce. Be$o&e "o% (a" ha'ds o !i'is e&, e+e' i$ i .s b" he e(e)ho'e, ake ad+a' a*e o$ +is%a(iGa io' b" )ic %&i'* "o% ha+i'* he ha'ds o$ Ch&is beca%se o$ His a'oi' i'* a'd co!)(e e he hea(i'* o he a$$ec ed a&eas. 'ather, 3 know you hear us 5ust like you hear your -on Jesus when "e prays2 $ord, 3 call attention to your ,ord in Jeremiah ?@9@A that declares9 "Behold, 3 am the $ord, the &od of all flesh/ is there anything too hard for *e%" 0ou raise people from the dead so this healing is easy for you2 'urther $ord, you7re no respecter of persons since 0ou have healed multitudes of people with the same 465

identical medical conditions and 0ou show no favoritism2 3n the name of Jesus, and by the power of the "oly -pirit, 3 take authority and dominion over any and all demonic spirits and break your power2 3 cancel any and all of your assignments2 3 bind, muzzle, loose, and gag you in the mighty name of Jesus2 3n the name of Jesus and by the power of the "oly -pirit, 3 curse any abnormal cells, roots, seeds of these conditions with lying symptoms and signs and command them to come out now2 3 rebuke them in the name of Jesus2 3 command any and all spirits of infirmity, unclean spirits, spirits of inheritance and generational curses, and all strongmen to come out now2 3 cast out any spirits of fear, doubt, stress, strife, an iety, and depression and 3 ask you to bind all of these spirits to the cord of the "oly -pirit and send them to the pit2 3 command all the chemical, electrical, and magnetic fre:uencies in each and every cell to return to normal balance and harmony and any and all abnormal cells to be digested by the good cells2 3 command a creative miracle in the name of Jesus with new muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, tissues, bone, bone marrow, cartilage, meniscus, fascia, 5oint, all fluids, blood vessels, vertebrae, and discs2 3 command a creative miracle in the name of Jesus with total healing from the crown of the head to the tip of the toes, from the crown of the head to the tip of the fingers2 3 command a creative miracle with all new organs in their body and head and to 464

function in the perfection to which &od created it2 3 command the blood to flow pure and clean2 3 command a supernatural immunological system in the name of Jesus to protect them against any further invading alien attacking organisms2 3 command your brain to send healing signals to the affected areas and be healed2 3 command and speak into every cell of their body a spirit of 5oy, love, truth, and peace above and beyond any human comprehension or under4 standing2 3 command sweet sleep to come upon your beloved at night in the name of Jesus2 3 decree and declare in the name of Jesus it7s done and finished and 3 seal this prayer with the blood of Jesus in the name of the 'ather, the -on, and the "oly -pirit in Jesus7 name2 MIRACLES A TO Z No# (e .s (ook a s)eci$ic co'di io's a'd ho# "o% ca' !i'is e& hea(i'* a'd de(i+e&a'ce. The !a1o&i " o$ hese dia*'oses I ha+e !i'is e&ed o, b% I ha+e ca&e$%((" )oi' ed o% ha acco&di'* o God.s =o&d he" co%(d'. )ossib(" ha+e a'" o$ hese co'di io's si'ceE ,4- he" do'. e/is i' hea+e', o'(" i' he de!o'ic &ea(!, ,60es%s ook e+e&" o'e o$ "o%& sick'esses o& diseases ,s &i)es- #he' He #as o' he c&oss, a'd ,3- 0es%s desi&es ha "o% s)eak o #ha "o% #a' , 'o #ha "o% ha+e, beca%se #e ca(( hose hi'*s #hich a&e 'o as ho%*h he" #e&e ,Ro!a's 8E4?-. Doc o&s a'd )&ac i io'e&s o$ $ai h, I &eco!!e'd "o% (ead "o%& )a ie' s h&o%*h he se+e' $%'da!e' a( bib(ica( &e+e(a io's ,(is ed i' cha) e& 48- $o& each a'd e+e&" o'e o$ he !edica( 466

co'di io's "o% e'co%' e&. Be s%&e o $o((o# he *%idi'* o$ he Ho(" 7)i&i #hich !a" i'i ia((" see! o be "o%& o#' ho%*h s. A$ e& !i'is e&i'*, be s%&e o de!o's &a e he )e&so' is hea(ed o& de(i+e&ed, e+e' i$ he" a&e a(&ead" a#a&e ha a &a's$o&!a io' has ake' )(ace. 5/dominal Discomfort Pain =he' a 43D"ea&Do(d s a& ed s)eaki'*, HI ha+e 'o )ai',H e+e' ho%*h she did, he )ai' +a'ished. 5/scess Tooth I )&a"ed, HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o co!e o% , he )ai' o (ea+e, a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# oo h #i h a hea( h" 'e&+e s%))(".H The )ai', e'de&'ess, a'd s#e((i'* (e$ . 5chilles Tendonitis I o(d o'e )a ie' , HP(ace "o%& $i'*e&s o' he e'de& a&ea a'd &eb%ke he s)i&i o$ i'$(a!!a io'.H The&e #as 'o $%& he& )ai' #i h !o+e!e' . 5cid 7eflu ?9@7DA HI c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds o$ his co'di io' a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# *as &oi' es i'a( s"s e!.H The )ai' i' his )e&so' (e$ . 5cne To a #o!a' #i h his co'di io'E HI c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds o$ hese !%( i)(e (esio's a'd co!!a'd he! o co!e o% a'd be &e)(aced #i h 'e# bab" ski' a'd 'o&!a( ho&!o'a( (e+e(s.H 7he 463

#as +as (" i!)&o+ed a'd had a bi* s!i(e o' he& $ace. 5ging "*oses was B@C years old when he died/ his eye was not dim nor his natural force abated" ,De% e&o'o!" 38E>-. He #as'. sick. =h" e/)ec sick'ess a'd disease a a'" a*eI is'. ha (ike sched%(i'* i C 5nointing Oil I is !ea'i'*$%( o a))(" he oi( b" !aki'* he c&oss. 5rterial Disease ?4lood Bessel O/structionA HI co!!a'd a di+i'e .&o o& &oo e&. &ea !e' s"s e! #i h a(( he +esse(s o be o)e' a'd 'e# a'd $&ee o$ b(ocka*e #i h 'o&!a( o/"*e'a io' o a(( he iss%es.H 5utism HI co!!a'd he s)i&i s o$ a% is!, i'he&i a'ce a'd *e'e&a io'a( c%&se o co!e o% . I co!!a'd 'o&!a( ho%*h )&ocesses a'd $o& he b&ai' o &e ai' #isdo! a'd k'o#(ed*e a'd b&i'* c(a&i " o he b&ai'.H 5ddictions Cas o% he s)i&i o$ bo'da*e. A d&i'ke& &e(eased $&o! )&iso' is s i(( o)e' o bo'da*e beca%se ha s)i&i is s i(( i' hi!. 5-DS 468

HI co!!a'd his s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o co!e o% as I c%&se he de!o'ic s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " a'd &eb%ke "o% a'd co!!a'd a s%)e&'a %&a( i!!%'o(o*ica( s"s e! #i h hea( h" ce((s #i h a 'e# bo'e !a&&o#. I co!!a'd e+e&" %'*od(" so%( ie s)i&i o co!e o% a'd co!!a'd a'" da!a*ed, b&oke', o& $&a*!e' a io' o$ he so%( o be o a((" &es o&ed. I ca(( $o& h he a'*e(s o$ God o ca&&" his ac i+i " o% i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H 5llergies HI c%&se his s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " a'd &eb%ke i a'd co!!a'd a(( a((e&*ies o co!e o% a'd $o& a s%)e&'a %&a( i!!%'o(o*ica( s"s e! o be )&ese' .H 5l!heimer's I !i'is e&ed o a !a' i' a '%&si'* ho!e #i h he se+e' $%'da!e' a( bib(ica( &e+e(a io's a'd e/)ec ed hea(i'*. He sho#ed si*'s o$ i!)&o+e!e' e'o%*h o !ake occasio'a( +isi s ho!e. Re!e!be&, 0es%s ook e+e&" i(('ess a'd i'$i&!i " #i h Hi! o he c&ossAi'c(%di'* A(Ghei!e&.s disease. 5mnesia I co!!a'ded a 'e# !e!o&" $o& he b&ai' o$ a #o!a' $&o! he Do!i'ica' Re)%b(ic a'd she #as d&a!a ica((" hea(ed. 5m"trophic %ateral SclerosisC 4ul/ar ?$ou &ehrig7s #isease+ HI c%&se he da!a*ed ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds o$ a(( he 'e&+e ce((s i' he (o#e& !o o& 'e%&o's a'd co!!a'd he! o be o a((" &e)(aced #i h hea( h" 46;

ce((s.H I !i'is e&ed his )&a"e& i' E'*(ish a'd a G&eek #o!a' #as hea(ed. 5nemia HI co!!a'd a 'e# bo'e !a&&o# #i h a(( 'e# $(esh ce((s, 'o&!a( )&od%c io', a'd o a( &es o&a io' o$ his )e&so'.s he!a o(o*ica( s"s e!.H 5ngina HI c%&se he da!a*e a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# hea& , 'e# co&o'a&" a& e&ies, a'd 'o $%& he& ches )ai'.H 5nk"losing Spond"litis HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% a'd he i'$(a!!a io', a'd de*e'e&a io', #i h a(( 'e# iss%es.H 5nore ia HI co!!a'd he dea$ a'd d%!b s)i&i o$ his ea i'* diso&de& o co!e o% i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H The #o!a' I )&a"ed $o& #as hea(ed #i ho% $%& he& #ei*h co'ce&'s. 5rthritis HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ a& h&i is o co!e o% a'd )ai' o (ea+e #i h a $%(( &a'*e o$ !o io' o$ a(( 1oi' s a'd a(( 'e# iss%e.H 5sthma HI &eb%ke his as h!a a'd co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% a'd I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# (%'*s.H 46<

5trial #i/rillation HI c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds o$ a'" hea& da!a*e a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(eI a 'e# hea& , a 'e# co'd%c io' s"s e!, a'd $o& he )%(se o &e %&' o 'o&!a( #i h a 'o&!a( si'%s &h" h!.H I ha+e see' his )&a"e& a's#e&ed. 5utoimmune HI c%&se he ce((, &oo s, a'd seeds o$ his o+e&ac i+e i!!%'e &es)o'se ac i+i " i' he bod" a'd co!!a'd he bod" o cease a'd desis i' a acki'* i s o#' ce((s. I co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a(( 'e# iss%es.H 4aker's <"st HI &eb%ke he c"s a'd co!!a'd he s#e((i'* a'd )ai' o co!e o% .H 4aldness HI co!!a'd he dead ce((s o co!e o% a'd he s)i&i o$ (i$e a'd hea( h o *o back i' o he hai& ce((s. I co!!a'd 'o&!a( hai& *&o# h #i h 'o&!a( hai& ce((s.H =e ha+e hea&d a!aGi'* &e)o& s o$ he *&o# h o$ 'e# hai& i' a's#e& o )&a"e&. 4ells Pals"C 7esidual HI c%&se he so%&ce o$ his i!)ai&!e' a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# se+e' h 'e&+e a'd a(( i s b&a'ches o o a((" i''e&+a e hea( h" !%sc(es #i h &es%( i'* 'o&!a( s"!!e &" o$ he $ace.H 46>

4ipolar Disorder HI cas he dea$ a'd d%!b s)i&i o$ his diso&de& o co!e o% i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H I's a' hea(i'* occ%&s. 4iting Demonic Spirit A #o!a' 'a!ed C(a&i a Vi((a'e%+a had co's a' de!o'ic a acks !a'i$es ed b" bi e #o%'ds o+e& he& e' i&e bod" i' he Bi(ibid )&iso' i' Ma'i(a. Les e& 7%!&a(( de(i+e&ed he& h&o%*h 0es%s A#hich (ed o 4;5,555 )eo)(e e/)e&ie'ci'* sa(+a io' as a &es%( o$ his *&ea !i&ac(e. 4ladder <ancer HI co!!a'd he $o%( s)i&i o$ ca'ce& o co!e o% a'd a(( ca'ce& ce((s o be co's%!ed. I c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds a'd he s)i&i o$ $ea& a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# b(adde&. I assi*' a )e&!a'e' !e!o&" o he a' iDca'ce& ki((e& a ack ce((s i' he bod" o ki(( a'd des &o" i!!edia e(" a'" 'e# ca'ce& ce((s.H The&e a&e co%' (ess doc%!e' ed cases o$ ca'ce& bei'* c%&ed h&o%*h )&a"e&. 4lephospasm A ?D"ea&Do(d *i&( $&eB%e' (" sB%eeGed he& e"e(ids i*h (" c(osed, b(i'ked he& e"es, sc&%'ched he& 'ose %), #is ed he& !o% h, )%((ed he& sho%(de&s %), a'd !o+ed he& 'eck back#a&ds, a(( #i ho% co' &o(. The de!o'ic s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " #as cas o% a'd she s o))ed he !o+e!e' s.


4lind @"eC %eftC Dia/etic 7etinopath" HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s a'd $o& a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# e"es, sc(e&a, co&'ea, co'1%'c i+a, (e's, )%)i(s, &e i'a, o) ic discs, o) ic 'e&+es, !ac%(a, $o+ea, co'es, &ods, $(%id, 'o&!a( b(i'd s)o , 'o&!a( )&ess%&e, b(ood +esse(s, e/ &aoc%(a& !%sc(es, a'd 65F65 +isio'.H This )&a"e& &es%( ed i' +isio' bei'* &e %&'ed o 'o&!a( i' bo h e"es o$ he )e&so' #e )&a"ed $o&. 4rachial ple us Traction Pals" HI c%&se his s)i&i a'd a'" da!a*e o he iss%es, a'd co!!a'd he 'e&+es, !%sc(es, (i*a!e' s, a'd e'do's o &e %&' o 'o&!a( (e'* h a'd s &e'* h as #e(( as 'o&!a( se'sa io'. The s)i&i o$ &a%!a co!e o% .H 4rainC 8eurologicall" -mpaired Hea(i'* e+a'*e(is Cha&(es H%' e& had o c&a#( %'de& a ab(e o o%ch a chi(d.s head #ho he' o(d his !o! he *o a H'e# b&ai'.H 7e+e&a( "ea&s (a e&, his 'o# o(de& bo" sa# Cha&(es a a !ee i'* a'd co'$i&!ed his o a( hea(i'*. 4rain Swelling +ith Pseudotumor <ere/ri The so%&ce o$ a "o%'* s(i*h ("Do+e&#ei*h #o!a'.s i!)ai&!e' #as co!!a'ded o co!e o% a'd he ce&eb&a( s)i'a( $(%id )&od%c io' o &e %&' o 'o&!a( i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s. He& %'&e(iab(e H("i'*H s"!) o!s &eso(+ed.


4rain TumorC ;alignant ?&lioblastoma multiforme+ HI cas o% his s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " a'd &eb%ke i i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H I )&a"ed his $o& a !a' a'd his +is%a( i!)ai&!e' , co*'i i+e, a'd ba(a'ce i!)ai&!e' o a((" &eco+e&ed. I' addi io', his bo'e $(a) $&o! he c&a'io o!" #as 'o (o'*e& !o+eab(e. The &e)ea MRI #as d&a!a ica((" i!)&o+ed. O$ co%&se, he c(i'ic o(d hi! ha !edica io' #as &es)o'sib(e $o& his &e!issio'. 4reast <"st To a #o!a' #i h his co'di io'E HI co!!a'd his b&eas c"s o co!e o% i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H A he doc o&.s o$$ice, he c"s #as 'o (o'*e& )a()ab(e a'd he MRI a'd 'eed(e bio)s" #as ca'ce((ed. 4reast ;ass A #o!a' #i h a b&eas !ass #as a e'di'* a hea(i'* !ee i'* #he&e a'o he& )e&so' #as bei'* )&a"ed $o&. =he' she hea&d he #o&ds, HI co!!a'd ha (%!) o b&eak (oose a'd co!e o% o$ he&,H she s%dde'(" $e( he (%!) i' he& o#' b&eas disa))ea& beca%se o$ he )o#e& o$ he& $ai h. 4ronchitis A #o!a' had a co(o&(ess )&od%c i+e s)% %! a'd a )e&sis e' co%*h. HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' co!e o% i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s a'd $o& 'e# (%'*s, b&o'chi, a'd a(+eo(i.H He& co'*es io' c(ea&ed i!!edia e(".


4ursitis HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ b%&si is o co!e o% o$ a #o!a', $o& he )ai' o (ea+e, a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a(( 'e# iss%es.H 7he had a $%(( &a'*e o$ !o io' o$ he& sho%(de& #i ho% $%& he& )ai' o& a'" a&ea o$ e'de&'ess. <ancerC em/"ronal tumor I !i'is e&ed o a >D"ea&Do(d bo" #i h a dia*'osis o$ &habdo!"osac&o!a be$o&e che!o he&a)" #as s a& ed. I (ea&'ed he doc o&s #e&e a!aGed ha a(( o$ his %!o&s disa))ea&ed a$ e& o'e &ea !e' . Ca'ce((i'* $%& he& che!o he&a)" #as be #ee' God a'd he )a&e' s. <ancer of the %iver I !i'is e&ed o a #o!a' #i h i'o)e&ab(e ca'ce& i' !" hea(i'* &oo! ,(i+i'* &oo!-. 7he +o!i ed (a&*e )ieces o$ b(ack a'd *&a" !a e&ia( #i ho% $o&! i' o a $(o#e& )o #hich beca!e a' e!e&*e'c" e!esis basi'. 7he beca!e as"!) o!a ic a'd (e$ #i ho% )ai'. <ancerC Pancreas A #o!a' #i h his co'di io' #as hea(ed, b% he& hea( h ca&e )&o+ide& ad+ised he& o he&#iseA #hich is ho# he de+i( a e!) ed o s ea( he& hea(i'*. F%& he& !i'is e&i'* &eso(+ed his a'd she #as ha'ki'* 0es%s $o& he& hea(i'*. <ancerC Stomach Ke''e h Co)e(a'd &e)o& edE HThe $i&s (ad" #e ca!e o had #ei*hed (ess ha' :5 )o%'ds a'd he 434

)ic %&e o$ dea h. I #a(ked o+e& o#a&d he& a'd be$o&e I co%(d o)e' !" !o% h, I hea&d a +oice $&o! behi'd !e sa", .I' he Na!e o$ 0es%s, ake %) "o%& bed a'd #a(k.. 7he i's a' (" s)i %) ha ca'ce& o' o he $(oo& a'd 1%!)ed o$$ ha bed a'd sc&ea!ed, .I.! hea(ed,. a'd s a& ed &%''i'* a&o%'d he &oo!. Hea(i'* is he $i'ished #o&k o$ 0es%s. =e ha+e he )o#e& o se )eo)(e $&ee.H <ancerC Time to Stop The ;edication O' he e(e+isio' )&o*&a!, HThis is @o%& Da",H a !a', hea(ed o$ ca'ce&, e/)e&ie'ced se'sa io's o$ )i's a'd 'eed(es h&o%*ho% his bod". The' he sa# he hick 1a& o$ !edica io' had s)(i o)e' a'd as i #as d&i))i'* o% . He k'e# God #a' ed hi! o s o) aki'* i . <ancer of the Tongue HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ ca'ce& o co!e o% a'd $o& a(( )ai' o *o. I c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds o$ his da!a*e a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a(( 'e# iss%es i'c(%di'* a 'e# o'*%e.H <arpal Tunnel S"ndromeC 4ilateral I !i'is e&ed o a '%&se b" )(aci'* !" h%!bs a he base o$ he& #&is s a'd co!!a'ded he ca&)a( %''e( o o)e' %), a'd $o& he !%sc(es, (i*a!e' s, e'do's, a'd 'e&+es o &e %&' o 'o&!a( (e'* h a'd s &e'* h a'd $o& a'" s#e((i'* o& ede!a o co!e o% . He& s &e'* h &e %&'ed #i ho% a'" $%& he& '%!b'ess. <ataract


HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ b(i'd'ess o co!e o% , c(o%d" !a e&ia( i' he (e's o disso(+e a'd !e( a#a", a'd $o& he )&o ei' co' e' a'd d&"i'* e$$ec o$ he iss%e o be &es o&ed #i h 65F65 +isio'.H <eliac Disease HI c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds, a'd bi'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i ". I co!!a'd abso&) io' o$ a(( '% &ie' s o be 'o&!a( a'd o abso&b *(% e' #i ho% a'" i!)ai&!e' . I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# i!!%'o(o*ica( s"s e!, GI &ac , a'd es)ecia((" 'o&!a( +i((i.H <ervical Disc +ith 7adiculopath" HI co!!a'd he )&ess%&e o' he 'e&+e &oo s $&o! he he&'ia ed disc o co!e o% a'd be $&ee o$ s#e((i'*, $ib&osis, adhesio's, o& sca&&i'*. I co!!a'd he &adic%(o)a h" o (ea+e.H <ervical and %um/ar Sprains HI co!!a'd he )ai' o co!e o% a'd a(( he !%sc(es o &e(a/ #i ho% a'" $%& he& !%sc(e s)as!. I co!!a'd a $%(( &a'*e o$ !o io' o$ he 'eck a'd (%!bosac&a( s)i'e.H <hildrenC Deliverance I !i'is e& o he )a&e' s si'ce he" a&e &es)o'sib(e a'd acco%' ab(e $o& hei& chi(d&e'. The de+i( ca' %se a ac ic ca%si'* he chi(d o sc&ea! as "o% co!e c(ose& a'd i$ s"!)a h" is achie+ed, he de(i+e&a'ce #i(( be e&!i'a ed. Co!!a'd he de+i( o HLoose he! i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H A chi(d ha


sees !o's e&s a'd %*(" c&ea %&es a 'i*h is (ike(" e/)e&ie'ci'* a de!o'ic s)i&i . Cas he! o% . <hronic -ntracta/le Pain O' a Ch&is ia' e(e+isio' )&o*&a!, a #o!a' #ho had a !o&)hi'e )%!) i!)(a' es i$ied ha she #as hea(ed o$ he& ch&o'ic i' &ac ab(e )ai' a'd 'o (o'*e& &eB%i&ed he !edica io' $&o! he )%!). <hronic O/structive Pulmonar" Disease ?<.O.P.D.A To a !a' #i h his co'di io'E HI c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds a'd cas o% he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " a'd &eb%ke his co'di io'. I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# (%'*s i'c(%di'* b&o'chi a'd a(+eo(i.H He did'. 'eed his o/"*e'. <hronic Pancreatitis HI co!!a'd he )ai' o co!e o% I I c%&se he i'$(a!!a io' o (ea+e a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# )a'c&eas.H <olitis HI c%&se he de!o'ic s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " a'd co!!a'd i o co!e o% . I co!!a'd 'e# iss%es a'd a s%)e&'a %&a( i!!%'o(o*ica( s"s e!. Pai' "o% co!e o% i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H The #o!a' I #as )&a"i'* $o& #as hea(ed. <oma Peo)(e i' co!a ca' hea& #ha is said so he" ca' &ecei+e he )&a"e& o$ sa(+a io'. Thei& s)i&i a'd so%( is s i(( #i hi'. 438

<ongenital ;alformations The&e is a s a& (i'* a'd #e(( doc%!e' ed es i!o'" o$ a chi(d #i h o+e& #e' " co'*e'i a( ab'o&!a(i ies #ho #as o a((" a'd i's a' (" hea(ed as &e)o& ed b" !i'is e& Bob 0o'es. <reative ;iracles 7%ch hea(i'*s ha+e bee' #e(( doc%!e' ed. Ca&o(e Mi((e& McC(ee&" i' he& book, "ealings and *iracles, e/)e&ie'ced he &e*&o# h o$ he& a!)% a ed (e*. I ha+e )e&so'a((" #i 'essed &e)(ace!e' #i h 'e# hi)s a'd k'ees a$ e& )&a"e&. A$ e& a Cha&(es a'd F&a'ces H%' e& !ee i'*, a 46D "ea&Do(d #a ched his 'ei*hbo&.s $i'*e& *&o# o% a(o'* #i h a 'e# $i'*e&'ai( 1%s b" co!!a'di'* H*&o#.H Be''" Hi'' desc&ibed #i 'essi'* a !a'.s (e* &eD*&o#. <repitus HI co!!a'd he .'oise. i' a da!a*ed 1oi' o co!e o% , a'" )ai' o (ea+e, a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# 1oi' s a'd iss%es.H <rohns Disease A 0e#ish !edica( co((ea*%e #as &ea ed b" D&. C&oh', b% o'(" 0es%s ca' hea( hisA)&o+idi'* he )e&so' is o)e' o Hi! a'd he =o&d. <"stic #i/rosis HI c%&se his s)i&i a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# (%'*s, e/oc&i'e *(a'ds, a'd a s%)e&'a %&a( i!!%'o(o*ica( s"s e!.H


<repitus HI co!!a'd he .'oise. i' a da!a*ed 1oi' o co!e o% , a'" )ai' o (ea+e, a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# 1oi' s a'd iss%es.H <"stitisC Drinar" Tract -nfection HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o co!e o% a'd a(( o$ he ("i'* %&i'a&" &ac s"!) o!s a'd si*'s o (ea+e.H Deliverance Power Check o% a )o#e&$%( )&a"e& b" Bob Bass(e& a ###.1es%sse i'*$&! o& ca(( 4D;>8D638D:::4 $o& de(i+e&a'ce. Demonic 5ctivit" B&i ish e+a'*e(is 7!i h =i**(es#o& h #as a#ake'ed $&o! a dee) s(ee) b" a s%dde' 'oise a'd sa# 7a a' s a'di'* 'e/ o his bed. He said, HOh, i .s o'(" "o%,H a'd #e' back o s(ee)2 Demonic 4ookC Deliverance Be''" Hi'' desc&ibed a #o!a' o' he )(a $o&! a o'e o$ his !ee i'*s #ho #as &ecei+i'* a 'e# (%'*. A #o&d o$ k'o#(ed*e &e+ea(ed a de!o'ic book she &ead had o be b%&'ed beca%se i !ade he& ho%se %'sa$e. Demonic Spirits A #o!a' a'd he& h%sba'd #e&e si i'* i' bed #he' he co'$essed abo% his %'$ai h$%('ess a'd she sa# #o de!o'ic s)i&i s e' e& i' o his bod". A


Ch&is ia' a& is sa# !%( i)(e de!o'ic s)i&i s si i'* h&o%*ho% he )e#s as he e' e&ed his ch%&ch. Dia/etes ;ellitus HI c%&se his a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# )a'c&eas a'd he b(ood s%*a&s o &a'*e a 'o&!a( (e+e(s.H =he' hea(ed, check o% he 'eed $o& $%& he& !edica io'. DiagnosisC Dnavaila/le =he' 'o dia*'osis is $o& h co!i'*, "o% ca' ass%!e he ca%se is )&obab(" de!o'ic. Disa/ilit" The *oa( is o e(i!i'a e he 'eed $o& disab(ed )a&ki'* s)aces2 Dislocated )ipC <hronic A )as o& #ho #as (i!)i'* i' a s o&e, a((o#ed !e o )(ace !" ha'ds o' his hi)s a'd co!!a'd he )ai' o *o a'd $o& a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# iss%es. He #as ab(e o disca&d his ca'e #i ho% $%& he& (i!)i'*. Doctor )ealed Be$o&e F&a'ces H%' e& sa# he& s%&*eo' I o(d he&, .HAsk hi!, HHo# do "o% $ee(CPQ &a he& ha', .HHo# a&e "o%CH. As a &es%( , she #as ab(e o !i'is e& o &e!o+e his 'eck )ai' a'd (ead hi! o he Lo&d. D"sle ia


HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o (ea+e a'd I &eb%ke i a'd $o& 'o&!a( s)eech o &e %&'.H The !a' #ho &ecei+ed his )&a"e& #as s%&)&ised #he' he #as hea(ed. D"sphagia HI c%&se he so%&ce o$ his i!)ai&!e' a'd )ai' o (ea+e #i h 'o&!a( s#a((o#i'* $o& bo h $(%ids a'd so(ids.H @ars HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ dea$'ess o co!e o% #i h a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e $o& 'e# hea&i'* co!)o'e' s i'c(%di'* &es o&a io' o$ he o&*a' o$ Co& i a'd 'o&!a( hea&i'*.H @ating and Pra"er I asked a (i (e *i&( i$ he" )&a"ed be$o&e he" a e. 7he o(d !e, HNo, #e do'. ha+e o. M" !o!.s a *ood cook2H P&a"i'* be$o&e "o% ea is #isdo!. ,7a" E/od%s 63E6;@l/ow <ontracture with Pain HI c%&se he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " a'd &a%!a a'd co!!a'd he co' &ac %&e o (ea+e a'd he e(bo# o &e %&' o 'o&!a( $%'c io' #i h a $%(( &a'*e o$ !o io'.H @ndometriosis HI &eb%ke he s)i&i o$ e'do!e &iosis a'd cas i o% a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " a'd $o& a(( )ai' o *o


i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H The #o!a' I )&a"ed $o& had 'o $%& he& abdo!i'a( )ai'. @"esC 5/sence Pas o& Da+id Ho*a' i'i ia((" did'. 'o ice he&e #e&e 'o e"es o& o&bi s o' he $ace o$ his 'e#bo&'. The !o he& ha'ded he& bab" o hi! a'd a$ e& he !i'is e&ed, he chi(d #as o a((" 'o&!a(. @"e 9lasses D%&i'* a hea(i'* se&+ice, )as o& Ti! 7 o&e" #a(ked o+e& a'd &e!o+ed a )e&so'.s *(asses $&o! hei& $ace a'd said, H@o% #o'. 'eed hese a'"!o&e.H A'd, ha'k God, he" did'. . #earC Spirit of Fea& is 7a a'.s $a+o&i e #ea)o' beca%se i is so des &%c i+e. Me!o&iGe he s)i&i %a( #ea)o' a*ai's $ea&E "'or &od has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" ,6 Ti!o h" 4E>-. Fea&D based &es)o'ses ca' )&od%ce che!ica( cha'*es a'd ca%se da!a*e o he bod". #i/roc"stic Disease of the 4reast To a #o!a' #i h his disease I )&a"ed, HI co!!a'd hese (esio's o d&" %) a'd (ea+e he& bod" a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# b&eas iss%e.H 7he a*&eed she #as hea(ed #i ho% checki'*. =he' she did, he& (%!)s had +a'ished. #i/rom"algia HI co!!a'd his s)i&i o co!e o% .H I o%ched he #o!a'.s $o&ehead a'd i's a' (" he& )ai' 43?

&eso(+ed. He& 'o'D&es o&a i+e s(ee) )a e&' a(so &e %&'ed o 'o&!a(. #loaters These !i'% e b(ack s)ecks ha $(oa i' he $ie(d o$ +isio' a&e ca((ed mouches volantes, !ea'i'* (i (e Hcob#ebs.H I co!!a'ded he! o co!e o% o$ a )e&so' a'd he" did. #oot DropC Dnrelieved /" Surger" I )&a"ed $o& a !a' #i h his co'di io', HI co!!a'd he $ib&osis, adhesio's, a'd sca&&i'* o co!e o% o$ a(( iss%e a'd $o& he 'e&+es o be o a((" &es o&ed #i h 'o&!a( s &e'* h a'd se'sa io'.H He #as hea(ed. #oreign <ountries )testimonies from+ 5frica: @nlarged )eart I co!!a'ded a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# hea& $o& a #o!a' #i h )os )a& %! ca&dio!e*a(" a'd i #as s!a((e& o' KD&a" a$ e& )&a"e&. 5ustralia: 5rthritis I )&a"ed $o& a #o!a' #i h his co'di io' a'd he& s)i&i o$ a& h&i is ca!e o% $o((o#i'* a )&a"e& $o& %'$o&*i+e'ess. He& )ai' &eso(+ed. 9erman": 4ronchitisC )earing -mpairment I )&a"ed hese #o&ds o+e& a #o!a' #ho had di$$ic%( " hea&i'*E HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ dea$'ess o (ea+e a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o co!e o% a'd $o& a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# (%'*s.H Bo h he& hea&i'* a'd he& b&o'chi is #e&e &es o&ed. 485

-ndia: Spinal ;uscular 5troph" I !i'is e&ed o he )a&e' s o$ a 48D!o' hDo(d #ho &ecei+ed !o+e!e' i' he& e/ &e!i ies, e+e' ho%*h i #as !i'i!a(. I e'co%&a*ed he! o kee) ha'ki'* 0es%s o' a dai(" basis. >en"a: Tu/erculosis Fo& a !i'is e&E HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o co!e o% a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# (%'*s.H I had hi! ake #o dee) b&ea hs a'd b(o# he! o% beca%se I be(ie+e de!o'ic s)i&i s (ea+e #i h his !a'e%+e&. 8igeria: Stomach <ancer HI co!!a'd his $o%( s)i&i o$ ca'ce& o co!e o% .H I &ecei+ed $&eB%e' e(e)ho'e ca((s co'$i&!i'* his !i'is e&.s co!)(e e hea(i'*. 9all 4ladder with Stones Fo& a #o!e' #ho #as abo% o %'de&*o a' o)e&a io'E HI co!!a'd a(( he *a(( s o'es o be disso(+ed a'd co!e o% i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H He& s%&*e&" #as ca'ce((ed. 9angrene of #oot I &ecei+ed a ca(( $&o! a !a' i' Los A'*e(es #ho #as sched%(ed $o& a' a!)% a io' $&o! &a%!a s%$$e&ed i' a !o o&c"c(e accide' . The 'o e he #&o e &eadE HM" $oo #as hea(ed &i*h be$o&e !" o#' e"es2 I %&'ed !" b(i'd $ai h o+e& o !" 7a+io& 0es%s Ch&is #ho has a(#a"s bee' b(essi'* !e a'd co' i'%es o do so e+e&" si'*(e da". =i h 0es%s, a'" hi'* is )ossib(e.H 484

9laucoma HI c%&se a'" da!a*e o he e"e a'd o) ic 'e&+e a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'o&!a( )&ess%&e, 'o&!a( $(o#, 'o&!a( d&ai'a*e o$ b(ood a'd $(%id, a'd 65F65 +isio'.H I s &ess he i!)o& a'ce a'd 'ecessi " $o& e+e&"o'e o ca(( back o hei& doc o& $o& a $o((o#D%), $o& he" !a" &eB%i&e a seco'd dose o$ hea(i'*, es)ecia((" #he' he de+i( a e!) s o s ea( he =o&d. 9out To a #o!a' #i h his co'di io', HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ *o% o (ea+e, he )ai', he s#e((i'* a'd e&" he!a ,&ed'ess- o *o, #i h 'o&!a( !e abo(is! a'd 'o&!a( %&ic acid (e+e(s.H 7he beca!e as"!) o!a ic. )andC Pain D%&i'* )&a"e& a a F%(( Gos)e( B%si'ess Me'.s Fe((o#shi) I' e&'a io'a( !ee i'*, I he(d o'(" a )o& io' o$ a !a'.s ha'd. He said, HGod o(d !e !" ha'd #o%(d be hea(ed oda" a'd "o% #e&e ho(di'* he $o%& h a'd $i$ h $i'*e&s #he&e I %se o ha+e se+e&e )ai'.H )arrington 7odsC for 4ack Pain Cha&(es H%' e& sa# a !a' hea(ed o$ )ai'. He #as ab(e o be'd o+e& a'd o%ch his oesI 'o&!a((" i!)ossib(e. )eadaches The&e a&e '%!e&o%s ca%ses a'd %s%a((" he&e is &e(ie$ #he' "o% co!!a'd he headaches a'd so%&ce 486

o$ he )ai' o *o. A !i'is e& #as hea(ed o$ a &%) %&ed a'e%&"s!. A *i&(.s headache &eso(+ed #hi(e 1%s a(ki'* o he&. Ge !edica( he() i$ he co'di io' )e&sis s. )earing "Pops Open" A$ e& !i'is e&i'* o a #o!a', I s)oke i' o he& ea&, HPa, Pa, Pa,H a'd s%dde'(", he& hea&i'* H)o))ed o)e'H a'd she co%(d hea&. )eart DiseaseC <ongestive )eart #ailure HI co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# hea& ,H I said, )&a"i'* $o& a !a'.s hea& co'di io'. La e& he o(d !e his doc o& #as s%&)&ised his hea& had 'o so%'ded so *ood i' 4; "ea&s. He o(d he )h"sicia' he sa# a'o he& doc o&. H=ho #as i , i$ I !i*h askCH The )a ie' &e)(ied, HD&. 0es%s.H )ell The *&ea es &a*ed" e+e& is 'o d"i'* $&o! a ca'ce&, b% $&o! he )e&!a'e' o&!e' a$ e& bei'* cas i' o he(( $o& a(( e e&'i " i' "o%& s)i&i %a( bod". )ematuria A !a' ca!e $o& )&a"e& #i h his co'di io'. I co!!a'ded he he!a %&ia a'd #ha e+e& i s so%&ce o cease a'd desis a'd co!!a'ded a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# b(adde& a'd kid'e"s. He k'e# he #as hea(ed.


)epatitis HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' a'd a(( i'$(a!!a io' o co!e o% a'd I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# (i+e&.H )erniaC Dm/ilical HI c%&se his he&'ia a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h he iss%es o c(ose i' (a"e&s a'd $o& he he&'ia o (ea+e i' 0es%s. 'a!e.H )iccups HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% a'd &eb%ke i . I co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ hicc%)s o (ea+e i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H )ip PainC <hronic HI c%&se he da!a*es o he hi) o co!e o% #i h a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e a'd a 'e# hi), )ai' o (ea+e, a'd a $%(( &a'*e o$ !o io', a'd $%(( #ei*h bea&i'*.H )-B A #o!a' #i h HIV #as asked #h" she #as hea(ed. 7he a's#e&ed beca%se o$ !" $ai h, co' i'%o%s(" &eadi'* he Bib(e, &e)ea i'* 7c&i) %&es, (is e'i'* o a)es, a'd a(#a"s ca&&"i'* a )&a"e& c(o h. )-BC %iver <ancerC Dia/etes I !i'is e&ed he se+e' $%'da!e' a( bib(ica( &e+e(a io's +e&" ca&e$%((" $o& his !a' #ho #as a de e&io&a i'* )ic %&e o$ Hski' a'd bo'es.H His )ai' a'd s#e((i'* i' he (i+e& a&ea &eso(+ed a'd I )&a"ed $o& his HIV o (ea+e as #e((. 7e+e&a( da"s (a e& he 488

s a& ed ea i'* a'd &e)o& ed his b(ood s%*a&s #e&e %'de& a &a'*e o$ 455 !*. )"drocephalus I !i'is e&ed o a' 4:D!o' hDo(d #i h ob+io%s !e' a( i!)ai&!e' a' ici)a i'* a )e&!a'e' $eedi'* %be. The chi(d s a&ed i' o !" e"es a'd !i'e i' o his as I s)oke he =o&d o hi! i' a s)i&i D oDs)i&i e'co%' e&. A doc o&.s &e)o& #o #eeks (a e& &e+ea(ed his head &e %&'ed o 'o&!a( siGe a'd he #as 'o# ea i'*. )"pertension HI c%&se he e(e+a ed b(ood )&ess%&e a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h h&ee dis i'c (a"e&s o& %'ics o$ 'e# b(ood +esse(s #i h a 'o&!a( )&ess%&e o$ 465F>5.H )"pnosis Cas o% a'" de!o'ic s)i&i s #hich ca' e' e& a'"o'e as he &es%( o$ acce) i'* h")'osis. )"poth"roidism HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% a'd c%&se his h"&oid disease #i h &e %&' o$ 'o&!a( h"&oid $%'c io'.H -nsomnia HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ $ea&, do%b , s &ess, s &i$e, a'/ie ", *&ie$, #o&&", a'd de)&essio' o co!e o% . I s)eak he s)i&i o$ 1o", (o+e, a'd &% h o *o i' o he! a'd es)ecia((" he s)i&i o$ )eace. I


co!!a'd a(( co'$(ic s o co!e o% a'd he s)i&i o$ s#ee s(ee) #he' he" *o o bed.H -rrita/le 4owel S"ndrome ?-.4.S.A HI co!!a'd a'" i!)ai&!e' #i h bo#e(s o& o he& ("i'* s"!) o!s o& si*'s o (ea+e. I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# bo#e(s #i ho% $%& he& )ai'.H >neesC Degenerative <hanges HI c%&se he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " a'd a& h&i is a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a(( 'e# iss%esH %ar"ngitis HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ (a&"'*i is o co!e o% a'd &eb%ke i . I co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o *o a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e $o& 'e# +oca( co&ds a'd $o& he +oice o &e %&' o 'o&!a(.H %epros" Pas o& Da+id Ho*a' !i'is e&ed o a !a' i' a' ad+a'ced s a*e o$ (e)&os" a'd co!!a'ded HI b&eak ha )o#e& a'd &e'de& i )o#e&(ess a'd i'e$$ec i+e.H He &e)o& s ha he !a'.s de$o&!ed a'd dis$i*%&ed bod" a'd ski' #as i's a' (" &e)(aced a'd hea(ed. %ow 4ack Pain Fo& a !a' #o&ki'* i' sa(es, I )&a"ed, HI co!!a'd )ai' o co!e o% , !%sc(es &e(a/, $%(( &a'*e o$ !o io', a'd $%(( #ei*h bea&i'*.H The !a' co%(d'. be(ie+e his hea(i'* as he s ood o% side !" ho!e #i h !" ha'd o' his back.


%upus @r"thematous I )&a"ed $o& a #o!a' #i h (%)%sE HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% a(o'* #i h a(( ("i'* s"!) o!s a'd ("i'* si*'s.H 7he #as hea(ed i's a' (". ;acular Degeneration A #o!a' $i'a((" a*&eed ha beca%se 0es%s ook his co'di io' o he c&oss, she 'o (o'*e& had i . B" His s &i)es she #as hea(ed. 7he o(d !e, HM" +isio' is c&"s a( c(ea&.H ;icroadenoma I )&a"ed $o& a !a' #i h his i(('essE HI co!!a'd his s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o (ea+e a'd I &eb%ke i a'd co!!a'd his b&ai' %!o& o co!e o% 'o# a'd (oose "o% i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H He had ea&s i' his e"es a'd 1o" i' his $ace. ;igraine HI co!!a'd his s)i&i o$ !i*&ai'e o (ea+e a'd a'" a'd a(( headache )ai' o c(ea& a'd (ea+e #i ho% a'" $%& he& &ec%&&e'ces.H ;iraclesC SignsC and +onders A'd&e# =o!ack s)oke &es%&&ec io' (i$e h&o%*h $ai h ha his "o%'*es so' Pe e& did 'o die beca%se HThe $i&s &e)o& is 'o he (as &e)o& .H His so' &ose o'e ho%& a'd $i$ ee' !i'% es (a e&. E+a'*e(is R. =. 7ha!bach +isi ed a *i&(.s sis e& i' a $o&ei*' )&iso' basica((" i' so(i a&" co'$i'e!e' . He b(essed a ca'd" ba& #hich he #as ab(e o *e o


he& h&o%*h a *%a&d. 7ho& (" he&ea$ e& she #as &e(eased a'd hea(ed $&o! he& !e' a( co'di io'. ;itral Balve Prolapse P&a"i'* $o& a #o!a' #i h his co'di io'E HI c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# hea& a'd a 'o&!a( !i &a( +a(+e.H I' he& Hk'o#e&H she k'e# she #as hea(ed. ;ultiple Sclerosis I )&a"ed $o& a #o!a' #i h M7E HI co!!a'd "o% s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% a'd I &eb%ke "o%. I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# b&ai' a'd a 'e# 'e&+o%s s"s e! a'd $o& !"e(i'a io' o &e %&' o 'o&!a(.H He& )a&a hesias a'd s &e'* h &e %&'ed o 'o&!a(. ;urderC Spirit of ?5/ortionA A$ e& s %d"i'* Psa(! 43?, 43D4<, I ha+e B%o ed his o )&e*'a' #o!e' #ho a&e co'side&i'* abo& io'E HBefore 3 formed you in the womb 3 knew [and! approved of you [as *y chosen instrument!, and before you were born 3 separated and set you apart, consecrating you/ [and! 3 appointed you as a prophet to the nations" ,0e&e!iah 4E;.- The $o%& di!e'sio'a( sca''e&s &e+ea( hei& Ha(i+eH babies. The&e ca' 'e+e& be abo& io' co' &o( as (o'* as se/ is &ec&ea io'a(. The 'e/ bes hi'* is $o& he! o co'side& ado) io'.


;uscular D"stroph" I )&a"ed $o& a *i&( #i h MDE HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% a'd I &eb%ke i . I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a(( he& !%sc(es o &e %&' o 'o&!a( s &e'* h a'd (e'* h a'd be hea(ed i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H 7he #as ab(e o s e) %) o' a chai& #i h *&ea s &e'* h. 8eck Pain Ma'" i!es I ha+e )&a"ed, HI co!!a'd he )ai' o (ea+e, he !%sc(es o &e(a/, a'd $o& a $%(( &a'*e o$ !o io' o$ he 'eck.H The )ai' (e$ hese i'di+id%a(s. 8eurofi/romatosisC T"pe One HI c%&se he s)i&i o$ i'he&i a'ce a'd *e'e&a io'a( c%&se o be &e+e&sed a'd 'e&+e iss%e %!o&s o *o.H I )&a"ed his $o& a !a' #ho had !%( i)(e s%&*e&ies ,as did his $a he&- beca%se o$ co's a' &e*&o# h o$ hese iss%es. A$ e& !i'is e&i'*, he co%(d &%' o' he so(es o$ his $ee #i ho% )ai'. Osteoarthritis HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " a'd a& h&i is o co!e o% #i h 'o&!a( bo'e. I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a(( 'e# iss%es a'd $o& a $%(( &a'*e o$ !o io' o$ he 1oi' s #i ho% )ai'.H Otitis ;edia To a chi(d #i h his ea& )&ob(e!E HI c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds, a'd a'" d&ai'a*e a'd $o& he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o co!e o% .H His !o he& &e)o& ed he ea& ca'a(s beca!e o a((" c(ea&. 48?

Pacemaker This doc%!e' ed !i&ac(e b" 0es%s h&o%*h Ka h&"' K%h(!a' i'+o(+ed bo h he disa))ea&a'ce o$ he ca&diac )ace!ake& a'd he s%&*ica( sca&. D&. Richa&d Casdo&)h co'$i&!ed his hea(i'* h&o%*h he& !i'is &" i' his book. Panic 5ttacks HI co!!a'd he s &o'*!a' o$ he s)i&i o$ dea$ a'd d%!b o be cas o% a'd e/)e((ed i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s. I co!!a'd o a( &eco+e&" #i ho% $%& he& )a'ic a acks, a'/ie ", )h"sio(o*ica( a))ea&i'* ac i+i ies, o& so!a ic, o& co*'i i+e ("i'* s"!) o!s.H Parkinson's Disease HI co!!a'd a(( ("i'* s"!) o!s a'd ("i'* si*'s o$ Pa&ki'so'.s disease be *o'e. I c%&se co*#hee( &i*idi " de!o's &a ed b" $(e/i'* a'd e/ e'di'* he #&is , $e'es &a i'* *ai #i h i s B%ick, sh%$$(i'* #a(ki'* )a e&', a'd &e!o& o$ his ha'ds.H Partial Sei!ures HI c%&se a'" $oc%s i' he b&ai' a'd co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% #i ho% $%& he& ac i+i ". I co!!a'd a !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# b&ai'.H I'$o&! a(( !edica io's be$o&e aki'* he! ha H0es%s is !" hea(e& a'd ei he& God o& !" doc o& #i(( s o) i .H Peripheral 8europath" HI co!!a'd hese )a&a hesias o co!e o% #i ho% a'" $%& he& '%!b'ess. I c%&se he ce((s, 4;5

&oo s, a'd seeds #ha e+e& he so%&ce o$ his co'di io' #i h o a( &eco+e&" i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H Phe/litisC %eg HI c%&se a'" b(ocka*e o& iss%e da!a*e o he +esse(s a'd co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o co!e o% , )ai' o *o, s#e((i'* o (ea+e, a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h &e %&' o$ 'o&!a( ci&c%(a io'.H Plantar +art To a )e&so' #i h his co'di io'E HI c%&se his (esio' a'd co!!a'd i o (ea+e.H I did. Pla"ing Bampire A "o%'* bo" ook his Ha((o#ee' c%s o! +e&" se&io%s(" a'd be*a' o )(a" +a!)i&e o' a dai(" basis. No&+e( Ha"es o(d he bo".s $a he& his so' 'eeded de(i+e&a'ce, b% he !a' &e$%sed o acce) )&a"e& $o& hi!. The bo" de e&io&a ed !e' a((" a'd )h"sica((" as he ook o' he cha&ac e& he #as )(a"i'*. =he' he $a he& $i'a((" a*&eed o b&i'* hi! $o& de(i+e&a'ce, he s)i&i s k'e# #ha #as )(a''ed a'd he chi(d died ha sa!e !o&'i'*. Pneumonia HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o co!e o% #i h a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# (%'*s a'd o be discha&*ed o!o&&o#.H The <D"ea&Do(d (e$ he $o((o#i'* !o&'i'*.


Pol"c"themia Bera 5I co!!a'd a(( he e/cessi+e RBC.s ,&ed b(ood ce((s- o (ea+e a'd he bo'e !a&&o# o be 'o&!a( a'd )&od%ce he 'o&!a( a!o%' o$ RBC.s.H Post <oncussion S"ndrome HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% a'd I c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds o$ a'" da!a*e o he b&ai' a'd b&ai' s e! a'd co!!a'd i o co!e o% #i h o a( &eco+e&".H Post Traumatic 5rthritis HI co!!a'd )ai' $&o! da!) #ea he& o co!e o% a'd his s)i&i o$ a& h&i is o (ea+e #i h a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# iss%es.H Poison Les e& 7%!&a(( &eB%i&ed he() o )&each a a hea(i'* se&+ice beca%se he #as )oiso'ed $&o! ea i'* $ish a'd beca!e e!)o&a&i(" b(i'd a'd i'ca)aci a ed. A$ e&#a&ds, he (oca( )as o& #a' ed hi! o (a" ha'ds o' he sick b% Les e& &ea((" did'. ha+e he s &e'* h. A$ e& !i'is e&i'* o he $i&s )e&so', #ho #as hea(ed, Les e& hi!se($ #as i's a' (" hea(ed. Polio HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% a'd I &eb%ke "o%. I co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o (ea+e. I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# s)i'a( co&d, o a( s &e'* h, a'd 'o&!a( a!b%(a io'.H


Pra"er <lothC 5nointed =he' he )&a"e& c(o h I se' #as &ecei+ed i' A$&ica, he !a' &e)o& ed his de)&essio' &eso(+ed a'd he $e( o a( )eace. F%& he&, he #as o$$e&ed a )osi io' $o& a 'e# 1ob he $o((o#i'* da". Pregnanc" =he' I !i'is e& o he bab" i' a !o he&.s #o!b, I ask, HMa" I )&a" $o& "o%& bab" #i h !" ha'ds o' "o%& s o!achCH The' I )&a", HI' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s a'd b" he )o#e& o$ he Ho(" 7)i&i , I ake o a( a% ho&i " a'd do!i'io' as I dedica e his bab" o he Lo&d 0es%s Ch&is o$ NaGa&e h. I co!!a'd 'o&!a( *&o# h a'd de+e(o)!e' o$ his bab" a'd I cas o% a'" s)i&i s o$ i'$i&!i ", %'c(ea' s)i&i s, *e'e&a io'a( c%&ses, s)i&i s o$ i'he&i a'ces, o& ch&o!oso!e, o& *e'e ab'o&!a(i ies. I &eb%ke a'" ha&! o his chi(d o& he !o he&. =i hi' h&ee ho%&s a$ e& he !o he& a&&i+es a he hos)i a(, Lo&d, o)e' he bi& h ca'a( $%((" a'd a'oi' i #i h he oi( o$ he Ho(" 7)i&i a'd *%ide he bab" o s(ide o% #i ho% a'" )ai' o& co!)(ica io's. I co!!a'd he de(i+e&" o$ a hea( h" 'o&!a( s)o' a'eo%s $%(( e&! chi(d #i h a' A)*a& o$ e'. I )(ace a sea( o$ hea(i'* a'd )&o ec io' o' his bab" a'd he !o he& #i h he b(ood o$ 0es%s.H Pregnanc"C 4arren ;other F&a'ces H%' e& sa"s, HFa he&, @o%& =o&d sa"s ha he #o!b o$ "o%& chi(d&e' #i(( 'e+e& be ba&&e', a'd ha "o% ca%se he ba&&e' #o!a' o be he 1o"$%( !o he& o$ !a'" chi(d&e'. I ask @o% o )(ace i' his #o!b a bea% i$%( bab", )e&$ec , #ho(e a'd 4;3

de(i+e&ed #i hi' o'e "ea& $&o! oda", i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s2 I a(so s)eak he desi&ed *e'de& i' o e/is e'ce i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H Prostatic <ancer with ;etastasis HI co!!a'd his $o%( s)i&i o$ ca'ce& o co!e o% a'd &eb%ke i a'd c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds o$ his ca'ce&. A'" s)&ead o$ ca'ce& ce((s "o% co!e o% 'o#. I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# )&os a e $%'c io'i'* 'o&!a((" a'd a s%)e&'a %&a( i!!%'o(o*ica( s"s e!. I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# bo'e !a&&o#. He #i(( s)eak o'(" )osi i+e a$$i&!a io's.H 7adial 8europath" HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o (ea+e a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e $o& a 'e# &adia( 'e&+e #i h $%(( &e %&' o$ s &e'* h a'd $%(( e/ e'sio' o$ he ha'd.H 7aising the Dead The Ne# Tes a!e' &eco&ds !a'" i's a'ces o$ 0es%s &aisi'* )eo)(e $&o! he dead. A'd He dec(a&ed #e #o%(d do "greater things than these" ,0oh' 48E46-. A *&ea ca&dio(o*is $&ie'd, D&. Cha%'ce" C&a'da((, has see' $o%& o$ his )a ie' s co!e back o (i$e. E+a'*e(is Vi''" Lo'*o, a he si e o$ a' accide' , s)oke o he +ic i!, HB(ood, "o% co'*ea( i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s a'd "o% co!e back i' o "o%& bod".H He i's a' (" sa %). A(so, i' a #e(( doc%!e' ed case, Ni*e&ia' Pas o& Da'ie( Ekech%k#% died i' a !o o& +ehic(e accide' , b% his #i$e &e$%sed o acce) his dea h o& &e(ease hi! a'd c(ai!ed Heb&e#s 44E3; as &easo' $o& hi! o (i+e. 4;8

"[-ome! women received again their dead by a resurrection2" He #as ake' b" co$$i' o a se&+ice co'd%c ed b" Rei'ha&d Bo''ke a'd ca!e back o (i$e e+e' a$ e& bei'* e!ba(!ed. Co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ dea h o co!e o% a'd he s)i&i o$ (i$e o &e %&' o hei& bod". Co!!a'd he bod" o be &es%&&ec ed #i h 'o&!a( +i a( si*'s a'd a(( so%&ces o$ i!)ai&!e' o be hea(ed i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s. HI (oose (i$e back i' o his hea& a'd I co!!a'd i o be*i' )%!)i'* a*ai'.H God sho%(d ho'o& his i$ he )e&so' is 'o bo&' a*ai', o& he" ha+e 'o co!)(e ed hei& #o&k, o$ i$ God *i+es "o% he #o&d o )&oceed. 7efle S"mpathetic D"stroph" )(omple .egional 6ain -yndrome+ HI c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds o$ his ch&o'ic 'e&+e da!a*e a'd co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " a'd )ai' o (ea+e. I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# 'e&+o%s s"s e!.H 7enal Disease HI c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds o$ his diso&de&, a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h hea( h" $%'c io'i'* 'e)h&o's a'd 'e# kid'e"s.H I )&a"ed his $o& a #o!a' a'd she 'eeded 'o &e'a( dia("sis. 7heumatoid 5rthritis HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% a'd c%&se he da!a*e o his 1oi' s a'd co!!a'd o a( hea(i'* #i h a(( 'e# iss%es.H


7otator <uff D%&i'* a (i+e e(e+isio' )&o*&a!, a #o!a' )ho'ed i' $o& hea(i'*. 7he (a e& ca!e i' o he TV s %dio #i h he& a&!s &aised abo+e he& head beca%se he& &i*h #&is had bee' sec%&ed o he& #ais #i h a be( $o& si/ !o' hs. 7he ca'ce((ed he& sched%(ed s%&*e&". Sarcoidosis To a #o!a' #i h his co'di io'E HI co!!a'd his s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# (%'*s.H He& b&ea hi'* i!!edia e(" i!)&o+ed. Scar HI co!!a'd he sca&&i'*, $ib&osis, a'd adhesio's o co!e o% o$ he sca& o' he& $ace a'd $o& a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# bab" ski' o &e)(ace he sca&.H A$ e& )&a"i'* his o+e& a #o!a' #i h $acia( sca&s, she ha'ked 0es%s $o& he& hea(i'*. Schi!ophreniaC ;ental Disorders 7ee he De(i+e&a'ce Po#e& a he be*i''i'* o$ his cha) e&. Hea(i'*s ha+e bee' &e)o& ed b" )eo)(e #ho ha+e s(e) #i h a Bib(e %'de& hei& )i((o#. Scoliosis Fo& o'e #o!a', I co!!a'ded a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# s)i'e a'd $o& a(( he iss%es o (i'e %) #i h he =o&d o$ God. I co!!a'ded a $%(( &a'*e o$ !o io' o$ he& s)i'e. He& s)i'e beca!e s &ai*h .


Se ual -mpurit" 7i' is he o'(" hi'* ha ca' se)a&a e o%& so%( $&o! God. 7i' is s%icide. I .s Se($ I'$(ic ed o'se'se. A #a" o &e(ease de!o'ic co' &o( is o *i+e "o%& bod" o God. Sinusitis HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o co!e o% a'd $o& a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# si'%ses. I co!!a'd a'" s)i&i o$ a((e&*ies o (ea+e a'd $o& a s%)e&'a %&a( i!!%'o(o*ica( s"s e!.H Be$o&e a'd a$ e& )&a"i'*, a) "o%& $i'*e& o+e& each o$ he si'%s a&eas a'd #i 'ess he abse'ce o$ e'de&'ess a$ e& he hea(i'*. S:ogren's S"ndrome A #o!a' had (ack o$ ea&s #i h d&"'ess i' e"es, !o% h, a'd (i)s, b% I o(d he& she #as 'o&!a(. I o(d he& o s)eak #ha she #a' ed i's ead o$ #ha she hadAa'd o be !o+ed o'(" b" #ha she be(ie+ed. 7he #as o s)eak he &% h i' ad+a'ce a'd $&o! he& s)i&i &a he& ha' he& !i'd. This is &%e $ai h. I e/)(ai'ed ho# 0es%s ook 71o*&e'.s 7"'d&o!e ,a'd e+e&" o he& i(('ess- o he c&oss. I he' !i'is e&ed o he& a'd she s a& ed c&"i'* #i h ea&s. Sleep 5pnea HI co!!a'd a'" obs &%c io' o his ai&#a" o co!e o% a'd I ca'ce( $%& he& e)isodes o$ a)'ea.H Smoking HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ bo'da*e o co!e o% a'd he s)i&i o$ 'ico i'e a'd !%sca&i'e o (ea+e. I 4;>

co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o (ea+e a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# (%'*s.H I' !os cases, e+e' he odo& o$ s!oke disa))ea&s. I ha+e he! sa" co' i'%o%s(", HTha'k "o% 0es%s $o& de(i+e&i'* !e $&o! ci*a&e e s!oki'* a'd se i'* !e $&ee.H Spinal <ord Paral"sis The $o((o#e&s o$ Ch&is i' he ea&(" ch%&ch de(i+e&ed a'd hea(ed he )eo)(e, a'd so ca' "o%, beca%se God is 'o &es)ec e& o$ )e&so's. "'or foul spirits came out of many who were possessed by them, screaming and shouting with a loud voice, and many who were suffering from palsy or were crippled were restored to health" ,Ac s :E>-. This !ea's "o% ca' co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e, i'c(%di'* a 'e# s)i'a( co&d. Spinal ;uscular 5troph" I co!!a'ded he s)i&i o$ i'he&i a'ce a'd *e'e&a io'a( c%&se o be &e+e&sed a(o'* #i h de$ec i+e *e'es a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e o% o$ a 8D"ea&Do(d. HI c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds o$ de$ec i+e !%sc(es a'd co' &ac %&es, a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# !%sc(es a'd o a( &e %&' o$ s &e'* h.H A$ e& !i'is e&i'* his se+e&a( i!es o+e& a $e# !o' hs, he chi(d &es)o'ded b" !o+i'* he& e/ &e!i ies. Spinal Stenosis HI co!!a'd he s)i'a( ca'a( o o)e' a'd &e(ease a'" )&ess%&e o& s#e((i'* o' he s)i'a( 'e&+e &oo s a hei& $o&a!e' o& o)e'i'* a'd a(( h")e& &o)hic cha'*es o *o. I co!!a'd $ib&osis, adhesio's, a'd, 4;:

sca&&i'*, s#e((i'* a'd ede!a o co!e o% . I co!!a'd a 0es%s Ch&is deco!)&essio' a'd o a( &e %&' o$ )&e+io%s 'o&!a( $%'c io' #i ho% )ai' o& i!)ai&!e' .H StomachC Dlcer HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o co!e o% a'd $o& a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# s o!ach a'd 'o $%& he& )ai'.H Stroke To a #o!a' #ho had s%$$e&ed a s &okeE HI co!!a'd a'" dead ce((s o co!e o% a'd he s)i&i o$ (i$e o &e %&' o e+e&" ce(( o$ he& b&ai' as #e(( as a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# b&ai'. I co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# 'e&+o%s s"s e! a'd he s &e'* h o o a((" &e %&' o he& e/ &e!i ies #i h 'o&!a( #a(ki'*.H 7he )&aised he Lo&d a'd s a& ed &%''i'*. Stuttering HI co!!a'd his s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o (ea+e a'd I &eb%ke his a'd co!!a'd s)eech o &e %&' #i h a 'o&!a( $(o# o$ #o&ds.H Temporal 5rteritis HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o co!e #i ho% a'" i'$(a!!a io' a'd $o& a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# b(ood +esse(s.H


Tenos"novitis HI co!!a'd he )ai' a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " o (ea+e a'd a(( ("i'* s"!) o!s a'd si*'s o *o i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H T;6 )1emporomandibular Joint disorders+ I )&a"ed hese #o&ds $o& a #o!a' #i h his co'di io'E HI c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds o$ a'" da!a*e o he a&ea a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e $o& a(( 'e# iss%es a'd $o& he! o (i'e %) a'd $%'c io' )h"sio(o*ica((" i' he )e&$ec io' o #hich God c&ea ed he!.H 7he had o a( &eco+e&". Thoracic Pain A #o!a' #as s%$$e&i'* #i h his a'd I )&a"edE HI co!!a'd he )ai' o co!e o% 'o#.H The )ai' (e$ a'd she said she co%(d s i(( $ee( he hea $&o! !" ha'dA e+e' ho%*h I co%(d'. . ThroatC #oreign 4od" I )&a"ed $o& a #o!e' i' a' e!e&*e'c" &oo! a he hos)i a(. HI co!!a'd he $o&ei*' bod" o co!e o% . 7e+e&a( !i'% es (a e& she +o!i ed a )iece o$ !ea . The (a&"'*osco)" )&oced%&e #as ca'ce((ed a'd she #as discha&*ed $&o! he ER. Thum/C <hronic Dislocation HI c%&se his dis(oca io' i' his !i'is e& a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h $%(( &a'*e o$ !o io' o$ his h%!b a'd 'o $%& he& &es &ic io's.H


Tinnitus HI co!!a'd "o% s)i&i o$ i''i %s o co!e o% 'o#.H Tongues I is )o#e&$%( a'd +i a( o )&a" i' o'*%es, b% a$ e& "o% !i'is e& hea(i'* si'ce he de+i( ca'. %'de&s a'd i . Trigiminal 8euralgia HI co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# $i$ h 'e&+e a'd iss%es #i h a s)i&i %a( Te$(o' s)o'*e o co+e& a'd )&o ec he 'e&+e a'd $o& he )ai' o (ea+e.H TumorC Posterior )ard Palate I c%&sed a %!o& o' a #o!a' a'd co!!a'ded i o (ea+e i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s. As she &ecei+ed he a'oi' i'* o' he& $o&ehead she ac %a((" $e( he %!o& disa))ea&. Dlnar 8uropath" HI c%&se a'" da!a*e a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h a 'e# %('a& 'e&+e #i ho% a'" i!)ai&!e' .H To es , )&ess he i)s o$ he h%!b a'd $i$ h $i'*e&s i*h (" he(d o*e he&. The' de e&!i'e i$ he&e is a'" #eak'ess b" a e!) i'* o )%(( he $i'*e&s a)a& #i h "o%& $i'*e& i'se& ed be #ee' he!.


Dpper 7espirator" -nfectionE#luC <old HI co!!a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$ec io' o co!e o% a'd a'" ("i'* s"!) o!s o& ("i'* si*'s o (ea+e i' he 'a!e o$ 0es%s.H Dterine #i/roidsC Pregnant +oman I )&a"ed $o& a #o!a' #ho had his co'di io' a'd co!!a'ded he $ib&oids o co!e o% a'd he s)i&i o$ i'$i&!i " a'd a'" )&ess%&e o' he $e %s $&o! he % e&%s o (ea+e. The bab" #as ab(e o be ca&&ied a'd de(i+e&ed $%(( e&! #i ho% seB%e(ae. Baricose Beins HI c%&se he ab'o&!a( +ei's a'd co!!a'd a c&ea i+e !i&ac(e #i h 'e# +ei's a'd 'o&!a( +a(+es.H I ha+e see' #o!e' o a((" hea(ed as a &es%( o$ his )&a"e&. Bein of 9alen ;alformation A )as o&.s so' had a &a&e b(ood %!o& i' he back o$ his head. I had he )&i+i(e*e o$ (eadi'* his 'e%&os%&*eo' o he Lo&d h&o%*h he )&a"e& o$ sa(+a io'. The )&eo)e&a i+e )&oced%&e o &ed%ce he b(ood $(o# #i h e!bo(iGa io' #as i'co!)(e e, "e a !i&ac(e occ%&&ed d%&i'* he )&oced%&e #i h o a( &eco+e&" #i ho% seB%e(ae. Bitiligo A #o!a' #i h his diso&de& ca!e $o& )&a"e&. HI c%&se he ce((s, &oo s, a'd seeds a'd co!!a'd a(( he de)i*!e' a io' o be o a((" $i((ed i' a'd &e)(aced #i h 'o&!a( )i*!e' a io'. I co!!a'ded


he !e(a'oc" es o &e %&' o 'o&!a(.H Th&ee !o' hs (a e& he&e #as a(!os o a( &eco+e&" i' he& $ace. Bision 0oh' Os ee' , he $a he& o$ )as o& 0oe( Os ee'o'ce had a +isio' o$ he de+i( "e((i'* a hi!. He ca((ed $o& 0es%s, #ho sho#ed %) s a'di'* i' $&o' o$ hi!. He asked $o& 0es%s. he() a*ai' si'ce he co%(d s i(( hea& he ho((e&i'*. =i h ha , he Lo&d ook a s e) back i' o 0oh'.s bod" a'd he beca!e o'e i' Ch&is . 0oh' (ea&'ed he sec&e o$ ha+i'* )eace. +orr" and #earC Demon of A !i'is e& +isi i'* a ch%&ch sa# a de!o'ic s)i&i o$ $ea& a ach i se($ o a #o!a'.s 'eck. He bo(d(" o(d he s)i&i o$ $ea& o (ea+e a'd she #as o a((" de(i+e&ed. FosterC )erpes ?ShinglesA HI co!!a'd his )ai' o co!e o% 'o# a'd he ski' (esio's o *o a'd he b(essi'*s o$ a s%)e&'a %&a( i!!%'o(o*ica( s"s e!.H

M" )&a"e& $o& "o% is ha #ha "o% ha+e &ead o' hese )a*es #i(( beco!e !%ch !o&e ha' 1%s i'$o&!a io' a'd i' e&es i'* acco%' s o$ s o&ies bei'* taught o "o%. God has )&e)a&ed "o% o be %sed be"o'd "o%& *&ea es s)i&i %a( i!a*i'a io' i' !i&ac%(o%s #a"s d%&i'* hese e'd i!esA$o& his bo(d'ess has bee' caught b" "o% as "o% (a" ha'ds o' hose #ho 'eed hea(i'* a'dFo& de(i+e&a'ce a'd see he! &eco+e&. 4 6hillip &oldfedder, *2#2 4<3

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