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CEE 583 PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACILITIES AND SPORTS EVENT MANAGEMENT EXERCISE 1. What is large facility designed for field sports such as soccer, cricket, rugby and other athletes events? Answer: Stadium. 2. What goals are set by managers to affect the facility for the long run? Answer: Strategic goals. 3. What country will host 2016 Olympic Games? Answer: Brazil. 4. What types of goals are set by the highest – level managers? Answer: Strategic goals. 5. What area are most facilities large enough? Answer: Storage space. 6. What do we call an indoor facility that has a fixed – seating capacity of several hundred to over 30 000 spectators? Answer: An Arena. 7. What type of facility differ from a stadium in its capacity to host more type of events is protected from the elements and can typically hold several hundred to over 30 000 spectators? Answer: An Arena. 8. What is the definition of “air exchange”? Answer: Circulating air into a building from the outside and exhausting air from the building. 9. What does the term “changeover” mean? Answer: Changeover refers to the processes of concerting of facility from one activity to another. 10. What does the European practice of planting grass on rooftops do? Answer: Insulates the building. 11. What describes the item that is being marketed? Answer: Product. 12. What describes the blend of advertising and publicity for a facility as it does with trying to reach out to the public with positive message? Answer: Public Relations. 13. What describes an agreement between at least two parties to complete a transaction? Answer: Contract. 14. What describes seating when there are no reserved seats? Answer: General Seating.


Opportunities and Threats. 22. What tool is used to track what has been accomplished? Answer: Checklist. Weaknesses. Design. 19. 23. What has been added to facilities management in modern time? Answer: Providing athlete training rooms. What is an exchange of value of promise? Answer: Consideration. What is the process of taking steps before a crowd gets out of hand called? Answer: Crowd management. What is the best definition for a sport complex? Answer: A facility or group of facilities centrally located for ease of access and use. What formula is used to determine how quickly people can exit a facility? Answer: Flow = Speed Density width. 21. 25. 18. 20. 26. What is the decision of an operational goal called? Answer: Objective. 28. 24.#King of study 15. What describes the type of contract that has no special ending period and keeps renewing unless terminated by one of the parties? Answer: Open–term Contract. 27. What the following for phase of facility development? Answer: Programming. Which theory requires the manager to choose the option that will result in the outcome employees wants? Answer: Expectancy theory of motivation. 2 . Constructive and Occupancy. SWOT refers to what? Answer: Strengths. What contract keeps renewing unless terminated by one of the parties? Answer: Open term Contract. 17. The “art and Science of managing a facility to meet the objectives. 16. 29. What is an innovation seen in the construction of sports facilities in the last 40 years? Answer: Domed Stadiums. goals and mission” is called what? Answer: Management. What is one of the most important posts – event activities in terms of employees and contractors? Answer: Performance Appraisal.

When management hires outside companies to perform duties at an event to reduce cost it is called? Answer: Outsourcing. What opens channels in the soil to avoid compaction? Answer: Aeration. What is designed to eliminate problems. What affects the amount of heat produced by an athlete and the ability of air to absorb moisture from the body? Answer: Humidity. what should be the basis for the food preparation and service area? Answer: Proposed Menu. What is something of value. and materials used for changing all contribute to what? Answer: Sustainable Environment. or breakdowns before they occur? Answer: Preventive Maintenance. 42. Which is the primary focus for facility management? Answer: Smooth operations and safety. materials used in construction. 37. 43. What is a feasibility study designed to identify? Answer: Strength and Weaknesses in the Architectural Design. water. When constructing a new life facility. What is called when management hires outside companies to perform duties or event? Answer: Outsourcing. 34. What determines whether the land has been polluted or use as a waste dump? Answer: Soil testing. 32. naming right. What opens channels in the soil so that air. 40. 31.#King of study 30. What is a primary budget consideration for deciding whether or not to build? Answer: Build a new facility or lease an existing facility. 45. Which is the consideration in security planning? Answer: Identifying incidents that can cause the greatest harm to the facility. 35. Who can change an event many ways? Answer: VIPs 39. 44. 36. 3 . Design of the building. or concessions called? Answer: An Asset. 41. Who can have the most significant impact on events at your facility? Answer: VIPs 38. such as land. malfunctions. 33. and nutrient can flow through the soil? Answer: Aeration.

59. What focuses on accomplishing the goals of the operational plan? Answer: Functional Plan. What is the process of smoothing over land to build the foundation of a building? Answer: Grading. What plan is created during the pre-designed stage? Answer: A master Plan. What should the bid committee first examine prior to starting the bidding process? Answer: The existing schedule to avoid conflict. 47. 61. 60. 48. What is the system utilized to suspend items from a facility’s roof? Answer: Rigging. 51. 62. 56. Which group should the manager interact with to positively affect the facility’s long-term success? Answer: Constituents. 57. 4 . 58.#King of study 46. Who is usually the first person to arrive on the job each day and the last person to leave? Answer: Facility Manager. 52. Which term best describes the activity of informing people about the product to help sales? Answer: Promotion. 50. What do we call the people who use our facility? Answer: Internal constituents. 53. What is the key factor for the indoor lighting systems? Answer: Have proper lights directed at the proper spots. A feasibility study is designed to identify what? Answer: Strengths and weaknesses in the planning process. 55. 49. What is the key factor in determining the price of a structure? Answer: the elements within the structure. What do we call event that threatens people or assets? Answer: A Crisis. 54. What field are constructed using native-type soil materials? Answer: Soil-based fields. How do we make a hardened clay surface playable? Answer: Scoring. What plan is created during the pre-design stage? Answer: Master. How is “light-intensity” measured? Answer: fort candles at the playing surface.

what does risk management also include? Answer: Training employees to appreciate and apply risk management principles daily. 5 . What is the one of the most important steps in fire prevention training? Answer: Conducting fire drills. What are the 4Ps of marketing? Answer: Product. including the basement or underground parking structure called? Answer: Substructure.#King of study 63. 70. What best describes the combination of participants. Financial forecasting is best describes as what? Answer: An attempt to plan for future financial NEEDS/based on expected revenues and expenses. Sunlight coming directly through a window is called what? Answer: ambient lighting. 69. What is the building from the ground to the foundation. 71. 64. 78. Packaging a product and services in the right way. 75. 67. 66. Zoysia and Bermuda grasses are example of what? Answer: warm season grasses. 72. Promotion. Managing people to achieve the goal of the facility is best described as what? Answer: personnel management. 77. sponsors and spectators? Answer: Triangle of stakeholders. What do we call the space that allows us to expand without any additional construction? Answer: Growth space. 74. What is the key to proper security management? Answer: foresee-ability. In additional to the ECT approach. Price. 65. 73. Place. What describes the process of spreading grass seeds to start a lawn instead of rolling out the pregrown grass? Answer: Seeding. What influence the cooling effectiveness of the facility? Answer: Heat Load. 76. What characteristic of a target group is the key to successful marketing? Answer: The willingness to buy tickets to an event. at the right price. What term describes a paid message designed to inform customers? Answer: Advertising. and in the right environment to encourage individuals to buy is called what?? Answer: Marketing. 68.

Why should the facility be carefully examined after each event? Answer: To ensure they are no structural damage. What can be very effective planning technique? Answer: Utilization of a group of people. What is the space available during renovation or realignment called? Answer: Swing space. 82. 84. 6 . 80. 86. 85. Why do private organizations normally build a new facility? Answer: To turn a profit. Which type of budgeting require determining the needed space for any given planned activity and determining whether existing facilities can fill those needs? Answer: Asset budgeting. The worth of the facility on the balance sheet is determined when? Answer: when all assets are added and all liabilities are substracted. What is called when management chooses to do what is right? Answer: Ethical Behavior.#King of study 79. 81. What describes a master plan? Answer: A strategic plan. 83.