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CLS CAS whe re Wh Ho w doe

Ma nag ed cod e Ass DLL Ma nife st how do Wh at are stro Wh wha Stro ng

Dela y sign gin sn.e Valu e and Ref ere nce Stac k, boxi Doe s Ho Gar bag e Ho Doe s Do I nee So Wh at Wh at are gen 0 ,1 Fina lize a.k. a how to Wh at is

Fina lize and Disp ose can Wh OO Wh y do Imp orta Ho w is Wh at is a clas Enc aps Ho w Can nam Abst racti on Abst racti diff ere Priv ate , publ ic , prot ecte Wh at are Inhe rita Wh Ho

Wh at is Ho Wh Inhe Poly mpr Met hod ove rloa Wh Wh at is virt ual Wh ats the diff Dyn ami c poly mor Stat ic Wh at is a Wh at is the Poin t to be rem emb ere d for inte rfac can we Do impl .

Can we part ial use Abst ract Mul wha t is a Wh at are Poin t to be rem emb ere d for Abst ract clas ses Abst ract clas ses Can I hav ea inte Mul vers ope rato r ove rloa Del crea .

1 Diff ere nce bet wee Wh at is Gen Has hta Stac Are ther Reg ex .Use of dele gate Del egat Mul tica Use Wh at is Eve nts Diff ere nce bet wee n Asy nchr cov aria Sha dow Sha dow ing Sha Pro 1.

GAC how do we If sate llite asse Dela Gen eric Wh at are gen Doe Thr Ho w can thre Bac rea Wh at is refl ecti In wha hod o you do Wh at is Seri wha ASP Obj ects Aut Aut oev ent IIS . .

AS HX Http Cre ate a Cre ate a Http ASP.App licat ion Http Han dler Http . NET appl icati Wh at logi c sho Wh at is the Wh UI why do how do how do Are Wh at is a vie Wh at is diff Wh .

Wh at is web far m? Wh at is a load Wh at is web Ho w to impl Wh y do Ho w can we Wh at Wh ats stat Ho w can Wh at Ho w Cac Wh ole Wh ole Ho Wh at is Wh at is Wh at is cac .

If cac Abs wha Post bac Aut opo stba Ispo stba Con Serv er.tr ansf er and Aut Ho w Wh at Wh at is For Wh at doe s actu Wh at is Wh at is pass port how can we impl Ho w can Wh at .

wha t if Sing le sign Ho w can we impl asp net me mbe how doe s ASP. Net Deb uggi ng and Trac how wha ts Ho w can Wh Ajax Wh at is upd wha t is Wh at is Scri Ena Ho w can .

Wh at is Diff ere nce bet wee Grid vie w and Pagi SQL Dat SQL self/ Ref Nor mali Nor mali zati on Den orm aliza Wh en Inde xes Bala nce tree Clus NonClus Wh en will use Self inne left righ cart .

case Sele ct all row s fro m bot h tabl es in gro cros Stor ed Wh at is Wh at Wh at are Wh Fun ctio ns Diff ere nce bet wee Ho w to Para prof iler opti mza tion .

sql sql serv SQl inje ctio n Ho w SSIS SSR SSA Diff AD Wh at Wh ats In wha t sce nari Ho w do how do Dat Co mm how can we Wht Ho w Pro ble opti mist ic .

how can we Pess imis tic lock ing Scn eari os Wh at is a how can we Con nect ion Ho w how Dat ner Rep Wh Ho w did how Re Wh at is App Wh at's Wh at is the use .

Ho w do you crea Pro ble ms with Co rem wha t is a Ho w UD DI Wh at is Wh at is Wh at is Wh at is Serv ice Orie nte d Wh y Wh Wh at is Wh at is Serv ice nam wha t's the Wh at .

how Ho w do Wh en sho Wh at are the imp Basi Ho Ho can we do Ho w can we WC WC F Tra WC F ove rloa ding is it allo wed Dyn WC WC WC WC WC F WC LIN .

Wh at is LIN Wh at is Wh at is Ho w LIN Opti CRU Call LIN PLI LIN DB WP GDI Sim ple WP Ren Arc Wh at is Arc Ani Wh at are Wh at In wha Ho w Wh y not Con sum e Dat aba se .

Pris MV WW WW Co Seq Sim Stat Desi Whi ch Desi gn Wh Fact ory Abst ract Buil Prot Wh ere Sing Ho w We can we Ada pter type Brid Co Dec usa Fac Fly Pro Me Me Inte Iter COR Co Stat .

Stra Obs Tem plat Visit DIIO CCo nce Wh at is MV Ho w is MV P Mo del vie w Ho Stro Wh But Ho Aut Wh at vali MV P and Wh en to use UM L Use Cas Wh at Ho w did you .

Wh at are pri In Ho Ho w did you tran slat e you r req uire Clas s Ho w do you Ho w to Stru ctur es VS clas Ho Wh at is com posi tion Ho Ho w how did Ho w .

Rec ursi Con ditci Mes sag Coll abo Para llel Fun EI EO EQ EIF ILF Ho Ho RUP Wh Ho Wh at Wh Ho w doe s SCR .

Wh Diff .net asp.Wh en Agil Ho Rol e of you r curr ent sim plici ty you Can you expl ain the arch itec ture Wh at soft war Ho Ho tech Acc Ho Sum Spe OO .

HLD and LLD .

Its EXE it des crib Ass emb The y help you vers The y .Key Part IL So that at Hea rt of Co mm on Sep cific atio n/ Gui It help Wh en writ e the whi ch clr can und erst and.

This is mea nt to Valu es type s int , dou The y Box Con yes they You garb age coll Its No No, GC You lot of Age of the obje cts. It’s a des ctru Impl eme Its met

Fina lize is a dest ruct or Yes The

1.N o API E Its solv Clas s -> Blue prin Hid e Enc aps yes , nam Sho w only Abst racti Abts racti Priv ate Onl y with in Con stru ctor Par ent It use

Stat ic Cre In Dep obje cts You can hav e type Virt ual key wor Ove rloa ding we Met hod ove rridi ng Met hod Its look s to Esta blis Inte rfac e key wor d is use d to defi ne No , by Yes

Inte rfac e is a Yes Cre ate a new Ope rato r ove rloa It’s Decl .No split sa desi Abst ract Half defi ned Abst ract met An abst ract clas s can not be a seal ed clas s.

Del egat es help Del egat It help For Wh en Eve nts Eve nts use dele gate s Begi ninv This help It repl in sha dow Sho Arra yFixe d. Arra Stro gnyl publ Stor es First yes boxi Reg ex is .

Hel ps to The req uest Wh en the .To shar Give stro ng Use It’s a com Its to Gen eric coll ecti Yes Thr Cre ate Thr yes BY usin g Syst tech nolo Imp ort syst em.

App licat ion The y are Http Its not hing Http Cre ate a Cre ate a clas envi ron men t init (add cont rols dyn Preren der HTT P is inpr oc by usin Yes Its mea nt for Vie wst ate Sec .

By usin out Out putc Sub stitu loca The y In cac you can defi .Ma ny tim es our Loa dbal anc er You wou ld In the proc Out proc step 1crea te Sess ion awa By usin g Para m.

re dire ct Wh Wh usin g Win dow It’s a tick Tick et is a iden tific In this In this the user Cre ate user s in Aut hen ticat Coo kies .No Cac Wh en Wh en you It’s a in resp ons e.

Its pass Sing le sign Cre ate a mac hine It help s to exp run asp net _reg sql -Trac ing is a way to Trac our deb In web .con It Ajax is a tech nolo Upd ate pan It inje In Ajax we This In Scri pt .

Jqu ery Dat agri d disp lays Grid vie w is the It’s a 3 nor mal for Its com bini Nor mali Inde xes It’s a tree stru The Leaf nod You will cho ose .

SEL ECT * FRO M Cust om er INN ER JOI N Cust om Que ry Stor ed The y Trig ers Afte r trig It retu rns Fun ctio n red uce usin g inpu It’s a sim ple Cre ate inde .

con nect Hel Exe cute Obj Co mm To rea dX Dirt y Pess imis tic .Des set isol It is a For m Do pro SSIS help s us to Con nect Dat aset Dat aset :Wh en con nect ion .

data set and Rea d com mitt ed( Tra nsac tion Wh en you call begi ntra Reu se the data set Para mat Co It’s use d RPT By App do mai If one It help s to mak .

Cre ate a inte rfac Clie nt and serv We bser vice spe cify Hel ps It’s a It’s a We bser SOA is not hing but desi gini It was WC Add ress Serv ice cont ract Syst We bser vice IIS . Self .

Spe cify [Ser vice Con trac t] inte rfac e ICal cula Per Sing Hel ps .co nfig 1.By Cre ate obje Http go for Basi cHtt p( Like web basi use In We b. Ope rati on Tra SSL .

It’s a OR It’s a It’s the Enti ty inse Usin PLI By Dat WP F is for It’s a Stac k pan One way One tim By usin Bec aus e WC F serv You can not .

So pick Desi gn Cre Fact ory Abst ract It Aud it Hel Cre ate Its tech if you Obj Unif Add Mai Sim Bro .

Seq uen DI help s to The se are Hit com e to UI Sep eare tes Acti MV Mo It Enti By Win This help Dat First hit to If you hav e UM L is Its help Use case Step 1 :We iden .

Pri mar y acto Co By We has alre ady gath ere d the req uire men Clas s diag Its den ote d (+) Publ Stru ct com plex data by Co mp ositi on life Emp {} Abst Obj The obje Syn ch .

By sma Insi de By two It sho ws Acti Sho ws Agil Use Acc ept Scru Cust om er Pre par .

Wat er fall Mos I was invo lved in all The appl icat on It was a tier ed arch itect ure We follo wed nor .

I do und erst and HLD but mos t of the tim es we hav e crea ted a ove rall inde x of LLD and the .

You For Exa mpl CLS subs et of CTS. ?? ?? for Un man ged cod e Idis .


Cre ate a sim .







Cre ate a sim ple .

dev dev dev dev .


decl are @c .






xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx .

xxx xxx xxx .



It’s a inte rnal Arc hite ctur e patt er ( 3 tiue .

x/2 (MVC) Spring (MVC) Java Server Faces (rich faces) Hibernate (ORM) JPA (ORM) EJB (persistance) JAXB ( parsing XML) JDOM (parsing xml) Java Fx SCM tools Apache ant Maven Svn repository CVS repository Database Oracle Sybase PostgreSQL MySQL Ms sql Application servers: IBM Web sphere Jboss Web logic Unit testing: JUNIT test ng Sproing unit Cache solutions: JBoss cache EHCache OS cache PDF library: itext Reporting: Jasper BIRT Actuate Profilers: JMeter Infra red .JSP and servlets Struts 1.

Data.Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender.Web.Initial Catalog=Sales1.Integrated Security=True".SqlClient. using System. . using System. using System.Linq. using System.Collections.Web.UI.Generic.Web. obj.WebControls.Create connection and Open SqlConnection obj = new SqlConnection(strCon). using System. using System. using System.Open(). EventArgs e) { } private void loadDataset() { string strCon = "Data Source=QUESTPON-SRIZE2.Data.Web.UI.UI. namespace WebApplication19 { public partial class _Default : System.using System. // Step 1 .

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