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|| Om Gurave Namah || By Sanjay Prabhakaran Dear Jyotishas, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin are interesting pair o individuals

or Jyotish study! "hey were both born on same days but at di erent places and time! "his ma#es their charts almost similar e$cept or the position o lagna! %uch charts are very good candidates to analy&e what actors in charts are contributed by grahas'(ara#a) in *ashi chart versus the lagna! "he Lagna indicates the individual whereas the rashi and graha+s indicate the surroundings with people! ,ach individual may react in a di erent manner to the same set o surroundings! "he individual+s reaction depends on *ising Lagna with various special lagna+s! -n this e$ample we have two individual who are distinctly di erent and yet very similar! Abraham Lincoln Chart Natal Chart Date. /ebruary 01, 0234 "ime. 5.67.33 am "ime 8one. 6.71.65 '9est o G:") ;lace. 26 9 77< 17=, >? N >7< 15= @odgenville, (entuc#y, A%A

Charles Darwin Chart Natal Chart Date. /ebruary 01, 0234 "ime. 0.6?.37 pm "ime 8one. 3.03.33 '9est o G:") ;lace. 1 9 77< 33=, 61 N 7>< 33= %hrewsbury, Anited (ingdom NO",. "he above birth times are appro$imate!

"heir individuality can be e$plained using the lagna 'and special lagna) and their similarities can be e$plained using #aara#a lagna! One should also note that since the divisional charts may vary to some e$tend the graha positions can vary in divisional chart+s indicating the di erences in environment and native in that speci ic area o li e as indicated by the divisional chart! Biography with Comments

="hough the men started out in the world in vastly di erent circumstances on the day they were born, an astonishing number o common threads weave through their lives! ,ach shared an underlying gloominess o the soul, perhaps related to losing their mothers at an early age! Darwin+s mother died when he was 2 years oldB Lincoln+s died when he was 4! Lincoln su ered bouts o deep, nearCsuicidal depression or the rest o his li e! Darwin su ered rom crippling an$iety! Jyotish Comment. They both are born with Kaalaamrita yoga with Mars breaking the cycle. Their moon is in Saturn's sign of makara aspected by Mars and Saturn. The Saturn's influence on the moon can gi e depression. Mars is conjoined !ahu combination trying to break away from Ketu"!ahu a#is can gi e lots of mental turmoil. Sthira kaaraka from mother is mars. $atural kaaraka Moon is also afflicted. As boys, each was a voracious reader, immersing themselves to distraction, which did not serve them well with cold and distant athers who thought their sons were la&y daydreamers who would not amount to much! Jyotish Comment: Both had %upiter in Pisces rashi and e#alted in $a amsa. The &ebilitated Mercury in $a amsa is being pulled up by this '#alted %upiter. Mercury the (tmakaaraka in both charts. Mercury is a student graha This made them study a lot. Mercury atmakaaraka people can spend lot of time analy)ing things around. At age 11, Lincoln struc# out on his own to try to ma#e a li e in New %alem, -ll! @is illiterate ather, who used to yan# Abe out o school to hire him out to neighbors, e$pressed to a amily riend his doubt about his son+s new li e. D- suppose that Abe is still ooling hissel with eddication! - tried to stop it, but he has got that ool idea in his head, and it can+t be got out!E 9hen Darwin le t homeFat age 11Fand Goined the iveCyear scienti ic survey e$pedition aboard @:% Heagle, his ather tried to stop it, thin#ing it was a urther waste o his son+s time! DIou care or nothing but shooting, dogs, and rat catching,E he told his son as a teenager, Dand you will be a disgrace to yoursel and your amily!E Jyotish Comment: Both were running !ahu dasa at this time. *hich is in ol ed in Kalaamrita yoga. !ahu and Mars combination got acti ated to gi e results. this is in +th from Sun and ,-th .rom Moon. The maturity ages for these grahas are from /-0/, 1 //0/2. So at this age they had to lea e home0 ha e a tussle with father for profession. As athers, Darwin and Lincoln each resolved to be loving parents involved in their children+s lives and, or

Lincoln+s part, spoiled them to the point o scandal! As president he let his young sons openly dash into and interrupt meetings in the 9hite @ouse any time they pleased! Jyotish Comment. %upiter and Sun both are kaaraka for +th house. %upiter indicates more benign nature of how teaches to children and Sun indicates how one remands them or controls them. 3ere we see that %upiter is conjoined e#alted enus. This jupiter is itself in pisces in e#alted na amsa. 4ndicating their lo ing nature towards children.

,ach man was devastated at the death o their avorite children! 9ith Darwin, it was his daughter, Annie, who had shown an intellect to match his own by the time she died o tuberculosis at age 03! Lincoln+s son 9illie, who shared his ather+s passion or reading and poetry, died o typhoid at 00! Jyotish Comment: 5th from %upiter indicates children and 6th from 5th i.e ,/th from %upiter can indicate the misfortunes. 3ere we see that !ahu is lord of ,/th from %upiter in ol ed in Kaalamrita yoga0 conjoined Mars. Mars's natural age is from ,- to ,,. This show how mars trying to break the Kaalamrita was painful. "hose deaths had telling but di erent impacts on the religious belie s o both men, who had long been s#eptical o the traditional Christian belie s they were born into! :ost everybody in 0234 was satis ied with the Hible+s creationist teachings that the world was roughly 6,333 years old and that every #ind o animal and plant was unchanged rom the way God originally created them! As the 04th Century progressed, however, the new science o geology suggested ,arth is ar older than the Hible said, stirring up troubling Juestions about the Hible+s literal truth and triggering doubts in many, including Lincoln and Darwin! -n act, Lincoln was attac#ed or being a heathen when he ran or Congress in 0275, a charge so serious that he had to publish the only public statement he ever made about his personal religious views. D"hat - am not a member o any Christian Church, is trueB but - have never denied the truth o the %criptures. and - have never spo#e with intentional disrespect o religion in general, or o any denomination o Christians in particular!E Lincoln largely ignored organi&ed church religion and dogma as an adult! Hut 9illie+s death so devastated him, his wi e :ary said, that it seemed to turn him bac# to religion and the Hible, which he read regularly and deeply! Darwin, whose own religious belie dissolved as he wor#ed out the principles o evolution, withheld publishing the theory or 13 years because o his ear o religious bac#lash! @e #new churchmen and devout believers everywhere would e$coriate him or suggesting the Hible was wrong, possibly hurting his beloved amily in the bargain! @e also bent to the will o his wi e, ,mma, an e$tremely devout Christian who was terri ied he would be damned or his views and they would not be together in eternity! 9hatever glimmering remnant o aith he might have retained, Darwin said it was e$tinguished the day his daughter died!

Jyotish Comment. !eligion is +th from Sun0 3ere we see that same Mars and !ahu combination. Being in +th it ga e them many struggles to understand religion. Kaalaamrita yoga makes one religious but it's still a malefic yoga. !ahu influence in +th from Sun can bring about atheist iews and7or e#plore the limits of religion as such the limits for all grahas are ruled by !ahu"Ketu. Lincoln and Darwin were late bloomers, with neither reaching ull potential until age 63! Lincoln was an obscure lawyer and smallCtown politician until his care ully calibrated, widely disseminated abolitionist speech delivered at Cooper Anion in New Ior# in early 0253 made him a national political igure! Jyotish Comment. Kaalaamrta yoga is controlled by Ketu. Ketu's maturity age is 89. 4t seems that Mars was ne er actually able to break the kaalamrita yoga being conjoined with !ahu. 3ence they both could reach full potential after 89. Darwin won modest ame when he published a boo# in 02>4 on his iveCyear adventure aboard the Heagle, but he became world amous when DOn the Origin o %peciesE came out in 0264! "heir biographers note that, though they were a able and pleasant to be around, Lincoln and Darwin were intensely private men who had very ew close riends! 9ith so many e$periences in common, the two might have struc# up a riendship had they ever met! Darwin was aware o Lincoln! "he ,nglishman+s wealthy grand athers, physicianCinventor ,rasmus Darwin and potteryCma#er Josiah 9edgwood, were early, power ul activists against slavery, a cause Darwin also embraced! D@e ollowed the Civil 9ar through newspapers and rooted or the Anion side all the way,E said *obert *ichards, a Aniversity o Chicago historian o science and medicine! D@e was very aware o Lincoln and was a big an o his!E Lincoln, however, may never have heard o Darwin, or at least never had the opportunity to read Darwin+s boo#s on evolution! @e was too preoccupied with the presidency and the war by then! D- he ever read anything o Darwin+s, - #now o no surviving record or manuscript that said he did,E said Lincoln biographer @ol&er! Darwin died at age ?> in 0221, outliving the murdered Lincoln by 0? years! -n the years since, their legacies have proved to be incredibly durable, Adam Gopni# writes in DAngels and Ages. A %hort Hoo# About Darwin, Lincoln, and :odern Li e,E a biography o the two men! "heir wor# and words remain guideposts giving science and society direction to the uture! Jyotish Comment:6th from Saturn normally indicates the 6th bhaa a for longe ity. Since (braham :incoln was assassinated he may not ha e li ed his purna"ayush.

D"he two boys born on the same day to such di erent lives,E Gopni# writes, Dhad become, as they remain K what are now called K Licons,+ secular saints!E

Jyotish Comment: Though this is not an e#hausti e comparison0 4 would like to point out that these e#amples show that much about the en ironment can be deduced from the kaarka lagna. The indi iduals iew e#perience0 intellection and reactions0 societal images etc can depend on lagna0 lagna lord ;paka lagna<0 arudha;lagna< and the arious special lagnas.