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Twin Flex 30 Meter Antenna by ZS1JHG

Requirements : Twin Flex outdoor UV type Black about 25M Balun 4:1 commercial or homebrew Ferrite torriod about 30/35mm or AM radio rod antenna Split flex at one end for 6.2M and tie a knot or clamp at centre point,balance of twin flex is your feedline. At the end of the twin flex feedline wind 8 turns onto ferrite torriod or rod, then connect to a 4:1 balun. Connect a length of coax to the balun and radio, as short as possible

Freq 10.150Mhz

SWR 1:3 over band



Twin Flex feeder section

Ferrite torriod- 8 turns of feedline Balun 4:1 Balun 4:1 Coax 50 ohm to radio