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Solution Overview

OPNET Technologies, Inc.

AppTransaction TM

Deep Transaction Performance Analysis and Prediction

AppTransaction Xpert is a powerful tool for detailed analysis of individual transactions. In to- Compare AppTransaction Xpert
day’s complex application architectures, a single transaction can involve many tiers and require to Other Solutions
thousands of messages to traverse the network. This solution makes extensive use of visual- ■■ Broad range of out-of-the box analyses and
ization and analytics to accelerate troubleshooting in production, as well as pre-deployment
■■ Free, unlimited agents are lightweight, for
performance validation and prediction. In production, the combination of AppResponse Xpert™
very low overhead. Other packet capture
and AppTransaction Xpert is unmatched in the industry, providing a seamless workflow that agents commonly introduce significant
overhead on CPU and disk resources, and
spans monitoring, alerting, triage, root cause diagnosis, and remediation guidance. In pre-
may introduce substantial components,
deployment, AppTransaction Xpert is the industry-leading solution for application network such as a database.
readiness testing. ■■ AppTransaction Xpert is the market leader
for advanced transaction analysis with an
active user community and continuous
product evolution.
■■ Accelerate application performance troubleshooting.
■■ Provide convincing information to support problem remediation.
“Prior to our work with OPNET, IT engineers
■■ Ensure the performance of applications prior to deployment. spent a significant amount of time analyzing
■■ Avoid the cost of unnecessary bandwidth upgrades. trace data and performance metrics, frequently
arriving at different and conflicting conclusions
on the cause of performance problems... We
Use AppTransaction Xpert to: want to spend less time firefighting and spend
■■ Analyze a single transaction to quickly and conclusively determine the root cause of a more time focusing on our strategic business
performance problem. goals. OPNET is a key enabler in this transfor-
■■ Visualize transactional behavior and performance and easily communicate information mation.”
to application stakeholders. Manager, Network Planning and Engineering
Financial Services Company
■■ Predict application performance prior to deployment.
■■ Accurately size access links. “Keep making intuitive products that help my
team achieve minimal network downtime and
■■ Test the effect of proposed application and infrastructure changes on application
I’ll keep buying them.”
performance (e.g., data center consolidation).
Associate Director
■■ Validate the effectiveness of proposed approaches to fix performance problems. Regional Health System
■■ Quantify the effects of WAN optimization on your applications prior to making an
investment. “In my entire IT career, I have never seen a prod-
uct with such a great ROI. In the 10 months that
we have owned OPNET, it has more than paid for
Director of IT
Regional Health System “I think OPNET will change the way [the Agency]

does business.”
Network Operations Manager
U.S. Federal Agency
Solution Overview
OPNET Technologies, Inc.

Key Features
■■ Off-line, in-depth analysis leveraging packet traces obtained from a wide variety of sources. Related Solutions
■■ Powerful, graphical diagrams for visualizing application behavior. AppResponse Xpert™
End-User Experience, Network Monitoring
■■ Hundreds of application and network protocol decodes, including Citrix, SOAP, VoIP, SSL, SQL,
and Analytics
HTTP, etc.
AppResponse Xpert is an appliance-based
■■ Unlimited, free, lightweight and secure packet capture agents, supporting a wide range of
solution that monitors and analyzes end-
user experience for all levels of transactions,
■■ Continuous capture capa- User Response Time and the underlying network. On-board
bility for troubleshooting Machine 1
analytics extract transactions from appli-
intermittent problems. packet loss cation flows and break down application
retransmission response time, identifying which parts of
■■ Coordinated multi-tier
Machine 2 .Net Application Tier the infrastructure are contributing most to
packet capture and auto-
matic trace synchroniza-
AppInternals Xpert™
Machine 3 Java Web Service
■■ Support for applications Deep Application Component Monitoring
hosted in virtual environ- and Analytics
ments. Mainframe
AppInternals Xpert delves into the complex
■■ Accurate transaction mod- software frameworks of modern servers to
eling in WAN-optimized Automatically construct a detailed transaction model. extract vast amounts of performance and
infrastructures. forensic data for all aspects of application
performance management from the server
■■ Automated diagnostic reports that pinpoint performance bottlenecks and summarize
perspective. AppInternals Xpert supports
sources of delay.
any type of application, but excels in Java
■■ Powerful “whiteboard” environment for “what-if” assessments of application modifications. and .NET environments. It automatically de-
tects cause-and-effect relationships among
■■ Out-of-the-box and customizable reports for key stakeholders including application develop-
thousands of continuously tracked system
ers, network engineers, and management.
and application metrics across multiple
tiers, to diagnose root cause.
Integration with Other OPNET APM Xpert™ Solutions
AppForensics Xpert™
■■ Isolate transactions of interest in OPNET’s real-time end-user experience monitoring solution,
Centralized Forensic Data Management
AppResponse Xpert, and drill-down into AppTransaction Xpert for root cause analysis.
AppForensics Xpert enables centralized
■■ Using data from AppInternals Xpert, analyze a unified view of a transaction’s dynamics,
management of lightweight AppTransac-
comprising both messages crossing the network and code-level call trees as the transaction
tion Xpert agents for secure web-based
passes through multiple tiers.
packet capture from end-user workstations.
■■ Centrally manage large-scale agent deployments with AppForensics Xpert. As a central repository for enterprise-wide
forensic information, it accelerates perfor-
mance troubleshooting.
Ask Us About...
■■ How our patented packet trace merge algorithms are able to automatically blend and syn-
chronize traces captured on multiple systems. About OPNET Technologies
■■ How our data collection technology can enable troubleshooting of performance problems OPNET Technologies, Inc. is a leading
that happen intermittently. provider of application and network per-
■■ How our expert analysis techniques au- formance management solutions. OPNET’s
tomate the process of troubleshooting solutions deliver broad visibility and
difficult TCP-related effects that create monitoring across infrastructure domains
bottlenecks. as well as deep data collection and analytics
■■ How our packet decoding capabilities to enable powerful root cause diagnosis.
restore visibility in the presence of WAN These solutions have been operationally
optimization. proven in thousands of customer environ-
Predict the impact of infrastructure changes on ments worldwide.
end-to-end response time.

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