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ARTISTIC ANATOMY By WALTER FARRINGTON MOSES Revised and Enlarged Edition LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA BORDEN PUBLISHING COMPANY Copyricut 1930 WALTER FARRINGTON MOSES Copraicut 1939 BORDEN PUBLISHING CO. CopyRIGHT 1960 BORDEN PUBLISHING CO. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THIS BOOK OR PARTS THEREOF, MUST NOT BE REPRODUCED IN ANY FORM WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE PUBLISHER. PRINTED IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PREFACE Art instructors and art students everywhere have long sought a clearly presented direct-to-the-point anatomy which would meet their requirements, from the viewpoint of the artist with the thoroughness of the surgeon, “Artistic Anatomy”, in the answer to 1 newly revised and augmented edition, is demand. It contains 147 separate drawings showing muscle and hone structure and their relationship to each other. These drawings are exceptional in their clear-cut presentation. Concise yet complete explanations are found on each page opposite the drawings. A general introduction and a glossary complete the anatomical information. ‘The book has been designed particularly ior the beginning student to start him along the road of drawing the human figure by a thorough foundation of the mechanism of the human anatomy. due to the late Dr, Monte Salvin for his con- scientious work in preparing the introduction and text, which by its clear Acknowledgement ¢ explanatory notes in addition to the drawings, will give the stu- dent a full understanding of the subject. co ‘Thanks are due to Mr. Walter W. Greeven for his permission to use the photograph printed on the cover and the publishers are indebted to Mr. Lawrence Kane for helping to prepare portions of the manuscript and correcting proof. mM