Heather Devine, Ph. D.

Heather Devine is a historian specializing in Canadian Native History, American Indian Policy, and Western Canadian ethnic history. She has pu lished numerous articles on !ur trade social history, and is a !re"uent guest spea#er at genealogical seminars. At the present time she has a $oint academic appointment at the %niversity o! Calgary as Assistant Pro!essor in the &useum and Heritage Studies Program in the 'aculty o! Communication and Culture, and as Curator o! Indigenous Heritage at the Nic#le Arts &useum. Heather is a &etis (ith roots in the )u*Appelle +alley and Saulteau, +illage -.aie St. Paul/ in &anito a. Heather Devine*s great grandparents (ere 0homas Des$arlais orn Decem er 12, 1345 at St. 'rancois 6avier and &adeleine 7lyne - . 1325/ the daughter o! &ichel 7lyne - . 1311/ and &adeleine &illet dit .eauchemin. 0homas Des$arlais (as the son o! 8ean .aptiste Des$arlais - . 1311/ (ho married &arie &artin, the daughter o! 'rancois &artin and &argeurite 9acette. 8ean .aptiste (as the son o! 'rancois Des$arlais - . 1:;3/ and &adeleine 9oy, his second (i!e. 0his !amily (as enumerated at Saulteau, +illage in &anito a in 13<5 as 'amily = 2.
2. 'ran>ois Des$arlais. .orn on 1< ?ct 1:;3 in 9iviere@du@Aoup, P.). 'ran>ois died in St. 'ran>ois@6avier Parish, 9ed 9iver. 'rancois Des$arlais, (as a 'rench Canadian married to a &etis (oman, he (or#ed on the 9.C. &ission land as a hired hand. 'ran>ois married 'rancoise 9oy. 0hey had the !ollo(ing childrenB • 'rancois 6avier Des$arlais, . 1:C4, married &arie ?tshi##an ?utehi"ue .ottineau. 'rancois then married &adeleine 9oy. 0hey had the !ollo(ing childrenB • &arie, . 1354, married 8oseph &orisseau. • Charles, . c. 135C. • Suzanne, . 1315, married Aouis Dladu. • 8ean .aptiste, . 1311, married &arie &artin. • Antoine, . 1313, married Aouise 9ichard. • Andre, . 1322, married 8osephte 'agnant. 0hey had nine children. He (as active in the 1334 &etis 9esistance at .atoche along (ith his son@in@la(, Aouis Davis (ho had married their daughter 0herese. His son Paul Des$arlais - . 134E/ !ought in the 9esistance in Captain Fdouard Dumont*s company. • 8osephte, . 132E, married Antoine Dladu.

&ichel 7lyne -1311@13:4/ (as orn at 'ort des Prairies -'ort Fdmonton/, the son o! &ichel 7line Sr.1 - . 1:31/ and Suzanne Aa!rance -&etisse, . 1:C5/. 7lyne Sr.*s !ather, 8ean Adam 7lyne, (as a private in the Derman Au,iliary 0roops in Canada, the GHesse Hanau Chasseurs,H and had !ought in the War o! 1312. He (as married to a &arie DeneviIve .isson, also o! )ue ec.

&ichel 7lyne Sr. entered the employment o! the North West Company in the late 1:C5s as a !ur trader A!ter the 1321 merger o! the NWC and the H.C, he (as put in charge o! 8asper House. He served as postmaster !or 11 years, !rom 132< to 13E4. Al erta*s Cline 9iver and &ount Cline (ere named in his honor.


&ichel Sr. signed on as a voyageur (ith the North West Company at 1: years o! age, 'e . 23, 1:C3. In the early 1355s, G y custom o! the country,H he married another teenager, Suzanne Aa!rance - . 1:C5/, a &etisse. &ichel Sr. (as #no(n to e Postmaster at 8asper House in 132C. 0hey apparently retired !rom the !ur trade prior to 13E3 and this (as a u!!alo hunting !amily (ho (as o!ten out on the plains. 0hey had moved permanently to 'ort )u*Appelle y 13:1. 0heir son, .en$amin 7lyne, (ent on to ecome one o! the !ounding !athers o! Spring Cree# -Ae(isto(n/, &ontana. &ichel 8r. married &adeleine .eauchemin, -&etis, . 1325/ on 8anuary C, 13E3 at St. 'rancois 6avier. She (as the daughter Andre &illet dit .eauchemin, - .1::3/ and Charlotte Pelletier -&etis, .1:34/. A hunting !amily, they had thirteen children and they lived variously at St. 'rancois 6avier, Point Douglas, St. 8oseph and, Devil*s Aa#e. 0heir son, .en$amin 7lyne - . 13<:/ (as one o! the !ounders o! the &etis community o! Spring Cree#, &ontana no( Ae(isto(n. &ichel died in 13:4 at Wood &ountain, Sas#atche(an. &ichel*s sister, 8ane 7lyne@&cDonald - . 1353/ (as married to Archi ald &cDonald a chie! !actor o! the Hudson*s .ay Company. His rother Deorge 7lyne - . 1323/ ecame an &AA !or Ste. Agathe 9iding in &anito a -13:1@13:</. In 1334, (hen &adeleine, his (i!e applied !or &ichel*s &etis Scrip she statesB 0he late &ichel 7lyne, (as a Hal! reed head o! a !amily, and resided in the North@West 0erritories previous to the 14th 8uly 13:5. 0he said late &ichel 7lyne (as temporarily a sent !rom the 0erritories in 13:5, ut returned to the 0erritories and too# up his permanent domicile at 'ort )u*Appelle in the 'all 13:1. 0he said &ichel 7lyne (as the son o! a White man y the same name and o! an Indian (oman J he (as orn at Fdmonton J in 1311. 0he said &ichel 7lyne died at 'ort )u*Appelle on the C th Decem er 13:4 and I produce his urial certi!icate. .esides his (ido( he le!t the !ollo(ing childrenB 1. Andre 7lyne, aged << years, living at !ort )u*Appelle. 2. &ichel 7lyne, <E years, at present a sent 'ort )u*Appelle ut domiciled here. E. &arie 7lyne, (i!e o! 8oseph .ellegarde, o! 'ile Hills, aged <1. <. Duillaume 7lyne, aged EC years, a resident o! Wood &ountain. 4. Flise 7lyne, (i!e o! 0homas 7avanagh o! 'ort )u*Appelle, aged E: years. ;. .en$amin 7lyne, E4 years, o! &il# 9iver. :. 0heophile 7lyne, EE years, o! 'ort )u*Appelle. 3. +eroni"ue 7lyne, E1 years, (i!e o! 0homas 7elly, o! 'ort )u*Appelle. C. Madeleine Klyne, aged 2C years, (i!e o! Thomas Desjarlais, o! 'ort )u*Appelle. 15. Napoleon 7lyne, 21 years, o! 'ort )u*Appelle.


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0his oo# (as a(arded a Harold Adams Innis Prize @ Canadian 'ederation !or the Humanities and Social Sciences !or est Fnglish@Aanguage oo# in the Social Sciences, -255<@54/.


Heather Devine. KArchaeology in Social StudiesB An Integrated ApproachK -reprint/. In 7.A. 'eder, ed.,essons rom the Past: An /ntroductor! 3eader /n Archaeolog!& &ountain +ie(, Cali!orniaB &ay!ield Pu lications, 1CCCB 11E @ 113. ?riginal article pu lished in The 'istor! and Social Science Teacher +ol. 2<, No. E -Spring 1C3C/B 1<5@1<:. Heather Devine. KAm ition +ersus AoyaltyB &iles &acdonell and the Decline o! the North West CompanyK. In 8o@Anne 'is#e, Susan Sleeper Smith and William Wic#en, eds. 5ew aces o+ the ur Trade 0 Selected Papers o+ the Seventh 5orth American ur Trade Con+erence0'ali+a6, 5ova Scotia, "%%7& Fast Aansing, &ichiganB &ichigan State %niversity Press, 1CC3B 2<:@231. Heather Devine. KArchaeology, Prehistory, and the Native Aearning 9esources Pro$ect.K Peter Stone and .rian &olyneau,, eds. The Presented Past: 'eritage, -useums and Education& ?ne World Archaeology Series. AondonB 9outledge Atd. 1CC<B <:3@<C<. Heather Devine. K9oots in the &oha(# +alleyB Sir William 8ohnsonLs Aegacy in the North West CompanyK. 8enni!er S.H. .ro(n, William 8. Fccles, and Donald P. Heldman, eds.The ur Trade 3evisited: Selected Papers o+ the Si6th 5orth American ur Trade Con+erence& Fast Aansing, &ichiganB &ichigan State %niversity Press, 1CC<B 21:@2<2. Heather Devine. KArchaeology in the Al erta CurriculumB An ?vervie(.K P. Stone and 9. &ac7enzie, eds.The E6cluded Past: Archaeolog! in Education& ?ne World Archaeology Series. AondonB %n(in Hyman Atd. 1CC5B 1C5@255.

Compiled y Aa(rence .ar#(ell Coordinator o! &etis Heritage and History 9esearch Aouis 9iel Institute


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