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MOTO: KILL OR BE KILLED Concentrated-Realistic-Toughening- up course in BARE HANDED MAYHEM Specifically Designed for ASSAULT TROOPS OBJECT: 1. To turn out in the shortest possible time trained dangerous FIGHTERS 2. CONFIDENT in their ability to deal effectively with anything the enemy has to offer today in UNARMED COMBAT. 3. Imbued with AGGRESSIVE OFFENSIVE ACTION rather than defensive type of thinking. 4. Concentrating on their sole objective to QUICKLY KILL, MAIM, or OTHERWISE DISABLE the enemy. PART I GENERAL PROCEDURE PART II DETAILED PROCEDURE PART III SUMMARY PER AREA Method of Instruction: Explanation- Demonstration- Supervised Application. Training Aids and Materials Required: One (1) Demonstration Platform One (1) Easel and three (3) Charts entitled Judo, Your 13 Vital Objectives, and Your 8 Offensive Weapons. One (1) Megaphone and one (1) Whistle. One (1) Heavy Canvas Sandbag per two (2) students for purpose of practicing Blows and Kicks. Personnel Required: 1 officer instructor 2 enlisted assistants

Purpose: Period of Instruction designed to instruct a group of men in the techniques of Rough and Tumble Fighting. I. GENERAL PROCEDURE- Group Performance a. Trainees enter designated area at double time, are met by enlisted assistant instructor and are ordered (1) to stack rifles, equipment, helmets, and top clothing in orderly line on far side of field; (2) to four to six ranks depending on size of class and march to platform; (3) to open ranks march and (4) to extend to the right or left as required 12 between fingertips. b. Trainees will strip to the waist for all periods of instruction, weather permitting. c. With the trainees in this formation, the officer instructor and his assistant instructors will demonstrate each movement rapidly to show desired results then, with a slow motion demonstration will explain step- by step procedure d. Following such demonstration and explanation, trainees will be required to practice under the careful supervision and correction of the assistant instructors the movements they have been shown. e. When the Judo training period has been completed, the group will fall in on their equipment and be guided, on the double to the next class. Thus, the conditioning of the men will be continuous. II. DETAILED PROCEDURE A. Orientation Lecture After the entire group is correctly assembled in place, trainees will squat and remain cross-legged on the ground a back strengthening and conditioning exercise in itself. Following this action, the officer instructor will give an orientation lecture in the form of a convincing personal introduction to hand to hand fighting. The lecture verbatim, which follows, includes an explanation of the scope of the course- what the trainees are to be taught and why, how they can best learn, what they will get out of the overall instruction, and, finally what is expected of them in the way of cooperation with our teaching methods. A word of caution is like-wise included as to the necessity for observing safety factors in applying dangerous tricks.

Men, briefly you are here to learn how to perform a satisfactory job of MAYHEMdisabling, crippling, garroting if you please, in a quick and highly scientific manner, without use of weapons. A good soldier of course never loses sight of his weapons but should the occasion ever arise, during the course of your travels, when you find yourself to be without pistol or knife and with one or more Japs or Nazis bearing down in your general direction, then you will darn well want to know how to heave your feet, hands, and elbows around to good purpose. As in everything else you are experiencing here, you will find this course to be a concentrated one- with all frills discarded for the duration. You will soon find out that this is not MP type of unarmed combat where the objective is merely to bring a man inhe has a days work to do tomorrow. Nor is it the stage demonstration type of unarmed combat where the objective is merely to entertain an audience. No, all we are interested in here is in killing maiming, or otherwise knocking out enemy out of action quickly and effectively. For any of you who still shudder just at the mere thought of killing or maiming, let me tell you that the Japs have long been practicing this kind of thing with their Ju Jitsu, Judo, and Karate. ( brief explanation of each should follow at this point) and further more, are expert at it. Should you ever be in the jungle and stumble across one of these lads, I can assure you he wont be out to improve your health. Either you get him first, barehanded, if need be, or he gets you. Fortunately, the course we are about to teach you will enable you to do just that. It represents the best taken by authorities from Judo, Karate, and Chinese Boxing, and has already stood the test of Commando Operations. It is definitely superior to any the Japanese have devised to date and you may have all confidence both in its effectiveness and in the instructors who will do their best to coach you. On return we must request for the purpose of handling such a large group, that on the command AT EASE from this platform, you stop anything and everything you are doing, give us your immediate attention, and remain quite until we give the word to proceed. If you do this and practice on the outside what we show you here, paying careful heed to when we say go easy men, a hard blow in this vicinity will seriously injury your partner, you will have something(1) Which to enable you in a serious scrap to quickly and effectively take care of two or more opponents at one time no matter how big they may be; (2) Which may some day be the means of SAVING YOUR LIFE OR THAT OF YOUR BUDDY.

If it does that- then I am sure you will agree that the time and effort you put in here will have proven quite worth while. B. CONCENTRATING ON YOUR ENEMYS 13 VITAL AREAS You will remember that your objective first, last, and always is to Kill, Maim, or Knock your enemy out of action as quickly and effectively as possible in order to be able to take care of, if necessary, the next man coming in. You are not going to play with em- youre going to get rid of em- there fore you are to concentrate all your blows, kicks, etc on Mr. Jap and Mr. Nazis most vulnerable spots as indicated on the chart hanging in front of you. The best way to know where these are exactly and what blows you will use against these points, is to try them on yourselves and each other. (All instructors demonstrate each of the following). (1) Temples: Close your fist so knuckle of Middle Finger protrudes. Strike with that knuckle all around your temple area until you find the most tender spot. Feel it, near and parallel to your eyebrow? (2) Side of Neck: Take outer edge of your hand and chop around side of your neck. Feel most jarring points? Just below jawbone and in area of mastoid? (3) Adams Apple: You dont have to strike this area but push your thumb real hard into hollow just below your Adams Apple- notice how it makes you gag? A real blow aimed at your enemys Adams Apple would in addition crush all the cartilages in this region and cause a black out (4)Back of the Neck: Chop with side of your hand again up and down the back of your neck. Notice where it really jars? At that point there are twp small bones which snap when you are hung. At the same time you will recognize this as the old Rabbit Punch which never fails to drop a man like a log. (5) Testicles: Take your fist and see what ever so gentle a blow in this region feels like. Suppose you were to really let go with the toe of a G. I shoe? A blow to the testicles is the great equalizer always permitting a small man in a serious scrap to take care of a much bigger man. Now- number one, three and five lines About face and select a partner. Take turns on each other. Number one line first- then number two line. (6) Base of Nose: With edge of hand strike very gently, just enough to feel it, diagonally up and in. When we do for keeps, we drive the nose back up into our enemys face. A vicious trick, with an internal hemorrhage the probable results. Very good! (7) Solar Plexus: Feel for V made by your breastbone. Use out elbow point like this (demonstration) against your partners V so he can feel it. When we play for keeps, object is to drive up and into reach nerves on front of spinal column. Try hitting with edge of hand jars but does not reach vitals like sharp point will.

(8) Lower Ribs: Feel down for your last rib. Swing point of your elbow, I said point, fairly hard against the lower rib of your partner. This is a particularly powerful blow with the weight of your whole body behind it. (9) Instep: Turn your back to your partner. With sharp edge of your heel go down hard on his instep, just below ankle bone. Do you think he would really let go, at least temporarily, if you were to smash all the small bones in his foot? Now both lines face me. The remaining four (4) blows you do not have to try We will demonstrate them on you------------------------------------------------------------------(10) Knee Cap: Hinged so as to bend in one direction only- forward. Thats swell for us for we merely step through it in the opposite direction causing the joint to snap (11) Base of Spine: Especially vulnerable to a Knee Butt from the rear or a vicious kick when your adversary in on the ground. (12) Between the Eyes: A blow directed with the side of your hand is likely to drive a splinter of the paper thin bone here into your enemys brain. A quick kill. Very good! (13) Eyes: Youve all experienced a small object in the eye and how it hurts. What if you were to get a fist full of fingers in your eyes, in this manner? From the tests you have just made on your selves, you will have some inkling perhaps of the various blows you will direct against these vital areas of your enemy, but you do not yet know how to get the maximum power into such blows. That, you will be shown when we go into the more Refined Tactics of Rough and Tumble. Finally, while on the subject of Vital Areas, you must realize that all thirteen (13) will not always be available to your attack. Varying equipment carried by different troops in the field may cover and protect them in some cases, however you use your head, quickly size up the situation and let em have it where they aint. For example, if an enemy is wearing his helmet well down over his face, you would of course haul off and clout him on his neck, or on some other vital area which is exposed C. NEW AND REVOLUTIONARY FIGHTING POSITION (1) Fighting Sideways to Your Enemy At All Times (Position and Advantages illustrated by two instructors) (a) It affords maximum protection to you as an attacker. Permits you to reach vital areas, which are denied to the enemy. For example, you can kick the Jap in the testicles from this fighting position, employing a Chinese boxing kick, but were he to attempt his regular front kick, facing you, he would not reach your vital area.

(b) An attack from this position is unexpected and takes your enemy completely by surprise. (c) It furnishes a 3 advantage in reach. Boxers will tell you this is important. (d) It attacks your enemys weakest position from standing point of balance. (e) It permits you to deal quickly with two or more adversaries at the same time. (2) What happens when you as attacker use the old orthodox method of facing your adversary. (Demonstration by officer instructor and two assistant instructors) (a) If you attempt a combination Knee Butt and Chin Jab while facing your enemy, what is to prevent him from doing the same to you? (b) Also while you are occupied in this position, what about another adversary coming at you from the rear? (Here second assistant instructor closes in from the rear and executes in rapid succession- a whip blow to the back of the neck and a rear strangle). (3) How you would quickly knock out the same two adversaries using our new fighting techniques. (Here instructor uses side of hand blow to neck of one adversary, eye jab to next adversary coming in and with a half turn on ball of either foot is ready for two more men closing in from opposite directions- all in a flash of a second). (4) Maneuverability of new fighting position (Assistant instructor demonstrates- officer instructor explains) You will notice how this man never crossed his legs in all his advancing and retreatinggot around fast- moved freely and relaxed and maintained his balance perfectly throughout by keeping the upper part of his body vertical from the trunk up. This matter of balance and movement is just as important here as you will find it to be in your Bayonet Hand- to Hand fighting. Well, men, up to now your work has been purely introductory. From now on in you will really begin to sweat-kicking and kneeing the stuffings out of sandbags, especially designed for the purpose. We should like to include here, however, a particularly practical exercise- purpose of which is to teach you quick movement and balance as well as the effectiveness of fighting sideways- attacking your opponents weak facing position with your strong sideways position.

D. ROOSTER FIGHT-Groups of approximately 20 competing to establish a final winner. As a participant, stand on your left foot and grab your right foot behind you with your left hand. Keep your right hand across your body. Now when we say go, charge and sidestep your opponent- object is to knock him down before he does you. Secret is to hit him facing sideways to his weak position if you can. Like wise, GANG UP on each other. E. KICKS Thew following KICKS will be demonstrated, explained and practiced by drill and by the kicking of sandbags distributed to every other line and held in turn by each partner. (1) CHINESE WHIPLASH To Testicles (Preceded by TENDON STRETCH EXERCISE, done in the following manner. Turning your toes inward and snapping your knees back, form fists and reach down to the ground with both hands. Reverse the exercise with your toes outward) (a) The Chinese Whiplash is your BIG BERTHA weapon for long range attack. Enables you to keep away from your adversary, yet knock him out. (b) It is executed in the following manner, With your body facing right angles to your adversary, your foot is drawn up to the inside of the knee fartherest from your adversary. To keep in balance, your weight is shifted by slightly bending sideways from the hip. Your foot is whipped out with toes pointing slightly downward, striking adversary a terrific whipping blow with your instep under his testicles. In making this movement note that foot is snapped back immediately to its original position at inside of the knee. This snapping produces terrific velocity, similar to cracking a whip. (c) The advantages of this blow are threefold. 1. It can be done from our sideways position, which affords maximum protection to the kicker. 2. It can be executed while moving away from the adversary. 3. It furnishes no warning or signal of its coming and produces a terrific knockout. (To prove, take off your shoes and kick a partners extended hand in this manner) (3) SHOVE BREAKAWAY- followed by Whiplash Kick (for Infighting) In fighting in our usual sideways position, should your adversary succeed in closing in and tying up your arms somewhat, place the under portion of your arm ( farthest one from your adversary) on his mid-section and place outer portion of your arm nearest the adversary across his neck or chest. Stamp forward as usual towards him and shove with

both arms. This action properly executed will leave him stumbling back, wide open for the Chinese Whiplash Kick. (3) BOOT SMASH- to kneecap With your body at right angles to your adversary, draw your nearest leg up to a height where your foot is approximately opposite your other knee. Lean from the hips slightly sideways away from your adversary to keep in good balance. Just as your adversary puts his foot down to take a step forward, shoot your up raised foot through his kneecap by stepping forward with all your weight to break his leg. (4) KNEE BUTT- to testicles or base of spine It is particularly important that this trick be done from our sideways fighting position. To give this trick maximum power, it is executed by stamping on the ground with one foot as the knee of the other is recoiled up into the enemys groin or base of the spine. F. HAND, FINGER AND KNUCKLE PERSUADERS (1) SIDE HAND WHIP- to side of neck, base of nose, to Adams Apple, or between eyes. (Preceded by BEATING EDGE OF HANDS ON GROUND EXERCISE) (a) Facing sideways to your adversary, this blow is delivered with your open hand, fingers extended and joined, palm down, elbow bent and parallel to the ground shoulder high. Stamp forward towards your adversary keeping your body erect from the waist up and at the same time whip edge of the hand to anyone of the above mentioned vital areas. Contact is made with only that portion of the hand, which extends from the little finger to the wrist. (b) At this point it will be well to point out how maximum striking power is secured both in the execution of this blow, as well as in all subsequent blows with the hands, fingers, knuckles or elbows. Note: All blows are short, sharp, sudden with no initial drawback and are to be done from a sideways fighting stance. Maximum velocity at point of impact is secured by whipping action against a more or less stiffened forward side of the body (as in gold). The latter resistance against which we hit, is set up by stamping the forward foot down as we strike. All attacking weapons, hands, elbows, etc., are brought back to initial starting position both to produce this whipping action and to put us in good position for our next move. The sharp edge or point of the attacking weapon is used. Balance in body movement is maintained through out by keeping the upper portion of our body from the hip up erect at all times.

(2) FINGER DART- to eyes (with A Yell) The position from which the blow is executed is the same as in the Side hand Whip proceeding, with the exception that your elbow is down at your side to begin with and your hand is bent at the wrist parallel to the ground. Fingers are extended and joined. The action of this blow is very much like a rattler striking- with the hand returning immediately to the same starting position. Note: Instructor explains A yell which the Japs use both to confuse and to add power to the frame in throwing, hitting, etc. Group tries once by filling only lower portion of their abdomen full of air and expelling all at once with a loud pitched A. (3) BACK KNUCKLE WALLOP- to temples or testicles Face sideways to your adversary with your elbows in to your side and both forearms raised parallel to the ground. Clench your fists so that the large knuckle protrudes. From this position stamp towards your adversary, keeping upper portion of your body erect, and at the same time swing both your arms, hitting with the protruding knuckle on the hand nearest your adversary. High to his temple; low to his testicles. G. ELBOW CRASHES (1) ELBOW HOOKS to lower ribs (a) Standing sideways as adversary throws a punch, block or duck the punch, then stamp forward and hook point of your forward elbow into his lower ribs. (b) The reverse of this blow is hooking the point of your elbow, back into his lower rib section. (2) ELBOW JOLT front to solar plexus Standing sideways to your adversary as he comes rushing in, place fist of your striking arm in cupped hand of your other arm in front of your chest. Stamp forward toward your adversary and at the same time jab by raising point of your striking elbow into his solar plexus. (3) ELBOW ROUND HOUSE SWINGS- back to adversarys head When one or more men are closing in on you from the rear, a good back swing with the point of the elbow to the adversarys head will just about knock his block off. Be sure to turn using body swing for power.

(4) ELBOW JOLT back into solar plexus The instant you feel an adversarys arm closing around you from the rear, simultaneously snap your left hand (palm upward and horizontal to the ground) forward and your right hand in identically the same position backward into adversarys solar plexus. In doing so, keep your elbows in close to your side and turn upper portion of your body slightly, so as to hit squarely into adversarys solar plexus. H. ATTACKING THE ENEMY FROM THE REAR (1) SENTRY STALKING- (demonstrated by two assistant instructors with knife) (a) After carefully noting every movement of the sentry who has his back turned, crawl very slowly toward him, keeping all of your body close to the ground. Bring one knee forward at a time and draw yourself up to it. Take two or three hours if necessary to go ten feet- its your life involved. When you reach a distance of three or four feet away, spring the balance of the distance not because the sentry hear or saw you, but because as human beings we sometimes instinctively feel that some one is near- so you will take no chance with that happening here. (b) Now, spring up behind and firmly grab his mouth and chin with one hand, twist his head to the left and with your thumb and first finger firmly pinch his nose. The latter will prevent any outcry! In this position, with his back bent backward, you can readily stick you knife into the side of his neck or under the rear of his helmet up into his brain. If you dont have a weapon such as a knife, then you will want to know what you can do with your bare hands. (2) NECK BREAK After springing in as above, slip both your arms around the sentrys neck, lacing your fingers and placing your thumbs underneath his chin. Your knee is shoved into the small of his back and with a downward pressure of forearm and upward pressure of hands; you force the sentry forward and down along your extended advanced leg (which is between his two legs) until he reaches the ground. Apply pressure with your shoulder against his head and pull straight back with your hands sharply if you want to break his neck. Here we take it easy and make more of a strangle out of it.


(3) JUDO THROTTLE Approaching sentry in the same manner as in previous tricks, (except that you may wish to knee butt base of his spine or clip him on back of his neck before strangling him) slip sharp inner edge of you hand across his Adams Apple, just far enough across to be able to grasp the wrist of this hand with your other hand from the rear. Break the sentrys balance slightly backward to keep him off balance and prevent him from attacking you. Place top of your head or helmet at base of his head and pull back the hand cutting into his Adams Apple, thus strangling him with a scissors action, in a few seconds. It is important in executing this trick that you approach sideways to the adversary from the rear, and keep your own body back away from him by keeping well down in your knees in such a manner he can not counter attack you, before he goes out, by kicking your shins or grabbing your testicles. (4) REAR DRAG DOWN Shove your foot turned slightly so not to slide off in back of and slightly below enemys knee. Simultaneously jerk both of his shoulders straight down and away from you, in order not to become entangled with him. He will hit the dirt and you can dispose of him quickly as in the next exercise. (5) KNOCKOUT OF OPPONENT ON GROUND Stop a trainee who has landed on the ground and ask another trainee who has thrown him, to tell where and how he would dispose of the man on the ground by kicking. Object- to bring out dramatically that no matter where your enemy is, standing or on the ground, go after whatever vital points are open to your attack. (6) GETTING UP FROM GROUND THIS IS WAR- Your object in hand-to-hand fighting is to stay on your feet. Should you trip, be thrown or for any other reason find your self on the ground, then you will want to be able to get up fast to continue the fight. To remain on the ground lays you open to all the attacks we previously showed for use on the enemy. (Assistant instructors demonstrate forward and backward rolls, as employed in parachute training, and then the group is broken down and put through an On your back, on your belly, forward roll, and backward roll drill on the field). III. SUMMARY A. OUR OBJECTIVE: First, last and always is TO KILL, MAIM OR KNOCK ENEMY OUT OF ACTION.


B. BASIC PRINCIPLES TO BE REMEMBERED: (1) Concentrate on thirteen (13) vital areas of your enemy. (2) Fight facing sideways (3) Use kick (as long range weapon) wherever possible (4) Make all blows short and whip them back to initial starting position. (5) Keep upright from waist up in maneuvering C. ESSENTIALS TO BE MASTERED: (1) Chinese Whiplash (2) Side Hand Whip (3) Finger Dart (4) Elbow Hooks (5) Elbow Round House Swings (6) Rear Drag Down & Knock Out on Ground (7) Getting up from the Ground D. FINAL WORD TO TRAINEES: If you at any time find yourself in a serious mix up where its your lives or the other fellows, if you will but remember to keep everything swinging, your feet, knees, elbows, and hands, then you will be tough hombres to close with. That is all- weve been particularly glad to have had you with us in this area. When you get out there where they play for Keeps GIVE EM HELL FOR US. INSTRUCTOR NOTE: 1. System taught represents best taken by experts from Judo-Karate- Chinese Boxing. 2. It is easy to learn all involved and difficult to teach tricks discarded for the quick knock out. 3. Offers our men maximum protection as attackers, and permits their taking care of two or more adversaries at the same time. 4. Will be found in the field to be scientifically more effective than anything Japs have devised to date. Through out the course trainees are to be instilled with a spirit of aggressiveness and self confidence in their ability to knock the enemy out of action- so vitally necessary in todays fluid type of warfare.