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Its marvels will never cease

(Jami Tirmidhi)

Scientific and Archaeological Explanation of
the Ayaats of the Holy Quran

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in the similar fashion ALLAH gives such miracles to his prophets so that the people recognize them from the signs. People trying to prove the Qur'an wrong on net and through other means. As we do not have any proof to prove this incident right except the Qur'an and our faith. See (MATTHEW 1:18-25). All those religions who believe in God. each tribe knew its drinking place: Eat and drink of the provisions of Allah and do not act corruptly in the land. He raised his staff in the presence of Pharaoh and his officials and struck the water of the Nile. Point no 2 If we don’t understand something that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong. Surah Al Baqarah Ayat 60 And when Musa prayed for drink for his people. This happened because of ALLAH's command and not due to Hazrat Musa's own effort. we will see in their literature miracles of some sort. for them it is not difficult to understand that God can make such supernatural activities happen whenever they like. Point no 3 No matter which religion of the world we pick up. Then why do these people make it a controversial point when the Qur'an mentions such miracles. start long debates on such ayats. and the river smelled so bad that the Egyptians . For a believer this belief is enough to make him contented that Hazrat Musa was the prophet of ALLAH and ALLAH bestowed upon him this blessing. The fish in the Nile died. and all the water was changed into blood. "Moses and Aaron did just as the LORD had commanded. Furthermore. For those who criticize the concept of miracles: Point no 1 Miracles are the work of God. We said: Strike the rock with your staff So there gushed from it twelve springs. The miraculous virgin birth of Hazrat Isa (Jesus) is a basic part of the Christian belief and is mentioned in various places in the bible. here is a point to ponder. Bible says. making mischief M Shakir's Qur'an Translation Similar Ayats: Same incident is also mentioned in Surah Aa’raf 7:160 Emergence of twelve springs from a rock when struck with a staff is something not easily understood by a human mind. similarly they do not have anything that proves this wrong. In addition.

a wonder." Encarta dictionary says:" an event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature and is regarded as an act of God". why has not an angel been sent down to him. God who made these scientific laws it is not difficult for HIM to change these laws under special circumstances to show HIS signs to people.could not drink its water. People believed in bad omens and stuff. He shows HIS most clear signs to the Prophet. In that time ALLAH . These are clear signs. Webster dictionary defines miracle as "something wonderful. a miracle just to confirm that Hazrat Muhammad is a prophet. In Buddhism. Miracles of Hazrat Isa and many other messengers have been mentioned in the Holy Quran as well as in the bible.A. People expect the messengers of Allah to be somewhat different. Why didn’t Prophet Muhammad present any clear-cut miracle? See ALLAH's method. For them the Qur'an says Therefore do remind. Magic can be repeated whenever required but miracles are in hand of no human being and hence cannot be repeated unless if God wants. in the Puranas ("ancient tales").W) even. In previous times people believed in supernatural activities much more than we do. so that he should have been a Warner with him?" (SURAH FURQAN 25:7) Here the people of Makkah are demanding something supernatural. These points make it clear that relating miracles is not an error at all.E." (BOOK OF EXODUS)This is not something which science can explain and hence it is a miracle which is a supernatural happening involving the hand of GOD. Some scientist-theologians like Polkinghorne suggest that miracles are not violations of the laws of nature but "exploration of a new regime of physical experience". or any other religious scripture of the world we see various miracles related of different prophets. SCIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING P59) In addition. a book and we are sure that 99% of the things in the book are correct and we do not have any knowledge of the remaining one percent. Then we have no other choice except to take that as true too. the miracles of Lord Krishna are included. Like the non-believers of Makkah said "And they say: What is the matter with this Messenger that he eats food and goes about in the markets. Point no 6 If we read. Point no 5 Allah gives such miracles to his messengers so people can identify that they are the messengers of God. a supernatural event. (FAITH. a marvelous thing. Like the incident of Hazrat Musa on the mountain of Tur and the incident of Hazrat Muhammad in Ghar-e-Hira. People thought of ailments due to demons. surely reminding does profit (SURAH AA’LA 87:9) Nature of Miracles:- When we go through the Qur'an or even the Bible. a vast and very popular collection of sectarian scriptures composed and edited between the second and seventeenth centuries C. Blood was everywhere in Egypt. Then the Prophet's have to transfer this conviction and this believe to others. It is not hard to prove that miracles are a part of every religion. People of Quraish demanded a miracle from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S. Point no 4 Verily miracles are those which are against the normal ' scientific laws'. miracles are much different from magic. something which seems to go beyond the known laws of nature and is held to be the act of a supernatural being. Still some people deny the truth after seeing it even.

In the materialistic world people look for the reason behind anything. fire getting cold etc. how can a supernatural activity (a miracle) happen by itself? So now we agree that there is some Supernatural being. omniscient. He is beyond all laws. However. He can do whatever he wants. they would have been very much frequent in showing their miracles and proving to the people that whom their Real God is. All our machines would be handicapped and would work only for a limited period. Seeing the symmetry in the universe we come to know that there is one God. The properties of Hydrogen in any Galaxy are identical to that found on Earth. one head of all organizations. spin. and benevolent god . that supernatural miracle worker need not be an omnipotent. ALLAH sent down Qur'an as the miracle. as such a being would not want to. the distance between the proton and the electron. . whenever he wants. He does what he wants. If there were no laws governing this universes the life on earth would have been so difficult that we cannot imagine. etc of the proton and the electron. is the one. Syed's article "Scientific evidence on oneness of Allah (SWT)" 2-Some argue that miracles. However. Therefore. it could be any supernatural being. Further Reading: See Ibrahim B. Nothing happens by itself. than they would surely fight among themselves. the diameter of the proton. it only proves that gods might exist. if established. This life is a test. Similarly. if established. 1-While the existence of miracles may imply the existence of a supernatural miracle worker. or need to. What is the conclusion? The Creator of earth. charge. are evidence that a perfect god does not exist. these laws are for us not for the Lord as for the Lord he shows to the people that there are no laws restricting his activities. There are no laws governing his activities. If there were more than one head in an organization. and all-benevolent god. For them it was not such a big thing as it would have been in the present world. vivid signs to everyone then where's the test. Hence we would have had a miracle every second. omniscient. Answer to atheists:- Many adherents of monotheistic religions assert that miracles. Had they been more than one God. stars. There is one head of state. When all 'logical happenings' are due to some reason. That is. Imagine if the friction of the earth changed every day how much difficulty would you have in walking. not that there is a monotheistic god. If ALLAH shows clear. solar system. Therefore. are logical proof of the existence of an omnipotent. Our sun is one of the 200 billion stars in our Galaxy called the Milky Way Galaxy. There are about 200 billion Galaxies in the Universe. What seems supernatural to us is perfectly natural to the God. When the hydrogen found on any planet in the solar system or in our sun is analyzed. He created the laws so that people can spend an easy life. That is one proton is equal to 1837 electrons. ANSWER: God does bring up miracles to show his signs to the people. one question remains that is there one supernatural being or are there many of them? As the atheists criticize that miracle not necessarily. galaxies. A supernatural activity can only be attributed to a supernatural being. The hydrogen in any star in the Milky Way Galaxy is identical to that found on earth. the Prophet Muhammad's time was a time somewhat of beginning of modern knowledge and philosophy.showed miracles like splitting up of the sea into two parts.Atheists criticize the concept of miracles and bring up few points against it. The nearest Galaxy is the Andromeda Galaxy. The physicists have determined accurately the mass. we find it to be identical to that found on the earth. ANSWER: Undoubtedly God made the physical laws but he is proving that there is no restriction on him by any of the laws he made. The answer to this is given in the Holy Quran that if there were more than one God then they would surely fight amongst themselves. violate his own laws of nature. existing of more than one God is illogical. We have to find out the miracles of ALLAH. The proton to electron mass ratio is 1837. point to one God.

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