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Provisional Application for United States Patent

<<<<This is the basic (free) template. Try to keep the paragraph numbering setup (but this is not mandatory). Make sure to delete this section and replace all text that is colored in red before you save and file this document. >>>>
TITLE: <<<<I !"#T TIT$" %"#" & '" '#I"() '#*+,) + , -" "#I.>>>> INVENTOR(S): <<<<I !"#T I /" T*# +M"(!) %"#">>>>

BA !"ROUN# $%%%&' <<<<insert background 012 paragraphs here. 3hat is the problem you are solving4 %o5 have other tried to solve it and failed4>>>> BRIE( SU))AR* O( T+E INVENTION $%%%,' <<<<summary of invention) usually a summary of the claims in paragraph form here. 6ust 0 or 2 paragraphs. This is not a marketing document so don7t spend time stating 5hy your invention is better. Instead) focus on ho5 your invention 5orks>>> BRIE( #ES RIPTION O( T+E #RA-IN"S $%%%.' (i/0re &1 (igure 0 sho5s <<<<8insert description of figure 0 here8..>>>> $%%%2' (i/0re ,1 (igure 2 illustrates <<<<8insert description of figure 2 here8..>>>> $%%%3' (i/0re .1 (igure 9 presents <<<<8insert description of figure 9 here8..>>>>

#ETAILE# #ES RIPTION AN# BEST )O#E O( I)PLE)ENTATION $%%%4' <<<<insert a detailed description of your invention here. This is the most important section. *nce you file your provisional patent application you cannot add to it so make sure you describe your invention in plenty of detail. %o5 does your invention

5ork4 3hat material is it made from4 3hat features or parts does it have4 %o5 else could you make your invention4 $%%%5' :aragraph 2) etc. $%%%6' :aragraph 9) etc. >>>>

LAI)S $%%%7' 3hat is claimed is; $%%%&%' 0. <<<<insert claim 0 here>>>>

ABSTRA T: $%%%&&' <<<<insert 0<= 5ords or less abstract here. +bstract should start on a ne5

page. This should be the last page of your specification. >ou 5ill save your figures as a separate pdf file.>>>>

<<<<3ant me to revie5 everything for you to make sure it?s okay4

eed some extra

help or guidance4 !ome users have asked me to give them feedback and revie5 their files before they submit everything to the patent office. I used to do this for free but I don?t have that much spare time right no5 (5e have 2 year old t5ins at home plus a

ne5born). I created several packages to help you file everything on your o5n. The mid1 level package @-old $evel@ comes 5ith t5o three hours of my time and I 5ill revie5 all your files to make sure they are perfect before you submit to the patent office (once you submit you cannot add anything ne5). If anyone is interested in this service) send me an email to; or you can purchase the package directly here; http;BBpatentfile.orgBpackages The more advanced patent template for paid members has videos 5hich 5ill sho5 you ho5 to 5rite each section and it provides a lot more detail than this free template>>>>

<< e5 package 1 3ant us to prepare all your forms and file everything that you 5rote for you4 .heck out this ne5 package here; https;BBpatentfile.orgBlet1us1fileB >>