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List of Documents W/O STD Committee

As of April 6, 2005
Department Doc Abbreviation 45-SAMSS-005 45-SAMSS-006 45-SAMSS-007 45-SAMSS-008 45-SAMSS-009 SAES-A-300 Doc Title Valves and Wellhead Equipment Requirements Per API SPEC 6A Casing and Tubing Requirements Per API SPEC 5CT and API SPEC 5B Casing and Tubing - Pup Joints Requirements Per API SPEC 5CT and API SPEC 5B Casing and Tubing - Crossovers Requirements Per API SPEC 5CT and API SPEC 5B Casing and Tubing - Couplings Requirements Per API SPEC 5CT and API SPEC 5B Regulated Vendors List for Drilling Wellhead and Valves Saudi Aramco Standard Drawings Saudi Aramco Security Drawings Security and Control of Saudi Aramco Engineering Data Saudi Aramco Library Drawings Retrieval, Certification and Submittal of Saudi Aramco Engineering & Vendor Drawings Engineering Drawings Emergency Delivery Plan Saudi Aramco Engineering Drawing Preparation Capital Program Planning AFFF Liquid Concentrate High Expansion Foam Concentrate Fluroprotein Foam Concentrate for MTBE Hydrocarbon Fires Emergency Response Team Fire Protective Clothing Fire Protection Department Protective Clothing Uniform Shirts (White) Fire Protection Department Uniform Badges Fire Protection Department Hip Length Jacket Fire Protection Trousers - Navy Blue Industrial Security Male Short Sleeve Shirt Industrial Security Male Long Sleeve Shirt Industrial Security Waist Length Outer Wear-Jacket Industrial Security Dark Brown Pants Welding Test Supplement S01 for SMAW, Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Pipe, Uphill 41 Welding Test Supplement S02 for SMAW, Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Pipe, Downhill Welding Test Supplement S03 for SMAW, Stainless Steel, Single Sided Welding Test Supplement S04 for SMAW, Stainless Steel / Nickel, Backing Welding Test Supplement S05 for SMAW, Nickel, Single Sided Welding Test Supplement S06 for GTAW, Aluminum with Backing Welding Test Supplement S07 for GTAW, Carbon, Low Alloy and Stainless Steel Pipe Welding Test Supplement S08 for GTAW, Nickel Welding Test Supplement S09 for GTAW, Aluminum, Single Sided Welding Test Supplement S10 for SAW, Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Pipe Welding Test Supplement S11 for SAW, Overlay, Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Pipe Welding Test Supplement S12 for SMAW, Caron Steel, Small Diameter Welding Test Supplement S13 for FCAW, Caarbon Steel Welding Test Supplement S14 for SMAW, Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Plate Welding Test Supplement S15 for SMAW, Stainless Steel Lap Welding Test Supplement S16 for SMAW, Nickel Lap Welding Test Supplement S17 for SMAW, Wet Welding Brazing Test Supplement S25 with TB, Copper and Copper Alloy Tubing Pressure Relief Valve Program Use of Form SA 3099A-ENG, RV Authorization 4 1 9 7 No of Doc 6

Drilling & Workover

Engineering Drawing Svcs

SAEP-110 SAEP-120 SAEP-127 SAEP-305 SAEP-334 SAEP-342 SAES-A-202

Facilities Planning Fire Protection

SAEP-1020 21-SAMSS-008 21-SAMSS-009 21-SAMSS-011 21-SAMSS-012 21-SAMSS-013 29-SAMSS-006 29-SAMSS-008 29-SAMSS-014 29-SAMSS-015

Industrial Security

29-SAMSS-009 29-SAMSS-010 29-SAMSS-011 29-SAMSS-013


SAEP-1101 SAEP-1102 SAEP-1103 SAEP-1104 SAEP-1105 SAEP-1106 SAEP-1107 SAEP-1108 SAEP-1109 SAEP-1110 SAEP-1111 SAEP-1112 SAEP-1113 SAEP-1114 SAEP-1115 SAEP-1116 SAEP-1117 SAEP-1125 SAEP-1131

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SAEP-1132 SAEP-1133 SAEP-1134 SAEP-1135 SAEP-1150 SAEP-1152 SAEP-1154 SAEP-20 SAEP-308 SAEP-309 SAEP-316 SAEP-317 SAEP-318 SAEP-319 SAEP-319A SAEP-321 SAEP-322 SAEP-323 SAEP-324 SAEP-325 SAEP-343 SAEP-347 SAES-A-004

Instructions for Using the Relief Valve Test Stand Form 3750-ENG, Pressure Relieving Device Test Report Relief Valve Technician Certification On-Stream Inspection Administration Inspection Coverage on Projects Approval Procedure for Ready-Mixed Concrete Mix Design Guidelines for Contractor's Quality Plan Equipment Inspection Schedule Operations Inspection Unit Reviews Inspection of Community and Operations Support Facilities Performance Qualification Of Coating Personnel Testing and Inspection (T&I) of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Pressure Relief Valve Program Authorization for Installation, Deletion and Changes Pressure Relief Valves - Routine Test, Inspection, Quality Assurance and Regulation Attachment A to SAEP-319: RV Checklist for External Inspection Performance Qualification Testing and Certification of Saudi Aramco Welders Performance Qualification Testing And Certification of Saudi Aramco Brazers Performance Qualification Testing of Contract Welders and Brazers Certification Review and Registration of Project Welders and Brazers Inspection Requirements for Pressurized Equipment Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) for In-Plant Static Equipment Supplying Material from Stockists General Requirements for Pressure Testing Guideline for Disaster Recovery Plan Development for Plant Information Management System Preparation of Restricted Vendor Lists for Process Automation Systems RVL - Products Management Procedure Catalyst and Desiccant Selection and Replacement Corporate Equipment and Spare Parts Data Requirements Equipment and Spare Parts Data Requirements for Contractor Procured Equipment Equipment and Spare Parts Data Requirements for SAPMT Originated Requisitions 4 4

Process & Control Systems

SAEP-1050 SAEP-15 SAEP-1510 SAES-A-207

Materials Control

SAEP-31 SAEP-3101 SAEP-3102 SAEP-3103

Equipment and Spare Parts Data Requirements for Proponent/MRO Originated Requisitions Surveying Services Division Project Control Project Execution Plan Operating Instructions for New Facilities Project Records Project Proposal Project Close-Out Report Survey Coordinates and Datums Saudi Aramco Engineering Reports Oil Suction and Discharge Hoses for Dock Tanker Loading Oil Hose for Offshore Tanker Loading Project Training Impact Assessment 1 1 2 7

Project Support & Control

SAEP-1021 SAEP-12 SAEP-121 SAEP-122 SAEP-14 SAEP-329 SAES-A-100

Technical Information Center SAEP-201 08-SAMSS-003 Terminal Operations


Training & Carrier Develpmt


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