Monthly Achievement Report Jalova, November 2013

GVI collaborates with community to raise awareness for Biodiversity week Summary: In collaboration with program partners, the STC and Panthera and the local community in Tortuguero, the GVI Jalova team participated in Biodiversity Week in order to increase local understanding of the biodiversity present in Tortuguero National Park. Report: In order to reinforce our relationship with our partner Organizations Sea Turtle Conservancy and Panthera, and to increase our involvement with local community in Tortuguero, GVI Jalova was invited to participate in Biodiversity Week. The event took place in Tortuguero village, from 18th to 23rd of November, and it was aimed at tourists and tour guides from the area to increase the knowledge of the biodiversity within Tortuguero National Park.

Figure 1 – Children outreach program on introduction to Jaguar Project

The presentations given involved a variety of topics, including general and bird biodiversity, jaguar conservation, sea turtle conservation, and manatee biology and conservation. GVI Jalova participated with three presentations. The activities started with a workshop for the local school children about jaguar camera traps.


The children were taught how camera traps work, why they are important and how to identify individual jaguars by their particular rosette patterns. Later on, GVI staff prepared a presentation about the biodiversity projects carried out in Jalova, and the results we have up to now. Afterwards, Stephany Arroyo, our link to Panthera organization, presented her research on jaguar camera traps, distribution, and predation of marine turtles in Tortuguero National Park. The presentations were attended by tourists, tour guides and local community.

Figure 2 – Overview of Biological Project conducted by Jalova Research Station

The following day, GVI staff was invited to a recycling workshop organized by STC, where children from 6-12 years old were shown how to make handcrafts with recycled material, such as newspapers and plastic bottles. GVI Jalova hub is responsible for valuable scientific work assessing the biodiversity of Tortuguero’s forests and canals. However, we also feel that strengthening relationships within the local community is an essential step towards sustainable conservation. This event, together with others that already took place in the last month are only the beginning steps in the direction of further integration with the local communities surrounding Tortuguero National Park. We are excited to keep up with this community involvement and eager to continue future projects in the area.

Marcelle Muniz Barreto, Field Staff


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