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Who Owns Kumbo Strikers FC

First Team Of KS-FC

Kumbo Strikers FC was formed in 1992 by the sport loving population of Kumbo with common objectives as follows: - Bringing all Bui best footballers together and to train them to acceptable standards - To unite the various tribes in Bui Division through sport - To let Kumbo the capital of Bui Division be in the limelight of soccer in Cameron and in the world all time - To provide a means of livelihood to young talented player while training them to sell to better clubs and have move funds to run the team Kumbo Strikers FC is therefore a community team own and managed by the Bui community.

History of Kumbo Strikers FC

Last Team That End KS-FC Elites 2

Kumbo Strikers FC is a team formed far back in 1992 from two best teams in Kumbo called ‘Samba Stico FC’ and ‘IDEA FC’ under the pioneer presidency of ‘Shey Isaac Lukong. This team has been duly registered in FECAFOOT and in the Confederation of African Football. In the 1992 the team entered the 2nd Division League in the North West Province and after a year, qualified for the Interpool Competition which took place in Maroua and Garoua. With just a first hand experience the team never succeeded to ascend to National Elite One.

‘Samba Stico & Idea Club’

From then this team remained in the 2nd Division Championship and also participating in the eliminatory of the Cup of Cameroon very year and has never succeeded. Now under the new leadership of Shey Nancha Emmanuel, a Post Master of Kumbo Central Post Office, and a native of Baham (of late) the team rose to the Interpools at Douala and Yaoundé where the qualified to the National Elite One in to the year 1996. Winning the Fair Play Trophy that year at the Interpools, wining the Super Cup that same year the team won the support of the entire Division. Supporters

clubs were formed all over the national territory and much money was raised to support the team. This team brought a lot of unity not only to the Nso people but to the Division. From Shey Nancha Emmanuel then came Shey Tasha Lawrence as the President General by then the club had to beat the almighty Cotton sport to qualify for the finals of the Cup of Cameroon in the year 2000. Being victorious in the finals against ‘Unisport Bafang’, the club had broken a record of being the first Anglophone team in Cameroon west of the Mungo River to graps the Cameroon Cup. This time the team was not only a Bui team but an Anglophone team. This team moved from Yaoundé through Douala, Limbe, Buea, Bafoussam, Bamenda and to Kumbo where they brandish the trophy which has crossed the Mungo for the first time.
Best KS-FC Team

Preparing for the African Cup Winners Competition the presidency of the club changed hands from Shey Tasha Lawrence to Shu-fai Napoleon. The club performed well in the cup Winners Competition as they were eliminated at the Semi-finals. After this international expedition the team continued in the Elite Championship this time there was much power tossel. Everyone wanted to be the president of KS-FC. This brought division amongst the elites of Bui and the supporters. This lead to the collapse of the team to Division 2 in the year 2003. Since then in the 2nd Division only a few (elite) individuals like Shu-fai Buea, Nancy Bernand, Wirbar Emmanuel, Muyele Johnson etc could stand by the team at each occations.
Team That KS-FC BACK 2nd Division

Since the Bui elites have not been united to bring back the team, all better players dispersed, all supporters’ clubs scattered, and team’s property was mishandled. Since this team had won the hearts of many, not all were for the fact that the team should be dissolve. A few persons stood to it and always affiliated the team every sport season which ran without any executive.
Self-Surveying Team

With much interest that this club should not lost the delegation of sport and physical education probed in march 2009 and an organized executive was setup under the leadership of a foreigner in Cameroon, from Sierra Leone in person of Dr. Martin Salia, surgeon working at the Banso Baptist Hospital here in Kumbo. What is so, interesting and historical about this leadership of a Kumbo Strikers Football Club by a Sierra Leone…is the fact that it’s the sprits of his ‘brothers’ who introduce ball foot game into Cameroon in the year 1921. There is much hope in him and his management team.
Dr. M. Salia KSFC PG

With his leadership, we expect that all Bui elites, supporters and fans should once more put themselves together to bring back the team to it past glories.