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Access 2 Module 9 Vocabulary Computers 1. Match the words to their definitions.

1_ printer 2_ screen 3_ speakers 4_ keyboard 5_ mouse 6_ CD/DVD reader/writer 7_ scanner 8_ webcam a we use t b we use t c we use t d we use t e we use t " we use t # we use t we use t is to see peop!e on t e internet ese to ear sounds and music is to read CDs/ DVDs is to scan documents and p otos is to print documents is to see t in#s on t e computer is to mo$e around on t e screen is to type t in#s into t e computer

2. Read the quotes and then write what each person uses the computer for. Use the phrases below and make sure to use the correct tense. ook at the e!ample. burn CDs % p!ay computer #ames % down!oad music % send emai!s % desi#n websites % do omework &' !o$e music( it e!ps me re!a)*& &' usua!!y send !etters to my "riends because it,s "ast and easy*& ./d$enture #ames are my "a$ourites0& .' don,t !ike doin# my omework by and* 't takes too muc time*& .' !ike desi#nin# t in#s and bein# creati$e*& .' !ike puttin# to#et er a!! my "a$ourite son#s on one CD*& e*#* +ina down!oads music on er computer* 1* +im --------** to is "riends on t e computer* 2* 1a##ie ---------* on er computer* 3* 2im -----------* on is computer* 4* /nn ----------* on er computer* 5* 3au! ----------* on is computer*

Electrical/ Electronic equipment ". #omplete the sentences with the correct word. was in# mac ine % +V % !aptop % "rid#e % microwa$e % mobi!e p one 4 dis was er 1* 2* 3* 4* 5* 6* ' usua!!y use my -------**--- to ca!! my "riends* Dad "or#ot to put t e mi!k in t e ------*-** and we ad to t row it away* 5rank and ' !o$e watc in# our "a$ourite #ame s ow on t e --**------* * 1y sister ates was in# t e dis es so s e uses t e -------***-** instead* 6ean eats is "ood in t e ---------- because it,s 7uick and simp!e* ' put too many c!ot es into t e ---------- and it broke* 8ow ' was my c!ot es into t e ---------* * 7* 9isa usua!!y brin#s er --------- to uni$ersity so s e can do omework durin# er !unc break* $rammar Can Cant Could Couldnt 1* 2* 3* 4* 5* 6* 7* 8* Danie! can/ cou!d read w en e was "our years o!d* :e can/ cou!d p!ay t e piano we!!* :e,s $ery ta!ented* 2ake can,t/ cou!dn,t dri$e two years a#o* 2ane can,t/ cou!dn,t cook or bake yet* 6 e,s too youn#* :e cou!dn,t/ can,t #o to t e party !ast week because e ad too muc Can/ Cou!d t ey speak 'ta!ian now; /s !ey can/ cou!d swim w en s e was "i$e years o!d* <re# and 2im cou!d/ can speak t ree !an#ua#es* + ey,re ama=in#*


%. #omplete the sentences by writin& can or could and the 'erb in brackets. 1* 2* 3* 4* 5* 1y brot er ----------- >wa!k? w en e was one* 6 e ------------ use a computer i" s e needs to* 1um ----------** >bake? cakes at t e a#e o" ei# t0 2i!! -----------* >sin#/ dance? $ery we!!* Dan and @et ------------ >p!ay? baseba!!* + ey practice to#et er* 6* ' -------------- >read/ write? at t e a#e o" "our* 7* Ae ------------- >speak? 5renc w en we were si) years o!d* 8* + ey ------------ >print? documents on t e printer*

(. Use the phrases below to ask for permission. )hen* answer the question. ook at the e!ample. +.&. use a printer ) > A: Can I use the printer? B: Im afraid you cant. o! you cant. 1* 2* 3* 4* 5* borrow your book $ print a document ) p!ay a $ideo #ame ) c!ose t e window $ use your computer $

"ust "ustnt ,. -rite the classroom rules. Use must. mustn/t. +.&. @e !ate "or c!ass* ) > #ou mustnt $e late for class. 1* 1ake noise w en enterin# t e c!assroom* ) 2* +urn o"" your mobi!e p one* $ 3* Do your omework* $ 4* 5a!! as!eep durin# c!ass* ) 5* 5o!!ow t e teac er,s instructions* $ %hould %houldnt 9. $i'e ad'ice usin& should. shouldn/t. +.&. .'t,s rainin# today*& >@rin# an umbre!!a? > #ou should $rin& an um$rella. 1* 2* 3* 4* 5* .',m $ery un#ry*& >Bat somet in#? .',m so tired*& >Don,t #o to bed !ate? .1y eyes urt*& >Don,t spend to muc time on t e computer? .+ is computer is $ery s!ow*& >Cp#rade it? .' a$e a terrib!e eadac e*& >+ake an aspirin?

$rammar Re'ision 10. #ircle the correct item. 1* Ae - recyc!e o!d app!iances* /* can,t @* cou!d C* s ou!d 2* 2ake p!ays - sports at is sc oo!* /* many @* muc C* !itt!e 3* Danie!!e - skate at t e a#e o" si)* /* can @* can,t C* cou!d 4* +im - is !e# t ree times so "ar* /* as broken @* a$e broken C* broken 5* / printer is somet in# - we use to print documents* /* w o @* t at C* w ose 6* 2u!ie - a teac er w en s e #rows up* /* is @* wi!! be C* was 7* Dou - t row away o!d app!iances* 'nstead( you - donate t em to c arity* /* s ou!d( s ou!dn,t @* s ou!dn,t( s ou!d C* s ou!dn,t* must 8* - ' was readin# a book( my brot er was p!ayin# $ideo #ames* /* /"ter @* A en C* A i!e E* 1y mum( - is a #reat cook( made t e most de!icious dinner !ast ni# t* /* w o @* w ic C* t at 1F* 9isa !o$es - ice4cream* /* eats @* is eats C* eatin# 11* Gim - write $ery "ast( so s e does er omework on t e computer* /* can @* can,t C* cou!dn,t 12* ' - my birt day in 3ortu#a! t is years* /* ce!ebratin# @* am ce!ebratin# C* ce!ebrate 13* 6ue - dinner wit er "riends toni# t because s e,s busy* /* won,t a$e @* wi!! a$e C* as 14* 1y ouse( - is near sc oo!( as "i$e bedrooms and two !i$in# rooms* /* w ic @* t at C* w o 15* '" ' saw a # ost or a monster( ' - *

/* wi!! scream @* won,t scream C* wou!d scream 16* Dou - turn o"" your mobi!e p ones durin# t e tests* /* must @* mustn,t C* s ou!d 17* + ey a$e - tried skatin#* /* e$er @* yet C* ne$er 18* .Dou don,t !ook we!!* Dou - see a doctor*& /* must @* s ou!d C* s ou!dn,t 1E* 1y sister - to co!!e#e* /* a$e a!ready been @* as a!ready been C* went a!ready 2F* ' eard - stran#e outside my window* /* somet in# @* anyt in# C* e$eryt in# 21* Dou - spend a!! your money w en you #o s oppin#* /* must @* cou!dn,t C* s ou!dn,t 22* :asn,t - seen Da$id; /* someone @* no one C* anyone 23* ' - many c a!!en#in# and e)citin# sports so "ar* /* try @* a$e tried C* tried