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By Joseph Prince


Introduction Chapter 1: The Holy Communion Gods Channel Of i!ine Health Chapter ": Ho# To iscern The $ords Body Chapter %: ont Be &fraid To Parta'e Testimonies (al!ation Prayer Holy Communion Prayer

&s a youn) Christian )ro#in) up in a traditional church* #hat struc' me most a+out the Holy Communion #as Gods ,ud)ment- I +elie!ed that unless I confessed all my sins +efore parta'in)* I #ould +rin) damnation upon myself&t first* I tried to confess e!ery sin)le sin to )et ri)ht #ith God +efore parta'in)* +ut after some time* I decided that it #as easier to ,ust not ha!e CommunionI +elie!e that many Christians still ha!e that same fear- &nd the a!era)e +elie!er #ould ha!e many unans#ered .uestions and all 'inds of #orries a+out +rin)in) ,ud)ment on himself- These stem from a misinterpretation of 'ey !erses on the su+,ect(ome Christians #onder if they can parta'e #hen they are not #ater +apti/ed* #hile others are unsure if they need to attend classes +efore they can ta'e the +read and #ine0hen I +ecame a pastor and had to minister the Holy Communion* my search for those ans#ers led me to see the lo!in) heart of God e1pressed in the $ords (upper- I disco!ered that God ordained the Holy Communion not as a ritual to +e o+ser!ed* +ut as a +lessin) to +e recei!ed the +lessin) of health and #holeness-

0hen you hold the +read in your hand* you are comin) in touch #ith the )reatest e1pression of His lo!e- This lo!e made Him endure the cruel stripes on His +ac' and caused Him to su+,ect His +ody to +e +eaten* +ruised and +ro'en so that yours can +e #hole- &nd #hen you parta'e* you cele+rate and release your faith to recei!e His health and #holeness in e1chan)e for your sic'nesses and diseases0hen you drin' the #ine* you are reminded that the +lood of the sinless (on of God did not ,ust +rin) you for)i!eness it made you fore!er ri)hteous* holy and +lameless- (o today* you ha!e perfect standin) +efore the 2ather and His ears are attenti!e to your softest si)h3y prayer is that this +oo' #ill help remo!e all your fears e!ery time you approach His Ta+le* and stir up your faith to recei!e the +lessin)s of health and #holeness throu)h His +ody and +lood-

CH&PT45 1 The Holy Communion Gods Channel Of i!ine Health

6e1t to +ein) sa!ed from hell or eternal destruction* di!ine health is the )reatest +lessin) #e can ha!e(ome people mi)ht say* 76o* Pastor Prince- It #ould +e )reat if I had lots of money- Then* I can do so many thin)s-8 0ell* I 'no# of people #ho ha!e lots of money- They ha!e fleets of cars* +ut are not a+le to dri!e a sin)le one of them +ecause they are flat on their +ac's* sic'Jesus did not walk on water all the time, He did not calm storms all the time, but He healed all the time. If someone is on his death+ed* I do not thin' he #ould say* 7I #ish I had made one more million-8 I +elie!e he #ould +e thin'in)* 7If only I could ha!e my health +ac'- There are so many thin)s to do* so many people to say 9I lo!e you to-8 :ou can also ha!e a )reat family #ith #onderful children* +ut if you are sic'* and cannot run around and play #ith your 'ids* that #ould +e sheer misery-

That is #hy I +elie!e that health is the )reatest +lessin) #e can ha!e #hile #e are still here on earth0ithout it* there is no #ay #e can en,oy the +lessin)s of God-

Gods 6ature Is To Heal

:ou #ill find that #hen Jesus #al'ed on earth* most of His miracles #ere in the area of healin)- That is +ecause His nature is to healThe Bi+le says that Jesus 7; #ent a+out doin) )ood and healin) all #ho #ere oppressed +y the de!il* for God #as #ith Him-8 <&cts 1=:%>? He did not #al' on #ater all the time* He did not calm storms all the time* +ut He healed all the time0hen God +rou)ht the children of Israel out of 4)ypt to +rin) them into the Promised $and* He made sure that none of them #ere sic'Psalm 1=@:%A %AHe also +rou)ht them out #ith sil!er and )old* and there #as none fee+le amon) His tri+esIn Cecil e 3illes production of The Ten Commandments* a +lind old man shuffled out of 4)ypt #ith a #al'in) stic'- That is ho# Holly#ood dramatises the Holy 0ord- But it is incorrect-

Gods 0ord says that there #ere none fee+le* so that old man could not ha!e +een +lind or +ent o!erBi+le scholars estimate that there #ere a+out "-@ million Israelites #ho left 4)ypt healed* healthy and #hole- That #as and still is Gods #ill for His people today all healed* healthy and #hole-

Parta'in) Of The $ords Body Brin)s Healin)

If it is Gods nature to heal* ha!e you #ondered #hy many Christians are sic'B I am not referrin) to minor ailments li'e a cou)h or cold* I am referrin) to serious* lifeCthreatenin) illnesses6o#* if the people of the #orld are sic'* it should not surprise us- They do not ha!e Jesus Christ as their protection* so it is no #onder that they are sic'But #hen +elie!ers are sic'* I #ant to 'no# #hy&nd I do not #ant to dra# my conclusions from human e1perience- I #ant an ans#er from Gods 0ord:ou mi)ht +e surprised to 'no# that the Bi+le )i!es one and only one reason Christians are #ea' and sic'* and die prematurelyThe apostle Paul* in 1 Corinthians 11:"DE%=* said* 72or he #ho eats and drin's in an un#orthy manner eats and drin's ,ud)ment to himself* not discernin) the $ords +ody- 2or this reason many are #ea' and sic'

amon) you* and many sleep-8 (leep here means death* not +odily restPaul said* 72or this reason;8 He did not say* 7for these reasons8- He #as pointin) us to one sin)ular reason Christians +ecome #ea' and sic'* and die +efore their time&nd #hat is 7this reason8 that Paul #as hi)hli)htin) to usB He said* 7; not discernin) the $ords +ody- 2or this reason;8 (o the reason the Corinthians +ecame #ea' and sic' #as their failure to discern the $ords +odyIf we discern the Lords body, we will walk in His health and wholeness. It means that they did not 'no# #hy they #ere parta'in) of the +ody #hen they came to the Ta+leThey had no idea #hy they #ere eatin) the +read&nd this #as the reason they #ere not recei!in) the di!ine life of their (a!iour* causin) them to +e #ea' and sic'* and to die prematurely(ince truth is parallel* it means that if #e do discern the $ords +ody* #e #ill #al' in His health and #holenessThis is only lo)ical- 4!en my dau)hter #ill tell you that- 0hen she #as four years old* she came home

from school one day and said* 7 addy* the opposite of tall is short- 0hat is the opposite of smallB8 I said* 7Bi)-8 7GoodF8 she said(o it follo#s that if Paul said* 7; not discernin) the $ords +ody- 2or this reason many are #ea' and sic' amon) you* and many sleep8* then it must +e that #hen #e do discern the $ords +ody* #e #ill +e stron) and healthy* and li!e lon):ou #ould ha!e thou)ht that Christians #ould study this passa)e so that they can #al' in di!ine health&fter all* Paul had sin)led out this one reason as the cause of sic'ness and* ultimately* premature death for many Christians:et* it seems that most people in the +ody of Christ choose to focus on food and e1ercise as the 'ey to li!in) a healthy life- In fact* one of the +estCsellin) themes in Christian +oo'stores today is food- There are all 'inds of +oo's on #hat to eat and #hat not to eatI am not 'noc'in) these +oo's- 0hat I am sayin) is that God does not #ant us to focus on food or e1ercise as the 'ey to di!ine health- He does not #ant us to put our trust in natural means to stay healthy- " Corinthians 1=:G says* 72or the #eapons of our #arfare are not carnal;8 (ome people thin' that they #ill #al' in di!ine health if they are on a 3editerranean diet since that

#as Jesus diet- But let me remind you that the ma,ority of the people #hom Jesus healed #ere on a 3editerranean diet- They ne!er had por' or pra#ns or any of that hi)hCcholesterol stuff- :et* they #ere still sic' +ecause natural solutions can only )o so farBy all means eat #ell and e1ercise- I #atch #hat I eat and I hate oily stuff- I also e1ercise- But my trust is not in my o#n fee+le human efforts- 3y trust is in God to 'eep me healthy- &nd God has ordained the Holy Communion as a 'ey channel of health and #holeness for His peopleThe early church +elie!ed this- That is #hy 7; they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fello#ship* in the +rea'in) of +read* and in prayers-8 <&cts ":G"? They ma,ored on the ma,ors- They made a +i) deal of those thin)s that God made a +i) deal ofThey too' God at His 0ord- It is no #onder that they e1perienced Gods po#er- In &cts ":G%* GH* #e read that they +ro'e +read from house to house* and many si)ns and #onders #ere done throu)h the apostles&lthou)h the +ody of Christ today understands the importance of doctrine* fello#ship and prayer* fe# in the church truly understand the si)nificance of the +rea'in) of +read <or the Holy Communion?- That is #hy many are #ea' and sic'* and die +efore their time-

o#n throu)h history* po#erful doctrines li'e 7,ustification +y faith8 ha!e come under se!ere attac' +y the de!il- This is #hat has happened to the Holy Communion- The de!il has pushed the church to t#o erroneous and e1treme interpretations of this truth- On one side are the +elie!ers of transu+stantiation and* on the other* are people #ho ha!e reduced the Holy Communion to a mere ritualTransu+stantiation is the alle)ed process #here+y the +read and #ine offered up at Communion are chan)ed to that of the real +ody and +lood of Jesus Christ-

iscern The $ords Body Before Parta'in)

I +elie!e that God #ants to restore the true meanin) and po#er of the Holy Communion to the church so that His people #ill ri)htly discern His +ody #hen they come to the Ta+le- This #ill cause them to +ecome stron) and healthy* and to li!e lon)The Holy Communion will add years to our lives and life to our years. The $ord has made special pro!ision for our health and this is all found in the death of His (on* the $ord Jesus Christ* #hen #e come to parta'e at His Ta+le-

It is one of my )reat passions in life to see the +ody of Christ recei!e e!ery sin)le thin) that our (a!iour suffered and died to )i!e us- &nd I 'no# that #hen Gods people are correctly tau)ht a+out ho# healin) is dispensed at the $ords Ta+le* health and #holeness #ill follo#- It #ill add years to our li!es and life to our years&fter I released my messa)e tape* Health &nd 0holeness Throu)h The Holy Communion* I recei!ed many testimonies of healin) throu)h the $ords (upperI ha!e a friend* Pastor Barna+as 3am* #ho is a pastor of pastors in Cam+odia- God sa!ed him from many lifeCthreatenin) situations #hen the Ihmer 5ou)e #ere slau)hterin) their o#n countrymen in the 1DA=sHo#e!er* due to the impo!erished state of thin)s at that time* he de!eloped some chronic physical conditions* includin) lo# +lood su)ar and calcium le!els* insomnia and rheumatoid arthritisIt #as such a cruel irony that Gods man of faith and po#er* #ho has a ministry accompanied +y si)ns and #onders* had difficulty sleepin) e!ery ni)ht- He had to ta'e sedati!es and tran.uillisers- &nd they did not al#ays #or'His )randchildren also had to massa)e his s#ollen ,oints* #hich #ere rac'ed #ith pain from the

arthritis- His 'nees #ould )i!e the most trou+le* especially after more than t#o hours of preachin) on his feetOne mornin)* desperate after yet another sleepless ni)ht* his #ife pulled out my tape on Health &nd 0holeness Throu)h The Holy Communion- He listened to it and faith ,ust )re# in his heart- He immediately prepared the elements and partoo'That ni)ht* he slept li'e a +a+yF The ne1t mornin)* #hich #as a (unday* he stood up in church and shared on the po#er of the $ords +ody to +rin) health #hen #e come to His Ta+le&fter hours of +ein) on his feet* he did not need a massa)e +ecause he had +een totally healed of chronic rheumatoid arthritisF Till today* his #ife is ama/ed at his healin)- (he says that she has found a ne# hus+and- He has ne# stren)th and can sleep at ni)htT#o #ee's after he preached that messa)e in church* he #as sponsored to )o for a fullC+ody chec'up in 3alaysia- There* they found that his calcium and su)ar le!els #ere normal- (hortly after* he #ent for another chec'up at a hospital in Phnom Penh and they too )a!e him a )lo#in) report&round that time* a lady #ho #as on his staff #as healed of a lon)standin) mi)raine after she partoo' of the $ords (upper- &nd this pastor friend of mine

has since +een recei!in) testimonies from people healed of all 'inds of de+ilitatin) conditions after ha!in) Holy Communion0hen #e reco)ni/e that the Holy Communion is Gods channel of health and #holeness for His people* and #e teach the church to ri)htly discern the $ords +ody #hen they come to His Ta+le* Gods people #ill +e healthy and stron)* and #ill li!e lon)-

CH&PT45 " Ho# To iscern The $ords Body

Ha!in) esta+lished that the Holy Communion is Gods channel of health and #holeness for His people* it is time to find out ho# to e1perience that di!ine life that comes throu)h discernin) the $ords +ody6otice that Paul said that it #as not a failure to discern the +lood* +ut a failure to discern the +ody that caused the people to +e #ea' and sic'* and to die +efore their time1 Corinthians 11:"DE%= "D2or he #ho eats and drin's in an un#orthy manner eats and drin's ,ud)ment to himself* not discernin) the $ords +ody%=2or this reason many are #ea' and sic' amon) you* and many sleep:et* #hen I #as )ro#in) up as a Christian* I #as tau)ht that the t#o elements of the Communion should +e lumped to)ether- (o I used to +elie!e that the +ody and +lood #ere +oth for the for)i!eness of my sins-

God has since sho#n me that the +ody and +lood should not +e treated as one- There are t#o elements +ecause there is a t#oCfold application in the Communion- The #ine* #hich is His +lood* is for our for)i!eness- &nd the +read* #hich is His +ody* is for our healin)-

The Blood Is 2or 2or)i!eness

The Corinthians* li'e most Christians today* had no pro+lems discernin) the +lood- Pauls epistles ma'e it !ery clear that the +lood of Jesus +rin)s for)i!eness of sinsColossians 1:1G 1Gin #hom #e ha!e redemption throu)h His +lood* the for)i!eness of sins4phesians 1:A AIn Him #e ha!e redemption throu)h His +lood* the for)i!eness of sins* accordin) to the riches of His )race; Because the (on of God paid the penalty for your sins #ith His spotless +lood* you can )o scotCfree #hen you put your trust in His +lood to sa!e you- 0hen you parta'e of the #ine* 'no# that you are for)i!en and ha!e +een made ri)hteous- The +lood of Jesus has )i!en you ri)ht standin) +efore God* so that you can come +oldly into His presence- &nd #hen you

pray* you can +e sure He hears you-

The Bread Is 2or Healin)

That is ho# you discern the +lood and most Christians understand that- But not many 'no# ho# to discern the $ords +odyWhen He s oke to the !yro"#hoenician woman re$ardin$ her dau$hters healin$, He called healin$ %the childrens bread&. To do that* #e must first 'no# #hat the +read represents- Jesus esta+lished that the +read* #hich is His +ody* is for our healin)- Ho# do #e 'no# thatB 0hen He spo'e to the (yroCPhoenician #oman re)ardin) her dau)hters healin)* He called healin) 7the childrens +read83ar' A:"HE"> "HThe #oman #as a Gree'* a (yroCPhoenician +y +irth* and she 'ept as'in) Him to cast the demon out of her dau)hter-"ABut Jesus said to her* 7$et the children +e filled first* for it is not )ood to ta'e the childrens +read and thro# it to the little do)s-8 ">&nd she ans#ered and said to Him* 7:es* $ord* yet e!en the little do)s under the ta+le eat from the childrens crum+s-8

6otice that #hen she as'ed Jesus to cast the demon out of her dau)hter* He said that it #as not )ood to )i!e the 7childrens +read8 to the 7little do)s8- 0hat does 7+read8 refer toB It refers to the healin) that she #as as'in) for- &nd #hat do 7do)s8 refer toB They refer to nonCJe#s or Gentiles li'e herself(o Jesus #as actually sayin) that healin) #as only for Gods co!enant people and not for Gentiles #ho #ere not included in the co!enant thenHa!in) e1plained #hat Jesus meant* I should also )o on to e1plain #hy I refer to +read as healin) and not deli!erance- 0ell* that is +ecause the Bi+le treats disease and demon possession as the same thin) since they +oth ori)inate from the de!il&cts 1=:%> says that Jesus #ent a+out doin) )ood and 7; healin) all #ho #ere oppressed +y the de!il86otice that disease is due to the de!ils oppressionThus* disease and demon possession are +oth the results of oppression +y the de!il and #e need Gods healin) for these pro+lems2rom this incident* it +ecomes clear that Jesus sees healin) as the childrens +read- The #oman put her faith in that little crum+* and that act released po#er to dri!e the de!il out of her dau)hter(o the +read* e!en a small crum+* #hich is His +ody* is for our healin) since #e are no# Gods children and fully entitled to the healin) +read-

0hat It 3eans To iscern The Body

In fact* I +elie!e that #hen Jesus said* 7Ta'e* eatJ this is 3y +ody8 <3atthe# "H:"H?* the disciples did not need any e1planation li'e the one I ,ust )a!eThey 'ne# that He #anted to impart to them His life* health and #holeness- These men #ere #ith Him e!ery day and not once did they see Him sic'- 6ot once did they see Him come do#n #ith a flu* fe!er or stomachache- He ne!er had to say to them* 7Can one of you preach the (ermon on the 3ount for meB I dont feel up to it today-8 The $ord #as ne!er sic'3ore than that* He #as !i+rant* full of life and full of health- 0hen those #ho #ere #ithout hands and feet #ere +rou)ht to Him* they #ere made perfectly #hole- The +ody parts they needed #ere imparted to them from the hea!enly store #hen they touched HimJesus body was so filled with life that even His clothes were soaked with His health. &nd His +ody #as so filled #ith life that e!en His clothes #ere soa'ed #ith His health- The Bi+le says that a #oman #ith an issue of +lood for 1" years came to Him 'no#in) that He #as her only hope<3ar' @:"@E%G?

(he had spent all her money and suffered many thin)s from many physicians- &nd #hat #as the resultB (he #as no +etter* +ut instead* +ecame #orseF :et* #ith ,ust one touch of the hem of His )arment* she #as immediately healed of the afflictionIf the hem of His )arment could +e soa'ed #ith His health* can you ima)ine His +odyB 6o #onder $u'e said* 7&nd the #hole multitude sou)ht to touch Him* for po#er #ent out from Him and healed them all-8 <$u'e H:1D? 0hen a doctor* and $u'e #as a doctor* says this* you 'no# that it is for realThere #as no need to tell the disciples that #hen He said* 7Ta'e* eatJ this is 3y +ody8* He #as impartin) His life* health and #holeness to their +odies- They 'ne# +etter than anyone else that ta'in) the +read meant in)estin) His health into their mortal +odiesThe 3at/ah Is &n O+,ect $esson Of 0hat Jesus Body (ym+olises The mat/ah <a flat +read eaten durin) the Passo!er? is a )ood o+,ect lesson of #hat Jesus +ody sym+olises- The 3ishnah or Je#ish oral la#s )a!e instructions on the preparation of this +read- These instructions should +e of )reat interest to us&ccordin) to these la#s* the +read #as to +e unlea!ened* +a'ed* pierced #ith holes and striped-

Till today* the Je#ish ra++is do not 'no# #hy the +read has to +e prepared this #ay- But +lessed are your eyes for they see the )race of God6o lea!en #as used +ecause lea!en in the Bi+le represents sin* and Jesus is the perfect* sinless (on of God- That is #hy He is a+le to ta'e our sins upon HimselfHis +ody #as +urnt +ecause the full fury of Gods #rath a)ainst our sins fell on Him- This fire #as supposed to fall on us and our families* +ut it fell on Jesus insteadHis side #as pierced and He +ore those merciless stripes on His +ac' so that our +odies mi)ht +e made #hole's you artake of His broken body, know that His body was broken so that yours can be whole. (o #hen you come to the $ords Ta+le* ma'e sure that you discern His +ody- 0hen you parta'e* +elie!e that Jesus too' +read and +ro'e it +ecause His +ody #as )oin) to +e +ro'en&nd as you parta'e of His +ro'en +ody* 'no# that His +ody #as +ro'en so that yours can +e #hole0hen you parta'e in this spirit of faith* somethin) happens to your +ody- :ou +ecome stron)* healthy and you #ill li!e lon)-

The $ords (upper Brin)s The ou+le Cure

By no#* it should +e clear that the +lood and the +ody ha!e t#o different applications- This is consistent throu)hout the Bi+leThe prophet Isaiah said* 7(urely He has +orne our )riefs and carried our sorro#s;8 <Isaiah @%:G* 6IJK? The :oun)s $iteral Translation or :$T Bi+le pro!ides a more accurate translation for the #ords 7)riefs8 and 7sorro#s8* statin) that 7(urely our sic'nesses He hath +orne* and our pains He hath carried them;8 (imilarly* in the Gospel of 3atthe#* this !erse #as interpreted as 7He Himself too' our infirmities and +ore our sic'nesses8- <3atthe# >:1A? In the Gree'* 7infirmities8 or astheneia means +odily #ea'nesses- (o #e can see !ery clearly that Isaiah #as sayin) that the 3essiah #ould ta'e upon His o#n +ody* our +odily #ea'nesses* sic'nesses and pains- In other #ords* Jesus +ore not ,ust our sins* +ut also our +odily #ea'nesses* sic'nesses and pains- This is #hat some hymn #riters of old called the 7dou+le cure8This dou+le cure is e!ident in the Passo!er- The $ords (upper #as first cele+rated on the same day as the Passo!er +ecause it is the true Passo!er-

$u'e "":1@E"= 1@Then He said to them* 70ith fer!ent desire I ha!e desired to eat this Passo!er #ith you +efore I sufferJ 1Hfor I say to you* I #ill no lon)er eat of it until it is fulfilled in the 'in)dom of God-8 Then He too' the cup* and )a!e than's* and said* 7Ta'e this and di!ide it amon) yoursel!esJ 1>for I say to you* I #ill not drin' of the fruit of the !ine until the 'in)dom of God comes-8 1D&nd He too' +read* )a!e than's and +ro'e it* and )a!e it to them* sayin)* 7This is 3y +ody #hich is )i!en for youJ do this in remem+rance of 3e-8 "=$i'e#ise He also too' the cup after supper* sayin)* 7This cup is the ne# co!enant in 3y +lood* #hich is shed for youThe Old Testament is the shado#* the 6e# Testament is the real su+stance- Jesus is the true* perfect* un+lemished* holy $am+ of God- (o the Passo!er is a type of the $ords (upperurin) the first Passo!er* they 'illed the lam+ and put the +lood on the doorposts- This caused the destroyer to pass o!er their families +ecause God said* 7&nd #hen I see the +lood* I #ill pass o!er youJ and the pla)ue shall not +e on you to destroy you;8 <41odus 1":1%? The +lood #as for the peoples for)i!eness- The +lood co!ered the peoples sins and appeased the ri)hteous re.uirements of God-

But #hat did they do inside the houseB 41odus 1":> >Then they shall eat the flesh on that ni)htJ roasted in fire* #ith unlea!ened +read and #ith +itter her+s they shall eat itIf the body of a %shadow lamb& could brin$ such su ernatural results, how much more the body of the true %substance lamb&, our Lord Jesus Christ( They ate the roasted lam+ and the unlea!ened +readThis #as to )i!e them stren)th for the ,ourney- It #as not natural stren)th that they recei!ed- It #as supernaturalThat is #hy there #ere 7; none fee+le8- <Psalm 1=@:%A? It ta'es a supernatural #or' of God for "-@ million people to all +e healthy0e 'no# that this lam+ #as a mere shado# of the real su+stance- (o if the +ody of a 7shado# lam+8 could +rin) such supernatural results* ho# much more the +ody of the true 7su+stance lam+8* our $ord Jesus ChristF Here* a)ain* the dou+le cure #as at #or' the +lood #as for for)i!eness* and the +ody and +read #ere for di!ine stren)th- 6o #onder #hen they left

4)ypt* there #ere none fee+lea!id descri+ed the dou+le cure this #ay* 7Bless the $ord* O my soul* and for)et not all His +enefits: #ho for)i!es all your ini.uities* #ho heals all your diseases8- <Psalm 1=%:"E%? 6otice that His +enefits include the for)i!eness of our sins as #ell as the healin) of our diseasesHealin$, like for$iveness, is not a romise. It is the blood"bou$ht ri$ht of Christians( 0hen Jesus too' our punishment on the cross* it did not ,ust +rin) us for)i!eness* it also +rou)ht us healin)3ost people* #hen as'ed #hether they are sure of their for)i!eness* say they are- They 'no# that God has already for)i!en them +ecause of the cross- But #hen as'ed if they are sure of their healin)* they say they are notI #ant you to 'no# that at the cross* Jesus +ore our sins and our sic'nesses- &nd so healin)* li'e for)i!eness* is not a promise- It is the +loodC+ou)ht ri)ht of ChristiansF Because of #hat He did at the cross* #e do not ,ust ha!e for)i!eness* #e also ha!e healin)- 2or)i!eness and healin) )o hand in hand- The faith that you ha!e

for for)i!eness is the same faith that #ill +rin) your healin)-

& Testimony Of Healin) Throu)h The Holy Communion

0hen you +elie!e and #hen you ri)htly discern the $ords +ody* you #ill e1perience miraculous healin)s and #holeness #hen you parta'e of the Holy CommunionOne church mem+er* &l+ert* e1perienced this in a spectacular #ay- (ome time in 6o!em+er "=="* &l+ert #as told +y doctors that his mother had a %cm cancerous )ro#th in the rectum- There #as little cause for #orry as the remo!al of such tumours is usually fairly strai)htfor#ard& fe# days +efore the operation* t#o leaders of the church !isited her at the hospital and shared the )ospel #ith her- (he #as +orn a)ain that day and &l+ert #as !ery happy that thin)s #ere really #or'in) out #ell- The operation proceeded #ithout complications and she #as dischar)ed #ithin days3onths later* she #as reCadmitted for a scheduled follo#Cup sur)ery to close the stoma <an openin) created in the pre!ious operation?- Complications arose at this sta)e* resultin) in her ha!in) to under)o three more operationsBy the fifth sur)ery* this dear A@CyearCold lady #as

drained of all ener)y and her +ody started to react ne)ati!ely- Both her temperature and pulse rate shot up* and her lun)s +ecame filled #ith #aterHer condition deteriorated to the point #here the sur)eon felt that it #as necessary to inform the family to prepare for the #orst- He told them that in cases li'e this* there is a !ery stron) li'elihood that the patient #ould not pull throu)h* and made it clear that the ne1t three days #ould +e crucial- If she did not impro!e #ithin that time* it #as unli'ely that she #ould sur!i!e&l+ert #as thro#n into a state of shoc' and confusion- He felt helpless- He did not 'no# #hat to do- But he 'ne# that God #ould not let his mother under)o fi!e operations and still allo# her to die- He #as sure that God is not li'e that- He had al#ays 'no#n God to +e faithfulHe felt desperate and lost +ut had a stron) ur)e to ha!e Holy Communion #ith his mother and family(o he )ot his sister and father to)ether* and told them that they should parta'e of the $ords (upper +ecause that #ould +rin) resurrection life to his motherHis family mem+ers #ere +affled- They did not understand ho# he could +elie!e that some #ine and +read #ould +rin) health and #holeness to someone so critically ill- He simply made no sense to them-

But &l+ert had +een listenin) to my tape on Health &nd 0holeness Throu)h The Holy Communion o!er and o!er a)ain- He 'ne# that #hen #e parta'e of the $ords +ody* there #ould +e an infusion of His incorrupti+le life into our +odiesHe had also +een readin) the four Gospels* and found that all four #riters* 3atthe#* 3ar'* $u'e and John* had included the $ords (upper in their accounts- He #as sure that if Jesus sa# it fit to tell us somethin) four times* that truth must +e !ery po#erfulThou)h uncon!inced* his father* sister and +rotherC inCla# a)reed to do as he said- He prepared the +read and #ine* and the entire family #ent into the intensi!e care unit <ICL?It #as cold and e!eryone #as silent- It felt !ery stran)e to ha!e Communion in a place li'e that- He did not 'no# #hat to do and ,ust started prayin) in ton)ues&fter that* he declared that +y Jesus stripes and His +ro'en +ody* his mother is healed- He stepped for#ard and placed a small crum+ in his mothers mouth and poured some of the )rape ,uice in- He felt a s#eet and stron) presence of God in the room* and he someho# 'ne# that his mother had +een healedHe left the room #ith peace in his heart-

But nothin) happened- One day passed* then another- On the mornin) of the third day* he made his #ay to the hospital as usual and headed for the cafeteria to ha!e +rea'fast- There* he recei!ed a call from the nurse- In an ur)ent tone* she said* 7&l+ert* somethin) has happened to your mother- :oud +etter come no#-8 He did not 'no# #hat to e1pect- But the thou)ht that ran throu)h his mind #as* 7(he cannot +e dead- I 'no# she cannot +e dead-8 He rushed to the ICL* pushed open the door and dashed to his mothers +edside- He leaned for#ard to loo' at her* and #hen he sa# that she #as conscious* he san' to his 'nees and #ept- He lifted his !oice and praised the $ord- &ll that he had hoped for* prayed for and +elie!ed God for had finally happened&fter this* his mother started )ettin) +etter and #ithin a #ee'* all the tu+es #ere remo!ed and she #as eatin) a)ainToday* she has re)ained at least 1@') and is up and a+out* helpin) her dau)hter +a'e coo'ies* and callin) up relati!es and friends to tell them a+out JesusF octors feared that she #ould not ma'e it- But the resurrection life of Jesus filled her +ody #hen her family partoo' of the $ords (upper #ith her-

Healin) Throu)h The Holy Communion Can &lso Be Gradual

&lthou)h this precious A@CyearCold lady e1perienced a spectacular miracle* healin) throu)h the Holy Communion can also +e a )radual process- &s you parta'e* you #ill )et +etter o!er time- The more you parta'e* the +etter you )etI personally e1perienced this- :ears a)o* I had a s'in condition that trou+led me- I #ent to the doctor and he said that it could +e cured* +ut the medicine #ould ha!e side effects- I said* 7Than' you !ery much*8 and leftGods healin) is so much +etter- There are no side effects- (o I partoo' of the $ords (upper and claimed +y faith the full +enefits of His +ro'en +ody for me in this area- :et* nothin) seemed to happen at first&fter some time* I stopped +rin)in) this matter +efore God* +ut I continued parta'in) in faith- Then one day* I reali/ed that I #as totally healed- I cannot tell #hen e1actly that condition left* +ut I 'no# that as I continued to parta'e* I simply )ot +etter- The drama #as not there- It #as not spectacular- But it #as still supernaturalF

The Po#er Of Proclaimin) The $ords eath

One other lesser 'no#n aspect of the Holy Communion is the po#er of proclaimin) the $ords death- Paul said* 72or as often as you eat this +read and drin' this cup* you proclaim the $ords death till He comes-8 <1 Corinthians 11:"H? :ou mi)ht as'* 7Pastor Prince* #hat a+out the $ords death are #e proclaimin) and to #hom are #e proclaimin) itB8 Paul said in another place* 7Ha!in) disarmed principalities and po#ers* He made a pu+lic spectacle of them* triumphin) o!er them in it-8 <Colossians ":1@? (o #hen #e remem+er Jesus death* #e are also proclaimin) to the principalities and po#ers that they ha!e +een disarmed +ecause He has triumphed o!er them(ome years +ac'* a couple from our church o#ned a house #hich most people #ould call 7haunted8- It is more accurate to say that there #ere demons han)in) around that place- This is not uncommon +ecause demons usually con)re)ate in places #here tra)ic incidents li'e fatal accidents and murders ha!e ta'en placeOne of the tenants felt spoo'ed +ecause his family complained that they sa# 7a fi)ure mo!in) around in the house8- T#o of my associate pastors and a

deacon #ent o!er to that house* and too' the $ords (upper there- 0hen you ha!e Holy Communion* you are proclaimin) to demon spirits that Jesus rei)ns&nd #hen you release your faith in the finished* complete and perfect #or' of Jesus at the cross* e!ery 'nee must +o# and e!ery ton)ue confess that Jesus is $ord- This means that e!ery demon has to flee- (o ,ust +y proclaimin) the po#er of the $ords death* that house #as cleansed of demons2rom that time on* there #ere no more complaintsThe couple no# ha!e a ne# tenant and ha!e had no more pro+lems in this area-

:ou ont 6eed & Pastor To Parta'e

Jesus told us to ha!e Communion often- (o there must +e somethin) po#erful a+out it- o you thin' that He #ould ma'e us do somethin) often #ithout ha!in) our +lessin) in mindB Those #ho +elie!e in the po#er of that one perfect sacrifice on the cross 'no# that His +lessin)s of health* #holeness and preser!ation a+ound at His Ta+leOnce you are a +elie!er* you are a priest- <1 Peter ":D? (o you can parta'e of the $ords (upper and e!en minister it to others- :ou do not need a pastor to do it-

Have the Holy Communion as often as you need to. In the church* #e pastors do it +ecause #e are the spiritual authority o!er the people* and there must +e order in ho# #e conduct thin)sBut outside the church* you* as a royal priest* are .ualified to parta'e on your o#n- o as Jesus said ha!e it often- 7Ho# oftenB8 you mi)ht as'- &s often as you need to- It depends on ho# much you #ant His health and #holenessI am not sayin) that you must parta'e e!ery day- But if you are sic'* I #ould recommend that you ha!e Communion dailyI 'no# of people #ho are so radical that they ta'e it li'e medicine three times a day- &nd you 'no# #hatB They )et radical results(ome people say* 7Pastor Prince* dont +e e1treme-8 Those of us #ho trust in God and in His (ons perfect #or' at Cal!ary are e1treme e1tremely +lessed- (o parta'e +ecause the Holy Communion is Gods channel of health and #holeness for you-

CH&PT45 % ont Be &fraid To Parta'e

God has made it truly easy for His people to #al' in di!ine health- 0e ,ust need to come to His Ta+le* put our faith in His +ro'en +ody for our healin) and parta'e- It is so simple* yet so po#erfulThat is #hy the de!il has tried to steal this truth from the church +y ma'in) Christians +elie!e that they should not parta'e- &nd he does this +y ma'in) them +elie!e that they are un#orthy to come to the $ords Ta+le- This erroneous thin'in) is lar)ely due to a misinterpretation of the follo#in) !erses1 Corinthians 11:"DE%= "D2or he #ho eats and drin's in an un#orthy manner eats and drin's ,ud)ement to himself* not discernin) the $ords +ody- %=2or this reason many are #ea' and sic' amon) you* and many sleep0hen I #as a youn) Christian* I #as told* 7 ont come to the $ords Ta+le if you ha!e sin in your lifeIf you are un#orthy and parta'e* you are )uilty of the +ody and +lood* and #ill drin' ,ud)ment to yourself-8 I #as not sure #hat all that meant* +ut it #as enou)h

to scare me- &nd I #as al#ays told* 7Be sure to e1amine yourself to see if you ha!e sin in your life&nd ma'e sure you confess all your sins +efore you come-8 I ne!er dared to parta'e +ecause I al#ays #ondered* 7Is there some sin that I ha!e not confessedB8 It is not that I #as li!in) in sin* +ut I did not #ant to ta'e the ris'0hat if I for)et to confess one sinB Jud)ment #ould fall on me* ri)htB &nd my mama sure didnt raise no fool- (o I chose not to parta'e* ,ust to +e safe- 4!ery time the elements of the Communion #ere passed to me* I ,ust passed them onI thou)ht that I #as +etter off not parta'in)- But ironically* +y not comin) to the $ords Ta+le* I #as ro++in) myself of Gods source of health* healin) and +lessin) for me- $e)alistic and erroneous teachin) is !ery dama)in) +ecause it 'eeps us from recei!in) #hat God has for us-

0hat It 3eans To Parta'e Ln#orthily

(o let us read for oursel!es #hat Paul said so that #e can parta'e in a #orthy manner1 Corinthians 11:"AE"D* IJK "A0herefore #hosoe!er shall eat this +read* and drin' this cup of the $ord* un#orthily* shall +e )uilty

of the +ody and +lood of the $ord- ">But let a man e1amine himself* and so let him eat of that +read* and drin' of that cup-"D 2or he that eateth and drin'eth un#orthily* eateth and drin'eth damnation to himself* not discernin) the $ords +ody2irstly* in !erse "D* he says that if you eat and drin' un#orthily* you +rin) damnation to yourself- $et us )et one thin) strai)ht- The #ord 7un#orthily8 is an ad!er+* #hich means it modifies the !er+In this case* 7un#orthily8 descri+es the action of eatin) and drin'in)- It is not descri+in) the person #ho is eatin) or drin'in)- (o Paul #as not sayin) that if you are an un#orthy person* do not parta'e:et* the church has someho# misconstrued that teachin) and no#* Christians are sayin)* 7If you are un#orthy* dont parta'e-8 They say* 7If you ha!e sin in your life* dont come to the $ords Ta+le lest you +ecome #ea' and sic'* and die prematurely-8 They ha!e turned somethin) that is meant to +e a +lessin) into a curseIn any case* all of us #ho come to the $ords Ta+le are un#orthy and made #orthy only +y His +lood- It is only Jesus death that .ualifies us to parta'e- Paul #as not sayin) that #e should not parta'e if #e are un#orthy- He #as sayin) that #e should not parta'e in an un#orthy manner0hat does it mean to parta'e un#orthilyB 5ead the

rest of !erse "D and you #ill conclude that if you fail to discern or understand the si)nificance of the $ords +ody* you are eatin) and drin'in) in an un#orthy manner#artakin$ unworthily means not reco$ni)in$ that the broken body of the Lord was meant to brin$ health and wholeness. The Corinthians partoo' un#orthily +ecause they did not reco)nise that the +ro'en +ody of the $ord #as meant to +rin) them health and #holeness&nd +y treatin) the Holy Communion as a ritual* they missed out on the +lessin)s- They did not understand the si)nificance of the +read- They did not 'no# #hy they #ere parta'in)- This is #hat it means to parta'e un#orthilyThe manner in #hich #e parta'e #ill determine #hether #e e1perience the +enefits of the $ords +ody- If our attitude is* 7Its ,ust a piece of +read*8 then that is #hat it #ill +e- &nd #e #ill ha!e ro++ed oursel!es of the lifeC)i!in) effects of the +read at His Ta+lePaul descri+ed in )reater detail the manner in #hich the Corinthians partoo'- $et us ta'e a closer loo'1 Corinthians 11:"=E""

"=Therefore #hen you come to)ether in one place* it is not to eat the $ords (upper-"1 2or in eatin)* each one ta'es his o#n supper ahead of othersJ and one is hun)ry and another is drun'- ""0hatF o you not ha!e houses to eat and drin' inB; He )a!e them a )ood ton)ueClashin) +ecause #hen they came to the $ords Ta+le* those #ho #ere hun)ry rushed for their turn- &nd others )u//led the #ine until they +ecame drun'(o Paul #as not sayin) that if you ha!e sin in your life* you cannot parta'e- He #as tellin) us to parta'e in the correct manner* #hich is to reco)nise that the $ords +ody #as +ro'en so that ours can +e made #hole- o not ta'e the $ords (upper +ecause you are hun)ry- If you are hun)ry* eat at home firstPlease do not misunderstand me- I am a)ainst sin* +ut this is not the point of Pauls teachin) here0hat Paul told the Corinthians to do #as to discern the po#er of the $ords +ro'en +ody- He #as teachin) us that #hen #e fail to discern the +ody* #e should not parta'e +ecause #e are not claimin) +y faith #hat Jesus has done for us&nd +y failin) to do so* #e are ma'in) His #or' on the cross ineffecti!e and po#erless as far as #e are concerned-

0hen you fail to discern His +ody* you are actually despisin) His #or' on the cross- Kines 41pository ictionary has this to say a+out parta'in) un#orthily: Ln#orthily ana1ios 6T: %A1 is used in 1 Corinthians 11:"A* of parta'in) of the $ords (upper 7un#orthily8* i-e-* treatin) it as a common meal* the +read and cup as common thin)s* not apprehendin) their solemn sym+olic importJesus #ants us to ta'e the +read and +elie!e that His +ody #as +ro'en so that our +odies can +e made #ell- &nd #hen #e discern it that #ay* #e are parta'in) #orthily0hen you come to His Ta+le and release your faith in the $ords +ody* you #ill recei!e the +enefits of healin)* health and #holeness- &nd you #ill +e stron) and healthy* and li!e lon)-

0hat It 3eans To 41amine :ourself

(econdly* I #as told that to 7e1amine8 myself means to chec' if I ha!e sins in my life and to confess them allTo correct this misconception* #e ha!e to understand the conte1t of Pauls statement- He is addressin) the issue of eatin) and drin'in) un#orthily(o it follo#s that he #as tellin) the Corinthians that

they should e1amine themsel!es to see if they #ere eatin) and drin'in) in a #orthy manner- 6o#here does it say that he told them to e1amine themsel!es to see if there #as sin in their li!es1 Corinthians 11:"AE"D "ATherefore #hoe!er eats this +read or drin's this cup of the $ord in an un#orthy manner #ill +e )uilty of the +ody and +lood of the $ord- "> But let a man e1amine himself* and so let him eat of the +read and drin' of the cup- "D2or he #ho eats and drin's in an un#orthy manner eats and drin's ,ud)ment to himself* not discernin) the $ords +ody$oo'in) at the passa)e a)ain* it is clear that Paul is sayin) that a man should e1amine himself to see if he is eatin) and drin'in) #orthily so as not to eat and drin' ,ud)ment to himselfIt is so simple* +ut preachers ha!e for so lon) made Christians fearful and sinCconscious #hen God #ants us to +e (onCconscious- He ,ust #ants us to e1amine oursel!es to see if #e are puttin) our faith in His (ons #or' on the cross for us-

0hat It 3eans To rin' Jud)ment To :ourself

Thirdly* the 7,ud)ment8 <in !erse "D? does not mean Gods an)er or #rath as I used to thin'- In some circles* people still +elie!e that the ,ud)ment here

refers to God sendin) them to hell- That is an incorrect interpretationThe Gree' #ord used here is 'rima* #hich means di!ine sentence- 0hen &dam sinned a)ainst God* a di!ine sentence fell on the human race- 0ea'ness* sic'ness and death are some effects of that di!ine sentenceThe Lords !u er is how *od hel s us offset the rocess of a$ein$ and walk in divine health. &s lon) as #e are here on earth* our +odies are su+,ect to the a)ein) process* #hich is part of the di!ine sentence- &ll our +odies are decayin) e!ery day- Our +rain cells are dyin) dailyThe Holy Communion is Gods solution for us to offset the decay- &nd e!en your friends #ill see the results- They #ill +e)in to as' you* 7Hey* #hy do you seem to loo' youn)er and youn)erB :ou ne!er seem to a)eF8 One day* #hen #e )et to hea!en* #e #ill ha!e +rand ne# +odies that ne!er )ro# old* ne!er tire and ne!er loo' +ad- 3ean#hile* the $ords (upper is ho# God helps us offset this process of a)in) and #al' in di!ine health- 4!ery time you parta'e* you are re!ersin) the effects of the curse or di!ine ,ud)ment in your +ody-

The e!il Is 6o 3atch 2or Those 0ho Belie!e In The Po#er Of The $ords Bro'en Body
I +elie!e that for a lon) time* the de!il has tried to +lind the church to the po#er of the $ords +ody&nd that is +ecause he 'no#s that he is no match for those #ho ha!e faith in the po#er of Jesus +ro'en +ody$et me )i!e you an e1ample of ho# a church mem+er faced a spiritual attac' +ut o!ercame it throu)h the $ords (upperIn late "==%* my church or)ani/ed many trips to Israel- 4ach tour )roup consisted of 1"= people- In all* #e had 1*@== people !isitin) the Holy $and- On one of the trips* a lady in her t#enties* (u#en* de!eloped deep !ein throm+osis durin) the fli)ht to IsraelThis is a rare condition that results from a clot in a deeply situated !ein in the thi)h or le)- It is called the 7economy class syndrome8 +ecause some people de!elop this condition #hen the seats are cramped and the humidity le!el is lo#- & clot #ill form #hich* if it ma'es its #ay to the lun)* can cause respiratory failure- &nd #hen that happens* it can result in death(u#en felt a pain in her ri)ht calf durin) the fli)ht&s she #as disem+ar'in) from the plane* she suddenly collapsed- Her eyes rolled up and she

started foamin) at the mouth- The airline personnel #ere e1tremely professional and immediately called for an am+ulance to ta'e her to the hospitalOn the #ay to the hospital* her heart suddenly stopped- The clot had tra!elled from her le) to her heart and finally to one of her lun)s* causin) a cardiac arrest- 0hen the am+ulance reached &ssaf Harofeh 3edical Center* she had already turned +lue- They #heeled her to the accidents and emer)ency #ard #here they tried to resuscitate herThe doctors as'ed for her ne1t of 'in +ecause they +elie!ed that she #as not )oin) to sur!i!e- They #ere a+out to pronounce her dead* +ut miraculously* after a lastCditch attempt* they mana)ed to re!i!e her heartHo#e!er* she #as in a critical condition as the clot made +reathin) difficult- (he #as unconscious and there #ere all types of tu+es runnin) throu)h her nose and throat- octors #ere monitorin) her closely* fearin) that the clot mi)ht +rin) a+out respiratory failureThat !ery e!enin)* her hus+and* sister and +rotherC inCla#* #ho are all firm +elie!ers in the po#er of the $ords +ody to +rin) healin)* partoo' of the $ords (upper to)ether* spea'in) health and #holeness to her +odyI #as #ith my leaders in another part of Israel at that

time and could only )et to #here she #as four days later- 0hen #e arri!ed at the hospital* doctors informed the family that her condition had #orsened- 3y leaders and I partoo' of the Holy Communion* and pronounced the +enefits of the $ords +ro'en +ody upon (u#enThe !ery ne1t day* she re)ained consciousness and the doctors #ho #ere 'eepin) a close #atch on the clot could no lon)er find itF They did not 'no# #hat to thin' and dared not +e too optimisticThey 'ept her under close o+ser!ation* +ut day after day* thou)h they loo'ed for the clot* they #ere una+le to find it- &t the same time* she started )ettin) stron)er- &fter a #ee'* they dischar)ed herOnce she left the hospital* she ,oined the ne1t tour )roup and !isited the Garden Tom+* #here the resurrection of the $ord too' placeHer family mem+ers shared after the #hole episode that they initially felt fearful and lost- Ho#e!er* due to the teachin) they had +een recei!in)* they 'ne# that this #as not the #or' of God* +ut an attac' of the de!ilThey #ere e1tremely encoura)ed #hen they remem+ered the testimony of &l+erts mother #ho #as healed #hen she too' the +read and #ine in the ICL- (o they #ere !ery confident that +y parta'in) of the $ords (upper* health and #holeness #ould come

upon (u#en-

There Is Po#er In the &ct Of 4atin)

In the midst of intense spiritual attac'* #e #ill e1perience !ictory #hen #e +elie!e that #hat Jesus did on the cross is )reater than any attac' of the de!il- &nd once #e reali/e ho# much Jesus suffered so that our +odies can +e made #hole* #e #ill +e confident that parta'in) of His +ro'en +ody #ill +rin) healin) to our +odiesIf you still find it hard to +elie!e that eatin) a small crum+ can +rin) your +ody health and #holeness* let me point you +ac' to the Garden of 4den- There* &dam merely ate a fruit and he plun)ed the #hole human race into sin- His sin #as #hat +rou)ht disease and* ultimately* death(o God in His mercy and #isdom de!ised a perfect solution- (ince the simple act of eatin) +y &dam +rou)ht disease and death* He ordained that the simple act of parta'in) of a crum+ #ould +rin) health and #holeness to His people-

Parta'in) Of The Holy Communion

$et us no# parta'e of the $ords (upper and release faith for our for)i!eness and healin)Before you parta'e* ,ust 'no# that God #ants you to 7prosper in all thin)s and +e in health* ,ust as your

soul prospers8- <% John 1:"? Prepare the +read and #ine* and do not +e in a rush5emem+er* this is not a ritual- :ou are a+out to personally e1perience afresh His lo!e for youHear Him say to you* 7 Ta'e* eat- This is 3y +ody* #hich is +ro'en for you-8 (ee His eyes +urnin) #ith lo!e as He says to you* 7This cup is the ne# co!enant in 3y +lood* #hich is shed for you-8 (ee the $ord carryin) all your sins and diseases- He too' your sins in His +ody on the cross- (ee Him ta'in) on His +ody your physical conditions too- If you ha!e a tumour* see the tumour on His +ody0hate!er disease you mi)ht ha!e* see it on His +odyIt is no lon)er on you- (ee His health come on you(urely He +ore your sins and carried your diseases(o as you parta'e* release your faith in the +read and the #ineHold the +read in your hand and say this: %Thank +ou Jesus for +our broken body. It is for my healin$, my s ouses healin$ and my childrens healin$. Thank +ou that by +our stri es, by the beatin$s +ou bore, by the lashes which fell on +our back, we are com letely healed. I believe and I receive. ,-at the bread..& 6e1t* ta'e the cup in your hand and say this:

%Thank +ou Jesus for the new covenant cut in +our blood. +our blood has brou$ht me for$iveness and washed me from every sin. I thank +ou that +our blood has made me ri$hteous. 'nd as I drink, I celebrate and artake of the inheritance of the ri$hteous, which is reservation, healin$, wholeness and ros erity. ,/rink the wine..& %Thank you Jesus, I love +ou because +ou first loved me.&

Testimonies of miraculous healin)s throu)h the $ords (upper continue to pour in- (ome of them are recorded here for your encoura)ementPolyp (upernaturally 41pelled &fter Ta'in) Holy Communion (ince July "==%* I e1perienced spottin) <li)ht* sporadic +leedin)? after my menses #as o!er- It #ould continue for si1 to se!en days(ensin) that somethin) #as #ron)* I consulted my )ynaecolo)ist- Karious physical e1aminations and ultrasound scans #ere done* +ut nothin) #as detected- 2inally* he could only attri+ute the +leedin) to a hormonal im+alance- I #as #orried #hen the doctors could not help me(ometime in mid ecem+er* after Pastor Prince did a fresh round of teachin) on the importance of the Holy Communion* my hus+and* our t#o )irls and I started ta'in) the $ords (upper as a family on a daily +asisOn "% 2e+ruary "==G* #hile standin) at the dinner ta+le and scoopin) some food for my dau)hter* I passed out a lump a+out "-@cm in si/e- I #as a little surprised and e1claimed to my hus+and that this must +e a miracle-

The follo#in) day* I +rou)ht the lump to the hospital to let the doctors run tests to determine its nature and content- The report sho#ed that the polyp #as not cancerous <see histopatholo)y report?(ince then* the spottin) has totally stopped and I praise God that +ecause of His miracle* I #as spared a painful procedure #here the )ynaecolo)ist #ould ha!e had to scrape the polyp off the #alls of my uterusPraise Jesus He +ore my sins and sic'nesses on the cross and as I parta'e of His finished #or' throu)h the Holy Communion* I am healed- 6eedless to say* our family continues to cele+rate the $ords (upper daily- To God +e all the )lory(tephanie 0on)

Healed Of 3enstrual Cramps

&ll my life* I suffered from menstrual cramps until God healed me #hen I too' the Holy Communion(ome months a)o* #hen it #as that time of the month a)ain* I #as hit +y a really +ad #a!e of pain3y hands and feet #ere cold and clammy* and my face #as as #hite as a sheet- I lay on the +ed* rollin) from side to side and )roanin) in painBein) a ne# +elie!er* I did not 'no# !ery much a+out #hat Jesus had done on the cross for meThan'fully* I #as #ith my fianceM at that time* and he is a 7+elie!in) +elie!er8- He rushed to the 'itchen to )et some )rape ,uice and +read* and #e had Communion- 3iraculously and instantly* the pain ceasedHis mother e1plained to me that Jesus carried our pains and diseases on the cross* and that included menstrual cramps- &t that time* I did not 'no# #hat she meantBut no#* I do- &s I attended church for the #hole of last year* I realised that surely* not may+e* He has +orne our sic'nesses and pains- 3y faith came +y hearin) and hearin) the 0ord of Christ&fter that incident #here I #as healed throu)h the Holy Communion* #hene!er the pain came durin) my menses* I #ould say* 7Pain* )o in Jesus name

+ecause He has ta'en my pain on the cross-8 Then* I #ould ha!e Communion- I than' Jesus that it has +een a year since I last e1perienced cramps5ecently* I met up #ith some old friends and they shared that they #ere ta'in) pills and a!oidin) cold drin's to ease the pain of menstrual cramps- I no# 'no# that there is an easier #ay +elie!in) that Jesus #or' on the cross also pro!ided healin) for usHe died to ta'e our pains +ecause He #ants our ,oy to +e full- I reali/ed that His heart must ha!e ached #hen He sa# me in pain in the past- Ho# can you +e ,oyful #hen you are clutchin) your stomach in painB Today* I e!en ta'e cold drin's #hen I am ha!in) my menses and I no lon)er e1perience any pain- Praise JesusF 0hat He has done in my life does not stop here- There is so much that He has )i!en me and done for me- He has really transformed me o!er the years and has +rou)ht me so much ,oy- He is so ama/in)- I could )o on and on a+out His #onders in my life&delind :eo

(i1teenC3onthCOld Ba+y Healed Of &cute $i!er 2ailure

3y 1HCmonthCold dau)hter* Joy* had +een ha!in) fe!er and a runny nose for a+out a #ee'- urin) that time* I +rou)ht her to the )eneral practitioner se!eral times* +ut the medication )i!en did not help0hen her condition )re# #orse and she started thro#in) up* #e +rou)ht her to the hospital and they #arded her immediately- The doctors initial dia)nosis #as that she had )astric flu and a chest infection- This #as later chan)ed to acute li!er failureTo our +e#ilderment* #e #ere told that her li!er #as failin) so rapidly that she only had a "= per cent chance of sur!i!al- & li!er transplant #as recommended +ut e!en #ith that* her chances of sur!i!al #ere upped +y only another %= per centThe ne#s came as a shoc' to us- Only a #ee' a)o* e!erythin) #as rosy- 6o#* I felt li'e my #hole #orld had crum+led- The thou)ht of losin) my dau)hter made e!erythin) that had +een important +efore seem tri!ial- 3y concerns a+out not +ein) at #or' +ecame irrele!ant- Guilt and re)ret s#ept o!er me as I thou)ht of the happy times #e had as a family and ho# limited they #ere due to our many commitmentsIn the midst of all that turmoil* I decided to call up a

friend from 6e# Creation Church to as' for prayer e!en thou)h I #as not a Christian then- He )ot one of his pastors to come o!er to pray for usThat day* @ 3arch "==G* Pastor 3ar' led me in the sal!ation prayer- He and his assistant* Christina* then prayed for Joy- &fter that* #e had Holy Communion and they proclaimed that +ecause Jesus +ody #as +ro'en* little Joys #ould +e made #holeHope s#elled in my heart for the first time that day and I felt a comfortin) #armth enfoldin) me- & !ision of me carryin) Joy in church flashed across my mind and a fleetin) thou)ht hit me Joy #ould +e healed and #e #ould proclaim this testimony to the #orld- I did not dare share this #ith anyone* not e!en my hus+and- I did not #ant to )et their hopes up too hi)h- :et* I no# felt li'e I could cast my cares on GodBut the si)ht of my little +a+y #ith needles and tu+es of all si/es stic'in) out from e!ery part of her frail +ody #as heartrendin)- I could not +ear to #atch as the nurses )roped for fresh !eins to insert their needles into- They e!en had to resort to the !eins in her armpits and opened up a little hole near her stomach area to introduce a tu+eIn the past* all I could do #as stand around helpless* +ut this time* I #as a+le to pray- &nd I disco!ered that prayer #as not difficult- It #as a natural heartfelt cry to my hea!enly 2ather-

Initially* I +e))ed God to return Joy to me- I told Him to ta'e my life instead of hers- I #as desperate for a miracle* +ut did not really 'no# ho# to pray- Than' God that He did not ans#er that prayerInstead* He sent Christina to teach me ho# to pray2rom her* I came to see that God lo!es my )irl much more than I did- I reali/ed that I did not ha!e to )i!e up anythin) for her healin) +ecause Jesus )a!e up His !ery life to purchase this healin) for herChristina told me to claim this +enefit of healin) from His perfect #or' on the cross- (he told me that e!ery ne)ati!e report a+out Joy #as only temporaryBut #hat Jesus has done is permanentI +e)an to spea' Psalm D1 o!er Joy and e!en +oldly than'ed God for all the plans He had in store for herI #as most encoura)ed #hen a collea)ue of mine* also from 6e# Creation Church* came and declared a !erse from Psalm 11> o!er Joy* 7:ou shall not die* +ut li!e* and declare the #or's of the $ord-8 On (aturday* Joys condition #orsened and she turned yello# due to ,aundice- octors e1plained that her li!er #as deterioratin) to the point #here only a transplant could sa!e her- 3y hus+and* sister and I had !olunteered to +e donors- 0e #ere told to )o home to )et some rest that e!enin) as they needed to run tests on us for the transplant the ne1t day-

But the rest that #e had hoped for ne!er came +ecause our older dau)hter Kictoria* #ho #as t#o and a half years old then* +e)an displayin) the same symptoms that Joy had- (he #o'e up at three in the mornin) #ith a fe!er and #as !omitin)- I prayed +ut decided to send her to the hospital for a chec'up&t a+out H-G@am on (unday* after the doctor had confirmed that Kictoria #as all ri)ht* he sho#ed me Joys latest la+oratory report- This !ery carin) and #ellCmeanin) doctor too' me throu)h pa)e after pa)e of +ad ne#s* and told me that a transplant #as necessary to sa!e JoyBut as he #as )oin) on* I re,ected e!ery ne)ati!e report silently in my heart- I remem+ered Christinas #ords that these #ere +ut temporary* and that my )irl #as already healedI had +een ha!in) Communion daily and claimin) His healin) for Joy- In fact* I had sta'ed out a little corner in the hospital #here our friends and family #ould )ather to #orship and pray- I must ha!e caused .uite a commotion* +ut the hospital staff #ere )racious at all times(ome of them #ere concerned that I mi)ht +e so hyped up +y all the prayer that #hen the +ad ne#s came* I #ould not +e a+le to face up to reality- One person #as e!en heard sayin)* 7(he prays so much* does she actually thin' that theres )oin) to +e a miracleB8

But I didnt care- I ,ust 'ept loo'in) to Jesus- I as'ed Him to send us the +est doctors* nurses and helpers- I e!en prayed that e!ery drop of medication #ould +e administered +y God Himself- I as'ed the an)els to #atch o!er her and than'ed God that e!ery minute* He #as reconstructin) her li!er and )i!in) her a +rand ne# or)an&t a+out 1=-%=am that same mornin)* the doctor suddenly sho#ed up at the #ard loo'in) !ery )rim- I +raced myself for the #orst- 3y heart #as a)ain ready to refute e!ery ne)ati!e report- But instead of +ad ne#s* he said that Joys li!er #as re,u!enatin)He said that at the rate she #as impro!in)* she mi)ht not need a transplant- 3y entire family #ere +eside themsel!es #ith ,oy&fter the lon) mental and emotional stru))le* I suddenly found this piece of ne#s too )ood to +e true- I #ondered if they #ere ,ust sayin) that to ma'e me feel +etter- I .uestioned if it #as #ise to +ecome too hopeful at this point- &fter all* it #as only four hours a)o that I #as readin) those )loomy reports- I called Christina- (he could not stop re,oicin) and I +e)an to than' God as the impact of His #or' slo#ly san' into my heart(tren)thened* I made my #ay to church for the "pm ser!ice- The presence of God in that place #as un+elie!a+le- The moment I stepped in* I felt Gods lo!e #ash o!er me- I ,ust cried tears of )ratitude and

,oy0hen I reached the hospital after the ser!ice* the doctor came #ith more updates- 0e #ere told that Joy #as 7too #ell to +e on the transplant list8F $ater* the 'ind doctor told me that Joy #as !ery 7luc'y8 +ecause they did not do anythin) special that could ha!e caused such a reco!ery- I 'ne# it #as not luc'* and ,ust continued praisin) and than'in) God for the miracleF On 3onday* the day of the scheduled transplant* instead of more sur)ical procedures* ironically* #e #itnessed needle after needle and tu+e after tu+e +ein) remo!ed from our little )irl- &nd #ithin days* she #as transferred out of the intensi!e care unit <ICL?By 0ednesday* relati!es of many of the other patients in the pediatric ICL #ard approached me to as' ho# the miracle happened- I ,ust shared #ith them ho# God* in His lo!e* healed my dau)hter and as'ed Pastor 3ar' to pray for their lo!ed ones- (o he ,ust #ent around the #ard prayin) for the sic'In less than t#o #ee's* my little +undle of ,oy #as dischar)ed- &ll )lory to Jesus for He truly put the ,oy +ac' into all our li!esF (amantha 0on)

Healin) Of The (ole

I had +een e1periencin) a sharp pain in the sole of my ri)ht foot after strainin) it durin) a #or'outInitially* I left it alone thin'in) that it #ould )o a#ay(i1 months later* my sole #as still hurtin)In fact* it #orsened to the point #here it affected my #al'in) and e!en standin)- It caused considera+le pain #hene!er I stepped on the pedal #hile playin) the 'ey+oard durin) our 3andarin ser!ice- To ma'e matters #orse* I sprained my ri)ht 'nee durin) aero+icsI prayed o!er my foot and claimed healin)* +ut nothin) happened- I e!en tried foot refle1olo)y to ease the pain* +ut this #as only temporary- The pain #ould return a fe# hours after(ome time in 2e+ruary* a friend +ou)ht my hus+and and me some mat/ah from Israel- In 3arch* #e started ta'in) the Holy Communion on a daily +asis e!ery mornin) +efore )oin) to #or'- 0ithin t#o #ee's* the pain in my sole left- 3y sprained 'nee #as also completely healedI cannot pin do#n the e1act day or date the healin) too' place- I reali/ed it one day #hen I put my full #ei)ht on my ri)ht foot and found that there #as no more pain- 0hen it da#ned on me that a miracle had happened* I ,umped around ,ust to test out my healin)- 3y sole and 'nee felt as )ood as ne#-

I must confess that ho# healin) comes throu)h the Holy Communion is +eyond my understandin)- But I do not need to 'no# e!erythin) +efore I start doin) #hat the $ord has said is )ood for meI cannot ima)ine #hat my hus+and and I must ha!e missed out on +y not ta'in) the $ords (upper- 6o# that He has sho#n us a )limpse of ho# His +ody )i!es us di!ine health and His +lood +rin)s us di!ine ri)hteousness* #e #ill continue to parta'e and rest in His finished #or'Iatherine (oh

(al!ation Prayer
If you #ould li'e to recei!e all that Jesus has done for you* and ma'e Him your $ord and (a!ior* please pray this prayer: %Lord Jesus, thank +ou for lovin$ me and dyin$ for me on the cross. +our recious blood washes me clean of every sin. +ou are my Lord and my !avior, now and forever. I believe that +ou rose from the dead and that +ou are alive today. 0ecause of +our finished work, I am now a beloved child of *od and heaven is my home. Thank +ou for $ivin$ me eternal life, and fillin$ my heart with +our eace and 1oy. 'men.&

Holy Communion Prayer

Hold the +read in your hand and say this: %Thank +ou Jesus for +our broken body. It is for my healin$, my s ouses healin$ and my childrens healin$. Thank +ou that by +our stri es, by the beatin$s +ou bore, by the lashes which fell on +our back, we are com letely healed. I believe and I receive. ,-at the bread..& 6e1t* ta'e the cup in your hand and say this: %Thank +ou Jesus for the new covenant cut in +our blood. +our blood has brou$ht me for$iveness and washed me from every sin. I thank +ou that +our blood has made me ri$hteous. 'nd as I drink, I celebrate and artake of the inheritance of the ri$hteous, which is reservation, healin$, wholeness and ros erity. ,/rink the wine..& %Thank you Jesus, I love +ou because +ou first loved me.&