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Miniature MSPP powerful aggregation of TDM and carrier class Ethernet in a miniature enclosure Minimal footprint two units can fit side by side within a 1U rack space Demarcation for Migration
ECI's BG-20C is a revitalizing and advantageous solution for cellular, utilities, and access applications, featuring a small footprint but vast potential. The BG-20C, optimized for BTS/Node Bs and enterprise CPEs, provides a full set of Layer 1, Layer 2, and MPLS capabilities plus an entire range of TDM and Ethernet over SDH (EoS) services, allowing carriers to leverage their legacy SDH installed base while offering a mix of TDM and carrier class Ethernet services to their customers.


Cost cutting minimal power consumption and full remote management for lowest OAM&P expenses Future proof unique SDH d e m a rca t i o n p l a t fo r m w i t h enhanced built-in carrier class Ethernet and MPLS capabilities

Functioning as an STM-1 to STM-4 ADM or TM with support of TDM and 10/100BaseT services, the BG-20C is particularly suitable for building Radio Access Networks (RANs). Its Layer 1 and Layer 2 capabilities offer carriers a smooth migration path from pure TDM-based legacy services to new value-added data services. These capabilities support E-Line (point-to-point) and E-LAN (multipoint-to-multipoint) over dedicated or shared bandwidth.


Technical Specifications
Interfaces, Topologies, and Protection SDH tributary and aggregate interfaces PDH tributary interfaces Data-aware interfaces Topologies System Capacities Ethernet SDH PDH Other Specifications Power input BG-20C_DC BG-20C_AC Max. power dissipation Typical power dissipation Operating temperature range Operating RH range Environmental standards -40 VDC to -75 VDC 220 V 28 W 18 W -5C to +55C 23F to 131F 5% to 95% ETS 300 019-1-3 Class 3.1 ETS 300 019-1-1 Class 1.2 ETS 300 019-1-2 Class 2.3 EN 60950/2000, according to LVD Directive 72/23/EEC EN 60825-1&2 End-to-end management of all layers and services 44 (H) x 235 (W) x 224 (D) STM-1 and STM-4 E1 10/100 Mbps, Ethernet over SDH (EoS) Ring, star, linear

Layer 1 4 x 10/100BaseT 2 x STM-1 2 x STM-4 21 x E1s

Layer 2 and MPLS 4 x 10/100BaseT

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Safety Management Physical dimensions (mm)

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