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Unless otherwise noted, Scripture quotations are from The Amplified Bible, Copyright 1 !", 1 #$, 1 %& by the 'oc(man )oundation* Used by permission*

This boo( is dedicated to you, my colleagues, the de+oted doctors throughout the world, who ha+e committed your li+es to become in+ol+ed with e+ery aspect of your patients, health, medical care, and welfare* -t is an honor and a pri+ilege to communicate with you godly men and women through this hands.on supernatural. healing handboo(* This teaching is a+ailable to you regardless of where you li+e, practice, or the particular field of medicine through which you treat your patients as you endea+or to doctor them bac( to great health* The secret here is that /od teaches you with truthful 0udgment because you already ha+e 1im ad+ising you as your 2entor and the Chief of your specialty* 34And he trains each of them correctly5 for his /od instructs him correctly and teaches him3 6-saiah $%7$#8* This boo( has been written in total recognition of the thousands and thousands of your patients who ha+e been blessed and restored through your faithful ser+ice* These include the infinite number of patients who would ha+e otherwise died were it not for your loyalty, perse+erance, de+otion, and commitment* 2ay this Handbook for Healing be of great help in your wonderful wor( that touches so many li+es*

"Luke the beloved physician and Demas salute you"

The physician 'u(e sends his greeting9one who treated people medically 0ust as doctors do today* My vision, as a church-based healing ministry, Is committed to demonstrate God's love to the world, Through the gospel, To heal and deliver all those, rom sickness and disease, !y laying hands on them, "ather than with medicine, #r the scalpel, In the spirit of unity, !ringing salvation to the lost, $iscipling believers, %nd returning the &aints To a God-fearing church'

" , . Introd#$tion Si$&ne'' ('. He)t* A M)tter o- F)it* T*e Potenti)/ o- ) P*0'i$i)n Ne2 A33ro)$*e' to t*e S)4e O56e$ti(e 7 9 % ; 1 A P)r)di84 S*i-t Be0ond Ar8#4ent A Per'on)/ :o#rne0 T*e Mir)$/e' M#/ti3/ied I- I Needed ) Bi5/e I <o#/d H)(e Re$ei(ed One in Medi$)/ S$*oo/ "" <*)t=' 2ron8 2it* t*e <)0 I t)/& to 40 P)tient'> ", Don=t I A/re)d0 &no2 t*e In' )nd O#t' o- Si$&ne'' )nd Di'e)'e> ". He)/in8 S$ri3t#re' % % 9 " 7 + % " + " . " 1 , . , 7 , 1 .


Si$&ne'' )nd Di'e)'e :e'#' C)nnot He)/

; ; +

This boo( is written for both physicians and patients* 1owe+er, as one with a lifetime career as a medical doctor, - fully reali:e that far more patients practice prayer as part of their daily li+es than do physicians* This is not to say that doctors are not Christians9- ha+e met scores of men and women in this field who are people of faith* But it is rare that spiritual healing becomes part of their practice* -t seems there has been an in+isible wall built between doctor and patient regarding spiritual matters9as if it is a topic not to be broached* - belie+e the a+erage patient would li(e nothing more than to hear a doctor say at the end of an office +isit 6after gi+ing a medical diagnosis8, 3- also want you to (now that - am praying for you*3 ;ow< ;ould that e+er change the physician.patient relationship* This brings me to the focus of this handboo(* Since - (now that the +ast ma0ority of patients desire a spiritual component to health issues, - am turning most of my attention directly to doctors* ;hy= Because if we can see a transformation in how medicine is practiced, not only will patients see greater impro+ement, but there will be a new dynamic introduced to the field of health* So, please understand that when - am spea(ing directly to doctors, - am doing so on behalf of you the patient* The purpose of this handboo(, therefore, is to encourage you, as a physician, to understand the eternal realities we are dealing with in today,s world* As an influential leader and teacher in the medical field, you are uniquely qualified to bring the light of >esus Christ and 1is power to those in need* ?ou can become an e+angelistic leader in your community, and you can help to establish true hospitals within the Church* So many churches are e@periencing spiritual star+ation, and there is only one treatment for this condition9round.the.cloc( feeding by those who are equipped to engage in spiritual warfare* /od wants 1is healing.deli+erance power to be manifested in 1is Church* This will happen as leaders such as you learn to use 1is ;ord as the sword of the Spirit* As this ta(es place, worldwide re+i+al will happen* -n fact, this is the only way that such a spiritual awa(ening will become reality* Aur hea+enly )ather is calling us bac( into fellowship, relationship, commitment, and unity* -t is only when this happens that we can become a +ictorious, united army under 1is leadership*


;hether you reali:e it or not, as a doctor you ha+e been trained to care for the sic( and in0ured through /od* -t is 1is power of healing that you are administering to your patients* This has ta(en place in the spiritual realm e+er since you finished your medical training* ;hether you (now it or not, you are /od,s instrument of healing* Bnowing this, you can now ta(e the wisdom and (nowledge you ha+e acquired and apply it to the spiritual realm within your healing ministry* This will magnify your medical training a hundredfold, leading you into spiritual re+elations that come from your utili:ation of the ;ord of /od in your +itally important wor(* This boo( is your short.term residency in the 1oly /host, a supernatural graduate program that goes beyond the 2*C* le+el* ?ou might be wondering how all of this can happen* ?ou simply incorporate the power and wisdom of the 1oly Spirit into your wor( as you use your s(ills in the diagnosis and treatment of your patients* This will bring a wonderful balance into your practice by combining spiritual healing and deli+erance with medical and physical treatment*

All that,s required is a simple ad0ustment in your approach and your mind.set9a paradigm shift in your world +iew and the way you approach problems* - (now you want to ha+e the proper attitude 9a deep desire to care for your patients* Belie+e me, basic spiritual foundations and the application of scriptural (nowledge to your wor( will help you be more effecti+e in all that you do* - would li(e to point out to you that -,m not tal(ing about (nowledge in general, because that,s not true (nowledge* True (nowledge is the (nowledge of /od* ;orldly (nowledge will puff you up, but (nowledge of 1im will build you up* There is a le+el of spiritual life that will enable you to go beyond simply belie+ing in miracles to actually li+ing in them< This is why -,+e written this boo(* - want you to li+e in the supernatural realm on a daily basis so that you will be able to bring that realm to your patients* - want you to e@perience that higher dimension of reality in the spirit realm* -t will ma(e all the difference in the world to your whole life and your medical practice*


'et,s get right into this by spea(ing the following prayer of Sal+ation out loud e+en by yourself so you can guarantee your eternity* This is truly the greatest miracle that could e+er happen to you, e+en beyond getting healed, which you will continue to learn about in your reading7 ()esus, I need *ou' Thank *ou for dying on the cross for my sins' I open the door of my heart and life and receive *ou as my &avior and +ord' Thank *ou for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life' Take control of my life and make me the kind of person *ou want me to be'( The apostle Daul writes, ($o you not discern and understand that you ,the whole church at -orinth. are God's temple /His sanctuary0, and that God's &pirit has His permanent dwelling in you ,to be at home in you, collectively as a church and also individually.1( 61 Corinthians E71#8* The Bingdom of /od is within you* 1is power is at wor( within you* The 1oly Spirit9a +eritable dynamo of spiritual power and energy9li+es inside you and wants to flow out from your life* ?ou can let 1is power flow into the bodies, souls, and spirits of those you minister to* This, then, is your personal handboo(* The greatest doctor who e+er li+ed9>esus Christ9 will personally train and guide you, as you read and follow its principles*

Cear doctor, it,s time for you to fulfill your full destiny as a physician by incorporating spiritual principles of the /reat Dhysician in your important wor(* These are the closing hours of ci+ili:ation, and the world is crying for re+i+al, restoration, and the glory of the 'ord* ?ou will play a +ital part in the fulfillment of this prophetic word7 (!ut ,the time is coming when. the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the +ord as the waters cover the sea( 61aba((u( $71"8* As you begin this e@citing, new approach9this e@hilarating ad+enture9remember that lo+e is the power charge that is necessary for success in life* Spiritual +ictory in+ol+es the application of lo+e and compassion to e+ery situation you face* 'et /od,s lo+e flow to all those you come in contact with, and (eep a gentle spirit as you minister to your patients* ;e can confront the dar(ness in our world and become agents of change in our society* ;ith /od,s help we can turn around the challenging conditions we see and face e+ery day* -n the power

of the 1oly Spirit we can come against the forces of e+il that are manipulating so many people and conditions throughout the world* 'et /od ta(e control of your life* 'et 1im dwell richly within you* Set your heart on (eeping the 'ord,s commandments* Spea( the name of >esus with confidence and authority as you minister healing to your patients* Use this handboo( as a spiritual resource for your life and career* -n its pages you will learn how to apply spiritual healing and deli+erance principles that will enable you to gi+e supernatural hope to your patients, e+en when they face physical conditions that seem to be hopeless* Femember, with /od nothing is impossible, and 1e is the /od of all hope* As one physician to another, please reali:e that - understand your challenges, and - (now what you are going through* -,+e written this boo( to help you* - belie+e there is so much more for you* -n truth, - (now there is, because -,+e e@perienced it* Stay open* 'et /od lead you and fill you* - can assure you that your life and practice will ne+er be the same* /od bless you< -n Christ* .Dhil/oldfedder, 2*C*

One Si$&ne'' @'. He)/t*

One of the ma0or challenges - faced throughout my career in medicine was attempting to understand why many people seem to prefer li+ing with their sic(nesses and diseases rather than choosing to li+e in health and +itality* -n such cases their illnesses ha+e such a stronghold on them that it is as if they +iew their sic(ness as a blessing rather than as the curse it actually is* As my healing and deli+erance ministry de+eloped, - began to notice this phenomenon much more +i+idly, and frequently, so - began to see( re+elation from the 'ord about it* 1e showed me many important things, and - belie+e when you ha+e 1is re+elation, you also ha+e 1is authority* The 1oly Spirit spo(e through -saiah the prophet, and these words remain true today7 (Make the heart of this people fat2 and make their ears heavy and shut their eyes, lest they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their hearts and turn again and be healed' Then said I, +ord, how long1 %nd He answered, 3ntil cities lie waste without inhabitant and houses without man, and the land is utterly desolate, %nd the +ord removes ,His. people far away, and the forsaken places are many in the midst of the land( 6-saiah #71G.1$8*


2y medical re+elation from the 'ord began when - was miraculously healed of incurable, chronic, intractable pain in both my feet that had lasted two and a half years* -t was then - disco+ered that >esus is in the healing business and that 1e can heal us e+erywhere we hurt* 6Femember, 1e can heal you e+erywhere you hurt, as well*8 -t was not easy to admit, but through this e@perience learned that medicine does not ha+e all the answers, especially with regard to chronic and terminal diseases* >esus, on the other hand, has all the solutions* -n truth, 1e9the /reat Dhysician9is the answer, no matter what the problem may be* -n the same way that - wondered why people seemed to prefer li+ing with their medical conditions, - began to wonder why so many people ignore >esus, healing and deli+erance ministry* This is simply beyond my ability to comprehend* -n light of all this, one of my ma0or goals, which could accurately be called a mission, is to help people get 3unstuc(3 from their sic(nesses and diseases* They are 3stuc(3 because they ha+e accepted their plight* )or e@ample, it,s their 3belo+ed arthritis*3 This is the part - don,t understand* ;hy would someone simply accept an unpleasant, painful illness as being part of their li+es= This e+en applies to minor aches and pains, as well* - (now of some cases in which people could return to wor( in spite of their disabilities if they would 0ust agree to recei+e proper treatment, including surgery, but they refuse to do so*

2any people rationali:e about their situations, and this (eeps them 3trapped3 in their conditions* They don,t understand that their rationali:ing can become paraly:ing* So many prefer to depend on human reason rather than searching for spiritual solutions* - (now many fol( who ha+e become 3superficial specialists in rationali:ing3 without reali:ing that human reason has actually become a god to our nation* -,+e encountered some people who go on putting up with medical conditions due to their subconscious need to recei+e attention, reward, sympathy, pity, comfort, affection, a sense of being important, and e+en lo+e because of it* )ortunately, this is not a common situation, but such men and women need to reali:e and decide that they do not ha+e to tolerate their impairment or illness any longer* These are the people who ha+e decided they would rather li+e with their medical conditions e+en though that,s not what /od wants for them* They need to ha+e their minds reprogrammed and renewed so they can find a quality of life that has not been a+ailable to them due to their misguided thin(ing that tells them that they somehow deser+e their illnesses*

Another strange situation is found in those indi+iduals who ha+e ob+ious impairment, but are actually fearful that prayer could ma(e them worse* Ane gentleman with signs of an e@trapyramidal disorder told me, 3Ho, than( you, - can li+e with the sha(ing - ha+e*3 1e did not reali:e that no one e+er deser+es to be sic(< -f the abo+e description applies to you, -,m sure you reali:e that your whole life is wrapped up with the stress that comes from your healthcare pro+ider,s +isits, treatments, therapies, and other approaches* ?ou may ha+e e+en learned to tolerate your physical challenge* 1ere -,m using the word 3challenge3 instead of problem because - belie+e the word 3problem3 has the ring of permanence, whereas the word 3challenges3 implies something that can be o+ercome, something that is temporary* A problem may result in indifference or depressionI a challenge, on the other hand, is something that can be faced, fought, and o+ercome and can be approached with optimism and hope* )urthermore, you want to become /od.centered rather than problem. oriented* /od does not gi+e sic(ness or illness to the people 1e created as some sort of punishment* To thin( 1e does so leads one to feelings of guilt and to the erroneous belief that it is /od,s will for him or her to be sic(* - belie+e one of the ma0or challenges in ministering to people that pre+ents their acti+e participation in wanting to get healed is their need to be in charge or be in control, and sometimes pride* As a physician, - remember wondering why people came for treatment when they belie+ed it was /od,s will for them to be ill* - would as( them, 3;hy do you want to get rid of this medical condition if you belie+e /od wants you to be sic(=3 ;hat,s the point of that= Sometimes this belief is accompanied by an attitude that leads the patient to belie+e that he or she is not worthy of being healed* There is no doubt that fear also plays a prominent role is this mind.set and such fear opens the door to demonic spirits as well as to sic(ness and disease*


Allow me to in0ect something here to confirm this attitude of indifference* As comedian >ac(ie 2ason would point out, 3-t,s no longer a question of staying healthy* -t,s a question of finding a sic(ness you li(e*3 Though this seems laughable, it actually is a serious issue to so many* Sometimes it seems that people ha+e gone to what - call 3toleration school*3 By that - mean they train themsel+es to accept their illnesses* - firmly belie+e that what you don,t hate, you,ll tolerate* ;hen you put up with an illness, you are allowing it to continue e@isting in your body* Af course, healthcare pro+iders and medical professionals are forced to adopt this attitude because it is part of their training, and they may feel that there is nothing more that they can do* This is especially true when the patient has been gi+en a terminal, 3no.hope3 prognosis* -,+e listened to medical presentations in which the spea(er refers to his patient,s terminal condition as 3an interesting case*3 - understand that any mention or display of sympathy is not encouraged, but 3an interesting case3 approach is the doctor,s way of coping with an untreatable condition* By the way, - ha+e come to the conclusion that anything incurable always in+ol+es a demonic spirit* Actually, -,+e learned that such a prognosis can become a curse in an indi+idual,s life* -,+e seen so many, including 3terminal3 cancer patients, who ha+e risen abo+e this pronouncement and ha+e gone on to e@perience a radical healing through the power of >esus Christ* >esus is a well.(nown hope specialist, regardless of the situation* 1e wants you to (now that your hea+enly )ather is 3the /od of all hope*3 Sic(ness and disease do not ha+e to e@ist in either your body or your mind* ;hy= Because >esus nailed them to the cross when 1e ga+e 1is life for you* (!ut He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our guilt and ini4uities2 the chastisement ,needful to obtain. peace and wellbeing for us was upon Him, and with the stripes ,that wounded. Him we are healed and made whole( 6-saiah !E7!8* -nstead of gi+ing up and accepting a particular prognosis, +iew it as a challenge that needs to be o+ercome* See it as something that is interfering with your quality of life, something that you can deal with and defeat* As a born again belie+er, you can belie+e that death no longer has dominion o+er you and, since sic(ness and disease cause death, you ha+e the right to refuse them, for they must bow to you* This is such an important (ey to recei+ing your healing* 6-ncidentally, people don,t dieI they either go to hea+en or to hell*8 As( >esus to help you*

T2o A M)tter O- F)it*

Cid you (now that /od already had 1is hand on your destiny as a medical professional long before you were born= This is confirmed in >eremiah 17!, which re+eals that from the time you were in your mother,s womb you were to be a spo(esman to the world7 (!efore I formed you in the womb I knew ,and. approved of you ,as My chosen instrument., and before you were born I separated and set you apart, consecrating you2 ,and. I appointed you as a prophet to the nations'( 1ere,s another proof7 ( or we are God's ,own. handiwork /His workmanship0, recreated in -hrist )esus, ,born anew. that we may do those good works which God predestined /planned beforehand0 for us ,taking paths which He prepared ahead of time., that we should walk in them ,living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live.( 6Jphesians $71G8* 1e also (nows e+ery detail about you7 (!ut ,even. the very hairs of your head are all numbered' $o not be struck with fear or sei5ed with alarm2 you are of greater worth than many ,flocks. of sparrows( 6'u(e 1$7&8* -f the abo+e isn,t enough, the /od of this uni+erse (nows you so well that 1e has e+en called you by your name7 (!ut now ,in spite of past 6udgments for Israel's sins., thus says the +ord, He 7ho created you, # )acob, and He 7ho formed you, # Israel8 ear not, for I have redeemed you ,ransomed you by paying a price instead of leaving you captives.2 I have called you by your name2 you are Mine( 6-saiah "E718* ;hen you research the inherent meaning, spiritual connotation, and supporting Scripture for your name, don,t be surprised by how 3right on target3 it is* -t was /od who named you through your parents or grandparents or whoe+er thought they made that decision*


1ere is further information regarding your name* Co you reali:e that when you recei+ed >esus as your 'ord and Sa+ior, 1e too( your name< -n a +ery real sense, your name was sin, wea(ness, fear, po+erty, and e+ery other e+il thing you inherited from Adam* -n e@change, 1e ga+e you 1is own name* Jphesians E71! says that the whole Body of Christ has been named after 1im which means you ha+e been gi+en >esus, name7 ( or 7hom every family in heaven and on earth is named ,that ather from 7hom all fatherhood takes its title and derives its name.'( The authority of the name of >esus is now yours< ?ou ha+e the title deed which from the lawful aspect means you ha+e the deed constituting the e+idence of legal ownership* ?ou,+e been named after7 3>esus, 2ighty /od, ;isdom, Celi+erer, 'ion of the Tribe of >udah, ;ord of 'ife, Ad+ocate, Dro+ider, the /reat - Am, 1elper, Sa+ior, Drince of Deace, ;onderful Counselor, 'amb of /od, 'ord of 1osts, Foot of Ca+id, Author and )inisher of our )aith, the ;ay, 1ealer, Son of /od, the Truth, Chief Cornerstone, Bing of Bings, 'ight of the ;orld, Chief Shepherd, my Strength and Song, Fighteous >udge, Son of Fighteousness, Fesurrection and 'ife, the Alpha and Amega*3 These names truly co+er any need you,ll e+er ha+e*

'et,s ta(e a loo( at Adam for a momentI he was the first man* -ncidentally, >esus became the second Adam* -t,s interesting that the name of Adam means dust or dirt* 'isten to the ama:ing authority he recei+ed from the 'ord7 (%nd out of the ground the +ord God formed every ,wild. beast and living creature of the field and every bird of the air and brought them to %dam to see what he would call them2 and whatever %dam called every living creature, that was its name' %nd %dam gave names to all the livestock and to the birds of the air and to every ,wild. beast of the field2 but for %dam there was not found a helper meet /suitable, adapted, complementary0 for him( 6/enesis $71 . $G8* ;hat this Scripture is saying is that with the creati+e power of Adam,s mouth, he spo(e into e@istence what the animals would become as he called their nature by their name* ?our tongue actually has the same power* ;hat about the fulfillment of the +ision that /od ga+e you that would wor( in your life, especially in practical terms= Dro+erbs 1%71# is a powerful statement that re+eals the answer7 (% man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men'( ?our gift is what you were designed to be (nown for* /od put this gift in each of you doctors, that the world will ma(e a way for you* -n e@ercising this gift, you continue to fulfill your +ision and find real fulfillment, purpose, and contentment in your wor(* This doesn,t include the 30un(3 that seems to get attached to it*


)rom the +ery beginning, as you achie+ed your role in medicine, you ha+e ta(en ad+antage of the power of your faith* ;hether you reali:e it or not, this faith has been present in practically all of your medical acti+ities* - reali:e this is true in spite of your training, which teaches you 0ust the opposite* ;hy would you want to operate without faith= ?our faith in+ol+es an air of e@pectationI it,s belie+ing in something when common sense tells you not to* -,m actually referring to mountaintop faith* ?our faith wal(, belie+e it or not, really in+ol+es the presence of Almighty /od* ;hen you e+aluate it, you,ll find your faith continues to increase, as you continue to apply it in whate+er you do* Some of your initial responses could +ery well deny the presence of this almighty deity, but don,t neglect the /od who created you and will ne+er lea+e you* )urther, as a result of your medical training, you are inclined to separate scientific facts from faith, because you percei+e faith as lac(ing logic* 1owe+er, you had to ha+e enormous faith to li+e through all the horrendous challenges of medical school*

Belie+e it or not, it was faith that enabled you to endure the intense preparation in+ol+ed in those mind. boggling e@aminations that made the difference as to whether you would be able to stay in medical school* )aith helped you absorb the didactic and e+en esoteric material in all those intense lectures that in+ol+ed anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, etc* ;ithout depending on reason, you (new that some. day you would be able to apply all the (nowledge that was thrown at you to assist you in your patient,s care and treatment* The teaching staff

had their own challenges* )or e@ample, my anatomy professor would turn off his hearing aids so he could isolate himself within his own world and not be distracted by his students and their questions* This e@plains why the students had con+ersations during class* Belie+e it or not, some e+en played cards in class< They apparently had sufficient faith to depend entirely on learning the material on their own* A great definition of faith is trusting /od that you belie+e it before you recei+e it* ?ou could also say that faith is unquestioning belief in /od* Femember faith cannot grow unless it is e@ercised* Throughout your medical practice you ha+e had to ha+e great faith in treating your new patients who had comple@ medical conditions* Aftentimes they were referred to you by physicians who weren,t able to help them after a multitude of tests and drugs*

- (now you ha+e e@perienced many such faith. challenging situations* ?ou ha+e e@pected your patients, diagnoses to be correct because you ha+e bac(ed them up with great confidence from their history, physical findings, and your training* ?ou (new and belie+ed that the treatments you prescribed would be effecti+e whether they in+ol+ed surgery, further consultations, medical treatments, therapies, drugs, etc* ?ou depended on your faith when you prescribed new drugs, e+en with a patient,s history of multiple allergies and all the other medications they were ta(ing* ?ou belie+ed what you ordered would resol+e their conditions* ?ou relied on your faith when you performed procedures that were considered ris(y in light of your patient,s circumstances* ?ou stood on your faith when you e@pected and trusted your patient would impro+e and, of course, fully reco+er* ?ou confirmed that belief when you informed your patient,s family that he or she would do well* ?ou established your faith e+en more in your mind and your thought processes as you anticipated satisfactory results and you belie+ed that all was going well* And you proceeded with all these acti+ities (nowing full well that you were always sub0ect to attorney re+iew* )aith requires action and because you belie+ed these things, you acted upon your faith and definitely anticipated seeing positi+e results* This is all a matter of obedience as well as faith* )aith wor(s as a spiritual law in the same way that gra+ity functions as a natural law* ?our faith is really resurrection power9the power that comes as a result of the Fesurrection of >esus Christ* ?ou don,t ha+e to be told that you,re not supposed to understand that e+erything will wor( out, for this would mean you wouldn,t need faith* Af course, you ha+e come to understand that faith doesn,t require proof, e+en though this probably was a challenge for you to accept* ;e disco+er a profound truth regarding the testing of your faith in 2ar( 117$E which simply states that you can ha+e what you say7 (Truly I tell you, whoever says to this mountain, !e lifted up and thrown into the sea9 and does not doubt at all in his heart but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him'(

The (ey in treating medical conditions from a spiritual point of +iew is to tal( to whate+er that mountain is about >esus instead of tal(ing to >esus about your patient,s mountain* 1ere,s an acronym that describes )A-T1 rather dramatically while blessing you as well7 Fantastic Ad+entures In Trusting Him*

?our faith becomes a power that is stronger and greater than any statistical scientific method* ;hat you accomplish through your faith determines your success, because /od honors your faith* The faith you ha+e actually requires a great mental attitude and this will ma(e all the difference when you learn to e@pect to recei+e what you belie+e* Scott Sco+ille 1amilton said that the greatest disability in life is a bad attitude* And Kig Kiglar states that some people need a 3chec( up from the nec( up3 in order to pre+ent 3hardening of the attitudes*3 ?ou need to start depending entirely on /od by using your faith, trusting in 1im, and belie+ing 6the holy Bible8 1is ;ord* ?ou should be mo+ed only by what you belie+e, not by what you feel, hear, see, taste, or touch* This is actually the difference between re+elation (nowledge and sense (nowledge* Then you can start loo(ing forward to great spiritual accomplishments* -n other words, you ha+e to belie+e it before you see it* 6That,s actually what faith is*8 >esus wal(ed by faith* 1e recei+ed that faith the same way we get it7 (&o faith comes by hearing ,what is told., and what is heard comes by the preaching ,of the message that came from the lips. of -hrist /the Messiah Himself0( 6Fomans 1G71&8* 1earing the ;ord becomes a daily habit and it must be renewed e+ery twenty.four hours in order for it to wor( efficiently and effecti+ely* All you need to do is to understand that all you,re doing is actually spea(ing the truth in ad+ance before you see it happen*

>esus spo(e about faith in the following two Scriptures* 1e indicated that these +erses were basically identical* -n essence, 1e is saying that simply by belie+ing you can ha+e the necessary faith which will bring about the same results* -n other words, it is your faith that allows all things to be possible through 1im and to be equally possible to you, as well* 'et,s now loo( at these two important +erses* 18 1e was intent with this message7 (!ut )esus looked at them and said, 7ith men this is impossible, but all things are possible with God( 62atthew 1 7$#8* $8 (%nd )esus said, ,*ou say to Me., If *ou can do anything1 ,7hy,. all things can be /are possible0 to him who believes9( 62ar( 7$E8*


1ere are some simple requirements for you to appropriate and practice as a mountain. mo+ing, faith. recei+ing doctor.belie+er in order to witness results according to 1ebrews 117#7 18 Belie+e in faith* $8 Belie+e in /od* E8 See( /od* "8 Belie+e in the results e+en before seeing them* This is how /od e@presses the truth about the reasons for your faith7 3!ut without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him' or whoever would come near to God must ,necessarily. believe that God e:ists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him ,out.( 61ebrews 117#8* )aith is more than 0ust positi+e thin(ing, it is far more than an abstract principle* -t is total belief in /od*


Belie+e it or not, there is a significant relationship between faith and the scientific approach* 2y own e@periences confirm that many great crises can be o+ercome by spiritual minds attac(ing scientific challenges* An e@ample of this can be seen prior to ;orld ;ar --* The challenge was to build boats faster in order to (eep up with the war,s demands* 1ow could this be accomplished= The answer was to build them upside down* Another e@ample of this is found in the life of Cr* >onas Sal(, who de+eloped a +accine against polio after eight years of research* - belie+e /od was responsible for this achie+ement, for Cr* Sal( de+eloped some godly principles in his career as the result of his in+estigati+e acti+ities* ;hat were those principles and acti+ities= Ane of Cr* Sal(,s sayings that has become a fa+orite of mine is 3Fis(s,3 - li(e to say, 3always pay off* ?ou learn what to do or what not to do*3 -t,s important to remember that ris( always in+ol+es faith* Cr* Sal( refused to patent his +accine against polio because he wanted as many people as possible to benefit from his accomplishment*


2y friend, Linny 'ongo, told me the story of a woman who was scheduled for foot surgery, who was able to come up to the platform of his church for prayer* 1e told her that if she could wal( up, there was nothing wrong with her foot* -mmediately, she began to 0ump for 0oy, reali:ing that /od had instantly healed her* - belie+e the spiritual realm was applied to the scientific realm in this remar(able case* )irst, you need to (now that faith opens the door to all /od,s promises for you and your patience (eeps that door open until the specific promise is fulfilled* - am sure that you want to be able to say that your faith made you well, and li(ewise, your patient,s faith made him or her well*


;hile you are learning these +ery important principles, don,t forget that the ris( is that you commit sin whene+er you lose your faith, e+en if this is in the form of improper words coming out of your mouth* Sin can be accurately described as being more powerful than any current in the ocean, as we see in the following +erse* (!ut the man who has doubts /misgivings, an uneasy conscience0 about eating, and then eats ,perhaps because of you., stands condemned ,before God., because he is not true to his convictions and he does not act from faith' or whatever does not originate and proceed from faith is sin ,whatever is done without a conviction of its approval by God is sinful.( 6Fomans 1"7$E8* 'ouie /iglio, a pastor and e+angelist, came across a substance that is called laminin* ;hen he studied and learned about this substance, he began to reali:e that this material actually shows forth /od,s handiwor(* 'aminin (nits our bodies together with precise detail* -t is described as7 3A family of proteins that are an integral part of the structural scaffolding of basement membranes in almost e+ery animal tissue*3 Dastor /iglio already (new about these cell.adhesion molecules that hold our cells together, but he didn,t (now what they loo(ed li(e* 1e was more than surprised when he researched the scientific literature and found that this 3glue3 that holds us together is in the shape of a cross< 6www*snopes*comMglurgeMlaminin*asp8*

A specific Scripture came to his mind* -t is found in Colossians 171!.1&7 (,;ow. He is the e:act likeness of the unseen God ,the visible representation of the invisible.2 He is the irstborn of all creation' or it was in Him that all things were created, in heaven and on earth, things seen and things unseen, whether thrones, dominions, rulers, or authorities2 all things were created and e:ist through Him ,by His service, intervention. and in and for Him' %nd He Himself e:isted before all things, and in Him all things consist /cohere, are held together0'(


?ou must reali:e that you ha+e been using your faith since you entered medical school and this use of faith has ne+er stopped* Dlease (eep in mind that faith is the bridge that brings all of /od,s blessings from the spiritual realm to the natural or scientific realm* ?ou cannot recei+e anything from /od without faith* )aith, - repeat, opens the door to /od,s promises for you and your patience (eeps it open until 1is promises are fulfilled* - li(e to loo( at patience as being cheerful enduranceI howe+er, it is really faith sustained o+er a relati+ely long period of time* ;hen you understand that the faith you ha+e is really /od,s faith, you can release that power and stop hurricanes, tornadoes, and e+en raise the dead* Dersistence is actually an act of faith* As you are patient and persistent, you will find that >esus gi+es you perpetual 0oy in /od through your faith*

T*ree T*e Potenti)/ O- A P*0'i$i)n

As a doctor, you are a compassionate person* ?ou are blessed and you are a uniquely multitalented indi+idual who has been fa+ored with leadership abilities* As a compassionate person, you don,t ha+e to personally e@perience childbirth, the pain of shingles, or the need for a respirator in order to appreciate and understand what your patient is going through* ?ou ha+e incorporated your many and +aried talents into your wor(, along with your ama:ing, unlimited abilities which actually are boundless capabilities in your life* - belie+e /od has filled you with what the prophecy proclaims in J@odus E17E7 (%nd I have filled him with the &pirit of God, in wisdom and ability, in understanding and intelligence, and in knowledge, and in all kinds of craftsmanship'( ?ou are about to learn and understand, if you ha+en,t already, that you ha+e become and accomplished all this through /od* Ane thing is for sure, and you already (now this7 your full potential has yet to be reached* -t has always been my obser+ation as a doctor that doctors, pilot lights are always turned on, and that you always ha+e plenty of gas, e+en in reser+e, for whate+er ission you may ha+e to face* ;hen you decide to embar( upon any new underta(ing, you become moti+ated because you (now you will succeed* Therefore, you are able to see yourself mo+ing in an onward and upward direction* The Merriam-7ebster $ictionary pro+ides us with the following etymology and definition of the word 3doctor*3 Dronunciation7 N+dO(.t$rN )unction7 noun Jtymology7 2iddle Jnglish doctor teacher Coctor7 from Anglo.)rench P 2edie+al 'atin 'atin7 teacher, from docere to teach Cate7 1"th century Cefinition7 a person s(illed or speciali:ing in healing arts, especially one 6as a physician, dentist, or +eterinarian8 who holds an ad+anced degree and is licensed to practice*


The best definition of a doctor - ha+e e+er found is7 a person who restores, repairs, and things* ?ou don,t get much more gifted than that, e+en if you are a practicing roc(et scientist* -ncidentally, a lot of people ne+er reali:ed that it was 2rs* ;ebster who was actually responsible for the precision and preciseness of her husband,s dictionary assignment* The story goes that e+ery time Hoah ;ebster said something to his wife, she would reply strongly, 3>ust what did you mean by that=3 This e@plains why he de+eloped his ama:ing dictionary* -saiah EG71! is a remar(able description of today,s doctors7 (The &overeign +#"$, the Holy #ne of Israel, says ( or thus said the +ord God, the Holy #ne of Israel8 In returning ,to Me. and resting ,in Me. you shall be saved; in quietness and in [trusting] confidence shall be your strength." 6Jmphasis mine*8 This +erse is a specific word to you, dear doctor* -n the art and performance of medicine, you ha+e acquired remar(able facilities and abilities through /od* This accounts for your ne+er ending

growing s(ills in clinical 0udgment and your uncanny ability to understand how to appraise the relati+e +alue of symptoms and other physical signs*

This preparation has endowed you with your e@tensi+e (nowledge and it allows you to ascertain and establish your patient,s diagnoses* This inherent supernatural gift has enabled you to process your patient,s entire medical situation* ?ou ha+e the awesome ability to con+ert the practical application of this data for your patient,s definite treatment and reco+ery* This ability is referred to as wisdom and it requires your intuition to acti+ate it* The ama:ing thing to reali:e is that /od has already done this for you* The patient,s anticipated prognosis doesn,t always depend on the doctor,s e@perience, his or her s(ill, or the information that is found in the medical te@tboo(* Lery often the prognosis is based on multiple, and sometimes undefined factors* -n the natural, some might refer to successful results as ha+ing chance or luc(* 2y impression is that '*U*C*B* stands for 3'abor Under Correct Bnowledge* Ane doctor put it this way, 3The harder - wor(, the luc(ier - get*3 Father than using the word 3luc(,3 though, - personally prefer to call the patient,s anticipated positi+e response to the doctor,s treatment a blessing*

J+ery doctor agrees that the patient,s quality of life is the supreme goal* This ob0ecti+e in+ol+es restoring your patients, health and pro+iding them the greatest measure of a+ailable relief* -f at all possible, it is focused on total and permanent reco+ery as well* The truth is that to maintain one,s health is a far better choice than simply recei+ing medical care for sic(ness or disease* - ha+en,t really gone into healing as yetI healing is in itself a tremendous alternati+e and in reality a godly option* Today, as the result of science and technology, the practice of medicine has been o+erwhelmed with a myriad of specialist groups, innumerable 0ournals, te@tboo(s, and -nternet sites, which seem more focused on pre+enti+e health care, the management of chronic diseases, and aging* ;e reali:e that a high percentage of people are hospitali:ed with ailments that are caused by worry, tension, stress, strife, grief, an@iety, and depression, which may include fear and debt*


)or si@ months in my early career - 0oined forces with an anesthesiologist in a Dain 2anagement Center* - ne+er li(ed the word 3management3 and - told my associate, 3That,s why people aren,t getting healed9they are tired of 0ust being managed*3 - thin( the words 3Dain Control Center3 wor( better* 'et me ta(e this opportunity to introduce the words 3healed3 and 3cured*3 1ealing is what the purpose of this handboo( is all about* ;hat role, if any, are you willing to ta(e on in these closing hours on earth= Are you satisfied with your medical life and career e+en though there is a constant struggle= - (now you are already facing endless tragedies and mounting death tolls from weather and natural catastrophes, Ten Commandment atrocities, acts of terrorism, out.of.control health issues, untreatable infectious diseases* such as A-CS, a+ian flu, mad.cow disease, swine flu, 2FSA, incurable sic(nesses and

diseases, psychiatric conditions, accidents, (idnappings, unpro+o(ed murders, rapes, suicides, abortions, girls sold into se@ual sla+ery, etc* And what about the increasing number of Americans who are without insurance= At the last count this figure was headed toward !G million all together* Aren,t we obligated to care for them regardless of insurance co+erage= Solomon wrote in Dro+erbs about how history merely repeats itself7 (The thing that has beenit is what will be again, and that which has been done is that which will be done again2 and there is nothing new under the sun( 6Jcclesiastes 17 8* /et ready to prepare for supernatural e+ents that you ne+er anticipated9e+ents put in place by the mo+e of /od* 1owe+er, you also ha+e to be ready to prepare for the danger of deception in these end times* -,m referring to false prophets, and e+en signs and wonders* Understand that when you e+aluate 0ust how to be free from all these concerns, it,s not the supernatural that pro+es the healing, because e+en the de+il can heal* That,s why the +ery elect can be decei+ed when there are 3mi@ed3 seeds* The anointing has to come from the right source, for it re+eals the truth* Femember, the truth has longe+ity, but a lie is* -,m encouraging you doctors to loo( further into the supernatural realm and to introduce /od to your patients, so they can incorporate 1is 3nothing is impossible promises3 in order to get healed and deli+ered* This may result in finding alternati+es to acti+ities such as medications, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, consultations, therapy, etc* This approach may sound far.fetched especially if it embraces creati+e miracles or the elimination of terminal conditions*


- belie+e /od has called me to become in+ol+ed in this awesome spiritual mo+ement to 3feed 1is sheep*3 >esus (said to him the third time, &imon, son of )ohn, do you love Me ,with a deep, instinctive, personal affection for Me, as for a close friend.1 <eter was grieved /was saddened and hurt0 that He should ask him the third time, $o you love Me1 %nd he said to Him, +ord, *ou know everything2 *ou know that I love *ou ,that I have a deep, instinctive, personal affection for *ou, as for a close friend.' )esus said to him, eed My sheep( 6>ohn $171&8* 1a+e you any idea what you might e@pect when you minister in the supernatural realm= listened as Tim Storey spo(e about his ministering in a country that was acti+ely in+ol+ed in ci+il war* As the ambulances arri+ed at the hospital emergency room, he would reach in and pull out the stretches of the wounded and witness their immediate healing* Ather testimonies from e+angelists who are in+ol+ed in healing and deli+erance re+eal their dependency on the Scriptures based on 2ar( 1#71%7 (#n the ailing they shall lay hands, and they shall be well( 6?oung,s 'iteral Translation8* This includes miracles with total healing of A-CS, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, 2-, cancers, trauma, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, +ascular thrombosis, li+er and renal failure, tumors, stro(es, etc* Cemonic spirits ha+e been cast out to set the people free from the bondage of alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution, pornography, the occult, +iolent +ideo games, autism, and e+en psychiatric conditions such as schi:ophrenia* The common denominator of the power here is the 1oly Spirit* (They will lay hands on the sick and make them well( 62ar( 1#71%, The 2essage8*


Co you understand that you are capable of doing these miraculous things when you act as a yielded +essel= 1ere,s an ama:ing truth for you to recei+e and apply7 /od is no respecter of persons* This means that since 1e finds no fa+orites, 1e will do the same identical thing for each person* -f /od didn,t do so, 1e would be +iolating 1is ;ord* ?ou (now by now that 1e has already filled you with multiple gifts that date bac( to when you began your training* Ane of these gifts is compassion* - want to point out to you that >esus healed because of 1is compassion, and since you already ha+e this gift, you will demonstrate the same thing for your patients* -n my medical practice, one of the many life.changing teachings - learned to apply was that no matter how many times - did a procedure, - ne+er did it enough*


Cr* /eorge F* Hagamatsu made sure he (ept pride out of the operating room* As a result, he was decorated by >apan,s Consulate /eneral and awarded the Lalentine 2edal, one of the highest honors in urology* The alumni association noted he was a pioneering surgeon, urologist, and engineer* ;hen you,re applying these spiritual techniques and truths, you are actually using spiritual power so turn it all o+er to the 1oly Spirit and let 1im be the Ane who is responsible for the healing* The truth is, 3They shall lay their hand upon the sick8 and they shall recover 3 62ar( 1#71% Couay. Fheims Bible8* This supernatural, spiritual, e@tra+agant teaching will s(yroc(et you into a realm of witnessing patient healings and deli+erance that you ha+e ne+er e@perienced or e+en thought possible*


- smiled when - heard about a couple of hunters from South Carolina out in the woods when one of them falls to the ground* 1e doesn,t seem to be breathing and his eyes are rolled bac( in his head* The other guy whips out his cell phone and calls emergency ser+ices* 1e gasps to the operator, 32y friend is dead< ;hat can - do=3 The operator, in a calm, soothing +oice, says, 3>ust ta(e it easy* - can help* )irst, let,s ma(e sure he,s dead*3 Silence follows, then a shot is heard* The guy,s +oice comes bac( on the line* 1e says, 3A(ay, now what=3 Ab+iously, this guy pro+ides us with a great e@ample of miscommunication* - hope you will understand the importance of a+oiding your own interpretation and elucidation as you read this boo(* Unli(e the hunter who ob+iously didn,t understand the operator,s intent, you can a+oid getting into snags, dilemmas, or misdirected imagination by a+oiding your own analysis or relying upon past (nowledge that could be contradictory to what you need to learn* -nstead, you can ta(e ad+antage of your / wisdom by reali:ing that 3the place of agreement is the place of power*3 - didn,t understand this saying until it was e@plained that ideally there is power when there is unity in mind and thought without di+ision* There has to be agreement in order to get power< Agreement is +ital because it requires understanding which leads to the proper application of (nowledge which is wisdom* )or >esus said in 2atthew 1%7$G, ( or wherever two or three are gathered /drawn together as My followers0 in /into0 My name, there I %M in the midst of them'( As you are read these healing chapters, you need to ta(e hold of the truth that /od, >esus, and the 1oly Spirit are with you, within you, and upon you*

Fo#r Ne2 A33ro)$*e' To T*e S)4e O56e$ti(e

There is a definite distinction between what we refer to as the means and the ends* The ends are things you do for their own sa(e* The means are the things you do to get to the end* ?ou ha+e to be careful you don,t become so in+ol+ed in the means that you ne+er achie+e the ends, howe+er* This entire handboo( is a means to enable you to achie+e the end* ;hat is the end we are stri+ing for= -t is precisely described in 2ar( 1#71%7 (They will place their hands on sick people, and these will get well( 6/ood Hews Translation8* ?ou can read this entire handboo(, but unless you learn and appropriate the teaching you find here, nothing will ha+e been learned* The means to which - refer are spiritual information you ha+e recei+ed and accumulated, including the ;ord of /od, all which may be referred to as spiritual (nowledge* ;hen you apply your spiritual (nowledge by using your faith, belief, and trust, the end results will be healings and other miracles, signs, and wonders, which are the purpose of this handboo(*

Alternati+e medicine came into e@istence because people who were being medically treated often weren,t achie+ing the medical results they were belie+ing for or desiring* -n other words, they became impatient with their lac( of response to treatment, e+en when their condition was treatable, and especially with chronic situations and those desperate 3no.hope circumstances*3 Deople became frantic for answers* Consequently, alternati+e medicine became an accepted optional form of medical treatment for many patients* The Affice of Alternati+e 2edicine was established in the Hational -nstitutes of 1ealth, in Bethesda, 2aryland, 1 1.1 #* That first year, the Senate Appropriations Committee wanted to 3fully e@plore the potential that e@ists in uncon+entional medical practices3 and 3to fully test the most promising uncon+entional medical practices*3 The Affice of Alternati+e 2edicine became the ad+isory panel* ;ith the go+ernment in+ol+ed, a national conflict grew between the forces of establishment biomedicine and the di+erse ran(s of alternati+e medicine* -n April, 1 !, they defined 3complementary and non.con+entional alternati+e medicine*3 They classified these forms of treatment as ha+ing a broad domain of healing resources that encompassed all health systems, their modalities, and their practices, including their accompanying theories and beliefs* Ather alternati+e therapies included, but were not limited to, the following disciplines7 fol( medicine, herbal medicine, diet fads, homeopathy, faith healing, Hew.Age healing, chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, massage, music therapy, as well as uncon+entional, unorthodo@, unpro+en, complementary, inno+ati+e, such as hyperbaric o@ygen therapy, stem cell therapy, many autism therapies, and integrati+e therapies* There are no satisfactory scientific e@planations a+ailable to pro+e that these are effecti+e forms of treatment*

The truth is that there really are no 3alternati+es3 when you become a follower of >esus, for the miracles and healings that result from being 1is followers are born out of the supernatural realm, as you,+e read and studied in the Bible* A miracle is an e@traordinary e+ent that manifests di+ine inter+ention, usually on an instantaneous basis* By definition, a healing is a miracle, but it often ta(es longer and occurs on a progressi+e le+el*


)or the scientific method to achie+e and complete its full definition and character repeatability, testability, ob0ecti+ity, predictability, reproducibility, demonstrability, reliability, measurability, reasonability, +erifiability, etc*, are required* ?ou can readily understand how faith could ne+er fit into this traditional approach* Cid you (now that >esus has already armed you by gi+ing you a 3measure of faith3 that will meet all your needs= ( or by the grace /unmerited favor of God0 given to me I warn everyone among you not to estimate and think of himself more highly than he ought ,not to have an e:aggerated opinion of his own importance., but to rate his ability with sober 6udgment, each according to the degree of faith apportioned by God to him( 6Fomans 1$7E8* ;hat is ama:ing is that >esus accomplishes all of these acti+ities without any dependence on the scientific approach* (<eople of Israel, listen9 God publicly endorsed )esus of ;a5areth by doing wonderful miracles, wonders, and signs through him, as you well know( 6Acts $7$$ Hew 'i+ing Translation8*

Fi(e A P)r)di84 S*i-t

In order for you to be able to con+erse about the supernatural realm and understand it so you can utili:e it, -,m going to re+eal a readily adoptable method you ha+e already heard aboutI it is (nown as a paradigm shift* This won,t be necessary for many of you, but - highly recommend all others to ta(e ad+antage of this* This will be easier than reprogramming your basic thoughts* ;hat -,m saying, dear doctor, is if you ha+e to e@pose yourself to another le+el of belief, you can do this in a approach as you learn to change your con+entional way of loo(ing at things* 'oo( at your formal training as a ma0or foundational spiritual preparation* )rom e@perience, you (now that ris( always pays off* - would not be surprised or upset howe+er, if some of you find that you will need a seismic paradigm shift* 1ere,s a great e@ample of this we all learned to apply during our medical school training* - was instructed that %E percent of what we learn and remember is through our +ision and 11 percent of what we learn and remember is through our hearing* The rest we learn and remember is through our other senses* Consequently, today, when - hear a Bible Scripture, - ma(e sure - see it through my eye gate as well as hear it through my ear gateI - ha+e increased my ability to learn and remember it by " percent* A paradigm change is li(e putting on a new pair of glasses in that you will now be able to see through 3spiritual glasses*3 ;hen you loo( through them, you will no longer see e+erything as you did before* ?ou will now percei+e things in dramatically different ways* The traditions in which you ha+e been trained to e@pect to see things e@actly as you did in the past will undergo a radical change* This will require a spiritual ad0ustment that will enable you to adapt to your new spiritual +ision* -t would be a great idea if you were to boo(mar( this new phrase9the paradigm shift9in your mind and refer to it whene+er you come across material that seems to contradict your pre+ious training* )or you will then be dealing with a spiritual le+el of belief, seeing through spiritual glasses and e+en thin(ing spiritually*

-n order to see this miraculous inter+ention, you really ha+e to ree+aluate your entire belief system* 2any of you may want to ma(e immediate changes in your thin(ing* ?ou could almost call this a spiritual brea(through rather than a scientific brea(through, although - belie+e you can,t separate the two realms, since science and spirituality coe@ist* )or e@ample, from a scientific and humorous point of +iew, it is well (nown that parallel lines can ne+er meet* 1owe+er, from a spiritual point of +iew, all truth is parallel, and this indicates that a serious relationship really e@ists between the two realms* The etymology of the word 3paradigm3 dates bac( to the fifteen century* The late 'atin word paradigm is from the /ree( paradeigma, which stems from paradeiknynai9to show side by side* The word 3paradigm3 is defined in the Merriam- 7ebster $ictionary as a philosophical and theoretical framewor( of a scientific school or discipline within which theories, laws, and

generali:ations and the e@periments performed in support of them are formulated* This definition shows that you ha+e to grasp the truth that you can,t compare the systems of this world, which ha+e been programmed in your mind through the training you,+e recei+ed to the systems of /od which are within, in the spiritual realm* Some ha+e arbitrarily wanted to place this concept into the realm of science fiction* This enables them to deal with something they can,t e@plain or comprehend*

Through the Bible you ha+e access to this system* -t is /od,s system and /od,s handboo(* 1e has gi+en you the pri+ilege along with 1is pri+ilege to use and understand this combination medical te@tboo( and law boo(, which is (nown as the ;ord of /od* ?ou will be surprised to find that you can witness and e@perience the same success >esus had simply by ta(ing ad+antage of 1is mighty and powerful words, because 1is words ne+er fail* Hot to confuse you, but the truth is that /od put all the storehouse of treasures that you would e+er need in your brain when you were within your mother,s womb*

;hen - use the term 3paradigm shift,3 -,m attempting to e@pand your mind to enable you to consider e+en the impossible* 2ore specifically, -,m referring to the supernatural realm and its acti+ities* ?ou would thin( these belief le+els are not normally programmed in the comprehensi+e centers of your brain* -n other words, to (eep this simple, when someone tells you, 3- can,t belie+e it,3 you can point him or her to the secret of whate+er seems to be impossible7 ( or with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment3 6'u(e 17E&8* ;hat -,m saying is that you need to start loo(ing at things from a spiritual point of +iew* ;hen you do this, you will disco+er that whate+er you see in the in+isible realm can be accomplished in the 3physical realm*3 -n other words, there are no 3impossibilities3 with /od* Hothing is too hard for 1im* -f any one should e+er tell you that >esus has retired from the healing and deli+erance business, you can reassure them that 1e is still ali+e and is totally in people,s li+es as 1e was when 1e wal(ed as a man on this earth* The Bible confirms this7 ()esus -hrist /the Messiah0 is ,always. the same, yesterday, today, ,yes. and forever /to the ages0( 61ebrews 1E7%8* Through the 0oining together of medical science and the supernatural spiritual world, dramatic testimonies of miracles or healings of incurable medical conditions has ta(en place* ?ou may prefer to call these cases anecdotal rather than statistical, but you will change your mind and belie+e differently when you start witnessing such e+ents for yourself*

- understand that many doctors won,t be able to comprehend the documentations that many people ha+e had creati+e miracles* 1owe+er, - can say with certainty that these miracles can and do ta(e place* 'i(e myself, you will be able to testify and confirm these miracles* As you do so, reali:e you are learning from the greatest physician who e+er li+ed9the 'ord >esus Christ* Cid you (now that

"E percent of all statistics are unnecessary= The truth is that statistics will ne+er replace common sense* )or e@ample, - can pro+e right now that statistically you,re not e+en reading this paragraph< This ne@t e@ample is astounding* 'et,s ta(e the statistics regarding your birth* An e@pert in the Statistics Cepartment of Te@as A P 2 Uni+ersity calculated the odds of a specific indi+idual being born* To do this you ha+e to estimate the total number of fertile men and women in the world, calculate the number of different genetic possibilities a man might contribute, ad0ust for the number of hours of female fertility each month, and then factor in a long list of other considerations* 1ere,s the answer7 3The chance that you, meaning e@actly you and me would be born are 1 in 1*E times ten to the twenty.ninth power*3 -n other words, 1EG,GGG,GGG,GGG,GGG,GGG,GGG,GGG,GGG,GGG to one* Anly /od can e@plain why you are here which accounts for why you are able to read this*


'et me gi+e you an e@ample that might help you to understand what - am saying* A woman named 2a+is >ac(son dro+e past the Crystal Cathedral in Anaheim, California for twenty years, claiming that one day she would stop and go into the church* )inally, she did so and was o+erwhelmed with the E, sanctuary, the ma0estic +oices of the choir, and the glass ceiling that slid open* She praised the church and e@pressed her 0oy to the young woman who was sitting ne@t to her* She as(ed if she was from Anaheim, but the woman responded that she was from the 2idwest* She went on to e@plain that she was actually there on a mission to find her birth mother* 2a+is told her that she (new how she felt, because she had to gi+e up her little girl for adoption, e+en though she didn,t want to* The woman as(ed her if she remembered her daughter,s birthday* 3?es,3 said 2a+is, 3-t,s Actober EGth*3 3That,s my birthday,3 gasped the young woman* - belie+e it was more than a remar(able 3coincidence*3 /od 1imself had reunited a long.lost mother and daughter* 1ow could you e+er possibly calculate the odds of this happening=


This handboo( and the holy Bible will pro+ide you with a firm foundation that will allow you to step out into the spiritual realm and e@perience +ictory, after +ictory* ?ou will constantly recei+e new re+elations from the 1oly Spirit in your daily acti+ities, and these will change and increase the (nowledge you already ha+e* This will encourage you to become in+ol+ed in further reading and watching programs, CLC,s, and +ideos about healing, deli+erance, and Bible study* As you grow more e@cited and see more healings, you will return to read sections of this handboo( o+er and once again in order to build up your spiritual (nowledge and faith* ?ou will begin to see( e+ery a+ailable source of information, as - did, including contact with both ministers and physicians in+ol+ed in healing* - am con+inced that e+ery belie+er can be classified as an e+angelist* - also feel that /od wants e+ery born again belie+er to ha+e a ministry of healing and deli+erance and, further, this is

really a no.option deal* >esus told us to do this in 1is final words e@pressed in the /reat Commission before lea+ing earth* As you continue to wear your spiritual glasses, and sometimes e+en function without wearing them, you will come to depend upon the Spirit that resides within you, the 1oly Spirit* ;hen did 1e come in= ;hen you were born again* The truth is that the 1oly Spirit is really a person rather than a power* 1e is the Spirit of >esus* - ha+e heard many different descriptions when referring to 1im including 1e is di+ine, mighty, a lo+ing friend and helper, e+er present and always ready, dependable, and wise* The 1oly Spirit will open spiritual doors within you so you can learn to apply 1is spiritual principles and de+elop growing faith to belie+e and lay hands on e+ery patient, belie+ing for complete healing of e+ery medical name or condition affecting e+ery patient* This will be possible because >esus said they can be healed* The scriptural +erse is 2ar( 1#71%7 (They will put their hands on those who are ill, and they will get well( 6Bible ;ith ?ou8*

>esus humbled 1imself in 1is obedience by dying on the cross* 1e was then lifted up by /od so that the (nee of e+ery sic(ness and disease, regardless of where it came from would be obligated to bow to 1is name and thereby be healed* (!ut stripped Himself ,of all privileges and rightful dignity., so as to assume the guise of a servant /slave0, in that He became like men and was born a human being' %nd after He had appeared in human form, He abased and humbled Himself ,still further. and carried His obedience to the e:treme of death, even the death of the cross9 Therefore ,because He stooped so low. God has highly e:alted Him and has.freely bestowed on Him the name that is above every name, That in /at0 the name of )esus every knee should /must0 bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth( 6Dhilippians $7&.1G8* Con,t forget, science changes, but the Bible doesn,t, because scientific principles are based on facts* And when you consider all the facts, you encounter temporary situations* Temporary is really a better word for fact* )or e@ample, e+erything you learned in medical school and thereafter continue to change because they are 0ust facts* )acts do change* -n neurosurgical residency and practice, - learned that there was absolutely no way neurons could reproduce* That was presented as an absolute fact* How, in sharp contrast today, they,+e found that our brains can grow new brain cells and e+en ma(e new connections between them throughout life* ?es, facts changeI they are not reliable or dependable* The fact that Dluto was a planet is no longer a fact* ?ou can e@plain all of these transitions when the truth from >esus re+eals to you that man ma(es the facts* The (ey is not to allow the facts to interfere with your belief* The truth is that e+erything in the natural is sub0ect to change* J+erything* -nitially, in this e@perienced, well.thought.out, supernatural spiritual training pac(age that has been designed specifically for you, you may ha+e to o+ercome what is classified as the fear of the un(nown 0ust as you did when you first started medical school and felt all alone* But now you are well (nown as a successful and s(illed professional* ?ou ha+e been blessed with insight to reali:e that truth stamps out fear*

SiA Be0ond Ar8#4ent

< hen you e@amine the re+elations in this handboo(, your ultimate reali:ation will be that you can enhance your medical practice* That is, you can witness the healing and deli+erance of patients, as -,+e already discussed* >esus said, (They will be able to place their hands on the sick and heal them( 62ar( 1#71%, H'T8* 'istening to the personal testimonies of your patients who are healed will thrill you to the point of documenting them and your sense of reward and your faith will grow each time this happens* Understanding and following this organi:ed, supernatural program will actually be easy for you* >ust open your heart and mind without any regard to traditional denominational beliefs, long. held ideas or philosophies you may ha+e had, including any scientific principles that deny the possibility of healing* 2an,s 0udgments and pre0udices can be seen in the o+er EE,GGG labeled denominations 6which means 3di+isions38 that e@ist* Feplace any such preconcei+ed ideas with spiritual truths* /od does not regard one denomination o+er others* Too many people focus on their denominations before they see that they are Christians* The truth is that many denominational people (now more about their church organi:ation than they (now about >esus* ;e must understand that being a Christian is far more important than being a member of any denomination* The more people reali:e this the more it will lead to unity among all of us* A feeling of closeness and commitment has begun to de+elop among physicians and other professional healthcare pro+iders who share Christian +alues* This unity among doctors is powerful and e@tremely influential, since as - mentioned before, the place of agreement is the place of power* The Bible has great news about unity8 (!ehold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity9( 6Dsalm 1EE718* Unity among doctors can be compared to li+ing in a sea of blessing* ?ou don,t want to be barren or unfruitful in the (nowledge of >esus Christ* ;e all need a relationship with 1im for many reasons, but one incredible reason is that we don,t ha+e all the answers to our questions, and we need to reali:e that 1e does, and 1e can resol+e all of them in completely satisfactory ways* Ane minister who +isited hea+en and wrote about his e@perience said that as soon as he saw >esus and spo(e to 1im, the questions he had been sa+ing up to as( 1im no longer seemed important<


The challenge with the world,s system of accepted health care is that the ma0ority of sic(nesses and diseases ha+e reduced people,s lifestyles and burdened them with such ugly restrictions that they are forced to sur+i+e instead of being able to thri+e* As a result, they li+e in serious financial impairment, and may e+en be forced into po+erty* -n many cases these patients ha+e to li+e without health or peace* -t,s true that what you don,t hate you,ll tolerate, but until they recei+e proper (nowledge, people are being destroyed* They are unaware that there are no sic(nesses or diseases in hea+en and that the de+il, not /od, is responsible for almost all of this dar(ness* (My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge2 because you ,the priestly nation. have re6ected knowledge, I will also re6ect you that

you shall be no priest to Me2 seeing you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children( 61osea "7#8*

;hen you minister healing, your greatest ris( is that your faith might be mingled with human reasoning' Femember /od,s +iews are so different from and beyond anything you could image7 ( or My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the +ord( 6-saiah !!7%8* Consequently, you need to trust in /od rather than in man and in so doing you will eradicate the de+il,s power o+er you* Ultimately, no one can do without the 'ord* ;hen you attempt to bypass 1im, you will e@perience spirits of fear and stress that will occupy and attempt to control your thoughts* Cepending on how you e@press your thoughts through spo(en words, these spirits can become ma0or causes of sic(ness and disease* - belie+e the spirit of the words spo(en will e+en de+elop cellular changes in your body*


)or good reason, stress has been called 3Dublic Jnemy Q1*3 1owe+er, you ha+e the power to eradicate these spirits not only from your mind but from your patient,s minds as well* J@pect to be able to recei+e an abundance of spiritual (nowledge and to put it into spiritual practice* This will allow you not only to renew your mind 6thin( Bible thoughts8, but change your mindset toward the positi+e on a persistent basis* ?ou will achie+e a unique quality of life not only for yourself, but also for your patients, as you witness miracles, signs, and wonders9all of which need to e@ist in the Church* ?ou will find that you will be e@traordinarily blessed in the same way - ha+e been* - want you to ha+e this blessing, and /od does, too* ?ou will e+en find it difficult to rest, because the more you see people healed, the more you will want to see others healed* ?ou will be ama:ed at how easy this is, and no doubt you will de+elop a powerful desire through the 'ord >esus Christ to eliminate sic(ness and disease where+er possible* -t really becomes almost li(e an addiction, for it goes well beyond anything you e@perienced in western ci+ili:ation medicine* An ob+ious financial difference is that there are no charges, because >esus ne+er put a price on 1is ministry* But the blessings will multiple one hundredfold* ?ou will find your patients can wal( in both health and 0oy, which will happen as a result of your patient,s 3one.stop shopping3 at your office* All you ha+e to do is to simply release the spiritual power that is within you* >esus comes into your heart when you are born again, and the 1oly Spirit comes to dwell inside your human spirit* Since you are fighting the demonic realm and depending more and more on /od, it would be more appropriate to refer to you as a 3lean 6toward 1im8, mean healing machine<3

-f you are willing to recei+e and accept this spiritual message, dare to belie+e it, and ha+e the courage to put it into action, it will radically alter your life and your career* -t will ta(e you from religion to reality< /od will continue to bless you by pro+iding you with your own set of lifetime opportunities and challenges* 1e will also deal with your comple@ personality so you can accomplish significance in

this world before the end comes* The reward for this in+estment of your life on behalf of others is a place in the Body of Christ for eternity along with all the blessed rewards of hea+en* By the way of contrast, if you inad+ertently or unintentionally happen to compare yourself to what other physicians ha+e done in their li+es, you must ne+er e+er feel intimidated or inadequate* -f you compare them to what you thin( you should ha+e done, thin( again* Comparison is the root of inferiority, and it,s the de+il,s 0ob to gi+e you as much guilt and feelings of inferiority as possible* -n truth, guilt is the de+il,s number one weapon* /uilt, by the way, is a gift that (eeps on gi+ing* /uilt is really anger directed toward yourself* Than( /od, >esus too( all our guilt when 1e died on the cross* ?ou ha+e already achie+ed endless accolades as a result of your dedication as a ser+ant to your patients* >esus is already loo(ing at you from hea+en, and 1e is saying, 32y good and faithful ser+ant*3 Colossians 17$& e@plains the wonderful mystery of the gospel that is centered on Christ in you, the hope of glory7 (To whom God was pleased to make known how great for the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is -hrist within and among you, the Hope of ,reali5ing the. glory'(


1ere is an ama:ing Scripture that re+eals the true impact of >esus li+ing in you7 (I have been crucified with -hrist ,in Him I have shared His crucifi:ion.2 it is no longer I who live, but -hrist /the Messiah0 lives in me2 and the life I now live in the body I live by faith in /by adherence to and reliance on and complete trust in0 the &on of God, 7ho loved me and gave Himself up for me( 6/alatians $7$G8* And further, Dhilippians "71E states how you can accomplish this7 (I have strength for all things in -hrist 7ho empowers me ,I am ready for anything and e4ual to anything through Him 7ho infuses inner strength into me2 I am self-sufficient in -hrist's sufficiency.'( /od did not call us to debate with others whether >esus is ali+e or not, or if the Bible is absolute truth or not* Heither did /od intend for us to ha+e to pro+e to others that the healings we witness are real or that they actually ta(e place in us and through us by way of 1is mighty power* ;hen people approach me with a disagreement, - see little reason to argue with them* Arguing ser+es absolutely no purpose* The truth is that sic(ness and disease don,t e@ist in hea+en since Christ,s redemption on the cross too( care of that* Therefore, there is no reason why they should e@ist here* The people who want to argue are, of course, uncon+inced unbelie+ers* - tell them that a man with a con+iction for the 'ord >esus Christ is ne+er at the mercy of a man with an argument* -nstead, - recommend they read Dsalms in the morning and Dro+erbs at night for one month and then get bac( to me* Cid you (now that disbelief is actually disobedience= Ale@ander Dope summed it up +ery well7 % man convinced against his will, Is of the same opinion still'


-n Dsalm 1"71, Bing Ca+id referred to people who say there is no /od as fools7 (The ,emptyheaded. fool has said in his heart, There is no God' They are corrupt, they have done abominable deeds2 there is none that does good or right'(

/od tells us not to offer our pearls to those who are nonbelie+ers or unholy people, because they will turn and attac( you7 ($o not give that which is holy /the sacred thing0 to the dogs, and do not throw your pearls before hogs, lest they trample upon them with their feet and turn and tear you in pieces( 62atthew &7#8* ?our part is to belie+e and trust that /od can do 1is 0ob so you can do yours, as 1e promised you in 1is ;ord* 1e is not really as(ing you to heal and deli+er people, but 1e is as(ing you to belie+e 1im for their healing and deli+erance* - than( /od for your commitment to your profession* - (now you ha+e gi+en your life for your patients and you ser+e your family, your hospitals, your community, and e+en your colleagues faithfully* - encourage you to absorb spiritual information li(e a sponge and learn e+erything you possibly can to pro+ide for and e@tend the e@cellence of life to others* 1ere,s the bottom line7 if other physicians can do it, you can do it too* -f - can do it, you can do it* -t,s all a part of /od,s plan and purpose for your life*

Dlease recei+e the following Scripture as a personal word to you* >esus began 1is ministry with this prophecy from -saiah #171I it defined both 1is mission and 1is nature* This can become your mission and focus, as well* (The &pirit of the +ord God is upon me, because the +ord has anointed and 4ualified me to preach the Gospel of good tidings to the meek, the poor, and afflicted2 He has sent me to bind up and heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the ,physical and spiritual. captives and the opening of the prison and of the eyes to those who are bound'( This is a clear proclamation of liberty from guilt and all the bondages of corruption* Are you willing to ma(e Christ your 1ead and to be ruled by 1im so that you may recei+e spiritual sight and your eyes may be opened= Dlease note that those who had offended /od were going to be reconciled to 1im* >esus had particular regard for the sic(, especially for the sinners 1e considered to be as 1is patientsI 1e con+inced awa(ened sinners that they needed to see their need of the /reat Dhysician* 1e came to call sinners, including the worst of sinners, to repentance and to assure them of pardon upon repentance*

-t was between %G and G B*C* when the apostle Daul first described 'u(e as 3the belo+ed physician*3 -ndeed, 'u(e was a highly talented doctor and e+angelist* 1e was inspired by /od to write the boo(s of 'u(e and the Acts of the Apostles* Scholars ha+e found e+idence of technical medical terminology that was used in both the /ospel of 'u(e and the Boo( of Acts* >esus recogni:ed medical science when 1e stated in 'u(e !7E17 (%nd )esus replied to them, It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick'( This has been long established in 2atthew 71$, as well7 (!ut when )esus heard it, He replied, Those who are strong and well /healthy0 have no need of a physician, but those who are weak and sick'( /od also appro+ed of prayer for healing in >ames !71!7 (Is anyone among you sick1 He should call in the church elders /the spiritual guides0' %nd they should pray over him, anointing him with oil in the +ord's name' %nd the prayer ,that is. of faith will save him who is sick, and the +ord will

restore him2 and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven' -onfess to one another therefore your faults /your slips, your false steps, your offenses, your sins0 and pray ,also. for one another, that you may be healed and restored ,to a spiritual tone of mind and heart.' The earnest /heartfelt, continued0 prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available ,dynamic in its working.'(

- heard about a bus dri+er and a minister who arri+e together in hea+en* The minister is assigned to an old shac( and has to wal( e+erywhere, ha+ing only the minimal basics of life* The bus dri+er, on the other hand, is dri+en to a mansion where he en0oys the best of accommodations, including a chauffeur* At the monthly hea+enly conference meeting, the minister complains to St* Deter, 3These accommodations are atrocious* ;hy should that bus dri+er li+e better than - do=3 St* Deter answers, 3;hen you were a minister and preached, many people fell asleep during your sermons* ;hen the bus dri+er dro+e the bus, people would pray openly*3 Dardon the humor, but we need to do whate+er it ta(es to get people to pray*


As doctors, we are representati+es of >esus* Aur role in these end days should be to see( the sal+ation of our patient,s souls and healing and deli+erance of their minds and bodies* -n other words, the physician,s business includes healing the sic( both physically and spiritually* The truth is that there is ne+er any denominational resistance after a miracle by >esus has been e@perienced and documented* 2edical science and prayer do wor( together to bring forth healing, but - belie+e that while doctors treat their patients /od heals them* Some people will prefer to ta(e pain relie+ers for their headaches or to undergo surgery and put their faith in doctors and medicine rather than >esus* 1ow often ha+e you heard that /od wanted those people with sic(ness or disease to go through a particular surgery or ta(e medicine= The big question we need to as( is7 what is the patient,s le+el of faith= - honestly belie+e that e+eryone can be healed spiritually* 1owe+er, rather than face hostility through an open confrontation, - would rather ha+e the patient belie+e that /od wants them to use their own doctor and medication or surgery, and what is referred to as 3natural means*3 Since the Bible claims that >esus can heal you e+erywhere you hurt, what,s wrong with turning it all o+er to 1im, especially when medical modalities don,t ha+e the final answer=

Se(en A Per'on)/ :o#rne0

2y belief is that the three most profound influences in our li+es are7 18 The people we meet* $8 The boo(s we read* E8 The /od we pray to* This handboo( is not meant to be a biography, although it may appear to be such, depending on your interpretation of my words as you read* -,m using the e@periences of my life that began solely in the natural realm until - learned to incorporate the supernatural realm within my wor(* This happened when - was able to identify it* This boo( is about how /od through the 'ord >esus and the 1oly Spirit, directed my life, with my permission, into my destiny of a healing and deli+erance ministry* These things are being shared with you so that you can appreciate their reality and come to understand that the same thing can happen to you 6or perhaps has already happened to you8* Also, please remember that these e+ents and e@periences do not represent a model for you to follow, for my own spiritual growth does not present a pattern that you should necessarily pursue* Understand that all natural life is really spiritual first9spiritual because it was with /od before it was actually created in the natural realm* The supernatural realm is what controls the natural, and this is why healing occurs* 2ost people are unable to appreciate the immense. ness of the supernatural domain since it is not +isible, unless /od allows one to see with spiritual eyes into the supernatural* 1owe+er, during your reading of this handboo( and your Bible studies, you,ll find that the 'ord will open up the supernatural realm for you far beyond what you thin(, see, feel, hear, taste, or smell in the natural realm* The ma0ority, if not all of the acti+ities and medicalM spiritual e+ents that ha+e occurred in my own life ha+e to do solely with the power, influence, and guiding of the 1oly Spirit*


A minister once told me, 3;e spend the first part of our life searching for security, and the rest of our li+es loo(ing for significance*3 This could be what the hymn writer meant when he wrote, (;ow none but -hrist can satisfy2 no other name for me' There's love, life, and lasting 6oy, +ord )esus found in Thee9( 1e said, (%re you searching for contentment1 Try )esus9( The truth is that - stopped loo(ing for any notoriety associated with significance 6what some may call pride8, because when you are filled with >esus, you no longer get impressed with yourself because of what >esus does for you through 1im* - trust you ha+e already come to the conclusion that this handboo( is about >esus, not me, and it tells what 1e has done to allow me to bless others within the Body of Christ* 2y only goal is to bless and help doctors enhance their medical practice with the healing and deli+erance ministry gifts they ha+e recei+ed from the 'ord* Again, understand that /od is no respecter of per. sons* Since 1e has done these things for one person, including signs, wonders, and miracles, 1e will absolutely do it for you, as well* Dut

yourself in my place as you read these pages and e@pect the things -,+e e@perienced to occur for you as a belie+er* /od has no fa+orites, as Deter declared7 (%nd <eter opened his mouth and said8 Most certainly and thoroughly I now perceive and understand that God shows no partiality and is no respecter of persons'(


The first time - was moti+ated to consider medicine came about while - was in high school, and - was wor(ing as a cashier in a large supermar(et* Another cashier had 0ust completed ringing up a large order on the con+eyer belt and turned to me and said, in a rather e@hausted +oice, 3-,m not going to do this for the rest of my life9-,m going to college as a and become a doctor*3 Soon thereafter, my family mo+ed again and - had to register for my eighth different school* This time it was Central 1igh School, in Dhiladelphia, an all boys, school* ;hen - reflect bac( on this, often wonder what /od,s purpose was for me in facing all these new en+ironmental changes* Than( /od, - ne+er had to e@perience another se+enth.grade challenge of being the only >ew in the schoolI howe+er, - guess - would still recommend it if you,re loo(ing for a way to de+elop a great sense of humor<


- was a few wee(s away from starting the ele+enth grade when as - entered the stairwell of our rented duple@ apartment, - noticed the door to the first.floor apartment was wide open* - too( note of a young man who was sitting on the sofa with his feet ele+ated* 1e was wearing shorts and pulling a string bac( and forth that was tied to his big toe* After - introduced myself, he informed me that he was a third.year medical student studying the muscles of the foot* - learned that his name was Daul, and he quic(ly became my friend, mentor, and 3answer man*3 2uch later, as - loo(ed bac( on that relationship and others, - was ama:ed to see how /od had placed the appropriate people in each le+el and phase of my life* The more answers - recei+ed from Daul, to my questions, the greater the le+el of my hunger became* -t,s so true that you become who you hang around with, as - learned in those formati+e years when the direction of my early career began to ta(e shape*


That same year, - became aware of the first great tele+angelist, Aral Foberts, who was ministering to huge crowds in tent re+i+als all o+er the country* The focus of his ministry was on healing and deli+erance* Foberts had the courage to step out with his spiritual beliefs in spite of the challenging contro+ersies his acti+ities created e+erywhere he went* After school and on wee(ends - would loo( for his program on tele+ision and sit glued watching9with increased enthusiasm, but without any understanding, as - attempted to figure out what - was seeing and e@periencing* Fe+* Foberts would place his hands on the heads of people, and, as he touched them, they would fall bac(. wards for reasons - did not comprehend* - would stare at the screen, almost

mesmeri:ed, and thin( how dumb it all seemed to be* Then - would as( myself, 3;hy am - watching this=3 - ne+er really understood its purpose, but it repeatedly captured my attention* There was no way would ha+e belie+ed that what - was watching was a spiritual thing that in+ol+ed healing, especially when - had no particular health issues and weren,t aware of anyone else ha+ing them* Honetheless, was fascinated by what - was seeing* 'ater, - learned that ,enthusiasm, means ,/od within, and - would use the last four letters of the word enthusiasm an acronym7 I Am Spiritually Moti+ated*

Also during the ele+enth grade, - had to +isit my local doctor to complete a health form for school* ;hat a surprise to find - de+eloped an instant friendship with Cr* Arthur, who became my teacher, as well* 1e was an encourager, li(e Barnabas in the Bible was, and - began to +isit him frequently, not only at his office, but also when he in+ited me to his home, as if - were a part of his family* That,s one of the reasons why - ha+e became an encourager to others as well, 0ust li(e you will be to your patients* Soon thereafter, - was pri+ileged to recei+e a science boo( that - interpreted as being restricted to doctors* -t was entitled, Man the 3nknown by Ale@is Carrel 61%&E. 1 ""8, a Hobel Dri:e winner and a surgeon* - read how this e@perimental biologist (ept tissue from a chic(en,s heart ali+e for thirty.two years among other ama:ing stories* Cr* Arthur told me how he handled certain medical situations, and he shared with me medical tips that he had learned in his practice* - ne+er forgot any of them, especially how to respond to the mother who as(s, 3;hat you do thin( about my new baby=3 1e told me to say with emotion, 3How, that,s a baby<3 But he really meant it* -n the first wee( of twelfth grade, we were instructed to spend the coming wee(end by focusing on the ma0or decision regarding what we wanted to do for our future career* Fepresentati+es from +arious colleges would be present at the school in the following wee( to answer our questions* Central was an elite academic school that was accredited to issue college.le+el degrees to its students upon graduation* - remember filling in that form, and - wrote the words 3Dre.med3 in the appropriate space* 'ater, - reali:ed that the 1oly Spirit (nows our destiny e+en before we do* This choice of was a bit scary to me, for - (new there was no one in my family who was in the field of medicine* ;hy had - made this choice= Derhaps my friends Daul and Cr* Arthur had great influence in my life*


-n my last year of high school, - purchased a boo( entitled, 7illiam &harpe, !rain &urgeon* learned ama:ing things from this neurosurgeon,s e@perience, things that again drastically changed the direction of my life* - learned that this man happened to attend the same high school in Dhiladelphia that - was attending< This apparent coincidence made me sit up and listen to what he had to say* - decided to attend Albright College, a small school in Feading, Dennsyl+ania*

-n my second year there, my astrophysics ma0or friend spo(e to me in the loc(er room with the dynamics of an actor* 1e lifted up his +oice said, 3?ou need to do something in your life and become somebody< ;hy else were you put here on earth=3 - was already ma0oring in biology and chemistry as a student, but this thought had became a ma0or impact in my growth and - adopted it as my lifestyle, as - began to play the role of a moti+ator* As a follow.up to this, fifty years later, following our class reunion, - was able to locate his telephone number and was stunned to learn that he had become an atheist* 1e was basically 0ust e@isting in life for he had lost his dream*

Ane summer, while - was in college, - decided to study astronomy as an amateur, and purchased and set up a new, eight inch telescope that cost close to two hundred dollars* - needed to (now more, and - stepped out with a boldness that - didn,t (now was a+ailable* - called the Cirector of the Dlanetarium in our city and was ama:ed that he actually came o+er to my home one night to help me learn more about astronomy* 1is (nowledge was e@tensi+e to be sure, although - was going to say it was astronomical< 1e pointed out hea+enly acti+ities, including falling stars, and e+en spotted a satellite that was orbiting the earth* - was astounded by his +ersatility and his ability to be able to operate the telescope, included trac(ing* -t was all immensely fascinating to me* ;hat a gentlemen and teacher he was, as he responded to my unanswered questions, such as who was responsible for those billions of stars and all the other mo+ing forms in the +ast cosmos= ;as there really a /od= 1ow could this /od ta(e one inch of the tips of our fingers and design billions of different fingerprints and CHA,s for all the people 1e created= -n a similar +ein, we could now as( how 1e could do the same thing by creating different eye recognition patterns for the identification of indi+idual human beings=

2y mother played the +iolin in the symphony orchestra, and later she became the boo((eeper for one of the great opera companies* ;ith this influence in my life, - also became absorbed with music, and - too( +iolin lessons from the time - was in si@th grade until the beginning of my first year of medical school* - also too( lessons briefly from a student at >ulliard School of 2usic, but - quic(ly reali:ed - couldn,t do both* J+entually, - played in the Feading Dhilharmonic and Sa+annah Symphony Archestras, and at one time - seriously considered music for my career* 2y father played the mouth organ, and so - e+entually studied the chromatic harmonica, so - could play classics li(e Bach, Beetho+en, and Brahms* 62y current desire is to play the three. stringed, triangle shaped balalai(a*8 /od continued to 3drop3 people into my life, as - am sure 1e does in your life* Ane afternoon, for e@ample, - was wal(ing through the college gym after a class, and the 0anitor, a part.time minister, approached me* ;ithin ten minutes, he told me about the ineffecti+eness of all my boo(s, including the ones - was carrying around* ;ith simplicity he shared with me the +alue of >esus in the li+es of people* -t was a powerful message, and the truth of it affected me later in life, but - did e+erything - could at that time to ignore it, since - was already programmed as a >ew*

The more - reflected bac( on the path of my life, the more - was impressed with what /od had been doing all along* Those early e@periences were 0ust the beginning preparation for me to mo+e into the field of medicine, but - belie+e the desire to do so had been long in place* Ane day - would fulfill this destiny through /od* Then, in 1 %", while at a business con+ention, - attended a nondenominational worship ser+ice, and - said a prayer - really didn,t completely understand* 1owe+er, it was a simple prayer of sal+ation, and - had been born again* Soon thereafter - found myself as(ing the 'ord to fill me with the 1oly Spirit, especially when went to bed at night* But - didn,t 0oin a church or become what you would call an 3acti+e3 Christian*3 Until 1 1, - was obli+ious to /od, e+en though - had accepted >esus into my heart* - ne+er had a reason to ac(nowledge 1im since - was too in+ol+ed in me, myself, and -* This is affectionately (nown as the 3-3 disease* - did e@perience two e@ceptionally more.than.close calls on my life and, although - was e@tremely grateful that - got through them, - was still too young, immature, and dumb to accept the truth that /od and 1is angels were always on duty* - didn,t reali:e that they had sa+ed me from drowning and from being struc( by a bus* 'ater, things changed when - started reading the Bible, and - began to recei+e the ;ord into my spirit* /od always dwells within you through 1is grace and mercy from the time 1e created you in your mother,s womb* /od en0oys communicating with you and interacting in your life, so when you begin to ta(e action based on 1is direction, you,ll find that your life will become an endless ad+enture that is limited only by your creati+ity and obedience to 1is +oice* That,s where peace comes from9obeying /od*


1ow - was able to get into medical school is a miracle in itself* 2y brilliant mom, who was also >ewish, played a (ey role* As a doctor, -,m sure you (now what it was li(e to wait to hear about your appro+al 6or re0ection8 from your application to medical schools* The cra:y, mi@ed.up emotions that are associated with waiting to hear are sometimes o+erwhelming* -t finally happened* - got an answer after se+eral wee(s of waiting* The result was instant depression< The letter read, 3Sorry to inform you that*3 ?ou (now the rest< 1ow could - be re0ected= /oing to medical school was my passion* ;hen told my mom, who had been referring to me as 32y son, the doctor,3 from the time - was se+en years old, said, 3/ood, that was not your first choice<3 That was true, but - would ha+e accepted it anyway* She ad+ised me to write to the school of my choice and inform them that, 3- was already accepted to another place, but that - would prefer to go to their medical school*3 - was ne+er comfortable thin(ing that was a /od idea, but - reali:ed, than( the 'ord, it was a great idea when - finally got accepted by my first choice* Than( /od, my parents were able to pay for my tuition 6appro@imately one thousand dollars a year8, plus room and board, which was an e@traordinary amount of money at that time*

)or me, my study time required an a+erage of si@ hours nightly after school and fifteen hours each wee(end* 2y toughest course in medical school was epidemiology* They had to pass me, howe+er, because - did well in all my other courses< Ane of my biggest thrills was that - was as(ed to help write a small part of the school play, which called, 3Hot as a Cowboy,3 -n this production, - played a /roucho 2ar@ character* This was a ta(eoff on a boo( entitled, ;ot as a &tranger which was about an egotistical surgeon* Cid you e+er encounter one of them= /roucho, by the way, resigned from the )riar,s Club because he refused to belong to any organi:ation that would accept him as a member<


-n my matching rotating internship application program, - was fortunate enough to obtain the hospital and the electi+e of my choice, Feading 1ospital and neurosurgery* - thought that would be the toughest and most challenging field - could choose, especially after reading that boo( about the brain surgeon* Af course, my mother was responsible for me going into neurosurgery since she always told me that in life - always had to get 3ahead*3 She lo+ed my sense of humor, or perhaps she 0ust put up with it< Since - had to enlist in the military ser+ice, - applied to the U*S* Ha+y and e+entually recei+ed notice that - was to be stationed at Darris -sland in South Carolina as a Ha+y lieutenant* -t was a unique e@perience, one - would ne+er forget* 2y time there was an enormous contrast to medical school, internship, and sometimes e+en medicine itself*

The Ha+y corpsmen - wor(ed with were awesome* 2y first day of indoctrination doing 1 and D,s 6history and physicals8 to a huge line of 2arine pri+ates started off rather poorly* - wasn,t unable to hear any heart or lung sounds until - listened to the chest of the third recruit* - stopped and reali:ed something was +ery wrong* - disco+ered that one of the corpsmen had stuffed the diaphragm of my stethoscope with cotton< - learned s(ills - ne+er (new, including how to e@amine large groups of young men and women 6na+y ;a+es8 who were healthy, super+ising +accinations that were administered to hundreds, caring for those men who were confined to the brig, treating the recruits, 2arines and their families, and gaining s(ills in playtime acti+ities, such as bowling, photography, pool, swimming, and shooting on the rifle range* 1a+ing made a career decision, - needed to apply for a neurosurgical residency program and obtain an inter+iew*


Since - was +ery familiar with the Dhiladelphia area, there was a program - wanted to attend there, and - was sure - would be accepted* - too( a ris( by depending on my faith and only applied to that one program* Time restrictions limited my options since - could only acquire a or #.hour lea+e for the inter+iew* 1owe+er, only by flying there and bac( could - squee:e in the time that was

a+ailable* To meet the Ha+y requirements, - had to pass a high.pressure chamber course so could hitch a ride in the bac( seat of a T1A single.engine 0et* 2y ne@t.door pilot buddy friend informed me that the toughest part of the e@am was at the completion of the test when - was strapped down in the demonstration e0ection seat* 1e told me when - heard them shout, 3Dull,3 - had to respond instantly and pull the le+er o+erhead* 1e e@plained that this was necessary in case - had to e0ect during the flight* 1e e@plained in +i+id detail how - would then be shot fifty feet into the air< As a result, - began to associate the word 3flight3 with fright, but - (new - had to qualify and tolerate this in order to get the residency inter+iew - was see(ing* Sitting in a chamber at an altitude of $G,GGG feet and then without o@ygen for a short period of time wasn,t too difficult* - belie+ed my pilot friend until - pulled that le+er on command and only mo+ed some ten feet or less, but - was still restrained on the metal platform* Draise the 'ord, - passed the test and had the most spectacular ride of my life* Also, - was accepted for my neurosurgical residency and scheduled to begin my four. year neurosurgical program following my discharge from the ser+ice*


Curing the time of my ser+ice obligation, - de+eloped a unique friendship with a high.ran(ing na+y officer, Captain )red J* >ac(son, who was the Chief of Heurosurgery at the Charleston Ha+al 1ospital in South Carolina* Curing those two years* - +isited him frequently and learned an immense amount of practical neurosurgical training information* -t was more li(e an apprenticeship or a short residency program without the blood, e+en before my residency e+er commenced* This was 0ust another godly coincidence that in+ol+ed a man who became a hero to me, in the same way that my ne@t.door pilot buddy had become a friend to me* )red was a gifted teacher who lo+ed people and was always ready to research and train with his mo+ie camera* This is a tribute to him* 2y four.year neurosurgical residency was o+er. whelming, but thoroughly e@citing as well, and it was so enormously different from my past training that it was li(e going bac( to medical school and learning all o+er again, with almost entirely different information* - wonder if you can get addicted or rather dependent on the thrill that comes from learning* Derhaps it has to do with our endorphins and the encephalins* -n 1 % , my father was diagnosed with a highly malignant tumor, and the tissue biopsy re+ealed a sarcoma* Unfortunately, the tumor had become metastatic and untreatable* - was already in neurosurgical practice and immediately understood that there was no amount of medical (nowledge that would resol+e this* 1e did ha+e e@cellent oncologists in a top.notch hospital, howe+er*

'ater that same year, - myself was diagnosed with bilateral plantar fascitis associated with spurs* 2y prognosis was good in that it was not life.threatening, e@cept my colleagues informed me there was no cure or definiti+e treatment for this condition* - was told - had to learn how to tolerate intractable pain*

2y question was, 3;here can - enroll in Toleration School= The challenge was that - couldn,t ta(e pain medication while wor(ing in the operating suite and worse, ta(ing pain medication was against my philosophy anyhow* 2y father died in Ho+ember, 1 G* - was with him the night before as he passed away, suffering with unbearable pain in spite of a morphine drip* Unfortunately, he was not open in any way to recei+e sal+ation or e+en to recei+e prayer* - made a promise to myself that - would find some way to help these unfortunate +ictims e+en though - belie+ed from all of my training and (nowledge that an answer for healing or e+en any (ind of cure was not possible* ?ou probably won,t be surprised to learn that - found a way to treat patients who were suffering with chronic pain when - met a 2edtronics representati+e who came to my office* The speciali:ed program he offered was referred to as neuroaugmentation* 1e e@plained that substances naturally produced by the brain, called beta endorphins, act on the peri+entricular and periacqueductal areas to alle+iate pain* Heuroaugmentation ta(es ad+antage of this system by the use of electrical stimulation of deep brain structures and the spinal cord to relie+e debilitating chronic pain* Soon thereafter, - began to treat patients with neurospinal pain implants and later learned how to implant morphine pumps, mostly to alle+iate the useless pain associated with a malignancy*


These units were not the answer, howe+er, which e@plained why only a small percentage of neurosurgeons were in+ol+ed in this treatment* - ne+er reali:ed at the time that there was something that could be done about chronic and terminal conditions* -t was +ery fortuitous that - learned how to ha+e access into the supernatural realm through >esus as a result of my personal healing and ha+e the opportunity to get e+en with the de+il through 2ar( 1#71%I (They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover( 6American Standard Lersion8* The Bible gi+es ad+ice to ne+er see( re+enge or bear a grudge, but -,m referring to those cases in which we are fighting the enemy, who is also the decei+er* ?ou need to understand that one of the many ways the enemy comes to you is through people, but this includes the media as well* (*ou shall not take revenge or bear any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself' I am the +ord( 6'e+iticus 1%71 8*


As a result of this tragic e@perience with my dad, - reali:ed one of the ma0or reasons for getting in+ol+ed in a healing ministry was to ha+e a resource that would gi+e people hope* This is in contrast to the times when -,+e had to inform a family and sometimes a patient that nothing else can be done* Co you ha+e any idea what it,s li(e to ha+e hope or not to ha+e hope= The truth is that hope can lead to faith, but hope is not enough, since you can still die with hope* 1ere,s the difference* 1ope is in the head, but faith is in heart* 1ope is in tomorrow, but faith is in today* -,+e had to treat too many patients, who ha+e no hope 0ust li(e you ha+e* Their medical condition seemed beyond finding a cure* ;hat a blessing it is to be able to gi+e people hope* But than(s to >esus, it is better to gi+e people Bible hope* ;hy= Because Bible hope in+ol+es significant faith*

-n 1 1, a salesman came to my office as(ing me to purchase an ad+ertisement in his local Christian business telephone boo(* -n e@change, - was supposed to e@pect enough patient referrals to at least co+er the costs* 1e spotted a boo( that was on my des(* -t was written by Benny 1inn and was entitled, Good Morning, Holy &pirit* ;hen he heard me mention - was scheduled for a +acation at Cisney ;orld, he insisted that - +isit the author and his church in Arlando* - promptly e@plained that >ewish people don,t go to Christian churches, 6although - ne+er considered the ser+ice at a business con+ention as a church8* - was unable to e@plain to him why - read a Christian boo(, and - ne+er told him about my chronic, intractable pain* 1owe+er, once - was at Cisney, my curiosity o+ercame my tradition and - was ad+ised - had to be at the Arlando church by #7GG A*2* in order to get a seat* At that ser+ice, Benny 1inn showed a +ideo from a healing ser+ice that had been recorded the pre+ious night with Fe@ 1umbard* -t was rather 3weird3 to me, for - saw all the ministers lying on the platform 3praying in tongues,3 as it was later identified to me* As - watched this une@plainable, almost e+ent, something ama:ing happened almost instantaneously* -n 0ust a moment - felt a powerful 3heat3 come into both my feet and radiate up my legs* Suddenly, all the pain that - had e@perienced for so long completely disappeared* - didn,t (now what had happened, and there was no way - could e@plain it* After two and a half years the e@cruciating pain was instantly gone* - immediately leaped up and started 0umping up and down* - had not been able to do this since the condition started, and certainly couldn,t ha+e tolerated the pain that would ha+e resulted from that (ind of acti+ity* At the same time, - started crying* - couldn,t belie+e the total and instant relief - was e@periencing* - was initially embarrassed as - stood there and - cried until - saw many other people who were also standing* - figured they were probably healed as well*


Then - found myself spea(ing negati+e confessions< - was saying e+erything - train people not to say when they are being instructed on how to get healed and stay healed* - as(ed myself, 3-s this real= 1ow long will this last= ;ill my pain come bac(=3 This became my radical, con+ersion in which /od showed up with my spiritual and physical healing* 1owe+er, in the meantime, when - was finally informed that >esus was responsible for my liberation from this bondage, my intellectual response that tra+eled from my mind into my mouth and tongue was, 3- don,t thin( so<3 e+en though - had e@perienced a supernatural miracle from /od* - was told, 3There is nothing wrong in being ignorantI you 0ust don,t want to stay there*3 Ab+iously, - refused to ac(nowledge the 1ero of this life changing e+ent in my life because of my lac( of (nowledge and my pride* This was without doubt the same reason - ne+er allowed myself to be 3suc(ed into3 that >esus 3stuff3 - had heard and occasionally read about* ?ou see, - already had my life together, especially in my medical practice* - did ignore for that moment what had happened to my father, howe+er* - came to reali:e that there is a cycle that occurs in life* -t goes something li(e this7 Dride***leads to*** rebellion***leads to***0udgment* Dride and rebellion are the first two sins reported in

the Bible and this shows you that the de+il had no reason to change his tactics against us, since this cycle always wor(s in the life of e+ery uninformed person*

-n my research, many months, many boo(s and tapes later, - began to feel comfortable with my new paradigm* - (new the 1oly Spirit was responsible for my intense desire to read and watch more than !GG boo(s and tapes* This new hunger to learn about the supernatural was re+elation to me* Then - started memori:ing Scriptures, because they were +ery inspiring to me* There was one passage in particular that - would repeat often* -t,s -saiah #7%, and it seemed to 3pop3 into my consciousness and become momentous in my life* This occurred to me whene+er the thought came into my mind that - was going to be on a mission to share what - had learned* Then - would rehearse this +erse in my mind7 (%lso I heard the voice of the +ord, saying, 7hom shall I send1 %nd who will go for 3s1 Then said I, Here am I2 send me'( 2y first boo(, Healing Is *ours, too( se+en years to write* -t was moti+ated by the preceding Scripture, as well as the miracle of my own healing, and the desperate need to offer some (ind of 3hope3 to the sic( and dying* - am so than(ful to /od for this opportunity to become in+ol+ed with healing and deli+erance* - could ha+e missed life completely by not 0oining up with /od at allI late in+ol+ement was far better than no in+ol+ement*


As a scientist, - ne+er studied and was ne+er e@posed to the healing power of /od, e+en thought - did read the Torah* - did catch up much later, howe+er, when - learned that my awesome healing occurred through >esus and the 1oly Spirit* Also as a scientist, - was quite dependent on what - would obser+e and percei+e with my physical senses before - could act on it* But the challenge is that, in the supernatural realm, you only want to be mo+ed by what you belie+e, not by what you see, feel, hear, taste, touch, or smell* Cid you reali:e that as long as you li+e, Satan will use these senses against you= That is e@actly why you can,t in+estigate the spiritual realm with your senses, since it,s only accessible by faith* )urther, the reason why you aren,t able to understand e+erything is that if you did, you wouldn,t ha+e to li+e by faith* That 3hunger3 you possess as a doctor, to learn and to achie+e, along with your growing faith, is e@actly why you will be so successful as well in this healing and deli+erance ministry* The switch.o+er gets easier and easier as you become increasingly e@posed to more and more spiritual tests and witness the miraculous results* The Scriptures soon became part of my +ocabulary* - once too( a laser course in Tennessee to e+aluate a possibly better method to remo+e herniated lumbar discs in a way other than the classic laminectomy* 2y cada+er, which was being stored in a free:er, was not allowing me to enter into the disc space with my pointed trocar in order to begin the procedure* - told my professor that, 32any were cold, but few were fro:en*3 - was e@cited when he laughed at this Bible humor, because - (new he recogni:ed the +erse from 2atthew $71"7 ( or many are called /invited and summoned0, but few are chosen'( - was called by an attorney to testify as an e@pert witness against a doctor who had supposedly missed the diagnosis of a cerebral aneurysm, which presented sudden, se+ere headaches in his patient* - immediately told him, 3Ho way<3 1e as(ed why, and all - could thin( was my paraphrase of the Scripture, 3'et him who is without sin throw the first stone*3 This is what >esus said in >ohn %7&* -t was 1is answer to the question about how to handle the condemned woman who had sinned7 (However, when they persisted with their 4uestion, He raised Himself up and said, +et him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her'(

The 'ord used me following a particular emergency operati+e procedure as a yielded +essel* The bac(ground of this crisis in+ol+ed a nurse,s father who was deteriorating rapidly from the pressure build.up that came from a chronic subdural hematoma* The intense pressure on the brain was life.threatening because of the accumulation of blood and its brea(down products, which included associated swelling and edema* -n addition, the mass causes the brain to shift and cuts off the blood supply* The operating room staff was phenomenal in getting e+erything set up* -n a +ery short time, really 0ust minutes following the decompression with the enlarged burr hole, the patient wo(e up* As soon as his head was properly bandaged, - thought it would be a great idea for his daughter to chat with him since she was almost panic. stric(en as a result of her belief that her father was going to die*

- dialed his room number and handed him the phone while we were waiting for the reco+ery room stretcher* - said, 3Say hello to your daughter*3 The first thing - heard him say after, 31ello,3 was, a +ery loud, 3;hat do you mean how am - doing= -,m doing fine< 1ow are you=3


-n the early 1 G,s, my mother de+eloped a carcinoma of the breast and had ma0or surgery, followed by chemo, and radiation therapy* She was blessed to sur+i+e, but she wasn,t able to cope with the emphysema and the de+elopment of CADC which resulted from smo(ing for so many years* Toward the end of 1 #, +isited her in her hospital room and ministered healing to her, but only after the nurse who came in to do +ital signs was healed of a rotator cuff in0ury through >esus* - too( ad+antage of that sequence of e+ents to lead my mom to the 'ord* She stunned me when she said, 3Than( you for bringing >esus to me*3 1ow many times, and for how many years before that did - hear my mom say, 3-f you e+er become a Christian please don,t tell me3=


A patient was seen in neurosurgical consultation with the diagnosis of acute lumbosacral sprain and basically was unable to mo+e as a result of the pain and se+ere spasms he was e@periencing* There was no history of sciatica* Both he and his wife were open to prayer, and - ministered healing to his bac(* - placed my hands on the areas of concern and spo(e while he listened* ;hen - finished, he was immediately healed* - had him get out of bed, which he did quic(ly and was able to bend his bac( while touching his toes without any limitations* 1e wanted to go home, but my challenge was to e@plain and 0ustify his admission and discharge on the same day* -n addition, - didn,t (now how - could report this e+ent on his medical chart* 1ow could - write that >esus had healed him= )ortunately, he was willing to postpone his discharge until the following day, 0ust to confirm that he remained asymptomatic* An the chart, the progress note read that the patient had impro+ed and his bac( pain was resol+ing* - told his attending doctor that there was no neurosurgical problem and that he could be discharged the following day* -n spite of all this e@citement with these spiritual acti+ities, - had no intention of going into the ministry* - may ha+e been called, but - was fighting it to the best of my ability* At that time, - wasn,t interested in getting more in+ol+ed and ne+er considered this to be my destiny*

A pastor,s husband called me to minister to his wife who was in the -CU and was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm* ?ou already (now the scenario when you tell the family that their lo+ed one is li+ing with a time bomb in their head that could go off any minute and that they could die from the rupture of the bubble on their blood +essel* The history of this lady re+ealed a classical picture of an o+erwhelming headache, photophobia, nuchal rigidity, and confirmation by angiography* 1er husband e@plained that he was holding his wife,s

head up with one hand so she could be ele+ated and holding the cell phone with the other so she could tal( to me* She was sufficiently awa(e so she could hear me and respond* - commanded her headaches to come out, her nec( to become supple, and the light intolerance to lea+e* -mmediately, - told her, 3?our headaches 0ust went away,3 and she confirmed it* - said, 3?ou can open your eyes to the light now,3 and she could* Then - told her to bend her head so that her chin could touch her chest, and she could* She was basically healed within minutes* - couldn,t belie+e what had happened, but - did belie+e it was possible, ha+ing witnessed the earlier miracles* Fepeat angiography was reported normal*


A patient was referred to my office who had a classical picture of a herniated lumbar disc* She had low.bac( pain, sciatica, and neurological signs* The patient, howe+er, refused any consideration of surgery, physiotherapy, or any form of prayer* At that point, - e@perienced a 3stupidity attac(3 that affected my memory, hearing, and 0udgment* - belie+ed that she might still be thrilled to see the healing power of >esus in operation* ;hene+er reflected bac( on that e+ent, - could hear >udge >udy say, 3;hat part of ,no, don,t you understand=3 - was still thin(ing how awesome it was for a patient to be able to lea+e my office without pain, neurological impairment, hospitali:ation, pre.op studies, surgery, blood loss, or any charges* As prayed briefly, - instantly saw strength returning to this woman,s foot* - did stop immediately at her request again, but apparently not soon enough< Almost a year later, - recei+ed a letter from the Board of 2edical J@aminers of Hew >ersey that as(ed me to appear before them with my attorney to e@plain my actions for being in+ol+ed in non.medical.practice acti+ities* At the hearing, they pointed out that my license was limited to the practice of medicine and surgery, which meant that they wanted to suspend my license for ha+ing prayed for this lady* This was an intense meeting, to be sure* Than( /od for my lawyer, who was the top malpractice attorney* ;e won* Afterwards, my lawyer 0o(ingly informed me that he was thin(ing of hiring me for his office* The truth was that - (new my responses were blessed by the presence of the 1oly Spirit* - found a great doctor,s definition for this blessing* 3A blessing is the uncanny, innate ability to o+ercome ad+ersity*3 ;hat an awesome time to learn about the power of the 1oly Spirit90ust in time, when you really need 1im and see 1im wor(ing in action* The 'ord will always guide your lips7 ( or the Holy &pirit will teach you in that very hour and moment what ,you. ought to say( 6'u(e 1$71$8*

Another significant challenge occurred as the result of a telephone call from one of my neurosurgical colleaguesI it too( place during the middle of office hours* As an officer of our Heurosurgical Society, he had to inform me that my nonneurosugical acti+ities such as prayer, and praying for patients was unprofessional* 1e didn,t appro+e of these 3spiritual escapades3 e+en though the Bible says that belie+ers7 (&hall lay hands upon the infirm, and they shall be well( 6The Carby Translation8* -n other words, wasn,t fitting into the mold* - was upset about being 0udged, but - found this Scripture, belie+ing that it would ma(e me feel better, but it didn,t7 ( or 6ust as you 6udge and critici5e and condemn

others, you will be 6udged and critici5ed and condemned, and in accordance with the measure you ,use to. deal out to others, it will be dealt out again to you( 62atthew &7$8* - certainly wasn,t going to allow my colleagues, attitudes to affect my spiritual acti+ities* -t seems that sometimes you ha+e to 3pay the price3 for what you belie+e and desire* Ane day during neurosurgical rounds, - prayed for a patient, and - was reported for ha+ing done so by the patient in the ne@t bed* A few days later, - had to meet with the medical director of the hospital and the chief of staff* - was informed that - was not allowed to pray for anyone since my license to practice was limited to 0ust medicine and surgery* That sounded familiar* They ga+e me another e@ample of a physician who not only prayed for patients, but actually ga+e out Bibles* The medical director as(ed me, 3Can you belie+e that=3 - told him, 3- find that hard to belie+e*3 The truth is that - ha+e done that myself, but ne+er suspected this was done in error*

As a doctor, - trust you are seeing how you can learn another, but certainly more powerful way, to heal the sic(, eliminate sic(nesses and diseases, and offer hope where there is none* That is, you can be an e+angelist through this training* -,m referring to the supernatural realm in which you, as a belie+er, can minister healing to your patients, because the Bible states in 'u(e 1#71%, (They will place their hands on the sick and cure them( 6/od,s ;ord Translation8* 2any doctors are quite familiar with the spiritual information within this te@tboo(, and they will be blessed to disco+er that this handboo( will support them almost as if it were a personal coach to them* -,m tal(ing, for e@ample, about emergency situations, such as the following7 - recei+ed a call from a mother who needed immediate prayer for her little girl, who had 0ust fallen down the stairs and had sustained an acute elbow trauma with pain, and mar(ed limitations of mo+ement* 6;hen - first began healing on the telephone, - would first obtain an R.ray report*8 - ministered healing to her and ne+er as(ed why she called me instead of ta(ing the child to the emergency room or e+en who had referred her to me* - also learned in that con+ersation that her daughter had a diagnosis of hemolytic anemia that was associated with splenomegaly* After ministering healing, her elbow pain +anished within se+eral seconds* - also belie+ed her blood disorder was resol+ed, because /od doesn,t tease* -f 1e heals one condition, 1e won,t allow another one to remain* ;hat all this means is that - disco+ered you could do emergency surgery through the power of the ;ord* The question is, 3;hy would you want to minister healing=3 -t is that the Bible says, (They will put their hands on those who are ill, and they will get well( 6'u(e 1#71%, The Bible in Basic Jnglish Translation8*

?ou ha+e already been indoctrinated with the scientific approach, and you,+e learned to depend on what your peers, your colleagues, your 0ournals, your te@tboo(s, and your latest date research has to offer* But please let,s understand this7 many physicians ha+e already seen miracles in medicine*

The answer is straightforward once you,+e seen the results of spiritual success in healing, because >esus is still in the healing business* The ma0ority of the time the outcomes - ha+e seen are instantaneous, with miracles, signs, and wonders, regardless of the patient,s diagnosis* 'et me add that as a result of being healed of an incurable pain ailment myself, - found a way to heal more people through >esus by laying hands on them than - e+er could ha+e with the scalpel* There are more and more doctors who are applying biblical principles, and this enables them to a+oid those times of ha+ing to say to their patients and their families, 3Sorry, there is nothing more that can be done*3


1ow would you li(e to be able to recei+e the supernatural spiritual (nowledge and wisdom that is already a+ailable within you so you can communicate with your patients in the spiritual realm and witness their healings= - listed the following ten questions in an attempt to co+er possible reasons why your patients would call you in the e+ent they needed to be healed7 18 ;ould they li(e to a+oid their need for surgery rather than anticipate it= $8 ;ould they be 3open3 if there were spiritual answers to resol+e the suffering from their long. term medical condition= E8 ;ould they li(e to forget that negati+e report from their caregi+er that they don,t ha+e to accept= "8 ;ould they li(e the /reat Dhysician to turn their daily struggle from sur+i+ing to thri+ing= !8 ;ould they be willing to be ministered to and consider a healing treatment for their condition instead of indefinite treatments= #8 ;ould they be willing to listen to a reco+ery process for their medical condition that can sometimes be referred to as instant 3get better3= &8 ;ould they li(e to recei+e complete relief from their intolerable symptoms and associated bondage= %8 ;ould they li(e to li+e with peace instead of hopelessness and ha+e the faith to do so= 8 ;ould they li(e to refer a lo+ed one who might ha+e any of these needs and who is also loo(ing for help= 1G8 ;ould they li(e to loo( forward to blessing others also= (They will place their hands on sick people' %nd the people will get well( 6'u(e 1#71%, Hew -nternational Feader,s Lersion8*


?ou do (now that many medical schools are already teaching faith and prayer because patients are demanding to hear about this untapped resource of healing power* -n considering other purposes for getting in+ol+ed, you ha+e to deal with the increasing horrendous challenges of rising malpractice costs, greater ris(s, unnecessary insurance doctor abuse and control of patients, imposed go+ernmental medical practice limitations, rising lac( of insurance co+erage, and e+en threats of being forced out of medicine* 1owe+er, - still loo(ed at the word crisis li(e the Chinese do, as hidden opportunities* )inally, let me point out that in these end days, we need to help people prepare for where they want to spend eternity, for there are only two choices* ?ou could call that decision a 3no brainer3

because not ma(ing a decision is a decision, albeit a negati+e one* (%rise ,from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you=rise to a new life.9 &hine /be radiant with the glory of the +ord0, for your light has come, and the glory of the +ord has risen upon you9 or behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and dense darkness ,all. peoples, but the +ord shall arise upon you ,# )erusalem., and His glory shall be seen on you( 6-saiah #G7 1.$8*


The only way re+i+al is going to happen is through the people in the Church, which also needs to be a hospital* Churches should open their doors to the sic( and bring miracles, signs, and wonders to the people* - ha+e a close medical colleague who graduated from medical school with me and was later healed of arthritis in his fingers* - saw the erythema and swelling disappear instantly in the s(in o+er the pro@imal 2D 0oints in both hands and the pain resol+ed while - led him to the 'ord through the prayer of sal+ation* All he did was belie+e that >esus Christ was the Son of /od and accept 1im into his heart*


The following story is one of the best e@amples - e+er heard about of how to e@emplify the truth of what >esus did for us when 1e went to the cross* /eorge Landeman tells the ama:ing story of the lighthouse that was being built on the roc(. bound coast of ;ales* ;hen the building was nearly completed, one of the wor(men accidentally stumbled and fell bac( through the scaffolding to the roc(s below* The other wor(men, shoc(ed at what had ta(en place, didn,t dare loo( down for fear of being unner+ed at what they might see* 1ea+y.hearted, they bac(ed down the ladders* But to their surprise and 0oy they saw their fellow wor(man lying upon a tuft of grass, sha(en and shoc(ed, bruised to be sure, but not seriously harmed* Beside him lay a dead lamb* A floc( of sheep had been wandering by, and a lamb had bro(en his fall* The powerful truth is that we all need to grasp the truth the True 'amb has bro(en our fall and has defeated death for us<

Nine I- I Needed A Bi5/e, I <o#/d H)(e Re$ei(ed One In Medi$)/ S$*oo/

It was a tough, neurosurgical wee(end* The word 3insomnia3 ne+er became part of our personal +ocabulary, as doctors, for it was restricted to patient use only* Se+eral ne+er.ending emergencies required my continuous presence at the hospital e+en when - had 0ust arri+ed home that Sunday night to spend some time with my wife* Then the phone rang* An acute traumatic situation demanded my immediate attention as a resident so - had to return to the hospital to be of help* ;hen - arri+ed in the operating room, the senior resident, who was aware of my limited time at home, said to me, 3-f you were supposed to be married, the chief would ha+e issued you a wife*3 ;hen - reflect bac( on that specific time, - reali:e that the same was true of the Bible in medical school, for if - needed a Bible, one would ha+e been issued to me< -ncidentally, as we were rushing around to complete that emergency procedure, -,m embarrassed to inform you that was the night - accidentally (noc(ed o+er the suction machine* At the same time, the chief surgeon was about to ma(e the scalp incision and e+entually e@pose the dura so he could proceed with the e+acuation of this man,s acute subdural hematoma* - thought the noise of that huge falling glass 0ar stri(ing the floor into a million pieces of glass would ne+er stop* - often thought if - had been able to record it on stereo, it wouldn,t ha+e sounded any different than what - can still hear when - go bac( into my memory ban( and press, 3Dlay*3 Than( /od, the only one who didn,t appear to hear it was the chief who was so focused*


1ow do you (now you need something if you,+e done without it and are functioning on a need. to.(now.basis type of lifestyle= - didn,t need the Bible until, - belie+e, /od decided - had tolerated li+ing with chronic intractable pain in my feet long enough* Cid you e+er consider how weird it seems that dumb and une@plainable things happen, which ob+iously ha+e been supernaturally set up= All of this spiritual information loo(s foolish to the natural mind and far too often it doesn,t ma(e any sense, logical or otherwise* (!ut the natural, non-spiritual man does not accept or welcome or admit into his heart the gifts and teachings and revelations of the &pirit of God, for they are folly /meaningless nonsense0 to him2 and he is incapable of knowing them ,of progressively recogni5ing, understanding, and becoming better ac4uainted with them. because they are spiritually discerned and estimated and appreciated( 61 Corinthians $71"8* 2y research into the uniqueness of the Bible after - was healed began to re+eal many important things to me* Dlease understand that the Bible is the proof for this e+idence.based practice approach to healing and deli+erance7 18 The Bible co+ers all aspects of human nature, including man,s sins and his rebellion* $8 The originality of the Bible is confirmed by the Cead Sea Scrolls*

E8 The Bible was directed by the 1oly Spirit to be written by forty /od.inspired holy writers who were li+ing in three continents o+er the course of 1,#GG years* They transcribed 1is words into boo(s* "8 S(eptics claim that the writers of the Bible were 0ust men, who wrote what they imagined, but actually they were all /od.inspired* (>very &cripture is God breathed /given by His inspiration0 and profitable for instruction, for reproof and conviction of sin, for correction of error and discipline in obedience, ,and. for training in righteousness /in holy living, in conformity to God's will in thought, purpose, and action0( 6$ Timothy E71#8* !8 The Ald Testament and the Hew Testament are filled with the miracle.wor(ing power of /od* #8 There is a ma0or theme in+ol+ing the boo(s of the Bible that creates an ob+ious unity* &8 There is an uncanny accuracy in the descriptions of the Scriptures with regard to historical e+ents and geographical locations* %8 The biblical prophecies ha+e ne+er failed* 8 The Bible has sur+i+ed for o+er !,GGG years, ma(ing it the best.selling boo( in the world* 1G8 The power of /od,s words in the Bible has changed countless li+es, and it continues to do so* 118 The degree of +ictory you find in the Bible determines the degree of +ictory you will wal( in* 1$8 Feading the Bible will bless you beyond your understanding* 1E8 The Bible is a boo( of deli+erance, and the time will come when physicians will go into psychiatric asylums and other similar areas of confinement and help others be healedI and when you wal( into a room, demons will be released and will come out of people* 1"8 The Bible is your na+igational system for tomorrow because it is more accurate and date than your morning newspaper* 1!8 ?ou can renew your mind by transforming it into the supernatural realm through your reading of the Bible* 1#8 B*-*B*'*J* could stand for the acronym, Basic Instructions Before Lea+ing Earth* 1&8 This boo( will ne+er e+er, e+er, e+er pass away, for the ;ord of /od li+es fore+er* 1%8 The Bible says in 2atthew 1G7&.% that the ;ord can heal the sic(, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, and cast out demons* 1 8 The Bible contains a wealth of scientific and medical (nowledge* $G8 The Bible is inspired, infallible, and accurate* $18 The Bible is the only way for you to (now you,re going to hea+en* $$8 The ;ord of the Bible is the only tool that really wor(s all the time* $E8 The greatest representation of truth is the Bible* $"8 The Bible interprets itselfI a question in one boo( is answered in another boo(* $!8 The Bible is a boo( of di+ine re+elation of what /od has done, what 1e is doing, and what 1e will do* $#8 All the Scriptures are the ;ord of /od, and the Scriptures can ne+er be bro(en* $&8 The Bible is the source boo( for eternity* $%8 ?our Bible is the last will and testament of >esus Christ* $ 8 The Bible is the re+elation of >esus Christ* EG8 The Bible doesn,t need protectionI it,s a lion, let it loose, and it will get into your Spirit* E18 He+er be concerned about reading the Bible or sharing it with someone, because it is the greatest logical boo( that was e+er written*

E$8 The Bible is still the greatest selling boo(, and most of it was written by >ews* EE8 The Bible really becomes /od,s power in you, for it is 1is road map for your life when you utili:e it as such* E"8 The Bible is the only boo( that will ta(e you to hea+en* E!8 The miracles that happened in the Bible are still happening today* E#8 The de+il is a misquoter of the Bible and doesn,t ha+e re+elation (nowledge of the Bible in the same way you do* E&8 A time will come in your Bible reading when you begin to go higher and higher spiritually, when the +erses will start 0umping off the pages, and e+eryone that comes in contact with you will begin to see and ha+e Bible hope, faith, +ision, and new lifeI in other words, they will come ali+e* E%8 Biblical prayer in+ol+es tal(ing to /od, (nowing that 1e hears whate+er you as( according to 1is will* E 8 There is healing in e+ery boo( of the Bible* "G8 The Bible doesn,t contain /od,s ;ordI it is /od,s ;ord* "18 The Bible is the authoritati+e, indisputable statement of eternal truth to li+e by through real. life application*


Studying the Bible enables you to embrace a real Derson9>esus Christ9who becomes your friend and daily companion* 1e is real, and 1e is ali+e* Fead the entire Bible annually, especially the four gospels and the Boo( of Acts* - prefer the Hew 'i+ing Translation* -f your patient tells you they don,t understand the Bible, it is a sure sign they need to be born again* The (ey in reading, howe+er, is to loo( for >esus* )or without 1im, the other stuff doesn,t ma(e any sense* ?ou will be able to resol+e your patient,s deep problems, and you will find answers to your own challenges* -t,s li(e wal(ing with >esus* There is one thing - can pro+e to you7 complacency and lethargy are created without the gospel* Coctor, did you e+er wonder why you chose to go into the field of medicine as a career and what the circumstances were that may ha+e brought it about= 2any years before my final decision to become a doctor, while - was still growing up 6although -,m still growing up, especially spiritually8, - used to ha+e recurrent uncomfortable dreams about going into medicine* - would watch the years of my life passing before my eyes* -t was e@actly li(e what occurred in the mo+ie, 3The Time 2achine,3 as the lead actor went bac(ward or forward in time through his machine* - didn,t want to forfeit a 3normal3 lifestyle by paying the price of intensi+e studies and gi+ing up dedicated hours to become a doctor* - had mi@ed emotions about ma(ing that decision* ;hat were your struggles and reactions=

There was one childhood e@perience that contributed to my final decision* 2y mom called our family doctor when - was about se+en years of age because - didn,t feel well* 'oo(ing bac(, - suspect it was an UF- 6Upper Fespiratory -nfection8* 1e came to our home, and - (now - started feeling better 0ust as he placed his stethoscope on my chest* Af course, that intangible reward of helping humanity didn,t ma(e much sense to me at that time, for who can fully understand what it means and what it in+ol+es* J+entually - learned that

medicine in+ol+es gi+ing up e+erything* - was 0ust so impressed with that particular doctor.patient medical consultation that - later interpret. ed it to be a godly inter+ention* - certainly was unable to appreciate any depth of insight into it at that time, e@cept that - e@perienced a sense of peace in the doctor,s presence*

-n a way this reminds me of that old >ac( Benny scene when he was confronted by a robber who held him up and said, 3?our money or your life*3 >ac( didn,t answer* The mas(ed man became inpatient with him and as(ed him again, only louder, to which >ac( responded, 3-,m thin(ing, -,m thin(ing*3 Fed Buttons was as(ed a similar question during a robbery7 3?our money or your life*3 1e said, 3Ta(e my life, -,m sa+ing my money for my old age<3 2y point here is that - thought if - chose medicine as a profession - would ha+e to gi+e up my life of freedom in order to be able to bless others* All of this was in contrast with my do. lifestyle* ;ould there be any free time after emerging from medical school, or would it completely disappear and e+en grow worse during the practice of medicine= Could a of balance be achie+ed when - fulfilled my dream to become a doctor= These were the clear thoughts from a person li(e myself who didn,t comprehend that this was a /od thing, not a Dhillip thing* - didn,t (now that /od rewards these endless efforts of years through this powerful encompassing Scripture from >ob E#7117 "If they obey and serve Him, they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasantness and 6oy'( Femember, all you went through in applying and filling out medical school applications= Cid you e@perience apprehension and fear of possible re0ection= Cid you e+er consider that /od may ha+e been in+ol+ed in your desire to go to medical school, and that 1e helped you get admitted and become a doctor=


- placed an enormous weight of dependence on my college physics professor,s writing abilityI he sent o+er a do:en letters of recommendations to +arious medical schools at my request* Ane day after class, he stopped me and e@plained that he had written so many letters that he was actually starting to belie+e what he wrote< - was absolutely blessed for my preparation to enter college by attending an all boys, high school, which was a blessing and it turned out to be a /od thing* Aut of 1$! students in the program, after four years, se+en of us completed the B*S* biologyMchemistry program, but only fi+e of us were accepted into medical school* The challenges in medical school continued to reach new le+els of growth on a daily basis* Sometimes - would become concerned about my ability to memori:e and question what the true storage capacity of the brain was* - wondered how your brain notifies you when you run out of space* 1ow about the uphill battle to absorb all that medical (nowledge and then be able to turn it into practical application for patient care= 1ow reliable would your brain be to still function after all that abuse from studying and ta(ing so many oral and written e@aminations= - lost control of my time restrictions so that eating and sleeping suddenly became lu@uries and many times these acti+ities were replaced with studying* - questioned how - could maintain the increasing intellectual requirements of studying an a+erage of si@ hours a night* - also e@perienced

the financial challenges and pressures li(e many of you from my parents e+en though S1,GGG a year today doesn,t seem li(e an enormous amount of money* 2y parents sacrificed, but /od ob+iously helped*


2y impression of residency training was that it was a more sophisticated and concentrated e@tension of medical school with critically dangerous periods entirely controlled by a chief who replaced my parents for a four. year period of time* -t was the (ind of education you could only recei+e under super+ision* - decided that his only ob0ecti+e was to rema(e us into the perfect residentI this would enable us to become perfect specialists in the field of neurosurgery* - accepted one of the roles that in+ol+ed much acti+ity as an 32C./AD1JF3 that would later enable me to become successful in solo practice* 2y main and only goal during most of my residency was to get enough sleep so - wouldn,t die, especially during my last year of training* 1enry A* Shen(in was a dedicated and prominent neurosurgeon who accomplished worldwide fame for his wor( in herniated discs, angiography, Dar(inson,s disease, metabolism of neurosurgical disease, and intracranial pressure* 1e published o+er 1!G professional articles and fi+e boo(s* 1e also studied philosophy at Cambridge Uni+ersity* 1is leadership enabled his residents, who lo+ed him, to achie+e similar achie+ements because of the (nowledge, surgical s(ills, wisdom, boldness, and confidence he passed on to them* -n a +ery real sense, this boo( is a tribute to him*


2ay - suggest, dear doctor friends, it was no coincidence that your decision in life was to become the medical doctor you are today* A normal reaction was to thin( that you were luc(y to get into medical school* Belie+e me, /od was your luc(* -ndeed, - belie+e our dreams are really /od,s desire for us* ;e were able to achie+e our goals because our destiny originated in the supernatural realm and was carried out through the 1oly Spirit* So many people, as you well (now, seem to be satisfied 0ust to e@ist* The life of such a person doesn,t ha+e a purpose, and life without a purpose is 0ust an e@periment* -t is also tedious and boring* Co you remember occasions when you spo(e powerful words of wisdom at a medical meeting, in a seminar, or e+en in pri+ate con+ersations with a colleague or a patient, and you wondered, 3;here did that come from=3 -t did not come from you, but from the 1oly Spirit who li+es within you* ?ou recei+ed wisdom and insight from the ;ord of /od rather than man* - don,t belie+e that anything we say is accidental* ?ou e@perience similar situations with your writing s(ills, (nowing that you were surprised about your impressi+e talent* 'isten to what >esus is telling you* (*ou have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and I have appointed you ,I have planted you., that you might go and bear fruit and keep on bearing, and that your fruit may be lasting ,that it may remain, abide., so that whatever you ask the ather in My ;ame ,as presenting all that I %M., He may give it to you( 6>ohn 1!71#8*

2edical research has re+ealed that such fruit 6the fruit of your lips8 doesn,t come from your brain, so it has to come from your spirit* The 'ord will tell you what to say because 1e is in you and, after all, 1e created you* -n your practice, pri+ate or otherwise, you had to face up to the limitations of a+ailable (nowledge about patient care because once a diagnosis was established, quite too often, only limited treatment would be a+ailable* This included chronic conditions and, sometimes, e+en acute cases, and worst of all, terminal diagnoses* There was no hope for the ma0ority of those with tragic circumstances, but 0ust temporary or palliati+e treatment* 1ealing or cure was not a term - e+er used in my practice, and ne+er thought of gi+ing any of my patients e@piration dates on their li+es*


The results from applying the spiritual treatment you will be learning about with cancer, for e@ample, is completely different than its medical applications* The reason is that the big 3C3 in Christ with 1is anointing is much more powerful and curati+e than the little 3c3 used to spell the word 3cancer,3 because of the impossible promises of /od* The truth is that >esus can heal medical letters such as CADC, -BS, CAC, 2-, ACC, AC1C, A-CS, etc* There ha+e been great challenges for those many cases in which we ha+e to deal with symptomatic patients without recogni:able diagnoses* J+en after they are referred to the large centers, they often ha+e to ma(e up the ideal, most suitable, and closest medical terminology to fit the patient,s combination of symptoms and signs* Such terms are usually not listed or ac(nowledged in medical te@tboo(s* As - progressed in my spiritual studies, - came to appreciate that demonic or e+il spirits were quite often responsible for these e@isting, so.called undiagnosable conditions* -ncidentally, the Jgyptians were not too far from the truth with their beliefs that illness was often caused by an angry god or an e+il spirit* J+il is not something, but someone* Albert Jinstein had a more inclusi+e definition of e+il* 1e said that it,s not simply the absence of /od, but it,s what happens when man doesn,t ha+e /od,s lo+e present in his heart* -t,s identical to the cold that comes when there is no heat or the dar(ness that comes when there is no light*


- had a chuc(le when - heard about a young man who went to a medical office for help and the doctor as(ed, 3;hat,s wrong=3 3Coc, - ha+e pain in e+ery part of my body* J+ery place - touch hurts me*3 The doctor said, 3Show me what you mean*3 The patient touched his forehead and 0umped with pain* 1e touched his chest, and the doctor could see from his facial grimaces and body mo+ements that he was in pain* 1e pressed on his abdomen, and he reacted from the pain* 1e touched his legs, and he yelled from the hurt* The doctor said, 3- (now what,s wrong with you*3 3;hat,s wrong, doc=3 3?ou fractured your finger<3


1ere is a simple e@planation of your being, so you,ll be able to e@plain it to your patients* ?ou will e@perience the blessing when your patients recei+e understanding from your teaching* This aspect of this handboo( is +ital, for you are an e+angelist who is doing what /od wants you to do* This concept of a human being operating in the righteousness of /od starts with the spirit, then the soul, and finally the body* This is the only way it wor(s* >ust as Adam had three parts, you ha+e a spirit, a soul, and a body, which is the 3house3 you li+e in* 1owe+er, when you spea( about your flesh, you are referring to the combination of both your soul and your body* -t is essential to understand that you ha+e a human spirit li+ing within you that is basically inert and without power until it is acti+ated* ;hen you were born again, your human spirit was sa+ed and became 3ali+e,3 because you accepted >esus into you heart* ?ou can let your patients (now that the Bible states that you ha+e to be born again in order to see the Bingdom of /od7 ()esus answered him, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, that unless a person is born again /anew, from above0, he cannot ever see /know, be ac4uainted with, and e:perience0 the kingdom of God( 6>ohn E7E8* The 1oly Spirit now 0oins with your spirit and mo+es inside you with your human spirit, so they both dwell together in your innermost being* As a result, you gain all of 1is blessings and all of 1is healing and deli+erance power*

Dro+erbs $G7$& is a wonderful Scripture to e@plain the 1oly Spirit,s functioning within you* ?ou could say that 1is searchlight penetrates your human spirit to re+eal e+ery hidden moti+e7 (The spirit of man ,that factor in human personality which proceeds immediately from God. is the lamp of the +ord, searching all his innermost parts'( ?ou are really a spiritual being that is li+ing in a temporary physical body* This means you should refer to yourself as a spiritual being rather than as a human being* That,s why /od placed eternity within you* ?ou (now that your spirit man was made in the image of /od* ?our spirit is in Christ* -t is of /od, and it only (nows that it is well and has no sic(ness or disease* -t only (nows the things of /od* ?ou should (now that the spirit within you o+ersees your flesh* ?our soul is your inner man, and it is sa+ed when it is born again* Christ paid the price for your soul on the cross* ?our soul consists of your emotions, your senses, and your mind, which is your intellect* ?our emotions also include your thoughts, your perceptions, your feelings, and e+en your attitudes* Another way to say this is, 3The soul is what - thin(, what - feel, and what want*3 The soul needs to get satisfaction* The essence of your soul is your will* Than( /od, it,s not a robot, for it is gi+en to us with the liberties that come from freedom of choice* -nform your patients that one of their challenges is that their flesh is always at war with the 1oly Spirit* Consequently, e+ery decision your soul ma(es is carried out through its will, but it is always influenced by /od or by the de+il* A ma0or reason why this enmity e@ists is that Satan has an enormous influence in that he has access to your soul dimension, because he is a spirit as well* This issue of who is in control is what this fight is all about*

?our heart plays a ma0or role here since it is considered to be the center of the soul* ?our spiritual heart is your soul* -t,s also the center of physical, moral, and spiritual functions* -t operates between your spirit and body and can change according to your belief le+els and your needs*


;hen you are tempted and entertain sinful thoughts in your mind, you allow the de+il to de+elop strategies in his attempt to ta(e control of your flesh* ?ou see, your thought is the father of the deed* The de+il can decei+e you simply by con+incing you to listen to him* ;hen you consider these incoming thoughts and temptations, they can be turned into serious beliefs and become real to you* Then you begin to entertain them and act them out* ?ou don,t want to choose to@ic or negati+e thoughts, because they will ta(e you capti+e* The de+il can actually ta(e your thoughts and steal the ;ord from you* ?ou need to de+elop obedience and discipline, that you are only influenced by the 'ord, your /od* Ane way you can reduce the challenges is by star+ing your flesh and feeding your spirit* The way to do this is with the ;ord* 'et me e@plain about the flesh through the following e@ample* -n the case of a drug addict or an alcoholic, the flesh is the part that is desiring the gi+en habit* The affliction is coming from the flesh* 1owe+er, the flesh can,t ha+e its way until the soul gi+es it the o(ay* -t needs the permission of the soul* So the soul is really in the dri+er,s seat when it comes to matters related to the flesh*


?ou understand that the flesh is 0ust acting li(e a +ehicle* Cri+ing your car without holding the steering wheel simply doesn,t wor(* ?ou ha+e to control the steering wheel* This is comparable to the operation of the soul of a person* ;hen a person is born again, the de+il wants to control his or her soul dimension* This requires that the mind or soul of the person be renewed again* Suppose in the addicted person that the flesh decides it wants to quit* That desire can,t be carried out until the flesh gets the o(ay from the soul* The truth is that in order to sur+i+e, we need to renew our soul* The soul is in charge of the physical being* Again, this is why the Bible says that the soul of man has to be renewed* Daul attempted to sol+e this problem by e@pressing the need to crucify his flesh on a daily basis* Af course, when you go to hea+en, the body dies and returns to the dust in the ground, but this doesn,t apply to your soul or spirit* 'et me share an e@ample about the power of the will* )rom a spiritual or supernatural point of +iew, this is an acti+ity that could well be described as temporary insanity with unpro+o(ed murder, which is really under your control* Deople ha+e the power to listen or not to listen* /od doesn,t tell them to do these horrible crimes* 1ere,s the illustration7 -,m referring to a professional man who gets dressed in his business attire and dri+es to wor( in hea+y traffic* ;hen he arri+es at his office, he sits down at his des( and performs two hours of complicated computer acti+ity in a competent fashion, not requiring anyone,s help* Then he gets up and na+igates into the boss,s office and shoots him* 1e turns around, then heads bac( to his computer to do more wor( before lea+ing for the day* 1e dri+es home without any difficulty* This is what is labeled as temporary insanity, which doesn,t ma(e sense to me*


Heither /od nor the de+il can ta(e your will from youI /od won,t o+erride your mind nor does the de+il ha+e that (ind of power* Thin( about this when you read these types of stories in the newspapers, or watch the news on tele+ision, or e+en encounter them in the law 0ournals* The soul is not reliable or dependable because it ma(es decisions based on unpredictable and unstable emotions and senses* Both your spirit and your soul are dissimilar entities with different substances, yet each of their parts are interconnected and inseparable* To better understand the flesh,s participation in healing, you must7 18 )irst, approach the spiritual aspect of the sic(ness or disease by casting out or binding the spirit of infirmity and sending it to dry places* $8 Then lay hands on the person to minister healing to him or her* E8 )inally, renew the mind of the soul, so your patient can learn how to maintain his or her healing* To renew means to change and impro+e the thin(ing of the mind of your patient through the ;ord* The Bible says that what you thin( matters* The best e@ample of this is seen when Deter wanted to wal( on the water while he was watching >esus do it* ;hen >esus said, 3Come,3 the power in that word was a word of 3healing3 and was enough to enable Deter to stand up and wal( on water* But the distractions that occurred around Deter were enough to cause him to lose his healing* >esus was quic( to catch him, as he was about to fall into the water* -t was at this point that his mind needed to be renewed* 1ad it been renewed and maintained with the ;ord of /od, this would ne+er ha+e happened*

;hen you get your thin(ing lined up with what the ;ord of /od says, you will be ama:ed at the difference* Femember, healing starts on the inside of you* Af course, your soul needs to be open and willing to accept this* Fomans 1$7$ says that when you renew your mind, you begin to thin( what /od thin(s* ($o not be conformed to this world /this age0, ,fashioned after and adapted to its e:ternal, superficial customs., but be transformed /changed0 by the ,entire. renewal of your mind ,by its new ideals and its new attitude., so that you may prove ,for yourselves. what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect ,in His sight for you.'( ?ou need to be +ery careful and practice what you say with your tongue, for your tongue has such strength that it can discipline you though life* The only way to o+ercome this demonic power is to become totally absorbed in the study of the ;ord and open your heart to the 1oly Spirit* ?ou ha+e to belie+e by the unction of the 1oly Spirit that when you,re wal(ing in the Spirit, that none of the goings.on of the world will bother you, for you are (eeping in step with 1im* ;hen you start to li+e in the Spirit, you will recei+e godly protection and will stop pursuing the lust of the flesh* (+ittle children, you are of God ,you belong to Him. and have ,already defeated and overcome them ,the agents of the antichrist., because He who lives in you is greater /mightier0 than he who is in the world( 61 >ohn "7"8*


As you become more in+ol+ed in your healing ministry, you will sense a power wor(ing within you that you will be aware of twenty.four hours a day, 0ust li(e a generator* As you continue to be filled with the fullness of /od, your inner man will continue to be strengthened* This means that the greater the power is within you, the greater the power is on your outside* /od spea(s to your spirit9 your inner man9not to your mind* -ncidentally, none of this 0ust came into you in a piecemeal way, but, rather, all at once when you were born again, including your time in the womb* ?our biblical heart is the inner.spirit man, as e@pressed in Fomans &7$$7 ( or I endorse and delight in the +aw of God in my inmost self ,with my new nature.'(


- belie+e we stand on the +erge of the greatest healing mo+ement in the history of the Church= -,m not 0ust tal(ing about any church, but a church that is a true hospital for the sic( and the wounded and puts healing into practice* 1ealing will become so common in such a church, that it will be considered as an e+ent, including creati+e miracles, with new eyes, arms, legs, and the resurrection power we read about in the Hew Testament, raising the dead to life* ?ou might not be surprised when you re+iew the research and polling as to what things influence Americans most, but you will be surprised to find the church isn,t e+en on the list* Dlease note, howe+er, that there is no doubt that /od is in the process of changing this picture* 1ere is a list of the ma0or influences in the li+es of Americans7 18 2o+ies, $8 2usic, E8 Tele+ision, "8 Boo(s, !8 -nternet, #8 'aw, &8 )amily* A second tier includes7 school, peers, newspaper, radio, and business* As a consequence of /od,s current acti+ities, you can loo( forward to a powerful anointing of healing with mighty miracles, signs, and wonders that will mo+e upon the face of the earth* /od has released 1is powerful anointing upon the entire body of belie+ers* The anointing is there to empower the Church9and remember, you are the Church*


- heard a testimony of a woman with Chronic Abstructi+e Dulmonary Cisease 6CADC8 who came home from a church that was studying the /reat Commission, and 0ust as she wal(ed into her house, she was instantly healed* Ane pastor told me that before he started to belie+e that healing is for today, he 0o(ingly used to refer to his erroneous belief as 3the great omission*3 That was a +ery accurate term, to be sure* The last words >esus spo(e before 1e ascended into hea+en from what the Bible calls 3The /reat Commission*3 3%nd He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news /the Gospel0 to every creature ,of the whole human race.' He who believes ,who adheres to and trusts in and relies on the Gospel and Him 7hom it sets forth. and is bapti5ed will be saved ,from the penalty of eternal death.2 but he who does not believe ,who does not adhere to and trust in and rely on the Gospel and Him 7hom it sets forth. will be condemned' %nd these attesting signs will accompany those who believe8 in My name they will drive out demons2 they will speak in new languages2 They will pick up serpents2 and ,even. if they drink anything deadly, it will not hurt them2 they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will get well3 62ar( 1#71!. 1%8*

Since you ha+e been bombarded by 2ar( 1#71% intentionally, this is an ideal time to point out that to fulfill and complete the /reat Commission and (eep the de+il under control, you ha+e to7 18 Dreach the /ospel* $8 Cast out demons* E8 Spea( with new tongues* "8 1eal the sic(* 2y definition of a doctor who is suited for this healing and deli+erance program is 3a military Christian39one whose worth is to be 0udged by his or her intolerance of sic(ness and disease* Aur attitude toward sic(ness and disease needs to be the same as our attitude toward sin*


1ealing continues to increase throughout the world with non.medical people simply laying their hands on the sic( and witnessing supernatural healing* Unfortunately, this is something that many physicians ne+er get to obser+e or e@perience* 1ow interesting to note that these so called 3laypeople3 can witness healing without any e@tensi+e education or without e+er stepping inside a medical school classroom* There is a perspecti+e that states, 3-f you want to see what you loo( li(e, don,t loo( in the mirrorI but rather at whom you hang around with*3 This is a trainable art that requires no degrees, and it has already been pro+en to be effecti+e in many cases as a result of people from 0ust watching tapes or CLCs* Trust me, there are many of you doctors who are quite familiar and well +ersed in the spiritual information within this handboo(I therefore, you are probably considered to be true biblical scholars* There are many awesome Christian physicians who are using their godly s(ills and also belie+ing and practicing the truth of 2ar( 1#71%8 (They will touch the sick, and the sick will be healed'( 6Hew Century Lersion8* ?ou already understand the language of medicine, so 0ust by adding /od,s powerful words that 1e uses in the Bible to your +ocabulary, you can obtain similar results of success* There is no doubt that you will be able to see the described and inspired Bible healings happening today right before your eyes, e+en within your office* ?ou ha+e already been practicing godly medicine since you first started treating patients, but now you will be able to incorporate the spiritual application of your efficiency and proficiency as a s(illed medical doctor* ?ou are on the +erge of witnessing these blessings in the li+es of your patients*

Ten <*)t'' <ron8 <it* T*e <)0 I T)/& To M0 P)tient'>

< hen you grasp the absolutely ama:ing power of the words you could ha+e been using during most of your e@istence, and then reali:e, if only you had (nown how much more you could ha+e flourished in your life, you will be totally flabbergasted* Hot to be o+erly dramatic, although it sounds li(e it,s too late for that, the full impact of the authority and dominion of the words you spea( from your tongue can still change your lifestyle, as well as that of your patients who are threatened with sic(ness and disease* Speech is one of your greatest gifts from /od, but it can become dangerous because it can determine your destiny, depending on how you use it and control it* ;hat you spea( from the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night not only influences your day, it influences the entire outloo( and direction of your life* ?ou probably ne+er appreciated the full impact of your words, because no one e+er told you, or instructed you, or taught you, or e@plained it to you, or showed you out how to apply it so you could be blessed* ?ou see, how you run your life depends on how you run your mouth* Speech is a contribution from /od, and so are the words that flow from your tongue and your mouth on a daily basis* Ho one e+er ad+ised or instructed me with regard to this important topic in all my e@tensi+e years of education, and that would probably include yours, as well* The biblical truth is that what you confess with your mouth is what you will possess in your life* That is, what you say is what you get, because confession brings possession*

?our confessions can rule you for good or for bad* -t,s up to you, for it,s ultimately your decision* -n truth, your words actually create the atmosphere in which you li+e* As priceless as the understanding of this life.guiding principle is, - ne+er recei+ed the full impact of (nowing how it really affected my e@istence in my daily acti+ities and how it will affect my future* This lac( of (nowledge is really responsible for many of the unwanted e+ents that ha+e ta(en place during your lifetime, e+en those you would ha+e preferred to delete* -,m referring to those situations that seemed impossible to control9situations that you still had to confront* Then - thought about how many benefits - was unable to accomplish, things that were e+en lost in those facets of my life that would ha+e made such a great difference*


-saiah !!711 re+eals the remar(able ability of the power of the ;ord* -t is li(e an accomplished artist because he is able to carry out and perform the most intricate and comple@ assignments successfully* This happens because /od will not allow 1is ;ord to return to 1im +oid* 1ere is that re+ealing insight7 (&o shall My word be that goes forth out of My mouth8 it shall not return to Me void ,without producing any effect, useless., but it shall accomplish that which I please and purpose, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it'(

Dlease note that it,s /od,s Spirit and the ;ord from 1is mouth that will not return to 1im +oid* -t all depends on whose mouth spea(s the ;ord* ?ou ha+e the full power of the ;ord, because you,re /od,s property, and 1e puts 1is sword in your mouth through 1is ;ord* The ;ord that comes forth out of /od,s mouth includes 1is breath, as well, because there can be no speech without breath* Cid you (now that 1is breath is 1is Spirit= 1is breath and 1is Spirit li+e together, and they impart life* Ane of the ways you can train yourself to be more careful in learning to spea( positi+e words is to tal( as if you are enclosed within a sterile en+ironment* As long as your word is optimistic, helpful, encouraging, constructi+e, and affirmati+e, you won,t contaminate yourself or anyone else* Atherwise, you will ha+e to picture the necessity of ha+ing to replace your tongue and your mouth for sterile ones, or 0ust placing it in the autocla+e to the appropriate temperature and pressure* ?ou can do that merely by as(ing /od to replace your tongue with a tongue that fits your new criterion9one with the power and the ability to edit your words before they flow forth from your mouth*


Cid you e+er consider what color your words are= How, that,s a dumb question, because you can,t see your words in the natural, but you can certainly hear them and watch what happens to them as the result of what you are saying< ;ith negati+e confessions of speech, you first ha+e to deal with /od, because 1e won,t o+erride your words* After all, 1e can,t and won,t change your free will* Second, in the spiritual realm, you open the door to demonic spirits, because when you spea( inappropriate words, that amounts to saying negati+e confessions* Ane way -,+e adopted to handle the need to change is when - say unsuitable words or spea( a negati+e confession inad+ertently is to immediately respond with, 3CAHCJ', CAHCJ'*3 Then, go about my business as though nothing inappropriate was e+er said* ?our negati+e words arouse e+il spirits and trigger them to enter quic(ly into your atmosphere* They accomplish their goal simply by acti+ating their word. assignment from you through your tongue and mouth, for they can turn your negati+e words into reality* That is, what you spea( can actually become ali+e* -n a way, it,s not much different from moti+ating the e+il spirits as a result of your inappropriate words* A negati+e confession usually doesn,t occur immediately, but it may do so* -t could require multiple repetitions of the same word pattern or phrase, as you spea( it again and again until you spea( it into e@istence* ?ou,ll (now when it gets acti+ated, because you will e@perience it*

The authority and dominion you ha+e o+er the words you spea( ha+e been well established, confirmed, and demonstrated from the Scriptures* ?our e+eryday speech, with its tremendous influence from using appropriately chosen words, can determine if you,ll ma(e your way prosperous and if you,ll ha+e good success* Simply stated, bad confessions are terrible things* They are really li(e word curses, and if they are repeated often enough, they will manifest themsel+es as self.fulfilling prophecies* So pray for the positi+e and spea( it instead of the negati+e* ?ou can actually spea( self. fulfilling prophecies 0ust by spea(ing what you want into e@istence, than(s to the presence of the

angelic hosts* The angels will respond to the positi+e words coming out of your tongue and mouth 0ust li(e the e+il spirits respond to your negati+e words* -n a famous ma0or league Broo(lyn Codger game, the catcher told Carl Jrs(ine, 3;hate+er you do, don,t throw it high and inside on this batter*3 ;ell, all the pitcher could remember was to throw it high and inside and it lost the game* The de+il,s goal is, of course, to steal, (ill, and destroy* The reason people continue to ignore the poor responses to their words is that Satan wants to con+ince you that your words ha+e no substance or power* ;hen you +erbali:e by using positi+e words, if you,re not careful, the demons will find cle+er ways to steal them from you and your patients, healing as well* This means you ha+e to be so careful with your self.tal(, e+en when there,s no one around*


'et me tell you about the supremacy of word control in the case of Ca+id +s* /oliath* ;hen you listen to the power of the words spo(en by /oliath, the champion warrior of the Dhilistine nation against the armies of -srael, you immediately understand how his words were able to create an o+erwhelming fear among the people* This was the de+il spea(ing through this intimidating giant* ;hat he said caused the people to panic, as terror opened up the doors to their and gained entrance into their hearts* The words actually did more damage than his appearance, as frightening as that was* The words you allow into your life can affect you beyond your understanding* 1owe+er, you do ha+e the control to pre+ent this from happening to you* Ane way is to pray by co+ering your eye. gate and your ear.gate with the blood of >esus* Ca+id had no reason to react to these horrific and ugly words from the giant since he recogni:ed the +oice of the enemy and possessed the confidence and +iolent faith that were gi+en to him from his /od* Allow me to repeat7 whate+er happens to you is a product of whate+er you,+e been saying* -n order to change what you ha+e, you must change what,s coming out of your mouth* So, learn to control your tongue* To direct your life in a different direction9from death to life, sic(ness to health, po+erty to wealth, failure to success9you must ta(e charge of your words* ;e ha+e been programmed to belie+e, for e@ample, that we only use si@ percent of our brain. power* 1owe+er, as you well (now by now, what you say is what you get* So, 0ust start confessing that you are using 1GG percent of your brain capacity* Contrast the success of positi+e.spea(ing people and their optimistic affirmations with the negati+e.spea(ing people and their pessimistic attitudes* ?our ability to function in this world depends on the words you use in e+ery one of your con+ersations* This certainly fulfills the reali:ation that what you say you want is far more important than calling things the way they are*

Deople ha+e been erroneously programmed to tal( about things the way they are, and this applies to e+erything* ?ou hear them say certain things, not understanding that they are spea(ing with false confidence, 3- call it the way - see it<3 >esus wants you to say what you want and not to spea( what you ha+e 6see Fomans "71&8* Come to thin( about it, you could say there is something good about a pessimist* )or e@ample, always borrow money from a pessimist, because he or she ne+er e@pects to get it bac(*

-nstead of ta(ing medicine, /od would li(e you to consider ta(ing 1is ;ord, so you can totally a+oid the need to allow any healing issues to arise* Since /od is the 1ealer, by opening 1is medicine chest you will find the ;ord that will supply you with whate+er healing you require and pro+ide you with total health to all your flesh* Dro+erbs "7$G.$$ captures the words about this di+ine medicine7 (My son, attend to my words2 consent and submit to my sayings' +et them not depart from your sight2 keep them in the center of your heart' or they are life to those who find them, healing and health to all their flesh'( And li(e all prescriptions, the 3medicine3 must be ta(en according to the directions /od gi+es, which are summari:ed as follows7 18 Attend to /od,s ;ord* $8 Bow your ear and your head so you can hear 1is sayings* E8 Beep them continually before your eyes so they don,t depart* "8 'et them settle down and reside in the midst of your heart*


Curing my neurosurgical practice, - scheduled a posterior fossa procedure that required the prone position and requested the general surgeon to establish a +enous line prophylactically in case of possible air embolism* Dreoperati+ely, as we were preparing, - wasn,t impressed when the general surgeon informed me, 3- always seem to ha+e trouble getting in*3 - spo(e my first thought under my breath, 3- wonder why he schedules it=3 ?ou can appreciate the power of his word and how it could +ery well impact this operati+e procedure* Con,t misunderstand what - am saying here* ?es, it can be difficult at times to get into the +ein, but spea( what you want, so you ha+e it* This happens li(e a self.fulfilling prophecy* Con,t claim the negati+e and spea( what you don,t want to happen* The proper terminology you could use is, 3This is going to be easy - always get into the +einwatch how smoothly this goes and flows, etc*3 Cid you reali:e that >esus Christ and the ;ord are the same= /od has already emphasi:ed the power of the tongue in more than 1GG Scriptures7 (He is dressed in a robe dyed by dipping in blood, and the title by which He is called is The 7ord of God( 6Fe+elation 1 71E8*


Dardon my humor, but three women die in a car crash* St* Deter not only lets them see and hear the acti+ities at their funerals, but also grants them the pri+ilege to ha+e the people attending the funerals say what each of the dead woman would li(e to hear* The dead teacher wants to hear that she was the best teacher her students e+er had and that they learned continuously and that her training helped them achie+e their goals in life* The realtor wants to hear from the mourners that she was the best salesperson the company e+er had, and that she not only sold more homes than anyone else, but the people reali:ed that they recei+ed wonderful blessings from li+ing in the new quarters she sold to them* Then St* Deter as(ed the medical student what she would li(e to hear the mourners say* She responded, 3- would li(e to hear them say, ,'oo(, she,s mo+ing<3,

As you grow into a deeper insight and (nowledge of the power of your words, you will begin to e@perience a flow of the supernatural that you could call absolute truth* A+er a period of time, you will reali:e that the ;ord of /od you read will become the word of /od you li+e* Through your faith, your tongue can be trained so that you can spea( forth miracles and then witness them come to pass* This is partly the result of the unity between you and the supernatural power of the angels that bac( you up, as you e@ercise the power of your words* - call this 3tongue power*3 -f you would research the word 3absolute3 in ;ebster,s Cictionary, you would find that it means, 3free from restrictions, limitations, or e@ceptions*3 Clearly, absolute power is absolute freedom*

?ou will mar+el at the anointed power you ha+e recei+ed 0ust from reading thus far* -t comes from >esus who immediately shows up whene+er the Scriptures are read* ?ou are being prepared to be a witness to signs, wonders, and miracles you will use for your patients* They really come from within you* The truth is that /od has anointed you doctors* There are a multitude of ama:ing e@amples of how the power of our words continues to change what is happening in our en+ironment* This could be called faith. based science, and it would in+ol+e terms such as 3quantum mechanics,3 3quantum physics,3 and the 3quantum string theory*3 This is a science that confronts traditional natural scientists, because it doesn,t follow the rules of nature* -t,s not fully obser+able or e+en measurable* This doesn,t mean that it can not coe@ist with us, howe+er* Ad+ocates of the string theory maintain that there are ten dimensions7 18 The spo(en ;ord 6see /enesis 17E8* $8 The Spirit of the 'ord 6see -saiah 117$8* E8 The Spirit of ;isdom and Understanding 6see -saiah 117$8* "8 The Spirit of Counsel and 2ight 6See -saiah 117$8* !8 The Spirit of Bnowledge and the )ear of the 'ord 6see -saiah 117E8* #8 )aith 6see Ceuteronomy E$7$G8* &8 Time 6see /enesis 17!8* %8 1eight* 8 ;idth* 1G8 Cepth* These dimensions ha+e particles that are really +ibrating wa+es, each with its own +ibrations* The wa+es are called 3strings*3 -n this string theory, a particle of gra+ity, or a gra+iton string, will +ibrate differently than a proton string, which is a subatomic particle* This theory has forced scientists to operate on faith, which in itself is an awesome parado@* )aith is really the fifth dimension of /od, which >esus always operated and wal(ed in*


The applications of quantum theory ha+e increased the possibilities that are considered to be unfathomable in scientific disco+ery* The following e@amples support this faith.based science belief* ;hen you e+aluate Jinstein,s math, you will find it was wor(ing well and that he was correct* Tuantum physics is 0ust the physics of the incredibly small, for it tries to e@plain the beha+ior of

electrons, protons, and neutrons* Scientists ha+e found that protons and neutrons are each made of three quar(s, each with its own 3fla+or3 and colors* The gluons are e+en smaller particles, which, when collected together, form glueballs* Scientists ha+e e+en been able to describe the small particles which ma(e up these larger particles< The smallest parts of the uni+erse seem to be acting with their own free will rather than according to physical laws* Jlectrons are supposed to appear in particle form, but they don,t* Contrary to what you were taught in high school, electrons don,t orbit li(e planets, but they form blurred clouds of probabilities around the nucleus* They ha+e been identified as e@isting as dots or in a wa+e state, li(e a cloud* )urther, these particles go against physical laws in that they mo+e in a straight line, or in a :ig.:ag pattern, or as an arc, or they e+en e@ist as two particles occupying the same space* Hot only could the beha+ior of these particles not be measured or e@plained for beha+ing li(e this, but these acti+ities would occur when the scientists weren,t e+en loo(ing<


The difficulty in studying quantum physics is that the particles beha+e differently for each obser+er* The research about this confirms that these elements are ob+iously responding to the obser+er* Coes this mean they beha+e according to what the scientist believes= The e@act position and +elocity of an electron is +ery difficult to detect because attempts to 3see3 it in+ol+e a bouncing of other particles off of it* This changes the electron,s +elocity, so it becomes useless* Tuantum physics gi+es us the statistical probability of the electron,s location at any one moment* The way these particles act allows the scientists to de+elop a better understanding of the matter which ma(es up the uni+erse, and the way it beha+es or misbeha+es* The irony that is in+ol+ed with this is that the Bible states that faith is the e+idence of things unseen 6see 1ebrews 11718* Since science is based on obser+able and measurable facts, scientists ha+e to rely on faith in order to ma(e sense of the uni+erse, and they apply the incredible de+elopments with quantum physics to help them e@plain this phenomenon* 2uch to their ama:ement, they e+en found that the smallest particles were operating in ten dimensions rather than the traditional four* - am reporting these truths to you so you can find reinforcement and confirmation regarding the o+er. whelming power of your words* -t is also applicable in nature as well*

The phenomenon of crystal formation as the result of free:ing water molecules became famous worldwide through the research of Cr* 2asaru Jmoto, a >apanese scientist* 1e graduated from the ?o(ohama 2unicipal Uni+ersity and the Apen -nternational Uni+ersity as a Coctor of Alternati+e 2edicine* ;hen his first boo(, The Hidden Message in 7ater, was first published in 1 , it sold close to half a million copies internationally* According to the authors, his second boo(, Messages rom 7ater, 31ad the potential to profoundly change a person,s +iew of the world*3 1e disco+ered that these crystals of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and e+en by music*

A crystal is a solid substance with orderly configured atoms and molecules* 'i(e human faces, there are no two crystals that ha+e e@actly the same appearance* ;hen a water molecule crystalli:es, pure water becomes a pure crystal* -n his water.crystal technology, Cr* Jmoto e@amined water in terms of its biophysical properties* 1e offered proof that water not only li+es, but also has the ability to absorb feelings and information* ;hen he fro:e water and loo(ed at the crystals, each one loo(ed totally unique* -t,s really true that the faces of all the snowfla(es that ha+e fallen on the earth for millions of years ha+e all been different* 1e learned how to ta(e pictures with the optical microscope of !GG power, using high.speed photography* ;hat he found was that the photos of crystals formed in fro:en water re+ealed changes in the same body of water when specific, concentrated thoughts were directed toward them* 1e used a big free:er to solidify the water in a room at minus fi+e degrees Celsius* 1e used these scientific points of +iew to e@plain the unimaginable healing power of sacred springs, such as the one at 'ourdes*

According to this research, music, especially classical music, resulted in well.formed crystals, while hea+y. metal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals* ;ater that is e@posed to positi+e e@pressions such as, 3'et,s do it,3 and 3Than( you,3 created well. formed, attracti+e and beautiful he@agonal crystals* An the other hand, a negati+e e@pression such as, 3)ool3 was li(e e@posing the water to hea+y metal music, and, as a result, it became malformed and fragmented* 1e also demonstrated the phenomenon of how crystal formation is affected by +isual images* )urther, he disco+ered that crystal formations are affected as well by words that are written on paper and shown on the water* The written words themsel+es actually emit a unique +ibration that the water was capable of sensing* After many e@periments with crystal formation, Cr* Jmoto concluded that the +ibration of good wor(s has a positi+e effect on our world* The science of quantum mechanics ac(nowledges that substance is nothing more than +ibrations* The number and shape of the electrons that were made of these +ibrations and their orbits gi+e each substance a particular set of +ibrational frequencies*


J+erything is eternally mo+ing and +ibrating intermittently with an incredible speed* Since e+erything is in a state of +ibration, this means that e+erything is creating sound* -t was determined that human beings +ibrate !&G trillion times a second, which absolutely boggles the imagination and indicates an incredible and wonderful hidden potential* As the result of our unique frequencies, we should ha+e the sensory s(ills to e+en feel the +ibrations of others* This could mean that we can sense and e@perience the great sadness or 0oy that another is e@pressing* Fesonance is created when one side creates a frequency, and the other side responds with the same sound* 1umans ha+e the capacity to resonate with each other and also with all creatures and ob0ects found in nature* This is so important*


The implications of this research create a new awareness of how we can positi+ely impact the earth and our personal health* -t has been pointed out that water not only co+ers the largest portion of our planet 6&1U8, but it comprises the largest percentage of our physical bodies as well 6anywhere from !!U to &%U, depending on our body si:e8* -t has been speculated that the impact of our thoughts and feelings plays a large part in the way our en+ironments are created* Cr* Jmoto belie+ed that ta(ing ad+antage of this information would allow us to claim our health and e+en our peace on a global basis* Along with the response of water crystals to sound and the written word, - turn your attention to the belief that tal(ing to plants helps them grow* This was first introduced in 1%"% by a /erman professor* )rom the scientific aspect, plants need carbon dio@ide to grow, so when you tal( to a plant, you breathe on it, gi+ing it an e@tra infusion of CA$* 1owe+er, to e@pect any real effects based on breathing on plants, it would be necessary to spea( to them se+eral hours a day, in close quarters* Cid you (now that 'uther Burban(, the renowned botanist and in+entor of the -daho potato, belie+ed that plants were capable of telepathically understanding the meaning of speech= )urther, a Hew ?or( dentist in 1 &G released a program entitled, 32usic to /row Dlants By*3 Studies confirmed that classical or soothing music would benefit plants, but loud, aggressi+e music would ha+e the opposite effect*


'et,s discuss the 2o:art Jffect that is utili:ed to gi+e peace to fetuses growing in the mother,s womb by using a de+ice equipped with spea(ers that are wrapped around the mother,s abdomen* This music therapy was designed to help babies adapt to life after birth* Fesearchers from the Uni+ersity of California in 1 $ disco+ered that college students performed better in math testing while 2o:art,s music was played* Coctors Shaw and Fauscher,s research into 3The 2o:art Jffect,3 a term coined by the media, suggests a strong connection between intelligence and e@posure to music* The music causes neurons to be stimulated in the brain which in turn causes them to be discharged or fired* Thus, this lin(s them up to other neurons which form temporary connections or synapses* The more synapses created and the more precise the firings, the better the chance a baby has of performing well intellectually* Studies ha+e shown that playing most forms of classical music can create a more positi+e en+ironment which can e@plain why such peace can be discerned in babies e@posed to similar music* A pioneering psychiatrist, Cr* Thomas Lerny, has been in+ol+ed with two decades of medical research on the unborn baby* 1e has lectured e@tensi+ely especially in Horth America and Jurope* As reported in his boo(, The &ecret +ife of the 3nborn -hild , 1e found that the unborn baby is capable of learning, hearing, responding to +oices and sounds including music, sensing their parent,s feelings toward them, and responding to lo+e* All of this information in+ol+ing water crystals, plants, babies in the womb, and music quite strongly re+eal that there is a profound relationship between what you confess and what you possess*


;hen - thin( bac( to the first time - communicated with patients, - was quite surprised that wasn,t always understood e+en though - was using the same Jnglish language* - didn,t reali:e we spo(e the same language, but - was confusing them with medical terminology* They would often say, 3- don,t understand*3 Then - began to reali:e that my doctorology was only familiar to me, not my patients* - had to educate myself to be e+er so careful when spea(ing medically confusing words especially such giants as telling my patient they had, 3Unilateral homonymous hemianopsia*3 This patient with the eye problem said to me, 3'et,s brea( this down into Jnglish*3 - had to learn how to translate my medical lingo so people could be enlightened and comprehend* The Bible has a great way to summari:e this7 reliable communication permits progress* Another discipline - encountered while - was focusing on better ways to tal( and be understood was the direction of attorneys who really emphasi:ed this s(ill* ?ou doctors are quite familiar with these e@perts, who are really there to protect you* - was instructed to start monitoring my words and to spea( precisely and specifically to patients to a+oid any potential malpractice suits* 2y initial impression had been that harmony and rapport in the doctor.patient relationship pre+ented being sued* But - was rightly informed that anything you say or don,t say can and will be used against you regarding anything that you do or don,t do for your patient*

;hen - entered the supernatural world of spea(ing spiritually, - had to be reprogrammed* This required a paradigm shift along with the maturity of de+eloping a unique awareness of proper dialogue* This is accurately captured in the Scripture from Dro+erbs 1%7$17 ($eath and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it ,for death or life.'( Cid you notice that /od put death before life in this +erse because of the serious impact the wrong words could ha+e on your being= Ane of the ways - gained healthier control of what - said was to memori:e Scriptures* This not only brought out the power of the words in the Scriptures, but enabled me to apply it so that there were positi+e affects on daily li+ing* - preferred to memori:e the Bing >ames translations because - thought it was more poetic (He who guards his mouth keeps his life, but he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin( 6Dro+erbs 1E7E8* This Scripture re+eals that demons are responsible for this destruction because they can enter through the inappropriate use of your tongue and mouth* The significance of 3bad3 words has been researched by a group of psychologists and they ha+e determined that you need to spea( thirteen positi+es to o+ercome one negati+e* So, a+oid getting hung by the tongue< ;ould you li(e to pro+e this= >ust memori:e the abo+e two Scriptures from Dro+erbs 1E7E and 1%7$1 0ust for a start and you,ll see for yourself the control and power you,ll ha+e as you spea( more carefully and e+en accomplish more* Fead about the power of your tongue through this Scripture to a+oid enormous damage and destruction that can start as a spar(7 (+ikewise, look at the ships8 though they are so great and are driven by rough winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the impulse of the helmsman determines' >ven so the tongue is a little member, and it can boast of great things' &ee how much wood or how great a forest a tiny spark can set abla5e9 %nd the tongue is a fire' ,The tongue is a. world of wickedness set among our members, contaminating and depraving the whole

body and setting on fire the wheel of birth /the cycle of man's nature0,being itself ignited by hell /Gehenna0( 6>ames E7".#8*

The greatest challenge - e@perienced in learning to use positi+e words was for my mind to be 3open3 so - could eliminate the programmed way - use to tal( using those uncontrolled thoughts* wanted to (now how to achie+e the results - wanted* - was as(ing, 31ow do - learn to incorporate positi+e and spiritual words li(e 3healed3 and 3miracles3 into my +ocabulary and, 31ow do - eliminate negati+e words li(e 3no hope3 and 3remission=3 - was informed that the only answer was to study, read the Bible, and learn the way >esus would spea(* - was told to start thin(ing about what - was going to say before - spo(e so - would be pleased with what - heard* ?ou ha+e been informed to spea( what you want rather than what you ha+e* This is >esus, idea so we are calling those things which don,t e@ist as if they are things which do e@ist* -t,s no different than /od gi+ing life to the dead so they become ali+e* /od does gi+e life to the dead* 1e tal(s to those things which are not seen and do not e@ist 0ust as though they did* This, of course, is only possible and belie+able in the spiritual realm* 1e calls those things into e@istence that you can,t see* 1e calls them forth and spea(s them into being as if they are and the truth is that they do e@ist in hea+en* This means you ha+e to be careful what you say with your tongue and mouth on a $"M& basis because this can become a negati+e self.fulfilling prophecy and opens the door to actually happening through demonic spirits*


How that you understand the importance of spea(ing positi+e words that you release from your tongue and mouth, let me gi+e you the spiritual or supernatural basis that supports the reason why you can actually say and spea( what you want instead of telling it the way it is* This basic and foundational Scripture is from Fomans "71&7 (7ho gives life to the dead and speaks of the none:istent things that ,He has foretold and promised. as if they ,already. e:isted'( This means that >esus wants you to start spea(ing about what you want instead of tal(ing about what,s going on with your situation* 1e is telling you to belie+e those things that don,t e@ist as if they do e@ist* -t,s no different than spea(ing the truth in ad+ance* ?ou are not spea(ing from your mind, but through your spirit* ;hen you do that you are spea(ing faith* This e@planation will continue to satisfy your need to be able to comprehend this matter and then be able apply it with success from your spiritual understanding* ?ou probably already appreciate that the Bible also encourages you to tal( to your mountains through >esus, rather than spea(ing to >esus about your mountains*


;hen you instruct your patients, they need to appreciate that the mountains in their life can refer to hindrances, barriers, challenges, negati+e situations, etc* They can represent any stronghold in their life that they need to o+ercome that would otherwise pre+ent them from mo+ing on to reco+ery* They need to li+e with the peace that /od intended them to ha+e* Tell them the way to remo+e mountains is by their faith with the truth of /od,s ;ord*

The apostle Daul helps us understand this more clearly in $ Corinthians "71E7 (*et we have the same spirit of faith as he had who wrote, I have believed, and therefore have I spoken' 7e too believe, and therefore we speak'( Fead that +erse again to confirm what you spo(e7 (I have believed, and therefore have I spoken'( -t,s always going to sound irrational to the world when a Christian tal(s as if what /od has promised is a reality, especially when those promises seem to contradict the natural e+idence around you* But if you want to (eep the enemy defeated, this is the (ind of tal(ing you,d better be doing*


)rom a worldly point of +iew, the importance of words that - ha+e been fussing with endlessly sounds foolish, but, 1 Corinthians 17$& e@plains it quite clearly7 (,;o. for God selected /deliberately chose0 what in the world is foolish to put the wise to shame, and what the world calls weak to put the strong to shame'( /od doesn,t wait for circumstances to line up before 1e spea(s* 1e causes them to line up because 1e spea(s* ?ou can do the same thing if you,ll ma(e your words agree with 1is and spea( them out of your mouth by faith* 3But what if nothing happens right away=3 you may as(* 3;hat if the circumstances don,t immediately change=3 ;hen >esus spo(e to the fig tree in 2ar( 1171", 1e didn,t go bac( and chec( to see if anything had happened to it* Ho, once 1e had spo(en it, 1e considered it done* (%nd He said to it, ;o one ever again shall eat fruit from you' %nd His disciples were listening ,to what He said.'( )ollow 1is e@ample* 'et your faith spea(* -f you would consider your faith as ha+ing the same power as gra+ity, you would always see results because of the respect and godly fear you would ha+e because gra+ity doesn,t ha+e to be tested* Both faith and gra+ity are a law* Agreeing with /od,s ;ord is the only way to go*

How that we ha+e co+ered this information, let,s really tal( about specifics and as( the question, 3Can you actually tal( to your patient from the spiritual aspects about their sic(ness and disease=3 This was a rather distressful underta(ing for me for - now had to face a E#G degree contrast in comparison as to how - already spo(e to patients from the medical point of +iew* This was li(e a new language and contradictory to my training in communicating with them* - had to change my attitude, my manner, and my method in tal(ing* ;hen you focus on /od,s ;ord in the Bible and compare it to how doctor words are used, there is a huge difference* -t doesn,t seem right or ma(e sense yet, the Bible is ne+er wrong9ne+er has been, and ne+er will be* ?et, +ery rarely does a patient e+er question that negati+e report gi+en to them from their doctor* 1a+e you e+er heard the patient as(, 3;ell, Coctor, now tell me what does /od,s ;ord say about this cancer you told me about=3 Can - as( you another question= ;ould you be upset if your patient decided not to accept what you told them because it contradicted what the Bible stated=

The toughest challenge in my career was to fail or not to be right* ?ou could call that pride or ego* J/A means Edging God Out* -f - e+er wrote a boo( to e@plain this, - would probably call it, I've 7orked and Trained Much too Hard and Much too +ong with too Much >:perience to >ver be 7rong' The word your patient recei+es through their ear gate and their eye gate, regarding their health, is an e@tremely sensiti+e spiritual issue* ?ou (now that /od has created a healing system in your body that has been fashioned specifically for a long quality of life 6see /enesis #7E8* This requires you to nurture and maintain your temple as well as that of your patients* A good e@ample is that football fan who didn,t (now he in0ured his thigh climbing up the bleachers to find a seat to watch the game* After the game, as he was about to lea+e, he noticed blood on his pants, and quic(ly saw this large laceration through his torn pants* The reason he was asymptomatic and pain free was due to the endorphins and encephalon,s that were released from his brain that acted li(e an anti.pain substance*3 -n order to maintain your patient,s healing system in good wor(ing order, your +ital medical information for them has to be translated into a positi+e report using positi+e words* This requires mi@ing together what you call the facts, which are all sub0ect to change, and the spiritual words a+ailable to you from the Bible* ?ou already (now that when patients hear negati+e words, they react with fear, despair, hopelessness, depression, and e+en panic* ?ou can readily understand how your patient,s illness can be intensified or worsened with inappropriate medical words, especially from their doctors who they consider their authority figures* 1ere,s something - didn,t appreciate initially* 2y spiritual counselors told me that >esus is the authority figure, not me, and 1e is the one patients need to obey e+en if the Bible words are in disagreement with the doctor,s words* After all, >esus is the ;ord* Since >esus can heal e+ery sic(ness and e+ery disease, you no longer ha+e to be faced with telling them only what your attorney has termed the 3so.called truth*3 The ;ord offers an alternati+e which you can spea( with authority* ;hen they are informed of their diagnosis, which can be at the e@treme gamut of the worse scenarios such as their death sentence, this is actually a lie* According to the Bible, they are being decei+ed* This actually becomes a curse if they belie+e it and accept it into their heart* >ust because they can,t be healed through the medical and scientific method may be a fact, but it,s not the truth*


The mighty name of >esus is a name more powerful than any gi+en medical diagnosis, for the Scriptures establish that e+ery sic(ness and disease has to bow to the name of >esus* This is e@actly what occurs in the spiritual world of the e+angelist and anyone else who is laying hands on the sic( including you doctors 6see Dhilippians $7 .1G8* ;hen the patient hears they only ha+e 3@3 months to li+e, not only is there no scientific method to accurately ascertain this, there are no (nown formulas that can be used* -t,s actually the fear that de+elops from that death sentence which brings that thought into reality* This medical message becomes registered in their thought mind and can actually brea( down their immunological system* The Bible states that the thought that has been pronounced is being con+erted into belief and then spo(en into e@istence 6see >ob E7$!8*

There are far too many testimonies that contradict the death notice in which patients completely reco+er* - belie+e that some of our training and in+ol+ement in medicine con+eys to us the impression that 2*C* could mean 2edical Ceity* - myself started referring to 2*C* as 2irth Cispenser* -t always fascinated me that >esus ne+er had a title or an identity crisis*


'et me share a word concerning the power of laughter* 'aughter in the spirit is really the echo of /od,s laughter in hea+en* -t is a weapon against the plans of the enemy for the de+il becomes upset when we laugh at challenges because he reali:es we are on to him* - call this +ictory< Femember that a day without laughter is a wasted day* - mentioned this because there is a documented medical testimony from Horman Cousins, who was the Jditor of the Saturday Fe+iew of 'iterature* 1e laughed his way out of sic(ness being healed of an(ylosing spondylitis and later a massi+e heart attac(* 1e signed himself out of a hospital and into a hotel room when he disco+ered that laughter released him from pain for se+eral hours* 1e watched all the 2ar@ Brother mo+ies and his friend Alan )unt,s +ideo clips of Candid Camera shows* The boo( he wrote to substantiate this was entitled %natomy of %n Illness' 1e belie+ed it was important to ha+e many hearty belly laughs e+ery day* -t,s biblical7 (% happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones( 6Dro+erbs 1&7$$8* This Scripture is actually saying that a merry heart is medicine* As you already e@perienced, - ha+e ta(en the liberty of inserting some humor into this handboo(* ;hoops* - 0ust thought about >ac( Benny who came to the ;hite 1ouse on a special +isit carrying his +iolin case* Ane of the security guards approached him and as(ed what he had in the container* -n (eeping with his usual comedy character, he responded, 3A Tommy.gun*3 The guard answered as if he was part of the routine, 3Than( /od* - thought it was your +iolin<3


?our mandate, doctor, is to set the capti+es free from sic(ness and disease* >esus has redeemed us from our bondage of sin through 1is grace and unfathomable lo+e* 1e has pro+ided a way for us to escape our pre+iously separated and sinful condition and reclaim all that was pre+iously lost that has now been returned* ?our command is to set people at liberty from sic(ness through the gift of communication utili:ing the ;ord of /od* Cear Coctor, than( you for lo+ing the ;ord*

E/e(en Don't I A/re)d0 Kno2 A5o#t T*e In' And O#t' O- Si$&ne'' And Di'e)'e>
As you (now, disease is an impairment of any normal functioning part of the body that is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptom* -t has also been defined as harmful de+elopment of the performance of a +ital function* Cid you reali:e that when you brea( the word down into its component parts, disease can be summari:ed as dis and ease, or un.easy, ill at ease, or not at ease* The question is, are you ha+ing dis.ease because you,re opening the door to sic(ness perhaps through daily repeated stress to both the inside and outside of your body= - told a patient they had a bug called 3stresstococcus3 that wasn,t responsi+e to any antibiotics, 0ust >esus* ?ou need to help your patient who is carrying around all that 3emotional 0un(*3 Ane doctor friend told me that he belie+ed that eighty percent of all diseases are abo+e the ears* There are many great medical te@ts and 0ournal articles written to e@plain the etiology of sic(ness and disease such as the formation of antibodies as the result of stimulation to your immune system which leads to autoimmune diseases* 1ow about the formation of free radicals from our foods that set in motion an o@idation process of cell degeneration= Feaction to stress is healthy and normal, but what,s the effect if it,s persistent* ?ou do reali:e that persistence will e+entually wear out resistance= There is little doubt that many sic(nesses and diseases occur as the result of things we do or shouldn,t do* ;hat -,m leading up to is that since >esus has already healed whate+er sic(ness and disease that e@ists in your flesh, we need to reprogram our mind with an attitude of refusing to accept them*

The media headlines unintentionally support medical problems* )or e@ample, there are many newspaper articles and tele+ision commercials that set us up such as 3/et Feady for the Autbrea( of Swine )lu*3 Ar the tele+ision ad+ertisement that promotes negati+e encouragement such as7 3Are you worried about getting breast cancer=3 ;hat about, 3?our Urologist (nows about your prostate cancer ris(s* 1a+e you discussed this with him=3 The commercials appear to be based on helping by pre+ention, e+en though the messages are filled with fear and often times include ob+ious o+ertones of selling 3needed3 medications* The de+il continuously attempts to flood negati+e thoughts into your patient,s mind who in turn entertains them until they,re 0ust one step away from recei+ing them* ;hen you start to fear all the negati+e possibilities that could happen, your patient becomes li(e a >ob with his negati+e thin(ing 6see >ob E7$!8* The truth is that all of this is controllable* An the other hand, a positi+e media approach is impractical and at least, significantly challenging gi+en today,s secular world* ;hen you begin to read, wal(, breath, and li+e the Bible, it will no longer be a concern* Say goodbye to an@iety, worry, unrest, disease, disquiet, apprehension, alarm, and fear*


2any of the real culprits for sic(ness and disease can be traced to your patients, poor nutrition and lifestyle with their eating and inappropriate food habits, the to@ins in their en+ironment, dependency on use of medications, insufficient water inta(e, lac( of e@ercise with a sedentary life style, sleep depri+ation, persistent repeated strife and stress, and obesity* According to a report from the Centers for Cisease Control and Dre+ention 6CCC8 all adult men and women are roughly an inch taller than they were in 1 #G, but are nearly $! pounds hea+ier on an a+erage as well* As focused as this handboo( is for your spiritual training, medical reports indicate that these abo+e captioned challenges are responsible for many sic(nesses and diseases including one third of cancer deaths* )ibromyalgia and lupus has e+en been traced to an artificial.type sugar substitute* -n other words, your patient opens the door to sic(ness and disease through their carelessness and indifference to their body needs which results in ensuing deteriorating wea(nesses* This wea(ness then e@poses them to demonic acti+ities* )or e@ample, you (now that our bodies fight cancer cells frequently, but win because we protect oursel+es with appropriate attitudes and nutritional and physical maintenance* But start stressing your immunological system with improper and inappropriate acti+ities and you,ll need to call for help long before you e@pected to*


Stress and its associated emotions are reported to be responsible for a large portion of your patient,s unhealthy conditions* This is responsible for the production of to@ic products into their system that actually causes damage to their body including their ner+ous system* But you doctors are all aware of your patient,s struggle to control the flesh and bypass their spirit* ?ou could blame this on the de+ils tactics, but the truth is that our will is actually in charge of the flesh, not the de+ilI and as you (now, pride goes before the fall* This food challenge is basically the fight between the food monster and the food police* There has to be a positi+e persistent priority program pushing patients to pre+ention toward perfecting their posture for /od,s preference of proper eating* A simple synopsis for this is that all around good health is a far better choice than ha+ing to get healed* 2y boo(, +ean God's 7ay, was written for the Saints to lose weight through the 1oly Spirit*


- want you to appreciate that in your career, as well as mine, there ha+e been numerous li+es sa+ed and blessed by you through /od,s inter+ention e+en though we may not ha+e recogni:ed that 1e was in+ol+ed* -f you were li(e me, - initially preferred to refer to them as physical reco+ery rather than spiritual healings* -n my practice, - can quic(ly recall many acute situations with patients sustaining epidural and subdural hematomas* They deteriorate rapidly from brain and brain stem compression as the result of the accumulation of blood and blood products, swelling, and edema* Unfortunately, the nutritional deficits in the chronic alcoholics didn,t help the situation* - remember dri+ing to the hospital at the same brea(. nec( speed as the person who sustained his in0ury in order to get to the operating room in time to sa+e their life by decompressing whate+er mass had de+eloped* But - (new instincti+ely in my dri+ing, - was protected*

/od puts so many instincts in you all of the time without your appreciation that you shouldn,t ta(e for granted* The point -,m ma(ing here is that you ha+e accomplished so many great blessings to incalculable patients as if you were performing as 1is associate*


There is no limit to how your faith can grow as you witness each and e+ery healing or miracle if you 0ust open your heart and mind as you study this and then go e@perience it by applying it* ?ou (now that wisdom is the application of (nowledge* Again, there is no intention for this handboo( to represent a medical te@t that has to do with either diagnosis or treatment but rather a te@t entirely focused on the spiritual and supernatural realm* ?ou will appreciate the sharp contrast in the medical conditions that you and - ha+e handled in our medical practice compared to the documented healings and miracles you will witness because it really doesn,t ma(e any logical or scientific sense* -n the ma0ority of testimonies, there would be no purpose ser+ed to attempt to list the number of healings for each medical condition for if /od will heal one carpal tunnel or one mitral +al+e prolapse, 1e will heal all of them* 1e is no respecter of persons* Again, - am not the healer, only 1is yielded +essel, li(e you, but - (now who the 1ealer is and that,s why 1e gets all the credit* -t,s important to (eep watch and stay concerned with your healing acti+ities so that you,re always on guard less you get touched with the spirit of pride* Femember, pride is how the de+il got into trouble in the first place* ?our healing acti+ities, howe+er, will ne+er reach a point that you will de+elop an insatiable ego that you can,t get satisfied* -nstead, you will always recei+e a fulfilling of peace and 0oy with each healing along with the blessings from the families* Sometimes - ha+e 0o(ed about getting withdrawal from not ha+ing the opportunity to heal, but this has more to do with the e@citement and thrill of witnessing healings especially for patients with medical conditions that in my practice were pre+iously incurable or terminal* ;hat happened to me is that - became more desperate for those who were hurt and lost than for myself*


- (now you understand that you won,t see e+ery person healed that you minister to, otherwise you would be /od* But ministering to touch the li+es of many with the healing power of >esus is possible* ?ou ha+e already diagnosed and treated far more sic(nesses and diseases than you could e+en register here* ?ou could call these your new clinical e@periences from the spiritual realm* -t is said that reliable communication permits progress which is the (ey in directing healing to ta(e place* - pray you will apply these teachings to any sic(ness or disease and e@pect healing as you perform your +erbal fine tuning* ?ou are disco+ering how to reach up and pull the power down from hea+en so your patient can benefit and be blessed* ?ou are already considered a specialist in your chosen field of medicine gi+en what,s within you* But you will be ama:ed and o+erwhelmed to see how quic(ly you will be able to apply your new spiritual (nowledge along with your pre+ious medical communication proficiency* ?ou will become passionate for the impossible*

Beep in mind that anything out of control is still under /od,s control* >ust as( /od to gi+e you supernatural ability in e+erything you need e+en as you minister on a basis* (*ou do not have, because you do not ask3 6>ames "7$8*


Again, - encourage you to start reading and listening to biblical.based healing boo(s, CCs and CLCs* Start attending healing conference and special meetings* But most of all, stay in /od,s ;ord as you grow spiritually* (%nd as you go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand9 -ure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons' reely /without pay0 you have received, freely /without charge0 give' Take no gold nor silver nor ,even. copper money in your purses /belts0( 62atthew 1G7&. 8* Dhysician and patient ali(e, - pray you will ma(e the 'ord central to your health and healing* As a result of what you ha+e learned and put into practice, - belie+e you will ha+e wonderful miracles to report* -n addition, - encourage you to read my boo(, Handbook for $eliverance, which deals specifically with setting li+es free through the spiritual authority we ha+e been gi+en by Christ* - would lo+e to hear your stories* )eel free to write me at the address on the last page of this boo(* 2ay /od touch your life and the li+es of many because of the commitment you ma(e to ser+e the /reat Dhysician*

T2e/(e He)/in8 S$ri3t#re'

Here are se+eral powerful 1ealing Scriptures that will ma(e the difference, whether you are a patient needing a touch from /od or a doctor ministering healing to those in your care* ?our anointing will be made ali+e as you spea( these godly words* - would li(e to point out that your ability to memori:e is unlimited* Spea( that into e@istence and it will happen because what you confess is what you possessI what you say is what you get* ;e need to e@press positi+e self. fulfilling prophecies so we can recei+e what we want by what we say* ?ou may want to place your fa+orite +erses in a noteboo( or dictate into a +oice recorder and carry them around with you as you learn and become familiar with these Scriptures by repeating them* Jach of the following +erses are from the Amplified Lersion of the Bible*

V J@odus 1!7$#7 ( or I am the +ord 7ho heals you'( V J@odus $E7$!7 (*ou shall serve the +ord your God2 He shall bless your bread and water, and
I will take sickness from your midst'(

V Dsalm EG7$7 (# +ord my God, I cried to *ou and *ou have healed me'( V Dsalm 1GE7 $."7 (!less /affectionately, gratefully praise0 the +ord, # my soul, and forget
not ,one of. all His benefits=7ho forgives ,every one of all your ini4uities, 7ho heals ,each one of. all your diseases, 7ho redeems your life from the pit and corruption, 7ho beautifies, dignifies, and crowns you with loving-kindness and tender mercy'( Catch the benefits that are pro+ided for you by the 'ord from Dsalm 1GE7 18 1e forgi+es all my sins* $8 1e heals all my diseases* E8 1e redeems my life from destruction* "8 1e crowns me with lo+ing (indness and tender mercies* !8 1e satisfies my mouth with good things so that my youth is renewed li(e the eagles* #8 1e e@ecutes righteousness and 0udgment for me against oppression* &8 1e sets me free* %8 1e ma(es (nown 1is ways to me* 8 1e gi+es me 1is grace and mercy in times of need*

V Dsalm 1G&7$G7 (He sends forth His word and heals them and rescues them from the pit and
destruction'( Dsalm 11%71&7 (I shall not die but live, and shall declare the works and recount the illustrious acts of the +ord'(

V Dro+erbs "7$G.$$7 (My son, attend to my words2 consent and submit to my sayings' +et
them not depart from your sight2 keep them in the center of your heart' or they are life to those who find them, healing and health to all their flesh'(

V -saiah !E7".!7 (&urely He has borne our griefs /sick nesses, weaknesses, and distresses0 and
carried our sorrows and pains ,of punishment., yet we ,ignorantly. considered Him stricken, smitten, and afflicted by God ,as if with leprosy.'( or I will restore health to you, and I will heal your wounds, says the +ord, because they have called you an outcast, saying, This is Cion, whom no one seeks after and for whom no one cares9(

V )eremiah ?@8AB8 (

V 2alachi "7$7 (!ut unto you who revere and worshipfully fear My name shall the &un of
"ighteousness arise with healing in His wings and His beams, and you shall go forth and gambol like calves ,released. from the stall and leap for 6oy'(

V 2atthew %7&.%8 (%nd )esus said to him, I will come and restore him' !ut the centurion replied
to Him, +ord, I am not worthy or fit to have *ou come under my roof2 but only speak the word, and my servant boy will be cured'(

V 2atthew %71E7 (Then to the centurion )esus said, Go2 it shall be done for you as you have
believed' %nd the servant boy was restored to health at that very moment'(

V 2atthew %71#.1&7 (7hen evening came, they brought to Him many who were.under the
power of demons, and He drove out the spirits with a word and restored to health all who were sick' %nd thus He fulfilled what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah, He Himself took ,in order to carry away. our weaknesses and infirmities and bore away our diseases'(

V 2ar( !7E"7 (%nd He said to her, $aughter, your faith /your trust and confidence in Me,
springing from faith in God0 has restored you to health' Go in /into0 peace and be continually healed and freed from your ,distressing bodily. disease'(

V 2ar( 117$$.$"7 (%nd )esus, replying, said to them, Have faith in God ,constantly.' Truly I
tell you, whoever says to this mountain, !e lifted up and thrown into the sea9 and does not doubt at all in his heart but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him' or this reason I am telling you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe /trust and be confident0 that it is granted to you, and you will ,get it.'(

V /alatians E71E7 (-hrist purchased our freedom ,redeeming us. from the curse /doom0 of
the +aw ,and its condemnation. by ,Himself. becoming a curse for us, for it is written ,in the &criptures., -ursed is everyone who hangs on a tree /is crucified0'(

V 1ebrews 11717 (;ow faith is the assurance /the confirmation, the title deed0 of the things ,we.
hope for, being the proof of things ,we. do not see and the conviction of their reality ,faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses.''(

V 1ebrews 1E7%7 ()esus -hrist /the Messiah0 is ,always. the same, yesterday, today, ,yes. and
forever /to the ages0'(

V E >ohn $7 (!eloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way and ,that your body. may keep
well, even as ,I know. your soul keeps well and prospers'(

Si$&ne''e' And Di'e)'e' T*)t :e'#' C)nnot He)/ No, not oneB

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