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Depression is a state of mind which everyone experiences from time to time. Some people get over it very easily but for some depression can turn into a permanent sentiment. Long term depression is the mental disorder that seems like it doesnt have that obvious danger symptoms as normal diseases but it could lead to death and suicide.The common symptoms of depression are feeling helpless and hopeless, loss interest in life, change in appetite and sleep cycle and could lead to self loathing and anti-social behaviour.


People tend not to perceive depression as a illnessDepression is a very abstract term and could not be measured or test scientifically so this make people hard to really understand the term that well. while at least 121 million people worldwide are suffering from depression and less than 25 percent of the patient have the right treatment. (WHO statistic). One out of five people will experience depression once in their life and depression tends to happen on women more than men. The causes of depression could be anything you could possibly imagine. It could be from biological and heredity factor such as the lack of secretion in seretonin and dopamine hormone. It could come from the loss of loved one or even loss of jobs. These factors make depression to be normal and not serious so people usually do not accept the fact that they are depressed and need some serious treatment. Seeing psychologist for treating for depression is not perceived like an ordinary activity like seeing regular doctor when you catch a cold. People think that seeing a psychologist only means that they are crazy and would be a waste of time. Instead of proper treatment, they seek for help from alcohol and drugs which make them feel much lower than before. Friends and family of the patient usually think that this would finally goes away like all other ordinary emotions which even make the patient to feel more helpless in every way. The impact of depression is not affected only the person who suffers but also effect friends, family and even productivity in work place which could lead to a damage to society and economics. Sadness and stressed could happen and spread to friends and family which would be more damaging if this spread and everyone will be affected in some way. Nowadays when family members tend to be more independent and not attached to each other like old days and ignorance about depression within family could happen very easily. The competition and stressed in modern society seems to be much higher than before and this could lead to depression much more easily. Prevention of depression might be impossible but the remedy to full recovery is surely possible. Seeking for professional help could be a way to help to recover from depression but support and understanding from friends and family play a crucial role in helping someone with depression as well. (APA, How Psychotherapy Helps People Recover from Depression, 1998).