PHONE COVER English: Make as many ch as you need. Remember to keep the tension pretty tight.

Basically you want to have the chain be the same width of your phone when the chain is stretched firmly. Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook, sc in each ch and sc in the last st. !o not turn, keep working on the back of the ch, sc in first st "same than last st# and repeat, sc in last st. $ou have %sc in each end and sc in the middle. &his is the base of the cover, check it is 'k, if it(s too small, repeat Row ) or start again adding more chains. Row 2 onward: ) sc in each st for each row until you(re near the top of your phone. Second last row. *ere you can either keep your yarn colour the same or add your second colour. Starting at one side of the case, do one more row of "sc# and then at the end of that row change to ) "sl st# in each stitch. +hen you reach the e,act middle of your case, "ch# -. stitches so that you have a long chain and then do ) "sl st# in the stitch that your chain originated in so that the chain becomes a loop that will go over the button. &hen carry on around the rest of the row until you(re back where you started. /asten off and weave in any loose ends with your darning needle. 0ut your phone in the case and pull the chained loop over. Mark where the end of your loop falls, centered on the case, and then stitch your button on in that e,act spot. "Special thanks to 1amye

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