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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with former member of Frehley's Comet.

Kiss Army Ar e!ti!" i!ter#iew with To$ %ow"rth&

'Touring was fun with Ace Frehley'

To$ %ow"rth "!$ Kiss Army Ar e!ti!".

KISS Army Argentina: Hi, Tod! Thanks a lot for your time for this exclusi e inter iew with KISS Army Argentina! It is an honor for us to "e a"le to talk to you! Tod Howarth: Well, its an honor for me to be able to talk with KISS ARMY Argentina, thank o! for thinking of me" KISS Army Argentina: It will not "e sim#le to know where to start, "ecause you ha e worked with many great "ands, and those achie ements are #art of a #ath that started in your childhood, we guess! How did you enter the world of music$ %hy are you a musician and who or what ins#ired you to "e so$ Tod Howarth: Yes, o! are right, its been man ears sin#e I dis#o$ered that I had a lo$e and ma be e$en a talent for m!si#% M mother and maternal grandfather were singers, m father !sed to listen to a lot of m!si# in the #ar and at home when I wo!ld $isit him &m 'arents were di$or#ed before I was a ear old( and then when I was li$ing with m a!nt and !n#le for a short time in )*+, I saw the -eatles on the .d S!lli$an show% I was hooked% I wo!ld draw them, listen intentl to their songs, all the harmonies, or#hestrations / I was fas#inated b all the melodies that I heard going on at the same time% Then when m father re0married, m

ste' mom had a 'iano and she wo!ld hear me 'linking on it, and hear me singing too% She hired a 'iano tea#her who told her that I had 'erfe#t 'it#h, and so the lessons started% KISS Army Argentina: &our first #rofessional ex#erience, as we know, came with the "and '('! )lease tell us more a"out that! Tod Howarth: 121 was a band that I had heard abo!t on#e I first mo$ed to 3os Angeles in )*1*% I was reall into hea$ier m!si# at the time and had a few original bands that were tr ing to get off the gro!nd b!t it was to!gh with some tem'eramental band members m!#king !' the forward motion, so I met some 4#ool #ats that were in bigger 3A stri' bands and managed to 5oin !' with them% 6ne band had the m!si#ians, R!d Sar7o, 8rankie -anali, Mi#ki 8ree% Along with 9ete :omita and ;on -rant that re$ol$ed in and o!t of it, so theres 5!st some of the fo!ndation for how :hea' Tri#k got to know me% 3ittle did I know that the 4m!#king !' in f!t!re bands wo!ld ne$er end" While show#asing with the Miki 8ree band, for <ene Simmons and =iana Ross &for a show that she was to ha$e in 3os Angeles then( I had se#retl alread a!ditioned twi#e for 121 and got the gig% I had #alled 121s management abo!t si> months 'rior b!t the had 5!st hired another ke board d!de% Well he didnt work o!t and so the #alled me% 6n#e in the band we headed o!t for the Reo S'eedwagon Hi0Infidelit to!r% This to!r t!rned o!t to be the biggest attending a!dien#es that I wo!ld end !' 'la ing to #on#erning the s!mmer fests% The band e$ent!all mo$ed to San 8ran#is#o, went thro!gh some band member 4ads and #hanges and finall faded o!t in late )*?@% It had some good 'otential ba#k then, too bad% KISS Army Argentina: Among many other "ands and artists, you ha e worked with *eo S#eedwagon and Ted +ugent, and we are sure that those ex#eriences left a mark on you! %hat are your memories from those days$ %hat did those artists lea e you as an ex#erience$ How did they mark you$ Tod Howarth: I was ne$er a fan of Reo, b!t I reall admired the #onsistent wa the 'erformed, drew #rowds and fans and alwa s deli$ered% In fa#t a good friend of mine is now their g!itar 'la er, =a$e Amato% I ne$er 'la ed in the Reo band, 121 5!st to!red with them a lot &I was asked to ma be #onsider a 'osition in later ears, b!t that ne$er #ame to 'ass( Ted A!gent was a great g! as well and he liked the band 121% So m!#h in fa#t that he wanted to manage !s along with his #o0manager% This took 'la#e in 121s final ear, b!t fi77led o!t when the band did% Howe$er shortl before that I was asked to sing ba#k!'s for Teds ne>t alb!m and did so in $er late )*?@% Man months later Teds #am' #ame looking for me to do the 9enetrator to!r )*?, / and that I did for abo!t si> months% KISS Army Argentina: ,o ing forward, "efore you -oined Frehley.s /omet, you worked with /hea# Trick, a legendary "and and another great mark in your career! )lease tell us more a"out your ex#erience with this great "and! Tod Howarth: As I stated before :H.A9 TRI:K fo!nd o!t abo!t me thro!gh ;on -rant and 'erha's 9ete :omita b!t also from a great st!dio ke board g! &whose name es#a'es me at the moment( and another 'rod!#er who knew m talents as a singer, great 'arts 'la er on the ke s and g!itarist if it was needed% I ended !' a!ditioning for them twi#e as well, as I think that initiall I didnt im'ress them, in fa#t I had to sing at the so!nd board at one of their #on#erts in Ir$ine :alifornia to their manager to #on$in#e them all that I 4had it 6n#e in the band &as a hired g!n( and we did a show the said, 4Wow, how #ome o! didnt sing like that at the a!ditionB I hadnt reali7ed that I didnt% I 9la ed with 4Tri#k from )*?C0?+ and then ba#k with them from )**20*+ D2220D22C on the Sil$er =E= and then s#attered shows here and there and then finall D22? for the @2 ear anni$ersar #on#ert at -!dokan in ;a'an% The are still one of m fa$orite Ameri#an ro#k bands, as I liked them when I was long before 'la ing in #o$er bands in San =iego, in fa#t we did one of their songs% And I had a #assette ta'e of itF%Yes I 'la ed it for them one da and the got a # ni#al ki#k o!t of it% I learned a lot with the band and I was h!mbled b 'la ing with them again after being a fo#!s with 8rehle s :omet, b!t s!#h is the life of a m!si#ian% I am wa more #omfortable with it now da s than I was man ears ago% It was to!gh on me b!t I bit m tong!e and swallowed the 'ro$erbial 'ride% KISS Army Argentina: 0et.s talk a"out Ace now! How and when did you meet him$ %hat was that first meeting like$ Tod Howarth% I met A#e in Aew York twi#e to a!dition% .a#h time it was either d!ring a :hea' Tri#k to!r or on m wa to or from one% He was $er friendl , $er fo#!sed, $er dri$en and I was im'ressed with his demeanor% Its no se#ret that I was not a 'arti#i'ating fan of KISS in m o!nger ears, altho!gh I tho!ght

that the had some great songs, terrifi# image and brilliant mer#handising te#hni#s% So I was not that familiar with A#e, his ba#k0stor , or the stor of how and wh he left KISS% I 5!st knew that he was a great g!itar 'la er and no one had the st le &that I knew of( that he made #om'letel his% KISS Army Argentina: %hen you -oined Ace Frehley.s /omet, the "and had already had a first line u# that did not include you! Those original mem"ers were Ace of course, Anton Fig on drums, 1ohn *egan on "ass guitar, *ichie Scarlet on guitars and Arthur Stead on key"oards!!! a fantastic lineu#!! %hen you -oined the "and, Arthur and *ichie left, so this o" iously meant a change! %hat ha e "een your contri"utions to the "and for that #eriod$ Tod Howarth: I re'la#ed Ri#hie and Arth!r a#t!all reall to 5!st downsi7e the band and I #o!ld do man m!si#al d!ties / Eo#als, g!itars and Ke boards% The re'la#ement reasons ma $ar de'ending on whom o! ask b!t there was 'robabl a finan#ial in#enti$e for the band to onl ha$e fo!r members in lie! of the fi$e% Those g! s are great m!si#ians in their own right so I dont think it had an thing to do with talent, 5!st ma be a different a''roa#h line0!' wise% I do know that I also bro!ght to the :omet table $er strong #ommer#ial songwriting and strong lead singing #a'abilities and that was 'robabl m biggest asset% KISS Army Argentina: How did the "and work in those days$ %as it really a "and or did Ace ha e the final word on e erything, as we would ex#ect$ How much of an in#ut did you ha e$ %hat a"out the rest of the guys, es#ecially at the time of choosing the songs and #erforming li e$ Tod Howarth: It was a 4band with him at the helm% I think it was as #lose to being a f!ll band as it #o!ld be be#a!se of who A#e was, b!t we all had in'!ts and he was $er genero!s / more than an other band I$e 'la ed with% Howe$er he had the name that was known aro!nd the world and of #o!rse his final word on most things stood% As it sho!ld be% ;ohn Regan was instr!mental to '!tting A#es band together and so he had a lot of infl!en#e / es'e#iall in the finan#e de'artment, to!ring, re#ording s#hed!les et# so he was a $er $al!able entit there% Me, being a 'rolifi# songwriter alwa s had song ideas flowing o!t, some, not all s!itable for the :omet, b!t I had the abilit % Anton 8ig, -ill Ward and ;amie 6ldaker didnt reall #ontrib!te t!nes &Im s!re that some of the g! s or all had the abilit to write b!t it wasnt offered that I know of or remembered( b!t that in no wa made them an less im'ortant 'arts of the band, in fa#t I lo$e bass and dr!ms / if o! dont ha$e that 4'o!nding and dri$ing for the 'ro5e#t, o! dont ha$e shit in m o'inion% I got to 'resent m songs, sing most all of them, 'la some leads on them and e$en make a little mone FI #o!ldnt ha$e been ha''ier% KISS Army Argentina: In the moment of s#lendor and glory of the "and, was Ace still a 2wild child3 with a cra4y lifestyle$ If he was so, how did that im#act on the "and and on your relationshi# with him$ Tod Howarth: A#e got a little wild at one 'oint that reall '!t a !nsettling ri''le in the moment!m and #on#entration that we needed to kee' 'rod!#ing the image of the :omet% It didnt last too long after we had a band meeting, b!t it was to be e>'e#ted I g!ess% We all still got along, there was no real big tension and we 5!st dealt with it% KISS Army Argentina: 5f all the moments you li ed with Frehley.s /omet, which is the one you remem"er the most and why$ Tod Howarth: Hmmm, well it wo!ld ha$e to be the start of the last to!r, at the 3imelight in Aew York with <ene and 9a!l 5oining !s on stage, The 3ondon show where we filmed the entire #on#ert and the 'rod!#tion $ideos% .'i# e$ents in m mind for ob$io!s reasons% I had known <ene for man ears &and wo!ld #ontin!e into the f!t!re( and I tho!ght it fantasti# that the fans #o!ldnt get eno!gh of that e$ent in 'i#t!res or b word of mo!th / whi#h wo!ld be good for the to!r, both KISS and o!rs, and ma be 4we all #o!ld go on and do something 4more to ram' !' the interest and anti#i'ation for the fans% The 3ondon #on#ertGta'ing I tho!ght was going to take !s wa !' and o$er the to' / wherein we wo!ld start 'la ing 4Its 6$er Aow li$e for the first time and mo$e into the ne>t le$el of a real big band% Its wild how that did not take 'la#e, and then tragi# later on when it wo!ld a''ear that it wo!ld in fa#t, ne$er ha''en% KISS Army Argentina: %e guess that that legendary show in the 0imelight /lu" of +ew &ork, when you shared the stage with 6ene Simmons and )aul Stanley to #erform 27euce3 must ha e "een really exciting! )lease tell us more a"out it!

Tod Howarth: Ha" I 5!st read this H!estion now after #ommenting on that show" Well 4all went into a ti77 then, the #ameras, the 'eo'le, the women, the 'art ba#k stage and be ond / it was a real ro#k star, ro#k band s#ene b farF%% the most 'o'!lated, #haoti# e$ent e$er now that I think abo!t it% I lo$ed it% I embra#ed it as I tho!ght 4this is it, this is how it sho!ld and will be To me at that time it re'resented what I had worked for all m m!si#al life and that I sho!ld treat it as a s'e#ial e$ent b!t that I #o!ld also make it ha''en more often in #elebration of the band as a whole% Aot 5!st the 'art and women as'e#t b!t the s!##ess of the band" The 'art was 5!st the 5!stifiable i#ing on the #ake% KISS Army Argentina: &ou ha e had a ery acti e role in Frehley.s /omet, and you wrote many songs for that "and, and yet, there are no official releases of songs written "y you and "y Ace together! Is there any unreleased material in this sense$ If there are unreleased songs, why were those songs not included in official releases$ Tod Howarth: I was $er fort!nate to ha$e been gi$en a lot of artisti# room and I am and will be fore$er gratef!l to A#e for that% There are in fa#t no songs that a#e and I wrote together, !nreleased, Aone% M 'lan was to write songs and ha$e A#e #ontrib!te to them to ki#kstart a #ollaboration of sorts between !s and then reall make an effort for !s to #o0write some t!nes together for what wo!ld ha$e been a A#eGTodG;ohnGB =r!mmer third 39% 6f #o!rse that ne$er ha''ened% KISS Army Argentina: How was the recording #rocess like for the "and "y the time the al"ums 2Frehley.s /omet3, 20i e 8 93 and 2Second Sighting3 were released$ Tod Howarth: The first 39 was alread being re#orded when I 5oined% I added some embellishments and songs to '!t m identit on it b!t the moment!m was well on its wa % There was a definite 4dri$e and '!r'ose with the alb!m as I think A#e wanted and needed to 'ro$e that, not onl was he worth of the new re#ord deal, b!t he #o!ld deli$er as well% 43i$e 9l!s ) was 5!st that, an energeti# 4ki#kass li$e re#ording be#a!se we #o!ld" At that time we had Anton ba#k on the skins if onl for a few weeks and it was the 'erfe#t o''ort!nit to show#ase the band at its f!llest% Those who were l!#k eno!gh to #at#h those shows were 5!st that% 3!#k % As were all of !s 'la ing together again% 4Se#ond Sighting was deemed man things b!t one thing that it wasnt was 4m attem't to 4take o$er the band We started to re#ord this 39 be#a!se the re#ording s#hed!le had been laid o!t for !s and time was !'% Some of !s were read , some not% The alb!m ma ha$e been r!shed to get it done b!t with all 'ro5e#ts, deadlines ha$e to be met% We werent a HI<. band and #o!ldnt di#tate the 4finished 'rod!#t as we 'leased so res!lts had to be 'rod!#ed% I had songs read so it was 5!st that sim'le% KISS Army Argentina: The second studio al"um you recorded with the "and was 2Second Sighting3 and considering your #erformance there, many fans think that the name of the "and should ha e actually "een Tod Howarth.s /omet! &ou truly had freedom to de elo# and dis#lay your skills there, right$ )lease tell us more a"out this! Tod Howarth: Wow, again, I 5!st now read THIS H!estion after answering the last one" &m a'ologies( It #o!ld ne$er ha$e been #alled Tods :omets / e$en tho!gh I know the name #hange is s mboli#, it was A#es bab and I was l!#k eno!gh to be in on the ride / altho!gh I 'aid m wa % Again, I #ontrib!ted half of the songs on the 39 be#a!se I had them% I write a lot of songs all the time, so m!#h so that I dont alwa s get them down on ta'e and 4lose man too% An wa when it #ame time to re#ord I had t!nes% I did want to #ollaborate with A#e more as I$e stated in another H!estion b!t with the limited time frames, geogra'hi#al lo#ations of A#e and me and his s#hed!le, the time 5!st wasnt there / 'l!s A#e wasnt too health thro!gh this re#ording session% He had a bad #hest infe#tion and his a''earan#e was s'ott from week to week% Aot an e>#!se, 5!st the reason I s!''ose% KISS Army Argentina: :y that time, ;ddie Trunk was working in ,egaforce *ecords, and he was one the #ersons that allowed Frehley.s /omet to get a recording contract! Another #erson who truly got financially in ol ed with the "and was 1ohn *egan! %hat was the administrati e #art of the /omets like in those times$ :ecause "ased on Ace.s comments in his auto"iogra#hy, they were chaotic times< Tod Howarth: This statement is 'rett dead on reall , ;ohn handled a lot of the mone de#isions for the band with A#e being at the final helm, and .ddie was / to the best of m re#olle#tion / the reason Megafor#e took a #han#e on him% :haoti# times, es, as it took a lot of wrangling to kee' The :omet afloat and mo$ing ahead, b!t e$identl not eno!gh% I 4wat#h the mone too b!t Im more the song and melod man, and this 'ro5e#t had eno!gh 4#hiefs to r!n itFb!t then again, other $ariables #ame in and took !s o!t% Again, #haoti# and $olatile it was, b!t I wasnt entirel aware of the im'ending #liff that we were abo!t to rea#h%

KISS Army Argentina: %hat can you tell us a"out tours$ How was touring with Ace like$ Tod Howarth: To!ring was f!n with A#e 8rehle , work of #o!rse b!t we had a blast% A#e was big f!n to to!r with and onl on#e in a great while wo!ld he regress to not wanting to deal with #ertain fans and #rowds at times% I !nderstand this more now b!t ba#k then ;ohn and I wo!ld res'e#tf!ll remind him that he was no longer with KISS and had to a#t kindl to these fans &little did we know that soon there after hed be ba#k with KISS / or ma be we knew b!t ignored it( 6$erall A#e was great to his fans, we had la!ghs, wild times, great shows, and road stories b!t none too wild% We did lea$e him in one #it after he threw a bottle thro!gh a hotel window at what he tho!ght was a 'esk fanFit was ;ohn and me tr ing to get him !' and o!t of the room to lea$e for the ne>t #it and show / and then the time one of o!r to!r b!ses dro''ed !s off at the hotel and then took off with o!r l!ggage and m 'ortable st!dio in the l!ggage ba / all d!e to the fa#t that the #om'an tho!ght the bill wasnt 'aidFTHAT was 'ersonall alarming to me% KISS Army Argentina: %hat did the /omets lack to 2#lay in the "ig leagues3$ %hat ha##ened that led the "and to s#lit$ Are there any #ending matters for the "and, or things that you would ha e done differently$ %hat are your memories from those days$ Tod Howarth: Mone and the 'ro'er management of it 'erha's to kee' the :omet o!t there and going% I think that ;ohn did a great 5ob kee'ing !s afloat b!t then again the 4$ariables 0 some of whi#h I still dont know of to this da 0 5!st !ndermined the fo!ndation of the band and the abilit to kee' !s going% The 4s'lit was 5!st me de'arting the band% I had fo!nd o!t that after the to!r with Iron Maiden died, that on the ne>t 39 A#e wo!ld be 4singing and 4writing all the #om'ositions whi#h left me with $irt!all no in#ome or 4wa to e>ist so in m mind I had no #hoi#e b!t to tr and strike o!t on m own% ;ohn sta ed with the band for a while b!t I think that the magi# had been s!#ked o!t of it b the e$ents that had taken 'la#e in 4o!r last to!rFthe e>'e#tations that ne$er #ame to be were H!ite de$astating looking ba#k now, altho!gh ba#k then we tho!ght of it as it was, 5!st b!siness% There are no 'ending matters% Its o$er% A#e :6I3= ask !s all to do something to re$i$e the :omet and ;ohn and I ha$e been 'lanting that seed for the last few earsFF b!t a#e has t!rned it down% KISS Army Argentina: /an you #lease share with us a story or two that "est re#resent you relationshi# with Ace Frehley$ Tod Howarth: I belie$e that I$e shared most of the #ool stories abo!t A#e and me / there arent too man reall % I think the best one was when he and I were at his #ondo in Aew York going thro!gh m song #atalog for the first alb!m% A#e was so $er ha'' and 'ositi$e abo!t this re#ord deal and the more we got know ea#h other, the more I think he felt that I #o!ld #ontrib!te so in t!rn he felt real #omfortable and we got to work on defining what wo!ld be#ome :omet t!nes% We la!ghed abo!t all kinds of st!ff while going thro!gh m t!nes, we talked abo!t m other bands that Id 'la ed with and hed mention some 'arallels with KISS% All the time were doing this he had this little dog at the #ondo that I think was his da!ghters or ;eanettes &'robabl one in the same( and it was r!nning aro!nd, i''ing at this or that / mostl so!nds from the street man floors below / and he ke't darting o!t to the bal#on thro!gh the sliding glass doors whi#h was man store s !'% There was no danger of him fl ing o$er the edge b!t we started la!ghing abo!t 4;eee7, wh doesnt he 5!st sh!t the f!#k !'B 3ets throw a dog to o$er the railing 5!st to see what ha''ens well this got !s la!ghing a lot as we imagined him lea'ing o$er the edge and into the darkness below barking all the wa down% TH.A we tho!ght, 4He b!t first lets '!t a little red #a'e on him So there was the h!mor bond #ombined with the m!si#al se#tion as well% KISS Army Argentina: %hat are your most im#ortant memories from ha ing worked with the /omets$ %hat did you learn from that ex#erience$ Tod Howarth: The fondest memories was m m!si#al freedom #oming to fr!ition, reall , and then to 'rod!#e and #o0'rod!#e and be in$ol$ed with man as'e#ts of the #reati$it of the band as a $is!al too% I knew then that nothing lasts fore$er so make the $er best of it% I did learn that one onl gets so man #han#es !ntil one is too old and the ne>t new m!si#al genre #omes to r!le% I dont mind that, its the nat!ral order of Ro#k, !nless o!re the Rolling Stones ha" Another thing that I learned is that I was &and am( $er #a'able of writing, 'erforming at the needed 'a#e that makes one a world #lass 'arti#i'ant, and its h!mbling at times / altho!gh I ma not so!nd like it hereF% KISS Army Argentina: %e ha e recently seen =and #u"lished> a cou#le of #ictures of you ? Ace ? 1ohn *egan, too! There ha e "een rumors a"out a #ossi"le come"ack of the /omets@ is there any truth in those rumors$ Ha e you talked to Ace a"out that #ossi"ility$ 7o you think it could e er ha##en$

Tod Howarth: ;ohn and I are e>'loring the 'ros'e#ts of assembling a band with another g!itar 'la er and dr!mmer to do :omet t!nes and then songs from the big bands that we$e 'la ed with% This is 'ro$ing to be a da!nting task b!t we are 4ho'ef!l A#e has been #onta#ted b!t shows no desire to res!rre#t 8rehle s :ometFF%at this timeF%%!nfort!natel % KISS Army Argentina: +ot too long ago you reArecorded a ersion of 2:reakout3! How did you feel recording again what is #ro"a"ly the most rele ant song of the /omets$ Tod Howarth: Well it was strange and f!n at the same time% It was weird be#a!se Ke$in Ealentine did the dr!m tra#k first, sent it to ;ohn Regan $ia .0mail where ;ohn laid down the bass to a 4different arrangement and then sent it off to me in the same manner to #om'lete the $o#als, rh thm and lead g!itars and then mi> with m m!si#ian friend Ronn ;ones here in San =iego% I did miss tra#king with real time 'la ers on this t!ne sin#e when it was first re#orded it was HI<. so!nding and I #ame into the band when the song was alread on its wa to being done so I wo!ld$e lo$ed to re0re#ord it from the start with ;ohn, Ke$in at the basi# tra#k le$el to get it e$en hea$ier than it #ame o!t this se#ond time% Another 'ers'e#ti$e was that I drifted ba#k in time when I was singing the song first with the :ometFIts like when o! smell something that brings ba#k memories of a #ertain e$ent in o!r life, the images 0 some forgotten 0 #ome flooding ba#k wherein o! get to reli$e the e>#itement% AndGor the sadness of knowing that the 'arti#!lar songGera that o!re re'li#ating is 4lost on man 'ossible new listeners% It is again, a weird mi> of emotions% KISS Army Argentina: %e know that you kee# in touch with 1ohn *egan and with other =former> mem"ers of the /omets! 7o you ha e any contact with Anton Fig, :ill %ard or 1amie 5ldaker, the different drummers of the "and$ Tod Howarth: ;ohn and I ha$e talked the most of #o!rse, I 5!st s'oke with him last week% I ha$ent s'oken to Anton in man ears as his 'late is alwa s f!ll &fantasti# for him"( Along with Anton, I ha$e seen ;amie at a few Kiss :on$entions b!t o!r talks on the 'hone ha$e been $er few / we 5!st ha$e different 'aths% -ill Ward and I s'oke man ears ago when I was forming m first solo band here in San =iego / he had been 'la ing with The Kna#k for a while and if I remember #orre#tl he was abo!t to $ent!re on to something else b!t I ha$e not heard from him sin#e then% I do belie$e that he felt some disdain for The :omet or a few of the members for 'erha's feeling that he was let go from the 'ro5e#t !nfairl % He was a great dr!mmer in m o'inionJ he 5!st 'la ed 4a lot in some area% KISS Army Argentina: Ha e you listened Ace Frehley.s 2Anomaly3$ If you did, what is your o#inion on that al"um$ Tod Howarth: Yo! know I ha$e not% I ha$ent not listened on '!r'ose reall , it 5!st ne$er 'eaked m interest% I wo!ld imagine that he hasnt listened to an of m C solo efforts as well, b!t thats 5!st the wa things ha''en, not on '!r'ose, 5!st a different m!si#al 'ath% I dont think he has an idea of what Im reall #a'able of doing m!si#all , or ma be he has, who knows% KISS Army Argentina: /hanging the su"-ect a "it, what is your o#inion a"out KISS nowadays and their #resent =#erformances, al"ums, etc!>$ Tod Howarth: Witho!t so!nding 'retentio!s, I reall dont ha$e an o'inion% I mean I$e gone a f!ll #ir#le, I g!ess, with KISS going from, I didnt listen or follow them to, 4He , this band has got a great marketing idea from a total 'a#kage 'oint of $iew to 46h heres the re'la#ements g! s, I !nderstand to 4Ah the re!nion gig, well of #o!rse and then ba#k to the 4Re'la#ements I #annot take an thing awa from .ri# and Tomm , as I sort of know .ri#, hes one Hell of a dr!mmer, and Tomm fills a $oid that wo!ld otherwise 'erha's not 'ro$ide the A#e image to &forgi$ing( fans that still wish to see KISS in the original glor % And of #o!rse the -r!#e and .ri# :arr era b!ilt new fans for the band as well% <ene worked it well and 9a!l deli$ered% In short, I wo!ldnt be a good 5!dge here as I dont reall listen to the band in de'th / The =6 ha$e some ki#ka77 songs tho!gh% KISS Army Argentina: )lease tell us a"out your current #ro-ects! %hat can we ex#ect from you, may"e a new al"um, a new tour$ %hat a"out your future$ Tod Howarth: While I take #are of some 'ersonal in$estments that s!#k !' a lot of m time and energ , I am writing for two more solo :=s and working a 'ossible li$e band with ;ohn Regan, Sean Kell &8rom :anada( and a dr!mmer to be named% M solo :=s will be one that is hea$ ro#k, the other that will be $irt!all a#o!sti# 'iano and $o#als, and a#o!sti# g!itar and $o#als / real sim'le% The band 'ro5e#t is one that ;ohn and I are looking to tr to assemble to see 5!st how far we #an take it% The set list sho!ld be #om'rised of

mainl :omet t!nes, with a hea$ier !'date and then some famo!s t!nes from the bands that ;ohn and I ha$e 'la ed forFand ma be, 5!st ma be a new song or two% This 'ro5e#t will be an !'hill r!n b!t, o! gotta kee' going / if onl to see where it ma take o!% 6ther than that I will be writing m own book, and I do write as well% So this will be one of m last inter$iews as I will need to start writing down the stories in f!ll, from man bands, before the memories start to blend" KISS Army Argentina: Tod, once again, thanks a lot for your time for this inter iew with KISS Army Argentina! It has "een a #leasure! Tod Howarth: To KISS Arm Argentina THAAK Y6I for asking me these great H!estions" I do look forward to 'erha's one da , if 4were l!#k to 'erform for o! in some wa or another/ I again, a'ologi7e for taking so long in answering them b!t s!#h is life, as we all are, alwa s b!s "

I!ter#iew by& ("r)elo *"r)+" "!$ ,ie o Ferreyr" -No#ember ./012

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