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Relationship between Teachers and Students

When a child first time steps in a schools desks, he tries to make relationship with people around him/her especially the teachers. If teacher starts to understand his/her students there will be a good relationship, because when students have problems on school they can speak freely with their teachers and they can find solution together that is good for every one. If that relationship and communication between a student and a teacher is good the student will have more respect to the teacher and he will pay more attention on his classes. But if that relationship is bad, then going to school and teachers classes will be the biggest nightmare for the student and for the teacher. So students have to have respect to the teachers and teachers have to have toleration to students for good relationship between them. School is the place where we spend most of our day. When we come home, we are tired and want to sleep, or we have home works, or we !ust go out with friends. So the people that maybe know us better than anyone even our parents, sometimes" are the teachers, the people that we see, talk, laugh and even dislike everyday. So, I think that makes an important role in the development of our character and behavior. #hey grow us and make us become good people and good citi$ens. #hat is why I personally think Student and #eachers relationships are a very important part of our life. If they are understanding and care about us, then we become better people in the future. Bless our teachers. In the teenage years school becomes one of the most interesting places for the youth because you can make great friends there and you can learn how to deal with your own problems by your self. #hat is why the teacher should be students best friend. %rofessors acts should be an e&ample for each student. In the school the student builds a pared of his character. Sometimes the teacher should talk about common problems and break the atmosphere of roiling, rolls and discipline, because the life of a young man isn't !ust school lessons. #his is the most difficult period of young man's life. I think that relationship between the teachers and students need to be friendly. Students need to cooperate with their teachers more, with that students can learn more about suitable sub!ect. I think that the teachers need to find the best way to present the sub!ect to the students, I think that the presenting need to be something which can interest the students in some interesting and close way to us. I know that because, some classes where is boring I don't try to learn much. In classes where is fun and interesting I can learn much more and I don't need to try hard to understood the lessons. I have teachers who are fun and interesting people which they try to present the sub!ect on the interesting way I love that sub!ects and I cooperate with them as much as possible, so I learn a lot of other things which are connected to my sub!ect. It is good to have good teachers which can e&plain some dilemmas about lots of things. (y opinion is that everyone should have understanding for the other side , that means the teachers should have understanding for the problems of the students and should be ready to discuss about them offer help and support, but of course this should not be abused by the students .)nfortunately the worst always happens if the teacher has more

understanding than the students abuse it ,and if the teacher has no understanding for the problems than the students ignore it and they always go opposite of the orders of the teacher. So until everyone accepts their responsibilities we would stay in this position and we all know this situation is not good for everyone. I dont have much to say about this topic. Its more than clear that teachers and students should be friends. *ccording to me, the teacher student relationship is the basis for high +uality education. #his means that the teacher does not necessarily have to feel favorably of the student and vice versa, but a common language is re+uired. #he motion to start this ,fondness process, is mutual trust. *nd both sides should feel comfortably about it, I mean that both sides should be aware of the others' feelings -owadays, the students dream to have young and modern teachers. #hey are the closest to our period and they knows what we like, and what we don't. I don't try to say that the old teachers are not good, but there is e&ception for everything. .or e&ample, in my school most of the professors are young and we getting together after classes and we have fun. We are friends with them, we tell !okes to each other, we sit in cafe bars with them etc. #hey understand us completely when we are not ready for reviews. But, as I said before, there is e&ception for everything. I notice a little fear by the students' side. In the future I think that it must be destroyed. /owever, everything depends on the students too. #hey should let the teacher to teach the lesson. #he students and the teachers should cooperate together. In the past decade, a host of studies have e&plored the relationship between teachers' e&pectations and student achievement. In a recent review, 0ood asserted, ,1very research effort that has e&amined the relationship between student achievement and teacher e&pectations has yielded positive relationships,. /igher performance e&pectations by teachers do stimulate more effort on the part of both teachers and students, and hence lead to increased student achievement. In a field study, 23 college students unobtrusively tape recorded 4 class presentation and evaluated the teacher as to appeal, competence, delivery, and teaching effectiveness. #he presentations were content analy$ed to identify key features relating to humor usage. .ollowing a factor analysis of aspects of evaluation, correlation coefficients were computed between the teachers' fre+uency of use of the various types of humor and students' evaluations of their professors. 5esults indicate that for male teachers, usage of humor was generally positively related to appeal, delivery, and teaching effectiveness. .or female teachers, only the use of hostile humor was associated with enhanced appeal. In contrast, female teachers' usage of some no hostile forms of humor was associated with loss of appeal.