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Alstom in Vietnam

Over 20 years of contribution to energy and transport infrastructure development

Alstom’s Presence
Alstom Holding Representative Office Alstom Grid Vietnam Ltd. Alstom Vietnam Ltd.

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Alstom Grid Vietnam Ltd Branch Office (HCMC) Alstom PMTP Power Services LLC

Alstom Vietnam Ltd. Branch Office (HCMC)

Key Data: ALSTOM Holding Representative Office ALSTOM Vietnam Ltd. ALSTOM Grid Vietnam Ltd. ALSTOM PMTP Power Services LLC. 81 employees

Alstom in Vietnam, May 2013

Alstom in Vietnam Over 20 years of contribution to energy and transport infrastructure development History 1998: 1994: 2004: 2008: 10/2012: Alstom helped Vietnam Railways to modernise its four workshop in Ho Chi Minh City Opening of Alstom holding Representative office Established Alstom Vietnam Ltd. Partnerships Alstom in Vietnam has made strategic partnerships with major local players bringing in advanced technologies and contributing to the significant energy and transport infrastructure development in Vietnam. Alstom signed in May 2012 a JV agreement with EVN to establish a state-of-the-art gas turbine reconditioning workshop in the Phu My Power Complex. water sanitation and trash disposal. The foundation empowers child leaders to facilitate a network of ‘Green Community Committees’ advocating for change in the environment and their communities. Established Alstom Grid Vietnam Ltd. In October 2012. Under this corporate social responsibility project. This will be the first in the country and in Alstom’s network in Asia. Alstom Foundation signed an agreement with Save the Children to adopt the project named “Green Communities for Children in Mekong Delta” in Vietnam for a period of 1 year. (formally AREVA T&D Vietnam) License issued for Alstom PMTP Power Services LLC. As part of a major long-term investment in Vietnam and Asia. Awards and Certification 2010 : Alstom Grid System Unit receives ISO 9001 certification Alstom in Vietnam. Alstom Foundation will support four rural communities in Can Tho & Tien Giang in becoming green communities for the children’s health and future. The project will also oversee the construction of safe water systems and latrines as well as education and best practice training for environmental awareness. Corporate Social Responsibility Alstom’s contributions to Vietnam’s future go beyond just building infrastructure. May 2013 .

Phase II (2009) Railways Signalling Systems for Ninh Binh Station (2012) Alstom in Vietnam. Lai Chau.700km line which links Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. in 2009. boosting the country’s economic development. References                     Vinh Son Hydro Power Plant in Binh Dinh – 2x33 MW (1993) Phu My 2. Subsequently.462 MW (2006) Sesan 4 Hydro Power Plant in Gia Lai .160 MW (2001) Phu My 4 Combined Cycle Power Plant in Ba Ria – Vung Tau . May 2013 . Alstom maintains a strong working relationship with Vietnam Railways and cities UMRT.6x400 MW (2007) Song Tranh 2 Hydro Power Plant in Quang Nam . a portion of 1. Alstom is contributing significantly to the development of the Vietnamese power production. Phu My. Alstom has been a key player in the Vietnam power market for more than 20 years.2x35 MW (1995) Phu My 2. Huoi Quang. improving significantly the quality and safety of all train operation. Hua Na. Headquartered in Hanoi. References     Supply of Machinery and Equipment and technical assistance for Vietnam Railways (VNR) Workshops (2000) Railways Signalling System Hanoi – Vinh.2x50 MW (2003) Dai Ninh Hydro Power Plant in Lam Dong .1 Add-on in Ba Ria – Vung Tau .1 Ext.2x95 MW (2007) Srepok 4A Hydro Power Plant in Dak Lak – 2x32 MW (2010) Hua Na Hydro Power Plant in Nghe An – 2x90 MW (2010) Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant in Binh Thuan – 2x622 MW .1 Gas Turbines in Ba Ria – Vung Tau – 2x144 MW (1995) Song Hinh Hydro Power Plant in Phu Yen .Alstom in Vietnam References and Ongoing Projects Thermal & Renewable Power Established since early the 90’s in Vietnam with the opening of offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Phase I (2003) Railways Signalling Systems Hanoi – Vinh.460 MW (2002) Cao Ngan Thermal Power Plant – CFBs in Thai Nguyen . participating in a number of prestigious power projects such as Son La.2x150 MW (2003) Phu My 2.AQCS (2011) Huoi Quang Hydro Power Plant in Son La – Lai Chau – 2x260 MW (2011) Song Bung 4 Hydro Power Plant in Quang Nam – 2x78 MW (2012) Lai Chau Hydro Power Plant in Lai Chau – 3x400 MW (2013) Dong Nai 5 Hydro Power Plant in Dong Nai – 2x77 MW (2013) Transport Alstom first helped Vietnam Railways to modernise its four workshops in 1998 before supplying the first modern mainline signalling system for 3 stations in Vietnam in 2002. Nhon Trach.AQCS (2010) Duyen Hai 1 Thermal Power Plant in Tra Vinh – 2x622 MW .3x120 MW (2006) Son La Hydro Power Plant in Son La . Vietnam Railways also chose Alstom to modernise the Hanoi – Vinh 320km / 36 stations. Add-on in Ba Ria – Vung Tau – 160 MW Nhon Trach 1 Combined Cycle Power Plant in Dong Nai .

1708 District 1. visit http://www. Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Tel: +84 8 3936 9136 Fax: +84 8 3939 0184 General/product enquiries or requests for in Vietnam References and Ongoing Projects Grid Alstom Grid Vietnam has been present in Vietnam almost 20 Since the beginning of 2009. SOLUTIONS has been secured several Utility and Industry projects :                  Ha Tinh 500kV S/S first extension (2000) 500kV Pleiku-PhuLam Substations (2003) Pleiku-Danang 500kV (2003) 500kV Nho Quan & Hatinh substations (2003) Pleiku-PhuLam Shunt Reactor/ EVN-CPPMB (2004) 500kV Pleiku-Danang Series Capacitor Banks 2000A Circuit 2 (2005) 500kV Nha Be . Ltd VINCOM Center. providing transmission solutions to important projects for Utilities and Industry customers. May 2013 . Capital Tower 109 Tran Hung Dao Street Hoan Kiem District Hanoi. and has widely contributed to the reinforcement of the existing 500kV Transmission network. R. Ltd 20th Floor. supplying all the 500kV substations along the second new Transmission Line linking North to South Alstom in Vietnam. kindly contact the local office or visit Careers at Alstom & submission of The contact below is exclusive for the use of the press. Communications Contact: Nguyen Huong | huong. Alstom Grid has been one of the main contractors of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) since 1995. 17 Fl.Omon T/L (2007) 500KV Phu My substation (2009) 500kV Tan Dinh Phase 2 substation (2009) 500kV Son La-Hoa Binh-Nho Quan Link (2009) 500kV Dak Nong substation (2009) 500kV Hiep Hoa substation (2009) 220KV Nhon Trach 2 substation + eBOP (2009) 500KV Phu Lam substation (2010) 220KV Nghi Son 1 and eBOP (2010) 220KV Duc Hoa Substation (2012) 500KV Vinh Tan & My Tho Substations (2012) Contact Information Alstom Vietnam Co. Non-press related requests will be disregarded. Vietnam Tel: +84 4 3824 3053 Fax: +84 4 3824 7450 Alstom Vietnam Co.