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, . . Meeting the Challenge of a post-Christian nation.

^ "C-if

Or;T 2 3 1973
American Correspondent;
Mrs. C. L. Davis 1010 N. Monroe

Roger Edrlngton, Bev Mullins,

Steve Tate, Jan Killebrew & Tom Jensen. Janet Baines,

Lincoln, III. 62656

Jan Vollstedt (Jensen) &

Debbie Davis



September 1973

Epistle from England is intended as a bridge

of communication between a team ministry with
a mission to an industrial culture in the

Even in its present state, no American should fail to appreciate what this tiny group of
Islands 500 Miles long ISO miles wide has given to the history of Christianity, Cer

midlands of England and the supporters and friends of this ministry in other parts of the world, especially the United States of America.

tainly a remarkable contribution for its time

was the King James Bible, But there are many other gifts. The Reformation began in Britain 100 yrs. before Martin Luther with the teaching of John Wycliffe. The modern missionary movement began with a British cobb ler, William Carey. And who could speak of Hugh Latimer, John Wesley, William Tyndale, and the thundering Scot, John Knox Thomas

This question has been posed in a variety of forms from people on both sides of the Atlan tic - some curiously, and some with more dub
ious motives.

Jesus is your thing, OK. They are saying that they have come of age. They have come of age! of the 90 Churches of Christ over the nation They have gone right past their need for are struggling for their very right to live. Christ, they claim. Perhaps England once Most have less than 20 members; only 7 churches accepted Christ - I don't know - but not now. have more than 50 at an average worship service. Hence, the post-Christian challenge. In some Members are generally aged 50+. ways, it would have been easier if they had There were just over 40 baptisms in the en never learned of Christ. To speak and live tire country by Churches of Christ in 72-73. Christ in this situation is the task that God The Church we work with in Coventry averaged has given us. We are thankful that He has not 6 at the Lord's table this year. Five American provided the challenge alone, but constantly Christians joining with them should not be tot provides the means of accomplishment in the alled 83%% Kingdom growth. Holy Spirit. Roger Although only 2-3% attend worship services in a given week, it is not that there are no Thanksgiving in September Christians of any type in England. One of our In the fall of the year, when harvest has be first activities in England this year was being gun, the people in England celebrate Harvest involved in Spiritual Re-emphasis Week (Spre-2- Thanksgiving. Each church sets up its own '73) in London- Over 20,000 Christians of all personal celebration. In general, they bring
denominations meeting for a week might have gifts of vegetables, fruit, and flowers. The made us question our places of service. How Hillfields church celebrated its Harvest ever, upon arrival in our new home, we were Thanksgiving Sept. 9 10. The people all again challenged with the vast need of Christian brought their gifts, a large display was workers. arranged in the front of the church. Both There may always be a tension as to where the services were centered on God's goodness we greatest need is. It appears that now, however, made it a point to thank Him for all the things the work load must be shared with the British he has done for us. The next evening, a fellow Christians. Many are tired and need encourage ship supper was prepared from the gifts. ment. Many have contented themselves with the Harvest Thanksgiving is similar in some ways death of the Church. On the other hand, the to our own Thanksgiving, and I suppose it is secretary of the Coventry Church wrote before "natural" for men, after a harvest, to give our arrival, "as things are now, you may even thanks to the Creator of all things.
save a church!"

Every person who has committed his life to , Christ must must give justification of his location and his ministry. Perhaps the most general answer that must always be given in integrity is: because God has led us here; we have followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God has revealed this in a variety of ways. The need has been seen vividly over the past 4 summers of student visitation groups. Most

Alexander Campbell, two of the prime leaders

of the Restoration Movement in the United

States, had their homeland in Scotland. Today, there are few who boldly proclaim

Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Few even assent to this fact. Rather, if

Elijah was a man with a nature like ours and

Coventry - Ancient and Modern

he prayed earnestly that it might not rain; and Coventry is a thriving city, with its traffic it did not rain on the earth for 2 years and 6 free shopping precinct. The precinct is a months. And he prayed again, and the sky pour variety of department stores, shops, restured rain and the earth produced its fruit. .:V ^ ants, and wide open space where fountains and murals create a fascinating place to shop or James 5:17,18 Elijah asked for specific things in his prayers window shop. In spite of the tall modern and he received specific answers. A major buildings, new roads and homes, Coventry is part of our ministry is prayer, and we ask you a place of medieval houses and old churches to join us in praying for the following: that are part of the far-reaching past. -lanthe Payne. She has an interest in God, but Coventry started growing in the 11th Century at the moment is confused as to where she stands. when Leofric, Earl of Mercia and his wife. Please pray that through a Bible study, she will Lady Godiva, founded a Benedictine Monastery come to know Jesus deeper and fuller. here. Legend says, that it was Lady Godiva -.Bill Johnson. Bill knows that being a Christian who rode through the streets naked to protest is the right way of life, but doesn't want to the high taxes that her husband had levied upon
change yet. Please pray that he will have the

desire to accept the new way of life.

is currently staying with him.


- M^. S Mrs. Jim Clauge.

with them for 2 weeks.

Jan K. & Bev stayed

They have no specific
They Pray

committment and rarely attend church. are interested in the Hillfields Church.

the town. In 1067, Lady Godiva died; she was buried in Priory Row, but she has not been forgotten. Today there is a statue of her that stands in the very center of the city. In 1940, Coventry was nearly destroyed by heavy bombing. One of the hardest hit, was
the old cathedral of St. Michael. The cathed

this small spark of interest will grow. -Gissell & Allisoji. Two young teenagers who seem to have more than a passing interest in God. Please pray that they might decide to
accept Jesus as their Saviomx.

ral was built in the perpendicular style, steeple. The walls during the bombing. modern cathedral of
German money,
the old. It has

late 14th Century, in a along with the nine story and steeple escaped damage Today the new ultra Coventry, paid for with

- We also ask you to pray that Roger will soon

find an apartment of his own near the Hillfields
area .

has risen beside the ruins of

been said that the cathedral

- <^o_d Answers.

God has blessed us with a house.

to Him and His Service.

We dedicate our home

Who Is My Neighbor? A routine 15 min. walk to the church building -TTBrsrnt-e-Titpie J.T-g-iiseTTortd-sfi^m~rhe bul'lTiiirg' rang shouts of anger. As we approached at a quicker pace, I could see that the shouts came from a middle age man and were aimed at a middle aged woman. She was half undressed,

is proof that today's craftsmen are as cap able as their medieval counterparts of creat ing memorable work of supreme beauty. After much planning and many hours of patient rebuilding, a new city has emerged. The city of Coventry set out to meet the chall-: enge of changing times, needs, and conditions
of t-he -^tir-C en tUTyT~~Cffve'5TTy^liaT" ma dc^aireT^^ name for itself, a city known for its engineer

ing products, home of the automobile industry, and with world-wide reputation for manufact^. uring high quality goods. Coventry is a place for young and old alike... it is now the home of five young people, who have a great challenge before them. Please pray for each one of us, as we meet this challange. Jan. K. Needs & Means: Present Policy We are intending to regularly publish the amount of financial support that is received for our personal expenses and for the other expenses of our ministry. Although from time to time we may mention some who give to us, we do not intend to regularly list specific individuals, groups, or churches as contributors. We are convinced that the giver receives his praise from God, which is the most valuable and joy ful praise. We are very thankful for your gifts tha,t sustain us and our work. We ask God and thank God for our needs. If you give, we ask that you give when impelled by God. Roger Just a few words on our housing situation for the girls: We have a home! Housing in Coventry is pretty ;stiff these days, but we managed to find a 2 bedroom house, furnished, to rent. It is near the Hillfields area and we are eager to move in.
Our new address is:

dirty, and crying.

He was shouting the most

profane of words at iier and threatened over and over to kill her if he saw her again that evening. I was told he had previously been kicking and beating lier when he was bodily forced away by another young fellow. Plenty of people were around to help break up the fight, but there seemed to be no one stay ing to minister. The woman, drunk, or very nearly so, was helped by Jan K. and J.B. to clean up. They offered to wilk her home, but she was not quite ready for home yet. She wanted to attend our evening service and did. She was really quite a help with the singing and to everyone's surprise, even quoted the Twenty-

Third Psalm ^c^taneously after prayer.

she lives with two other men.


the service she was walked to the place w-here

Our hope is that she will remember the love
of Christians in one of her times of need. We

hope to continue to minister to Maria - though it is very difficult. Thoughts of our status and reputation are not important, the words of jesus ring true, "It is not the well that need a physician, but the sick". There are many
others who suffer with maladies not so dramatic,

but just as deadly.


38 David Road Stoke Coventry CVl 2BW England

{Write to us, including Roger, here)



of Difference

We hope that through our newsletter you will

come to know each one of us better. I'd like to introduce each member of our team and give

This column is to share with you the differ ence we face in a culture often thought to be
like our own.

you some background information, as well as to inform \'ou of specific areas of each individual's
ro inistry.

#We find in talking to most anyone from Bri

tain that their accent can be difficult to und erstand...we also find the British to be the

lanet Baines comes from Michigan City, Ind.

She is a 1973 Christian Education graduate of

Lincoln Christian College. J. B. (as we all know her) is in charge of our calling program
as well as the Bible School registrar.
the Coventry area.



master of the rhetorical question. . you just never know if they expect you to answer! #When crossing the road, we have to remember to look left first and then right, . . I might add that one must be careful of standing too near
the corner as the roads are narrow which

doing research on various youth activities in

Beverly Mullins is from Ingraham, a town in Southern Illinois. She attended Johnson Bible

causes buses to sometimes overpower the curbs

irregardless of who is standing there!

#Speaking of buses, we found that in reading the bus schedule, you may find it leaves at something like 18:15 - which would be 6:15pm. find that you don't line up to wait

College for two years,

Bev then transferred

to Lincoln where she majored in Christian Ed ucation and graduated in 1972. Bev is re

searching the different outreach efforts of

churches in Coventry.
adults of this area.

She is working with the

fan Killebrew is our "Okie" from Oklahoma. A Christian Education major, Jan graduated in

for a buSy you "queue here" {pronounced 'q'). #I still find myself saying one dollar instead of one pound, #The temperature the other day was listed as

19...that is not cold, thai is centigrade!

#You find quite rapidly that this country thrives not only on hot tea and fish 'n chips, but also on peas and new potatoes. We are learning to eat continental style which in

1971. Jan is working with Bev in ministering to special needs of adults. They are concen trating on organizing ladies' Bible study


jan is studying church growth in this

She is learning what denominations are

growing and why, as well as seeking reasons for

the decline and death of so many of Britain's

volves holding the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right. You then push the
food with the knife onto the back of the fork.

Debbie Davis, a '73 graduate of Lincoln

We are doing OK, however, we just can't seem to get used to squishing the peas on the
back of the fork!

Christian College is from Lincoln, 111. facilities or agencies for Children. Her


is doing a comprehensive study of Coventry's specific ministry is to the youth of the church
which includes planning and organizing youth

^Fortunately, we find most of the houses and apartments for rent in Brilain are furnished

Hght down to items such as dishes, cutlery,

and bed lines. Cheers! J.B.

groups and Bible School classes.

is our American Correspondent)

(Deb's "Mum"
"GUS" Gestetner Has A New Home

Our group leader, Roger Edrington. is from Clarence, Mo, In 1973 Roger obtained a Master of Divinity degree from Lincoln Christian Sem

inary w] ere he majored in Christian Philosophy

and Doctrine. Roger shares the preaching re sponsibility w i oi ciiurc;: i'cre iry, Mr.
H. D. Wi-.Midil. lie also is ministering spec-

We lave just purchased a Gestetner 410 duplicating machine from a firm in Coventry. We were fortunate to get a re possessed machine witli a fall guarantee for a Si'.v'ifsgs of $88, The duplicator cost about $425. includu:^^ the new lO'Jc Value
Added Tax, which we had not anticipated Wc ure con vinced tlat this will be a great help in our .=>ei vi<'.e of Jesus. The money was from a fund far expenses of our ntinistry made

ifjcall/ ro teenagers and is doing extensive research on Religious Instruction in public

schools Ic Coventry. Roger carries a heavy

possible by the yoiilh of the Bluff Creek Chrisiuiv, Chvirch, Greenwood, Ind.
Later Thoughts..,.
As I read the content of tiie articles of this

load of responsibility in that he is our leader

and presently is the only male member of our

team in Britain. :Need}ess to say, he is also

the target of much teasing. . . from both the

British and we girls !

newsletter, there is actually little direct information about our ministry. When this is mailed, we Jiave really been in Coventry

By February 1974, we expect the vest of our

team co join us.

Tan V o 11s t e d t and Tom lensen are State-side

whea-e Tom is working and Jan is attending LCC

this fall semester. They are busy planning their December 22 wedding as well as their trip to England.

not quite two weeks as a group. We have had to spend some time getting settled (some have lived in six different places already), house hunting, and getting enculturated again.
Therefore, "We've only just begun." Our ministry has taken shape in getting

more quality meetings at the chiuch building,

We have preached, toughi, and led singing. We are beginning grpujiiwork for 'loine Bible Studies. We have specific people we have witnessed to and continue witnessing to. And

And finally, Steve Tate. a '72 graduate of

LCC who iias been working in New York's inner city (Shi)oh) will be joining us.
We are anxious to have the whole team to

gether and ask you to remember Steve, Tom and jan as they are making their preparations. If you should wish to communicate with them
about Qur efforts, Jan can be contacted at Lincoln Christian College, Box 178, Lincoln,
111. 6 21> 56 . Debbie

yet, we are only beginning our research of various areas, asking the Holy Spirit to guide us to ministry. We have been frustrated at
what miist be done next. We have been encour

aged by tiie possibilities and the progress,


There are myriads of areas yet to be un Roger

Meeting the Challenge o1 a post-Christian nation.

American Correspondent:
Mrs. C. L. Davis

Roger Edrington, Bev Mullins,

Steve Tate, Jan Killebrew & Tom Jensen. Janet Baines,

1010 N. Monroe

Lincoln, Hi. 62656

Jan Vollstedt (Jensen) &

Debbie Davis



October 1973

A WORD FROM A BRITISH CHRISTIAN SECRETARY* *Editor's Note: The British churches each


have a Secretary who does correspondence as well as usually the leading o the Church. Perhaps the American equivalent would be the
Chairman of the Board. Mr. Withnall was re

Praise the Lord! We have found another house. In the first newsletter we stated

that we would be living on David Road, but

circumstances arose and we were unable to
move in.

sponsible for the beginning of the Church in Coventry in 1944 and has led the Church since
then. The first venture with Lincoln Christ

ian College students began with a letter only six weeks prior to their arrival. Mr. With7 nail accepted the offer in faith and so, a
new work was born.

After looking for several days for a new house, we decided to advertise in the paper, hoping that we would find a house nearer to the church building-. A man answered our ad,

and we went to look at the place.

It seemed

to be what we needed (it is two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bath) also about
'one and one half miles from the church build

Coventry's association with Lincoln Christ


ian College was made possible through the loving enterprise of Carroll Langston, now deceased, whose memorial is being raised in
a proposed enlarged and redecorated chapel at Colegio Biblico, We corresponded with one another for over 20 years, and we owe so very much to him. When he realized our increasing need, be put us in touch with Past President Hargrove and Professor Tesh; later there

We moved in on Friday, October 5.

It was

a regular fall clean up day. and polished it.

We scrubbed

and waxed the floors, cleaned the furniture

We removed the deer head

from the bathroom and decided a mirror would look much better. We have been here for a

week now and it's beginning to look like


followed vital student help during summer vacations. We wish to pay tribute to the very fine groups of young people whom we have come to know and love. It has been a pleas ure to worship with them and to see the ded ication and ability in the way they have done
Christian work here.

We pray that this will be much more than just a house to live ino We want it to be an effective part of our ministry, where we can bring people to talk with them about Christ. Please pray that it will be one
more tool that we can use to further the


here in Coventry!

This year the most wonderful thing has happened, as you no doubt know. Having finished their studies, five young people have come to work with us for a much longer period. The few of us who have worshiped and worked steadily for so long, find that it is a wonderful experience just to have them in our fellowship. But they are be ginning to get down to hard and difficult work to save the Coventry Church from pos sible extinction and to help socially the cosmopolitan district in which the church is

Also, please remember Roger has not found a place of his own. Thank you for remember
ing all of us in your prayers.
address is:

Our new

202 Kingfield Road

Coventry CV6 5PL England

Mrs. Olney.

Deb and JB stayed with her until

we found a house. She attends the church, but needs personal salvation.

Emily David Choice, a young couple who have

May we say "thank you" to all churches and people who are so generously contributing to make this project possible. May God bless the effort here and also your work for Christ in your country. H. D. Withnall

developed a friendship with Roger, but need

Jesus more.

Courage, Discipline, More Openess to God and Willingness to give anything for Jesus. This
is not abstract!



JB; I am in charge of the calling program. This is a job which I thought would be easy, but learned differently. There were two books and a list of people's names from past years which had to be sorted through. I am learning about this job the hard way. With the help and encouragement of Mr. Withnall and the group, we have gotten it under way. Together we have devised a survey approach for witnessing, as well as discussed various ways of introducing Christ to people. We

DEBBIE: Of importance to me is the weekly meeting of young people between the ages of five and twelve. We will meet on Tuesday evenings for an hour of sharing and fun. The
loose structure of these meetings will enabl : us to use a variety of teaching methods

in communicating the truth to this group.

Our first meeting is this week, and I antic

ipate having a good time; but more important,

a meaningful session of sharing Jesus,

needed to do this because many people hadn't

been called on since 1970. This was due to

#Fish and Chips (large french fries) eaten out of a newspaper are still a favorite for both the English and us^ More than one can
usually eat can be obtained for about 50ft

lack of help and the fact that many people move in and out of the area quite rapidly.
We must be prepared to speak to the person who answers the door though.

from our local "Chip Shop",

nearly as high as in the USA.

Meat prices are

Eggs are well

over $1.00 per dozen, #The Hymnals here contain only the words,
A variety of tunes might be used for each
set of words and vice versa,

We feel calling is an important way of

reaching the people for Christ, ROGER: Although my preaching and teaching duties are very important, it seems to me that my work on the "Investigation Groups" is my most significant task. Investigation Groups exist now only in ray mind and on the paper which I am preparing. They potentially are small groups of nonChristians meeting in a home or the church building to study the claims of Christ, The people will meet for a six week (one session a week) study of the themes: God, Christ,
Miracles Resurrection, Bible, Sin Evil; ending with the Meaning Of Being a Christ

#Very few of the parents of our Sunday School

children are committed Christians. Most of

the parents let the children decide whether to come to Sunday School or not, "I don't encourage them or discourage them", says one mother. These parents are some of our tar gets to present Christ,

#The girls have taken keenly to English tea.

Roger drinks it only socially, #We continue to exercise our leg muscles regularly. As we have no car, the typical Sunday walks to and from the church building for the girls will total at least six miles. Our attitudes of hurry from one place to another have had to change drastically by

ian and How to Become a Disciple of Christ. Each person will have a set of books and a Bible (all pre-marked), in which they will read s-ev-erai^pages eachweek--conceming^he theme of the week. We are asking the Holy Spirit to use this method, which He has re vealed to us, to convict people of God's truth. These groups will be advertised in our mimeographed newspaper to be distributed in this area. The newspaper will have pages for all people - from the child to the intellect ual, including poetry, short stories, and some fairly heavy stuff. We welcome your contributions and suggestions to this paper. BEV: The most important thing I am doing is building a friendship with Mrs. lanthe Payne. She is a Christian. With encouragement, she could be a good, strong witness to the people she comes in contact with daily. She realiz es the seriousness of Christianity and like
all of us, needs other Christian friends to

walking 15-20 minutes or waiting on a bus

-pe 1-1-s#Bec.ause of continued strikes in Britain's

Chrysler plants, disposing of 8,000 workers

(4,000 in Coventry), the plants may close,

#According to one of our Sunday School Schol
ars, David killed Goliath because he had been

knocking down all the houses! #There are other Americans in Coventry this year, A group of 20-30 youth from a large Houston, Texas Episcopal Church are living communally and trying to revitalize the Coventry Church of England diocese. They have made some impact already, #Light switches here work down for "on" and up for "off". Who is backwards?

encourage her to step out and talk about her


Because of the number of people inquiring

about the bombs that have recently been ex

JAN: I am teaching the seven and eight year olds. At this age, the children are very open' to what I say. It is a very good opportunity to present Jesus to them. The life of Christ will be my theme. I want to teach the child ren who Jesus is, why He was here on earth, and why He died. They are eager to learn, because right now they still believe that there is a God, and that Jesus is His Son. In a few short years, this could all change unless we use the opportunity now. Please pray that I will be effective in my teaching, that the children will respond to what I say. This is a great responsibility, and I need your prayers if the job is to be done in the right way. (Cont'd.)

ploded in England, and our safety, we thought 'it necessary to make a short explanation. We do not feel there is any immediate threat to our safety. Most of the bombs have been
in London (90 miles south). We have traveled through some of the train stations and other points where there have been bombs. However, the nearest ones have been at Birmingham - 20 miles away,, We have had only a few false scares and one major plot uncovered in Coven try, but no actual bombs. People here do not consider It a threat and do not go around afraid. We are grateful for your concern and prayers. Of course, we are always reliant on God for our being, as well as our safety,

highlight: HILLFIELDS: The Area In Which We Work



Before we came to England, I tried to give many people an idea of what Hillfields would
be like to live and work in. I talked about

Why is it with fear and trembling I ask for the ability to love as Christ loved? I desire
to be known as one who is remembered as shin

Hillfields being a semi-redeveloped ghetto area, and that does accurately describe Hill fields = However, now that I actually live here, that term seems very cold Hillfields has a very ugly reputation in Coventry0 It is known for prostitution, drunkeness, poverty, and violence. One ar ticle in the city paper quotes a lawyer as saying, "Hillfields is an area of complete and utter shame," But, those are only words. BehiTid-each term-is aperson who needs Christ

ing with the love of Christo More than my be ing rembembered, I desire the message I give to be remembered. But what message do I give

I do not wish to be afraid of loving any one, yet I have been. I desire courage to develop and admit my love for people who are not always desirable, I want to become one who is not easily influenced by what other people think, I want to learn to seek, dis cover, think, deduct matters for myself to
know where -I stand-. -

A friend of mine in one of the apartment buildings lives next door to a prostitute.
The woman has often heard lanthe and her two

I have not known what it is to suffer, to

boys singing songs of praise. And many times she has commented on the songs. It seems as if she realizes that there is something more
to living than what she has. lanthe and I are praying that she will be able to talk to
her about Christ.

love someone enough that I would die for him, to give all that I have and more if I could, I have not nurtured deep feelings of love or
hate, but rather I have nurfared a fear of expressing any feeling. I have had a deep

It is really hard to stop looking at a

person and the label he or she wears and really love them as they are. That man who goes out every night and gets drunk is a

fear of rejection and aloneness. I have lack ed confidence and am ashamed of my laziness in the spiritual area of my life as well as the physical and mental areas, I have wished to gain the approval of others
rather than Godo I have done and said things to be accepted by others, but find I cannot

person with a soul.. He's not always as tough as he pretend? to be. He talks big, and it's true he's very hard to get through
to about Jej^us .

accept myself. I have not loved myself - I have loved the person i" dreamed of being v I found myself trying to be better than some of
those around me and just as good as othersc However, I am now striving to be a better person than I have been and become as Christ-

If you ask people around here where they stand concerning God, more than likely the
majority answer would be "I'm Church of Eng-iaTidT-"frarrs ta-ted"; this -means "I was christened when a baby and I'm satisfied , . that there's nothing else to the Christian

like as possible. I need Christ, as my ex ample to follow, not other peeplt^r ' I tried to do things my way and had become

One of the questions we've asked ourselves

is "What makes the people in this area so hard to reach?" There seems to be something about living in an apartment that changes the attitude of a person. Within a very small area there are 11 apartment buildings. Very few people even know the name of the build
ings next to them, let alone where the Hill
fields Church of Christ is! Mr. Withnall

a bull in a china ,shop Crashing about heed less of the precious souls around me, I got in the way of being an insturment of God. I have lacked love, self-discipline, and wisdom. I have not put to use in my life what I try to tell others to put into theirs.
I said "1 loved", but actually meant I tol erated! I wanted the attention and the glory of the work, so 1 made weak attempts to gain it. My energies have long needed rechaneling.

There are those in the group and outside who

wish to be my friend and give me their love. It is difficult for me to accept this and
sometimes I don't want to. But their love is

says that with the errection of the apart ments, the people slowly lost whatever com munity spirit they had. Many people don't like the apartment complex at all.. They may have lived in that apartment a long time, but they still miss their houses and gardens. Its just not the same. Of course, Hillfields was a rough district before the apartment complex ever began. The essential problem was then and is now, the lack of Jesus Christ in people's lives. But we cannot overlook the problems in
this area that result from this lack.
meet their needs= Bev

Christ-like and they will help me to grow and to change. Their love and sharing with me
will be an encouragementI must do my own

part in loving them.

When we become unified

in this love, outsiders will see the differ ence Christ has made in our lives as compared
to theirs.

I must change my life. My personal life with Christ must become deeper and more meaningful.
When I read God's Word, I must find what it says to me - not to others. In my growing I


must always be ready to really understand and

can help someone else to grow.

God will be

D. L, Moody sat in a park in London contem plating these words, "The world has yet to see what God will do with and for and through and in and by the man who is fully and wholly
consecrated to Himw," His conclusion: "I

my guide and my inner strength, I have been living dormant for a long time, but hard as it may be, I intend to be the
best I can be for Christ. There is much that

will try my utmost to be that man,"

needs changing and forgiving, but I have talk ed to God, and 1 know that all is forgiven and He'll help me to become truly His servant. Right now, I feel like a seed that is just

beginning to take root.







In visiting with a lady who is one of the

regular attenders of our services, I've learn ed that though she strongly believes in God, she really knows little of the joy we can have as children of God. This lady often

Introduced by her daughter: MEET MY MUM

Our right arm in the States is Mrs. C. L.

(Earlene) Davis. She is an important member of our team, for as our American Correspondant, she is kept quite busy with mailing
lists, newsletters, and correspondence. Being the connecting link for the five of

apologizes for her past life, the behavior:, of her family and friends, and some of her present habits. She was reared in the Church of England (confirmed when 14 years old) and just a few years ago began to attend the Church
of Christ. I don't believe she has yet learn ed what true Christianity involves and after 73 years of living, she still hasn't Life. I see a challenge in communicating the truth to her, in showing her Jesus and God in a

us here, as well as keeping in touch and help ing the other three members of our group in the States, is a complicated and demanding
task. However, knowing her to be a top notch secretary, and a dedicated servant, we have confidence in her ability to keep things running as smoothly as possible in the States,
I seldom write a letter home without in

personal way, and in leading her to His promise

of Life. I want her to know God and feel His

grace and forgiveness for her past and present

sins. Our task here involves teaching those who consider themselves Christian, as well as
those who don't. Debbie

cluding at least one request for her help concerning our work. We all greatly apprec iate her willingness to help and her interest
and concern for Christ's Church here in

EnglandT know she is a very busy woman, as she is involved in church activities,


a forty hour week, keeps house, spends


time with her family, and writes many en couraging letters to England I Though she is 5,000 miles away from us,

she is a very necessary member of our group, and as you lift our work up to God, I ask

that you include a^Thank You, Lord" for her

and the contribution she is making to the Kingdom. Deb

I accept this bouquet of roses from The Group with deep humility. I must reply: "The pleasure in serving is mine; to God be the Glory!" ed

Epistle From England

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\ ... Meeting the Challenge o1 a post-Christian nation. ^ W
American Correspondent:
Mrs. C. L. Davis 1010 N. Monroe

Roger Edrington, Bev Mullins,

Steve Tate, Jan Killebrew & Tom Jensen. Janet Baines,

Lincoln, III. 62656

Jan VoKstedt (Jensen) &

Debbie Davis

Vol. 1
No. 3


Deceraber 1973



In late October we were caught off guard when children began to stop us and say, "a to His love? penny for the guy?". They always had a stuffed "dummy" flopped against a building How do you show someone the adventure and or in a cart. After asking a few questions, excitement of living with Christ when he says we learned the story behind this. About 300 he understands and believes Christianity, but years ago, a man, Guy Fawkes, unsuccessfully would just rather put his time in other deedsf attempted to blow up the British Parliament. Every year his thwarted attempt is celebrat ed on November Sth. Huge bonfires can be How do you show the many children we work with the love and fatherhood of God, when our - seen all over the city when they bum the dummies of Guy. You can hear _the popping . . neighborhood is not like that and about 50% of the ones we work with come from some type and crackle of the fireworks purchased with of broken home? the money collected by the children (years ago this money was given to charities). In our desire to be as English as possi How do you share Christ with a known pros

How do you convince a person to act who is sure Christ is the truth, but won't respond

ble, we bought a small box of fireworks and

donned our winter coats, hats, and gloves and shot off fireworks in our back yard! It reminded us of our 4th of July celebration

What do you do when, at times, you still only have four British and five Americans in ^ a morning communion service and only a few
^more at other times?

in the States, except for the fact that we

were freezing!
JB and Deb

What do you do when someone tells you that you should have stayed in America because it's got enough problems of its own?


How is a person who always says "No, thank you, not interested" when you come to his door ever going to find out about the real

One evening while Bev and I were doing some calling, we met a young couple. Robin and Jean have been attending an Evangelical church for the past 19 months. When I asked
them if the church met their needs, they both

How do you explain deep concepts in simple


answered "no!".

They are searching and ready

to let Christ come into their lives.

How do you meet the needs of a slow learn er without jeopardizing the other Sunday
School students?

While we were talking, Robin's brother, Noel, came in. Noel, too, is searching, but in a different way. He needs to find God in a personal way he says that he prays daily,
but God has not answered his prayers. He

What do you do when a boy brings his pet mouse, a girl wears her roller skates, and some boys bring fireworks to Sunday School and Theophilus Group?

wants the relationship that Jesus offers, but finds it difficult to accept it in his life. Here are three people, with three differ

ent personalities.

They have one thing in

Write to JB, Jan, Deb, S Bev:

common, they are all searching for a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

202 Kingfield Road Coventry CV6 5PL England

KIDS (under 12) ^



Why was God a man, not a woman?

* To get a phone where the girls live would

cost $110. installation fee and involve wait

Do you pray to God?

How often?

Every day?

ing until spring to have it installed be

cause of the waiting list.

If God is real, why doesn^t He come down

and show Himself? Did God have a wife?
Who was God's mother?

If you ask God to forgive you for cussing, what happens if He doesn't?
Who created God?

* Walking off a bus while it is still mov ing is not really the best way of disem barking. JB found out the hard way not really realizing it was still moving. For tunately, after a few rolls on the pavement, she only had a bruised knee and a lot of laughs.
* Bev, our farmer's daughter, makes fine

What does God look like?

(Pointing to the baptistry) swimming pool?

Is that a

* Our shipping finally arrived after being hung up in customs, a truck crash, etc. It had been in England for over seven weeks be fore it arrived here in Coventry. It was difficult without our warmer coats, more
sweaters, etc.

What did God (not Jesus) do when He was a baby?

Note: This seven year old is convinced that there is no God. He said that all you get at Sunday School is the Bible. Since he read in a book at school that "God is dead", the
Bible could not be true. Jesus is a man

Now, we also have a cassette

tape recorder if anyone wants to send us

* For American Thanksgiving, we are plan ning to travel to Plymouth, where the Pil
grims set sail for America. near London, will be with us. Darrel and

Sandy Brandon, LCC graduates ministering

with a beard and all, but not God.


* Although Halloween is not celebrated on the massive scale of America, some children

Theophilus was a man to whom Luke addressreportedly take a huge turnip, hallow it ed_hia_.gospel_-a.s. well as the book of Acts_,.. _out, 5^^s we do a pumpkin, and go door to door But what you might ask, is a Theophilus Group? for pence (worth about 2% cents).

If you were to "pop" into our church build ing on any Tuesday night, the happenings you would observe would be those of our Theophi lus Group. Approximately twenty S to 11 year olds could be seen in a variety of activities which allow them to express themselves and become actively involved in the group. Tl-iere is, of course, a reason for our choos ing this particular name. CXir very first meeting with the kids was spent developing the theme "friendship" and in a talk, Roger mentioned Theophilus whose name means 'friend
of God'. Because we consider ourselves His

* London, November 14: The biggest Royal event for some time was the wedding of Princess Ann and Captain Mark Phillips. * We've had some Indian summer here, but English Indians must not be as warm as your Indians!

friends, we adopted this group name. Discipline is not a problem peculiar to

the States, for we face this difficulty in our meetings. Our kids come on their own initiative and aren't used to behaving any where outside the school building. Because we five are not exactly "grown-ups", they don't always respond to a stem look'. We are concentrating on our efforts to gain re spect while developing close friendships. I've really been blessed by working in

From the very beginning of our ministry, we have wanted to help and share God's Word with people. So, we began a Bible Study on Wednesday evenings. However, because of cer tain conflicts, we ended up having three sep
arate Bible Studies with one women in each.

When talking with the ladies who were in

terested, we found that there was no time convenient for them to meet together. This

is why there are three separate studies and we praise God for showing us the correct

One of the ladies, Mrs. Bent, was con

this capacity. Each time I plan a meeting, I worry about it being a flop and sigh
with relief when God uses our efforts in

seemingly successful ways.

us " Deb

"If God be for

tacted through our Sunday School. From the very beginning, she has been very interested in the Bible. She is an encouragement to us as she is not a Christian, yet wants to know

the Bible. We hope that with study and pray er, she will accept Christ.
The other two ladies are Christians, which
makes the studies take a different slant.

Yet, a fresh look at Christ's life is need ed for growth in faith.

Bev and Jan



gill Johnson:

He seems to be at a stand

There is no need to convince him

to "accept Christianity", he says, "I just do not fully practice it." David Emily Choice: They generally report their own progress to Roger. They tell him how far they have come. David was hostile to even speaking about Christianity at first, but now reads some and asks very important questions. Emily speaks to other children about our Sunday School and tries to help in any way she can. An Investigation Group is being held in their home and they have in vited several friends and relatives by their own initiative. - Theystill need Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Allison: Some of us have taken one person to pray for and develop a personal relation ship with. JB has taken this fourteen year black girl. Allison is shy, insecure, and a person who is very distant. JB says, "I am finding it difficult to get to know her, and find she is really very indifferent to Christ ianity now. She is hard to be friendly with and it makes me reluctant to want to go to see her again. I am asking God that, if not me, maybe someone can melt her heart with
love and show her Christ."

As we near the Christmas season, people*s hearts will turn a bit more peaceful. They'll act a bit more cheerful, enjoy life in cluding gifts and vacation from work a
little more. At least, I assume from what's happened here so far, that it will be the same as in the U.S.A. But my fear is, that
after it is all over, there will be no more Peace, no more Life, and no more Joy, than

before. I fear that at Christmas people will cry, "Peace, Peace," when there is no peace. The "Joy of Christmas" will become only a thin veneer that will be scraped away just like the scraps at Christmas dinner
to be seen again only next Christmas. The-Christmas-messag-e-is-that the-Prince of Peace has come to the world. Last year, ceasefires were held during the Christmas season in Viet Nam. This year, it may be

necessary in the Middle East. But ceasefires in a time are not the ruling of peace. If
they would not "learn war any more," we cry. But, "would a multiplication of my own heart to the hearts of all men bring peace or war? Where does the problem lie? Am I myself a center of peace or of discord? How quickly do I flare up and over what in
anities? What bitterness do I nurse, what
harbor? It all moves out resentments do I

from men to nations: we cry peace and there is no peace." (Addison H. Leitch)
The trouble with our world is that we want the Peace without the Prince. From the

Giselle: Debbie reports about this fourteen year old girl, "We are developing a good friendship and plan to get together once a
week to talk about Jesus. Giselle is open

Garden of Eden to our own gardens, the quest

and needs guidance and teaching in the way'of

our Lord^Through the HolySpirit,- I hope-

ion is still one of obedience. "The peace of God, which passes all understanding, will
- keep your hearts and-your minds in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 4:7) only when you "let the

to lead Giselle to a decision point and count on God to give our family in Coventry in-'

peace of Christ rule in your hearts," (Col. 3:15). Isaiah was very clear, "Of the in crease of his government and of peace there
will be no end," but we still want his peace without his government. This will be our first Christmas away from home; our first Christmas in a new land. We intend to use this time when men may be a


Robin Jean & Noel: Mentioned in Jan's


Quite open to Jesus.

Continue to pray for those mentioned in ear lier editions for more progress and growth. Pray that we will be able to use a multitude
of activities at Christmas time to show the

little more open to the Prince of Peace. But the paradox remains in one sense, "I come not to bring peace, but division." Jesus brings not only the best in men, but
also their worst.

We are and will continue

to see both as we present His message in

We all hope that your Christmas will truly be a celebration of the coming of the Prince
of Peace.

people Jesus not only as a cuddly baby, but a reigning Lord and Saviour.
Dave Arrowsmith: A young man in our Invest igation Group who is a self-claimed cynic. He is looking at Christianity for answers, but thinks that he will need some type of Damascus Road experience to become a Christ ian. Pray that the Holy Spirit will deal with Dave as only He knows how. Mrs. Bent who is studying the Bible with Jan and Bev. Her boys attend Sunday School
here. She is not a Christian.


Tom 5 Jan Jensen as they are married and

prepare to join us in late January or early



Eastview Christian Church of Bloomington, 111. was the setting fox-i;he wedding cere
mony uniting Miss'Jan Vollstedt and Mr. Tom

Both mothers wore white gowns for this

happy occasion which was carefully planned

to glorify God. Guests were entertained in Fellowship Hall after the ceremony. The groom's parents hosted the wedding party and immediate fami
lies of Tom and Jan at a buffet dinner at

Jensen, Friday, Nov. 23.' She is the daugh ter of Mr. Mrs. Donald Vollstedt of Bloomington and the son of Mr. Mrs. Arn old Jensen of Cleghorn, Iowa. Mr. Kenneth Jensen, brother of the groom, officiated at the 4:30 p.m. double ring candle light service. Their vows were ex
changed at the altar which was flanked on each side by a lighted candelabra and floral arrangements of bronze and yellow mums cenr

the Guest House in Bloomington. After a short wedding trip, the couple will be at home at 110 Ottawa St., Lincoln, 111.
Jan will continue her final semester at LCC

tered with lighted candles. Phillip and David Vollstedt, young brothers of the bride, lighted a single candle in each of the 14
sanctuary windows.

and Tom is employed by Cutler-Hammer. We wish this couple God's blessings as they es tablish their home and prepare to join the group now serving God in Coventry, England.
ie * It *


Randy Evans, organist, played selections before the ceremony and accompanied Mrs. Kenneth Jensen as she sang Holy, Holy and The Wedding Song.
The bride's father escorted her down the

Several days ago, I spent probably forty minutes taking a drunk, home. It was no fun.

His staggering dead weight on one arm and my

loaded brief case and an mnbrella on the

aisle in her gown of ivory satin accented with Cluny lace. It featured a mandarin

other, fatigued me.

People were laughing at

either he or I, or both. I was forced to collar, full bishop sleeves with fitted cuffs, come into his rubbish covered shack, even

fitted empire bodice and an A-line skirt with lace accents. The veil was chapel length, secured by a camelot caplet. She carried a bouquet of white carnations with gold roses.
Mrs. David Idleman, matron of honor, wore

though his tramp type housemate did not ap prove. I endured their obscenities...the same in either American or British English., and left at the first chance. My experience has proved that inebriated people are very
poor witness targets. (Besides, he had re

a gown of gold crepe with Cluny lace trim

and carried a basket of bronze daisies and

yellow roses. Bridesmaids were Marsha Woelfel, Darla Smith, and Rebecca Vollstedt.
Their attire and flowers were like that of the maid of honor. Mr. Steve Tate served Tom as best man and

peatedly said he was a religious person.) But that was itI No prince! Just a frog to keep kissing.

groomsmen were Dennis Eldridge, Mark Jensen,_

and Lavon Clark.

Epistle From England

Lincoln Christian Church
204 N. McLean

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