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Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 6:19 PM

JazzWorldQuest- Daily World Jazz News: Guitarist NIR FELDER Merges Genres on Debut Album, "Golden Age," Available January 21 via OKeh
Guitarist NIR FELDER Merges Genres on Debut Album, "Golden Age," Available January 21 via OKeh Keith Tippett - Giovanni Maier Two For Joyce (Long Song Records 2013) Nick Oosterhuis Solo Piano Improvisations (Eject Music 2013) Marcos Valle Garra (Light In The Attic 2013) Paul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs Dreamworld (FMR Records 2013) Swingrowers (Pronounced Swing Grow'ers) ( Freshly Squeezed Music 2013) Utah Kawasaki Songs I Played 2 (Commune Disc 2013) Claude Diallo Situation Motion In Progress ( Unit Records 2013) Yakou Tribe 100% Results (Traumton Records 2013) Jolle Landre & Jrme Bourdellon - Evidence (Relative Pitch Records 2013)

Guitarist NIR FELDER Merges Genres on Debut Album, "Golden Age," Available January 21 via OKeh
Posted: 24 Nov 2013 02:40 PM PST

Guitarist NIR FELDER Merges Genres on Debut Album, Golden Age, Available January 21 via OKeh

" ...the next big jazz guitarist." - NPR Stream "Lights" exclusively through Paste magazine

For guitarist Nir Felder, the song's the thing. His debut album Golden Age (OKeh), out January 21, puts his skills as a composer and songwriter at the

forefront of his creative design, supported by virtuosic technique, not the other way around. The guitarist recruited pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Matt Penman and drummer Nate Smith to help bring his unique musical vision to life. "They are musicians who understand the bigger picture of a song, and approach a song as a song, not just as a vehicle to express their own virtuosity," explains Felder. The album, as a whole, was not born of a concept, Felder notes. But the title does provide a unifying sentiment-one of ambiguity and duality. "The album is called Golden Age, and it's more of a question than a statement," he says. "We've seen a lot of change in recent years - in the music industry, in music technology, in our world, our country, and our city, New York. When I was writing this music, there was a lot of hope in the air, and excitement about change, but also a lot of insecurity and fear about the world post - 2008 economic crisis. It looks bad for the arts in New York City at the moment, and some people are nostalgic for the 1980s and early '90s, when times were rough and unsafe but art and culture were flourishing. Was that a 'golden age'? Is this one? Has there really ever been one? The question is always, according to whom? So, there is a lack of clarity about whether things are going great or they're really bad, and the music reflects that." To augment the band's instrumental take on those questions, Felder studied dozens of legendary speeches by politicians, civil rights leaders, and cultural heroes and mixed spoken-word samples from Mario Cuomo, Barbara Jordan, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Malcolm X, Richard Nixon, Lou Gehrig, Elie Wiesel, William Jennings Bryan, Russell Conwell, and others into "Lights" and "Sketch." The results are sweeping, cinematic impressions of history brought into the present moment. Felder, a native of Katonah, New York, began playing guitar at 13. In the beginning, it was the blues that drew him to jazz: Albert King, Albert Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughan-three masters of tone, with an exciting sound and the tradition of storytelling in their playing. Felder initially bought a $250 Mexican Stratocaster and put heavy strings on it "like Stevie Ray did." He has played it ever since. Except for the acoustic guitar on "Bandits II," that Strat is the only guitar on Golden Age. In high school, Felder relied on guitar magazines, his imagination, and commercially available records for his musical education. In college, he caught the jazz bug, focusing on the roots of the music-Dexter Gordon, Charlie Christian-and falling asleep at night listening to Hank Mobley's 1960 Blue Note classic Soul Station. By the time he graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston and moved to New York City in 2005, he'd won the Berklee guitar department's Jimi Hendrix Award and the Billboard Endowed Scholarship for musicianship and academic performance. In New York, he hit the ground running, gigging immediately at Small's with saxophonist George Garzone and rapidly amassing credits that include sessions and performances with Greg Osby, Terri Lyne Carrington, Meshell Ndegeocello, Jos James, Esperanza Spalding, Jack DeJohnette, Eric Harland, and the New York City Opera. It was not long before NPR labeled him "the next big jazz guitarist." In finding his own voice as a jazz musician, Felder did not follow the common practice of abandoning the styles and techniques he had already mastered (such as "bending strings and playing open chords"). "You hear a lot of great advice to play jazz guitar like a horn, like a piano," he concludes, "but I don't think it's necessary to reject what the electric guitar was meant to be-I've kept one foot where I came from. That said, I'm ready to explore new sounds, and I have a lot of ideas for new projects, while in the immediate future I hope to keep this band together and continue in the direction we started on Golden Age." Nir Felder Golden Age OKeh Release Date: January 21, 2014 For more information on Nir Felder, please visit:

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Keith Tippett - Giovanni Maier Two For Joyce (Long Song Records 2013)
Posted: 24 Nov 2013 02:40 PM PST Two for Joyce Live in Trieste, a new cd from Long Song Records/Audioglobe is the successful account of their performance. 50 minutes of improvised music, a long track of music that shows the vast range of their abilities wonderfully. According to some, Tippett gives his best both alone and in a duo, which is not to diminish his excellent work to date in many ensembles. He is a profound and inventive pianist, austere and grandiose at the same time, as when theres a waterfall of notes and sounds that only he can create. Pay close attention to his preparations on the piano which find an ideal parter in Maier. Long Song Records

Nick Oosterhuis Solo Piano Improvisations (Eject Music 2013)

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 02:39 PM PST Tracks: Beyond The Veils Springtime Still Strange Talk Morning Dew Sparkles Silently She Comes And Goes Seven Open Windows Rue De Montmartre Little Thing Later Enticement Waiting For M Time Flies Snowflakes

Marcos Valle Garra (Light In The Attic 2013)

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 02:39 PM PST The follow-up album to Brazilian singer, songwriter, and musician Marcos Valles 1970s self-titled long player, Garra continues to express a socially aware stance combined with a playful hodge-podge of samba, bossa nova, baio (a rhythmic beat from the rural northeast of Brazil), black American music, and psychedelic rock. Marcos and lyricist brother Paulo Sergio recorded the disc with some of Brazils top studio musicians and created the pairs most overtly political statement. Recorded amongst sessions for a steady stream of popular TV novella soundtracksa side gig for the sun-kissed composerthe results tested the military led governments hand picked sensors, looking over the countrys art and music with sharp eyes for critical or objectionable content. Unfortunately, some of Valles peers didnt fare as well and were either exiled (like Tropiclia movement icons Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso in 1969) or fled the country for the United States or Europe Light In The Attic

Paul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs Dreamworld (FMR Records 2013)

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 02:39 PM PST Dreamworld is Paul Dunmall's 51st cd for FMR and features a sparkling series of duos with guitarist Philip Gibbs Speaking of the music Paul says . 'In the subtle body music can come directly out of the heart region without any instrument being necessary. Whatever you feel and hear can emanate from the hear, full of love, beauty and devotion, one in a million, anything is possible because it is the sound which is being projected. The fellow listeners can feel all of what you wish to express, there are no boundaries, the music isn't heard through ears but through the subtle body' FMR Records

Swingrowers (Pronounced Swing Grow'ers) ( Freshly Squeezed Music 2013)

Posted: 23 Nov 2013 03:58 PM PST Swingrowers are from Palermo in Sicily and aim to take vintage swing, and with respect and nurture, breathe new life into an old tradition. Its with their Fresh and yet somehow innately Italian musicianship, combined with the sharp, progressive, but completely sympathetic production style of Roberto that creates the unique sound of the Swingrowers. Vocalist Loredana Grimaldi and DJ / Producer Roberto Costa (AKA Pisk - A local drum and bass hero on the Sicilian free-party scene) are joined in their live incarnation by a 'Manouche' guitar player from the local old-boy jazz big band with which Loredana sings in their home town.

With the help of manager Giulio Castronovo, within a few short months of their inception the duo began touring Europe to play famous clubs like Londons Hootananny and Pariss La Jav - Performing on the same stage as Edith Piaf and Django Reinhardt. And now their hard work has culminated in this exceptional album. Freshly Squeezed Music

Utah Kawasaki Songs I Played 2 (Commune Disc 2013)

Posted: 23 Nov 2013 03:53 PM PST Close Source Read Open Write Hopes In An Envelope Destination

Claude Diallo Situation Motion In Progress ( Unit Records 2013)

Posted: 23 Nov 2013 03:49 PM PST Claude Diallo keys Massimo Buonanno drums Laurent Salzard e-bass Special Guest: Seven - vocal Claude Diallo brings inovative concepts to the accepted styles of piano / composition. He has more than enough background to prove it. Ray Santisi (pianist and mentor of Keith Jarrett, Diana Krall, Joe Zawinul) Claude Diallo is a very talented and professional young jazz pianist, which has a bright future to come. Andy McGhee (tenor sax player with Lionel Hampton, Woody Hermann) Claude Diallo is a wonderful artist and his musical talent is unusual. No one quite does it the way he does it. Kenwood Dennard (drummer of Herbie Hancock, Sting, Miles Davis) Unit Records

Yakou Tribe 100% Results (Traumton Records 2013)

Posted: 23 Nov 2013 03:44 PM PST Kai Brckner: electric & acoustic guitars, dobro Jan von Klewitz: saxophone Johannes Gunkel: double bass Rainer Winch: drums Round MacGuffin Darum Winterlied Rejoice Fox And Goose East Dinos gerhofstrasse Fan Man

Isabellengrn Traumton Records

Jolle Landre & Jrme Bourdellon - Evidence (Relative Pitch Records 2013)
Posted: 23 Nov 2013 03:38 PM PST Joelle Leandre has been a preeminent double-bassist and composer working with some of the best musicians in modern classical, free improvisation, and jazz over the last couple of decades. She has also appeared on any number of duo albums, including the phenomenal A limproviste with Barre Phillips. Jerome Bourdellon has been an active flautist in the French free jazz scene and beyond, teaming up with legendary sax man Joe McPhee on several occasions. Relative Pitch Records