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An Advcnturc fnr 4-6 Charactcrs, Lcvc!

s 8-10
Ravcn!nft II:
By Tracy and Laura HIckman
Based on an ulIine ly
Tracy & Laura Hicknan
Design Tean: David Cook, }eff Crull,
Tracy & Laura Hicknan, HaroId }ohnson,
and DougIas NiIes
Ldilor: HaroId }ohnson
Cover Arlisl: CIyde CaIdveII
Inlerior Arlisl: }eff LasIey
Carlographer: David S. LaIorce
Typographer: Belly LInore & Kin Lindau
KeyIiner: Linda Bakk
Dislriluled lo lhe look lrade ly Randon House, Inc. and
in Canada ly Randon House of Canada, Lld.
Dislriluled lo lhe loy and holly induslry ly regionaI dis-
Dislriluled in lhe Uniled Kingdon ly TSR UK Lld.
Iogo are lradenarks ovned ly TSR Inc.
This advenlure is prolecled under lhe copyrighl Iavs of lhe
Uniled Slales of Anerica. Any unaulhorired reproduclion
or olher use of lhe naleriaI and arlvork conlained herein is
prohililed vilhoul lhe express vrillen pernission of TSR,
T5R, Inc. T5R UK Ltd.
POB 756 Thc MI!!, Rathmnrc Rnad
Lakc Gcncva CambrIdgc CB1 4AD
WI 53147 UnItcd KIngdnm
1986 T5R, Inc. A!! RIghts Rcscrvcd. PrIntcd In thc U5A.
I5BN 0-88038-322-4 9181XXX1501
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IC. 42
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IC. 44
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IC. 46
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IC. 41
Lvenls Record . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Map
Iregeneraled Heroes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Map
Monsler IersonaIilies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Map
Tovns IeopIe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Map
Monsler Slal Sunnary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cover
Mordenlshire on lhe Sea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Map 1
House on Cryphon HiII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Map 2
Healher House (Wealhernay Lslale) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Map 2, Cover
Wealhernay MausoIeun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Map 4
Ravcn!nft II:
What cause hate ou to fear the darkness of the nlght, uhen ulthln our oun
heart ls darkness ltse|f? Wh then ]udge ou n uorks so harsh|."
The nasler of Cryphon HiII lids you veIcone and hopes lhal
you have a pIeasanl slay. IIease forgive hin if he does nol greel
you, for he is ralher invoIved in a IillIe experinenl al lhe no-
nenl. No doull he viII caII upon you vhen your services are re-
RavenIofl II: The House on Cryphon HiII is an advenlure of
ronance and dark nyslery for lhe ADVANCLD DUNCLNS
& DRACNS gane syslen. Il is reconnended for characlers
of 8-1Olh IeveI in parlies of 4 or nore pIayer characlers. Il is
highIy reconnended lhal al Ieasl one of lhese le a cIeric.
Cryphon HiII is lhe sequeI lo a previous advenlure noduIe,
I6 RavenIofl. This advenlure can le run independenlIy fron
lhal previous vork . . . hovever, lhose vho ovn lhe originaI
RavenIofl viII find a speciaI lrick or lreal. Appendix 3: The
Drun of Barovia gives direclions on hov lo conline lolh of
lhese noduIes inlo an even grealer, fanlaslic advenlure.
The advenlure is divided inlo Chaplers and an LpiIogue. The
advenlure is furlher divided inlo Lvenls and Lncounlers. Lvenls
are occurrences vhich are diclaled prinariIy ly line and nay
occur anyvhere. These provide lhe generaI fIov of lhe adven-
lure and a sense of lhe slory unfoIding. Lncounlers are occur-
rences vhich are diclaled prinariIy ly Iocalion. These descrile
and give occurrences lriggered vhen lhe ICs enler a specific Io-
The oljeclive of lhe gane is lo find and deslroy lhe vanpire
Slrahd and lo rescue lhose vho have faIIen under lhe conlroI of
eviI. Whenever, if ever, lhis happens, go innedialeIy lo lhe
LpiIogue. Il is your responsiliIily as lhe DM of lhis gane lo use
every pover avaiIalIe lo Slrahd lo slop lhe pIayer characlers le-
fore lhis happens.
AbbrcvIatInns: AII of lhe slandard AD&D gane lerns and
synloIs (e.g. IC, NIC, elc.) appIy. In addilion, lhere are sone
olher lerns vhich viII le usefuI in running lhis advenlure.
THACO represenls lhe lase chance 'To Hil Arnor CIass O
(zero). When allaching an opponenl (or leing allacked ly one)
lhe 'lo hil nunler needed on a 2O-sided die can le easiIy de-
lernined using lhe THACO). SinpIy lake lhe AC of lhe charac-
ler leing allacked and sullracl lhis nunler fron lhe THACO
of lhe allacker. THACO heIps reduce lhe line spenl in conlal
ly eIininaling conslanl reference lo lhe Conlal TalIes.
|cr cxanp|c, if |nc a||ac|ing cnarac|cr nas a THAC0 cf 12
an |nc cnarac|cr ocing a||ac|c nas an Arncr C|ass cf 5 |ncn
|nc nunocr |nc a||ac|cr nccs |c rc|| is a 7 cr nigncr cn a 20-
sic ic (12-5=7). A ncga|itc AC is ac |c |nc THAC0
The foIIoving lerns aIso appIy:
AC Arnor CIass 5 Slrenglh
MV Movenenl I InleIIigence
H D Hil Dice W Wisdon
hil poinls D Dexlerily
#AT Allacks/round Cnn Consli luli on
Dmg Danage Chr Char i sna
SpeciaI Allacks
SpeciaI Defense
Magic Resislance
Magic User
IIayer Characler
LavfuI Cood
NeulraI Cood
Chaolic Cood
Chaolic NeulraI
LavfuI NeulraI
True NeulraI
Chaolic LviI
NeulraI LviI
LavfuI LviI
DM PrcparatInn: This gane requires sone preparalion lefore
you can pIay il. Iirsl, you shouId read and lecone as faniIiar as
possilIe vilh nol onIy lhe ruIes of lhis advenlure lul ils feeIing
and lexlure as veII. Skin lhrough lhe advenlure once lo gain a
sense of ils pace and slruclure, lhen read lhrough il lhoroughIy,
paying speciaI allenlion lo lhe loxed descriplions. This shouId
nol onIy give you an underslanding for hov lhe advenlure is lo
le run in delaiI, lul aIso sone sense of hov lo creale Colhic
horror descriplions.
Before you acluaIIy legin running lhe advenlure, you viII
need lo vork lhrough THL MLSMLRISTS ILNDULUM sec-
lion on your ovn lo delernine lhe end of lhe gane. ShouId lhe
ICs nol nake use of lhe Mesnerisl during lhe course of lhe ad-
venlure, lhen il is inporlanl lhal you have aIready delernined
lhe end of lhe gane. If lhe pIayer characlers do use lhe Mesner-
isl lo unIock lhe AIchenisl Slrahds nenory or lhal of his fi-
ance, Lady Wealhernay, use lhe nev reading lo repIace lhe
previous resuIls.
AddilionaIIy, you viII need lo ollain a slandard deck of pIay-
ing cards and prepare lhen as direcled in Lvenl 5, The Conver-
sion. These cards are used lo randonIy delernine lhe
lranspossession or forced exchange of souIs lelveen lvo
crealures during lhe gane. ShouId you nol have any pIaying
cards avaiIalIe, you couId purchase an inexpensive sel or nake
one of your ovn oul of ordinary paper.
Nexl, decide vhen Lvenl #1O parls viII lake pIace and record
lhen on lhe Lvenl Record.
ne finaI preparalion nusl le nade, you need lo ollain in
advance fron your pIayers a Iisling of lhe equipnenl vhich
lheir characlers viII lake vilh lhen al lhe leginning of lhis ad-
venlure. This is inporlanl for as lhe ICs avaken in Lvenl #1,
nosl of lheir equipnenl viII le nissing, il leing scallered
aloul lhe lovn. You viII need lo pIace lhis equipnenl in ad-
vance. The firsl parl of lhe gane invoIves lhe ICs noving aloul
lhe lovn and relrieving lheir equipnenl. This pernils lhen lo
laIk and inleracl vilh lhe various NICs in lhe lovn. Il is during
lhis line lhal lhe ICs shouId legin lo feeI lhal sonelhing here
is dreadfuIIy vrong. To nake lhis happen, you viII need lo
pIace lhe ICs' equipnenl in various pIaces and have lhen Iook
for il. The Iocalions of various ilens of gear are delaiIed in lhe
Lvenl seclion under LxpIoring Mordenlshire-on-lhe-Sea.
nce lhese preparalions have leen conpIeled, you nay
galher your group logelher, uliIizing eilher lheir ovn characlers
of appropriale IeveI or lhe characlers provided vilh lhis nod-
uIe. Begin pIay vilh evenl L1, foIIoving lhe direclions found
lhere lo conlinue lhe advenlure.
P!ayIng thc Mnnstcrs: AII lhe slalislics for lhe nonslers lhal viII
le encounlered in lhis advenlure are prinled on lhe inside cover
of lhis lookIel. Slalislics and descriplions of any nev nonslers
arc incIuded in an Appendix lo lhis advenlure.
The nosl inporlanl parls you as lhe DM viII pIay in lhis ad-
venlure arc lhose of lhe lvo incarnalions of Slrahd von Zarovich
. . . lolh in his good aIchenisl and eviI vanpire incarnalions.
Like ils predecessor advenlure, lolh AIchenisl and Vanpire
Slrahds are up lo cunning and dark pIols inlending lo use lhe
heroes lo lheir ovn purpose. Slrahd is of genius inleIIigence . . .
you nusl pIay lolh incarnalions of hin lhal vay lo lhe lesl of
your aliIily. He is nol IikeIy lo le fooIed ly lhe IillIe lricks
vhich pIayers so oflen Iike lo puII on connon nonslers.
Sone areas descriled in lhis noduIe are dupIicales of olher
areas. Areas lhal are exaclIy aIike have lhe sane nunler on lhe
naps. There is onIy one lexl descriplion lo use for each of lhese
areas. AII indoor and nighlline ouldoor descriplions are vril-
len vilh lhe assunplion lhal lhe ICs arc using a lorch. A lorch
nornaIIy Iighls a forly fool radius area. If anolher Iighl source is
used or lhe ICs do nol have a Iighl source, lhen aIler lhe de-
scriplions approprialeIy.
Gna! nf thc Advcnturc: The oljeclive of lhe advenlure is lo de-
slroy lhe Vanpire Slrahd. This cannol le acconpIished vilhoul
lhe heIp and sacrifice of lhe AIchenisl Slrahd. In order lo suc-
ceed, lhe foIIoving sulpIol goaIs nusl le conpIeled. These
Iesser goaIs are provided here lo heIp lhe DM guide lhe slory as
lhe heroes expIore lhe environs.
5tnry 5ynnpsIs:
1. The heroes shouId expIore lovn lo recover lheir gear. In lhe
process, lhey viII lecone faniIiar vilh lhe lovnspeopIe and
gain sone inkIing lhal sonelhing is vrong. They shouId en-
counler Docleur Cernain dHonaire fron lhe sanilariun
and Iearn of his inleresl in nesnerisn and ils pover lo drav
oul Iosl nenories.
2. The heroes shouId visil Healher House lo neel lhe key pIay-
ers in lhis drana~Lord Wealhernay, his daughler Lady
Virginia Wealhernay, her allendanl Mislress Ardenl, lhe aI-
chenisl Counl Slrahd von Zarovich, and lhe IieIders, guesls
of lhe Wealhernays.
Here lhey shouId le sel on lhe lraiI of lhe nyslery of niss-
ing nenories of lhe Counl and Lady Wealhernay. Lvenlu-
aIIy, lhe ICs shouId consider lringing Docleur dHonaire
and one of lhese lvo logelher.
3. Iron here, lhe lraiI Ieads lo lhe expIoralion of lhe house on
Cryphon HiII, and hopefuIIy lhe discovery of lhe AIche-
nisls diary and ils nissing enlry. The ICs aIso nay find
sone of lhe ilens of inporl lo lhis advenlure~lhe Rod of
Raslinon, lhe SouI Searcher nedaIIion, and lhe Ring of Re-
Here loo, lhey shouId evenluaIIy find lhe lraiI of lhe niss-
ing Apparalus, lhe nighly nyslicaI nachine vhich engi-
neered lhis horror.
4. The vinding lraiI of nyslery viII inevilalIy relurn lo
Healher House vhere lhe Crealure Slrahd and his ninions
have prepared a IillIe veIcone.
The ICs nusl discover lhe Iocalion of lhe Apparalus and
lhe conlroIIing Rod of Raslinon and join lhe lvo lo end lhe
nighlnare. Bul an arny of undead guard lhe vay.
TurnIng Undcad In MnrdcntshIrc & 5urrnundIngs:
The eviI crealures vho haunl lhe noors and viIds of Mor-
denlshire vere dravn lhrough lhe galevay ly lhe Crealure.
His eviI viII connands and conlroIs lhen as lheir Iord, and
lhus undead crealures in lhis area are nore difficuIl lo lurn
lhan connon undead. The cIoser lhe undead is lo lhe Crea-
lure lhe grealer lhe penaIly lo lhe CIericaI Turn Undead die
roII. These effecls are defined ly IocaIe lul nay le increased
lo naxinun effecl if lhe Crealure is presenl.
Modifier Localion/Silualion
O Norlh of Tovn or Sunny Day
-1 Wilhin Mordenlshire or CIoudy Day
-2 Wilhin lhe Bog, Al Cryphon HiII or Nighl
-3 Wealhernay Lslale or The Crealure is Iresenl
If an undead can nornaIIy le lurned ly a cIeric of lhe char-
aclers IeveI, a roII of 2O viII aIvays lurn lhal crealure despile
nodifiers. If lhe lurn resuIl vouId nornaIIy le a T, lhe crea-
lure nov lurns on a 3, and nodifiers appIy lo lhe roII. If lhe
resuIl is nornaIIy a D, lreal lhis as a T resuIl.
Thc A!chcmIst's Ta!c:
I an ne!n1I, I an LgI1. TIe 1ncO!Les c n pne\cOs Le ae 1c sIacus
aLce. I uas peace 1seL. I uas gcc a )Os1. I pnac1ce n an1s cn 1Ie !e-
e1 c aLL a IeaLe 1Ie La u1I 1Ie g1s c a )Os1 gc !O1 1Ie 1cnne1 c
n cu ank seL cLLcue ne. V1I ne uas ankess, a Ia1ne a
e\. As I Lccke a!cO1, sc 1cc 1Is !Lack sIacu c naks scOL seep
sLcuL 1c aLL 1Ia1 I , LO1g 1s pcuen a sappg 1s s1neg1I.
N cu ankess, n cu cO!1g, Ia1ne a nage pcsce ne as
ueLL, u1I sc nOcI ce 1Ie sen\ce c c1Iens, n cu sp1e a pne
1cne a1 ne 1Ie !ack c n n. I 1Ie e, 1 sa 1c ne, aLL 1Iene s, s ea1I,
a aLL 1Iese gcc ucnks uLL !e cn aOgI1.
TIe cane 1Ie \sc. I sau a ua ! uIcI I ngI1 n nseL c n cu
ankess. Iee, ngI1 I c1 n aLL nak c 1s anken seL( TIs ucOL
sOneL !e penec1c, )c a 1neasOne. TIs uas 1Ie Appana1Os a cce
n n ccce\e 1, I ccOL c1 nes1 O1L 1s ccnpLe1c.
Na gI1s I ucnk 1Ie ankess c n secLOe La!cna1cn, n
n e\ene u1I 1Ie nnes1 c uIa1 I ucOL acccnpLsI. Ye1 sOc-
cess eLOe nel IaLOne a1en aLOne I sOen. TIe ke 1c 1Ie !asIne1
c cOn anken seL uas e\en Iagg !ecne ne, u1IcO1 sIape cn sO!-
s1ace, e\en a Iaze c 1aO1g c!scOn1.
Ce gI1 n 1cn1One scOL !cLe u1I Ia1e a agen. I cne cO1l "VI
Ia 1Ie gcs nae na sc( VI nOs1 ue !e 1cn1One ! cc1nas1 1Is
Le, ace ccs1a1L u1I 1Ie cIcce c LgI1 a ank(" I ucOL ccqOen
1Is I ccOL. I ucOL e sOcI Laul
TIe cane 1c ne u1I cLan1 1Ie kcuLege c uIa1 I nOs1 c. I sau 1Ie
nssg pece, 1s nc c cns1aL Ieu )Os1 sc, 1s Leg1I )Os1 1IOs. TIe sOL-
pIOn spIene . . . 1 aLL nae sese. I \cue 1c Lea\e 1IOs cn a 1ne 1Ie pa1Is
ecnee ! 1Ie )Os1 gcs, cn 1Ie e nOcI gcc ccOL !e acccnpLsIe . . .
sOneL 1Ie gcs ucOL Oens1a 1Ie ee c 1Ia1.
V1I a cn1gI1 1Ie ee uas ce. TIe Appana1Os s1cc ccnpLe1e
u1I n La!cna1cn. TIe gnea1 sOLpIOn !aLL 1s necIasn, 1Ie necep1cns
!eLcu aLL annage pncpenL a!cO1 1Ie Lea gLass spIene. TIe 1es1s Ia aLL
!ee sOccessOL . . . I ccOL Le1 c ce !O1 nseL !e 1Ie ns1 u1I 1Ia1 cIan-
TIe pcuen sOnge u1I 1Ie spg spIene. IgI1g Lace 1Ie cIan!en.
Anncus c !nLLace Leu ncn 1Ie necep1cns a pence 1Ie gLass . . . n
scOLl TIe ankess eccnpasse ne . . . 1 scneanel
VIe a1 Las1 I aucke, I uas nee. Ye1 1Ie gnea1 e\penne1 ucnke aLL 1cc
I ccOL nann u1I gcc ccscece 1Ie ucna I Lc\e a kcu 1Ia1 1Ie
anken seL u1I ne ucOL !e c c!s1acLe 1c cOn )c a Iappess. Ve
uene !e1nc1Ie a 1Ie a1e uas se1.
I ga\e c 1IcOgI1 1Ie 1c uIene n anken scOL Ia !ee se1. VIene 1Ia1
pan1 c ne L\e, I c1 kcu. N pne Ia pLae ce Las1 1nck Opc ne.
I cc1Oe n qOes1g 1c penec1 n e\ce uIe c a 1enn!Le gI1 c
s1cnn 1Ie Appana1Os Le ncn n cc1ncL a !Lack ankess scLe
u1I 1Ie cns1aL gLc!e. Incn uIece I Ia se1 n ank seL . . . 1 Ia ne-
Ncu 1 Ias 1ake cnn, O!e a 1enn!Le. TIe cnea1One . . . cn c
c1Ien ane ucOL sO1 . . . enenge ncn 1Ie sIa11eng gLc!e. I Le ncn 1Ie
IcOse 1enncn 1Ia1 sOcI Icnncn sIcOL Ia\e e\s1e u1I ne, cL 1c ne-
HLAR NOW! Turn not fron the dark ta|e and uonder at the facets of etl|! |or the rlncla|s of our |ltt|e drana each hate thelr oun
slght and thelr oun secrets. Lach has thelr ta|e to te|| ln the face of each other's |les . . .
KNOW THlS! There are tuo ln thls |a uhlch each a|| thense|tes good and the other etl|. Lach ansuers to one another's
nane for both are ca||ed Strahd ton Zarotlch. Be not decelted! We here sha|| ca|| then not b that nane uhlch the ho|d ln con-
non but one sha|| be THL CRLATURL and the other sha|| be THL ACLHLMlST.
Thc Crcaturc's Ta!c:
I an 1Ie ace1, I an 1Ie La. N !eggs ane Lcs1 1Ie ankess c 1Ie
Incn 1Ie anLes c 1Ie \aLLe, ce spn1 sIce a!c\e aLL c1Iens. A nane
!eaO1, uIc uas caLLe "penec1c," ")c" a "1neasOne." Hen ane uas
Ta1aa a I Lcge cn Ien 1c !e ne.
pas1. I uas 1Ie uanncn. I uas gcc a )Os1. I 1IOene acncss 1Ie La
Lke 1Ie una1I c a )Os1 gc, !O1 1Ie uan eans a 1Ie kLLg eans ucne
cu n scOL as 1Ie u ueans s1ce 1c sa.
ALL gccess sLppe ncn n Le, I cO n cO1I a s1neg1I gce
a aLL I Ia Le1 uas ea1I. N ann se11Le 1Ie \aLLe c Banc\a a
1cck pcuen c\en 1Ie pecpLe 1Ie ane c a )Os1 gc, !O1 u1I ce c a
gcs gnace cn )Os1ce.
I caLLe cn n anL, Lcg Osea1e ncn 1Ien ace1 1Inces, a
!ncOgI1 1Ien Iene 1c se11Le 1Ie cas1Le Ra\eLc1. TIe cane u1I a cO-
gen !nc1Ien c ne, Senge. He uas Iascne a cO1IOL. I Ia1e In cn
I Lc\e Ien u1I aLL n Iean1. I Lc\e Ien cn Ien cO1I. I Lc\e Ien cn Ien
)c. BO1 sIe spOne nel "CL Ce" uas n ane 1c Ien-"eLen" a
"!nc1Ien" aLsc. Hen Iean1 ue1 1c Senge. TIe uene !e1nc1Ie. TIe a1e
uas se1.
V1I ucns sIe caLLe ne "!nc1Ien," !O1 uIe I Lccke 1c Ien ees 1Ie
neLec1e ac1Ien ane-"ea1I." I1 uas 1Ie ea1I c 1Ie age 1Ia1 sIe sau
ne. SIe Lc\e Ien cO1I a e)ce 1. BO1 I Ia sqOaene ne.
TIe ea1I sIe sau ne 1One Ien ncn ne. A sc I cane 1c Ia1e ea1I,
n ea1I. N Ia1e s \en s1ncg. I ucOL c1 !e caLLe "ea1I" sc scc.
I nae a pac1 u1I ea1I, a pac1 c !Lcc. C 1Ie a c 1Ie ueg I kLLe
Senge, n !nc1Ien. N pac1 uas seaLe u1I Is !Lcc.
I cO Ta1aa ueepg 1Ie gane eas1 c cIapeL. SIe Le ncn
ne. SIe ucOL c1 Le1 ne e\pLa, a a gnea1 agen sueLLe u1I ne. SIe
Ia 1c Oens1a 1Ie pac1 I nae cn Ien. I pOnsOe Ien. IaLL, espan,
sIe LOg IenseL ncn 1Ie uaLLs c Ra\eLc1 a I ua1cIe e\en1Ig I
e\en ua1e aLL ncn n gnasp cne\en.
I1 us a 1IcOsa ee1 1IncOgI 1Ie ns1s. Nc 1nace c Ien uas e\en cO.
Nc1 e\e I kcu Ien aL a1e.
Anncus ncn 1Ie cas1Le gOans pence ne 1c n scOL, !O1 I c1 e.
Ncn I L\e. I !ecane Oea, cne\en.
I Ia\e c1e IO1e cn Ta1aa. I Ia\e e\e eL1 Ien u1I n gnasp, !O1
sIe escapes. SIe 1aO1s nel SIe 1aO1s nel VIa1 uLL 1 1ake 1c !e Ien Lc\e
1c ne(
Sc I seancI n !ccks cn a ua 1c acqOne ac1Ien ane. N ank
nagcs a scncenes uene pnac1ce 1IncOgI gI1s Lcg a uean. Ye1
I penss1 1Ie qOes1 cn negag 1Ie ane c neenp1c uIcI I Ia
Lcg Lcs1.
I 1Ie LasI c 1Ie LgI1g !cL1 n qOes1 ccne 1c a e. TIncOgI a
pcn1aL c pcuen a nagc I sau 1Ia1 uIcI I Ia e\en sOspec1e 1c e\s1.
TIene !ecne ne s1cc 1Ie nnncn c nseLl Hene uas Lel N Lel . . .
uIene 1 Ia !ee Ie ncn ne ! 1Ie una1I c 1Ie gcs. I ucOL 1ake 1
!ack . . . I s1eppe 1IncOgI 1Ie pcn1aL.
Ncu uLL n qOes1 !e ccnpLe1e. Ncu uLL I nega 1Ia1 uIcI uas
ee nel
Wilhin lhe viIIage of Mordenl-
shire dveIIs one Docleur Cernain
dHonaire, residenl physician for lhe
SauIlridge Sanilariun. Docleur dHonaire, le-
sides leing a generaI praclilioner and fair surgeon,
aIso experinenls in lhe fieId of nenlaI disorders. He is a
capalIe nesnerisl and nay hypnolize viIIing suljecls in or-
der lo exanine deepIy rooled fears, neuroses, and lo lring forlh
forgollen nenories.
Docleur dHonaire is a schoIarIy feIIov and possesses a pass-
ing inleresl in foIk laIes of ghosls, spirils, and lhe supernaluraI.
Hovever, he lreals lhese laIes as noslIy chiIdish nonsense in lhis
civiIized age. The doclor is nol a lrave feIIov, and viII lry lo
avoid invoIvenenl vilh any reaI advenluring. He is conlenl lo
perforn his duly of deaIing vilh lhe nad, vhon he caIIs his
chiIdren. Indeed, he nay cone lo viev lhe ICs as lorderIine
schizophrenics and nay encourage lhen lo connil lhenseIves
for a fev veeks of resl.
This nan hoIds lhe key lhal unIocks lhe nysleries of Mor-
denlshire. He has lhe pover lo search lhe dark recesses of lhe
AIchenisl and Lady Wealhernays ninds. Indeed. if soughl
oul for lhal very purpose he viII le inlrigued ly lheir condilion
and readiIy agree lo hypnolize one. The ansvers vhich nay le
gained as a resuIl of his exaninalion viII nol onIy shed Iighl on
lhe evenls in Mordenlshire . . . lul viII aIso sel lhe course of lhis
Thc McsmcrIst's
Thc McsmcrIst's Pcndu!um sinuIales a session vilh a hypnolisl
as is oflen porlrayed in horror fiIns. This seclion is provided
slriclIy for dranalic porlrayaI and in no vay porlrays acluaI
hypnosis lechniques. This nesnerisls session adds alnosphere
lo lhe advenlure, and serves a grealer purpose of Iocaling key
fealures and delernining nolivalions for lhe advenlure.
Since il is possilIe lhal lhe pIayer characlers viII nol lhink lo
nake use of lhe good doclors services, lhe DM shouId prepare a
randon reading ahead of rine lo sel lhe Iocalions of lhe various
inporlanl ilens and delaiIs of lhe pIol lefore leginning pIay.
If, during lhe course of lhe advenlure, lhe ICs do uliIize lhe
Mesnerisls services, repIace lhe originaI readings vilh lhese
nev resuIls.
5wIngIng thc Pcndu!um: There are lvo nelhods lhal nay le
used lo delernine lhe goaIs and lheir Iocalions for lhis gane.
The firsl is lhrough randon die roIIs and lhe second is lhrough
lhe ansvers of your pIayers lo cerlain queslions.
(A) InItIa! 5ctup: To prepare for lhe leginning of lhe adven-
lure, you nay use randon die roIIs and lhe foIIoving charls lo
nake lhe necessary delerninalions. The Iellers Iisled on lhese
charls correspond vilh lhe Ieller of lhe choices on lhe Mesner-
isls IenduIun Cards.
1d6 Localion
1 A To SIay his Cood HaIf O
2 B To Tornenl lhe AIchenisls Iiance 2
3 C To Ieasl on Nev Lands 3
4 D To Regain True Life 4
1d4 +
Modifier The Crealure is . . .
1 A The Crealure
2 B The Lady Wealhernay
C The MaeIslron SouI
D Mislress Ardenl
L Lord Wealhernay
I The Crealure
7 C The Lady Wealhernay
8 H The MaeIslron SouI
* The Rod of Raslinon, lhe SouI Searcher rl, lhe Ring of
Reversion, and lhe Missing Lnlries. Delernine separaleIy
for each ilen.
1d6 Localion
(B) Thc McsmcrIst Encnuntcr: If and/or vhen lhe ICs en-
counler lhe Mesnerisl and discuss lheir diIenna vilh hin, he
viII suggesl a hypnosis session lo lry lo delernine fron eilher
lhe AIchenisl or his fiance, lhe Lady Wealhernay, lhe lrulh of
vhal happened on Cryphon HiII. If lhe ICs are viIIing lo al-
lenpl lhis, use lhis nelhod lo delernine lhe resuIls. nce lhe
suljecl is lroughl lefore lhe good doclor, and convinced lo
parlicipale in lhe experinenl, slarl ly reading lhe foIIoving
loxed lexl.
This nelhod nakes use of lhe cards found on lhe cover of lhis
advenlure. Cul lhen aparl in preparalion for lhis session. The
Mesnerisls IenduIun is used Iike a scripl lo a pIay, and is di-
vided inlo lvo parls. The DM pIays lhe parl of Docleur dHo-
naire, vhiIe lhe pIayers share lhe parl of lhe nesnerized
suljecl, ly reading lhe cards al lhe appropriale lines, and
naking choices vhen asked lo do so.
The cards shouId le read dranalicaIIy lo add lo lhe alno-
sphere of lhe advenlure. The DM viII caII oul lhe nunler of a
card, and lhe pIayer hoIding lhal card reads firsl lhe inforna-
lion found on lhe coIored side. Then, in response lo a queslion
fron lhe Mesnerisl, lhe pIayer lurns lhe card over and seIecls
one of lhe responses on lhe lack. There are four differenl #4
cards, and onIy one viII le used during lhe reading.
The nesnerisl gIances aloul vilh his penelraling eyes unliI
he finds a conforlalIe pIace for lhe suljecl lo sil. When aII
is arranged, he slands slaring al lhe suljecl. as lhough he
vouId lurn a hoIe lo lhe very hearl of lhe person lefore
hin. Then vilhoul noving his fixed slare, he reaches inlo a
pockel and puIIs forlh a cryslaI fixed lo lhe end of a chain.
The cryslaI svings on lhe poIished chain spinning genlIy.
The Iighl lhrough lhe cryslaI pIays across lhe eyes of lhe sul-
jecl, lhe deep nurnur of lhe Mesnerisls voice vashes Iike
varn vaves over aII vho hear il.
Lach of lhe ICs nusl nake a saving lhrov vs SpeIIs al lhis
poinl. AII ICs vho faiI viII faII inlo a deep, hypnolic sIeep. If
aII lhe ICs faII asIeep lhey viII hear lhe suljecls responses and
in lheir ninds, viII experience lhe laIe leing loId as if a reaI ad-
venlure. This experience is lo le run siniIar lo a fil of c|iriun
as descriled in Lvenl #1. If any characlers renain avake, pro-
ceed vilh lhe foIIoving, expIaining lo lhe olher pIayers lhal
lheir characlers are reIiving lhese evenls in lheir ovn ninds.
The suljecls eyeIids cIose and he Iapses inlo a deep sIeep
lhough he sliII hoIds his head uprighl. The nesnerisl
slraighlens and legins lo speak.
I vish you lo reIax . . . reIax . . . ah, yes. Nov you are per-
feclIy resled and asIeep. You hear ny voice and you viII re-
spond lo il. I viII counl lackvards fron eighl and vhen I
reach zero and snap ny fingers, you viII avaken and re-
nenler nolhing of vhal you have said. Do you undersland
ne` I viII ask you queslions in lhe neanvhiIe and you viII
ansver lhen lrulhfuIIy. Are your ready` We viII legin.
Llght! Where are you`
If you have nol aIready handed oul lhe Mesnerisls IenduIun
cards, do so nov. You shouId lry lo seIecl a differenl pIayer lo
read each nev card. The pIayer hoIding card #8, shouId nov
read lhe fronl of his card. When he has finished, ask lhe foIIov-
ing queslion:
Whal do you see`!
This pIayer shouId lurn card #8 over and seIecl any one of lhe
responses Iisled on lhe lack of lhe card. You shouId nole lhe
Ieller of his choice on lhe Lvenl Charl DM Aid provided in lhe
cenler of lhis lookIel. This choice delernines lhe |cca|icn cf
|nc Appara|us.
Nov you nay proceed vilh card #7 and so on.
Seven! IIease descrile lhis pIace.
The nexl pIayer reads lhe coIored fronl of card #7. When he fin-
ishes, ask lhe foIIoving queslion:
Where is il` Where is lhis circIel`
Nole lhe Ieller of lhis response. This choice sels lhe |cca|icn cf
|nc Scu| Scarcncr nca||icn.
Six! Whal is happening aloul you nov`
Afler lhe fronl of card #6 is read, ask lhis queslion:
Whal does he say`
Nole lhe response Ieller. This choice delernines lhe Gca| cf |nc
Crca|urc S|ran.
|itc! Whal do you do`
Afler lhe fronl of lhe card is read, ask lhis queslion:
Where do you find lhis look`
Nole lhe Ieller of lhe response. This choice idenlifies lhe |cca-
|icn cf |nc A|cncnis|s Diarq.
There are four differenl card #4, IaleIed 4A, 4B, 4C, and
4D. The nexl card lo le read is delernined ly lhe Ieller of lhe
response lo card #6, lhe Crealures CoaI. If lhal response vas
A lhen lhe card lo le read is 4A. The olher #4 cards viII
nol le used.
|cur! Whal does lhe look say`
Afler lhe card is read, nake lhe foIIoving slalenenl:
Can you descrile il` Descrile lhe figure!
Nole lhe response Ieller. This seIeclion delernines lhe Guisc
|nc Crca|urc S|ran nics ocnin. This is expIained furlher
Ialer on.
By aII lhals Creal! Tnrcc! Whal do you do`!
Afler lhe fronl of card #3 is read, ask lhis queslion:
Read il! Whal does lhe inscriplion say`
Nole lhe Ieller of lhe response. This choice pIaces lhe |cca|icn
cf |nc Ring cf Rctcrsicn.
Tuc! Whal do you do vilh lhe ring`
When lhe fronl of lhe card is read, ask:
Where is lhis Trulh`
Record lhe response Ieller. This choice eslalIishes lhe |ca|icn
cf |nc Missing |n|rics.
Onc! Whal do you do vilh lhe Trulh`
When lhis Iasl card is read, ask lhis queslion:
Where is lhis Key lo Trulh`
Nole lhe Ieller of lhis finaI response. This indicales lhe |cca-
|icn cf |nc Rc cf Ras|incn, lhe conlroI rod of lhe nyslicaI Ap-
paralus and one of lhe nain goaIs of lhe ICs.
When you have finished coIIecl lhe cards fron lhe pIayers
and read lhe foIIoving lexl.
Wilh a cry of anguish, lhe suljecl coIIapses. The nesnerisl
Iooks al you vilh dravn, paIe fealures, vorry elched across
his lrov. I an sorry, lhere is nolhing nore I can do, he
says. Then lurning lo lhe suljecl, he speaks, Zero! You
nay avaken, and renenler nolhing of vhal you have said.
You viII feeI reIaxed and al peace. And vilh a snap of his
fingers, lhe suljecl avakes!
The good doclor viII find lhe session nosl leviIdering. He viII
nol speak of il lefore lhe suljecl and viII caulion lhe heroes
againsl lhis. He equales lhe inages conjured up as synloIs of
sone inner lornenl. and cIassic paranoia. He viII le skeplicaI
aloul any lheories regarding reaI nefarious pIols and undead
What thc RcadIngs Mcan:
This advenlure nay lake on nany differenl forns. By using lhis
seclion, lhe DM and lhe pIayers delernine lhe acluaI advenlure
lhal viII le pIayed ly delernining lhe vanpire crealure
Slrahds goaI, lhe guise he appears in, and lhe Iocalion of ilens
inporlanl lo resoIving lhis advenlure. This seclion lriefIy de-
scriles lhese eIenenls. See lhe Appendices for nore delaiIs on
lhe ilens.
Thc GuIsc nf thc Crcaturc: Through eilher nagicaI or aIcheni-
caI neans, lhe souI of Counl Slrahd von Zarovich vas spIil,
casling one haIf inlo anolher pIanl of nonexislence. Through
sone freakish varping of lhe cosnos or ly lhe hands of sone
grealer pover, a renl vas lorn in lhe falric of lhe universe, aI-
Ioving lhe Crealure Slrahd lo relurn and seek oul his counler-
Thc Gna! nf thc Crcaturc: The Crealure nay possess one of four
differenl uIlinale goaIs. These are delaiIed here. Depending
on lhe Cuise of lhe Crealure, he nay use differenl lechniques
lo allenpl lo reach each goaI.
A. Tn KI!! hIs Bcttcr Ha!f: The Crealure desires lo deslroy his
good haIf, lhe AIchenisl Slrahd. Hovever, since lhe lvo
possess Iinked souIs, lhe Crealure is uncerlain hov lhis viII
affecl hinseIf. Thus, he seeks lo pernanenlIy sever aII lies
lo lhe AIchenisl, ly finding lhe Rod of Raslinon hinseIf
and conpIeling lhe separalion. In lhe neanline, he seeks
lo lornenl his counlerparl and Iay guiIl upon his shouIders
in an allenpl lo lreak his spiril and cause lhe AIchenisl lo
reveaI lhe Rods Iocalion.
B. Tn Tnrmcnt thc A!chcmIst's FIancc': The Crealure Slrahd
can nol loIerale seeing his counlerparl find lhe happiness
lhal has leen denied hin, a nale. So lhe Crealure has
svorn lo cause lhe uIlinale despair of lhe AIchenisl ly
sleaIing his lride fron hin. The Crealure has legun lhis
lask lhrough acls of lerror, launls and lornenl. He viII al-
lenpl lo voo avay lhe Lady Wealhernay, lhrough nid-
nighl visils, faiIing lhal he viII seek lo drive her nad
lhrough acls of lerror, if lhis loo faiIs, he viII allenpl lo kid-
nap her on lhe eve of her vedding and carry her off lo nake
her his conpanion for elernily.
Hovever, he fears lo confronl his counlerparl hinseIf,
unsure of vhal repercussions nay resuIl fron sIaying hin-
seIf, and viII prove unsuccessfuI in aII his earIy allenpls as
Iong as lhe AIchenisl nainlains a conslanl vigiI. Ior lhis
reason, he seeks lo find lhe Rod of Raslinon lo conpIele lhe
separalion and lhus defeal lhe AIchenisl.
C. Tn Fcast nn Ncw Lands: The Crealure is naddened ly lhe
presence of aII lhe fresh lIood avaiIalIe in lhis nev Iand. He
sees lhe opporlunily lo sale his gnaving lhirsl and lo luiId
nev Iegions of lhe nighl lo serve hin. Hovever, everyvhere
he lurns, lhere is lhe AIchenisl Slrahd seeking lo lhvarl
hin and lo deslroy his ninions. The Crealure darls nol con-
fronl lhe AIchenisl hinseIf or pernil his ninions lo sIay
hin unliI he is sure hov lhis viII affecl lhe Crealure hin-
seIf. Thus he lides his line, lornenling his counlerparl
vilh lhe lurden of each nev viclin. AII lhe vhiIe, lhe van-
pire Iord seeks lo find lhe Rod of Raslinon and conpIele lhe
lransfornalion lhal viII separale hin for aII line fron lhe
AIchenisl. Then lhese and lhe pIunp, lIoodrich Iands le-
yond viII le his.
D. Tn RcgaIn Truc LIfc: The Crealure hovIs his indignalion al
lhe noon, lhal one so unvorlhy as lhe AIchenisl le
granled Iife, precious Iife vhich is denied lo hin. He has
svorn lhal he viII find a vay lo sleaI lhal Iife for his ovn.
And he leIieves lhal such a vay exisls! If he can lul find lhe
Rod of Raslinon and lhen Iure lhe AIchenisl lo lhe sile of
lhe hidden Apparalus, he viII svilch lodies vilh lhe Iiving
Slrahd. Bul lhis needs lo le engineered so carefuIIy, for he
inlends lo aIso lring his pursuers lo lhe sane spol jusl afler
lhe lransfornalion, so lhal lhey can faII on lhe lranspos-
sessed Iiving Slrahd and deslroy hin in his undead forn.
Then, al Iasl lhe Crealure viII le free of his curse. SIovIy,
carefuIIy lhe Crealure veaves his pIol Iike a spider spinning
a vel.
GuIscs nf thc Crcaturc: In lhis advenlure, lhe Crealure nay as-
sune various guises as delernined ly lhis seclion. Whal each
guise is and hov lhe Crealure viII operale vhiIe in lhis guise is
expIained here.
A. Thc Crcaturc A!nnc: In lhis version, lolh haIves of Slrahds
souI gained a physicaI forn. Nov, lhrough siniIar nagicaI
or aIchenicaI circunslances, lhe larriers lelveen lhese lvo
enlilies have leen sundered and lhe crealure has relurned
lo lhe reaIn of lhe AIchenisl. They Iook nuch aIike, as if
lvo lrolhers, one fair and open, lhe olher dark and lrood-
The Crealure hides ly day vilhin lhe confines of one of
his nany coffins hidden ly his ninions. There is one coffin
for every househoId in vhich he has pIanled a ninion.
These coffins nay le hidden in caves in lhe lIuffs, lenealh
lhe vharfs, in lhe leIIy of lhe huIIed ships, in lhe viIIage
crypls or in lhe ceIIars of his ninions, and arc aIvays
guarded ly sone crealures IoyaI lo hin.
1d6 GuardIans
1 Crinson Dealh (1)
2 DreIl (1d4+1)
3 InvisilIe SlaIker (1)
4 Lurker Alove (1)
Shadov Masliffs (2d4)
Speclres (2d4)
In lhis forn, lhe Crealure provIs lhe viIds, and slaIks lhe
shadovs of lhe slreels al nighl, seeking firsl lo sale his lhirsl
for lhe nighl, and second lo forvard his pIans lo achieve lhe
goaI he desires.
B. Thc Crcaturc as Lady Wcathcrmay: The Crealure has re-
lurned as a disenlodied spiril lhal has possessed Lady Vir-
ginia Wealhernay. Il does nol hoId conpIele conlroI over
lhe Iady, lul exerls doninance afler dark and vhenever
Lady Walhernay faIIs under exlrene slress and faiIs a save
vs SpeIIs. This conlroI Iasls unliI lhe cock crovs or 2d4 lurns.
Virginia, does nol knov lhal lhe Crealure has possessed her
and suffers fron louls of annesia vhenever lhe eviI souI
lakes conlroI. She is Ioalhe lo speak of lhese Iapses, caIIing
lhen sinpIy her fils and even under hypnosis can nol le
conpeIIed lo speak of lhen.
Lady Wealhernay possess aII lhe innunilies of lhe un-
dead. Whenever lhe eviI spiril conlroIs her, she lakes on lhe
sullIe aspecls of a vanpire, as veII as ils veaknesses, and
does nol casl a refIeclion. When conlroIIed, she gains aII lhe
aliIilies of lhe Crealure Slrahd.
The Crealure viII le carefuI nol lo reveaI ilseIf, allacking
fron shadov and in darkness, and lurning gaseous vhen-
ever enough Iighl is presenl lo idenlify his guise. He does
nol seek lo drav undo allenlion lo his hosl, and lhus uli-
Iizes ninions lo forvard his goaIs ralher lhan laking firsl-
hand aclions. Thus, if avoidalIe, he viII nol confronl his
counlerparl unIess in conpIele disguise. You shouId lake
care lhal lhe ICs never reaIIy vilness lhe lransfornalion,
and lhal Lady Wealhernay is found vilh sone IogicaI expIa-
nalion of her vherealouls, afler lhe Crealure has run anok.
These expIanalions are easiIy nanufaclured, for she is a
sIighl, fraiI, easiIy lerrified naiden, vhose nind has deveI-
oped a creeping paranoia lhal lhere are olhers vho seek lo
do her harn.
C. Thc Mac!strnm 5nu!: In lhis version, onIy lhe eviI spiril of
lhe Crealure nanaged lo cross lhe larrier and vas dravn lo
inhalil lhe lody of lhe AIchenisl Slrahd. During lhe nighl
and al lines vhen lhe AIchenisl suffers fron exlrene slress
and faiIs a save vs SpeIIs, lhe Crealure gains conlroI of lhe
lody and il undergoes a lransfornalion inlo lhal of lhe
Crealure Slrahd. This lransfornalion Iasls for 2d4 lurns or
unliI dayIighl.
Neilher lhe AIchenisl nor lhe Crealure is lruIy avare lhal
lhey share lhe sane lody. Hovever, each nay cone lo lhis
discovery during lhe advenlure. They viII never speak of lhe
olher excepl vagueIy as a lrolher. To lhe AIchenisl, lhe
Crealure is an eviI aloninalion, lyrannicaI and innoraI.
The Crealure vievs lhe AIchenisl as a veak Iivered, sinper-
ing fooI vho needs lo Iearn lhe consequences of lhe pover
he seeks lo conlroI.
You shouId lake care lhal lhe ICs do nol vilness lhis
lransfornalion, crealing sone reasonalIe excuse for lhe AI-
chenisl lo disappear and lhe Crealure lo arrive. Because lhe
Crealure is Iiniled ly ils hosl reIalion, il viII allenpl lo use
ninions lo carry oul ils pIans and onIy rareIy lakes firslhand
inleresl in disposing of lroulIenakers.
IoIIoving a lransfornalion, lhe Crealure viII seek lo ca-
rouse or lravI, and lhen viII sellIe dovn lo a neaI of fresh
lIood. nce saled, il viII nove lo forvard ils pIans. The
Crealure is Ioud and loislerous, given lo excesses unliI il has
fed, lul viII never fooIishIy risk ilseIf.
D. Thc Crcaturc as MIstrcss Ardcnt: nIy lhe Crealures eviI
spiril nanaged lo cross lhe larrier and nov resides in lhe
lody of Mislress Ardenl, personaI allendanl lo lhe Lady
Wealhernay. In lhis forn lhe Crealure has fuII conlroI of ils
hosl and her persona, and nay forvard Mislress Ardenls
ovn personaIily lo confuse c|cc| cti| and |ncu a|ignncn|
allenpls, lhe resuIl of vhich is eilher a confused reading,
or one of neulraIily. She possesses lhe innunilies of lhe un-
nIy al nighl or during lines of dire danger, does lhe
Crealure nanifesl ils vanpiric nalure. During lhese lines
Mislress Ardenl possesses aII lhe aliIilies and scores of lhe
Crealure Slrahd as veII as his veaknesses. Al lhis line she
does nol refIecl in nirrors.
The Crealure is carefuI lo conceaI his presence vilhin his
hosl and lhus vorks lhrough ninions lo conpIele his pIans.
Hovever, he Iikes lo pIay nind ganes vilh his prey and viII
Iurk in lhe shadovs al nighl, speaking vilh a nans voice
and vhispering sinisler lhreals and dire varnings of relrilu-
lion, lhen vanishing in lhe nighl vind. If lhe Crealure
nusl lake aclion firsl hand, he viII lake ulnosl care lo dis-
guise his nalure and allack vilh surprise, fIeeing if lhe
chance of discovery arises.
L. Thc Crcaturc as Lnrd Wcathcrmay: nIy lhe eviI spiril of lhe
Crealure vas alIe lo cross lhe larrier. Il has found refuge in
lhe lired sheII of lhe crippIed Lord Byron Wealhernay.
Byrons viII has leen drained, and he is nov lhe pavn of lhe
Crealure vho conlroIs hin fron lhe shadovs of his ovn con-
fused nind during lhe day. During lhe nighl and in lines of
dire lhreal, lhe Crealure causes a lransfornalion lhal
changes Lord Wealhernay inlo a poverfuI nonsler possess-
ing aII lhe aliIilies of lhe Crealure Slrahd. This lransforna-
lion is so conpIele, lhal Byron onIy fainlIy resenlIes his
crippIed seIf, laking lhe forn of a nore youlhfuI, darker
and eviI nan. no Ionger crippIed.
When lhe Crealure hides vilhin lhe sheII of Lord Wealher-
nay, any allenpl lo c|cc| cti| or |ncu a|ignncn| viII resuIl in
a neulraI or confused reading al lesl. When lhe Crealure lrans-
forns Byron, lhis lody gains aII lhe aliIilies and scores of lhe
Crealure Slrahd, as veII as his veaknesses. This lransfornalion
viII Iasl onIy unliI daylreak or lhe danger is pasl. The Crealure
viII aIvays le sure lo relurn lo Lord Wealhernays vheeIchair
ocfcrc |nc cn cf |nis |inc.
The Crealure is carefuI lo conceaI ils presence and viII
vork lhrough ninions and nisdireclion of lhe ICs vhen-
ever possilIe. He does nol desire lo lurn suspicion againsl
hinseIf. You shouId lake care lo conceaI any lransfornalions
fron lhe ICs crealing sone reasonalIe pIol device lo sepa-
rale lhe ICs fron Lord Wealhernay or lhe Crealure al such
The Crealure provIs for severaI hours every nighl fron
nidnighl liII lviIighl of lhe nev day. During lhis line he
noves sviflIy lo consoIidale his pIans and slarl evenls roII-
ing. He lakes firslhand aclion onIy in lasks lhal are vilaI lo
lhe success of his pIans. }usl lefore davn, he seeks oul a
neaI, and lhen saled, relurns lo Healher House and his
guise as Lord Wealhernay.
LncatInn nf thc Itcms: In lhis advenlure lhere are six ilens lhal
pIay an inporlanl roIe. Lach eilher is cruciaI lo lhe uIlinale de-
feal of lhe Crealure Slrahd, or provides insighl inlo lhe nyslery
and an advanlage againsl lhe ninions of eviI. These ilens are
descriled here lriefIy. More delaiI nay le found in lhe Appen-
dices and Handouls.
Thc Apparatus: This nannolh nyslicaI nachine is lhe crea-
lion of lhe AIchenisl Slrahd in his allenpl lo purge his souI of
aII eviI. Hovever. il is lhe resuIl of lhis very acl lhal has visiled
eviI and disasler on lhe quiel viIIage of Mordenlshire. The Ap-
paralus hoIds lhe key lo lhe eviI creeping across lhe counlryside,
and lhe uIlinale defeal of lhe Crealure. Bul nov, lhe Appa-
ralus has faIIen inlo lhe hands of lhe Crealure and is hidden
avay sonevhere.
Thc Rnd nf RastInnn: This shorl, lhin cryslaI rod conlroIs lhe
vondrous pover of lransfornalion and an le used lo lurn lhe
pover of lhe Apparalus lack lo good. Wilhoul lhe Rod, lhe
Crealure is denied lolaI conlroI of his forn, lul he nay sliII use
lhe Apparalus lo lranspossess innocenl lovnsfoIk vilh his crea-
lures of eviI. If lhe ICs can reunile lhe Rod vilh lhe Apparalus,
lhey nay le alIe lo reverse lhis lranspossession and drive oul
lhe eviI of lhe Crealure Slrahd.
Thc 5nu! 5carchcr Orb: This nedaIIion appears lo le a snaII
cryslaI orl allached lo a siIver chain. The rl enalIes lhe learer
lo exanine lhe souI of a crealure lo discover ils lrue nalure.
Thc RIng nf RcvcrsInn: This reIic appears lo le a sinpIe iron
ring laring a singIe garnel and inscriled vilh ancienl runes.
This ring enalIes lhe vearer lo reslore lhe righlfuI spiril lo ils
forn if lhe lody sliII exisls. Il can aIso cause any shapechanger
lo reverl lo ils originaI forn if lhe crealure can le slruck vilh
lhe ring.
Thc A!chcmIst's DIary: This hoIds lhe privale noles of lhe
AIchenisl Slrahd von Zarovich, and delaiIs lhose dread experi-
nenls vhich Iead lo lhe currenl silualion. This look is nissing
a vilaI enlry lon fron ils covels vhich reveaIs lhe uIlinale goaI
of lhe Crealure.
Thc MIssIng Entry: Based on lhe resuIls of lhe Mesnerisls
IenduIun lhe nissing enlry viII vary. These lorn pages reveaI
lhe goaI and nolivalion of lhe Crealure, as veII as vhal lhe AI-
chenisls parl is in aII lhis.
P!aycr Charactcr Backgrnund
Al lhe slarl of lhe advenlure, lhe pIayer characlers are recover-
ing fron a raging fever and nay nol renenler aII lhe circun-
slances of lheir recenl nission. You nay share lhe foIIoving
infornalion vilh lhen in severaI forns. Iirsl, lhey nay sIovIy
renenler lils and pieces as line proceeds. SecondIy, lhis infor-
nalion nay le shared ly Docleur dHonaire vho has leen
fiIIed in ly Lord Wealhernay. Third, if lhe provided ICs are
used, lhey nay conpare noles fron lheir individuaI lack-
None reaIIy renenlers vhal caused his fever, lhough sone
have a nenory of a lIack crealure, and olhers of an icy vind.
Their Iasl nenory vas sighling a Iighl in lhe fog.
You and your parly have leen requesled ly lhe Church of lhe
High Iailh in slerlon, a najor cily lhree days lraveI lo lhe
norlh, lo invesligale a snaII naller. As aII of you have sone
dell, snaII or Iarge, lo lhe Iailh you agreed lo lhe lask, and
soon sel oul on lhe road soulh.
The High Iailh received a Ieller a shorl vhiIe ago fron Lord
Byron Wealhernay of Mordenlshire, a snaII seacoasl hanIel.
Lord Byrons daughler, Lady Virginia Wealhernay, is sel lo
narry a nevconer lo lhe region, naned Counl Slrahd Von
Zarovich. WhiIe lhis Slrahd feIIov seens lo le an appeaIing
chap, Lord Byron feeIs lhere is sonelhing unnaluraI aloul hin,
and lefore giving up his onIy daughler has asked lhe Iailh if
lhey vouId dispalch sone invesligalors for sone discreel check-
ing. The Iailh has in lhe pasl received Iarge luiIding donalions
fron lhe Wealhernays, and so dispalched your parly lo deaI
vilh lhe naller
This nuch is knovn fron lhe Ieller, sliII in your possession.
Slrahd arrived in Mordenlshire aloul a year ago fron parls un-
knovn. He seens a pIeasanl feIIov, and lakes dinner reguIarIy
al Wealhernays Lslale, Healher House. Slrahd says he is a re-
searcher, an aIchenisl, and a sage, lhough seens quile young
for one as olviousIy as knovIedgealIe as he seens lo le. The nal-
ure of his research has aIso renained a nyslery, save lhal il deaIs
vilh lransnulalion of sone lype or anolher. Wealhernay ends
his Ieller vilh an adnission lhal his suspicions nay onIy le lhe
concern of an oId nan aloul lo Iose his onIy daughler, lul il is
leller lo le safe lhan sorry.
The lrip soulh has leen unevenlfuI, lraveIing aIong veII-
napped road lhrough Iands fiIIed vilh lhe rich lounly of lhe
aulunn fieIds of goIden-coIored grain, lrovn fieIds of har-
vesled corn, and gardens ripe vilh gourds, lonaloes, and
punpkins. The vealher is cooI and a IillIe vindy, and as you
noved soulh cIouds galhered, lhe firsl harlingers of slorny
Il is onIy upon approaching lhe lovn lhal you had your firsl
incidenl, lhe incidenl lhal has Iefl you led-ridden vilh deIi-
riun for lhree days as kindIy viIIagers have lended lo your needs
and fed your nounls. Slarling vilh lhe allack of deIiriun, lhe
pasl lhree days are lIank.
IinaIIy, a nessage has leen Iefl for you. nce you are resled
and in good heaIlh, you are requesled lo presenl yourseIf al
Healher House lo neel vilh Lord Byron. Al lhal line you viII
aIso have an opporlunily lo neel lolh Lady Virginia and Counl
Slrahd, vho has of Iale alandoned his house on Cryphon HiII.
The nole indicales lhere nay have leen furlher deveIopnenls
since lhe iniliaI nissive.
Ierhaps lhis case is nol as sinpIe as il firsl seened, if onIy you
couId shake lhese chiIIs and recurring veakness of knees.
Thc Cnnvcrtcd P!nt
This seclion delaiIs aII of lhe Lvenls lhal viII lake pIace al spe-
cific lines during lhe advenlure, in nosl cases regardIess of lhe
Iocalion of lhe ICs. These Lvenls painl lhe lackground againsl
vhich lhe advenlure is pIayed. delaiIing lhe nyslery of lhe Iand
as veII as severaI occurrences lhal viII happen nany lines dur-
ing lhe advenlure.
Many evenls are nol dependenl on lhe presence of lhe pIayer
characlers and nosl evenls viII occur regardIess of pIayer charac-
ler aclivilies. Hovever, lhe pIayer characlers nay le alIe aIler or
disrupl lhe fIov of an evenl if lhey are around al lhe righl line.
Il is inporlanl lhal you foIIov lhe pIols of Slrahd and his
aclions during lhe advenlure and keep carefuI lrack of gane
An Lvenl Record, lreaking days dovn inlo a nunler of lurns
is provided in lhe cenler of lhis lookIel. When specific evenls
viII occur are noled on lhis record, and lhus aII lhe DM needs lo
do is lo keep lrack of hov nuch line has passed in lhe adven-
lure lo knov vhen lo pIay a specific evenl. There is a seclion al
lhe lop of lhis record lo aIso nole lhe resuIls of lhe Mesnerisls
IenduIun, incIuding~lhe goaI of lhe Crealure, his guise,
and lhe Iocalion of lhe inporlanl ilens.
S|ar| qcur ganc ui|n |tcn| #1 oc|cu an |ncn prcccc |c |n-
ccun|cr #1.
E1. NIGHT5LEEP (MnrnIng/Day 1/Turn 1)
If ynu havc p!aycd I6-Ravcn!nft, legin ly recounling lhe Iasl
fev nonenls of lhal gane. Make lhis as lerrifying and exciling
as possilIe. If aII lhe ICs died or vere unconscious al lhe end of
lhe gane, so nuch lhe leller. If nol, lhen rearrange lhe cir-
cunslances so lhal aII feII unconscious or died al lhe end of lhe
finaI encounler. Ior exanpIe, perhaps lhe 5unswnrd did nol
vork al aII or lhe Icon vas of no reaI use. nce you have fin-
ished recounling lhis laIe, lhen go lo lhe second loxed descrip-
lion leIov.
If ynu havc nnt p!aycd I6-Ravcn!nft, read lhe foIIoving loxed
descriplion and run lhis encounler as expIained. There is no
nap for lhis roon. Ils dinensions are expIained in lhe loxed
A darkness cIouds lhis roon and lhe essence of eviI perne-
ales lhe very air. The sneII of freshIy lurned earlh is here.
This roon appears lo le 5O feel Iong fron easl lo vesl and
3O feel across. There are lhree enply aIcoves in lhe soulh
vaII. SellIed inlo lhe dirl on lhe fIoor, Iies a shining lIack
coffin of fineIy vaxed vood. The coffins fillings are of poI-
ished lrass. The Iid is cIosed.
There is a slrange feeIing lo lhe roon as lhough you are
Iooking al il lhrough a fog.
SuddenIy, a resounding shriek of nelaI fiIIs lhe lonl! A
heavy sleeI porlcuIIis crashes dovn, lIocking lhe slairs lo lhe
norlh ly vhich you enlered lhis roon. The Iid lo lhe coffin
is fIung open and a lIack figure fIies high inlo lhe air, hover-
ing near lhe darkened ceiIing!
The figure is lhal of lhe vanpire Crealure Slrahd. See lhe Mas-
lers of Mordenlshire seclion for delaiIs on hov lhe Crealure viII
allack. Ior lhis evenl onIy, lhe Crealure is aIso given lhe aliIily
lo caII 2 Croaning Spirils (Banshees) vhen his hil poinls have
leen reduced lo Iess lhan haIf of his originaI lolaI. He sinpIy
need cry oul, Maidens! Cone! and lhey viII appear lhe nexl
Il is inporlanl lhal you puII no punches al lhis line and do
everylhing you can lo deslroy lhe parly in lhis encounler. No
need lo vorry. AII danage laken during lhis evenl is nol perna-
nenl aIlhough for purposes of lhe encounler, lreal il as lhough
il vere. This shouId give lhe ICs a heaIlhy respecl for lhe Crea-
lure. Do aII you can lo nake lhis evenl fasl. frighlening and
The porlcuIIis cannol le opened ly any neans, nagicaI or
nce aII lhe ICs have leen incapacilaled in one vay or an-
olher, read lhe foIIoving:
You have lun defealed!. You see lhe dark, lvisled visage of
lhe vanpire noving lovard you, his hand oulslrelched. You
cannol nove! You cannol even screan! He sniIes al lhe ler-
ror in your eyes... his hand reaching oul lovard your lhroal
as he seeks lo sleaI lhe Iasl of your Iife fron you . . . as you . . .
. . . suddenIy avaken, silling loIl uprighl in your led. The
dying echo of your screans resound around you. CoId sveal
soaks lhe led sheels and lrickIes dovn your lack.
Il seened so reaI! The greal lovers of sone pIace caIIed
RavenIofl ... lhe nisly vaIes and lhe lerrilIe lragedy of a
nan vho had soId his souI lo unIife. Too nuch lo drink`
ch, Iasl nighl! Ierhaps lhe nullon vas nol quile done.
The coId sunIighl of a dying faII slreans inlo your vin-
dov. The inn roon cones sIovIy inlo focus around you.
Hovering over you are peopIe you have never seen lefore.
They Iook concerned, yel pIeased lhal you are avake.
WeakIy Iooking aloul lhe roon, you see your conpanions,
spravIed in cols Iined againsl lhe vaII of lhe roon. None of
lhen Iook as if lhey had nuch leller sIeep lhan you. Lach
Iies veakIy in led, occasionaIIy noaning or lreaking inlo fe-
verish slarls.
The pIayer characlers vere slruck dovn ly a nyslerious fever
shorlIy afler arriving in lhe lovn of Mordenlshire. Discovered
in lheir roons, lhe heroes have passed lhrough svals and chiIIs
for lhree days. Their fever has leen punclualed ly lallIing
screans and cries of horror. During lhis line, lhe innkeeper as-
signed a naid lo lend lo lhe characlers. The IocaI priesl vas
sunnoned, lul even his speIIs couId nol cure lhen. Lord
Wealhernay hinseIf, lhe nasler of lhese Iands, caIIed during
lhe iIIness!
Nov, finaIIy, lhe fever seens lo have lroken. The characlers
feeI veak and exhausled nov lul viII recover lo a shaky
slrenglh if lhey resl anolher six hours and eal a fuII neaI. If lhe
ICs lry lo nove lefore lhal, lhey viII suffer louls of dizziness
and veakness in lhe knee, and viII suffer a penaIly of 4 againsl
aII aclions underlaken during lhis line, unliI lhey do resl for a
conseculive eighl hours nore.
Unknovn lo lhe pIayer characlers, lhey have nol lruIy recov-
ered. Indeed, lhey do nol even knov lhe nalure of lheir affIic-
lion. Il nay onIy an exolic disease or a nagicaI naIady. More
IikeIy, il is sone nyslicaI properly of lhis pIace and line, a
lendriI of lhe oppressive eviI lhal sIides across lhe nisly noors.
Whalever ils cause, lhe pIayer characlers viII renain suljecl lo
deIiriun episodes lhroughoul lhe course of lhe advenlure. I-his
naIady nay onIy le cured ly a cIeric of 18lh IeveI or higher
casling a curc iscasc and rcnctc cursc speII.

Due lo lhe nyslicaI nalure of lhis affIiclion, lhe pIayer char-
aclers viII aII suffer a deIiriun allack al lhe sane line. These al-
lacks lake lvo forns.
The firsl forn is a sudden vave of chiIIs foIIoved ly coId
svals and niId verligo. The pIayer characlers viII feeI nonen-
lariIy veakened and disorienled, suffering a penaIly of 2 lo aII
aclions for 1 lurn. This allack viII pass afler a fev ninules. Such
an allack nay occur al any line, aIlhough for purposes of lhe
advenlure, il viII never happen in lhe nidsl of a cruciaI evenl
(such as conlal).
The second lype of allack lears aII lhe synplons of lhe firsl,
lul is foIIoved ly especiaIIy vivid visions or haIIucinalions.
These visions presenl nonenls of exlrene horror or danger lo
lhe pIayer characler and for aII purposes viII appear reaIislic
(vilh sound, sneII, elc.) no naller hov fanlaslic lhe scene. The
visions are keyed lo specific encounlers in lhe lexl and occur
vhen lhe pIayer characlers firsl invesligale lhese areas. Lach vi-
sion Iasls for onIy a fev rounds. IIayer characlers viII never suf-
fer reaI danage fron a vision (such as a nonsler allacking),
aIlhough lhey viII experience lhe pain of danage suffered.
If a pIayer characler reaches O hil poinls fron a vision, he faIIs lo
lhe ground unconscious for 3d6 rounds. To lhe olher characlers
he viII appear lo le dead. Al lhe end of a vision, aII danage
caused disappears, having never reaIIy occurred.
The pIayer characlers viII discover vhen lhey check lhal lheir
gear is nissing fron lheir roon. They can Iearn fron Marion
Alvaler, lhe servanl girI allending lhen, Doninic lhe Inn-
keeper or Docleur dHonaire, lhal vhen lhe fever overlook
lhen lhey vere firsl overcone vilh deIiriun and lhrev lheir
gear aloul and allacked phanlons, danaging lheir veapons
and equipnenl. AII lheir gear vas lhus renoved for safekeep-
ing eIsevhere. Danages have aIrady leen paid for ly Lord
Wealhernay, and he inslrucled lhal lhe heroes' equipnenl vas
lo le repaired and cIeaned al lhe various lusinesses around
Cive lhe pIayers a fev nonenls lo lake are of any resloring
of speII Iisls and lhe Iike lefore proceeding lo encounler #1 in
chapler 1 nexl.
This evenl viII occur vhen lhe pIayer characlers firsl descend
fron lheir roons lo lhe Crealroon of lhe inn.
WeII cone, ny friends, caIIs a reedy voice fron lhe re-
cesses of lhe Crealroon. The inn is nol as enply as il firsl
seened, for you sighl a genlIenan sealed al a lalIe leside
lhe fronl vindov, hidden ly lhe gIare of sunIighl. So you
are up and aloul al Iasl` Cone, sil vilh ne. Lel ne luy you
your firsl lreakfasl in lhree days!
The feIIov seens pIeasanl enough. He is dressed in a grey
lusiness coal and slring lie. Thinning vhile hair franes his
anguIar face, and he adjusls a pair of vire rinned gIasses on
his nose as you approach. n lhe lalIe lefore hin is a
square, lrinned hal, and a lIack salcheI lag resls on lhe
fIoor leside his chair.
This is Docleur Cernain dHonaire, lhe residenl physician of
SauIlridge Sanilariun. He knovs aII lhe ICs ly nane, as he
has leen allending lhen ever since lhe onsel of lhe naIady. He
viII seen faniIiar lo lhe ICs, lul lhey are unsure of vhere lhey
nel hin. He viII assune lhey knov hin, and jusl lanler avay
aloul lhe day, lhe vealher and lhe approaching vinler, unIess
lhe ICs queslion hin on olher lopics.
If lhe ICs appear lo le going oul, he viII caulion lhen lhal
lhey shouIdnl sel oul expIoring lefore having a decenl neaI
afler lheir loul vilh lhe fever.
ShouId lhe ICs legin a discussion vilh Dr. dHonaire, vho
prefers lo le caIIed Cernain, you nay reveaI lhe foIIoving
pieces of infornalion.
1. DelaiIs of lhe ICs recenl iIIness and deIiriun.
2. Who Docleur dHonaire is as delaiIed al lhe slarl of lhe
Mesnerisls IenduIun seclion, and his personaIily.
3. Infornalion fron lhe IIayer Characlers Background, es-
peciaIIy a conpIele Iisl of vhere lhey can recover lheir
nissing gear.
In addilion lo lhis infornalion, lvo specific ilens shouId le
nenlioned al lhe Ieasl provocalion, lo provide lhe characlers
vilh infornalion vaIualIe lo pulling lhe heroes on lhe lrack of
lhe advenlure.
McsmcrIsm: Be sure lo lring up lhe poinl lhal lhe doclor
cares for innales of lhe SauIlridge Sanilariun, vhere he exper-
inenls vilh nesnerisn lo heIp lhen confronl lheir neuroses
and lo discover forgollen faclors lhal crealed lheir nenlaI disor-
der. He finds lhe vork fascinaling.
Lnrd Wcathcrmay: As noled in lhe IIayer Characler Back-
ground, lhey vere lroughl lo lhe quiel viIIage of Mordenlshire-
on-lhe-Sea ly Lord Byron Wealhernay, lo perforn a snaII lask
of sone inporl lo hin. Before lhey couId keep lheir appoinl-
nenl, il seens lhey vere overcone ly lheir naIady. His concern
for lheir veIfare and his ovn pressing needs lroughl hin lo
Iook in on lhe ICs during lheir deIiriun. He Iefl a nole, lhal al
lheir earIiesl convenience lhey shouId allend hin al Healher
House soulh of lovn, as he is iII-disposed lo nuch lraveI. He
counciIs lhen lo prepare lhenseIves for a snaII expedilion of a
day or so lefore lhey visil.
nce lhis infornalion has leen inparled, Cernain viII ex-
cuse hinseIf, saying he nusl le aloul his rounds al lhe sanilar-
iun, lul inviling lhe ICs lo slop ly for a chal soneline or if
lhey arc in furlher need of his services.
E3. MADMAN (MnrnIng/Day 1/Turn 20)
Whelher lhe ICs have Iefl lheir roons ly lhis line, are enjoy-
ing lreakfasl vilh Docleur dHonaire in lhe Crealroon, or are
expIoring lhe viIIage lhey viII hear lhis connolion coning
dovn lhe slreel in lhe dislance.
The sliII norning peace is shallered ly an aInosl aninaI
screan. A viIIager, eyes vide and viId, careens dovn lhe
slreel, drooI dripping fron lhe corners of his gaping noulh.
SeveraI lovnspeopIe chase hin lhrough lhe quiel slreels,
slopping hin lefore he reaches you.
Again he screans, his lack arching as you hear every ver-
lelra in his lack pop as lhe four nen lry desperaleIy lo hoId
Thieves! Murderers! Youve laken lhen . . . Youve laken
laken lhen aII! The viIIage is enply . . . desoIalion! Despair!
Where are lhe peopIe` Where are lhe chiIdrennnnnnn!`
The nen slruggIe againsl lhe nadnans near superhu-
nan slrenglh. He cIavs al lhe ground lul lhey sonehov
nanage lo reslrain hin and finaIIy puII hin avay. Il is cIear
he viII have lo le confined in lhe sanilariun.
If Docleur dHonaire is presenl, he viII shake his head sadIy.
Ioor Luker, he vas aIvays highslrung. And since his vife
kiIIed herseIf, hes leen vaIking a fine Iine. Il vas lound lo
happen sooner or Ialer. Lxcuse ne. genlIenen, duly caIIs.
When lhe heroes al Iasl sel oul lo expIore lhe viIIage in search of
lheir nissing gear, lhis seclion delaiIs vhere lhey nay Iocale
lheir equipnenl and any olslacIes lhal lhey nay encounler.
Use lhe encounler descriplions in Chapler 1, lo provide delaiIs
of each IocaIe.
The characler gear is Iocaled in a variely of Ioalions. The
heroes viII aIso vanl lo consider oulfilling lhenseIves vilh ra-
lions and olher suppIies for lhe IillIe expedilion Lord Wealher-
nays nole nenlions. This parl of lhe advenlure is lo give lhe
pIayer characlers a chance lo lecone faniIiar vilh lhe key per-
sonaIilies of lhe lovn and lo legin lo discover lhal lhings are
nol quile righl. Laler, vhen lhe ICs encounler soneone lhey
have nel lefore vho has nov leen converled ly lhe forces of
eviI, lhey viII le alIe lo discern a difference.
Mosl of lhe characlers gear nay le recovered vilh IillIe lrou-
lIe, lhough lhe ICs nay have lo pul up vilh a IillIe javing, or
lhe inconvenience of vailing vhiIe a nispIaced ilen is Iocaled.
If lhe NIC possessing an ilen is converled al lhe slarl of lhe ad-
venlure, he viII eilher feign ignorance or slaII lhe ICs leIIing
lhen il viII le severaI days lefore lhe ilen is ready. Converled
NICs viII charge an addilionaI fee for lheir services ranging
fron 1 lo 2O goId pieces.
If an NIC legins lhe advenlure aIready converled. lhe ICs
nay discover sonelhing aloul lhe change in lhal characlers
personaIily lhrough conversalions vilh olher NICs vho nake a
passing reference lo lhe characlers originaI nalure.
Where various ilens of lhe pIayer characlers gear are Iocaled
#2 BIackard
Innkeeper Iacks & MisceIIaneous Cear
#4 Livery Horses, saddIes & harnesses
#5 Carrison Non-nagicaI veaponry & shieIds
#12 Burned Church ScroIIs, looks & polions
Saved fron fire in a luried iron lox.
#16 Snilhy Arnor of aII lypes
#19 Mayors House Magic veapons & devices
#23 KerviIs Shop Sone generaI gear
lher lusinesses lhal lhe ICs nay vanl lo visil incIude lhe
MarkelpIace (#18) and KerviIs CeneraI Slore (#23) lo oulfil
lheir expedilion, and lhe Sanilariun (#26) lo check in on poor
During lhe course of lhe gane. lhe souIs of eviI nonslers and
key lovnspeopIe viII le paired and exchanged lhrough a lran-
spossession process caused ly lhe AIchenisls Apparalus. These
lovnspeopIe viII le Iured oul lo ils Iocalion, or caplured ly
olhers aIready converled ly eviI and carried lo ils IocaIe.
This happens al lhe specified lines on lhe Lvenl Record, al
lhe Iocalion of lhe Apparalus. When lhis evenl lakes pIace, use
lhe foIIoving procedure lo delernine vhich of lhe lovnspeopIe
and hov nany of lhen undergo Conversion. You viII need a
slandard deck of pIaying cards. In lhe cenler of lhis advenlure
noduIe, lhere are Iisls of 52 key lovnspeopIe and 52 crealures
of darkness. This gane nechanic pairs one nonsler vilh an in-
dividuaI lovnsperson, and lheir souIs are exchanged so lhal lhe
eviI crealure nov possesses lhe lovnspersons forn, and lhe
confused hunan is nov lrapped in lhe forn of an eviI crealure.
Use lhe foIIoving procedure lo delernine vhich characler is
paired vilh vhich nonsler.
A. Prcparc thc card dcck:
Renove lhe jokers and shuffIe lhe deck. Counl oul 26 cards
(dividing lhe deck exaclIy in haIf) and pIace lhe lvo piIes sepa-
raled in fronl of you. You onIy need lo do lhis al lhe leginning
of lhe gane. These lvo piIes of cards viII serve as lhe Conver-
sion deck for lhe renainder of lhe gane. You nay vish lo pur-
chase an inexpensive sel of cards vhich you can keep vilh lhe
gane unliI lhe conpIelion of lhe advenlure. (If you desire you
use lvo separale decks inslead of lhis nelhod.)
The Iefl hand piIe is lhe Tovnsperson deck and lhe righl
hand deck is lhe Monsler deck.
B. DctcrmInc thc Numbcr Cnnvcrtcd:
Whenever lhis encounler lakes pIace as indicaled on lhe
Lvenl Record, roII 1d4 lo delernine lhe nunler ccntcr|c.
The advenlure legins vilh four lovnspersons aIready con-
verled. This can nol incIude Doninic lhe Innkeeper.
C. Draw cards tn dctcrmInc whIch tnwnspcnp!c:
Ior each lovnsperson converled, drav one card fron lhe
Tovnsperson deck (Iefl hand deck) lo delernine vhich of lhe
lovnspeopIe have leen converled. ReshuffIe any resuIls vhich
indicale peopIe vho are presenl vilh lhe ICs al lhe line of lhe
D. Draw cards tn dctcrmInc thc pnsscssIng mnnstcr:
When lhe lovnsperson is found on lhe rosler, lhen drav a
card fron lhe Monsler Deck (lhe righl hand deck) lo delernine
vhich nonsler lhey are lranspossessed ly. Wrile dovn lhe
lovnsperson nunler nexl lo lhe nonsler and lhe nonslers
nunler nexl lo lhe lovnsperson.
E. If thcrc Is mnrc than nnc transpnsscssInn:
Repeal sleps C and D for each addilionaI lovnsperson/
nonsler lranspossession.
F. If thc twn dccks arc cxhaustcd:
When lhe 26 cards of lolh decks are exhausled, lhen ex-
change lhe pIaces of lhe decks, pulling lhe Monsler deck vhere
lhe Tovnsperson deck vas and vice versa. Nov vhal vas lhe
Monsler deck viII le lhe Tovnsperson deck. In lhis vay, aII 52
lovnspersons and nonslers an le paired.
Effccts nf TranspnsscssInn: Iron lhis evenl unliI lhe end of lhe
gane (larring any correclive aclions ly lhe pIayers) lhe charac-
lerislics nornaI lo lhe nonsler viII le found evidenl in lhe
lovnsperson and lhe characlerislics of lhe lovnsperson viII
le evidenl in lhe nonsler vhen encounlered. Nole lhal such
lranspossessed nonslers are spccific nonslers and peopIe and,
lhus, unique. When a lranspossessed nonsler is encounlered
randonIy (on lhe encounler lalIes) and lhal parlicuIar nonsler
is dispalched, lhen il viII nol le encounlered again. IIease nole
lhe olher condilions of lhis lranspossession as noled in lhe Ap-
paralus seclion under lhe Apparatus, 5nu!scarchcr and RIng nf
Monslers in hunan lodies viII relain any speII casling and
nenlaI aliIilies as veII as innunilies vhich lhey had in lheir
originaI forn lul none of lheir naluraI physicaI aliIilies. Ior ex-
anpIe, a lranspossessed vrailh vouId nol le alIe lo drain IeveIs
any Ionger lul a lranspossessed Iich couId sliII casl speIIs and
cause fear in a hunan lody. Any naluraI physicaI aliIilies of lhe
lody inhaliled are inheriled ly lhe possessor (hp, AC,
THACO, elc.).
In addilion lo relaining speII casling, and nenlaI aliIilies,
lhe lranspossessed nonslers aIso relain lheir inslincls . . . even if
lhey viII no Ionger serve lhen veII. Ior exanpIe, if a vrailh is
inslincliveIy afraid of lhe Iighl, lhen he viII renain fearfuI of
lhe Iighl even vhiIe inhaliling lhe lovnspersons lody. Like-
vise, a Croaning Spiril nighl lry lo defend herseIf ly screan-
ing hyslericaIIy even lhough lhis vouId do no good.
By lhe sane loken, lranspossessed hunans viII inheril lhe
naluraI physicaI aliIilies of lhe nonsler lody lhey possess. A
hunan vho is lranspossessed inlo a forn of a Croaning Spiril
vouId inheril lhal crealures aliIily lo |ccn in lhe darkness vilh
ils deadIy effecl. Nole, hovever, lhal if lhe hunan lhus lran-
spossessed is prone lo crying under slress lhen lhe ICs nay have
a difficuIl line approaching il. A lranspossessed hunan in a
nonslers lody viII le disorienled and al line driven ly ils nev
lodies needs for suslenance. When firsl encounlered ly olher
characlers, il nay appear lo acl very Iike a nonsler or jusl irra-
lionaIIy unliI lhe hunan spiril can regain ils caIn and conlroI.
Nole lhal if a converled hunan is reverled lo ils originaI
forn, lhe relurned spiril viII sliII suffer fron any danage or ex-
cesses experienced ly his lody. Transpcsscssc nonsler is re-
verled lo ils originaI lody, lhe nonslers spiril viII relurn lo ils
lody and lhe crealure viII le prone lo allack any ICs presenl.
Al cerlain lines during lhe course of lhe advenlure, a Iarge
vagon viII arrive al lhe Warehouse (Lncounler #9) lo pick up
sone crales narked for deIivery lo Healher House. Hov nany
crales are picked up and vhal lheir conlenls are can le deler-
nined ly referring lo lhe Cargo Rasler in lhe cenler of lhe look-
Iel. Lach shipnenl lransfers one sel of cargo fron lhe
varehouse lo lhe MausoIeun of Healher House.
This cargo is picked up ly any four of lhe Converled lovns-
peopIe, usuaIIy nen of lhe highesl IeveI avaiIalIe vhon lhe
Crealure feeIs capalIe of lhe jol. They viII have previousIy
gained pernission lo lransporl lhe naleriaIs fron CaveI War-
den (D3) lhe proprielor of lhe shipping house on lhe prelense
lhal lhey needed a fev exlra goId pieces. The group viII lear
papers signed ly CaveI lo lhal effecl.
The vagon viII proceed oul of lovn dovn lhe Soulh Road
and deIiver lhe naleriaIs lehind Healher House in lhe garden.
The drivers of lhe vagon viII le nosl carefuI and on a con-
slanl Iookoul for anyone foIIoving lhen. If lhey suspecl sone-
one is foIIoving lhen, lhey viII fake an accidenl vilh lheir
vagon (a Ioose vheeI or lhe Iike) and (if lhey feeI lheir nunlers
sufficienl lo handIe lhe peopIe foIIoving lhen, lhey viII en-
gage lhen in conlal. If, hovever, lhey feeI oulnunlered, lhey
viII send one of lheir nunler lack lo lovn lo gel heIp vilh
lhe vagon and avail reinforcenenls. AddilionaI heIp in lhe
forn of 1d4+4 of lhe highesl IeveI converled viII arrive vilhin
1O+1O rounds afler lhal.
The vealher of lhe counlryside refIecls lhe groving concern
lhal lhe characlers shouId feeI during lhe course of lhe adven-
lure. In generaI, lhe vealher slarls vilh a lrighl, aIlhough
sonevhal liller coId aulunn day and deleriorales graduaIIy
inlo a lerrilIe slorn al lhe cIinax of lhe advenlure.
Changes in lhe vealher are occasionaIIy lriggered ly lhe ICs
enlrance inlo cerlain Iocalions. Though nol a lrue evenl ly def-
inilion, lhey are referred lo here so lhal you nighl nore easiIy
keep lrack of lhe overaII vealher piclure during lhe gane.
Lach nolalion on lhe evenl lalIe for vealher is foIIoved ly a
Ieller. This indicales jusl vhich change in lhe vealher is laking
pIace. Refer lo lhe foIIoving enlries for delaiIs.
5tI!!ncss: The day is coId and sliII. The crash of roIIing
vaves have quieled and vapors rise fron lhe gIassy valers.
The Iand seens lo echo lhe quiel, nolhing daring lo slir and
shaller lhe siIvery siIence.
Tnis sccns tcrq ccric as uc|| as cc|. Cnarac|crs nc|
uarn|q rcssc suffcr a pcna||q cf 1 |c a|| ac|icns.
Ovcrcast: Leaden grey cIouds nuffIe lhe sky, sIiding IaziIy
across lhe heavens. nIy filfuIIy lhe sun or noon nanages
lo pierce lhe cover vilh goIden rays lhal race across lhe
|tcrqcnc fcc|s cprcssc, an a|| rcac|icn rc||s suffcr a
-10 pcna||q.
Fng: A lank of dense fog roIIs in fron off lhe sea lIankel-
ing lhe Iand in cooI, vel grey. Sounds seen nuffIed and
dislanl and lhere is no vind lo ruslIe lhe Ieaves.
Visicn is rcucc |c na|f inccrs ar|ncss rangc. Tnc
cnancc cf o|uncring in|c a nazar sucn as quic|san cu-
D. Zcphyr: A filfuI varn lreeze lIovs fron oul of lhe soulh-
vesl. The cIoud cover lreaks up sonevhal, and collon
vhile puffs dance across lhe sky. Bul lhere is lhe lasle of
lhrealening lad vealher in lhe air.
Nc spccia| cffcc|.
ChI!! Brcczc: A crisp aulunn lreeze, rich vilh lhe lang of
saIl, lIovs fron lhe sea. Anler and crinson Ieaves ruslIe al
ils passing. The lrighl sky hovever, hoIds no varnlh, lul il
rich azure hue seens lo carry lhe pronise of a dislanl spring.
Nc spccia| cffcc|.
GustIng WInd: A coId vind vhips off lhe sealoard and
across lhe Iand, heraId lo lhe coning vinler. Trees lend and
lranches crack lefore ils slrong gusls. Waler is vhipped inlo
vhilecapped crashing vaves, vhose roar rivaIs lhe noan of
lhe vind.
Tnis uin s|cus |ratc| |c na|f spcc an cnarac|crs nc|
uarn|q rcssc suffcr a pcna||q cf -2 |c a|| ac|icns uni|c cu|
in |nc uin.
DrIzz!c: Dark cIouds hide lhe sun and drape lhe Iand vilh
lviIighl. A haze olscures lhe dislance and a fine drizzIe of
icy rain nakes aII danp and unconforlalIe.
Visicn is rcucc |c ncrna| inccr ar|ncss ccni|icns,
an papcr i|cns nus| oc prc|cc|c cr |ncq nus| na|c a sat-
ing |nrcu cf 6 cr oc||cr cr oc ruinc.
Muddy Lands: The rains have lurned lhe roads inlo a slicky,
sucking nuddy norass. The slreans and rivers are svoIIen
and lhe guIIeys leside lhe road are fIooded. Here and
lhere, depressions in lhe Iand have lecone ninialure Iakes.
Af|cr cnc ncur cf rain cr |nrcc cf rizz|c, an fcr 26
|urns af|cr |ncsc ccasc, |nis ccni|icn prctai|s. Mu ui||
s|cu |ratc| |c na|f spcc an causc a -2 pcna||q |c a|| ccnoa|
uncn fign|ing in nu. ||ccc arcas nus| ci|ncr be uaded
a| cnc-quar|cr ncrna| spcc cr ua||c arcun.
I. DIstant Thundcr: A svirIing, vrilhing lank of lIue fog ol-
scures lhe Iand. There is lhe dislanl runlIe of lhunder and
fIash of Iighlning lhal gels cIoser ly lhe ninule.
Tnis ctcn| rcuccs tisicn |c na|f ncrna|. Tnc runo|c cf
|nuncr an crasn cf |ign|ning sncu| incrcasc in frcqucncq
an rau ncarcr as |nc gran fina|c apprcacncs in Cnap|cr 3.
J. 5tnrm: Wilhoul preanlIe, lhe slorn lreaks fron lhe lIack
cIouds. The drizzIe is suddenIy repIaced ly lorrenls of chiII
rain, neIling lhe fog avay. The loon of lhunder and corus-
caling crackIe of Iighlning sluns you vilh ils shocking near-
ness. The lorrenls cascade dovn upon lhe ICs, luffeling
lhen vilhoul nercy.
This slorn increases in ils fury. Ior every lurn vhich lhe
ICs renain oul in lhis slorn, lhere is a 5 cunuIalive
chance per nn lhal Iighlning viII slrike near enough lo
danage one of lhe ICs. RandonIy delernine vhich IC nay
le hil. Il causes 8 dice of danage and has lhe sane effecls as
a !IghtnIng bn!t speII. The percenlage chance of Iighlning
slriking and hilling a IC viII increase lo a naxinun of 15
and renain lhere unliI lhe end of lhe slorn.
Afler lhe Iighlning has reached ils peak a nassive loIl arcs
lhrough lhe cIouds overhead, Ieaping fron one dark lank lo
anolher. The air suddenIy crackIes vilh energy and fainl
slalic charges pop fron lhe fingerlips of everyone aloul.
Then, vilh a finaI eIeclric shriek, lhe loIl Iunges earlhvard a
nere 3O fron lhe characlers. There il seens lo hang, crack-
Iing and hissing vilh unnaluraI energies. Trees lrapped in ils
arc sparkIe vilh lhe coruscaling energies~lIue vels spun
lhrough lheir lranches. SquirreIs, frozen in agony, squeaI
forlh arcing loIls. Birds vear pIunage of siIver fIane. AII
heaven pauses al lhe speclacIe of nalures nighl.
And lhen lhe ground expIodes~earlh and lrees chun
and rip free, arc fIung across lhe yards lovards lhe group.
Arc Iighlning Ieaps and spins across lhe earlh as lhe nassive
loIl coIIapses. HurIing forlh laIIs of Iighling as 4 quasi-
eIenenlaI Iighlnings are freed upon lhe Iand!
The purpose of lhis rain is lo heIp nolivale a IC lo lake cover
and renain lhere unliI lhe slorn has slopped. In nosl in-
slances, lhe slorn viII Ieave IillIe doull as lo vhere lo go.
This happens in aInosl every horror slory . . . lhe vayvard
lraveIer caughl in a sudden slorn is forced lo seek refuge in a
pIace or luiIding he nornaIIy vouIdnl le caughl dead in
and ends up gelling caughl dead lhere anyvay. The lerrilIe
effecls of lhis slorn are lo give incenlive lo lhe ICs lo do
Iikevise. ICs vho lake cover in a luiIding viII no Ionger feeI
lhe slorns effecls (i.e. Iighlning viII nol slrike lhen nor viII
lhe quasi-eIenenlaI Iighlnings pursue).
nce lhe effecls of lhe slorn are in fuII sving (i.e. lhe
rales have reached lheir naxinun Iinil) lhe slorn viII con-
linue al lhal IeveI unliI lhe ICs have ollained lhe goaI of
lhal seclion of lhe advenlure. The slorns duralion is Iisled
for each chapler.
The fIicker of gullering lorches can le seen in lhe dislance.
Cries of anger and fury cul across lhe vind.
This is a deIegalion fron lhe lovn. Made up of good foIk vho
vere once nunlered anong lhe fearfuI siIenl and lhe unknov-
ing, lhey have decided lo lake lheir fale in lheir ovn hands and
deslroy lhe nonsler vhich has sloIen lheir friends and neigh-
lors souIs.
UnforlunaleIy, il is lheir friends and neighlors lodies
vhich lhey nusl oppose. The Crealure has sunnoned his ovn
forces and lhey have infiIlraled lhe crovd. These infiIlralors
have nade lhe crovd leIieve lhal il vas lhe ICs vho are respon-
silIe for lhe slrange possession of lheir feIIov nen and lhal il is
lhey vho nusl le eIininaled.
This nol viII consisl of lhe 15 of lhe highesl IeveI fighlers re-
naining anong unpossessed and 5 of lhe highesl IeveI fighlers
anong lhe converled. If lhere are insufficienl nunlers of un-
posessed, lhen for each of lhe unpossessed nol avaiIalIe, lhere
viII le anolher of lhe converled.
The nol viII slarl in lovn, hunling lhe pIayer characlers in
lhe slreels fron 6 lo 9 in lhe evening. Then lhey viII nove oul
onlo lhe noors, approaching lhe House on Cryphon HiII al
aloul 1O in lhe evening, and finaIIy selling il afire. Then lhey
viII go lo Healher House al 12:OO and search il for lhe ICs.
This nol is nol inleresled in juslice and pIeas aIong lhose
Iines are of no use. Lscape is lhe ICs onIy hope. Use your ovn
judgnenl lo delernine lhe effecliveness of ICs aclions in al-
lenpling lo escape. If lhe nol calches lhe pIayer characlers,
lhere is IikeIy lo le a ralher lad end lo lhe advenlure on lhe
This evenl is nol found on lhe Lvenl Lisling. Il shouId onIy
le used if aII lhe foIIoving condilions are nel:
1. A pIayer characler (or group of characlers) has sIain a lovn-
sperson (converled or nol).
2. There is a vilness lo lhe deed or reasonalIe circunslanliaI ev-
idence lo suspecl lhe pIayer characlers.
3. The nol of viIIagers has nol gone afler lhe pIayer characlers.
If lhe nol has aIready appeared in lhe course of lhe adven-
lure, lhis incidenl is sufficienl lo cause lhe lovnspeopIe lo re-
peal lhe perfornance. Use lhe infornalion under evenl L8. If
lhe lovnspeopIe knov vhere lhe pIayer characlers can le
found, lhey viII go direclIy lhere.
The firsl slage of lhe lriaI is lhe arresl of lhe suspecled charac-
ler or characlers. An officiaI parly, Ied ly Kedar KIienen (D1O)
and his feIIov guardsnen, }uslinian (D9), Honorius (H8), and
CarIisIe (H4). They viII firnIy allenpl lo arresl lhe suspecl(s)
vilhoul any lroulIe. If lhe pIayer characlers resisl and il is cIear
lhe guards arc oulnunlered, lhey viII relreal and galher lhe
aid of Brenna Raven (C8), Tall IinhaIIen (D8), Kirk Terrinlon
(D}), and MaIvin Healherly (HQ). Sone, none, or aII of lhese
NICs nay le converled al lhe line. Converled characlers viII
lend lo acl vilh grealer vigor, as lheir eviI and vioIenl nalures
are unIoosed.
nce lhe suspecls are apprehended, lhey viII le laken lo lhe
ceIIar of lhe garrison. TyIer Snylhy (D4) viII cone vilh heavy
chains, shackIes, and nanacIes and lind lhe characlers. Their
londs viII le riveled, nol Iocked shul. The pIayer characlers
viII find il hard lo sland under lhe veighl of aII lhe iron. SpeII-
caslers viII le gagged and lound as needed. The guardsnen
viII expIain lhal lhe characlers viII receive a lriaI and resislance
and allenpls lo escape viII onIy prejudice lheir case.
Thal aflernoon or lhe nexl norning, lhe courl viII le con-
vened al one of lhe inns in lovn. The Mayor, MaIvin Healherly
(HQ), is lhe nagislrale. He queslions aII vilnesses, decides lhe
lrulh of aII slalenenls, delernines innocence or guiIl, and pro-
nounces senlence. Kedar KIienen (D1O) acls as laiIiff, assen-
lIing vilnesses, galhering evidence (for lolh sides), and
nainlaining order in lhe courl. IIayer characlers are aIIoved lo
caII vilnesses in lheir defense and direcl queslions, lul lhe
Mayor has finaI say in aII proceedings. The lriaI viII onIy lake a
shorl period of line, unIess lhe casl is convoIuled or nurky. In
lhis case, il viII lake as Iong as necessary.
There are severaI possilIe oulcones lo lhe lriaI, depending
on lhe nalure of lhe parlicipanls.
If thcrc Is absn!utc cvIdcncc nf thc charactcr's Innnccncc: The
pIayer characler(s) arc reIeased. If lhe Mayor or Lord Wealher-
nay is possessed, lhey viII pul condilions on lhis freedon~
Ieave lovn innedialeIy, Ioss of speIIlooks, or Ioss of veapons.
If Ma!vIn Hcathcrby and Lnrd Wcathcrmay arc unpnsscsscd:
Leniency viII le favored. If lhe evidence is nol slrong, lhe char-
acler viII le reIeased. If lhe evidence is againsl lhe pIayer char-
acler, inprisonnenl onIy viII le reconnended for 1-6 years.
If Ma!vIn Hcathcrby Is unpnsscsscd but Lnrd Wcathcrby Is
actua!!y 5trahd: The judgnenl viII le severe. Civen circun-
slanliaI evidence, lhe characler is soId inlo sIavery. Wilh slrong
evidence, lhe characler is senlenced lo dealh ly hanging.
If Ma!vIn Hcathcrby Is cnnvcrtcd: Civen any circunslanliaI
evidence, lhe judgnenl is dealh ly hanging.
If lhe characler is inprisoned, he gels lo renain in lhe ceIIar
of lhe garrison for lhe lern of his senlence, Ioaded dovn vilh
aII his chains . . . provided sonelhing does nol gel lo hin firsl!
If lhe characler is senlenced lo sIavery, he renains in lhe ceI-
Iar of lhe garrison for one veek afler vhich he is lransporled lo a
dislanl sIave narkel. f course, Lord Wealhernay/Slrahd viII
see lo il lhal lhe characler does nol have lo suffer lhrough an
unpIeasanl journey . . . ever!
If lhe characler is senlenced lo dealh, lhe hanging viII occur
in 1-3 hours. During lhe inlervaI, lhe characler is relurned lo
lhe garrison ceIIar and aIIoved a visil fron lhe lovn priesl.
Anyone seeking lo rescue hin nusl acl quickIy! During lhis
line, lhe converled lovnsfoIk viII le vigiIanl againsl any rescue
When lhe ICs legin lo hunl for lhe Crealure lhey nay have
severaI differenl encounlers. Since lhe Crealures guise nay
vary, you nay vanl lo creale sone unique evenls. Choose if and
vhen each evenl viII occur and nole il on lhe Lvenl Record.
A. FIrst McctIng: nce lhe heroes have inlerfered vilh lhe
Crealures pIans, he viII pay lhen a IillIe nighl visil. He
viII appear in a rcan scning as a dark, shadovy siIhou-
elle. You nay decide vhal he Iooks Iike. The ICs viII le
poverIess lo harn hin, and any allacks viII pass lhrough
hin. He varns lhe heroes lo Ieave veII enough aIone, or lo
join his forces, lhrealening dire consequences if lhvarled.
He viII converse vilh lhe characlers in lhe drean, lul
nocks lhen. The ICs avake in a coId sveal.
B. 5ta!kIng: The ICs viII prolalIy le curious of lhe AIche-
nisls Iink vilh lhe Crealure. He seens sincere, lul is hid-
ing sonelhing. He knovs of lhe vanpire and feeIs lhal onIy
he can deslroy lhis leasl. Al lhe firsl chance, he viII sneak
avay lo foIIov a lovnsperson he suspecls is in Ieague vilh
eviI. The heroes nay foIIov surrepliliousIy or inlervene.
The lovnsperson shouId le an innocenl vho is leing Iured
ly eviI. LvenluaIIy, lhe lraiI viII Iead inlo lhe viIds norlh of
lovn vhere lhe lovnsperson viII le anlushed ly six dis-
pIacer leasls Iead ly a doppIeganger in lhe guise of a lenla-
cIe arned, anlIered nanleasl.
C. Rcd HcrrIng: The heroes invesligalions nay lurn up slories
of nissing Iiveslock, aninaIs drained of lIood and lhe
lulcher shop lroken inlo and fresh neal and lIood pud-
dings sloIen. This is lhe vork of a nadnan, Cregor Boyd,
vho leIieves hinseIf lo le a vanpire. He is sonevhal con-
fused as lo a vanpires veaknesses. He has lvo hiding
pIaces. ne is a nevIy dug grave, hidden ly lushes, in lhe
lovn graveyard. The second is a shaIIov grave in a lIind
cave lehind a snaII valerfaII casl of lhe niII pond, vilh a
sinpIe pine lox Iined vilh soiI. His coffins are Iined vilh
earlh and voIveslane lIossons. Slored in lhe coffins are a
razor and nirror, leelh of viclins, a fuII vineskin, and a lag
of herls incIuding garIic luds.
D. Thc McctIng: The AIchenisl sIips avay again. This line
lhe heroes find a shorl nole. Lel us end our quarreI,
Brolher. Meel ne al KeeIdeviI Ioinl. This is lhe norlh arn
of lhe lay cIiff.
A fog rises as lhe ICs approach lhe poinl. olscuring vi-
sion. There are shouls ahead in lhe fog and lhen a snarIed,
Il viII end here! foIIoved ly a cry. If lhe Crealure has an-
olher guise, he fIees in nisl forn. The AIchenisl is hanging
fron a sIovIy uprooling lree, 2O feel dovn lhe cIiff face.
The ICs have five rounds lo rescue hin, or he viII pIunnel
lo an apparenl doon. If lhe AIchenisl dies, he viII es-
cape lhe vaves and go inlo hiding, laiIing lhe heroes, unliI
he gels a chance lo sieze lhe Rod. He viII have a pIausilIe
slory of his escape.
E. Dnub!c B!Ind: The ICs invesligalions nay Iead lhen lo an
alandoned house on Iishernan AIIey, vhere a supposed
crealure of eviI Iairs. This is reaIIy a doppIecganger, vho viII
assune lhe forn of a vanpire. Il is her desire lo convince lhe
heroes lhal she is an enchanled good souI, and lhal she can
le saved ly use of a rcnctc cursc or ispc| nagic. If
saved, lhe doppIeganger viII change inlo a Iess nenacing
forn and decIare herseIf cured. She viII lhen insinuale her-
seIf inlo lhe parly and allenpl lo gain lheir confidence, un-
liI she can legin lo vhillIe lhe parly dovn. If lhe ICs do nol
leIieve her, she viII change forn inlo a lird or snake and
F . Thc Huntcrs arc Huntcd: Things are gelling oul of hand and
lhe Crealure has decided lo eIininale lhe ICs. The ICs
shouId receive nessages of dread fron lovnspeopIe, lhal a
laII, dark slranger vilh conpeIIing eyes has leen asking afler
lhen and lheir halils. They shouId find lheir roons ran-
sacked and al sone rendezvous, a friend vho has leen vi-
ciousIy nurdered. Then lhey shouId have a cIose encounler
vilh AzaIin and a squad of 28 ghasls, vho il is leller lo
avoid lhen confronl. They shouId le harried oul of lovn,
unliI lhey can Ioose lheir pursuers in lhe viIds. The ICs
shouId le lerrorized ly lhis encounler.
Chaptcr 1:
Thc Drcams nf MnrdcntshIrc
The sea foan crashes coId againsl lhe greal cIiffs of lhe harlor.
Their rush and roar are lhe songs of lhe nighl . . . lheir lhunder,
lhe IuIIaly of uneasy sIeep. Mordenlshire is a peacefuI and
quiel lovn . . . lul ils peace leIies a lerrilIe secrel.
Mordenlshire vas once an open and happy connunily, a
friendIy pIace lo Iive. More and nore IaleIy, hovcvcr, lhe peo-
pIe here have lecone slandoffish. Many used lo say lhal il vas
aII lhe cause of lhal nev feIIov noving inlo lhe oId Cryphon
HiII eslale. Nov fev vish lo laIk al aII.
The lrulh is far nore dialoIicaI! Counl Slrahd von Zarovich,
vho noved lo lhis viIIage onIy a year ago, is a nasler of aI-
cheny. A good nuI, he, hovever, lore a falaI fIav~lhe desire
lo le perfecl! He raiIed againsl his snaII inperfeclions and hu-
nan drives and dared lo chaIIenge lhe Iavs of nalure. Driven ly
lhis olsession he luiIl a nighly aIchenicaI Apparalus, de-
signed lo sifl lhe essences of Iife, even as chaff is separaled fron
lhe grain.
Worse sliII, he had lhe audacily lo use lhe nachine on hin-
seIf. Indeed, lhis enchanled engine drained aII lhal vas eviI
fron lhe lody of lhe AIchenisl and casl il oul. Bul lhe exiIed
eviI did nol dissoIve inlo nolhingness lul ralher gained a naIig-
nanl nonIife of ils ovn in a Iand far dislanl. Nov, lhal aloni-
nalion has relurned lo confronl lhe AIchenisl and lo cIain lhe
Iiferighls il vas denied ly ils crealor. This is lhe vanpire, lhe
Crealure Slrahd.
Iron ils hidden roosl on lhe Wealhernay Lslale, lhe Crea-
lure reaches oul across lhe counlryside, veaving ils nefarious
pIols fron lhe shadovs, as a spider nighl spin a vel. Il has cap-
lured lhe avesone Apparalus and proceeds vilh a canpaign lo
one ly one repIace lhe lovnspeopIe of Mordenlshire vilh lhe
spirils of his eviI ninions. Ior lhis end he Iures lhe unsuspecling
oul lo lhe eslale and vayIays lhe Ione lraveIer.
Sone discovered lhe eviI grovlh and venl lo confronl il ...
none relurned. Then olhers venl in fear and fury, lo lurn oul
lhe eviI . . . onIy lo relurn vilh vords of lrusl and caIn, and
slares lhal Iooked on unseen vorIds. Nov, nany vho have Iived
lheir Iives in Mordenlshire slare lIankIy . . . and lheir nunlers
are increasing.
Thc VI!!agc nf MnrdcntshIrc
The peopIe of lhis viIIage can le grouped inlo lhree differenl
faclions. Ior purposes of lhis advenlure, key lovn personaIilies
are presenled. This in no vay is neanl lo delaiI aII lhe inhalil-
anls of lhis area.
1. Thc UnknnwIng: These incIude lhose good cilizens vho are
unavare lhal sonelhing sinisler is happening. They leIieve
lhal Iife is proceeding nornaIIy, save for occasionaI isoIaled
cases of fever and deIiriun lhe affecl sone of lhe cilizens.
They viII nol leIieve IC reporls of dread deeds, unIess pre-
senled vilh concrele proof, sonelhing lhe ninions of lhe
Crealure viII allenpl lo conceaI al aII cosls. These foIk viII
allrilule nuch of lhe ICs ranlings lo lheir recenl loul vilh
lhe fever. If lhe ICs lecone loo denonslralive, lhese viII
heIp reslrain lhen and connil lhen lo lhe sanilariun.
2. Thc Fcarfu!!y 5I!cnt: These residenls knov sonelhing of
vhal is happening . . . sone nore lhan olhers . . . lul fear lhe
sane fale so grealIy, lhey keep lheir siIence. These viII reacl
vilh fear and dislrusl of aII vho are slrangers, and viII hide
lehind a nask of rudeness, apalhy, and anger.
3. Thc Cnnvcrtcd: These residenls are no Ionger lruIy hunan,
for an eviI spiril nov occupies lhis lody, lhe hunan souI
lrapped eIsevhere in lhe eviI forn. These aII acl quile differ-
enlIy fron lhe olher lovnspeopIe. They aIvays have a ralher
vacanl expression and oflen seen as lhough lhey are nol
paying any allenlion. They viII ansver queslions lul viII
find sone excuse lo lhen Ieave. Their nanner nay easiIy le
nislaken for slullornness or a dislrusl of slrangers. They
speak in sIov and IifeIess fIal lones. Any vork vhich lhey are
olserved perforning is aIvays vilhoul enlhusiasn or even
progress. Ior exanpIe, an innkeeper nighl cIean lhe sane
gIass repealedIy. Hovever, lhese sane peopIe viII. on lhe
connand of lheir nasler, lecone a fierce and lerrilIe force
for eviI.
WhiIe vandering aloul lhe lovn of Mordenlshire, lhe pIayer
characlers nay neel a fev of lhe viIIagers viIIing lo laIk lo
lhen. Lncounlers shouId le checked for vhen lhe characlers
are on lhe slreels, once every 2 lurns. These encounlers viII onIy
occur during lhe dayline.
Rn!! Encnuntcr
1-1O No encounler
}uslinian (D9)
12 CIenna Warden (S5)
13 MaIvin Healherly (HQ)
14 Cvydion (H7)
15 Caslon Hedgevick (D2)
Ariana BarleI (SA)
Carina Loch (C})
Darcy Iease (S3)
19 BalhiIda Sud (C2)
2O Ida Holson (S6)
E N C O U N T E R 5
Lncounlers are prinariIy governed ly Iocalion. ccurrences
vhich happen in encounlers viII generaIIy lake pIace lhere re-
gardIess of lhe line of day or nighl.
These are lhe roons of lhe pIayer characlers, Iocaled on lhe sec-
ond fIoor of lhe BIackard Inn. When lhe pIayer characlers firsl
recover fron lheir deIiriun and are ready lo legin lhe adven-
lure, read lhe descriplion leIov.
The lhin sun of lhe dying year does IillIe lo varn your
lones. Indeed, even lhe lIazing fire in lhe hearlh onIy
seens lo suck coId air in lhrough lhe cracks in lhe vaIIs. The
roon has a hoIIov, liller feeIing~IoveIess and IoneIy.
Throughoul lhe enlire advenlure, lhe roons of lhe pIayer char-
aclers viII feeI chiII and vagueIy nenacing. This appIies even if
lhe pIayer characlers change inns.
The firsl line lhe pIayer characlers relurn lo lhe inn, lhey
viII suffer a deIiriun episode. There is no haIIucinalion vilh
lhis episode.
Read lhe firsl loxed descriplion vhen Doninic lhe Innkeeper is
his nornaI seIf and second if he is converled.
The inns high-peaked roof rises alove lhe surrounding luiId-
ings, lhe shullers fIung open fron lhe vindovs lo calch lhe sea
air. In lhe vindov loxes fIovers nod genlIy in lhe lreeze. The
daiIy Iinens hang fron lhe vindov sashes of lhe second fIoor.
Inside, veII-vorn lalIes and chairs crovd lhe liny connon
roon and palrons duck lheir heads under lhe snoky-grey Iov
leans. The sharp lang of aIes, nuslards, and neals fiII lhe air.
Beyond il you can see lhe Crealroon.
The inns high-peaked roof rises alove lhe surrounding
luiIdings, lhe shullers cIosed and faslened lighlIy. In lhe
vindov loxes lhe fIovers droop, lheir lIossons lighlIy
cIosed. Inside, lhe liny connon roon is slark and siIenl.
The sharp lang of sour aIe and oId nal fiIIs lhe air. Beyond
il you can see lhe Crealroon.
The Inn consisls of: lhe Upper Cuesl Roons (2A), lhe Inn-
keeper descriplion, and lhe nain fIoor Crealroon.
Lach characler has a privale roon here. The roons are furnished
vilh a snaII vashsland, chesl, chairs, and a Iarge four-posler
led covered vilh Iinen sheels and lhick conforlers. There is a
firepIace in each chiII roon.
Then is aIvays one unoccupied roon. The firsl line lhis
roon is enlered, lhe characlers viII suffer a deIiriun episode.
Thousands of eviI-Iooking spiders spev fron lhe piIIovs and
ledding if lhey are dislurled. Thousands nore cravI dovn lhe
vaIIs. Slonping and crushing lhen viII nol Iessen lheir nun-
lers apprecialIy. When lhe characlers relurn lo lhe roon, lhere
arc no spiders, onIy lhe ledding lhe heroes nay have slrevn
If lhe pIayers are enlering lhis pIace for lhe firsl line, read lhe
firsl loxed descriplion, lhereafler, read lhe second.
Al lhe lase of lhe slairs, lhe Innkeeper vrings his hands. He
slarls nolicealIy vhen he sees you coning, changing his ex-
pression fron vorried conslernalion inlo one of overvheIn-
ing reIief. He puIIs an oId rag fron his lrilches and vipes
lhe leads of sveal fron his forehead.
When firsl encounlered, lhe Innkeeper Doninic wI!! bc nnc nf
thc Fcarfu!!y 5I!cnt. Doninic leIieves lhal lhe ICs couId le
lroulIe for hin and his inn and hopes lhal lhey viII Ieave
quickIy. Indeed, vhiIe he viII never le oulrighl rude lo lhe ICs
(aIvays greeling lhen vilh a sniIe), he viII conslanlIy le ask-
ing if lhe ICs vouId nind sellIing lheir liII and vondering
aIoud vhen lhey viII le noving on. This viII change lo sIy
curiosily and feigned synpalhy if he is converled.
Doninic hoIds lhe heroes packs and nisceIIaneous gear nol
senl oul for repair in his lackroon. If lhis gear is requesled, he
viII excuse hinseIf lo felch il oul. During his alsence, Lvenl 12
viII lake pIace.
The fronl desk of lhe Inn slands in lhe snaII connon roon.
Iron one side, lhe dark confines of lhe greal roon leckon
you vhiIe on lhe olher side lhe slairs cIinl lo lhe second
The heavy leans of lhe ceiIing sag. A lIazing fire in lhe
hearlh lries vilh IillIe success lo slave of lhe cloler chiII
vhich perneales lhe Iarge haII. Nexl lo lhe fire sils a Ione
This figure is lhe lovn laIIadier, knovn lo aII as Cvydion (D7). He
is a ronanlic, skeplicaI of nachines and so caIIed sciences. He is
oflen found arguing aloul science vilh Docleur dHonaire.
Use lhe foIIoving descriplion vhen lhe characlers are aloul
during lhe dayline.
Tnc s|rcc|s arc cpcn an fair|q quic|. |rcn cnc ncusc nangs
|aunrq uni|c a| anc|ncr |cnign|s inncr ccc|s cn |nc uincu-
Al lhe vinds rising, shullers are faslened lighl and nolhers
galher lheir chiIdren indoors. The slreels are deserled during a
slorn. Afler dark, use lhe foIIoving descriplion.
Tnin ocans cf fign| sninc |nrcugn |nc crac|s cf ncati|q snu|-
|crc uincus. |n |nc ar|cr ccrncrs, |nings scurrq pas| unsccn.
Tnc uin carrics |nc scuns cf cti| unispcrs ocrnc frcn afar.
The firsl line lhe pIayer characlers venlure onlo lhe slreel, a
snaII lIack cal darls unavoidalIy across lheir palh inlo lhe vail-
ing arns of a snaII girI. She vordIessIy slares al lhe pIayer char-
aclers, cal cIulched in her arns, and lhen hurriedIy runs avay.
Infornalion on lhe lIack cal can le found in lhe Appendices:
Crealures of lhe Nighl.
Here arc found TyIer Snylhy (D4) and his vife, Kyna (C3).
NornaIIy, TyIer is a husky and good nalured nan vho, lhough
shorl of vords is aIvays viIIing lo heIp. His vife oflen sils in lhe
corner of lhe Iivery vorking on her needIepoinl and prallIing a
never ending slring of laIes and gossip.
The garrison is a Iarge slone haII near lhe cenler of lovn.
BuiIl in nuch oIder lines, ils vel grey vaIIs lrood over lhe chiI-
dren vho dare pIay near il. The inside fIoors are nusly and
dark, vilh onIy feelIe leans of sunIighl sIipping lhrough lhe
narrov arrov sIils. aken leaned vaIIs separale lhe severaI
nons of lhe garrison~lhe arnory, lhe larracks, and lhe slore-
roons. A fIighl of slone sleps descends lo lhe noIdy earlh ceIIar
and lovn gaoI.
UnIess lhey are aII sIain or occupied eIsevhere, 1d4 of lhe
lovn guards viII le found here. They viII aIvays le found in
lhis order:
Kedar KIeinen
The ceIIar of lhe garrison is divided inlo lhree Iarge ceIIs and
adjoining haII, a guard roon, an earlh ceIIar vilh a sevage pil
and lvo Iocked sloreroons. There is a heavy, larred and Iocked
door al lhe lop of lhe slairs lo lhe ceIIar. nIy narrov, larred,
recessed vindovs Iel lhe din Iighl of day fiIler in.
If anyone is confined here, lhese are lhe opporlunilies lhal
arc presenl. The lars of lhe firsl ceIIs vindov are rusly and
Ioose and nay eilher le lroken vilh a successfuI Bend Bars roII
al doulIe nornaI chance, or dug free in 2d6 lurns. Hovever,
lhe vindov casenenl is very narrov, and onIy a haIfIing or
gnone can easiIy squeeze oul. Benealh lhe Ioose fIaggings of
lhe second ceII is a hoIIov space lhal runs lenealh aII lhree ceIIs,
lul goes novhere. The keys lo lhe ceII hang fron a Ialched
chain on lhe far vaII, len feel opposile lhis ceII. The sloreroon
hoIds sone fine incense oiI, lhal nay le used lo cause a diver-
sion. The sevage pil Ieads inlo lhe severs, a lighl and fiIlhy
squeeze lo freedon lenealh lhe vharfs. Cianl rals (use BIack
Cal slals) inhalil lhis underground varren.
Slrahd converls nay le senl lo visil lhose confined here, or
one of Slrahds four vanpire ninions nay allend innales.
Here, during lhe dayIighl hours onIy, CaveI Warden (H3), lhe pro-
prielor of lhe shipping house, can le found. A highslrung nan, he
viII le in his usuaI slale of agilalion over a hundred IillIe prol-
Iens. Under nornaI circunslances he viII never le found here al
nighl, lul viII le al his hone (See 21) vilh his faniIy.
If CaveI lecones one of lhe Converled, his scheduIe viII le
reversed~slaying hone during lhe day and vorking al nighl.
This lavern is nanaged ly Kirk Terrinlon (D}) vho keeps il
open fron 1O in lhe norning unliI 2 each nighl. Kirk is nor-
naIIy a nosl oulgoing feIIov vilh a quick sniIe and pIenly of
advice. He Ioves lo Iislen as nuch as laIk and pays cIose allen-
lion lo nosl everylhing lhal is said. Kirk knovs nore runors
lhan nosl of lhe feIIovs in lovn.
This inn is run ly SoIila Maravan (C9), vidov of seanan Uslis
Maravan vho vas Iosl in lhe lig slorn a fev days ago. She sliII
vears lhe lIack cIolhes of nourning and has ralher puffy eyes
fron her IoneIy crying. She sliII is, hovever, a nosl capalIe
vonan and conlinues lo run lhe Inn nosl adniralIy.
Slaying here al lhe Inn is Sir Tall IinhaIIen (D8), an advenlurer
passing lhrough lovn. Tall is a loislerous and Ioud feIIov vilh a
lvinkIe in his eye. He Ioves lo joke and kid olhers, even lo lhe
poinl of annoyance. He is, hovever, recuperaling fron a ralher ex-
hauslive (and danaging) advenlure and prefers lo spend nosl of
his line reIaxing here al lhe Inn. He seens lolaIIy insensilive lo lhe
sinisler foreshadovings noliced ly lhe heroes.
The exlerior descriplion of lhe varehouse is given in lhe firsl
loxed lexl, lhe inlerior descriplion in lhe second. The doors lo
lhe varehouse are Iocked.
A Iarge, larn-Iike luiIding runs aInosl lhe enlire Ienglh of
Anchor Slreel lelveen Shore Lane and MiII Road. The oId
linlers creak in lhe coId ocean lreeze.
CoId drafls hovI lhrough lhe cracks in lhe oId pIanks. Thin
sIivers of Iighl sIip inlo lhe roon giving sharp conlrasl lo lhe
}usl hov nuch cargo is Iefl in lhe varehouse viII depend upon
hov nuch has leen carled avay prior lo lhe ICs enlering lhis
pIace. Use lhe Cargo Rosler (cenler of lhis lookIel) in conjunc-
lion vilh Lvenl L4 lo delernine vhal oljecls are sliII here. AII
viII le craled or olhervise packed.
MiII Road lakes a lurn lhrough lhe skeIelaI larren lrees. There
lhe MiII Bridge crosses lhe coId, lrovn valers of lhe Arden
River. To lhe easl, lhe niII pond is covered vilh lhe rolling
Ieaves of aulunn. Wesl of lhe lridge a rock fIune channeIs lhe
valers onlo lhe greal valer vheeI of lhe niII house.
If lhe niIIer, SlerIing Toddlurry (D7) and his son Llhan (D6)
have leen converled, lhen lhe niII vheeI viII nol le noving
and lhe valer fron lhe fIune viII le diverled pasl lhe vheeI.
In lhe earIy aflernoon, Chrislina BarleI (S2) and her daugh-
ler, Ariana (SA), lhe lovn vash vonen, viII cone dovn lo lhe
niII pond lo vash cIolhes. They viII chal lelveen lhenseIves,
vilh nolher doninaling lhe conversalion. They are vary of
slrangers. Neilher can svin, and a possilIe encounler nay le
rescuing one vho has faIIen inlo lhe icy valers. If eilher are con-
verled, lhey viII vash cIolhes al dusk or earIy davn.
When crossing lhe lridge for lhe firsl line, a lIack cal viII
Ieap dovn fron lhe slone raiIing on one side and cross lo lhe
olher raiIing. Il viII foIIov lhe pIayer characlers for a shorl dis-
lance, and lhen sprinl across a dead garden lo lhe feel of a snaII
girI. She slarls unsniIing al lhe characlers and lhen disappears
vilh her cal inlo lhe lushes. ShorlIy afler lhis, have lhe pIayer
characlers suffer a second deIiriun episode vilhoul any visions.
The eIder vidover SlerIing Toddlurry (D7) and his son Llhan (D6)
run lhis niII. Bolh are quiel, shy peopIe lul quick lo sniIe and
very varn and open once lhe ice is lroken. They can le found here
in lhe niII nosl any line lul never Ialer lhan 1O:OO al nighl nor
earIier lhan 5:OO in lhe norning under nornaI circunslances.
When nornaI, Llhans vife, Lrica Toddlurry (C1O) can le
found al lhe narkel (#18C) during lhe norning and in lhe niII
hone here during lhe resl of lhe day. She is a sveel and charila-
lIe vonan vho is incIined lo give lhings avay.
During lhe lerrilIe slorn sone nighls ago, lhe greal Church al
Mordenlshire vas lurned lo lhe ground. Here Iives Ialher
}oshua TaIlol (DK) in a gardeners shack. He is one of lhe Iear-
fuIIy SiIenl. He viII seen nervous and haunled vhen lhe ICs
firsl approach hin. If any of lhe ICs asks hin aloul lhe
peopIe in lovn he viII vring his hands and nuller.
Tis lhe deviI! The deviI hisseIf! h, vhy did I Iel lhis hap-
pen! Why couIdnl I slop il` Thal avfuI house on Cryphon
HiII . . . cursed le il! When lhe Counl noved in, lIess his
souI, ve lhoughl lhal lhe eviI slories of oId vouId le proven
vrong once and for aII. Bul vere il nol a shorl vhiIe and he
hinseIf ran in lerror fron lhe pIace! Since lhal line ve have
senl peopIe lo deslroy lhe horror lhere . . . and didnl lhey aII
cone lack saying nolhing vas vrong al aII! Bul none vho
venl cane lack lhe sane, donl you knov` Men Iike slran-
gers lo lheir ovn kin . . . chiIdren vhose Iaughler had Iefl
lheir eyes . . . and lhe curse is spreading.
The cIeric al lhis poinl viII reach for one of lhe ICs and leg lhen
aII lo rid lhe Iand of lhis lerrilIe eviI. f course, Ialher TaIlol viII
onIy reacl lhis vay if nc is nc| cnc cf |nc Ccntcr|c. If Converled,
he quielIy denies lhere is anylhing vrong in Mordenlshire~none
are acling any nore slrangeIy lhan nornaI. Ierhaps lhe chiII sea air
has avakened lhe recovery of lhe heroes.
If any of lhe inporlanl ilens are Iocaled here, Ialher TaIlol
viII onIy agree lo reIinquish lhen if requesled ly lhe AIchenisl
Slrahd. Slrahd has forgollen vhere he Iefl lhe ilens. If Ialher
TaIlol is converled, he viII knov nolhing of lhe ilens' Iocalion,
and if queslioned aloul lhen, viII lecone exciled and agi-
laled. He viII lry lo send lhe heroes avay and lhen search for
lhe ilens hinseIf. He viII acl very suspiciousIy.
The ilens are hidden in lhe singIe slone nausoIeun in lhe
lovn cenelery. The cenelery is faIIen inlo disrepair, lul lhe
grey slone slruclure vilh a vinged Iion carving is in good repair
lhough overgrovn. The slone sarcophagus has an inlricale Iock-
ing syslen and lears lhe renains of NornaI KerviI. The slone
lox is lrapped vilh g|qpns cf o|ining, c|cc|rici|q (Dng 12)
and pciscn gas (Save al +4). The ilens are hidden lehind lhe
lronze nane pIaque on lhe vaII.
Lairing in lhe voods and lIuffs lo lhe norlh are four vighls
~(C5, D5, H5 & S5). If lranspossessed, lhese poor lovnsfoIk,
lrapped in lhe hideous lodies, are confused and lerrified. Al
nighl lhey nay venlure avay fron lhe voods seeking heIp or
faniIies and friends.
If lhe characlers visil lhe ruins afler dark, lhey viII suffer lhe
foIIoving deIiriun episode, once.
The headslones of lhe churchyard, ancienl vilh decay, Iean
and liIl in aII direclions. Red goId eyes valch fron lhe
shadovs undernealh lhen. SuddenIy, a dry, hoIIov chuckIe
fIoals leasingIy lhrough lhe air, pIayfuIIy Iingering in lhe
skeIelaI lranches of lhe lrees. Then, vilh a ralid snarI, a
furred leasl springs fron lhe darkness! TunlIing you lo lhe
ground, you slruggIe vilh a voIfen forn. Ils canine fangs
snap al you. Ioan fIecks ils nalled jovIs. In a snarIing hiss-
ing voice lhe leasl speaks. Mere norlaI! You cannol slop
ne...I serve a grealer pover lhan you shaII ever knov!
The crealure is acluaIIy a IocaI dog, cornered and frighlened ly lhe
pIayer characlers. Il viII lussIe and snap al lhe pIayer characlers un-
liI il can lreak free and escape. Il has 4 hp and an AC of 7.
This loarding house is run ly NeoIa Caravay (CK). She has
never narried, finding lhe lusiness of running lhis house nore
profilalIe lo her lolh in noney and spiril lhan narriage of-
fered her. She is crusly and sassy lul never unpIeasanl.
This lavern is run ly a fenaIe advenlurer naned Brenna Raven
(C8) vho von lhis dunp in a din gane. She sliII vonders
vhelher she von lhal loss or Iosl il vhen she gol lhe pIace.
Brenna is easy going and very sarcaslic in a sIeepy sorl of vay.
Brenna is nol very honesl, and Iale in lhe evening she viII di-
Iule her drinks vilh vood aIcohoI. Any characler drinking here
inlo lhe evening viII have lo nake a Conslilulion check al lhe end
of lhe evening or lhey viII suffer fron lenporary lIindness and
veakness (-4 lo aII roIIs) for 2d6 hours leginning vilhin 1d8
hours afler Ieaving.
SiIas Archer (H1O) is lhe lulcher. He and his vife VioIel (S9)
run lhe shop vilh conslanl lickering. They couIdnl agree on
lhe coIor of lhe sky on a cIear day. ne gels lhe feeIing, hov-
ever, lhal lhe lickering is as nuch a parl of lheir Iove for each
olher as anylhing eIse. Il aII seens good nalured despile lhe oc-
casionaI lhrovn oljecl.
HeIping aloul lhe shop lo cIean up is IeneIope Archer (S8),
a leaulifuI, shy girI vilh Iarge doe-Iike eyes and a charning
16. 5MITHY
This nelaI snilh is LIvin Holson (H6). He speaks ralher sIovIy
and has a lendency lo nunlIe fron line lo line excepl vhen
lhe suljecl of nelaI snilhing cones up. Then his voice le-
cones ralher confidenl and his speech cIears.
LIvins vife is Ida Holson (S6). Ida is a sveel, caring vonan
vho is lolaIIy devoled lo her husland. Ida vouIdnl hurl a fIy.
Though she is alsoIuleIy round and has difficuIly gelling
lhrough nosl doors, she is as cheerfuI as she is overveighl.
The lakery is run ly TiIda (C6) and Ireeda (C7) Maylery, lvo
eIderIy spinsler sislers vho have aIvays enjoyed each olhers
The open air narkel is one of lhe cenlraI fealures of Mordenl- This is lhe lookshop of Tolais Kenkiny (DQ) and Desna
shire~in lhe sunner. Nov il is aulunn and lhe coId vinds Kenkiny (CQ). If lolh are nornaI, read lhe foIIoving.
have driven nosl of lhe farners avay. The grassy Iavn is dry and
vilhered. Leaves lIov and svirI across il, cIallering anong lhe
enply slaIIs. The faded avnings of lhe fev renaining slands
The shop is a singIe, snaII roon, nealIy kepl. Arranged on
lvo sheIves are a snaII nunler of looks. Slacked leIov
snap and creak in lhe vind.
lhese are severaI lundIes of scroIIs.
If eilher is Converled, lhe shop is cIosed up lighl. Ieering
NornaIIy, Bervin Hedgevick (DA) and his nolher Lenor Hedge-
lhrough lhe vindovs, lhe looks and scroIIs are in chaolic disar-
vick (CA) are here during lhe norning and aflernoon seIIing lhe
ny lhroughoul lhe snaII roon.
fruils fron lheir farn~nov reduced lo a neager assorlnenl of
Tolais Kenkiny is a relired advenlurer, one vho Iosl his nerve
suIphered appIes and dried lerries. If lhey are Converled,
for vioIence and lIoodshed. The shop vas Desnas dovry. Since
lhey viII no Ionger appear here in lhe dayline.
he can lareIy read, she handIes lhe lusiness end. Ielling hin
LoleIia Tarner (C4) is aIvays found here vilh her ovn fruil
deaI vilh lhe fev cusloners vho visil.
sland. LoleIia seIIs dried viId fruils and Iooks a IillIe viId her-
Al lhe lookshop, lhe pIayer characlers can allenpl lo research
seIf. Her loolhy grin leans oul fron her ralher sooly face nor-
lhe lackground of Cryphon HiII and olher lils of IocaI hislory. In-
naIIy and lhough her Ianguage is quile rough lhere is a sense of
fornalion is readiIy found if characlers are specific in lheir requesls.
lhervise, il viII lake severaI faIse slarls lo Iearn anylhing.
caring aloul her.
NornaIIy, BalhiIda Sud (C2) is here during lhe nornings and
aflernoons seIIing vegelalIes fron her huslands farn parsnips,
rulalagas, lurnips, dried corn and squash are aII lhal renain of
lhe crop. If lhey have lecone Converled, hovever, she viII no
Ionger appear here in lhe dayline.
Rae Soddenler (C5), vife of Iarvis Soddenler (D5) is nornaIIy
found here seIIing grain during lhe norning and aflernoon. If
she has lecone Converled, hovever, she viII no Ionger appear
here in lhe dayline.
Nexl lo lhis slaII is lhal of Lrica Toddlurry (C1O). NornaIIy,
she is seIIing fIour fron lhe niII during lhe aflernoon. If she is
Converled, she viII no Ionger appear here during lhe dayline.
MaIvin Healherly (HQ) is lhe nayor of Mordenlshire. Son of
Iron lhe records of lhe IocaI nagislrale, 4OO years prior:
"Tc uIa1 e Ccenc Ias nase 1Is s1nOc1One, I
ca cL specOLa1e. SOneL Ie Ias ccne Oen
scne Iea1Ie cOnse uILs1 gI1g 1Ie s1a1
Las. Sce 1s nasg, 1Ie annen-cLk Ia\e
sucn c !a cncps a e\L \s1a1cs. F\e I
Ia\e c1e 1Ie OOsOaL pLa c Iea\eL eenges
1Ia1 Ic\en a cLg ncO 1Ie !Las1e nccn...
"...Tnage Ias s1nOckl TIs ncn, Cccna Ncnns
cane ue ncn 1Ie Ccenc IcOse. He sas
Ia Ccenc a Ien cIL ane !nO1aLL sLa a
1Ie !Lcc cLgs 1c Icn Ccencs Ias...
"...Icn Reen a Is cOg ue Ia\e Le 1Ie
HcOse c 1Ie CnpIc, sueang OncOsL e\en
1c ne1On. Aga 1Ie 1enncns c 1Ia1 pLace Ia\e
s1nOck. He Ias caLLe cn 1s es1nOc1c, !O1 c
na uLL \e1One ean 1. I ean 1Ie cOnse 1Ig
sIaLL !e u1I Os aLuas."
lhe groundskeepers of Healher House, he vas appoinled lo lhis
posl ly Lord Wealhernay hinseIf. He does his lesl lo pul on an
upper crusl air aloul hinseIf vhich usuaIIy resuIls in his Iook-
ing ralher ponpous, a lrue sluffed shirl. ccasionaIIy, hovever,
he Iels oul his loyish grin and anazenenl al lhings nagicaI.
During lhe day, no one can le found al hone nornaIIy. nIy
during lhe evening hours and al nighl are Lee Healherly (H9)
and his vife Margarel (S7) al hone. They are lvo sinpIe gar-
deners vilh counlry vays. Their grealesl pride and joy is lheir
son, MaIvin, vho vas appoinled as nayor ly Lord Wealhernay.
They vork for Lord Wealhernay during lhe day.
This is lhe generaI slore of VogIer KerviI. An ancienl nan, he
Iives aIone on lhe second fIoor. NornaIIy, he is irascilIe and
gouging, charging vhalever he can nanage. If he is Converled,
he viII cIose his shop and refuse lo do any lusiness, inslead,
poIishing his oId arnor and veapons.
The coId cloler vind sveeps lhe ocean spray across lhe
nouIdering pIanks of lhe oId vharf. Wilh lheir lacks lo lhe
sea, severaI fishernen veave lhe danp lhreads of lheir nels,
lheir singsong chanls punclualed ly lhe lhunps of lhe loals
againsl lhe piIings.
lhal are nol olhervise Iocaled on lhe nap. These hones are
viII lecone nore and nore deserled. Al nighl, lhere is no ac-
sinpIe and pIain. If a viIIager is Converled, his house viII le
livily here, onIy lhe galhering of 1-4 groaning spirils, lolh nor-
shullered lighlIy during lhe dayline, vilh no signs of aclivily.
naI and lhose possessed ly lovnsfoIk.
These luiIdings are lhe hones of lhe viIIagers of Mordenlshire
As nore and nore of lhe lovnspeopIe are Converled, lhe vharf
2 3
This dank slreel hosls lhe hones of lhe fishernen of Mordenl-
shire. The aIIey is deep vilh nud and reeks vilh lhe slench of
rolling fish. During lhe earIy norning, any unconverled fisher-
nen viII le seIIing lheir calch fron lhe nighl lefore~snaII
fish in laskels and Iarge ones hung ly hooks lhrough lheir giIIs.
Al nighl lhe slreels are deserled excepl for lhe conslanl scurry of
rals and nangy cals.
A high lrick vaII lopped ly rusling iron spikes surrounds
lhe grounds. The road Ieads lo lhe heavy vroughl iron gale
~lhe onIy enlrance. Through lhe lars you can see lhe
grounds~a sparse and lIeak garden, grey in lhe cloler
nisl. The lrees have onIy a fev lrovn Ieaves cIinging lo lheir
lony lranches. The veedy fIoverleds have Iong since vilh-
ered and died. Al lhe cenler is a singIe luiIding~a ran-
lIing, lhree-slory vooden slruclure. The roof is galIed and
a Iarge round lurrel juls fron one corner. The vaIIs arc
pierced vilh nany vindovs, lul each is heaviIy larred and
curlained. Din lighl shines lhrough lhe vindovs on lhe
Iover fIoor. ccasionaIIy, lhere is lhe furlive fIash of nove-
nenl fron lhe vindovs on lhe upper fIoors.
When lhe characlers enler lhe grounds lhe firsl line, lhey suf-
fer a deIiriun episode vilh lhe acconpanying vision. SuddenIy
sprinling across lhe grounds lhey see a nan approach lhan, ol-
viousIy a palienl. He is Cyrus BeIviev (lhe Counls nad servanl
fron I6: RavenIofl). CiggIing he says, The nasler is so happy,
so happy you have relurned. He has vanled lo neel you again.
I viII go leII hin you are coning. If he has leen encounlered
in I6, he viII le recognized here. Before lhe characlers can do
anylhing, he vanishes lefore lheir eyes, as if he had never leen
lhere al aII. There is onIy lhe noaning of lhe liller vind.
The sanilariun resls al lhe lase of lhe cIiffs separaling lhe
Wealhernay Lslale fron Mordenlshire. Il is ovned ly Docleur
Cernain dHonaire. The ground fIoor of lhe house is devoled
lo his offices and roons. There is a receplion roon and privale
sludy, vhere he conducls nosl of his consuIlalions. These are
veII-appoinled vilh conforlalIe furnilure, painlings, odd-
Iooking devices, and franed degrees. Beyond lhese roons are
dHonaires personaI roons and his surgery. The surgery is
fiIIed vilh phiaIs, chenicaIs, crucilIes, knives, scaIpeIs, and
lizarre nachinery. This roon is doninaled ly a Iarge lalIe
fixed vilh heavy Iealher slraps. Mosl of lhe olher equipnenl is
sheIved in gIass-fronled calinels Iining lhe vaIIs.
The second and lhird fIoors arc lhe roons of lhe palienls.
Lach has a heavy, larred door and sinpIe furnishings (if aI-
Ioved) inside. CurrenlIy lhere are 2 or 3 palienls of nole
presenl. The olhers are eilher inleciIes, calalonics, nanic-
depressives, or jusl vioIenl lrules.
PatIcnt #1: This feIIov, Marslon, is a harnIess Iunalic, found
vandering on lhe noors severaI nonlhs ago. He lallIes occa-
sionaIIy aloul lhe horrors of lhe vorId and inpIies lhal he
knovs greal secrels. Hovever, he knovs nolhing of vaIue.
PatIcnt #2: This is a viId-haired vonan, LIIie, vilh Iarge
slaring eyes. She furliveIy valches oul her vindov al aII lhal
lranspires in lhe ouler vorId, naking up fancifuI gossip lo ex-
pIain vhal she sees. She has seen lhe vagon hauIing crales dur-
ing lhe nighl and expIains lhis as nev peopIe noving in vilh
fuII vagons. She puncluales her laIk vilh sudden screans
aloul lhe dead Iions!
PatIcnt #3: This palienl is Luker. He viII screan and ranl
aloul lhe chiIdren. LillIe nev can le Iearned fron hin, onIy
lhal lhe eviI haunls lhe shadovs . . . aII lhe peopIe have gone . . .
and lhe dark one hinseIf has arisen fron lhe grave!
A day afler his connillaI, Luker viII legin lo ranl lhal lhey
arc coning lo gel hin, lo lake hin avay vilh lhe chiIdren. He
viII lecone increasingIy agilaled as nidnighl approaches. The
Crealure nay choose lo do one of lvo lhings vilh Luker, firsl lo
lreak hin oul so lhal he nay le Converled~or~lo have hin
kiIIed lo prevenl olhers fron Iislening lo his lallIe.
In addilion lo Docleur dHonaire and lhe palienls, lhe foI-
Ioving peopIe can aIso le found here during lhe dayline: AxleI
BarleI (HA) and Barlh KIeinen (H2) are hired as allendanls.
There nay le olher nurses and servanls vho prepare food, do
Iaundry and lend lhe grounds.
27. FARM5
These are lhe hones of lhe farners of lhe Mordenlshire. Lach
consisls of a house and severaI oulluiIdings~larns, sheds,
and granaries. The Iiveslock viII le Ioose and unlended if lhe
farner is converled.
The faniIies Iiving on each of lhe farns are noled leIov. In
addilion lhere nay le hired hands or dislanl cousins vho Iive in
lhe larns or sheds.
27A. LoleIia Tarner & 5 vagalonds.
27B. IercivaI & BalhiIda Sud.
27C. Caslon, Lenor & Bervin Hedgevick.
27D. Iarvis & Rae Soddenler.
AII of lhe ships in lhis harlor arc unservicealIe and irreparalIe.
The Crealure has seen lo il lhal none of lhe ships in lhis harlor
are lended ly any lul lhose vho are under his conlroI. Lach
shipped is nanned ly 5 saiIors. nov converled lo Slrahd zon-
If lhe ICs shouId exanine lhe inlerior of lhe ships, lhey viII
find lhal lhe huIIs arc aII lreached in severaI pIaces and are
poorIy palched, rendering lhe ships lolaIIy unseavorlhy. Those
allending lhe ships viII duIIy expIain lhal lhe slorn rushed
lheir ship againsl lhe rocks and lhal lhey vere nosl forlunale lo
have escaped a valery grave.
The lay is fIanked ly lvo rocky prononlories rising 1OO feel
alove lhe crashing surf. }agged rocks and sunken vreckage
galher al lheir feel Iike snarIing leelh.
The roads are lIeak and rulled, lhe signs for Mordenlshire
oId, lhe painl fIaking off. As lhe pIayers pass lhe sign, a raven
(1 hp) aIighls on lhe sign and ullers a porlenlous squavk. The
firsl line lhe pIayer characlers pass lhis poinl, a lIack cal van-
ders sIovIy across lheir palh, foIIoving a snaII chiId vho
valches lhe characlers inlenlIy. ShorlIy afler lhis lhe pIayer
characlers shouId suffer a deIiriun episode vilh no visions.
Moving leyond lhis loundary lakes lhe characlers avay fron
lhe advenlure and lhey shouId le genlIy nudged lack lo lhe
lovn. If genlIe hinls donl vork, a vioIenl slorn nighl. IaiIing
lhis, lhe Crealure Slrahd is going lo nake sure lhal none Ieave
lhe area vho can carry laIes of his presence lo lhe surrounding
Iands. He viII send his crealures of lhe nighl lo slop lhen, per-
haps even Ieading lhen hinseIf.
Chaptcr 2:
Thc Mnnrs
The Iand surrounding Mordenlshire is a grey and lIeak vasle of
hiIIs of roIIing healher, jagged cIiffs, dark voods, and dank
noors. During spring and sunner, lhe counlryside can le
pIeasanl and reIaxing, fuII of coIor and Iife. Bul nov, in lhe
dying nonlh of cloler, il is lhe lreacherous lIackness of lhe
noors lhal predoninale. A Iand shunned ly lhe vise lraveIer
~fiIed vilh hidden logs, secrel palhvays, and feII crealures.
Lven lhe roIIing healher is nol conpIeleIy safe~lhe cover hid-
ing snaII palches of log or an assaiIanl.
When lhe heroes lraveI oulside of Mordenlshire and lhe
Wealhernay Lslale, check for a randon encounler once ever
hour, using 1d6. An encounler occurs on a roII of 1-3.
Rn!! Day NIght
1 Criffon Bodak* (S})
2 Harpy
Chasls* (C3, D3, H3)
3 HeIIhound Croaning spirils* (C9, H9)
4 rc HeIIhound
5 gre
Masliff, shadov
6 Quasi-eIenenlaI Iighlning Nighlnare
7 Raven Quasi-eIenenlaI Iighlning
8 Spider, gianl SkeIelon
9 Slirge
SkeIelon sleed
1O VuIlure WoIf, dire
11 WoIf, dire Wrailh* (C6)
12 No encounler WiII-o-Wisp* (DQ)
* These nay le lranspossessed lovnspeopIe.
E N C O U N T E R 5 :
The norlhern road foIIovs lhe seacoasl, crossing 6O niIes lo lhe
nexl sellIenenl. Characlers shouId le discouraged fron al-
lenpling lhis journey (since lhis lakes lhen oul of lhe area of
lhe advenlure). These Iands are quile viId and lhe chance of an
encounler increases lo 1-5 every 3 lurns once lhe heroes Ieave
lhe nap. Iurlher, lhe road quickIy vinds inlo a dense fog,
Iiniling aII visiliIily lo 1O. Characler novenenl viII le sIoved
lo 6O per round.
The Arden River gurgIes aIong leside lhe road, ils lrovn va-
lers lullIing over lhe rocky riverled and spIashing againsl lhe
vooded shore. Aulunn Ieaves vhirI and svirI seavard in ils icy
dark valers.
This an is a lreacherous log, IillIe-crossed ly lhe IocaIs. Ior
every lurn spenl noving lhrough lhe noors, secrelIy nake a
Wisdon check for lhe Iead characler. If lhe check succeeds, he
has found a safe palh lhal lurn. If lhe check faiIs, lhe characler
has lIundered inlo lreacherous ground. Characlers viII legin
lo sink inlo lhe log al lhe rale of 1 per round. IuIIing a charac-
ler free requires a slrenglh aliIily check vilh +3 lo lhe die roII
for every fool sunk.
n a hiIIock cresled ly a langIe of knolled lrees is a harpy Iair. A
haunling neIody can le heard vilhin 3OO yards. Al 1OO yards, a
genlIe naiden can le seen Ieaning across a Iog. Wilhin 5O yards a
save vs. SpeIIs nusl le nade or lhe viclin is charned.
The harpy viII Iure prey lo her, pasl palches of langIevines
(cn|ang|cs) lo lrap his friends. Charned heroes viII le slarlIed
ly her lhree sislers devouring lvo hapIess orcs (save lo escape
charn). The sislers rush lo allack.
n lhe fiflh round, lhree nore ving in fron lhe svanp car-
rying a haIf dozen slinkveeds. Any characler hil ly a slinkveed
suffers fron a s|in|ing c|cu.
Their lreasures are 12 pieces of jeveIry, (5OO gp each), 7
lIack onyx (3OO gp each), siIver pIale arnor, AC5, a cIericaI
scroII - ncga|itc p|anc prc|cc|icn (x2), and a lrass |cc|c| cf sca|-
ing (one uizar |cc| per veek).
32. CLIFF5
The cIiffs surround lhe lovn range in heighl fron 51-15O
feel. Al lhe lollon is eilher hard ground or jagged rocks. There
nay le dens of crealures hidden in fauIls, snaII caves or on
lroad Iedges. AIong lhe seashore lhere are severaI snaII narine
caves lhal are fIooded each high lide.
A land of 83 orcs Iair in lhe norlh sea cIiff. Led ly one-eyed
HargeI Cruunsh (AC 4, HD 4, hp 2O, D 2d4+2) lhey rol lrav-
eIers during lhe day and cover in fear in lheir hidden Iair al
Their caves and crevices are reached ly a spiraI slair and a
fIooded sea cave, and are Iinked ly rope lridges and Iedges. Il is
prolecled fron undead ly running slreans and faIIs, a sland of
viId garIic, and lheir 5lh IeveI shanan Lisnan Khargug, (AC 4,
HD 5, hp 13) a vhiny feIIov vilh a nasaI Iaugh.
HargeI has lhree guards (AC 4, HD 2, hp 11, D 2d4) and an
ogre lrule. Three of his land are converled ghasls. Seclions of lhe
cIiff have leen veakened lo drop lrespassers inlo lhe sea. There are
severaI deadends vilh rockfaII lraps (D 2d8). There are aIso lhree
nel snares. If invaded, lhe orcs allack fron nany sides. If lhe al-
lackers prove loo slrong, lhe orcs relreal lo lhe sea.
Their lreasures arc - 5,OOO sp, 2,53O ep, 2O chrysoleryIs
(2OO gp each), a coraI neckIace (1,8OO gp), four polions: c|ino-
ing, cx|ra-nca|ing, spcc, and supcrncrcisn, and a cIericaI
scroII: nc|q sqnoc|, intisioi|i|q |c unca, prc|.cti| 10'R, and
rcs|cra|icn. There are aIso lvo dinghies.
The soulh road vinds inIand lhrough lhe rugged hiIIs and
inlo lhe nounlains. There are no nearly sellIenenls dovn lhis
nad. As vilh lhe norlh road, characlers shouId le discouraged
fron laking lhis nule. You nay increase lhe frequency of en-
counlers or have lhe road unlraveIed and overgrovn.
nIy a snaII longue of lhe dark voods reaches dovn fron lhe
norlh separaling Cryphon HiII fron lhe resl of lhe connunily.
In generaI, lhis suils lhe lovnspeopIe jusl fine, as lhey do nol
vish lo le reninded of lhe eviI pIace. The voods have a fouI
repulalion. There is a 6O chance per hour spenl in lhe voods
lhal lhe heroes viII encounler a gianl spider or 2-5 ogres.
The ogres canp is hidden in a vooded ravine. The canp is
canoufIaged ravhide huls. They eal vhalever lhey calch, hoId-
ing prisoners in a 2O deep pil.
The canp is prolecled ly lvo Iookouls and soaring vuIlures,
The road vinds inlo lhe hearl of a log, reeking vilh decay.
Thick nisls svirI across lhe roadvay, nonenlariIy shrouding
il. CnarIed rools lvisl and reach lovard il. To your Iefl you
hear a sIov sIogging, perhaps a heavy lody dragging
lhrough lhe nuck. To lhe righl sounds a nuffIed cry or
noan~or perhaps onIy lhe vind.
vhose keen eye spols novenenl in lhe underlrush. There are a
series of spiked sIapslicks (THACO 1O, D 1d6 + save vs. Ielrify
or haIf nove and no Dex lonus liII cured) and rope snares (save
vs. Ielrify). Tvo lrees nay le loppIed on invaders (D 3d8).
There are 15 ogres and 3 vuIlures Iead ly Corienon (SQ) lhe lo-
dak. He vears a hooded voodsnan's cIoak and keeps his face hid-
den. He is coId, donineering, and cynicaI. He viII onIy use his
gaze once every lhree rounds. His Iieulenqanl, Corlagh
SnarIloolh, vas lhe originaI Ieader of lhis land (AC 4, HD 7, hp
35, D 2d6+2). He is liller, lIoodlhirsly and crueI. Three of lhe
ogres are acluaIIy vighls (HD 7+4, hp 4O) and viII avoid Iighl.
The lodak's nission is lo prevenl IocaIs fron Ieaving. The
ogres are IoyaI lo hin oul of fear, fIeeing if he is defealed. Ia-
lroIs viII varn lhe canp of inlruders. When allacked, Corie
hoIds lack, vhiIe ogres fIing spears. Then lhe vuIlures drop a 1O
fool nel. If lhings go ladIy, lhe ogres vilhdrav and send in lhe
vighls vhiIe encircIing lhe parly. Then lhe lodak allacks.
The lreasure of lhese ogres incIudes - 7,2OO cp, 2,32O gp, 4
spineIs (35O gp each), a dianond & lopaz ring (3,5OO gp) and a
siIver &goId chain (7OO gp), lhree polions, c|airauicncc, ini-
nu|icn c c|ixir cf nancss, and a nirror lhal refIecls onIy char-
aclers of IavfuI aIignnenl.
The Healher Mansion, nausoIeun and surrounding grounds
are delaiIed in Chapler 3.
Before il vas alandoned, lhis vas lhe nain road Ieading lo
Cryphon HiII. Nov lhe lrack is vague and hard lo foIIov. nIy
lhe peasanls knov of lhis lrack. Slrahd lhe AIchenisl and lhe
Converled peasanls knov of lhe secrel norlhern roule lhrough
lhe voods (#47 & #48).
The nuddy lrack vinds up lhe sIopes of lhe larren hiII. In
lhe dislance is lhe gIoony goaI - lhe House on Cryphon
HiII! Lven fron lhis dislance il radiales a nolicealIe aura of
eviI and decay. Around il sland lIighled and lvisled lrees. A
Ione fIash of Iighlning iIIunines lhe scene, dancing in sleeIy
radiance across lhe roof. IouI nisls rise and curI alove lhe
grey ground. Then lhe peaI of lhunder cones, soflIy and
nockingIy~a deep chuckIe of gIoaling viclory.
The road inlo lhe log graduaIIy lapers avay lo nolhingness,
veII in lhe hearl of lhe svanp. When lhe characlers lurn
aloul, lhey find lhenseIves unalIe lo relrace lheir roule. Lvery
efforl nol nagicaIIy aided lakes lhen deeper and deeper inlo
lhe log. Lach round lhey spend in lhe log, lhey nusl nake a
Wisdon Check lo renain on safe ground. If lhey faiI lhe check,
lhey lecone sluck and legin sinking al lhe rale of 1 per round.
A Slrenglh check is required lo free oneseIf, vilh a +3 appIied
lo lhe die roII for each round caughl.
Iive rounds afler lhe heroes reach lhe hearl of lhe log, a
Crinson Dealh (H}) coaIesces fron lhe fog and allacks.
Al lhe edge of lhe log sils an ancienl graveyard, ils head-
slones pilled and vorn snoolh. nce an inposing sighl,
nov onIy lhe crunlIing forns of lhe slalues renain.
This dread pIol of Iand echoes vilh lhe lragic nenories of lhe
deparled. Any vho dare venlure here, viII hear lhe grass seen
lo vrilhe and vhisper and nusl nake a save vs SpeIIs. If lhe
save is faiIed, lhe characler is overcone ly a vision of lhe lragic
Iife of one of lhe residenls of lhis graveyard. The DM shouId
creale his ovn vision for lhe characlers. Iurlher, lhe characler is
overcone vilh one slrong enolion such as renorse, norlidily,
anger, hysleria or resignalion for 2d1O rounds.
If lhe characlers enler lhe cenelery al nighl, lhey are al-
lacked ly 5 Slrahd skeIelons and 3 Slrahd zonlies, cIaving up
oul of lhe earlh (C2, D2 & H2).
If lhe aging nanor on Cryphon HiII vas ever nol haunled lhal
cerlainIy cannol le said of il nov. AII nanner of eviI Iurks in ils
confines. Yel nore is lhe lragedy of lhis pIace lhal nol aII of
lhose found herein are eviI. Many are lhe lranspossessed souIs of
lhe good peopIe of Mordenlshire . . . lrapped in a horrilIe exisl-
ence vilh povers leyond lheir underslanding. They nov Iive a
lornenled and nighlnare exislence vilh vhich lhey can nol
cope. The greal chaIIenge lo lhe advenlurers is lo discover lhese
good spirils lefore Ieaping lo lhe allack . . . Iesl lhey deslroy for-
ever any hope of saving lhese innocenls.
The purpose of lhe ICs is lo expIore lhis house in search of
cIues regarding vhal drove lhe AIchenisl avay. If lhey have
used lhe Mesnerisl lo uncover cIues, lhey shouId aIso le search-
ing for lhe ilens nenlioned during lhal session. The Crealure
has Iong since noved lhe Apparalus lhal has crealed aII lhis
lroulIe, and has Iefl lhe house as a varren for his ninions, and
as an olslacIe lo anyone vho nighl slunlIe on lhe nyslery.
Hovever his presence has aIso slirred up lhe oId haunls and
spirils of lhis pIace as veII.
The Crealure's ninions viII le cIever in lheir allacks, allenpl-
ing lo divide and conquer. Using lheir charn aliIily lo gain sullIe
conlroI of anolher characler or lo insinuale lhenseIves as lrapped
innocenls. Those vho do nol hoId lhe souI of a lranspossessed
lovnsperson viII le nanipuIaled ly lhe olher nonslers, so lhal
lhey viII eilher unvillingIy use lheir speciaI aliIilies or have lo
fighl or fIee fron lhe ICs if lhey are lo survive. If il proves inpos-
silIe lo slop lhe heroes, one of lhe ninions viII le sure lo fIee lo
varn lhe Crealure.
Any lranspossessed crealure shouId le pIayed iniliaIIy as a
lhreal lo lhe ICs. Lilher lhe person viII unvillingIy use an in-
inicaI aliIily, such as an energy drainer enlracing his rescuers,
a vanpire charning, or a groaning spiril crying, or lhe viclin
has lecone unlaIanced and sees lhe ICs as anolher horror fron
ils deIiriun. If lhe heroes have found lhe Ring of Reversion, a
lovnsperson nay leg lo le sel free, lul lhe ring viII relurn lhe
eviI spiril lo lhe forn and lhe ICs viII lhen have lo fighl a reaI
nonsler. If a lovnspersons spiril is sIain a vave of sensalion of
greal lragedy and lhe Ioss of innocenls viII sveep across any paI-
adins and cIerics presenl.
This oId pIace reeks vilh eviI, and any efforls lo c|cc| cti|
viII find eviI everyvhere, nasking lhe eviI of lhe crealures. If
used on a crealure acling as an innocenl, il onIy gains a con-
fused reading.
If nol deslroyed lefore lhe ICs Ieave, four gargoyIes fron lhe
lop of lover #44D viII svoop dovn as lhey Ieave.
The nassive slruclure of Cryphon HiII Ioons overhead as you
sland al lhe fool of lhe sleps Ieading lo lhe fronl door. The coId
slone nask of a greal gryphon Ieers over lhe archvay. IIanking
lhe enlrance are nore coId granile carvings of lhe
leasls. A heavy skuII-shaped knocker hangs on lhe iron-lound
door. IainlIy fron vilhin you can hear sounds~vind lIoving
lhrough lhe cracks of sonelhing nore sinisler`
When lhe characlers arrive al lhe nain door, lhey have a deIir-
iun episode. SuddenIy, lhe slalues of lhe griffons lurn lheir
heads lovards lhe characlers. The eyes of lhe leasls lIaze vilh
fire. Wilh a snapping crack of slone, lheir javs open and lhe
give a repliIian hiss. In an inslanl lhe vision is gone. nce
again everylhing is nornaI.
The slalues are acluaIIy slone goIens, sel lo guard lhe HiII,
lul viII onIy aninale if soneone lries lo Ieave lhrough lhe fronl
door vilh purIoined properly.
The knocker is haunled ly an eviI spiril caIIed up ly lhe
Crealure. Il viII hoId anyone grasping il and proceed lo allack
as if a viII-o-visp. A rcnctc cursc or o|css spc|| viII dissoIve lhe
spiril and lhe door viII creak oninousIy open.
The snaII enlrance haII has leen Iong unused. Thick dusl
carpels lhe fIoor. To eilher side of lhe doorvay sland anlique
suils of arnor. Their greal age renders lhen onIy good for
There is a 2O chance lhal lhe ghosl of Lady Codefroy (HK) viII
le in lhis roon unIess dispalched aIready. The Iilrary ilseIf is lare.
AII lhe sheIves have leen slripped of lheir looks. There is very IillIe
dusl on lhese sheIves. The looks have onIy recenlIy leen laken.
Moving a piece of lrin opens lhe lookcase lo reveaI 42K.
The grand slair. lhe vhile narlIe shoving lhrough even lhe
lhick cover of dusl, sveeps upvards, a reIic of lhe once proud
naslers of Cryphon HiII.
This haIIvay is Iined vilh cracked and dusly painlings. Spaced
lelveen each is an eIalorale vroughl iron candIe sconce.
There is a 3O chance lhal lhe ghosl of Lady Codefroy (HK),
sIain ly her husland, haunls lhis roon. If lhe ghosl is presenl,
il nay le a lranspossessed viIIager. The roon is eIeganlIy oulfil-
led vilh oversluffed furnilure, luiIl-in sheIves. painlings, and
a rich carpel on lhe fIoor. Il shovs signs of lhe AIchenisl
Slrahds occupalion vilhin lhe Iasl year.
A Iong oaken lalIe. sel vilh lvo Iarge candeIalras doninales lhis
roon. Al each end are heavy vooden chairs, carved vilh lhe fea-
lures of a fIying gryphon. Lighl snaIIer dining chairs Iine lhe sides
of lhe lalIe. The lalIe has leen very recenlIy sel for dinner. The
sealings are equaI lo lhe parly pIus one exlra person. AIong one
vaII is a nassive firepIace over vhich hangs a porlrail of one of lhe
naslers of Cryphon HiII. A chiII vind noans dovn lhe chinney.
ne or nore of lhe ilens lhe characlers seek nay le hidden le-
nealh lhe hearlh slone under lhe coId ashes of lhe firepIace or in
lhe secrel passage lehind lhe chinney.
In lhe fIue of lhe chinney is a hidden calch lhal opens lhe secrel
door of lhe firepIace. When aclivaled, lhe lack of lhe firepIace
opens and lhe Iog rack sinks leIov lhe IeveI of lhe fIoor, aIIoving a
person lo slep over il. SnaII hoIes have leen cul in lhe eyes of lhe
painling, aIIoving lhe vanpire in L lo see inlo lhis roon.
This roon shovs signs of recenl use. nIy lhe sheII of a Ioaf of
lread renains, forning a nesl for 3 dozen nice.
42H. 5TUDY
Il is cIear lhal lhis roon has leen used in lhe pasl year, aIlhough
lhere is evidence of a hurried deparlure. SeveraI Iarge chairs
have leen overlurned. A snaII calinel of curios has leen ran-
sacked and lhere are severaI lroken pieces of cryslaI on lhe fIoor.
Characlers exanining lhe carpeling cIoseIy viII find lraces of
dried lIood fron lhe nighl eviI Slrahd arrived in lhis vorId.
Here in a corner is a nole scrillIed ly lhe AIchenisl Slrahd.
|a|ncr ]csnua nas sai |na| if | ctcr ncc a sanc|uarq, nc ui||
g|a|q cffcr ai. Pcrnaps |nis ucu| oc a gcc p|acc |c s|crc nq
prita|c nc|cs . . .
HaIfvay dovn lhis passage is a narrov crack in lhe vaII, loo
snaII lo sIip lhrough. This crack Iooks inlo lhe darkened Ialora-
lory of 46C. Al lhe easl end of lhe passage is a Iadder going
dovn 3O inlo lhe darkness and up 2O lo lhe lrapdoor of 43I.
This narrov secrel passage runs lhe Ienglh of lhis vaII of lhe
house A shorl Iadder is faslened lo lhe vaII near lhe secrel en-
lrance, aIIoving a person lo see lhrough lhe eyes of lhe painling
in lhe Dining Roon. Walching here is a vanpire, a young
vonan (C1O) vho disappeared fron lovn sone veeks ago. Her
parenls presuned she had run off vilh a saiIor, nol reaIizing she
had faIIen viclin lo Slrahd. If she is nol discovered lefore lhe
pIayer characlers Ieave 42I, she viII sIip oul of lhe secrel passage
and foIIov lhen, slaIking lhen siIenlIy. If nol lranspossessed,
she viII allenpl lo anlush lhe parly (or a singIe nenler) al
lesl odds. If lranspossessed, she viII seek lo connunicale vilh
lhen, nol reaIizing lhe effecl of her vanpire forn and charn.
This snaII door is Iocked and larred fron lhe inside. There is 1
chance in 6 lhal lhe raised porlcuIIis viII crash dovn (Dng 2d1O)
vhen soneone vaIks pasl, lhe chain having rusled lhrough.
These heavy iron doors are lvo slories laII. They are Iocked and
larred fron lhe inside. A nassive porlcuIIis has leen Iovered
lehind lhen and lears an eIeclriaI g|qpn cf uaring (Dng
Thick colvels shroud severaI Iarge painlings al lhe lop of lhe
slairs. Lurking high in a dark conel is a gianl spider. Il viII al-
lack onIy if lhe colvels are dislurled.
n lhe fIyIeaf of a look lilIed, Tnc |nncr Scu|, lhe AIchenisl
Slrahd has scrillIed a quick nole lo hinseIf. The vriling is
nearIy iIIegilIe, leing vrillen in hasle. The finaI Iine varies de-
pending on vhere lhe Apparalus is Iocaled.
Hidden lehind lhe curlains of lhe fourposler led are lvo
shades: Caslon Inrad (C}), a lhief, and ShecIke Dusknan
(CQ), a fighler. During lhe day heavy curlains keep lhe roon in
shadovy Iighl,. If nol lranspossessed, one viII seek lo Iure lhe
ICs inlo lhe roon, vhiIe lhe lhief noves lo Iock lhe door. They
viII lhen generale 2-5 shadov inages each and aII viII nove lo
allack, darling in and oul of lhe shadovs. Any speII casling or
najor lighl source viII le draped vilh lhe led cIolhes or lhe
heavy curlains lo reduce lhen lo shadovy Iighl.
When lhe characlers enler lhis roon, lhey suffer a deIiriun epi-
sode vilh no vision. The roon is sparlanIy furnished and unoc-
cupied. A secrel door in lhe firepIace is opened ly lugging on
lhe fIue chain opening lo a conceaIed vaIk.
The cIosel is enply, lul ICs nay suffer a vision of vrilhing
vorns Iillering lhe fIoor.
This roon hoIds a fine led, vardrole, lalIe, vashsland and
a Iocked slronglox. There is lhe fainl odor of decay. The slrong-
lox requires lhree keys lo open, il seens. The fronl is acluaIIy a
facade and a secrel slud lenealh svings il open.
1st Lnck: Acid (Dng 2d4) and crippIes hand.
2nd Lnck: LIeclrified (Dng 3d6) and Syslen Shock.
3rd Lnck: InvisilIe poison gas, aII save or Iose 1 poinl each
round unliI cured.
If nol encounlered eIsevhere, lhe ghosl of Lady Codefroy is
encounlered here. The arrivaI of lhe eviI Slrahd has overcone
her olhervise genlIe souI and she is nov riven vilh hale of aII
The slrong lox hoIds a porlfoIio of privale noles and neno-
ries delaiIing lhe AIchenisl Slrahds groving desire and finaI
efforls lo drive eviI fron lhe souI of nan. There is aIso a Iedger
of suppIies ordered and an appoinlnenl Iedger shoving vhen
lhese suppIies vere lo arrive and his veekIy dinner assignalions
al Healher House. n lhe lack of lhe Iasl page is vrillen a nole
regarding lhe Iocalions he uses lo hide inporlanl ilens. This is
onIy a Iisl and ils purpose is nol defined. There is aIso a lag of
2O lopazes (1OO gp each.)
Beea1I 1In Iean1 s1ce Ia! c1es Le
Bc11cn esk nauen CIapeL c1
Hanging in lhe vardrole of lhis roon, during lhe dayline onIy,
are sone of eviI Slrahds cIolhes. AIlhough of fine nake, lhey are
nol vaIualIe. Hovever, lhere is a Iarge ruly lrooch vorlh 3OOO gp.
Anyone louching il viII have lhe feeIing lhal sonelhing eviI has
suddenIy gained knovIedge of his presence and vherealouls. If
lhe ilen is sloIen, lhe Crealure viII le sure lo visil lhe characler
vho sloIe il. The lvo conceaIed doors are disguised, one as a fuII
Ienglh nirror and lhe olher as parl of lhe vaII paneIing.
This secrel passage Ieads lo lhe lover slair. }usl lefore lhe slair is
a conceaIed lrapdoor, vhich is opened ly pressing a lrick in lhe
vaII. If il is nol opened, lhe firsl nan-sized person slepping on
il viII snap lhe calch, dropping lhe characler inlo lhe Iadder
shafl, a 5O drop.
This slair is danp and sIippery vilh runneIs of rainvaler.
Here can le found lhe haunl of Lord Codefroys chiId, IeneI-
ope (S3). If nol lranspossessed, il viII lry lo posses one of lhe
characlers and lhen conpIele ils fIighl fron ils falher. The pos-
sessed characler viII fIee up inlo lhe ChapeI (#45) and hide in
lhe farlhesl corner.
In lhis roon is lhe vanpire of a handsone young seanan, ArIie
Lslerlridge (H1O). If found ly lhe heroes, he viII le soaking
vel and viII al firsl hide, and lhen acl leIIigerenl, lul over-
joyed al leing found. He presenls hinseIf as a honeIess van-
derer vho has lroken inlo lhis deserled nanse lo escape lhe
slorn. He viII onIy allack if necessary, preferring lo slaIk lhe
characlers and slrike al his ovn line.
The rooflop is nade of vooden pIanking covered in Iead and
sIale shingIes. The Iead is heaviIy vealhered and lhe shingIes
spIinlering. There is a 5 chance per round of lhe roof coIIaps-
ing under a hero, dropping lhen lo lhe fIoor 15 leIov.
Here lhe rain, conlined vilh a lhick Iayer of noss, has nade
lhe sleepIy pilched roof very sIippery. Characlers crossing lhis
seclion nusl nake a Dexlerily check lo avoid sIipping. If lhey
sIip on lhe done side, lhey viII suffer 1d6 poinls of danage coI-
Iiding vilh lhe done. If sIipping on lhe olher side lhey nusl
nake a second Dexlerily check lo calch lhe edge of lhe roof, or
eIse pIunnel 5O feel lo lhe ground leIov.
These vooden slairs are rickely and creak oninousIy vilh each
slep. The sound of noaning and chains rallIing grovs Iouder as
lhey cIinl. Tvo dreIl (S7, H7) Iurk in lhe corners of lhe ceiIing.
A huge nelaI done rises 2O alove lhe surrounding roofIine.
Sludy shovs il lo le nade of Iayers of copper and sleeI. AIong
one side is a huge crack, lhe edges of vhich are neIled as if ly
inlense heal. The crack exlends leIov lhe Iine of lhe roof. Near
lhe lop, lhe crack is vide enough for any pIayer characler lo sIip
lhrough. Rope viII le needed lo reach lhe lollon of lhe Ial
(46C). Rain valer viII cascade lhrough lhe hoIe naking cIinl-
ing a rope -4 or -2O.
This slair cIinls 2O lo a snaII ninarel. A loIl of Iighlning has
lIasled a hoIe in lhe roof, aIIoving lhe rain lo pour inlo lhe
lover. Lurking in lhis lover, eilher in il or on ils roof, are 4 gar-
goyIes (CA, DA, SA, HA).
A foolIocker Iies open here and papers are slrevn aloul as if
soneone packed in a hurry. The pages are iIIegilIe scravIings
and diagrans of a nighly nachine. n a piece of paper le-
nealh lhe foolIocker is vrillen lhe foIIoving nessage.
I feeI nyseI f sI i ppi ng. The horror lhal i s reaI i ly
darkens ny nind and hides nenories. I fear lhe fe-
ver lhal rages in ne viII sleaI lhis discovery, so I
nake lhis lrief nole, in lhe one pIace I viII sureIy
r enenler l o I ook. I leI i eve I have di scover ed
vhere lhe fiend has secreled ny nachine. Wilhoul,
lhe Rod vhich I have hidden, he can nol gain lhe
fuII naslery he seeks.
A. The nanor hoIds lhe key. Il is seaIed avay.
B. He uses lhe respeclalIe dead lo hide corruplion.
C. He nocks ne, pIacing il in lhe haII of ny grave.
D. He has dragged il off lo lhe Iine pil.
E. Can il le lhal he uses ny onIy friends againsl ne`
F. He has luried lhe lhing in a hidden grave.
The snokeslack shovs no sigh of recenl use. Il is vide enough
lhal a haIfIing or gnone couId fil.
There is a vindov shuller lhal langs againsl lhe vaII in lhe
vind. The fIoor is Iillered vilh lird droppings and pinfealhers.
A nesl of 1O slirges is in lhe raflers of lhe lover roon.
Shullered vindovs hoId lack lhe vind and rain, causing a
veird noaning lo fiII lhe lover. The rooflop nay le reached
aIong a narrov Iedge.
This roon is unoccupied. Il radiales a slrong feeIing of good.
Nolhing viII allack ICs vhiIe lhey are here, incIuding lhe van-
pires. Lach vaII has an eIalorale slained gIass vindov, sliII un-
danaged afler aII lhese years. In lhe far coner of lhe roon is a
draped aIlar alove vhich hangs a Iarge siIver hoIy synloI
(25O gp) and reIigious paraphernaIia are Iaid on lhe cIolh. The
hoIy look is opened and a passage is narked vilh a red rillon.
Any vho vouId open lhe door lo ne, nusl firsl knov ny in-
ner peace. . .
The aIlar is acluaIIy a nelaI chesl vilh door lo lhe rear. If any
of lhe ilens are in lhis roon, lhey viII le in lhe chesl. The chesl
is uizar |cc|c and lears a sqnoc| cf cxpu|sicn on il. Any
louching lhe synloI nusl save vs SpeIIs or le leIeporled eilher
inlo lhe graveyard or inlo one of lhe ceIIs (46}). If lhe vord
ILACL is spoken aIoud vhiIe louching lhe synloI, no save
need le nade. In addilion, lhe chesl aIso conlains a lejeveIed
chaIice (vorlh 5,OOO gp) suilalIe for reIigious cerenony and
one slick of inccnsc cf nci|a|icn.
The fIoor of lhe roon is exceplionaIIy veak. Any characler
slepping onlo il nusl nake a Dexlerily Check or faII 45 dovn
lhe slairveII. If lhe check is passed, lhe characler Ieaps avay.
Nole lhal onIy lhe slaircase and lhe space vilh lhe chesl are
sound and Ieaping lo any olher space requires a second Dexler-
ily check. nIy lhe leans renain slrong enough lo supporl
veighl, as veII as a narrov Iedge lo one side. There is a chande-
Iier hanging fron lhe cenler of lhe ceiIing al a heighl of 12 feel.
If aII lhe spaces around lhe chesl coIIapse, lhe chesl viII leeler
lhen faII, snashing al lhe lollon of lhe slairveII. AII necessary
ilens viII le inlacl. lul lhe chaIice viII le crushed (1,OOO gp
vaIue) and lhe incense povdered.
The lasenenl has danp lare earlh fIoors and lhick slone vaIIs,
supporling lhe resl of lhe house. The slone is covered vilh a
Iayer of noId.
This roon is lhe panlry and rool ceIIar for lhe kilchen. Whal Iil-
lIe food renains is rollen and fouI. There are lins of spoiIed
lurnips. polaloes and lhe Iike. Croving undernealh lhe lop
Iayer of lhese lins is a Iarge green sIine.
The roon has leen nagicaIIy aIlered vilh a is|ancc is|cr-
|icn speII. The doors on lhe lack vaII are phony, designed lo
Iook Iike lhe iron doors Ieading lo lhe Ialoralory. The is|ancc
is|cr|icn nakes il appear lhal lhe panlry is nuch Ionger lhan
il reaIIy is, so lhal lhe fake doors vouId appear in lhe sane pIace
as lhe reaI iron doors lo lhe Ialoralory. Thus, lhe presence of lhe
Ialoralory is nol noled ly nosl visilors.
This haIIvay appears lo le a vine ceIIar. Hovever, lhe firsl lun
(Iarge larreI) is acluaIIy a secrel enlrance. To operale il, lhe
spigol nusl le opened and a pilcher of vine dravn off. When
lhis is done. lhe fronl of lhe lun opens, reveaIing a nansized
conparlnenl inside vilh a snaII Iedge 2/3's of lhe vay up lhe
side. ne person can use lhe enlrance al a line. When lhe door
is cIosed, lhe parlilion dividing lhe larreI opens, reIeasing a
fIood of vine vhich haIf fiIIs lhe lun. Thus, any person silling
on lhe Iedge renains dry. Al lhe lack of lhe lun is a door in lhe
lop haIf of lhe lun, vhich opens onlo area 46C. Characlers vho
drink lhe pilcher of vine or gel caughl in lhe fIood lecone in-
loxicaled according lo lhe ruIes for inloxicalion.
The shriveIed corpse of a nan Iies on lhe fIoor here, ils lody a
dried husk. He seens lo have leen dead a Iong line. This is lhe
nunny of CarI Rann (C8). He viII lrip lhe Iasl person Ieaving
lhe corridor and sIan and Iock lhe door lehind lhe resl of lhe
This roon is sinpIy furnished vilh a lalIe, chair, and col. Nov
piIed in lhe roon are lvo coffins fiIIed vilh dirl. These are lhe
coffins of lhe vanpires found upslairs. If lhe vanpires are slaIk-
ing lhe parly, lhey viII definileIy allack nov lo prevenl lhe des-
ecralion of lheir leds.
Bolh doors are Iocked vilh conpIex Iocks causing a -2O lo
pick Iock allenpls. nIy one door nay le unIocked al a line,
lhe second door viII nol unIock unliI lhe firsl is cIosed. The sec-
ond door is lrapped reIeasing a shover of acid (Dng 3d8) on
lhose caughl ly il.
This roon hoIds a series of looksheIves, a desk and chair, cali-
nels and slacks of crales and larreIs. The desk hoIds odds and
ends, lhough lhe lollon desk drav hoIds onIy a noIdy cheese
and a nesl of nice. Inside al lhe lop is a slud, lhal vhen pressed
causes a conceaIed draver lo sIide oul fron lhe side of lhe desk.
Ilens of inporl viII le here if in lhis roon.
The crales and larreIs hoId onIy nisceIIaneous gIassvare.
This roon is nov lhe alode of a Iurker alove. Il viII allack
vhen lhe parly is veII inlo lhe roon. lhervise, lhe roon is
fiIIed vilh lhe personaI ilens of Slrahd lhe AIchenisl, as reIales
lo his vork. The vaIIs are covered vilh diagrans and skelches.
This chanler is a huge nelaI-vaIIed done reaching aII lhe
vay fron lhe lasenenl lo lhe roof. A greal jagged crack
runs fron lhe apex of lhe done lo lhe ground. Waler rain-
ing dovn in an icy shover. Mosl of lhe chanler is enply,
lul dangIing fron lhe vaIIs and ceiIing are vires, ropes,
puIIeys leans, and scaffoIding. They aII seen lo converge
on a Iarge cenlraI area, as if sonelhing had leen lhere lul is
nov gone. The earlhen fIoor shovs greal gouged lracks Iead-
ing lo lhe lvo-slory iron doors in lhe lack of lhe chanler. In
lhe corners are slrevn lils of lroken junk and lrash.
If lhe characlers renain here for nore lhan one lurn
searching lhere viII le a Iighlning slrike on lhe done and
eIeclricily viII spark in lIue fIane across lhe Ioose vires and
nelaI fillings of lhe roon (Dng 2d8). This pover viII arc
fron one surface lo anolher for lhree rounds, charging lhe
roon vilh slalic eIeclricily. Then a quasi-eIenenlaI Iighl-
ning viII phase inlo exislence here.
This vas lhe Ialoralory vhen Slrahd lhe AIchenisl luiIl
and perfecled lhe Apparalus. Il has since leen renoved ly
lhe eviI Slrahd and his ninions. If lhe ilens lhe pIayer char-
aclers need are here, lhey are casl aside in lhe lils of junk
and lrash, overIooked ly Slrahds nindIess servanls.
46H. 5HAFT
This shafl lears a nelaI Iadder. Lvery round lhere is a 1 in 6
chance lhal a Iighlning slrike on lhe done viII eIeclrify lhe Iad-
der (Dng 2d8, pIus Slrenglh check or faII).
These ceIIs vere luiIl ly Lord Codefroy. They are Iong forgol-
len. RecenlIy discovered ly lhe Crealure, he uses lhis area lo
hoId caplives lefore lhey are lranspossessed. CurrenlIy, Iurking
in lhe shadovs anong lhe lones of ancienl prisoners is lhe cIeri-
caI shade of TandIe CoreyslaI (CK), lhe nunny of LIIen
Slinvorlhy (D8) and lhe vighl of Karen Ldgerlon (D5). The
Ialler lvo viII pIay dead unliI TandIe allacks fron lhe far end.
TandIe is an 18lh IeveI cIeric, pick his speIIs as desired.
This passage is lIeak and danp. A fiIn of green sIine nov fiIIs
lhe cenlraI seclion of lhe passage ceiIing. Il viII drop on anyone
passing undernealh il.
}usl oulside lhe Ialoralory doors are deepIy rulled vagon
lracks. IIayer characlers viII have IillIe difficuIly foIIoving
lhese in lhe direclion of Mordenlshire ly vay of lhe Hidden
Track. Hovever, lefore acluaIIy reaching lhe lovn, lhe rain has
vashed lhen avay.
louncing dovn lhe rough sIope of lhe hiII, lhis lareIy rulled
lrack skirls ly lhe edge of lhe log and pIunges lhrough lhe
cIoseIy packed lrees of lhe Dark Wood. AII aIong lhe roule
lhere is an oninous siIence of sonelhing vailing lo happen.
This secrel palh vas luiIl ly lhe AIchenisl lo hide his vork
fron prying eyes. Aloul haIfvay lelveen lhe vood and lhe
house SshhislhuIhuu, lhe nihslu viII rise up lo chaIIenge aII
vho use lhis road.
Slalioned ly eviI Slrahd al lhis end of lhe Hidden Track arc lhe
lhree verevoIves (C4, D4 & H4). Al nighl, even if lranspos-
sessed lhey viII le driven ly hunger. They have inslruclions lo
prevenl anyone lul lhe Crealures converls fron using lhis
road. In addilion, he has pronised lhen a porlion of lhe un-
converled viIIagers vhen aII is done. They viII nol direclIy al-
lack a slrong group, lul viII slaIk lhen lhrough lhe voods
vailing for lhe chance lo slrike fron lehind and vilh surprise.
If lhe pIayer characlers allenpl lo Ieave Mordenlshire ly slrik-
ing oul cross-counlry, a lhick fog viII quickIy enveIop lhen.
They viII quickIy lecone Iosl and afler four or five hours of
narching, lhey viII Ieave lhe fog onIy lo find lhenseIves
headed lack lovards Mordenlshire fron a nev direclion! This
viII conlinue lo happen no naller hov nany lines lhe pIayer
characlers persisl. HopefuIIy, lhey viII gel lhe idea lhal lhey arc
lo renain in lovn unliI lhe advenlure is over.
Chaptcr 3:
Tn Thc Mannr Wc!! Bnrn
A ruddy-Iooking, handsone nan roIIs lhrough lhe door in a
vheeIchair. His sniIe is lroad as he exlends his hand.
Creelings, friends! I an Lord Wealhernay. I an deIighled
lhal you have cone!
The neeling vilh Lord Wealhernay shouId le roIe pIayed. The
Iord knovs lhe foIIoving infornalion, and viII reIale il lo lhe
characlers freeIy, or in ansver lo lheir queslions.
Healher House Ioinl is a high prononlory julling inlo lhe sea.
Upon lhe prononlory is lhe nanor of Healher House, lhe
dveIIing of Lord and Lady Wealhernay, as veII as lhe Wealher-
nay eslale and lhe faniIy nausoIeun. The eslale incIudes a
high ridge of roIIing healh and lhe lhick crescenl of lhe
Healhervood, vhich surrounds lhe Iand approaches lo lhe
house and nark lhe loundaries of lhe Wealhernay hoIdings.
Healher House, and lhe surrounding eslale, can le seen in sev-
eraI differenl Iighls during lhe advenlure. You shouId porlray
lhese dranalicaIIy differenl noods for lhe pIayers lhrough your
descriplions of lhe house and grounds.
Thc FIrst VIsIt
This viII IikeIy occur as lhe ICs visil Lord Wealhernay lo gain
infornalion aloul lhe lask he vanls lhen lo perforn. During
lhis visil, lhe nood shouId le pIeasanl and reIaxed. The
vealher viII le caIn and peacefuI. If il is dayline, lhe sun viII
shine, even if cIouds fiII nuch of lhe resl of lhe sky. The air viII
le nearIy sliII. Birds shouId chirp fron lhe oak lrees of Healher-
vood, and aIerl ICs viII see lhe voodIand crealures scanpering
aloul, unnindfuI of danger or inlrusion.
The sane nood shouId carry over as lhe ICs enler lhe house
for lheir neeling vilh Lord Wealhernay. His Lordship, despile
his invaIid condilion. viII le cheerfuI and laIkalive. His face
viII lear a heaIlhy, rolusl coIor. SunIighl viII slrean
in lhrough
lhe vindovs, and aII lhe curlains viII le fIung lack. Brighl
louquels of fIovers add a dranalic louch of coIor lo lhe eIe-
ganl, dignified air of lhe nanor.
The ICs viII le shovn lhrough areas M3 (anleroon) and M6
(parIor) ly a servanl. Lord Wealhernay viII neel lhen in lhe
parIor and lake lhe parly lo area M8 (lhe sludy). This is vhere
lhe neeling viII lake pIace.
Lord Wealhernay has hired lhe ICs lhrough cIericaI connec-
lions lo sel his nind al ease. He viII pay lheir liIIs, and offer
each 1OO gp per day. A lonus of 1OOO gp apiece viII le paid for
lhe successfuI concIusion of lhe advenlure. He vanls lhe ICs lo
invesligale lhe nyslerious nansion on Cryphon HiII.
Cryphon HiII has leen haunled for cenluries, since lhe originaI
Iord venl nad and nurdered his faniIy. Lveryone vho has al-
lenpled lo Iive lhere has soon Iosl lheir sanily A year ago, Counl
Slrahd van Zarovich loughl lhe eslale, and noved in. He shipped
in severaI heavy vagons Ioaded vilh cargo lo lhe house.
Slrahd kepl lo hinseIf al lhal line, never visiling lovn. He
hired no servanls. IinaIIy, Lord Wealhernay inviled lhe counl
lo dinner, and vas surprised lo neel a young, handsone, and
inleIIigenl nan. ShorlIy, Slrahd and Lady Virginia Wealhernay
feII in Iove. Slrahd asked for Virginias hand in narriage, and
Lord Wealhernay vas happy lo give his lIessing.
Then, a nonlh ago during a savage slorn, Slrahd arrived al
Healher House in lhe niddIe of lhe nighl, lerror-slricken. The
sane nighl, Virginia lecane affIicled vilh fever and deIusions,
nuch lhe sane as Slrahd. Neilher of lhen knov lhe cause of
lheir frighl, yel lhey lolh harlor an inlense fear of lhe house on
Cryphon HiII. Neilher couId le persuaded lo relurn lhere.
Lord Wealhernay is vorried, and a IillIe suspicious. Before
lhe narriage lakes pIace, he vouId Iike lhe ICs lo invesligale
lhe house on Cryphon HiII, and lo reporl lo hin anylhing sus-
picious lhal lhey nighl discover aloul Slrahd.
Afler reIaling lhis infornalion, Lord Wealhernay viII ring
for Mislress Ardenl, and ask her lo invile Counl Slrahd and
Lady Virginia lo join lhen. In a fev ninules, lhe coupIe viII do
so. As lhey enler, have each pIayer nake a save vs SpeIIs. Those
lhal faiI viII seen lo see an odd dislorlion in Slrahds appear-
ance as he is inlroduced. Shifling fron lhe handsone, lIond-
haired nan lefore lhen, lhey viII sel a shadovy inage of a
lIack-haired, dark crealure. This viII le acconpanied ly a per-
iod of chiIIs, lul viII quickIy fade lack lo reaIily.
Slrahd and Lady Virginia viII le alIe lo furnish IillIe in lhe vay
of infornalion, since lhey cannol renenler vhal lerrified lhen so
grealIy. They viII lolh le heIpfuI and cooperalive, as veII as pIeas-
anl. Il viII le olvious lhal lhey are very nuch in Iove.
Do nol roII any Randon Lncounlers during lhis visil, eilher
for lhe grounds or lhe inlerior of lhe house. Ignore any deIiriun
evenls if lhe ICs venlure anyvhere in lhe house vhere lhis oc-
curance is Iisled. Be sure lo Iinil lheir expIoralions lo excIude
lhe lhree areas vhere lhe Apparalus nighl le Iocaled. As lhe
ICs Ieave lhe grounds lhe firsl line, lhey shouId suffer a deIir-
iun episode vilh chiIIs and fear lul no vision.
Thc 5ccnnd VIsIt
The ICs shouId evenluaIIy reaIize lhal lhey viII have lo relurn
lo Healher House and expIore il in nore delaiI in order lo re-
soIve lhe advenlure. If nol, lhey viII prolalIy relurn here lo re-
cuperale fron lheir advenlures and lo reporl on lheir
expedilion. The house and grounds viII differ consideralIy
upon lhe second and sulsequenl visils, conpared lo lhe paslo-
raI scene lhal greeled lhen upon lheir firsl visil.
The vealher viII vorsen, regardIess of ils currenl condilion as
lhe ICs arrive al lhe eslale. If lhe vealher is sliII reIaliveIy caIn,
lhe vind viII pick up and a sIighl drizzIe viII legin. If il is aI-
ready raining, lhen lhe Iighlning viII increase dranalicaIIy, and
lhe chance of a IC gelling slruck ly Iighlning increases ly 5.
No aninaIs viII le visilIe on lhe grounds, regardIess of lhe
line of lhe second visil. Hovever, you shouId nake a check
againsl lhe Healher House Crounds Randon Lncounler TalIe
every 2 lurns lhal lhe ICs spend on lhe grounds. A roII of 1 on a
d6 neans lhal an encounler occurs. Nole lhal sone of lhese en-
counlers viII occur onIy al nighl. If one is indicaled during lhe
day, no encounler occurs.
Wilhin Healher House, lhe nood viII conlinue in a sinisler
vein. The fIover arrangenenls presenl upon lhe firsl visil viII
have shriveIed and died. Curlains viII le dravn shul. As lhe
slorn lrevs oulside, lhe fIashing of Iighlning viII creale an ef-
fecl of lrighl, hol Iighl, foIIoved innedialeIy ly exaggeraled
darkness. The ICs viII experience any deIiriun episodes indi-
caled in lhe encounler key.
1d8 Numbcr/Typc Encnuntcrcd Nntcs
1 1-4 DispIacer Beasls
2 2-8 Shadov Masliffs
1-6 Wrailhs nighl onIy
2-8 HeII Hounds
3-6O SkeIelons nighl onIy
1OO-4OO Ravens viII nol allack
7 1-8 Slrahd Zonlies nighl onIy
8 1-6 gianl spiders
The exlensive grounds of lhe eslale incIude lhe oaken foresl
knovn as Healhervood. This vood nanlIes lhe Iover fIanks of
lhe hiIIs Ieading up lo lhe house. The vood is prinariIy a foresl
of huge, ancienl oak lrees, inlerspersed vilh hickory. There is
IillIe underlrush in lhe foresl, so vaIking lhrough il is easy
and, during good vealher, pIeasanl. Il is inhaliled ly aII nan-
ner of pasloraI voodIand crealures, incIuding deer, rallils,
squirreIs and skunks. Irequenl snaII neadovs are scallered
anong lhe laII lrunks, and lhese are ledecked vilh fIovers.
The open parls of lhe eslale are roIIing healher. They are cov-
ered vilh a carpel of Iush grass al lhe slarl of lhe advenlure. As
lhe slorn grovs in inlensily, lhe grass lecones nalled againsl
lhe ground, evenluaIIy lurning lrovn and dying. The healher
conlains nany dips and rises, so il is reIaliveIy easy for characlers
or crealures lo conceaI lhenseIves fron viev here.
The norlheasl and soulhvesl loundaries of lhe eslale are
sheer chaIk cIiffs, descending 15O lo lhe valer, or lovn in one
Iocalion. The lase of lhe cIiff is Iined vilh jagged louIders
aIong ils enlire Ienglh. The chaIk is crisscrossed vilh cracks, and
lhieves can cIinl il vilh lheir nornaI cIinl vaIIs check.
Tvo luiIdings occupy proninenl posilions on lhe eslale. Al
lhe lerninaI of Healher Road, alop lhe highesl hiII on lhe es-
lale, sils Healher House ilseIf. Behind lhe house, silling alop
anolher high knoII, is lhe Wealhernay faniIy nausoIeun.
1d8 Numbcr/Typc Encnuntcrcd Nntcs
1 1-4 Cianl Toads ceIIar onIy
2 3-18 Slirges
3 Creen SIine ceIIar onIy
4 Vanpiress (S1O)
5 InvisilIe slaIker
6 1-4 Haunls lo vin a gIorious lallIe
7 1-4 Shades
8 lhe Crealure
This high slone nanor is lhe Iargesl luiIding in Mordenlshire,
and seens lo doninale lhe counlryside for niIes around. The
vaIIs are nade of gray fieIdslone, vilh a rough surface lhal is
cIinlalIe ly lhieves as a nornaI sheer surface. The vindovs are
gIass, and are generaIIy aloul 6 laII and 2 vide. Lach vindov
is recessed on lhe oulside inlo an aIcove 2 deep. The roof of lhe
nanor is sIale, and sleepIy sIoping. Characlers cIinling on lhis
roof nusl nake a Dexlerily check each lurn lhal lhey spend
here, or faII. The roof ends 3O alove lhe ground. Thieves nay
roII a cIinl vaIIs check vilh a +1O lonus inslead.
The Healher House encounler areas are descriled as lhey viII
le seen ly lhe ICs during lheir second visil lo lhe nanor. Dur-
ing lheir firsl visil, lhey shouId nol see nosl of lhese pIaces,
lhose lhal lhe characlers do visil shouId le descriled consislenl
vilh lhe nood of lhe firsl visil.
When lhe ICs expIore lhe nanor lhe second line lhey visil
il, lhe loxed seclions of lexl shouId le read. AIso, lhe charac-
lers nay have sone randon encounler during lhis second visil.
RoII a d6 every 3 lurns lhal lhe characlers spend in lhe nanor
house. If a 1 resuIls, check againsl lhe Healher House Randon
Lncounler TalIe lo delernine vhal is encounlered.
If lhe characlers decide lo sneak inlo or around lhe nanor, lhey
viII le lrealed as inlruders and lrespassers if lhey cannol
quickIy juslify lheir presence. If lhey arrive al lhe nanor and
ask lo Iook around, Lord Wealhernay viII acl surprised, lul
nay le agreealIe if lhe ICs expIain lheir suspicions. If Lord
Byron is lhe Crealure, he viII aIerl his ninions of lhe danger.
Then he nay vanl lo acconpany lhe heroes. Because of his in-
vaIid condilion Byron noles lhal lhere couId le lhings happen-
ing in lhe house of vhich he is unavare.
Because of lhe fury of lhe slorn, il is IikeIy lhal Lord and
Lady Wealhernay, lhe IieIders (lheir houseguesls), and Slrahd
viII aII have galhered logelher in lhe parIor or Iilrary. The nen
viII offer vhalever heIp lhey can lo lhe ICs, if lhey suspecl or
are loId of danger. If any of lhe characlers are lranspossessed,
lhey viII slaII for line lo varn lhe olher crealures of lhe dark, or
lhey viII suggesl lhal lhey shouId spIil up so as lo cover lhe
ground nore quickIy.
Areas nol keyed vilh a specific nunler on lhe naps of lhe na-
nor are haIIvays. These areas are paved vilh narlIe fIooring,
and lhe vaIIs arc nade of lurnished vood. ChandeIiers are
spaced al frequenl inlervaIs lo provide Iighling. During lhe sec-
ond visil of lhe ICs lo lhe house, lhe chandeIiers viII le noslIy
dark, vilh onIy one or lvo candIes lurning per fixlure.
Cray granile piIIars supporl lhe overhanging veighl of lhe
second fIoor. forning an aisIe lhrough lhe nusly darkness of
lhe galehouse. Tvo sels of gales, an inner and an ouler pair,
secure lhe enlrances. Bolh gales hang open and sving freeIy
in lhe vind.
A nuddy sel of slairs descends fron lhe galehouse lo a soIid
vooden door in lhe ceIIar. Lven if il is nighlline, no lorches or
Ianlerns viII have leen Iil in lhe galehouse.
The vide courlyard is paved vilh collIeslones. The nain en-
lrance lo lhe nanor Iies opposile lhe galehouse. A siniIar,
snaIIer door slands i lhe vaII lo lhe Iefl. To lhe righl is a sin-
pIe vooden door, and direclIy lo lhe righl of lhe galehouse is a
pair of vooden doors lhal apparenlIy Iead lo lhe slalIes. Beside
lhese doors spravIs a Iarge piIe of lIack dirl, conlaining nany
louIders and slones. No grass grovs fron lhis dirl.
The doors Ieading inlo lhe nanor are aII unIocked. If lhe ICs
approach lhe nain doors, lhey viII le greeled ly Mislress Ar-
denl. The olher doors are unallended.
This huge and darkened haII is paneIed vilh nahogany. Tvo
huge lapeslries dispIay hunling scenes lo eilher side of lhe
doulIe doors slraighl ahead. Wide slairvays lo lhe righl and
Iefl cIinl lo lhe second fIoor. There are slorage cIosels vilh
Iinens and china under each slairvay. HaIIvays Iead lo lhe
righl and Iefl direclIy fron lhe enlrance.
If lhe pIayers Iook leyond lhe slairvays, lhey viII discover
lhe door Ieading lo area 4 and lhe door opposile lhis one.
This roon conlains slurdy chairs and couches, posilioned lo
Iook lhrough lhe vide gIass doors lo lhe vesl. The gIass in
lhe doors has leen shallered, and severaI vases of fIovers
have lIovn lo lhe fIoor and lroken. The vind curIs in
lhrough lhe open doorvays and noans around lhe roon.
The door Ieading lhrough lhe cenler of lhe lack vaII is
Iocked. Il Ieads lo lhe ceIIar.
This high ceiIinged roon is ringed vilh vindovs. Mosl of
lhe vindovs have leen lIocked ly heavy vooden shullers,
lul one pair of shullers has lIovn open. The unshullered
vindov is cracked, lul nol lroken. Many vases of fIovers
sland around lhe roon, lul lhe Iovers are aII viIled.
The secrel door lo lhe soulh is conceaIed in lhe vooden pan-
eIing of lhe roon. Il can le opened ly lurning a candIe sconce
sel in lhe vaII nearly.
This roon vas laslefuIIy furnished vilh oversluffed furni-
lure and veIvel vaIIpaper. Nov, hovever, lhe sluffing has
leen puIIed fron lhe chairs, and lhe vaIIpaper is covered
vilh Iong scralches.
The danage in lhis roon vas caused ly rals. The rodenls viII le
novhere lo le found vhen lhe ICs expIore lhe roon.
The ICs viII suffer a deIiriun episode as lhey enler lhis
roon. They hear a noaning, unearlhIy sound fron lhe Iilrary.
They lhen have a vision of lhe Iilrary door fIying open and lhe
hideous, exaggeraled forn of lhe Crealure energes fron lhe
doors. Il allacks lhe ICs nerciIessIy, for seven rounds and lhen
fIees. The vhoIe encounler is an iIIusion, hovever, so no ICs
viII suffer pernanenl danage
This is olviousIy lhe Iilrary. A Iarge firepIace, nov coId and
enply, doninales lhe far vaII. The resl of lhe vaIIs arc Iined
vilh looksheIves. SeveraI conforlalIe chairs are arranged
around lhe lhe cenler of lhe roon, each pIaced near a can-
The looks in lhe roon cover a variely of lopics, incIuding
hunling, saiIing, and hislory vilh Iarge sheIves devoled lo lhese
oId hollies of Lord Wealhernays. The looks are aII very dusly.
This is vhere lhe ICs viII find lhe AIchenisl during nearIy
aII hours of lhe advenlure, unIess lhey arrived announced al lhe
fronl doors. The roon conlains a huge desk, a heavy iron safe,
and severaI chairs for visilors or guesls. RegardIess of vhelher or
nol lhe AIchenisl is found here, a Iarge lone Iies open upon
lhe desk. Il is lilIed: TH| NATUR| O| TH| SOU|. Pcr|icn cr
Tc|a|i|q cf |nc Man?
The safe conlains 1 lag of 15 gens, each vorlh 1OOO gp, and
a pouch of 45O goId pieces. AIso here arc lhe deeds lo lhe
Wealhernay eslales, eslalIishing lhal lheir ovnership has leen
in lhe Wealhernay faniIy for sone 4OO years.
The door lo lhis area has leen naiIed shul. I-he vindovs are
lighlIy shullered. Any servanl viII inforn lhe ICs lhal lhere
vas a recenl fire in lhis guesl suile and lhal repairs have nol yel
leen nade. If lhe ICs nanage lo enler, read lhe foIIoving de-
The chanlers vere once fineIy furnished, lul dusl and decay
nov doninale lhen. To lhe righl, a dressing roon sliII hoIds
nany pieces of lrocaded and carved furnilure nov charred and
ruined. Lach slep on lhe fIoor raises a cIoud of ash.
The roon is nov inhaliled ly a groaning spiril. The nonslers
forn viII le slrelched upon lhe led Iike a corpse. When il is
discovered, il viII arise and allack. If il is nighl, lhe lanshee
viII vaiI lefore physicaIIy allacking.
Hidden lenealh lhe draped ruins are crales and crales of cop-
per vire, gIass luling and lvo henispheres of a gIass gIole. ICs
nay leIieve lhey have found lhe disassenlIed Apparalus.
M10: 5TABLE5
The heavy vooden doors lo lhe slalIes are secured vilh a
vooden lar fron lhe inside. The doors Ieading lo lhese slalIes
fron lhe servanls quarlers are Iocked.
Whal vas once a peacefuI slalIe is nov a scene of grolesque
horror. Iour horses Iie on lIoodslained slrav, and nov second
gIance is needed lo delernine lhal lhey are dead. The
lodies have leen savaged, lul nol ealen, as if vhalever
sIayed lhen reIished lhe crueIly of lhe kiIIing, lul needed
no food fron lhese unforlunale crealures.
The horses vere sIain ly lranspossessed hunans, under lhe
order of lhe Crealure. They have leen Iefl lo serve as a varning
lo any vho exhilils undue curiousily aloul lhe occurrences in
ccupying a slaII near lhe lark of lhe slalIes are lvo skeIelaI
sleeds. If lhe ICs legin lo expIore lhe slalIes, lhey viII allack.
Near lhe sleeds slaII slands a Iadder Ieading lo a hayIofl. Char-
aclers expIoring lhe Iofl nay discover a Iadder suspended
againsl a shadovy porlion of lhe ceiIing, and Ieading lo a con-
ceaIed lrapdoor. Treal lhe Iadder as a conceaIed door and lhe
lrapdoor as a secrel door for purposes of lhe ICs discovering
The fourlh rung of lhe Iadder is lroken on one side and viII
svay vhen slepped on. This in lurn rings a varning leII alove.
The lrapdoor lears a ccn|ingcncq speII vhich viII casl a vanish
speII on lhe conlenls of lhe roon alove if lhe lrapdoor is nol
unIocked vilh a key
This sinpIy furnished chanler is lhe dayroon of Lee and Mar-
garel Healherly, lhe Healher House groundskeepers. During
lhe day, lhe pair viII le oulside, lrinning hedges or pIanling
and lending lhe fIoverleds. Al nighl lhey viII le al hone in
lovn, or if lad vealher lhrealens, here.
Lee aIso used lo lend lhe horses in lhe slalIe, lul Lord
Wealhernay inslrucled hin, severaI veeks ago, lo Ieave lhe
horses lo anolher person. Lee does nol knov vho lhis is, and he
has nol gone inlo lhe slalIes since lhen.
The vaIIs are covered vilh racks and sheIves. BridIes, sad-
dIes, harnesses, and horseshoes are slored here.
CIose invesligalion viII reveaI lhal aII of lhe gear has leen salo-
laged in sullIe vays. SaddIeslraps have leen nearIy cul
lhrough, and harness loIls have leen Ioosened. Any piece of
lack used upon a horse has a 5O chance per lurn of lreaking.
This Iarge vooden roon is furnished pIainIy vilh chairs, lvo
lalIes, and sone vooden sheIves. Il is cIean and neal.
This is lhe roon provided for lhe servanls lo galher and so-
ciaIize. oul of sighl of lhe Iord and Iady. Al nighl, any of lhe
savanls vho have nol leen lranspossessed viII le found here.
Their nood is suspicious and fearfuI, lul lhey viII laIk lo lhe
ICs if approached poIileIy, and nol lhrealened. The servanls
viII le avare of any changes in lhe lehavior of lheir co-vorkers
such as nighl have leen vroughl ly lranspossession.
These lhree roons are lhe quarlers of Mislress Ardenl, lhe
house servanl, Winifred KIeinen, lhe cook, and Bridgel Du-
nas, lhe handnaiden vho serves lhe IieIders, lul is slaying
vilh lhen in Healher House. Lach is sinpIy appoinled, vilh
feninine louches on lhe vaIIs and ledspreads. If lhe roons
residenl has leen lranspossessed, hovever, lhese louches
(fIovers, decoralions, slaluary) viII le spoiIed, lroken, or niss-
This is lhe kilchen of Healher House, and as such is
equipped vilh lhe finesl in sloves, kellIes, firepIaces, and
even an iceroon. A fainl sneII of garlage perneales lhe air,
hovever, and lhe Iarge lrass kellIes on lhe counler seen lo
le sonevhal larnished. SeveraI dirly dishes are piIed upon
lhe counler. Dozens of fal lIack fIies rise fron lhe dishes as
lhe door opens.
Winifred KIienen viII le here during lhe day and earIy eve-
ning. If she has nol leen lranspossessed, she is nervous and sus-
picious. She lries lo keep lhe kilchen cIean, lul cannol seen lo
keep up vilh lhe pervasive corrosion, rol, and soiI lhal slens lo
have inhaliled lhe kilchen in lhe Iasl fev veeks.
The fal fIies viII grov suddenIy quiel al any nenlion of lhe
nyslerious eviI. They viII congregale on a vindov pane and
forn a siIhouelle of eviI eyes valching and foIIoving. If a char-
acler gels loo near lhey viII svarn and luzz viIdIy aloul, one
liling lhe characlers ear and draving a goul of lIood.
These lvo haIIs conlain Iarge slocks of food. Many lypes of fIour
and laking ingredienls, dozens of spices, Iard, vegelalIes,
dried fruils, and dried fish have leen slored here. AIlhough
nolhing appears aniss lo lhe casuaI olserver, nuch of lhe dried
food has succunled lo dry rol. The vegelalIes, upon exanina-
lion, viII le found lo le cravIing vilh naggols. The spices re-
lain IillIe of lheir originaI fIavor, and have acquired a linl of
This slaleIy chanler conlains a Iong dining lalIe, and a
dozen slurdy chairs, of dark vood. Three chandeIiers, un-
Iighled, hang fron lhe ceiIing. SeveraI painlings hang aIong
lhe shadovs of lhe side vaIIs.
The painlings depicl lhe various Lord Wealhernays lhal have
presided al Healher House lhrough lhe cenluries. There are 17
of lhen, aII slaleIy genlIenen lhal lear a vague faniIy resen-
lIance lo each olher. Any characler vieving lhe painlings in
good Iighl, and naking a successfuI Wisdon Check, delecls a
Iook of fear or revuIsion in lhe eyes of one of lhe painlings.
The cryslaI of lhe chandeIiers is cracked, and lhe finish of lhe
lalIe is sneared and scralched. UgIy slains nark lhe carpeling
vilh spIolchcs of purpIe, red, or lIack.
This roon conlains a sinpIe vooden desk and severaI chairs.
Wilhin lhe desk are Iedgers conlaining lhe fiscaI records of
Healher House and lhe Wealhernay hoIdings. The faniIy re-
lains inleresl in severaI nerchanl shipping conpanies, and does
quile veII. Lverylhing seens lo le in order.
The eIeganl laIIroon of Healher House has nol seen any danc-
ing for 1O years, as Lord Wealhernay has nol enlerlained since his
vifes dealh. Nov, il is eilher enply and dark, or lhe hiding
pIace of lhe Apparalus.
If lhe Apparalus is here, lhe roon viII aIso conlain 25 Slrahd
Zonlies hidden in ornanenlaI suils of arnor, under lhe slairs,
and lehind lhe curlains.
This passage resenlIes aII of lhe olher haIIs in lhe house. As
soon as a IC enlers, hovever, lhe group viII experience a deIu-
sion. If you have pIayed RAVLNLIT, recreale an encounler
vilh Slrahd lhal vas parlicuIarIy horrifying. lhervise, 1 slone
goIen viII Iurch fron lhe vaII of lhe roon. In any evenl, lhe
ICs viII experience lhe allack of lhe nonsler in aII ils fury for 9
rounds, lul aII danage is iIIusionary.
The vindovs of lhis chanler are lighlIy shullered, and lhe
air has a slaIe and nusly quaIily. SeveraI chairs and snaII la-
lIes occupy lhe cenler of lhe roon, facing lhe lighlIy seaIed
This is lhe Wealhernays silling roon, and a favorile spol for dovn lo lhe hayIofl in lhe slalIes.
lhe Lord and his vife lo go for privacy. As such, lhe Lord goes RegardIess of vhelher or nol lhe Apparalus is here, lhe roon
here rareIy, lhese days.
A snaII chair and lalIe, vilh an allached nirror, are lhe onIy
ilens of furnilure in lhis roon. A Iong rack againsl lhe oulside
vaII hoIds nany roles and suils of genlIenan's cIolhing.
This roon is IuxuriousIy furnished, vilh a nassive four
posler led, Iush carpeling, and severaI sofl couches and
chairs. SeveraI fIickering Ianlerns provide din iIIuninalion.
is occupied ly a laIking raven vho ansvers lo lhe nane of Luci-
fer. He viII hide al firsl and caII oul fron lhe lop of a curlain.
The raven seens oddIy avare, and viII parrol lack vords he
hears, lhough every so oflen he adds nev phrases of his ovn so
il nighl seen lhal he is inleIIigenl.
There is aIso lhe sliII forn of an aged hunan resling lenealh
a sheel draping a chair. This is acluaIIy a doppIeganger (S2).
She viII use LSI lo read lhe ninds of lhose vho enler and viII
assune lhe forn of an oId friend or lhe dead Lady Wealhernay.
She viII feign fear and if delecled for eviI, viII lIane il on her
unnaluraI slale (possilIy unIiving or lainl of lhe Crealure). She
viII eilher le overjoyed lo le rescued or fervenlIy pronise lo
give lhen aid.
In lhe curlained cIosel are severaI crales sluffed vilh slrav.
They conlain lhe disassenlIed lones of 12 Slrahd SkeIelons
vho if connanded ly lhe Crealure or dunped on lhe fIoor,
During lhe nighl, Lord Wealhernay viII le found here, unIess
he has leen sunnoned lo a dislurlance.
viII reassenlIe and aninale.
The residenl of lhis roon is olviousIy fenaIe. IriIIy curlains
surround lhe vindov and lhe led. A vide dressing lalIe,
covered vilh Iolions, perfunes, and rouges, fiIIs lhe far end
of he roon. SeveraI huge cIolhes vardroles sland around
lhe vaIIs, vilh lheir doors lhrovn open lo reveaI nunerous
govns and dresses.
This is Lady Wealhernays roon. If one of lhe inporlanl ilens
vas chosen lo le pIaced here, il viII le in lhe Iargesl cIolhes
cIosel Iying on a red veIvel dress. This cIosel is lhe onIy one vilh
cIosed doors, and in facl lhe doors arc Iocked. Wilhin, lhe ol-
jecl viII le guarded ly a pair of gargoyIes lhal Iook Iike slone
luIIdogs, resling siIenlIy unliI lhe doors are opened.
This roon conlains yel nore cIolhes for Lady Wealhernay, as
veII as nakeup lalIes, vilh Ianlerns, and a dozen fuII Ienglh
Lach of lhese roons is furnished in laslefuI, lul suldued slyIe.
A king size led, dresser, vanily, chairs, and lalIe can le found
in each roon. The firsl and second of lhese roons are occupied
ly lhe Baron and Baroness IieIding (D} & S}), respecliveIy. Al
nighl, lhe lvo of lhen viII le encounlered logelher in one or
lhe olher of lhese roons. The fourlh guesl roon is occupied ly
Lady IieIding (SQ).
Lach of lhese roons conlains fresh Iinen for lhe ledroons of
Healher house. ne roon conlains loveIs, vashcIolhs, and
lalhing roles. There is a Iarge vooden lalhlul and luckels for
fiIIing il. The olher roon hoIds quiIls, piIIovs, and lIankels.
The roon spravIs in chaolic disarray. CIolhes are slrevn eve-
ryvhere, Ieaving onIy snaII palches of lhe carpel visilIe. A
huge nound of Iinens seens lo nark lhe approxinale Ioca-
lion of lhe led. nIy lhe Iarge vanily is free fron lhe cIolh
lIankel. Upon il are spread severaI heavy lones, aII
slrelched open lo various pages.
The looks are aII voIunes of psychoIogy and science, and deaI
vilh various aspecls of lhe souI, or spiril of hunan kind. Bach is
open lo a page lhal discussed lhe nuIlipIe facels vilhin an indi-
viduaI. ne descriles a possilIe procedure for using hypnosis lo
separale lhe various facels, or spirils, vilhin a singIe individuaI.
The vaIIs of lhis roon are Iined vilh lhe head of greal and
savage leasls. The heads of a gorgon, heII hound, Iion,
ovIlear, and perylon Iine lhe side vaIIs. AIone on lhe end
vaII gIeans lhe sinisler head of a lIack dragon.
In a Iocked case lo lhe side of lhe roon is Lord Wealhernay's
hunling equipnenl, Iong unused. The equipnenl incIudes a
|cngocu +3, 24 arrcus +2, and 3 spcars +2.
The doorvays lo lhis ving of lhe nansion has leen seaIed vilh
lrick vaIIs. Any servanl can inforn lhe ICs lhal lhese roons
Lach of lhese is a snaII pIalforn, encIosed ly a 3 high slone
leIonged lo lhe Iale Lady Wealhernay, and lhal vhen she died
vaII. The collIeslones of lhe courlyard Iie 2O leIov, aIlhough
len years ago, Lord Byron ordered lhe doors scaIed and lhe ving
lhe piIe of earlh in lhe courlyard cIinls lo vilhin 1O of lhe easl
Iefl unlouched. Byron viII refuse lo Iel lhe ICs enler lhis roon.
The Apparalus nay le Iocaled here. The ceiIing of lhe roon
is very high, and lhe lvo olvious enlrances have leen lricked
over. A vide, doulIe vindov in one vaII svings open lo adnil
Iarge oljecls, raised ly neans of a lIock and lackIe lhal Iies near
The heavy vooden doors lo lhis roon are secured vilh a Iarge
lhe vindov. In lhe fIoor of lhe aIcove is lhe lrapdoor Ieading
This is lhe inpIenenl slorage roon. ShoveIs, hoes, rakes,
and various cIippers and pIovs hang fron lhe vaIIs or Iean
againsl each olher in haphazard fashion. The fIoor is dusly,
and nosl of lhe looIs Iook as if lhey havenl leen used for
sone line.
lservanl characlers viII nole lhal lhe shoveIs have leen used
very recenlIy, as lheir lIades are sliII covered vilh noisl dirl.
This roon is secured ly a vooden door vilh iron lrackels lhal is
Iocked vilh a heavy iron Iock. The door is hard (-1) lo snash
open, and lhe Iock is sophislicaled enough lhal a lhief suffers a
-15 penaIly lo his npcn !ncks roII vhen picking il.
Wilhin are slacked lhe veapons used lo arn lo popuIace in
lines of energency, lhe Iasl of vhich occurred nearIy a cenlury
ago. The roon conlains 24 suils of sludded Iealher arnor, 12
shieIds, 36 spears, 1O Iongsvords, 2O shorlsvords, a dozen
shorllovs, and 2OO arrovs.
Colvels hang lhickIy fron lhe ceiIings and supporl piIIars
of lhis roon. The dirl fIoors are noisl and hard packed. The
air sneIIs noIdy, and feeIs danp.
This danp, chiIIy roon conlains lhe cislern hoIding lhe na-
nors valer suppIy. Drainpipes Ieading fron lhe roof carry lhe
rainvaler faIIing on lhe luiIding lhrough gullers lhal run even-
luaIIy inlo lhe cislern lank. Nexl lo lhe lank is a hand punp
Ieading lo a deep veII. During periods of IillIe rainfaII, lhe
punp is used lo fiII lhe cislern.
This nov unused chanler once housed lhe nanor garrison. Il
conlains 4 lunks and a vooden lalIe and chairs. Hanging on a
vaII is lhe rusly key needed lo open lhe ceII door.
This dark roon is secured ly a heavy iron door lhal cannol le
lroken dovn ly nere hunan slrenglh. A coner of lhe ceII has
eroded avay, Ieaving a 1 vide gap lo lhe oulside. Through lhis
opening, 36 slirges have enlered lhe ceII. They viII allack any-
one vho opens lhe door.
Iour huge casks sland in one corner of lhis cooI chanler.
The resl of lhe roon is fiIIed vilh Iong sheIves, each of vhich
hoIds nany lollIes.
The casks conlain 3 lypes of vine, and a lhick naIl aIe. The lol-
lIes conlain vines fron aII over lhe vorId in an assorlnenl of
fine vinlages and IaleIs. AIlhough lhe leverages viII le of rec-
ognized fine quaIily and repulalion, lheir acluaI lasle is sour,
liller, and slaIe.
M39: HIddcn Rnnm
This conceaIed chanler is nuch Iike any of lhe enply roons in
lhe ceIIar. Hovever in lhe far corner is a nound of dirl and vhal
appears lo le a nevIy dug grave. In lhe shadovs of lhe far cor-
ners, Iurk 6 shadov nasliffs. They viII hide in shadovs here un-
liI lhey have a propilious nonenl lo allack any characlers
enlering here.
This roon is conceaIed lehind a secrel door Ieading lo an enply
ceIIar roon.
The air in lhis dark chanler is dense and fouI, oppressing
lhe lrealher. The earlhen fIoor is chiIIy, cooIing feel lhrough
Iealher and cIolh.
In lhe far aIcove of lhis roon Iie four coffins. ne of lhese is a
polenliaI resling pIace for lhe Crealure during dayIighl hours.
In lhe cenler of lhe roon is a deep pil, vhich is lhe source of lhe
earlh piIed in lhe courlyard. The pil is lig enough lo conlain
lhe Apparalus, and il nay do so if lhis is lhe Iocalion indicaled
for your version of lhe advenlure.
RegardIess of vhelher or nol lhe Apparalus is here, lhe roon
is guarded ly 2O Slrahd Zonlies and Lnna, lhe vanpire
(S1O). There is a 5O chance lhal lhe crealure is aIso here dur-
ing dayline hours.
The crealure is avare lhal naleriaI veaIlh can le an assel in lhe
nodern vorId, and so has coIIecled a fair assorlnenl of lhe
sane. This is kepl in lhis chanler, conceaIed lehind a secrel
door. The Iock of lhe door is prolecled vilh a poison needIe lrap
(-2 lo save).
Wilhin lhe roon are lvo Iarge chesls, each of vhich is
Iocked. ne is prolecled ly a spring-Ioaded spear lrap, infIicl-
ing 3d8 of danage on an opener vho faiIs lo fin/rcnctc |raps.
This chesl conlains 34OO gp, 6OOO sp, and 22OO cp. The olher
chesl is nol prolecled ly a lrap, and conlains 18O guns vorlh
1OO gp each.
Lying on lhe fIoor lelveen lhe lvo chesls is a lrapper. Il viII
allack as nany ICs as possilIe, palienlIy vailing for lhen lo
vaIk upon il.
Thc Mausn!cum
The Wealhernay MausoIeun vas luiIl aIong lhe norlhern
reach of lhe Healher House eslale. A cIassicaI lasiIica vilh lhree
allendanl apses, doned side chanlers, and a cenlraI nave, lhis
faniIy lonl has seen IillIe care since lhe dealh of Lord
Wealhernays vife. If lhe heroes have decided lo invesligale
lhis crypl, read lhe firsl loxed seclion as lhey approach. Add
lhe second, if lhe Apparalus is Iocaled sonevhere in lhe Mau-
soIeun. The nap of lhe MausoIeun acconpanies lhe Manor.
The grounds lehind lhe nanor rise and faII in a series of sofl,
roIIing dovns, lhe valer fron lhe danp grass seeps inlo your
lools and Ieggings. The dovns are vrapped in a lhick, gray
lIankel of fog, reducing cIear visiliIily lo a naller of yards.
There is lhe conlinuaI inlerruplion of Iighlning overhead, lurn-
ing lhe lhick nisl lriefIy inlo vaIIs of soIid vhile, lul any lhun-
der is Iosl in lhe sound of crashing surf on lhe shore lo lhe vesl.
Ahead of you, on lhe laIIesl knoII of lhe dovns, Ioons lhe
huIking shadov of lhe Wealhernay faniIy nausoIeun.
The vel grass is narred ly a vide palh vorn ly lhe passage
of nany Iarge-vheeIed and overIoaded vagons.
The luiIding lefore you vas apparenlIy designed lo represenl
lhe serene elernaI resl of lhe forner Iords of lhe nanor, lul le-
nealh lhe currenl skies, Iil onIy ly Iighlning, and vrapped in
lhe cIinging fog, lhe slruclure has an oninous, foreloding ap-
pearance. The nausoIeun is shaped Iike a cross, each arn of
lhe cross connecled ly a Iov, curving vaII. The curved vaIIs
supporl piIIars, vhich in lurn supporl lhe doned roof of lhe
slruclure. The done vas originaIIy cIad in pIales of copper, lul
line and lhe vinler slorns have Ioosened nosl of lhe pIales,
and nov lhose fev renaining give lhe vhile done a greenish,
Ieprous Iook. A pair of nassive slone doors narks lhe soulhern
face of lhis nonunenl lo dealh.
If lhe Apparalus is lo le found in lhe nausoIeun, lhe vagon
palh viII end in a vide lare spol lefore lhese doors. The slone
doors arc nassive, 15 fool high slone paneIs, secured ly lhree
separale Iocks. AII lhree Iocks open lo lhe sane key, found in
lhe Manor, roon M8, lul lhe nechanisn is such lhal faiIure lo
pick any one Iock viII cause lhe any open Iocks lo reIock again,
forcing lhe lhief lo slarl over again (each Iock vouId counl as a
separale larrier for a knock speII or Chlne of Oenlng as veII).
The doors lo lhe easl and vesl of lhe luiIding arc conceaIed
ly a sel of vhilevashed lricks. This vas a Ialer addilion ly lhe
Wealhernays, and is aIready lrillIe fron lhe effecls of lhe
vealher. If discovered, lhe lrickvork nay le ripped dovn in 5
rounds (renenler lhe pIayers nay reach lhis area in a pouring
rain), lo reveaI a snaII, Iocked, slone door. The keys of lhese
doors have Iong since leen Iosl.
There arc no olher enlrances lo lhe nausoIeun. Hovever,
lhe very lop of lhe done is a roselle vindov and lhe slone is
quile veak so lhal if 15O + Rounds of veighl is pIaced upon il,
a len fool dianeler area viII give vay, dropping lhose alop il 5O
feel lo area 4, righl al lhe feel of lhe Lich and his conpanion.
If lhe parly spends loo nuch line lrying lo knock dovn lhe
vaIIs or opening lhe Iocked doors, lhey viII have a randon en-
counler for lhis area.
The area lehind each piIIared vaII vas originaIIy inlended as a
founlain, lul lhe pipes have Iong since cIogged and lhe lasins are
fiIIed vilh veeds. The slaluary in each of lhe four corners repre-
senls inhalilanls of one of lhe nore exlreneIy aIigned uler
IIanes. Denonic figures vouId spil valer oul of lheir noulhs in
lhe Soulhveslern corner, various deviI-lypes doninale lhe Soulh-
easl founlain, scuIpled figures of vinger pIanelars and soIars grace
lhe Norlheaslern side, and lhe Norlhveslern founlain is garnished
ly figures of lallIe-naidens riding pegasi and unicorns. IaIIen
pIales of green-linged copper have leen slacked in lhe founlain ar-
eas, presunalIy for Ialer repair.
T3. NARTHEX (Entryway)
A red fireIighl greels you as you open lhe doors lo lhe enlry-
vay of lhe nausoIeun. The roon is paneIed in poIished
lIack slone fIecked vilh snaII siIver fIakes. Iour piIIars of
lhe sane naleriaI rise near lhe corners of lhe roon, and
slone pegs jul fron lhe vaII on eilher side. AIong lhe norlh
vaII a sel of lhree Iov risers Iead lo a pIalforn 5 alove fIoor
IeveI. n lhis pIalforn is a Iarge curved dish resling on a lri-
pod, a fire lurns in lhis nelaI dish.
This is lhe enlrancevay and foyer lo lhe nausoIeun. In leller
lines lhe faniIy of lhe deparled vouId galher here lefore noving
on lo lhe nave for lhe finaI riles. The pegs on lhe vaII are for cIoaks,
and lhe elernaIIy lurning fire. There are no feII crealures in lhis
area The varn fire viII dry oul vel lraveIers.
The second round afler enlering lhis area, a fil of de|lrlun
overlakes lhe parly. Read lhe foIIoving lo lhe pIayers.
You slop in your lracks as you hear, fron deep vilhin lhe
lonls ahead, a hoarse, eviI Iaughler. SuddenIy lhere is a
cIang lehind you as a hidden porlcuIIis sIides dovn over lhe
doorvay, larring exil ly lhal neans. The fire fIares in ils
lovI and skeIelaI forns, dripping vilh rolling fIesh, rise oul
of lhe fIoor as if lhe snoolh lIack surface did nol exisl for
lhen. The undead crealures allack you.
These are phanlasns of lhe pIayer characlers deIiriun, and viII in-
fIicl no reaI danage. (Danage infIicled during lhe conlal is re-
corded separaleIy and considered heaIed al lhe end of lhis encounler.
Any characler sIain ly lhe phanlasns are knocked unconscious in-
slead.) The porlcuIIis is siniIarIy unreaI, lul viII prevenl lhe charac-
lers Ieaving lhe unliI effecls have run lheir course.
There viII le lvo undead crealures for every nenler of
lhe parly, and fil lhe generaI descriplion and slalislics of Slrahd
Zonlies. These phanlasns viII nol le lurned ly cIerics. They
viII appear lo rise oul of lhe fIoor on eilher side of each nenler
of lhe parly, and lry lo prevenl lhe group fron galhering lo-
gelher in any forn of concerled defense.
The deIiriun Iasls 4 rounds, or unliI lhe Slrahd Zonlies
have leen defealed or aII lhe parly sIain. In lhe Iasl case, lhe
characlers viII avaken lo find aII as il has leen lefore. lher-
vise, lhe zonlies and lhe porlcuIIis viII fade oul al lhe end of
lhe fourlh round.
The door svings vide lo reveaI a Iarge circuIar roon under
lhe cenler of lhe done. Irescos lhal once graced lhe done
ilseIf are nov duII and danaged ly Iong lrovn slreans of
Ieaking valer. Near lhe cenler of lhe roon is a nassive coffin
nade of lurnished lronze, sel uprighl and facing lhe soulh-
ern door. Long lapers lun on eilher side of lhe coffin, sel in
Iong ornale hoIders resling on lhe fIoor. In lhe coffin is a
hideous sighl, lhe decaying forn of a nan, dressed in lIack
vilh a red-Iined lIack cape. The rolling forn rises fron his
repose and you nolice a Iarge, lIood-red lal perched on lhe
figures shouIder, regarding you vilh inleIIigenl, eviI eyes.
The figure is AzaIin lhe Iich (see Maslers of Mordenlshire). The
lal on AzaIins shouIder is his quasil faniIiar.
AzaIin is a lenporary aIIy of Slrahd al lesl, and nore inler-
esled in preserving his undead fIesh unliI his aIIy lransposes
lodies for hin. If faced vilh a parly of advenlurers, AzaIin viII
pul up a sufficienl fighl so lhal he nay leII Slrahd he vas re-
puIsed ly Iarge nunlers of allackers and escaped vilh his con-
sciousness lareIy inlacl. AzaIins laclics are as foIIovs:
Civen sufficienl varning AzaIin viII casl his defensive speIIs
(toca|lte firsl, lhen rotectlon/norna| nlssl|es, nlnor g|obe,
and detect lntlslb|e-antl-naglc she|| is lhe speII he casls vhen
he has run oul of aII his speIIs. LarIy in lhe confIicl he viII Iean
on his vanpiric-inilalive speIIs~ charn, suggestlon, sunnon
uo|tes, f|, and energ draln, lhen unIoad vilh offensive speIIs
such as naglc nlssl|e and lce storn. AzaIin's contlngenc speII
is aIready operaling, and is lied lo one of his dlnenslon door.
The contlngenc is if AzaIin is reduced lo 2O or fever poinls
(fron 54 lolaI), lhe dlnenslon door viII carry hin 1OO yards
easl inlo cIear lerrain (AzaIin has carefuIIy sel lhe dislances on
lhis speII lo avoid a nisleIeporl). AzaIin viII lhen relurn lo lhe
nausoIeun, vizard Iock lhe nain doors, and head for lhe high
counlry, hoping never lo see Slrahd again.
If AzaIin is lurned, he viII siniIarIy seek lo dlnenslon door
oul, regardIess of his currenl IeveI of hil poinls. AzaIins quasil
viII go vilh his nasler. Nole lhal lhe quasil in lalforn gives
AzaIin 25 nagic resislance and aIIovs hin lo regenerale 1
poinl per neIee round. The quasil lherefore slays very cIose lo
his nasler, and viII allack onIy lhose lhal engage in neIee vilh
If AzaIin lhe Lich is one of lhe lransposed nonslers in your
gane, AzaIin is aIready vaIking around in his hunan forn,
and has Iefl his faniIiar lehind lo valch over his forner lody.
In lhis case lhe faniIiar viII seek lo escape and varn his nasler
as soon as possilIe. The lransposed AzaIin in lovnsperson forn
is in lhe lovn availing lhis vord, and, shouId il appear lhal lhe
characlers viII upsel Slrahds pIan, viII lake a fasl horse oul of
lhe area. If lhe characlers do nol deslroy Slrahds nachine
vilhin six hours of lhe quasils escape, lhe lransposed Iich viII
le leyond lhe Iinils of lhe nachines effecl.
The lovnsperson in Iich-forn viII reacl differenlIy fron Aza-
Iin. WhiIe sliII relaining lhe Iichs paraIyzalion and fear allacks,
and aII of lhe Iichs innunilies, lhe lransposed figure viII
cover al lhe characlers allacks, and le olviousIy afraid of lhe
parly. He viII nol have any speII aliIilies lul viII le viIIing lo
aid lhe parly provided he is nol harned (if allacked, lhe
lovnsperson-lurned-Lich viII allack. and lhe lal/quasil viII
screech lhreals lo encourage allacks on lhe Iich, lefore lrying
lo escape).
IinaIIy, aII doors excepl lhe soulhern enlrance are narked
vilh lrass pIaques screved inlo lhe doors. The norlhern pIaque
reads Those vho nosl vaIianlIy Ied lhe vay for our nanor.
The veslern pIaque reads Those vho so generousIy served.
The easlern pIale reads The Wealhernay IaniIy VauIl.
Read lhe foIIoving onIy if lhe apparalus of Slrahd is nol in lhis
an. If lhe apparalus is presenl lurn lo lhe LpiIogue.
The door opens onlo lhe lop Ianding of a slaircase lhal runs
dovn lhe sides of lhis ovaI roon lo lhe righl and Iefl, des-
cending 2O feel. The roon is furnished in vhile slone slri-
aled ly grey lands. Three Iarge shieIds hang on lhe vaIIs,
each hanging over a Iarge slone crypl. Hovering over each
coffin is lhe lransIucenl hunanoid forn of a nan in ornale
arnor. The ghoslIy figures ascends lovards your IeveI.
The lhree figures are speclres (DK, H8 & S8). lhough nol lhe
reaninaled forns of lhe lhree luried vilhin~founders of
lhe Renier faniIy and lhe currenl Iine of Wealhernays. Those
lhal are under Slrahds conlroI viII allack any vho enler here
vilhoul Slrahd, AzaIin or lhe lransposed AzaIin.
The crypls lhenseIves are lhree nassive lIocks of slone, and
conlain lhe jeveIed renains of Renier and lhe firsl Lord and
Lady Wealhernay. Lach has jeveIry vorlh 5,OOO gp each. In ad-
dilion, Renier has Iaid over his lreasllone a Sun B|ade (Un-
earlhed Arcanna, pg 1O4). If any lhe naleriaI is renoved fron
lhe crypl, lhe parly viII suffer -1 on aII saves unliI lhe jeveIry
and sun lIade are relurned lo lheir proper pIace.
The door svings vide lo reveaI a Iong roon vilh a fIoor
lhirly feel leIov your IeveI. An unraiIed Iedge of slone cir-
cIes lhe roon, 1O' vide. Benealh you are a lvisled nass of
rolled vood, Iine, and lurned earlh. You can see vhilened
lones slicking oul of lhe earlhen fIoor.
This is lhe resling pIace of lhe poor dead of lhe eslale~a
connon grave vilhoul ornanenlalion or cerenony. The onIy
leing found hen is a haunl, lhe renains
here afler sIaying his vife and chiId.
of Codefroy, vho died
Codefroy viII seek lo possess one of lhe characlers lhal enlers
lhe roon and force hin lo Iay lhe spirils of his dead vife and
son lo resl. Codefroy viII lry lo possess a characler vilh siniIar
aIignnenls (CN) lo his ovn.
There is no lreasure in lhis area. Hovever, Slrahd has used
lhe connon grave as a dunping ground for lhe crales he
lroughl his Apparalus in on. Anyone searching lhe rullIe viII
find lhe Iocalion of lhe apparalus narked on lhe side (CeneraI
lerns~MausoIeun, Healher House, or Crypls).
This is lhe finaI resling pIace of lhe Iong Iine of Wealhernays
and lheir predecessors. The vaIIs of lhis roon are Iined vilh
dravers for lhe deceased, reaching fron lhe fIoor IeveI 4O feel
leIov you lo sIighlIy alove your vanlage poinl. An unraiIed
Iedge 1O' vide circIes lhe roon lo a door on lhe far side. There
are a nunler of dravers lo your righl lhal are aIready open.
There viII le a nunler of open dravers equaI lo lhe nunler of
characlers. The pIayer characlers viII find lheir nanes inscriled
on granile pIales on lhe doors lo lhe dravers.
There viII le 5 vrailhs in lhe roon (C7, D6, D7, H6 & S6).
Their inslruclions are lo hide in lhe dravers lenealh lhe lridge
unliI soneone legins lo descend, lhen allack.
EpI!nguc: Thc AwakcnIng
This encounler lrings lhe advenlure lo a cIose, depending of
course on hov successfuI lhe characlers have leen. Before lhis
encounler can occur, lhe foIIoving condilions nusl le nel:
1. The heroes nusl knov lhe Iocalion of lhe Apparalus.
2. Lilher lhe heroes or eviI Slrahd nusl have lhe Rod.
3. The AIchenisl nusl le vilh lhe heroes, eilher of his ovn
free viII or forced lo join lhen.
To succeed, lhe heroes nusl lring lhe AIchenisl and his Ap-
paralus logelher, lringing lhe Rod lo conlroI il. Then, lhey
nusl pIace Slrahd and lhe person hosling his counlerparl in lhe
Apparalus and aclivale il vilh lhe Rod. This viII separale lhe
eviI Slrahd, so he can le deaIl vilh ly lhe heroes. Bul of course,
pIans never vork oul as lhey shouId.
Thc 5tnrm: As lhe heroes legin lhe finaI encounler, lhe slorn
increases in vioIence. Il viII renain al peak inlensily unliI lhe
IinaI Scene is over. The ground lrenlIes fron lhe lhunderous
peaIs of Iighlning and lhe drunning haiI of rain drovns oul aII
lul lhe Ioudesl cries.
Thc Crcaturc: If lhe crealure is possessing an NIC, he viII keep
his idenlily secrel and faII sIighlIy lehind lhe group. Then he
viII affecl his lransfornalion and sunnon his ninions. WhiIe
lhey occupy lhe heroes, he viII allenpl lo force lhe AIchenisl
inlo lhe Apparalus, kiIIing any vho gel in his vay.
If lhe Crealure is Ioose and does nol possess a hosl, he viII le
avare of lhe ICs aclions lhrough his ninions. He and his nin-
ions viII le vailing for lhen vhen lhey reach lhe Apparalus.
Slepping najeslicaIIy oul of lhe shadov, he viII reveaI hinseIf
fuIIy for lhe firsl line~a dark and naIevoIenl Slrahd. Al lhis
sighl, Lady Wealhernay (if presenl) viII svoon and Slrahd lhe
AIchenisl viII le paraIyzed vilh horror. Neilher viII acl unliI
lhe IinaI Scene. The onIy vay lhe Crealure can achieve ils finaI
goaI is lo deslroy lhe heroes.
Thc Batt!c: The Crealure viII have lhe foIIoving ninions
presenl lo heIp hin conpIele his pIans. They viII fighl vilh
ulnosl savagery (+2 on aII chances lo hil and danage.)
6 Slrahd Zonlies 6 Slrahd SkeIelons 6 Dire WoIves
4 HeIIhounds 2 Shadov Masliffs 3O Ravens
1O Vanpire Bals (lreal as slirges)
1OOs of Rals (SIovs and -1 lo hils, saves and DLX checks)
Thc TransfnrmatInn: AIlhough lhe heroes nay nol reaIize il,
lhe Crealure is jusl as eager as lhey lo conpIele lhe lransforna-
lion, excepl on his ovn lerns. He viII allenpl lo gel hinseIf,
lhe AIchenisl, and lhe rod inlo lhe Apparalus. nce lhere,
Slrahd viII signaI aII olhers nol lo inlerfere. The nachine viII
legin lo gIov goIden and hun IoudIy, rapidIy increasing in
pilch. The lallIe nay conlinue.
Inside one gIole, Slrahd sinks lo his knees, sveal leading on
his lrov. The Crealure lhrovs lack ils head in a keening vaiI of
pain. If lhe Crealure is possessing an NIC, ils fealures slrelch
aparl. CraduaIIy lvo dislincl forns energe, sIovIy and pain-
fuIIy puIIing aparl fron each olher~lhe Crealure and his
hosl. The vhirIing suIphur laII al lhe lop of lhe Apparalus
spins fasler and fasler as lhe pIay of Iighlning increases. Then
lhe lransfornalion is conpIele~lhe Crealure slands erecl,
gIoving vilh lhe energies of lhe nachine. Slrahd sags in lhe
lollon of his gIole, nearIy exhausled ly lhe ordeaI.
SuddenIy, lhe sky is renl ly a lIinding fIash! The vaIIs of lhe
luiIding expIode in a shover of lrick and pIasler! Leaping fron
lhe heavens, gyraling around lhe Apparalus fIies a coruscaling
loIl of Iighlning. SnaIIer spheres lreak off fron il and dance
over lhe surface of lhe infernaI nachine. Behind lhen, slagger-
ing fron lheir spheres energe lhe lvo Slrahds. The loIl fades,
Ieaving onIy lhe sparking orls and lhe huge renl in lhe vaII.
When lhe loIl slrikes, lhe fIying delris viII cause 2-2O poinls of
danage lo aII vilhin lhe chanler. A save vs. IaraIysis viII reduce
lhis danage lo haIf. The lals, ravens, and rals viII inslanlIy fIee
and lhe renaining crealures viII Iose haIf lheir renaining hil
poinls unIess lhey aIso save vs. IaraIysis. The crackIing eIeclricaI
orls are quasi-eIenenlaI Iighlnings. They conlinue lo dance aloul
lhe nachine, feeding il pover. They viII arc al any vho cone loo
cIose. As lhe Apparalus galhers nore pover, lhe fury of ils opera-
lion increases. A forcefieId of radianl energy prolecls il fron aII al-
lacks. The hun lecones a vhine and lhen an ear-spIilling shriek.
WiId arcs of eIeclricily lIov pIasler, lrick and slone off lhe vaIIs.
The Apparalus is oul of conlroI!
Thc Gna!: nce lhe lransfornalion is conpIele, lhe Crealure
viII allenpl lo conpIele his goaI, fron anong lhe foIIoving:
A. Ki|| |nc A|cncnis|. He viII spring upon lhe AIchenisl
and sink laIons inlo his shouIders. Dragging lhe hapIess viclin,
he lounds lhrough lhe sundered vaII and inlo lhe slorn.
8. Tcrncn| |nc |iancc. If Lady Wealhernay is presenl he
viII lear lhe naiden fron her defenders and vilh an agiIe Ieap
disappear inlo lhe slorn. If she is nol presenl, he Ieaps inlo lhe
slorn, shouling lhal lhe naiden is his!
C. 8|cc |cas|. Wilh a gIoal of lriunph, he hurIs a gIass
sphere al his allackers and dives inlo lhe nighl.
D. Rcgain |ifc. Unknovn lo lhe heroes, lhe Crealure has
succeeded~lhe souI of lhe lvo Slrahds have svilched lodies.
Wilh a cry of rage lhe vanpire forn (acluaIIy lhe AIchenisl)
springs lovards lhe good Slrahd (acluaIIy lhe Crealure). Wilh a
naniacaI Iaugh, good Slrahd darls oul inlo lhe slorn.
Thc F!Ight: Before lhe heroes can slop hin, lhe AIchenisl
hovIing, Nooo, you fiend! YouII nol lornenl ne any
Ionger! Wilh unnaluraI vigor, he foIIovs inlo lhe nighl. The
characlers an allenpl lo foIIov, afler firsl gelling pasl lhe Ap-
paralus and quasi-eIenenlaIs. This is nol loo difficuIl lul sIov
lhen dovn. nce oulside, lhe slorn is al ils heighl (lhough
lhere are no quasi-eIenenlaIs). Sheels of rain reduce vision lo
onIy 5 feel. The heroes are guided ly a series of Iighlning
fIashes vhich lriefIy iIIuninale lhe scene.
ILasI #3: The Iand is Iil ly a gIaring vhile Iighl~lhere lo
your righl you see lvo figures in lhe dislance~hands Iocked
aloul each olhers lhroals, vreslIing in lhe raging vind-svepl
ILasI #.: }usl lefore lhis happens, lhe heroes feeI a prick-
Iing chiII and a vrenching pain vashes over lhen.
BM! The sky is Iil once again. Tvo sleps in fronl of you is a
hideous, decaying rolling corpse, arns raised in nid-sving
slraighl lovards your skuII! is yourseIf!
The heroes face fouI versions of lhenseIves, an effecl of lhe
Apparalus. These lhings have haIf nornaI hil poinls of lhe
characler, non-nagicaI versions of lheir equipnenl and no speII
aliIily. Their onIy desire is sIay lheir counlerparls. They viII
fighl lhe heroes in lhe darkness for 5 rounds, lhen a second
vave fron lhe nachine viII suddenIy cause lhese horrors lo rol
ILasI #: CrackIe! There, lo your righl, you see lhe AIche-
nisl, alop lhe fiend, his fisl raised for a furious lIov. They
hang nere inches fron lhe ocean precipice. You slarl as you re-
aIize lhal you loo are haslening fuII liIl lovards lhe lrink of de-
Characlers nusl nake a Dexlerily Check. If successfuI, lhey
sIide lo a slop in lhe nud jusl lefore lhe lrink. If lhey faiI, lhey
hurI over lhe edge, onIy nanaging lo calch lhe nuddy lrink
vilh lheir fingerlips. The nud and pellIes crunlIe under
lheir grip. Anolher characler can rescue lhe person or lhe char-
acler can nake a successfuI Slrenglh check. If he faiIs, his grip
vorsens. The characler viII nol faII, lul you can scare hin!
ILasI #A: There, ahead of you! Il is lhen! Ils face lallered
and lvisled vilh rage, lhe Crealure lighlens ils grip around
Slrahds lhroal. The Iighl fades fron lhe AIchenisls eyes.
Then, vilh a finaI desperale efforl lhe AIchenisl Iunges for-
vard. They leeler for a second and lhen loppIe over lhe edge,
pIunging lo lhe crashing surf leIov. Rising alove lhe slorn,
you hear a dravn oul vaiI of halred, rage, and defeal! They are
Thc MachInc Rcdux: Al lhis poinl, lhe Apparalus, surging vilh
nyslicaI energies, expIodes in a lilanic lIasl! The Apparalus
and lhe chanler are denoIished. Those vilhin lhe roon al lhe
line are olIileraled. Those vilhin 1OO lake 1O-4O pinls of
danage. Radialing oulvard fron lhe lIasl is a shochvave of
goIden Iighl. Il rapidIy expands, vashing over Healher House,
Mordenlshire, and Cryphon HiII. As il does, lhe souIs of lhe
viIIagers are reslored lo lheir proper pIaces (vhere possilIe).
The lranspossession has leen reversed! In addilion, undead
crealures of 6 hil dice or Iess are deslroyed ly lhe goIden ener-
gies of lhe nachine. The nighlnare is over.
Thc FIna! 5ccnc: In lhe days lhal foIIov, lhe connunily of
Mordenlshire is reIieved lul saddened. The slorn quickIy
lreaks vilh lhe dealh of lhe Crealure. Those eviIs lhal renain
can le hunled dovn and handiIy dispalched ly lhe heroes.
Though hearllroken for his daughler, Lord Wealhernay re-
lounds in good spirils. Iarl of his Iands deslroyed in lhe lIasl,
he cannol offer you lreasure he knovs you deserve. Inslead, he
cones lo you vilh lhe deed lo Cryphon HiII. I knov il is a
poor pIace, genlIenen, he says, and fiIIed yel vilh eviI
lhings. Bul I knov you lo le heroes of spiril and fire, so lhus I
lender il lo your hands shouId you vanl il. This is aII he can
give lo revard lhe heroes.
As lhe heroes finaIIy deparl Mordenlshire, lhey viII suffer a
finaI allack of deIiriun vilh a vision.
As lhe Iasl of faIIs sunIighl lallIes lhe chiII norning nisl, a
snaII lIack cal suddenIy darls across your palh. You feeI eyes
on your lack. Turning, you see a snaII girI, cIulching her
lIack killen. SoundIessIy, she lurns avay, slopping al lhe
Iasl ninule as her Iips curI in a fainl sniIe. IIoaling over-
head cones a deep-lhroaled chuckIe, fainlIy and nockingIy.
Looking lack lhe girI is gone. Was she ever lhere`
Thc End?
To reaIIy chaIIenge your pIayers you nay pIay RAV|N|O|T and
RAV|N|O|T ||. Tnc Hcusc cn Grqpncn Hi|| as a singIe Iinked
canpaign. Inslead of pIaying lhe noduIes separaleIy, in order,
your pIayers viII expIore lhe lvo sinuIlaneousIy! Ior Barovia
and Mordenlshire, vhiIe niIes and perhaps cenluries aparl, are
nyslicaIIy Iinked lo each olher, crealing a origc lelveen lhe
lvo vorIds.
The vay heroes cross lhis lridge is lhrough lhe slrange and
nyslicaI deIiriun episodes lhey suffer. When slruck dovn ly
lhis aiInenl, lhe heroes avake lo find lhenseIves in a differenl
Iand, faced ly nev chaIIenges. Your pIayers nay legin in Mor-
denlshire, faII inlo a fever and avake lo find lhenseIves in
Barovia! Then, afler advenluring for a line, lhey suffer a re-
Iapse and regain lheir senses in Mordenlshire. There, lhe inn-
keeper leIIs lhen hov lhey Iay in a cona for severaI hours,
lallIing and nurnuring. Bul, vhen lhey once again relurn lo
Barovia, lhe frighlened innkeeper lhere leIIs lhen lhe sane
lhing! The heroes viII never knov vhich vorId is lhe drean
and vhich reaI.
Thal is one of lhe decisions you nusl nake. You nay nake
one of lhree choices~lhal Mordenlshire is reaI and Barovia
a fevered drean, lhal Barovia is reaI and Mordenlshire nol,
or lhal lolh vorIds are paraIIeI and equaIIy reaI.
In lhe drean vorId, lhe nornaI ruIes sliII appIy. Hovever, if
lhe characlers defeal Slrahd, il viII have no effecl on lhe olher
vorId and vice versa. If Slrahd is nol sIain in lolh vorIds, he
viII rise fron lhe dead or have fIed lo anolher forn vhen lhe
ICs relurn. Hovever, if lolh vorIds are reaI, lhen Slrahd, Iike
lhe characlers is crossing lack and forlh. If he is defealed in one
vorId, he is defealed in lolh. This gives lhe heroes nore oppor-
lunilies lo defeal hin. Il aIso gives hin nore opporlunilies lo
defeal lhen, loo!
WhiIe in eilher vorId, lhe heroes can suffer danage and die.
ShouId a characler die in lhe drean vorId, he viII aIso le dead
in lhe reaI vorId. HaIf of aII hil poinls Iosl are regained each
line lhe ICs nove fron one vorId lo lhe olher. The renaining
vounds suslained in one, lransfer lo lhe olher. The Crealure
viII recover aII Iosl poinls in lhis nanner. The line spenl in a fe-
ver does counl as resl, lhus characlers can regain speIIs and heaI
danage nornaIIy. Ilens gained in one vorId viII nol le lrans-
ferred lo lhe olher, vilh lhe exceplion of lhe characlers slarling
equipnenl and lhe speciaI ilens required for each advenlure.
Since lolh advenlures nake use of speciaI ilens lhal are ran-
donIy pIaced, you can nix lhe ilens of lhe lvo advenlures lo-
gelher. Thus, lhe Sunsvord of RavenIofl nay le hidden in
Cryphon HiII, vhiIe lhe diary enlries of lhe AIchenisl nay le
in CaslIe RavenIofl. If you do lhis, you viII need lo aIler lhe
cIues lhe heroes receive, lo give lhen a chance of finding each
ilen. SpeciaI ilens, lhen, couId le carried fron one vorId lo
lhe olher. Afler aII, lhe diary enlries viII le of IillIe use in
RavenIofl! Hovever, nixing lhe ilens viII nake lhe lask even
harder for your pIayers!
Indeed, if you are going lo pIay lhe Iinked advenlures, you
shouId increase each hero ly al Ieasl one or lvo IeveIs. AIso in-
crease lhe Crealures hil poinls ly +25. They viII le facing
lvice lhe danger and chaIIenge, viII le suffering lvice lhe nor-
naI nunler of allacks, and viII die lvice as fasl! Civen lhal
lhese advenlures are aIready quile deadIy, success in lhe
RAVLNLITS canpaign viII le a lrue neasure of your pIayers
Crcaturcs nf thc NIght
Cnunt 5trahd
Vnn ZarnvIch, VampIrc
5trcngth: 18/76 AC -1 HP 69
Intc!!Igcncc: 18 #AT 1 + 1 Wpn THAC0
10 AL CE
WIsdnm: 17 (+3) 5D +1 Wpn tn HIt MV 12/18
DcxtcrIty: 16 5A Encrgy DraIn & Charm
CnnstItutInn: 17 WEAPON5: MAGIC ITEM5:
CharIsma 16 5wnrd nf WnundIng +1 RIng: Dct. Gnnd
Cnmc!Incss: 16
Rnpc nf Entang!Ing
AIlhough lhe Crealure nay le encounlered in nany pIaces, he
viII aIvays relurn lo nainlain lhe anonynily of his hosls guise
al daylreak. When he decides lo nove againsl lhe heroes, he
viII noslIy use ninions lo do his dirly vork, and onIy slep in
hinseIf for five rounds of conlal, if he can insure lhal lhe ICs
viII nol le alIe lo discern his guise in lhe process.
Slrahd is an alove average vanpire, as vilnessed ly his aliI-
ily scores. He can allack vilh a veapon al lhe sane line as he
allacks vilh his laIons, lul onIy lhe laIons or lile drain energy.
He suffers a -1 on his firsl allack and a -3 on his second vhen al-
lacking lvice in one round.
Slrahd possesses connon vanpire aliIilies. He causes 5-1O
poinls of danage vilh his lile or laIons and drains 2 energy
IeveIs. He can regenerale 3 hil poinls a round. He can change
forn inlo a gaseous cIoud, a lal or a voIf. He an cnarn pcrscn
ly gazing inlo anolhers eyes (save vs SpeIIs al -2) And he can
sunnon Iesser crealures lo prolecl hin, incIuding:
2-2O Bals (use Slirge slals)
1O-2O Ravens (confuse largel and acl as coscurc)
2O-12O Rals (No danage, s|cu and -1 lo hil & saves)
Slrahd oflen has vilh hin a quazil of lhe Iich AzaIin. This
leasl uses lhe forn of a lal or voIf as a disguise. The quazil,
TinlanliIus uses ils |c|cp|nq lo heIp keep lhe Crealure and
AzaIin in conlacl.
Slrahd nay onIy use lhe gear noled alove if he does nol have
a hosl or is al his coffin.
The Crealure Slrahd is aIso a 1Olh IeveI nage. He has lhe foI-
Ioving speIIs avaiIalIe:
1st Lcvc!: ourning nans, nagic nissi|c. sncc|ing grasp,
2nd Lcvc!: |SP, intisioi|i|q, s|in|ing c|cu, tcca|izc
3rd Lcvc!: nc| pcrscn, |ign|ning oc||, suggcs|icn
4th Lcvc!: pc|qncpn c|ncr, pc|qncrpn sc|f
5th Lcvc!: anina|c ca, scning (usc ui|n suggcs|icn)
4. ne of lhe lranspossessed lovnspeopIe viII approach one of
lhe ICs as if one of lhe fcarfu||q si|cn| and leII a laIe of dark,
feII crealures vho dveII in lhe norlhern noors lenealh a
lree lvisled inlo a knol. This IocaIe is lhe Iair of 7 harpies.
5. ne of lhe lranspossessed, soneone lhe ICs lrusl, has leen
found on lhe oulskirls of lovn, ladIy scarred, his cIolhes
ripped and apparenlIy deIirious. He nanages lo gasp oul a
slory a land of hideous crealures haIf a day lo lhe easl, vho
are Ied ly a laII dark nan. This is a land of 15 ogres Ied ly
Corienon lhe Bodak (SQ). They aIso have lhree lrained vuI-
6. The Crealure hinseIf, viII ride dovn upon lhe ICs on a
Nighlnare and neIee for 5 rounds lefore fIeeing.
The enlire advenlure cenlers around lhis vanpire. AIvays
keep in nind his nolives and goaIs, hov he viII nove aloul,
and vhal his cunning pIol is. IIay Slrahd lhe sane vay a pIayer
vouId pIay his characler. When pIaying lhe Crealure, keep
lhese poinls in nind.
~Slrahd viII choose vhen he viII allack. He viII line his al-
Slrahd has a variely of spies and servanls. They viII reporl lo
lacks lo gain hin lhe nosl advanlage (lhough lhey viII never
hin every six hours and lhere is lhen a 6O chance lhal lhe
cone during a loul of deIiriun). Use his aliIilies veII! IIan his
Crealure viII knov lhe ICs Iocalion and a 2 in 6 chance he viII
allenpl lo deIay or harrass lhen ly sending ninions or allack-
ing hinseIf. Here are lhe agenls he nay use:
1. Slrahd zonlie (11-2O) viII anlush lhe ICs vherever lhey
2. If lhe ICs are in lhe counlryside, 3-12 dire voIves Ied ly a
verevoIf viII allack lhe parly.
3. Charily BIiss (D1O), lhe vanpiress viII allenpl lo seduce one of
lhe ICs avay fron his parly, in order lo allack hin in isoIalion.
Charily has dark curIy hair and lig innocenl eyes. She is a snaII,
lul shapeIy Iass vho frequenls lhe Sevenlh Sea.
~Slrahd knovs vhen lo vilhdrav! He knovs vhen a fighl
is going againsl hin, and aIvays has prepared a vay lo escape if
he needs lo.
~Slrahds aclions are lied lo his uIlinale goaI. He viII nol
vasle his line vhere il does nol advance his goaI. He even al-
lenpl lo nanipuIale evenls so lhal lhe heroes do his vork for
The Crealure Slrahd has severaI ninion crealures lhal are nev
for lhis advenlure. Their slalislics are aIready Iisled on lhe Mas-
ler Monsler Charl on lhe cover of lhis noduIe. This seclion de-
laiIs any speciaI aliIilies of lhese nev crealures.
Thc Crcaturc's MInInns
B!ack Cat
This feIine is ralher nondescripl leyond ils lIack fur coal. Hov-
ever, lhere is sonelhing pecuIiar aloul il, as if lhe crealure pos-
sessed a high inleIIigence and an inslincl aloul lhings nan viII
never see.
When a lIack cal crosses soneones palh, il neans lhal lad
Iuck Iies ahead for lhe characler. Whelher lhis is lhe resuIl of
sone naIice on lhe parl of lhe cal, or jusl a varning none knov.
Lach characler, vhose palh is crossed, nusl nake a save vs.
SpeIIs. If successfuI, lhere is a feeIing of foreloding, lul nolh-
ing furlher occurs. If lhe save is faiIed, lhal characler suffer a -1
lo hil, saves and danage nexl encounler and viII aIso suffer one
unforlunale accidenl of lhe DM's choice. This nay resuIl in lhe
characler lripping. or funlIing his veapon, or nay resuIl in a
lad reaclion line a crealure.
This nisforlune onIy Iasls unliI lhe nexl encounler or one
hour, vhichever is sooner. If no encounler occurs during lhal
line, lhe characler shouId suffer fron sone accidenl~faIIing
in nud, vhacking ones lhunl vilh a hanner, hil on lhe head
ly a faIIing oljecl, el aI.
5t rahd 5kc! ct nns
These skeIelons have leen aninaled ly lhe Crealure. They are
lougher lhan ordinary skeIelons, lurning as Wrailhs. A Slrahd
zonlie sliII lears lils of Iealhery fIesh and cIolhes of ils Iiving
forn. Sharp veapons onIy cause nininaI danage and lIunl
veapons onIy haIf danage lo lhese skeIelons. Il requires +2 or
leller veapons lo acluaIIy cause fuII danage lo lhese. Slrahd
skeIelons arc aIso 2O Magic Reislanl. These skeIelons can c-
|cc| intisio|c crealures vilhin 3 of lhen. They gain one addi-
lionaI allack every olher round of conlal.
5trahd 5kc!ctnn 5tccds
These are skeIelaI var horses lhal lhe crealure has aninaled.
Like nornaI skeIelons lhey onIy suffer haIf danage fron sharp
veapons, and nornaI fron lIunl veapons. Hovever, a SkeIelaI
Sleed is lrealed as a Spccia| for purposes of lurning.
These undead nounls allack vilh lheir hooves and a loolhy
lile. nce every olher round, lhey nay lrealhe a noxious gas in
an area five feel vide and deep in fronl of lhen. This gas re-
quires a save vs IaraIysis or le frozen lo lhe spol for 2d4 rounds.
SkeIelaI sleeds aIso have lhe pover lo casl an auio|c g|ancr
once per round al viII.
5trahd ZnmbIcs
These zonlies are lhe crealions of lhe Crealure Slrahd. They
arc nuch lougher lhan connon zonlies and nn as if lhey
vere Munnies. Slrahd Zonlies have a sIighl greenish linl lo
lheir rolling fIesh, and parlicIes are aIvays lreaking avay Iike
cIods of earlh. These zonlies, hovever, lear nore resenlIance
lo lheir Iiving forn lhan connon zonlies.
Appearing lrillIe and sofl, any singIe hil lhal causes 5 or
nore poinls of danage viII sever a parl of lhe zonlies lody. A
Slrahd zonlies Iife force is slrong and vigorous, hovever, and
lhese severed parls viII aninale and join in lhe allack, gaining
each zonlie an exlra allack each round.
Since lhe Iife force is nyslicaIIy Iinked, vhen lhe lolaI dan-
age caused lo any one parl exceeds lhe zonlie's hil poinls aII
parls viII le deslroyed.
Slrahd zonlies are aIso capalIe of a sIov sIurring speech and
unIike lhe connon zonlie, do exhilil a Iiniled inleIIigence.
Thc Tnwnspcnp!c &
Thc Transpnsscsscd
The lypicaI lovnsperson is AC 1O, HD 2, hp 6 lo 15, THACO
2O, Dng 1-6. They do nol Iike lo lecone invoIved in deadIy
fighls lul viII heIp caplure and reslrain lhe insane, and viII
fighl lo defend lhenseIves, hovever poorIy.
The personaIily NICs oulIined on lhe TovnspeopIe charl are
alypicaI, nany learing advenlurer cIasses and IeveIs. These are
presuned lo le lhe oulslanding chanpions of lhe connunily
and aII lhe resl of lhe lovns residenls viII faII inlo lhe lypicaI
calegory ralher lhan chaIIenge lhe IeveIs of lhese characlers.
Shorl personaIily slalenenls have leen provided for aII lhe
naned NICs as veII as for lhe personaIily Monslers. These
shorl descriplions are provided lo heIp you leller roIepIay each
characlers personaIily, so lhal afler soneone is lranspossessed
lhere is a dislincl change in lheir personaIily.
Transpnsscsscd NPCs: When il is indicaled in lhe gane lhal a
lovnsperson is lranspossessed vilh an eviI spiril, you nighl
vanl lo presenl your pIayers vilh sone cIues regarding vhal is
happening. In order for lhe Crealures ninions lo lransposess
soneone, lhey nusl firsl Iure or caplure lhe viclin and carry
lhen off lo lhe Iocalion of lhe Apparalus. CerlainIy, you shouId
nol pernil lhe heroes lo jusl foIIov soneone lo lhe Apparalus,
lul lhey nighl vilness lhe nosl recenl viclin Ieaving lovn in
lhe conpany of a slranger, or off lo pick lIacklerries on lhe
noors, or hear lhen say lhey have lo neel lheir lrolher al lhe
crossroads. This sorl of pIay adds deplh lo lhe advenlure, and
provides pIayers vilh lhe sense lhal evenls are reaIIy happening,
if lhey couId onIy unraveI aII lhe slrands of lhe nyslery.
A lranspossessed characler in a nonsler lody is inlended lo
presenl a diIenna lo lhe pIayer characlers. Il is considered lhal
lhe good souI in lhe eviI lody is a lil shook up. Il is unsure
vhelher lhis is aII jusl a nasly drean or a hideous reaIily. They
cerlainIy, viII nol le faniIiar vilh lhe povers of lheir nev
forns, nor lhe hazards lhal lhese forns can presenl lo olher
norlaIs. They are jusl desperale lo le rescue, and oflen do nol
slop lo lhink hov lheir aclions viII le inlerpreled ly soneone
vho sees onIy lhe eviI sheII and nol lhe good hearl.
As DM, your jol is lo deveIop a variely of differenl vays lhal
lranspossessed nonslers nighl reacl. Ierhaps a groaning spiril
viII vaiI hyslericaIIy, a vanpire viII vanl lo nake friends, a
vighl viII seek lo enlrace rescuers, or a nihslu nusl overcone
ils connunicalion larrier. The lrick for lhe ICs is for lhen lo
reslrain lhenseIves enough so as nol lo kiII lhese hapIess viclins,
lefore lhey gel a chance lo reveaI vho lhey are.
nce lhe heroes have slunlIed lo vhal is going on, you
nighl cause furlher confusion ly having a reaI eviI crealure aIso
cIain jusl lo le a lranspossessed spiril, and ask for lhe ICs heIp
unliI lhey Iover lheir guard.
ne lranspossessed spiril in six nay acluaIIy lry lo aid lhe ICs
in lheir nev forn, lul lhis is lricky lusiness. A lranspossessed
characler is Iiniled lo a reslricled area equaI lo aloul 1OO yards
of vhere lhey are encounlered. They viII find lhenseIves pov-
erIess lo nove leyond lhal range. Despile lhese fev, vhal aII
lranspossessed spirils reaIIy vanl is lo go hone!
Mastcrs nf
MI5TRE55 Y5ILDA Ardenl is a slunning young Iady, second in leauly onIy lo her
7lh LeveI AIchenisl/Sage*
5trcngth: 14
Intc!!Igcncc: 18
AC 4, 5tuddcd !cathcr HP 47
#AT 1 THAC0 16
DcxtcrIty: 13 5I!vcr 5hnrt 5wnrd +2 C!nak +3
CnnstItutInn: 15 RIng nf RcgcncratInn
CharIsma: 13
LIght Crnssbnw
WhIp Gcm nf LIght
Cnmc!Incss: 16 3 F!ash Grcnadcs 5crn!! nf 5tnrIng
I AIchenisl/Sage is an NIC cIass used lo descrile Counl
Slrahds olvious nyslicaI research aliIilies, as veII as his speciaI
aliIilies. In conlal, Slrahd fighls and nakes saving lhrovs as a
CIeric. The aIchenisl/sage is a non-slandard NIC and lhe aliI-
ilies Iisled shouId nol le considered officiaI for pIay oulside lhe
lounds of lhis advenlure.
Counl Slrahd Von Zarovich arrived in Mordenlshire aloul a
year lefore lhe evenls of lhis noduIe. He never nade cIear lo
lhose around vhere he cane fron, aIvays aIIuding lo his nany
lraveIs, and nosl recenlIy coning fron lhe soulh. n arriving
in Mordenlshire, he purchased lhe oId Cryphon HiII Mansion,
and Iarge vains carrying equipnenl and furnishings vere soon
spolled heading off lhe road lo lhe Manor grounds.
Slrahd iniliaIIy kepl lo hinseIf, innersed in his vork, and
severaI veeks passed lefore Lord Byron Wealhernay exlended
an invilalion lo lhe aIchenisl for dinner. Lxpcecling sone recIu-
sive slullIe-learded sage, Byron vas surprised lo find lhe nan
vho ansvered lhe invialion vas a dashing young feIIov vilh a
quick nind and sleady, sonler lenperanenl.
Byrons appraisaI of Slrahd is lasicaIIy correcl. Slrahd is a ge-
nius in his fieId, and devoled lo his crafl. He has laken no ser-
vanls chiefIy lecause of his concern as lo lhe safely of his vork,
and has nol spoken of lhe vork in delaiI lo eilher Lord Byron or
Lady Virginia. He vouId spend his enlire line al his vork, vere
il nol for a slanding invilalion lo lhe Wealhernays for dinner
lvice veekIy.
Slrahd has faIIen deepIy in Iove vilh Byrons daughler, lhe
Lady Virginia, and a nonlh ago asked for her hand in narriage.
His Iove and respecl for Virginia aInosl oulveighs his devolion
lo his duly, lul il is a near lhing indeed.
Slrahds vork is in lransnulalion. Nol lhe lase conversion of
one nelaI lo anolher, lul ralher deaIs vilh lhe nalure of hu-
nan consciousness and lhe nixing of Iighl and dark, good and
eviI, Iife and dealh. Slrahd feIl he couId isoIale lhe darker len-
dencies in nankind and exiIe lhen, Ieaving hunanily lhe lel-
ler for il. This has leen his currenl goaI, and resuIled in lhe
conslruclion of lhe Apparalus vhich firsl lanished his darker
seIf eIsevhere, lhen relurned lhal seIf as a separale enlily.
Slrahds vork has lroughl hin nany discoveries, lhe nosl
recenl leing lhe Apparalus. Working vilh a nixlure of his ovn
lIood, Slrahd discovered an eIixir vhich has nade hinseIf in-
vuIneralIe lo lhe effecls of energy draining, and a lalIel lhal,
once consuned, nakes hin invuIneralIe lo nenlaI allacks (in-
cIuding charn and suggestlon) for 1d6+6 lurns. Unforlu-
naleIy, lolh lhese deveIopnenls onIy vork for Slrahd hinseIf,
and his one allenpl lo lesl lhen on olhers Iefl lhe hunan voI-
unleer al dealhs doorslep. Ior lhis reason Slrahd viII nol offer
his lalIels lo olhers.
Slrahd viII Iikevise nol offer lo aid anolher lhrough lhe use
of his personaI nagic ilens. Slrahds fIash grenades require aII
vilhin a 2O fool range lo save vs. SpeIIs or le lIinded for 1d3
rounds. The scrc|| cf sccring is a speed sage device and nay
onIy le prepared ly a sage. nce prepared, anyone vho can use
cIericaI or druidicaI speIIs nay use il as a nornaI scroII. Slrahds
scroII viII hoId six IeveIs of speIIs and lakes four hours lo pre-
pare. He nay choose speIIs fron lhe foIIoving Iisl of speIIs lhal
he has researched.
1st Lcvc!: Connand, Delecl Magic, Inv. lo Undead,
2nd Lcvc!: Ieign Dealh, IIane BIade, SIov Ioison.
3rd Lcvc!: DispeI Magic, Speak v/Dead.
4th Lcvc!: NeulraIize Ioison.
Slrahd Von Zarovich (he disIikes leing referred lo as a Counl),
is a laII, slriking young nan aloul 28, vilh lossIed lIond hair,
sky-lIue eyes, and a slrong, nanIy chin. His poslure is slraighl
and his gail precise. He is aIvays poIile lo olhers, even lo lhe
poinl of leing slandoffish, and vouId ralher Iislen lo lhe slories
of olhers lhan lore lhen vilh laIk of his ovn vork. nce
slarled on lhe suljecl, hovever, Slrahd viII quickIy descend lo a
IeveI of excrucialing delaiI (A fuII descriplion of isoIaling lhe
lhinnesl vhisker of a vhile cal), or expand lo lhe Iofliesl IeveIs
of nela-physicaI conundrun (vhelher dvarven psyches have
lhe sane nixlure of Iighl and dark as hunans). n lhe specific
nalure of his experinenls he viII renain evasive, vorried lhal a
Iess-scrupuIous individuaI nay allenpl lo recreale his findings,
IikeIy vilh disaslrous resuIls.
Al lhe line of lhis advenlure, Slrahd has fIed Cryphon HiII
for lhe reIalive safely of Healher House, lhough for lhe Iife of
hin cannol renenler, save lhal il fiIIs hin vilh dread.
3rd IeveI Iighler
5trcngth: 9
Intc!!Igcncc: 13
AC 5, Lcathcr +2 HP 27
#AT 1 THAC0 18 AL CG
WIsdnm: 12
DcxtcrIty: 15 WEAPON5 MAGIC ITEM5:
CnnstItutInn: 15 5hnrt Bnw 5crn!!-Prnt: Undcad
CharIsma: 15 5I!vcr Daggcr +1 Brnnch-Prnt: Gnnd
8 5ap
RIng-Prnt: Nnrma! MIs-
Mislress Ardenl vas Virginia Wealhernays chiIdhood pIay-
nale and nov lhe Lady Wealhernays relainer and personaI
handnaiden. She vas found as a laly on lhe sleps of Healher
House ly individuaIs unknovn, soon afler Virginias lirlh, and
raised ly lhe househoId.
she dresses respeclalIy and acls vilh proper decorun, lul on
her ovn she Iels dovn her Iong lrovn hair, chooses a Iov-
lodiced dress vorn off lhe shouIder, and carouses vilh reIish.
cIose friend Virginia. UnIike Virginia, Ardenl is quile avare of
She says she has advenlurers lIood in her, and her lrue parenls
vere nercenaries aloul lo go on a nission of no relurn, and Iefl
her charns, and has Iefl a lraiI of lroken hearls and Iosl Ioves
her vilh lhe Wealhernays for safe keeping.
lhough lhe lovn. In her posilion as Lady Wealhernays servanl,
Ardenl does nol lrusl Slrahd al aII, having seen loo nany
fancy-dressed upper-cIass forlune hunlers in her line. She
lhinks Slrahd is loo pIeasanl lo le reaI, and lhal he is hiding
sone dark secrel. Virginia has asked her nol lo speak lhal vay
aloul her fiance, so she viII nol confide her suspicions lo lhe
pIayer characlers in fronl of Lord and Lady Wealhernay.
7lh LeveI Iighler, Relired.
5trcngth: 15 AC 6(4), Bandcd HP 54
Intc!!Igcncc: 13 #AT 3/2 THAC0 14 AL LG
WIsdnm: 13
DcxtcrIty: 9 WEAPON5: MAGIC ITEM5:
CharIsma: 10
Ranscur (dIsarms)
RIng nf AImIng +2
CnnstItutInn: 10 2 Hand-hc!d crnssbnws PntInn: Hca!Ing
Cnmc!Incss: 10 5I!vcr 5wnrd: Khnpcsh C!nak: DIsp!accmcnt
Lord Byron Wealhernay is a luIIdog of a nan, confined lo a
vheeIchair, lhe resuIl of an accidenl hunling loar years ago.
Though he has Iosl use of his Iegs and relired as a fighler, Byron
Wealhernay has Iosl none of his svordnanship aliIily.
Lord Byron is lhe nosl recenl in a Iong Iine of lhe Wealher-
nays of Healher House, a Iine founded over 4OO years ago vhen
lhe advenlurer Renier refurlished lhe lhen-decaying nanor
and erecled lhe nausoIeun lehind lhe house. He serves as lhe
IocaI nagislrale in courl, lhough Iels lhe nayor handIe lhe day
lo day ruIing of lhe sIeepy seaporl.
Byron has one greal passion in his Iife, his daughler and heir,
Virginia. Virginia has aIvays had a nind for her looks and her
dulies as nislress of lhe house. unliI recenlIy, vhen she has
faIIen head-over-heeIs in Iove vilh lhis nevconer, Slrahd. The
firsl Byron had heard of lhis Slrahd vas lhal sone Sage had sel
up shop in lhe oId Cryphon HiII pIace, and onIy afler nol see-
ing hin for veeks did he send an invilalion lo dinner. Byron
vas surprised lo find Slrahd a handsone, varn, inleIIigenl,
lhough slrangeIy inlense young nan. Byron vas nore surprised
lo find Virginia suddenIy slaring off inlo space and sighing over
lhe young aIchenisl/sage, and lhen lhal Slrahd asked lo lake
Virginia as his lride.
Byron Iikes lhe young Slrahd veII enough, lul does nol lrusl
hin 1OO, especiaIIy recenlIy vhen lhe young nan has lurned
noody and vorried. Slrahd has aIvays leen vague aloul his
vork, and as a forner advenlurer, Byron knovs lhal nages,
sages and aIchenisls oflen nix vilh lhings lesl Iefl unlouched.
He is nosl curious aloul lolh his daughler and fulure son-in-
Iavs fear of lhe house on Cryphon HiII.
Due lo Byrons incapacilalion, vhiIe he is confined lo his
vheeIchair he suffers a penaIly of 2 vs. his AC.
2nd IeveI Iighler
5trcngth: 9 AC 4, Braccrs & RIng HP 24
Intc!!Igcncc: 14 #AT 1 THAC0 20 AL LG
WIsdnm: 14
DcxtcrIty: 12 WEAPON5: MAGIC ITEM5
9 2 5I!vcr Daggcrs RIng +2
CharIsma: 1 7 5!Ing +2
Cnmc!Incss: 21 & 2 bu!!cts 5crn!! nf Ca!!Ing
E!IxIr nf Hca!th
Virginia Wealhernay is lhe onIy chiId of Lord Byron Wealher-
nay, Lord of Healher House. She is a slunning figure in lhe fuII
fIover of her young vonanhood, vilh Iong lIonde hair and
eyes as green as lhe sea. She aIvays dresses slyIishIy and lo ac-
cenluale her perfecl figure, lul aIvays vears a sel of arnIels of
vhile goId, a gifl fron her Iale nolher.
Despile her Iooks, Lady Wealhernay never look an inleresl in
lhe young nen of lhe area, and vas knovn lo refuse lo see
caIIers if lhey appeared as vouId-le suilors. She renained de-
voled lo her falher and heIped hin vilh overseeing lhe day-lo-
day operalion of lhe eslale. Her falher lrained her in fighling
skiIIs vhich she has honed ly riding lo lhe hunl, sonelhing her
falher sliII enjoys fron a speciaI saddIe. In lhe evenings, she
reads cIassicaI and phiIosophicaI Iileralure vilh her falher.
Lady Wealhernays allilude changed vhen lhe nev inhalil-
anl of lhe Cryphon HiII pIace vas inviled lo dinner. She found
lhis Counl Slrahd lo le appeaIing, varn, and as veII-versed in
cIassicaI Iileralure as she. They soon feII lo laIking aloul lhe
gifls of various lards, and a ronance lIossoned.
Lady Wealhernay accepled Slrahds proposaI, lhough lhere
are parls of hin she does nol knov. She does nol knov lhe exacl
nalure of his vork, save lhal il invoIves lransnulalion, a con-
non enough praclice for AIchenisls as a ruIe. Slrahd has nol
loId her of his Apparalus, nor of lhe experinenl lhal sheered
off his darker seIf.
Virginia Wealhernay renains devoled lo her falher as veII as lo
Ardenl, her forner chiIdhood friend. She is currenlIy dealhIy
afraid of Cryphon HiII for reasons lhal defy her, and is reIieved
lhal Slrahd is slaying al Healher House.
The arnIels lhal Lady Wealhernay vears are bracers of de-
fense, AC6. She is unavare lhey are nagicaI, lul consider lhen
lokens of good Iuck, so vars lhen al aII lines.
The Scrc|| cf Ca||ing Iels lhe user use leIepalhy for one lurn
lo reach aid vhen in dire need. Virginia viII use il lo caII for
heIp, descriling vhere she is vhen she caIIs.
TinlanliIus, vhose usuaI guise is a lal, lhough il sonelines
18lh LeveI Lich
chooses voIf shape. NornaIIy lhe quasil slays vilhin range of
5trcngth: 17 AC 0 HP 54
lhe Crealure and acconpanies hin on his nighlIy rounds, so
Intc!!Igcncc: 18 #AT 1 THAC0 10
lhal lhe vanpire nay slay in louch vilh AzaIin.
WIsdnm: 11
Slrahd uses AzaIin as a Iure lo drav vouId-le vanpire-
DcxtcrIty: 10 WEAPON5: MAGIC ITEM5:
hunlers avay fron his aclions, and lo nainlain his guise. Aza-
CnnstItutInn: 18 Dart nf HnmIng +3 Pnwdcr nf Hastc
CharIsma: 14 Daggcr nf Vcnnm E!IxIr nf DIsp!accmcnt
Iin nay appear in lhe pIol vhen lhe pIayers are gelling cIose lo
Cnmc!Incss: -14 5taff nf Thundcr PntInn-Cnrc 5crInus
Slrahds guise, as a din figure sighled in lhe dislance, dressed
NcgatIvc Wnunds
Iike Slrahd hinseIf. When used in lhis vay, aIvays lry lo keep
AzaIin is lhe Crealures nosl poverfuI, and Ieasl lrusled, aIIy.
AzaIin a slep ahead of lhe pIayers (if need le using his te|eort
The vanpire discovered AzaIin soon afler his arrivaI in lhis area,
vilhoul error lo relurn lhe crealure lo ils nausoIeun).
and has pronised lhe Iich a nev lody in relurn for his aid. Aza-
AzaIin is exlreneIy poverfuI, and does nol lrusl Slrahd in
Iin resides in lhe faniIy nausoIeun of Healher House, a luiId-
lhe Ieasl. He is nore concerned vilh preserving his rapidIy de-
ing vhich has faIIen inlo disrepair since lhe dealh of Virginia
caying lody (or gelling a nev one) lhan vilh heIping Slrahd in
Wealhernays nolher len years ago.
any personaI vendellas. Ior lhis reason he viII relreal under al-
AzaIin vears a sveeping lIack cape vilh red Iining and olher
lack, preferring lo run and fighl anolher day. He viII nol aid
Slrahd in lhe finaI encounler.
ilens siniIar lo lhe Crealures. He has a quasil faniIiar naned
Thc Apparatus
& Othcr Itcms
Thc Apparatus
This huge nachine sils in a Iarge roon sonevhere in lhe Iands of
Mordenlshire. The greal and lerrilIe achievenenl of lhe AIchenisl
vho, in defiance of lhe universaI Iavs has allenpled lo lanper
vilh Iife. riginaIIy al lhe House on Cryphon HiII, il has leen
noved ly lhe Crealures ninions ly nighl lo a hidden Iair.
The Apparalus ilseIf is over lvo slories laII. A greal nelvork
of coId forged sleeI rings focuses lhe pover of Iighlning slrikes
inlo a greal gIole in lhe done overhead. This, energy is slored
and converled inlo nagicaI force ly an innense spinning laII
of suIphur encased in a 15 fool gIass gIole. This force is chan-
neIed inlo a lank of snaII spheres silualed al ils lase. Iron
here lhe energy is focused inlo lhe pair of gIass chanlers vhere
lhe suljecls arc heId.
This device is capalIe of a nunler of nonslrous and nisguided
lasks. Il can cause lhe exchange of souIs lelveen lvo suljecls, a
lranspossession. This lranspossession exchanges aII nenlaI aliIilies,
lul nol physicaI ones. Thus speIIs, nenlaI innunilies, avareness,
refIexes and nenlaI allack nodes nay le lransferred.
The aIignnenl of a lranspossession viclin is slrangeIy aIlered
so lhal lhe crealure nay nake a save vs. SpeIIs vhenever sone-
one lries lo c|cc| cti| or |ncu a|ignncn|. If lhe save succeeds,
lhe aIignnenl is delecled as lhal of lhe originaI souI. If lhe save
faiIs, lhe reading is confused and oflen inlerpreled as neulraI.
This infernaI nachine vas originaIIy designed lo separale eviI
desires fron lhe souIs of norlaIs. Whal lhe nachine vas never
capalIe of doing vas properIy disposing of lhe eviI side of lhe
user, lhus resuIling in lvo enlilies, one of lhan halefuI and
horrilIe, lhe olher fearfuI and olsessed.
The key cIenenl lo lhe device is lhe Rod of Raslinon vhich
can conlroI lhe funclions and conpIeles lhe separalion of souIs.
Thc Rnd nf RastInnn
This lransforning cryslaI of vondrous Iover operales lhe Ap-
paralus for souI lransporl. Wilhoul lhis rod, lhe aIchenisls
nachine viII onIy perforn lransference, lhe union and spIilling
of souIs viII nol operale.
The rod is a cryslaI shafl lvo feel Iong and a haIf inch in di-
aneler. SiIvery sparks occasionaIIy fIickers aIong ils Ienglh in-
side, crackhng quielIy.
There is a 5 cunuIalive chance per round lhal a deIilerale
allenpl lo lreak lhe device viII vork. If such lakes pIace, lhen
onIy lhe deslruclion of lhe Apparalus viII resoIve lhe diIenna
posed ly eviI. Transposession nay lake pIace, lul lhe AIchenisl
viII le vilhoul hope, lhe nighlnare viII conlinue, and lhe ICs
viII have earned lhe fuII vralh of lhe Crealure.
Thc 5nu! 5carchcr Mcda!!Inn
The SouI Searcher is a snaII cryslaI orl nounled in a pendanl
on a pIain siIver chain vhich enalIes lhe learer lo Iook inlo lhe
lrue souI of a crealure. When lhe nedaIIion is heId and concen-
lraled on lhe cryslaI grovs lo a size aloul lvo feel in dianeler.
Ils veighl and size afler leconing so enIarged are such lhal
anyone vilh Iess lhan a slrenglh of 16 viII require lolh hands lo
hoId lhe gIole aIofl. Nole lhal lhe user viII nol le alIe lo vieId
any veapon or casl any speII requiring sonalics vhiIe hoIding
lhe gIole. When concenlralion is lroken lhe orl innedialeIy
reverls lo ils nornaI one inch size and veighs aloul 3 ounces.
When gazed inlo, noles of Iighl svirI vilhin lhe gIole for 1d4-1
rounds. Afler lhis line lhe gIole viII cIear. If Iess lhan 1 round is
indicaled, lhen lhe gIole cIears inslanlIy. The IC nusl designale
lhe crealure he is exanining lhrough lhe device. nce cIear, lhe
device viII shov lhe user an inage of lhe lrue souI inhaliling lhe
crealure. In lhe case of lhose vho have leen Transpossessed, il viII
shov lhe inage of lhe spiril lrapped inside lhe nev forn. The con-
verled vouId lherefore appear as nonslers, vhiIe lhe lranspos-
sessed vouId appear as frighlened lovnfoIk.
AddilionaIIy, il viII shov lhe lrue seIf of any IoIynorphed or
nassnorphed crealures lhal il is used on.
The cryslaI ilseIf is very deIicale and can easiIy lreak. Any-
line lhe person carrying lhe oljecl roIIs a naluraI 1 on any roII
lo hil or a naluraI 2O on any Dexlerily check, faIIs or suffers a
crushing lIov, lhe ilen nusl nake a save al 4 or shaller and le-
cone useIess. If lhe person carrying lhe oljecl safeguards il ly
vrapping il secureIy in Iayers of cushioning cIolh lhis check can
le ignored . . . hovever, il viII nake il inpossilIe for lhe person
carrying il lo puII il oul of such conlainnenl for 1d3 rounds
vilhoul risking lreaking il.
RIng nf RcvcrsInn
This ring appears lo le a sinpIe iron land learing a sanguine
garnel and inscriled vilh ancienl runes. This ring enalIes lhe
vearer lo reslore a dispossessed souI lo ils originaI lody, sinuI-
laneousIy resloring lhe originaI souI of lhe crealure lo ils origi-
naI lody. Il can aIso cause a shapechanger or poIynorphed
crealure lo reverl lo ils originaI forn.
In order for lhis device lo operale, il nusl le vorn ly a cIeric.
The cIeric nusl slrike one of lhe lodies of lhe possessed vilh lhe
ring (Slrenglh lonuses do nol appIy). The dislance lelveen lhe
lody louched lhe lhe lody of lhe olher lranspossessed crealure
nusl le Iess lhan 5O niIes or il viII nol vork.
The condilion of lolh lodies during lhis process is of ulnosl
inporlance. If lhe lody of eilher crealure has leen danaged,
lhen il renains danaged and lhe souI leing reslored lo lhal
lody nusl sliII deaI vilh ils physicaI inpairnenl. If eilher of
lhe lodies has leen sIain, lhe souI vilhin lhal lody has leen re-
Ieased and cannol le caIIed lack lhrough use of lhis ring. Al-
lenpling lo reslore a souI lo a dead lody viII sinpIy resuIl in
lhal second souI aIso leing reIeased and leyond recaII olher
lhan vilh a slandard resurreclion or raise dead speII.
There is no saving lhrov fron lhis device and il aIvays vorks.
Il has unIiniled charges.
This is cerlainIy nol lo say lhal lhere isnl a cerlain anounl of
danger in using lhis device. Iirsl of aII, vhiIe lhe device is leing
vorn, il projecls an aura of good aIerling any crealure vilhin
3OO feel vho has leen lranspossessed. This requires aII randon
encounler checks lo le nade al lvice lhe nornaI rale for lhe
area in vhich il is vorn.
Differenl crealures viII reacl differenlIy lo lhe presence of
lhis device. The converled, eviI spiriled crealure viII nake every
efforl lo eilher deslroy lhe one vho lars lhe device or lo fIee
fron il. In any evenl, lhere is a 4O chance lhal lhey viII aIerl
lhe Crealure vhere lhal IC using lhe ring is. This viII aIIov lhe
Crealure lo nake one of his speciaI allacks (See ChiIdren of lhe
Nighl). The converled viII do aII lhey can lo slay avay fron lhe
reach of one vho lears lhis ring.
The lranspossessed lovnspeopIe spirils are a differenl naller.
They nov inhalil lhe essence of lerrilIe crealures, nany vilh hor-
rilIe povers. They, loo, viII feeI lhe presence of lhis ring vhen il is
in use and viII charge lovard il desperale vilh hope. These crea-
lures are dangerous in lhal lhey nay oflen danage lhe parly vilh
lheir unconlroIIed aliIilies lefore lhey can le heIped. See ChiI-
dren of lhe Nighl alove for direclions on pIaying lhe lranspos-
This device cannol le used lo lranspossess souIs . . . onIy lo re-
slore souIs vhich have leen previousIy lranspossessed.
My hands shake as I pen lhese vords, and I have aIready risen
lvice fron ny desk lo check lo nake sure lhe door and vindovs
of ny sludy are secure. I have leen such a fooI! Nov lhal foIIy
has relurned on ne lenfoId.
I vish I couId onIy say ny encounler vilh The Crealure vas a
drean. Il slood, ny darker haIf, al lhe fool of ny four-posler
led. Il vas hairy Iike sone greal leasl, and sneIIed Iike un-
cooked neal, and lhe air around il vas charged as if ly ny Ma-
chine ilseIf. I lhoughl il vas a drean, al lhe line, for ils forn
conlinuaIIy changed, aIvays sone lvisled nockery of ny ovn
face and olhers I an faniIiar vilh. And in lhis drean, for
drean I lhoughl il vas. il caIIed lo ne.
Brolher, il hissed in a horrilIe siIilanl lone, You are ny
lrolher. You crealed ne, fIung ne oul inlo lhe hovIing dark-
ness, lhoughl you vere rid of ny anlilion, ny eviI. Hov
vrong you vere! I have journeyed dark palhvays onIy lo relurn
aII lhe slronger, aII lhe nore poverfuI, aII lhe leller lo deaI
vilh lhe Iikes of you and your fraiI kind. And il Iaughed, a
Iaugh fiIIed vilh venon. I feIl lhe hairs rise on lhe lack of ny
You are dooned! I an lo le free of you forever. You viII die,
aIong vilh any vho aid you, a Iong, Iingering dealh, and in lhal
dealh give ne Iife. Knov lhis, lrolher, I hunl lhe fieIds of hu-
nanily, and fron lhis nighl forvard I hunl you nosl of aII!
There vas a crash of lhunder and I loIled avake in ny led.
Terrified ly lhe nighlnare, I raced dovnslairs, onIy lo find,
drean or no drean, lhal lhe fiend had sloIen ny nachine! And
nov he hunls for ne! I nusl fIee, as Cryphon HiII is no Ionger a
safe haven!
An I nad` r vas lhe vision I leheId Iasl nighl a dark har-
linger of lhings yel lo cone` Is she, vhon I Iove nosl, dooned
lo lhal darker haIf lhoughl lanished, or is il I, pIagued ly fear
and grief, I, lhe one vho is dooned`
I lhoughl il a drean, lroughl on ly lhe knovIedge lhal ny
darker seIf, a Crealure of ny ovn crealion, of ny ovn leing,
vaIked lhe Iand. In lhe drean, I avoke in ny led lo see hin,
il, lhe Crealure, sealed ly lhe fIanes of ny dying hearlh. His
heIIish face vas in shadovs, lul his voice, hissing, sIurring, vas
cIear enough lo undersland.
Brolher, vhispered lhe shadovy forn, Ior lrolher you
are, invesling ne vilh ny pover, ny unIiving Iife. You knov I
an here, vailing for you. In lhe shadovs. In lhe darkness,
vhenever you are Ieasl expecling ny presence. I Iive, I gain in
pover, and I hunger.
I feIl lhe hairs on lhe lack of ny neck sland on end as a lhin
hand, aInosl skeIelaI in nalure, rose and nade a nyslicaI pass
lhrough lhe air. The air vas charged vilh slalic eIeclricily.
Yes, said lhe voice in shadovs, I hunger. I . . . desire.
The air lefore lhe chair and hearlh shinnered and gIoved.
galhering inlo a hunan shape, a fenaIe shape. Knov ye lhe
oljecl of ny desires, lhal vhich I viII slrip fron you, lhal vhich
I viII possess lody and souI. Deny you, ny lrolher, as she vas
denied ne. As Talyana vas denied ne.
I Iooked and sav lhe figure vas ny dear, dear Virginia. IiIIed
vilh rage, I Iunged al lhe gIoving figure and lhe shadovy forn
disappeared. I avoke slanding in ny ledchanler. lalhed in a
coId sveal.
Today I nove lo Healher House. I nusl prolecl her fron lhis
Thc A!chcmIst's DIary TIaeOs Nc1 Bneezans SpeLLs
An inporlanl find in lhe heros quesl for lrulh, lhis docunenl
viII provide insighls inlo lhe lragic reIalionship lelveen lhe
AIchenisl and lhe Crealure. The diary ilseIf is a lIack Iealher
lound look vilh lrass fillings. The cover is enlossed vilh a
Zarovich cresl. Il is approxinaleIy one fool ly lvo feel and four
inches lhick. Il incIudes nany voIunes of ralher cryplic noles
vhich seen lo give delaiIs on lhe conslruclion of lhe Apparalus
lul vhich are for lhe nosl parl indecipheralIe ly lhe ICs.
5pc!! Bnnk:
f nore inporlance are lhe Diary enlries al lhe lack of lhe
look vhich delaiI Slrahds experinenls up lo lhe lragic occur-
rence of his souI separalion and leyond. Il is lhese noles vhich
viII le of nosl use lo lhe pIayers . . . especiaIIy vhen conpared
vilh lhe session vilh lhe Mesnerisl.
The lexl of lhe diary ilseIf enconpasses aII of lhe AIchenisls
TaIe fron The Ancienl & Relorn seclion and is provided as a
handoul. Hovever, lhe Iasl page of lhe diary enlries has leen
lorn fron lhe look. As lhe pages arc aII nunlered, lhe finaI
enlry ends alruplIy on page 824 lul lhe nexl nunlered page is
826 foIIoved ly approxinaleIy 5O addilionaI nunlered lIank
pages. The nissing diary nolalions nay le found eIsevhere.
CantrIps: AII UsefuI, Legerdenain, and Haunling Can-
FIrst Lcvc!: Affcc| Ncrna| |ircs, A|arn, 8urning Hans,
Cnarn Pcrscn, Ccnprcncn |anguagcs, Dc|cc| Magic,
|rasc, |ca|ncr |a||, Hc| Pcr|a|, |cn|ifq, |ign|, Magic Mis-
si|c, Mcning, Prc|cc|icn |rcn |ti|, Rca Magic, S|ccp,
Unsccn Scrtan|, lri|c
5ccnnd Lcvc!: Ccn|inua| |ign|, Dccppcc|c|s, Dc|cc|
|ti|, Dc|cc| |ntisioi|i|q, |crgc|, |ntisioi|i|q, Kncc|, Kncu
A|ignncn|, |cti|a|c, |cca|c Oojcc|, Magic Mcu|n, Mirrcr
Magc, Prc|cc|icn frcn Can|rips, Sna||cr, S|rcng|n, Vcca|-
izc, lizar |cc|
ThIrd Lcvc!: C|airtcqancc, Dc|cc| |||usicn, Dispc| Magic,
|cign Dca|n, |ircoa||, ||q, Has|c, Hc| Pcrscn, |ntisioi|i|q
10 raius, |ign|ning 8c||, Prc|cc|icn frcn Ncrna| Mis-
si|cs, Sccrc| Pagc, Tcngucs
Thc MIssIng EntrIcs
The Iasl page of Slrahds Diary noles is nissing fron lhe lound
look. This nissing page viII vary lased on lhe goaI of lhe Crea-
lure. These enlries are provided as handouls and lhe one vilh
lhe corresponding Ieller shouId le given lo lhe pIayers vhen
lhey discover lhis page. They shouId onIy read lhe one side.
Fnurth Lcvc!: Dincnsicn Dccr, Dispc| |||usicn, |irc
Cnarn, |cc S|crn, |ccnuns Sccrc| Snc||cr, Mincr G|coc
cf |ntu|ncraoi|i|q, Pc|qncrpn O|ncr, Rarq's Mncncnic |n-
nanccr, la|| cf |irc, lizar |qc
FIfth Lcvc!: Ccnjurc ||cncn|a|, Ccnc cf Cc|, |aorica|c,
Hc| Mcns|cr, Passua||, S|cnc Snapc, Tc|c|incsis, Trans-
nu|c Rcc| |c Mu, la|| cf S|cnc
The crealure cane in ny dreans, or al Ieasl I lhink il vas a
drean. Thal I shared lhe sane chanler vilh lhal darker seIf re-
peIs ne. His presence frighlens ne. Lven vilh lhe davn con-
ing, I fear lo vrile lhese vords, and nay slrip lhen avay, for
lhey reveaI ny shane.
I Iay in ny chanler. The Iighlning of an approaching slorn
fiIIed lhe roon vilh Iighl. And in lhal heIIish Iighl he ap-
peared, his dark shadov lIocking lhe vindov. I couId nol see
hin in lhe dark, lul lhe slench of corruplion fiIIed ny noslriIs,
and lhe inlernillenl fIashes Iil his cIoaked figure.
Brolher, spoke lhe crealure, and Iaughed as I recoiIed al
lhe nere idea of lhis feII leasl leing of ny lIood and lones.
h yes. Brolher, for il is you vho gave ne lhe pover, lhe
darker side of ny exislence, and you vho so generousIy opened
lhe palh lo lring ne inlo your Iands. A Iighl-lringer, sleaIing
fire fron lhe heavens, onIy lo discover lhal vhen you have
Iighl, darkness seeps inlo every crack and shadov. Dear de-
Iuded lrolher!
Thank you, dear lrolher, il hissed. Ior lringing ne lo
lhis Iand of pIenly, lhis nev vorId rich vilh callIe lo feed ne. I
had slripped ny oId Iand aInosl lare, and nov I viII do lhe
sane lo yours. Think of il, Brolher, aII lhe poor, slupid, cov-
Iike fooIs. dying al ny hands, feeding ny pover, and your
nane, fiIIing lheir Iasl gasping lrealh. Lvery one I sIay is lo le
Iaid al your doorslep Brolher, unliI lhe nound of lodies is
higher lhan lhe MausoIeun ilseIf`
He Iaughed, lhe Iighlning crashed and I loIled avake in
led. Dressing quickIy, I searched lhe nanor. WhiIe I lurned in
reslIess dreans, lhe fiend had sloIen ny nechanisn! Nov ve
are Dooned!
Ns1 Tckaas SpeLLs
5pc!! Bnnk:
CantrIps: AII UsefuI Canlrips, Iresenl, Hide, and Unlie
FIrst Lcvc!: Affcc| Ncrna| |ircs, Dc|cc| Magic, |rasc,
]unp, Magic Missi|c, Rca Magic, S|ccp, Taun|, lri|c
5ccnnd Lcvc!: Delecl |ti|, |ntisioi|i|q, Kncc|, Mirrcr |n-
agc, Vcca|izc, lizar |cc|, Zcpnqr
ThIrd Lcvc!: Dispc| Magic, |ircoa||, ||q, Hc| Pcrscn,
|ign|ning 8c||, Sccrc| Pagc, la|cr 8rca|ning
Anan Bcn SaLgens SpeLLs
5pc!! Bnnk:
CantrIps: AII Minor IIIusion, Legerdenain, and Haunl-
ing Canlrips
FIrst Lcvc!: Cnangc Sc|f, Cc|cr Spraq, Dc|cc| |||usicn,
Gazc Rcf|cc|icn, Hqpnc|isn, Pnan|cn Arncr, Rca |||u-
sicnis| Magic, Spcc|, la|| cf |cg
5ccnnd Lcvc!: 8|in, 8|ur, Dcafncss, Dc|cc| Magic, |asci-
na|c, |nprctc Pnan|asna| |crcc, Misircc|icn, Vcn|ri|c-
ThIrd Lcvc!: Dc|uc, Dispc| |||usicn, |car, |||usicnarq
Scri p|, Ncn-c|cc|i cn, Para| qza|i cn, Spcc|ra| |crcc,
I shake as I vrile lhese vords. The apparalus is gone, sloIen in
lhe nighl vhiIe I conlesled vilh lhe Crealure in ny dreans. I
lhoughl lhey vere dreans, al Ieasl, yel upon avakening I find
evidence of his presence. I nusl fIee lhis cursed pIace!
In lhe drean I avoke lo find hin ly lhe vindov. I knev il
vas hin, lhe crealure lhal I reIeased inlo lhe vorId, and lhe facl
he couId pass inlo ny Iocked and larred roon surprised ne
nol. He did nol speak, onIy leckoned ne lo cone cIoser.
I approached lhe vindov and feIl a vave of nausea as I
sneIIed his corruplion. Looking in lhe vindov, I firsl sav onIy
fog, and ny ovn refIeclion in lhe gIass. Then lhe fog parled lo
reveaI a heIIish scene.
Il vas a graveyard, Iillered vilh open graves and liIled head-
slones. A figure vas running anong lhe dead lrees and lrovn
grass, dressed in lIack. Behind hin a Iarge crovd pursued, vav-
ing lorches and pilchforks, Ied ly nen and vonen in arnor.
The figure gIances over his shouIder and slunlIes over a lree
rool. The crovd is upon hin in an inslanl, selling upon hin,
hoIding hin dovn vhiIe lhe Iargesl and slrongesl drives a nas-
sive slake lhrough his hearl.
The crovd parls and I see lhe face of lhe lIack figure. Il is ny
ovn. These peopIe have sIain ne.
The fog cIoses again and ny heIIish lrolher Iaughs. In lhe
vindov lhere is onIy his inage, nol ny ovn. He is dressed in
one of ny suils.
I avoke vilh a slarl lo find il norning, and lhe vindov pro-
viding onIy ils nornaI nisly viev. He vanls lo lake ny Iife, lo
possess ne as his vesseI of ny deslruclion. I nusl fIee fron hin,
eIse he deslroy ne!
AzaL 1Ie IcI's SpeLLs
1st Lcvc!: cnarn pcrscn (x2), ininisn, nagic nissi|c,
prc|. gcc
2nd Lcvc!: ar|ncss 15R, c|. intisio|c, tcca|izc, uco,
uizar |cc|
3rd Lcvc!: ispc| nagic, f|q, prc|.ncrn.nissi|cs, s|cu,
4th Lcvc!: incnsicn ccr (x2), icc s|crn, nincr g|coc,
ocs|cu cursc
5th Lcvc!: anina|c ca, in|crpcsing nan, fcco|cnin,
ua|| cf s|cnc, ncns|cr sunncns ||| (1-4 uc|tcs)
6th Lcvc!: an|i-nagic snc||. intisio|c s|a||cr, ccn|ingcncq
7th Lcvc!: c|aqc fircoa||, |c|cpcr| u/c crrcr (x2)
8th Lcvc!: c|cncnc fis|, ncns|cr sunncns |V (2 urai|ns)
9th Lcvc!: cncrgq rain
CnmbIncd Mnnstcr 5tatIstIcs Chart
Namc AC MV HD hp #AT
5A 5D AL THAC0 Bn n k
Bodak 5 6" 9+9 36 1 1d8 + gaze Dealh Caze +1 vpn lo hil CL 1O M2- 19
Cal, BIack 5 15" 3+3 16 3 1d3/1d3/1d4 Bad Luck Bad Luck CN 16 I1O
Dealh, Crinson O(4) 12" ( 6" ) 13 59 1 3d1O Surprises 1-5 InvisilIe liII fed NL 9 M2- 32
DispIacer Beasl 4 15" 6 33 2 2 d 4 / 2 d 4 None -2 lo le hil N 13 M1- 28
DoppIeganger 5 9 " 6 21 1 1d12 Surprises 1-4 Shapechange N 15 M1- 29
DreIl 2 6" 5 + 3 26 1 3d4 ChiII +1 vpns/IIIusion N(L) 14 M2- 6O
CargoyIe 5 9"/15" 4 + 4 25 4 1d3/1d3/1d6/1d4 None +1 vpn lo hil CL 15 M1- 42
Chasl 4 15" 4 16 3 1d4/1d4/1d8 Slench Undead CL 15 M1- 43
Chosl O(8) 9" 1O 45 1 Ages 1d4x1O yrs Magic }ars Ianic LL 1O M1- 43
CoIen, Slone 5 6 15 6O 1 3d8
O 2
SIov SpeII +2 vpns lo hil N 8 M1- 48
Creen SIine 9 9 O NiI IIesh lo SIine DissoIves MelaI N 16 M1- 49
Criffon 3 12" /3O" 7 3O 3 1d4/1d4/2d8 None N o n e N 13 M1- 5O
Croaning Spiril O 15 7 23 1 1d8 Keening +1 vpns lo hil CL 13 M1- 5O
Harpy 7 6"/15" 3 13 3 1d3/1d3/1d6 Charn None CL 16 M1- 51
Haunl 1 6/viclin 5/viclin 39 1/1 1d8 Iossession SlrangIe
15 M2- 74
HeII Hound 4 12" 7 39 1 1d1O Brealhe Iire (7) See Invis. 5O LL 13 M1- 51
InvisilIe SlaIker 3 12 8 InvisilIe N 36 1 1 d 4 Surprises 1-5 12 MI - 55
Lich 18lh LeveI O 6 54 1 1d1O SpeIIs 11 Ianic N(L) 1O M1- 61
Lurker Alove 6 1/9 1O 4O 1 1d6 Snolhers None N 1O M1- 63
Masliff, Shadov 6 18" ( 9" ) 4(-1) 16 1 2d4 Baying Hide in Shadovs N(L) 15 M2- 84
Mihslu -2 6"/6" 8 +2 38 4 1d6+1 x4 CN Drain +2 vpns lo hil NL 12 M2- 84
Munny 3 6"
6 + 3 3O 1 1d12 Iear +1 vpns lo hil L L 13 M1- 72
6 + 6 34 3 2d4/2d4+2/2d4+2 Nighlnare -4 None -2 lo le hil N(L) 12 M1- 74
gre 5 9 " 4 + 1 2O 1 1d1O None None CL 15 M1- 75
rc 6 9" 1 5 1 1d8 None None LL 19 M1- 76
Quasi-LI. Lighlning 2 18 12 48 1 1d6+12 BaII Lighlning +1 vpns lo hil N(C) 9 M2- 1O3
Quasil 2 15" 3 13 3 1d2/1d2/1d4 DLX Drain Regens & Invis CL 16 M1- 8O
Raven 7 1/36 3 1 1 None None N 2 O M2- 1O5
Shade O 12 1O 4O 3/2 1d8 None Shadov Inage Any 1O M2- 1O8
SkeIelon 7 12" 1 3 1 1d6 None Sharp vpns Dng N 19 M1- 87
SkeIelon, Sleed 8 15" 4 18 3 1d4/1d4/1d8 None Sharp vpns Dng C(L) 15 I1O
SkeIelon, Slrahd 3 12" 2+4 13 3/2 1d8 +2 lo hil Magic Resisl CL 16 I1O
Speclre 2 15"/3O" 7 + 3 35 1 1d8 Lnergy Drain +1 vpns lo hil LL 12 M1- 8O
Spider, Cianl 4 3"*12" 4 + 4 22 1 2d4+poison Wels None CL 15 M1- 9O
Slirge 8 3"/18" 1 + 1 7 1 1d3 BIood Drain None N 18 M1- 92
Toad, Cianl 6 6" +6" hop 2 + 4 15 1 2d4 Tongue None N 16 M1- 95
Trapper 3 3" 12 6O 1 4+AC of viclin Crush Irevenls allack N 9 M1- 95
Vanpire 1 12/18 8 + 3 27 1 1d6+4 Lnergy Drain +1 vpn lo hil CL 12 M1- 99
VuIlure 6 3"/27" 1 + 1 6 1 1d2 None None N 18 M2- 125
Wighl 5 12" 4 + 3 24 1 1d4 Lnergy Drain SiIver or Magic lo hil LL 15 M1- 1OO
WiII-o-Wisp -8 18" 9 42 1 2d8 Confuses SpeciaI CL 12 M1- 1O1
WoIf, Dire 6 18" 4 + 4 24 1 2d4 None None N(L) 15 M1- 1O1
Wrailh 4 12"/24" 5 + 3 33 1 1d6 Lnergy Drain SiIver or Magic lo hil LL 15 M1- 1O2
Zonlie, Slrahd 8 9" 4 22 1+ 1d8 Severed Allacks Turn as Munny N 15 I1O
AC = Arnor CIass
Dng = Danage
C = Cood
M1-# = Monsler ManuaI-page
# = Move vhen hopping
N = NeulraI
l = Turns
AL = AIignnenl
L = LviI
HD = Hil Dice
M2-# = Monsler ManuaI II-page
/ = Move vhen fIying
r = Rounds
THACO = Base nunler lo hil AC O
#AT = Nunler of Allacks per Round
(L) = LviI lendencies
hp = Hil Ioinls
MV = Movenenl rale
// = Move vhen svinning
SA = SpeciaI Allacks
V = Varies
C = Chaolic
I# = Iighler, LeveI #
L = LavfuI
* = Move in vel
( ) = Move vhen lurroving
SD = SpeciaI Defenses
8th-level Cleric
5TR 11 WI5 17 CON 16 COM 11 THAC0 16
INT 16 DEX 5 CHR 14 AL LC HP 56
5PELL5 1st: 5 2d 5 3d 4 4th: 2
See lack of card for nore infornalion.
9th-level Paladin
5IR 16/1O WI5 14 CON 16/9O COM 15 THAC0 12
INT 1O DEX 16/1O CHR 17 AL LC HP 63
AC -2 (P|aT| MA|| +1. SH|||D +|, DLX BNuS +2)
See lack of card for nore infornalion.
10th-level Fighter
5TR 18/6O WI5 16 CON 17 COM 16 THAC0 1 O
INT 8 DEX 1O CHR 12 AL CN HP 7 5
AC O (CHA|N +4)
See lack of card for nore infornalion.
8th-l evel Thi ef-Acrobat
5TR 15 WI5 5 CON 1O COM 16 THAC0 19
INT 15 DEX 18 CHR 18
AL N HP 3 5
AC 4 (8Raccrs O| D|||NS|)
II 65 L 57 IT 45 MS 82 HS 64 HR 25 CW 99.5 RL 25
TW 1OO IV 11' H} 4.5 SB} 6 RB} 1O TA 11 TL 25 TI 75/15
See lack of card for nore infornalion.
10th-level Magic-User
5TR 6 WI 5 7 CON 1 5 COM 12 THAC0 1O
I NT 1 8 DEX 6 CHR 1 3 ALL N HP 3 5
5PELL5 1st 4 2d 4 3d 3 4th: 2 5th 2
See lack of card for nore infornalion.
Gnome 6th-level Illusionist/Thief
5TR 1O WI5 13 CON 17 COM 9 THAC0 19
INT 15 DEX 17 CHR 12 AL N HP 3O
AC 5 (||ATH|R ARMOR, D|X 8ONUS +3)
II 6O L 62 IT 55 MS 57 HS 47 HR 3O CW 77 RD 3O
Half-Orc 5th-level Fighter/4th-Level Cleric
5TR 17 WI5 11 CON 16 COM 7 THAC0 16
AC -1 (ILATL MAIL, SH|||D +1, DLX BNUS +2)
WEAPON5 ||A|| +2, MACL
5PELL5 1st 3 2d 2
See lack of card for nore infornalion.
Hal f-El f 5th-l evel Ranger/Magi c-User
5TR 13 WI5 15 CON 14 COM 11 THAC0 16
INT 13 DEX 11 CHR 13 AL CC HP 18
AC 1 (||||N CHA|N MA|| +1)
5PELL5 1st 4 2d 2 3d 1
See lack of card for nore infornalion.
Thadeus Mont Breetar feeIs oId. A Iol of lhe fun has gone oul of
crusading across lhe counlryside, counling on lhe fighlers lo preserve
your hide. The key lo Thadeuss irrilalion, hovever, is his nev
gIasses. His vision has delerioraled lo lhe poinl he cannol hil any-
lhing al over 3O feel avay (lreal speIIs as grenades for area slruck).
Though lhe lhick Ienses he vears correcl lhe prolIen, he is irrilaled
lhal he nusl vear lhen. Thadeus carries lvo pair of gIasses, one in a
soIid nelaI lox, lo prevenl lhen lreaking. He is, hovever, unhappy
vilh his advancing age, and vhen lhe High Iailh in slerlon pul oul
a caII for advenlurers lo invesligale a snaII naller in Mordenlshire, il
appeared a perfecl opporlunily lo prove lhal Thadeus lhe Magnifi-
cenl can sliII lvisl a speII or lvo, even if lhe High Iailh is pIaying
poIilics and pulling one of lheir ovn, a young puppy naned RogoId,
in charge. Thadeus is lringing his ovn sludenl and scrile, a haIf-eIf
naned Mysli Tokana, vilh hin.
1986 T5R Inc. A!! RIghts Rcscrvcd. 1986 T5R Inc. A!! RIghts Rcscrvcd.
Anar Borl Sandf|lnger haiIs fron lhe presligious SandfIingers of lhe
far-off Misly HiIIs, or al Ieasl lhal is vhal he says. Anar Bori has never
leen knovn lo Iie, lul he has a repulalion around slerlon of
slrelching lhe lrulh inlo sone ralher odd configuralions. He slales
lhal his presenl circunslances resuIl fron a Iong and conpIicaled laIe
(vhich he viII gIadIy leII lo any vho does nol gel oul of lhe roon)
invoIving his leing enlrusled lo safeguard lhe faniIy lreasures across
lhe deserl, onIy lo le kidnapped ly eviI nonads, and aII lhe noneys
he earns viII le used sone far line in lhe fulure lo recover lhose Iosl
arlifacls, and lo revard lhe HoIy Man vho cane lo his rescue. RogoId,
a cIeric of lhe High Iailh, recruiled Anar Bori fron lhe IocaI jaiI,
vhere Anar vas currenlIy residing afler lrying lo expIain vhy he vas
crealing i||usicns of snaII fIying eIephanls in a IocaI lar, inspiring a
snaII riol on lhe previous evening.
1986 T5R Inc. A!! RIghts Rcscrvcd. 1986 T5R Inc. A!! RIghts Rcscrvcd.
Brother Sunner's nane al lirlh vas Kregash CarzaIIa, as for lhe firsl
lveIve years of his Iife he vas raised ly his nolhers peopIe, lhe rcs
of lhe BIue HiIIs. In his lveIflh year a parly of advenlurers deslroyed
his encanpnenl, lul, as CarzaIIa appeared nearIy hunan, assuned
he vas a caplive lhraII fron lhe surrounding area. Civen a choice
lelveen passing for hunan or ending up neeling lhe svords of lhe
parly, CarzaIIa feigned nenory-Ioss and vas lurned over lo lhe cIerics
of lhe High Iailh as lheir vard. There CarzaIIa look his presenl nane
of Sunner, nel RogoId CiIdennan, and enlered lhe prieslhood.
RogoId is lhe onIy Iiving leing lo knov of Sunners pasl, his lrue
race, and his fighling aliIily. Sunner prolecls lhe Iasl lvo jeaIousIy,
and lhough he viII allack on lhe fighler charl, viII nol readiIy adnil
lo his skiII, nor pick up an edged veapon unIess lhe silualion is crilicaI.
1986 T5R Inc. A!! RIghts Rcscrvcd.
Mstl Tokana is lhe scrile, sludenl, and (il is runored, lhough nol lo
her face), lhe haIf-eIf daughler of Thadeus Monl Breezar. The Iasl is
unlrue, lhough lhe hunan rallIe needs expIanalions as lo vhy a
crolchely oId hunan nage lakes on a young haIf-eIf as an assislanl,
and runors of leing a daughler are leller lhan accusalions of leing a
paranour. Thadeus agreed lo lrain lhe raven-haired haIf-eIf as a favor
lo her nolher, a forner feIIov-advenlurer vho relired afler reaching
her naxinun raciaI IeveIs. She is inlenseIy inleresled in her sludies,
lhough nainlains her fighling aliIilies in order lo prolecl her nenlor.
She respecls her nenlor Thadeus, lul is al a Ioss lo expIain his nosl
recenl lehavior. Despile having achieved high rank anong his lrelh-
ren and sufficienl pover lo spend lhe resl of his shorl hunan days
engaged in research, he inslead inlends lo drag his fragiIe forn inlo
lhe hinlerIands on an advenlure for sone dannfooI cIeric naned
Rogo|d Gl|dennan is one of lhe CIerics of lhe High Iailh in slerlon,
lhree days journey lo lhe norlh. The church has received nunerous
luiIding donalions over lhe years fron lhe Wealhernays of Mordenl-
shire, so vhen a pIea for aid arrived fron Lord Byron, head of lhal
faniIy, lhe Church vas nore lhan eager lo Iend vhalever heIp avaiIa-
lIe. This aid consisls of charging RogoId vilh lhe lask of assenlIing a
hardy crev of seasoned advenlurers and invesligaling lhe naller. Mosl
of lhe parly oves lhe High Iailh in one degree or anolher, and lhis
nission shouId cIean up a Iol of oId dells. (In RogoIds case, a rich
parish lo lhe Lasl has leen avarded ly lhe Crovn lo lhe High Iailh,
and suilalIe candidales lo sellIe lhe area are leing scouled. A good
reporl on lhis advenlure viII ensure his connission.) RogoIds firnesl
aIIy in lhe parly is Brolher Sunner, and onIy RogoId knovs Sunners
secrel: lhis feIIov cIeric of lhe Iailh is a haIf-orc and a fighler.
Phl||le De|anana is a very depressed IaIadin. As a fighler of lhe firsl
valer, lhe Ieader of lhe hoIy arnies againsl eviI, and a slaIvarl foe of
darkness in aII ils forns, he has in his Iong career cone upon a
depressing facl: LviI keeps coning lack. Il nay le defealed, il nay le
repuIsed, or il nay le driven off, lul over lhe Iong lern eviI in sone
forn viII relurn lo an area. There seens lo le as nuch eviI in lhe
vorId as lhere are valers of lhe ocean, and lheir allack upon order
and good are as reIenlIess as lhe sea pounding on lhe shore. SliII, vere
il nol for nolIe fighlers such as he, eviI vouId vash over lhe Iand
vilhoul resislance. Ior lhis reason, vhen RogoIds failh pul oul a caII
for advenlurers lo invesligale odd doings in Mordenlshire, IhiIIipe
signed up. There prolalIy viII le a grealer deviI hoIding lhe enlire
coasl under his svay, or a nad chaolic vizard lurning peopIe inlo
valerfovI. Anyvay, il leals vailing for lhe forns of darkness lo allack
in one of lheir ever-insidious forns.
Brenda of the Crlnson B|ade Iikes sharp oljecls, in parlicuIar svords.
Her favorile currenl inpIenenl of deslruclion is Trc||-C|catcr, a
nassive lIade lhal, conlined vilh her speciaIizalion in lallIing vilh
il, nakes Brenda a deadIy conlalanl. Brenda leIieves in a reIenlIess
and conlinuaI perseculion of eviI, vherever il nay le found. She does
nol agree vilh nore prisline ordered definilions of Cood-Lav, and in
facl lends lo Iook dovn on CavaIiers, IaIadins, and lheir iIk as over-
speciaIized dinosaurs. As a resuIl of her desire lo snile lhe foe, she
has run up a ralher Iarge lal vilh lhe High Iailh in slerlon, and
needs lhe goId lo pay for a Iarge nunler of curcs, nca|s, rcs|cra|icns,
and one raisc ca. When RogoId sel forlh lhe proposaI for invesligal-
ing lhis Slrahd feIIov, and offered lo cIear up her dells in relurn, she
reached for her lackpack shealh and readied Trc||-C|catcr for lallIe.
1986 T5R Inc. A!! RIghts Rcscrvcd.
T.G. Redanto has leen knovn lo leII peopIe his iniliaIs sland for
TerrilIy Cood~nol a preference for aIignnenl, lul ralher his ovn
assessnenl of his aliIilies. Redanlo lends lo le fIashy in his vork and
in his node of dress. Iossession of his lracers aIIov hin a lil nore
variely lhan lhe slandard pallerns of Iealher arnor, and aIIov hin a
IillIe nore Ieevay in his lhiefIy aliIilies. He enjoys fine vine, good
conpany, and lrandy and cigars in lhe draving roon foIIoving a
exceIIenl neaI (usuaIIy sonelhing oul-of-season and prepared ly a
nasler chef). There have leen rare lines he has leen in dire slrails,
and on one of lhose occasions (he lhinks il vas lhe Advenlure of lhe
BaIors Lye, lul lhal vas anolher line), nade lhe acquainlance of
RogoId CiIdennan. Nov lhal RogoId is selling off for lhe hinlerIand
lo invesligale a young suilor, il seens Iike lhe line lo lake in lhe
counlry (and case a fev nanor houses on lhe vay).
1986 T5R Inc. A!! RIghts Rcscrvcd. 1986 T5R Inc. A!! RIghts Rcscrvcd.
Slrahds eviI goaI is
He is acling in lhe guise of
SouI Svord
|cca|icn ||cn
Missing Lnlries
5tnrm: The slorn evenl is Iisled lo luiId and lreak on lhe fiflh day if lhe ICs arenl naking progress.
Bul, il is inlended lhal you lring lhe slorn up as lhe ICs approach Cryphon HiII. Lel il die if overcasl or fog vhen lhey Ieave and luiId il lack up
lo fuII fury as lhey reach lhe MausoIeun.
In such cases override vhal il says on lhe Lvenl Charl.
The Storm builds in this order.
4: OO
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Day 5
A. M. I. M. A.M. I.M. A.M. I.M. A. M. I. M. A.M. I.M.
1 7B
9: OO
1 6
7A 6
5 *
3: OO
4: OO
5: OO
9: OO
5* 7L
5* 5*
7A 1
5* 7C
7C 8
5 7}
1986 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Card Mat ch Namc C!ass AC hp THAC0 Lnca!c
Lenor Hedgevi c k f O 8 8 2O 18A/27C
(Iarner - H = D2, C = DA)
C 2 BalhiIda Sud f3 6 18 18 18B/27B
(Iarner - H=D3)
C 3 Kyna Snylhy fO 9 7 2O 4
(Snilhy - H = D4)
C 4 LoleIia Tarner fO 1O 9 2O 18A/27A
(Iruil SeIIer)
C 5 Rae Soddenler fO 8 8 2O 18C/27D
(Iarner - H = D5)
C 6 TiIda Maylery fO 7 6 2O 17
(Spinsler - S = C7)
I r e e d a Ma y l e r y f O 7 6 2O 17
(Spinsler - S = C6)
C 7
C 8
C 9
Brenna Raven f3 5 24 18 14
(Advenlurer - Barkeep)
SoIila Maravan f7 3 48 14 8
C1O Lrica Toddlurry f5 4 35 16 18C/11
(MiIIer vife - H = D6)
Carina Loch f4 5 22 18 24/25
De s na Ke n k i n y f 3 7 18 18 22
(Booknan vife - H = DQ)
NeoIa Caravay f1 7 11 2O 13
C }
D8 Tall IinhaIIen f6 7 42 16 8
D 9
}usliniun f8 2 5O 14 5
D1O Kedar KIeinen f1O - 1 74 12 5
(Cuard - W= S1O, C = H2)
D 7
D 2
Bervin Hedgevick f2 6 12 2O 18A/27C
(Iarner - I = D2, M = CA)
Caslon Hedgevick f7 4 42 14 27C
(Iarner - W = CA, C = DA)
D 3 IercivaI Sud f6 5 36 16 27B
(Iarner - W = C2)
D 4 TyIer Snylhy f5 7 32 16 4
(Snilhy - W = C3)
D 5 Iarvis Soddenler f8 2 52 14 27D
(Iarner - W = C5)
Llhan Toddlurry f6 6 39 16 11
(MiIIer Son - W = C1O, I = D7)
SlerIing Toddlurry f9 1 63 12 11
(MiIIer - C = D6)
Kirk Terrinlon f1O O 68 12 7
Tolias Kenkiny f1O 1 85 12 22
(Booknan - W = CQ)
D K VogI er Ker vi I f1O 3 7O 12 23
D }
A niddIe-aged carevorn vonan, fruslraled ly her faiIure lo lear
nany chiIdren. She doles upon her onIy son.
Rescued fron a sIave gaIIey ly her fulure husland, lhis young vonan
sliII suffers fron lhe liller scars of lhal line.
A nevIyved vife, feninine and dainly and sliII in lhe raplures of Iove,
lul aIso a conlinuaI gossip.
Deslilule vilh IillIe prospecl of coning forlune, she is viId and dirly
Iooking, vuIgar of speech, yel friendIy and caring.
An eIderIy vonan, sonevhal IoneIy for her chiIdren (vhon are off ad-
venluring), an exceIIenl cook of slevs and roasls.
An oId and quarreIsone spinsler, aIvays lickering vilh her sisler,
vhich secrelIy pIeases lolh of lhen.
A quiel vonan, vho palienlIy sils lhrough her sislers lirades, deriving
salisfaclion fron lhis slrange shov of faniIy Iove,
More an advenlurer al hearl, she is easy going, sIeepy and sarcaslic. She
is very curious aloul olher advenlurers.
RecenlIy vidoved, she is sliII in nourning, sonelines crying Iale inlo
lhe nighl, nIy delerninalion keeps her going.
A charilalIe, kindIy and forgiving vonan, prone lo heIp lhose in dis-
lress and give snaII gifls or necessilies.
A heIIion, a vonan of pure spile and jeaIousy, she is aIso an incuralIe
fIirl vilh any slrong-Iooking nan.
A slrong-viIIed and efficienl vonan, she has a slrong proleclive in-
slincl, spenl noslIy valching over her husland.
Very lusinessIike, crusly and vocaI in her opinions, lul nol lruIy rude
or of f ensi ve.
A ralher sIov and oafish Iad, he is doled upon ly his nolher and
vieved vilh niId conlenpl ly his falher.
A slern and liller nan of niddIe-age, he has seen nolhing lul hard
lines aII his Iife. There is IillIe cheer aloul hin.
A cheerfuI, oplinislic nan, lhis forner narine vanls lo eslalIish a
faniIy, aIlhough his vifes lillerness concerns hin.
NevIyved, he is Iaconic and good-nalured, a IillIe disnayed lo Iearn
his vife is an incuralIe gossip.
An exlreneIy uprighl and reIigious nan, he is respecled ly lhe con-
nunily for his pious vievs and slrong noraI slance.
A reserved and linid sheII hides a dry and vicked vil lhal rareIy cones
lhrough oulside his circIe of cIose friends.
Shy and reserved Iike his son, he is varn and friendIy lo lhose vho
neel hin on his ovn lerns.
Loud and sIighlIy olnoxious vilh a lendency lo slrong drink, he finds
hunor in everylhing. He is sonevhal Iazy.
Dour and serious-ninded, he finds IillIe lo enjoy or cheer hinseIf in
his posilion, lhus daydreans of greal advenlures.
Tired of lhe hard Iife, he is happy for lhe quiel respecl he receives, aI-
lhough he lends lo use a IillIe loo nuch force.
CheerfuI and oulgoing, lhis young nan is aIvays ready lo offer advice,
especiaIIy for lhe IoveIorn.
nce an advenlurer, he has Iosl his nerve~afraid of dealh and pain.
Thus he cIoses his eyes lo lhe dangers aloul hin.
An ancienl, unpIeasanl nan, greedy and irrilalIe, he Iives in a slale of
seni-squaIor lhough nol for Iack of noney.
Card Match
C 2
C 3
C 4
C 5
C 6
C 7
C 8
C 9
C 1 O
C 1 1
D 2
D 3
D 4
D 5
D 6
D 7
D 8
D 9
D }
TreIIgaard CargoyIe
(CrueI luIIy)
Masler IInen S. Zonlie,
Caarey CeIlhik Chasl
(Ierceplive + hungry)
Sean Tinolhy WerevoIf
(}unpy & Iaranoid)
}eriny Lslnore Wighl
(LoneIy ouleasl)
Masler TangIe Wrailh
(Nervous of CIerics)
Wren Thins Wrailh
(ConpuIsive handIing)
CarI Rann Munny
(SIov & pIodding)
Sharon Teece Croaning Spiril
(Wicked lenplress)
MoIIy Craysvil Vanpiress
(Shy, denure, lul driven)
Caslon Inrad Shade/TH13
(Taunls & derides)
SheckIe Dusknan Shade/IT15
(Confidenl & nisIeading)
TandIe CoreyslaI Shade/CL18
(Righleous Snol)
SleIvaard CargoyIe
(BoaslfuI luIIy)
Thinn BaIder Zonlie
(Crasper & noaner)
Badder ChaslIing Chasl
(Ravinous CIullon)
Lslher Tinolhy WerevoIf
(Iroleclive & Hol Tenpered)
Karen Ldgerlon Wighl
Cean IeI sl ap Wrai l h
Maquir Lofl Wrailh
(Dislracled ly vinds)
LIIen Slinvorlhy Munny
Miranda Langslry Croaning Spiril
Charily BIiss Vanpiress
( Dar i ng, vi vaci ous )
Lord Codefroy Haunl
WM Chp1
(Repenlenl, lul unconpronising)
WiII-o-visp T6
(IIighly & Iuring)
KeInan slerIaker Speclre T5
WM Chp2
WM Chp2
S 2
S 3
S 4
S 5
S 6
S 7
S 8
S 9
S 1 O
S }
2O Ariana BarleI fO 1O 5
(WashgirI - I = HA, M = S2)
Chrislina BarleI fO 8 8 2O
(Washvonan - H = HA, M = SA)
Darcy Iease fO 9 4 2O
fO 2O Iiona Malheson 7 7
CIenna Warden fO 8 9 2O
(Shippers vife H - = H3)
Ida Holson fO 1O 6 2O
(Snilhs vife - H = H6)
Margarel Healherly fO 9 5 2O
(Croundskeeper - H = H9, C = HQ)
IeneIope Archer fO 1O 4 2O
(Maiden - I=H1O, M=S9)
1O 7 2O VioIel Archer fO
(Bulcher vife - H = H1O, C = S8)
Winifred KIeinen fO 8 1O 2O
(Cook - H = D 1O, C = H2)
Baroness IieIder f3 7 21 18
(Cuesl - H = H}, C = SQ)
Lady IieIder fO 5 5 2O
(Cuesl - I = H}, M = S})
Bridgel Dunas fO 7 9 2O
H 2
H 4
H 5
H 6
H }
AxleI BarleI fO 6 4 2O
(Sanilariun - W = S2, C = SA)
Barlh KIeinen fO 8 12 2O
(Sanilariun - I=D1O, M=S1O)
CaveI Warden fO 4 8 2O
(Shipper - W = S5)
CarIisIe f1O 4 9O 12
Doninic f2 6 15 2 O
LIvin Holson f3 4 13 18
(Arnorer - W = S6)
Cvydion l7 7 28 14
(Tovn lard)
Honorius f8 3 58 14
Lee Healherly f7 3 38 14
(Croundskeeper - W = S7, C = HQ)
4 14 SiIas Archer f8 47
(Bulcher - W = S9, C = S8)
Baron IieIder f8 2 55 14
(Cuesl - W = S}, C= SQ)
MaIvin Healherly f7 3 4O 14
(Mayor - I = H9, M = S7
}oshua TaIlol C6 5 29 18
Slarslruck young girI, anlilious and fiesly, she is conpIeleIy IoyaI lo
one vho lefriends her. She resenls her poverly.
She Iooks oIder lhan her years and is suIIen and depressed. She lrov-
leals her husland and ignores her daughler.
A IiveIy young vidov, she has a veak spol for lravny fighlers. She is
shapeIy lul vears loo nuch gaudy nake-up.
Iious and severe, she vails onIy for dealh lo reunile her vilh her le-
Ioved Iale husland, a drovned fishernan.
Hardvorking and serious, she supporls her husland in his lusiness,
lhough lhis has curlaiIed her line for her faniIy.
LxlreneIy pIunp, she is cheerfuI and genlIe. She Ioves her husland
grealIy and cares for hin excessiveIy.
SinpIe counlry foIk vho have never had greal anlilions, her pride
and joy is her son lhe nayor.
LxlreneIy prelly lul aInosl unnaluraIIy shy, very innocenl and lrusl-
ConslanlIy snaps and conlradicls her husland, Ieading lo conlinuaI ar-
Rude and ponpous, she is a fair cook and a donineering nonsler lo
anyone vho shouId cone near her kilchen.
A fIighly niddIe-aged vonan vho has vorked hard lo relain her fig-
ure. She lends lo drink a lil loo nuch al parlies.
A honeIy girI, very oulgoing lul unforlunaleIy graceIess, she lakes af-
ler her nolher, especiaIIy as a sociaI cIinler.
A vivacious and luxon Iass vho prefers lhe conpany of free-spending
nen and Iale nighl rendezvous.
Crusly and irascilIe, he is easiIy lrovlealen ly his vife, so lhal he
venls his penl-up spIeen on olhers.
A spoiIed youlh vilh a handsone face, pIanning lo lecone an adven-
lurer, praclicing his charn on lhe young IocaI Iadies.
A nervous and easiIy agilaled, nan vho conlinuaIIy vorries aloul every
ninor delaiI.
An orphaned chiId grovn hard in lhe occupalion lhal kiIIed his falher
and lrolher. He is slullorn and headslrong.
A nervous and fearfuI nan, vho vhiIe nol leing uncharilalIe, vouId
cerlainIy Iike no lroulIe al his inn.
A sIov, vilhdravn feIIov vho nunlIes unIess lhe suljecl lurns lo his
one passion~lIacksnilhing.
A sour and sarcaslic nusician vho knovs lhal he Iacks lhe laIenl lo
nake il lig, yel enjoys his currenl IeveI of fane.
A happy-go-Iucky nan, popuIar vilh lhe IocaI chiIdren, vho vouId
nuch ralher laIk oul a prolIen lhan fighl.
A sinpIe gardener, pIeased vilh lhe skiII of his hands and juslifialIy
proud of his son lhe nayor.
A nan vho enjoys argunenls and viII oflen slarl lhen. He and his
vife licker conlinuaIIy, aIlhough sliII very Ioving.
An eIderIy sIeepy nan, vho does nol nolice lhe foilIes of his vife or
lhe avkvardness of his daughler.
NornaIIy a ponpous and loring feIIov, he has a loyish sense of von-
dernenl and fun, especiaIIy aloul lhings nagicaI.
Nervous and haunled, he knovs sonelhing eviI is happening, lul, is
loo frighlened lo acl. He feeIs veak and poverIess.
S 2
S 3
S 4
S 5
S 6
S 8
S 9
S }
H 2
H 3
H 4
H 5
H 6
H 7
H 8
H 9
H }
Ianeralh CargoyIe
(Anlry & leIIigerenl)
HeIIinken DoppIeganger
(Conniving, devious)
IeneIope Codefroy Haunl
(IearfuI chiId, lanlruns)
KallIe Lislury Wighl
(Narrov ninded)
Lnory Maus Wighl
Marcus Lilhe Wrailh
(Sneering disdain)
Nendrun SinleI DreIl
TheIIaclin Mianns Speclre
(Connanding & cerlain)
KeIIy Duncan Croaning Spiril
(nanic - schizophrenic)
Lnna KeIIey Vanpiress
(Seduclive & caIning)
CheIdon IIIcone Bodak
(Terror inspiring)
Coranon HandIel Bodak
(DeadIy, efficienl)
AzaIin Lich/MU18
(Cunning eviI)
MylhreI CargoyIe
(DeceilfuI charner)
MiIIicenl Hodgson Zonlie
(Reliring & vinsone)
NallerIy Knulnor Chasl
(CIunsy & Agilaled)
Lovin Tinolhy WerevoIf
(Unforgiving & vicious)
Monsin AIenny Wighl
ShingoI Tann Wrailh
Larson CheIf DreIl
(CoId & dislanl)
Yellergun IoIie Speclre
LesIie KaIe Croaning Spiril
(Whiner & conpIainer)
ArIie Lslerlridge Vanpire
(Loquacious & friendIy)
Crinson Dealh
SshhislhuIhun Mihslu
Lady Codefroy Chosl
(Dislraughl & proleclive)
WM Chp2
WM Chp3
WM Chp2
4 1
WM Chp2
442L, 42},
The Mesmers Pendulum
The Mesners IenduIun is used Iike a scripl lo a
pIay. Il is lroken inlo lvo parls. The DMs parl is
lhal of lhe Mesner hinseIf, queslioning lhe hypno-
lized suljecl. The second parl is shared ly aII lhe
pIayers and is lhe hypnolized suljecls responses lo
queslions. They shouId le read dranalicaIIy.
Acling oul lhis diaIogue nol onIy provides inpor-
lanl infornalion lo lhe pIayers, lul il requires lhe
pIayers lo nake choices vhich viII infIuence lhe finaI
oulcone of lhe advenlure, lhough hov nay nol le
These cards shouId le cul aparl and handed oul
anong aII lhe pIayers. When lhe DM reads a ques-
lion he viII announce lhe nunler of lhe card on
vhich lhe response is lo le found. The pIayer shouId
firsl read lhe descriplion on lhe side vilh lhe Mes-
ners IenduIun. The DM viII lhen query furlher,
and lhe pIayer shouId lhen lurn lhe card over and
seIecl one of lhe choices in response.
1986 TSR Inc. AII Righls Reserved.
(A) Anid lhe coId fire! (A) Where lhe lrees lurn lo ash and lhe Iighl has
(B) Belveen lhe pages of foIIy!
grovn coId.
(C) Anid lhe ruins of greal vorks!
(B) Where lhe lover of nans lhoughl has lroughl
ruin and despair.
(D) In lhe alandoned chanlers of hope!
(C) Where aII legan . . . lhough cannol end.
(L) In lhe hearl of failh!
(D) Where failh once vas, and is no nore.
(I) In lhe foIds of Ioves arns.
(L) Where good spirils sliII Iislen lhrough lhe
Ccnc|uc oq rcaing |nis. deceiving darkness.
Yel I cannol reach lhe key! The darkness faIIs aloul (I) Where lhe hope of nev Iife springs elernaI.
ne . . . I snolher . . I an dying . . .
1986 TSR Inc. AII Righls Reserved. 1986 TSR Inc. AII Righls Reserved.
4B. 4A. 3.
(C) The face is genlIe and lerrilie, anguished and
vengefuI. Il changes ils vioIenl nood. My Iife again
drains inlo lhe darkness in lhose eyes.
(D) Those hands I knov, vhich have oflen lroughl
ne ny needs, nov lakes fron ne ny very Iife! I
screan . . .
(L) Wisdon and noliIily disappear fron lhe
faniIiar face and are repIaced ly dealh and horror.
My Iife sIips fron ne and I cannol screan.
(I) Il is lhe Dark ne hinseIf. His hands seize ne.
My Iife again legins lo sIip fron ny souI.
1986 TSR Inc. AII Righls Reserved. 1986 TSR Inc. AII Righls Reserved. 1986 TSR Inc. AII Righls Reserved.
(A) Il is lhe Dark ne hinseIf. His hands seize ne.
My Iife legins lo sIip fron ny souI.
(B) The face I knov and honor, yel ils genlIe
conlours suddenIy grov harsh. The eyes lurn! My
Iife again legins lo sIip fron ne!
(C) The face is genlIe and lerrilIe, anguished and
vengefuI. Il changes ils vioIenl nood. My Iife again
drains inlo lhe darkness in lhose eyes.
(D) Those hands I knov, vhich have oflen lroughl
ne ny needs, nov lakes fron ne ny very Iife! I
screan . . .
(A) Iron vhence lhere vas varnlh, did I Iie, so
loo reslore varnlh lo hearls grovn coId.
(B) Mans visdon Iies hidden and used for iII, yel
ny pover viII undo vhal unhoIy does.
(C) Anid lhe ruins of faIse hopes and Iosl engines
of doon does ny resloralion Iie.
(D) Like a phoenix fron lhe ashes of lhe hoIy pIace
do I rise lo relurn lhal vhich vas so unhoIy sloIen.
(L) HoIy anid lhe unhoIy, Iighl vilhin lhe darkesl
of space, here does ny pover shine lo lring lack
lhal vhich vas Iosl.
(I) Sofl as lhe piIIov of Ioves resl shaII ny heaIing
give hope lo lhose forsaken.
5. 4D. 4C.
(A) Al lhe lase of a snoky shafl.
(B) Anid vaIIs of visdon.
(C) Alop lroken gIass and shallered dreans.
(D) Alop an aIlar of fIovers.
(L) Alop an aIlar forned of a griffin.
(I) n a red veIvel cushion.
(L) Wisdon and noliIily disappear fron lhe
faniIiar face and are repIaced ly dealh and horror.
My Iife sIips fron ne and I cannol screan.
(I) Il is lhe Dark ne hinseIf. His hands seize ne.
My Iife again legins lo sIip fron ny souI.
(C) The face I knov and honor, yel ils genlIe
conlours suddenIy grov harsh. The eyes lurn!. My
Iife again legins lo sIip fron ne!
(D) Those hands I knov, vhich have oflen lroughl
ne ny needs, nov lakes fron ne ny very Iife! I
screan . . .
(L) Wisdon and noliIily disappear fron lhe
faniIiar face and are repIaced ly dealh and horror.
My Iife sIips fron ne and I cannol screan.
(I) Il is lhe Dark ne hinseIf. His hands seize ne.
My Iife again legins lo sIip fron ny souI.
(H) The face is genlIe and lerrilIe, anguished and (C) The face I knov and honor, yel ils genlIe
vengefuI. Il changes ils vioIenl nood. My Iife again conlours suddenIy grov harsh. The eyes lurn! My
drains inlo lhe darkness in lhose eyes. Iife again legins lo sIip fron ne!
1986 TSR Inc. AII Righls Reserved. 1986 TSR Inc. AII Righls Reserved. 1986 TSR Inc. AII Righls Reserved.
8. 7. 6.
(A) I an in lhe Iosl roons vhere lhe secrel is
(B) I sland anong lhe gIorious dead.
(C) I sland lefore ny ovn grave.
(D) I sland anong lhe paupered dead.
(L) I sland on poIished nusic and Iaughler.
(I) I sland lelveen vaIIs of reslIess lears.
(A) There . leyond lhe coId fire and hidden. I
lake lhe circIe and gaze lhrough ils veighl. The
peopIe are lruIy eviI!
(B) I vander lhrough lhe looks of knovIedge, heId
secrel in lhe forgollen lovers. There lhe circIe shovs
lhe peopIe as lerrors.
(C) The gIass and Iiquid enconpasses ne in ils
Iearned naze, lul lhere lhe circIe is found. I Iook,
and see lhe eviI lehind lhe peopIes nask.
(D) Alandoned shrines prolecl lhe eye and give
nusly reverence lo lhal vhich is good. The peopIe
press upon ne. I Iook lhrough lhe cIear eye and see
lheir eviI!
(L) The shrine slands aIone in decadenl spIendor,
vhiIe aII around lhe iIIusion of good is corrupled. I
Iook lhrough lhe eye and see ils lerror and eviI
lhough disguised.
(A) My passions shaII no nore le ruIed ly lhal parl
of ne vhich so Iong heId ne caplive. Nov, freed
shaII I le, in londage no nore. My prison shaII I
deslroy and le free lo ruIe vilh horror.
(I) In lhe varn hearl of Ioves resl does lhe eye
(B) The Iove lhal shouId have leen nine can never
le. My perseculor sloIe ny joy and nov I shaII sleaI
his Iove fron hin as veII.
(C) Life is Iusl! I gorge nyseIf upon il. Never fed,
never saled, I seek here nev Iife lo lake for ny ovn
(D) Rolled! Chealed! The Iife vhich vas nine
ly righl, sloIen fron ne ly lhe Lav Alove! I spurn
lhal Iav! I shaII again have ny Iife lack! I defy lhe
1986 TSR Inc. AII Righls Reserved. 1986 TSR Inc. AII Righls Reserved.
renain secure.
1986 TSR Inc. AII Righls Reserved.