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Set up a new Turn It In account: 1. Go to www.turnitin.

com and click on the "Create account" link next to the "Sign In" button 2. Click on the "student" link towards the bottom of the page 3. '. nter the class I! number and the case sensiti"e #urnitin class enrollment password $%our teacher will pro"ide this& nter the user first name( last name( and a valid e-mail address* to use as the login for #urnitin

). Create a user password. a. *our password must ha"e +,12 characters and must ha"e letters and numbers. -ake sure it is something eas% %ou will remember( or a password %ou use for other school accounts. +. Select a secret .uestion from the drop,down menu. nter the answer for the .uestion. a. /emember and keep this information. #he answer is case and space sensiti"e $so %ou must remember if %ou used capital letters or put spaces in %our answer&. 0. #o continue using #urnitin( click on "I agree ,, create profile" 1. 2rom the completed user profile creation page( click on "3og in to #urnitin" Note4 If S# 5 ' indicates that the e,mail pro"ided is alread% in #urnitin( there is an existing profile under the e,mail %ou entered. 5lease use the /esetting *our 5assword instructions( if the password has been forgotten( to gain access to the user profile if %ou had a pre"iousl% existing #urnitin user profile( or use an alternate e,mail address for %our #urnitin access. IF you already have a Turn It In account and to add a class to your account: 1. 3og into #urnitin with %our e,mail and password a. If %ou forget %our password then reset it b% clicking on the 6forgot password7 link. 2. Click on the " nroll in a Class" tab on the student homepage 3. nter the class I! and enrollment password for the new class '. Click "submit" to enroll in the class and add it to the student user homepage

HOW TO SUBMIT A PAPE ,$ Click the "submit" button "ar(i(-: #his step must be completed( or the submission is not finished. Submitting a paper by Copy and Paste: <se this option at *?</ ?@A /ISB #o submit from Google!ocs ?/ to submit onl% a 5;/# of an assignment. C5lease note that onl% text can be submitted "ia the cut and paste method , an% graphics( graphs( images( and .ormatti(- are lost when pasting into the text submission box. 1. 3og in 2. Start b% clicking on the class name %ou would like to submit to 3. Select "cut D paste upload" from the "choose a paper submission method4"" pull down menu '. 2ill in the submission title field and cop% the text from the text document. C !o not manuall% t%pe an entire paper in the cop%Epaste field( which could cause the user login to time,out( losing all the entered data ). Click "submit" to complete the cut and paste submission of the text pasted into the content box

Submitting a paper by Single File Upload FIRST: MAKE SURE YOUVE SAVED T E !A!ER YOU "ANT TO SU#MIT TO A T UM#DRIVE OR TO YOUR ADO#E DRIVE$ 1. 3og in 2. Start b% clicking on the class name %ou would like to submit to %$ 2ind the assignment %ou want to submit to and &li&' o( t)e S*+mit button to the right of the assignment name '. Select single file upload from the choose a paper submission method4 pull down menu ). Click the 8rowse button and select the file to upload 9 make sure %ou:"e sa"ed the paper %ou want to upload on %our ;dobe dri"e. +. 2ill in the submission title field with the paper name $*ou -<S# do this&. 0. Click upload to upload the file. ; status bar will appear displa%ing the upload progress 1. 3ook at the pre"iew panel. *ou paper will be formatted correctl%( this is =ust to let %ou check if %ou are loading the /IG># paper.