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5.0 5.0.1

SCOPE The specification covers the supply and putting into beneficial use of the above Radial rilling !achine "ith all electrical e#uip$ent and other accessories "hich "ill be supplied "ith the $achine. Ge era! De"#r$p%$o Radial standard "ill be dra"ing location rilling $achine co$plete "ith all e#uip$ent including $otor. The $achine erected at % one in !RS & location to no. R'TES()P(!(!RS(01 and one in PCS % to dra"ing no. R'TES()P(!(PCS(01.

5.1.0 5.1.1


The tenderers are advised to visit Rail )heel +actory, -elahan.a, in their o"n interest for detailed study of the application of the drilling operation. They "ill see. clarifications, if any advance before sub$itting the offer. /ob Re#uire$ent The $achine shall be suitable and fully e#uipped for perfor$ing drilling, tapping and trepanning operations on various ferrous and non&ferrous $etals. +or drilling operation on graphite $ould blan. as per rg no0 C(T1(*(1, the tenderer shall also supply three 234 nos of trepanning tool as per rgno0 C(T1(*(1. TEC5'6C71 7T70 8eneral0 rilling(Trepanning Capacity rilling(Capacity rilling(Capacity <oring capacity <oring capacity rilling depth

5.*.0 5.*.1


5.3.0 5.3.1 5.3.* 5.3.1 5.3.3 5.3.; 5.3.5 5.3.:

0 190$$ . 050$$insteel 0:0$$ in cast iron 0=0$$ in steel 0110$$ ' cast iron 03*5$$

Tender No.2007/Workshop Projects (CWP)/GT-2

5.3.> 5.3.9 5.3.= 5.;.0 5.;.1 5.;.* 5.;.3 5.;.; 5.;.5 5.;.: 5.;.> 5.;.9 5.5.0 5.5.1 5.5.* 5.5.3 5.5.; 5.5.5 5.5.: 5.5.> 5.5.9 5.5.= 5.:.0 5.:.1 5.:.1 5.:.* 5.:.3 5.:.;

Taper spindle nose 0!.T.5 Spindle speeds0 01*(;0&1>00rp$ Spindle feeds 0:(0.1*to1.*5$$(rev rill Pressure rill po"er 0;.5?" 7r$ Elevating !otor Po"er 03.0?" !a@ . rilling Radius 0*350 $$ !a@ .drill 5ead Traverse 01900$$ ia$eter of colu$n sleeve 0;00$$ !a@i$u$ distance base plate to spindle01:;5$$ !ini$u$ distance base plate to spindle 0390$$ ) surface of the base plate 01ength*330$$ 0"idth1000$$ ST76 7R A SPEC'71 EBC'P!E6TS0 set

Electrical co$plete "ith "iring Set of tools for operation and another service for !aintenance of the $achine +oundation bolts($ounting pads )or. table capable of holing heavy Dobs. !achine la$p "ith **0(*;E transfor$er. Electro %5ydraulic $echanis$. Set of sleeves 2+ro$ !T5 to !T14. rill rifts. Operation ad $aintenance $anual.

5.:.5 5.:.;

ES'86 +E7TCRES0 The $achine shall incorporate the design feature as under 0& 't shall be of rigid construction, suitable for light centering The gears, splines, spindles shall be $ade of alloy steel, hardened and precision ground. 7nti&+rication bearings shall be used for supporting all rotating parts li.e spindles etc., for prolonged accuracy. The original built&in accuracy of the $achine shall be capable of being $aintained conveniently and econo$ically by suitable adDust$ents and bac.&lash o scre"ed spindles etc. The $achine shall be provided "ith fine feed hand "heel. 1ubrication to all bearings, gears and slides shall be fro$ centraliFed po"er driven pu$p "ith

Tender No.2007/Workshop Projects (CWP)/GT-2

slight glass for indication of pressure and flo" of lubricant along "ith filters. 5.:.5 5.:.: 5.:.> Controls shall be through push buttons conveniently approachable by the operator. The elevation of ar$ shall be by po"er. The $achine should be capable of cla$ping electro hydraulically the drill head to the ar$, the ar$ to this sleeve and he sleeve to the colu$ns. The change tools during operation there should be an arrange$ent "hereby "ithout using center, only ar$ to sleeve cla$ping is relieved auto$atically to recla$p after traverse. The $achine should be provided "ith a depth stop, "hich shall be set fro$ a vernier scale on a large depth chart. 7uto$atic disengage$ent of po"er feed "hen re#uired depth of drilling s reached. CentraliFed arrange$ent head for pre&setting. of controls on spindle


5.:.= 5.:.10

Overload safety protection in the $echanical drive syste$ to safeguard driving parts against overloading. There should be positive protection of all ele$ents by $eans of a $echanis$ in the fed drive. Radically located steel balls trans$it tor#ue pressed on to a notched plate. The balls ride the notches "ith the slightest overload. 7rrange$ents for easy re$oval elevating scre" ad nut. and asse$bly of

5.:.11 5.:.1* 5.:.13 5.:.1;

Electrical li$it s"itches on colu$ns should be provided in both directions. Proper guards shall be provided for all $oving parts. The design of the $achine shall be suitable for operations in an at$osphere containing graphite dust.

Tender No.2007/Workshop Projects (CWP)/GT-2

5.:.15 5.:.1:

rill head guide hardened strips.






The specification for graphite $ould is sho"n in 766EGCRE&7 for reference. The electrical e#uip$ent should be placed inside the 7R!. E1ECTR'C71S0 The $achine should be #uipped for independent electric drive "ith push button controls. The electric syste$ should confor$ to HStandard specification for 7C $otors and Control 8earI as per details enclosed in 7ppendi@%7. The schedule of particulars indicated in 7ppendi@&< $ust be sub$itted "ith the tender "ith all particulars duly filled in.

5.:.1> 5.>

Tender No.2007/Workshop Projects (CWP)/GT-2

7PPE6 'G%7 ST76 7R SPEC'+'C7T'O6S +OR 71ER67T'68 CCRRE6T !OTORS 76 CO6TRO1 8E7R 1. Scope This specification applies to all types of 7C $otors for driving independent line shafting of individual $achine tools in )or.shops. Each $otor shall be supplied "ith all necessary au@iliaries for the efficient perfor$ance of the duty re#uired. *. ST76 7R SPEC'+'C7T'O6

7ll 7C $ediu$ voltage $otors shall fully confor$ to 'S0 3*5 or its latest revision for all essential design and test features of the $achines. 3. P7RT'CC17RS O+ E1ECTR'C SCPP1The $otors and s"itchgear supplied shall be suitable for operation on ;15 Eolts 7C. 3 phase 50 cycles, ; "ire syste$ "ith neutral solidly earthed. !otors of 1 5P and above shall be "ound for 3 phase supply. !otors of fractional horse&po"er 2under one 5P4 $ay be "ound for ;15 volts three phase of *30 volts single phase supply. ;. T-PE 7ll $otor "ill be designed for safe and continuous operation for a voltage variation of J 5K "ithout over te$perature of $otor "inding or $agnetic circuit. Each $otor shall be of the totally enclosed fan cooled type unless other"ise specified and fitted "ith ball or roller bearings of standard $a.e readily available. )here roller bearings are provided, a suitable location collar or bearing shall also be provided. 7ll ball and roller bearings shall be accurately fitted and provided "ith $oisture proof and dust proof housing. 5. T-PE O+ )'6 '68 7ny of the follo"ing types $ay be offered depending upon the duty and 5P re#uired.

Tender No.2007/Workshop Projects (CWP)/GT-2

i4I S#uirrel CageI 'nduction !otors upto 15 5P ii4I5igh Tor#ue S#uirrel CageI 'nduction !otors upto *5 5P. iii4ISlip % RingI 'nduction !otors above *5 5P. 6OTE0 HSynchronousI !otors or HSynchronous 'nductionI !otors $ay be offered for po"er factor correction "here indicated. :. S'LE 76 SPEE

Shall be as indicated or necessary for driving the $achine tools. >. !ET5O O+ R'EE

Shall be as indicated or necessary for driving the $achine tools. 9. R7T'68 Shall be continuous or as necessary for driving the $achine tools. =. '6SC17T'O6 Class M<N insulation or Class MEN insulation te$perature rise as per standard specification corrected for ;5oC a$bient te$perature. "ith duly

The insulation used shall be suitable for a $oist tropical cli$ate. The "indings shall be specially i$pregnated to "ithstand such a cli$ate. 10. E++'C'E6C- 76 PO)ER +7CTOR

8uaranteed efficiency and po"er factor at full O and P loads shall be specified by tenderers. 11. TER!'671 7RR768E!E6T Shall be suitable for conduit "iring upto ;0 5P $otors and P1-STS Cable entry for $otors above ;0 5P. 1*. ES'86 +E7TCRES

The other essential design features shall be as follo"s0&

Tender No.2007/Workshop Projects (CWP)/GT-2

i4 Slip Ring $otors shall have continuously rated Rings. 7$ply di$ensioned to give long and trouble service.

Slip free

ii4 The ter$inal bo@es shall be properly insulated and of a$ply siFe for ter$inating alu$inu$ conductor cables. iii4 <all and roller bearings shall be provided "ith proper greasing nipples. iv4 )herever are provided, it is preferable that double shaft e@tension is provided, so that the bra.e pulley is not the sa$e as the co$plying face. v4 7ll $otors shall be braced to "ithstand the starting and accelerating forces. vi4 To facilitate starting arrange$ent "here re#uired at site the $oor "ill have all si@ ter$inal points of the stator "inding brought out at the ter$inal bo@. 13. CO6TRO1 8E7R0 The e#uip$ent for each $otor shall co$ply "ith <.S. specification 6o. 59>&1=;0 and to 'S0 9** or its latest edition on ay subse#uent a$end$ents thereto e@cept "here $odified therein. 8enerally the type of control gear shall be as indicated belo"0& i4 !otors upto 5 5P ii4 !otor above 5 5P upto 15 5P(*5 5P iii4 Slip ring $otors above 15 5P iv4 Synchronous or synchronous 'nduction !otors 6OTE0 14 'n the case of ite$s 2iii4 and 2iv4 above, the starter control $ay be air brea. upto 100 a$ps capacity. 7bove 10 a$ps, oil brea.ers to be used e@cept for auto$atic control. H irect&onI Starter 2air brea.4 HStar elta or 7uto Transfor$erI Starter 27ir <rea.4 1i#uid type of $etallic Resistance type 2air Cooled or oil i$$ersed4 Suitable $a.erNs standards

Tender No.2007/Workshop Projects (CWP)/GT-2

*4 Control gear $ay be auto$atic "ith push button control or hand operated as specified and "hen not specified, as per $a.erNs standards. 34 The entire gear shall be totally enclosed iron clad type arranged for floor $ounting or $ounted on the $achines the$selves. 7ll inter connections bet"een the control gear, $otor and all au@iliary s"itches on the $achine shall be in $etallic conduit, fir$ly fi@ed on to the fra$e. 7n inter loc.ed, isolating s"itch shall be provided on the $ain controller for safety purposes. ;4 The control gear shall incorporate full over load protection o all the 3 phases, no volt release and single phasing prevention even for fractional 5P $otors also the necessary interloc.s bet"een stator and rotor control "here necessary. 1;. CO!P1'76CE )'T5 T5E 17)0 The "hole of the e#uip$ents shall co$ply "ith re#uire$ent of the 'ndian Electricity 7ct and Rules. 15. SP7RES Separate prices for spares re#uired for nor$al running $aintenance of the Plan for * years shall be #uoted and detailed prices shall be given. 1:. SC5E C1ES The tenderer is re#uired to fill up 7ppendi@&< and sub$it along "ith the offer. 1>. TEST S5EETS Certified copies of test triplicate in due course. 19. R7)'68S sheets shall be sub$itted in the

Si@ 2:4 sets for ferro prints of dra"ings sho"ing overall di$ensions and holding do"n bolt centers of the $otors and s"itchgear under supply and detailed diagra$ of electric connection shall be sub$itted to the Engineer. +ull particulars regarding the "eight, siFe, nu$ber of turns and the $aterial of insulation of the stator and
Tender No.2007/Workshop Projects (CWP)/GT-2

rotor "indings of the $otor as "ell as M6o voltN and over load coils etc of the Control 8ear shall be furnished. )here ball or roller bearings are used, $a.e and reference nu$ber of bearings shall be #uoted preferably of the dra"ings. Triplicate copies of the foundation dra"ings and erection instructions etc "here re#uired, shall be supplied in advance to enable preli$inary arrange$ents to be $ade for the erection of the e#uip$ent at site. Operation and $aintenance instructions shall also be furnished "here re#uired. 1=. 8C7R76TEE C17CSE +or a period of t"elve $onths fro$ the date of erection of he plant at site, the contractor shall be responsible for any defects "hich $ay develop under nor$al " conditions arising fro$ faulty $aterial, design or "or.$anship, but not other"ise and shall re$edy such defects "hen called upon to do entirely free of cost to the ad$inistration. 7ny such replace$ent shall also be subDect to a si$ilar guarantee. *0. EE'7T'O6S

eviations fro$ any of he above clauses shall be clearly pointed out in a letter "hich $ust acco$pany the tender. Clauses not so co$$ented upon "ill be ta.en as having $et "ith the approval of the supplier, and "ill, therefore, be binding on hi$.

Tender No.2007/Workshop Projects (CWP)/GT-2


7PPE6 'G%< 2Schedule of particulars and guaranteed perfor$ance to be filled by the contractor and are binding on hi$4 Sl.6o. 7. !OTORS0 1. *. 3. ;. 5. !a.e Type of "inding Type of enclosure Eoltage 6o.of Phases 2single or 3 phase4 :. 5.P. of !otor offered. Particulars Re$ar.s

Rated output a4 in ?) b4 in 5P

>. 5.P. of $otor re#uired 9. Speed ' R.P.!. =. Rating continuous or inter$ittent 10. Te$perature rise 11. Over load capacity 7t *5KQQQQQQQ..5rs. 50KQQQQQQQ..5rs. 1*. 13. 1;. 15. 1:. 1>. 19. 1=. *0. Reversible or irreversible !ethod of drive Type, $a.e and nu$ber of <earingsQQQQQQQQQQQQ.. i4 .E. ii4 6. .E. Class of insulation !aterial of insulation of Stator slot !aterial of insulation of Stator "indings !aterial of insulation of Rotor slot !aterial of insulation of rotor "indings )inding data Stator0 Rotor0 Starting current in A of full load current


Tender No.2007/Workshop Projects (CWP)/GT-2


**. *3. *;. *5. *:. *>. *9. *=.

Starting tor#ue in A of full load tor#ue Starting tor#ue inK of full load tor#ue Pull out tor#ue in K of full load tor#ue +ull load current of rotor 2in case of slip ring $otor4 Open circuit voltage rotor Efficiency at full load O H P H Po"er factor at full load O H P H Ter$inal arrange$ent

<. CO6TRO1 8E7R0 30. 31. 3*. 33. 3;. !a.e Type 7ir brea. or oil brea. 6or$al rating in 7$ps Protective evices0 a4 Type A 6o. of overload release b4 Range A 6o. of adDust$ent settings c4 Ti$e 1ag d4 's single phasing preventedR e4 6o. volt release provided

35. Push&button control provided for MStartN and MStopN etc. 3:. 'nstrue$ents provided 3>. Te$perature rise of coils 39. Class of insulation and full particulars of the coils siFe of "ire etc. 3=. 's control gear located on he fra$e of the $achineR 'f so, interconnecting bet"een $oor and control gear includedR ;0. 's an isolating s"itch fitted to the control gearR ;1. Ter$inal arrange$ent Signature of the Tenderer ateSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Place0SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Tender No.2007/Workshop Projects (CWP)/GT-2


1'ST O+ Sl no 1 * 3 ; 5

R7)'68S ra"ing no R'TES()P(!(!RS(01 R'TES()P(!(PCS(01 C(T1&1(1* C(T1&1(13 sheet&* 'nsert for C(T1&1(13 sheet&3

escription 1ayout of !ould Repair Shop 1ayout of Plant Care Shop rill /ig Trepanning guide Carbide Circular Trepanning Tool

Tender No.2007/Workshop Projects (CWP)/GT-2