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Bus Driver Job Description

Name: Job Title: Department: Location: Reports to: DRIVER

Purpose of the Role

A bus driver is responsible for driving a passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) providing good customer service and a safe and comfortable journey throughout the network of bus services

Role Accountabilities
Safety !o follow" at all times" #njury Prevention rules and the $irst %&afety Principles' and ensuring that #njury Prevention (ooks are always carried !o ensure that the high visibility is always worn in vehicle movement areas !o ensure that speed limits are observed within bus depots and bus stations !o check the condition of the vehicle prior to commencing service by) o carrying out the safety walk round check o ensuring that any defect in the vehicle or e*uipment is reported as soon as possible to the right person o completing the Vehicle +efect Card or entering the defect on the electronic ticket machine (depending on location) o ensuring that the vehicle is clean and tidy before starting service !o comply with the laws and company regulations regarding the use of mobile phones" smoking in company vehicles and the use of prohibited e*uipment (such as games consoles) whilst on duty !o be responsible for the health" safety" security" welfare" environmental and fire safety arrangements for yourself" customers and colleagues !his must include attendance at safety briefings and training as re*uired

!o ensure all safety accidents,incidents are reported using the company's reporting procedure !o ensure a full understanding of emergency and evacuation plans !o ensure your bus cab area is kept in a safe and tidy condition at all times !o ensure compliance with the rules governing driving hours and rest periods for PCV,-.V drivers (+omestic and /C Rules) and the 0orking !ime +irective

Customer !o provide a high standard of customer service at all times !o give customers on the bus any information that may help them during their journey /1amples would be telling customers the best stop for their destination" road closures 2 diversions !o always behave in a friendly and professional way to customers and colleagues !o recogni3e and assist with the additional needs of children and vulnerable adults" the elderly" infirm or disabled !o offer the best fare to the customer for their journey !o take cash for payment of fares and make sure customers get the correct change (where applicable)

Business !o drive the Company's vehicles in a safe" legal and professional way !o drive to the set timetable" not running early or late" when it is safe to do so !o accurately use the ticket machine !o keep cash secure and safe within the driver cab at all times

!o ensure all cash is accurately paid into the appropriate location and in accordance with the Company procedures !o display the correct destination on the vehicle's destination blind at all times !o keep up to date with road closures" diversions or special events which may affect bus services !his is done by reading notices" attending briefings" listening to the on4bus radio (if you have one fitted) !o keep up to date with any changes to condition of travel" ticket types" fares or promotions by reading notices" briefings or updated stage , fare books

Drivin Licence !o ensure that a valid driving licence is held at all times and is available for inspection by a member on staff of the Company A driver must ensure that) their licence is in date and valid for the vehicle type their licence has the re*uired medical renewals up to date their licence +river CPC *ualifications are up to date any change to the licence which may affect their entitlement to drive is communicated to their line manager (e g &ickness" injury or conviction) their licence is made available for inspection in every 5 month period

!sin Information !o report all safety" security" driving and customer service incidents to the line manager as soon as possible !o report all incidents on the road" likely to affect bus services" to the traffic office as soon as it is safe to do so /1amples would be road closures" accidents" emergencies and highway repairs

Reportin for "or#

!o report for work at the correct time and location with the correct e*uipment !o ensure that a clean company uniform is correctly worn at all times when on duty 6ot to report for work when overtired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs (see Company policy for further details) !o ensure that the relevant notification procedures are followed in the event of absence from work

Learnin $ Self Development !o attend training as re*uired to fulfil the role of a professional bus driver /1amples are +river CPC training" 7ealth 2 &afety training" +isability +iscrimination training !o support personal development through taking part in the company's 6V8 offer !o take part in a yearly appraisal , job chat !o feedback ideas about how services can be improved to their line manager

%iscellaneous !o ensure adherence to all $irst 9: (us policies and procedures at all times !o undertake any reasonable re*uest made by the Company

6ame of -ine ;anager) 6ame of Post 7older) +ate of Review) &ignature) &ignature) +ate of 6e1t Review) Personal $ile" <ob 7older

Copy to)

&erson Specification Driver

Relevant E'perience o o o o o o o E(ucation an( Trainin o o o

PCV , -.V driving licence Professional driving e1perience 7as received > hours of +CPC training each year /1perience of dealing with customers /1perience of cash handling :nowledge of geographical operating area Accident free record over the last ?@ months 6V8 in Road Passenger !ransport Customer &ervice !raining 6V8 in Customer Care Advanced +river training Certificate (us industry knowledge and an appreciation of bus regulations 9nderstanding of what good customer service looks like

o o o o #nspect licence -anguage assessed during interview 6umeracy assessed from driver competency test /ligibility to work assessed through relevant documents such as 7ome Affice work permit #+ presented at interview

Valid current 9: (or o acceptable other) drivers licence o 6o greater than = penalty points o .ood understanding of written and spoken /nglish -anguage .ood numeric skills (able to o add and subtract cash) (ritish 6ational #nsurance o number and proven eligibility to work in the 9: o Able to provide suitable references Able to prove their identity o (asic secondary school education or e*uivalent Prepared to undertake training such as 6V8 as re*uired 0illingness to develop further o o o o

o o

Review application form for education +iscuss formal training in interview

)no*le( e

9nderstanding of what good customer service is

+iscussion during interview or review of application form

o S#ills an( +bilities o o Ability to drive a vehicle to a competent and safe standard .ood written and verbal communication skills using /nglish -anguage to /&Aentry level @ Able to deal with customer service issues Able to work unsupervised

o o o

o o

$rom driving assessment or previous e1perience 0ritten skills assess from +river competency test Communication skills from interview


o o o o o o o o o

Calm under pressure $riendly Polite Approachable 7elpful and considerate $le1ible attitude 7onesty,integrity 7as the physical capability to carry out the role Able to pass PCV medical re*uirements Clean" well groomed" smart ;ust pass enhanced CR( check ;ust pass alcohol and drugs screening as per policy D o o o Awn transport -ives within reasonable distance of place of work 0illing to do overtime

$rom answers to interview *uestions


$rom +C medical

+ppearance &re.employment c-ec#s

o o o