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$let!her %ones !an !hirp like a bird, grunt like a monkey, sing in nearly every key, and disguise his voi!e to sound like a &oman, but he isn't dangerous as so many believe# (e's a !ir!us performer &ho lured a !ouple of hot studs into his trailer one night# )hen the men's &ives !aught them in the a!t, they made sure that $let!her &as sent to the infamous *anninger +nstitute# )hen he es!apes, the ,uirky !arnie eludes the authorities &ith his many ploys, until the institute's founder stumbles upon !lues as to his &hereabouts#

-he son of a general, -rent Green is the only one in his family not on a fast tra!k military !areer, so he does the only thing he kno&s he &ill be a su!!ess at and .oins the "orp, &here he literally falls into the lap of the man of his dreams# Noah )ilson is s&eet, honorable, and takes -rent's heart &ith his blazing smile# Noah is also part of a religious se!t that lives simply/very simply, &ith no ele!tri!ity, no television, no dirty movies, and a lot of rules# -rent hopes that the t&o of them !an make something happen0 that is, until the 1a!!ident' &hi!h keeps him !onstantly broke, &ith no money to see a base run

movie, mu!h less pay his bus fare to Noah's duty station# )hen a !onniving bartender offers -rent the !han!e to make some fast and easy 2easy &ith B+G strings atta!hed/3 money, the young *arine finds himself in a seedy business, &ith no foreseeable &ay out#

+n -he ainbo& $orest, the evil 4ueen has arranged for her husband to be murdered, follo&ing &hi!h an unfortunate !hain of events ensues# -&o se!ret lovers, a simple hunter and the King's dresser, be!ome separated# -he hunter is arrested and brought before the 4ueen, &ho has devious plans for the handsome man# )hen the King's dresser betrays the evil 4ueen, he is turned into a &olf that the 4ueen orders her se5y huntsman to kill# As the huntsman .ourneys through the ainbo& $orest on his appointed ,uest, he en!ounters numerous intriguing !hara!ters, in!luding an elderly &oman &ho lives in a humble !ottage &ith her granddaughter ose ed, a young &oman &ho sold her virginity to a disfigured designer in e5!hange for a red !loak0 a pie maker and his boy toy Simon0 the Peters &ho rather en.oy an o!!asional visit from a se5y stranger0 and many more# But &hat &ill happen &hen the huntsman !lashes &ith the man6&olf &ho no longer resembles his former lover7 -he 4ueen has an evil plan for the forest, but she may not kno& her true enemies and the po&ers they possess#

North "arolina painter 8van Phelps and his e59lover $rank o&n a small art shop in the bea!h to&n of *anteo# )hen four friends en!ounter !ar trouble one day and seek help from 8van, the painter finds an une5pe!ted muse in the mu!h younger Sterling# (e is gorgeous and 8van !annot stop thinking about him

and painting images of him in various eroti! poses# )hen Sterling !omes to him for serious se5ual advi!e, an unlikely relationship begins bet&een the mature 8van and the mu!h younger Sterling, a virgin in anti!ipation of his first se5ual e5perien!e# Sterling's buddy %ordan, in sharp !ontrast, is very se5ually a!tive and led around by one parti!ular part of his anatomy, like a !arrot in front of a donkey# )hen 8van's !areer begins to take off, the adventures begin, leading 8van and his young paramour to a pla!e neither has been#

Soldiers live in !lose ,uarters day and night# A natural result is the o!!asional !onfli!t, &hi!h !an usually be ,ui!kly resolved# -he trouble &ith "onnor (arris and model se5y *yles %a!e is never resolved even after a ,ui!k thinking drill instru!tor tries to use their differen!es as a learning tool, an e5periment that ends badly and &idens the rift bet&een the men# "onnor and %a!e are pushed to help ea!h other in the most !hallenging of &ays throughout this roman!e set against a ba!kdrop of modern &ar#

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