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SEO Conference 2014 in Sofia Bulgaria SEOM announced the full list of speakers at SEO Conference 2014 that

will be held on April 4, 2014 at Inter E po Centre in Sofia, !ul"aria# A$on" the e perts speakin" at the e%ent will be e perienced SE professionals fro$ &oo"le and 'ande # Sofia, Bulgaria, November 15, 2013 -- SEOM Announces the Speakers at SEO Conference 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria. As of No e!"er, 201#, the confir!e$ specialists %ho %ill speak at the conference are& Maria Moe a '(oogle), A$rian *risto '(oogle), Ognian Mla$eno 'SEOM), +asil ,oshko 'Clo-.), /il. (ro0e a, E geni 1or$ano , ,eo$or 2aharie , Borisla Arapche '3$ea Stu$io), /i."o!ir /i."o!iro '4ocket Stu$io), 3 o 3lie , 5i!itar 5i!itro '3n"oun$."g), (enna$i. +oro".o 'Opti!i0ation."g), Oleg Sala!aha ', 6alin +asile 'O4M."g), (eorgi Stefano '(anBo-), 7la!en Bar0e '411Marketing), Stanisla 5i!itro 'A$Aca$e!.), 7opo 'Co!!ission Share). Specialists fro! the 4ussian 3nternet search engine 1an$e- ha e also confir!e$ their participation an$ their na!es %ill "e announce$ soon. SEO Conference 2014 is the "iggest an$ the !ost authoritati e e ent in the search engine opti!i0ation an$ online !arketing in$ustries in Bulgaria. 3t is organi0e$ ". SEOM an$ Clo-., %ith the general sponsorship of Super*osting. ,he one8$a. conference pro i$es its atten$ees in8$epth perspecti e on the past, present an$ the future of search engine opti!i0ation. ,he e ent is $e$icate$ to a "roa$ range of su"9ects relate$ to online !arketing an$ presence, inclu$ing SEO, SEM, 77C, in"oun$ !arketing, online reputation !anage!ent, content !arketing etc. So!e of the specific su"9ects a$$resse$ %ill "e& (oogle :, Authorship, Bran$ Authorit., 4anking in 1an$e-, /ink"ait, /ocal Search, Cop.%riting, Online a$ ertising, e8co!!erce sites. ;ith a full8$a. agen$a fro! < a.!. to = p.!. the conference is a !ust8atten$ for "oth !arketers an$ SEO specialists %ho %ant to hear the latest tren$s in the in$ustr., learn fro! each other, create "usiness contacts an$ opportunities. ,he !uch8anticipate$ SEO Conference 'tickets usuall. sell out less than a %eek after the opening of the registration) a$$resses "est practices, current tren$s, percepti e insight an$ last, "ut not least actiona"le practical a$ ice, focuse$ on %e"sites isi"ilit., "ran$ authorit., pai$ search !arketing etc. E ents at the conference are sche$ule$ in $ifferent tracks, each of the! co ering SEO an$ online !arketing strategies an$ e-periences. ,he sessions in ol e con ersations %ith the speakers an$ net%orking %ith so!e of the !ost influential an$ trust%orth. e-perts in the fiel$ of search engine opti!i0ation. >or its fi e8.ear histor. the SEO Conference has "een ai!ing at ser ing "oth as foru! an$ a platfor! for sharing the latest challenges relate$ to online !arketing. ,he e ent is atten$e$ not onl. ". SEO an$ SEM Specialists, "ut also ". $irectors, "usiness anal.sts, eCo!!erce, "ran$ an$ !arketing !anagers, SMB CEO ? o%ners, 3, Managers, ;e"!asters an$ !an. other professionals, in ol e$ in the internet !arketing fiel$. ,he $etaile$ agen$a for SEO Conference 2014 %ill "e announce$ shortl.. ,he progra! of the e ent %ill "e sche$ule$ %ithin # tracks, hel$ in # halls at 3nter E-po Centre, Sofia. E er. track %ill gi e the isitors the opportunit. to hear an$ later on $iscuss the "est solutions for goo$ ranking in the popular search engines 8 (oogle, Bing, 1an$e- etc.

3f .ou ha e an. @uestions regar$ing infor!ation in these press releases please contact the co!pan. liste$ in the press release. Our co!plete $isclai!er appears here 8 74;e" e"ooks 8 Another online isi"ilit. tool fro! 74;e". About SEO ! Esta"lishe$ "ack in 1<<<, SEOM is a!ong the !ost %ell kno%n an$ influential online !arketing co!panies in Bulgaria. ,he co!pan. offers SEO training, e$ucation an$ consulting ser ices, it also hol$s SEO conferences an$ se!inars. Ognian Mla$eno , the CEO an$ >oun$er of SEOM, is a lea$ing speaker at all !a9or 3, e ents in Bulgaria. ,he registration for SEO Conference 2014 is still open. /earn !ore an$ register at http& >or !ore infor!ation a"out SEO Conference 2014, contact As.a Aseno a at :#B< C=C 1=C B1B or as.a'at)seo!'$ot)"g >or !ore $etails a"out sponsorship an$ a$ ertising opportunities, contact ,eo$ora 7etko a at : #B< C=C 2C< 2C< or teo$ora'at)seo!'$ot)"g Contact! Ognian Mla$eno SEOM <4 4ale ica str. 1DC0 Sofia, Bulgaria :#B<C=C2C<2C< o!Eseo!."g http&AA%%%.seo!."g