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September 2013 WORK TERM

Work Site Visit (WSV) Location Coordinates to be entered on Neptune In the upcoming weeks, my colleagues in Co-Op and I will be undertaking the Work Site Visit (WSV). This visit will have either myself or another Co-Op Coordinator meet with both your supervisor and you. The purpose of the Work Site visit is:

ensure that the work term is a positive experience and has the maximum educational value for the student make sure that the employer is obtaining the maximum benefit from hiring a Coop student potentially establish contacts with related businesses or industries for the purpose of establishing future relationships to benefit the research and teaching (and possible funding) goals of the university obtain vital feedback on our curriculum for the purpose of considering course or program changes generate constructive criticism on the administration, student preparation for preemployment workshops and scheduling of the Co-op program ensure that the student has a suitable topic for a Work Term Report and has a plan for its development

The WSV Site is organized by the Coordinator and the Co-Op student approximately four to six weeks into each four-month work term. The ideal site visit is organized as follows:

15 minutes alone with the student to discuss the work placement and determine whether there are any work-related issues that need to be addressed with the employer (i.e. underutilization of the student, poor working conditions, harassment, need for additional guidance) 15 minutes alone with the employer to obtain feedback on the student, the curriculum, the administration of the program and the identification of future possibilities for collaboration

On page 4, are the types of questions, which will be asked to your supervisor and you. If you have not already done as such, please provide your coordinates at the company/organization for which you are working, along with directions to your worksite (your location), your supervisors name/coordinates. This should be entered on COMPASS as soon as possible. I would also appreciate receiving a copy of this information directly in an e-message from you. Work Term Evaluation Form If you have not completed and uploaded onto Compass the first section of your Work Term Evaluation Form, please do this as soon as possible. This form is completed in conjunction with your supervisor. After you have completed it, please return it to me either by fax or e-mail (as a pdf) as soon as possible. WSV by Telephone Although most WSV are conducted in person, it may be also undertaken by telephone. Normally, phone WSV are for students who are outside of the greater Montral area and overseas. I will need to know the phone number(s) to contact both you and your supervisor. In the upcoming week, (in addition to providing your supervisors/your coordinates) if you would also let me know what days and times could work best for me to contact both of you. WSV Outside of Montral or Qubec Students working outside of Qubec, I would remind you to make sure that you have registered that you are out of the Province on your Concordia Portal. Your Work Site Visit will be conducted by telephone. So please send me both your supervisor and your telephone coordinates. Work Term Report & Reflective Learning As you are all aware, you are required to produce a Work Term Report at the end of your Work Terms. I will be sending you information and the Guidelines about this requirement. DO keep a notebook/log to record your daily tasks, observations. This will help you in the preparation of your Work Term Report. In addition to the Work Term (CWT), all Co-Op students have been registered for the CWTE Reflective learning Seminar for the Fall(September 2013) Term. This 3 credit seminar will require that you subsequently choose and register in a section on COMPASS later on. The Reflective learning seminar is a compulsory 1 hour

seminar requirement at the end of your work term. Ms. Leslie Hughes of the Co-Op Office will be in contact with you about this requirement later.

Difficulty During the Work Term Should you have any questions or experiencing any difficulty during your work term, please let me know immediately. It is crucial that any problems or difficult situations be addressed properly and immediately. Together, we can review the situation and come-up with solutions. On the other hand, if things are just Super then wonderful!! In all cases, I appreciate hearing from you.

Work Site Visit Questions for the Supervisor & Co-Op Student 1. What type of training did the student receive and how long did it take? 2. The knowledge and experience of the student, is it appropriate for the job he is currently doing? 3. Does the students performance meet with your expectations? Is the quality and quantity of work performed satisfactory? 4. What are his/her strengths (technical, professional or personal)? 5. Are there any areas of performance in which you hope the student will improve in the remaining time of his internship? 6. Do Co-Op students play a useful role in meeting the companys needs and objectives? 7. Do you plan on hiring Co-Op student in the future? 8. Do you have any questions? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Quelle sorte de formation dtudiant a reu et combien de temps a dur cette formation? Les connaissances et lexprience de ltudiant conviennent-elles au poste au poste quil/elle occupe? Le rendement de ltudiant rpond-il vos attentes? tes-vous satisfait de la qualit ou de la quantit de travail effectu? Quelles sont les forces (techniques, professionnelles ou personnelles) d tudiant? Quels aspects de son rendement devrait-il amliorer au cours des prochaines semaines? Les tudiants-es Co-Op contribuent-ils satisfaire vos besoins et atteindre vos objectifs? Prvoyez-vous embaucher des tudiants-es Co-Op de nouveau? Avez-vous des questions?

disagree strongly disagree 1. The student likes the work term environment. 2. The student feels that he/she is contributing to the company by performing his/her tasks. 3. The student is acquiring new technical and/or soft skills that will benefit his/her professional growth. 4. Overall, the student is satisfied with this position. 5. The student recommends this position to another co-op student in his/her program. 6. The employer considers the student's knowledge and skills appropriate for the position.

somewhat agree


strongly agree

7. Overall, the employer is satisfied with the student's job site performance. 8. Overall, the employer is pleased with Concordia's co-op processes and services. 9. The employer will continue to hire Concordia co-op students. 10. The employer is interested in hiring students from other disciplines.

6. Lemployeur considre que les connaissances est les habilets de ltudiant sont appropries pour le stage. 7. De faon gnrale, lemployeur est satisfait de la performance de ltudiant 8 De faon gnrale lemployeur est satisfait des services et du processus De placement de la Coop Concordia. 9 Lemployeur va continuer embaucher des stagiaires de la Coop Concordia. 10 Lemployeur est intress embaucher des stagiaires venant Dautres programmes.

General Questions for the Student 1. What have you learned so far this term, in terms of technical, professional; and personal skills? Quavez-vous appris au cours de votre stage sur le plan technique, professionnel et personnel? 2. How is assistance provided to you and do you get help when needed? Recevezvous de laide lorsque vous en avez besoin? Quelle forme prend-elle? 3. Provide specifics on feedback received from your supervisor with respect to your performance so far. Donnez des dtails sur la rtroaction de votre superviseur en ce qui concerne votre rendement. 4. Do you feel that you are an integral and useful member of your department or work group? Vous sentez vous bien intgr votre service ou votre groupe de travail? Pensez-vous y tre utile? 5. Based on your experiences thus far, have you discovered areas of personal or technical ability in which you would like to improve? Selon lexprience que vous avez acquise jusquici, avez vous dcouvert des aptitudes personnelles ou techniques que vous souhaiteriez amliorer? 6. Would you like to return for a subsequent work term? Have you been asked? Aimeriez-vous refaire un stage cet endroit? Vous la-t-on propose? 7. Have you any comments about your Co-Op experience so far? Avez-vous des commentaires faire en ce qui concerne votre exprience coop jusquici? 8. Would you be able to provide me with the names and contact informaiton of others here who you think might be interested in hiring other Co-Op students? Pourriez-vous nous fournir les coordonnes dautres personnes susceptibles de vouloir embaucher nos tudiants coop?
Gross Salary in CDN Funds (per hour): Please rate the following:

strongly disagree somewhat agree strongly disagree agree agree 1. The student likes the work term environment. 2. The student feels that he/she is contributing to the company by performing his/her tasks. 3. The student is acquiring new technical and/or soft skills that will benefit his/her professional growth. 4. Overall, the student is satisfied with this position. 5. The student recommends this position to another co-op student in his/her program. 6

Work Term Personal Reflections

Personal Reflections: First Work Term- Some Questions

1. Were you placed easily or did you struggle to find your first work term? If it was easy, what are you prepared to do to find your next work term should things not go as smoothly? If it was difficult, - what did you learn from this process? 2. Were there any steps in the job placement process that you found were particularly challenging? If it was a challenge, what have you learnt from this experience? 3. Did this work term help to improve your technical skills or was the focus mainly on soft skills (e.g. easier to engage in conversation, speak more confidently, etc.) development? 4. Identify the technical and/or soft skills that you have acquired through this first work term. Are these skills transferrable to another work term? If yes, explain why? If no, explain why? 5. What will you do differently for your next work term placement? 6. Do you have any other comments which you would like to share about this Work Term experience? About your Co-Op experience to date?

Thank you! Please answer the above questions and return to me via e-mail before the end of your Work Term. Your feedback is very important to us.

With best regards, Veuillez prendre note de ma nouvelle adresse lectronique/Please note my new email address: Frederick FRANCIS Program Coordinator | Coordonnateur de programme Institute for Co-operative Education | Institut denseignement coopratif Concordia University | Universit Concordia 1550 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West, GM 430.25 Montreal, Quebec H3G 1N2. T 514-848-2424 x 3958 F 514-848-2811 W Creating enriched educational experiences since 1980 Pour une ducation riche en expriences depuis 1980