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“If any calamity, the sword, the judgment, the plague or the famine will come upon us, we will come before this
house and before YOU, for your Name is in this House; we will cry before you in the time of our trouble and
you will listen and You will save us!” How good are you Lord, your mercy is great for us, how you inspire us to
com to your House, and to unite before you in times of need and in times of plenty, to give you thanks and to
praise your Name for you promised us your SALVATION.

Here we are in the month of May, the month of flowers, the month of freshness, when the whole nature come
back to life, how many beautiful things the Lord gave to us, and He’s asking from us just to do His will, to
acknowledge His love and His care that He provides to everyone one of us, to come to His House.
But many people are too busy, too tired and don’t have time for His House. Lord, have mercy on us!
I came home after a wonderful, blessed trip, full of joy because the Lord preserved what belongs to Him, young
people on fire for Him, older people who keep the old faith, pastors who don’t get tired to serve the Lord with
fear and dedication, being close to the ones in suffering, to the ones who need bread on their table, to the widow
and to the orphan. May the Lord pour His grace and His blessing upon all who serve Him with fear, love and
I visited in California churches led by Pastor Lazar Gog, Pastor Pruneanu and Pastor Diligeannis, where the
Word of God is still preached in Romanian, they still sing in Romanian and the old Romanian love is still there.
I rejoiced as they received me with great love. After these visits I traveled to Seattle where I visited the church
led by Pastor Vasile Antemie. This is the “mother church” of our ministry and especially for churches in Vaslui
County, Romania. This church set the first stone for the ministry that the Lord uses me for today. When I was in
trouble I cried out to the Lord and to the “mother church” which never shut their ears out and they jumped up
for help. May the Lord watch over this merciful “mother”!
I was invited to serve the lunch with a group of seven young ladies and a young man, two of the young ladies
from Mount Zion Church led by Pastor Leontin Goman. It was a four hour fellowship with a lot of love, with
many questions, and I realized that our young people care for Romania. The two young ladies invited me at
Mount Zion Church, a church which also helps the ministry at Vaslui, Romania and I didn’t know it as they
were helping through the “mother church”, but as my time was finished I didn’t have another Sunday to visit
their church. The One who knows everything will bless them and I know that they wanted the whole glory to be
unto God.
On Wednesday May 6th I traveled to Oregon where I was invited and I participated at the ladies’ meeting at
Philadelphia Romanian Church led buy Pastor Niki Pop, where they celebrated Mother’s Day. I should say they
are another stone and an encouragement for my ministry. These sisters are like honey bees giving from their
sweetness to the ones in need. They helped with the five houses in Medgidia, Romania, also with a family with
five children who was living in a bathroom, with another young Turkish family who came to the Lord and were
sent out from their parents’ house, with nursing homes and prisons, always they were there to help, ready to
hear about the troubles from the field of our ministry. May God bless them all and may He write their name in
the book of remembrance.
This holy, unforgettable fellowship in the Lord ended with gifts and good smelling roses for mothers.
Sisters, keep this good tradition which it is like good smelling incense before the Lord!
How great it is to be in the big family of Jesus Christ, bound by His love, that great love which made Him to
carry the Cross to Calvary for us.
The reason for this trip was to share with my brothers and sisters tribulations and tears of the hungry ones, of
the ones without clothes, the ones who cry before the Lord and the Lord does miracles after miracles among us.
We don’t have a bank account, we don’t have a budget to buy food but when we come close to nothing the Lord
is speaking to tender hearted people and as a miracle the money is coming when we need them the most.
Glory to the God who knows everything, we ask and He knows to whom He has to speak.

We have to sound the trumpet and tell His miracles, that’s why I tell you through my letters, but these are only
part of them because I don’t have enough room to tell you everything.

And now I want to tell you how blessed was this trip for the poor, for children, for widows and forsaken old
people who are waiting for me. I will tell you in the sequence I received them. I thank the church led by Pastor
Diligeannis for their offering of $525, I thank the church led by Pastor Lazar Gog where it was not a special
offering but after I shared some news from Vaslui, at the end of the service some brothers and sisters offered a
total of $610, and I was moved by a young sister who told me that she was healed by the Lord from cancer and
she was sorry for not being prepared for this offering but she took everything from her and her husband’s
packets and offered to God’s children $173, this money is included in the total of $610.

From the church led by Pastor Antemie, special thanks to Sr. Leonard for the $500 gift, to a young sister Laura
Pestea for the $500 gift, to another sister for $700, to another brother for $200, to another brother from Ipotesti
for $100 and to others who gave money that I didn’t count after I received them but the Lord will reward all of
them. I received from this church $3,120 and they didn’t make a special offering, and Thursday May 7th when
this was a special day for offering they collected another $5,100 which they sent them directly to Br. Cotlet in
Suceava who works for Vaslui County, a total of $8,220 from this one church, a true miracle for these difficult
times. To God be the glory and may God reward every one who graciously gave in the Name of the Lord.

Let’s come back now the fellowship with our sisters. I never received such a gift at these fellowship times,
actually they are the only ones who every year they add a new stone at the foundation of this ministry and they
were a great encouragement through their warm smile, sincere hugs and the flowers they offered to me. This
meant so much for me, and I thank them all, but especially to Sr. Nuta Pop, pastor’s wife, to Sr. Ancuta
Morosan and to Sr. Magdalena Pacuraru, a young lady with a lot of love and dedication for the poor.
Their words of encouragement and prayers are golden balls for me and I needed them so much.
Their offering was of $3,638 where two sisters gave $1,000 each. I pray that the Lord will multiply one
thousand fold for what I received from these four churches.

As always we ask you to pray for us and we know that by your prayers this ministry goes forth. May God richly
bless you!

Your Sister in Christ Lidia Rascol!

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