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Winnipeg, MB Novem e! ", #$%& Today Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs honours the ultimate sacrifice made by thousands of men and women who chose to defend their home lands during wars and conflicts in years past by remembering the all First Nations Veterans on this, Aboriginal Veterans Day. !ur First Nations Veterans continue to be a source of pride for their families, our youth and community. Today, No"ember #th as Aboriginal Veterans Day we stand with the "eterans and their families and pay our humble respects for their dedication and lo"e for people of Turtle $sland,% said &rand Chief Dere' Nepina'. (e encourage all Canadians to learn about the important contributions of First Nations "eterans in shaping this country,% concluded &rand Chief Nepina'. AMC wishes to than' all who were able to attend the ser"ices today in honour of our bra"e men and women. There will be another e"ent in honour of Aboriginal Veterans Day tomorrow, No"ember ), *+,-. A .ow/wow at the $ndian 0 Metis Friendship Centre, &rand 1ntry at ,2++ p.m. For more information please contact2 3heila North (ilson *+4/#+5/,65)