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Introduction 1 How Many Will God Heal? 2 Healing for All 3 easons for !ait" # W"y More $o %ot Get Healed & As'ing t"e !at"er in (esus) %a*e + If Two of ,ou -"all Agree . Anointing wit" Oil / T"e 0aying On of Hands 1 -2ecial Miracles by !ait" 13 Healing in ede*2tion 11 4asis for -teadfast !ait" 12 0oo'ing at God)s Word 13 T"e %ature of !ait" 1# -o*e 5nscri2tural Teac"ings 1& T"e 6rayer of !ait" 1+ Is !ait" 7ssential to Healing? 1. T"e I*2ortance of ,our Words 1/ 7*anci2ation 6rocla*ation 11 -atan)s $efeat 23 T"e Aut"ority of God)s Word

218 Confession 4rings 6ossession 22 !ait" in Our ig"ts 23 T"e 0anguage of !ait" 2# W"y -o*e 0ose T"eir Healing 2& T"e T"ree Witnesses 2+ Introduction by $aisy Osborn 2. -cri2ture eading 2/ W"at Are $e*on -2irits? 21 T"e Manifestations of $e*ons 33 -yno2sis 31 -ic'ness 9 A 4lessing or A Curse 32 T"e 4elie:er)s Aut"ority 33 Healing in t"e 0ord)s -u22er 3# -o*e 7ne*ies of !ait" 3& To $o or %ot To $o 3+ T"e 6ower of God)s Word 3. T"ree ;uestions About 6aul)s T"orn 3/ !ood for T"oug"t on 6aul)s T"orn 31 -e:en ede*2ti:e %a*es #3 -al:ation and Healing 6arallel #1 133 $i:ine Healing !acts #2 6rayer for Healing #3 0ife)s Greatest ;uestion ## (esus C"rist 9 T"e Way

#& Introduction To %ew 0ife !acts #+ %ew 0ife !act I #. %ew 0ife !act II #/ %ew 0ife !act III #1 %ew 0ife !act I< &3 %ew 0ife !act < &1 %ew 0ife !act <I &2 %ew 0ife !act <II &3 T"an' ,ou 0ord &# Our !our <ital <isions && Our Witness &+ C"rist At Wor' In ,ou &. -"are T"e Good %ews

AMO%G TH7 tens of t"ousands w"o "a:e been *iraculously "ealed by t"e 0ord under our own *inistry in .3 nations of t"e world= only a s*all fraction of t"e* "a:e been indi:idually 2rayed for8 Most of t"e* "a:e been "ealed t"roug" t"eir own fait" w"ic" ca*e to t"e* w"ile *editating on t"e 4ible trut"s we 2resented fro* t"e 2latfor* or fro* t"e 2rinted 2age8 W"en we 2ublis"ed t"e first edition of t"is boo'= we ne:er drea*ed t"at it would bless suc" :ast nu*bers of 2eo2le8 A continual strea* of testi*onies co*e to us fro* all o:er t"e world8 T"ey are written by t"ose w"o "a:e been >oyfully con:erted and *iraculously "ealed w"ile reading our literature8 T"ose w"o carefully read and act u2on t"e trut"s we 2resent "ere obtain a broader understanding and a *ore solid fait" t"an t"ose w"o "ear only occasional teac"ing on t"e sub>ect of "ealing8 Many w"o "a:e attended our crusades= but failed to recei:e "ealing= "a:e later been *iraculously "ealed w"ile reading t"is boo'8 God sent "is word and ?it@ "ealed t"e*8 T"e gos2el is t"e 2ower of God to e:eryone t"at belie:es8 W"en belie:ed and acted u2on= any 2ro*ise of God is

transfor*ed into t"e 2ower of God8 7:ery 2ro*ise of God contains t"e 2ower of God necessary to 2roduce w"at it 2ro*ises= w"en it is belie:ed and acted u2on8 God)s 2ro*ises are life to t"ose t"at find t"e*= and "ealt" to all t"eir fles"8 It was w"en t"ese facts beca*e real to us t"at we decided to 2ut into 2rint t"is :olu*e of *essages and offer t"e* to t"e *illions of sufferers to w"o* we *ay ne:er *inister in 2erson8 T"is re:ised and enlarged edition is sent out wit" confidence t"at t"ose w"o read and *editate on t"ese 4ible trut"s will recei:e :ital fait"= will act on God)s 2ro*ises= and will be *iraculously "ealed8 %o literary style is 2retended8 Our only ai* is to *a'e t"e si*2lest 2ossible state*ents w"ic" *ay ser:e as an anc"or for real li:ing fait" in t"e "earts of t"e "u*ble and sincere= of t"e 2oor in s2irit= w"o *a'e u2 t"e *asses of "u*anity8 I a* es2ecially indebted to t"e writings of !8 !8 4oswort" and 78 W8 Aenyon8 T"e *aterial abridged fro* t"eir writings "as been used by s2ecial 2er*ission8 $r8 $aisy Was"burn Osborn= *y wife= associate *inister and *y closest confidante and collaborator in writing= "as ta'en *uc" :alued ti*e fro* "er own writing *inistry to edit= correct and re:ise t"e latest edition of t"is boo'= for w"ic" I a* dee2ly grateful8

It is *y 2rayer t"at t"e reader s"all eB2erience great s2iritual and 2"ysical blessings t"roug" t"e trut"s I "a:e 2resented8 T8 08 Osborn

CHA6T7 1 HOW MA%, WI00 GO$ H7A0?

I WI00 TAA7 sic'ness away fro* you8 T"e nu*ber of your days I will fulfill8 C7B 23D2&92+E I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 C7B 1&D2+E T"e 2ur2ose of t"is c"a2ter is to acFuaint you wit" w"at t"e 4ible teac"esD If you are sic'= God wants to "eal you8 5ntil you are fully con:inced t"at God wants you to be well= t"ere will always be a doubt in your *ind as to w"et"er or not you will be "ealed8 As long as t"ere is t"at doubt in your *ind= 2erfect fait" cannot eBistG and until fait" is eBercised= wit"out doubt or wa:ering= you *ay ne:er be "ealed8 Wit"out fait" it is i*2ossible to 2lease "i*D for t"ey t"at co*e to God *ust belie:e t"at "e is= and t"at "e is a rewarder of t"e* t"at diligently see' "i*8 CHb 11D+E 4ut let t"e* as' in fait"= not"ing wa:ering8 !or t"ey t"at wa:er are li'e a wa:e of t"e sea dri:en wit" t"e wind and tossed8 !or let not t"ose ?w"o wa:er@ t"in' t"ey s"all recei:e any t"ing of t"e 0ord8 C(a 1D+9.E Once 2eo2le are fully con:inced t"at God wants to "eal t"e* and t"at it is not God)s will for t"e* to be sic'= t"ey al*ost always recei:e "ealing w"en 2rayed for= if not before8 Anowing God)s will concerning sic'ness 2ro:ides t"e

ground on w"ic" 2erfect fait" can act8 GOD IS HONEST To one 2uHHled about fait"= w"o said to *e= II >ust can)t see* to get fait" to be "ealed=I I as'ed= IHa:e you confidence t"at God will 'ee2 His 2ro*ise to you?I IO"= yes=I s"e affir*ed8 IT"at is fait"=I I assured "er= t"en added= IIsn)t it si*2le?I And s"e was "ealed8 God is not a *an= t"at "e s"ould lieG neit"er t"e -on of *an= t"at "e s"ould re2entD "as "e said= and s"all "e not do it? or "as "e s2o'en= and s"all "e not *a'e it good? C%u 23D11E T"ere "as not failed one word of all "is good 2ro*ise8 CI Aings /D&+E !ore:er= O 0ord= your word is settled in "ea:en8 C6s 1//D/1E I will "asten *y word to 2erfor* it8 T"at word "asten *eansD Ito watc" o:er=I Ito loo' after=I Ito 2rotect=I or Ito stand be"ind8I In all of His unli*ited 2ower= God is standing be"ind His word to acco*2lis" it8 4elie:e t"at8 T"ere is no reason for doubting God8 !8 !8 4oswort" saidD I$on)t doubt God8 If you *ust doubt so*et"ing= doubt your doubts= because t"ey are unreliableG but ne:er doubt God= nor His word8I

$8 08 Moody saidD IIs t"ere any reason w"y you s"ould not "a:e fait" in God? Has God e:er bro'en one of His 2ro*ises? I defy any infidel or unbelie:er to 2lace a finger on a single 2ro*ise God e:er *ade and failed to fulfill8I -atan is a liar8 (esus said so8 I can o2en t"e 4ible and s"ow you "ow= for siB t"ousand years= -atan "as lied to 2eo2le= telling t"e* t"at God)s word is not true8 T"e de:il "as denied God)s word= and 2ro*ises 2eo2le e:eryt"ing 9 but "as bro'en e:ery 2ro*ise "e e:er *ade8 THREE MILLION HEALED God announced Hi*self to be t"e "ealer of His 2eo2le wit" t"ese wordsD I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 He s2o'e t"ose words to about t"ree *illion 2eo2le8 7:eryone of t"e* belie:ed God)s words were true8 T"e resultD 7:eryone of t"e* w"o needed "ealing was *ade 2erfectly w"ole8 We are toldD He ?God@ broug"t t"e* fort" and t"ere was not one feeble 2erson a*ong t"eir tribe8 C6s 13&D3.E Can you i*agine t"ree *illion 2eo2le all well and strong? %ot one feeble= not one wea'= and not one sic'? If t"at was true in Israel= under t"e law= it is *uc" *ore true for you= w"o "a:e been redee*ed by t"e blood of God)s 0a*b and are li:ing under grace= *ercy= and trut"8 0et t"is beco*e a settled trut" t"at you 'now= as well as you 'now two 2lus two are fourD Healing is for you 9 all *ay be "ealed8

THEOLOGICAL TRADITION HINDERS It is God)s will for e:ery indi:idual to be well and strong 9 w"en His conditions are *et and His word is belie:ed8 If t"ere is a >ustified I*aybeI in your case= t"en we are co*2elled to a22ly a I*aybeI in e:ery case= because God is no res2ecter of 2ersons8 If God will "eal anyone= He will "eal you8 In t"e world today= disease and sic'ness are clai*ing a terrible toll of "u*an li:es8 In s2ite of t"e fact t"at *edical science is de*onstrating its greatest ac"ie:e*ents= disease 2ersists to ra:age "u*an li:es all o:er t"e world8 T"e tragedy is t"at t"ese sic'nesses and diseases affect t"e bodies of t"ousands of C"ristians= w"ile 2reac"ers and teac"ers= influenced by t"eological traditions= often stand by wit" little *ore t"an words of sy*2at"y and 2ity= assuring t"e sufferer t"at it *ust be God)s willG t"at it will wor' out for t"e bestG t"at God is teac"ing t"e 2atient so*e lesson in "u*ilityG t"at 2ossibly it is God)s c"astise*entG or t"at by it= t"e sic' 2erson is being drawn closer to Hi* w"o often wor's His will in our li:es t"roug" sic'ness8 C"ristians need ne:er be sic'= any *ore t"an t"ey need to be sinful8 It is always God)s desire to "eal you8 W"y is disease suc" a 2ersistent ene*y? How is it t"at sic'ness "as been able to ta'e suc" a toll a*ong C"ristians today? In t"e Old Testa*ent= t"ree *illion of God)s 2eo2le belie:ed His word w"en it was s2o'en= and e:eryone was co*2letely "ealed8

THREE MILLION BELIEVED T"e only reason t"ose t"ree *illion Israelites beca*e well and strong was t"at t"ey belie:ed w"at God saidD I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 T"at was said to t"e*= and t"ey belie:ed it8 T"e only reason disease ta'es suc" a toll a*ong C"ristians today is t"at *any do not belie:e w"at God "as s2o'en8 T"ey 'now t"at God said= I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 -o*e"ow t"ey "a:e failed to belie:e t"at He *eant w"at He said= w"ic" is basically w"at -atan said to Ada* and 7:eD God did not *ean w"at "e said8 Influenced by tradition= 2eo2le "a:e c"anged God)s II a*I to II wasI8 If= under t"e old co:enant= t"ree *illion of God)s 2eo2le could be well at one ti*e= t"en "ow *uc" *ore *ay God)s 2eo2le be well today w"o are li:ing under t"e new co:enant of *ercy= grace= and trut"= establis"ed on better 2ro*ises= wit" a better 2riest"ood= t"roug" a *ore eBcellent *inistry8

CHA6T7 2 H7A0I%G !O A00

I- IT -TI00 t"e will of God= as in t"e 2ast= to "eal all w"o "a:e need of "ealing? T"e greatest barrier to t"e fait" of *any see'ing "ealing in our day is t"e uncertainty in t"eir *inds as to it being t"e will of God to "eal all8 %early e:eryone 'nows t"at God does "eal so*e= but t"ere is *uc" in *ode* t"eology t"at 2re:ents 2eo2le fro* 'nowing w"at t"e 4ible clearly teac"es 9 t"at "ealing is 2ro:ided for all8 It is i*2ossible to boldly clai* by fait" a blessing w"ic" we are not sure God offers= because t"e blessings of God can be clai*ed only w"ere t"e will of God is 'nown= trusted= and acted u2on8 READ THE WILL If we wis" to 'now w"at is in a 2erson)s will= we read t"e will8 If we want to 'now God)s will on any sub>ect= we read His will8 -u22ose a lady would say= IMy "usband= w"o was :ery ric"= "as 2assed away8 I wis" I 'new w"et"er "e left *e anyt"ing in "is will8 I I would say to "er= IW"y do you not read "is will and see?I Testa*ent *eans a 2erson)s will8 T"e 4ible contains God)s

last will and testa*ent= in w"ic" He beFueat"s to us all of t"e blessings of rede*2tion8 -ince it is His last will and testa*ent= anyt"ing later is forgery8 If "ealing is in God)s will for us= t"en to say t"at God is not willing to "eal all= as His will states so clearly= would be to c"ange t"e will 9 and t"at= after t"e deat" of t"e testator8 (esus is not only t"e testator w"o diedG but He was resurrected and is also t"e *ediator of t"e will8 He is our ad:ocate= and He will not beat us out of our in"eritance= as so*e eart"ly ad:ocates *ig"t do8 He is our re2resentati:e at t"e rig"t "and of God8 T"ere is no better way to 'now t"e will of God t"an by reading t"e Gos2els= w"ic" record t"e teac"ings and t"e wor's of C"rist8 (esus was t"e 2"ysical eB2ression of t"e !at"er)s will8 His life was bot" a re:elation and a *anifestation of t"e unc"anging lo:e and will of God8 He acted out t"e will of God for us8 A FAITH-DESTROYING PHRASE W"en (esus laid His "ands on e:eryone of t"e* and "ealed t"e*= He was re:ealing and doing t"e will of God for all 2eo2le8 0o= I co*e= to do your will= O God8 CHb 13D.E I ca*e down fro* "ea:en= not to do *y own will= but t"e will of "i* t"at sent *e8 C(n +D3/E 7:eryt"ing (esus did for needy "u*anity during His

eart"ly *inistry was a direct re:elation of t"e 2erfect will of God for t"e "u*an race8 !8 ! 4oswort" says in "is boo'= C"rist t"e HealerD 6er"a2s no one could be *ore conser:ati:e t"an t"e sc"olars of t"e 72isco2alian c"urc"8 ,et= t"e co**ission a22ointed to study t"e sub>ect of s2iritual "ealing for t"e body= after t"ree years of study and researc" in bot" t"e 4ible and in "istory= re2orted bac' to t"e c"urc"D T"e "ealing of (esus was done as a re:elation of God)s will for "u*anity8 4ecause t"ey disco:ered t"at His will is fully re:ealed= t"ey re2orted furt"erD %o longer can t"e c"urc" 2ray for t"e sic' wit" t"at fait"9destroying 2"rase= If it be your will8 Mr8 4oswort" goes on to sayD T"e *essage taug"t in t"e Gos2els is one of co*2lete "ealing for s2irit and body= for all w"o will co*e to Hi*8 Many today say=II belie:e in "ealing= but I do not belie:e it is for e:eryone8I If it is not for e:eryone= t"en "ow could we e:er 2ray t"e 2rayer of fait"? A*ong all t"ose w"o soug"t "ealing fro* C"rist during His eart"ly *inistry= t"ere is only one w"o 2rayed for "ealing wit" t"e words= If it be your will8 T"is was an outcast le2er= in Mar' 1D#3= w"o did not 'now w"at C"rist)s will was in "ealing8 UNCERTAINTY CORRECTED T"e first t"ing C"rist did was to correct t"is uncertainty by assuring "i*= I will8 It is no longer= if it be your will 9 it is God)s will8

T"e le2er saidD If you will= you can8 (esus answered= II WillI8 0et t"at settle it fore:er wit" youD God will "eal t"e sic'8 If He wills to "eal one= t"en He wills to "eal all8 He is not willing t"at any s"ould 2eris"8 (a*es as'sD Is any sic' a*ong you? Any includes you if you are sic'8 Of t"ose w"o were bitten by t"e fiery ser2ents= t"e 4ible says t"at as *any as loo'ed to t"e braHen ser2ent li:ed8 7:en now= as *any as loo' to C"rist as redee*er are sa:ed 9 are "ealed8 W"en it co*es to t"e benefits of C"rist)s rede*2ti:e wor'= all are on an eFual basis8 T"e words w"oe:er and w"oe:er will are always used to in:ite t"e uncon:erted to be sa:ed8 T"e words as *any as= e:eryone= all= and any are used to in:ite t"e sic' and t"e diseased to be "ealed8 THE UNIVERSAL INVITATION 4ot" in:itations are always uni:ersal= and t"e results are always 2ositi:ely 2ro*isedD s"all be sa:edG s"all "a:e lifeG s"all reco:erG s"all raise t"e* u2G "ealed t"e* all and as *any as touc"ed "i* were "ealed8 -o*eti*es 2arents s"ow fa:oritis* a*ong t"eir c"ildren= but God does not8 W"en we *eet t"e sa*e conditions= we

rea2 t"e sa*e results8 W"en we do our 2art= God is always fait"ful to do His 2art8 T"e benefits of rede*2tion are for you8 If God "ealed all t"en= He still "eals allG t"at is= all t"at co*e to Hi* for "ealing8 (esus C"rist t"e sa*e yesterday= and today= and fore:er8 CHb 13D/E Great *ultitudes followed "i*= and "e "ealed t"e* all8 CMt 12D1&E As *any as touc"ed ?"i*@ were *ade 2erfectly w"ole8 CMt 1#D3+E T"e w"ole *ultitude soug"t to touc" "i*D ?and "e@ "ealed t"e* all8 C0' +D11E W"en t"e e:ening ca*e= t"ey broug"t to "i* *any t"at were 2ossessed wit" de:ilsD and "e cast out t"e s2irits wit" "is word= and "ealed all t"at were sic'D t"at it *ig"t be fulfilled w"ic" was s2o'en by Isaia" t"e 2ro2"et= saying= "i*self too' our infir*ities= and bore our sic'nesses8 C"rist is still "ealing t"e sic'= in order to fulfill t"e 2ro2"et)s wordsD Hi*self too' our infir*ities ?wea'nesses@= and bore our sic'nesses ?diseases@8 Always re*e*berD ,ou are included in t"e our of Matt"ew /D1.= and God is bound by His co:enant to continue to "eal all w"o are sic' and wea'= in order to fulfill Isaia")s words8

My co:enant will I not brea'= nor alter t"e t"ing t"at is gone out of My li2s8 C6s /1D3#E W"en t"e sun was setting= all t"ey t"at "ad any sic' wit" :arious diseases broug"t t"e* to "i*G and "e laid "is "ands on e:eryone of t"e* and "ealed t"e*8 C0' #D#3E Healing was for all in t"ose days= and C"rist t"e Healer "as ne:er c"anged8 HEALING IS FOR ALL AND SHOULD BE PREACHED TO ALL 6"ili2 2reac"ed C"rist at -a*ariaD And t"e 2eo2le wit" one accord ga:e "eed to t"ose t"ings w"ic" 6"ili2 s2o'e= "earing and seeing t"e *iracles w"ic" "e did8 !or unclean s2irits= crying wit" loud :oice= ca*e out of *any t"at were 2ossessed wit" t"e*D and *any wit" 2alsies= and t"at were la*e= were "ealed8 And t"ere was great >oy in t"at City8 CActs /D+91E (esus 2ro:ed to be eBactly t"e sa*e w"en 6"ili2 told t"e 2eo2le about Hi*8 6eter 2reac"ed C"rist to t"e cri22le)s to t"e *ultitude= to Aeneas8 All were "ealed8 (esus was t"e sa*e for 6eter8 W"ere:er and w"ene:er (esus C"rist is 2roclai*ed as our sacrifice for sin and sic'ness= 2"ysical "ealing as well as s2iritual sal:ation will result8 6aul 2reac"ed C"rist8 And t"ere sat a certain *an at

0ystra= i*2otent in "is feet= being a cri22le fro* "is *ot"er)s wo*b= w"o ne:er "ad wal'edD t"e sa*e "eard 6aul s2ea'D w"o steadfastly be"olding "i*= and 2ercei:ing t"at "e "ad fait" to be "ealed= said wit" a loud :oice= -tand u2rig"t on your feet8 And "e lea2ed and wal'ed8 CActs 1#D/913E 6aul *ust "a:e 2reac"ed t"e gos2el of "ealing= because t"e la*e *an recei:ed fait" to be "ealed w"ile listening to 6aul)s *essage8 THIS METHOD WORKS W"ere:er "ealing is taug"t as God)s 2ro:ision for all= fait" is always i*2arted and t"e 2eo2le are always "ealed8 T"is *et"od ne:er fails8 !ait" cannot fail8 4ut fait" cannot be eBercised w"en one is undecided as to w"et"er or not God will "eal all8 If He will not "eal all= t"en we are forced to consider in e:ery caseD II wonder if God will to "eal t"is one? Or is t"is one of t"e unfortunate ones w"o* God wills to re*ain sic' and to suffer?I How could we e:er 2ray t"e 2rayer of fait" wit" suc" uncertainty in our *inds? 0et it be a settled factD It is God)s will to "eal you8 ,ou "a:e a rig"t to "ealing as well as forgi:eness 9 w"en you belie:e8 God saidD I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 If God said t"is= and God cannot lie= He *eant it8 W"at God says is true8 -o= "ealing is yours8 Healing is 2art of t"e gos2el and is to be 2reac"ed t"roug"out all t"e world and to e:ery creature= to t"e end

of t"e world8 4eing 2art of t"e gos2el= t"e di:ine blessing of 2"ysical "ealing is for all8

CHA6T7 3 7A-O%- !O !AITH

MA%, 7COG%IJ7 t"e fact of di:ine "ealing= but "a:e no 2ersonal 'nowledge of (esus t"e sa:ior of t"e body8 T"ey see t"at ot"ers are "ealed= but Fuestion w"et"er "ealing is God)s will for t"e*8 T"ey are waiting for a s2ecial re:elation of t"e will of God concerning t"eir case8 In t"e *eanti*e= t"ey are doing all wit"in t"e 2ower of "u*an s'ill to get well wit" t"e use of natural *eans= not t"in'ing t"at fro* t"eir own stand2oint t"ey *ig"t be o22osing t"e will of God8 T"e 4ible re:eals t"e will of God in regard to "ealing8 God need not gi:e any s2ecial re:elation of His will w"en He "as 2lainly gi:en His re:ealed will in His word8 A careful study of t"e scri2tures will s"ow t"at God "as declared t"at His will includes "ealing for His c"ildren8 He "as declared Hi*self to be t"e "ealer of His 2eo2le8 ORDINANCE FOR HEALING W"en God called t"e Israelites out of 7gy2t= He ga:e t"e* a statute and an ordinance for "ealingD If you will diligently "ear'en to t"e :oice of t"e 0ord your God= and will do t"at w"ic" is rig"t in "is sig"t= and will gi:e ear to "is co**and*ents= and 'ee2 all "is statutes= I will 2ut none of t"ese diseases u2on you= w"ic" I "a:e broug"t u2on t"e 7gy2tiansD for I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 C7B 1&D2+E

T"e Hebrew teBt readsD I will 2er*it none of t"ese diseases u2on you w"ic" I 2er*itted u2on t"e 7gy2tians8 T"is co:enant was re2eated at t"e close of t"e forty years) wanderings of Israel8 All t"roug" t"eir "istory= in sic'ness and 2estilence= t"e Israelites turned to God in re2entance and confession and recei:ed "ealing in answer to t"eir 2rayers8 If "ealing in answer to 2rayer was God)s way under t"e old co:enant= it is *uc" *ore 2re:alent under t"e new co:enant8 Great *ultitudes followed "i*= and "e "ealed t"e* all8 CMt 12D1&E FULFILLING GOD'S WILL C"rist)s "ealing was not to 2ro:e "is di:inity alone= as so*e su22ose= but to fulfill His co**ission 9 to fulfill t"e will of God8 0o= I co*e to do your will= 3 God8 CHb 13D.E (esus Hi*self is a re:elation of t"e will of God8 He did t"e will of GodG He "ealed all w"o ca*e to Hi*8 He "as an unc"anging 2riest"oodD (esus C"rist t"e sa*e yesterday= and today= and fore:er8 He is t"e sa*e in lo:e as w"en= in co*2assion= He "ealed t"e *ultitudes8 He is t"e sa*e in 2ower as w"en He "ealed all *anner of diseases8 W"erefore in all t"ings it be"oo:ed ?was necessary for@

"i* ?(esus C"rist@ to be *ade li'e "is bret"ren= t"at "e *ig"t be a *erciful ?co*2assionate@ and fait"ful "ig" 2riest8 CHb 2D1.E $uring His eart"ly *inistry= (esus was always *o:ed wit" co*2assion and "ealed all t"e* t"at "ad need of "ealing= and He is our fait"ful and *erciful "ig" 2riest today8 CHRIST'S COMMISSION TO HEAL In t"e scri2tures= co*2assion and *ercy *ean t"e sa*e t"ing8 T"e Hebrew noun= rac"a*in= is translated bot" I*ercyI and Ico*2assion8I T"e Gree' :erb= eleeo= is translated I"a:e *ercyI and I"a:e co*2assionIG li'ewise= t"e Gree' ad>ecti:e= elee*on= is defined I*erciful 9 co*2assionate8I C"rist co**issioned t"e twel:e disci2les) to "eal8 0ater= He co**issioned t"e se:enty8 His co**ission was gi:en to all w"o belie:e8I It was gi:en to t"e c"urc"8 T"ese co**issions "a:e ne:er been re:o'ed8 THE THREAD OF HEALING Healing= in answer to t"e 2rayer of fait"= was t"e only way of "ealing 'nown to t"e early c"urc"8 A t"read of "ealing "as run t"roug" all t"e ages to t"e 2resent dayG and now t"is trut"= al*ost lost in t"e s2iritual dar'ness of t"e Middle Ages= "as been disco:ered during t"e great out2ouring of t"e Holy -2irit in t"ese last days8 C"ristians in e:ery land are now 2ro:ing God is t"e "ealer of His

2eo2le8 God "as 2ro:ided "ealing t"roug" C"rist)s rede*2ti:e wor'8 T"e Hebrew word w"ic" is rendered griefs in Isaia" &3 is said to be e:eryw"ere else in t"e 4ible translated sic'nesses8 Also= by "is stri2es ?bruises@ we are "ealed8 T"e word IboreI in Matt"ew /D1. i*2lies substitution 9 suffering forG not sy*2at"y= as in suffering wit"8 If C"rist "as borne our sic'nesses= w"y s"ould we bear t"e*? T"ere are ty2es of C"rist)s rede*2ti:e sacrifice for our "ealing in t"e Old Testa*entD t"e cleansing of t"e le2erGI t"e "ealing of t"e 2lagueG t"e braHen ser2entG t"e "ealing of (ob8 In $euterono*y= c"a2ter 2/= disease and sic'ness were a 2art of t"e curse8 4ut Galatians 3D13 declaresD C"rist "as redee*ed us fro* t"e curse of t"e law8 HEALING IS PROMISED -in and sic'ness are inti*ately connected t"roug"out t"e scri2tures8 !ro* bot" sin and sic'ness= we "a:e rede*2tion t"roug" t"e blood t"at was s"ed and t"e stri2es borne by (esus8 All t"at God "as gi:en us is gi:en t"roug" C"rist (esus our 0ord for w"oe:er will 9 w"oe:er will *eet t"e conditions and belie:e t"e word8 We *ay eBe*2t oursel:es= saying= IIt is not His willIG but God lea:es no one out8 He is no res2ecter of 2ersons8 His

2ro*ises are to all8 Is any ?not so*e@ sic' a*ong you8 C(a &D1#E As'= and it s"all be gi:en you8 CMt .D1.E If you s"all as' any t"ing in *y na*e= I will do it8 C(n 1#G1#E W"ate:er you desire w"en you 2ray= belie:e t"at you recei:e it= and you s"all "a:e it8 Healing is 2ro*ised t"roug" t"e 2ower of t"e Holy -2irit8 All t"ese scri2tures clearly *a'e 'nown God)s will to "eal w"oe:er co*es to Hi* in fait"8 T"is is His will= His way8 %o ot"er way of "ealing is reco**ended in t"e 4ible8 God "as no ot"er way for His 2eo2le8 He "as willed us "ealing= "ealt"= and strengt" in C"rist8 T"is is our rig"t and 2ri:ilege in Hi*8 We 2lease and glorify Hi* by acce2ting His way8 He wills t"at we be well8 Will we acce2t t"is 2ro:ision of His lo:e? Will we obey Hi*= in ta'ing His way= t"at His will *ay be done in us= and t"at we *ay glorify God in our bodies? POSITIVE KNOWLEDGE IN PRAYER Wit" 2ositi:e 'nowledge of t"e will of God= we do not 2rayD I0ord= "eal *e= if it be ,our will8I T"at i*2lies doubt= and doubt cancels fait"8

An in:alid said to *eD II belie:e in 2raying for God to "eal= if it be His will8I T"en to illustrate t"e t"oug"t= "e saidD )A c"ild *ay as' a 2arent for so*et"ingG and t"e 2arent will gi:e it= if it will be good for t"e c"ildG and so= in t"is way= I 2ray for "ealing8I I answeredD IIf t"e 2arent "ad 2ro*ised to gi:e t"e c"ild a certain t"ing= t"e c"ild would "a:e a rig"t to eB2ect it8 Our !at"er "as 2ro*ised us "ealing= and we "a:e a rig"t to eB2ect Hi* to 'ee2 His 2ro*ise8I %ot 'nowing t"e will of God in a certain *atter= we *ay 2ray in fait" t"at God will do t"is for us= if it be His willG and He will do w"at is best for us8 4ut w"ere God "as re:ealed His will= by 2ro*ising to do a certain t"ing= we need not be in ignorance of it or in doubt concerning it8 T"e 4ible re:eals 2"ysical "ealing to be His will= >ust as s2iritual "ealing is His will= if we fulfill t"e conditions and belie:e His 2ro*ise8 T"e fait" t"at a22ro2riates God)s 2ro*ise rests on t"e 'nowledge of His will8 His 'nown will is t"e basis of our fait"8 We could not ta'e "ealing by fait"= belie:ing t"at we "ad recei:ed it= if t"ere was any Fuestion as to w"et"er or not it was for us8 We *ust 'now t"e will of GodG t"en we *ay ta'e by fait" w"ate:er He "as 2ro*ised in His word= belie:ing t"at w"en we as' we recei:e8 Our will also "as a 2art in t"e Fuestion of "ealingD Will we ta'e t"at w"ic" God wills for us? If you li:e in *e= and *y

words li:e in you= as' w"at you will= and it s"all be done to you8 W"en our will *eets His will= t"e wor' is done8

CHA6T7 # WH, MO 7 $O %OT G7T H7A07$

!AITH COM7- by "earing t"e word of God8E !ait" is ne:er deri:ed t"roug" sy*2at"y8 !ait" ne:er co*es t"roug" discussing wit" 2eo2le t"eir 2ains and ac"es= wea'nesses and sic'nesses8 !ait" is born w"en we "ear t"e word of trut"8 (esus saidD ,ou s"all 'now t"e trut"= and t"e trut" s"all *a'e ,ou free8 He is t"e trut"8 If we want to see 2eo2le deli:ered fro* t"e bondage of disease= we *ust teac" t"e* t"e 2art of God)s word t"at sets t"e* free fro* disease8 T"e trut" isD C"rist wills e:ery 2erson ?you@ to be "ealed= or He would not "a:e ta'en t"e stri2es by w"ic" you were "ealed8 T"en one *ay as'= IW"y do not *ore get "ealed?I T"e answerD 4ecause of t"e lac' of teac"ing and 2reac"ing t"e 4ible trut" of "ealing8 0et us not stand by t"e bed of sic' 2eo2le to sy*2at"iHe wit" t"eir 2ains8 0et us ne:er insinuate t"at it *ust be God)s will to Ita'e t"e*IG or t"at Iit will teac" t"e* 2atienceIG or t"at 2er"a2s= It"ey will be drawn closer to t"e 0ordI t"roug" t"eir sic'ness8 0et us rat"er declare war on e:ery for* of sic'ness= and ta'e aut"ority o:er e:ery for* of de*on 2ower t"roug" t"e na*e of (esus C"rist8 0et us *inister deli:erance to

t"ose in need of "ealing8 IF SALVATION IS FOR ALL, HEALING IS FOR ALL We are ne:er in doubt as to God)s willingness to sa:e t"e *ost "o2eless "u*an being8 W"y can we be so certain? 4ecause we "a:e been taug"t t"e 4ible trut" in t"is regard8 We "a:e been taug"t fro* c"ild"ood t"at sal:ation is for all w"o belie:e= because God so lo:ed t"e world= t"at "e ga:e "is only begotten -on= t"at w"oe:er belie:es in "i* s"ould not 2eris"= but "a:e e:erlasting life8 C(n 3D1+E Had we been taug"t t"e trut" in regard to "ealing for t"e body as 2ositi:ely as we "a:e been taug"t t"e trut" in regard to s2iritual sal:ation= 2eo2le would belie:e for "ealing in t"e sa*e way t"at t"ey belie:e for regeneration8 If God wor'ed *iracles and "ealed in ti*es 2ast= but will not do t"e sa*e today= it *ust be t"at He is a God w"o was and not a God w"o is8 4ut t"e 4ible says= I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 ig"t now God is saying= I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals ,ou8 To*orrow He will be saying eBactly t"e sa*e t"ing8 He will be "ealing t"e sic' w"o loo' to Hi* to*orrow8 T"ere is no *aybeG He "eals all w"o co*e to Hi* belie:ing His 2ro*ise8 4ecause of your fait" it will "a22en8 -o= as' in fait"= wit"out wa:ering8

SPIRITUAL AND PHYSICAL HEALING Healing in t"e 4ible is 2"ysical as well as s2iritual8 -in and sic'ness w"ic" 2roliferate in t"e "u*an race are bot" t"e result of t"e disobedience of Ada* and 7:e8 T"e two rede*2ti:e blessings w"ic" C"rist broug"t to t"e world are sal:ation and "ealing 9 deli:erance fro* sin and sic'ness8 -al:ation fro* sin and sic'ness or "ealing fro* sin and sic'ness are bot" blessings included in our rede*2tion= 2ro:ided by one sacrifice and by one substitute8 To say "eated or to say sa:ed *eans t"e sa*e8 If we say "ealed= or if we say sa:ed= t"at is for t"e body as well as for t"e s2irit8 It would be inco*2lete for an unsa:ed 2erson w"o is sic' in body to be sa:ed fro* sin and not be "ealed of sic'ness= after t"ey "ad "eard and belie:ed t"is trut" of t"e gos2el8 !or you to be "ealed and not to be sa:ed would be inco*2lete8 God wants your s2irit to be regenerated w"en your 2"ysical needs are *et8 W"y? 4ecause t"at is w"at rede*2tion is8 How could you be blessed 2"ysically and not be blessed s2iritually= after you "eard t"is trut"? ,ou disco:er (esus as your own substitutionary sacrifice= bearing bot" your sins and your sic'nesses in your 2lace= and you are set free8 T"is is t"e trut" t"at sets 2eo2le free in t"eir bodies as well as in t"eir s2irits8

THE DUAL PROVISION In our gos2el crusades worldwide= we always 2reac" t"e two9fold 2ro:ision8 We tell t"e unsa:ed to acce2t (esus C"rist as "ealer and sa:ior at t"e sa*e ti*e 9 to belie:e t"at He "eals t"e* of sic'ness at t"e sa*e ti*e t"at He sa:es t"e* fro* sin8 T"is brings a 2erfect deli:erance to s2irit and body ali'e8 4ody and s2irit are deli:ered toget"er w"en 2eo2le belie:e it8 6aul saysD ,ou are boug"t wit" a 2riceD t"erefore glorify God in your body and in your s2irit= w"ic" are God)s8 CI Cor +D13E We are told to use bot" body and s2irit to glorify God8 4ot" are boug"t wit" a 2rice8 %o wonder (esus said to t"e *an w"o was sic' wit" 2alsy= -on= be of good c"eerG your sins are forgi:en8 CM' 2D&E W"en "e too' u2 "is bed and wal'ed= "is sins were left be"ind wit" "is sic'ness8 T"at is w"y (esus as'edD W"ic" is easier to say to t"e sic' of t"e 2alsy= ,our sins are forgi:enG or to say= Arise= and ta'e u2 your bed and wal'? CM' 2D1E Had (esus told t"is *an t"at "is sins were gone= "is sic'ness would also "a:e "ad to lea:e= because t"e re*edy for bot" was 2ro:ided in t"e sa*e sacrifice8 Isaia" declaredD He was wounded for our transgressions and wit" "is stri2es we are "ealed8I Had (esus told t"e *an to rise u2 and wal'= t"en "is sins also would "a:e "ad to lea:e8

Always see your two9fold deli:erance in (esus C"rist8 T"e word sa:ed in o*ans 13D1 is t"e sa*e Gree' word used by Mar' w"en "e said= as *any ?sic' 2eo2le@ as touc"ed "i* were *ade w"ole8 4ot" words= sa:ed and *ade w"ole= were translated fro* t"e Gree' word= soHo8 7ac" of t"e words found in t"e following scri2tures are translated fro* t"e sa*e Gree' word= soHoD "ealed 9 Mar' &D23G sa:ed 9 Mar' 1+D1+G "ealed 9 0u'e /D3+G sa:ed 9 Acts 2D21G "ealed 9 Acts 1#D1G sa:ed 9 72"esians 2D/G sa:ed 9 0u'e 1/D#2G sa:e 9 (a*es &D1&G *ade w"ole 9 Mar' &D3#G be w"ole 9 Mar' &D2/G w"ole 9 0u'e 1.D11G w"ole 9 Acts #D1G sa:ed 9 Acts #D12G *ade w"ole 9 Mar' +D&+ CHRISTIANS NEED NOT BE SICK We do not tolerate sin in our li:es because (esus bore our sins8 %eit"er do we need to tolerate sic'ness in our bodies because (esus bore our sic'nesses8 Hi*self too' our infir*ities ?wea'nesses@= and bore our sic'nesses ?diseases@8 CMt /D1.E -urely "e "as borne ?carried away@ our griefs ?sic'nesses and diseases@= and carried our sorrows ?2ains@8 CIs &3D#E 4y t"ese scri2tures we 'now t"at (esus bore our sic'nesses8 According to I 6eter 2D2#= W"o "is own self bore our sins in "is own body on t"e tree= we 'now t"at (esus bore our sins8 If He bore t"e*= we need not bear t"e*8 If we "a:e to bear t"e*= t"en (esus need not "a:e borne t"e*8 If we *ust bear t"e*= t"en it was useless for

(esus to bear t"e*8 T"e gos2el :ery clearly s"ows t"at (esus C"rist bore t"e* 9 t"at is= carried t"e* away 9 and t"at= t"erefore= we are redee*ed fro* t"e*8 -o we need ne:er bear t"e*8 C"ristians are often taug"t t"at= alt"oug" t"ey were redee*ed fro* t"eir sins= t"ey *ust continue to suffer t"eir sic'nesses= because it *ay not be God)s will to "eal t"e*8 T"ey 'now He "ealed ot"ers= but 2er"a2s t"ose were t"e *ore fortunate ones on w"o* He bestowed t"is *ercy8 If it were only His will to do so= t"ey 'now He could "eal t"e*G but since t"ey are not sure of His will= t"ey will Ibe 2atientI and continue to Ibear t"e crossI of t"eir 2"ysical suffering8 $isease destroys t"e :ery body t"at "as been boug"t wit" a 2rice 9 t"e 2rice of t"e body of t"e -on of God8 T"is is not reasonable8 GOD WILLS TO KEEP HIS PROMISE How unli'e God)s word t"is doctrine is8 e:8 !8 !8 4oswort" wroteD W"en I as' 2eo2le if t"ey t"in' it is God)s will to "eal t"e*= and t"ey re2ly t"at t"ey do not 'now w"et"er it is or not= I t"en as' t"e* if it is God)s will to 'ee2 His 2ro*ise8 T"e reason *ore 2eo2le are not "ealed is because of a lac' of 2reac"ing and teac"ing t"ese trut"s8

-ince fait" co*es by "earing t"e word of God= t"en= if we eB2ect t"e 2eo2le to "a:e fait" to recei:e God)s di:ine blessing of 2"ysical "ealing= we *ust teac" t"e* t"ese scri2tural trut"s w"ic" alone can build fait" for t"is blessing8 How *any would be sa:ed if t"ey ne:er "eard a *essage on sal:ation? Or if= w"en t"e sub>ect of sal:ation was addressed= t"e *ain 2oints eB2ounded wereD ?1@ Maybe it isn)t God)s will to sa:e you ?2@ 6er"a2s your sin is for God)s glory8 ?3@ 6er"a2s God is using t"is sin to c"astise you8 ?#@ 4e 2atient in your sin until God wills to sa:e you8 ?&@ T"e day of *iracles ?con:ersion@ is 2ast8 How *any would recei:e fait" to be sa:ed t"roug" suc" *essages? ,et t"ese are about t"e only 2oints *any sic' 2eo2le "ear concerning God)s 2ro:ision for 2"ysical "ealing8 It is easy to understand w"y *any are not "ealed today8

CHA6T7 & A-AI%G TH7 !ATH7 I% (7-5-) %AM7

WHAT7<7 ,O5 A-A in *y na*e= t"at will I do= t"at t"e !at"er *ay be glorified in t"e -on8 C(n 1+D2#E W"ate:er you s"all as' t"e !at"er in *y na*e= "e will gi:e it to you8 C(n 1+D23E According to t"ese scri2tures= we "a:e a rig"t to as' t"e !at"er for "ealing= in t"e na*e of (esus C"rist= and recei:e "ealing8 If we belie:e God)s word= we *ay as'= in (esus) na*e= and we s"all recei:e t"at for w"ic" we as'= t"at is= as (o"n said in I (o"n &D1#D If we as' any t"ing according to "is will 9 and= certainly= "ealing is His will for all8 If you are suffering fro* sic'ness= you "a:e a rig"t to as' t"e !at"er for "ealing8 W"ate:er you desire= w"en you 2ray= belie:e t"at ,ou recei:e it= and you s"all "a:e it8 CM' 11D2#E Howe:er= note t"at our as'ing *ust be in (esus) na*e8 THE POWER OF JESUS' NAME T"ere is 2ower in t"e na*e of t"e 0ord (esus C"rist8 It is written in 6"ili22ians 2D1=13D God also "as gi:en "i* a na*e w"ic" is abo:e e:ery na*eD t"at at t"e na*e of (esus e:ery 'nee s"ould bow= of t"ings in "ea:en ?angels@=

and t"ings in eart" ?*en@= and t"ings under t"e eart" ?de*ons@8 4eings in all t"ree worlds *ust bow to t"e na*e of (esus8 T"at na*e "olds do*inion o:er -atan and "is entire 'ingdo*8 -*it" Wiggleswort" tells of *inistering to a *an w"o was dying fro* tuberculosis8 He said t"at= w"ile standing beside t"e bed= t"ey did not"ing but re2eat t"e na*e of (esus o:er and o:er8 T"e 2resence of God began to fill t"e roo*G "ealing flowed into t"at dying *an)s bodyG and "e arose= 2erfectly w"ole8 6eter said to a cri22led *anD In t"e na*e of (esus C"rist of %aHaret" rise u2 and wal'= and t"e *an wal'ed8 6aul said to a de*onD I co**and you in t"e na*e of (esus C"rist to co*e out of "er= and t"e insane wo*an was 2erfectly restored8 (esus left His na*e wit" us8 We "a:e t"e rig"t to use it8 -atan is co**anded to res2ect t"at na*e w"ic" is abo:e e:ery na*e= and "is entire 'ingdo* is co*2elled to obey our co**and w"en gi:en in t"e na*e of (esus C"rist8 THE RESOURCES OF HEAVEN e*e*ber= it was t"is (esus w"o conFuered sin= -atan= disease= deat"= "ell= and t"e gra:eG and we use His na*e by His aut"ority8 As 78W8 Aenyon writesD

W"en (esus ga:e us t"e rig"t to use t"at na*e= t"e !at"er 'new all t"at na*e would i*2ly w"en breat"ed in 2rayer by o22ressed soulsG and it is always His >oy to recogniHe t"at na*e8 T"e 2ossibilities in:ol:ed in t"at na*e are beyond our understanding8 W"en (esus says= w"ate:er you as' t"e !at"er in *y na*e= He is gi:ing us a signed c"ec' on t"e resources of "ea:en= and as'ing us to fill it in8 W"at a 2ri:ilege8 If you are in need of "ealing= begin a study of t"e resources of (esus= in order to obtain a *easure of t"e wealt" w"ic" t"at na*e "olds for you today8 It is yours to use today8 (esus said so8 Only belie:e and begin to use His na*e in 2rayer today8 (esus is saying in effectD I,ou as' t"e !at"er in My na*e8 I will endorse t"e 2etition= and t"e !at"er will gi:e you anyt"ing I "a:e endorsed8I As we acce2t our rig"ts and 2ri:ileges in t"e new co:enant= and 2ray in (esus) na*e= it a22ears t"at t"e reFuest and t"e 2etition 2asses out of our "ands into t"e "ands of (esus8 He t"en assu*es t"e res2onsibility of t"at need= and we 'now t"at He said= !at"er I t"an' you t"at you "ear *e= and I 'now t"at you "ear *e always8 In ot"er words= we 'now t"at t"e !at"er always bears (esus= and w"en we 2ray in (esus) na*e= it is as t"oug" (esus Hi*self were doing t"e 2raying8 He ta'es our 2lace8

T"e answer is sent to us= fro* t"e !at"er= and we re>oice8 IRREVOCABLE PROVISION If you need "ealing= you *ay as' t"e !at"er for it= in (esus) na*e= belie:e t"at He "ears you= and you will find your sic'ness will lea:e8 W"y? T"is is t"e confidence t"at we "a:e in "i*= t"at= if we as' anyt"ing according to "is will= "e "ears usD and if we 'now t"at "e "ears us= w"ate:er we as'= we 'now t"at we "a:e t"e 2etitions t"at we desired of "i*8 CI (n &D1#91&E It is yours8 ,ou "a:e a rig"t to it8 As' Hi* for it and recei:e your "ealt"= in (esus) na*e= because (esus ga:e us 2er*ission to use His na*e in 2rayer8 W"ate:er you s"all as' in *y na*e= t"at will I do= t"at t"e !at"er *ay be glorified in t"e -on8 If you s"all as' any t"ing in *y na*e= I will do it8 C(n 1#D1391#E 52 to t"is ti*e you "a:e as'ed not"ing in *y na*eD as'= and you s"all recei:e= t"at your >oy *ay be full8 C(n 1+D2#E If you need "ealing= you *ay as' t"e !at"er for it= in t"e na*e of His -on= and you s"all recei:e it= and your >oy will be full8 6eter too' (esus at His word= and to t"e la*e *an needing "ealing= "e said= In t"e na*e of (esus C"rist of %aHaret" rise u2 and wal'8 JESUS TOUCHES EVERY PHASE OF LIFE T"at na*e "as ne:er lost its 2ower8 ,ou *ay recei:e

"ealing t"roug" t"at na*e8 6eo2le are sa:ed t"roug" t"at na*e= for t"ere is no ot"er na*e w"ereby we *ust be sa:ed8 ,ou can 2ray and *a'e your 2etitions to t"e !at"er in t"at na*e8 In t"at na*e t"e la*e= i*2otent= and "el2less are *ade to wal' again8 (esus said= In *y na*e t"ey s"all cast out de:ils8 6aul 2ro:ed t"is 2ro2"ecy of (esus to be true se:eral years after (esus "ad s2o'en it8 6aul said to t"e e:il s2irit= I co**and you in t"e na*e of (esus C"rist to co*e out of "er8 And "e ca*e out t"e sa*e "our8 W"at 2ower t"at na*e "as for t"e c"urc" today8 It touc"ed e:ery 2"ase of t"e early c"urc"8 According to Colossians 3D1.= we are taug"tD W"ate:er you do in word or deed= do all in t"e na*e of t"e 0ord (esus8 In 72"esians &D23 we learn t"at we s"ould always be gi:ing t"an's for all t"ings to God and t"e !at"er in t"e na*e of our 0ord (esus C"rist8 In Hebrews 13D1& we are told to offer t"e sacrifice of 2raise to "is na*e8 In (a*es &D1# we are instructed to anoint t"e sic' in t"e

na*e of t"e 0ord8 In I (o"n 3D23 we are infor*edD T"is is "is co**and*ent= t"at we s"ould belie:e on t"e na*e of "is -on (esus C"rist8 We see by t"ese scri2tures t"at t"e na*e of (esus touc"es e:ery 2"ase of t"e life of t"e C"ristian and t"at it *ust fill a 2lace in our t"oug"ts= in our 2rayer li:es= in our teac"ing and 2reac"ing 9 a 2lace about w"ic" *any are altoget"er unlearned because t"ey "a:e been untaug"t today8

CHA6T7 + I! TWO O! ,O5 -HA00 AG 77

I! TWO O! ,O5 s"all agree on eart" as touc"ing any t"ing t"at t"ey s"all as'= it s"all be done for t"e* of *y !at"er w"ic" is in "ea:en8 CMt 1/D11E W"ere two or t"ree are gat"ered toget"er in *y na*e= I a* t"ere in t"e *idst of t"e*8 CMt 1/D23E It is 2ro:erbial t"at t"ere is strengt" in unity8 Two are better t"an one8 !or if t"ey fall= t"e one will lift u2 t"e ot"erD but woe to t"e one t"at is alone w"en "e or s"e fallsG for t"at one "as no ot"er to "el2 "i* or "er u28 Again= if two lie toget"er= t"en t"ey "a:e "eatD but "ow can one be war* alone? And one standing alone can be attac'ed and defeated= but two can stand bac' to bac' and conFuerG t"ree is e:en better= for a tri2le9braided cord is not easily bro'en8 C7ccl88 #D1912E !ro* $euterono*y 32D33 and (os"ua 23D13= we conclude t"at one can c"ase a t"ousand= but two s"all be able to 2ut ten t"ousand to flig"t8 (esus "ad a reason for doing so w"en He a22ointed se:enty ot"er disci2les= and sent t"e* two by two before "is face into e:ery city and 2lace8 AGREEING IN FAITH God *ust "a:e "ad t"e sa*e reason in *ind w"en He saidD -e2arate *e 4arnabas and -aul for t"e wor' ?for

w"ic"@ I "a:e called t"e*8 We notice t"at it was 6eter and (o"n w"o were seen by t"e la*e *anG and t"roug" t"e strengt" of t"eir united fait"= t"e *iracle was done in "is body8 We are *entioning t"ese t"ings to s"ow you t"at w"ere any two of you s"all agree on eart" as touc"ing anyt"ing t"at t"ey s"all as'= it s"all be done for t"e* of *y !at"er w"ic" is in "ea:en8 We "a:e 2ro:en t"is to be true in *any cases w"ere t"e :icti*s of disease were unable to gras2 fait" for t"e*sel:es8 In suc" cases w"en two s"all agree 9 not only in words= but in s2irit 9 t"e sic' reco:er8 T"is is not necessary w"en one 2erson= w"o is *entally res2onsible= can "ear t"e word of God and eBercise "is or "er 2ersonal fait"8 T"is is always t"e best8 !ait" co*es by "earing t"e word of God8 INDIVIDUAL FAITH POSSIBLE Gi:e "eed to t"e word and "a:e your own fait"8 Tens of t"ousands of 2eo2le "a:e testified of recei:ing "ealing during our crusades by "earing and belie:ing t"e word of God as we 2reac"ed or taug"t it to t"e *ultitudes8 A *an= w"o "ad been engrossed in "earing t"e *essage as we 2reac"ed= arose to find "is ru2ture gone8 A lady disco:ered "er art"ritis and :aricose :eins were "ealed8 A blind wo*an recei:ed "er sig"tG innu*erable ot"ers "a:e been "ealed of e:ery 'ind of disease w"ile "earing and belie:ing t"e word of God8

Anyti*e you "ear t"e word of God and gi:e "eed to it= you will "a:e your own fait" 9 t"e fait" t"at will set you free8 T"at is always better t"an de2ending on t"e fait" of so*eone else8 Howe:er= t"ere are cases in w"ic" t"e 2erson is unable to reason= or is too sic' to gras2 t"ese trut"s or listen to t"e word of God8 In suc" cases= two belie:ers can agree in 2rayer= and t"e 2ro*ise isD It s"all be done for t"e* of *y !at"er w"ic" is in "ea:en8 T"an' God for His 2ro*ise= and for His interest in our 2"ysical "ealt" as well as in our s2iritual "ealt"8 (o"n cou2led t"ese t"ings in "is letter to "is friend= Gaius= sayingD I wis" abo:e all t"ings t"at you *ay 2ros2er and be in "ealt"= e:en as your soul 2ros2ers= C3 (n 2E and (o"n= w"o leaned on (esus) boso*= 'new w"at t"e will of God was8 C"ristians do not doubt t"at God wills to sa:e and regenerate e:ery unsa:ed 2erson= regardless of "ow "o2eless t"e case *ay be8 It is also God)s will to "eal e:ery sic' 2erson= regardless of "ow incurable= if t"e sufferer will too' to Hi* and belie:e His word8 God)s will is to "eal all8 How can anyone doubt God)s "ealing lo:e and co*2assion for His c"ildren w"en He "as gi:en us so *any 2ro*ises for our "ealing8 ,ou "a:e a scri2tural rig"t to be "ealt"y and strong8

IWell=I you *ay as'= I"ow t"en can one e:er die?I According to t"e 4ible= it is :ery si*2le8 0isten to God)s 2rescri2tion for t"e deat" of His c"ildD ,ou ta'e away t"eir breat"= t"ey die= and return to t"e dust8 T"at does not *ean t"at you *ust die wit" a cancer= does it? Or any ot"er for* of disease or sic'ness? T"e c"ild of God is redee*ed fro* t"e curse of t"e law= a 2art of w"ic" is disease8 T"e 4ible ideal for t"e deat" of a c"ild of God isD ,ou s"all co*e to your gra:e in a full age= li'e as a s"oc' of corn co*es in its season8 T"at was "ow Abra"a*= -ara"= Isaac= (acob= Moses 9 and *any ot"ers 9 died8


(AM7- T700- 5- in t"e fift" c"a2ter and fourteent" :erse of "is e2istleD Is any sic' a*ong you? Call for t"e elders of t"e c"urc"G and let t"e* 2ray o:er t"e sic'= anointing t"e* wit" oil in t"e na*e of t"e 0ord8 C(a &D1#E T"is is an un*ista'ably clear 2ro*ise of "ealing for t"e sic'8 !ro* Mar' +D13 we learn t"at t"e disci2les did t"is= for it saysD T"e ) y cast out *any de:ils= and anointed wit" oil *any t"at were sic'= and "ealed t"e*8 AFFLICTION DEFINED (ust 2receding t"is 2ro*ise to t"e sic'= (a*es *entions t"e afflicted8 T"is "as caused *uc" s2eculation as to w"at for* of sic'ness *ay be ter*ed an affliction8 According to -trong)s Concordance= t"is word translated affliction "as no reference w"ate:er to 2"ysical disability8 Webster tells us t"at= in co**on use= t"e word affliction "as t"e *eaning of 2"ysical ail*ent= but t"at is not true of t"e Gree' word fro* w"ic" affliction was translated8 It is a word w"ic" *eans trouble= 2ersecution= "ards"i2= or tribulation8 T"ose enduring 2ersecution= or so*e ot"er 'ind of trouble or "ards"i2= s"ould ne:er call for t"e elders and eB2ect t"e elders to 2ray t"eir troubles and tribulations away8

Instead= (a*es saysD Is any afflicted? let t"e afflicted one 2ray8 A BOLD DECLARATION %otice w"at (a*es as'sD Is any sic' a*ong you? T"at does not infer t"at "ealing is for only a few fa:ored ones8 He is bold to declare t"e 2ro*ise of "ealing to any sic'8 7:ery 2erson w"o is sic' "as a 4ible rig"t to call for t"e elders of t"e c"urc" and to be "ealed 9 and= if necessary= to be sa:ed at t"e sa*e ti*e8 T"at s"ould *a'e you re>oice= es2ecially if you "a:e been taug"t t"at "ealing is >ust for t"e luc'y ones= or >ust for t"ose w"o* God "a22ens to want to "eal8 Healing is for you8 ,ou "a:e a rig"t to "ealt" in your body= as well as to "ealt" in your soul= because (a*es says in c"a2ter &= :erse 1&D T"e 2rayer of fait" s"all sa:e t"e sic'= and t"e 0ord s"all raise t"e* u2G and if t"ey "a:e co**itted sins= t"ey s"all be forgi:en8 <erse 1+ saysD Confess your faults one to anot"er= and 2ray one for anot"er= t"at you *ay be "ealed8 (a*es t"en addsD T"e effectual fer:ent 2rayer of t"e rig"teous a:ails *uc"8 T"is is a clear 2ro*ise= and easy to understand8 4y acting u2on t"ese words= *illions "a:e been "ealed down t"roug" t"e ages= and *illions *ore are "ealed in t"is century8 %otice in :erse 1& (a*es saysD T"e 2rayer of fait" s"all sa:e t"e sic'8 T"e 2rayer of fait" is t"e only 2rayer t"at

will be effecti:e in obtaining "ealing for t"e sic'8 THE PRAYER OF FAITH How could one 2ray t"e 2rayer of fait" w"ile entertaining t"e t"oug"t= IMaybe it is God)s will to ta'e t"is 2erson "o*e by *eans of t"is disease=I or= IMaybe God is wor'ing out so*et"ing 2recious in t"is life by *eans of t"is sic'nessIG and I6er"a2s I s"ould encourage t"e* to 2atiently endure it= and so learn t"e lesson t"at God is see'ing to teac"8I One could ne:er do so8 T"is is t"e attitude in w"ic" *any 2rayers for t"e sic' are 2rayed8 Is it any wonder t"at so *any fail to recei:e "ealing w"en 2rayed for? 6aul saysD C"rist is t"e sa:ior of t"e body8 He also saysD T"e body is for t"e 0ordG and t"e 0ord for t"e body8 T"en "e as'sD $o you not 'now t"at your bodies are t"e *e*bers of C"rist?G and againD $o you not 'now t"at your body is t"e te*2le of t"e Holy G"ost? T"en "e addsD T"erefore glorify= God in your body and in your s2irit= w"ic" are God)s8 T"e body is for t"e 0ord8 It is not for oursel:es or anyone else 9 es2ecially -atan8 It was not created for disease and sic'ness8 If C"rist "as beco*e sa:ior of t"e body= and t"e body is for t"e 0ord= t"en we need not tolerate sic'ness and disease in it8 We need not "a:e sic'ness in t"e body= any *ore t"an sin in t"e s2irit8 -ic'ness is sin to t"e body8 -in is sic'ness to t"e s2irit8 ealiHe your full deli:erance8 Ta'e your liberty8

-tand fast t"erefore in t"e liberty by w"ic" C"rist "as *ade us free8 -ettle it fore:erD It is God)s will for you to be well8 Clai* t"e 2ro*iseG t"en act on His wordG and arise out of your doubts and fears to find "ealt" s2ringing fort" s2eedily8 e*e*ber= (a*es as'edD Is any sic' a*ong you? It is true t"at any sic' 2erson *ay call for t"e elders to 2ray t"e 2rayer of fait" for t"e*8 T"e 2rayer of fait" cannot= and ne:er will= be 2rayed w"ile t"e elders are wondering if it is God)s will to "eal t"is one or t"at one8 (a*es saysD As' in fait"= not"ing wa:ering8 !or t"e one t"at wa:ers is li'e a wa:e of t"e sea dri:en wit" t"e wind and tossed8 0et not t"at 2erson t"in' t"at t"ey s"all recei:e any t"ing of t"e 0ord8

CHA6T7 / TH7 0A,I%G O% O! HA%$(7-5- GA<7 t"e co**ission to His followers to go into all t"e world and do as He co**anded8 I T"is co**ission is still in effect8 (esus 2ro*isedD T"ey s"all lay "ands on t"e sic'= and t"ey ?t"e sic'@ s"all reco:er8 CM' 1+D1/E (ust before He said t"is= (esus "ad saidD T"ese signs s"all follow t"e* t"at belie:e= and added= In *y na*e t"ey s"all cast out de:ilsG t"ey s"all lay "ands on t"e sic'= and t"ey s"all reco:er8 Any belie:er can lay "ands on t"e sic'= and t"e 2ro*ise isD T"ey ?t"e sic'@ s"all reco:er8 A belie:er does *ore t"an *erely agree t"at t"e word is true8 A belie:er is one w"o acts on t"e word of God8 God ne:er tells us to do so*et"ing t"at we cannot do8 Obtaining t"e fulfill*ent of His 2ro*ise is *ore a *atter of obedience t"an of conscious fait"8 !ait" is doing w"at God tells us to do= t"en eB2ecting God to do w"at He tells us He will do8 %oa" built t"e ar' 9 God flooded t"e eart"8 Moses stretc"ed out t"e rod 9 God 2arted t"e waters8 (os"ua *arc"ed around t"e walls of (eric"o 9 God 2us"ed t"e* down8 7li>a" s*ote t"e waters 9 God 2arted t"e*8

7lis"a t"rew t"e stic' in t"e ri:er 9 God *ade t"e iron to swi*8 %aa*an di22ed se:en ti*es 9 God "ealed t"e le2rosy8 (esus said it is t"e belie:er w"o *ay lay "ands on t"e sic'8 It is God w"o will *a'e t"e* well8 (a*es said t"at t"e belie:ers *ay anoint any sic' wit" oil= and 2ray t"e 2rayer of fait" on t"eir be"alf8 He says it is t"e 0ord w"o s"all raise u2 t"e sic'8 God says= I,ou do a s*all t"ingG I will do a large t"ing8 ,ou do a foolis" t"ingG I will do a wise t"ing8 ,ou do so*et"ing t"at only a "u*an being can doG I will do so*et"ing t"at only I= God= can do8I $o w"at God tells you to do= t"en eB2ect God to do w"at He said He would do8 T"at is fait"8 WHEN JESUS VISITED OUR HOUSE W"en we were :ery young= *y wife $aisy and I went to India as *issionariesG but we could not con:ince t"e Hindus and Mosle*s t"at (esus C"rist is God)s -on and t"at He was raised fro* t"e dead8 T"ey as'ed us to 2ro:e it8 I read :erses fro* our 4ible to t"e*G but t"ey "ad t"eir Aoran w"ic" t"ey clai*ed was God)s word= gi:en by t"e *out" of His 2ro2"et= Mo"a**ed8 4ot" boo's= t"e 4ible and t"e Aoran= were beautiful blac' boo's wit" gold e*bossed letters on t"eir co:ers8 W"ic" was God)s word?

We could not 2ro:e t"e 4ible to be God)s word= because we did not understand fait" and t"e need for *iracles at t"at ti*e8 -o we returned to A*erica in w"at see*ed to be defeat8 4ut we "ad seen t"e *asses= and we 'new t"ey needed to belie:e t"e good news of (esus C"rist in order to be sa:ed8 We fasted and 2rayed *any days for God to s"ow us His answer to our dile**a8 How were we to "el2 non9 C"ristians to belie:e on (esus C"rist= to be con:inced t"at He is *ore t"an >ust anot"er religion? God answered our 2rayer8 One *orning at +D33 o)cloc'= (esus C"rist awa'ened *e in our bedroo*8 I lay before Hi* as t"oug" I were dead= unable to *o:e a finger or a toe8 Water 2oured fro* *y eyes= yet I was not conscious of wee2ing8 After a long w"ile= I was able to crawl fro* *y bed to t"e floor w"ere I lay on *y face until t"e afternoon8 W"en I wal'ed out of t"at roo*= I was a new *an8 (esus beca*e 0ord and Master of *y life8 I 'new t"is trut"D He is ali:eK He is *ore t"an a religionK -oon after t"at aweso*e eB2erience= a *an of God ca*e to our area8 He "ad an a*aHing gift of "ealing8 As we attended "is *eetings= we saw "undreds acce2t C"ristG and rig"t before our eyes= we watc"ed "i* cast out de:ils and lay "ands on t"e sic' in (esus C"rist)s na*e8 T"e blind= deaf= du*b= and cri22les were "ealed instantly8 A t"ousand :oices w"irled o:er *y "ead= saying= ,ou can

do t"at8 T"at is w"at 6eter and 6aul did8 T"at is w"at (esus did8 T"at 2ro:es t"at t"e 4ible is true8 ,ou can do t"at8 As we wal'ed out of t"at 2ac'ed auditoriu*= we were o:erw"el*ed8 We began fasting and 2raying again8 $aisy and I *ade a new 2act wit" God8 We resol:ed t"at we would read t"e %ew Testa*ent as t"oug" we "ad ne:er read it before in our li:esG and we would belie:e e:eryt"ing we read8 W"ate:er (esus told us to do as His followers= we would do8 W"ate:er He said He would do= we would eB2ect Hi* to do8 We would act u2on His written word= >ust as 2ro2"ets of God acted u2on His s2o'en word in 4ible days8 We would do as t"e first disci2les of our 0ord "ad done8 If He said we could "eal t"e sic'= we would eB2ect to see t"e sic' "ealed8 If He said we could cast out de:ils= t"en we would do it in His na*e and eB2ect t"e* to obey us8 I can ne:er tell you w"at t"at ste2 *eant to us8 T"e 4ible beca*e a li:ing= 2ulsating= t"rilling boo' of trut"8 We disregarded all of t"e teac"ing we "ad e:er "ad8 We acce2ted God)s word as being true and began to act on it eBactly li'e t"e early C"ristian belie:ers did8 T"roug" t"at decision= we disco:ered t"e aut"ority we "a:e in t"e na*e of (esus and t"e 2ower we "a:e o:er t"e

'ingdo* of -atan= as well as t"e :irtue t"at flows t"roug" e:ery true belie:er8 As t"is latest edition of t"is boo' goes to 2ress= I can witness t"at= for nearly four decades= in .3 nations of t"e world= $aisy and I "a:e gone in (esus) na*e and "a:e acted on t"e written word of God8 We "a:e 2reac"ed to *ultitudes 9 fro* 13=333 to o:er 233=333 souls daily in t"ese *ass crusades 9 and "a:e seen tens of t"ousands of t"e *ost a*aHing *iracles 2er"a2s e:er witnessed in any C"ristian *inistry8 God)s word beco*es :ery si*2le w"en we regard e:ery word as true and act accordingly8 Its staggering trut"s of 2ower and aut"ority granted to t"e c"urc" beco*e a li:ing reality8 How t"rilling it is to s"are a gos2el t"at wor's8 As we constantly witness t"e deli:erance of t"e deaf and du*b= t"e restoring of sig"t to t"e blind= t"e "ealing of t"e la*e= t"e cri22led= t"e sic' and diseased= we re>oice o:er t"e trut" of (esus) wordsD All t"ings are 2ossible to t"e* t"at belie:e8 THEY SHALL LAY HANDS ON THE SICK 7:eryw"ere t"at belie:ers lay t"eir "ands on t"e sic' in fait"= t"e sic' reco:er We s"ould eB2ect not"ing less t"an t"is8 T"e 4ible records incidents of fait" in t"e laying on of "andsD My little daug"ter lies at t"e 2oint of deat"D I 2ray you= co*e and lay your "ands on "er and s"e s"all li:e=

said (airus= a ruler of t"e synagogue= to (esus8 (esus went and too' t"e da*sel by t"e "and= and said to "er= Arise= and s"e arose8 (esus saw a wo*an bowed o:er wit" a s2irit Of infir*ity and He laid His "ands on "erD and i**ediately s"e was *ade straig"t= and glorified God8 T"e fat"er of 6ublius lay sic' of a fe:er and of a bloody fluBD 6aul went in and 2rayed= and laid "is "ands on "i*= and "ealed "i*8 If you are a belie:er= t"e nature of God is in you8 T"e -2irit of God dwells in you as His te*2le8 T"e 2ower of God is in you= and it is t"is 2ower of God w"o "eals t"e sic' w"en "ands are laid on t"e* in (esus) na*e8 -o*eti*es t"is is acco*2anied by *anifestationsD ,ou *ay feel t"e life of God 2ouring t"roug" your body= *a'ing it w"ole8 At ot"er ti*es= you *ay feel not"ing8 It *a'es no difference w"et"er or not you "a:e a feeling8 T"e word of God is su2erior to your feelings8 It is written= T"ey s"all lay "ands on t"e sic'= and t"ey s"all reco:er8 T"at word is always true8 W"et"er feeling co*es or not= "ealing always co*es8 A lady ca*e to us for 2rayer8 After t"e *eeting= s"e was as'ed "ow s"e felt8 IWell= I ne:er got blessed=I s"e re2lied= Ibut I got "ealed8 I A few *o*ents later= as s"e was t"in'ing about "er

wonderful "ealing= s"e beca*e "a22y and felt Iblessed8I Many 2eo2le= suc" as t"is lady= eB2ect so*e ty2e of feeling or sensation w"en 2rayed for= instead of eB2ecting "ealing8 One *ay be "ealed by t"e 2ower of God and ne:er feel anyt"ing8 Ot"ers *ay feel great surges of God)s "ealing 2ower 9 a "eat= a coolness= or a s"oc' as of a current of electricity8 4ut ta'e *y ad:iceD $o not eB2ect feeling 9 eB2ect "ealing8 A *inister said to *e= II used to 2ray for God to cause 2eo2le to fall w"en I 2rayed for t"e* and He did >ust w"at I as'ed Hi* to do8 Most e:eryone I laid *y "ands on fell8 I4ut I disco:ered t"at *any of t"e* would find t"ey were not "ealed8 I t"en began to 2ray for God to "eal t"e* instead of slay t"e*8I He said "e found t"at God was fait"ful to do w"at "e as'ed Hi* to do8 I%ow= w"et"er t"ey fall or not=I "e said= II eB2ect t"e* to get "ealed= and it is done according to our fait"8I He was a *an w"o "ad wanted feeling instead of "ealing8 He ca*e to realiHe t"is= and now "is *inistry is far *ore effecti:e8 Healing is always better t"an feeling8 W"en t"e sic' learn to base t"eir fait" on t"e word of God eBclusi:ely= t"ey "a:e won t"e :ictory8 It t"en beco*es true t"at not"ing in t"e real* of feeling can e:er se2arate t"e* fro* w"at t"e word of God says8 As long as you tal' in ter*s of w"at you feel= you do not

yet co*2re"end t"e *eaning of fait" in t"e word of God8 FAITH INVOLVES THE WORD OF GOD 0et us su22ose t"at you co*e to us for 2rayer to be "ealed8 After we "a:e 2rayed for you= you say= II belie:e I got "ealed 9 I feel so *uc" better=I or= II can)t feel a 2ain8I ,ou are tal'ing in ter*s of w"at you feel8 -ooner or later if ,O5 get a bad feeling= you will still tal' in ter*s of w"at you feel and will say= IWell= I t"oug"t I got "eated= but I feel so bad8 I guess I)ll "a:e to be 2rayed for again8I ,ou nullify your "ealing by belie:ing in w"at you feel *ore t"an in God)s word8 ,ou will notice t"at t"e 2eo2le w"o deter*ine w"et"er or not t"ey are "ealed by t"eir feelings= will ne:er credit God)s word8 If t"ey feel good= t"ey say t"ey are "ealed8 If t"ey feel bad= t"ey say t"ey are not "ealed8 T"ey ne:er gi:e credence to God)s word8 I was ta'en to t"e roo* of a sic' *anG and w"en I encouraged "i* to loo' to God for deli:erance fro* "is lifelong sic'ness= "e re2lied= II feel li'e I)ll be "ealed so*e day8I I as'ed "i* w"y "e felt t"at way8 IWell=I "e re2lied= Ise:eral "a:e recei:ed t"e witness t"at I would be "ealed so*e day8 7:en t"e 2astor t"in's I)ll get well= and I re*e*ber t"at a

long ti*e ago t"e 0ord blessed *e and ga:e *e a witness t"at I was going to be "ealed8I He was struggling to belie:e for "ealing on t"e basis of so*eone)s IwitnessI or Ifeeling8I ,ou see= "e ne:er *entioned t"e word of God as "a:ing any 2ro*ise for "i*8 6ractice belie:ing God)s word8 !ait" in His word wins e:ery ti*e8 FAITH IS NEVER FEELING FEELING IS NEVER FAITH !ait" "as not"ing to do wit" feeling8 !eeling "as not"ing to do wit" fait"8 !ait" constantly attributes e:eryt"ing to w"at t"e word of God says= irres2ecti:e of 2ains= sy*2to*s= or feelings8 -u22ose you co*e for 2rayer wit" your fait" based on t"e word of God instead of feelings8 ,ou are *inistered to= according to t"e scri2tures= by t"e laying on of "ands= and 2er"a2s you are anointed wit" oil8 T"en so*eone as'sD IHow do you feel?I ,ou answerD II a* "ealed because t"e 4ible says= T"ey s"all lay "ands on t"e sic'= and t"ey s"all reco:er8 4ut t"e inFuirer insistsD I$o you feel any better?I ,our answer is :ery 2ositi:e= 'nowing t"at God)s word is bac' of w"at you sayD II 'now I)* "ealed= because it is written= Wit" "is stri2es= I a* "ealed8I ,ou *ay add= IGod

said= I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you= and t"at *eans *e8I T"e wor' "as been done= because you attributed your "ealing to t"e 2ower and aut"ority and fait"fulness of t"e word of God8 ,ou *ay as'D I4ut w"at about feelings? Must we continue to carry our 2ains?I %o= you need not carry your 2ains and ac"es wit" you= ignoring t"e*G neit"er will you be untrut"ful about your 2ains8 Always s2ea' t"e trut"8 4ut "ere is t"e secretD Answer t"e inFuirer wit" t"e word of God8 -ay >ust eBactly w"at t"e 4ible saysD I4y "is stri2es= we are "ealed8 T"ey laid "ands on *e= and I s"all reco:er8 (esus said it and He cannot lie8I !ait" disregards e:eryt"ing but God)s word8 W"en t"e "ands of belie:ers are laid u2on you= you will reco:er= if you will only belie:e8 -tand by God)s word= and God will stand by you8 T"ere "as not failed one word of all "is good 2ro*ise8 CI Ai /D&+E I a* t"e 0ordD I will s2ea'= and t"e word t"at I s"all s2ea' s"all co*e to 2ass8 C7H 12D2&E T"e word w"ic" I "a:e s2o'en s"all be done= says t"e 0ord God8 C7H 12D2/E !or all t"e 2ro*ises of God in "i* ?(esus C"rist@ are yes=

and in "i* ?(esus C"rist@ A*en= to t"e glory of God by us8 C2 Cor 1D23E W"en a belie:er lays "ands on you in (esus) na*e and earnestly 2rays for your "ealing= belie:e t"e word of GodG belie:e t"at (esus s2o'e t"e trut" w"en He said= T"ey s"all reco:er8 It is written= T"ey s"all reco:erG and in 2 Corint"ians 1D2#= t"e 4ible says= 4y fait" you stand8 !ait" in God)s word always brings t"e answer8 T"an' Hi* for "ealing fro* t"e :ery *o*ent t"at t"e "ands of belie:ers are laid on you in (esus) na*e8

CHA6T7 1 -67CIA0 MI AC07- 4, !AITH

TH7 67O607 I% A-IA belie:ed t"at= by ta'ing clot"s fro* 6aul)s body= sic' 2eo2le would be "ealed and e:il s2irits would de2art fro* t"ose 2ossessed of t"e*8 God did s2ecial *iracles by t"e "ands of 6aulD so t"at fro* "is body were broug"t to t"e sic' "and'erc"iefs or a2rons= and t"e diseases de2arted fro* t"e*= and t"e e:il s2irits went out fro* t"e*8 CActs 1911912E God is no res2ecter of 2ersons8 T"is *inistry of sending fort" clot"s fro* God)s ser:ants is still in effect today= and t"ousands of *iracles are ta'ing 2lace t"roug" t"is si*2le act of fait"8 W"en t"e sic' recei:e t"ese clot"s and lay t"e* on t"eir bodies in fait"= as t"oug" t"e ser:ant of God "ad laid "ands on t"eir bodies and "ad 2rayed= t"e sa*e results will follow today8 W"en 6aul sent t"ese clot"s and a2rons to t"e sic'= t"ey were laid on sic' bodies wit" t"e sa*e fait" t"at t"ey would "a:e eBercised "ad 6aul co*e 2ersonally and laid "ands on t"e* and *inistered to t"e*8 -o*eti*es we send clot"s= in t"e na*e of (esus= to 2eo2le w"o* we cannot :isit 2ersonally8 If a sic' 2erson will belie:e God)s 2ro*ises and will consider t"at w"en suc" a clot" is laid on t"eir sic' body= it is as t"oug" we "ad co*e and 2rayed for t"e* and "ad laid our "ands on t"e* 2ersonally= and if t"e sic' 2erson will belie:e t"en t"at God "as "eard t"e 2rayer and granted "ealing= t"e

sic'ness will lea:e8 We recei:e testi*onies al*ost daily fro* t"ose w"o "a:e been "ealed t"roug" t"is act of fait"8

CHA6T7 13 H7A0I%G I% 7$7M6TIO%

-5 70, H7 HA- 4O %7 our griefs ?sic'nesses and diseases@= and carried our sorrows ?2ains@8 4ut "e was wounded for our transgressions= "e was bruised for our iniFuitiesD t"e c"astise*ent of our 2eace was u2on "i*G and wit" "is stri2es we are "ealed8 CIs &3D#9&E I 6eter 2D2# saysD W"o "is own self bore our sins in "is own body on t"e tree= t"at we= being dead to sins= s"ould li:e in rig"teousnessG by w"ose stri2es you were "ealed8 4y t"ese scri2tures we 'now t"at "ealing for t"e body is 2ro:ided in t"e sa*e rede*2tion as sal:ation for t"e s2irit8 In rede*2tion= t"ere is bot" 2"ysical and s2iritual "ealing8 If you are sa:ed= you s"ould be "ealed8 If you are "ealed= you s"ould be sa:ed8 HEALING IS PART OF SALVATION W"en you realiHe t"at "ealing is 2art of your 2ersonal sal:ation= you need not call for eldersG you need not "a:e "ands laid on youG you no longer need to as' in (esus) na*e for w"at you already 2ossessG neit"er do you need to "a:e two ?belie:ers@ agree in 2rayer for you8 ,ou acce2t C"rist)s life for bot" body and s2irit8 ,ou 'now t"at you are free fro* t"e bondage of bot" sic'ness and sin8 ,ou see your substitute= (esus C"rist= *ade sic' and sinful

for you8 ,ou co*e to 'now t"at neit"er sin nor sic'ness can e:er be laid on you again because (esus bore t"e* all on t"e cross for you8 ,ou co*2re"end t"e trut" of t"e state*entD Hi*self too' our infir*ities ?wea'nesses@= and bore our sic'nesses ?diseases@8 ,ou 'now t"at (esus= your substitute= "as deli:ered your body fro* sic'ness as well as your s2irit fro* sin8 ,ou see your sic'nesses= as well as your sins= laid on (esus at Cal:aryG and you 'now t"at if (esus bore your infir*ities and your sic'nesses= you no longer need to bear t"e*8 If you need to bear t"e*= t"en it was useless for (esus to bear t"e*G but since He "as borne t"e* and t"e 4ible says t"ey were yours= t"en certainly you do not "a:e to bear t"e*8 C"ristians do not need to be sic'8 God wants t"e* to be well and strong8 -ee your sins forgi:en and your sic'nesses "ealed8 -ee deli:erance for your body as well as for your s2irit8 4egin to sing wit" $a:idD 4less t"e 0ord= 3 *y soul= and forget not all "is benefits8 ?Many "a:e forgotten so*e of t"e benefits of rede*2tionG $a:id "ad not8@ W"o forgi:es all your iniFuitiesG w"o "eals all your diseases8

COMPLETE DELIVERANCE $a:id says forgi:es all and "eals all in t"e sa*e breat"8 At last you "a:e co*e to 'now w"y (esus saidD W"ic" is easier to say= ,our sins are forgi:en youG or to say= Arise= and ta'e u2 your bed= and wal'? CM' 2D1E At last t"e >oy of a full sal:ation "as beco*e real to you8 ,ou realiHe co*2lete deli:erance8 ,ou >oin wit" 6eter in sayingD W"o "is own self bore our sins in "is own body on t"e treeG by w"ose stri2es you were "ealed8 ,ou understand t"at it was all acco*2lis"ed in your rede*2tion8 ,ou are a free 2erson8 %o *ore sin 9 no *ore sic'ness8 4ot" "a:e been ta'en away by your substitute8 It is w"en you co*e to 'now t"ese :ital trut"s t"at your sic'ness begins to *elt away= your defor*ed li*bs begin to straig"ten8 ,ou find yourself freed in body as well as in s2irit8 NO GLORY IN SUFFERING ,ou no longer ta'e your 2lace wit" (ob of t"e Old Testa*ent= t"in'ing you *ust suffer sic'ness because (ob suffered8 ,ou "a:e learned t"at you are li:ing in t"e 2ost9 Cal:ary e2oc" under grace and trut" w"ic" sets you free fro* t"e curse of t"e law8 A *inister told *e so*e ti*e agoD I7:ery ti*e I 2ray for t"e sic'= eit"er *yself= *y wife= or *y c"ild beco*es ill8I T"en "e went on to tell *e t"at "e belie:ed "e *ust "a:e

t"ese tests to 2ro:e "is fait"G t"at it was "is duty to 2ro:e "i*self fait"ful in sic'ness in order for God to use "i* in t"e "ealing of ot"ers w"o were sic'8 I as'ed "i* if "e felt t"at "e s"ould 2ro:e "i*self fait"ful in sin in order for God to use "i* in 2reac"ing sal:ation to sinners8 T"en I told "i*D T"e difference between your 2reac"ing and *ine is t"at you are 2reac"ing and belie:ing t"at you *ust suffer and be fait"ful before you can tell ot"ers t"at t"ey can be "ealed8 I tell t"e 2eo2le t"at (esus "as already suffered for t"e* and for *e 9 t"at= t"erefore= we all can en>oy t"e rede*2tion w"ic" He "as 2ro:ided for us 9 t"at (esus is t"e substitute= not *e8 RIGHTEOUSNESS - A CERTAINTY 78 W8 Aenyon saysD (esus bore our infir*ities= our diseases and our sic'nesses= and w"at He bore= we do not need to bear8 W"at He too' u2on Hi*self= we do not need to suffer8 Always re*e*berD -atan cannot legally lay on us w"at God laid on (esus8 C"rist beca*e sic' wit" O5 diseases t"at we *ig"t be "ealed8 He 'new no sic'ness until He beca*e sic' for us8 T"e ob>ect of C"rist)s sin9bearing was to *a'e rig"teous all t"ose w"o would belie:e in Hi* as t"eir sinbearer8 T"e ob>ect of His disease9bearing was to *a'e well all t"ose w"o would belie:e in Hi* as t"eir disease9bearer8 C"rist)s sin9bearing *ade rig"teousness a certainty to t"e

new creation8 He too' our sins= and so *ade us rig"teous8 His disease9bearing *ade "ealing a certainty to t"e new creation8 He too' our diseases= and so *ade us wellG He too' our infir*ities= and so *ade us strongG and He now trades us His success for our failures8 DISEASE IS CRUEL $isease *a'es sla:es of t"e 2eo2le w"o care for t"e sic'8 T"e lo:ed ones w"o are u2 day and nig"t= wor'ing o:er t"e sic' ones= are robbed of >oy and rest8 -ic'ness is not of lo:e= and God is lo:e8 $isease steals "ealt"G it steals "a22inessG it steals *oney t"at we need for ot"er t"ings8 $isease is our ene*yG it is a robber8 0oo' at w"at it "as stolen fro* t"e tuberculosis 2atient8 It ca*e during yout" and "as burdened t"e fa*ilyG filled t"e* wit" anBiety and doubt= fears and 2ains= and robbed t"e 2atient of fait"8 $o not tell anyone t"at disease is t"e will of God8 It is t"e will of "ateG it is t"e will of -atan8 If disease "as beco*e t"e will of lo:e= t"en lo:e is turned into "ate8 If disease is t"e will of God= t"en "ea:en will be filled wit" sic'ness8 (esus was t"e eBact i*age of t"e !at"er= and He went about "ealing all t"e sic'8 $isease and sic'ness are ne:er t"e will of t"e !at"er8 To belie:e t"ey are= is to be decei:ed by t"e ad:ersary8 If "ealing "ad not been included in t"e 2lan of rede*2tion= t"en it would ne:er "a:e been 2laced in t"e great

substitutionary c"a2ter of Isaia" &38 FAITH BECOMES NATURAL T"is is t"e deli:erance we desire for you to find as you read t"is boo'8 Act on it= and you will disco:er new "ealt" returning to your body8 !ait" in God)s word is ne:er ignored by t"e !at"er8 Instead= it always brings His co*2lete answer8 T"is is t"e fait" He longs to see you eBercise8 It will beco*e a 2art of you8 It will beco*e as natural to your s2irit as seeing and "earing is to your 2"ysical body8 God said= I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8/ If t"ree *illion 2eo2le could belie:e it and find 2erfect "ealt" and strengt" under t"e law= cannot we= w"o are li:ing under grace= *ercy= and trut"= be t"e "ealt"y body of C"rist?

CHA6T7 11 4A-I- !O -T7A$!A-T !AITH

A MA% CAM7 to *e as'ing t"at we 2ray for "i* to be "ealed8 He "ad been deaf in one ear for o:er twenty years8 He see*ed to be :ery uncertain regarding "is "ealing= because as "e 2ut itD II):e been 2rayed for by t"e greatest 2eo2le of fait" in our country during t"e last twenty years= and I "a:e ne:er recei:ed "el28I T"en "e as'ed= IW"y cannot *y ear be "ealed?I IIt can=I I re2lied= Iif you will belie:e8I I4ut t"ey "a:e all told *e t"at=I "e said= Iand I "a:e ne:er recei:ed "el2 fro* any of t"e*8I IMy friend=I I interru2ted= Ido you t"in' God is willing to "eal a fellow li'e you?I II don)t 'now=I "e answeredG t"en added= II 'now t"at if it is His will to do it= He is able= but 9 well= I guess t"at)s >ust one of t"ose t"ings we aren)t su22osed to 'now8 I I said= IT"at is w"y you "a:e ne:er been "ealed8 ,ou "a:e ne:er read t"e word of God for yourself= nor "a:e you recei:ed t"e fait" t"at "as been taug"t to you8 ,ou do not 'now w"et"er or not God "as said He would "eal youG t"erefore= you do not 'now w"et"er or not it is His will to "eal you8I

I as'ed= I$o you belie:e it is God)s will to 'ee2 His 2ro*ise?I IOf course=I "e re2lied8 IWell=I I said= IHe "as 2ro*ised to "eal youG and if I can Fuote you His 2ro*ise= t"en you s"ould belie:e Hi* and be "ealed rig"t "ere and now GOD INCLUDED YOU I Fuoted a few scri2tures regarding t"e "ealing of our bodies= w"ic" are a22licable to e:eryone indi:idually= suc" as I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you= I w"ic" was s2o'en to o:er t"ree *illion 2eo2leG 4y w"ose stri2es you were "ealed= and Is any sic' a*ong you? let t"at 2erson call8 T"en I as'ed= I%ow= in t"e face of all of t"ese scri2tures= w"ic" are state*ents *ade to all w"o will belie:e t"e*= do you t"in' God included you?I I,es=I "e said= II guess He did8I IWell t"en=I I as'ed= Iis God willing to "eal you= seeing t"at He "as *ade 2ro:ision for t"e "ealing of e:ery sic'ness and e:ery disease a*ong all t"e 2eo2le?I I,es=I "e said= :ery fir*ly8 II do belie:e "ealing is for *e tonig"t8 I "a:e ne:er seen it li'e t"is before8I T"ere see*ed to be a glitter of fait" in "is eyes w"en "e saw t"at God)s word was for "i* 2ersonally8 I 'new t"e circu*stances were rig"t for 2rayer on "is be"alf8 I "ad "ardly touc"ed "is deaf ear before sound burst into it and "e could "ear *e as well wit" t"at ear as

wit" t"e ot"er8 W"en= at last= "e 'new w"at God "ad said regarding all sic'ness and disability= and dared to ste2 out on t"at word8 declaring "i*self as being included in t"e any of (a*es &D1#= t"e you of 7Bodus 1&D2+= and t"e our of Matt"ew /D1.= t"en w"at God)s word "ad said was acco*2lis"ed in "i*8 He was "ealed8 T"at illustrates so well t"e 2ur2ose for w"ic" t"is boo' is writtenD t"at you *ay see t"at t"e 2ro*ises in God)s word are for you and t"at= realiHing t"is= you will act u2on God)s word and eB2ect Hi* to *a'e it good in your life8 WHAT FAITH IS %ow fait" is t"e substance of t"ings "o2ed for= t"e e:idence of t"ings not seen8 T"is is so*eti*es FuotedD I!ait" is t"e title9deed for t"ings you "a:e "o2ed for= t"e 2utting to 2roof of t"ings unseen=I or I!ait" is t"e title9 deed to t"e 2ro2erty you 'now you 2ossess= e:en t"oug" you "a:e not yet seen it8 I One of t"e *ost "el2ful and enlig"tening eB2ressions of fait" is t"isD !ait" is eB2ecting God to do w"at you 'now He "as said in His word t"at He will do8 !ait" is belie:ing t"at God s2ea's t"e trut"8 God "as ne:er as'ed t"at we eBercise fait" for so*et"ing t"at He "as not first 2ro*ised to do for us8 One writer said= IGod deals wit" His c"ildren li'e t"isD !irst= He gi:es us a 2ro*ise8 T"en w"en t"at 2ro*ise creates fait" w"ic" 2roduces

action= He fulfills itI Always re*e*berD God ne:er as's us to belie:e He will do so*et"ing for us unless He "as 2ro*ised to do it8 4ecause of t"is fact= 6aul "as stated= !ait" co*es by "earing t"e word of God8& How could fait" 2ossibly co*e any ot"er way? How a* I to 'now t"at a *illionaire will *a'e *e a gift of a t"ousand dollars unless "e says t"at "e will do so? His ability to do it would not 2ro:e "is willingness8 I *ust "a:e "is 2ro*ise before I can eB2ect suc" a gift fro* "i*8 T"e only way for your daug"ter to 'now t"at s"e will recei:e a new dress to*orrow is for you to 2ro*ise it to "er8 -"e belie:es t"at you will not fail to 'ee2 your wordG yet t"ere is t"e 2ossibility t"at you could die before to*orrow= or t"at you *ay not "a:e been "onest wit" "er8 4ut not so wit" t"e 0ord8 4alaa*= a true 2ro2"et of t"e 0ord= said= God is not a *an= t"at "e s"ould lieG neit"er t"e son of *an= t"at "e s"ould re2entD "as "e said= and s"all "e not do it? or "as "e s2o'en= and s"all "e not *a'e it good? C%u 23D1E CHRIST THE HEALER !8 !8 4oswort"= w"o wrote one of t"e *ost outstanding boo's e:er to be 2ublis"ed on t"e sub>ect of di:ine "ealing= begins wit" t"ese wordsD 4efore you can "a:e a steadfast fait" for t"e "ealing of your body= you *ust be rid of all uncertainty concerning God)s will in t"e *atter8 A22ro2riating fait" cannot go

beyond your 'nowledge of t"e re:ealed will of God8 4efore atte*2ting to eBercise fait" for "ealing= you need to 'now w"at t"e scri2tures 2lainly teac"G t"at it is >ust as *uc" God)s will to "eal t"e body as it is God)s will to "eal t"e s2irit8 It is only by 'nowing t"at God 2ro*ises w"at you are see'ing t"at all uncertainty can be re*o:ed and a steadfast fait" can be 2ossible8 His 2ro*ises are eac" a re:elation of w"at God is eager to do for us8 5ntil we 'now w"at God)s will is= t"ere is not"ing on w"ic" to base our fait"8 Mr8 4oswort" t"en goes on to sayD (esus said= T"e word is t"e seed8 It is t"e seed of di:ine life8 5ntil you are sure fro* God)s word t"at it is His will to "eal you= you are trying to rea2 a "ar:est w"ere no seed "as been 2lanted8 It would be i*2ossible for a far*er to "a:e fait" for a "ar:est before seed was 2lanted8 GOD IS FAITHFUL It is not God)s will t"at t"ere be a "ar:est wit"out t"e 2lanting of seed 9 wit"out His will being 'nown and acted u2on8 (esus said= ,ou s"all 'now t"e trut"= and t"e trut" s"all *a'e you free8 !reedo* fro* sic'ness co*es fro* 'nowing t"e trut"8 God does not"ing wit"out His word8 He sent "is word and it "ealed t"e* are t"e words of t"e Holy -2irit8 All "is wor' is done in fait"fulness to His 2ro*ises8 If you are sic'= 'nowledge t"at it is God)s will to "eal you

is t"e seed w"ic" is to be 2lanted in your *ind and "eart8 And it is not 2lanted t"ere until it is 'nown and recei:ed and trusted8 ,ou cannot beco*e a C"ristian until you 'now t"at it is God)s will to sa:e you8 It is t"e word of God 2lanted and watered and steadfastly trusted= w"ic" "eals bot" s2irit and body8 T"e seed *ust re*ain 2lanted and be 'e2t watered before it can 2roduce its "ar:est8 ABLE AND WILLING !or you to say= II belie:e t"e 0ord is able to "eal *e=I before you 'now fro* God)s word t"at He is willing to "eal you= is li'e a far*er saying= II belie:e God is able to gi:e *e a "ar:est=I wit"out any seed being 2lanted and watered8 God cannot regenerate your s2irit before you 'now His will in t"e *atter= because sal:ation is by fait" 9 t"at is= by trusting t"e 'nown will of God8 4eing "ealed is being sa:ed in a 2"ysical sense8 6raying for "ealing wit" t"e fait"9destroying words= IIf it be your will=I is not 2lanting t"e seedG it is destroying t"e seed8 T"e 2rayer of fait" w"ic" "eals t"e sic' is to follow ?not 2recede@ t"e 2lanting of t"e seed ?t"e word@ u2on w"ic" fait" is based8 T"is is t"e gos2el w"ic" t"e Holy -2irit says is t"e 2ower of God to sal:ation= in all its 2"ases= bot" 2"ysical and s2iritual8 And all t"e gos2el is for e:ery creature and for all nations8 T"e gos2el does not lea:e a 2erson in uncertainty 2raying= IIf it be ,our willIG it tells you w"at God)s will is8 T"e Holy -2irit)s words= Hi*self bore our sic'nesses are

>ust as truly a 2art of t"e gos2el as His words= W"o "is own self bore our sins in "is own body on t"e tree8 %eit"er t"e s2iritual nor t"e 2"ysical 2"ase of t"e gos2el is to be a22lied by 2rayer alone8 -eed is 2owerless until it is 2lanted8 Instead of saying= I6ray for *e=I *any s"ould first say= ITeac" *e God)s word= so t"at I can intelligently coo2erate wit" Hi* for *y reco:ery8 I We *ust 'now w"at t"e benefits of rede*2tion are before we can a22ro2riate t"e* by fait"8 PURPOSE TO BE WHOLE $a:id s2ecified= W"o forgi:es all your iniFuities8 w"o "eals all your diseases8 After being sufficiently enlig"tened= our attitude toward sic'ness s"ould be t"e sa*e as our attitude toward sin8 Our 2ur2ose to "a:e our body "ealed s"ould be as definite as our 2ur2ose to "a:e our s2irit "ealed8 We s"ould not ignore any 2art of t"e gos2el8 Our substitute= (esus= bore bot" our sins and our sic'nesses t"at we *ig"t be deli:ered fro* t"e*8 C"rist)s bearing of our sins and sic'nesses is surely a :alid reason for trusting Hi* now for deli:erance fro* bot"8 W"en= in 2rayer= we definitely co**it to God t"e forgi:eness of our sins= we are to belie:e= on t"e aut"ority of His word= t"at our 2rayer is "eard8 We are to do t"e sa*e w"en 2raying for "ealing8 Attend to *y wordsG incline your ear to *y sa:ings8 0et

t"e* not de2art fro* your e:esG 'ee2 t"e* in t"e *idst of your "eart8 !or t"ey are life to t"ose t"at find t"e*= and "ealt" to all t"eir fles"8 C6r #D23922E In t"is co*2re"ensi:e 2assage= God tells us eBactly "ow to attend to His words8 He says= 0et t"e* not de2art fro* your e:es8 Instead of "a:ing your eyes on t"e sy*2to*s and being occu2ied wit" t"e*= let not God)s words de2art fro* your eyesG t"at is= loo' at t"e* continually and= li'e Abra"a*= be strong in fait" by loo'ing at t"e 2ro*ises of God and at not"ing else8 GOOD SEED GROWS W"en we attend to God)s words by not letting t"e* de2art fro* before our eyes and by 'ee2ing t"e* in t"e *iddle of our "earts= t"e seed is in good ground= t"e 'ind of ground in w"ic" (esus says= it brings fort" fruit= and w"ere 6aul says= it wor's effecti:ely8 W"en t"e far*er 2uts seed into t"e ground= "e does not dig it u2 e:ery day to see "ow it is doing8 He belie:es t"at t"e seed "as begun its wor'8 W"y not "a:e t"e sa*e fait" in t"e i*2eris"able seed= C"rist)s words= w"ic" He says are s2irit and life= and belie:e t"at t"ey are already doing t"eir wor'= wit"out waiting for :isual e:idence8 W"en your eyes are on your sy*2to*s and your *ind is occu2ied wit" t"e* *ore t"an wit" God)s word= you "a:e 2lanted t"e wrong 'ind of seed for t"e "ar:est t"at you desire8 ,ou "a:e in your *ind seeds of doubt8 ,ou are trying to raise one 'ind of cro2 fro* anot"er 'ind of seed8 It is i*2ossible to sow tares and rea2 w"eat8 ,our

sy*2to*s *ay 2oint you to deat"= but God)s word 2oints you to life= and you cannot loo' in t"ese o22osite directions at t"e sa*e ti*e8 After you 2lant seed= you belie:e it is growing e:en before you see it8 T"is is fait"= w"ic" is t"e e:idence of t"ings not seen8 In C"rist= we "a:e 2erfect e:idence for fait"8 Any 2erson can get rid of t"eir doubts by loo'ing steadfastly and only at t"e e:idence w"ic" God "as gi:en for our fait"8 -aying only w"at God says will 2roduce and increase fait"8 T"is will *a'e it easier to belie:e t"an to doubtG t"e e:idences for fait" are *uc" stronger t"an t"ose for doubting8 $on)t doubt your fait"G doubt your doubts= for t"ey are unreliable8 GOD IS WAITING ON YOU A lady said to *e= IMr8 Osborn= I would gi:e anyt"ing to "a:e *y *ot"er "ealed8 I 'now God is able to co*2letely restore "er= and I belie:e I "a:e t"e fait" t"at God would "eal "er 9 if I only 'new it was His will to do so8 I I as'ed "er= I$o you belie:e it is God)s will to sa:e a sinner?I IO" yes=I s"e re2lied8 IHow do you 'now?I I as'ed IWell=I s"e answered= Iif for no ot"er reason= t"e golden teBt of t"e 4ible 9 (o"n 3D1+ 9 2ro:es t"at= for it says= W"oe:er belie:es in "i* s"all not 2eris"= but "a:e e:erlasting life8I

-"e was willing to belie:e t"at God would sa:e t"e :ilest sinner because s"e could Fuote one 4ible :erse w"ic" 2ro*ised w"at s"e belie:ed8 I as'ed "erD I$o you not belie:e it is God)s will to "eal your *ot"er?I IWell= I do not 'now t"at we can tell=I was "er re2ly8 IWill God 'ee2 His 2ro*ise?I I as'ed "er8 I,es= of course= He will=I s"e said8 IWell=I I answered= It"e sa*e 4ible t"at in:ites w"oe:er to be "ealed of sin also in:ites any to be "ealed of sic'ness8I T"en I continued= IT"e sa*e C"rist= w"o always forga:e sins= always "ealed sic'nesses8 It was t"e sa*e deli:erer w"o said= Arise= and ta'e u2 your bed and wal'= 1# w"o said= -on= be of good c"eerG your sins ore forgi:en you8I I continued= IT"e sa*e scri2ture t"at says= W"o forgi:es all your iniFuities= also says= W"o "eals all your diseases8 T"e sa*e scri2ture t"at says= W"o "is own self bore our sins in "is own body= also says= 4y w"ose stri2es you were "ealed8I C"rist ca*e to rid us of sic'ness as well as sin8 He too' our sic'nesses as well as our sinsG He redee*ed us fro* one= t"e sa*e as fro* t"e ot"er8 I told t"e wo*an= I4ot" sin and sic'ness are "ateful in God)s sig"t8 (esus C"rist always defeated bot"= w"ile "ere

on eart"= and He still wants to do t"e sa*e8 If you can be so sure t"at God is willing to sa:e t"e sinner= t"en you can be >ust as sure t"at He is willing to "eal your *ot"er w"o is sic'8I FAITH WITHIN REACH T"e wo*an was a*aHed and t"rilled beyond *easure at t"e si*2licity of t"e word of God= and was :ery "a22y to disco:er t"at C"rist is "ealer for all8 >ust as He is sa:ior for all8 !ait" is only belie:ing t"at God will do w"at He said in His word t"at He would do8 T"is fact 2laces fait" wit"in t"e reac" of t"e si*2lest c"ild8 W"en once we conclude t"at t"e written word is God)s re:ealed will to us for e:eryt"ing t"at He longs to do for us= t"en we will treasure t"at word and stand u2on it= fully eB2ecting God to *a'e it good= wit"out wa:ering= doubting= or worrying8 HEALING FROM HEAVEN 0ilian 48 ,eo*ans= M8$8= begins c"a2ter two of "er wonderful boo'= Healing fro* Hea:en= wit" t"ese wordsD I belie:e t"at one of t"e greatest "indrances to "ealing is t"e absence of certain= definite 'nowledge as to God)s will8 T"ere is lur'ing in *ost e:eryone= w"o "as not 2ro2erly studied God)s word= a feeling t"at God *ay not be willing= t"at we "a:e to 2ersuade Hi* to "eal us8

6eo2le often say= II 'now t"at God is ableG He "as t"e 2ower to "eal *e if He only will 9 li'e t"e le2er in t"e eig"t" c"a2ter of Matt"ew= w"o said to (esus= If you will= you can *a'e *e clean8 I Many of us "a:e been taug"t to 2ray= IIf it be ,our will= "eal *e8I T"at wasn)t t"e way $a:id 2rayedG "e cried in 6sal* +D2= Ha:e *ercy on *e= O 0ord= for I a* wea'D O 0ord= "eal *e for *y bones are :eBed8 T"en "e adds in t"e nint" :erse= T"e 0ord "as "eard *y su22licationG t"e 0ord will recei:e *y 2rayer8 T"ere are no IifsI or IbutsI in $a:id)s 2rayer8 T"e 2ro2"et (ere*ia"= too= "ad no doubt about God)s will as to "ealing= for "e cried= Heal *e= O 0ord= and I s"all be "ealedG sa:e *e= and I s"all be sa:ed8 And we= God)s 2eo2le of t"is day= s"ould be free fro* doubt regarding our !at"er)s will for our bodies= for it is as clearly re:ealed in t"e word as is His will concerning our s2iritual sal:ation8 HIS WORKS NOT IN VAIN In a sense= t"e w"ole 4ible is a re:elation= not only of God)s willingness to "eal our s2iritual ail*ents= but our 2"ysical ones also8 One of His co:enant na*es is (e"o:a"9 a2"a= t"e 0ord w"o "eals= and He is also t"e c"angeless= "ealing= "ealt"99 bestowing= life9gi:ing 0ord= undis2uted -o:ereign o:er all t"e 2owers of t"e uni:erse8 (esus is t"e eBact i*age of t"e !at"er= t"e 2erfect

eB2ression of God and His "oly will8 He could say= ,ou w"o "a:e seen *e "a:e seen *y !at"er also= and He declared t"at His wor's were not His own= but t"e !at"er)s t"at sent Hi*8 He "ealed all w"o ca*e to Hi*= ne:er refusing a single indi:idual8 ,ou cannot find a case w"ere He said= IIt is not My will to "eal you=I or IIt is necessary for you to suffer for disci2linary 2ur2oses8I His answer was always= I will= and t"is fact settles fore:er w"at God)s will is in regard to sic'ness and "ealt"8 SALVATION INCLUDES PHYSICAL HEALING T"e word sal:ation= if 2ro2erly understood= s"ows beyond a s"adow of a doubt t"at "ealing for t"e body is always t"e will of God for any and all w"o "a:e acce2ted (esus C"rist as sa:ior8 Webster tells us t"at sal:ation is deli:erance fro* sin and sin)s 2enalty8 A 2ro*inent 2art of t"at 2enalty is sic'ness8 T"e word sa:ed is t"e Gree' word soHo= w"ic"= w"en 2ro2erly translated= carries t"e *eaning of 2"ysical and s2iritual "ealing8 It is t"e sa*e word (esus used w"en He said to t"e le2erD ,our fait" "as *ade you w"ole8 It is t"e sa*e word used in 0u'e /D3+D He t"at was 2ossessed of t"e de:ils was "ealed8 T"e word sal:ation is an all9inclusi:e word w"ic" *eans full deli:erance= co*2lete safety= 2reser:ation= and soundness 9 s2iritually= *entally= and 2"ysically8 W"at a *iracle 9sal:ation fro* sin and fro* sic'ness8

SALVATION IS HEALING $r8 (o"n G8 0a'e= a great *issionary e:angelist in -out" Africa at t"e turn of t"e 23t" century= "ad a *inistry w"ic" resulted in t"e "ealing of t"ousands8 In an article entitled= T"e $o*inion of a C"ristian= under t"e sub"ead of $i:ine Healing %ot -o*et"ing -e2arate fro* -al:ation= $r8 0a'e writes t"ese wordsD One of t"e difficulties concerning "ealing t"at God "as to re*o:e fro* t"e "u*an *ind= is t"is wretc"ed t"ing t"at often 2re:ails in t"e best of C"ristian circles w"ere "ealing is taug"t and 2racticed 9 t"e idea t"at di:ine "ealing is so*et"ing disassociated or se2arate fro* C"rist)s sal:ation8 It is not8 Healing is si*2ly t"e sal:ation of (esus C"rist "a:ing its di:ine action in one)s body= t"e sa*e as it "ad its di:ine action in one)s s2irit8 W"en C"rist "ealed t"e body= He "ealed t"e s2irit also8 All a 2erson needs to do is recei:e t"e 0ord by fait"8 $oing t"is= one)s defecti:e eyes recei:e sig"t= t"e dor*ant *ind beco*es acti:e= and t"e sic' body is "ealed8 $r8 0a'e wrote furt"erD I want to fiB t"is t"oug"t in your *inds8 T"e "ealing of an indi:idual is God)s de*onstration to t"at soul t"at t"eir sins "a:e been forgi:enG and so (a*es states= after affir*ing t"at t"e 2rayer of fait" s"all sa:e t"e sic'= t"at if t"e sic' 2erson "as co**itted sins= t"ey s"all be forgi:en8 If only t"e :icti* of sin and sic'ness= w"o "as co*e to (esus for deli:erance= will "a:e fait" enoug" to belie:e it= "e or s"e will be free in body= free in s2irit= "ealed wit"in

and "ealed wit"out8 T"e word of God is written so t"at we can understand and be sure w"at t"e will of God is8 OUR ENJOYABLE FREEDOM !ro* Genesis to e:elation it es2ecially e*2"asiHes one t"ingD T"at t"e will of God is to free t"e body= *ind= and s2irit fro* sin= and t"e effects or 2enalty of sin w"ic" are disease and deat"8 W"en t"e will of God is co*2leted in t"e "u*an race= sin= sic'ness= and deat" will "a:e disa22eared8 T"e beginning of i**ortality is w"en God breat"es His life into you and *e= and our s2irits beco*e t"e reci2ients of eternal life in (esus C"rist8 How si*2le it s"ould be for 2eo2le w"o "a:e t"is confidence and fait" in t"e 0ord (esus C"rist and His sal:ation to add fait" for t"e body as well as for t"e s2irit8 It wor's identically t"e sa*e for sic'ness as for sin8 Had t"is trut" been 2reac"ed= t"e sic'ness Fuestion would "a:e :anis"ed= once and for all= w"en t"e sin Fuestion was ta'en care of8 One of t"e *ost en>oyable freedo*s in t"e world is t"e *ental and s2iritual freedo* t"at co*es wit" esca2e fro* t"e bondage of fear8 T"e fear of sic'ness need ne:er be tolerated by t"e redee*ed= re9created= and deli:ered c"ild of (e"o:a"9 a2"a= t"e 0ord= t"e Great 6"ysician or Healer8 It *ig"t be t"oug"t t"at t"is trut" "as been so*ew"at

o:er9e*2"asiHed= but if you could stand by our sides as we 2roclai* t"ese trut"s and "ear t"e warnings I4eware of false 2ro2"ets w"o will decei:e you wit" *iraclesIG IIt *ay not be t"e !at"er)s will to "eal youIG I-ic'ness is often His di:ine blessingIG IHealing is not for todayIG and so fort" 9 t"en you would understand w"y we underscore t"e fact t"at according to God)s word= it is always His will to "eal t"ose w"o will obey Hi*= belie:e Hi*= and act boldly on His word8

CHA6T7 12 0OOAI%G AT GO$)- WO $

TO 5%$7 -TA%$ w"at God)s will is regarding our sic'ness or infir*ity= let us loo' at so*e of God)s 2ro*ises to us in His word8 To t"e c"ildren of Israel on t"eir way to t"e 2ro*ised land= God said= I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals ,ou8 I In t"is state*ent= He ga:e t"e* one of His rede*2ti:e na*es8 He said= I a* (e"o:a"9 a2"a= t"at is= I a* t"e 0ord= your 2"ysician= your "ealer8 W"at a wonderful= uni:ersal 2ro*ise t"is is regarding 2"ysical or *ental trouble of any 'ind8 T"ere were so*e t"ree *illion to w"o* (e"o:a" a2"a ga:e t"at 2ro*ise8 T"at it was *eant for e:ery one of t"e* is 2ro:en by t"e fact t"at t"ere was not one feeble 2erson a*ong t"eir tribes8 REMEMBERING HIS BENEFITS e*e*ber= t"e word of God is a re:elation of God)s will for e:ery one of us8 %ote t"e 2sal*ist)s 2raise in w"ic" "e says= 4less t"e 0ord= 3 *y soulD and all t"at is wit"in *e= bless "is "oly na*e8 !orget not all "is benefitsD w"o forgi:es all your iniFuitiesG w"o "eals all your diseases8 C6s 133D193E As long as (esus C"rist will forgi:e all of our sins= He will "eal all of our diseases8 As long as He is a sin9forgi:er= He will be a sic'ness9"ealer8 4ot" sin and sic'ness are "ateful in His sig"t8 He was= is= and always will be as willing to

"eal all w"o are sic' as to sa:e all w"o are sinful8 T"e benefits w"ic" t"e 0ord was to bring to t"e world= says $a:id= were sal:ation to t"e sinful and "ealing to t"e sic'8 FORGET NOT ALL HIS BENEFITS Many "a:e forgotten t"e benefits of W"o "eals all your diseases8 T"e benefits of "ealing for t"ose w"o are diseased "a:e been forgotten t"roug" t"e traditional 2reac"ing and teac"ing of t"ose w"o "a:e broug"t to us t"e traditions of *en rat"er t"an t"e trut" t"at sets 2eo2le free8 7:ery 2ro*ise of God in His word is a re:elation to us of w"at He is eager to do for us8 His 2ro*ises to "eal all re:eal His will to "eal e:eryone8 Had He not 2ro*ised to "eal all diseases= t"en in so*e instances He *ig"t not be willing to "eal8 4ut seeing t"at He "as 2ro*ised to "eal all our diseases= t"en it is His will to "eal all w"o as' Hi*8 4elie:e His word8 Acce2t it as a re:elation of His will for you8 Act accordingly= and "ealing will be yours8 HEALED WITH HIS STRIPES Consider t"e words of Isaia" w"en= in t"e &3rd c"a2ter of "is 2ro2"ecy= :erses # and &= "e says= -urely "e "as borne our griefs ?sic'nesses@= and carried our sorrows ?2ains@8 He ?(esus@ was wounded for our transgressions= and wit" "is stri2es we are "ealed8

T"ere can be no doubting t"e trut" of Isaia")s state*ents because= W"en t"e e:en was co*e= t"ey broug"t to "i* ?(esus@ *any t"at were 2ossessed wit" de:ilsD and "e cast out t"e s2irits wit" "is word= and "ealed all t"at were sic'D t"at it *ig"t be fulfilled w"ic" was s2o'en by Isaia" t"e 2ro2"et= sa:ing= Hi*self too' our infir*ities= and bore our sic'nesses8 CM' / D1+91.E If C"rist "as borne our sic'nesses and 2ains= and if He too' our infir*ities and bore our sic'nesses= t"at 2ro:es t"at we need not bear t"e*8 He= as our substitute= "as borne t"e* in our 2lace= so we are set free8 God)s word re:eals His will for us8 If He wanted so*e of us to be sic'= t"en (esus would not "a:e borne our sic'nesses and diseases for usG because= in so doing= He would "a:e liberated us fro* t"e :ery t"ing God wanted so*e of us to bear8 4ut since C"rist could say= 0o= I co*e to do your will= 3 God= . t"en w"en He bore our sic'nesses and our diseases and suffered t"e stri2es by w"ic" we are "ealed= we "a:e t"e will of God re:ealed concerning t"e "ealing of our bodies8 !ait" ste2s out on t"at word= and t"e effects of 2erfect "ealing are soon *anifested in our bodies8 COMMANDED TO HEAL (esus C"rist was always as ready and willing to "eal t"e sic' as He was to forgi:e t"e sinful8 -o *any see* to t"in' we= w"o are s"aring t"e gos2el of "ealing for t"e

sic'= are off on w"at t"e critic and unbelie:er often ter* a side issue of t"e 4ible8 I re*ind *yself t"at (esus s2ent *ore of His t"ree years of *inistry "ealing t"e sic' and casting out de:ils t"an in any ot"er 2"ase of His *inistry8 T"ere are *ore cases recorded of His "a:ing "eated t"e sic' t"an t"ere are of His "a:ing forgi:en t"e sinful8 7:ery 2erson w"o* (esus sent to 2reac" t"e gos2el was co**anded by Hi* to do eBactly as He "ad done w"ile "ere on eart"G na*ely= "eal t"e sic'= raise t"e dead= cast out de:ils= cleanse t"e le2ers= and freely gi:e8 T"e sa*e co**ission in w"ic" (esus co**anded His disci2les to Go to all t"e world= and 2reac" t"e gos2el to e:ery creature= adding t"at t"e one t"at belie:es and is ba2tiHed s"all be sa:ed= also co**ands us saying= t"ey ?belie:ers@ s"all lay "ands on t"e sic'= and t"ey ?t"e sic'@ s"all reco:er8 As long as it is scri2tural to 2reac" water ba2tis* and sal:ation by belie:ing on t"e 0ord (esus C"rist= it is also scri2tural to lay "ands on t"e sic' so t"at t"ey *ay reco:er8 It is strange to *e t"at so *any say t"at t"e days of *iraculous "ealing of t"e sic' are 2ast= but t"ey still ba2tiHe in water t"ose w"o 2rofess to belie:e on t"e 0ord (esus C"rist8 4ot" are in t"e sa*e co**ission8 wonder w"o told t"e* t"at t"e days of laying "ands on t"e sic' for "ealing are o:er and t"at= t"erefore= t"e sic' s"ould no longer eB2ect to be "ealed by t"e 2ower of God?

T"e word of God says= T"ey s"all lay "ands on t"e sic'= and t"ey s"all reco:er8 T"at re:eals to us t"e fact t"at it is God)s will for t"e sic' to reco:er8 If it were not= He would not "a:e said= T"ey s"all reco:er8 !ait" is belie:ing t"at God will do w"at you 'now He said in His word t"at He would do8 If you do not 'now w"at He said about "ealing t"e sic'= t"en you will not be able to "a:e fait" for "ealing8 4ut w"en you read God)s will ?t"e 4ible@= it is easy to belie:e t"at He will do w"at He said He will do8 -ince God said He will "eal t"e sic'= t"en He is willing to "eal t"e sic'8 -ince He is willing to "eal t"e sic'= t"en He will "eal t"e sic'8 -ince He will "eal t"e sic'= t"en He will "eal t"e sic' now8 In fact= w"at He wills to do= He would rat"er do now t"an later8 He would rat"er do it today t"an to*orrow8 %ow is t"e acce2ted ti*eG now is t"e day of sal:ation8I RELIGIOUS FORGERY T"ere are always so*e w"o dare to re9word t"e will8 T"is is really co**itting forgery= since no will *ay be c"anged after t"e deat" of t"e one w"o *ade it8 4efore lea:ing t"is world= (esus left us His !at"er)s will regarding t"e sinful and t"e sic'= by stating= T"ey t"at belie:e and are ba2tiHed s"all be sa:ed= and T"ey ?belie:ers@ s"all lay "ands on t"e sic' and t"ey s"all reco:er8 -o*e *ay c"eat you out of t"e benefits of rede*2tion by

*isinter2reting God)s will to youG but you can read t"e will for yourself If you are in need of "ealing= do not acce2t t"e ideas of t"ose w"o tell you t"at you *ust suffer for God)s glory8 ead t"e will8 Ta'e ad:antage of it8 Clai* its benefits8 5se your rig"ts declared in it8 All "ea:en stands ready to enforce e:ery co:enant rig"t of yours= w"en you dare to be bold in clai*ing t"e*8 -atan is a liar and t"e fat"er of lies8 He delig"ts in blinding *en and wo*en to t"eir co:enant rig"ts and to t"eir rede*2ti:e benefits8 4ut (esus said= ,ou s"all 'now t"e trut"= and t"e trut" s"all *a'e you free8 4elie:e His 2ro*ises rig"t now8 %o ti*e is better t"an now for God to do for you w"at He "as 2ro*ised to do8

CHA6T7 13 TH7 %AT5 7 O! !AITH

MA%, 67O607 get t"e wrong idea about t"e nature of fait" in God)s word8 T"ey i*agine t"at fait" is for al*ost anyone eBce2t t"e*sel:es8 T"ey t"in' t"at= in order to eBercise fait"= one *ust wonderfully and rigorously eBercise t"e *ind= to strain and worry or go t"roug" certain rituals in order to a22ro2riate t"e 2ro*ises of God and secure His blessings8 Many will say t"ey belie:e t"e word of God= but t"ey are still sic'8 T"ey will say= II "a:e all t"e fait" in t"e worldG but until I see so*e c"ange= I do not belie:e I a* "ealed8 I refuse to clai* so*et"ing I do not "a:e8 I belie:e t"at if a 2erson is "ealed= t"ey will 'now it8I T"is is t"e wrong idea of t"e nature of fait"8 T"ere are >ust two 2latfor*s on w"ic" to standD One is beliefG t"e ot"er= unbelief8 7it"er t"e word of God is true= or it is not8 God will eit"er do w"at He "as 2ro*ised= or He will not8 His 2ro*ises are eit"er reliable= or t"ey are not8 Will you belie:e t"at t"e word of God is true? Or will you belie:e t"at it is false? If you belie:e t"at God is trut"ful= t"en you need not "esitate to obey and act u2on His 2ro*ises= regardless of w"et"er or not you can see t"e i**ediate results8

FAITH: A DECISIVE ACT Genuine fait" in God and in His word is ste22ing out u2on w"at He "as said= regardless of w"at one sees or feels or senses in t"e natural8 !ait" is a decisi:e act= de2ending only u2on God)s word8 !ait" ignores e:ery natural sy*2to* or e:idence w"ic" is contrary to w"at God)s word states8 W"en you 2ray t"e 2rayer of fait" and call u2on God for w"at you need= t"en you lea:e t"e results wit" Hi*= 'nowing t"at= according to His word= it s"all co*e to 2ass8 ,ou 'now w"at God "as 2ro*ised in His wordG you do not see' after Isigns and wondersI in order to :erify God)s 2ro*ises= or to gi:e e:idence t"at He will fulfill His 2ro*ises8 ,ou 'now t"at t"e word of God says= T"ese signs s"all follow t"e* t"at belie:e= not t"ose w"o "a:e to see so*et"ing before t"ey will belie:e8) $a:id said= I "ad belie:ed to see8 He did not say= II "ad to see before I would belie:e8I ,et *any are de*anding a sign of "ealing before t"ey will belie:e t"at t"ey "a:e recei:ed "ealing8 T"ose w"o belie:e t"ey "a:e recei:ed "ealing according to t"e word of God= in:ariably see t"e "ealing *anifested in t"eir bodies8

BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD -u22ose a 2erson= bound "and and foot and cast into 2rison= were to *a'e an a22eal for 2ardonG and t"e >ailer were to co*e and 2resent t"e 2a2er s"owing t"at a 2ardon "ad been granted8 Would t"e 2risoner feel grateful toward t"ose w"o "ad granted t"e 2ardon? T"e >ailer reads t"e 2ardon= ta'es off t"e fetters= unloc's t"e 2rison doors= t"rows t"e* o2en= and says= I,ou are freeD go your way in 2eace8I 4ut t"e 2risoner saysD II 'now t"e 2ardon says I a* free= and I belie:e e:ery word of it= but I a* in 2rison8 I IT"e doors are o2en8 Wal' out=I says t"e >ailer8 II 'now t"e doors are o2en= and I 'now I would be free if I were outG but I a* not out8L IWell= wal' out=I 2ersists t"e >ailer8 I$o you not belie:e t"at w"at t"e 2ardon says is true?I I,es= I belie:e e:ery word of it= but it see*s as if I ne:er will get out of "ere8I A 2ardon would be of no benefit to suc" a 2erson8 4y c"oice= t"e 2risoner re*ains in 2rison instead of acting on t"e aut"ority of t"e 2ardon8 T"e gos2el of "ealing for t"e body is of no benefit to t"ose w"o will not act u2on it8 T"e scri2ture= I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you= is of no :alue to t"ose w"o will not acce2t t"at 2ro*ise of God and act

u2on it8 W"o "eals all your diseases is of no benefit to t"e 2erson w"o will not ste2 out on t"at state*ent and act "is or "er fait"8 Wit" "is stri2es you were "ealed is wort"less to you if you refuse to belie:e t"at all of your sic'nesses were borne by C"rist8 ,ou refuse to belie:e t"at you are "ealed because you can still feel a 2ain= so you say= II 'now t"at does not *ean *eG it cannot *ean t"at I was "ealed because I a* sic'8I -o you refuse to belie:e t"e word of God because of w"at you can see or feel= forgetting t"at t"e :ery nature of fait" is t"e substance of t"ings "o2ed for= t"e e:idence of t"ings not seen8 ACT ON THE WORD A lady in t"e state of %ew ,or'= w"o "ad been in bed wit" tuberculosis for se:eral *ont"s= was *using on t"e scri2tures one afternoon8 -"e was a wonderful C"ristian= but "ad ne:er "eard t"e trut" about di:ine "ealing8 As s"e lay in bed *editating on t"e second c"a2ter of I 6eter= s"e ca*e to :erse 2#D W"o "is own self bore our sins in "is own body on t"e tree8 As s"e read t"is= s"e we2t for gratitude for t"e sal:ation t"at (esus "ad 2ro:ided for "er8 -"e re>oiced because He "ad borne "er sins and because of t"e wonderful eB2erience of sal:ation s"e "ad en>oyed8 -"e 'new t"at w"en "er tuberculosis "ad run its course= s"e would be ready to die8

W"ile re>oicing o:er t"is great *ercy of forgi:eness= s"e decided to read furt"erD 4y w"ose stri2es you were "ealed8 -"e loo'ed bac' at t"e first 2art of t"at :erse and noticed t"at (esus "ad borne "er sins8 He "ad already done it8 It was in t"e 2ast8 It was o:er= and so s"e was sa:ed8 -"e 'new it8 It was real to "er8 %o one could *a'e "er doubt it8 4ut w"at about t"ese ot"er words in t"e sa*e :erse? 4y w"ose stri2es you were "ealed8 Could it be true? $id it *ean w"at it said? ,es= s"e t"oug"t= it *ust be true8 It is t"e word of God8 PROMISE TURNED TO PRACTICE IMot"er=I s"e called in a :oice wea'ened by t"e ra:ages of tuberculosis= Idid you 'now t"at God "as said in His word t"at I was "ealed?I Her *ot"er re2lied= IW"y= dear= w"at do you *ean?I I0oo' "ere=I t"e daug"ter said= wit" tears of >oy flowing down "er c"ee's8 I0isten to t"is8 T"e 4ible says= 4y w"ose stri2es you were "ealed8 T"at *ust *ean *e8 It)s wonderfulK I ne:er saw t"at before8 (ust loo' at itK 4y w"ose stri2es you were "ealed8 Mot"er= it "as already been done8 I)* "ealedK Get *y clot"es8 4ring t"e* "ere8

I)* "ealed8 O"= t"is is wonderfulKI T"e *ot"er did e:eryt"ing s"e could to cal* "er daug"ter and to 'ee2 "er in bed8 -"e a:oided bringing "er clot"es to "er8 4ut t"e daug"ter as'ed= IHa:en)t you taug"t us to belie:e all of t"e word of God? Ha:en)t you broug"t us u2 to belie:e e:ery word of t"e 4ible?I and t"e *ot"er could not control "er daug"ter)s >oy8 T"e for*er tuberculosis 2atient arose by "erself= 2ut on "er clot"es= left "er bedroo*= s"outed t"roug" t"e "ouse= and was co*2letely "ealed8 In less t"an t"ree wee's= s"e was nor*al in weig"t and was co*2letely restored8 W"at "ad "a22ened? -"e "ad co*e to treat t"e word of God as a direct re:elation of w"at He was eager to do for "er8 W"en s"e saw w"at He "ad said in His word and belie:ed it= it 2roduced fait"D !ait" co*es by "earing t"e word of God8 God)s "ealing 2ower went t"roug" "er body and s"e was deli:ered8 e:8 78 78 4yru* relates t"e following incident t"at occurred in "is life around 1//& w"en t"e *inistry of "ealing was al*ost un'nown a*ong C"ristiansD -"ortly after t"e 0ord called *e to wor' for Hi*= I learned a :ery 2recious lesson8 T"ere was *uc" sic'ness in t"e co**unity in w"ic" I li:ed8

T"ree of our fa*ily "ad been stric'en down wit" fe:er and 2assed t"roug" a se:ere siege of sic'ness8 I soon felt t"e dread disease ta'ing "old of *e8 I wit"stood it for se:eral days= but was finally o:er2owered by it8 0ying in bed for a few "ours= burning wit" fe:er and suffering eBcruciating 2ain= I began to co**une earnestly wit" t"e 0ord8 I told Hi* t"at He "ad called *e to a *inistry= w"ic" in *y 2resent condition I was unable to fulfill8 THE MOVE IS YOURS As t"ere were no elders to call u2on= I began to refer *y case to t"e 0ord and to Fuote His *any wonderful 2ro*ises= a*ong w"ic" was (o"n 1&D.D If you li:e in *e= and *y words li:e in you= you s"all as' w"at you will= and it s"all be done to you8 I eBa*ined *y consecration and t"en as'ed Hi* to searc" *e8 I was willing to do anyt"ing for Hi*= and I said= I0ord= I a* li:ing in ,ou= and ,our words are li:ing in *e= so t"e 2ro*ise is *ine8 I gi:e *y case entirely into ,our "ands and I 2ray ,ou= "eal *e8I T"en I waited for t"e wor' to be done= but no c"ange ca*e8 !inally I said= I0ord= w"y a* I not "ealed?I T"e answer ca*e at onceD ITa'e Me at My word and arise8I

I said= )A*en= 0ord= I will8I And wit"out "esitation I began to get out of bed8 It see*ed as if *y "ead would burst wit" 2ain= but in *y wea'ness I began to dress *yself8 W"en "alf9dressed= a slig"t c"ange ca*e o:er *e and= dro22ing u2on *y 'nees= I t"an'ed t"e 0ord for it8 After dressing= and gi:ing t"an's again and again= I was *uc" better and wal'ed into anot"er roo*= declaring t"at t"e 0ord "ad "ealed *e8 Wit"in twenty *inutes= t"e fe:er "ad entirely left *y body8 I**ediately= I went to wor' and was well fro* t"at :ery "our8 I a* sure t"at "ad I lain in bed and refused to act on t"e 0ord)s word= I would "a:e "ad to 2ass t"roug" a long siege of sic'ness8 To God be all t"e glory8 It taug"t *e a :ery :aluable lesson of trusting Hi* and His word8 I found t"at w"en fait" is acted= in s2ite of e:ery contradictory sense= God will always fulfill His word= and *a'e it good to us8 eal fait" is ta'ing God at His word and ste22ing out u2on His 2ro*ise wit" all confidence and sincerity= wit"out a doubt or fear8 DIVINE HEALING FOR ALL BY FAITH eal fait" cannot eBist= nor can you clai* "ealing for your body= until you 'now t"at God wants to "eal you8 How can you 'now t"is? ead God)s will as it is re:ealed in t"e 4ible8 ,ou *ay 'now t"at He wills to "eal e:eryone w"o is

sic' in eBactly t"e sa*e way t"at you *ay 'now t"at He wills to sa:e e:eryone w"o is sinful8 T"e :ery *inute you realiHe t"at t"e 2ro*ise of God to "eal all w"o are sic' 2ertains to you 2ersonally= t"en your fait" is ready to act and "ealing will co*e8 4ecause of so *uc" wrong teac"ing regarding t"is great *ercy of "ealing= *any "a:e failed to boldly clai* t"e 2ro*ise as t"eirs 2ersonally and "a:e= conseFuently= failed to recei:e t"e "ealing w"ic" was clearly God)s will for t"e* to en>oy8

CHA6T7 1# -OM7 5%-C I6T5 A0 T7ACHI%GWHAT ABOUT AFFLICTIONS? MA%, A 7 t"e afflictions of t"e rig"teousD but t"e 0ord deli:ers t"e* out of t"e* all8 4ecause of teac"ers and 2reac"ers w"o *isinter2ret t"is scri2ture= *a'ing it a22licable to sic'ness and disease= C"ristians "a:e often forfeited t"eir co:enant rig"ts to 2"ysical "ealing8 T"ey "a:e re*ained subser:ient to diseases= conceding to t"e will of -atan rat"er t"an identifying wit" t"e will of God8 T"is :erse does not say= IMany are t"e sic'nesses and 2"ysical disabilities of t"e rig"teous8 I It says= Many are t"e afflictions of t"e rig"teous8 T"e word affliction= used in t"is case ?in t"e original teBt@= "as not"ing to do wit" sic'ness or 2"ysical disability8 It *eans trials= "ards"i2s= 2ersecutions or te*2tations8 It would be unreasonable to say t"at C"rist "as borne our sic'nesses and ta'en our infir*itiesG t"at by His stri2es we were "ealedG t"at He "eals all our diseasesG but also to say t"at t"ere are *any sic'nesses w"ic" God eB2ects us to bear= until suc" ti*e arri:es or circu*stances de:elo2 w"en He wills to deli:er us8 T"e *essage of substitution is t"at C"rist bore our sins so t"at we need not bear t"e*= but be sa:ed fro* t"e*8 In t"e sa*e way= C"rist bore our sic'nesses so t"at we need

not bear t"e*= but be "ealed of t"e*8 C"rist did not bear our trials= 2ersecutions= "ards"i2s= or troublesG but He did bear our sins and sic'nesses8 He bore t"e* so t"at we need not bear t"e*8 T"at is w"y He is our substitute8 He too' our 2lace8 W"at He "as borne= we are fore:er set free fro* 9 if we will only belie:e t"at He did it for us8 5ntil t"is beco*es 2ersonal= you will ne:er benefit fro* it8 T"e *o*ent you belie:e t"at C"rist bore your sins= you can be sa:ed8 T"e *o*ent you belie:e t"at He bore your sic'nesses= you can be "ealed8 Ot"ers Fuote (a*es &D13D Is any a*ong you afflicted? let t"e afflicted one 2ray8 T"ey "a:e decided t"at t"eir long9 standing 2"ysical disability is an affliction8 -o t"ey go t"roug" life 2raying= instead of being "ealed8 T"is word affliction "as t"e sa*e *eaning as is used in t"e :erse *entioned abo:e8 It "as no reference to sic'ness= disease or 2"ysical disability8 It "as to do wit" "ards"i2s= sufferings= trials and 2ersecutions8 IIf you are 2ersecuted=I (a*es says= I2ray8I He does not say= ICall for t"e elders and as' t"e* to 2ray for God to re*o:e your troubles8I 4ut "e does say t"at if you are sic'= you *ay call for t"e elders and be "ealed8 If you are 2ersecuted= God)s word says= God is able to *a'e all grace abound toward you= and He gi:es *ore grace8

T"roug" your trials= you will gain great :ictoriesG so= again= as (a*es says= 2ray8 ,ou 2ray8 $on)t as' t"e elders to 2ray for you8 One young *an ca*e to us for 2rayer8 He said= I6lease 2ray for *e8 I "a:e a bad te*2erG and besides t"is= I "a:e one te*2tation after anot"er8 -o *any troubles co*e *y way8 I wis" you would >ust cast out t"e w"ole t"ing8I I re2lied= IIs any a*ong you afflicted? 0et "i* 2ray8 T"en I said= I-o*e t"ings "a:e to be cast out and so*e t"ings "a:e to be o:erco*e8 I a* not "ere to 2ray all your troubles away because= t"roug" your trials and te*2tations= you can learn to be an o:erco*er8 If you are sic'= I will 2ray for you and (esus will "eal youG but if you are >ust "a:ing so*e 2roble*s= you 2ray8 If you are *erry= sing 2sal*s8 If you are sic'= be "ealed8 4ut if you are afflicted= 2ray8 I WHAT ABOUT GOD'S CHASTISEMENT? Anot"er scri2ture t"at is often used to >ustify sic'ness is t"isD W"o* t"e 0ord lo:es "e c"astens= and scourges e:ery c"ild w"o* "e recei:es8 If you endure c"astening= God deals wit" you as wit" c"ildrenG for w"at c"ild is t"ere w"o* t"e 2arent c"astens not? 4ut if you be wit"out c"astise*ent= w"ereof all are 2arta'ers= t"en are you bastards= and not legiti*ate c"ildren8 T"is scri2ture does not sayD IW"o* t"e 0ord lo:es He *a'es sic'= or s*ites wit" disease8I It does not sayD IGod i*2arts disease to or *a'es infir*

e:ery c"ild w"o* He recei:es8I T"e word c"asten co*es fro* a Gree' word w"ic" *eans Iinstruct= train= disci2line= teac" or educate=I li'e a teac"er instructs a 2u2il or li'e a 2arent teac"es and trains a c"ild8 W"en a teac"er instructs a student= :arious *eans of disci2line and training *ay be e*2loyed in t"e education 2rocess= but ne:er sic'ness8 W"en 2arents train a c"ild= t"ere are *any ways to correct and to guide it in t"e rig"t way= but no 2arent would i*2ose a 2"ysical disease or affliction u2on t"eir c"ild8 Howe:er= t"eological tradition would "a:e us belie:e t"at w"en God trains His c"ild= His c"astening is su22osed to be a cancer= tuberculosis= blindness= a cri22led li*b= or so*e ot"er for* of infir*ity8 Instead of causing obedient and consecrated belie:ers to rise in aut"ority= de*anding t"eir rede*2ti:e and co:enant rig"ts= t"e idea of sic'ness as c"astening lea:es t"e sic' in uncertainty= wondering for w"at 2articular wrong t"ey are being 2unis"ed8 Good 2arents ne:er 2unis" t"eir c"ild until= first= t"ey clearly eB2lain t"e reason for t"e 2unis"*ent8 How *uc" *ore= our "ea:enly !at"er8 Most 2eo2le w"o belie:e t"eir sic'ness to be God)s c"astise*ent "a:e no idea w"y God is 2unis"ing t"e*8 I a* not s2ea'ing of t"ose w"o are rebellious= disobedient

and contrary toward t"e 0ord8 I si*2ly wis" to encourage t"ose w"o do belie:e and w"o are obedient to God)s will= to no longer allow t"e de:il= w"o is t"e decei:er= to conde*n and lie to t"e*8 He wants to 'ee2 t"e* sic' and 2"ysically infir* and unfit to abound to e:ery good wor' by telling t"e* t"at t"eir sic'ness is God)s Ic"astening rodIG t"at God is correcting t"e* for so*e *ista'e or error= or is 2erfecting so*e defecti:e t"ing in t"eir li:es8 -atan will constantly conde*n you by bringing to your *ind e:ery *ista'e you "a:e e:er *ade= offering "is lying suggestionD IT"at is w"y you are sic'8 T"at is w"y you do not get "ealed8 ,our God is c"astening you wit" His )rod of sic'ness=) and t"ere is no "o2e for you to try to be "ealed8I ,our ad:ersary= t"e de:il= t"erefore succeeds in causing you to bla*e God 9 t"e "ealer of sic'ness 9 for t"e :ery sic'ness -atan "as 2ut u2on you8 I "eard a t"eologian say t"at ninety 2ercent of t"e C"ristians w"o are sic'= are sic' because God is using sic'ness as a Ic"astening rodI to eB2ress His lo:e for t"e* and is *olding t"eir li:es to His 2erfect will8 He said t"at C"ristians w"o are not broug"t under t"e Ic"astening rodI of sic'ness by God once in a w"ile are IbastardsI and not Ilegiti*ate c"ildren8I If suc" a 2reac"er will be consistent= 2eo2le will re*e*ber w"en t"ey are sic' or suffering ne:er to resort to *edical treat*ent= or to be 2rayed for to be "ealed8 In so doing= t"ey *ay be endea:oring to "inder t"eir lo:ing !at"er)s will= w"o allegedly is see'ing to bless t"e* by *eans of t"eir sic'ness or so9called Ic"astise*ent8 I

T"eological tradition is ne:er consistent in t"is *atter8 In one breat"= t"ey tell t"e sic' to "u*bly and 2atiently sub*it to God)s Ic"astening rodI of sic'ness8 In t"e neBt breat"= "owe:er= t"ey are li'ely to ad:ise t"e*= if t"ey "a:e not already done so= to fig"t against God)s Ic"astise*entI by 2lacing t"e*sel:es in t"e "ands of t"e doctor t"ey t"in' best Fualified to rid t"e* of t"eir !at"er)s correction8 T"is would *ean rebellion instead of sub*ission8 If you belie:e t"at sic'ness or infir*ity is God)s c"astise*ent for so*e wrongdoing= you s"ould *a'e no atte*2t= eit"er by *edical *eans or by 2rayer= to get rid of t"e sic'ness or infir*ity8 ,ou s"ould endea:or to find out w"at your wrongdoing consists of= and 9 if successful 9 you s"ould concentrate on rig"ting t"e wrong8 T"en "a:ing rig"ted it= you s"ould lea:e it to your "ea:enly !at"er= not to a doctor= to discontinue His Ic"astise*ent8I 7:en if it were true= t"e idea of sic'ness as God)s c"astise*ent= if consistently and reasonably followed to its logical conclusion= reFuires di:ine "ealing instead of *edical treat*ent after all8 T"e lo:ing "ea:enly !at"er= w"o is said to use sic'ness as a c"astening rod= would surely re*o:e His Irod of c"asteningI 9 sic'ness 9 w"en His 2ur2ose "ad been acco*2lis"ed8

WHAT ABOUT SUFFERING? Anot"er scri2ture w"ic" is so often used is I 6eter &D13D 4ut t"e God of all grace= w"o "as called us to "is eternal glory by C"rist (esus= after t"at you "a:e suffered a w"ile= *a'e you 2erfect= stablis"= strengt"en= settle you8 T"is does not sayD IAfter you "a:e been sic' and "a:e suffered wit" disease for a w"ile= God will *a'e you 2erfect and stable8I Howe:er= it does sayD after t"at you "a:e suffered a w"ile8 Is it 2ossible to suffer any ot"er way t"an by being sic' or diseased? In t"e second boo' of Corint"ians= 6aul enu*erates "is "ards"i2sD re2roac"es= necessities= 2ersecutions= distresses= stri2es= i*2rison*ents= tu*ults= labors= watc"ing= fastings= dis"onor= e:il re2ort8 He writesD As un'nown= and yet well 'nownG as dying= and= be"old= we li:eG as c"astened= and not 'illedG in stri2es abo:e *easure= in 2risons *ore freFuent= in deat" oft8 Of t"e (ews fi:e ti*es recei:ed I forty stri2es sa:e one8 T"rice was I beaten wit" rods= once I was stoned= t"rice I suffered s"i2wrec'= a nig"t and a day in t"e dee28 T"ese were 6aul)s sufferings for C"rist)s sa'e and it is suc" sufferings as t"ese to w"ic" 6eter refers in t"is :erse= as t"e conteBt s"ows8 %o one "as t"e rig"t to include sic'ness or disease "ere8 It was because "e "ad endured t"ese sufferings for C"rist)s sa'e t"at 6aul could say= Hencefort" t"ere is laid u2 for *e a crown of rig"teousness8

,ou will ne:er recei:e a crown of rig"teousness for "a:ing been sic'8 If a sic' 2erson belie:ed t"at= t"ey would not call in a doctor to cure t"e sic'ness= nor as' God to "eal it8 It is said of t"e a2ostles t"at after t"ey "ad been beaten because t"ey "ad 2reac"ed t"e gos2el and "ealed t"e sic' in t"e na*e of (esus= T"ey de2arted= re>oicing t"at t"e were counted wort"y to suffer s"a*e for "is na*e8 If you belie:e you are suffering for your 0ord= you s"ould not try to alle:iate t"e 2ain= but s"ould bear it gracefully and e:en re>oice t"at you "a:e been counted wort"y also8 THE MINISTRY OF SUFFERING DR. CHARLES S. PRICE WROTE: I want you to understand t"at t"e "ealing of your body 9 not *erely t"e bodies of t"e 2eo2le t"at were suffering w"en (esus was on eart"= but your bodily suffering today 9 was included in t"e great rede*2ti:e wor' consu**ated by (esus on your be"alf8 I belie:e t"at in order to clear u2 a Fuestion t"at so*eti*es arises in t"e *ind because of *odern teac"ing= I oug"t to 2oint out one great error o:er w"ic" *any sincere 2eo2le stu*bleG an error recei:ed by tradition8 Ha:e you not "eard 2eo2le tal' about t"e *inistry of suffering? Of course you "a:e8 T"ere is suc" a t"ing as t"e *inistry of suffering= but it

certainly does not *ean t"at it is a *inistry of sic'ness8 T"ere is t"e *atter of tribulation also= but neit"er does t"at refer to sic'ness8 We are told t"at= if we suffer wit" C"rist= we s"all also reign wit" Hi*G but t"at does not say or *ean t"at= if we be sic' or infir* wit" C"rist= t"en we s"all reign wit" Hi*8 W"en teac"ers w"o deny di:ine "ealing atte*2t to 2ro:e t"eir argu*ent t"at it is God)s will for so*e to be sic'= t"ey i**ediately ta'e t"e scri2tures regarding t"e *inistry of suffering and *a'e t"e* a22licable to sic'ness8 T"e 4ible does not do t"at8 Always re*e*ber t"at= w"en (esus s2o'e of sin and sic'ness= He s2o'e of t"e* as e:ils fro* w"ic" He ca*e to deli:er us8 4ut (esus did not s2ea' of suffering in t"is *anner8 Has it occurred to you t"at C"rist bore our sins and sic'nesses but did not bear our sufferings? He told His disci2les t"at t"ey would "a:e to bear t"eir cross= but He did not *ean t"at it was to be a cross of sic'ness8 He :ery clearly taug"t t"at we s"ould resign oursel:es to t"e carrying of our burden= to t"e weig"t of our cross= and so*eti*es e:en to a load of suffering= but ne:er did He tell His disci2les or us t"at we s"ould resign oursel:es to sic'ness and to disease8 On t"e contrary= He foug"t it= He cast it outG and e:eryw"ere He went= t"e sic' were "ealed

by Hi*8 (o"n (8 -cruby saysD 6eter "as *uc" to say about t"is suffering in "is first e2istle= in w"ic" "e was see'ing to co*fort t"e belie:ers w"o were 2assing t"roug" a fiery trial8 If you will read suc" 2assages as t"ese 9 I 6eter 1D39.G 3D139 1#G #D1=12911G ?and t"ere are *any ot"ers li'e t"e* in t"e %ew Testa*ent@ 9 you will see t"at suffering in its scri2tural sense "as not"ing to do wit" sic'ness8 As to suffering wit" C"rist= in t"e sense of being sic'= t"at is unreasonable8 C"rist was ne:er sic' eBce2t as His rede*2ti:e stri2es *ade Hi* sic'G and He :oluntarily too' t"ese stri2es in order t"at we *ig"t not be sic'8 6eter= w"o s2ea's so *uc" about C"rist)s sufferings= says= 4y w"ose stri2es you were "ealed8 -ince C"rist= as our substitute= too' our infir*ities= and bore our sic'nesses= to t"e eBtent t"at anyone "as been sic'= it is to t"at sa*e eBtent t"at one "as not realiHed t"e 2"ysical benefits of C"rist)s rede*2ti:e wor'8 WHAT ABOUT PAUL'S THORN? T"e scri2tures w"ic" tell us of 6aul)s t"orn in t"e fles" "a:e been eBtre*ely *isinter2reted8 ,ou will find our detailed answer to so*e widely taug"t traditions concerning 6aul)s t"orn in c"a2ter 3. of t"is boo'8 TRADITION BINDS - TRUTH LIBERATES (esus said= ,ou s"all 'now t"e trut"= and t"e trut" s"all *a'e ,ou free8

All of t"ese= and *any ot"er unscri2tural teac"ings= tend to "old sic' 2eo2le in bondage8 W"en t"e 2eo2le are gi:en t"e facts t"at C"rist bore our sins and diseases in our stead= it is t"en t"at t"e will of God in t"e *atter of "ealing for t"e sic' is re:ealed= and t"e sic' can eBercise fait" to be *ade w"ole8 God wants to "eal all w"o are sic' >ust t"e sa*e as He wants to sa:e all w"o are sinful8 T"eological tradition says= I4e fait"ful in your sic'nessG be 2atient8 Aee2 waiting on God= and He will "eal you in His own good ti*e8 I 4ut t"e fact is= you are not waiting for God to "eal you8 God is waiting for you to acce2t t"e "ealing He "as already 2ro:ided for you8 T"e 0ord would "a:e sa:ed you long before He did= but He "ad to wait until you belie:ed on His -on= (esus C"rist= as sa:ior and acce2ted His free gift of sal:ation8 T"e 0ord would "eal you today8 In fact= He would "a:e "ealed you as soon as you beca*e ill "ad you gi:en Hi* t"e c"ance8 4ut He *ust wait until you acce2t (esus C"rist as "ealer8 5ntil you do t"at= your own "ealing is delayed8 4elie:e God)s word today8 4e "ealed rig"t now8 0oo' u2 and sayD THA%A ,O5= 0ord= for bearing *y sic'ness and for setting *e free8 T"an' ,ou for ,our stri2es by w"ic" I was "ealed8 T"an' ,ou t"at I a* redee*ed fro* sin and sic'ness8 T"an' ,ou for deli:erance= bot" for *y s2irit and for *y body8 I belie:e it= and I 2raise ,ou for it8 AM7%8

CHA6T7 1& TH7 6 A,7 O! !AITH

TH7 6 A,7 O! !AITH s"all sa:e t"e sic'= and t"e 0ord s"all raise t"e* u28 T"is 2ro*ise was *ade to 88anyI w"o are sic'8 I a* grateful e:ery ti*e I t"in' of t"e two all inclusi:e words t"at *arc" "and9in9"and across t"e 2ages of scri2tural trut"8 T"ey are t"e w"oe:er of sal:ation and t"e any of di:ine "ealing8 If eit"er of t"ose words do not include you= or anyone else= t"en I do not understand t"e 7nglis" language8 On t"e ot"er "and= if t"e word an ) : does include you= and e:eryone else= t"en we s"ould re>oice t"at "ealing is for all8 T"e 2rayer of fait" can ne:er be offered w"ile you are wondering w"et"er or not God is willing to do t"e t"ing w"ic" you are as'ing Hi* to do8 DARING TO VIOLATE GOD'S WILL eal fait" co*es by "earing t"e word of God= t"at is= by "earing God say t"roug" His word w"at He wants to do8 6raying t"e 2rayer of fait" is *erely as'ing God to do t"e t"ing w"ic" He 2ro*ised to do8 If it is God)s will for you to be sic'= we could not 2ray t"e 2rayer of fait"8 If it is God)s will for you to be sic'= t"en it is wrong to as' so*eone to 2ray for your "ealing= for you s"ould not want to :iolate your "ea:enly !at"er)s will8

If it is God)s will for you to be sic'= you s"ould not see' "el2 fro* doctors= nurses= or any ot"er 'ind of *edical aid8 ,ou would be saying= in effect= IIt is ,our will= 0ord= t"at I s"ould be ill= but I a* going to call a doctor or do so*e ot"er t"ings so t"at I *ay a:oid ,our will8I To be 2erfectly logical= if you t"in' it *ay not be God)s will for you to be "ealed= you s"ould *a'e no effort w"ate:er to get well= but s"ould resign yourself to your IfateI and tell t"e world t"at you are suffering sic'ness for t"e sa'e of t"e 0ord (esus C"rist8 4ut= w"en did He say t"at He wanted you to suffer sic'ness for Hi*? He suffered for you8 If you really t"in' it *ay be God)s will for you to be sic'= and you doubt His willingness to "eal you= t"en I would suggest t"at you be content wit" your lot and suffer bra:ely8 If you belie:e t"at it is God)s will for you to suffer= t"en I would suggest t"at you use your *edical *oney for t"e good of ot"ers8 If God is not willing to "eal you= and you want His will *ore t"an anyt"ing else in t"e world= I s"ould not t"in' it ad:isable to trust your case into t"e "ands of a 2"ysician w"o would i**ediately see' to brea' God)s will for you8 POSITIVE PRAYER BRINGS RESULTS Concerning t"e 2rayer of fait"= *any 2eo2les "a:e t"e idea t"at t"is always *eans an i**ediate answer8 T"ey t"in' t"at unless instant results are *anifested= t"e

2rayer of fait" "as not yet been offered8 %o doubt *any "a:e failed to recei:e our 0ord)s "ealing in t"eir bodies because t"ey "a:e dictated to Hi* >ust "ow and w"en t"ey wanted to be blessed8 6raying t"e 2rayer of fait" does not necessarily *ean t"at t"e answer is seen or felt i**ediately8 It is t"e 2rayer offered by one w"o 'nows w"at God)s word declares= is 2ositi:e t"at God "as "eard t"at 2rayer and 'nows t"at God is bound by His own co:enant to answer and *anifest t"e results as'ed for8 God *ay do t"is instantly or He *ay do it gradually= but one t"ing is certainD God will answer t"e 2rayer of fait"8 Once t"e 2rayer of fait" is offered and t"e disease is rebu'ed= t"e case is in t"e "ands of t"e 0ord and He does t"e restoring8 W"et"er it is done instantly or by a gradual "ealing does not *atter 9 His word stands true= and it is for us to belie:e and doubt not= trusting Hi* to co*2letely and t"oroug"ly ta'e away t"e disease8 FAITH VERSUS SYMPTOMS W"en you "a:e fully co*2lied wit" t"e word of God and offered t"e 2rayer of fait"= you can fro* t"at :ery *o*ent declare yourself "ealed by t"e 2ower of God= because His word says= If we 'now t"at "e "ears us= w"ate:er we as'= we 'now t"at we "a:e t"e 2etitions t"at we desired of "i*8 Alt"oug" in so*e cases t"e sy*2to*s of a sic'ness *ay linger for a w"ile= fait" declares t"at it is done because God)s word says so8

!ait" is not afraid to ta'e its stand u2on t"e word of God8 !ait" "as not"ing to do wit" anyt"ing but t"e word of God8 T"e te*2ter w"is2ers= I,ou dare not clai* your "ealing8 ,ou are not "ealed 9 >ust loo' at t"ose sy*2to*s8 I 4ut t"e true belie:er rests secure in t"e 2ro*ises of God= belie:ing= trusting= gi:ing Hi* t"e glory= realiHing t"at God is true to His word and t"at -atan is not only a liar= but t"e fat"er of lies FAITH IN THE WORD OF GOD If you "a:e fait"= (esus said= %ot"ing s"all be i*2ossible to you8 He said= If you li:e in *e= and *y words li:e in you= you s"all as' for w"ate:er you desire= and it s"all be done to you8 He also says= If you s"all as' anyt"ing in *y na*e= I will do it8 Again= W"ate:er you desire= w"en you 2ray= belie:e t"at you recei:e it= and you s"all "a:e it8 T"is is w"y you can 2ray t"e 2rayer of fait" and lea:e t"e results wit" God= regardless of circu*stances8 I could relate "undreds of incidents t"at "a:e ta'en 2lace in our gos2el crusades across t"e 5nited -tates and around t"e world8 4ut if I only relate t"ese eB2eriences to

you= your fait" *ig"t be based on w"at "a22ened to ot"er 2eo2le instead of on w"at t"e word of God says8 C"a2ter && of t"is boo' is included= "owe:er= as our witness t"at (esus C"rist is t"e sa*e today for anyone w"o belie:es t"e 4ible8 elating eB2eriences will encourage your fait"= but only "earing t"e word of God creates fait"8 FAITH AND OUR FIVE SENSES W"ile God)s word alone creates fait"= if we only related eB2eriences= we would a22eal to t"e natural senses8 ,our natural senses "a:e not"ing to do wit" fait"= and true fait" *ust ignore t"e*8 If you wal' by fait"= you cannot wal' by sig"t8 If you are to consider t"e word of God as true= t"en you cannot always consider t"e e:idences of your senses as true8 !eeling= s*elling= tasting= "earing= and seeing are t"e senses by w"ic" t"e natural 2erson is directed8 T"e word of God and fait" are t"e two factors by w"ic" t"e s2iritual 2erson is directed8 T"e natural 2erson wal's by t"e senses= but t"e s2iritual 2erson wal's by fait" in t"e word of God8 -ig"t and feeling belong to t"e natural 2erson8 !ait" and obedience belong to t"e su2ernatural 2erson8 7:ery C"ristian is a su2ernatural 2erson8

It see*s unreasonable to so*e 2eo2le not to belie:e t"e natural senses8 T"ey "a:e acce2ted t"e* as conclusi:e e:idence for so long t"at it is difficult for t"e* to realiHe t"at t"ere is ot"er e:idence besides t"at of t"e fi:e natural senses8 6eo2le "a:e been taug"t t"at t"e final court of a22eal is t"e natural senses8 I-eeing is belie:ing=I t"ey say8 T"ey "a:e based t"eir li:es on t"at 2re*ise and "a:e failed to ta'e into account t"e "ig"er source of 'nowledge8 T"is "ig"er 'nowledge is re:elation fait"= w"ic" co*es t"roug" t"e word of God and t"roug" 2rayer8 T"e word of God s"ould be t"e final court of a22eal for t"e C"ristian 9 t"e su2er92erson8 Often w"en C"ristians are told t"at t"ey are to wal' by fait" and not by sig"t= and to disregard t"e e:idence of t"e 2"ysical senses= t"ey t"in' t"is is unreasonable8 I$o you *ean to say=I t"ey as'= It"at I cannot de2end on w"at I see? I could ne:er acce2t suc" an absurdity8 W"en I "old a boo' in *y "and= I see it and feel it and can s*ell t"e 2rinter)s in' on its 2ages8 If I dro2 it= I can "ear it fall8 $o you *ean to tell *e t"at t"e boo' is not real and t"at it is not "ere?I %o8 We do not *ean t"at8 We *ay acce2t t"e e:idence of our senses as true in natural t"ingsG but in s2iritual t"ings w"en t"is e:idence contradicts God)s word= t"en we ignore our 2"ysical senses and belie:e w"at t"e word of God says8 WHAT WITNESSES TO OUR HEALING? I "a:e often wondered w"y 2eo2le w"o t"in' it)s absurd to belie:e t"at God)s word is true if t"eir senses testify to

t"e contrary= "a:e suc" fait" in a contagious disease to w"ic" t"eir c"ild "as been eB2osed8 T"ey belie:e t"at t"eir c"ild will *anifest t"e sy*2to*s of t"e disease in a certain nu*ber of days because a c"ild= sic' wit" t"e disease= was in t"eir class at sc"ool8 T"ey "a:e no 2"ysical e:idence t"at t"eir c"ild will "a:e t"is disease8 T"ey are eB2ecting it 2urely by fait" 9 fait" in -atan)s disease8 Wit"out feeling it= t"ey belie:e it 9 t"ey "a:e fait" in it8 T"e c"ild "as no a22arent sy*2to*s of t"e disease8 It is as well as e:er= but t"ey belie:e it will "a:e t"e disease in a few days8 WHY DO THEY BELIEVE THAT? T"ey "a:e w"at we call Ifait"I 9 fait" in t"e disease8 T"ey belie:e t"e disease "as begun its wor'= in s2ite of t"e fact t"at t"ey cannot see= feel= s*ell= taste= or "ear anyt"ing of it wit" t"eir senses8 T"at is fait"8 T"e only fault "ere is t"at t"is is fait" in t"e wrong t"ing 9 but it certainly is fait"8 T"ey trust in diseases co*2letely and wit" unFuestioned confidence= yet t"ey *ay feel we are being unreasonable w"en we lay "ands on t"e* and tell t"e*= I,our sic'ness will lea:e8 It *ust go because God "as said it will go8 He said= ,ou s"all reco:er= so not"ing can sto2 it8I SEEING IS NOT BELIEVING Many say= I-eeing is belie:ing=I yet t"ey belie:e in t"e 2ower of disease before t"ey see its effects8 According to

t"e word of God= belie:ing is seeing8 Ot"ers say= II will ne:er belie:e it until I see it8I I re2ly= I,ou will ne:er see it until you belie:e it8I As soon as you belie:e it= God delig"ts to let you see it= since fait" is t"e e:idence of t"ings not seen8 !ait" brings t"e unseen t"ings into being and *a'es t"e unfelt t"ings real to t"e senses8 It 2leases God w"en you loo' only at His word8 It 2leases Hi* w"en you base your fait" on His 2ro*ise8 4y t"is 'ind of fait"= 2eo2le of God obtained a good re2ort fro* Hi*= 13 and you will= too8 !ait" in God)s word is always 2leasing to Hi*8 W"en (esus was "ere in "u*an for*= He recogniHed t"e e:idence of t"e senses= but He ne:er allowed Hi*self to be do*inated by t"e*8 T"e senses were His ser:antsG He li:ed abo:e t"e*8 He 2ronounced t"e blind *an "ealed and t"e le2er cleansed= w"en a22arently t"ey were still blind and still le2rous8 He called t"e t"ings t"at were not as t"oug" t"ey were 9 and t"ey ca*e to 2ass8 (esus cursed a fig tree one day= and its roots died= 4ut its deat" was not e:idenced until t"e neBt day w"en it was seen to "a:e died fro* t"e roots 9 not fro* t"e :isible branc"es down= but fro* t"e in:isible roots u28

SENSE KNOWLEDGE IS DECEPTIVE Our senses relate to t"e natural 2erson in t"e natural worldG but in obtaining blessings fro* t"e s2iritual world= fait" relates to t"e s2iritual 2erson8 We *ay acce2t t"e e:idence of our senses as long as it does not contradict t"e word of God8 Howe:er= w"en God)s word differs fro* our senses= We are to ignore t"e e:idence of our senses and act on t"e word8 W"en we do t"is= t"e !at"er "onors His word and *a'es it good in our li:es8 We are always safe w"en we belie:e God= no *atter "ow con:incing t"e e:idences of our senses *ay be8 W"at God says is always true8 LET GOD BE TRUE, BUT EVERY PERSON A LIAR -ense 'nowledge is a dece2tion w"en it does not agree wit" t"e word of God8 W"en we are wal'ing by fait"= we delig"t to cast aside t"e senses and en>oy t"e !at"er)s already92ro:ided blessings8 ABRAHAM'S FAITH T"e greatest eBa*2le one could e:er study on t"is sub>ect is t"at of Abra"a*)s fait"= Of Abra"a*= o*ans #D11921 saysD W"o against "o2e belie:ed in "o2e= t"at "e *ig"t beco*e t"e fat"er of *any nations= according to t"at w"ic" was s2o'en= -o s"all your seed be8

And being not wea' in fait"= "e considered not "is own body now dead= w"en "e was an "undred years old= neit"er :et t"e deadness of -ara")s wo*bG He staggered not at t"e 2ro*ise of God t"roug" unbeliefG but was strong in fait" ?not gru*bling or co*2laining because t"e answer was not *anifest i**ediately= but@= gi:ing glory to GodG And being fully 2ersuaded t"at= w"at "e ?God@ "ad 2ro*ised= "e was able also to 2erfor*8 Abra"a* co*2letely ignored t"e e:idences of "is 2"ysical senses= w"ic" testified to t"e fact t"at "e was al*ost one "undred years old8 -ara" felt old= loo'ed old= and was old= according to t"e natural sensesG but Abra"a* ignored t"at fact= too= W"y did "e ignore t"ese facts)? 4ecause t"ey contradicted w"at God "ad said= God said Abra"a* would "a:e a son8 His 2"ysical senses said= II*2ossible=I but "e ignored "is natural senses and belie:ed t"e word of God8 T"at is fait"8 T"e scri2tures say t"at Abra"a* belie:ed God8 T"e word Ibelie:eI is a :erb= and a :erb s"ows action8 I would say= IAbra"a* acted li'e w"at God said would indeed co*e to 2ass8I SARAH'S FAITH -ara" did not IfeelI li'e s"e "ad t"e strengt" to concei:e seed and to be deli:ered of a c"ildG but s"e ignored "er feelings= and t"roug" fait" also= -ara" "erself recei:ed

strengt" to concei:e seed= and was deli:ered of a c"ild w"en s"e was 2ast age8 How did t"is co*e about to a wo*an w"o was nearly a "undred years old? It was not by t"e e:idence of "er senses 9 not by "er IfeelingI 9 but because s"e belie:ed God was fait"ful w"o "ad 2ro*ised8 FAITH NOT NATURAL !ait" does not consider w"at t"e natural eye can see= w"at t"e natural ear can "ear= or w"at t"e 2"ysical body can feel8 !ait" "eeds only God)s 2ro*ise8 T"e natural eyes see only t"e great walls of (eric"oG t"e natural cars "ear only t"e taunting of t"e ene*yG but fait" sees t"e walls fallen and t"e ene*y conFuered8 ?-ee (os"ua= c"a2ter +8@ T"e natural body feels t"e gnawing 2ains of t"e cancer= but fait" sees it dried u2 and consu*ed by t"e "ealing 2ower of (e"o:a"9 a2"a 9 t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 T"e natural eye sees t"e blac'ness of t"e clouds "anging low o:er"ead8 T"e natural ears "ear t"e blast of t"e t"under8 4ut fait" Fuietly co**andsD 6eace= be -till8 T"e natural eye sees t"e fles" consu*ed by disease8 T"e 2"ysical "and feels t"e fe:er burning away t"e tissues of t"e body8 4ut fait" sees t"e sic'ness as a 2art of t"e curse of t"e law8 !ait" sees t"e 2ower of sic'ness abolis"ed at Cal:ary w"ere e:ery sufferer was redee*ed8 1/ In t"e na*e of (esus= fait" co**ands t"e disease to lea:e its :icti*= t"en

wal's out of t"e roo* wit" t"e Fuiet assurance t"at w"at t"e 4ible says s"all co*e to 2assD T"ey s"all reco:erG T"e 0ord s"all raise t"e* u28 FAITH VERSUS REASON One would al*ost t"in' t"at fait" is blind to 2"ysical conditions8 W"en reason argues wit" it= fait" does not wa:er8 !ait" sees -atan defeated= e:en w"en "e is seen ruling in 2ower8 In t"e *ind of fait"= diseases are "ealed= e:en before a 2rayer is offered8 !ait" *o:es and acts as God *o:es and acts8 eason is troubled= eBcited= and ner:ousG fait" stands un*o:ed8 !ait" 'nows t"at God cannot lie= so fait" ne:er argues= but ta'es it for granted w"en a reFuest "as been *ade according to t"e word of God8 !ait" considers a wor' as finis"ed= e:en before it is *anifested8 FAITH AND THE WORD ARE VICTORS ead God)s word8 !eed on His word8 0i:e in His word8 0et it 2roduce fait" in your "eart8 T"e 2sal*ist $a:id says= T"e entrance of your words gi:es lig"tG it gi:es understanding to t"e si*2le8 Anow t"e integrity of God)s word and ste2 out on t"at word8 It will not fail you= because God will not fail you8

$a:id also says= ,our word "a:e I "id in *y "eart= t"at I *ig"t not sin against you8 C"arles H8 -2urgeon Fuoted t"at scri2ture li'e t"isD IT"is is a good t"ing in a good 2lace for a good 2ur2ose8I We *ay c"ange t"is scri2ture a little and use it in reference to sic'ness 9 ,our word "a:e I "id in *y "eart= t"at I *ay be 'e2t fro* sic'ness by ,ou 9 and it will still be w"at -2urgeon said it isD IA good t"ing in a good 2lace for a good 2ur2oseIG for fait" co*es by "earing ?'nowing@ t"e word of God= and "ealing co*es t"roug" fait" in t"e 2ro*ises of God8 eal fait" in God and in His word is ne:er discouraged8 eal fait" always t"ri:es on a test8 !ait" li:es in t"e lig"t of antici2ated results8 It does not loo' at or li:e in bondage to 2resent circu*stances= but rat"er it o:errules circu*stances and deter*ines destiny by wal'ing in t"e lig"t of 2ro*ised acco*2lis"*ents8 6ersistent fait" always wins8 0et not"ing discourage you8 0et not"ing c"ange you8 Allow no sy*2to*s to c"ange your attitude toward God)s word8 -ettle it fore:er in your "eart t"at God)s 2ro*ises will be fulfilled8 It *ay reFuire se:en tri2s around t"e walls= or se:en di2s in t"e ri:er= but t"e :ictory will co*e t"roug" 2ersistent fait" in w"at God "as s2o'en8 !ait" is t"e :ictor8 !ait" co*es by "earing God)s word= so read His word and en>oy a life of :ictorious fait"8

FAITH IS A POSSESSOR 7:ery 2lace w"ere your foot s"all ste2 I "a:e gi:en it to you for an in"eritances was t"e ins2iring 2ro*ise w"ic" greeted t"e Israelites as t"ey faced t"e 6ro*ised 0and8 !oot2rints *ean 2ossession= but it *ust be t"eir own foot2rints8 In 2ossessing your %ew Testa*ent blessings 2ro:ided in rede*2tion= e:ery 2ro*ise t"at you 2ut your feet u2on is yours8 T"e ric" 2lain of "ealing is yours to t"e eBtent t"at you tread u2on it8 T"e fertile :alley of deli:erance is yours= if you will go in and 2ossess it8 T"e "ig"lands of s2iritual 2ower are yours= if you will i*itate grand old Caleb and= by fait"= dri:e out t"e Ana'i*s of unbelief t"at dwell t"ere8 Any or all of t"ese blessings are yours to 2ossess in t"e na*e of (esus8 All of t"e 2ro*ises in t"e 4ible are yours= so do not be slac' to go u2 and 2ossess your land8 4etween you and your 2ossessions are 2owerful ene*ies= but gat"er your forces of 2rayer and fait" in t"at all9sufficient na*e of (esus and go against t"e*8 $o not sto2 until t"e last ene*y is conFuered8 T"e siHe of your in"eritance de2ends on "ow *uc" land you "a:e stood on= wal'ed on= and really clai*ed8 If you

"a:e not clai*ed it all= t"en as *uc" *ore of it is yours as you dare 2ossess8 6ut on t"e w"ole ar*or of God= w"ic" will *a'e you in:ulnerable and ta'e t"e sword of t"e -2irit= w"ic" will *a'e you in:incible8 !ig"t t"e good fig"t of fait"8 7ndure "ardness= as a good soldier8 esist t"e de:il= and you will find t"e 2ro*ise trueD "e will flee fro* you8 To *ost 2eo2le= fait" is *erely a word or a t"eory8 ,ou can *a'e it a fact and a 2ower8 -atan 'nows t"at in t"e *atter of "ealing= God)s interests and yours are identical8 He 'nows t"at God and you are allies8 He 'nows t"at God cannot let you fail= w"ile you are trusting His word= for He could not do t"at wit"out seeing Hi*self failG and t"is He cannot do8 W"en t"e 2rayer of fait" "as been 2rayed= stand fast in t"e fait" and be strong8 $o not gi:e u28 Trust for a well body8 4elie:e t"at you will reco:er8 0ay clai* to your co:enant rig"ts8 T"en God will get t"e glory= and you will get t"e :ictory8 !ait" is t"e :ictory8

C"a2ter 1+ I- !AITH 7--7%TIA0 TO H7A0I%G?

,O5 MA, A-A= I$r8 Osborn= do you belie:e t"at I *ust "a:e fait"? $o you not t"in' I could be "ealed t"roug" your fait"?I T"e 4ible says= Wit"out fait" it is i*2ossible to 2lease God8 We wal' by fait"= not by sig"t8 4eing "ealed t"roug" anot"er 2erson)s fait" is t"e scri2tural eBce2tion= not t"e rule8 I would ad:ise you to abide by t"e rule rat"er t"an by t"e eBce2tion8 I a* certain t"at w"en you "a:e "eard t"e word of God until fait" "as been born in your "eart ?and t"e word= if gi:en "eed to= will always 2roduce fait"@= you will be "ealed t"roug" your own fait"8 T"e !at"er 2lanned t"at e:ery belie:er s"ould be a conFueror 9 not >ust a few w"o are fa:ored8 God wants you to disco:er t"at you "a:e 2ower o:er t"e de:il8 He wants you to 'now t"at you "a:e 2ower o:er sic'ness= t"at you are a :ictor= t"at you are a conFueror= t"at you can rebu'e disease and sic'ness and see t"e sy*2to*s *elt away8 ,ou will ne:er be able to wal' in t"is :ictory as long as you are de2ending on t"e fait" of so*eone else8 %eit"er can t"e fait" of anot"er 2erson set you free fro* sin8 ,ou *ust "ear t"e gos2el and be forgi:en of your sins8

,ou *ust 2ersonally belie:e on t"e 0ord (esus C"rist as sa:ior8 T"en you will be sa:ed ,ou *ust "ear t"e word of God8 ,ou *ust belie:e8= on t"e 0ord (esus C"rist as "ealer8 T"en by "is stri2es= you are "ealed8 FAITH CAN BE SEEN In *ost cases (esus did not "eal anyone until after He "ad obtained t"at 2erson)s confession of fait"= or until He "ad obser:ed so*e act of fait" for "ealing8 T"is was so in t"e case of t"e centurions T"e 4ible says of t"e 2alsied *an w"o was let down t"roug" t"e roof on a cotD And (esus seeing t"eir fait" said to t"e sic' of t"e 2alsy= Arise= and ta'e u2 your bed= and go your way8 If you were bedfast= would you allow four *en to carry you u2 onto a roof and t"en let you down= cot and all= t"roug" a "ole in t"e roof? %ot unless you belie:ed t"at so*et"ing would "a22en to you w"en you were 2laced before t"e 0ord8 !ait" is better seen t"an "eard8 (esus saw t"eir fait" in t"eir actions8 !ait" wit"out wor's ?or actions t"at corres2ond@ is dead8 In t"e case of t"e two blind *en w"o followed "i*= crying= (esus= -on of $a:id= "a:e *ercy on us8 (esus said to t"e*= $o you belie:e t"at I a* able to do t"is? T"ey said to "i*= ,es= 0ord8 T"en "e touc"ed t"eir eyes= saying=

According to your fait" be it done to you8 And t"eir eyes were o2ened8 FAITH ALWAYS HONORED To t"e wo*an of Canaan w"o soug"t *ercy fro* t"e 0ord for "er daug"ter w"o was lying at "o*e grie:ously :eBed wit" a de:il= (esus re2lied= after He "ad seen "er 2ersistent and unwa:ering fait"= O wo*an= great is your fait"D be it done to you e:en as you will8 And "er daug"ter was *ade w"ole fro* t"at :ery "our8 To t"e wo*an w"o "ad an issue of blood for twel:e years= and w"o 2ressed t"roug" t"e crowd= saying wit"in "erself= If I *ay touc" but "is clot"es= I s"all be w"ole= (esus said= $aug"ter= your fait" "as *ade you w"oleG go in 2eace= and be w"ole of your 2lagues To t"e blind *an in Mar' 13= (esus said= Go your wailG your fait" "as *ade you w"ole8 To t"e one le2er w"o returned to gi:e t"an's= (esus said= Go your wayD your fait" "as *ade you w"ole8 W"en a certain *an as'ed (esus to co*e to "is "ouse and "eal "is son because "e was at t"e 2oint of deat"= (esus said= Go your wayG your son li:es= and t"e 4ible says= T"e *an belie:ed t"e word t"at (esus "ad s2o'en to "i*= and "e went "is way8 And w"ile on "is way "o*e= "is ser:ants *et "i*= and told "i*= saying= ,our son li:es8I T"ere are *any cases in t"e gos2els t"at do not state w"et"er or not t"e 2eo2le w"o were "ealed "ad fait"=

suc" as t"e wo*an bowed o:er wit" an infir*ity= t"e *an wit" a wit"ered "and= t"e *an by t"e 2ool at 4et"esda= t"e *ultitudes= and *any ot"ers8 4ut it is certain t"at t"ey "ad fait" to be "ealed= because w"en Mar' says= and "e ?(esus@ could do no *ig"ty wor' t"ere= eBce2t t"at "e laid "is "ands u2on a few sic' fol'= and "ealed t"e*= His inability to do *ig"ty wor' t"ere was because of t"eir unbelief8 W"en 6aul was 2reac"ing t"e gos2el at 0ystra= one of "is "earers was a *an w"ose feet were cri22led8 He "ad been born in t"is condition8 %o doubt 6aul desired t"at t"e *an be "ealed i**ediately8 Instead= 6aul waited until t"e la*e *an "ad "eard t"e word of God and "ad obtained fait" for "ealing8 T"en 6aul steadfastly be"olding "i*= and 2ercei:ing t"at "e "ad fait" to be "ealed= said wit" a loud :oice= -tand u2rig"t on your feet8 And "e lea2ed and wal'ed8 $uring our gos2el crusades around t"e world= I "a:e seen tens of t"ousands of sufferers of disease and sic'ness co*2letely "ealed w"ile in t"e audience listening to t"e *essage we were 2reac"ing8 T"e 2reac"ing of t"e word always 2roduces fait" w"en belie:ed8 T"e 4ible says t"at= 4y fait"= 2eo2le of God obtained a good re2ort8 God was 2leased wit" t"e 2atriarc"s and *atriarc"s of old w"en t"ey de*onstrated great fait"8 Wit"out fait" it is i*2ossible to 2lease "i* ?God@8

INDIVIDUAL FAITH God)s 2ro*ises are for you 2ersonally8 ,ou "a:e an indi:idual rig"t to 2ray for and recei:e e:ery blessing 2ro*ised to t"e belie:er8 (esus says= 7:eryone t"at as's recei:es8 He e*2"asiHes t"is fact siB ti*es= so t"at you will clearly understand t"at He wants you to feel free to as' Hi* for w"at you want8 He says= As'= and it s"all be gi:en youG see'= and you s"all findG 'noc'= and it s"all be o2ened to youD for e:eryone t"at as's recei:esG and t"e one t"at see's findsG and to t"e one t"at 'noc's it s"all be o2ened8 All t"roug" t"e 4ible= God see's to i*2ress e:eryone of His c"ildren t"at we all "a:e eFual rig"ts8 He res2ects none abo:e anot"er8 He "as no fa:orites8 He eB2ects eac" one of us to "a:e fait"8 (esus saysD T"e one w"o co*es to *e I will not cast out8 T"at *eans you8 C"rist is sayingD IT"ose t"at co*e to *e for any need= w"ate:er it *ay be= I will not refuse t"e*8I (esus saysD If you li:e in *e= and *y words li:e in you= you s"all as' for w"at you desire= and it s"all be done to you8 (esus saysD W"ate:er t"ings you desire= w"en you 2ray= belie:e t"at you recei:e t"e*= and you s"all "a:e t"e*8 6aul saidD If you s"all confess wit" your *out" t"e 0ord (esus= and s"all belie:e in your "eart t"at God "as raised "i* fro* t"e dead= you s"all be sa:ed8

SPEAK FOR YOURSELF To be sa:ed= you *ust do your own re2enting= your own belie:ing= your own confessing= your own acce2ting= your own recei:ingG t"en you will be sa:ed8 To be "ealed= you "a:e t"e rig"t to do your own as'ing= your own belie:ing= your own clai*ing= your own recei:ingG t"en you will be "ealed8 T"ousands of C"ristians are s2ending t"eir li:es de2ending on t"e 2rayers and t"e fait" of ot"er 2eo2le= as t"oug" ot"ers were closer to God t"an t"eyG as t"oug" ot"ers could 2ray better t"an t"eyG as t"oug" God will "ear t"e 2rayers of ot"ers Fuic'er t"an t"eir own 2rayers8 7:ery C"ristian "as eFual rig"ts= and it is God)s will and desire t"at eac" of His c"ildren clai* and acce2t all of His blessings8 7:ery 2erson can 2ray and recei:e t"e answer8 (esus said= 7:eryone t"at as's recei:es8 7:ery sinner w"o "as e:er been sa:ed "ad to 2ro:e C"rist)s state*ent to be trueG ot"erwise= t"ey ne:er could "a:e been sa:ed8 If t"e 2ri:ilege= 7:eryone t"at as's recei:es= is a:ailable to t"e uncon:erted= "ow *uc" *ore is it a:ailable to God)s c"ildren8 T"at is= if t"is 2ri:ilege was a:ailable before we were sa:ed= "ow *uc" *ore is it a:ailable after we are sa:ed8

EVEN BABIES CAN ASK 7:ery c"ild can do its own as'ing fro* its 2arents8 7:ery baby does its own as'ing= e:en before it can s2ea' a word8 5nable to do anyt"ing but cry= it does its own as'ing8 Certainly t"e ot"er c"ildren in t"e fa*ily do not "a:e to beg t"e *ot"er to 2lease feed t"e baby8 T"e baby as's for itself T"ere are t"ousands of C"ristians w"o "a:e ne:er learned t"e 2ri:ilege of as'ing for t"e*sel:es8 T"ey s2end t"eir ti*e writing and calling on ot"ers to 2ray for t"e*= to do t"eir 2raying for t"e*= to as' God for t"e*8 Ot"ers *ay 2ray wit" youG but ne:er substitute t"e 2rayers of ot"ers for your own as'ing= because (esus said= e:eryone t"at as's recei:es8 7:eryone w"o "as a ban' account can use it 2ersonally8 How unreasonable it would be for *e to as' so*eone across town to go to t"e ban' and try to get so*e *oney out of *y account8 It is *y *oney8 I can draw *y own c"ec' wit"out any 2roble*8 I "a:e a rig"t to de*and t"e *oney because it is *ine8 HE SAID IT, YOU BELIEVE IT 7:ery blessing w"ic" C"rist died to 2ro:ide is t"e 2ri:ate 2ro2erty of e:ery 2erson for w"o* He died8 T"e 4ible tells us t"at e:ery sna'e9bitten Israelite= w"en t"ey loo'ed on t"e braHen ser2ent= li:ed8 7:eryone of t"e* "ad to do t"eir own loo'ing at t"e braHen ser2ent8 T"e 2eo2le were near to deat"G but w"en t"ey cried to t"e 0ord= He sent "is word and "ealed t"e*8

Tens of t"ousands of ti*es in our great ca*2aigns= 2eo2le "a:e been "ealed of all *anner of sic'nesses= diseases and infir*ities w"ile t"ey were in t"e audience 9 "ealed t"roug" t"eir own fait"= w"ic" t"ey "ad recei:ed t"roug" "earing t"e word of God8 !ait" is belie:ing t"at God will do w"at He "as said in His word t"at He will do8 God "as ne:er as'ed anyone to belie:e Hi* for anyt"ing t"at He "as not 2ro*ised to do8 God "as saidD I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 T"e 2ro2"et Isaia" saidD He ?(esus@ was wounded for our transgressions= and wit" "is stri2es we are "ealed8 (esus said to t"e le2erD I willG be clean8 He said to t"e centurionD I will co*e and "eal "i*8 To t"e blind *an= He saidD ecei:e your sig"t8 6eter saidD His own self bore our sinsG by w"ose stri2es you were "ealed8 (esus saidD T"ey s"all lay "ands on t"e sic'= and t"ey s"all reco:er= and In *y na*e t"ey s"all cast out de:ils8 (a*es saidD Is any sic' a*ong you? T"e 2rayer of fait" s"all sa:e t"e sic'= and t"e 0ord s"all raise t"e* u28 !ait" is *erely belie:ing t"at God will do t"ese and ot"er t"ings= w"ic" He said in His word t"at He would do 9 if we would only belie:e8 If you can belie:e= all t"ings are 2ossible to t"e* t"at

belie:e8 HAVE FAITH IN GOD We could su* u2 t"e *atter by Fuoting t"e co**and of (esusD Ha:e fait" in God8 !ait" will always *o:e t"e "and of God8 !ait" always 2ossesses8 !ait" is a 2ersistent force8 !ait" relies on t"e ability of God8 !ait" 'nows no defeat8 !ait" t"ri:es on a test8 !ait" ne:er argues8 !ait" ne:er gets eBcited8 !ait" ne:er brags on itself8 !ait" is ne:er ner:ous8 !ait" ne:er tre*bles8 !ait" is ne:er o:er2owered8 !ait" loo's directly to t"e word of God8 !ait" 'nows w"at God "as said= because it "as been born by t"e word of God8 !ait" 'nows t"at w"at God says is a re:elation of w"at it is His will to do8 !ait" acce2ts God)s word as final8 !ait" clai*s t"at word and ste2s out on it8 !ait" 2ossesses t"e 2ro*ises8 !ait" de*ands results8 !ait" clai*s its co:enanted rig"ts8 W"en reason arguesG w"en one fears= tre*bles and beco*es ner:ousG fait" stands steadfast and i**o:able because it 'nows w"at God "as said8 T"at settles t"e *atter wit" fait"8 !ait" is in:incible8 !ait" is irresistible8 4e grounded in t"e word of God8 Anow His word8 T"at way you will 'now His will8 4ring your reFuest to Hi* and lea:e t"e results wit" Hi*8 Gi:e Hi* a c"ance to do for you w"at He "as been

waiting so long to do= but could not until you were ready to act on His word in fait"8 $o as Abra"a* did8 He belie:ed God8 And being not wea' in fait"= "e staggered not at t"e 2ro*ise of God t"roug" unbeliefG but was strong in fait"= gi:ing glory to GodG being fully 2ersuaded t"at= w"at "e ?God@ "ad 2ro*ised= "e was able also to 2erfor*8 ig"t now= go to God and Fuote any of His 2ro*ises t"at you want Hi* to fulfill for you8 As' Hi* to do it8 6ray t"e 2rayer of fait" for t"at 2ro*iseG 2lace your order in t"e letter9dro2 of fait" and turn it loose8 Trust it to t"e "ea:enly aut"orities to ta'e it t"roug" and to bring you t"e order 2ro2erly filled8 $on)t 'ee2 2raying again and again for t"e t"ing desired8 elease your fait" and let it bring you t"e answer8 Maintain t"is attitude of fait"8 efuse to be *o:ed8 0et not"ing budge you fro* your stand on t"e 2ro*ise of God= and your 2rayer will be answered to t"e fullest ItentG for God will say to youD Go your wayG and as you "a:e belie:ed= so be it done to you8

CHA6T7 1. TH7 IM6O TA%C7 O! ,O5 WO $,O5 -AI$ THAT you could not do it 9 and t"e *o*ent you said it= you were defeated8 ,ou said you did not "a:e fait" 9 and at t"at *o*ent= doubt arose li'e a giant and bound you8 6er"a2s you ne:er realiHed t"at to a great eBtent you are ruled by your words8 ,ou tal'ed failure= and failure "eld you in bondage8 ,ou tal'ed fear= and fear increased its gri2 on you8 -olo*on saidD ,ou are snared wit" t"e words of your *out"= you are ta'en ?ca2ti:e@ wit" t"e words of your *out"8 Testifying 9 Witnessing 9 Confessing !ew C"ristians "a:e recogniHed t"e i*2ortance of t"eir words and t"e 2lace t"ey "old in t"eir li:es8 Our words for* our confession of w"at we belie:e or do not belie:e8 W"ene:er t"e word IconfessionI is used= so*e 2eo2le auto*atically t"in' of confessing sin= wea'ness= and failure8 4ut t"is is only t"e negati:e side of t"e sub>ect8 T"e negati:e confession of your sin was only to o2en t"e way to t"e 2ositi:e confession of God)s word8 %ot"ing in your wal' as a belie:er is *ore i*2ortant t"an t"e words of your confession= t"oug" t"is is "ardly e:er *entioned in traditional t"eology8 C"ristianity is called t"e Iconfession=I according to Hebrews= c"a2ter t"ree8 T"e Gree' word= w"ic" "as been

translated 2rofession in t"e Aing (a*es <ersion= is rendered IconfessionI in ot"er casesG and t"e word 2rofession in Hebrews 3D1 is IconfessionI or Iac'nowledg*entI in t"e original8 T"e two words are closely related= yet t"e difference is i*2ortant8 T"e Gree' word fro* w"ic" t"e word IconfessionI is translated actually *eans= Isaying t"e sa*e t"ing8I It *eans= Isaying w"at God says8I It *eans to agree wit" God in your testi*onyD saying w"at God says in His word about your sins= your sic'nesses= your a22arent failures= your "ealt"= your sal:ation= your :ictories= or about anyt"ing else in your life8 In ot"er words= testify to 9 or ac'nowledge w"at God says8 CONFESSION IN TRIAL !or eBa*2leD -ic'ness is 2ressing to o:ert"row your "ealt"8 -y*2to*s of so*e disease are beginning to a22ear8 -atan is desiring to destroy your "ealt" and to render your life ineffecti:e in C"ristian ser:ice8 4ut God "as *ade 2ro:ision for your "ealt"8 He "as *ade a co:enant of "ealing wit" you8 He "as 2ro*ised= ,ou s"all ser:e t"e 0ord your God= and ?He@ will ta'e sic'ness away fro* t"e *idst of you because He 2ro*ised= I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 God)s word says He "eals all your diseases8 (esus C"rist "as redee*ed you fro* your diseases= because Hi*self too' your infir*ities= and bore your sic'nesses8 Anowing all of t"is 2ro:ides a basis for your fait"8

,ou 'now t"at -atan cannot lay a disease on your body= because C"rist "as already "o*e your diseases for you8 T"erefore= you resist -atan and "is lying sy*2to*s of disease8 ,ou do not fear t"e*8 ,ou 'now t"at your rede*2tion is a fact8 ,ou 'now t"at your diseases were laid on t"e body of C"rist and t"at He "as borne t"e* for you8 ,ou "a:e no fear8 ,ou boldly and fir*ly rebu'e -atan= your ad:ersary= wit" t"e word of God= in t"e na*e of (esus C"rist w"o died to set you free8 ,ou ta'e a fir* stand8 SPEAK AS JESUS SPOKE ,ou do eBactly as C"rist= your eBa*2le= did w"en te*2ted by -atan in t"e wildernessD ,ou say= -atan= it is written8 T"en you Fuote "i* t"e wordD 4y "is stri2es= I a* "ealed8 He "eals all *y diseases8 C"rist "i*self too' *y infir*ities and bore *y sic'nesses8 T"is is confession8 Confession is saying w"at God says 9 tal'ing t"e language of t"e 4ible at all ti*es8 It is resisting -atan wit" t"e 0ord says8 It is clai*ing your rig"ts and confessing God)s word 9 God)s 2ro*ises8 T"e Gree' word fro* w"ic" confession is translated *eans= Isaying t"e sa*e t"ingIG t"at is= Isaying w"at God says=I or Iagreeing wit" God in your con:ersationIG

Iac'nowledging t"e word8I YOUR ATTITUDE LIKE CHRIST'S A friend co*es to you during your trial of fait" and suggestsD IO"= you *ust be careful8 I 'now a 2erson w"o died of t"is sic'ness8 ,ou *ust go Fuic'ly to bed and call for "el28I 4ut you s2ea' God)s language= because you belie:e w"at God says8 ,ou use His words in your li2s 9 in your con:ersation8 ,ou boldly confess= T"e 0ord is t"e strengt" of *y life= of w"o* s"all I be afraid? C"rist "as borne *y diseasesG and by His stri2es= I a* "ealed8 5nder all circu*stances= at all ti*es= you s2ea' God)s language8 ,ou "ar*oniHe your language and your t"oug"ts wit" His8 His attitude as set fort" in His word is de:elo2ed into your life until -atan cannot 2re:ail against you= because God)s word is 2art of your :ery life and nature8 ,ou beco*e as irresistible as God because of God)s word t"at co*es to control your 2rayers= your words= your t"oug"ts= and your actions8 Confession is affir*ing so*et"ing t"at you belie:e8 It is testifying of so*et"ing t"at you 'now8 It is witnessing of a trut" w"ic" you e*brace8 God)s word is t"e eBclusi:e sub>ect of your confession 9 of your testi*ony8 WORDS ARE THE MEDIUM (esus 2lanned t"at t"is great *essage of C"ristianity

s"ould be gi:en to t"e world t"roug" wordsG t"at is= t"roug" t"e confession of t"ose w"o belie:e in Hi*8 Testifiers= witnesses= and confessors "a:e been t"e great leaders and agencies of t"e new and re:olutioniHing life of (esus C"rist ?C"ristianity@ in t"e world8 T"e *a>or 2roble* t"at we face= t"en= is to 'now w"at our words are to beD si*2ly God)s word= at all ti*es= in t"e face of all ad:ersities= under all circu*stances8 Confession is affir*ing 4ible trut"s8 Confession is re2eating wit" our li2s ?fro* our "earts@= t"e t"ings God "as said in His word8 WHAT TO SPEAK ,ou cannot confess or witness of t"ings you do not 'now8 ,ou *ust confess w"at you 'now 2ersonally about (esus C"rist and about w"at you are in Hi*8 ,ou 'now t"ese facts t"roug" His word8 T"e secret of confession and of 2ositi:e fait" lies in getting a true understanding ofD 18 W"at (esus actually did for youG 28 W"at you are in Hi* as a result of itG 38 W"at t"e 4ible 2ro*ises t"at you can do as a result of His finis"ed wor' in you8 T"is 'nowledge= cou2led wit" a fir* confession of t"ese facts and actions w"ic" corres2ond= de:elo2s t"e "ig"est 'ind of fait"8 T"is 'nowledge co*es t"roug" t"e word of

God8 -i*2ly to ad*ire t"ese facts in t"e 4ible and to say t"at you belie:e t"e*= but to refuse ?or neglect@ to confess t"e* boldly and to act on t"e*= robs you of fait" w"en you need it *ost8 YOU BECOME THE VICTOR W"en you 'now w"o (esus is= w"at He did for you= w"at actually belongs to you now= and w"at you *ay en>oy in your daily life= it *a'es you a :ictor8 To 'now t"at -atan is defeated by your substitute= and t"at "is defeat is eternal= *a'es your rede*2tion a blessed fact and reality8 ,ou can 'now t"at -atan)s defeat was ad*inistered by your own substituteG t"at t"is defeat was credited to your accountG t"at in t"e records of t"e su2re*e court of t"e uni:erse you are now t"e *aster of -atanG -atan recogniHes t"at= in t"e na*e of (esus= you are "is ruler8 W"en your "eart 'nows t"is= as well as you 'now t"at two 2lus two are four= t"en do*inating fait"= cou2led wit" a new confession of aut"ority= beco*es natural8 ,ou auto*atically tal' li'e (esus tal'ed8 ,ou understand t"e facts of your rede*2tion8 !ait" beco*es as natural as fear was before you were enlig"tened8 ,ou 'now t"at God Hi*self 2ut -atan and all "is 'ingdo* beneat" your feet and t"at you are considered by t"e !at"er= and by -atan= as t"e :ictor8 ,ou "a:e been liberated8

,our language beco*es t"at of a su2er2erson8 ,ou tal' li'e so*eone of anot"er race or 'ingdo*G and t"at you are 9 a c"osen generation= a royal 2riest"ood8 ,ou "a:e aut"ority8 God is bac'ing you8 ,ou are bold8 ,ou s2ea' God)s language as co**only as unbelie:ers tal' t"eir fears8 SALVATION INSTANT AND DEFINITE W"at a *iraculous c"ange would be 2roduced in t"e c"urc" today if C"ristian belie:ers would rise to t"e 2lace God "as gi:en t"e* and would tal' t"e language God desires His 2eo2le to tal'8 %ot long ago= a C"ristian w"o boldly clai*ed 2resent sal:ation was considered sacrilegious8 !or so*eone to fir*ly belie:e and confess sal:ation as a finis"ed wor'= and t"at it is a definite fact= was considered irre:erent8 4ut gradually t"e lig"t began to s"ine= and we "a:e co*e to t"e 'nowledge of 2resent sal:ation once and for all= an instant and definite wor' of God)s boundless grace8 4ut "ow few C"ristians dare to confess boldly to t"e world w"at t"e word declares t"ey are8 Ta'e t"is sa*2le scri2tureD T"erefore if any one be in C"rist= t"at one is a new creature8 T"at does not *ean t"at we are >ust forgi:en sinners 2oor= wea'= staggering= sinning c"urc" *e*bers8 It *eans w"at it saysD We are new creatures now8 We "a:e been created in C"rist (esus= wit" t"e life of God= t"e nature of God= and t"e ability of God wit"in us8

Old t"ings are 2assed awayG be"old all t"ings "a:e beco*e new8 Confess it8 4elie:e it8 It *eans w"at it says8 We are new8 All t"ings are new8 Old t"ings are gone8 T"ose old ear*ar's of sin= sic'ness= disease= failure= wea'ness= and fear "a:e all 2assed away8 YOUR COMMAND HONORED %ow we "a:e God)s nature 9 His life= His strengt"= His "ealt"= His glory= His 2ower8 We "a:e it now8 W"at a re:olution would ta'e 2lace if C"ristians belie:ed t"ose t"ings and began to tal' li'e t"at= li:e li'e t"at= and act li'e t"at8 ,et t"at is eBactly w"at t"e "eart of God our "ea:enly !at"er yearns for8 -ee yourself as a belie:er in a sic' roo* w"ere sic'ness "ad al*ost seiHed t"e life of a lo:ed oneD ,ou are bold8 ,ou are a *aster= and you 'now it8 ,ou boldly confessD IGreater is He t"at is in *e t"an t"is disease t"at is stealing *y lo:ed one8I ,ou co**and t"at disease to lea:eG you s2ea' in t"e na*e of (esus and order -atan to release "is "old8 ,ou cal*ly order t"at lo:ed one to arise and be *ade w"ole8 T"e sic' one is "ealed8 W"at *ade t"e difference? ,ou 'new your 2osition= your aut"ority= and your rig"ts8 -atan "ad to "onor your co**and= and God confir*ed

His word8 Ta'e Colossians 1D1391# for anot"er eBa*2leD W"o "as deli:ered us fro* t"e 2ower of dar'ness= and "as translated us into t"e 'ingdo* of "is dear -onD In w"o* we "a:e rede*2tion t"roug" "is blood= e:en t"e forgi:eness of sins8 T"at would *ean t"at -atan)s do*inion ended and (esus) do*inion began8 -atan)s do*inion was bro'en o:er your life t"e :ery *o*ent you were born again8 ,ou recei:ed a new 0ord to reign o:er your life (esus C"rist8 CONTROL YOUR LIFE $isease and sic'ness= wea'ness and failure can no longer rule o:er you8 Old "abits can no longer control your life8 ,ou are redee*ed8 ,ou are sa:ed8 W"at a stir t"ere would be if t"is scri2ture beca*e a realityD !ear notG for I a* wit" youD be not dis*ayedG for I a* your GodD I will strengt"en youG I will "el2 youG I will u2"old you wit" t"e rig"t "and of *y rig"teousness8 If God be for us= w"o can be against us? T"is is t"e *ost re:olutionary t"ing t"at "as e:er been taug"t8 -cri2tures suc" as t"ese *ust be your confession as you stand before t"e world8 ,ou belie:e and say= IGod is wit" *e t"is *orning8I ,ou are of God= little c"ildren= and "a:e o:erco*e t"e*D because greater is "e t"at is in you= t"an "e t"at is in t"e world8

,ou fearlessly say= IGod is in *e nowG t"e Master of creation is wit" *e8 I W"at a confession t"at is8 REVOLUTIONIZING RESULTS ,ou face life fearlessly8 ,ou 'now t"at greater is He t"at is in you t"an all t"e forces t"at can be broug"t against you8 ,ou face bills t"at you cannot 2ay8 ,ou face ene*ies t"at you "a:e no ability to conFuer8 ,ou face t"e* fearlessly8 ,ou affir* wit" triu*2"D He 2re2ares a table before *e in t"e 2resence of *y ene*ies8 ,ou are filled wit" >oy and :ictory because God "as ta'en o:er your 2roble*s8 He is fig"ting your battles8 ,ou are not afraid of circu*stances= because you can do all t"ings t"roug" C"rist w"ic" strengt"ens you8 He is not only your strengt"= but He is by your side8 He is your sal:ation8 W"o* s"ould you fear? He t"rows lig"t u2on life)s 2roble*s so t"at you can act intelligently8 He is your sal:ation and deli:erance fro* e:ery tra2 t"at t"e ene*y sets for you= fro* e:ery snare in w"ic" "e would ensla:e you8 God is t"e strengt" of your lifeG of w"o* s"all you be afraid? ,ou are not afraid of anyt"ing8 ,ou "a:e no fear because God is on your side8 T"is is your confession8

THE FAMILY LANGUAGE (esus) continual bold confession is your eBa*2le8 He continually confessed w"at He was8 ,ou are to confess w"at you are in C"rist8 ,ou are to confess t"at you are redee*ed= t"at your rede*2tion is an actual fact= t"at you are deli:ered out of t"e do*inion and aut"ority of -atan8 ,ou confess t"ese facts boldly= wit" absolute certainty= because you 'now t"ey are true8 ,ou confess t"at you are a new creature= recreated in C"rist (esusG t"at you are a 2arta'er of His di:ine natureG t"at sic'ness= disease= fear= wea'ness= and failure are t"ings of t"e 2ast8 ,our language a*aHes your friendsG it see*s absurd and 2resu*2tuous to t"e*8 4ut to you= it is si*2ly stating facts w"ic" are written in t"e 4ibleD it is t"e language of God)s fa*ily8 ,ou dare to stand in t"e 2resence of "u*an e:idence w"ic" contradicts God)s word= and cal*ly declare t"at t"e word of God is true8 !or instance= let)s say t"at 2"ysical e:idence declares you to be sic' wit" an incurable illness8 ,ou boldly confess t"at God laid t"at disease on (esus= t"at He bore it away for you= t"at -atan "as no rig"t to 2ut it on you= t"at by "is stri2es you are "ealed8 ,ou belie:e t"at fir*ly and= t"erefore= you "old fast your confession in t"e face of contradictory e:idence w"ic" says it is not trueG but your confession of God)s word wins= and you are "ealed8

THE HIGH PRIEST OF OUR WORDS In Hebrews 3D1= (esus C"rist is called t"e Hig" 6riest of our confession8 T"e neBt :erse declares t"at He is fait"ful to Hi* t"at a22ointed Hi* ?as t"e Hig" 6riest of our confession@ as Moses was fait"ful8 In ti*es of sic'ness= we boldly confess His 2ro*ises to "eal us8 W"en we confess His words= t"en our "ig" 2riest= (esus C"rist= acts on our be"alf= according to our confession of His word= and intercedes to our !at"er for t"e benefits of t"e 2ro*ises w"ic" we are confessing8 He is t"e Hig" 6riest of our confession8 4etween t"e ti*e t"at we as' God for so*e benefit 2ro:ided for us= and t"e ti*e our !at"er grants t"at blessing to be *anifested= we "old fast t"e 2rofession of our fait" wit"out wa:eringG ?for "e is fait"ful t"at 2ro*ised@8 We 'now t"at t"e Hig" 6riest of our confession is fait"ful= as was Moses= to intercede for us until t"e answer is granted= according to t"e 2ro*ise w"ic" we are fait"fully confessing in our 2rayer= our con:ersation= our testi*ony= our t"oug"ts= and in our actions8 WRONG WORDS ARE POWERFUL TOO A wrong confession is t"e confession of defeat= failure= and of t"e su2re*acy of -atan8 Tal'ing about your co*bat wit" t"e de:il 9 "ow "e "as "indered you= "ow "e is "olding you in bondage and 'ee2ing you sic' 9 is a confession of defeat8

It is a wrong confession8 It glorifies your ad:ersary8 It is an unconscious declaration t"at God= your "ea:enly !at"er= "as failed you8 Most of t"e confessions we "ear today glorify t"e de:il8 -uc" a confession continually sa2s t"e :ery life out of you8 It destroys fait" and "olds you in bondage8 T"e confession of your li2s t"at "as grown out of fait" in your "eart will defeat t"e ad:ersary in e:ery battle8 T"e confession of -atan)s ability to "inder you and to 'ee2 you fro* success gi:es "i* ad:antage o:er you8 He fills you wit" fear and wea'ness8 4ut if you boldly confess your !at"er)s care and 2rotection= and declare t"at He t"at is in you is greater t"an any force around you= you will rise abo:e satanic influence8 7:ery ti*e you confess your doubts and fears= you confess your fait" in -atan and deny t"e ability and grace of God8 W"en you confess your wea'ness and your disease= you are o2enly confessing t"at t"e word of God is not true and t"at God "as failed to *a'e it good8 God declaresD Wit" "is stri2es you were "ealedG and= -urely "e "as borne our griefs ?sic'nesses@= and carried our sorrows ?diseases@8 Instead of confessing t"at He "as "o*e your diseases and 2ut t"e* away= you confess t"at you still "a:e t"e* and ta'e t"e testi*ony of natural e:idence instead of t"e testi*ony of t"e word of God8 In t"is way= you fail8

As long as you "old fast to t"e confession of wea'ness= sic'ness and 2ain= you will still "a:e t"e*8 ,ou *ay searc" for years for so*e *an or wo*an of God to 2ray t"e 2rayer of fait" for you= but it will be of no a:ail= because your unbelief will destroy t"e effects of your fait"8 As long as you confess your sins and your wea'nesses= you are building wea'ness= failure= and defeat into your :ery syste*8 ead t"e word8 Tal' t"e word8 Confess t"e word8 Act on t"e word= and t"e word will beco*e a :ery 2art of yourself8


CH I-T HA- 7$77M7$ us fro* t"e curse of t"e law= being *ade a curse for us8 WHAT WAS THAT CURSE? It is recorded in $euterono*y= c"a2ter 2/= w"ere we are told t"at t"e following diseases ca*e u2on t"e 2eo2le because of disobedience to God)s lawD 2estilence= consu*2tion ?or tuberculosis@= fe:er= infla**ation= eBtre*e burning= botc"= e*erods= scab= itc"= blindness= s*iting in t"e 'nee and in t"e leg= and failing of t"e eyes8 If your case "as not been definitely stated in t"is list= t"en listen to :erses +39+1 of t"is c"a2terD all t"e diseases of 7gy2t= and also e:ery sic'ness and e:ery disease w"ic" is not written in t"e boo' of t"is law8 T"ese words include you and your case= edee*ed fro* Curses8 6aul says t"at C"rist redee*ed us fro* t"is curse of t"e law= because "e was *ade a curse for us8 T"e curse of t"e law includes all diseases= e:ery sic'ness= and e:ery 2lague 'nown t"roug"out t"e "istory of t"e world8 In order for C"rist to redee* us fro* t"is terrible curse of t"e law= He was *ade a curse for usG t"at is= He bore for us t"e 2unis"*ent 2rescribed by t"e law8 T"at is w"y He "ad to ta'e our infir*ities= and bear our sic'nesses8 Ada* and 7:e sold us into sla:ery to t"e de:il and 2ut us

in bondage to "is 2ower= under "is >urisdiction8 4ut C"rist "as redee*ed us8 He "as boug"t us bac'8 He "as 2urc"ased us wit" t"e 2rice of His own body and blood= and freed us8 ,ou are boug"t wit" a 2riceD t"erefore glorify God in your body= and in your s2irit= w"ic" are God)s8 ABUNDANT LIFE W"at a t"rill to 'now t"at God so lo:ed us t"at He 2aid a great 2rice for our rede*2tion8 He ga:e His -on as our substitute= w"o assu*ed our guilt= bore our >udg*ent and endured our conde*nation= in order to absol:e us of all debt and obligation to -atan)s regi*e= so t"at we could be restored to God as t"oug" no sin "ad e:er been co**itted8 He legally redee*ed us8 He 2ro:ed "ow *uc" He :alues us and wants to be able to s"are His best wit" us 9 His abundant life8 God so lo:ed t"e world= t"at "e ga:e "is only begotten -on8 T"at was t"e 'ind of lo:e we cannot understand God)s lo:e8 -al:ation is your e*anci2ation fro* e:eryt"ing outside God)s will for "u*an'ind8 %ow you can act accordingly8 ,ou *ay s2ea' t"e language of a winner8 Confess your freedo*= instead of your bondage8 ConfessD Wit" "is stri2es= I a* "ealed= instead of your sic'ness8 Confess your rede*2tion fro* all disease8 Confess t"at

your rede*2tion is co*2lete 9 fro* sin and sic'ness8 Confess t"at -atan)s do*inion o:er you ended at Cal:ary= because it was t"ere t"at God freed you8 God)s word states all of t"is= so confess it8 SLAVES SET FREE W"en t"e sla:es in t"e 5nited -tates were e*anci2ated= t"ey were still li:ing in sla:es) Fuarters8 T"ey still loo'ed li'e sla:es8 T"ey still felt li'e sla:es8 4ut w"en t"ey "eard t"e 7*anci2ation 6rocla*ation read= t"ey "ad a legal rig"t to say= II a* free=I and to act on t"at liberty8 4elie:e in your 2rocla*ation of freedo*D -tand fast t"erefore in t"e liberty by w"ic" C"rist "as *ade us free8 ,ou are free8 Confess t"at8 Tell t"e de:il t"at you "a:e found t"e trut"8 He "as 'nown it all t"e ti*e= but "as lied to you and blinded your eyes to it8 He "as 'e2t you fro* 'nowing your legal rig"ts in C"rist= your redee*er8 T"e god of t"is world ?-atan@ "as blinded t"e *inds of t"e* w"ic" belie:e not8 Tell -atan you "a:e found t"e trut" 9 t"e trut" t"at sets you free fro* "i*8 0et "i* 'now= by your confession of God)s word= t"at you are free fro* "is do*inion and t"at you 'now it8 T"e state*ent= He ?(esus@ "as borne our griefs ?sic'nesses@= and carried our sorrows ?diseases@= is God)s c"ec' for your 2erfect "ealing8 7ndorse t"at c"ec' wit" your confession= and 2erfect "ealt" will be *anifested in

your body8 AN END TO CHRONIC AILMENTS T"e diseases of your body were laid on (esus8 ,ou need ne:er bear t"e*= because He "as borne t"e* for you8 All you need to do is belie:e t"is and begin to confess it8 efuse to allow sic'ness to stay in your body= because you were "ealed wit" His ?(esus)@ stri2es8 If C"ristians would belie:e t"is= it would be t"e end of so9 called c"ronic ail*ents in t"eir bodies8 Always re*e*berD -atan is a decei:er= a liar8 -ic'ness= disease= sin= and infir*ities= all were laid on C"rist8 He bore t"e*8 He carried t"e* away= lea:ing us free and well8 We s"ould re>oice in t"is liberty of ours8 ede*2tion "as not beco*e a reality to *any8 It "as been only a t"eory= a doctrine= or a creed8 -atan "as ta'en ad:antage of t"is lac' of understanding8 We are redee*ed fro* all t"e 2ower of -atan8 T"at *eans we are boug"t bac' fro* t"e "and of t"e ene*y8 We are born again8 We are t"e new creation8 We are freed fro* t"e 'ingdo* of dar'ness8 We are no longer sla:es of -atan8 -in and sic'ness no longer rule o:er us8 ,ou are boug"t wit" a 2riceD t"erefore glorify God in your body= and in your s2irit= w"ic" are God)s8 NO TRESPASSING How can you glorify God in your body w"en it is

wea'ened by disease? It is >ust as i*2ossible to glorify God 2ro2erly in your body w"en it is full of sic'ness as it is to glorify God in your s2irit w"en it is full of sin8 Tell t"e de:il= I-atan= you are a liar8 ,ou 'now I a* redee*ed= because I "a:e acce2ted (esus as *y redee*er8 I a* no longer dwelling on your territory= and you "a:e no legal rig"t to tres2ass on *y 2ro2erty8 It is no longer yours= neit"er is it under your >urisdiction8 I "a:e been redee*ed fro* your aut"ority by (esus C"rist8I -ay to your ene*y= IT"is sic'ness you "a:e 2ut on *e was cursed on t"e cross of Cal:ary for *e= and you 'now t"at I do not "a:e to bear it8 I co**and you= in (esus C"rist)s na*e= to lea:e *y body8 I a* free fro* your curse= for it is writtenD Wit" "is stri2es= I a* "ealed= so I a* "ealed8 God said so8 -atan= you are a liarG your 2ains are lies= your sy*2to*s are lies= and your words are lies8 ,ou are t"e fat"er of lies= (esus said you are8I T"en= t"an' t"e 0ord for your deli:erance8 -atan 'nows all of t"at8 It is only w"en "e 'nows t"at you "a:e disco:ered it t"at "e *ust res2ect your words8 -o few realiHe t"at t"ey are free fro* t"e do*inion of -atan8 He 'nows it= but until you disco:er it= "e will continue "is assault on your life8 Many "a:e died 2re*aturely because t"ey "a:e not 'nown t"eir rig"ts in C"rist8 CRUCIFIED, BURIED, AND RAISED WITH CHRIST W"en (esus was crucified= we were crucified wit" Hi*8 I a* crucified wit" C"rist8

W"en (esus was buried= we were buried wit" "i*8 W"en (esus arose fro* t"e gra:e as conFueror= we arose wit" Hi*8 He "as Fuic'ened us toget"er wit" C"ristG and "as raised us u2 toget"er in C"rist8 W"en (esus went bac' to t"e t"rone and sat on t"e rig"t "and of God= ?He@ *ade us sit toget"er ?wit" Hi*@ in "ea:enly 2laces8 We are "is ?God)s@ wor'*ans"i2= created in C"rist (esus8 T"roug" (esus C"rist= God *ade us w"at we are 9 a new creation8 If any one be in C"rist= t"at 2erson is a new creatureG old t"ings are 2assed awayG be"old= all t"ings are beco*e new8 We are now a new creature= *ade in t"e li'eness of God= t"roug" t"e 2ower of (esus C"rist8 God gi:es us His nature= His lo:e= His fait"= His life= His -2irit= His 2ower8 We are re9created8 All t"at (esus did was for us8 7:eryt"ing He conFuered was for us8 He "ad no need to conFuer -atan for Hi*self8 He "ad no sins of His own to carry away= because He "ad no sin until He too' our sins8 He did t"is for us8 He "ad no need to 2ut away sic'ness for Hi*self= because He "ad no sic'ness until He was *ade sic' for us8 He did t"is for us8 He conFuered for usG and now t"at we are

recreated in C"rist (esus and are *ade 2arta'ers wit" Hi*= we beco*e conFuerors t"roug" Hi*8 In all t"ese t"ings= 6aul says= we are *ore t"an conFuerors= t"roug" "i* t"at lo:ed us8 ALL WAS FOR US All t"at (esus did was for us= and we are now 2arta'ers of His :ictory8 We were ca2ti:es= but C"rist "as freed us fro* ca2ti:ity8 We were cursed by sin and sic'nessG but C"rist= our redee*er= "as freed us fro* t"at curse and loosed us fro* its do*inion8 We were wea'= but t"e 0ord "as beco*e our strengt"= so now we are strong8 We were bound and i*2risoned= but C"rist "as freed us fro* sla:ery8 We were sic'= but C"rist "as "o*e our sic'nesses and carried t"e* away= so now= wit" "is stri2es we are "ealed8 e*e*ber= you were sla:es of -atan8 ,ou were bound by sin and sin)s 2enalty= sic'ness8 ,ou were sub>ect to -atan)s aut"ority8 4ut now you are free8 ,ou now "a:e C"rist)s e*anci2ation 2rocla*ation 9 t"e 4ible 9 and it is ,O5 -8 $o not be a sla:e any longer8 $o li'e t"e sla:es in t"e 5nited -ates did w"en t"ey "eard t"eir 7*anci2ation 6rocla*ation readD Clai* your libertyG act on your deli:erance8

,ou are free8 -"out your freedo*8 Confess your freedo*8 4elie:e in your freedo*8 ede*2tion is a fact8 Act on your liberty8 ,our bondage is 2ast8 ,our 2rison is o2en8 ,our freedo* is granted8 T"e -2irit of t"e 0ord God is on *eG because t"e 0ord "as anointed *e to 2reac" good tidings to t"e *ee'G "e "as sent *e to bind u2 t"e bro'en"earted= to 2roclai* liberty to t"e ca2ti:e= and t"e o2ening of t"e 2rison to t"e* t"at are bound823 Moffatt)s Translation readsD to tell 2risoners t"ey are free= to tell ca2ti:es t"ey are released8

CHA6T7 11 -ATA%)- $7!7AT

TAA7 A 0OOA at I (o"n 3D/D !or t"is 2ur2ose t"e -on of God was *anifested= t"at "e *ig"t destroy t"e wor's of t"e de:il8 %ow loo' at Colossians 2D1&D Ha:ing s2oiled 2rinci2alities and 2owers= "e *ade a s"ow of t"e* o2enly= triu*2"ing o:er t"e* in it8 According to t"ese scri2tures= (esus "as destroyed t"e wor's of t"e de:il= s2oiled "is 2ower= and triu*2"ed o:er "i*8 -ince -atan)s wor's "a:e been destroyed= "is 2ower "as been s2oiled= and "e "as been triu*2"ed o:er= "e *ust be a defeated foe8 (esus) triu*2" was our triu*2"8 His :ictory was our :ictory8 He did not"ing for Hi*self 9 He did it all for us8 He defeated -atan for us8 He s2oiled "is 2ower for us8 He destroyed "is wor's for us8 He conFuered "i* for us8 ILLEGAL POSSESSION 4ut -atan ?w"o was defeated@ "olds "is *aster ?t"e c"urc"= w"ic" is t"e body of C"rist@ in bondage8 T"e defeated one is binding "is own *aster8 According to t"e %ew Testa*ent= t"e c"urc" is gi:en 2ower and aut"ority o:er an already conFuered -atan8 Can you afford to sub>ect yourself to -atan)s do*inion any longer? %e:er8 Arise fro* "is bondage8 Confess t"at you are t"e conFueror8 T"en be sure you "old fast your confession of fait" wit"out wa:eringG ?for "e is fait"ful t"at 2ro*ised@8 Maintain your confession of God)s word8

I7:ery belie:er can beco*e a de:il*aster o:ernig"t=I says !8 !8 4oswort"8 W"en (esus arose fro* t"e dead= He left an eternally defeated -atan be"ind Hi*8 Always t"in' of -atan as an eternally defeated foe8 T"in' of -atan as one o:er w"o* (esus 9 and you in (esus) na*e 9 "a:e entire do*inion and aut"ority8 T"e 4ible declaresD We are "is wor'*ans"i2= recreated in C"rist (esus8 If any one be in C"rist= t"at one is a new creature8 We are 2ositi:ely I*ade newI in C"rist8 We beco*e *e*bers of "is body= of "is fles"= and of "is bones8 THE BELIEVER'S AUTHORITY On t"e basis of t"ese scri2tures= we "a:e beco*e w"at C"rist is8 We are w"at He is8 We are in Hi*8 He confir*ed t"is w"en He said= T"ose w"o belie:e on *e= t"e wor's t"at I do s"all t"ey do also8 We now "a:e t"e aut"ority to wor' t"e sa*e wor's t"at (esus wor'ed= by doing t"e* in His na*e8 If t"is is true of our wor's= t"en it is true in regard to our standing wit" God8 God "as 2laced us in C"ristD In w"o* we "a:e rede*2tion8

God sees us in C"ristD Of "is fullness we "a:e all recei:ed8. T"ese facts constitute our confession8 We t"in'= s2ea'= 2ray= and act accordingly8 To tell w"at -atan is doing in your life is to deny w"at you are in C"rist8 W"en you 'now t"at you are w"at C"rist says you are= t"en you act accordingly= confessing w"at He "as *ade you8 T"is glorifies God and His word8 W"en (esus said in Mar' 1D23= All t"ings are 2ossible to t"e* t"at belie:e= He *eant t"at all t"ings are 2ossible to t"e belie:er8 W"at *asters He "as *ade us to beK We belie:e in Hi* 9 but w"o is He? W"at is He? If we are created in Hi*= w"at does t"at *ean? If it is in Hi* t"at we li:e and *o:e and "a:e our being= t"en we *ust find out all about Hi*8 THE CHRIST WHO LIVES IN US T"e Man at t"e rig"t "and of God= w"o lo:ed *e and died for *e= now li:es for *e8 He was God)s answer to t"e uni:ersal cry of "u*anity 9 God *anifest in t"e fles"8 (esus was not a 2"iloso2"er searc"ing for trut"G He was trut"8 He was not a *ysticG He was reality8 He was not a refor*erG He was a re9creator8 He was not a :isionaryG He was t"e lig"t of t"e world8 He ne:er reasonedG He 'new8 He was ne:er in a "urry8 He was ne:er afraid8 He ne:er s"owed wea'ness8 He ne:er "esitated8 He was always ready8 He was sure8 T"ere was sureness in all He said or did8

He "ad no sense of sin or need of forgi:eness8 He ne:er soug"t or needed ad:ice8 He 'new w"y He ca*e8 He 'new fro* w"ence He ca*e8 He 'new w"o He was8 He 'new t"e !at"er8 He 'new about "ea:en8 He 'new w"ere He was going8 He 'new "u*an'ind8 He 'new -atan8 He "ad no lac'8 He "ad no li*itation8 And we are re9created in C"rist (esus8 We are in C"rist8 We are *e*bers of Hi*8 (esus "ad no fear8 He "ad no defeat8 He did not s"rin' fro* 2ain or brutal treat*ent8 He was t"e *aster w"en t"ey arrested Hi*8 He was t"e *aster at His trial8 He was al*ig"ty= yet >ust a *an8 And He is in us8 C"rist li:es in *e8 T"at C"rist *ay dwell in your "earts by fait"8 C"rist in you= t"e "o2e of glory8 C"rist= w"o is our life8 4ut of "i* are you in C"rist (esus8 (esus C"rist is in you8 Are not t"ese facts al*ost staggering? W"en C"ristians begin to see t"eir status in C"rist and w"at God "as *ade t"e* to be in His -on= and t"en begin to s2ea' t"at 'ind of confession= instead of tal'ing about wea'nesses= lac'= inability= and sic'nesses= t"ey beco*e an irresistible body of C"rist8

T"ey ta'e t"eir 2lace as %ew Testa*ent belie:ers= as t"ey *arc" forward in t"is glorious triu*2" of fait"8 5nderstanding your relations"i2 to God and your 2osition as a belie:er re9created in C"rist= you *ust re*e*ber t"at you are aut"oriHed to use His na*e8 T"at na*e controls -atan and "is wor's= and t"at na*e "as been legally gi:en to e:ery belie:er to use8 In *y na*e t"ey s"all cost out de:ils8 If we can cast out de*ons= t"en we can cast out de*on9 broug"t diseases8 e*e*berD -atan is eternally defeated8

CHA6T7 23 TH7 A5THO IT, O! GO$M- WO $

MA%, TIM7- t"eologians "a:e not been our friends8 T"ey "a:e *ade a 2"iloso2"y of t"e trut"G t"ey "a:e turned t"e word into a dog*a and a creed w"en it s"ould "a:e been as t"oug" t"e Master were "ere s2ea'ing to us8 T"e word s2ea's to us as (esus would if He were :isibly a*ong us8 It ta'es His 2lace8 It "as t"e sa*e aut"ority as He would "a:e if He were to a22ear before us8 W"en we 2ic' u2 t"e 4ible= it would be good to re*e*ber t"at it is t"e boo' wit" God and life in it8 T"e word is always now8 It "as been= it is and it will be t"e :oice of God8 It is ne:er old8 It is always fres" and new8 To t"e "eart t"at is in fellows"i2 wit" God= t"e word is God)s li:ing :oice8 T"e word of God is li'e its Aut"or 9 eternal= unc"anging= and li:ing8 T"e word is t"e *ind of God= t"e will of God8 T"e word is God s2ea'ing8 It is a 2art of God Hi*self8 It abides fore:er8 God and His word are one8 (esus was t"e word= and He li:es in *e8 I read t"e wordG I feed on t"e wordG and t"e word li:es in *e8 W"en I want *ore of Hi*= I feed on His word8 If I want to 'now *ore of Hi*= I learn *ore of His word8 I "old His word in *y "and8 I "a:e it in *y "eart8 I "a:e it on *y li2s8 I li:e it8 It li:es in *e8

T"e word is *y "ealing and *y strengt"8 It is t"e bread of life to *e8 It is t"e :ery ability of God in *e8 T"e word is t"e life of C"rist8 All He is= His word is8 T"e word is *y confession8 It is *y lig"t and *y sal:ation8 It is *y rest and *y 2illow8 T"e word gi:es *e Fuietness in t"e *idst of confusion and :ictory in t"e *idst of defeat8 It gi:es *e >oy w"ere desolation reigns8 THE WORD IS NOT A COMMON BOOK One of t"e *ost dangerous "abits t"at C"ristians "a:e is t"at of treating t"e 4ible as t"oug" it were an ordinary boo'8 In one breat"= t"ey declare t"at t"ey belie:e it to be a re:elation fro* GodG yet t"ey turn to ot"ers for "el2 w"en God "as 2ro*ised 2erfect deli:erance8 T"ey treat t"e fact of rede*2tion as t"oug" it were a fiction8 T"ey read articles about t"e word8 T"ey sing "y*ns 2raising itG yet t"ey li:e under t"e do*inion of t"e ad:ersary8 T"ey continually confess sic'ness= want= fear= wea'ness= and doubts 9 in t"e face of t"is re:elation fro* God of t"eir rede*2tion= of t"e substitutionary sacrifice of C"rist= and of t"e fact t"at He is seated now at t"e rig"t "and of God= "a:ing finis"ed a wor' t"at 2erfectly satisfies t"e de*ands of >ustice and *eets e:ery need of "u*an'ind8 6eo2le read about rede*2tion 9 e:en sing about it 9 but

t"en tal' about it as t"oug" it were a fable8 T"at is t"e reason for t"e great a*ount of sic'ness= wea'ness8 fear= and disease in t"e c"urc" ?t"e body of C"rist@ today8 T"at is w"y t"e a:erage C"ristian *anifests no boldness= but fears e:ery t"reat of -atan8 All of t"is can be c"anged i**ediately8 (ust 2ur2ose to gi:e t"e word t"e sa*e 2lace you would gi:e C"rist were He to *anifest Hi*self :isibly in your 2resence8 IS HE SPEAKING TO ME? A *iner lay dying in "is s"ac' in t"e "ills of California8 A C"ristian wo*an read (o"n 3D1+ to "i*8 He o2ened "is eyes and loo'ed at "er= as'ing= IIs t"at in t"e 4ible?I I,es=I t"e lady said8 I$oes it *ean *e?I ICertainly=I s"e assured "i*= Iit *eans you8I He lay t"ere for a w"ile= t"en as'ed= IHas He said anyt"ing else?I And s"e read (o"n 1D 12D As *any as recei:ed "i*= to t"e* ga:e "e 2ower to beco*e t"e c"ildren of God8 T"en s"e added softly= IHe is s2ea'ing to ,O58I T"e *an o2ened "is eyes and w"is2ered again= II acce2t Hi*8 I a* satisfied8I T"en "e died8 A C"ristian said= II wis" I 'new w"et"er He *eant *e w"en He ga:e us Isaia" #1D13G !ear notG for I a* wit" youG

be not dis*ayedG for I a* your GodD I will strengt"en youG I will "el2 youG I will u2"old you wit" t"e rig"t "and of *y rig"teousness8 $id He *ean *e? I(ere*ia" 33D3 says= Call to *e= and I will answer you= and s"ow you great and *ig"ty t"ings= w"ic" you 'now not8 Is He s2ea'ing to *e? Can I clai* t"is? IW"at about Isaia" #&D11D As' *e of t"ings to co*e concerning *y c"ildren= and concerning t"e wor' of *y "ands co**and you *e8 Is t"is for *e? IIn (o"n 1&D. (esus saidD If you li:e in *e= and *y words li:e in you= you s"all as' w"at you desire= and it s"all be done to you8 Was t"is written for *e? $oes it *ean I can call on Hi* and He will "ear *e?I ,es= t"ese 2ro*ises are all yours8 It is as t"oug" you were t"e only 2erson in t"e world and He was writing it all for your own s2ecial benefit8 52 to t"is ti*e you "a:e as'ed not"ing in *y na*eD as'= and you s"all recei:e= t"at your >oy *ay be full8 T"at 2ro*ise is yours8 T"ere is no Fuestion about it belonging to you8 It is as *uc" yours as a c"ec' *ade out to you and 2ro2erly endorsed8 T"at is your c"ec'8 ,ou can get it cas"ed at t"e ban'8 And God)s 2ro*ises recorded in t"e 4ible are as *uc" yours as t"at c"ec' is8 W"en in need= you can boldly confessD My God s"all su22ly all your need according to "is ric"es in glory by C"rist (esus8

W"en you are sic'= you can boldly confessD by "is stri2es= I was "ealed8 !ait" in God)s word is fait" in God8 If you want to build fait" in God= feed on His word8 5nbelief in His word is unbelief in God Hi*self8 W"en you belie:e God)s word= t"en you will gladly confess His words8 Our attitude toward God)s word settles e:eryt"ing8 Meet -atan wit" t"e words= It is written= and all of "is sic'nesses= diseases= 2ains= and sy*2to*s will "a:e to lea:e8 -ay w"at God says8 -atan can ne:er endure t"at8 He is a defeated foe= and "e 'nows it8 He "as 'nown it e:er since (esus rose :ictorious o:er deat" and "ell8 He "as always soug"t to 2re:ent t"e c"urc" fro* *a'ing t"is disco:ery8 He "as always obeyed t"e co**and of belie:ers w"o use God)s word against "i*= and "e still does t"e sa*e8 W"en "e finds t"at we "a:e disco:ered t"e secret of using= It is written= "is surrender is certain8 CONFESS WHAT GOD SAYS He sent "is word= and "ealed t"e* is for your indi:idual case8 T"e word will "eal you8 Confess t"is scri2ture in a 2ersonal wayD IGod sends His word and "eals *e8I T"en 2raise Hi* for your "ealing8 W"at God will do for one= He will do for e:eryone w"o will belie:e His word8

W"en you confess God)s word= your confession brings "ealing to you8 W"en you confess your sic'ness= your confession 'ee2s you sic'8 Always confess God)s word8 7:en w"en you *ay "a:e contradictory feelings= confess t"e word8 Confessing God)s word always wins8 His word "eals today8 Holding fast your confession of "ealing in t"e face of natural contradictions :erifies t"at your fait" is establis"ed in t"e 4ible8 God)s word is always t"e :ictor8 W"en you declare= 4y "is stri2es= I a* "ealed= your words bind -atan)s "ands8 He is defeated= and "e 'nows it8 T"e word of God is t"e greatest wea2on on eart" to use against -atan8 $uring t"e great te*2tation in t"e wilderness= (esus defeated -atan wit" only one t"ingD It is written8 T"at was t"e wea2on (esus used e:ery ti*e -atan soug"t to o:ert"row Hi*8 It is written= (esus said= t"en He Fuoted fro* t"e scri2tures w"at God "ad said8 W"at was t"e outco*e? T"e de:il left "i*= and angels ca*e and *inistered to "i*8 T"at was ulti*ate :ictory8 -atan was totally defeated8 T"e only wea2on (esus used was t"e word of God8 It always conFuers8

CHA6T7 21 CO%!7--IO% 4 I%G- 6O--7--IO%

I! ,O5 WI00 confess wit" your *out" t"e 0ord (esus= and will belie:e in your "eart t"at God raised "i* fro* t"e dead= you will be sa:ed8 T"is word sa:ed is translated fro* t"e Gree' word soHo= w"ic" *eans to be I"ealed s2iritually and "ealed 2"ysicallyI 9 "ealed in body and "ealed in soul= or sa:ed fro* sin and sa:ed fro* sic'ness8 T"e sa*e word is translated I"eal= 2reser:e= sa:e= and *a'e w"ole8 I E PRESS AND E PERIENCE 6aul addsD !or wit" t"e "eart we belie:e unto rig"teousness= and wit" t"e *out" confession is *ade to sal:ation8 Confession is *ade to sal:ation8 -al:ation does not co*e until after confession is *ade8 One *ust belie:e and confess before eB2eriencing t"e result8 T"is is fait"= and 4y grace are you sa:ed t"roug" fait"8 Always re*e*berD Confession co*es firstG t"en (esus= w"o is t"e Hig" 6riest of our confession= res2onds by granting t"e t"ings we "a:e confessed8 T"ere is no suc" t"ing as sal:ation wit"out confession8 It is always confession to sal:ation= ne:er 2ossession before confession8 Our confession causes t"e Hig" 6riest of our confession to grant us w"at we belie:e wit" our "eart t"at we "a:e= and

t"is brings us into 2ossession of it8 T"at is fait"8 God is a fait" God8 T"at is to say= He is a God w"o reFuires fait"8 We recei:e fro* God only t"e t"ings we belie:e we recei:e8 W"ate:er t"ings you desire= w"en you 2ray= belie:e t"at you recei:e t"e*= and you s"all "a:e t"e*8 WHAT IS CONFESSION? Confession is saying wit" t"e *out" w"at one belie:es in t"e "eart8 Confession is agreeing wit" God in t"e "eart enoug" to say w"at God says= to s2ea' God)s words= to use God)s eB2ressions and declarations= to ac'nowledge God)s word8 Confession is fait")s way of eB2ressing itself in our testi*ony8 6aul declared t"at "e 2reac"ed t"e word of fait"= t"en told us t"at t"e word of fait" *ust be in our "earts and in our *out"s8 T"e only way to "a:e t"e word of fait" in our *out"s is to tal' t"e word of God8 T"is is confession 9 *a'ing our li2s agree wit" GodG s2ea'ing God)s word wit" our *out"s8 ? ead o*ans 13D/8@ e:elation 12D11 tells us t"at t"ose w"o o:erca*e t"e de:il did so by t"e blood of t"e 0a*b= and by t"e word of t"eir testi*onyG t"at is= t"roug" t"e scri2tures t"ey

Fuoted as t"ey ga:e t"eir testi*ony= HE WAS NO HYPOCRITE We were as'ed to 2ray for a 2erson w"o was :ery sic' and wea'8 He felt no i**ediate results8 We t"en as'ed "i* to re2eat w"at God saidD 4y "is stri2es= I a* "ealed= and to 2raise t"e 0ord for "ealing according to His word8 T"e *an considered our reFuest to be outrig"t "y2ocrisy8 He was Fuic' to let us 'now "e did not belie:e in testifying to so*et"ing "e did not "a:e8 He said "e was sincere and would ne:er act t"e 2art of a "y2ocrite8 T"e *an was *easuring "is "ealing by "is feelings8 T"at is not fait"8 It is not "y2ocritical to say w"at God says8 Confession of a 2ro*ise gi:en us in God)s word= w"en confessed fro* t"e "eart= always brings t"e 2ossession8 I did not as' t"is *an to say "e was not sic'8 I as'ed "i* to say w"at God "ad said 9 to ac'nowledge God)s wordD Wit" "is stri2es= I a* "ealed8 ,ou are not a liar because you declare w"at God "as s2o'en8 !inally= God was *erciful and added so*e feeling to "is "ealing8 He was li'e T"o*as w"o saidD 7Bce2t I s"all see in "is "ands t"e 2rints of t"e nails= I will not belie:e8 SYMPTOMS NOT RELIABLE We 2rayed for a *an w"o "ad art"ritis in "is s"oulders and ar*s8 As we 2rayed= "e felt a wonderful blessing and was t"rilled wit" w"at "e felt8 4ut later= "e felt anot"er 2ain8 T"at discouraged "i*8 He ca*e to *e saying= I(ust

listen to *y >oints crac' and 2o28I Instead of saying= IT"e word says I a* "ealed= and I 'now I)ll reco:er=I "e was *ore concerned wit" 2"ysical e:idence t"an wit" t"e word of God8 I told "i* of a si*ilar case w"ere we 2rayed for a lady= and s"e "ad belie:ed wit" 2erfect confidence8 After two days s"e returned to s"ow us t"at "er >oints were co*2letely "ealed8 Her fait" "ad set "er free8 To t"is= t"e *an res2ondedD II a* glad you told *e t"at8 It encourages *e8 I was afraid I would not get "ealed8 4ut if s"e got well= t"en I will be all rig"t8I T"e word of God "ad *eant not"ing to t"at *an8 T"e 2ro*ise gi:en by (esus= T"ey s"all lay "ands on t"e sic'= and t"ey s"all reco:er= was e*2ty and *eaningless to "i*8 He "ad felt a 2ain= so God)s word *ust "a:e failed8 W"ile "e was feeling good= "e was sure t"e word was trueG but t"e 2ain "ad annulled t"e w"ole t"ing= so far as "e was concerned8 0earn to confess w"at our 0ord says= and He will fulfill His 2ro*ise to you= because He is t"e Hig" 6riest of our confession8 T"e confessions of I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you and by "is stri2es= I a* "ealed always 2recedes t"e *anifestation of "ealing= >ust as t"e confession of (esus C"rist as 0ord and sa:ior always 2recedes t"e eB2erience of sal:ation8 (esus is t"e Hig" 6riest of our confession 9 our words=

w"at we say wit" our li2s 9 w"en it corres2onds wit" His word8 He does according to w"at we say8 We s"ould ne:er confess anyt"ing but :ictory= because 6aul saysD In all t"ese t"ings we are *ore t"an conFuerors8

CHA6T7 22 !AITH I% O5 IGHTPRAYING FOR FAITH <7 , O!T7% 67O607 *a'e t"e *ista'e of 2raying for fait"8 T"is you need ne:er do8 !ait" co*es by "earing t"e word of God8) T"at is t"e uniFue 2rescri2tion for recei:ing fait"8 %e:er 2ray for fait" to be "ealed8 As you learn to 'now God)s word= you will "a:e fait"8 T"e word of God de:elo2s fait"8 A doubter often 2rays for t"ings already 2ossessed8 6eter saysD His ?God)s@ di:ine 2ower "as ?already@ gi:en to us all t"ings t"at 2ertain to life8 Healing "as to do wit" life8 T"ings "a:ing to do wit" life "a:e already been gi:en to you8 4elie:e t"at t"ey are yours8 Confess t"e*8 NEVER PRAY FOR FAITH All t"e 2ro*ises of God in C"rist are yea= and in "i*= A*en= to t"e glory of God by us8 In ot"er words= 6aul is sayingD I7:ery 2ro*ise of God t"at C"rist died to 2ay for is yes= so 9 go for itK It is yours8 !ind your 2ro*ise8 4elie:e it and begin to confess it8 It belongs

to you8 4y "is stri2es= you were "ealed8 ,our "ealing is already 2ro:ided= li'e your s2iritual sal:ation8 It is not so*et"ing you *ust 2ray for= but confess and acce2t8 4y reading t"e 4ible= you "ear God s2ea'8 ,ou "ear Hi* say= I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 ,ou "ear Hi* say= 4y "is stri2es= you were "ealed8 ,ou do not need to 2ray for fait" to belie:e t"at God told t"e trut"8 ,ou "a:e "eard Hi* s2ea'= and you "a:e belie:ed His word8 ,ou *ay 2ray for "ealing= but fait" gi:es birt" to "ealing8 Anow your rig"ts= t"en you will "a:e fait"8 4ut you can 'now your rig"ts only by reading and "earing t"e word8 It is not difficult to eBercise fait" for fifty dollars if you 'now you "a:e t"at a*ount in your 2oc'et8 5nconsciously= you act your fait" by buying anyt"ing wit"in t"at a*ount of *oney8 ,ou *ay write a c"ec' and ne:er be conscious of "a:ing eBercised fait" in your c"ec'boo'= your ban'er= or t"e ban'8 ,ou 'now t"e c"ec' will be good because you "a:e read t"e state*ent telling you t"at you "a:e t"at a*ount in your account at t"e ban'8 TRUTH LIVES IN YOU I belie:e we can beco*e so t"oroug"ly acFuainted wit" God)s word t"at we will no longer consciously eBercise

fait" w"en in need of "ealing8 We 'now "ealing is oursG it "as been 2ro:ided for us8 -ic'ness "as been 2ut away= t"roug" C"rist8 We are redee*ed fro* it8 God saysD I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 T"is beco*es a :ital trut" t"at constantly li:es and functions wit"in us8 We regard it as we do t"e strengt" of a bridge w"ic" s2ans a canyon8 We do not doubt t"e ability of t"e bridge to bear t"e weig"t of our auto*obile8 We >ust dri:e across it8 We "a:e eBercised fait"= yet we did it unconsciously8 T"e word beco*es so real and :ital to us t"at w"en we co*e to face a need w"ic" "as been 2ro:ided for in t"e word of God= we dri:e on across t"e i*2ossible= considering not"ing but t"at God is bac' of t"at word8 It cannot fail8 We confess its trut"= its ability= and go on8 It cannot fail us8 We no longer try to be "ealed8 God says we are "ealed8 We confess it and t"an' Hi* for it= 'nowing it is for us8 We no longer try to belie:e8 We are belie:ers if we are sa:ed= and all t"ings are ours8 eal fait" 2ossesses8 !ait")s 2ossessions are >ust as real as 2"ysical 2ossessions8 -2iritual t"ings are >ust as real as *aterial t"ings8 Get accusto*ed to s2ea'ing God)s language8 AcFuaint yourself wit" t"e words of God and train yourself to s2ea' t"e* because of t"eir abundance in your "eart8

CHA6T7 23 TH7 0A%G5AG7 O! !AITH

IT I- O!T7% said t"at tal' is c"ea28 Many s2end t"eir ti*e in idle tal'8 W"en I was a c"ild= *y fat"er would say to *e= I$o less tal'ing and *ore listening8 I A great 2ercent of tal'ing is done by 2eo2le w"o s"ould be listening8 Wise 2eo2le always obser:e *ore t"an t"ey eB2ress8 T"eir words are few= but weig"ty8 Mar:elous :ictories "a:e been won t"en lost t"roug" unnecessary words8 (esus calls it idle words= e:ery one of w"ic" He says we s"all gi:e account8 -olo*on said= T"e one w"o 'ee2s "is or "er *out" 'ee2s t"eir life8 (a*es= w"o said t"e tongue is an unruly e:il= ga:e so*e ad:ice well wort" "eeding w"en "e said= 4e swift to "ear ?and@ slow to s2ea'8 Many fail to recei:e w"at t"ey 2ray for= because t"ey fail to understand "ow i*2ortant t"eir confession is regarding t"at t"ing8 -o*e w"o "a:e been "ealed by t"e 2ower of God find t"eir ac"es and 2ains= and so*eti*es t"e disease itself= returning to t"eir bodies8 And t"ey wonder w"y8 We belie:e you will understand t"e Iw"yI of t"is and t"at it will ne:er "a22en to you w"en you "a:e finis"ed reading t"is boo'8

WE UNCONSCIOUSLY CONFESS WHAT WE BELIEVE !ait" always tal's about t"e t"ing 2rayed for as t"oug" it were already recei:ed= e:en before it is seen= "eard= or felt8 ,ou see= w"en you confess sic'ness= it is because you belie:e in sic'ness *ore t"an you belie:e in "ealing8 ,ou confess wit" your li2s w"at you belie:e in your "eart8 Out of t"e abundance of t"e "eart t"e *out" s2ea's8 We 2rayed for a sic' *an in "is "o*e= and God *ar:elously touc"ed "is body8 According to God)s word= t"is *an would reco:er8 I assured t"e* of t"is trut"8 T"en as we left t"e "ouse= t"e *ot"er saidD I$o continue to 2ray for "i*8I 4y t"at reFuest= s"e confessed t"at s"e doubted God)s wordsD T"ey s"all reco:er8 -"e i*2lied t"at unless we 2rayed continuously to God= He would not fulfill w"at His word 2ro*ised8 T"e 4ible *eant not"ing to "er8 -"e e:en went a ste2 furt"er8 -"e began to brag on t"e de:il and to co**end "is fait"fulness= instead of God)s fait"fulness8 )As soon as you lea:e=I s"e said= It"e de:il is sure to gi:e "i* a se:ere test8 I 'now t"e old ene*y will do "is best to steal *y son)s "ealing8 4e sure and 2ray *uc" for "i*8I

W"at a confession to be gi:en to t"e credit of t"e de:il by a Ibelie:er8I -"e ne:er confessed any confidence in God or in His unfailing 2ro*ises8 All of "er confession was in 2raise of t"e fait"fulness of -atan8 I saidD IIt see*s to *e t"at you "a:e *ore confidence in -atan t"an you "a:e in God8 ,ou see* to be 2ositi:e t"at -atan will co*e and try your son= but you do not see* so sure of God)s di:ine 2resence and assistance8 I T"en I as'edD IIf -atan is fait"ful= is not God *ore fait"ful?I I,es=I s"e re2lied8 I told "er= IT"e angel of t"e 0ord enca*2s round about t"e* t"at fear "i*= and deli:ers t"e*8I And I re*inded "er of (esus) 2ro*ise= 0o= I a* wit" you alway= and of "ow God "ad 2ro*ised= I will ne:er lea:e you nor forsa'e you8 T"en I as'edD IWill you be fearful of -atan)s 2ower in t"e 2resence of God)s angels and of t"e 0ord Hi*self at your "ouse?I T"is= of course= "el2ed "er and s"e was encouraged to belie:e8 ANNULLING FAITH C"ristians often 2ray according to t"e scri2tures= but

w"en so*e sy*2to* a22ears= t"ey disregard t"e word of God and confess t"eir sic'ness= annulling t"eir 2rayer and its effects8 God)s blessings are "indered w"en we let our li2s contradict His word8 If a disease t"reatens your body= do not confess it8 Confess t"e wordD Wit" "is stri2es= I a* "ealed8 -ay w"at God says8 Confess His word8 $isease gains t"e u22er "and w"en you agree wit" t"e testi*ony of your natural senses8 ,our fi:e senses "a:e no 2lace in t"e real* of fait"8 Confessing 2ains= ac"es= and diseases is li'e signing for a 2ac'age t"at t"e 2ost office "as deli:ered8 -atan t"en "as t"e recei2t 9 your confession 9 fro* you= s"owing t"at you "a:e acce2ted "is 2ac'age8 $o not acce2t anyt"ing sent by t"e de:il8 7:en t"oug" your fi:e senses *ay testify t"at it "as co*e to you= refuse to confess it8 0oo' i**ediately to t"e word of God8 e*e*ber you were "ealed8 DOUBT REPRODUCES DOUBT 6eo2le 2ractice confessing t"eir wea'nesses and failures= and t"eir confession adds to t"eir wea'ness8 T"ey confess t"eir lac' of fait"= and t"at *ulti2lies t"eir doubt8 T"ey 2ray for fait"= forgetting t"at by so doing t"ey are only confessing doubt8 T"is increases t"eir doubt because

God cannot answer t"eir 2rayer= seeing t"at He "as said= !ait" co*es by "earing ?not by 2raying@= and "earing by t"e word of God8 SYMPATHY SEEKERS ,ou s"ould ne:er tal' about your sic'ness8 W"en you tell 2eo2le your troubles= it is usually to get t"eir sy*2at"y8 ,our sic'ness ca*e fro* t"e de:il= your ad:ersary8 W"en you tell of your troubles= you are gi:ing testi*ony to -atan)s ability to get you into trouble8 W"en you tal' about your sic'ness and disease= you are glorifying t"e ad:ersary w"o "ad t"e ability to 2ut t"at disease or sic'ness on you8 6eo2le often welco*e 2ity and sy*2at"y8 6ity can ne:er "el2 your 2ains8 -y*2at"y can ne:er "el2 you get well8 -y*2at"y is suffering wit" anot"er8 W"at you need is not sy*2at"y= but substitution= w"ic" is suffering for anot"er8 (esus did not co*e to be your sy*2at"iHer8 He beca*e your substitute8 Many 2rayers for t"e sic' consist of little *ore t"an sy*2at"y and 2ity8 T"ese will only feed and nouris" t"e worst ene*y you "a:e8 Our 2osition as belie:ers is not to sy*2at"iHe wit" t"e sic' and 2ity t"e* because of t"eir 2ains= but to assu*e aut"ority o:er disease= on t"e basis of C"rist)s substitution= and co**and t"ose 2ains and sic'nesses to

lea:e in (esus) na*e8 God said to (os"uaD 4e strong and of good courageG be not afraid8 neit"er be dis*ayedD for t"e 0ord your God is wit" you8 T"ere s"all not any 2erson be able to stand before you all t"e days of your life8 (esus s2ea's to youD 4e"old= I gi:e to you 2ower o:er all t"e 2ower of t"e ene*yD and not"ing s"all by any *eans "urt you8 MORE THAN A CON!UEROR 0earn to confess w"at God "as said in His word8 T"en you can re2eat His words= and no 2ower can succeed against you8 4y confessing His words= you are always t"e :ictor8 God 'nows no defeat= and neit"er does His word8 Wit" God not"ing s"all be i*2ossible8I %ow cou2le t"at :erse wit" t"isD and not"ing s"all be i*2ossible to you8 ,ou begin to see t"at by using t"e two unfailing wea2ons 9 God)s word and (esus) na*e 9 t"e irresistibility of God beco*es your irresistibilitirresistibility8 %o wea2on t"at -atan *ay for* against t"ese wea2ons s"all 2ros2er8 ConfessD We are *ore t"an conFuerors t"roug" "i* t"at lo:ed us8 ConfessD I can do all t"ings t"roug" C"rist w"ic"

strengt"ens *e8 ,ou cannot 'now defeat using God)s words8 T"ey are eternal8 T"ey are all92owerful8 T"ey are su2ernatural8 We confess t"at God "as ta'en us out of t"e real* of failure and 2ut us w"ere :ictory= 2eace= >oy= strengt"= and "ealt" 2re:ail8 As we *a'e t"ese bold confessions and act on t"e word of God= our fait" beco*es strong8 T"is will c"ange you8 It will c"ange your *inistry8 It will c"ange your life8 GOD IS YOUR STRENGTH ,ou "a:e 2rayed for success8 ,ou "a:e 2rayed for 2ower8 ,ou "a:e 2rayed for great *iracles of "ealing8 %ow you see w"ere your strengt" lies8 God is your strengt"8 Act on w"at you 'now= and your wis"es and desires will all be realiHed8 It will be li'e a drea* co*ing true8 It will suddenly dawn u2on you t"at *uc" of w"at you "a:e been 2raying and begging for= God "as already gi:en you= and it "as only been waiting for you to clai* it by fait" and your action8 -uddenly= your rede*2tion beco*es a reality= instead of a *ere doctrine or creed 9 so*et"ing you "a:e analyHed and acce2ted 2"iloso2"ically8 ,our fait" is *easured by your confession8 6eo2le w"o negati:ely confess t"eir wea'nesses and

failures= t"eir 2ains and sy*2to*s= and w"at t"ey can not do= in:ariably sin' to t"e le:el of t"eir confession8 A s2iritual law t"at few realiHe is t"at our confession rules us8 W"en we "onor C"rist and our "earts fully agree wit" our confession= t"en we turn our li:es o:er to Hi*8 T"at is t"e end of worry and of fearG it is t"e beginning of fait"8 W"en we belie:e t"at C"rist arose fro* t"e gra:e for us= t"at by His resurrection He conFuered t"e ad:ersary for us 9 w"en t"is beco*es t"e confession of our li2s and we belie:e it wit" our "earts 9 t"en t"e word of God will be fulfilled in our li:es= and t"roug" our li:es= for t"e good of ot"ers8 If we "a:e acce2ted (esus as -a:ior and confessed Hi* as 0ord= we are a new creation8 We are "eirs of God= and >oint9"eirs wit" C"rist8 -ic'ness and disease can no longer do*inate us8 We "a:e co*e to 'now t"at we are united wit" deity8 T"is *ay not dawn on us all at onceG but as we study t"e 4ible and act on it= li:e in it= and let it li:e in us= it beco*es a li:ing reality8 T"at reality is de:elo2ed t"roug" our confession8

CHA6T7 2# WH, -OM7 0O-7 TH7I H7A0I%G

I% HI- 4OOA= (esus t"e Healer= 78 W8 Aenyon writesD !or *any years I "a:e been bot"ered because I could not understand w"y 2eo2le= w"o "ad recei:ed t"eir "ealing and "ad all t"e e:idences of 2erfect deli:erance= s"ould "a:e t"e diseases return8 I belie:e I "a:e *ade t"e disco:eryD T"eir fait" was not in t"e word of God= but in sense e:idence8I W"at do I *ean by sense e:idence? I *ean t"e e:idence of t"eir sig"t= "earing= and feeling8 T"ey were li'e so*e of t"e sic' 2eo2le w"o ca*e to t"e Master8 T"ey "ad "eard t"at He "ad "ealed so*e of t"eir friends8 T"ey saidD IIf I can get to Hi*= I will be "ealed8I As t"ey drew near= t"ey saw ot"ers "ealed8 T"e blind could seeG t"e deaf could "ear8 T"ey cried out for t"eir s"are of t"e blessing and were "ealed8 T"ere are *any w"o co*e to us for "ealing because t"e !at"er "as been gracious in "ealing *any ot"ers t"roug" our *inistry8 Many "a:e no ti*e to be taug"t t"e word8 T"ey "a:e no interest in t"e 4ible8 T"ey "a:e no desire for t"e word8 All t"ey want is "ealing 9 deli:erance for t"e*sel:es8 We 2ray for t"e*= and t"ey are "ealed8 In a little w"ile t"ey return and say= II cannot understand it8 T"at "ealing did not last8 All t"e sy*2to*s are bac' again8 I

WHERE IS THE DIFFICULTY? It lies in t"isD T"ey "ad no fait" in t"e word of God8 T"ey 'new not"ing about t"e word= as far as "ealing was concerned8 T"eir fait" was in *e= or in so*e ot"er 2erson= not in God)s word8 T"e 4ible declaresD 4y "is stri2es= I a* "ealed8 Ta'e t"is as an illustrationD A *an ca*e to *e wit" a :ery bad 'nee8 T"e doctors "ad told "i* t"at an a*2utation was necessary8 He was instantly "ealed w"en 2rayer was *ade8 !i:e or siB days later= w"ile wal'ing on t"e street= t"e old 2ain returned8 He saidD IT"is cannot be8 I a* "ealed by His stri2es8 In (esus) na*e= 2ain= lea:e *y 'nee8I T"at *an stood on t"e word of God and t"e 2ain left= ne:er to return8 Ot"ers acce2t t"eir sense e:idence 9 w"at t"ey can see= feel= or "ear8 T"ey lose t"eir "ealing because t"ere is no Ide2t" of soilI 9 as (esus 2ut it in t"e 2arable of t"e sower8 REAL FAITH Our fig"t is a fait" fig"t8 We wrestle not against fles" and blood= but against 2rinci2alities= against 2owers= against t"e rulers of t"e dar'ness of t"is world= against s2iritual wic'edness in "ig" 2lacesG I but we are *ore t"an conFuerors t"roug" C"rist our 0ord8 0i'e 6eter at t"e gate of t"e te*2le= we sayD In t"e na*e of

(esus C"rist of %aHaret"= rise u28 0i'e 6aul= w"en "e cast t"e de*on out of t"e insane wo*an= we sayD In t"e na*e of (esus= I co**and you to co*e out of "er8 We s"ould t"an' t"e 0ord for t"is aut"ority8 -ay t"isD -urely "e "as borne our griefs ?sic'nesses and diseases@= and carried our sorrows ?2ains@8 Ha:e t"is on your li2sD Wit" "is stri2es we are "ealed8 Confess t"at= instead of confessing your 2ain8 He bore t"at 2ain8 Confess your "ealing= instead of confessing your disease8 He bore t"at disease8 eal fait" always "olds fast to t"e confession of t"e word= w"ile our 2"ysical senses "old fast to t"e confession of our 2ains and sy*2to*s8 If I acce2t 2"ysical e:idence instead of t"e word of God= I annul t"e word of God as far as I a* concerned8 4ut I "old fast to w"at God saidD 4y "is stri2es= I a* "ealed8 I *aintain t"at confession in t"e face of all contradictory sy*2to*s8 7:ery ti*e you confess wea'ness and failure= you *agnify t"e ad:ersary abo:e t"e !at"er8 ,ou destroy your own confidence in God)s word8 -tudy t"e word until you 'now w"at your rig"ts are= t"en "old fast to your confession8 Many try to *a'e a confession wit"out "a:ing a

foundation= t"en t"e ad:ersary beats t"e* badly8 (esus said= It is written= and -atan was defeated8 ,ou sayD IIt is written8I T"en add= I4y "is stri2es= I a* "ealedG He "as borne *y sic'nesses and carried *y diseases8I T"ey o:erca*e "i* by t"e blood of t"e 0a*b= and by t"e word of t"eir testi*ony8 C"ristianity is a confession8 Confess t"e wor' C"rist finis"ed8 Confess t"at He is seated at t"e !at"er)s rig"t "and8 Confess t"at He 2erfectly redee*ed you8 Confess t"at you are His c"ild8 Confess t"e aut"ority C"rist ga:e you o:er -atan8 4e"old= I gi:e you 2ower o:er all t"e 2ower of t"e ene*yD and not"ing s"all by any= *eans "urt you8 Confess t"at8 Confess your su2re*acy o:er t"e de:il8 4elie:e t"at you are *ore t"an a conFueror o:er -atan8 ,ou are "is *aster8 He 'nows t"at8 He cannot rule you any longer8 4elie:e God)s word8 4e bold in its trut"8 Confess only w"at God says8 Aee2 t"at confession 9 do not c"ange it e:ery ot"er day8 0et God)s word li:e in you and you li:e in it8 Ha:e !ait" in t"e Word= %ot in t"e 6ain -o*eone saidD II felt 2erfectly well for se:eral days after you 2rayed for *e8 T"en= suddenly= t"e sy*2to*s returned and I "a:e been in 2ain and :ery sic' e:er since8 W"at is t"e trouble?I

Here is t"e answerD 7:idently= you recei:ed "ealing t"roug" t"e fait" of so*eone else8 T"e ad:ersary too' ad:antage of your lac' of fait" and broug"t bac' t"e sy*2to*s8 He ca*ouflaged t"e w"ole t"ing= and you were filled wit" doubt and fear instead of fait"8 Instead of *eeting t"e ad:ersary wit" t"e word and in t"e na*e of (esus co**anding t"at "is 2ower be bro'en= you yielded= confessed t"e 2ain= signed t"e recei2t= and acce2ted t"e sic'ness bac' again8 W"y did you yield? 4ecause you "ad ne:er studied God)s word and you "ad no foundation in His word= ,ou were li'e t"e *an w"o built "is "ouse u2on t"e sand8 T"e stor* ca*e and destroyed it8 Get to 'now (esus 2ersonally= t"roug" His word8 W"en you 'now t"at by "is stri2es= you were "ealed as well as you 'now t"at two 2lus two are four= t"e ene*y will "a:e no 2ower o:er you8 ,ou will si*2ly laug" at "i* and say= I-atan= you 'now you were defeated8 In (esus) na*e= I co**and you to lea:e *y body=I and "e will obey8 Many= w"ose "ealing co*es t"roug" t"e fait" of ot"ers= lose t"eir "ealing si*2ly because t"ey "a:e no 'nowledge of t"eir rig"ts as set fort" in t"e word of God8 $a:id saysD !orget not all "is benefitsD w"o forgi:es all your iniFuitiesG w"o "eals all your diseases8 6"ysical "ealing is one of t"e benefits of C"rist8 ,our confession about t"at is your fait" tal'ing8

SYMPATHY OR HEALING ,ou cannot tal' sic'ness and disease and wal' in "ealt"8 ) ,ou cannot tal' about disease and 2ains= co*2laining about your troubles and obtaining e:erybody)s sy*2at"y= and be "ealed8 4y telling ot"ers about your troubles= sorrows= 2ains= and ac"es= you in:ite disease and deny your rig"ts to di:ine "ealt"8 ,ou tell 2eo2le your troubles in order to get t"eir sy*2at"y8 6eter saidD Cast all your care u2on "i*G for "e cares for ?is concerned about@ you8 If 2eo2le will eBtend sy*2at"y to you by "earing of your difficulties= "ow *uc" *ore will your "ea:enly !at"er s"ow co*2assion to you w"en you tell Hi* of your needs8 0earn to tal' fait"= t"en you will be a :ictor in e:ery battle8 I (o"n &D# s"ould be 'nown to e:ery belie:er= and you s"ould confess it boldlyD W"ate:er is born of God o:erco*es t"e worldD and t"is is t"e :ictory t"at o:erco*es t"e world= e:en our fait" Tal' fait" tal'8 Gi:e u2 -atan)s confession8 -to2 tal'ing defeat8 -to2 tal'ing sic'ness8 -ic'ness is of t"e de:il8 Wea'ness is of t"e de:il8 $isease is of t"e de:il8 Troubles are fro* t"e de:il8 As long as you are 2raising -atan)s wor's= you cannot eB2ect to *aintain :ictory8 ,our li2s can be filled wit" fait" words8 T"e word is near to you= e:en I 8 n your *out" and in your "eartD t"at is= t"e word of fait"= w"ic" we 2reac"8

W"en you "a:e fait"= you no longer *oan and groanG you 2raise and re>oice8 !ait" tal's 2ositi:ely8 !ait" sings >oyfully8 !ait" 2rays confidently8

CHA6T7 2& TH7 TH 77 WIT%7--7I% 7<7 , CA-7 t"ere are t"ree witnesses8 18 T"e word of God8 T"e word declaresD Wit" "is stri2es= we are "ealed8 28 T"e 2ain8 T"e 2ain declares t"at t"e sic'ness and disease is not "ealed= t"at t"e sy*2to*s are still 2resent= t"at t"e word is not true8 38 T"e sic' 2erson8 T"e sic' one declaresD 4y "is stri2es= I a* "ealed= 2lacing "is or "er testi*ony alongside t"e word of God= refusing to ta'e bac' t"eir testi*ony8 T"ey declare in t"e face of 2ain 9 in t"e face of sense e:idence 9 t"at t"ey are "ealed8 T"ey "old fast t"at confession of t"eir fait"= and God *a'es it good8 God always stands by t"ose w"o stand by His word8 He saysD My word s"all not return to *e :oid8 4ut often= w"en we o2en t"e word and 2ro:e t"at wit" "is stri2es= we are "ealed= 2eo2le sayD I,es= I can see t"at= but t"e 2ain is still t"ere8 It "as not left *e8I T"ey "a:e acce2ted t"e testi*ony of t"eir senses rat"er t"an t"e testi*ony of t"e word8 Here is a wo*an w"o is wea'8 -"e cannot wal'8 I bring "er t"e word t"at saysD T"e 0ord is t"e strengt" of *y life= of w"o* s"all I be afraid? -"e says=I ,es= I see t"at scri2ture= but I cannot wal'8I -"e denies t"e word of God8 T"e testi*ony of "er li2s=

>oined wit" t"e testi*ony of "er senses= annuls t"e word of GodG and s"e re*ains ill8 On t"e ot"er "and= "ad s"e steadfastly *aintained "er testi*ony t"at t"e word was true= in t"e face of contradictory sense e:idence= s"e would "a:e been "ealed8 A young *an wit" a "ard growt" under "is "eel ca*e to us for 2rayer= He was co*2elled to wal' on "is toes8 His foot was 2ainful8 I told "i*= after 2raying= to wal' on t"at "eel in (esus) na*e= and t"e "ard growt" would lea:e8 He Fuic'ly obeyed= and t"e growt" :anis"ed8 A few days later= w"en "e was about to re*o:e "is s"oe to 2ro:e "is "ealing to a s'e2tic= t"e 2ain struc' "i* a terrific blow= and it felt as t"oug" t"e growt" "ad returned8 Instead of acce2ting t"e testi*ony of "is senses= "e acce2ted God)s word8 I**ediately= "e saidD I6ain= I rebu'e you in t"e na*e of (esus8 0ea:e *y foot8 I was "ealed= t"roug" t"e stri2es of (esus8I T"e 2ain left= to return no *ore8 He 2ro:ed to t"e s'e2tic t"at "e was "ealed8 He confessed t"e trut"= and t"e trut" set "i* free8 One w"o was *inistered to for sto*ac" ulcers "ad been :o*iting as *any as fi:e and siB ti*es a day8 After being 2rayed for= a test ca*e8 After :o*iting= s"e would say= IT"an' ,ou= (esus= for "ealing *e8 ,our word says I a*

"ealed8I T"e ene*y was defeated= and s"e was co*2letely restored8 !ait" always wins8 T"e word declares t"at you are "ealed8 W"at t"e word says is true8 ,ou declare t"at you are "ealed because God said so8 ,ou *aintain your confession of "ealing in t"e face of e:ery sy*2to* contrary to t"e word= and God always *a'es it true8 OUR SENSES AND THE WORD %e:er confess your feelings8 T"ey wea'en your fait"8 T"ere will always be a conflict between your feelings and t"e word of fait"8 T"e word de*ands t"at we wal' by fait"8 Our senses de*and t"at we wal' by sig"t8 T"e word de*ands obedience to t"at word= w"ile our senses lead an o2en rebellion against t"e word8 Wal'ing by fait" is wal'ing by t"e word8 To wal' in t"e fles" is to wal' according to t"e senses8 We loo' not at t"e t"ings w"ic" are seen= but at t"e t"ings w"ic" are not seen8 RENEWING OF THE MIND Our natural *ind cannot co*2re"end suc" a battle= so 6aul co**ands us to cast down i*aginations= and to bring into ca2ti:ity e:ery t"oug"t8

T"e unrenewed *ind re>ects w"at God says8 T"e carnal *ind is en*ity against GodD for it is not sub>ect to t"e law of God= neit"er indeed can be8 It cannot understand t"is *essage= so it refuses to listen to it8 W"at we need is a renewing of t"e *ind so t"at we can gras2 t"ese :ital trut"s8 We recei:e t"is renewing t"roug" studying t"e 4ible8 %ot only *ust we s2ea' rig"t= but we *ust also t"in' rig"tD W"ate:er t"ings are true ?t"e word is true@= >ust= 2ure= lo:ely= of good re2ortG t"in' on t"ese t"ings8 As you t"in' in your "eart= so are you8 In 2 Corint"ians 13D&= we are taug"t to bring e:ery t"oug"t into ca2ti:ity8 We cast down reasoning and gi:e t"e word of God its 2lace in our "earts and in our *inds8 We "a:e t"e *ind of C"rist8 God)s s2iritual and 2"ysical transfor*ations are to co*e to us t"roug" t"e renewing of t"e *ind8 6aul says= 6resent your bodies a li:ing sacrifices T"e body is t"e laboratory of t"e fi:e sensesG no wonder it needs to be 2resented as a sacrifice8 6aul goes on to sayD 4e transfor*ed by t"e renewing of your *ind= t"at you *ay 2ro:e w"at is t"at good= and acce2table= and 2erfect will of God8 W"en t"e *ind is renewed= it can see t"e s2iritual :alue of t"e rig"t confession8

CONFESS YOUR HEALING TODAY 6aul saysD 4e"old= now is t"e acce2ted ti*eG be"old= now is t"e day of sal:ation ?or deli:erance@8 Webster says sal:ation *eans Ideli:erance fro* sin and its 2enalty8I -ince 2 Corint"ians +D2 is true regarding sin= it *ust be true regarding sic'ness= w"ic" is a 2art of t"e 2enalty of sin8 Arise out of your doubts= wea'nesses= and fears8 $o not tal' about t"e*8 Ta'e deli:erance fro* your disability8 Ha:e a strong body wit" w"ic" to glorify God8 Aneel and 2ray8 Tell t"e !at"er t"at you are His c"ild8 Tell Hi* t"at you gi:e good t"ings to your c"ildren8 Tell Hi* t"at you are sure He is *ore willing to gi:e good t"ings to His c"ildren8 -2ea' to your disease or sic'ness= calling it by na*e8 Co**and it in (esus) na*e to lea:e your body8 Co**and your wea'ness to lea:e= confessing t"at t"e 0ord is t"e strengt" of your life8 7n>oy your rig"ts and "el2 ot"ers to en>oy t"e sa*e rig"ts8 -atan cannot 2ut on you w"at God laid on (esus C"rist8 -in and sic'ness were nailed to t"e cross= so you are free fro* t"eir curse fore:er8 ,ou are "ealed8 T"e 0ord "as redee*ed you fro* t"e curse of t"e law8 CGal 3D13E T"e 0ord "as redee*ed ?you@= and ranso*ed ?you@ fro* t"e "and of "i* ?-atan@ t"at was stronger t"an ?you@8 C(e 31D11E

!or t"e rig"t of rede*2tion is yours to buy8 C(e 32D.E 4e"old= you "a:e *ade t"e "ea:en and t"e eart" by your great 2ower and stretc"ed out ar*= and t"ere is not"ing too "ard for you8 C(e 32D1.E E PLANATORY NOTE T"is c"a2ter concludes *ost of w"at we s"all teac" in t"is boo' on t"e sub>ect of confession8 T"e substance of t"is :ital *aterial "as been gleaned fro* t"e writings of $r8 78 W8 Aenyon w"o was t"e first C"ristian writer in conte*2orary c"urc" "istory to disco:er t"is 4ible trut"8 T"e *aterial abridged "as been used by 2er*ission and "as been ta'en fro* "is four boo'sD I% HI- 6 7-7%C7 (7-5- TH7 H7A07 TWO AI%$- O! !AITH TWO AI%$- O! A%OW07$G7 -o*e of $r8 Aenyon)s state*ents "a:e been rearranged= but t"e essence is unc"anged because of "is uniFue ability to eB2ress t"e 2rinci2le of 2ositi:e confession as it relates to a22ro2riating w"at God "as 2ro*ised and w"at (esus C"rist "as 2ro:ided8 7:ery C"ristian s"ould read t"ese boo's8

CHA6T7 2+ I%T O$5CTIO% ?TO TH7 %7NT !O5 CHA6T7 -@

4, $ 8 $AI-, WA-H45 % O-4O % TH7 !I -T T7ACHI%G I e:er "eard concerning di:ine "ealing was entitled= W"ere $oes -ic'ness Co*e !ro*? I "ad ne:er really t"oug"t about w"ere sic'ness ca*e fro*8 I can ne:er tell you w"at t"is *essage did for us and t"e effect it "ad u2on our li:es8 In t"is *essage= t"e e:angelist clearly s"owed us= by t"e word of God= t"at -atan is t"e aut"or of sic'ness= disease= and 2ain= and t"at God is t"e Aut"or of life and "ealt"8 I "ad ne:er "eard t"at -atan was t"e cause of infir*ities and diseases= but "ad assu*ed= as I "ad been taug"t= t"at God 2laced t"e* on 2eo2le to disci2line or refine t"e* or to bring glory to Hi*self8 W"en I "eard t"at sic'ness was fro* t"e de:il= I i**ediately deter*ined to resist sic'ness as I would resist t"e de:il8 I "ated sic'ness and disease as I "ated -atan and "is 2ower= and certainly ne:er wanted "is diseases in *y body8 T"e e:angelist went on to s"ow us our aut"ority o:er t"e de:il and o:er "is wor's in t"e na*e of (esus C"rist8 W"en t"e teac"ing was concluded= I felt li'e a conFueror8 My life was c"anged= and it "as been different e:er since8 A noted C"ristian leader once said= I%o great s2iritual

awa'ening "as e:er co*e to any nation until= first= t"e c"urc" "as learned to discern de:ils and to cast t"e* out8I It is for t"is 2ur2ose t"at I "a:e 2re:ailed u2on *y "usband to write t"e following four c"a2ters= so t"at you *ay "a:e a clear understanding of t"e wor' of de*on s2irits in disease today= and s"all be able to resist t"e*= to discern t"e*= and to cast t"e* out in (esus) na*e8 %ow= as you read= do so wit" an o2en "eart8 Co*2are t"e contents of t"ese c"a2ters closely wit" t"e scri2turesG and w"en you disco:er t"e facts to be true= treasure t"e* in your "eart and begin to act on t"e*8 e:8 !8 !8 4oswort" once said= I7:ery C"ristian can beco*e a de:il*aster at once by recei:ing a clear understanding of t"e wor' of de*ons= and of t"eir legal defeat at Cal:ary8I My "usband and I "a:e found t"is to be true w"ere:er we "a:e taug"t t"ese 4ible trut"s8 ,ou will ne:er fear t"e de:il again once you understand "ow totally 2owerless "e is8 7:ery belie:er "as aut"ority o:er -atan8 0earn about yours and eBercise it by fait" in t"e word of God8

CHA6T7 2. -C I6T5 7 7A$I%G

A!T7 TH7-7 THI%G- t"e 0ord a22ointed ot"er se:enty also= and sent t"e* two and two before "is face into e:ery city and 2lace= w"ere "e "i*self would co*e8 T"erefore "e said to t"e*= into w"ate:er city you enter= "eal t"e sic' t"at are t"ere8 And t"e se:enty returned again wit" >oy= saying= 0ord= e:en t"e de:ils are sub>ect to us t"roug" your na*e8 And "e said to t"e*= I be"eld -atan as lig"tning fall fro* "ea:en8 4e"old= I gi:e you 2ower to tread on ser2ents and scor2ions ?two scri2tural e*ble*s of de:ils@= and o:er all t"e 2ower of t"e ene*yD and not"ing s"all by any *eans "urt you8 %otwit"standing in t"is re>oice not= t"at t"e s2irits are sub>ect to youG but rat"er re>oice= because your na*es are written in "ea:en8 C0' 13D192G /91G 1.923E T"ese :erses *a'e it clear t"at t"e i*2ortant t"ing is not to cast out de*ons in (esus) na*e= but for t"e lost to be sa:ed8 T"e *ain ob>ecti:e of our *inistry is not to cast out de:ils= but to 2reac" t"e gos2el to t"e lost8 4ut in order to successfully 2reac" t"e gos2el wit" 2ower and de*onstration of t"e -2irit= it is :ital t"at we "a:e aut"ority o:er satanic e:il= and t"at we eBercise t"is aut"ority8 Two great 2owers are engaged in a life and deat" struggle

o:er "u*an beings8 (esus described t"e* w"en He saidD T"e t"ief ?s2ea'ing of -atan@ co*es to steal= and to 'ill= and to destroyD I a* co*e t"at t"ey *ig"t "a:e life= and t"at t"ey *ig"t "a:e it *ore abundantly8 C(n 13D13E 6eter saidD ,our ad:ersary t"e de:il= as a roaring lion= wal's about= see'ing w"o* "e *ay de:our8 C1 6et &D/E 4ut (o"n saidD T"e -on of God was *anifested= t"at "e *ig"t destroy t"e wor's of t"e de:il8 C1 (n 3D/E

CHA6T7 2/ WHAT A 7 $7MO% -6I IT-?

$7MO%- A 7 WICA7$= "ateful= and destructi:e8 $e*on s2irits are 2ersonalities= >ust li'e "u*an s2irits are 2ersonalities8 $e*ons are s2irits wit"out bodies in w"ic" to dwell8 We are s2irits wit" bodies8 Our s2irits are fro* God8 $e*on s2irits are fro* -atan8 DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BODY AND SPIRIT I "a:e a body= but I a* a s2irit8 My s2irit dwells in *y body8 I eB2ress *yself ?*y s2irit@ wit" t"e faculties of *y body8 ,ou can see *y body= but you cannot see *e because t"e real *e is a s2irit li:ing inside *y body8 My body is si*2ly t"e "ouse *y s2irit li:es in8 -o*eday *y body will die and return to t"e dust= but I ?*y s2irit@ s"all ne:er die8 I s"all return to God fro* w"ere I ca*e8 I ?*y s2irit@ a* a 2ersonality8 I eB2ress *yself wit" *y body8 If *y body were ta'en away= I ?*y s2irit@ could not eB2ress *yself8 -e:er *y tongue and *y s2irit could not tal'8 $estroy *y ears and I could not "ear8 4lind *y eyes and I could not see8 7:en t"oug" *y eyes would be blind= *y ears deaf= and *y tongue re*o:ed= *y s2irit would still be t"ere= but it could not see= "ear= or s2ea'8

A*2utate *y legs and ar*s= destroy *y sense of s*ell and *y :ocal cords= and still you would not "a:e destroyed *y s2irit8 4ut *y s2irit could no longer eB2ress itself8 My s2irit would still "a:e a body= but its faculties of eB2ression would "a:e been destroyed8 %ow you can understand w"at I *ean w"en we tal' about t"e difference between *y s2irit and *y body= or t"e difference between *e and *y body8 DEMONS DESIRE E PRESSION $e*ons are e:il s2irits wit"out bodies wit" w"ic" to eB2ress t"e*sel:es in t"is world8 T"ey long to find eB2ression but cannot do so until t"ey are in 2ossession of a body8 %ow you can understand w"y t"e e:il s2irit= w"ic" was cast out of t"e *an= "ad no rest and could not be satisfied8 It was a s2irit of -atan sent fort" to destroy and to 'ill8 W"en it could not find eB2ression in a body= it was tor*ented until= wit" t"e aid of se:en ot"er s2irits *ore wic'ed t"an itself= it was able to reenter t"e *an and once again find eB2ression for its e:il and destruction8 A de*on is a 2ersonality 9 a s2irit= >ust li'e you and *e8 As you yearn to do good= to s2ea' 'ind words= to "ear *usic= to see t"e flowers= to eB2ress yourself in con:ersation= and to res2ond to i*2ulses wit" so*e eB2ression= de*on s2irits yearn to eB2ress t"e*sel:es8

4ut since t"ey "a:e no bodies of t"eir own= t"ey *ust wander t"roug" t"e land=) see'ing a body in w"ic" t"ey can enter and find eB2ression to carry out t"eir *ission of e:il8 HUMANITY - SATAN'S TOOL FOR DESTRUCTION $e*ons delig"t to use 2eo2le to do t"eir dirty wor'8 T"eir greatest 2ower to defile= to destroy= and to abuse 2eo2le is t"roug" anot"er "u*an being8 God *ust also use "u*an instru*ents= anointed by t"e Holy -2irit= to bless= to ins2ire= to encourage= and to lift t"ose w"o need His di:ine "el28 T"e *essage of good news *ust be re2orted by "u*an li2s8 God uses "u*an instru*ents to *inister to t"e "u*an fa*ilyG li'ewise= -atan uses "u*an instru*ents to destroy t"e "u*an fa*ily8 -atan uses so*e *an or wo*an to defile an innocent boy or girl= t"en sends t"at boy or girl out as "is *issionary into t"e 2ublic sc"ools and colleges to defile t"e *inds of ot"ers8 T"e :irtues of life are abused and destroyed by sinful li:ing as young 2eo2le are scarred and *ar'ed by -atan)s influence8

WHO IS SATAN? -atan is t"e god of t"is world8 C2 Cor 2D#E He is t"e 2rince of nations8 He is t"e aut"or of all our *iseries and sorrows= of our diseases and 2ains= of deat" itself8 He is t"e 'ing and ruler of all de*on s2irits8 He rules t"e dar' "osts of "ell8 His c"ief desire and design is to destroy "u*an life and= t"erefore= to bring sorrow to t"e "eart of God= our "ea:enly !at"er8 We can better understand w"o -atan is by t"e na*es gi:en to "i* in t"e 4ibleD In Matt"ew 13D11= "e is called t"e wic'ed one8 In :erse 31= "e is called t"e ene*y= and t"e de:il8 $e:il *eans Iaccuser=I Idefa*er=I or Islanderer8I In e:elation 12D13= "e is called t"e accuser of belie:ers8 In I 6eter &D/= "e is called t"e ad:ersary and is co*2ared to a roaring lion= see'ing w"o* "e *ay de:our8 In e:elation 23D2= "e is described by a grou2 of na*es al*ost too "ideous to conte*2lateD t"e dragon= t"at old ser2ent= w"ic" is t"e de:il= and -atan8 In (o"n /D##= "e is called by (esus a *urderer= a liar= and t"e fat"er of it ?lies@8 In Matt"ew #D3= "e is called t"e te*2ter8 In Matt"ew 12D2#= t"e 2rince of t"e de:ils8 In 72"esians 2D2= t"e 2rince of t"e 2ower of t"e air8

In (o"n 1#D33= t"e 2rince of t"is world8 In 2 Corint"ians 11D3= t"e corru2ter of *inds8 DEMONS' MOST USEFUL AGENTS -ince a "u*an body "as t"e broadest *eans of eB2ression= "a:ing been t"e only creation *ade in t"e li'eness of God= de*ons see' as t"eir "ig"est 2riHe to enter "u*an beings8 4ut w"en t"ey cannot find t"is *ost 2riHed 2ossession= t"en a body of less eB2ression will do8 4ut one t"ing is certain= t"ey cannot rest wit"out being in 2ossession of so*e body t"roug" w"ic" t"ey can find eB2ression8 6er"a2s now you can understand w"y= w"en (esus went to cast out t"e legion of de*ons fro* t"e *aniac= t"e de*ons begged= saying= -end us into t"e swine8 And being cast out of t"e *an= t"e de*ons entered t"e w"ole "erd of swine and t"ey all ran into t"e water and were drowned8 CM' &D 1291#E DIFFERENT TYPES OF DEMON SPIRITS -ince de*on s2irits are actual 2ersonalities= t"ey *anifest t"eir own 2ersonalities in t"e 2ersons w"o* t"ey 2ossess8 T"ere are :arious classes= or ty2es= of de*on s2irits >ust li'e t"ere are different ty2es of 2eo2le8 T"e 4ible record s"ows *any different ty2es of de*on s2irits at wor'= a few of w"ic" we s"all discuss later8

THE PROBLEM OF FEAR C"ristians need to 'now w"at t"e 4ible clearly teac"es about de*ons8 6eo2le fear t"e* because t"ey do not understand t"eir 2osition and "a:e ne:er "eard about t"eir legal defeat by C"rist our 0ord8 5ntil $aisy and I understood about de*ons and t"eir wor'= about -atan and "is defeat= we feared to s2ea' or to teac" about t"e*8 4ut now t"at we understand t"eir wor'= we would not t"in' of fearing t"e* 9 'nowing t"at= instead= t"ey fear us8 -o*e say t"ere are no suc" t"ings as de*ons today= t"at t"e title is *erely a figure of s2eec"G but t"is is not true8 T"e 4ible is as clear and definite in its teac"ings about de*ons as it is about angels8 4ot" are actual and real today8 4ot" s"ould be understood8 I will gi:e you a few accounts of "ow de*ons "a:e c"allenged us in our own *inistry= eBactly as t"ey did in 4ible days= w"ic" is 2roof of t"eir eBistence and of t"eir wor' today8

CHA6T7 21 TH7 MA%I!7-TATIO%- O! $7MO%". D#$%&' T()* I% TH7 4I407= we "a:e t"e record of de*ons tal'ing8 T"ey tal' t"roug" a 2erson)s faculties w"ic" t"ey "a:e 2ossessed= in t"e sa*e way t"at your s2irit ?t"e real you@ tal's t"roug" your own tongue and :ocal cords8 !or "e "ad "ealed *anyG so t"at t"ey 2ressed u2on "i* to touc" "i*= as *any as "ad 2lagues8 And unclean s2irits= w"en t"ey saw "i*= fell down before "i*= and cried= saying= ,ou are t"e -on of God8 CM' 3D1911E %ow w"en t"e sun was setting= all t"ey t"at "ad any sic' wit" :arious diseases broug"t t"e* to "i*G and "e laid "is "ands on e:ery one of t"e*= and "ealed t"e*8 And de:ils also ca*e out of *any= crying out= and saying= ,ou are C"rist= t"e -on of God8 C0' #D#39#1E He ?C"rist@ taug"t t"e* as one t"at "ad aut"ority= and not as t"e scribes8 And t"ere was in t"eir synagogue a *an wit" an unclean s2iritG and "e cried out= saying= 0et us aloneG w"at "a:e we to do wit" you= (esus of %aHaret"? Are you co*e to destroy us? I 'now you w"o you are= t"e Holy One of God8 And (esus rebu'ed "i*= saying= Hold your 2eace= and co*e out of "i*8 CM' 1D2292&E T"ese and *any ot"er scri2tures s"ow us "ow de*on s2irits= w"ic" "ad 2ossessed 2eo2le= s2o'e and tal'ed to t"ose w"o "ad co*e to cast t"e* out8 In a certain city= a *an broug"t "is wife to be "ealed and

deli:ered fro* t"e 2ower of t"e de:il w"ic" "ad 2ossessed "er8 We were told t"at t"e wo*an could not be broug"t into t"e *eeting and was= t"erefore= being 'e2t in a side roo* of t"e building w"ere we were conducting t"e crusade8 As we wal'ed into t"e roo*= I saw a :ery large= tall wo*an sitting in a c"air= wit" "er face to t"e wall8 -"e weig"ed at least 223 2ounds and was :ery strong8 As we entered t"e roo*= s"e turned around Fuic'ly and stared rig"t into *y eyes wit" a fearful= sullen loo' and said= as s"e began to rise fro* "er c"air= IW"y= I 'now you8 T"ey told *e t"is *orning t"at I would be *et by a true ser:ant of t"e *ost "ig" God8I T"e fa*ily was a*aHed because t"ey "ad not breat"ed a word about ta'ing "er to a gos2el crusade= or to a *an w"o would 2ray for "er= because s"e "ated all religious gat"erings8 T"e de*ons were fearful and= t"erefore= tried to be religious8 ? ead t"e account in Acts 1+ of t"e de*on 2ossessed wo*an following 6aul and -ilas and crying out= T"ese *en are t"e ser:ants of t"e *ost "ig" God8@ W"en t"e de*ons s2o'e to *e li'e t"at= t"e -2irit of t"e 0ord *o:ed in *e wit" indignation at t"e sullen ac'nowledg*ent of t"e de*ons and I said= I,es= you de*ons told t"e trut"8 ,ou are *et by a true ser:ant of t"e *ost "ig" God= and I ad>ure you in t"e na*e of (esus C"rist to co*e out of t"e wo*an now and lea:e "er so

t"at s"e can be sane and nor*al again8 Co*e out of "er now= I co**and you8I T"e de*ons obeyed8 T"e wo*an was set free and was soon e*bracing "er "a22y "usband= w"ile tears of gratitude 2oured fro* "er eyes8 +. D#$%&' A,# I&-#))./#&(esus *et two de*on92ossessed *en co*ing fro* a*ong t"e to*bs8 W"en He was about to cast t"e* out= t"ey cried out= W"at "a:e we to do wit" you= (esus= -on of God? are you co*e to tor*ent us before t"e ti*e? CMt /D21E W"at did t"e de*ons *ean by saying= are you co*e to tor*ent us before t"e ti*e? Of w"at ti*e were t"ey s2ea'ing? $e*ons 'now t"at "ell was 2re2ared for t"e de:il and "is angels8 T"ey 'now t"e day will co*e w"en t"e de:il will be cast into t"e la'e of fire and bri*stone= w"ere t"e beast and false 2ro2"et are= and s"all be tor*ented day and nig"t for e:er and e:er= toget"er wit" t"e fearful= and unbelie:ing= and t"e abo*inable= and *urderers= and w"ore*ongers= and sorcerers= and idolaters= and all liars= and wit" w"oe:er was not found written in t"e boo' of life8 $e*ons 'now t"at t"e day is co*ing w"en t"ey s"all be tor*ented= day and nig"t fore:er and fore:er8 T"ey 'now t"at= t"en= t"ey will no longer be able to tor*ent "u*anity= because t"eir ti*e will "a:e co*e8

T"erefore= 'nowing t"is= t"ey tre*bled before (esus and cried out= Are you co*e to tor*ent us before t"e ti*e? $e*ons fear8 T"ey tre*ble before God)s anointed ser:ants today= because t"ey 'now t"at we "a:e been gi:en 2ower o:er t"e* in (esus) na*e= and t"at t"ey *ust obey us8 T"at is w"y de*on92ossessed 2eo2le often beco*e :iolent w"en t"ey are being broug"t to a gos2el *eeting8 T"oug" t"e 2ossessed 2erson *ay 'now not"ing about w"ere "e or s"e is being ta'en= t"e de*ons are intelligent and t"ey 'now t"ey are being ta'en into t"e 2resence of God)s word= to face God)s ser:ant w"o "as 2ower and aut"ority o:er t"e*8 %ow you can understand w"y so *any totally deaf 2eo2le are "ealed w"ile sitting or standing in our crusades as t"e word of God is being 2reac"ed8 7:en t"oug" t"e deaf 2erson does not "ear t"e ser*on= t"e deaf s2irit 'nows t"at its defeat is certain8 !earing to stand in t"e 2resence of t"e word of God and of His anointed ser:ant= t"e e:il s2irit lea:es t"e body it 2ossessed= and t"e deaf 2erson can t"en "ear8 T"e sa*e t"ing is true of any ot"er 'ind of disease8 -o*e 2eo2le were bringing a de*on92ossessed wo*an to one of our crusades to be 2rayed for8 W"en t"ey arri:ed= $aisy= *y wife= "a22ened to be standing in t"e crowded entrance= s2ea'ing to so*eone8 T"e de*on92ossessed wo*an began acting :ery strange

toward t"ose w"o "ad broug"t "er8 T"e de*ons= of course= 'new t"at so*eone wit" 'nowledge of -atan)s defeat was near8 T"is de*on92ossessed wo*an Fuic'ly loo'ed all about "er= t"en located $aisy8 -"e stared at "er= and "er eyes beca*e wild and fierce8 -"e raised "er "and and 2ointed to *y wife wit" t"ese wordsD I 'now w"o you are= and I don)t want to "a:e a t"ing to do wit" you8I T"en s"e cursed aloud as s"e was led into t"e *eeting8 0ater t"at e:ening= $aisy and I too' t"e lady into a roo* and 2rayed for "er= and s"e was wonderfully deli:ered fro* t"e de*ons8 0. D#$%&' R#'.'- S1,,#&2#, T"e eig"t" c"a2ter of Matt"ew= t"e fift" c"a2ter of Mar'= and t"e eig"t" c"a2ter of 0u'e set fort" t"e story of (esus casting out t"e legion of de*ons fro* t"e *aniac8 T"e conteBt of t"ese scri2tures re:eal t"e followingD !irstD T"e de*ons actually 2rofessed to wors"i2 C"rist= e:idently see'ing to 2re:ent t"e 0ord fro* being too ste* wit" t"e*8 CM' &D+E -econdD (esus co**anded t"e* to co*e out of t"e *an? C M' &D/E T"irdD T"e de*ons begged Hi* t"at He would not tor*ent t"e*G but w"en (esus s2o'e to t"e*= t"e de*ons beca*e fearful8 C0' /D2/E

!ourt"D C"rist de*anded of t"e*= W"at is your na*e? C0' /D33E !ift"D T"e de*ons res2onded= My na*e is 0egionD for we are *any8 CM' &D1E -iBt"D W"en (esus insisted t"at t"ey de2art= t"e de*ons= s"oc'ed at being eB2elled fro* t"eir "abitation in t"e *an)s body= begged "i* *uc" t"at "e would not send t"e* away out of t"e country8 CM' &D13E T"en t"e legion of de*ons= w"ic" "ad 2ossessed t"e *aniac= tried to bargain furt"er8 If t"ey were to be forced out of t"eir "u*an 2ossession= t"e neBt best 2lace to settle would be t"e "erd of swine w"ic" was feeding nearby8 All of t"e de:ils begged "i*= saying= -end us into t"e swine= t"at we *ay enter into t"e*8 -e:ent"D I**ediately (esus ga:e t"e* 2er*ission8 And t"e unclean s2irits went out= and entered into t"e swineD and t"e "erd ran :iolently down a stee2 2lace into t"e sea ?t"ey were about two t"ousand@= and were c"o'ed in t"e sea8 CM' 1+D1.E T"is re*ar'able story s"ows "ow de*ons resent -urrendering t"eir 2lace of 2ossession= yet "ow t"ey *ust yield to t"e aut"ority of God)s ser:antsG and to us C"rist "as saidD I gi:e you 2ower and aut"ority o:er all de:ilsG and= in *y na*e you s"all cast out de:ils8 CM' 1+D1.E

THE CASE OF INSANITY An insane lady= 2ossessed of de:ils= was broug"t to us for 2rayer8 I s2o'e 'indly= saying= I4ow your "ead= 2lease8I T"is lady re2lied wit" angered eyes= IWe don)t bow our "eads8I T"is sur2rised *e= and I 'new I was face to face wit" de*ons w"o were daring to c"allenge t"e aut"ority C"rist "ad gi:en to *e8 I said in a co**and= I,es= you will bow your "ead and be silent w"ile I 2ray8I T"e de*ons s2o'e again= defying *e= IWe don)t 2ray and we don)t bow our "eads8I T"e Holy -2irit= w"ic" "as gi:en us 2ower for suc" occasions= *o:ed wit"in *e and I said boldly= I,ou "old your 2eace and obey *e= because I s2ea' in (esus) na*e= according to God)s word8I T"e de*ons t"en= fearing= because t"ey 'new t"ey "ad *et one wit" 2ower o:er t"e*= 2ro2osed to bargain wit" t"ese wordsD IWe)ll "old our 2eace today= but we)ll tal' to*orrow8I T"en I co**anded= IIn (esus) na*e= co*e out of "er now8I T"e de*ons obeyed= "er countenance was c"anged= and s"e was gloriously deli:ered8 $e*ons resist surrender= but t"ey *ust obey 3. D#$%&' M(4 C()) 5%, R#.&5%,6#$#&-' (esus taug"t a *ost re:ealing lesson about de*ons in t"e

twelft" c"a2ter of Matt"ewD W"en t"e unclean s2irit lea:es a 2erson= "e wal's t"roug" dry 2laces= see'ing rest= and finds none8 T"en "e says= I will return to *y "ouse fro* w"ic" I ca*e outG and w"en "e is co*e= "e finds it e*2ty= swe2t= and garnis"ed8 T"en "e goes and ta'es wit" "i*self se:en ot"er s2irits *ore wic'ed t"an "i*self and t"ey enter in and dwell t"ereD and t"e last state of t"at 2erson is worse t"an t"e first8 CMt 12D#39#&E We learn fro* t"is= t"at it is 2ossible for de*ons= w"ic" "a:e been cast out= to call ot"er de*ons for reinforce*ent and to re9enter t"e 2erson out of w"o* t"ey "a:e been cast= w"en t"e 2erson deli:ered fails to consecrate co*2letely to C"rist8 In t"e abo:e case= t"e de*on was cast out= but t"en t"e 2erson)s "eart "ad not been filled wit" good t"ings8 T"erefore= t"e de*on called on ot"er s2irits= *ore wic'ed t"an "i*selfG t"ey entered and settled t"ereG and t"e last state of t"at 2erson was worse t"an t"e first8 -in (esus said to t"e cri22led *an w"o "ad been "ealed= no *ore= lest a worse t"ing co*e to you8 7. D#$%&' M(4 O66184 A)%&# %, U&.-#2 We "a:e s"own t"at w"ere one de*on cannot gain 2ossession of a 2erson= "e *ay call on ot"ers to "el2 "i*8 W"ile one *ay fail= in united strengt" t"ey *ig"t succeed in cases w"ere w"ole"earted de:otion to C"rist does not eBist8 4ut let t"e C"ristian belie:er be assured t"at t"oug" -atan *ay send legions of de*ons to attac' you= t"ey s"all all fall bac' in defeat because you "a:e 2ower and aut"ority

o:er all de:ilsG and t"e 4ible saysD W"en t"e ene*y s"all co*e in li'e a flood= t"e -2irit of t"e 0ord s"all lift u2 a standard against "i*8 T"e daug"ter of a certain wo*an was 2ossessed of a de:il8 T"e e:il s2irit left t"e girl w"en fait" was eBercised8 Mary Magdalene was 2ossessed of se:en de:ils= but t"ey all ca*e out w"en (esus co**anded t"e* to8 T"e *aniac a*ong t"e to*bs was 2ossessed of a legion of de*ons= but e:ery one of t"e* obeyed t"e co**and of t"e 0ord and went out8 W"et"er it is one de*on= se:en de*ons= or a legion of s2irits= t"ey all *ust obey t"e co**and of t"e belie:er= gi:en in (esus) na*e8 THE OLD MAN WITH STRANGE SPIRITS An old *an was broug"t to us to be 2rayed for8 His 2eo2le t"oug"t "e "ad art"ritis and t"at "e was feeble *inded8 W"en "e wal'ed u2 to *e= I s"all ne:er forget "ow I felt8 I 'new t"at t"e *an was de*on92ossessed= but it was a strange 2ersonality8 4efore I 'new w"at I was saying= I 2laced *y "and on "is fore"ead and co**anded= I,ou strange s2irits= co*e out of t"is *an and lea:e "i*8I At first= t"e relati:es were sur2rised t"at I i*2lied t"at de:ils were 2ossessing t"e old *an8

%o sooner "ad I co**anded t"e strange s2irits to lea:e t"e *an t"an a :oice s2o'e bac'D IWe won)t Co*e out8 We won)t co*e out8I I beca*e indignant at t"e de:ils w"o would dare to disobey *e w"en t"ey 'new t"ey *ust do as I said8 I co**anded again= IObey *e and co*e out now= I order you in (esus) na*e8I I**ediately= t"e :oice res2onded in fearful tonesD IAll rig"t= we will co*e out8 ,es= we will co*e out8I T"en t"e old *an s*iled8 His eyes beca*e clear8 He raised one "and= loo'ing straig"t at *e= and said softly= IO"= 2raise t"e 0ord= I)* "ealed8 I 'now I)* "ealed8I He was co*2letely c"anged in a second= "is art"ritis was gone= and t"e fa*ily we2t for >oy8 9. D#$%&' R#6%/&.:# (&2 O;#4 T<%'# =<% H(># P%=#, O>#, T<#$ W"en (esus was *et by t"ose w"o were de*on 2ossessed= t"e de*ons would often cry outD We 'now w"o you are8 ,ou are t"e -on of God8 $e*ons "a:e ne:er c"anged8 T"e lady I *entioned 2re:iously said to $aisy8 II 'now w"o you are and I want not"ing to do wit" you8I T"e old wo*an said to *e= II 'now you8 T"ey told *e t"is *orning t"at I would be *et by a true ser:ant of t"e *ost "ig" God8I

Instances suc" as t"ese "a22ened in 6aul)s *inistryD T"en certain of t"e :agabond (ews= eBorcists= too' u2on t"e* to call o:er t"e* w"ic" "ad e:il s2irits t"e na*e of t"e 0ord (esus= saying= We ad>ure you by (esus w"o* 6aul 2reac"es8 And t"e e:il s2irit answered and said= (esus I 'now= and 6aul I 'nowG but w"o are you? And t"e *an in w"o* t"e e:il s2irit was lea2ed on t"e*= and o:erca*e t"e*= and 2re:ailed against t"e*= so t"at t"ey fled out of t"e "ouse na'ed and wounded8 CActs 11D1391+E $e*ons 'now w"o "a:e 2ower o:er t"e*8 T"ey 'new (esus and t"ey 'new 6aulG but as for t"ose se:en sons of -ce:a w"o tried to cast t"e* out >ust for t"e attention t"ey would recei:e= t"e de*ons *oc'ed t"e* and co*2letely o:er2owered t"e*8 God anointed (esus of %aHaret" wit" t"e Holy G"ost8 It was t"e Holy G"ost w"o said= -e2arate *e 4arnabas and -aul for t"e wor' to w"ic" I "a:e called t"e*8 T"e two 2ersons w"o* t"e de:ils ac'nowledged were bot" anointed wit" t"e Holy G"ost= t"e 2ower of God8 T"e de:il 'nows suc" and obeys t"e*8 4ut t"is case is a clear warning ne:er to 2lay wit" t"e de:il8 7:ery belie:er "as been gi:en 2ower and aut"ority o:er all de:ils and s"ould ne:er fear nor "esitate to eBecute t"is aut"ority8 (esus said= T"ese signs s"all follow t"e* t"at belie:eG In *y na*e t"ey s"all cast out de:ils Mary Magdalene was 2ossessed of se:en de:ilsG yet one *an= anointed of God= cast out all se:en de:ils8

On t"e contrary= t"ere were se:en *en= none of t"e* God)s anointed ser:ants= and all se:en *en could not cast out e:en one de:ilG but t"e one de:il o:erca*e all se:en *en so t"at t"ey fled na'ed and wounded8 W"at a co*2arison8 It 2ro:es t"at all of our natural strengt" and wisdo* is "el2less before t"e de:ilG yet= all t"e de:ils in "ell are "el2less before one belie:er w"o is anointed of God8 It also 2ro:es t"at de*ons recogniHe and obey t"ose w"o "a:e 2ower o:er t"e*8 ?. D#$%&' A,# -<# C(1'# %5 D.'#('# T"is fact= s"own clearly in t"e scri2tures= will= w"en fully understood= ser:e as a great source of strengt" to your fait" in God for di:ine "ealing8 A *inister= w"o was 2resent on a certain nig"t w"en I 2reac"ed on t"e relation of de*ons to disease= said= I$r8 Osborn= t"e *essage tonig"t "as "el2ed *e *ore t"an any I "a:e e:er "eard to "a:e fait" in God for t"e "ealing of all diseases8 Anowing t"at disease is -atan)s attac' on our bodies= rat"er t"an God)s blessing= I a* ready to resist -atan)s wor'= rebu'e "i*= and ta'e do*inion o:er "i*8I T"is *inister)s life was c"anged8 My life and *inistry were transfor*ed t"e nig"t w"en $aisy and I "eard t"at *inister in 6ortland= Oregon= 2reac" about t"e wor' of de*ons in disease8

THE SOURCE OF DISEASE Here is w"at t"e e:angelist "ad eB2lainedD 7:ery disease "as a life 9 a ger* causes it to grow8 T"at e:il life in t"e ger* did not co*e fro* God because it 'ills and destroys "u*an life8 It is fro* -atan8 It is t"at e:il life= or s2irit of infir*ity= t"at gi:es life to t"e disease= or growt"= >ust as your s2irit gi:es life to your body8 (ust as your body= w"en t"e s2irit lea:es it= dies8 and returns to t"e dust= so your disease= w"en t"e s2irit of infir*ity is cast out= dies and disa22ears8 We all *atured fro* a tiny ger*8 T"e life of t"at ger* ca*e fro* God8 T"e body= li:ing by t"e ger* or s2irit of life w"ic" God caused to eBist8 de:elo2ed until it beca*e a co*2lete "u*an body8 -o long as t"at life= or s2irit= re*ains in t"e body= t"e body continues to li:e8 4ut as soon as t"e s2irit lea:es t"e body= t"e body is deadG it decays and returns to t"e dust8 Many "u*an sic'nesses and diseases begin fro* a tiny ger*= an e:il satanic life= sent to li:e in and 2ossess t"e "u*an body and to destroy it8 As long as t"at life= t"e s2irit of infir*ity= eBists in t"e body= t"e growt" or disease li:es and continues its destructi:e wor'8 4ut as soon as t"e e:il s2irit= t"e e:il life= or s2irit of infir*ity= "as been cast out of t"e body in (esus) na*e= t"at disease or growt" is dead8 It will decay and 2ass fro* t"e body8 T"is is t"e 2rocess of "ealing8 T"e life of t"e disease or growt" is rebu'ed and cast out=

t"en t"e effects of t"e disease or growt" disa22ear in a s"ort ti*e8 W"en one is "ealed by a *iracle= of course= t"e co*2lete wor' is instantly done by t"e 2ower of God8 !or eBa*2le= a cancer is a li:ing t"ing8 Its life is satanic8 $octors all agree t"at if one could re*o:e t"e life fro* t"e cancer= t"e effects of t"at cancer would disa22ear fro* t"e body8 4ut t"ere are two li:es warring against eac" ot"erD t"e e:il life of t"e cancer and t"e di:ine life fro* God w"ic" is in your body8 Any *et"od of destroying t"e life of t"e cancer >eo2ardiHes t"e life of t"e body in w"ic" t"e cancer li:es8 W"at is t"e answer? Only fait" in t"e su2ernatural 2ower and aut"ority of God8 (esus said= In *y na*e t"ey s"all cast out de:ils8 In t"e na*e of (esus C"rist= we as belie:ers "a:e t"e aut"ority to eB2el t"e s2irit8 or life of t"e cancer8 It is satanic8 W"en t"e life of t"e cancer= w"ic" is fro* -atan= "as de2arted= t"e cancer is dead= and its effects disa22ear8 W"en we "eard t"at e:angelist eB2lain all of t"is and saw t"e 2eo2le instantly "ealed= t"en for t"e first ti*e in *y life= *any scri2tures began to "a:e *eaning in *y *ind8 T"e *inistry of "ealing beca*e a li:ing reality fro* t"at

*o*ent8 We concludedD T"en sic'ness is of t"e de:il= and we "a:e 2ower o:er t"e de:il in (esus) na*e8 We will call t"e sic'= rebu'e t"e de:ils t"at "a:e bound and 2ossessed t"eir bodies wit" disease= and cast out t"e e:il s2irits of infir*ity8 T"e diseases will die= and t"e sic' will reco:er8 I said to $aisy= I0et)s announce a s2ecial "ealing *eeting for -unday nig"t in our c"urc"8I We did= and t"e sic' were broug"t fro* near and far8 We laid "ands on t"e* as (esus co**issioned us to do8 We rebu'ed and cast out t"e s2irits of t"e diseases in (esus) na*e8 We 'new t"e wor' was done8 T"e sic' reco:ered= >ust as (esus said t"ey would8 6eo2le began telling e:eryw"ereD IT"e Osborns 2rayed for *e and I a* "ealed8I II "ad a tu*or and now it is gone8I IT"e cancer I "ad= disa22eared a few "ours after 2rayer8I IT"e ulcers in *y sto*ac" are "ealed8 T"ey are gone8I HEALING THE SICK AND CASTING OUT DEVILS %ow you can understand t"is scri2tureD T"ey broug"t to "i* ?(esus@ *any t"at were 2ossessed wit" de:ils ?notice= t"is was t"e only class of 2eo2le s2ecified w"o were broug"t to t"e 0ord@D and "e cast out t"e s2irits wit" "is word= and "ealed all t"at were sic'8

T"is :erse i*2lies t"at t"e sic'nesses w"ic" (esus "ealed were caused by de:ils8 He cast out t"e de:ils and "ealed t"e sic'8 6eter said t"e sa*e t"ing w"en "e wrote= God anointed (esus of %aHaret" wit" t"e Holy G"ost w"o went about "eating all t"at were o22ressed of t"e de:il8 THE WOMAN BOWED OVER In 0u'e= c"a2ter 13= (esus was teac"ing in t"e synagogue= and t"ere was a wo*an w"o was bowed toget"er and could not straig"ten u28 T"e 4ible says s"e "ad a s2irit of infir*ity8 W"at 'ind of a s2irit? Was it a blessing fro* God? (esus said= -atan "as bound "er8 Had doctors been as'ed to diagnose t"at wo*an)s case= not a s2ecialist in t"e world would say= IA s2irit of -atan "as bound "er8I $octors would call it art"ritis of t"e s2ine= dis2laced :ertebrae= or so*e ot"er *edical ter*8 T"ey would be correct as far as *edical science is concerned8 4ut t"e real source of t"e trouble wasD a s2irit of infir*ity fro* -atan "ad bound "er8 Cast out t"e s2irit8 ebu'e -atan)s o22ression= and s"e is "ealed8 T"at is w"at (esus did8

-2inal afflictions are still caused by -atan8 THE BLIND AND DUMB MAN T"en was broug"t to "i* one 2ossessed wit" a de:il= blind= and du*b832 W"en t"e de:il was cast out= t"e blind could see and t"e du*b could s2ea'8 A blind s2irit caused t"e blindness in t"at *an8 4lindness is still caused by -atan T"e $u*b Man T"ey broug"t to "i* a du*b *an 2ossessed wit" a de:il8 And w"en t"e de:il was cast out= t"e du*b s2o'e8 In t"is case du*bness was caused by a du*b s2irit8 And today= t"e source of du*bness is still -atan8 THE DEAF AND DUMB BOY He rebu'ed t"e foul s2irit= sa:ing to "i*= ,ou du*b and deaf s2irit= I c"arge you= co*e out of "i*= and enter no *ore into "i*8 T"en= and now= t"ose deaf and du*b are "eld by a deaf and du*b s2irit8 THE UNCLEAN MAN T"ere was in t"eir synagogue a *an wit" an unclean s2iritG and "e ?t"e de*on@ cried out8 And (esus rebu'ed "i* ?t"e foul s2irit@= saying= Hold your 2eace= and co*e out of "i*8

Here was an unruly *an in t"e synagogue= and "is condition was caused by a foul= unclean s2irit8 T"e cause of a rebellious= unclean c"aracter is still t"e de:il8 THE FEVER 6eter)s wife)s *ot"er was sic' of a fe:er8 And "e ?(esus@ stood o:er "er= and rebu'ed t"e fe:erG and it left "er8 ,ou cannot rebu'e so*et"ing t"at cannot understand your words8 ,ou can rebu'e only a 2ersonality8 (esus recogniHed -atan at wor' in t"is body= causing t"e fe:er8 He rebu'ed it= and it left8 !e:er is still of t"e de:ilG and w"en rebu'ed in (esus) na*e= it will still lea:e8 MEDICAL TERMS AND BIBLE TERMS $octors *ay call it art"ritis= but a binding s2irit of t"e de:il is t"e real cause8 T"e scientific ter* *ay be unde:elo2ed :ocal cords and dead ner:es in t"e ear= but t"e real trouble is a deaf and du*b s2irit t"at s"ould be cast out in (esus) na*e8 T"e s2ecialist *ay say it is glauco*a or cataracts= but (esus said it is a blind s2irit8 THE CASE FROM NEW YORK A wo*an= w"o was de*on92ossessed= was broug"t to one of our *eetings8 -atan was deter*ined to ta'e "er life8 Her t"roat would constrict so t"at s"e could not swallow8 -trange :oices would s2ea' fro* "er t"roat and say

terrible t"ings8 -"e was resentful and tor*ented continually because t"e :oices told "er so*eone was following "er and watc"ing "er8 W"en we 2rayed for "er and cast out t"e de:ils= s"e reeled to and fro for a few *o*ents li'e a drun' 2ersonG t"en= all at once s"e beca*e nor*al8 Her eyes= w"ic" "ad glared wit" "atred= beca*e gentle and 'indG "er li2s= w"ic" "ad been set o:er gritted teet"= for*ed a 'ind= relaBed s*ile8 Tears tric'led down "er c"ee's as s"e said cal*ly= IO"= I feel free8 I feel so "a22y8 I a* "ealed8 I a* well8 O"= I feel li'e I "a:e a new t"roat8 O"= t"an' God8 I -"e was well as soon as t"e de:il left "er= and "er t"roat was "ealed8 THE BLIND LADY A totally blind lady was broug"t to us for 2rayer8 T"e doctors "ad said "er o2tical ner:es were dead8 !or about fifteen years s"e "ad gro2ed in total blindness wit" a seeing9eye dog8 I rebu'ed t"e blind de*on w"ic" "ad bound "er8 It left w"en I co**anded it to go in (esus) na*e= and t"e lady screa*ed wit" >oy= IO"= now I see8 I a* "ealed8I THE INSANE GIRL A beautiful girl was broug"t to us for 2rayer= w"o* t"e doctors said "ad lost "er *ind because of constant 2ressure and anBiety about "er college studies8

W"en t"e de*on of insanity was cast out in (esus) na*e= we belie:ed it left "er= t"oug" not"ing instantly c"anged to indicate t"at s"e was "ealed8 4ut in a few days= s"e was nor*al and was soon wor'ing in a factory8 A MIRACLE IN KINGSTON, JAMAICA In (a*aica= a wo*an was "auled to our crusade in an old w"eelbarrow by t"ree wo*en8 -"e "ad suffered= t"e doctors said= a co*2lete stro'e of 2aralysis8 -"e "ad lain lifeless for four days and nig"ts wit"out swallowing a dro2 of water or a bite of food8 Her eyes were rolled bac' in "er "ead and "er body a22eared to be dead= eBce2t for t"e 2ulse beat of "er "eart8 I rebu'ed t"e de*on t"at "ad 2aralyHed "er and co**anded it to turn "er loose and to co*e out of "er8 T"en I called wit" a loud :oice= IO2en your eyes and be *ade w"ole8I -"e was instantly "ealed8 In a few *inutes s"e was on "er feet8 -"e wal'ed "o*e= sound and well8 Hundreds of 2eo2le in Aingston= (a*aica= 'now about t"e *iraculous "ealing of t"is wo*an= <eda McAenHie8 T"e cause of "er illness was a de*on sent fro* -atan to 'ill and to destroy "er= but God deli:ered "er8 We could record "undreds of suc" cases w"ic" "a:e occurred in our own *inistryG but I belie:e we "a:e related enoug" to 2ro:e= w"en cou2led wit" t"e scri2tural

e:idence gi:en= t"at sic'ness is still of -atan= caused by s2irits of infir*ity8 W"en t"ese s2irits are cast out in (esus) na*e= t"e sic' still reco:er8 FOOD FOR THOUGHT If sic'ness is of God= t"en doctors would be of t"e de:il because t"ey are trying to get rid of sic'ness8 If sic'ness is of God= all "os2itals would be "ouses of rebellion rat"er t"an "ouses of *ercy= because in see'ing to get rid of disease= t"ey would be rebelling against God and His alleged sic'ness 2rogra*8 If sic'ness is of God= e:ery nurse would be defying God wit" eac" effort to relie:e suffering8 If sic'ness is of God= we s"ould be against "os2itals= nurses= doctors= and *edicine= because t"ey are all see'ing to relie:e and restore t"ose w"o are suffering wit" sic'ness8 4ut since sic'ness is of -atan= t"en doctors= *edicines= "os2itals= and *edical science *ust be fro* God8 -ince sic'ness is of -atan= e:ery *anner of relie:ing t"e suffering *ust be ordained of God8 T"ose w"o belie:e t"at God wants His c"ildren to suffer s"ould ne:er call a doctor= nor reco**end *edical treat*ent to *e*bers of t"eir c"urc"esG in doing so= t"ey would be see'ing to :iolate God)s di:ine will in t"eir li:es8 Many w"o belie:e sic'ness is fro* God are ready to reco**end t"e doctor w"o* t"ey feel is best Fualified to

relie:e suffering t"roug" *edical *eans= w"et"er God wants His c"ild to suffer or not8 T"ose w"o belie:e t"at sic'ness is a blessing s"ould ne:er acce2t *edical treat*ent to get rid of t"eir disease= but s"ould rat"er 2ray t"at all of t"eir fa*ily and fellow c"urc" *e*bers would recei:e a si*ilar blessing8 T"ose w"o belie:e sic'ness is fro* God are often anBious for t"e doctor to o2erate and re*o:e t"e blessing= w"et"er God wants t"e* to "a:e it or not8 T"ose w"o belie:e t"at sic'ness is God)s c"astise*ent for His disobedient c"ildren s"ould ne:er reco**end "os2italiHation= but s"ould rat"er tell t"e sic' one to recei:e t"e di:ine 2unis"*ent until God sees fit to sto2 t"e c"astise*ent= at w"ic" ti*e t"e sic'ness would disa22ear8 4ut I notice t"at t"ose w"o belie:e sic'ness is a blessing fro* God are generally t"e first to reco**end going to t"e "os2ital for surgery or treat*ent in an atte*2t to get rid of t"e sic'ness= w"et"er it was God)s c"astise*ent or not8 T"ose w"o belie:e t"at sic'ness is fro* God s"ould be against e:ery *eans of relie:ing t"e suffering8 It is not consistent to teac" t"at disease is of God= t"en to reco**end *edical treat*ent to get rid of t"e disease8 If God wants us to suffer for His glory= t"en we s"ould rat"er suffer t"an to be well8 If it is God)s will t"at we be sic'= t"en we s"ould do not"ing to interfere wit" God)s di:ine will= and 2atiently

bear t"e sic'ness until it "as run its course8 4ut since sic'ness is of -atan= t"en e:ery *eans of relief *ust be a blessing 9 w"et"er it be t"e 2rayer of fait" or t"e gift of "ealing for t"ose w"o ser:e God fait"fully and w"o belie:e and trust His di:ine 2ro*ises8

CHA6T7 33 -,%O6-IWHEN TROUBLE BEGAN I% TH7 47GI%%I%G= *an and wo*an were created well and strong= "ealt"y= "a22y= and in fellows"i2 wit" God8 4ut -atan= t"e decei:er= caused Ada* and 7:e to disobey God and to doubt His word8 T"ey sinned against God and yielded t"e*sel:es to t"e aut"ority of -atan to be "is sla:es fore:er8 4ecause of t"is= t"ey were dri:en fro* t"e garden of 7den= to be fore:er se2arated fro* God)s 2resence8 It was t"en t"at disease= 2ain= and sic'ness began destroying t"e "ealt" of God)s creation= and "as done so e:er since until C"rist= t"e -on of God= ca*e and bore our sins and our sic'nesses and carried t"e* away8 He 2aid t"e 2enalty for our disobedience by being beaten and crucified8 He endured our sentence of deat" for us8 %ow t"at (esus C"rist "as 2aid our debt and suffered our 2enalty= in our 2lace= God "as declared us free8 T"roug" His blood= we "a:e recei:ed re*ission for sins= and by His stri2es we were "ealed8 OUR LIBERATION Our sal:ation= our deli:erance= and our rede*2tion fro* all t"e wor's of -atan "a:e been acco*2lis"ed by C"rist for us8 W"en He uttered t"ose words= It is finis"ed= it was

li'e "oisting t"e flag of t"e :ictor o:er a liberated land w"ere t"e battle "ad been foug"t= w"ere t"e ene*y "ad been conFuered and forced to surrender8 C"rist= t"e ca2tain of our sal:ation and t"e aut"or and finis"er of our fait"= ca*e to t"is world= defeated our ene*y= -atan= stri22ed "i* of "is aut"ority= carried away our 2ains and our defeats= and arose fro* t"e gra:e= triu*2"ant o:er t"e de:il8 He declared t"ose triu*2"ant wordsD It is finis"ed8 Our sal:ation= our "ealing= and our deli:erance are finis"ed8 T"e flag of :ictory is unfurled8 T"e bloodstained banner of lo:e and 2eace "as been "oisted and flies as a sy*bol of C"rist)s total triu*2" and co*2lete :ictory o:er all t"e wor's of t"e de:il w"ic" He ca*e to destroy8 %ow we are liberated fro* t"e "and of t"e o22ressor8 4ody= *ind and s2irit= we are free8 Our land is liberated8 ,ou are boug"t wit" a 2riceD t"erefore glorify God in your body= and in your s2irit8 w"ic" are God)s8 C1 Cor +D23E C"rist= t"e ca2tain of our sal:ation= "as foug"t our battle for us and "as liberated us fro* t"e 2ower and do*inion of t"e ene*y8 %ow you can say= II a* sa:ed t"roug" His blood= and I a* "ealed t"roug" His stri2es8I because rede*2tion is yours fore:er8 GUERRILLA OPPOSITION ILLEGAL WARFARE 4ut w"y= t"en= are so *any C"ristians still sic' and

diseased? 4ecause= t"oug" our 2ro2erty "as been liberated fro* t"e ene*y= t"oug" -atan)s reign "as been destroyed by C"rist= t"oug" -atan)s 2ower o:er our li:es "as been ta'en fro* "i*= t"ere re*ains a "ost of de*ons w"o continue to resist our freedo* and resent our :ictory8 $e*on s2irits "a:e no legal rig"t to continue o22ressing and afflicting belie:ers wit" disease and infir*ity= but t"ey 'now t"at t"ousands of 2eo2le do not 'now t"at -atan "as *ade a surrender and "as been defeated8 T"ousands of 2eo2le do not 'now t"at -atan)s forces "a:e no rig"ts o:er t"e* at all8 -o de*ons continue t"eir illegal o22osition to t"eir "eritage in C"rist and t"ey defeat *any8 As long as 2eo2le do not 'now about -atan)s legal defeat= "e can o2erate un"indered8 4ut our business is to read and to 'now God)s word and to disco:er t"e record of -atan)s co*2lete defeat8 T"en we can resist t"e de:il= steadfast in t"e fait"= and "e will flee fro* us8 RECOGNIZING THE ENEMY -atan is your ad:ersary8 $e*ons are your ene*ies8 T"ey resent your legal rig"ts o:er t"e* and are >ealous of your "eritage8 T"ey will always see' to "inder your 2rogress and c"eat you out of e:ery inc" of your 2ro*ised land8 4ut= li'e (os"ua and t"e c"ildren of Israel= you *ust go in and 2ossess your land= wit"out fear8

,ou *ust recogniHe your ene*y= s2ot "i*= study "is tactics of warfare= and be s'illed in ability and fait" to dri:e "i* out8 T"is can be done by reading and 'nowing God)s word8 T"e wea2ons of our warfare are not carnal= but *ig"ty t"roug" God to 2ull down t"e strong "olds of -atan8 C2 Cor 13D#E !or we wrestle not against fles" and blood= but against 2rinci2alities= against 2owers= against t"e rulers of t"e dar'ness of t"is world= against s2iritual wic'edness in "ig" 2laces8 C72" +D12E 7:eryt"ing e:il= destructi:e= discouraging= *alicious= and binding is of -atan8 7:eryt"ing good= blessed= lo:ely= 'ind= and 2ure is of God8 7:ery good gift and e:ery 2erfect gift is fro* abo:e= and co*es down fro* t"e !at"er8 C(a 1D1.E God "as gi:en us all t"ings t"at 2ertain to life8 C2 6e 1D3O T"e -on of *an is not co*e to destroy our li:es= but to sa:e t"e*8 C0' 1D&+E We "a:e concluded t"at -atan is bad and God is good8 Good t"ings are fro* God and bad t"ings are fro* -atan8 -atan= your ad:ersary= is always 2resent to c"allenge your fait"= your integrity= and your co:enant rig"ts8 -atan always leads an o2en rebellion against God and His fa*ily8

4ut (esus C"rist was *anifested= t"at "e *ig"t destroy t"e wor's of t"e de:il8 13 T"e wor's of t"e de:il are= and always "a:e been= to steal= and to 'ill= and to destroy) I t"e s2irits= *inds= and bodies of God)s creation= in w"ole or in 2art8 C"rist ca*e to destroy all of t"ese wic'ed wor's of -atan8 He "as o:erco*e t"e* and "as gi:en us 2ower and aut"ority o:er all de:ils8 How -atan resents t"isK How >ealous "e isK He o22oses us8 He des2ises us8 4ut we "a:e been warned to be on t"e alert8 We "a:e been gi:en a full ar*or wit" w"ic" to resist "i*8 (esus= before going bac' to t"e !at"er= conferred u2on e:ery belie:er t"e rig"t to use His na*e against t"e de:il8 T"e sword of t"e -2irit= w"ic" is t"e word of God= is ours to use against -atan8 Our feet are s"od wit" t"e gos2el8 T"e "el*et of sal:ation is on our "ead= and t"e s"ield of fait" is our defense wit" w"ic" we s"all be able to Fuenc" all t"e fiery darts of t"e wic'ed8 (esus= our ca2tain= saysD 4e"old= I gi:e you 2ower o:er all t"e 2ower of t"e ene*y8 C0' 13D11E He ga:e t"e* 2ower and aut"ority o:er all de:ils8 C0' 1D1E In *y na*e t"ey s"all cast out de:ils8 CM' 1+D1.E

T"ey s"all lay "ands on t"e sic'= and t"ey s"all reco:er8 CM' 1+D1/E We need ne:er fear nor tre*bleG but only be strong= bold in fait"8 Wit" t"e w"ole ar*or of God= we are to resist -atanG in t"e na*e of (esus we are to cast out de:ilsG and wit" t"e sword of t"e -2irit= w"ic" is t"e word of God= we can defeat e:ery o22osing force8

CHA6T7 31 -ICA%7-- A 407--I%G O A C5 -7?

MA%, -A,= I6er"a2s God "as seen fit to lay t"is disease on *y body8 Maybe it is His will for *e to be sic'8 6er"a2s it is His blessing in disguise8 It *ay be one of t"e *ysterious ways in w"ic" He wor's out good t"ings in *y life8I T"e following t"oug"ts will "el2 you to understand t"at t"ese t"ings are not trueD ". G%2 C())' S.6*&#'' C(8-.>.-4 T"e 0ord turned t"e ca2ti:ity of (ob= w"en "e 2rayed for "is friends8 C(b #2D13E T"e 4ible saysD -o -atan went fort" fro* t"e 2resence of t"e 0ord= and s*ote (ob wit" sore boils fro* t"e sole of "is foot to "is crown8 C(b 2D.E W"en God "ealed (ob= t"e scri2tures record t"e great "ealing of t"is *an of God as deli:erance fro* ca2ti:ity8 Ca2ti:ity could not be t"e will of God8 (esus ca*e in t"e -2irit of t"e 0ord to 2reac" deli:erance to t"e Ca2ti:es8 -o we see t"at God called sic'ness ca2ti:ity= and e:ery ca2ti:e of sic'ness "as now been granted co*2lete deli:erance8 + .J#'1' C())' S.6*&#'' B%&2(/# Oug"t not t"is wo*an= w"o* -atan "as bound= be loosed fro* t"is bond? C0' 13D1+E

(esus= seeing t"is wo*an bowed o:er= said to "er= Wo*an= you are loosed fro* your infir*ity8 He said t"at -atan "ad bound "er8 He ne:er once inferred t"at His lo:ing !at"er= in an effort to 2erfect so*e "idden Fuality in "er life= "ad bound "er8 God does not bind 2eo2le 9 He looses t"e*8 (esus ne:er said t"at t"is wo*an was bowed o:er to 'ee2 "er "u*ble= or t"at it was a *ysterious way God "ad of wor'ing out His will in "er life8 (esus said t"at -atan "ad bound "er8 4ondage could not be t"e will of God8 (esus ca*e to set at liberty t"e* t"at are bruised8 C0' #D1/E It was 2ro2"esied of His *inistry t"at it would loose t"e band= undo t"e "ea:y burdens= and brea' e:ery yo'e8 CIs &/D+E -o we see t"at (esus called sic'ness bondage= and e:ery bound 2erson is co**anded to be loosed= to be set free8 (esus ca*e as t"e way= t"e trut"= and t"e lift8/ He said= ,ou s"all 'now t"e trut"= and t"e trut" s"all *a'e you free8 0. T<# H%)4 S8.,.- C())' S.6*&#'' O88,#''.%& Acts 13D3/ says= (esus went about doing good= and "ealing all t"at were o22ressed of t"e de:il 9 not= Iall w"o were blessed of t"e !at"er8I T"is is t"e language of t"e Holy -2irit because= w"ile 6eter was s2ea'ing t"ese words= e:eryone w"o listened to "i*

was filled wit" t"e Holy -2irit8 T"e Holy -2irit= s2ea'ing t"roug" 6eter= at t"e "ouse of Cornelius= said t"at sic'ness is o22ression8 God does not intend for you to be o22ressed wit" any for* of sic'ness or any ot"er 'ind of o22ression8 (esus= according to t"e words of t"e 2ro2"et= ca*e to let t"e o22ressed go free8 0iberty= freedo*= deli:erance= bro'en yo'es= released burdens= and liberated ca2ti:es are t"e great results of %ew Testa*ent *inistry8 God calls sic'ness ca2ti:ityG (esus calls it bondageG and t"e Holy -2irit calls it o22ression8 Align your attitude wit" t"at of t"e word of God and be *ade w"ole8 If t"e -on t"erefore s"all *a'e you free= you s"all be free indeed8 C(n /D3+E ,ou s"all 'now t"e trut"= and t"e trut" s"all *a'e you free8 C(n /D32E -tand fast t"erefore in t"e liberty by w"ic" C"rist "as *ade us free8 CGal &D1E

CHA6T7 32 TH7 470I7<7 )- A5THO IT,

H7 CA007$ TH7 TW70<7 disci2les toget"er= and ga:e t"e* 2ower and aut"ority o:er all de:ils= and to cure diseases8 And "e sent t"e* to 2reac" t"e 'ingdo* of God= and to "eal t"e sic'8 And t"ey de2arted= and went t"roug" t"e towns= 2reac"ing t"e gos2el= and "ealing e:ery w"ere8 He ordained twel:e= t"at t"ey s"ould be wit" "i*= and t"at "e *ig"t send t"e* fort" to 2reac"= And to "a:e 2ower to "eal sic'nesses= and to cast out de:ils82 THE MINISTRY OF AUTHORITY T"e words of (esus are astonis"ing w"en acce2ted as s2o'en8 T"ey were clear and t"ey were 2owerful8 T"ey were astonis"ed at "is doctrineD for "is word was wit" 2ower8 C0' #D32E W"at a c"allenge it is to acce2t t"e words of our 0ord >ust as He s2o'e t"e* and to follow t"e *inistry as He ga:e co**and8 POWER GIVEN TO THE BELIEVER We consistently tell 2eo2le not to loo' to us= 2ro*ising t"e* disa22oint*ent if t"ey eB2ect us to "el2 t"e*8 We tell t"e* we "a:e not"ing8 We say= I$o not loo' to us= for we "a:e not"ing8I 4ut 6eter said t"e o22osite8 He said= 0oo' on us8 -uc" as I

"a:e= I gi:e to you8 Could t"is difference in attitude account for t"e difference in results? After 6eter told t"e la*e *an to rise and to wal' in (esus) na*e= "e eB2lained in Acts 3D12=13 t"at it was t"e 2ower of t"e risen C"rist t"at did t"e *iracle8 4ut t"at 2ower was in 6eter= and it is 2ro*ised to e:ery belie:er according to Acts 2D318 LOOK ON US 6eo2le today t"in' it was all rig"t for 6eter to say= 0oo' on us= but if we say t"e sa*e= it would be sacrilegious8 T"e fact is t"at belie:ers today "a:e t"e sa*e 2ower and aut"ority t"at 6eter "ad8 7:ery belie:er today *ay do t"e sa*e t"ings t"at belie:ers did t"en by acting on (esus) words now as t"ey acted on t"e* t"en8 4eing filled wit" t"is 2ower= we= too= *ay say= -uc" as I "a:e= I gi:e to you and see t"e sic' and la*e reco:er8 Has 7li>a" isen fro* t"e $ead? Herod "eard about t"e *iracles and was con:icted because "e "ad be"eaded (o"n t"e 4a2tist8 He was 2er2leBed because it was said of so*e= t"at (o"n was risen fro* t"e deadG And of so*e= t"at 7lias ?7li>a"@ "ad a22earedG and of ot"ers= t"at one of t"e old 2ro2"ets was risen again8

NOT A RISEN PROPHET, JUST FISHERMEN 4ut it was not Moses w"o did t"ose t"ings8 7li>a" was not risen fro* t"e dead8 It was ordinary 2eo2le w"o "ad beco*e followers of (esus C"rist8 Many today are li'e Herod was t"en8 T"ey t"in' of great *en and wo*en of God= or of s2ecial saints of t"e 2ast= and t"ey *useD IWere one of t"ese to raise fro* t"e dead= we could t"en see great t"ings8I God used ot"er 2eo2le in ot"er generations= but t"is is your day8 %ow He wants to use you8 ,ou are t"e belie:er of today8 T"ese signs s"all follow t"e* t"at belie:e8 T"at includes you8 T"ese *iracles= w"ic" were disturbing Herod= were not ta'ing 2lace at t"e "and of a risen 2ro2"et8 T"ey were being done by t"ose w"o li:ed in t"e day in w"ic" Herod li:ed 9 ordinary 2eo2le w"o "ad been gi:en t"e sa*e 2ower t"at 7li>a" or Moses or $aniel "ad8 IF PAUL LIVED TODAY C"ristians so*eti*es fancyD IIf only 7li>a" were "ereIG or= IIf 6aul li:ed todayIG or= IIf we could "a:e Moses or so*e ot"er 2ro2"et in our *idst today= t"ey "ad great 2ower wit" God8I 4ut t"is sort of s2iritual s2eculation will not sol:e t"e

2roble*s of today8 ,ou and I *ust loo' about us and see our 2osition today8 T"e belie:er today "as t"e sa*e 2ower and aut"ority t"at t"e belie:er "ad t"en= if we will use it8 (os"ua could co*2el t"e sun to stand stillG so can we8 $a:id could tear a2art a lion as "e would "a:e done a 'idG so can we8 T"ree Hebrew c"ildren esca2ed t"e "eated furnace wit"out a "air of t"eir "eads being singed and (o"n ca*e out of boiling oil wit"out suffering "ar*G so can we= in si*ilar circu*stances= if we belie:e8 STRENGTH IN WEAKNESS ,ou *ay say= II a* so s*all and wea'8I 4ut God is strong e:en in wea' 2eo2le8 Moses said t"at8 Isaia" said t"at8 (ere*ia" said t"at8 ,ou see= t"is allows God to c"oose t"e foolis" t"ings of t"e world to confound t"e wiseG and t"e wea' t"ings of t"e world to confound t"e t"ings w"ic" are *ig"ty8 C1 Cor 1D2.E T"is 2ro:ides t"e circu*stances in w"ic" you *ay confess= I can of *y own self do not"ing8 C(n &D33E (esus said= Wit"out *e you can do not"ing8I C(n 1&D1&E

W"en I a* wea'= t"en a* I strong8 C2 Cor 12D13E 0et t"e wea' say= I a* strong8 C(l 3D13E My ?God)s@ strengt" is *ade 2erfect in wea'ness8 C2 Cor 12D1O Out of wea'ness t"e old 2ro2"ets were *ade strong8 T"e wea'er you feel= t"e stronger you are in God8 T"is fact= as 2ro:en by so *any scri2tures= does not agree wit" t"e testi*ony of our fi:e natural senses8 4ut we wal' by fait"= not by sig"t and fait" is t"e substance of t"ings "o2ed for= t"e e:idence of t"ings not seen8 !ait" deals wit" t"e unseen and t"e unfelt t"ings= so we declare oursel:es strong in Hi*= e:en t"oug" we *ay feel wea' in oursel:es8 THE NATURAL PERSON AND GOD'S WORD God)s word declares t"at w"en we feel wea'= we are strong8 T"e natural *ind will ne:er gras2 t"is fact= nor will t"e natural 2erson e:er be able to co*2re"end it8 T"e carnal *ind is en*ity against GodD for it is not sub>ect to t"e law of God= neit"er indeed can be8 C o /D.E T"e natural 2erson recei:es not t"e t"ings of t"e -2irit of GodD for t"ey are foolis"ness to t"e*D neit"er can t"ey 'now t"e*= because t"ey ?t"e t"ings of t"e -2irit@ are s2iritually discerned8 C1 Cor 2D1#E

FAITH IS NOT FEELING We *ay ne:er feel t"at we can do t"e t"ings t"at (esus said we can do= suc" as "eal t"e sic'= cast out de:ils= cleanse t"e le2ers= and raise t"e dead= because we *ay feel so 2owerless in oursel:es8 %o 2erson w"o is willing to act according to feelings= or w"o >udges t"ings fro* t"eir outward a22earance= will e:er 'now t"e blessing of God)s strengt" being 2erfected in "u*an wea'ness8 W"en we feel wea' in our fles" and confess our wea'ness= we glorify t"e ad:ersary= w"o delig"ts to tear down our strengt" and 2re:ent God)s *iracle 2ower in our li:es8 On t"e ot"er "and= w"en we feel wea'= if we testify according to w"at God "as said and we are 2ersistent in declaring= W"en I a* wea'= t"en a* I strong= our confession of t"e word will defeat our sense of wea'ness= and we will be strong and do eB2loits8 We will glorify God= w"o alone is able to transfor* our wea'ness into strengt"= bringing :ictory out of defeat8 THE SECRET THAT WILL BRING ANOTHER GREAT REVIVAL If C"ristians can be con:inced t"at t"ey can do w"at God says t"ey can do= and t"at t"ey are w"at God says t"ey are= anot"er great day of triu*2"ant :ictory= li'e t"ose witnessed by t"e early c"urc"= will ine:itably be t"e result8 ecall (esus) great 2rayer for us in t"e se:enteent"

c"a2ter of (o"nD As you "a:e sent *e into t"e world= e:en so I "a:e also sent t"e* into t"e world8 %ow we are ordained to re2resent C"rist in t"is life8 We are to wor' t"e wor's of (esus8 We are to *anifest His fait" and His lo:e8 We are to s2ea' t"e words of t"e !at"er w"ic" C"rist ga:e us to s2ea'8 We are ordained to re2resent C"rist in t"is world= eBactly as He ca*e and re2resented t"e !at"er to t"e world8 (esus re:ealed to us >ust w"at t"e !at"er)s drea* of a son or a daug"ter was8 (esus was t"e 2erfect -on8 %ow= 6aul says= 4ecause you are sons and daug"ters= God "as sent t"e -2irit of "is -on ?(esus@ into your "earts8 W"erefore you are no *ore a ser:ant= but a son or a daug"ter8 T"e 2art of a son or daug"ter of God is now ours to s"are8 0et us ta'e our 2lace as aut"oriHed a*bassadors for C"rist= acting in C"rist)s stead8 W"at a 2ri:ilege to be a c"ild of God= and if a c"ild= t"en an "eir of God t"roug" C"rist8 W"en you ta'e suc" a stand= you will be accused as (esus was of *a'ing yourself eFual wit" God8 I recall 2reac"ing on t"is sub>ect= and a dear *an retorted= I,ou *a'e yourself eFual wit" C"rist8I I answered= I%o= I do not *a'e *yself eFual wit" C"rist8 He *a'es *e eFual wit" Hi*self 9 and I let Hi* do so8I Of course= in s2ea'ing of t"is 2osition wit" its aut"ority and 2ower= we are :ery careful to 'ee2 in *ind t"at e:en (esus said= I can of *y own self do not"ing= and again=

wit"out *e you can do not"ing82. T"e !at"er is greater t"an t"e firstborn -onG and t"e firstborn -on is greater t"an His brot"ers and sistersG so 6aul says= T"e "ead of e:ery ?belie:ing@ 2erson is C"rist= and t"e "ead of C"rist is God8 4ut t"at does not c"ange t"e fact t"at >ust as (esus= our elder brot"er= was t"e :isible re2resentati:e and agent on eart" of His !at"er w"o was in "ea:en= so we are eB2ected to be t"e :isible re2resentati:es and agents on eart" of our elder brot"er= w"o returned to and is now in "ea:en8 THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS' NAME W"erefore God "as also "ig"ly eBalted "i*= and gi:en "i* a na*e w"ic" is abo:e e:ery na*eD t"at at t"e na*e of (esus e:ery 'nee s"ould bow= of t"ings in "ea:en ?angels@= and t"ings in eart" ?2eo2le@= and t"ings under t"e eart" ?de*ons@8 4eings in all t"ree worlds are co*2elled to bow before t"at all92re:ailing= all92owerful na*eG and (esus said t"at in His na*e we could do t"e wor's t"at He "ad done8 His words areD T"e ones t"at belie:e on *e= t"e wor's t"at I do s"all t"ey do alsoG and greater wor's t"an t"ese s"all t"ey doG because I go to *y !at"er8 W"at 2ower we "a:e w"en we belie:e t"is and act wit" t"is aut"ority8 6aul says= We are a*bassadors for C"rist8 A*bassadors ne:er doubt t"at t"e country w"ic" t"ey re2resent will bac' u2 t"eir word8 T"ey 'now it will8 T"e

:ery title of t"eir office i*2lies t"at8 We are to act re2resentati:ely in C"rist)s stead=I and God t"e !at"er ne:er failed to *a'e good t"e words of (esus C"rist8 CHILDREN - NOT SERVANTS If I a* to act in C"rist)s 2lace= t"en I eB2ect *y !at"er to deal wit" *e as He did wit" (esus C"rist8 According to Galatians= c"a2ter #= He "as ado2ted *e and *ade *e His c"ild= e:en a >oint "eir wit" (esus8 JOINT HEIR - COMBINED INHERITANCE If two 2ersons beco*e >oint "eirs to P1=333= it does not *ean t"at t"ey eac" recei:e P&338 T"ey bot" beco*e "eirs of t"e sa*e P1=3338 T"ey "a:e a co*bined in"eritance8 6aul says= W"erefore you are no *ore a ser:ant= but a son or daug"ter= and if a son or daug"ter= t"en an "eir wit" God t"roug" C"rist8 In o*ans= "e *a'es it still 2lainer and *ore 2owerfulD And if c"ildren= t"en "eirsG "eirs of God= and >oint "eirs wit" C"rist8 %o wonder (esus tried to gi:e t"is trut" to t"e disci2les= w"o were so dull of "earing= w"en He said= 4elie:e on *e ?and@ t"e wor's t"at I do= you s"all do alsoG and greater wor's t"an t"ese s"all you doG because I go to *y !at"er8 We "a:e beco*e >oint "eirs of t"e sa*e 2ower t"at (esus 2ossessed8 We are "eirs of God= as (esus was an "eir of

God8 It is t"roug" Hi* t"at we "a:e t"is 2ri:ilege8 It is by fait" t"at we *ay clai* t"is "eritage8 it is ours to clai* because we "a:e a legal rig"t to it8 We s"ould assu*e our 2lace as a c"ild of God= as an "eir of GodG and wit" t"is eFual 2ower wit" C"rist= according to (o"n 1#D12= ta'e our 2lace= acting re2resentati:ely in (esus) stead= bringing to t"e world t"e blessings 2ro*ised by our "ea:enly !at"er8 DEFEAT MAGNIFIED Muc" "as been said and 2reac"ed concerning w"at C"ristians need and w"at C"ristians oug"t to "a:eG about w"at t"ey used to 2ossess and t"e t"ings t"ey cannot doG of t"eir defeats= t"eir failures= and t"eir s"ortco*ings8 <ery little "as been told C"ristians about w"at t"ey can do= of t"e 2ower t"at t"ey do "a:e= and of t"e secrets of fait" t"at will win8 Great e*2"asis "as been 2laced u2on t"e *inistry of t"e 2reac"er w"o can eB2ose t"e failures= wea'nesses= disabilities= and faults of C"ristians= t"oug" a re*edy for t"eir condition *ay ne:er be gi:en8 To diagnose t"e case= but ne:er 2rescribe t"e re*edy= is futile8 Co**on sense would tell us t"at greater stress s"ould be 2laced u2on t"e *essage t"at encourages belie:ers to atte*2t t"e i*2ossible= instead of causing t"e* to feel t"at t"ey are destined to failure8 I 'now t"at 6eter began to sin' w"en "e got "is eyes off t"e 0ordG but w"y *agnify "is failure? I would rat"er co**end "i* for wal'ing on t"e water= e:en for Only a s"ort distance8 I would try to con:ince "i* t"at "e could

do it again= 2er"a2s adding t"at t"e neBt ti*e "e would not sin' at all8 THE POWER OF BIBLE COURAGE I "a:e read *any boo's about di:ine "ealing= *iracles= and su2ernatural *inistries t"roug" t"e 2ower of God8 -o *any ti*es a writer can lea:e t"e reader wit" t"e i*2ression t"at= w"ile *iracles are 2ossible= only a :ery few s2ecial c"osen ones would really "a:e t"at 'ind of fait"8 4ut w"en t"e boo'= Two Ainds of !ait"= by 78 W8 Aenyon was 2laced in our "ands= we noticed t"at t"e aut"or soug"t to con:ince us t"at we could do anyt"ing and e:eryt"ing God said we could do8 T"is *essage carried wit" it t"e s2irit of a conFueror8 It *ade us 'now t"at we could succeed8 We acce2ted t"e c"allenge of t"e aut"or8 4y acting on t"e word of God= as "e suggested= and "a:ing t"is encourage*ent t"at we could do eB2loits= t"at we could be conFuerors= our li:es and *inistries were re:olutioniHed8 We began to succeed fro* t"e day we read t"at boo'8 YOU CAN BE A CON!UEROR C"ristian= you can do e:eryt"ing God or His -on (esus said t"at you can do8 (esus said= t"ey s"all lay "ands on t"e sic'= and t"ey s"all reco:er8 T"at is eBactly w"at will "a22en w"en you lay your "ands on t"e sic'= eB2ecting God to 'ee2 His word8 (esus said= In *y na*e t"ey s"all cast out de:ils8 He ga:e

you 2ower and aut"ority o:er all de:ils8 T"e 4ible says He did8 T"erefore= w"en you co**and a de*on to co*e out of one w"o is 2ossessed= t"e de*on *ust obey you= because you belie:e and eB2ect God to 'ee2 His word8 If (esus *eant anyt"ing= He *eant w"at He said8 If t"e word of God *eans anyt"ing= it *eans w"at it says8 God will do w"at He said He would do= and we can do w"at God says we can do8 I CAN DO ALL THINGS ,ou will ne:er grow s2iritually by confessing w"at you cannot do8 0earn to *a'e your testi*ony declare w"at you can do= according to w"at God said in His word= and you will begin to grow s2iritually8 6aul saysD I can do all t"ings t"roug" C"rist w"ic" strengt"ens *e8 6aul ne:er s2o'e of w"at "e could not do= but of w"at "e could do8 4elie:e t"at you can do e:eryt"ing God says you can do8 4elie:e t"at you are w"at God says you are8 We are *ore t"an conFuerors t"roug" "i* t"at lo:ed us8 We are :ictors8 We are o:erco*ers8 We always triu*2" w"en we belie:e God)s word8 If God was wit" Moses= He will be wit" us8 W"en He 2ro*ised to be wit" (os"ua e:en as He "ad been wit" MO-7-= He *eant t"at He would be wit" us >ust as He "ad been wit" Moses8

ORDINARY PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME Moses= $aniel= $a:id= 7li>a"= 6eter= and 6aul were *ade of t"e sa*e *aterial we are *ade of8 T"ey were ordinary 2eo2le li'e you and *e8 7li>a" was a *an sub>ect to t"e sa*e 2assions as we are8 Men and wo*en w"o "a:e been eBa*2les of God in ot"er generations were ordinary 2eo2le li'e you and *e8 T"ey yielded t"eir li:es to God= belie:ed His words= and acted on t"e*8 T"is is 2recisely w"at you can doG and w"en you do= you will realiHe t"e sa*e results THIS IS OUR DAY God wants us to face our world and to *eet "er need today as 6eter did in "is day8 T"is is our clay of *inistry8 oll u2 your slee:es and go set t"e ca2ti:es free8 O2en t"e blind eyes= unsto2 t"e deaf ears= and brea' t"e bands of -atan and "is sic'nesses8 T"e world is de2ending on you8 ,ou "a:e t"is 2ower in you8 It is gi:en to you by God8 Act on it today8 4egin today= acting in (esus) na*e 9 in His stead8 OTHERS HAVE GONE - WE REMAIN In t"e s2ring of 11#.= w"ile 2astoring a c"urc" at McMinn:ille= Oregon= we "eard of $r8 C"arles 6rice)s deat"8 We "ad ne:er seen "i*G yet w"en we "eard t"at "e "ad died= I we2t bitterly8 God began to tal' to *e8

T"e -2irit called to *y *ind t"e na*es of s2iritual leaders of t"e 2ast= not one of w"o* we "ad e:er *et or "eard 2reac"8 %ow t"ey were gone fore:er fro* t"is world)s scene of action8 We would ne:er *eet t"e* in t"is life8 T"e world would ne:er again feel t"e i*2act of t"eir *inistries8 We would only "ear of t"eir dyna*ic fait"8 I said= I0ord= t"ey are gone8 Millions are still dying8 Multitudes are sic' and suffering8 To w"o* will t"ey go for "el2? W"o will reac" our large cities and fill our large auditoriu*s wit" your 2ower= "ealing t"e sic' and casting out de:ils? W"at will t"is world do now?I MY COMMISSION God answered *e and said= IMy son= as I was wit" Moses= so will I be wit" you8 ,ou go and cast out de:ils8 ,ou "eal t"e sic'8 ,ou cleanse t"e le2ers8 ,ou raise t"e dead8 I gi:e you 2ower o:er all t"e 2ower of t"e ene*y8 $o not be afraid8 4e strong8 4e courageous8 I a* wit" you as I was wit" t"e*8 %o de*on s"all be able to stand before you all t"e days of your life if you can get 2eo2le to belie:e *y word8 I used t"ose *en and wo*en t"en= but now I desire to use you8I MIRACLES AND HEALING $aisy and I too' God at His word8 It "ad ne:er occurred to *e t"at God *ig"t want to use us li'e t"at8 -ince t"en= we "a:e ta'en t"e gos2el to se:enty nations and "a:e 2robably reac"ed and led to (esus C"rist *ore unreac"ed souls and *ay "a:e witnessed *ore great "ealing *iracles t"an any cou2le w"o "as yet li:ed8

Multitudes "a:e recei:ed (esus C"rist as sa:ior and 0ord= and tens of t"ousands of a*aHing *iracles "a:e been done by God)s 2ower as we "a:e obeyed C"rist and 2reac"ed t"e gos2el8 We *ade t"e disco:ery t"at (esus *eant w"at He said8 As we "a:e witnessed t"e deaf "ear= t"e blind see= t"e du*b s2ea'= and t"e la*e wal'= it "as strengt"ened us to 'now (esus) wordsD 0o= I a* wit" you always e:en to t"e end of t"e world8 God is wanting to use you= too8 If you will obey His word and act on it= all t"ings are 2ossible to you8 0u'e 1D3. says= !or wit" God not"ing s"all be i*2ossible8 %ow= add to t"at 2ro*ise Matt"ew 1.D23= %ot"ing s"all be i*2ossible to you8 W"en God called Moses= He needed an obedient 2erson w"o* He could use8 W"en He called (os"ua= or $a:id= or a"ab= or 7st"er= or ut"= or (o"n t"e 4a2tist= or Mary= He needed so*eone obedient to His call8 W"en 6eter was anointed at 6entecost= God needed a :essel8 6eo2le "a:e always used *et"ods= but God uses 2eo2le8 GOD WILL USE YOU God needs 2eo2le for today8 He c"ooses ordinary 2eo2le li'e you and *e8 4e God)s instru*ent for today8 W"o 'nows w"et"er you are co*e to t"e 'ingdo* for suc" a ti*e as t"is8

CHA6T7 33 H7A0I%G I% TH7 0O $)- -5667

A 7 ,O5 O%7 of t"e *illions w"o "as been sic' or 2"ysically infir* for a long 2eriod of ti*e? If so= are you earnestly see'ing deli:erance fro* t"at sic'ness? $o you want to be well? $o you want a reason to be "ealed? T"e attitude wit" w"ic" you read t"is *essage "as e:eryt"ing to do wit" t"e benefit you will recei:e fro* it8 GOD'S ATTITUDE TOWARD SICKNESS God 2laces no 2re*iu* on sic'ness= and He does not want you to suffer sic'ness for His glory8 -ic'ness does not glorify t"e !at"er any *ore t"an sin does8 6aul told t"e c"urc" at Corint" t"at *any were wea' and sic'ly a*ong t"e* because t"ey were not discerning t"e 0ord)s body) T"at 2ro2erly answers t"e Fuestion of so *uc" sic'ness in t"e c"urc" today8 It is not t"at God is 2urifying or glorifying His c"urc" t"roug" affliction8 It is not t"at God is testing His c"ildren)s fait"8 -ic'ness is due to t"e failure of being taug"t about t"e body of C"rist as we "a:e been taug"t about t"e blood of C"rist8 W"y are so *any C"ristians in t"e c"urc" sic' or infir*= suffering fro* t"e :ery diseases and sic'nesses t"at (esus C"rist= our substitute= "as already "o*e for us?

T"e answer is si*2le w"en our attitude is rig"tD We *ust discern t"e 0ord)s body 2ro2erly8 AN OLD TESTAMENT AND A NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH CONTRASTED As a contrast to t"e c"urc" at Corint"= in w"ic" ?alt"oug" t"eir nu*ber was s*all@ t"ere were *any wea' and sic'ly *e*bers= t"ere was a *uc" larger c"urc"= about t"ree *illion in nu*ber= w"ic" eBisted under *uc" *ore trying circu*stances= yet a*ong w"ic" t"ere was not one feeble 2erson a*ong t"eir tribes8# It was t"e c"ildren of Israel w"ile going fro* 7gy2t to Canaan8 Here are two bodies of 2eo2leD one in t"e Old Testa*ent= t"e ot"er in t"e %ew Testa*ent8 One under law= t"e ot"er under grace8 One under a co:enant based on t"e blood of ani*als= t"e ot"er under t"e co:enant sealed by t"e blood of t"e -on of God8 ,et= t"ere was not O%7 sic' or feeble 2erson a*ong t"ose t"ree *illion 2eo2le w"o li:ed under t"at old co:enant establis"ed by t"e blood of ani*alsG w"ile t"ere were MA%, wea' and sic'ly ones a*ong t"e relati:ely s*all nu*ber of Corint"ians w"o li:ed under t"e new co:enant establis"ed by t"e blood of (esus C"rist8 -urely so*et"ing was lac'ing at Corint"= and so*et"ing is still lac'ing w"ere suc" conditions eBist8 HEALTH PROVIDED IN ISRAEL'S DELIVERANCE 0et us ta'e a tri2 down to 7gy2t= w"ere during four "undred years t"e c"ildren of Israel "ad li:ed8 7gy2t "ad *ade sla:es of God)s 2eo2le8 Many difficult years 2assed

w"ile t"e c"ildren of Israel ser:ed as sla:es in a "eat"en nation8 T"ey s2ent long "ours crying out to God for deli:erance8 4ut one day God "eard t"eir groanings= and God re*e*bered "is co:enant wit" Abra"a*= wit" Isaac= and wit" (acob8 And God loo'ed u2on t"e c"ildren of Israel= and God "ad res2ect toward t"e*8 God c"ose a *an na*ed Moses= to w"o* He saidD I "a:e surely seen t"e affliction of *y 2eo2le w"ic" are in 7gy2t= and "a:e "eard t"eir cry by reason of t"eir tas'*asters= for I 'now t"eir sorrows= And I a* co*e down to deli:er t"e* out of t"e "and of t"e 7gy2tians8 Co*e now t"erefore= and I will send you to 6"arao"= t"at = you *ay bring *y 2eo2le t"e c"ildren of Israel out of 7gy2t8 God still "ears t"e 2rayers of t"ose in bondage and s2ea's t"ese sa*e words to e:eryone w"o needs deli:erance8 Moses obeyed t"is call to deli:er God)s 2eo2le8 After *any signs and wonders "ad been s"own by "i* in 7gy2t= t"e final ste2 ca*e and God said to "i*D -2ea' to all t"e congregation of Israel= sa:ing= ta'e to t"e* e:ery *an a la*b and 'ill it= and ta'e t"e blood= and stri'e it on t"e two side 2osts and on t"e u22er door 2ost of t"e "ouses= and eat t"e fles" ?of t"e la*b@= it is t"e 0ord)s 6asso:er8 THEY APPLIED THE BLOOD THEY ATE THE FLESH T"ere were two t"ings to doD a22ly t"e blood of t"e la*b and eat t"e fles" of t"e la*b8 Many "a:e forgotten t"is eating of t"e la*b)s body= w"ic" is as significant and i*2ortant as t"e 2arta'ing of its blood8

T"e destroyer would 2ass t"roug" 7gy2t and slay t"e firstborn in e:ery fa*ily 9 a ty2e or eBa*2le of s2iritual deat" w"ic" co*es to e:ery 2erson outside of God)s co:enant 2rotection8 Two ste2s were to be ta'en by eac" Israelite in order to be sa:ed fro* t"is destroyer8 !irstD A la*b was to be slain and its blood was to be a22lied to t"e door 2osts of eac" Israelite)s "ouse= identifying it wit" God)s co:enant of 2rotection8 God saidD T"e blood s"all be for you a to'en u2on t"e "ouses w"ere you areD and w"en I see t"e blood= I will 2ass o:er you and t"e 2lague s"all not co*e u2on ,ou to destroy you8 T"is re2resented= in ty2e= our identification by fait" wit" t"e blood of (esus= our 0a*b8 4eing now= >ustified by "is blood= we s"all be sa:ed fro* t"e wrat" to co*e8 -econdD 7ac" Israelite was to eat t"e la*b)s fles"= a22ro2riating 2"ysical strengt" for "is or "er >ourney8 7ating t"e la*b)s fles" "ad not"ing to do wit" t"e 2assing of t"e destroyer T"e blood was t"e sign or to'en w"ic" signaled t"at t"e destroyer "ad no aut"ority to touc" t"at "ouse8 Israel was beginning a >ourney= w"ic" was a ty2e of our C"ristian >ourney t"roug" life8 God 2lanned t"at His c"ildren be well and strong for t"is >ourney= and t"at is still His 2lan8

THE LAMB'S BODY BECAME THEIR BODY W"at "a22ened w"en t"e Israelites ate t"e fles" of t"e la*b)? God "as installed in t"e "u*an body a 2rocessing 2lant w"ic" we call a sto*ac"8 T"e food we eat is digested t"ere and sent out into our bloodstrea*8 Its c"e*ical essence beco*es fles" of our fles"= bone of our bone= s'in of our s'in= body of our body8 It beco*es 2art of us8 T"e fles" ?or body@ of t"e la*b slain in 7gy2t= w"en eaten= beca*e a 2art of eac" Israelite8 It beca*e fles" of t"eir fles"= bone of t"eir bones= s'in of t"eir s'in= body of t"eir bodies8 It was a ty2e of t"e body of (esus C"rist= t"e -on of God= w"o was to be slain for t"e w"ole world8 ?Co*2are (o"n +D&38@ 6aul later said t"at (esus) life would be *ade *anifest in our *ortal fles"8 6aul said t"at we= by fait"= "a:e beco*e *e*bers of "is body= of "is fles"= and of "is bones8 We 2arta'e of t"at sa*e body of C"rist= in ty2e= eac" ti*e we 2arta'e of t"e bread in t"e Co**union ser:ice8 !ait" recogniHes t"at fact and clai*s t"e 2ro*ised benefits because C"rist)s body was beaten for us= in t"e deat" by w"ic" was borne all of our 2"ysical infir*ities= 2ains= diseases and wea'nesses8 T"e resultsD 4y "is stri2es we are "ealed8 T"e Israelites ate t"e la*b)s body and began t"eir >ourney t"e neBt day8 As t"ey >ourneyed= t"eir sic'nesses :anis"ed and t"eir infir*ities disa22eared8 T"ey were 2"ysically strong and w"ole8

T"ere was not one feeble 2erson a*ong t"eir tribes8 %o one was sic'= no one was feeble= no one was wea'G but e:ery 2erson a*ong t"e* was strong= well= and "ealt"y8 T"ey "ad eaten t"e la*b)s body w"ic" "ad beco*e a 2art of t"eir own bodies8 T"in' of t"ree *illion 2eo2le= and t"ere was not one feeble 2erson a*ong t"e*8 GOD'S COVENANT TO HEAL W"en t"ey obeyed Moses) orders= acce2ting "is *essage concerning t"e la*b= God co:enanted ?or contracted@ wit" t"e*= saying= I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 God declared t"at He would allow no disease to co*e u2on t"e* as long as t"ey were obedient to Hi*8 T"at is still His 2ro*ise8 He furt"er 2ro*isedD T"e nu*ber of your days I will fulfill8 T"at is still His 2ro*ise= in s2ite of t"e fact t"at *any in t"e c"urc" at Corint" died 2re*aturely= and t"at *any *ore in our day are dying 2re*aturely8 All of God)s 2ro*ises are ready for us to clai* by fait"8 W"en we do so t"ey beco*e ours 2ersonally8 e*e*ber t"at Israel not only a22lied t"e la*b)s blood to t"e door 2osts= w"ic" was a ty2e of sal:ation fro* sin= but t"ey also ate t"e la*b)s body= w"ic" was a ty2e of "ealing fro* sic'ness8 W"y do I say t"at8I -in and sic'ness are -atan)s twin e:ils= designed to tear down= to 'ill= and to destroy t"e "u*an race God)s creation8

-al:ation fro* sin and "ealing fro* sic'ness are God)s twin *ercies 2ro:ided to re2lace t"ese s2iritual and 2"ysical e:ils wit" t"e abundant and *iracle life of (esus C"rist in t"e belie:er)s s2irit and body8 W"en (esus C"rist beca*e our substitute= bearing our sins and our sic'nesses= He did it in order t"at we *ig"t be deli:ered fro* t"e* and t"eir 2ower8 He s"ed His blood for t"e re*ission of our sins and He 2ut away our sic'nesses and our infir*ities so t"at we need ne:er suffer t"e* again DELIVERANCE FROM SIN AND SICKNESS ALIKE God was not only t"e deli:erer fro* t"e destroyer for t"e Israelites= but also t"e "ealer of t"eir diseases= and= in Malac"i 3D+= He said= I a* t"e 0ord= I c"ange not8 7:ery Israelite w"o 2ut t"e la*b)s blood on t"e door2ost was 2rotected fro* t"e destroyer w"o broug"t deat"8 7:ery Israelite w"o ate t"e la*b)s body was freed fro* sic'ness and *ade well= strong= and "ealt"y8 T"at "as been t"e 2lan of God for His obedient c"ildren t"roug"out all t"e scri2tures8 His 2lan for us is rede*2tion= restoration= sal:ation8 We are boug"t bac' and restored8 It is as t"oug" we "ad ne:er sinned8 %o *ore sin8 %o *ore sic'ness8 %o *ore se2aration fro* God8 In "is 2raise to God= $a:id said= 4less t"e 0ord= 3 *y soul= and forget not all "is benefitsD W"o forgi:es all your iniFuities ?t"ere is t"e sin Fuestion@G w"o "eals all your diseases ?t"ere is t"e sic'ness Fuestion@8 6ro:ision "as been *ade for deli:erance fro* bot" sin and sic'ness8

Isaia" said of t"e C"rist w"o was to co*eD He was wounded for our transgressions= "e was bruised for our iniFuities ?t"ere is t"e sin Fuestion@ and wit" "is stri2es we are "ealed ?t"ere is t"e sic'ness Fuestion@8 Again= we see 2ro:ision for deli:erance fro* bot" sin and sic'ness8 W"en (esus began to 2reac" t"e gos2el of t"e 'ingdo*= He 2ro:ed to be t"e "ealer of sic'ness as well as t"e forgi:er of sins8 T"e sa*e C"rist w"o said= Arise= and ta'e u2 your bed= and go your way into your "ouse ?t"ere is t"e sic'ness Fuestion@= also said= -on= your sins be forgi:en you ?t"ere is t"e sin Fuestion@8 To t"e *an sic' wit" 2alsy= (esus 2ro:ided forgi:eness for "is sins and "ealing for "is sic'ness8 JESUS THE HEALER AND THE SAVIOR T"ree years of (esus) life were occu2ied in "ealing t"e sic' and forgi:ing t"e sinful8 T"en ca*e t"e crucial ti*e during w"ic" He was to beco*e our substitute8 He would beco*e sinful wit" our sins and He would beco*e sic' wit" our sic'nesses8 4ot" sin and sic'ness "ad to be 2ut awayG but= first= t"e 2enalty for bot" "ad to be 2aid8 (esus C"rist= sinless and sic'less= was t"e only one w"o could do t"is= and He did it because of His great lo:e8 He did it for us8 4efore (esus went to t"e cross= He tried to s"ow His disci2les w"at would be t"e effects of t"e suffering w"ic"

He would undergo8 -o 6aul relates it allD T"e 0ord (esus t"e sa*e nig"t in w"ic" "e was betrayed too' breadD and w"en "e "ad gi:en t"an's= "e bra'e it= and said= Ta'e= eatD t"is is *y body= w"ic" is bro'en for youD t"is do in re*e*brance of *e8 After t"e sa*e *anner also "e too' t"e cu2= w"en "e "ad su22ed= saying= T"is cu2 is t"e new testa*ent in *y bloodD t"is do= as often as you drin' it= in re*e*brance of *e8 It is doubtful t"at t"e disci2les= w"o sat at t"e table and "eard Hi* s2ea' t"ese words= understood *uc" of w"at He was saying8 0ittle did t"ey eB2ect w"at was co*ing 9 but it ca*e= and it was all for our deli:erance= yours and *ine8 THE SUFFERINGS OF CHRIST At t"e "ands of cruel *en= (esus our 0a*b was beaten8 He was s2it on= bruised= tortured8 On His body= dee2 furrows were 2lowed by t"e o*an las" as it tore 2ieces of fles" fro* His bac'8 T"ese were t"e stri2es by w"ic"= Isaia" and 6eter say= we were "ealed 9 and t"ey were laid on His body8 His body was brutally beaten for us8 T"is was not t"e sacrifice *ade for our sins= but t"e bearing of our sic'nesses= so t"at 2ro:ision could be *ade for t"e "ealing of our bodies8 T"e stri2es by w"ic" we were "ealed were laid on His body8 Matt"ew says= Hi*self too' our infir*ities= and bore our sic'nesses8 After t"ey "ad stri2ed and bruised His body 9 t"e stri2es by w"ic" we were "ealed 9

t"en t"ey nailed Hi* to t"e cross and 2ierced His side8 His blood ran down on t"e ground 9 blood t"at was s"ed for *any for t"e re*ission of sins= not for t"e "ealing of sic'ness8 (esus our 0a*b suffered in two waysD He s"ed His blood on t"e cross for our sal:ation fro* sin= and He bore t"e stri2es on His body for our "ealing fro* sic'ness8 (esus suffered intense s2iritual agony at Cal:ary= for during t"at ti*e e:en His !at"er turned away fro* Hi*8 He bore our sins= being *ade sin for us8 4ut in His eBcruciating 2"ysical agony at t"e 6raetoriu*= w"ere (esus suffered in His body fro* t"e terrible o*an las"= He bore our sic'nesses8 He was *ade sic' for us= and by "is stri2es= we were "ealed8 PAUL'S REVELATION W"en it was ended= (esus returned to t"e !at"er)s rig"t "and and sat down= all t"ings being finis"ed8 He "ad co*2letely deli:ered "u*an'ind bot" s2iritually and 2"ysically fro* all satanic bondage8 T"e Holy -2irit later re:ealed to 6aul t"e significance of it all= and you will find it inter2reted in 6aul)s writings8 6aul tells us in I Corint"ians= c"a2ter 11= about t"e sacra*ent of t"e 0ord)s -u22er= w"ic" e:ery c"urc" obser:es8 He s2ea's of t"e two e*ble*s by w"ic" we re*e*ber t"e suffering of (esus C"rist= our 0a*bD t"e bread and t"e wine 9 ty2es of His body being stri2ed and lacerated for our 2"ysical "ealing= and of His blood being s"ed for our s2iritual "ealing8

T"en 6aul tells usD As often as you eat t"is bread and drin' t"is cu2= you s"ow t"e 0ord)s deat" until "e co*es8 In c"a2ter 13 of I Corint"ians= :erse 1+= 6aul inter2rets t"ese two e*ble*sD T"e cu2 of blessing w"ic" we bless= is it not t"e co**union of t"e blood of C"rist? T"e bread w"ic" we brea'= is it not t"e co**union of t"e body of C"rist? (esus) blood was s"ed w"en He bore our sins= so t"at we would not "a:e to bear t"e*= but could be sa:ed fro* t"e* and be deli:ered fro* t"e 2ower of sin in our li:es8 (esus) body was stri2ed w"en He bore our sic'nesses= so t"at we would not "a:e to bear t"e*= but could be "ealed of t"e* and be deli:ered fro* t"e 2ower of sic'ness in our li:es8 4y 'nowing God)s word we disco:er our deli:erance fro* t"e 2ower of sic'ness in our li:es because of t"e stri2ed body of C"rist8 In t"e sa*e way we learn to discern our deli:erance fro* t"e 2ower of sin in our li:es because of t"e s"ed blood of C"rist8 We are as free fro* sic'ness as we are fro* sin8 -ic'ness t"en "as no *ore 2ower o:er us t"an sin does8 We learn t"at sic'ness is no *ore for God)s glory t"an sin is8 We no *ore acce2t sic'ness in our li:es t"an we acce2t sin8 We learn t"at bot" sin and sic'ness were done away wit"= being borne by our 2erfect substitute= (esus= t"e 0a*b of God= w"o was 2ierced and scourged on our be"alf 9

indi:idually8 PARTAKING OF THE COMMUNION W"en t"e e*ble*s of t"e 0ord)s -u22er are broug"t to us in co**e*oration of our 0ord)s deat"= we ta'e t"e cu2 of wine and drin' it8 We eB2ress gratitude to our !at"er for t"e blood of C"rist w"ic" was"es away our sins8 We re>oice because t"e 2ower of sin in our li:es "as been bro'en= t"at sin "as no *ore do*inion o:er us8 4ut "ow do we 'now t"ese t"ings? 4ecause t"e 4ible saysD T"e blood of (esus C"rist "is -on cleanses us fro* all -in8 We are free fro* sin8 Once and for all= we "a:e been sa:ed fro* a life of sinG and we belie:e t"at sin s"all no longer "a:e do*inion o:er us because we are sa:ed8 T"e wine sy*boliHes t"e blood of C"rist= s"ed for t"e re*ission of our sins8 4ut w"at about t"e bread? We ta'e it and eat it as a to'en of t"e body of our la*b= (esus= >ust as t"e Israelites 2artoo' of t"e body of t"e la*b t"at was slain in 7gy2t8 T"en we offer t"an's for t"e sacrifice of (esus8 We t"an' God t"at C"rist)s body was offered for us= but t"at is as far as so*e "a:e been taug"t8 Many "a:e been taug"t t"at t"e body of (esus was 2ierced for us= but "a:e not been told about t"e benefits t"ey could recei:e because His body was also beaten for t"e* and w"y t"e stri2es were laid on Hi*8 W"o "eals all your diseases= "as usually been o:erloo'ed in t"e Co**union ser:ice= and because t"e c"urc" "as not 2ro2erly discerned t"e 0ord)s body= *any are wea'

and sic'ly today8 THE CUP AND THE BREAD In t"e Co**union ser:ice= t"e cu2 of wine is a ty2e of t"e blood of C"rist= s"ed for *any for t"e re*ission of sins8 W"en I 2arta'e of it= I re>oice in t"e fact t"at *y sinful nature "as been c"anged= t"at I "a:e been recreated and *ade new= t"at I a* sa:ed8 In t"is way= I discern or understand t"e 0ord)s blood8 In t"e sa*e Co**union ser:ice= t"e 2iece of bro'en bread is a ty2e of t"e body of C"rist= beaten wit" stri2es by w"ic" *y sic'nesses were "ealed8 W"en I eat t"e bread= I re>oice in t"e fact t"at *y sic'= wea' body "as been c"angedG t"at it "as beco*e bone of "is bone= fles" of "is fles"= and body of "is bodyG t"at t"e life of C"rist "as been *ade *anifest in *y *ortal fles"G t"at sic'ness no longer "as 2ower o:er *eG t"at I a* "ealed8 In t"is way= I discern t"e 0ord)s body8 Multitudes "a:e not done t"is today8 WHY SERVE THE BREAD? I "a:e often wondered w"y t"ose w"o do not teac" di:ine "ealing for t"e body ser:e t"e bread to t"e congregation8 T"e bread re2resents t"e body of C"rist= on w"ic" was laid t"e stri2es by w"ic" we were "ealed8 It would be consistent for t"e* to ser:e t"e cu2= w"ic" ty2ifies t"e blood s"ed for t"e re*ission of sins= because t"ey discern and are benefited by t"e blood of C"rist8 4ut it see*s useless for t"e* to ser:e t"e bread w"ic" ty2ifies t"e body of our 0ord scourged for our 2"ysical "ealing=

t"en 2roceed to teac" t"at di:ine "ealing for t"e body is no longer for us8 Many are sic' or infir* because= alt"oug" t"ey 2arta'e of t"e 0ord)s body= t"ey do not understand it8 W"en (esus said of t"e bread= T"is is *y body= w"ic" is bro'en for you= He eB2ected us to understand t"at it was on His body t"at t"e stri2es by w"ic" we were "ealed were laid8 -o*e ta'e t"e 0ord)s -u22er unwort"ily and are= t"erefore= unable to discern or a22ro2riate wit" fait" t"e 0ord)s body for "ealing8 If t"ose in need of "ealing will first eBa*ine t"e*sel:es and be sure t"at t"ey 'now w"y (esus C"rist suffered and died= t"en eat t"e bread and drin' t"e cu2 wort"ily as 6aul instructed= t"ey will t"en discern t"e 0ord)s body wit" fait" for t"eir own "ealing8 T"e benefits of "ealing in t"e lacerated body of our 0a*b are >ust as clearly taug"t in t"e scri2tures as t"e benefits of sal:ation in t"e blood of our 0a*b8 $iscern t"e body as "a:ing been beaten and lacerated wit" stri2es 9 stri2es by w"ic" your sic'nesses were borne and you were "ealed 9 and "ealt" will be yours8 It is as certain as w"en you discern His blood as "a:ing been s"ed for you 9 t"e sacrifice by w"ic" your sins were borne 9 and sal:ation is yours8 -ic'ness will lose its 2ower o:er your body >ust as sin loses its 2ower o:er your s2irit8 ,ou will be as free fro* sic'ness as you are fro* sin8 C"rist= your substitute= bore bot" for you= so you do not

"a:e to bear t"e*8 4y belie:ing t"is 2ortion of t"e word and acting accordingly= you are as free fro* sic'ness as you are fro* sin8 WE ARE SET FREE -in and sic'ness need be borne only onceG and since (esus C"rist "as already borne t"e*= you need not bear t"e*8 If you bear t"e*= t"en (esus) bearing of t"e* was in :ain8 -ince (esus bore t"e*= you and I need ne:er bear t"e*8 -o= wit" "is stri2es= we are "ealed and= t"roug" His blood= we "a:e re*ission of sins8 We now "a:e no *ore fait" in t"e rig"t of sic'ness to do*inate us or dwell in our body t"an we "a:e in t"e rig"t of sin to do*inate us or dwell in our s2irit8 Clai* bot" of t"ese 2ro:isions by fait"8 Acce2t t"e* as yours8 Acce2t (esus as "ealer= >ust as you acce2t Hi* as sa:ior= and you will be as free fro* sic'ness as you are fro* sin8 %o 2erson e:er a22ealed in :ain to C"rist for "el2 in bodily suffering8 As *ultitude after *ultitude 2ressed u2on Hi* for 2"ysical "ealing= t"e record is always t"e sa*eD He "eated t"e* all8 He laid "is "ands on e:ery one of t"e*= and "ealed t"e*8 REVEALING GOD'S WILL He ca*e to do His !at"er)s will= t"erefore= He 2reac"ed t"e gos2el and "ealed all t"at were sic'8 (esus of %aHaret" went about "ealing all t"at were

o22ressed of t"e de:il8 His reason for "ealing t"e* all is His rede*2ti:e wor' for e:eryone in His deat"8 Hi*self ?:icariously@ too' our infir*ities= and bore our sic'nesses8 T"at includes e:eryone8 It was our sic'nesses He bore8 %ot"ing s"ort of "ealing t"e* all would fulfill God)s 2ro*ise8 W"en (esus "ealed t"e wo*an wit" t"e issue of blood= it was for t"at one wo*an8 4ut w"at He did as our substitute on t"e cross was for e:erybody8 -ince C"rist)s rede*2ti:e sacrifice was God)s reason for His "ealing t"e* all= He *ust continue to "eal all w"o acce2t Hi*= because w"at His sacrifice 2ro:ided for t"ose w"o li:ed in t"at day= it does for us in our day8 He tasted deat" for e:ery 2erson8 His 2ur2ose in co**anding t"at t"e gos2el be 2reac"ed to e:ery creature is so t"at e:ery creature *ay recei:e its benefits8 T"at includes you 9 rig"t now8

CHA6T7 3# -OM7 7%7MI7- O! !AITH

". D#'.,.&/ -% R#(2 (;%1- -<# W%,2, I&'-#(2 %5 R#(2.&/ -<# W%,2 I-'#)5. !ait" co*es by "earing= and "earing by t"e word of God8 eading about fait"= and about 2eo2le of fait"= only 2roduces a dee2 desire for fait"8 Howe:er= reading or "earing God)s word will 2roduce real fait"8 +. I/&%,(&6# O5 W<(- B#).#>.&/ I' T"ere is a difference between a noun and a :erb8 A noun is It"e na*e of a 2erson= 2lace= or t"ing8I A noun can be dead8 ICor2seI is a noun8 ICas'etI is a noun8 4ut a :erb s"ows action8 I!ait"I is a noun= but Ibelie:eI is a :erb8 I "a:e seen 2eo2le w"o clai*ed to "a:e great fait"8 -o*e said t"ey "ad all t"e fait" in t"e world8 T"at *ay be trueG but all t"e fait" in t"e world= if not acco*2anied by corres2onding action= is dead fait"8 !ait" wit"out wor's is dead8 It is 2ossible to "a:e fait" and yet recei:e not"ing fro* God8

4ut w"en you say you belie:e= t"at is a different t"ing= because t"e word Ibelie:eI is a :erb and a :erb is an action word8 If you belie:e= t"at *eans you are acting on God)s 2ro*iseG and w"en you cou2le action wit" your fait"= t"at is belie:ing8 ,our acting on God)s 2ro*ise always 2uts Hi* to wor' bringing about t"e fulfill*ent of t"at 2ro*ise8 4elie:ing t"e word is si*2ly acting on t"e word8 4elie:ing is actingG fait" is t"e cause of t"e action8 0. H(>.&/ T<# W,%&/ C%&5#''.%& ,ou do not act one t"ing and confess anot"er8 6aul says t"at wit" t"e *out" confession is *ade to sal:ation8 ,ou would not confess (esus C"rist as your 0ord and act li'e an unbelie:er8 If you did= your confession would *ean not"ing8 It would be e*2ty words8 If you were to confess= 4y "is stri2es= I was "ealed= you would not re*ain in bed because of a fe:er8 ,ou would ignore t"e fe:er and *a'e your action corres2ond wit" your confession8 ,ou would ignore sy*2to*s and "old fast t"e confession of your fait" wit"out wa:ering8 (esus is t"e Hig" 6riest of our confessions T"is *eans He will fulfill His 2riestly res2onsibilities of seeing t"at we recei:e t"e fulfill*ent of e:ery one of God)s 2ro*ises t"at we steadfastly confess wit" our *out"s and belie:e wit" our "earts8 God)s word in our *out"s and in our "earts is eFui:alent

to His :oice and eBcludes all reason for doubt8 T"e seed= w"ic" is t"e word of God= w"en 2lanted in good ground= always brings fort" fruit8 T"ere can ne:er be failure w"en we get in "ar*ony wit" God)s word8 It is in t"is way t"at we 2ro:e C"rist)s words to be s2irit and life as He says t"ey are8 T"ese words= I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you= in your *out" and in your "eart will do away wit" all sic'ness8 W"en Mary said to t"e angel Gabriel= 4e it done to *e according to your word= t"at was t"e word of fait" in "er "eart and in "er *out"G and it turned t"e words of t"e angel into creati:e 2ower and ga:e to t"e world a sa:ior8 All our blessings "a:e been t"e result of t"e word of fait" in Mary)s "eart8 God)s word in our "earts and on our li2s is as effecti:e as w"en God said= 0et t"ere be lig"t= and w"en t"e worlds were fra*ed by t"e word of God8 In t"e face of w"at was "u*anly i*2ossible= Mary said wit" fait"D 4e it done to *e according to your word8 T"is was calling t"ose t"ings w"ic" be not as t"oug" t"ey were=I as Abra"a* "ad done8 7:ery 4ible 2ro*ise is God s2ea'ing to us8 T"erefore= instead of neglecting t"e*= let us say wit" Mary of eac" 2ro*ise= 4e it done to *e according to your word8 We t"en 2ro:e t"at no word of God is :oid of 2ower8 3. H%8# I' N#>#, F(.-< T"e "o2e I refer to "ere is t"e natural "u*an e*otion t"at is wit"out a basis for eB2ectancy8

Many 2eo2le *ista'e "o2e for fait"8 6eo2le will say= II "o2e I get "ealed8I II "o2e I will be better8I II "o2e I a* sa:ed8I II "o2e God answers 2rayer8 I T"at e*2ty= "u*an e*otion is ne:er fait"8 T"ere is a real 4ible "o2e w"ic" is a :irtue fro* God as *uc" as fait" and lo:e are8 %ow abides fait"= "o2e= c"arity ?lo:e@= t"ese t"ree8 !or eBa*2le= we "o2e for blessings w"ic" God "as 2re2ared for our future suc" as "ea:en and a crown of rig"teousness8 4ut we *ust eBercise fait" for blessings w"ic" God "as 2ro:ided for us now8 Healing= li'e forgi:eness= is a 2ro:ision for all and is freely offered to all now8 We need not "o2e for t"e blessings w"ic" C"rist died to 2ro:ide8 We clai* t"ose gifts by fait" now8 T"ere are 2ro*ises in t"e 4ible= and t"ere are also state*ents of fact8 A 2ro*ise is for t"e futureG a state*ent of fact is for t"e 2resent8 T"e second co*ing of C"rist is a "o2e8 It is in t"e future8 T"e *ansions of "ea:en w"ic" we s"all so*eday in"abit constitute a "o2e8 T"ey are for t"e future8 Hea:en is a "o2e8 T"e crown of rig"teousness= w"ic" t"e 0ord "as laid u2 for us= is a "o2e8 It is for t"e future8 Ho2e 'ee2s us fro* being as"a*ed8 Ho2e 2ertains to t"ings in t"e future8 ,ou do not "o2e for so*et"ing t"at

you already "a:e8 !ait" recogniHes t"ings t"at t"e scri2tures declare are ours now and clai*s t"e*= regardless of 2"ysical e:idence8 !or eBa*2leD Wit" "is stri2es= we are "ealed8 T"is is not a 2ro*iseG it is a state*ent of fact8 ,ou do not "o2e for t"at8 !ait" clai*s it now= belie:es it= and acts u2on it as a state*ent of fact8 ,ou get out of bed8 ,ou discard your aids8 ,ou act your deli:erance= >ust li'e you would act u2on t"e word of a lawyer w"o said you "ad a t"ousand dollars in t"e ban' w"ic" "ad been left to you in a 2erson)s will8 ,ou would not "o2e "is words were true or t"at so*eday you *ig"t "a:e a t"ousand dollarsG you would act on "is words8 %e:er say= II "o2e I will be "ealed so*eday8I ,ou were "ealed8 4elie:e t"at= act accordingly= and "ealt" will be yours8 7. P,(4.&/ F%, F(.-< I "a:e "eard 2eo2le 2rayD I0ord= "el2 *e to "a:e fait"8 Hel2 *e to belie:e ,our word8I T"ey forget t"at t"e 4ible says= !ait" co*es by "earing t"e word of God= not by 2raying for fait"8 6raying for fait" would be to say= I!at"er= "el2 *e to be con:inced t"at ,ou *eant w"at ,ou said w"en ,ou *ade t"at 2ro*ise8I T"ose w"o 2ray for fait" are also ignoring t"e fact t"at (esus says we are belie:ers8 ,ou cannot be a belie:er and a doubter at t"e sa*e ti*e8 (esus said= w"oe:er belie:es s"all "a:e e:erlasting life 9 or be sa:ed8 If you are sa:ed= t"en you are a belie:er8 %e:er

as' t"e !at"er to "el2 you belie:e8 ,ou are a belie:er %ow act on His word8 9. M#&-())4 A/,##.&/ W.-< T<# W%,2 Many w"o say t"ey "a:e all t"e fait" in t"e world 2ro:e t"e o22osite by t"eir neBt sentence8 T"ey will sayD IO" yes= I "a:e all t"e fait" in t"e world8 I "a:e always belie:ed God)s word8 4ut so*e"ow I >ust cannot get "ealed8 I ne:er "a:e been well8 I try and try to belie:e= but it see*s I ne:er recei:e "ealing8I God says t"at we were "ealed w"en C"rist bore our diseases8 4elie:e t"at you were *ade well w"en He bore t"e stri2es by w"ic" you were "ealed8 Agree wit" God)s word8 4elie:e it wit" your "eart and act on His 2ro*ises8 -o*e 2eo2le only tal' about t"eir fait"8 4ut t"e fact is t"at fait" is eB2ressed in actions not in words8 W"en t"ose four *en in Mar'= c"a2ter 2= carried t"at *an w"o was sic' wit" 2alsy and let "i* down t"roug" t"e roof= (esus saw t"eir fait"8 It did not say He "eard t"e* brag on "ow *uc" fait" t"ey "adG but rat"er He saw t"eir fait"= and He "ealed t"e *an8 He saw fait" in t"eir actions8 %e:er tal' about or boast about your fait"8 Wit"out fait" it is i*2ossible to 2lease "i*8 4ut don)t tal' about it all t"e ti*e8 Act your fait"8 T"at is belie:ing8 If God says= I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you= and W"o "eals

all your diseases= t"en act on t"at and 2ut God to wor' *a'ing it good8 $o not lie in bed= boasting about your fait"= yet co*2laining about your 2ain8 ise u2 and ta'e God at His word8 Act your fait"= and God will *a'e His word good to you8 ?. D#8#&2.&/ O& T<# F(.-< O5 O-<#,' Ha:e your own fait"8 7:eryone s"ould build t"eir own fait"8 Most 2eo2le wait until t"ey *eet so*e crisisD T"ey beco*e sic'= a lo:ed one beco*es ill= or so*e financial 2roble* confronts t"e* t"at *ay affect t"eir future8 T"en t"ey frantically searc" for so*eone w"o can 2ray for t"e*= but to no a:ail because t"eir eB2ectancy is based on anot"er 2erson)s fait" rat"er t"an on God)s word8 Had t"ere been fait"= t"ey would "a:e *ade t"eir reFuest 'nown to God and would "a:e re>oiced= 'nowing t"at w"ate:er t"ey were as'ing of t"e !at"er in (esus) na*e= He would do8

CHA6T7 3& TO $O O %OT TO $O

18 $o not try to belie:e8 Act on t"e word8 T"at is belie:ing8 28 $o not *a'e a confession t"at contradicts God)s word8 Ma'e your testi*ony and confession agree wit" God)s word= regardless of sy*2to*s8 Aee2 His word on your li2s8 38 $o not trust in ot"er 2eo2le)s fait"8 Ha:e your own fait"8 ,ou are a belie:er8 ,ou "a:e fait"8 God "as gi:en to e:ery 2erson a *easure of fait"8 #8 $o not tal' doubt and unbelief8 ;uote t"e scri2tures steadfastly= and t"ey will be yours8 T"ey o:erca*e "i* ?t"e ad:ersary@ by t"e blood of t"e 0a*b= and by t"e word of t"eir testi*ony8 &8 $o not tal' sic'ness and 2ains8 Tal' about your "ealing8 W"en you tal' about sic'ness= you *agnify and glorify t"e de:il w"o* you ad*it by your words is able to *a'e you sic'8 Ma'e your ad:ersary listen to your 2raise to God and to your con:ersation about t"e li:ing word and t"e 2ro*ises of God= and "e will lea:e you8 W"ile (esus was being te*2ted= He defeated -atan by saying= It is written= and t"en by re2eating His !at"er)s words8 ,ou can defeat in t"e sa*e way8 +8 $o not be a doubting T"o*as8 It *ust "a:e grie:ed t"e "eart of (esus for T"o*as to doubt His resurrection8 5nbelief in t"e rede*2ti:e wor' of (esus C"rist is not a

s*all t"ing8 ,our attitude toward t"e substitutionary deat" of C"rist *ust beD since He bore *y diseases= I a* "ealed8 .8 $o not tal' failure= inability= or about w"at you cannot do8 -ay= I can do all t"ings t"roug" C"rist w"ic" strengt"ens *e8 In all t"ese t"ings we are *ore t"an conFuerors8 T"ese were t"e words of 6aul w"o foug"t a good fig"t ?and@ 'e2t t"e fait"8 Always say= II canIG ne:er say= II cannot8I ,ou can ne:er 2ro:e your fait" if you ne:er 2ractice t"e word 9 if you ne:er act on t"e word and let it li:e and "a:e its rig"tful 2lace in you8 4e doers of t"e word= and not "earers only= decei:ing your own sel:es8 !ait" cannot be built by sy*2at"y8 It is only built by acting on t"e word and letting t"e word li:e in you as it li:ed in (esus8 4y doing w"at t"e word of God says= you 2ro:e your fait"8 ,ou beco*e a doer of t"e word8 God is no closer to anyone t"an He is to you8 He will answer no one any Fuic'er t"an He will answer you8 He is your God8 T"e word is yours w"en t"e 2astor is out of town and t"e tele2"one is disconnected8

CHA6T7 3+ TH7 6OW7 O! GO$)- WO $

I% TH7 47GI%%I%G God created t"e "ea:en and t"e eart"8 I %otice "ow God created t"e "ea:en and eart"D And God said= 0et t"ere be lig"tD and t"ere was lig"t82 God >ust s2o'e t"e wordsD 0et t"ere be lig"t8 W"at God said ca*e to 2ass8 And God said= 0et t"ere be a fir*a*ent= and it was so8 And God said= 0et t"e waters under t"e "ea:en be gat"ered toget"er to one 2lace= and let t"e dry land a22earD and it was so8 And God said= 0et t"e eart" bring fort"= and it was so8 And God said= 0et t"ere be lig"ts in t"e fir*a*ent= and it was so8 How God Created W"at He Made %ow we see w"at broug"t t"ings into eBistence8 T"roug" fait" we understand t"at t"e worlds were fra*ed by t"e word of God= so t"at t"ings w"ic" are seen were not *ade of t"ings w"ic" do a22ear8 W"en we= as sons and daug"ters of t"e li:ing God= begin to realiHe t"e creati:e 2ower t"at is contained in w"at God says w"en He s2ea's= we t"en understand a trut" w"ic" will *a'e i*2ossibilities beco*e 2ossible and *a'e difficult t"ings easy8

5ntil we learn t"e 2ower of God)s word= t"at word "as no life for us8 It "as not ta'en on :italityG it "as been only a beautiful doctrine= a creed= a dog*a8 It "as been dead and useless 9 t"e 2roduct of a 2rinter= t"e co*bination of 2a2er and in'8 (esus says= T"e words t"at I s2ea' to you= t"ey are s2irit and t"ey are life8 WHEN GOD SPEAKS W"en God s2ea's= t"e sa*e creati:e 2ower t"at was drawn u2on w"en He s2o'e t"e world into eBistence goes into action again8 His word today is >ust as effecti:e= >ust as 2owerful= >ust as creati:e= as w"en t"e worlds were fra*ed by t"e word of God8 I a* t"e 0ordD I will s2ea'= and t"e word t"at I s"all s2ea' s"all co*e to 2ass8 And "e ?God@ "as confir*ed "is words= w"ic" "e s2o'e8 Hea:en and eart" s"all 2ass away= but *y words s"all not 2ass away8I T"e word of t"e 0ord endures for e:er8 T"e 2ro*ise ?is@ sure to all t"e seed8 W"at "e ?God@ "ad 2ro*ised= "e was able also to 2erfor*8 %o word fro* God is :oid of 2ower ?ability@8

ACT ON THE WORD 4elie:e God)s word8 Trust His word8 Anow t"e 2ower 9 t"e creati:e 2ower 9 of His wordG t"en you can= and will= act on His word8 If God says= I a* t"e 0ord t"at "eals you= and you dare to belie:e t"e 2ower of t"ese wonderful words= you will act on t"e*8 T"e bedridden will arise by fait" and be *ade w"oleG t"e la*e will lea2 li'e a deerG t"e tongue of t"e du*b will begin to singG t"e deaf ears will be unsto22edG 2ains will lea:eG and dar'ness will :anis"8 ,ou will begin to do t"e :ery t"ings you could not do before you too' God at His word= acted on t"at word= and were "ealed8 T"e creati:e 2ower of God)s word will create t"e :ery t"ing in your body t"at you need in order to be well and strong8 Wea'ness will be transfor*ed into strengt"8 $eat" will be transfor*ed into life8 -ic'ness will be transfor*ed into "ealt"8 I*2ossibilities will be turned into 2ossibilities8 If you need "ealing= you can belie:e God)s word now and recei:e new strengt" and "ealt" in your body8 ,ou can eB2erience 2ersonally t"e wonderful creati:e 2ower of God)s word by si*2ly belie:ing it enoug" to act on it8 FAITH PROVED BY ACTIONS Act on God)s word because fait" wit"out wor's ?or

actions@ is dead8 T"is scri2ture *eans t"at we "a:e only as *uc" fait" as we de*onstrate wit" actions8 !ait" ne:er boastsG fait" always acts8 It would be foolis" to say t"at we belie:e so*et"ing= t"en refuse to act accordingly8 It would be useless to eB2ress confidence in t"e strengt" of a bridge w"ic" s2ans a c"as*= t"en refuse to dri:e across it= (a*es says of Abra"a*D !ait" >oined wit" "is wor's= and by "is actions ?Abra"a*)s@ fait" was *ade 2erfect8 1. ,ou 2ro:e your fait" by actions t"at corres2ond8 ,our actions >ustify your fait"8 FAITH IN ACTION ALWAYS WINS !or nearly four decades= we "a:e conducted great *ass e:angelis* crusades out in o2en stadiu*s or great 2ar's or fields w"ere u2 to 133=333 or *ore could attend8 4ut in our early years= we so*eti*es used 2ublic auditoriu*s8 I re*e*ber one of our crusades w"ic" was "eld in a large auditoriu* in (a*aica8 T"e crowd 2ac'ed around t"e wall of t"e grounds leading to t"e auditoriu* fro* *id9afternoon waiting for t"e gates to be o2ened8 A 2oor wo*an carried "er "usband on "er bac' all t"e way fro* t"e country8 He "ad suffered a 2aralytic stro'e and could neit"er wal' nor stand alone8 W"en s"e reac"ed t"e auditoriu* grounds= s"e found t"e

gates were loc'ed8 Hundreds of ot"ers were cli*bing t"e walls to get closer to t"e building8 -"e s"o:ed "er "usband o:er t"e "ig" wall= cli*bed t"e wall "erself= 2ic'ed "i* u2= carried "i* into t"e building= and broug"t "i* to us for 2rayer8 -"e was acting "er fait"8 %eedless to say= "e wal'ed out= "ealed by God)s 2ower8 !ait" 2ut into action always wins8 A wo*an= dying of cancer= was carried into one of our *eetings and laid in a side roo*= not eB2ected to li:e t"roug" t"e ser:ice8 !or siB *ont"s s"e "ad been unable to sit u28 Her feet and legs were totally 2aralyHed8 After teac"ing t"e word of God to t"e 2eo2le= we went in and laid our "ands on t"e wo*an= rebu'ing t"e cancer8 I as'ed "er= IW"en do you want to be well?I -"e said= I%ow8I I said= I ise u2= in t"e na*e of (esus= and be *ade w"ole8I -lowly s"e *o:ed "er feet off t"e bed= sat u2= stood u2= t"rew u2 "er ar*s= and wal'ed out alone before t"e audience= s"outing and 2raising God8 -"e acted "er fait"= and s"e was *iraculously "ealed8 T"e :ery *inute real fait" goes into action= de2ending on w"at God "as said in His word= creati:e 2ower begins its wor' and sic'ness *ust lea:e8 %e:er be afraid to belie:e God and to act on His word8 e*e*ber t"e words (esus s2o'e to t"e fat"er of t"e little girl w"o was re2orted by t"e s'e2tics to be deadD 4e not afraid= only belie:e8 It "el2s a lot of 2eo2le w"en t"ey disco:er t"at t"e word Ibelie:eI is a :erb8 A :erb s"ows action8

(a*es 'new t"at w"en "e wroteD !ait"= if it "as not wor's= is dead= being alone 11 and= W"at does it 2rofit= t"oug" a 2erson say "e or s"e "as fait"= and "a:e not wor's? 23 and= -"ow *e your fait" wit"out your wor's= and I will s"ow you *y fait" by *y wor's8 If God could create t"e worlds wit" His words= t"en He can "eal your sic' body wit" His word8 He sent "is word= and "ealed t"e*8 THE AUTHORITY OF GOD'S WORD In t"e beginning was t"e Word= and t"e Word was wit" God= and t"e Word was God8 T"e sa*e was in t"e beginning wit" God8 All t"ings were *ade by "i*G and wit"out "i* was not any t"ing *ade t"at was *ade8 God lin'ed Hi*self wit" His WO $8 He *ade Hi*self a 2art of His WO $8 He is not only in His WO $= but He is bac' of His WO $8 ,ou cannot se2arate God fro* His WO $8 He not only called into being t"ings w"ic" were not and co*2elled t"e* to co*e into eBistence wit" His words= but He watc"es o:er His word to see t"at not one word

fails8 I will "asten ?stand be"ind or bac' u2@ *y word to 2erfor* it8 God says= I a* t"e 0ord t"at "eals you8 T"at 2ro*ise will endure fore:er8 It "as been said t"at t"e word is li'e its Aut"orD eternal= unc"anging= and li:ing8 T"e word of a 2erson is w"at a 2erson is8 T"e word of God is w"at God is8 5nbelief in t"is word is unbelief in God w"o is its Aut"or8 Our attitude toward t"e word of God deter*ines e:eryt"ing8 W"en Mary was told t"at s"e would concei:e of t"e Holy G"ost and bring fort" a son= s"e could not understand "ow suc" a t"ing could be8 In t"e natural it was i*2ossible8 eason will ta'e t"e word)s 2lace if we allow it to= because acting on t"e su2ernatural word of God does not a22eal to our natural senses8 Mary ga:e us t"e secret of finding fa:or wit" God w"en s"e said= 4e it done to *e according to your word8 T"at 2leased t"e !at"er= and it was done8 0earn to 2ut aside your reasonings and your "ead 'nowledge= 'nowing t"at t"e carnal *ind is en*ity against GodD for it is not sub>ect to t"e law of God= neit"er indeed can be8 $o li'e Mary and sayD 4e it done to *e according to your

word= t"en act accordingly and God will bring it to 2ass ASTONISHED AT JESUS' WORDS After (esus "ad been ba2tiHed by (o"n in t"e (ordan i:er= He was led of t"e -2irit into t"e wilderness for forty days8 T"en (esus returned in t"e 2ower of t"e -2irit to begin His eart"ly *inistry8 T"e first t"ing t"at a*aHed t"e 2eo2le was t"e fact t"at (esus s2o'e wit" suc" 2ower and aut"ority8 T"ey were astonis"ed at "is doctrineD ?W"y?@ for His word was wit" 2ower8 T"ey eBclai*edD W"at a word t"is isK !or wit" aut"ority and 2ower "e co**ands t"e unclean s2irits= and t"ey co*e out8 (esus stood in a fis"er*an)s boat t"at was tossing and 2lunging in t"e raging wa:es of t"e sea= and in t"e face of a blac' s'y and t"e fury of swee2ing winds= He said to t"e stor*= 6eace= be still= and t"ere was a great cal*8 T"en t"e disci2les eBclai*edD W"at *anner of *an is t"is= t"at e:en t"e wind and t"e sea obey "i*? W"en (esus first a22eared in t"e te*2le= He read fro* t"e boo' of Isaia"D T"e -2irit of t"e 0ord is u2on *e= because "e "as anointed *e to 2reac" t"e gos2el to t"e 2oorG "e "as sent *e to "eal t"e bro'en"earted= to 2reac" deli:erance to t"e ca2ti:es= and reco:ering of sig"t to t"e blind= to set at liberty t"e* t"at are bruised8 T"at sa*e c"a2ter states "ow t"ey wondered at t"e

gracious words w"ic" 2roceeded out of His *out"8 Many ti*es t"e 2eo2le were a*aHed w"en (esus s2o'e wit" aut"ority and 2ower8 W"ere:er and w"ene:er t"ey belie:ed His words= t"e i*2ossible beca*e 2ossible= t"e difficult beca*e easy= t"ings un"eard of began to "a22en= glorious *iracles beca*e co**on2lace8 His word was wit" 2ower8 It is still t"e sa*e= because He is still t"e sa*e8 THE KEY TO VICTORY To t"e fat"er of t"e lunatic son= (esus saidD If you can belie:e= all t"ings are 2ossible to t"e one t"at belie:es8& ,ou can belie:e C"rist)s word now8 4elie:e t"at w"at He says will co*e to 2ass8 $oubt not"ingG but= rat"er= only belie:e8 All t"ings are 2ossible to t"e one t"at belie:es8 If you will only belie:e= you can be deli:ered and "ealed rig"t now= w"ere you are8 Act on God)s word rig"t now and rise abo:e all your doubts and fears8 0et your fait" set you free by 2utting it into action8 ,ou "a:e t"e fait" inside you rig"t now= >ust let it act= bringing deli:erance to you8 $o not "old it 2risoner8 $o not 'ee2 it bound8 It will lie dor*ant wit"in you if you do not act on God)s word8 ,ou "a:e 'nown t"at God)s word was trueG now let your

fait" act= so "ealing will co*e to you8 Act your fait"= and God)s word will i*2art creati:e 2ower and di:ine life to your body8 $o you belie:e t"is? All t"ings are 2ossible to t"e one t"at belie:es8 Act on God)s words8 Hi*self too' our infir*ities= and bore our sic'nesses8 If you can only belie:e= it will be done rig"t now rig"t w"ere you are 9 and you will be set free8 ,our sic'nesses and your 2ains will begin to :anis"G your wea'ness will begin to be transfor*ed into strengt"8 0ig"t will begin to a22ear to t"at blinded eye8 -ound will begin to co*e to t"ose deaf ears8 0ife will start flowing into t"at 2aralyHed li*b8 4elie:e it8 and it is done 9 rig"t now8 ise u2= and wal' in (esus) na*e8 $o it rig"t now8 $o t"e t"ing you could not do= and you will be "ealed8 $o it in (esus) na*e= co**anding wea'ness or sic'ness or la*eness to lea:e you8 WHAT OPENED MY EYES? I s"all always re*e*ber w"at "a22ened to *e w"en= for t"e first ti*e= I saw t"e 2ower of God)s word de*onstrated li'e t"is8 I loo'ed on w"ile a belie:er co**anded deaf and du*b s2irits to co*e out of *any t"at were bound by t"e*= and I saw t"e* bot" "ear and s2ea'8

I was t"oroug"ly con:inced t"at t"is was t"e 4ible way8 T"e 2ower of t"e na*e of (esus was re:ealed to *e8 I saw= 2ro:en before *y eyes= t"at t"e sa*e t"ings could be done now t"at were done by t"e a2ostles and by (esus Hi*self8 I found t"at we can do e:eryt"ing t"at (esus said we could do= by doing it in His na*e8 We went bac' to t"e c"urc" w"ic" we were t"en 2astoring and announced a di:ine "ealing *eeting= telling e:eryone to bring t"eir sic'= assuring t"e* t"at t"ey would be "ealed8 Many *iracles of "ealing were witnessed t"at first nig"t= and t"e news s2read far and wide8 -ince t"en= we "a:e seen *any t"ousands of *iracles and "earings in crusades around t"e world and "a:e 2ro:en t"ousands of ti*es t"at (esus C"rist ?is@ t"e sa*e yesterday= and today= and fore:er8 3/ If He is t"e sa*e= His word is t"e sa*e8 It still con:eys 2ower w"en s2o'en8 LAUNCH OUT INTO THE DEEP In t"e gos2el of 0u'e we read "ow t"e disci2les toiled all nig"t wit" t"eir fis"ing nets= but caug"t not"ing8 (esus ca*e along and saidD 0aunc" out into t"e dee2= and let down your nets8 And -i*on said to "i*= Master= we "a:e toiled all nig"t= and "a:e ta'en not"ingD ne:ert"eless at your word I will let down t"e net8 6eter did not argue wit" (esus8 He did not eB2lain "ow "o2eless t"e situation was8 He did not eB2lain t"at "e 'new t"ose waters and 'new

t"ere were no fis" in t"at area8 Often w"en we s2ea' God)s 2ro*ises= so*eone wants to eB2lain "ow long t"ey "a:e been ill= or "ow *any doctors and s2ecialists "a:e said t"eir case is "o2eless= or "ow *any ti*es t"ey "a:e been 2rayed for and recei:ed no "el28 0earn a secret fro* 6eterD Obedience will always bring :ictory w"en we obey t"e word of t"e 0ord8 6eter acted on t"e word of (esus8 He let down t"e nets as (esus said to do= because "e belie:ed t"at if (esus s2o'e t"e word= it would be as He said 9 and "e caug"t a great *ultitude of fis"8 %e:er be afraid to obey and to act on t"e word of t"e 0ord because t"ere is no word fro* God :oid of 2ower8 He can fill all t"e nets= so let all of t"e* down8 6er"a2s you "a:e been ill for years8 Ot"ers *ay "a:e 2rayed *any ti*es for you8 $octors *ay "a:e s"a'en t"eir "eads in des2air not 'nowing "ow to "el2 you8 T"ey *ay "a:e told you t"at only a "ig"er 2ower can "eal now8 ,ou *ay "a:e tried ti*e and again to be "ealed= and you *ay "a:e see*ed to fail8 4ut t"e word still declaresD 4y "is stri2es we are "ealed8 Ta'e new courage8 T"is ti*e= say li'e 6eterD I%e:ert"eless= at your word= I will let down t"e net8 4ecause of ,our word= I a* as'ing again8 At ,our word= I s"all reco:er8 At ,our word= I s"all be co*2letely "ealed8I

God)s word cannot fail you8 4elie:e it wit" all your "eart and= at His word= act your fait"8 0et down your nets and eB2ect t"e* to be filled wit" "ealing8 -te2 out on God)s unfailing word8 !ait" always brings a co*2lete answer= e:en eBceeding abundantly abo:e all t"at we as' or t"in'= as was 6eter)s eB2erience w"en "e let down "is net at C"rist)s word8

CHA6T7 3. TH 77 ;57-TIO%- A4O5T 6A50)- THO %

07-T I -HO50$ be eBalted abo:e *easure t"roug" t"e abundance of t"e re:elations= t"ere was gi:en to *e a t"orn in t"e fles"= t"e *essenger of -atan to buffet *e= lest I s"ould be eBalted abo:e *easure8 !or t"is t"ing I soug"t t"e 0ord t"ree ti*es= t"at it *ig"t de2art fro* *e8 And "e said to *e= My grace is sufficient for youD for *y strengt" is *ade 2erfect in wea'ness8 Most gladly t"erefore will I rat"er glory in *y infir*ities= t"at t"e 2ower of C"rist *ay rest u2on *e8 C2 Cor 12D.91E One of t"e *ost 2re:alent ob>ections raised today against t"e *inistry of "ealing is 6aul)s It"orn in t"e fles"8I One traditional idea "as led to anot"er8 T"e wides2read teac"ing t"at God is t"e source of disease "as= no doubt= led to t"e idea t"at 6aul "ad a sic'ness t"at God refused to "eal8 We do not belie:e t"at anyone w"o will ta'e ti*e to read all t"at God)s word "as to say on t"e sub>ect of "ealing could e:er for* suc" a conclusion8 It is wit" a sincere desire to "el2 e:ery "onest reader t"at we 2resent t"e following study concerning 6aul)s t"orn8 T"ousands of 2eo2le "a:e needlessly suffered for years= belie:ing t"ey were 2leasing God8 In order to "a:e a better understanding of t"is *atter= let us consider w"at t"e 4ible says about t"is It"orn in t"e fles"8I

FIRST: W<(- W(' P(1)'' T<%,&? T"e eB2ression t"orn in t"e fles" is used in bot" t"e Old and %ew Testa*ents as an illustration8 T"e t"orn in t"e fles" ne:er indicated sic'ness8 W"ene:er t"e eB2ression is used in t"e 4ible= it is s2ecifically stated w"at t"e t"orn in t"e fles" was8 In %u*bers 33D&&= t"e eB2ression t"orns in your sides illustrated t"e in"abitants of Canaan8 In (os"ua 23D13= t"e eB2ression referred to t"e "eat"en nations of Canaan ?t"e Canaanites@8 T"e 4ible clearly states eBactly w"at t"ese t"orns in t"e fles" were8 4ot" ti*es t"e t"orns were 2ersonalities8 6aul states eBactly w"at "is t"orn was8 He says it was t"e *essenger of -atanG or as translated by ot"ers= t"e angel of t"e de:il= -atan)s angel= and so on8 T"e illustration t"orn in t"e fles" was a 2ersonality= t"e *essenger of -atan8 T"is word *essenger is translated fro* t"e Gree' word angelos w"ic" a22ears 1// ti*es in t"e 4ible8 It is translated 1/1 ti*es as IangelI and . ti*es as I*essenger8I In all 1// ti*es= wit"out eBce2tion= it is referring to a 2erson and not a t"ing8 Hell was 2re2ared for t"e de:il and "is angels= or *essengers= and 6aul)s t"orn in t"e fles" was one of t"ese *essengers of t"e de:il8 6aul says so8 6reac"ers and teac"ers "a:e labeled 6aul)s t"orn in t"e fles" as e:eryt"ing fro* an oriental eye disease

o2"t"al*ia 9 to an uncon:erted wife8 It see*s so unreasonable to *e to s2eculate about w"at t"e t"orn was w"en 6aul states t"at it was a *essenger of -atan8 SECOND: W<(- W(' -<# P1,8%'# %5 P(1)'' T<%,&? 6aul not only tells us w"at "is t"orn was= a *essenger of -atan= but "e also tells us w"at t"is *essenger or angel of -atan ca*e to doD to buffet *e8 T"e word buffet *eans Iblow after blow=I as w"en wa:es buffet a s"i2= or as w"en t"ey buffeted C"rist8 T"is word= used in 2 Corint"ians 12D. to describe t"e suffering recei:ed by 6aul fro* t"is *essenger of -atan= *ust "ar*oniHe wit" its sa*e *eaning in t"ese ot"er 2assages8 In no case does it refer to sic'ness or disease8 T"is *essenger or angel of -atan was sent to buffet 6aul continually 9 to deal blow after blow to t"is fait"ful *an of God8 T"e use of t"e word buffet in I Corint"ians #D11 is translated in t"e -2anis" 4ible= beaten wit" *any blows8 A sic'ness could ne:er beat one wit" *any blows nor buffet a 2erson= but t"e "arassing wor' of an angel of t"e de:il certainly fits t"is descri2tion8 T"e following descri2tion of 6aul)s suffering during "is *inistry will eB2lain "ow t"is angel of t"e de:il "arassed 6aul)s life8 We do not need to add sic'ness to t"e list8 %eit"er 6aul nor t"e scri2tures *ention it in t"is

connection8 After 6aul)s con:ersion= God sent Ananias to 6aul wit" t"e infor*ation= I will s"ow "i* "ow great t"ings "e *ust suffer for *y na*e)s sa'e= w"ic" ca*e to 2ass in t"e following waysD 18 (ews deter*ined to 'ill 6aul rig"t after "is con:ersion8 28 He was "indered in >oining t"e C"ristians8 38 He was o22osed by -atan8 #8 He was o22osed by (ews in a *ob8 &8 He was eB2elled out of Antioc" in 6isidia8 +8 He was *obbed and eB2elled fro* Iconiu*8 .8 He fled to 0ystra and $erbe w"ere "e was stoned and left for dead8I /8 He was dis2uting continually wit" false bret"ren8 18 He was beaten and >ailed at 6"ili22i8 138 He was *obbed and eB2elled fro* T"essalonica8 118 He was *obbed and eB2elled fro* 4erea8 128 He was *obbed at Corint"8 138 He was *obbed at 72"esus8 1#8 T"ere was a 2lot against "is life by t"e (ews8

1&8 He was seiHed by (ews= *obbed= tried in court fi:e ti*es= and suffered ot"er "ards"i2s8 In addition to t"e 2ersecutions *entioned in c"a2ter 12 of 2 Corint"ians= 6aul lists t"ese buffetings in t"e siBt" c"a2ter of t"is sa*e letterD stri2esG i*2rison*entsG tu*ultsG dis"onorG e:il re2ortG decei:ersG as dying= and= be"old= we li:eG as c"astened= and not 'illed8 In t"e ele:ent" c"a2ter= "e *entions stri2es abo:e *easure= in 2risons *ore freFuent= in deat"s often ?:erse 23@= t"en continuesD Of t"e (ews fi:e ti*es recei:ed I t"irty9nine stri2es8 T"ree ti*es I was beaten wit" rods= once I was stoned= t"ree ti*es I suffered s"i2wrec'= a nig"t and a day in t"e dee2= in 2erils of waters= in 2erils of robbers= in 2erils by *y own country*en= in 2erils by t"e "eat"en= in 2erils in t"e city= in 2erils in t"e wilderness= in 2erils in t"e sea= in 2erils a*ong false bret"renG in weariness and 2ainfulness= in "unger and t"irst= in cold and na'edness8 ?:erses 2#92.@ 4eing re:iled= 2ersecuted= defa*edG *ade as t"e filt" of t"e world= t"e offscouring of all t"ings to t"is day8 W"o but -atan)s angel could be res2onsible for all t"ese sufferings and buffetings? In enu*erating t"e*= we see t"at 6aul *entions al*ost e:eryt"ing one could t"in' of eBce2t sic'ness or an eye disease8 T"ere is no need to substitute Isore eyesI or Isic'ness=I w"ic" 6aul does not *ention= for all of t"ese buffetings w"ic" 6aul does *ention8

Certainly 6aul)s t"orn could not "a:e been defecti:e sig"t= because 6aul)s eyes were "ealed of blindness8 He recei:ed "is sig"t8 -urely t"e 4ible would not say t"is if 6aul)s eyes were as 2oor as t"eologians would "a:e us belie:e8 In answering t"ese first two Fuestions= we "a:e based our re*ar's on w"at 6aul actually said "i*selfD W"at was 6aul)s t"orn? A *essenger ?angel@ of -atan8 W"at was t"is *essenger sent to do? To buffet *e ?deal blow after blow@8 Too often= in discussing 6aul)s t"orn in t"e fles"= 2reac"ers and teac"ers gi:e t"eir idea= or w"at t"ey t"in'= or w"at see*s to be= or w"at so*eone "as said8 T"ey co*fort t"e sic' wit" t"is *essageD 6aul was sic' and 2rayed t"ree ti*es to be "ealed= but God did not see fit to "eal "i*8 God told 6aul t"at His grace would be sufficient for "i*8 T"erefore= t"e sufferer *ust be li'e 6aul 9 bear "is It"orn of sic'nessI fait"fully and 2atiently for God)s glory8 T"e 4ible says not"ing about 6aul being sic'= about "i* 2raying to be "ealed= or about God reFuiring 6aul to re*ain sic'8 Instead of t"ese t"ings w"ic" t"e 4ible does not say= t"is is w"at t"e 4ible does sayD And lest I s"ould be eBalted abo:e *easure t"roug" t"e abundance of t"e re:elations= t"ere was gi:en to *e a t"orn in t"e fles" ?not a disease= but@ t"e *essenger of -atan to buffet *e= lest I s"ould be eBalted abo:e *easure8

!or t"is t"ing I soug"t t"e 0ord t"ree ti*es= t"at it *ig"t de2art fro* *e ?6aul does not sayD II 2rayed t"ree ti*es to be "ealedI@8 And "e ?God@ said to *e= My grace is sufficient for youD for *y strengt" is *ade 2erfect in wea'ness8 God does not say= I%o= 6aul= I want you to re*ain sic'8 I THIRD: W<4 W(' P(1) G.>#& ( T<%,&? %ow consider t"is t"ird Fuestion8 T"e answer to it is >ust as clear as t"e first two8 W"y was -atan)s *essenger sent to buffet 6aul? AnswerD 0est I s"ould be eBalted abo:e *easure t"roug" t"e abundance of t"e re:elations8 Is it because of t"e abundance of t"eir re:elations t"at t"e sic' today s"ould be taug"t to regard t"eir sic'ness as a t"orn w"ic" *ust re*ain lest t"ey be eBalted? 6aul)s own reason for "is t"orn eBcludes 2ractically e:eryone else8 ,ou s"ould not clai* t"at your sic'ness was a t"orn li'e 6aul)s unless you= too= "a:e recei:ed suc" an abundance of re:elations t"at you need to be 'e2t fro* being eBalted8 If you clai* t"e t"orn= t"en you *ust abide by t"e rest of t"e scri2tures concerning 6aul)s t"orn8 6aul glorified God in all of t"e buffetings w"ic" "e suffered at t"e "and of -atan)s *essenger8 If 6aul)s buffetings were sic'ness= and if you are suffering sic'ness li'e we are told t"at 6aul did= you s"ould also glory in your sic'ness= instead of trying to get rid of it8 If you glory in your t"orn t"en you s"ould not go to t"e best surgeon to "a:e t"e t"orn re*o:ed8

%ow let)s consider t"e scri2tures w"ic" are su22osed to 2ro:e t"at 6aul)s t"orn was so*e sort of sic'ness8 INFIRMITIES Most gladly t"erefore will I glory in *y infir*ities8 T"erefore I ta'e 2leasure in infir*ities8 ,ou 'now "ow t"roug" infir*ity of t"e fles" I 2reac"ed t"e gos2el to you8 I was wit" you in wea'ness8 His bodily 2resence is wea'8 My grace is sufficient for youD for *y strengt" is *ade 2erfect in wea'ness8 T"is word infir*ity is translated fro* t"e sa*e Gree' word t"at 6aul used w"en "e wroteD 0i'ewise t"e -2irit also "el2s our infir*itiesD for we 'now not w"at we s"ould 2ray for as we oug"tD but t"e -2irit itself *a'es intercession for us8 It is also t"e sa*e word used in Hebrews w"ic" says t"at t"e 2ro2"ets out of wea'ness were *ade strong8 It is used to eB2ress t"e *anner in w"ic" C"rist was crucifiedD !or t"oug" "e was crucified t"roug" wea'ness= yet "e li:es by t"e 2ower of God8 T"e word wea' ?or wea'ness@ in t"ese scri2tures is t"e sa*e word used w"en 6aul saidD W"en I a* wea'= t"en a* I strong8 If t"e word wea' *eant "e was sic'= t"en t"e

word strong would logically *ean t"at "e was well8 T"ese words translated infir*ities and wea'ness= wit" reference to 6aul)s life= were ne:er intended to *ean sic'ness or so*e eye disease8 %otice t"e use of t"ese words infir*ity and wea' ?translated fro* t"e sa*e Gree' root words as t"ose abo:e@ in t"e following scri2tures8 -ubstitute t"e words sic'ness or disease in t"eir 2laces= and you will see t"at t"is idea is wrong8 In se:eral of t"ese scri2tures= t"e word wea'ness is contrasted wit" 2ower or strong wit"out con:eying t"e idea of wea'ness t"roug" disease at all8 W"en 6aul s2ea's of "is wea'ness before t"e c"urc"= "e is eB2ressing "is not"ingness in "is own strengt" and "is de2endence u2on t"e -2irit and 2ower of GodD T"at your fait" s"ould not stand in t"e wisdo* of 2eo2le= but in t"e 2ower of God8 TEMPTATION And *y te*2tation w"ic" was in *y fles" you des2ised not8 T"is word te*2tation ?w"ic" is inter2reted to *ean so*e 'ind of sic'ness@ is translated fro* t"e sa*e Gree' word used to eB2ress -atan)s c"allenge to C"rist in t"e wildernessD W"en t"e de:il "ad ended all t"e te*2tation8 It was used by (esus w"en He saidD 6ray t"at you enter not into te*2tations %eit"er of t"ese "ad any reference to sic'ness or disease of any 'ind8

PAUL'S LARGE LETTER ,ou see "ow large a letter I "a:e written to you wit" *y own "and8 We are taug"t t"at 6aul was so near blind "e "ad to write using large lettersG but let us consider t"e following factsD T"e word letter w"ic" 6aul wrote is translated fro* t"e sa*e Gree' word "e used w"en "e saidD t"e letter 'ills= but t"e s2irit gi:es life8 -urely "e was not *eaning a letter of t"e al2"abet8 T"e word large= used in t"e 7nglis" :ersion to define 6aul)s letter= is translated fro* a Gree' word *eaning a Fuantitati:e for*= as "ow *uc"= not "ow big8 Moreo:er= t"is word large as translated fro* t"e Gree' is not t"e 'ind of large t"at is used to eB2ress siHe= suc" as w"en s2ea'ing of a large u22er roo*8 T"e large in t"is scri2ture fro* 0u'e)s gos2el is translated fro* t"e Gree' word *egas= w"ic" si*2ly *eans big8 6aul)s letter was Fuantitati:ely large8 A letter of t"e al2"abet can be large in siHe= but not in Fuantity8 6aul undoubtedly s2ea's of "is e2istle ?letter@ as being large ?in Fuantity@ si*2ly because it was not "is custo* to do "is own writing8 THEY WOULD HAVE PLUCKED OUT THEIR EYES I bear you record= t"at= if it "ad been 2ossible= you would "a:e 2luc'ed out your eyes= and "a:e gi:en t"e* to *e8

T"is scri2ture is su22osed to 2ro:e furt"er "ow 6aul)s eyes were so diseased= according to t"eological s2eculation= wit" t"e oriental eye disease= o2"t"al*ia= t"at t"e 2eo2le were willing to gi:e "i* t"eir own eyes to re2lace "is diseased ones8 4ut t"is eB2ression by t"e Galatians si*2ly indicated affection and lo:e for 6aul because of "is fait"ful *inistry to t"e*8 At t"e close of one of our crusades abroad during w"ic" o:er a "undred deaf9*utes and o:er ninety totally blind 2eo2le "ad been "ealed= one of t"e 2astors said in "is farewell s2eec" to usD IMr8 Osborn= our 2eo2le lo:e you8 T"ey are t"an'ful to God for your co*ing to us8 T"ey want you to 'now t"at t"ey would cut off t"eir rig"t ar* and gi:e it to you= if t"at were 2ossible8I T"is eB2ression of de:otion did not 2ro:e t"at *y rig"t ar* was sic' or useless8 ,ou see= traditional s2eculation about 6aul)s t"orn in t"e fles" is based u2on scri2tures w"ic" do not su22ort t"ese su22ositions at all w"en one reads t"e* wit"out t"eological 2re>udice8 If 6aul indeed was nearly blind wit" an eye diseaseG if "e was wea' and sic'ly in "is bodyG if "e 2rayed t"ree ti*es to recei:e "ealing= but was refused because "e "ad recei:ed suc" s2iritual re:elations t"at "e needed to be 'e2t "u*ble by t"ese infir*ities in "is eyes and in "is bodyG t"en t"ese allegations would contradict so *uc" ot"er 4ible trut" w"ic" we s"all eBa*ine neBt8

CHA6T7 3/ !OO$ !O THO5GHT 9 O% 6A50)- THO %

18 -ince "ealing is an essential ele*ent of t"e gos2el= "ow could 6aul en>oy t"e fullness of t"e blessing of t"e gos2el) as "e did= and re*ain sic'? Is not "ealing a 2art of t"e blessing of t"e gos2el? 28 If 6aul was sic'= "ow could t"e 2eo2le to w"o* "e 2reac"ed at 72"esus recei:e fait" for suc" s2ecial *iracles of "ealing? 38 If 6aul was sic'= "ow is it t"at t"e :ery first ser*on "e 2reac"ed in 0ystra created suc" fait" in t"e "eart of a *an= w"o was cri22led in "is feet fro* birt"= t"at "e was instantly and *iraculously "ealed? If 6aul was sic'= would t"at *an "a:e belie:ed t"e first ser*on 6aul 2reac"ed and recei:ed enoug" fait" to be *iraculously "ealed? Critics often as'= IW"at if you were sic'= t"en w"at about your *essage?I $o we t"in' t"at 6aul= sic'= wea'= feeble= and nearly blind= could create enoug" fait" in an unbelie:er in one ser*on to 2roduce suc" a *iracle of "ealing? #8 If 6aul was sic' or diseased= "ow could "e *a'e t"e Gentiles obedient by word and deed= t"roug" *ig"ty signs and wonders= by t"e 2ower of t"e -2irit of God?# I )notice t"at t"ose w"o are sic'= clai*ing to "a:e a It"orn in t"e fles"I li'e 6aul= are usually inca2acitated in t"eir *inistry and seldo*= if e:er= 2roduce signs= wonders= and *iracles8 &8 If 6aul was sic' or diseased= "ow is it t"at w"en "e was

2reac"ing on t"e Isle of Melita= t"e fat"er of 6ublius and all t"e ot"er sic' 2eo2le in t"e island ca*e and were cured?& T"at is a rat"er re*ar'able result for a *an w"o is sic'ly and nearly blind8 +8 -ince 6aul)s t"orn did not "inder t"e fait" of 2eo2le to be "ealed of 2"ysical diseases in 72"esus= Melita= 0ystra and al*ost e:ery ot"er 2lace w"ere 6aul 2reac"ed= w"y s"ould it be used as a *eans of "indering fait" to be 2"ysically "ealed today? .8 In 4ible days fait" ca*e by "earing t"e word of God= w"ile today fait" lea:es by "earing t"e word of so*eone w"o tells usD I6aul was sic'= and God would not "eal "i* t"oug" "e 2rayed t"ree ti*es8 -o *aybe it is not God)s will to "eal you8 I T"is argu*ent causes 2eo2le to abandon t"e :ery 2ro*ises of God w"ic" are *eant to gi:e us fait"8 T"is argu*ent forces us to see' a s2ecial re:elation fro* t"e -2irit of God to deter*ine w"et"er or not God wills to "eal e:ery indi:idual8 T"is would *ean t"at fait" does not co*e by t"e word of God alone= as 6aul says= but t"at fait" co*es by 2raying until a s2ecial re:elation co*es to us t"at it is God)s will to "eal a 2articular indi:idual8 Is it not strange t"at t"ose w"o declare t"at 6aul was sic'= instead of 2raying and as'ing God to "eal t"e*= as t"ey clai* 6aul did= substitute t"eir 2raying by c"oosing t"e doctor w"o* t"ey belie:e is best Fualified to rid t"e* of t"eir t"orn of sic'ness= w"et"er God wants it re*o:ed or not?

Is it not strange t"at t"ose w"o teac" t"at 6aul)s t"orn was so*e 'ind of sic'ness= reco**end t"at t"eir 2eo2le sub*it to o2erations and *edical treat*ent for reco:ery= rat"er t"an to 2ray until God re:eals to t"e* t"at it is not His will to "eal t"e*= as t"ey clai* t"at God re:ealed to 6aul? To be consistent= t"ey s"ould reco**end t"at t"eir 2eo2le glory in t"eir sic'ness as t"ey clai* 6aul did= instead of trying to get rid of t"e t"orn8 /8 6aul)s t"orn in t"e fles" ne:er inca2acitated "i* in "is *inistry because "e could testifyD I labored *ore abundantly t"an t"ey all8 It is "ardly reasonable t"at a sic' *an could labor *ore abundantly t"an all t"e ot"ers w"o were well8 T"e 2erson w"o says sic'ness is 6aul)s t"orn is generally inca2acitated8 T"e assistant does *uc" of t"e wor'= and a large 2ercent of ti*e is s2ent Iresting for "ealt")s sa'e8I 6aul= w"o certainly 2racticed w"at "e 2reac"ed= says we s"ould be 2re2ared for e:ery good wor'= t"oroug"ly furnis"ed to all good wor's= Healous of good wor's= careful to *aintain good wor's= 2erfect in e:ery good wor' to do "is will= and abound to e:ery good wor'8 A sic' 2erson cannot do t"ese t"ings8 18 If t"e state*ent= My grace is sufficient for you= *eant t"at God was telling 6aul to 'ee2 "is sic'ness= it would be t"e only case in t"e 4ible w"ere God told a 2erson He wanted t"e* to re*ain sic'= t"at He would gi:e t"e* grace for a 2"ysically sic' body8

%ow"ere do t"e scri2tures state t"at God gi:es grace to t"e 2"ysical body8 T"e word grace indicates t"at it was t"e inner 2erson t"at needed "el28 T"e grace of God is i*2arted only to t"e inner 2erson= w"ic" 6aul says in "is case was renewed day by day8 God)s grace is for t"e s2iritual 2erson= but t"e life of (esus is *anifested in our *ortal fles"8

CHA6T7 31 -7<7% 7$7M6TI<7 %AM7$ 8 -CO!I70$ -A,-= on 2ages + and . of "is 4ible ?see footnotes on t"e rede*2ti:e na*es@= t"at (e"o:a" is t"e rede*2ti:e na*e of $eity and *eans It"e -elf9eBistent One w"o re:eals Hi*self8I T"ese se:en rede*2ti:e na*es= "e says= I2oint to God)s continuous and increasing self9re:elation8I He t"en says= IIn His rede*2ti:e relations"i2 to 2eo2le= (e"o:a" "as se:en co*2ound na*es w"ic" re:eal Hi* as *eeting e:ery need of "u*an'ind8I -ince it is God)s rede*2ti:e relations"i2 to us t"at t"ese na*es re:eal= t"ey *ust eac" 2oint to Cal:ary w"ere we were redee*ed8 T"e blessing t"at eac" na*e re:eals *ust be 2ro:ided in rede*2tion8 T"e scri2tures clearly teac" t"is8 T"ese se:en rede*2ti:e na*es areD (e"o:a"9s"a**aD T"e 0ord is t"ere= or 2resent=) re:ealing to us t"e rede*2ti:e 2ri:ilege of en>oying t"e 2resence of Hi* w"o says= 0o= I a* wit" you alway8 T"at t"is blessing is 2ro:ided in rede*2tion is 2ro:en by t"e fact t"at we were *ade nig" by t"e blood of C"rist8 (e"o:a"9s"alo*D T"e 0ord our 2eace= re:eals to us t"e rede*2ti:e 2ri:ilege of "a:ing His 2eace8 Accordingly= (esus says= My 2eace I gi:e to you8 T"is blessing is in rede*2tion because t"e c"astise*ent

of our 2eace was u2on "i* w"en He *ade 2eace t"roug" t"e blood of "is cross8 (e"o:a"9raa"D T"e 0ord is *y s"e2"erd8 (esus beca*e our s"e2"erd by gi:ing His life for t"e s"ee2G t"erefore= t"is is a 2ri:ilege 2ro:ided in rede*2tion8 (e"o:a"9>ire"D T"e 0ord will 2ro:ide an offering)s and C"rist was t"e offering 2ro:ided for our co*2lete rede*2tion8 (e"o:a"9nissiD T"e 0ord is our banner= or :ictor= or ca2tain8 It was w"en= by t"e cross= C"rist triu*2"ed o:er 2rinci2alities and 2owers= t"at He 2ro:ided for us= as our substitute= t"e rede*2ti:e 2ri:ilege of sayingD T"an's be to God= w"ic" gi:es us t"e :ictory t"roug" our 0ord (esus C"rist8 (e"o:a"9Tsid'enuD T"e 0ord our rig"teousness8 (esus beca*e our rig"teousness by bearing our sins on t"e crossG t"erefore= our 2ri:ilege of recei:ing t"e gift of rig"teousness is a rede*2ti:e blessing8 (e"o:a"9ra2"aD I a* t"e 0ord your 2"ysician= or I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 T"is na*e is gi:en to re:eal to us our rede*2ti:e 2ri:ilege of recei:ing t"e "ealing w"ic" was 2ro:ided by C"rist= our substitute8 Isaia"= in t"e rede*2ti:e c"a2ter= declares= -urely "e "as borne our griefs ?sic'nesses@= and carried our sorrows ?2ains@8 I "a:e reser:ed t"is na*e= (e"o:a"9ra2"a= for t"e last8 T"e :ery first co:enant God ga:e after t"e 2assage of t"e ed -ea= w"ic" was a ty2e of our rede*2tion= was t"e co:enant of "ealing8 It was at t"is ti*e t"at He re:ealed

Hi*self as our 2"ysician= by His rede*2ti:e and co:enant na*e= (e"o:a"9ra2"aD I a* t"e 0ord w"o "eals you8 T"is is not only a 2ro*iseG it is a statute and an ordinance8 Corres2onding to t"is "ealing co:enant= we "a:e= in t"e co**and of (a*es= a 2ositi:e ordinance of "ealing in C"rist)s na*e w"ic" is as sacred and :alid for t"e c"urc" today as are t"e ordinances of t"e 0ord)s -u22er and of C"ristian ba2tis*8 -ince (e"o:a"9ra2"a is one of God)s rede*2ti:e na*es sealing His co:enant of "ealing= t"en C"rist during His eBaltation could no *ore abandon His office as "ealer t"an His ot"er offices as re:ealed by His ot"er rede*2ti:e na*es8 Ha:e any of t"e blessings= w"ic" His rede*2ti:e na*es re:eal= been wit"drawn fro* t"is better co:enant establis"ed u2on better 2ro*ises? Isaia" begins t"e rede*2tion c"a2ter wit" t"e FuestionD W"o "as belie:ed our re2ort? and to w"o* is t"e ar* of t"e 0ord re:ealed? T"e re2ort follows t"at C"rist bore our sins and our sic'nesses8 T"e answer to t"e Fuestion isD Only t"ose w"o "a:e "eard t"e re2ort could belie:e it= because fait" co*es by "earing8 -ince (esus died in t"e 2lace of e:ery "u*an being= it is surely wort" re2orting8 In :erses # and & of t"is rede*2tion c"a2ter= Isaia" re:eals (esus suffering as our substitute forD our sic'nessesG our 2ainsG our transgressionsG our iniFuitiesG our 2eaceG our "ealing8

We would "a:e to *isFuote t"e 4ible to eBclude oursel:es fro* any of t"ese blessings8 W"en we read Matt"ew)s inter2retation of Isaia"= c"a2ter &3= "e says (esus "ealed all t"at were sic' in order to fulfill Isaia")s 2ro2"ecyD Hi*self too' our infir*ities ?wea'nesses@= and bore our sic'nesses ?diseases@8 We would "a:e to *isFuote t"ese scri2tures to eBclude oursel:es fro* t"e rede*2ti:e blessing of "ealing for our bodies8 If= as so*e t"in'= C"rist is unwilling to "eal as uni:ersally during His eBaltation as He did during His "u*iliation= t"en He would "a:e to brea' His 2ro*iseG and He would not be (esus C"rist t"e sa*e yesterday= and today= and fore:er -ince t"e 2ro*ise of "ealing= w"ic" is *ade to t"e any w"o are sic'= is eFually as uni:ersal in its a22lication as t"e 2ro*ise of sal:ation= w"ic" is *ade to w"oe:er is sinfulG and since (esus C"rist= in His sacrificial deat"= bore our sic'nesses t"e sa*e as He bore our sinsG t"en t"e fact is settled by t"e scri2tures t"at t"e sic' "a:e t"e sa*e rig"t to be "ealed in t"eir bodies as t"e sinful "a:e to be "ealed in t"eir s2irits8 If t"e body was not included in rede*2tion= "ow can t"ere be a resurrection? How can corru2tion 2ut on incorru2tion or *ortality 2ut on i**ortality? If we "a:e not been redee*ed fro* sic'ness= would we not be sub>ect to disease in "ea:en= if it were 2ossible to be resurrected regardless of rede*2tion? Our destiny is bot" s2iritual and 2"ysical8 It is reasonable t"at our rede*2tion is bot" s2iritual and 2"ysical8 As $r8

8 A8 Torrey writes in "is boo'= $i:ine HealingD I(ust as one gets t"e firstfruits of s2iritual sal:ation in t"e life t"at now is= so we get t"e firstfruits of our 2"ysical sal:ation in t"e life t"at now is8 T"e gos2el of C"rist "as sal:ation for t"e body as well as for t"e s2irit8 T"e rede*2ti:e deat" of (esus C"rist secured for us not only 2"ysical "ealing= but also t"e resurrecting and 2erfecting and glorifying of our bodies8I

CHA6T7 #3 -A0<ATIO% A%$ H7A0I%G 6A A0070

by Gordon 0indsay
TH7 MO-T 6 7<A07%T error *ade by 2eo2le see'ing "ealing= including t"ose w"o are fully con:inced of t"is trut"= is t"e confusing of natural= "u*an "o2e wit" fait" based on God)s word8 -ic' 2eo2le= w"en 2rayed for= naturally "o2e t"at t"ey will be betterG but t"e natural "u*an e*otion of "o2e is only 2assi:e= Fuite different fro* 4ible fait" w"ic" is acti:e= creati:e8 To >ust "o2e for so*et"ing indicates uncertainty8 It "as no basis for eB2ectancy8 4ut fait" loo's bac' to w"at C"rist acco*2lis"ed for us in His deat" as our substitute8 !ait" rests wit" confident assurance in God)s word= e:en w"ile it recei:es no encourage*ent at all by w"at t"e eye can see8 T"e natural 2erson is a creature of t"e senses8 !eeling or seeing t"e sy*2to*s of an affliction= "e or s"e tends to belie:e w"at t"e senses register t"an w"at God)s word says8 !ait"= by contrast= is not influenced by w"at t"e eye sees and= indeed= is indifferent to it8 It does not "onor t"e natural senses= but draws its strengt" fro* t"e i**utability of God)s word8 If t"is were not t"e nature of fait"= no suc" t"ing as fait" would be necessary8 W"y s"ould fait" be needed for t"at

w"ic" t"e eye can already see or t"e "and can already feel? THE PARALLEL BETWEEN SALVATION AND HEALING It is t"is *isconce2tion of w"at fait" is t"at *a'es it difficult for so*e to understand and to a22ro2riate 2"ysical "ealing8 ,et t"ere s"ould be no reason for t"is lac' of 'nowledge8 T"e 4ible teac"ing concerning "ealing is as si*2le as t"at of sal:ation8 T"e trut" is t"at t"e "ealing of t"e body and t"e sal:ation of t"e soul in:ol:es a si*ilar wor' of t"e -2irit and are go:erned by :ery nearly= if not eBactly= identical laws8 T"e 'ey to t"e understanding of t"e w"ole sub>ect of di:ine "ealing lies in a recognition of t"e al*ost eBact 2arallel between t"e a22ro2riation of "ealing and of sal:ation= by fait" in God)s word8 If we "a:e a 'nowledge of t"e fait" by w"ic" we recei:e sal:ation= t"en by a si*2le co*2arison we *ay understand t"e eBact sa*e 2rinci2les of fait" by w"ic" we recei:e "ealing8 0et us note t"e si*ilarity between t"e regeneration of t"e s2irit fro* its sinfulness and t"e deli:erance of t"e body fro* its sic'ness8 Most 2eo2le entertain at least a secret "o2e of e:entually being sa:ed8 4ut t"oug" so*eone recogniHes t"e :alue of "ea:en and *ay agree t"at t"e 2ros2ect of being eternally lost is infinitely *ore tragic t"an *erely being sic'= t"is

2owerful incenti:e to re2entance is not sufficient in *any cases to result in acce2ting C"rist and being con:erted8 After you "a:e so*e a22reciation of t"e awfulness of t"e disease of sin and eB2ress a willingness to forsa'e it= you still will not be sa:ed wit"out belie:ing t"at C"rist died in your 2lace8 THE FINISHED WORK OF SALVATION Only w"en you acce2t t"e finis"ed wor' of rede*2tion can you be sa:ed8 If you will not belie:e until you feel sa:ed= you will ne:er be sa:ed8 Ha:e not *ost of us witnessed 2eo2le w"o "a:e *ade t"is :ery sa*e *ista'e? It is only in t"e act of belie:ing t"e finis"ed wor' of rede*2tion t"at con:ersion ta'es 2lace8 NEW REFORMATION OF FAITH T"is belief in t"e finis"ed wor' of C"rist did not beco*e t"e in"eritance of t"e C"ristian fait" wit"out a struggle= w"ic"= indeed= s"oo' t"e c"urc" to its foundation8 T"is trut" ca*e as a fruit of t"e efor*ation8 0ut"er and ot"ers disco:ered t"at 2rayers= 2enances= fastings= tears= and great strugglings of t"e s2irit did not bring t"e* to an en>oy*ent of 2eace wit" God8 It was only w"en t"ey boldly acce2ted t"e 2ro*ise of t"e finis"ed wor' of C"rist t"at "ea:en)s 2eace ca*e8 %or was it easy in t"ose days to ta'e suc" a stand8 All of t"e traditions and dog*as of t"e *edie:al c"urc" and t"e instincts of t"e natural= uncon:erted nature

clas"ed and re:olted against suc" trut"8 %e:ert"eless= t"ose w"o "ad daring boldness foug"t t"e battle t"roug" to :ictory8 T"e trut" t"at t"e >ust s"all li:e by fait"= once scarcely belie:ed by anyone= e:entually ca*e to be t"e foundation stone for t"e 2ositi:e fait" of *illions8 T"is trut"= born of t"e efor*ation= is understood by e:ery successful soulwinnerG and to lead a 2erson to C"rist= one s"ould instruct t"at indi:idual in w"at to do to be sa:ed8 It is a *ista'e to atte*2t to bring an unsa:ed 2erson to a decision about recei:ing C"rist before t"ere is a clear 'nowledge of God)s 2ro*ise concerning sal:ation8 T"e C"ristian realiHes t"at if a 2erson)s *ind is confused= or if one "as not fully ta'en "old of t"e 2ro*ises of God= t"ere is no way to sur:i:e t"e first te*2tation t"at co*es along8 !or t"is reason= a wise soulwinner does not 2ress for a decision too Fuic'ly8 T"ere is a 2reli*inary wor' of t"e -2irit t"at needs to ta'e 2lace in t"e "eart8 T"ere are instructions w"ic" *ust be recei:ed8 A PRELIMINARY WORK OF THE SPIRIT NECESSARY TO HEALING T"e tragedy is t"at *any C"ristian wor'ers= w"o clearly realiHe t"ese t"ings= t"row t"is wisdo* to t"e winds w"en it co*es to t"e *atter of di:ine "ealing8

Often t"ey are anBious to "a:e t"e sic' 2erson= in w"o* t"ey are interested= *inistered to i**ediately9= and= if results are not fort"co*ing in t"e way w"ic" t"ey antici2ate= t"ey *ay e:en beco*e indignant8 6eo2le tra:el t"ousands of *iles to clinics8 T"ey s2end a fortune to obtain t"e best of *edical s'ill and will 2"iloso2"ically acce2t any failure of 2"ysicians8 4ut w"en t"ey co*e for di:ine "ealing= t"ey want to lay down t"e rules8 To t"e* suc" scri2tures as= !ait" co*es by "earing t"e word of God= "a:e little significance8 -o*e= in ignorance of God)s word= su22ose t"at one wit" t"e gifts of "ealing s"ould go fro* "os2ital to "os2ital= "ealing all t"at are sic'8 T"ey see* unaware of t"e 4ible account of (esus at t"e 6ool of 4et"esdaD He "ealed only one and left t"e ot"er la*e and t"e sic' lying t"ere8 Or t"at (esus= w"ile at %aHaret"= could not ?would not@ do *ig"ty wor's t"ere because of t"eir unbelief T"ey o:erloo' t"e fact t"at C"rist)s teac"ing on "ealing antici2ated a willingness on t"e 2art of t"e indi:idual to sub*it co*2letely to God= or t"at w"en t"e 0ord re2lied to t"e Gentile wo*an)s reFuest to "eal "er daug"ter= He declared t"at "ealing was t"e c"ildren)s bread8 If we are to understand di:ine "ealing= we *ust realiHe t"at it is t"e sa*e 2ower w"ic" "eals bot" t"e s2irit and t"e body8

THE FINISHED WORK OF HEALING It only ta'es a *o*ent for a 2erson to be sa:ed= once t"e "eart is 2re2ared to recei:e C"rist= alt"oug" so*eti*es it *ay ta'e years for one to reac" a 2lace of willingness to yield to God8 4ut w"en t"at *o*ent arri:es= sal:ation co*es at once8 T"is is 2ossible because of t"e finis"ed wor' of C"rist= w"ic" acco*2lis"ed full sal:ation once and for all on be"alf of w"oe:er belie:es on Hi*8 As long as t"e unsa:ed does not belie:e= or 2ost2ones sal:ation to t"e future= "e or s"e will not be sa:ed8 Once anyone belie:es t"at God does it now= t"e wor' is done8 C"ristians always encourage t"e uncon:erted to belie:e at once8 T"ere is no way for t"e unsa:ed to be regenerated until t"ey belie:e t"at t"e wor' of forgi:eness is already done8 %o one accuses a C"ristian of using deceit if t"e re2entant soul is urged to ta'e God at His word and to belie:e t"at sal:ation is 2resently an acco*2lis"ed fact ,et= in t"e *atter of di:ine "ealing= >ust suc" a c"arge is *ade by C"ristians w"o are indeed sincere= but untaug"t in t"is trut"8 TWO FATEFUL ERRORS We are now in a 2osition to 2oint out two fateful errors w"ic" t"e c"urc" *a'es in t"e *atter of di:ine "ealing8 !irstD Alt"oug" it is generally acce2ted t"at teac"ing of t"e word is reFuired before ordinarily a true wor' of

con:ersion *ay ta'e 2lace= often t"e sa*e 2ersons will inconsistently re2roac" t"ose w"o deal t"e sa*e way in t"e *atter of "ealing8 Too often t"ey will encourage t"e sic' to be 2rayed for wit"out teac"ing and *ay resent it if t"e *inister ad:ises t"e sic' 2erson to recei:e teac"ing fro* t"e word of God before being 2rayed for8 -econdD Alt"oug" t"ey will encourage an unsa:ed 2erson to belie:e in t"e finis"ed wor' of sal:ation= so*e will inconsistently re2roac" t"ose w"o deal t"e sa*e way in securing t"e "ealing of t"e sic'8 -o*e *isc"ie:ously 2oint to a 2erson w"o was su22osed to "a:e been "ealed and w"o is a22arently still sic'8 T"is is cri*inal unbelief8 It is t"e sa*e as to discourage so*eone fro* getting sa:ed by 2ointing to a 2erson w"o was t"oug"t to be sa:ed= but is now li:ing in sin8 0et God be true and e:eryone else a liar8 According to God)s word= you are sa:ed if you truly belie:e8 In t"e sa*e way= you are "ealed if you truly belie:e8 4ot" sal:ation and "ealing are finis"ed wor's= co*2leted in rede*2tion8 T"ey are bot" a22ro2riated by fait" t"at t"e wor' is acco*2lis"ed by C"rist8 APPROPRIATION OF FAITH Healing is a finis"ed wor' as far as God is concernedG but we "a:e to a22ro2riate it by fait"= 'nowing t"at t"e wor' is done now= regardless of t"e sy*2to*s w"ic" we *ay feel or see8

!ait" is belie:ing= confessing= and acting on t"e finis"ed wor' of C"rist according to w"at is written in t"e word of God8 6eter declaresD 4y w"ose stri2es= you were "ealed8 We do not 2ray "ealing down fro* "ea:en or 2ersuade God to do w"at was acco*2lis"ed at Cal:ary8 W"at we do is a22ro2riate "ealing in identically t"e sa*e way t"at we a22ro2riate sal:ation8 THOSE WHO RECEIVE WITH JOY AND FALL AWAY (esus told of so*e w"o "ear t"e gos2el and recei:e t"e word wit" >oy= and for a w"ile belie:e= and in ti*e of te*2tation fall away8 Ot"ers= He said= are c"o'ed wit" cares and ric"es and 2leasures of t"is life= and bring no fruit to 2erfection8 T"ere was not"ing wrong wit" t"e word t"at was sown in t"eir "earts8 T"ere was not"ing a*iss wit" t"e encourage*ent it ga:e t"ese 2eo2le to belie:e= nor wit" t"e >oy t"at ca*e to t"e* as a result of belie:ing8 T"e trouble was t"at t"ey allowed so*et"ing to disturb t"eir belie:ing= w"ic" c"o'ed or interru2ted t"e wor' of t"e -2irit8 T"is circu*stance is also true of t"ose w"o belie:e for "ealing8 T"e *o*ent a 2erson belie:es for 2"ysical deli:erance= "e or s"e recei:es it as far as God is concerned8 W"ate:er you desire= w"en you 2ray= belie:e t"at you recei:e it= and you s"all "a:e it8 $r8 Goods2eed translates itD IW"ene:er you 2ray or as'

for anyt"ing= "a:e fait" t"at it "as been granted you= and you s"all "a:e it8I If te*2tation co*es and you yield to t"e sy*2to*s= you do t"e :ery t"ing t"e de:il wants you to do8 ,ou do eBactly as a new con:ert= w"o= under te*2tation= gi:es way to t"e ene*y)s accusation t"at "e or s"e ne:er was sa:ed8 -o is t"e 2erson w"o belie:es for "ealing= t"en doubts and afterward declares t"at "ealing ne:er was recei:ed8 T"e trut" is t"at t"e *a>ority of 2eo2le w"o co*e for "ealing are "ealed as far as God is concerned8 T"e real 2roble* is to 'ee2 t"ese 2eo2le fro* t"e influence of unbelief= fro* s'e2ticis*= and t"ose w"o are sla:es to t"eir sense 'nowledge8 At t"is ti*e= it is i*2ortant to 'ee2 t"ese 2eo2le under t"e word of God and fro* association wit" unbelie:ers8 T"e 2roble* is identically t"e sa*e as a 2astor eB2eriences w"en a large grou2 of 2eo2le acce2t C"rist8 T"at 2astor labors wit" t"e con:erts= gi:ing t"e* lo:ing attention= feeding t"e* wit" t"e sincere *il' of t"e word8 If t"at was not done= in *any cases t"ey would fall by t"e wayside8 -atan te*2ted C"rist and said= IIf you be t"e -on God8I He te*2ts t"e con:ert w"o "as been sa:ed8 He will te*2t e:ery 2erson w"o "as been "ealed8 4ut w"ile t"e young con:ert is encouraged to resist te*2tation and t"e de:il= and to loo' to C"rist= t"e 2erson w"o is "ealed will too often be gi:en suggestions by friend or foe= by t"e wea' and t"e well= by t"e 2reac"er and

c"urc" *e*bers= not to be too sure of "ealing= and to be on t"e alert for t"e return of t"e old affliction8 T"ose w"o "a:e acce2ted C"rist)s "ealing by fait"= li'e t"ose w"o "a:e acce2ted C"rist)s sal:ation by fait"= *ust be nouris"ed= encouraged= taug"t= and fed wit" t"e 2ro*ises w"ic" t"eir fait" is clai*ing8 Only t"ose w"o continue in "is word and w"o *aintain a 2ro2er attitude of fait" toward God)s acco*2lis"ed blessings can retain t"e full benefits8 SIN OF UNBELIEF We *ig"t as well face t"e trut"D 5nbelief is sin 5nbelief is war against t"e :ery law of being8 It is a sla:is" loyalty to sense 'nowledge and a disloyalty to t"e word of God8 A true 2astor encourages new con:erts to stand steady in t"e fait"= e:en t"oug" t"ey go t"roug" t"e fires of te*2tation8 He or s"e warns t"e* to "old fast and not gi:e way to t"e wiles of t"e ene*y8 6eo2le w"o "a:e been "ealed s"ould be taug"t t"at it is God)s 2lan t"at sic'ness s"ould be ta'en fro* t"eir *idst and t"at God)s will is t"at t"ey s"ould 2ros2er and be in "ealt"= e:en as ?t"eir@ soul 2ros2ers8 T"is is t"e 2ro*ise= and it will be fulfilled in t"e li:es of all w"o are bold to belie:e8

CHA6T7 #1 133 $I<I%7 H7A0I%G !ACTMany belie:e t"at God so*eti*es "eals t"e sic'= but t"ey "a:e no 2ersonal 'nowledge of (esus as our indwelling "ealer8 T"ey 'now not"ing of t"e *any facts w"ic" 2ro:e t"at 2"ysical "ealt" is 2art of sal:ation8 T"ey see ot"ers "ealed= but t"ey Fuestion w"et"er "ealing is God)s will for t"e*8 T"ey are waiting for a s2ecial re:elation of t"e will of God for t"e*8 In t"e *eanti*e= t"ey are doing all wit"in t"e 2ower of "u*an s'ill to get well wit" t"e use of natural *eans= w"et"er it is God)s will for t"e* to be "ealed or not8 If it is not God)s will for you to be well= it would be wrong for you to see' reco:ery e:en t"roug" natural *eans8 If it is God)s will for you to be well= t"en it is only logical t"at t"e best way of reco:ery is by di:ine *eans8 T"e 4ible re:eals t"e will of God in regard to t"e "ealing of t"e body as clearly as it re:eals t"e will of God in regard to regeneration of t"e s2irit8 God need not gi:e any s2ecial re:elation of His will w"en He "as 2lainly gi:en His re:ealed will in His word8 He "as definitely 2ro*ised to "eal you8 God)s 2ro*ises to "eal are as *uc" a re:elation of His will to "eal as His 2ro*ises to sa:e re:eal His will to sa:e8 A careful study of t"e scri2tures by an un2re>udiced 2erson will clearly s"ow t"at God is bot" t"e sa:ior and t"e "ealer of His 2eo2le 9 t"at it is always His will to sa:e

and to "eal all t"ose w"o belie:e on Hi*8 In e:idence of t"is= we call your attention to t"e following 133 factsD 18 -ic'ness is no *ore natural t"an sin8 God *ade all t"ings :ery good8 T"erefore= we s"ould not loo' for t"e re*edy of sin or sic'ness in t"e natural= but fro* God w"o created us "a22y= strong= "ealt"y= and to fellows"i2 wit" Hi*8 28 4ot" sin and sic'ness ca*e into t"e world t"roug" t"e fall of t"e "u*an race8 T"erefore= we *ust loo' for t"e "ealing of bot" in t"e sa:ior of t"e "u*an race8 38 W"en God called His c"ildren out of 7gy2t= He *ade a co:enant of "ealing wit" t"e*8 T"roug"out t"eir "istory= we find t"e* in sic'ness and in 2estilence= turning to God in re2entance and confessionG and= always= w"en t"eir sins were forgi:en= t"eir sic'nesses were "ealed8 #8 God "ealed t"ose w"o were bitten by fiery ser2ents as t"ey loo'ed at a braHen ser2ent on a 2ole= w"ic" is a ty2e of Cal:ary8 If e:eryone w"o loo'ed at t"e braHen ser2ent was "eated t"en= it is logical t"at e:eryone w"o loo's at (esus now can be "ealed8 &8 (esus saidD As Moses lifted u2 t"e ser2ent in t"e wilderness= e:en so ?for t"e sa*e 2ur2ose@ *ust t"e -on of *an be lifted u28 +8 T"e 2eo2le "ad sinned against God t"en8 Hu*an'ind "as sinned against God today8 .8 T"e 2oisonous ser2ent)s bite resulted in deat" t"en8 -in

results in deat" today8 /8 T"e 2eo2le cried to God t"en= and He "eard t"eir cry and 2ro:ided a re*edy 9 t"e ser2ent lifted u28 T"ose w"o cry to God today disco:er t"at God "as "eard t"eir cry and "as 2ro:ided t"e* a re*edy C"rist lifted u28 18 T"e re*edy was for e:eryone t"at is bitten t"en8 T"e re*edy is for w"oe:er belie:es today8 138 In t"eir re*edy t"ey recei:ed bot" forgi:eness for t"eir sins and "ealing for t"eir bodies8 In C"rist= we recei:e bot" forgi:eness for our sins and "ealing for our sic' bodies8 118 T"ere were no eBce2tions t"en 9 t"eir re*edy was for e:eryone t"at is bitten8 T"ere are no eBce2tions today 9 our re*edy is for w"oe:er belie:es8 128 7:eryone was co**anded to indi:idually loo' at t"e re*edy t"en8 7:eryone is co**anded to indi:idually belie:e on C"rist today8 138 T"ey did not need to beg nor *a'e an offering to God t"en8 T"ere was only one conditionD W"en t"ey loo'8 We do not need to beg nor *a'e an offering to C"rist today8 T"ere is only one conditionD W"oe:er belie:es8

1#8 T"ey were not told to loo' to Moses= but rat"er to t"e re*edy t"en8 We are not told to loo' to t"e 2reac"er= but to C"rist today8

1&8 T"ey were not to loo' to t"e sy*2to*s of t"eir sna'e bites t"en= but rat"er to t"eir re*edy8 We are not to loo' to t"e sy*2to*s of our sins and diseases today= but to our re*edy= C"rist8 1+8 7:eryone t"at is bitten= w"en "e or s"e loo's u2on it= s"all li:e was t"e 2ro*ise to all t"en= wit"out eBce2tion8 W"oe:er belie:es in "i* s"ould not 2eris"= but "a:e e:erlasting life is t"e 2ro*ise to all today= wit"out eBce2tion8 1.8 -ince t"eir curse was re*o:ed by t"e lifting u2 of t"e Ity2eI of C"rist= our curse was certainly re*o:ed by C"rist Hi*self8 1/8 T"e Ity2eI of C"rist could not *ean *ore t"en to t"ose Israelites= t"an C"rist *eans to us today8 -urely t"ey= t"roug" only a Ity2eI of C"rist= could not recei:e *ore blessings w"ic" we cannot recei:e today t"roug" C"rist Hi*self 118 God 2ro*ises 2rotection for our bodies as well as for our s2irits if we li:e in Hi*8 In t"e %ew Testa*ent= (o"n wis"es abo:e all t"ings t"at you *ay 2ros2er and be in "ealt"= e:en as your soul 2ros2ers8 4ot" scri2tures s"ow t"at God)s will is t"at we be as "ealt"y in our bodies as we are in our s2irits8 It is ne:er God)s will for our s2irits to be sic'8 It is ne:er God)s will for our bodies to be sic'8 238 Asa died in "is sic'ness because "e soug"t not t"e 0ord= but to t"e 2"ysiciansG)O w"ile HeHe'ia" li:ed because "e soug"t not to t"e 2"ysicians= but to t"e 0ord8

218 T"e re*o:al of our diseases is included in C"rist)s rede*2ti:e wor'= along wit" t"e re*o:al of our sins8 T"e word bore i*2lies substitution ?suffering for@= not sy*2at"y ?suffering wit"@8 If C"rist "as borne our sic'nesses= w"y s"ould we bear t"e*? 228 C"rist fulfilled Isaia")s wordsD He "ealed all t"at were sic'8 238 -ic'ness is re:ealed as co*ing directly fro* -atan8 1# -o -atan went fort" and s*ote (ob wit" sore boils fro* t"e sole of "is foot to "is crown8 (ob *aintained steadfast fait" as "e cried out to God for deli:erance= and "e was "ealed8 2#8 C"rist declared t"at t"e infir* wo*an was bound by -atan and oug"t to be loosed8 He cast out t"e s2irit of infir*ity= and s"e was "ealed8 2&8 A de:il w"ic" 2ossessed a *an was t"e cause of "is being bot" blind and du*b8 W"en t"e de:il was cast out= "e could bot" see and tal'8 2+8 A de*on was t"e cause of a boy being deaf and du*b and also t"e cause of "is con:ulsions8 W"en t"e de*on was cast out= t"e boy was "ealed8 2.8 It is writtenD (esus of %aHaret" went about doing good= and "ealing all t"at were o22ressed of t"e de:il8 T"is scri2ture s"ows t"at sic'ness is -atan)s o22ression8 2/8 We are toldD T"e -on of God was *anifested= t"at "e *ig"t destroy t"e wor's of t"e de:il8 -ic'ness is 2art of -atan)s wor's8 C"rist= in His eart"ly *inistry= always

treated sin= diseases= and de:ils t"e sa*e8 T"ey were all "ateful in His sig"t8 He rebu'ed t"e* all8 He was *anifested to destroy t"e* all8 218 He does not want t"e wor's of t"e de:il to continue in our 2"ysical bodies8 He was *anifested to destroy t"e*8 He does not want a cancer= a 2lague= a curse= t"e wor's of t"e de:il= to eBist in His own *e*bers8 Anow you not t"at your bodies are t"e *e*bers of C"rist? 338 (esus said= T"e -on of *an is not co*e to destroy "u*an li:es= but to sa:e t"e*822 -ic'ness destroysG t"erefore= it is not fro* God8 C"rist ca*e to sa:e us ?Gree'D soHo= *eaning to deli:er us= to sa:e and 2reser:e us= to "eal us= to gi:e us life= to *a'e us w"ole@= but ne:er to destroy us8 318 (esus saidD T"e t"ief ?s2ea'ing of -atan@ co*es not= but to steal= and to 'ill= and to destroyD I a* co*e t"at t"ey *ig"t "a:e life= and t"at t"ey *ig"t "a:e it *ore abundantly8 328 -atan is a 'illerG "is diseases are t"e destroyers of life8 His sic'nesses are t"e t"ie:es of "a22iness= "ealt"= *oney= ti*e= and effort8 C"rist ca*e to gi:e us abundant life in our s2irits and in our bodies8 338 We are 2ro*ised t"e life of (esus in our *ortal fles"8 3#8 We are taug"t t"at t"e -2irit)s wor' is to Fuic'en our *ortal bodies in t"is life8 3&8 -atan)s wor' is to 'ill8 C"rist)s wor' is to gi:e life8 3+8 -atan is bad8 God is good8 4ad t"ings co*e fro* -atan8

Good t"ings co*e fro* God8 3.8 -ic'ness is= t"erefore= fro* -atan8 Healt" is= t"erefore= fro* God8 3/8 All aut"ority and 2ower o:er all de:ils and diseases was gi:en to e:ery disci2le of C"rist8 -ince (esus said= If you continue in *y word= t"en are you *y disci2les indeed= t"ese scri2tures a22ly to you today= t"at is= if you continue in ?act on@ His word8 318 T"e rig"t to 2ray and recei:e t"e answer is gi:en to e:ery belie:er8 If you s"all as' anyt"ing in *y na*e= I will do it8 T"is logically includes as'ing for "ealing= if we are sic'8 #38 7:eryone t"at as's recei:es8 T"at 2ro*ise is for you8 It includes e:eryone w"o is sic'8 #18 T"e *inistry of "ealing was gi:en to t"e se:enty= w"o re2resent t"e future wor'ers of t"e c"urc"8 #28 It was gi:en to all t"e* t"at belie:e t"e gos2el= t"e* t"at act on t"e gos2el= or t"e 2racticers or doers of t"e word8 #38 It is co**itted to t"e elders of t"e c"urc"8 ##8 It is bestowed u2on t"e w"ole c"urc" as one of its *inistries and gifts= until (esus co*es8 #&8 (esus ne:er co**issioned anyone to 2reac" t"e gos2el wit"out including "ealing for t"e sic'8 He said= W"ate:er city you enter= "eal t"e sic' t"at are t"ere8 T"at co**and still a22lies to t"e *inistry today8

#+8 (esus said t"at He would continue His sa*e wor's t"roug" belie:ers w"ile He is wit" t"e !at"er8 <erily= :erily= I say to you= t"e 2erson t"at belie:es on *e= t"e wor's t"at I do s"all "e or s"e do alsoG and greater wor's t"an t"ese s"all t"ey doG because I go to *y fat"er8 T"is certainly includes "ealing t"e sic'8 #.8 In connection wit" t"e 0ord)s -u22er= t"e cu2 is ta'en in re*e*brance of His blood w"ic" was s"ed for t"e re*ission of our sins8 T"e bread is eaten in re*e*brance of His body on w"ic" were laid our diseases and t"e stri2es by w"ic" we are "ealed8 #/8 (esus said t"at certain teac"ers were *a'ing t"e word of God of no effect t"roug" ?t"eir@ tradition8 Hu*an ideas and t"eories "a:e for centuries "indered t"e "ealing 2art of t"e gos2el fro* being 2roclai*ed and acted u2on as it was by t"e early c"urc"8 #18 One tradition is t"at God wills so*e of His c"ildren to suffer sic'ness and t"at= t"erefore= *any w"o are 2rayed for are not "ealed because it is not His will to "eal t"e*8 W"en (esus "ealed t"e de*on 2ossessed boy w"o* t"e disci2les could not "eal= He 2ro:ed t"at it is God)s will to "eal e:en t"ose w"o fail to recei:e "ealingG furt"er*ore= He assigned t"e failure to t"e disci2les to cure t"e boy= not to God)s will= but to t"e disci2les) unbelief8 &38 T"e failure of *any to be "ealed today w"en 2rayed for is ne:er because it is not God)s will to "eal t"e*8 &18 If sic'ness is t"e will of God= t"en e:ery 2"ysician would be a law9brea'er= e:ery trained nurse a defier of

t"e Al*ig"ty= and e:ery "os2ital a "ouse of rebellion instead of a "ouse of *ercy8 &28 -ince C"rist ca*e to do t"e !at"er)s will= t"e fact t"at He "ealed t"e* all is 2roof t"at it is God)s will t"at all be "ealed8 &38 If it is not God)s will for all to be "ealed= "ow did e:eryone in t"e *ultitudes obtain fro* C"rist w"at was not God)s will for so*e of t"e* to recei:e? T"e gos2el says= He "ealed t"e* all8 &#8 If it is not God)s will for all to be "ealed= w"y do t"e scri2tures stateD Wit" "is stri2es= we are "ealed and by w"ose stri2es= you were "ealed?#1 How could we and you be declared "eated= if it is God)s will for so*e of us to be sic'? &&8 C"rist ne:er refused t"ose w"o soug"t His "ealing8 e2eatedly= t"e gos2els tell us t"at He "ealed t"e* all8 C"rist t"e "ealer "as ne:er c"anged8 &+8 Only one 2erson in t"e entire 4ible e:er as'ed for "ealing by saying= If it be your will8 T"at was t"e 2oor le2er to w"o* (esus i**ediately res2onded= I willG be clean8 &.8 Anot"er tradition is t"at we can glorify God *ore by being 2atient in our sic'ness t"an by being "ealed8 If sic'ness glorifies God *ore t"an "ealing= t"en any atte*2t to get well by natural or di:ine *eans would be an effort to rob God of t"e glory t"at we s"ould want Hi* to recei:e8

&/8 If sic'ness glorifies God= t"en we s"ould rat"er be sic' t"an well8 &18 If sic'ness glorifies God= (esus robbed His !at"er of all t"e glory t"at He 2ossibly could by "ealing e:eryone= and t"e Holy -2irit continued doing t"e sa*e t"roug"out t"e Acts of t"e A2ostles8 +38 6aul says= ,ou are boug"t wit" a 2riceD t"erefore glorify God in your body= and in your s2irit= w"ic" are God)s8 +18 Our bodies and our s2irits are boug"t wit" a 2rice8 We are to glorify God in bot"8 +28 We do not glorify God in our s2irit by re*aining in sin8 We do not glorify God in our body by re*aining sic'8 +38 (o"n)s gos2el is used to 2ro:e t"at sic'ness glorifies GodG but God was not glorified in t"is case until 0aHarus was raised u2 fro* t"e dead= t"e result of w"ic" was= Many of t"e (ews belie:ed on "i*8 +#8 Anot"er tradition is t"at w"ile God "eals so*e= it is not His will to "eal all8 4ut (esus= w"o ca*e to do t"e !at"er)s will= did "eal t"e* all8 +&8 If "ealing is not for all= w"y did (esus bear our sic'nesses= our 2ains= and our diseases? If God wanted so*e of His c"ildren to suffer= t"en (esus relie:ed us fro* bearing so*et"ing w"ic" God wanted us to bear8 4ut since (esus ca*e to do t"e will of t"e !at"er= and since He "as borne our diseases= it *ust be God)s will for all to be

well8 ++8 If it is not God)s will for all to be "ealed= t"en God)s 2ro*ises to "eal are not for all8 T"at would *ean t"at fait" does not co*e by "earing t"e word of God alone= but by getting a s2ecial re:elation t"at God "as fa:ored you and wills to "eal you8 +.8 If God)s 2ro*ises to "eal are not for all= t"en we could not 'now w"at God)s will is by reading His word alone8 T"at *eans we would "a:e to 2ray until He s2ea's directly to us about eac" case in 2articular8 We could not consider God)s word as directed to us 2ersonally= but would "a:e to close our 4ibles and 2ray for a direct re:elation fro* God to 'now if it is His will to "eal eac" case8 +/8 God)s word is His will8 God)s 2ro*ises re:eal His will8 W"en we read of w"at He 2ro*ises to do= we t"en 'now w"at it is His will to do8 +18 -ince it is written= !ait" co*es by "earing t"e word of God= t"en t"e best way to build fait" in your "eart t"at God is willing to "eal you is for you to "ear t"at 2art of God)s word w"ic" 2ro*ises you "ealing8 .38 !ait" for s2iritual "ealing co*es by "earing t"e gos2elD He bore our sins8 !ait" for 2"ysical "ealing co*es by "earing t"e gos2elD He bore our sic'nesses8 .18 We are to 2reac" t"e gos2el ?t"at He bore our sins@ to e:ery creature8 We are to 2reac" t"e gos2el ?t"at He bore our sic'nesses@ to e:ery creature8

.28 C"rist e*2"asiHed His 2ro*ise= If you s"all as' anyt"ing in *y na*e= I will do it= by re2eating it twice8 He did not eBclude "ealing fro* t"is 2ro*ise8 Anyt"ing includes "ealing8 T"is 2ro*ise is for all8 .38 If "ealing is not for all= C"rist s"ould "a:e Fualified His 2ro*ise w"en He said= W"ate:er you desire ?eBce2t "ealing@ w"en you 2ray= belie:e t"at you recei:e it= and you s"all "a:e it8 4ut He did not8 Healing= t"erefore= is included in t"e w"ate:er8 T"is 2ro*ise is *ade to you8 .#8 If it is not God)s will to "eal all= His 2ro*ise would not be de2endable w"ere C"rist said= If you li:e in *e= and *y words li:e in you= you s"all as' w"at you will= and it s"all be done to you8 .&8 (a*es saysD Is any sic' a*ong you? Call for t"e elders of t"e c"urc"G and let t"e* 2ray o:er t"e*= anointing t"e* wit" oil in t"e na*e of t"e 0ordD and t"e 2rayer of fait" s"all sa:e t"e sic'= and t"e 0ord s"all raise t"e* u28 T"is 2ro*ise is for all= including you= if you are sic'8 .+8 If God today "as abandoned "ealing in answer to 2rayer in fa:or of "ealing only by *edical science= as *ode* t"eology s2eculates= t"at would *ean t"at He reFuires us to use a less successful *et"od during a better dis2ensation8 He "eated t"e* all t"en= but today *any diseases are incurable by *edical science8 ..8 6aul tells us t"at God would "a:e us 2re2ared to e:ery good wor'= t"oroug"ly furnis"ed to all good wor's= t"at we *ay abound to e:ery good wor'8 A sic' 2erson cannot *easure u2 to t"ese scri2tures8 T"ese conditions would be i*2ossible if "ealing is not for all8 7it"er "ealing is for all= or t"ese scri2tures do not a22ly to all8

./8 4odily "ealing in t"e %ew Testa*ent was called a *ercy= and it was God)s *ercy w"ic" always *o:ed Hi* to "eal all t"e sic'8 His 2ro*ise is t"at He is 2lenteous in *ercy to all t"at call on Hi*8 T"at includes you= today8 .18 T"e correct translation of Isaia" &3D# isD -urely ?or certainly@ He "as borne our sic'nesses= and carried our 2ains8 To 2ro:e t"at our sic'nesses were carried away by C"rist= >ust li'e our sins were carried away= t"e sa*e Hebrew :erb for borne and carried is used to describe bot"8 /38 C"rist was *ade to be sin for us w"en He bore our sins8 He was *ade a curse for us w"en He bore our sic'nesses8 /18 -ince C"rist bore our sins= "ow *any is it God)s will to forgi:e? AnswerD W"oe:er belie:es8 -ince C"rist bore our sic'nesses= "ow *any is it God)s will to "eal? AnswerD He "ealed t"e* all8 /28 Anot"er tradition is t"at if we are rig"teous= we s"ould eB2ect sic'nesses as a 2art of our life8 T"ey Fuote t"e scri2tureD Many are t"e afflictions of t"e rig"teous= but t"is does not *ean sic'nesses as so*e would "a:e us belie:e8 It *eans trials= "ards"i2s= 2ersecutions and te*2tations= but ne:er sic'nesses or 2"ysical disabilities8 /38 It would be a contradiction to say= IC"rist "as borne our sic'nesses= and wit" His stri2es we are "ealed=I but t"en add= IMany are t"e sic'nesses of t"e rig"teous=

w"ic" He reFuires us to bear8I /#8 To 2ro:e t"is tradition= t"eologians Fuote= 4ut t"e God of all grace= w"o "as called us to "is eternal glory by C"rist (esus= after t"at you "a:e suffered a w"ile= *a'e you 2erfect= establis"= strengt"en= and settle you8 T"is suffering does not refer to suffering sic'ness= but to t"e *any ways in w"ic" God)s 2eo2le "a:e so often "ad to suffer for t"eir testi*ony8 /&8 Anot"er tradition is t"at we are not to eB2ect "ealing for certain afflictions8 6eo2le Fuote t"e scri2ture= Is any a*ong you afflicted? let "i* or "er 2ray8 T"is again does not refer to sic'ness= but to t"e sa*e t"ings 2ointed out in nu*ber abo:e8 /+8 Anot"er tradition is t"at God c"astises His c"ildren wit" sic'ness8 T"e scri2ture is Fuoted= a 2art of w"ic" says= W"o* t"e 0ord lo:es "e c"astens8 God does c"asten t"ose w"o* He lo:es= but it does not say t"at He *a'es t"e* sic'8 T"e word c"asten "ere *eans Ito instruct= train= disci2line= teac"= or educate=I li'e a teac"er IinstructsI a 2u2il= or li'e a 2arent Itrains and teac"esI a c"ild8 /.8 W"en a teac"er IinstructsI a student= :arious *eans of disci2line *ay be e*2loyed= but ne:er sic'ness8 W"en a 2arent ItrainsI a c"ild= t"ere are *any ways to c"asten= but ne:er by i*2osing a 2"ysical disease u2on it8 !or our "ea:enly !at"er to c"asten us does not reFuire t"at He lay a disease u2on us8 Our diseases were laid u2on C"rist8 God could not reFuire t"at we bear= as 2unis"*ent= w"at (esus "as substantially borne for us8 C"rist)s sacrifice freed us fore:er fro* t"e curse of sin and disease w"ic"

He bore on our be"alf //8 T"e *ost co**on tradition is t"e worn9out state*entD T"e age of *iracles is 2ast8 !or t"is to be true= t"ere would "a:e to be a total absence of *iracles8 7:en one *iracle would 2ro:e t"at t"e age of *iracles is not 2ast8 /18 If t"e age of *iracles is 2ast= no one could be born again because t"e new birt" is t"e greatest *iracle a 2erson can eB2erience8 138 If t"e age of *iracles is 2ast= as so*e clai*= t"at would *ean t"at all t"e tec"nical e:idence 2roduced in "undreds of laboratories of t"e world= concerning innu*erable cases of *iraculous "earings= is false and t"at God)s 2ro*ises to do suc" t"ings are not for today8 118 Anyone w"o clai*s t"at t"e age of *iracles is 2ast denies t"e need= t"e 2ri:ileges= and t"e benefits of 2rayer8 !or God to "ear and answer 2rayer= w"et"er t"e 2etition is for a 2ostage sta*2 or for t"e "ealing of a 2aralytic= is a *iracle8 If 2rayer brings an answer= t"at answer is a *iracle8 If t"ere are no *iracles= t"ere is no reason for fait"8 If t"ere are no *iracles= 2rayer is *oc'ery and only ignorance would cause anyone to eit"er 2ray or eB2ect an answer8 God cannot answer 2rayer wit"out a *iracle8 If we 2ray at all= we s"ould eB2ect t"at 2rayer to be answered8 If t"at 2rayer is answered= God "as done itG and if God "as answered 2rayer= He "as 2erfor*ed so*et"ing su2ernatural8 T"at is a *iracle8 To deny *iracles today is to *a'e a *oc'ery of 2rayer today8 128 T"e age of *iracles is not 2ast because (esus= t"e *iracle9wor'er= "as ne:er c"angedD (esus C"rist t"e sa*e yesterday and today and fore:er8

138 W"en (esus sent His disci2les to 2reac" t"e gos2el= He told t"e*D T"ese ?su2ernatural@ signs s"all follow t"e* t"at belie:e8 T"is was for e:ery creature= for all nations= until t"e end of t"e world8 T"e end of t"e world "as not yet co*e= so t"e age of *iracles "as not 2assed8 C"rist)s co**ission "as ne:er been wit"drawn or canceled8 1#8 C"rist)s 2ro*ise for t"e s2irit 9 t"at it s"all be sa:ed 9 is in His co**ission and is for all8 His 2ro*ise for t"e body 9 t"at it s"all reco:er 9 is in His co**ission and is for all8 To deny t"at one 2art of His co**ission is for today is to deny t"at t"e ot"er 2art is for today8 As long as (esus) co**ission is in effect= t"e unsa:ed can be "ealed s2iritually and sic' 2eo2le can be "ealed 2"ysically by belie:ing t"e gos2el8 Multi2lied t"ousands of sincere 2eo2le all o:er t"e world are recei:ing t"e benefits of bot" 2"ysical and s2iritual "ealing t"roug" t"eir si*2le fait" in God)s 2ro*ises 9 1&8 C"rist bore your sins so t"at you *ay be forgi:en8 7ternal life is yours8 Clai* t"is blessing and confess it by fait"G God will *a'e it good in your life8 1+8 C"rist bore your diseases so t"at you *ay be "ealed8 $i:ine "ealt" is yours8 Clai* t"is blessing and confess it by fait"G God will *anifest it in your body8 1.8 0i'e all of C"rist)s rede*2ti:e gifts= "ealing *ust be recei:ed by si*2le fait" alone wit"out natural *eans and= u2on being recei:ed= *ust be consecrated for C"rist)s ser:ice and glory alone8

1/8 God is as willing to "eal belie:ers as He is to forgi:e unbelie:ers8 T"at is to say= if w"en you were unsa:ed= God was willing to forgi:e you= now t"at you are His c"ild= He is willing to "eal you8 If He was *erciful enoug" to forgi:e you w"en you were uncon:erted= He is *erciful enoug" to "eal you now t"at you are in His fa*ily8 118 ,ou *ust acce2t God)s 2ro*ise as true and belie:e t"at you are forgi:en before you can eB2erience t"e >oy of s2iritual "ealing8 ,ou *ust acce2t God)s 2ro*ise as true and belie:e t"at you are "ealed before you can eB2erience t"e >oy of 2"ysical "ealing8 1338 As *any ?sinners@ as recei:ed "i* were born of God8 As *any ?sic'@ as touc"ed "i* were *ade w"ole8 W"en we 2reac" t"at it is always God)s will to "eal= t"e Fuestion is i**ediately raisedD IHow t"en could we e:er die?I God)s word saysD ,ou ta'e away t"eir breat"= t"ey die= and return to t"eir dust8 T"e 4ible saysD ,ou s"all co*e to your gra:e in a full age= li'e as a s"oc' of corn co*es in its season8 !or us to co*e to our full age and for God to ta'e away our breat" does not reFuire t"e aid of a disease8 God)s will for your deat" as His c"ild is t"at= after li:ing a fruitful life= fulfilling t"e nu*ber of your days= you si*2ly sto2 breat"ing and fall aslee2 in C"rist to awa'en on t"e ot"er side and li:e wit" Hi* fore:er8 -o s"all ?you@ e:er be wit" t"e 0ord8 Indeed= t"is is t"e blessed "o2e of t"e rig"teous8 4ecause you "a:e set your lo:e u2on *e= God says=

t"erefore will I deli:er youD I will set you on "ig"= because you "a:e 'nown *y na*e8 ,ou s"all call u2on *e= and I will answer youD I will be wit" you in troubleG I will deli:er you= and "onor you8 Wit" long life will I satisfy you= and s"ow you *y sal:ation8 ACA%OW07$GM7%TD In 2resenting t"ese 133 $i:ine Healing !acts= we are indebted to t"e resourceful writings of !8 7 4oswort"= fro* w"ic" *any of t"e t"oug"ts eB2ressed "a:e been gleaned8

CHA6T7 #2 6 A,7 !O H7A0I%G

O%C7 ,O5 HA<7 ACC76T7$ C"rist as sa:ior= you are a c"ild of God and "a:e t"e rig"t to t"e fulfill*ent of any and all of God)s 2ro*ises8 If you need "ealing= you *ay 2ray rig"t now and be "ealed in t"e sa*e way in w"ic" you "a:e been sa:ed8 %ow t"at you realiHe w"ere sic'ness ca*e fro* and t"at it is not t"e will of your lo:ing= "ea:enly !at"er t"at you suffer= it is ti*e to a22roac" Hi* in "u*ility and in fait"8 (esus said= T"ese signs s"all follow t"e* t"at belie:eG in *y na*e t"ey s"all cast out de:ilsG 888 t"ey s"all lay "ands on t"e sic'= and t"ey s"all reco:er e*e*ber t"at He in:ites youD Call unto *e and I will answer you8 C(e 33D3E As'= and you s"all recei:e= t"at your >oy *ay be full8 C(n 1+D2#E !or e:ery one t"at as's recei:es8 CMt .D/E T"e reason you can call on t"e 0ord rig"t now and be "ealed of your 2"ysical infir*ities and diseases is t"at (esus C"rist Hi*self suffered all of t"e* for you8 He did it willingly= as your substitute= so t"at you could be "ealed of t"e*8 He too' u2on Hi*self all t"e 2"ysical conseFuences of your sinful nature so t"at He could co*e into your life as

your 6H,-ICA0 H7A07 and as your s2iritual sa:ior8 -o= rig"t now= 2ray t"is 2rayerD H7A<7%0, !ATH7 = I t"an' ,ou t"at ,ou "a:e *ade 'nown to *e ,our sal:ation and "ealing 2lan8 I t"an' ,ou t"at C"rist "as redee*ed *e fro* sic'ness= being *ade sic' for *e= and t"at by His stri2es I was "ealed8 I a* so t"an'ful t"at I no *ore need to bear *y own sic'ness t"an I need to bear *y sins= because ,ou "a:e re:ealed C"rist to *e8 4efore I understood t"at sic'ness and disease= suffering and 2ain resulted fro* t"at first sin and rebellion of Ada* and 7:e= I 2resu*ed t"at t"ere was no esca2e fro* t"e e:er92resent t"reat of 2"ysical disease in *y life8 I 'new t"at in s2ite of t"e wonders of *odern *edical science= our world is still full of sic'ness= suffering and cri22ling diseases8 I AM -O G0A$ to 'now t"e trut"G t"at -atan is to bla*e for *y sic'ness= and t"at I "a:e co:enant rig"ts and aut"ority o:er all de:ils and diseases8 I *ar:el t"at ,ou did not lea:e "u*anity in bondage to -atan8 After I "ad rebelled against ,ou and :iolated ,our laws of life= I deser:ed to die8 O"= w"at lo:e ,ou *anifested toward *e in sending ,our -on as t"e sacrifice for *y sins8 W"y did ,ou lo:e *e so *uc"? T"ere was not"ing in *y nature t"at *erited ,our fa:or8 T"an' ,ou for ,our infinite lo:e for *e= w"en I was not wort"y of ,our lo:e8

-in "ad ta'en its awful toll in *y life so t"at *y 2"ysical body was totally :ulnerable to e:ery 'ind of disease and sic'ness concei:ed by t"e de:il to torture *e and to destroy *y usefulness8 %OW I 5%$7 -TA%$ t"at (esus not only suffered t"e full 2unis"*ent for all *y sins= but He also bore all t"e conseFuences of *y sinful nature8 %ow I 'now t"at He= of a certainty= too' u2on Hi*self all of *y diseases and suffered all *y 2ains 9*y 6H,-ICA0 diseases and 2ains 9so t"at I could be co*2letely "ealed8 His 2"ysical body was tortured8 He was beaten beyond recognition8 His :isage was so *arred *ore t"an any ot"er *an8 His bac' was stri2ed8 W"en t"ey beat Hi*= t"ey 2lowed "is bac'D t"ey *ade long t"eir furrows8 He was bruised and torn8 %ow I 'now t"at all *y sic'nesses were laid on Hi*8 He suffered t"e* for *e so t"at I could be free8 I understand t"at all sic'ness as well as sin "as t"e sa*e e:il source 9 -atan= t"e decei:er8 I turn away fro* "i* wit" total resolution= and I welco*e t"e 2resence and 2eace= life and "ealt" of *y 0ord into *y life8 %OW = !ATH7 = I co*e according to ,our word= 'nowing t"at ,ou always *a'e ,our word good and fulfill ,our 2ro*ises8 ,ou saidD I a* t"e 0ord t"at "eals you8 T"an' ,ou for t"e fact t"at w"en I belie:e t"e good news of w"at (esus did on *y be"alf= and w"en I recei:e Hi* into *y "eart= -atan "as no *ore 2lace in *y life8 T"at is w"y ,ou saidD 4e"old= I gi:e you 2ower o:er all t"e 2ower of t"e ene*yG and not"ing s"all by any *eans "urt you8

,ou ga:e *e 2ower and aut"ority o:er all de:ils= and to cure diseases8 ,ou 2ro*ised t"at as a belie:er of t"e gos2el= I can= in ,our na*e= cast out de:ilsG I can lay *y "ands on t"e sic' and t"ey s"all reco:er8I I do now ta'e ,ou at ,our word8 I rebu'e t"e ene*y w"ic" "as caused *y suffering8 I resist t"is o22ression of t"e de:il8 In t"e na*e of (esus C"rist= I co**and t"e sic'ness= w"ic" is a s2irit of infir*ity= to lea:e= and e:ery sy*2to* to be destroyed in t"e na*e of (esus w"o is 2resent now8 !ATH7 = I t"an' ,ou t"at ,ou "a:e "eard *y 2rayer and "a:e granted t"e answer8 ,ou bore *y sins and *y diseases8 %ow I a* free of t"e*8 W"en ,ou suffered *y sic'nesses= by your stri2es I was "ealed8 T"e grace and life of (esus C"rist w"ic" now li:e in *e= "eal *e of all sin and disease8 I a* sa:ed8 I a* "ealed8 I a* free8 I now understand t"at -atan "as lost all do*inion o:er *e8 T"erefore= no sin can conde*n *e= and no sic'ness "as t"e rig"t to li:e in *y body w"ic" "as now beco*e t"e te*2le of t"e Holy -2irit8 I clai* t"e 2ro*ise of "ealing for *y body now= by fait" in ,our wordG and I t"an' ,ou t"at t"e :ery source of *y sic'ness is destroyed and t"at= according to (esus)

2ro*ise= I s"all reco:er8 In (esus C"rist)s na*e= I "a:e 2rayed8 OH= (7-5-= ,O5 A 7 0O $8 ,our life is *ine8 ,our "ealt" is *ine8 I a* sa:ed and I a* "ealed8 7:ery sy*2to* of *y old life= *y old sins and *ista'es= *y old 2ains and sic'nesses *ust now disa22ear= because t"e life and 2ower of C"rist are "ealing and *a'ing *e w"ole %OW8 !ro* today= I s"all wal' in ,our new life and "ealt"= because ,ou are *y life= *y all8 ,ou are wit" *e and in *e %OW8 T"an' ,ou= 0ord8 AM7%8 %ow you "a:e 2rayed and rebu'ed t"e source of your trouble8 ,ou acce2t= by fait" in God)s word= t"at He "as answered your 2rayer8 %ow= "old fast t"e 2rofession of ?your@ fait" wit"out wa:eringG for "e is fait"ful t"at 2ro*ised8 Allow t"e de:il to "ear not"ing s2o'en fro* your li2s ot"er t"an t"e confession of God)s word8 Allow yourself to t"in' not"ing contrary to w"at God "as 2ro*ised in His word8 e*e*ber t"at your fait" can ne:er rise "ig"er t"an your words8 T"e 2ro*ises of God beco*e real and li:ing only as we confess t"e*8 To en>oy t"e C"ristian life= you *ust learn t"e :alue of God)s word on your li2s8

,ou cannot tal' contrary to God)s word and win His blessings8 ,our words are your standard of fait"8 T"ey eB2ress w"at you really belie:e8 Anyt"ing ot"er t"an ,ou s"all reco:er= is a lie fro* t"e de:il8 Treat it as suc" and stand on God)s word for God will *a'e it good in you8 $o as Abra"a* didD 4e strong in fait" by loo'ing to t"e 2ro*ise8 Aee2 t"e word before your eyes8 0oo' at t"e 2ro*ises continually8 %e:er consider sy*2to*s t"at contradict t"e word as grounds for doubting t"e word of God because it is writtenD I will watc" o:er *y word to 2erfor* it8

CHA6T7 #3 0I!7)- G 7AT7-T ;57-TIO%

(7-5- -AI$= ,ou s"all 'now t"e trut"= and t"e trut" s"all *a'e you free8 I Anowledge of t"ese great trut"s of rede*2tion *a'es it 2ossible for God to fulfill all of His 2ro*ises for you= if you will acce2t (esus C"rist as sa:ior8 A *an as'ed *eD IWill you 2ray for *e to be "ealed?I ICertainly=I I re2lied= and t"en as'ed= )Are you a C"ristian= a born9again belie:er?I I%o=I was "is re2ly8 IT"en=I I as'ed= Iw"y do you as' God to "eal you w"en you do not lo:e Hi* enoug" to ser:e Hi*?I IWell= I >ust t"oug"t I could be "ealed=I "e answered8 I,ou *ay be "ealed= and you will be "ealedG but first= acce2t C"rist as sa:ior= t"en He will be delig"ted to "eal you=I I reasoned= and t"en continued= IW"y s"ould you as' God for *ore strengt" to ser:e t"e de:il? If you will ser:e God= He is (e"o:a"9ra2"a t"e 0ord t"at "eals youG He will not only "eal you= but will fulfill e:ery one of His 2ro*ises to you and 'ee2 you "a22y t"e rest of your life8I T"e *an t"oug"t it o:er intelligently= acce2ted C"rist= was >oyfully con:erted and "ealed co*2letely8 ,ou *ay be one w"o desires "ealing for your body= yet you *ay not "a:e t"e >oy of 'nowing t"at all is well wit" your soul8 If you are= re*e*ber t"at no ti*e is as good as

t"e 2resent to be sa:ed8 %ow is t"e acce2ted ti*eG be"old= now is t"e day of sal:ation8 God is waiting to bless your life8 He longs to re:eal Hi*self to you in His fullness8 7:ery 2erson w"o "as ne:er acce2ted C"rist as sa:ior *ust re*e*ber t"at all "a:e sinned= and co*e s"ort of t"e glory of God8 7Bce2t you re2ent= you s"all all li'ewise 2eris" (esus said= ,ou *ust be born again8 6aul said= If anyone be in C"rist= "e or s"e is a new creatureD old t"ings are 2assed awayG be"old= all t"ings are beco*e new8 ,ou are able to 'now t"at you are sa:ed= and e:ery 2erson s"ould 'now t"is8 T"e 4ible says= We 'now t"at we "a:e 2assed fro* deat" to life8 T"ere are *any t"ings w"ic" we s"all ne:er 'nowG but= t"an' God= we can 'now we "a:e 2assed fro* deat" to life8 T"e *o*ent you beco*e definite in your actions and follow t"e scri2tural 2attern= you will 'now t"is8 -o*e *ay as'= IHow *ay I 'now t"at I a* sa:ed? 8How *ay I be sure t"at *y sins are forgi:en?I THIS IS LIFE'S GREATEST !UESTION T"e 6"ili22ian >ailer as'ed= W"at *ust I do to be sa:ed?

And t"ey ?6aul and -ilas@ said= 4elie:e on t"e 0ord (esus C"rist= and you s"all be sa:ed8 (esus said= T"e one w"o belie:es and is ba2tiHed s"all be sa:ed8 6aul said= If you s"all confess wit" your *out" t"e 0ord (esus= and s"all belie:e in your "eart t"at God "as raised "i* fro* t"e dead= you s"all be sa:ed8 6eter said= W"oe:er s"all call on t"e na*e of t"e 0ord s"all be sa:ed8 7ac" scri2ture w"ic" we "a:e >ust Fuoted contains a definite 2ro*iseD ,ou s"all be sa:ed8 If you will be definite in *eeting t"e conditions= you s"all be sa:ed8

CHA6T7 ## (7-5- CH I-T TH7 WA,

TH7 MA-T7 A7, to t"e God9life wit"in you is to understand and 2ersonally relate to w"at C"rist did for you w"en He died on t"e cross in your 2lace8 4elie:e w"at t"e 4ible saysD ,ou "a:e been crucified wit" C"rist8 W"en C"rist died= it was not for sins He "ad co**itted8 T"e 2unis"*ent He endured was your sins being >udged 9 once and for all8 Anowing t"is t"at your old 2erson was crucified wit" Hi*= t"at t"e body of sin *ig"t be done away= t"at we s"ould no longer be in bondage to sin8 e*e*ber= God 2ro*ised t"at if you belie:e w"at His word says about C"rist dying for you= His 2ower would co*e and transfor* you into His c"ild again by His life being reborn in you8 T"e 4ible says= ,ou were dead and buried wit" "i*= so t"at >ust as "e was raised fro* t"e dead by t"e !at"er)s 2ower= so you too *ig"t rise to life on a new 2lane altoget"er8 If you "a:e s"ared "is deat"= you s"all also s"are His resurrection life8 %e:er forget t"at your old self died wit" "i* on t"e cross so t"at t"e tyranny of sin o:er you *ig"t be bro'en 9 for a dead 2erson is free fro* t"e 2ower of sin8

0oo' u2on yourself as dead to t"e a22eal and 2ower of sin but ali:e to God t"roug" C"rist (esus8 5nderstand and relate yourself to God)s 2lan of sal:ation for you8 It is 2ersonal8 It was carried out on your be"alf8 He o2ened t"e way for you and Hi* to li:e toget"er again ,ou Ha:e t"e ig"t to C"oose He lo:es you and 2aid for you8 (esus C"rist is your lin' wit" God8 He re*o:ed your >udg*ent by suffering in your 2lace8 %ow= all you "a:e to do is to belie:e8 ,ou "a:e t"e rig"t and freedo* to c"oose to belie:e8 T"e *o*ent you decide to 470I7<7 t"at C"rist)s deat" was on your be"alf= t"en He will co*e in and li:e wit" you fore:erG you will be sa:ed8 T"e 'ey to your new lifestyle is to relate yourself to God t"roug" C"rist= and to do it IGHT %OW8 4e"old= now is t"e acce2ted ti*eG be"old= now is t"e day of sal:ation 9 for ,O58 God)s -A0<ATIO% 60A% is written in t"e 4ible for ,O58 I "a:e s2o'en to you= t"at in *e you *ay "a:e 2eace8 God wants you to be at 2eace wit" Hi*8 He created you8 He lo:es you8 He :alues you8 T"e 4ible says= T"ere is no 2eace for t"e ?unbelie:er@8 W"y? 4ecause w"en Ada* and 7:e Fuestioned t"e

integrity of God)s word= t"ey abandoned t"e lifestyle and friends"i2 of God8 T"ere could be no 2eace8 !ear re2laced confidence8 $isease destroyed "ealt"8 Grief and sorrow su2erseded "a22iness and tranFuility8 0oneliness reigned instead of friends"i28 Guilt and conde*nation ruled instead of 2eace and assurance8 -in se2arates you fro* God8 Confusion and insecurity ta'e t"e 2lace of fait" and lo:e8 4ut w"en you 'now t"at God lo:ed and :alued you enoug" to gi:e His -on to be >udged in your 2lace so t"at you could be restored to Hi* as t"oug" no sin "ad e:er been co**itted= t"en you realiHe t"at t"ere is not"ing left to stand between you and God8 T"ere is t"erefore now no conde*nation to t"ose w"o are in C"rist (esus8 estored to self9dignity= you o2en your ar*s and welco*e (esus C"rist as He brings God)s life bac' "o*e to your "eart w"ere you and He beco*e friends again8 !UALITY !UOTATIONS %ow I want to s"are wit" you so*e 4ible Fuotations w"ic" will confir* to you God)s sal:ation 2lan8 T"e first Fuotation s"ows you "ow God wants to "a:e you near Hi* and "ow He wants to be near you8 God is fait"ful= by w"o* you were called to t"e fellows"i2 of "is -on8 C1 Cor 1D1E

T"e neBt Fuotation re*inds you t"at God)s sal:ation 2lan is= and "as always been= based on your confidence in t"e integrity of His word8 Wit"out fait" ?if you distrust God@= it is i*2ossible to 6lease GodD for anyone w"o co*es to "i* *ust belie:e t"at "e eBists= and t"at "e always rewards t"ose w"o diligently see' "i*8 CHe 11D+E T"e neBt grou2 of Fuotations enu*erate t"e ways (esus C"rist beca*e your 2ersonal substitute= assu*ed your guilt and suffered t"e 2enalty of your sins in His deat" for you on t"e cross8 -urely (esus C"rist "as borne our sic'nesses and carried our sorrows8 (esus C"rist was wounded and bruised for our sins8 He was c"astised t"at we *ig"t "a:e 2eace8 God "as laid on (esus C"rist t"e guilt and sins of e:eryone of us8 !or t"e transgression of 2eo2le was (esus C"rist stric'en8 He *ade "is soul an offering for ?our@ sin8 Hi*self ?(esus C"rist@ too' our infir*ities and bore our sic'nesses8 BROUGHT BACK AS GOD'S FRIEND T"e 4ible Fuotations w"ic" follow eB2lain t"e results you can eB2erience w"en you understand and belie:e t"at (esus C"rist actually died in your 2lace and endured all of

t"e 2unis"*ent and conde*nation you deser:ed to bear8 It was t"roug" w"at God)s -on did t"at "e cleared a 2at" for e:eryt"ing to co*e to "i* for C"rist)s deat" on t"e cross "as *ade 2eace wit" God for all by "is blood8 T"is includes ,O5 w"o were once so far away fro* God8 %ow "e "as broug"t you bac' as "is friend8 He "as done t"is t"roug" t"e deat" on t"e cross of "is own "u*an body ?substituting for you@= and now as a result= C"rist "as broug"t you into t"e :ery 2resence of God= and you are standing t"ere before "i* wit" not"ing left against you8 T"e only condition is t"at you fully belie:e t"e Trut"= and be con:inced of t"e Good %ews t"at (esus died for you8 IDENTIFIED WITH CHRIST T"e following 4ible Fuotations eB2lain "ow you are 2ersonally identified wit" (esus C"rist in His deat"= burial and resurrection8 (esus C"rist was wounded for O5 transgressions8 He was bruised for O5 iniFuities8 Our old 2erson is crucified wit" (esus C"rist so t"at t"e body of sin *ig"t be destroyed= t"at "encefort" we s"ould not ser:e sin8 We "a:e been 2lanted toget"er in t"e li'eness of "is deat"8

(esus C"rist was raised again for our >ustification8 God "as raised us u2 toget"er wit" C"rist8 %ow if we be dead wit" C"rist= we belie:e t"at we s"all also 0I<7 WITH HIM8 ?T"at is not >ust in "ea:en= but "ere and now8@ (esus saidD 0o I a* wit" you always e:en to t"e end of t"e world8 God saysD I will dwell in t"e*= and wal' in t"e*G and I will be t"eir God= and t"ey s"all be *y 2eo2le8 If we be dead wit" C"rist= we belie:e t"at we s"all also li:e wit" "i*8 And you did God *a'e ali:e toget"er wit" (esus C"rist8 God *ade us ali:e toget"er wit" C"rist and raised us u2 wit" "i*8 Here is a :erse t"at su**ariHes t"ese I$7%TIT, factsD I a* crucified wit" C"rist= ne:ert"eless I li:eG yet not 1= but C"rist li:es in *eD and t"e life w"ic" I now li:e in t"e fles"= I li:e by t"e fait" of t"e -on of God= w"o lo:ed *e= and ga:e "i*self for *e8 SHARING GOD'S NEW LIFE T"e neBt Fuotations fro* t"e 4ible will encourage you to always trust in God)s 2lan of sal:ation8

-o loo' u2on your old sin nature as dead= and instead be ali:e to God t"roug" (esus C"rist8 W"en God t"e !at"er= wit" glorious 2ower= broug"t (esus C"rist bac' to life again= you were gi:en "is wonderful new life to en>oy8 %ow you s"are "is new life8 W"oe:er belie:es in (esus C"rist s"all not 2eris"= but "a:e eternal life8 Anyone w"o belie:es on t"e -on "as e:erlasting life8 (esus said= I a* co*e t"at you *ig"t "a:e life *ore abundantly8 -al:ation is not a reward for t"e good we "a:e done8 It is God "i*self w"o "as *ade us w"at we are and gi:en us new li:es fro* (esus C"rist8 God ga:e you a s"are in t"e :ery life of C"rist= for "e forga:e all of your sins= and blotted out t"e c"arges 2ro:ed against you8 In t"is way= God too' away -atan)s 2ower to accuse you of sin= and He o2enly dis2layed to t"e w"ole world C"rist)s triu*2" at t"e cross w"ere your sins were ta'en away8 -o t"at you "a:e e:eryt"ing w"en you "a:e C"rist= and you are filled wit" God t"roug" your union wit" C"rist8 !or all t"ings are yours= and you are C"rist)sG and C"rist is God)s8 (esus C"rist)s di:ine 2ower "as gi:en unto us all t"ings t"at 2ertain unto 0I!78

T"ere is gi:en to us eBceeding great and 2recious 2ro*isesD t"at by t"ese we *ig"t be 2arta'ers of t"e di:ine nature8

CHA6T7 #& I%T O$5CTIO% TO %7W 0I!7 !ACTGod)s -al:ation 6lan is His new life 2lan for you8 He created you for life9 His 'ind of life8 (esus ca*e t"at you *ig"t "a:e life *ore abundantly8 God)s life= being restored to you= de2ends on your 'nowledge of certain facts8 In t"e neBt se:en :ital c"a2ters of t"is boo'= I s"are wit" you to t"e se:en essential facts w"ic" o2en t"e way to God)s lifestyle8 K&%= -<#'# 5(6-' (&2 ).>#.

CHA6T7 #+ %7W 0I!7 !ACT I

470I7<7 ,O5 A 7 <A05A407 A- GO$)- C 7ATIO% ,O5 A 7 C 7AT7$ in God)s i*age to s"are His life= lo:e= 2ur2ose and creati:e 2lan8 ,ou are t"erefore infinitely :aluable to Hi*8 He is saying to you= rig"t nowD II lo:e you8 I created *y best w"en I created you8 I 2aid a 2rice for you and you are wort" all I e:er 2aid for you8 I "a:e destined *y best for you8I God created "u*an'ind in "is own i*age= in t"e i*age of God created "e "i*G *ale and fe*ale created "e t"e*8 In t"e li'eness of God "e created *ale and fe*ale8 God *ade not"ing inferior8 He is first class all t"e way8 He created you uniFue8 ,ou are eBce2tional one9of9a9'ind8 4efore you were born= you eBisted in God)s *ind8 He 'new t"is world would need you at t"is ti*e8 He 2lanned you wit" a s2ecial 2ur2ose t"at no one but you could fulfill because no one on eart" could do w"at you are "ere to do8 ,our God9gi:en :alue does not de2end on s2ecial genes fro* su2erior 2arents8 ,our wort" before God is not

*easured by your assets= t"e color of your s'in8 su2er intelligence or for*al education8 All sorts of *iracles start "a22ening w"en you disco:er and acce2t your :alue and your 2otential8 T"e 4ible says= ,ou are God)s wor'*ans"i28 T"e *an w"o wrote *ost of t"e 6sal*s was wonder struc' by "ow God *ade "u*an 2ersons8 T"e 0ord *ade 2eo2le a little lower t"an God= and crowned t"e* wit" glory and "onor ?A8(8<8 a little lower t"an t"e angels8 T"e original Hebrew word used is I7lo"i*I 9God= as used in Ge81D18@ T"e 0ord ga:e t"e* do*inion o:er t"e wor's of "is "andsG "e 2ut all t"ings under t"eir feet8 T"e botto* line of 2ositi:e and stable self9estee* is w"en you can sayD II acce2t t"e :alue t"at God "as 2ut on *e8I W"en you do t"at= you will t"en coo2erate wit" God to de:elo2 t"e best 2ossible you in t"is world8 -elf9:alue will rid you of all >ealousy because you will ne:er again want to be anyone else8 -elf9:alue will wi2e out inferiority because you are in God)s class of being and He= in you= is greater t"an any 2erson or any 2ower outside of you8 -elf9:alue will eli*inate fear of failure or defeat because not"ing can sto2 you and God wor'ing toget"er8

-elf9:alue will gi:e you courage because you disco:er t"at wit" God at wor' in you= you beco*e indo*itable8 -elf9:alue will cause you to stand u2 tall= to sFuare your s"oulders= to loo' out into t"e future wit" new confidence= to wal' wit" a steady stride= and to rise to t"e le:el of i*2ortance for w"ic" God created you8 God created "u*an 2ersons as *uc" li'e Hi*self as any c"ild can be li'e its natural 2arents8 God 2lanned t"at w"ate:er could be said about Hi*= could be said about you8I God ne:er 2lanned you or *e for 2o:erty= inferiority= sic'ness= de2ression= want or insecurity8 God ne:er created anyt"ing inferior 9 not you not any "u*an 2erson8 As t"is 2owerful 2rinci2le ta'es root= you begin to see and res2ect yourself as a *e*ber of di:ine royalty8 God)s fa*ily is su22osed to re2resent Hi* and to reflect His lifestyle on eart"8 ecogniHe your :alue8 W"en you do= you cause t"e seeds of greatness to ger*inate in you8 Aee2 t"ose seeds watered by t"in'ing on t"e* and reaffir*ing your :alue until your attitude and conduct are transfor*ed8 %ow say t"is to God= out loud8

PRAYER: I 7COG%IJ7 *y :alue= t"at ,ou created *e in ,our own i*age and li'eness8 W"ate:er can be said about ,ou can be said about *e as ,our offs2ring8 My life is ,our :ery breat" 9 ,our life in "u*an for*8 ,our best *aterial is in *e8 I a* t"e 2roduct of lo:e8 I a* created for greatness= crowned wit" glory and "onor= to "a:e do*inion o:er all of ,our wor's8 THA%A ,O5= 0O $8 I "a:e "ad a rebirt" of self9wort"8 Anowing t"at I a* created in ,our i*age and li'eness re*inds *e of *y di:ine origin= of *y "ig" 2ur2ose= of *y infinite :alue8 I s"all ne:er again de2reciate t"e *e t"at ,ou :alue so *uc"8 I s"all ne:er again 2ut down w"at ,ou "a:e lifted u28 I a* not a nobody8 I a* a real so*ebody8 AM7%K MY VALUE ... BY DR. T. L. OSBORN I AM <A05A407 because I a* created in God)s class of being8 I a* <ITA0 because God)s 2lan in:ol:es *e8 My H7 ITAG7 is to "a:e God)s best= to en>oy His co*2anions"i2 and to use His wealt" and 2ower for t"e

good of *yself and ot"ers8 I a* C 7AT7$ for life= lo:e= 2ower= 2ros2erity= success and dignity8 T"e -eeds of Greatness are in *e8 God ne:er created *e to be a nobody= but a real so*ebody8 I t"erefore recogniHe *y self9:alue= t"at God designed *e for His lifestyle and I now 'now t"at He 2lanned 0ife)s 47-T for *e as His c"ild8 I s"all no longer discredit or de*ean or destroy w"at God created in His own i*age and :alues so *uc"8 I welco*e God)s friendly :oice8 He re*inds *e of *y di:ine origin= of *y "ig" 2ur2ose= and of His 0o:e96lan to "el2 *e ac"ie:e= en>oy and s"are His best in life8

CHA6T7 #. %7W 0I!7 !ACT II

KNOW THAT DISTRUSTING GOD'S WORD IS THE ORIGINAL AND BASIC PROBLEM GO$)- $ 7AM for "u*anity is recorded in t"e 4ible boo' of Genesis8 His 2lan was to re2roduce Hi*self in Ada* and 7:e and to "a:e co*2anions"i2 wit" t"e*8 4ut t"eir friends"i2 "ad to be two9way8 God would need to be sure t"at Ada* and 7:e wanted Hi*= li'e He wanted t"e*8 T"ey were not reFuired or forced to res2ect Hi* any *ore t"an you are8 God 2laced t"e* in t"e garden of 7den and ga:e t"e* e:ery tree t"at is 2leasant to t"e eye and good for foodG and t"e tree of life also in t"e *idst of t"e garden8 T"e only conditionD -ince t"ey were created in God)s i*age= to s"are His lifestyle8 t"ey were to trust w"at He said8 God *ade one single restriction to *easure t"eir fait" and confidence in His drea* for t"e*8 He saidD Of e:ery tree of t"e garden you *ay freely eatG but of t"e tree of t"e 'nowledge of good and e:il= you will not eat of itG for in t"e day t"at you eat of it you will surely die8 T"ey were eB2ected to "a:e confidence in w"at God said and t"at is all t"at He eB2ects of you and *e8 -atan= God)s ene*y= "eard of God)s drea* and concei:ed

a sc"e*e to induce Ada* and 7:e to betray God)s trust8 -atan ca*e into t"e garden8 He contradicted God= asserting "i*self as an aut"ority= and saidD If you eat of t"at tree= you will not surely die8 7:e too' of t"e fruit and ate it= and ga:e so*e to "er "usband wit" "erG and "e ate it8 T"at was t"e original sin 9 distrusting God)s word8 -ay t"is to God8 PRAYER: 0O $= now I understand w"y fait" is so i*2ortant8 T"at is all ,ou as' of *e 9 >ust to belie:e ,our word8 I now realiHe t"at lac' of confidence in ,our word was t"e original sin8 ,our friends"i2 and co*2anions"i2 wit" *e de2end on our *utual trust8 ,ou want to 'now t"at I desire ,our co*2any and ,our lifestyle= >ust li'e ,ou "a:e 2ro:en t"at ,ou desire *ine8 And t"e only way I can 2ro:e *y affection for ,ou is to trust w"at ,ou say8 I "a:e not done t"at In t"e 2ast8 I now realiHe w"y I "a:e "ad to wal' alone8 I "a:e 2layed into t"e ene*y)s "ands by abusing t"e trust of life ,ou 2laced in *e8 WITH TH7 A%OW07$G7 of t"is basic 2roble*= I co*e to ,ou= O 0ord= con:inced t"at ,our word and ,our way is t"e only basis for t"e abundant and blessed life ,ou created *e for8

!ro* today= *y c"oice s"all always be to totally trust in ,our li:ing word8 AM7%K

CHA6T7 #/ %7W 0I!7 !ACT III

UNDERSTAND THAT DISAVOWING GOD'S INTEGRITY RESULTS IN DEATH GO$)- O IGI%A0 $ 7AM for Ada* and 7:e was t"at if t"ey trusted in His integrity= t"ey would li:e and 2ros2er wit" Hi* fore:er8 If t"ey abused His trust and disbelie:ed His word= t"e 2rocess of deterioration would begin and t"ey would die8 After Ada* and 7:e re>ected God)s trust= He ca*e into t"e garden and s2elled out w"at t"e results would be8 T"ere would be no grounds for a relations"i2 wit" God8 Ada* and 7:e "ad eBercised t"eir free wills and "ad= by t"eir action= disregarded and disbelie:ed w"at God "ad said8 T"e good life ended8 $ignity was desecrated8 God said= in t"e day t"at you disa:ow *y instructions and eat t"e fruit I forbade= you will surely die8 Wit"out trust in God)s integrity= "u*an 2ersons sin' into des2air and disgrace= degeneration and disease= destruction and obli:ion= deterioration and deat"8 T"eir lac' of trust in t"e integrity of w"at God said was later called sin8 T"e si*2le rule t"at God *ade wasD T"e 2erson w"o sins

will die8 0ater it was re2eated in anot"er wayD T"e wages of sin ?disa:owing t"e integrity of God)s word@ is deat"8 Ada* and 7:e were no longer Fualified to dwell in t"e garden wit" God8 -e2arated fro* His 2lenty and beyond His 2rotection= t"ey were now sub>ect to t"eir new *aster w"o ca*e to steal= to 'ill and to destroy8 T"at was t"e beginning of suffering= disease= 2ain= "ate= lust= en:y= *urder= >ealousy= loneliness= guilt= 2o:erty= "unger= destruction and deat"8 -in "ad entered t"e "u*an race8 It would be 2assed on to all generations8 W"ereas= by one 2erson sin entered into t"e world= and deat" by sin so deat" 2assed u2on all 2ersons= for t"at all "a:e sinned8 T"e funda*ental sin t"at se:ered God)s relations"i2 wit" *an'ind was not *urder or adultery or lying or stealing or "atred or abuse8 It was t"e assu*2tion or 2"iloso2"y or attitude t"at God did not *ean w"at He said8 W"en t"at 2osition is ta'en= deterioration sets in li'e a cancer and is ter*inal8 W"en you do not trust God= you do not trust yourself= or anyone else8

W"en you decide t"at God "as no integrity= your own integrity is abandoned8 Conscience is calloused8 $ignity is desecrated8 T"e "u*an 2erson deteriorates and dies8 Honor is gone8 T"e lig"ts go out8 T"ere is only dar'ness8 -ay t"is to God8 PRAYER: $7A 0O $= I t"an' ,ou for "el2ing *e to understand t"e final conseFuences of unbelief in ,our word8 %ow I realiHe w"y t"e wages of sin is deat"8 I now understand t"at t"e original and t"e ulti*ate sin is to disa:ow ,our integrity= to disbelie:e ,our word8 W"en I do t"at= *y own dignity as a "u*an created li'e ,ou is re2udiated8 If I do not belie:e in ,ou= I do not belie:e in *e8 7Bcellence is bartered for *ediocrity8 $eterioration sets in li'e a ter*inal disease= and I die8 O GO$= I t"an' ,ou for "el2ing *e to realiHe t"at= since I a* created by ,ou= t"e God of fait"= I can eB2erience ,our lifestyle and 'now true li:ing by belie:ing in ,our integrity8 ,our word is ,our bond8 ,ou intended for words to weld society toget"er in *utual trust and interrelations"i2s8 4ut w"en fait" in ,our integrity was abandoned= "u*an life cru*bled and fell a2art8 T"e lac' of integrity turned

inward= and t"e di:ine dignity of God)s creation died8 I THA%A ,O5= 0ord= t"at ,our drea* for *e is so beautiful8 ,ou created *e to li:e on ,our le:el8 Confidence in ,our word and ,our way is t"e bond t"at unites *e wit" ,ou8 I now realiHe t"at t"e integrity of ,our word is t"e foundation of real life as ,ou 2lanned it for *e8 I do= "ere and now= "onor ,our word and 2ledge *yself to trust w"at ,ou say8 And I belie:e t"at t"is fait" will lead *e to t"e disco:ery of t"e abundant life ,ou originally created *e to en>oy8 AM7%K

CHA6T7 #1 %7W 0I!7 !ACT I<

BELIEVE THAT GOD LOVED AND VALUED YOU TOO MUCH TO LET YOU DIE GO$ %7<7 A4A%$O%7$ His drea* for you8 God is lo:e and lo:e ne:er Fuits8 His lo:e went into action t"e day Ada* and 7:e sinned8 He found a >ust and legal way to restore "u*an'ind bac' to an inti*ate relations"i2 wit" Hi*8 Alt"oug" t"ey disa:owed His integrity and disbelie:ed His word= God did not want His beautiful creation to deteriorate and die8 And He does not want you to des2air and decay in self9destruction and t"e s"a*e of indignity8 He saysD I "a:e no 2leasure in t"e deat" of one w"o dies= so turn yourself and li:e8 God was not willing t"at any s"ould 2eris"= but t"at A00 s"ould co*e to re2entance8 God so lo:ed t"e world t"at "e ga:e "is only begotten -on= t"at w"oe:er belie:es in "i* will not 2eris"= but "a:e e:erlasting life8 4ut God s"owed "is great lo:e for you by sending C"rist to die for you8 It is :ital t"at you realiHe "ow *uc" God :alues you8 He created you in His li'eness and you are significant and 2ree*inent to His 2lan8 He *ade you for life= lo:e= 2ower=

2ros2erity= success= "onor and dignity8 T"e seeds of greatness are in you8 ,ou are created in God)s class of being8 God)s w"ole drea* is reflected in you8 He lo:ed and :alued you too *uc" to let you self9destruct8 W"en you learn to estee* w"at God estee*s and :alue w"at He :alues= t"en you are ready to co*2re"end God)s sal:ation 2lan for you and to ree:aluate your own life by t"e *easure of w"at He "as 2aid to redee* you fro* deat"8 ,our life is God)s life in "u*an fles"8 ecogniHe your roots in God and your :alue to God8 ,ou are His 2roduct8 His best is in you8 -ay t"is to God8 PRAYER: O 0O $= I t"an' ,ou for lo:ing *e w"en I did not estee* *y own self8 T"an' ,ou for 2lacing suc" a "ig" :alue on *e8 T"oug" I abused ,our trust of life in *e and disa:owed ,our integrity= ,ou :alued *e too *uc" to let *e die in *y sins8 Alt"oug" I deser:ed deterioration and deat"= ,our lo:e reac"ed out to rind a way to sa:e *e and to redee* *e to ,ourself so t"at we could be friends and 2artners in life li'e ,ou originally 2lanned8 4ecause ,ou are lo:e= ,ou ne:er ta'e 2leasure in seeing e:en t"e *ost rebellious and destructi:e 2erson

deteriorate and die8 ,ou :alue *e so *uc" t"at= to "a:e *e near ,ou as a friend and a 2artner= ,ou 2refer to 2ay t"e full 2enalty of *y sins= in order to >ustify *e and to redee* *e8 $7A GO$= t"an' ,ou for ,our lo:e for *e8 Anowing "ow ,ou :alue *e= I a* learning to :alue *yself8 I res2ond to ,our lo:e and= "ere and now= I sincerely t"an' ,ou for reac"ing out in lo:e to sa:e *e and to lift *e out of deat"= into ,our abundant life8 AM7%K

CHA6T7 &3 %7W 0I!7 !ACT <

KNOW WHY JESUS CAME AND DIED AS YOUR SUBSTITUTE GO$)- -A0<ATIO% 60A% would end t"e scourge of deat" and restore 2eo2le to life8 W"at was His 2lan and "ow could it restore you to God and legally absol:e you fro* t"e 2enalty of deat" for your sins? -ubstitution was t"e answer8 If so*eone w"o is innocent of sin would willingly ta'e t"e 2lace of one w"o is guilty and assu*e full 2unis"*ent for "is or "er sins= t"en t"e guilty one would be free and could be restored to friends"i2 wit" God as t"oug" no wrong "ad e:er been done8 It was lo:e)s idea8 In order to 2ro:ide you a substitute w"o "ad no sin of "is own= God ga:e His own -on8 (esus C"rist= God)s -on was in all 2oints te*2ted li'e as we are= yet wit"out sin8 He did no sin8 (esus was born by a *iracle conce2tion8 T"e -2irit of God o:ers"adowed a :irgin and t"e seed of di:ine life was created in "er wo*b8 In t"at way (esus was not born of "u*an seed t"at "ad been infected by sin8

%ot only His conce2tion= but His life a*ong 2eo2le "ad to be sinless= in order to be your substitute8 God)s -on *ust be sub>ected to t"e sa*e te*2tations of sin as any "u*an 2erson is8 He "ad to be eBactly li'e you and resist w"at "u*an 2ersons "ad not resisted8 He "ad to 2ro:e t"at God)s original 2lan could wor' 9 t"at "u*an 2ersons could c"oose God)s word= and ne:er dis"onor His integrity8 (esus "ad to be te*2ted by -atan >ust as Ada* and 7:e "ad been8 T"is is w"y as soon as He was *ature= He was led into t"e wilderness w"ere -atan ca*e to te*2t Hi* eBactly as "e ca*e to te*2t Ada* and 7:e in t"e garden of 7den8 7:ery ti*e -atan tried to bring Fuestion on God)s word= (esus re>ected "is suggestion and fort"rig"tly asserted w"at God "ad said8 T"e 4ible says t"at t"roug"out t"e eart"ly life of C"rist= He was in e:ery res2ect tested as you are= yet wit"out co**itting any sin8 T"at eB2lains w"y He was able to be your substitute8 -ince He "ad no sin in Hi*= and co**itted no sin= He could assu*e your sins and gi:e His life as a ranso* for you8 4eing *ade 2erfect= (esus C"rist beca*e t"e aut"or of eternal sal:ation8

If your 2enalty of deat" was assu*ed by Hi*= you would be legally absol:ed of t"e 2enalty8 -ince no debt can be 2aid twice= or no cri*e 2unis"ed twice= you would be restored as t"oug" you "ad ne:er done wrong8 -ince (esus C"rist suffered t"e 2enalty you deser:ed= and since He did it on your be"alf= you are no longer guilty before God and need ne:er be >udged for any sin you "a:e e:er co**itted8 T"e >udg*ent you deser:ed was 2ut on your substitute= in your 2lace= and t"at >udg*ent can ne:er be i*2osed on you again8 T"is is t"e "eart of God)s 2lan in t"e 4ible t"at we call sal:ation8 %ow you can understand t"ese 4ible :erses8 I "a:e 2ersonaliHed t"e* for you8 (esus C"rist bore your sins in "is own body t"at you= being dead to sins= s"ould li:e in rig"teousness8 W"en you were utterly wit" no way of esca2e= C"rist ca*e and died for you w"en you "ad no use for "i*8 God s"owed "is great lo:e for you by sending C"rist to die for you w"ile you were still a sinner8 %ow God "as declared you not guilty8 %ow "e will sa:e you fro* all wrat" to co*e8 %ow you can re>oice in your wonderful new relations"i2

wit" God 9 all because of w"at your 0ord (esus C"rist "as done in dying for your sins 9 *a'ing you a friend of God8 %ow= since you "a:e been *ade rig"t in God)s sig"t by fait" in "is 2ro*ise= you can "a:e real 2eace wit" "i* because of w"at (esus "as done for you8 -o say t"is to God8 PRAYER: $7A 0O $= I a* so t"an'ful to understand w"y C"rist ca*e and died for *e= as *y substitute8 I understand t"at t"e 2enalty of sin is deat" and t"at deat" 2assed u2on all 2ersons because all "a:e sinned8 4ut because of ,our lo:e= ,ou ga:e ,our -on= (esus C"rist= to die in *y 2lace8 %OW I 5%$7 -TA%$ t"at (esus assu*ed *y guilt and suffered t"e >udg*ent of *y sins8 4y doing t"at= He redee*ed *e and restored *e to ,ou= O 0ord8 %ow it is as t"oug" I "ad ne:er sinned8 I a* no longer guilty8 My conde*nation is gone fore:er8 %o debt can be 2aid twice and no cri*e 2unis"ed twice8 My sins "a:e been 2aid for8 T"ere is not"ing against *e any*ore8 T"e >udg*ent I deser:ed was assu*ed by (esus as *y substitute8 THA%A ,O5= 0O $= for ,our 2lan of sal:ation8 I belie:e t"at ,ou bore *y sins= in *y 2lace8 AM7%K

CHA6T7 &1 %7W 0I!7 !ACT <I

UNDERSTAND THE REASON FOR CHRIST'S DEATH, BURIAL AND RESURRECTION ,O5 A 7 7-TO 7$ to God)s life again w"en you realiHe w"at (esus C"rist did and belie:e t"at He assu*ed all >udg*ent for your sins in your 2lace8 T"ese wonders of God)s grace ta'e 2lace in your lifeD 1@ T"e rig"teousness of C"rist is transferred to you and you are free of all guilt and >udg*ent8 2@ (esus C"rist co*es and li:es t"e life of God in and t"roug" you8 3@ ,ou beco*e a new creation8 #@ ,ou are restored to God according to His original 2lan8 &@ A su2ernatural 2ower is gi:en to you w"ic" *a'es you a c"ild of God8 A8 W"en (esus C"rist $I7$= your old life of sin died wit" Hi*8 5nderstand and belie:e t"at His deat" was for you8 I "a:e been crucified wit" C"rist8 48 W"en (esus C"rist was 45 I7$= your old life of sin was 2ut away fore:er8 5nderstand and belie:e t"at C"rist)s burial was on your be"alf8 We are buried wit" (esus C"rist unto deat"8 C8 W"en (esus C"rist was AI-7$ fro* t"e dead= you were raised u2 wit" Hi*8

5nderstand and belie:e t"at His resurrection included you8 God "as raised (esus C"rist fro* t"e dead and "as Fuic'ened you toget"er wit" "i*= "a:ing forgi:en you all tres2asses8 $8 W"en (esus C"rist arose in a %7W 0I!7= you arose to wal' in t"at sa*e new life of God8 5nderstand and belie:e t"at t"e new life of C"rist can now be i*2arted to you8 ,ou are risen wit" C"rist8 C"rist is your life8 -ay t"is to t"e 0ord8 PRAYER: O !ATH7 I% H7A<7%= I a* so glad t"at I now understand t"e reason for C"rist)s deat"= burial and resurrection8 T"an' ,ou for sending ,our -on to gi:e His life for *e8 I now identify *yself wit" ,our sacrifice for *e= O 0ord8 W"en ,ou died in *y 2lace= *y old life was crucified wit" ,ou8 W"en ,ou were buried= *y old life of sin was buried too8 W"en ,ou were raised u2 fro* deat"= I was raised wit" ,ou by new life in C"rist and I can now wal' in t"at sa*e

new life8 It is t"e *iracle life8 TO$A,= I "a:e co*e to understand t"e significance of w"at ,ou did for *e8 I relate *yself to w"at ,ou "a:e done for *e8 I a* t"an'ful for ,our great 2lan of sal:ation8 AM7%K

CHA6T7 &2 %7W 0I!7 !ACT <II

BELIEVE THE GOSPEL AND RECEIVE JESUS CHRIST IN PERSON NOW GO$)- 60A% O! -A0<ATIO% is based on fait" in t"e integrity of His word and on your rig"t to c"oose to belie:e8 4elie:e on t"e 0ord (esus C"rist and you will be sa:ed8 All w"o trust God)s son to sa:e t"e* "a:e eternal life8 W"at s2ecifically are you to trust or belie:e? A8 T"at (esus was sinless and 2erfectG 48 T"at He died on your be"alf and bore t"e >udg*ent you s"ould bearG C8 T"at He did it because God lo:es you and wants to li:e in youG $8 T"at God :alues you so *uc" t"at He 2aid t"is infinite 2rice to *a'e t"at 2ossible8 T"ese re*ar'able facts are w"at is called t"e gos2el or good newsD Q He suffered t"e 2enalty of your sins so t"at you can be sa:ed fro* deat" and li:e eternally as He 2lanned for you= wit" "onor and dignity8 Q He suffered t"e conseFuences of your sins so t"at ,ou can be fore:er absol:ed fro* guilt= conde*nation or >udg*ent8

Q He too' u2on Hi*self your 2ains= infir*ities and sic'nesses= so t"at you can be free of t"e* and li:e in "ealt" and en>oy longe:ity8 Q He bore your insecurity= s"a*e= inferiority and loneliness= so t"at you can li:e in fellows"i2 wit" God again8 Q He died so t"at you can li:e8 Q He assu*ed your guilt so t"at you can recei:e His rig"teousness8 God *ade (esus C"rist w"o 'new no sin to be *ade sin on our be"alf so t"at in Hi* we *ig"t s"are t"e rig"teousness ?or life@ of God8 T"e record of your sins was credited to C"rist)s account8 T"en He assu*ed your guilt and bore t"e >udg*ent you deser:ed8 In eBc"ange= His rig"teousness was credited to your account and you were declared rig"teous in God)s eyes= fore:er8 W"en does t"is "a22en? W"en you decide to belie:e t"e good news of w"at (esus C"rist did= and acce2t t"e fact t"at He assu*ed all of t"e >udg*ent for your sins in your 2lace8 W"en you do t"at= you eB2erience a *iracle8 T"is is w"at ta'es 2lace in youD Q T"e rig"teousness of C"rist is transferred to you and you are free of all guilt and >udg*ent8

Q (esus C"rist co*es and li:es t"e life of God in and t"roug" you8 Q ,ou beco*e a new creation8 Q ,ou are restored to God according to His original 2lan8 Q A su2ernatural 2ower is gi:en to you w"ic" *a'es you a c"ild of God8 It is a *iracle8 C"rist o2ened t"e way for God to co*e to you and for you to co*e to Hi*8 He is your lin' wit" God= your way to t"e good life= to success= to "a22iness= to total "ealt" and to abundant li:ing8 It all "a22ens w"en you belie:e t"e gos2el and recei:e (esus C"rist into your life= by fait"8 T"ese results can ta'e 2lace in you today 9 now= because t"e 4ible says= %ow is t"e acce2ted ti*eG %ow is t"e day of sal:ation 9 for you8 18 ,ou are reborn= re9created= restored to God= *ade new8 ,ou beco*e a c"ild of God8 W"en you recei:e (esus C"rist= God gi:es you t"e *iracle 2ower to beco*e "is c"ild8 28 ,ou recei:e a new s2iritual life= t"e *iracle life of God t"roug" (esus C"rist in you8 If you are in C"rist= you are a new creature8 All t"ings beco*e new8

(esus said= I a* co*e t"at you *ig"t "a:e life *ore abundantly8 38 ,ou recei:e total 2eace8 AnBiety= "y2ertension= fear= guilt and conde*nation are gone fore:er8 (esus said= 6eace I lea:e wit" you= *y 2eace I gi:e to ,O58 4eing >ustified by fait"= you "a:e 2eace wit" God t"roug" your 0ord (esus C"rist8 #8 ,ou are restored to friends"i2= fellows"i2 and life wit" God 9 t"e way you were designed to li:e on t"is eart"8 Truly your fellows"i2 is wit" t"e !at"er= and wit" "is -on (esus C"rist8 &8 ,our 2"ysical body is affected so *uc" by t"is new inner 2eace wit" God t"at your sic'nesses disa22ear and you eB2erience new 2"ysical and *ental "ealt"8 ,ou will ser:e t"e 0ord your God= and "e will ta'e sic'ness away fro* t"e *idst of you8 T"e 0ord forgi:es all of your iniFuitiesG "e "eals all of your diseases8 -ay t"is to t"e 0ord8 PRAYER: O H7A<7%0, !ATH7 = I a* so t"an'ful to 'now and understand t"e gos2el and to belie:e w"at it says8

I belie:e on (esus C"rist and= by fait"= I recei:e ,ou= dear 0ord= as *y 2ersonal -a:ior 9 now8 ,ou were wit"out sin= yet ,ou died for *y sins8 ,ou too' *y 2lace= assu*ed *y >udg*ent and suffered *y 2enalty in order to ranso* *e and to restore *e to God as t"oug" I "ad ne:er sinned8 ,ou too' *y sins and now= by acce2ting ,ou= ,ou i*2art to *e ,our rig"teousness8 I "a:e co*e to realiHe w"at a 2rice ,ou 2aid to 2ro:e "ow ,ou :alue *e8 ,our blood was s"ed to *a'e *e clean8 O= (7-5-= M, 0O $= since ,ou 2aid t"e full 2rice for *y transgressions= t"ere can ne:er be any furt"er 2rice for *e to 2ay8 I belie:e t"at I a* sa:ed "ere= now and fore:er because of t"e goodness of w"at ,ou acco*2lis"ed w"en ,ou died in *y 2lace8 %ow I a* restored to God *y !at"er t"roug" (esus *y -a:ior8 I "a:e reco:ered t"e dignity ,ou 2lanned for *e8 I do belie:e t"at ,ou "a:e now co*e bac' to li:e in *e li'e you originally 2lanned w"en ,ou created *e8 I belie:e I a* sa:ed8 ,ou and I are one again because of w"at ,ou -on= (esus did in *y 2lace8 T"e blood of (esus C"rist cleanses *e8 T"e life of (esus C"rist regenerates *e8

T"e >oy of (esus C"rist fills *e8 I a* of infinite :alue8 T"an' ,ou t"at ,ou lo:e *e8 I a* ,ours8 ,ou "a:e *ade *y body ,our te*2le8 I a* redee*ed and acce2ted8 I a* co**issioned in t"e Aingdo* to re2resent ,ou in t"is life8 M, -I%- A 7 65%I-H7$8 T"ey can ne:er be 2unis"ed again8 My debt is 2aid8 %o debt can e:er be 2aid twice8 I a* sa:ed 9 "ere and now8 I belie:e= and I a* free8 T"an' ,ou for t"e 2ower t"at *a'es Me a new creature= now t"at I "a:e welco*ed ,ou "o*e to li:e in *e8 I a* as :aluable to ,ou as anyone8 I a* as beautiful in ,our eyes as anyone8 I "a:e ,our nature8 I a* lo:ed8 I can lo:e ot"ers8 W"ate:er I sow in ot"ers= I will rea28 T"an' ,ou t"at I a* 2art of ,our 2lan8 I "a:e a 2lace no one else can fill8 %o longer will I conde*n *yself8 %o longer will I destroy w"at ,ou :alue8 %ow I a* acce2ted8 I can do ,our wor'8 I a* born again8 I a* a new creature8 I "a:e re2ented of *y old :alues8 I "a:e c"anged *y *ind about *yself and about ot"er 2eo2le8 Anowing "ow ,ou :alue eac" "u*an 2erson "as gi:en *e a new :alue of "u*an life8

I -77 ,O5= 3 0ord= wit" new eyes8 I see ot"ers as ,ou see t"e*8 I see *yself in ,our i*age8 Toget"er we can ne:er fail8 !at"er= e:eryt"ing is 2ossible for ,O5823 T"an' ,ou= 0ord= t"at ,ou now li:e in *e8 In (esus) na*e8 AM7%K

CHA6T7 &3 THA%A ,O5 0O $

YOU ARE NOW RESTORED TO GOD ,our dignity is now regained8 A *iracle life "as begun in you8 T"at is w"y I included t"ese se:en a wonderful facts in t"is boo'8 ,ou are a new 2erson= wit" new dignity and new life8 (esus 2ro:ed "ow *uc" God :alues you8 He 2aid for you by gi:ing His life in your 2lace8 ,ou are wort" w"at God 2aid for you8 %ow you will ne:er again conde*n w"at God "as 2aid so *uc" to regain8 ,ou will ne:er again 2ut down w"at cost God so *uc" to raise u28 (esus s"owed us God by w"at He did for all ot"ers8 We s"ow our fait" by w"at we do for ot"ers8 W"en we :alue 2eo2le li'e God :alues t"e*= we will "eal t"e* rat"er t"an bruise t"e*8 We will lift t"e* rat"er t"an 2ut t"e* down8 We will estee* t"e* rat"er t"an criticiHe t"e*8 We will forgi:e t"e* rat"er t"en >udge t"e*8

(esus s"owed us God by w"at "a22ened to 2eo2le w"o ca*e in contact wit" Hi*8 We s"ow w"at God is li'e in our li:es by w"at "a22ens to 2eo2le w"o co*e in contact wit" us8 ,ou grow as you "el2 ot"ers grow8 ,ou 2ros2er as you "el2 ot"ers 2ros2er8 ,ou learn by teac"ing8 ,ou gain by gi:ing8 ,ou rea2 by 2lanting8 ,ou recei:e by gi:ing8 W"at a c"ange ta'es 2lace in life w"en you disco:er God= at "o*e again in you= s"aring His lifestyle and His abundance wit" ot"er li:es= t"roug" you8 ,ou disco:er God at wor' in you= carrying out His 'ingdo* business t"roug" you8 He :alues e:eryone8 He 2ro:ed it by w"at He 2aid for eac" one8 He wor's t"roug" you s"owing His lo:e and His :alue of 2eo2le8 ,ou disco:er t"at He is *anifested t"roug" you and t"at gi:es your life :alue8 T"e songwriter saidD A bell is not a bell )til you bring itG A song is not a song )til you bring it8 0o:e in your "eart is not 2ut t"ere to stayG 0o:e is not lo:e )til you gi:e it away8 Write to $aisy and *e8 We will re2ly8 We can be *utual friends in "el2ing ot"er 2eo2le disco:er t"e way of restoration to God)s lifestyle8

!ro* t"e day we "ear fro* you= $aisy and I= wit" our staff of belie:ing 2eo2le= will be a earnestly 2raying for God)s best to co*e to you and your "ouse8 We will send you a list of ot"er boo's we "a:e written to "el2 you8 One is titled= The Good Life= o:er 333 2ages of terrific= 2ower filled ideas to "el2 you eB2erience of life)s best8 We "a:e recorded so*e re*ar'able cassette albu*s w"ic" can be a great "el2 and ins2iration to you8 One of our greatest albu*s is called= Super Living8 It contains a & "ours of total u2lift and encourage*ent8 Our co*bo9albu*= You Are God's Best= will be es2ecially "el2ful and ins2iring to you8 4ot" t"e 1&2 2age boo'= 2lus t"e # cassettes of t"e entire boo' recorded for you= are included in t"is co*bination albu* and boo'8

CHA6T7 &# O5 !O5 <ITA0 <I-IO%I WA- 4O % O% a far* near 6ocassett= O'la"o*a= t"e se:ent" son in a fa*ily of t"irteen c"ildren8 I was raised on t"e far* and sc"ooled in t"e country8 At t"e age of twel:e= *y brot"er= w"o "ad >ust been con:erted a few wee's earlier= too' *e wit" "i* to attend a re:i:al *eeting= being conducted down by t"e railroad trac's in Mar*ford= O'la"o*a8 $ressed in *y country9 style o:eralls= I wentG and w"en as'ed to 2lay t"e 2iano for t"e singing= I :ery ner:ously but "a22ily agreed8 W"en t"e lady e:angelist *ade t"e call for sinners t"at nig"t= I was >oyfully con:erted8 I WAS@CALLED@AT THE AGE OF "3 !ro* t"at ti*e= I lo:ed going to t"e little c"urc"G but *any ti*es t"e wor' on t"e far* 'e2t *e in t"e field until too late to attend t"e *eeting8 Many nig"ts I we2t fro* disa22oint*ent at not being able to go to c"urc"8 At t"e age of fourteen= w"ile wal'ing in t"e woods "unting for t"e *il' cows= I began to wee28 It see*ed foolis" to *e= and I wondered w"y I s"ould be crying8 I sto22ed and 2rayed= 'neeling beside so*e sandstone boulders8 T"e 0ord (esus s2o'e to *y s2irit and *ade *e to 'now t"at He "ad c"osen *e to 2reac" His gos2el8 At t"e age of fifteen= I left t"e far* to acco*2any a fine *inister of our co**unity= in conducting so*e c"urc" re:i:al *eetings8

I s"all ne:er forget t"e nig"t w"en I wal'ed out of *y "o*e= lea:ing *y fat"er and *ot"er in tears8 T"e last of se:en sons was lea:ing8 I 'new t"ere were *any res2onsibilities on t"e far* and far too *uc" wor' for $ad to do alone= but I 'new= also= t"at t"e 0ord "ad s2o'en and I *ust obey8 I 'new t"at t"e "ar:est field of a world was so *uc" *ore i*2ortant t"an t"ose acres of land we were far*ing8 I 'new t"at t"e God w"o "ad called *e would *a'e a way for *y 2arents= and He did8 AT "?, I MET DAISY WASHBURN !or two and one9"alf years= I acco*2anied t"is *inister in *any wonderful *eetings= w"ic" too' us t"roug" Ar'ansas and O'la"o*a= and finally to California8 It was t"ere t"at a beautiful young lady na*ed $aisy Was"burn fro* 0os 4anos= California= attended our *eetings8 One year later= we were *arried8 !or two years $aisy and I tra:eled in California= 2reac"ing t"e gos2el of (esus C"rist8 On Marc" 2&= 11#3= our daug"ter= Marie 0a<onne= was born= but li:ed only se:en days8 T"e grief and disa22oint*ent of t"is was al*ost unbearable= but we deter*ined to 2ress on wit" t"e gos2el of (esus C"rist and to reco*2ense our loss wit" s2iritual birt"s in t"e 'ingdo* of "ea:en8 In t"e s2ring of 11##= we dro:e to 6ortland= Oregon= to conduct a re:i:al= and t"ere acce2ted t"e 2astorate of a struggling c"urc"8

W"ile in 6ortland= on (anuary 23= 11#&= our son= To**y 0ee= (r8= was born8 OUR FIRST MINISTRY OVERSEAS T"ree wee's after "is birt"= we resigned as 2astors of t"at growing c"urc" and began nine *ont"s of *inistry across se:eral states= 2re2aring to sail for India as *issionaries8 %early a year was s2ent in India= during w"ic" ti*e we eB2erienced t"e greatest confusion and disa22oint*ent of our li:es8 We "ad in:ested e:eryt"ing we owned and "ad dedicated our li:es to go to t"e ot"er side of t"e world to win souls= only to find t"at we could not con:ince t"e Hindus or t"e Mosle*s t"at (esus C"rist was t"e -on of God= t"at He "ad risen fro* t"e dead= nor t"at He is ali:e today as t"e world)s only sa:ior8 We "ad t"e 4ible= but w"en we tried to con:ince t"e Mosle*s about (esus C"rist by s"owing t"e* scri2ture :erses= t"ey s"owed us t"e Aoran w"ic"= to t"e*= was God)s word gi:en by t"e *out" of His "oly 2ro2"et Mo"a**ed8 4ot" t"e Aoran and t"e 4ible were lo:ely blac' boo's= e*bossed in gold8 4ot" were re:ered as God)s word8 We could not gi:e e:idence t"at t"e 4ible is t"e true word of God8 We did not 'now t"e trut"s w"ic" I "a:e 2resented "ere in t"is boo'8 We did not understand about *iracles w"ic" 2ro:e t"at C"rist is ali:e8 We could not 2ersuade t"e 2eo2le to recei:e (esus C"rist8 We felt "el2less and defeated8

Alt"oug" a few were sa:ed in our *eetings= after a long siege of sic'ness during w"ic" our son al*ost died of c"olera and I des2aired of life for siB long wee's wit" ty2"oid fe:er= in t"e fall of 11#+= we returned to t"e 5nited -tates and acce2ted t"e 2astorate of a t"ri:ing c"urc" in McMinn:ille= Oregon8 On Marc" 13= 11#.= we were blessed wit" t"e gift of our daug"ter= 0a$onna Carol8 THEY WERE DEAD - WE WERE ALIVE $uring our ti*e of 2astoring at McMinn:ille= God dealt wit" us in *any wonderful ways8 It was at t"is ti*e t"at a lady in our c"urc" "a22ened to infor* $aisy and *e of t"e deat" of $r8 C"arles -8 6rice8 We "ad ne:er *et t"e *an= but "ad read scores of "is wonderful ser*ons w"ile we were in India8 We lo:ed t"e *an dearly8 W"en we "eard of "is deat"= I went to t"e c"urc" and began to 2ray and wee28 It see*ed as t"oug" I could not contain *y grief8 T"e fait" "eroes and "eroines of 2re:ious years began to 2ass before *y *ind li'e a 2anora*a8 I t"oug"t of Wiggleswort"= of Mc6"erson= of Woodwort"97tter= of Gi2sie -*it"= of Aenyon= of 6rice= and of ot"ers 9 not one of w"o* we "ad e:er *et or "eard 2reac"8 T"ey were gone fore:er fro* t"is world)s scene of action8 We would ne:er *eet t"e* "ere8 T"e world would ne:er again feel t"e i*2act and *ar:elous influence of t"eir *inistry8 We would only tal' of t"e* and "ear of t"eir

eB2loits of fait"8 It all see*ed :ery strange to *e as to w"y t"is s"ould affect *e li'e it did= w"en I did not e:en 'now t"ese 2eo2le8 I said= I0ord= t"ose great "eroes of fait" are gone now= and *illions are still dying8 Multitudes are still sic' and suffering8 To w"o* will t"ey go for "el28 W"o will stir our large cities and fill our large auditoriu*s wit" t"e *agnetic 2ower of God= "ealing t"e sic' and casting out de:ils? W"at will t"is world do now?I THE TURNING POINT FOR US God "eard and answered *y Fuestions in a *ar:elous way= t"oug" not i**ediately8 A few days after t"is= during t"e *ont" of (uly 11#.= we attended t"e ca*2 *eeting at 4roo's= Oregon= w"ere e:8 Hattie Ha**ond was *inistering8 -"e 2reac"ed a dyna*ic *essage on t"e sub>ectD If ,ou 7:er -ee (esus= ,ou Can %e:er 4e t"e -a*e Again8 We wal'ed out of t"at *eeting in tears= and as we dro:e "o*e= we tal'ed about "er *essage8 I said= I$arling= *aybe t"at is w"at we need8 Maybe if we could see (esus= our li:es would be c"anged8I Only God 'nows t"e de2t" of our searc"8 We were sincere in our lo:e for C"rist8 We belie:ed in t"e 2ower of t"e Holy -2irit8 We were res2ected in our organiHation as so*e of t"e finest= *ost effecti:e 2astor9e:angelists8

We *et"odically 2rayed for t"e sic'8 4ut t"ere were few if any results8 Ot"ers 2raised us= but we felt "el2less8 We "ad gone to India to con:ince t"e non9C"ristians8 We were unable to co2e8 We felt we "ad failed8 We were lonely= frustrated= unsatisfied8 Maybe if we could see (esus= t"at would be t"e 'ey8 We were in a des2erate searc" for reality8 THE FIRST VISION T"e neBt *orning at siB o)cloc'= I was awa'ened by a :ision of (esus C"rist as He ca*e into our roo*8 I loo'ed u2on Hi* 9 I saw Hi* li'e I see anyone8 %o tongue can tell of His s2lendor and beauty8 %o language can eB2ress t"e *agnificence and 2ower of His 2erson8 I lay t"ere as one t"at was dead= unable to *o:e a finger or toe= awe9stric'en by His 2resence8 Water 2oured fro* *y eyes= t"oug" I was not conscious of wee2ing= so *ig"ty was His 2resence8 Of all I "ad "eard and read about Hi*= t"e "alf "ad ne:er been told *e8 His "ands were beautifulG t"ey see*ed to :ibrate wit" creati:e ability8 His eyes were as strea*s of lo:e= 2ouring fort" into *y inner*ost being8 His feet= standing a*idst clouds of trans2arent glory= see*ed to be as 2illars of >ustice and integrity8 His robes were w"ite as t"e lig"t8 His 2resence= en"anced wit" lo:e and 2ower= drew *e to Hi*8 After 2er"a2s t"irty *inutes of utter "el2lessness= I was able to get out of bed to t"e floor= w"ere I crawled into *y little study and lay on *y face on t"e floor in full

surrender of *y entire life to Hi* w"o* I "ad co*e to 'now as 0O $8 I lay t"ere on *y face until t"e afternoon8 W"en I ca*e out of t"at roo*= I was a new *an8 (esus "ad beco*e t"e Master of *y life8 I 'new t"e trut"D He is ali:eG He is *ore t"an a dead religion8 My life was c"anged8 I would ne:er be t"e sa*e8 Old traditional :alues began to fade away= and I felt i*2ressed daily by a new and increasing sense of re:erence and serenity8 7:eryt"ing was different8 I wanted to 2lease Hi*8 T"at is all t"at "as *attered since t"at unforgettable *orning8 T"e first :ital :ision "ad co*e8 I "ad seen (esus I% A <I-IO%8 THE SECOND VISION Wit" t"at :ision still fres" before *e and t"e realiHation t"at so *any of t"e great *en and wo*en of fait" "ad 2assed away= we soug"t earnestly to 'now God)s 2erfect 2lan for our li:es8 In t"e *ont" of -e2te*ber= 11#.= we again beca*e t"e 2astors of t"e c"urc" in 6ortland= Oregon= w"ic" we "ad resigned before going to India8 We settled down for w"at we eB2ected to be a lifeti*e of *inistry in t"e beautiful City of oses8 4ut God "ad t"is 2lanned only as a s"ort ste2 in His design for our li:es8 -oon after t"e aweso*e eB2erience of seeing t"e 0ord= a *an of God ca*e to our area8 He "ad a *ost 2erfect gift of t"e word of 'nowledge=

cou2led wit" an a*aHing "ealing *inistry8 As we attended "is *eetings= we saw "undreds acce2t C"ristG and= rig"t before our eyes= we watc"ed "i* cast out de:ils and lay "ands on t"e sic' in (esus C"rist)s na*e8 T"e blind= deaf= du*b= and cri22les were "ealed instantly8 I can ne:er eB2ress t"e e*otions of *y "eart in res2onse to t"e o2eration of t"e gifts of "ealing in t"at great *eeting8 !or t"ree or four years= I "ad been dee2ly concerned about t"e traditional *et"ods we "ad been using in 2raying for t"e sic' and de*on92ossessed8 We would call t"e w"ole c"urc" to 2ray for one 2erson= "o2ing t"at so*eone *ig"t be able to 2ray t"e 2rayer of fait" on be"alf of t"e sic' 2erson8 As I watc"ed t"is e:angelist *inister to t"e sic'= I was ca2ti:ated by t"e deli:erance of a deaf9*ute girl= o:er w"o* "e 2rayed a :ery si*2le 2rayer8 In a Fuiet but aut"oritati:e :oice= "e s2o'eD I,ou deaf and du*b s2irit= I ad>ure you in (esus) na*e= lea:e t"e c"ild8I T"en "e sna22ed "is fingers= and t"e girl "eard and s2o'e 2erfectly8 W"en I witnessed t"at and *any ot"er *iracles= t"ere see*ed to be a t"ousand :oices w"irling o:er *y "ead= saying o:er and o:er= I,ou can do t"atK T"at)s t"e 4ible wayK 6eter and 6aul did it t"at wayK T"at)s t"e way (esus did it8

T"at 2ro:es t"at t"e 4ible way wor's todayK ,ou can do t"atK T"at)s w"at God wants you to doKI We went "o*e in total awe and re:erent eBuberance8 We "ad witnessed t"e 4ible in action8 It was t"e t"ing I "ad always longed for8 At last= I "ad seen God do w"at He 2ro*ised to do t"roug" a "u*an 2erson8 Our entire li:es were c"anged t"at :ery nig"t8 We "ad seen t"e second :ital :ision8 We "ad seen (esus I% A 67 -O%8 THE THIRD VISION Many days of fasting and 2rayer followed8 $aisy and I went before God= deter*ined to be c"annels t"roug" w"ic" He would *inister His *ig"ty wor's of deli:erance to our generation8 We sat down wit" our 4ibles and tal'ed about t"e wonders we "ad be"eld8 We reflected u2on our a22arent failure in India8 We 'new t"is was t"e answer8 We *ade a 2act between us and wit" God8 We would read t"e %ew Testa*ent 9 es2ecially t"e Gos2els and t"e Acts of t"e A2ostles= as t"oug" we "ad ne:er read t"e* before8 7:eryt"ing (esus said He would do= we would eB2ect Hi* to do it8 7:eryt"ing He said for us to do in His na*e= we would do it8

$ays of intense reading of t"e teac"ings and *inistry of (esus C"rist followed8 T"e 4ible= w"ic" "ad been little *ore t"an a religious boo' in India= "ad beco*e a li:ing= :ibrant *essage fro* God to us8 It was during t"is searc" t"at we began to disco:er all of t"e dyna*ic and 2ersonal 2ro*ises of God and t"e co**it*ents He "as *ade to us w"en we only belie:e8 We saw t"e t"ird :ital :ision8 We saw (esus I% HI- WO $8 T"ere was no Fuestion about it8 (esus and His Word beca*e one8 He was s2ea'ing to us 2ersonally by t"e written gos2els8 We were so t"rilled about seeing t"e li:ing C"rist in His word8 We 'new w"at He "ad 2ro*ised to do= He would do8 And we were ready to do w"at He told His followers to do8 We disco:ered t"at all of t"e wonderful 2ro*ises and co**it*ents (esus "ad *ade to His followers and to His disci2les were *ade to us8 We were His followers8 We were His disci2les8 If you continue in *y word= t"en are you *y disci2les indeed8 He "ad 2lainly told His followersD Into w"ate:er city you enter= "eal t"e sic' t"at are t"ere8 W"en He called t"e*= He ga:e t"e* 2ower against unclean s2irits= to cast t"e* out= and to "eal all *anner of sic'nesses and all *anner of diseases8

W"at could be 2lainer? We acce2ted it 9 literally8 (esus ga:e t"e* 2ower and aut"ority o:er all de:ils= and to cure diseases8 We 'new t"at was for us too8 T"ose followers de2arted= and went t"roug" t"e towns= 2reac"ing t"e gos2el= and "ealing e:eryw"ere8 T"at is w"at we would do8 (esus said= !ear notD belie:e only8 We were not afraid8 We did belie:e8 We were confident8 We would do w"at (esus told us to do8 We 'new He would do w"at He "ad co**itted Hi*self to do8 THE FOURTH VISION ,et= in s2ite of t"is re:elation= I wanted t"e 0ord to s2ea' to *e in so*e audible way8 I learned later t"at w"en He s2ea's t"roug" His word= t"at is His :oice= but I was si*2ly o:erc"arged wit" t"e desire to "ear Hi* tal' to *e audibly8 !inally= I notified t"e c"urc" t"at I would see no one nor s2ea' to anyone 2ersonally= nor by 2"one= until I "ad "eard fro* God8 $aisy assu*ed t"e 2astoral res2onsibilities and I went

into an u2stairs roo* alone= to re*ain until God s2o'e to *e8 In t"e *iddle of t"e t"ird day= t"e 0ord s2o'e to *e :ery clearly and distinctly= and resol:ed *y Fuestions concerning t"e deat" of so *any "eroes and "eroines of fait" and t"e need t"at eBisted t"roug"out t"e world for t"e great *inistry of "ealing fait"8 T"e -2irit of t"e 0ord said to *eD IMy son= as I was wit" 6rice= Mc6"erson= Woodwort"97tter= Wiggleswort"= and ot"ers= so will I be wit" you8 T"ey are dead= but now it is ti*e for you to arise= to go and do li'ewise8 ,ou cast out de:ilsG you "eal t"e sic'G you raise t"e deadG you cleanse t"e le2ers8 4e"old= I gi:e you 2ower o:er all t"e 2ower of t"e ene*y8 $o not be afraid8 4e strong8 4e courageous8 I a* wit" you as I was wit" t"e*8 %o e:il 2ower s"all be able to stand before you all t"e days of your life as you get t"e 2eo2le to belie:e My word8 I used t"ose 2eo2le in t"eir day= but t"is is your day8 %ow I desire to use you8I We began to send ad:ertise*ents near and far= telling t"e 2eo2le to bring t"eir sic'= diseased= cri22led= blind= deaf and du*b8 We began to teac" t"e 2ro*ises of C"rist to "eal= to sa:e and to deli:er all w"o "ad needs= and to 2ray for t"e sic' and to cast out de:ils8 %eedless to say= God began i**ediately to confir* His word w"ic" we 2roclai*ed= wit" *iracles= because we "ad si*2ly ta'en Hi* at His word8 We "ad begun to act on t"e word8 If God said it= t"en it was so8 If God 2ro*ised to do it= t"en He would do it= T"e *ost *ar:elous *iracles too' 2lace8 T"ey broug"t a girl w"o was born deaf and du*b8 W"at a >oy it was for $aisy and *e to draw "er close to us= to 2lace our "ands on "er and to allow (esus to "eal "er

t"roug" our act of fait"8 As I 2laced *y fingers in "er ears= I only 2rayed a brief 2rayerD I,ou deaf and du*b s2irit= I c"arge you= in t"e na*e of (esus C"rist w"o* God "as raised fro* t"e dead according to t"e scri2tures= to co*e out of t"is girl= and to enter "er no *ore8I T"en in t"e Fuiet "us" t"at followed= I sna22ed *y fingers be"ind "er "ead and s"e >u*2ed and loo'ed8 I Fuietly w"is2ered words in eac" ear and s"e re2eated t"e* clearly8 T"e e:il s2irit "ad gone8 T"e girl was "ealed8 It was li'e 4ible days8 (esus was unc"anged8 T"at was w"en we "ad our fourt" :ision8 We "ad disco:ered (esus AT WO A I% 5-8 %ow we "ad finally seen t"e :ision God wanted t"e world to see w"en He sent (esus= His -on= to us8 (esus said= Anyone w"o "as seen *e "as seen t"e !at"er8 0ater He said= As *y !at"er "as sent *e= so I send you= and 2ro*ised= 0o= I a* wit" youG I will dwell in you and wal' in you8 (esus ca*e and s"owed t"e !at"er to t"e world8 %ow we s"ow (esus to t"e world8 He is at wor' in t"e belie:er8 We are His body8

He is our life8 He continues His *inistry in and t"roug" us8 We "ad *ade t"e grand disco:ery8 We "ad seen t"e greatest :ision8 We saw (esus ali:e and at wor' I% 5-8 T"at disco:ery was t"e 'ey t"at unloc'ed our future success wit" God8 It was not *any wee's before t"e will of God was deter*ined :ery definitely in t"e *atter of again resigning t"e c"urc" in 6ortland to ta'e t"e gos2el of t"e 'ingdo* to t"e ends of t"e eart" for a witness a*ong all nations and 2eo2les8I T"at was t"e su**er of 11#/8 UNPRECEDENTED MINISTRY As t"e :ery latest edition of t"is boo' goes to 2ress= I can witness t"at= for nearly four decades in se:enty nations of t"e world= $aisy and I "a:e gone in (esus) na*e and "a:e acted on t"e written word of God8 We "a:e 2reac"ed to *ultitudes of fro* 13=333 to o:er 233=333 souls daily in t"ese *ass crusades8 We "a:e 2robably reac"ed and led to C"rist *ore non9C"ristians and *ay "a:e witnessed *ore great "ealing *iracles t"an any cou2le w"o "as yet li:ed8 We "a:e been able to lead tens of t"ousands of 2re:iously une:angeliHed 2eo2le to (esus C"rist8 We "a:e seen deaf9*utes by t"e "undreds 2erfectly restored8 We "a:e seen great nu*bers of t"e blind instantly recei:e t"eir sig"t 9 as *any as ninety cases in a single gos2el

crusade8 We "a:e seen t"e "o2eless cri22les restored 9 t"ose in w"eelc"airs as long as forty9two years= arise and wal'8 T"ose on cots and stretc"ers "a:e arisen and "a:e been *ade w"ole8 We "a:e seen crossed eyes go straig"t= stiff >oints loosed in a *o*ent= goiters and tu*ors lea:e8 We "a:e witnessed eardru*s= lungs= 'idneys= ribs= and ot"er 2arts of t"e body= w"ic" "a:e been re*o:ed by o2erations= recreated and restored by God)s creati:e 2ower8 We "a:e seen incurables *ade well= cancers die and :anis"= le2ers cleansed= e:en t"e dead raised8 In a single ca*2aign w"ic" we "a:e conducted= as *any as 12& deaf9*utes= 13 totally blind= and "undreds of ot"er eFually *iraculous deli:erances "a:e resulted8 Ha22y and >oyful confessions of C"rist as sa:ior "a:e nu*bered as *any as &3=333 in one crusade= often *any t"ousands in one nig"t8 W"at we "a:e seen our 0ord acco*2lis" in t"e 2ast is an eBa*2le of w"at He yearns to do in e:ery nation under "ea:en8 OUR GOSPEL IS FOR ALL NATIONS One of t"e *ost c"allenging state*ents in t"e 4ible concerning t"e last days is in Matt"ew 2#D1#8 (esus saidD And t"is gos2el of t"e 'ingdo* s"all be 2reac"ed in all

t"e world for a witness unto all nationsG and t"en s"all t"e end co*e8 More literally rendered fro* t"e original teBt= He saidD T"is good news s"all be 2roclai*ed wit" e:idence to all nations of t"e world= t"en s"all t"e end co*e8 T"is 2ro2"ecy fro* t"e li2s of (esus C"rist foretells a great era of fla*ing *iracle e:angelis* t"at 2roclai*s C"rist as 0ord= wit" e:idence= to t"is generation8 It indicates a worldwide de*onstration of early c"urc" *et"ods in w"ic" God also ?is@ bearing t"e* witness= bot" wit" signs and wonders= and wit" di:ers *iracles= and gifts of t"e Holy G"ost8 THE BIG !UESTION - AND THE ANSWER I "a:e ne:er understood "ow t"e c"urc" eB2ects to con:ince t"e non9C"ristian world t"at (esus C"rist is t"e li:ing= resurrected -on of God unless t"ey 2reac" to t"e* t"at 2art of t"e gos2el w"ic" turned t"e *asses to C"rist in 4ible days8 T"e following is an eBa*2le of w"at I *ean8 W"en we arri:ed in Colon= 6ana*a= to conduct a gos2el ca*2aign t"ere= I 2reac"ed t"e o2ening *essage= t"en in:ited t"e uncon:erted to acce2t C"rist as sa:ior8 Instead of t"eir res2onding as I eB2ected= a ri22le of "alf9 s*ot"ered laug"ter swe2t t"e audience8 It was clear t"at t"ey were not con:inced about (esus C"rist8 ;uic'ly I saidD II as' no one to co**it your life to follow C"rist until you are con:inced t"at He is t"e li:ing sa:ior= and t"at He will do eBactly as He 2ro*ised to do in t"e

4ible8I T"en I continuedD IT"is boo' contains God)s 2ro*ises= one of w"ic" is to "eal t"e sic'8 T"erefore= in:ite t"ose w"o are deaf= blind= 2aralyHed= or sic'= and w"o belie:e in C"rist and belie:e t"e 2ro*ises in t"e 4ible= to co*e forward8 I will 2ray for you according to t"e 4ible and= if w"at I 2reac"ed tonig"t is true= God will do *iracles w"ic" will 2ro:e t"at (esus is ali:e8I -e:eral res2onded= and we 2rayed for a "alf9doHen 2eo2le8 All of t"e* were instantly "ealed in t"e 2resence of t"e audience8 %eedless to say= t"is astonis"ed t"e *ultitude in t"e arena= as it astounded t"e *ultitudes in (esus) days8 T"e neBt nig"t= t"e arena was 2ac'ed8 I 2reac"ed= t"en re2eated t"e in:itation to all unbelie:ers to acce2t C"rist8 O:er #33 2eo2le ca*e forward in tears= gi:ing t"eir li:es to (esus C"rist w"o "ad de*onstrated His 2ower before t"eir eyes8 It was true in Colon= 6ana*a= as it was in t"e city of -a*ariaD And t"e 2eo2le wit" one accord ga:e "eed to t"ose t"ings "earing and seeing t"e *iracles w"ic" ?(esus@ did8 FROM CALCUTTA TO CALABAR !ro* Alas'a to Argentina= fro* %ew ,or' City to %ew Caledonia= fro* Trinidad to Ti*bu'tu= fro* Calcutta to Calabar= w"ere:er we "a:e 2roclai*ed t"e gos2el= we "a:e disco:ered one factD T"e *asses will gladly follow C"rist if t"ey can see Hi* confir* His word wit" signs

and *iracles8 W"et"er t"e 2eo2le are red= brown= yellow= blac'= or w"iteG w"et"er t"ey are educated or illiterateG w"et"er t"ey are ric" or 2oor= I 'now one t"ingD T"ey all res2ond to C"rist w"en t"ey see His unc"anging co*2assion in "ealing t"e sic'8 !ro* t"e days w"en 7li>a" acce2ted t"e c"allenge at Mt8 Car*el and t"e 2eo2le turned fro* t"e wors"i2 of 4aal to (e"o:a"= until our 2resent age= 2eo2le arc ready and are glad to ser:e t"e God of *iracles8 egardless of w"at religious 2rofessors *ay teac"= t"e undeniable fact re*ains t"at t"ere is no substitute for t"e de*onstration of t"e -2irit and of 2ower 6aul re2eatedly attributed t"e success of "is *inistry to t"e fact t"at God always confir*ed "is *essage wit" *iracles8 T"e *asses all o:er t"e world are waiting for t"e c"urc" to return to "er 'nees in fasting and 2rayer as'ing God as t"e early c"urc" didD Grant to your ser:ants= t"at wit" all boldness t"ey *ay s2ea' your word= 4y stretc"ing fort" your "and to "ealG and t"at signs and wonders *ay be done by t"e na*e of your "oly c"ild (esus8

CHA6T7 && O5 WIT%7-T"is C"a2ter is "ealing testi*onies fro* T"e Obsorn)s Crusades8 T"is c"a2ter is o:er 123 2ages long and includes nu*erous 2"otogra2"s fro* t"e crusades8 $ue to t"e lengt" and nu*ber of 2"otogra2"s= t"is c"a2ter "as &%- been included in t"is eboo'8

CHA6T7 &+ CH I-T AT WO A I% ,O5

Ha:ing recei:ed C"rist by fait" into your redee*ed life= t"e 'ingdo* of God is at wor' in t"e new you8 ,ou can ne:er again negate= reduce or i*2o:eris" yourself8 ,ou can ne:er again conde*n w"at God 2aid so *uc" to redee*8 ,ou can ne:er again 2ut down w"at God 2aid so *uc" to lift u28 ,ou can ne:er again accuse or >udge w"at God 2aid so *uc" to forgi:e and *a'e rig"teous8 ,ou can ne:er again do anyt"ing to "ar* or wea'en or destroy w"at God 2aid so *uc" to "eal= to restore and to sa:e8 ,ou can ne:er again de2reciate= discredit or dis2arage w"at God 2aid so *uc" to dignify and to *a'e royal8 ,ou can ne:er again criticiHe or re:ile w"at God estee*s to be of suc" infinite :alue8 Ha:ing recei:ed (esus in you= you "a:e disco:ered t"e real life for w"ic" God created you8 Me*oriHe and re2eat t"ese lines t"e 0ord ins2ired *e to write to youD

The me I see is Christ in me! Now I can e a!! that I see" #or now I see a rand new me! God's em ass$ is now in me" A!! !u%ur$ and discover$& New me!od$ ' m$ (u i!ee! I've found the )e$" So* I decree * That the me I see is Christ in me!

W"en C"rist li:es in you= your new life is really His life in you8 ,ou say= (esusD Here is *y brainG t"in' t"roug" it8 Here it is *y faceG glow to it8 Here are *y "andG touc" wit" t"e*8 Here are *y eyesG see t"roug" t"e*8 Here are *y earsG listen wit" t"e*8 Here are *y li2sG s2ea' t"roug" t"e*8 Here is *y "eartG lo:e t"roug" it8 $aisy= *y wife= saysD R0earn to 2ractice t"e awareness of (esus in you8L ,ou begin to sayD I a* so*ebody8 God and *e are 2artners8 We s"are t"e sa*e life8 %ot"ing is too good for us8 %ot"ing can sto2 our success8 We "a:e lift u2 2ower8 We are conFuerors8 We are royal

and we are ric"8 -ay R,esL to w"at you see t"at you want to be8 -ay R,esL to your greatest :ision8 -ee yourself being w"at you want to be= doing w"at you want to do= "a:ing w"at you want to "a:e -ee yourself s"aring t"e (esus9life= forgi:en= cleansed= rig"teous= transfor*ed= >ustified8 -ee your self "ealed= restored= strong= robust= resilient= energetic8 -ee yourself "a22y= confident= at ease= fulfilled= 2roducti:e8 -ee yourself a 2ros2erous= successful= wealt"y= :igorous= blessed8 -ee yourself free fro* debt= wit"out *ortgages= wit"out fear= anBiety or 2roble*s8 -ee God in you8 He is *aster8 -ee His 'ingdo* wit"in you8

CHA6T7 &. -HA 7 TH7 GOO$ %7W,ou "ad read t"is boo'8 I a* sure it "as been a great blessing to you8 Tell your friends about it8 Orders se:eral co2ies and lend t"e* w"ere t"ey will "el2 ot"ers to be blessed8 4y doing t"is= you will be "el2ing t"ose about you8 ,ou *ay be t"e *eans of lengt"ening t"eir li:es by *erely letting t"e* 'now t"ese trut"s8 Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do it. -"are t"e blessings and 'nowledge you are recei:ing wit" ot"ers w"o are "urting= w"o are lonely and w"o are afraid 9wit" t"ose w"o "a:e ne:er been taug"t about t"eir 4ible rig"ts to freedo* fro* bot" sic'ness and sin8 Hel2 us to s2read t"e good news8 -ee t"at your 2astor and e:ery 4ible Teac"er in your co**unity "as a co2y of t"is boo'8 T"e world needs t"is good news= and you can "el2 bring it to t"e*8 Many are being "ealed w"ile reading t"ese *essages= and t"eir testi*onies are continually being recei:ed8 If you are one of t"e*= write us your testi*ony of "ealing8 Tell us "ow t"is boo' "as affected you8 (esus *ade a wonderful 2ro*iseD

If you will confess Me before people, I will confess you before My Father in Heaven. T"e finest way to say t"an's to God for t"e gift of His life is to s"are t"is "a22y infor*ation wit" ot"ers8 -ee yourself as God sees you8 -ee t"e unli*ited 2ossibilities t"at bec'on you8 ,ou are 2art of a winning tea*8 %ot"ing can sto2 you and God toget"er8 It was lo:e)s idea not to let you die in e*2tiness= but to 2ay for your sins= and to restore you to God)s lifestyle for w"ic" you were originally created8 %ow you are at "o*e wit" God again8 He is blessing you wit" life)s best t"roug" (esus C"rist8 ,ou "a:e regained dignity8 ,ou are restored to God)s a fa*ily into His lifestyle8 Count on $aisy and *e as 2ersonal= fait"ful friends8 We care about you and we are wit" you to "el2 you t"roug" our 2rayers and fait"8 We will 'ee2 "el2ing you8 We will not Fuit8