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GROOM LAKE NEVADA TEST SITE 213 ‘The February 1987 issue of Gung-Ho, a popular military magazine, had a very interesting article in it regarding Stealth technology. Toward the end of the article, on page 43, it discussed projects called "UnFunded Opportunities" (UFO). ‘The article bears quoting: As for “UnFunded Opportunities", these are programs dealing with technology levels so advanced that one Air Force officer involved in SR-71 development said: "We are flight testing vehicles that defy description. To compare them conceptually to the SR-71 would be like comparing Leonardo da Vinci's parachute design to the space shuttle" Other officers are similarly emphatic about the nature of these new systems: " We have things that are so far beyond the: comprehension of the average aviation authority as to be really alien to our way of thinking," says one retired colonel. Rumor has it some of these systems involve force-field technology, gravity-drive systems, and “flying saucer" designs. Rumor further dhas it that these designs are not necessarily of Earth human origin— but of who might have designed them or helped us do it, there is less talk. "Lets just put it this way," explained one retired Lockheed engineer. “We have things flying around in the Nevada desert ‘that would make George Lucas drool." Biitor’s Note and conclusion: The Air Force has had a unit at Nellis for several years; its name: Alien Technology Center. The first question is, do you think they are studying Mexicans? The center is rumored to have obtained alien equipment and, at times, personnel to help develop our new aircraft star wars weaponry ,etc. Yes, I know I sound crazy, but the rmor is awfully solid! The Alien Technology Center is for real. Something remarkable has caused the Russians to suddenly want to play ball, and I personally believe this could be it. Sure, it sounds strange, but the most advanced known airplane in the world today (SR-71) was secretly flying in 1963-4. Do you really think our best, 23 years jater, is the F-16? 213A Air Force will seek continued access restriction to secret base By Christopher Beall Congress, to keep almost 90,000 from Tehran during the Iran hos- leview-Journal acres out of the public domain to tage crisis in 1980, It ia perhapa the most secret mil- protect the security of the base. ‘There has also been speculation itary facility in Nevada, a place — Rumors about the base have var- that the Groom Lake base is the with « history of dark rumors and iously attributed the Stealth bomb- center of the nation’s Stealth speculation, and a name that has er development program or Presi- bomber development program, even now become an object of folk- dent Reagan's “Star Wars” missile with the initial teats and flight de- lore. defense program to it. There are velopment for the supersecret, ra- ‘Lying about 85 miles northwest also people who believe the re- dar-defeating planes taking place of Las Vegas, the base is an ex- mains of an alien spacecraft are over the desert range. Panse of aircraft hangars, technical stored at the facility. ‘There is even a group of self- {eclitios and a 12,000-oot runway ‘The saree around the base was described UFO expera who say that rises above a dry lake bed in a lifted briefly a few years ago when that Air Force memos indicate the he Nelis Air the Air Force ilegally closed the shell of an alien sireraft, that Force Range. The place has no of- 89,600 acres of public land on the crashed in 1947 in New Mexico is ficial name, although it is unoffi- Groom Mountain Range overlook- kept at the facility. cially referred to as Area 61. ing the base. ‘However, most civilian defense ‘The base's radio call sign for the ‘The Air Force said it needed to watchers believe the Groom Lake ‘Nollis air-traffic controllers who close public access to the Groom facility is now the testing ground maintain the strictly restricted air- Mountain Range because if « per- for many of the weapons that make ‘t0n climbed into the mountains, he up the Strategic Defense Initiative, iellia fighter jocks are not could have easy sight of the top- known as “Star Wars.” jod to fly over Dreamland secret base. ‘When the first stories of the land without difficult-to-get clearance. ‘There were rumors then that the withdrawal broke three years ago, ‘The Air Force is preparing to base was the site of training for the most Nevada officials agreed that defend a request, now dormant in failed mission to rescue Americans CLOSED ROAD - A private security guard, who top-secret Area 61 base. The Alr Force will refused to Identity him: feed to renew its withdraw! of the land around ‘this road into the Nellis Air Force Range and the Area 51 for it to continue to post legal sentries. 214