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PRATYABHIJNA KARIKA DF UTPALADEVA BASIC TEXT ON PRATYABHIJNA PHILOSOPHY (The Doctrine of Recognition ) EXHAUSTIVE STUDIES eae Dr. R. K. KAW Lord Shiva bro. igs ane ic of eve eee nquility & peace fad anf ae ‘The book gives an exhaustive study of “Pratyabhijna Karika of Utpaladeva”, the basic text on “The Doctrine of Recognition”, which is faithfully interpreted mostly in the light of the author's own Vritti, so far as available, and the Notes by the earlier tradititional teachers, as_ given in the printed texts from the marginal notes found in the manuscripts, supported by quo- tations from the commentaries by Abhinavagupta and Bhaskar- charya, It is furnished with a comprehensive __ Introduction, prose order of the Karikas with short comments, English trans lation, Foot-notes, ete. Pratyabij Karika is indeed very difficult for a student of average under- standing, so much so that he does not go beyond a few Karikas or pages of the book The available translation by Dr. Pandey too does not seem to be helpful. The main object of this work, is to clarify the original ideas with fidelity to the sense of the aril as intended by the teacher This work is published with the financial assistance given by the J & K Academy of Arts, Culture ‘and Languages and under the auspices of Sharada Peetha Research Centre, Srinag: Price = Cloth bound Rs. 35.00 Paper bound Rs. 30.0°

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