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' ain *treet, "rish #own, !o. 4ilkenny 6$ 89: '%; <=== ###.lin$

&ersonal &rofile

Extensively experienced human resource manager with expertise in industrial relations as well as overall management skills including staff management & project leadership.
)ualifications * Training

Dates Dates Dates

Ordinary Degree in Human Resource anagement in !"#. Result O$tained %&' !hartered em$er of !"(D Regional !ollege Diploma in )usiness *tudies + HR *econdary *chool, Du$lin
'or$ "(perience

Company X -if the company is not local to your market please include a short description including headcount. Dates: Job Title: Human Resources Manager Responsibilities: Responsi$le for the HR function within !ompany / em$er of the management team in !ompany / anage recruitment and selection of all new !ompany / employees and contract staff. (rovide consultation to management on employee relations issues, and manage all disciplinary issues within the company. anage all redundancy situations including calculations, financial guidance and communications to affected employees. anagement of Health and *afety for the entire site including risk assessments, audits and revisions of policy and procedures. Engage with consultants on an ad hoc $asis. 0ork closely with management and employees on all grievance issues within the company. 0ork closely with senior management to identity, develop and implement training and development programs in line with the $usiness o$jectives. (rovide senior management and others with various types of employee reports including attrition, a$sence, compensation, annual leave, overtime costs and headcount. anagement of the full recruitment process including sourcing strategy1 interviewing1 reference checking1 making offers to candidates1 driving and delivering induction training. Responsi$le for the development and delivery of the employee induction program. Design and implementation of a company2wide performance management system that is linked to the core vision and o$jectives of the $usiness. (rovision of on2going consultation to management on performance related issues. Design of a merit increase and salary review system with $uilt in factors such as salary review $udget, company performance, individual performance, market rate of the jo$ and internal e3uity to ensure fair and e3uita$le review of salaries within the $usiness.

The information outlined in this CV is fictional. This CV is designed to act as a guide only organ c4inley is a registered name of (remier 5roup.

Delivery of training to employees on a regular $asis + e.g. induction training1 3uality training1 training on effective recruitment and performance management. Responsi$ility for ensuring !ompany / operated in line with employment legislation and health and safety at work legislation.

Company + Dates:

Job Title: HR ,eneralist

Responsibilities: !oordinating with all people managers in all employee related issues regarding employee investigations, a$sence issues, counselling, grievance and discipline etc. Ensuring company compliance with all legislation and advising managers on all industrial relations issues1 *upport people managers & payroll activities including salary $enchmarking and the $onus process1 *uccessful in supporting necessary change processes in implementing 0! >lean manufacturing within the organi?ation1 @iaising with union representatives in all negotiations such as shift changes, redundancy criteria and other general "R issues1 (roject management + leading & supporting $usiness related projects to drive HR and the $usiness forward1 6dministering payroll>deductions>pensions for staff. !oordinating recruitment and selection procedures & delivering induction training1 Developing and maintaining jo$ descriptions1 Evaluating competencies & training needs for all employees1 anaging and reviewing training $udget1 (rovide comprehensive high 3uality customer focused HR support across a $road range of HR activities.

Company Dates:

Job Title: HR


Responsibilities: Organising the recruitment of staff, coordinating interviews, checking references. Drafted contracts, and finalised same for all new hires. Delivery of HR induction module to new starters. HR reporting to management -include a list of reports. "nvolved in review of employee reward strategy, and proposals for improvement of same. 6d Hoc project duties as the arose. (rovided administration support to the HR anager in all HR related matters1 anaged time & attendance records for payroll1 Developed and implemented corporate policies and other relevant documentation.

(lease include all activities along with any volunteering or committees you are involved in, in particular the local community. The information outlined in this CV is fictional. This CV is designed to act as a guide only organ c4inley is a registered name of (remier 5roup.


Excellent references availa$le on re3uest.

The information outlined in this CV is fictional. This CV is designed to act as a guide only organ c4inley is a registered name of (remier 5roup.