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Mozart School Idioma Extranjero Ingls 5 ao Bsico Profesor: Macarena Arvalo Alarcn

Lesson 1: Getting Ready

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Vocabulary Lesson

Warm up: Lets start

This is a reading and vocabulary lesson, so that we are going to learn vocabulary and practice your reading skills; by the end you will have to tell me what is your favorite dish.

Objectives: To recognize vocabulary related to food.

What do they want to eat? Follow the lines and then write the answers on the lines.

Do you know what and which are the food groups? Have a look at the pyramid.
Junk food Dairy products Meat







Before reading: Look up in your dictionary the following words and then match the cards with each drawing:

Reading comprehension:
Read this poem about food.


We all enjoy delicious food, Makes us happy, fixes our mood. It's all about the juicy taste, Doesn't matter, where the food is placed. We should consider, nutritional support, We shall need it, if we engage in a sport. Energy; food provides - plenty Need a bit more, if we're over twenty. A great dish, we should all savor, Eat slowly, as we taste the flavor. Choose our very favorite cuisine, Is it red? Or is it green?

Whats your favorite food? Choose one from the drawings below and find a word that rhymes, then try to create a verse.