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Gregory N.

1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069 Tel: 830-429-1965 The Attorney General of Texas The Honorable Greg Abbott Victims of Crime Compensation Office Post Office Box 12198 Austin Texas 78711-2198 RE: Claim Number VC09141261 Thank you for the kind informative instructions, concerning my Victim of Crime request submitted to you in April 2009; however, was rejected because no crime was committed. I am a victim of Merck Vioxx and also the informant to the United States Attorney General regarding the Criminal actions by Merck. Recently, Merck charged with criminal charges and paid the Justice Department $322 Million dollars in addition to 628.3 million in civil claims paid out in November 2011. The point is, a crime was committed and I suffered damages that force me to live in poverty and those I care for in Somerset Texas. All forms of due process failed. I received no compensation from Merck; although, I had a valid claim. Please review the press release below and full page copy attached to this document:

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As per your office instructions, I have stated my Victim of crime reference number, supplied the latest information from the media, and made a statement that I received NO compensation from Merck for their criminal actions. Please, review the claim submitted VC09141261, and assist me with compensation as requested on that claim, with the additional information that I am still 100% disabled, live in poverty, a caregiver for others, and have earned no income sense the dates shown on my original claim. Thank You Gregory ODell

Social Security Number 456-13-5816 1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069

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