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MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT WHEREAS, Central Coventry Fire District and International Association of Fire Fighters Local 3372, are

parties to a collective bargaining agreement [CBA] for the period April 1, 2012, through March 31, 2015, and WHEREAS, the parties are desirous of amending the terms of the CBA during the period of the current fiscal year, September 1, 2013, through August 31, 2014, and It is hereby agreed and stipulated that the following provisions of the CBA are amended as set forth below, provided that all other terms and conditions of the CBA shall remain in full force and effect, and provided further that all terms of the CBA shall be reinstated on September 1, 2014, unless a new Memorandum of Agreement is reached: 1. Article II(5) Minimum Staffing and Facilities p.22: a. Reduce minimum staffing from 10 to 8 per shift. b. Reduce shift staffing from 5 officers/5 firefighters to 4/4, excluding senior officers and support division. c. Reduce BC from 2 to 1 and combine duties d. Reduce FF from 20 to 19 e. Reduce overall staffing from 46 to 41, excluding Chief and Assistant Chief 2. Article II(11) Clothing Allowance p.35: Reduce annual clothing allowance from $1200 to $1000. 3. Article III(1)(A) Compensation p.36: a. Delete 4/1/13 2% GWA. b. Combine Training Chief and EMS Chief (i.e. delete 1 DC) 4. Article III(2)(C) Paid Holidays p.38: a. Delete 4/1/13 $25 increase in shift differential 5. Article III(7) Longevity p.44: Reduce longevity payment schedule from 7.5/8/9 to 6.5/7/8. Union waives 4/1/13 increase to 8.5/9/10. 6. Article IV)(1)(B) Credit for Sick Leave Upon Separation p.46: Revise payout to 75% of accumulated unused leave up to maximum of 60 shifts after 20 years of service; 25% up to 60 shifts at 15 years of service. Delete lump sum option for payout 7. Article IV(2) Family Illness Leave p.47: Reduce from 12 to 5 days per calendar year.

8. Article IV(5) Vacation p.49: Delete carry-over option for vacation days. Buy back unused vacation days on 12/31/14 or retirement (whichever is sooner) at 50% of base salary, on 12 hours per day for platoon employees and 10 hours per day for 40 hour employees. Provided, employees out IOD buy back at 100% or used on RTW. 9. Article IV(7)(E) Training p.53: Suspend $10,000 annual minimum training fund. 10. Article IV(8) Tuition Reimbursement p.53: Suspend $10,000 annual minimum education reimbursement.. 11. Article IV(12) Compensatory Time p.55: Reduce maximum carry over from 96 hours to 24 hours. Reduce number of eligible employees per shift from 3 to 1. Cash out at separation. 12. Article (V)(3) Vision Care p.60: Suspend $200 vision care stipend. 13. Article V(9)(B)(2) Retired Employees Benefits: Waive 1% PEHP increase due 4/1/14. Reinstate weekly contributions. 14. Substitute current medical plan per attached Exhibit.

For the Central Coventry Fire Department

For IAFF Local 3372

Special Master

Approved, Stern, J.

All other terms and conditions of current CBA remain the same. All proposals without prejudice to any claims Union or its members may have regarding current CBA. All proposals subject to approved levy sufficient to fund Revised CBA, Court approval, and Union ratification. The Union reserves the right to add to modify or delete any or all of these proposals.