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Hebrews - Jesus Christ Is Gods Son Long ago 3od s4o5e )any ti)es and in )any 'ays to our ancestors through the 4ro4hets6 ut no' in these #inal days1 he has s4o5en to us through his %on6 3od 4ro)ised e7erything to the %on as an inheritance1 and through the %on he )ade the uni7erse and e7erything in it. The %on re#lects 3ods o'n glory8 and e7erything a9out hi) re4resents 3od e:actly6 He sustains the uni7erse 9y the )ighty 4o'er o# his co))and6 A#ter he died to cleanse us #ro) the stain o# sin1 he sat do'n in the 4lace o# honor at the right hand o# the )a;estic 3od o# hea7en6 Christ Is Greater Than The Angels This sho's that 3ods %on is #ar greater than the angels1 ;ust as the na)e 3od ga7e hi) is #ar greater than their na)es6 For 3od ne7er said to any angel 'hat he said to Jesus< =>ou are )y %on6 Today I ha7e 9eco)e your Father6? And again 3od said1 =I 'ill 9e his Father1 and he 'ill 9e )y %on6? And then1 'hen he 4resented his honored %on to the 'orld1 3od said1 =@et all the angels o# 3od 'orshi4 hi)6? 3od calls his angels =)essengers s'i#t as the 'ind1 and ser7ants )ade o# #la)ing #ire6? ut to his %on he says1 =>our throne1 " 3od1 endures #ore7er and e7er6 >our royal 4o'er is e:4ressed in righteousness6 >ou lo7e 'hat is right and hate 'hat is 'rong6 There#ore 3od1 your 3od1 has anointed you1 4ouring out the oil o# ;oy on you )ore than on anyone else6? And1 =@ord1 in the 9eginning you laid the #oundation o# the earth 1 and the hea7ens are the 'or5 o# your hands6 E7en they 'ill 4erish1 9ut you re)ain #ore7er6 They 'ill 'ear out li5e old clothing6 >ou 'ill roll the) u4 li5e an old coat6 They 'ill #ade a'ay li5e old clothing6 ut you are al'ays the sa)e8 you 'ill ne7er gro' old6? And 3od ne7er said to an angel1 as he did to his %on1 sit in honor at )y right hand until I hu)9le your ene)ies1 )a5ing the) a #ootstool under your #eet6? ut angels are only ser7ants6 They are s4irits sent #ro) 3od to care #or those 'ho 'ill recei7e sal7ation6 He9re's 1<101$ 1 2@T

Chapter 1 Jesus is Higher Than the Angels

By Frances

The study o# angels is #ascinatingA For )ost o# )y li#e1 I ne7er really ga7e any serious consideration to angels6 I thought a9out angels at !hrist)as ti)e )ore than any other ti)e o# year1 and i# I ha44ened to thin5 a9out the)1 I 4ro9a9ly 'ould ha7e thought a9out little 9londe girls in a church 4lay1 dra4ed in 'hite sheets 'ith chic5en #eathers 4asted on their 9ac5s to i)itate 'ings1 'earing little cro'ns on their heads1 That is the )ost consideration I had e7er gi7en angels666 666until I )et oneA When I 'as sa7ed1 I 'as so interested in learning e7erything I could a9out 3od and Jesus that I didnt thin5 a9out anything else6 I didnt realiBe 'hat an i)4ortant role angels 4lay throughout the i9le and 'hat a sur4risingly large 4art they 'ould later 4lay in )y o'n li#eA The #irst ti)e I 'as a'are o# encountering an angel occurred in 1-7+ at the !i7ic !enter in A9ilene1 Te:as6 It 'as a night I 'ill ne7er #orgetA The entire day had 9een e:traordinary 9ecause during the )orning 'orshi4 ser7ice1 the 'orshi4 gradually1 9ut noticea9ly1 intensi#ied6 As 'e continued singing in an unusually high #or) o# 4raise1 there 'as such an electri#ying anointing 4resent that it encouraged us to go e7en higher in 4raise and 'orshi46 E7ery9ody #elt that anything could ha4C 4enA 2o one 'anted to sto4 4raising 3odA

At so)e 4oint during this incredi9le 4raise and 'orshi41 the 4astor 'ho 'as hosting the )eeting glanced to'ard the to4 o# the !i7ic !enter6 To his a)aBe)ent he sa' an entire ro' o# angels 4ositioned in #ront o# the 7alance 'hich hung all the 'ay across the stage6 He 'as e:cited1 he 9urst into e7en higher real) o# 4raiseA He loo5ed u4 a second ti)e1 and 'as e7en )ore shoc5ed 9ecause he sa' another ro' o# angels 9ehind the #irst ro'6 The second ro' 'as )ade u4 o# )uch larger and o97iously stronger angelsA He as5ed1 =3od1 I dont understandA What is the )eaning o# thisD? 3od ans'ered hi)1 =The #irst ro' are the blessing angels that I ha7e sent to 9less you 9ecause o# the 4raise and 'orshi46 The second ro' are the warrior angels 'hich I ha7e sent to #ight the s4irit o# religiosity in the city o# A9ilene1 Te:as6? /n#ortunately1 there is a dee40seated s4irit o# religiosity in e7ery city in the /nited %tates and across the 'orld1 %o )any 4eo4le go to their churches on %unday )orning and ha7e t'o songs1 listen to a 4rayer1 gi7e in the o##ering1 =endure? a ser)on and thats it6 They go ho)e and seldo) thin5 #urther a9out 3od until the ne:t %unday6 They ne7er thin5 a9out Jesus through the 'ee56 ound 9y a =#or) o# religion1? a s4irit o# religiosity 4re7ents the) #ro) 'orshi4ing 3od in s4irit and in truth and it 5ee4s the) #ro) en;oying the #ullness o# 5no'ing Jesus6 3od said to the 4astor in A9ilene that He had sent this tre)endous 9and o# 'arrior angels to #ight the s4irit o# religiosityA We 'ere o7er'hel)ed 9y this good ne's6 A#ter the )orning ser7ice had ended1 the 4astor shared 'ith us 'hat he had seen6 !harles and I got so e:cited that 'e decided to loo5 #or angelsA We had ne7er seen an angel1 so a#ter seeing this 4astors e:hilaration 'e got so 'ound u4 'e thought 'e 'ould ;ust ha7e to #ind so)e little angels in the auditoriu)6 We loo5ed under the chairs6 We loo5ed on to4 o# the chairs6 We loo5ed in the choir section6 We

loo5ed under the 4ul4itA We loo5ed e7ery 4lace 'e could thin5 o# 9ut 'e could not #ind a single1 solitary angelA We 'ere so e:cited a9out 'hat the 4astor had shared 'ith us that 'e as5ed hi) to share his e:4erience in the e7ening ser7ice6 At that ti)e1 'e 'ere una'are o# the 4art angels 4lay in our daily li7es1 3od )ust ha7e 9een dealing 'ith us a9out angels to alert us and to send us to our i9les to disco7er a lot )ore a9out these su4ernatural 9eings6 That e7ening1 the 4astor shared8 e7eryone in the congregation 'as a9solutely thrilled to learn a9out the =9lessing angels? and the ='arrior angels? he had seen6 We could see 9y the e:4ressions on their #aces that they 'ere 4lanning to e:a)ine e7ery noo5 and cranny o# that 9uilding so they could see angels1 tooA When the 4astor co)4leted his testi)ony1 !harles 9egan to s4ea5 on the su9;ect o# )arriage1 We each had a )icro4hone1 and since he 'as s4ea5ing1 I 9egan to )o7e 9ac5 slo'ly so the attention o# the audience 'ould 9e #ocused on !harles6 A#ter I had retreated a #e' ste4s listening to !harles1 a )ost unusual sensation ca)e o7er )e6 The )usicians had le#t the stage1 and I 5ne' there 'as no one there e:ce4t !harles and Frances Hunter1 >et in )y s4irit I sensed there 'as another 9eing on the stage to )y le#t6 I 5ne' it 'asnt 3od1 and I 5ne' it 'asnt Jesus1 9ut I also 5ne' it 'as not a hu)an 9eingA I 'as intriguedA 2ot 'ishing to distur9 the ser7ice1 I continued 9ac5ing u4 7ery1 7ery slo'ly6 As I inched 9ac51 I could #eel the closeness o# the 9eing on the stage6 I turned )y eyes to the right side o# the audience and 7ery slo'ly scanned all the 'ay across the audience1 'hich I o#ten do 'hen !harles is tal5ing1 9ut I did not sto4 'hen I got to the le#t side o# the !i7ic !enter6 I continued loo5ing until I could see 'hat it 'as or 'ho it 'as standing 9eside )e6

Then I got the shoc5 o# )y li#eA %tanding 9eside )e 'as the tallest )an I had e7er seenA He 'as 9et'een se7en and eight #eet tall 'ith huge1 9road shoulders6 Instantly I 5ne' it 'as an angelA Totally enra4tured 9y this encounter1 )y #irst 'ith an angel1 I #orgot I 'as holding a )icro4hone in )y hand1 I screa)ed1 =W"WA? and that 'ord resounded throughout the entire auditoriu)A I had 9een so care#ul not to distur9 the ser7ice 9ut this certainly disru4ted itA /na9le to su44ress )y #eelings o# a'e1 I yelled1 =W"WA? at the to4 o# )y 7oice1 I 'asnt a#raid8 the #eeling I had 'as )ore o# shoc5 and a)aBe)entA Then 3od s4o5e to )e in a 9eauti#ul lo7ing 'ay6 3od did not s4ea5 through the angel 9ut s4o5e clearly to )e through )y )ind and )y s4irit6 The a'eso)e 'ords He said to )e are 9randed on )y heart today1 )any years later1 ;ust as dee4ly as they 'ere 9urned into )e that night< That is a special warrior angel have sent to protect !ou "ro# the "ier! $arts o" the $evil until %esus Christ co#es bac& again.' *id you 4ic5 u4 the )ost s4ecial 'ords in that )essageD He said1 (..until %esus Christ co#es bac& again)' He did not say1 =666until you dieA? He said1 =666until Jesus !hrist co)es 9ac5 againA? There is no 'ay I could e7er e:4ress ho' co)4letely #ull and o7er#lo'ing I #elt 'ith the lo7e o# 3od at that )o)ent6 I 'as totally en7elo4ed in His lo7e1 and #illed 'ith a lo7e #or Hi) greater than I had e7er #elt 9e#ore6 I 'as co)4letely in a'e o# the #act that He had not only s4o5en to )e1 9ut that He had sent an angel to 4rotect )eA This 'as 9eyond anything )y #inite )ind could e7en drea) or understandA There 'as such an a'areness o# the a'eso)eness o# 3od that to this day I do not re)e)9er the rest o# the ser7ice6 I 5no' 'e continued it1 9ut all I could

actually thin5 a9out 'as 'hat I #elt in )y heart at that 4articular )o)ent6 It 'as a ti)e o# than5sgi7ing1 a ti)e o# than5#ulness1 a ti)e o# grate#ulness1 a ti)e o# a44reciation that 3od 'ould ta5e ti)e out to )a5e that 4articular night such a 9lessing to )e #or the rest o# )y li#eA The )e)ory o# this 7isitation and 3ods 'ords to )e ha7e hel4ed )e through the )any di##icult challenges I ha7e e:4erienced since that e:traordinary nightA In 1-++ there 'as a terri9le day 'hen the doctors told )e I had an incura9le1 #atal disease6 They said that I 'ould 4ro9a9ly not li7e )ore than #our to si: days1 and at the )ost I had si: )onths1 4ro7iding I s4ent those si: )onths in the hos4ital1 ta5ing )assi7e daily doses o# anti9iotics6 A#ter hearing that horri9le re4ort1 a death sentence #ro) re4uta9le doctors1 I said1 =3od1 >ou said #or us to 4ut >ou in re)e)9rance o# >our Word? EIsaiah $3<26F1 I re)inded Hi) He had sent a s4ecial 'arrior angel to 4rotect )e #ro) the #iery darts o# the de7il until Jesus !hrist co)es 9ac5 againA I 4ut )y hand o7er the )outh4iece o# the tele4hone and said1 =I dont recei7e that in the 2a)e o# JesusA I))ediately1 all 'orry and concern disa44eared #ro) )y heart6 The 4eace o# 3od 'hich 4asses all understanding #looded )y soul 9ecause long 9e#ore1 in 1-7+1 I had recei7ed that 9eauti#ul 4ersonal 'ord #ro) 3od1 3od did heal )e and I ha7e ne7er had any recurrence o# that diseaseA

How Did You Know It Was An Angel?

Many ti)es throughout the %cri4ture 'e #ind instances in 'hich 3od sent angels to gi7e consolation or co)#ort in ti)es o# distress6 A Guestion that )ost 4eo4le as5 )e 'hen I share a9out )y #irst encounter 'ith the angel is1 Ho' did you 5no' it 'as an angelD?

I cannot e:4lain ho' I 5ne' e:ce4t that I &new) I 5ne' that I 5ne' that I 5ne' that I 5ne'A When you see an angel1 there 'ill 9e a9solutely no dou9t 'hatsoe7er in your )ind6 I# there is a dou9t1 the =angel? ;ust )ight 9e a result o# your dinner1 or a 4roduct o# your o'n desire to ha7e an angelic 7isitation6 When an angel co)es to you #ro) the a'eso)e 4resence o# 3od1 though1 there 'ill 9e no dou9tA The ne:t co))on Guestion I hear is1 =What does the angel loo5 li5eD? The angel 3od assigned to )e is really I36 He stands 9et'een se7en and eight #eet tall and loo5s as though he 'eighs a9out #our hundred 4ounds6 He has sandy colored1 reddish 9londe hair1 4erha4s a little )ore on the light red side than on the 9londe side6 His hair is curly1 and 9elie7e it or not1 he a44ears to 9e a9out t'enty0 #i7e years o# age6 He loo5s old enough to 9e out o# the teenage years1 yet young enough to 9e strong1 acti7e and 'ith the 4otential o# 9eing e:tre)ely 4o'er#ul6 The night I #irst sa' hi)1 he 'as 'earing a 'arriors out#it1 a #or) o# )esh or chain )ail6 It 'as so)e'here 9et'een a co44er and gold color6 The 9est 'ay I can descri9e his a44earance is to say that 'hat he 'as 'earing loo5ed li5e 'hat I )ight ha7e e:4ected a Ho)an soldier to 'ear6 I 5ne' instantly that 'hen he 'as around1 I didnt e7er ha7e anything to1 'orry a9outA Many 4eo4le ha7e as5ed )e1 =*oes the angel ha7e 'ingsD? 2o1 this angel doesnt ha7e 'ingsA We see 4ictures e7ery'here o# 9eauti#ul #e)inine angels 'ith 'ings and o# little cheru9 angels 'ith 'ings6 Ho'e7er1 7ery #e' 4eo4le that I ha7e e7er tal5ed 'ith 'ho ha7e seen angels ha7e )entioned that the angels ha7e 'ings6 Although the i9le descri9es so)e o# the angelic host1 such as sera4hi) and cheru9i)1 as ha7ing 'ings1 in )ost cases the 9i9lical a44earances1 as 'ell as those recent )ani#estations 'e ha7e

e:4erienced1 in7ol7ed angels a44earing in the #or) o# hu)an 9eings6 A44arently angels can )o7e 'ith the s4eed o# light1 the s4eed o# energy1 or the s4eed o# sound6 Without the 9ene#it o# 'ings1 they are a9le to go 'here they are directed )uch #aster than i# they 'ere 4ro4elled 'ith 'ings1 #aster than 'e could i)agine6 Angels are eternal6 They 'ere not 9orn 9ut created1 They do not age or die6 3od created the) 9e#ore the 9eginning as 4art o# His eternal 4lan1 and they are in7ol7ed in His 4lan throughout the i9le6 Angels dont )arry1 and they dont )ulti4ly6 As a result the angels 'e encounter no' ha7e 9een around since the 9eginning o# ti)eA This is a #ascinating thoughtA %ince the angels 'ere created 9e#ore the 9eginning1 they are old in years1 9ut our angel1 and all those I ha7e heard a9out in other testi)onies1 a44ear to 9e young1 strong and ro9ustA I a) going to as5 you to do so)ething 7ery s4ecial8 as %cri4tures are Guoted in this 9oo51 read the) out loud6 I ha7e disco7ered 'hen I read %cri4tures out lou$) they 9eco)e )ore o# a reality6 I 9elie7e youll #ind that reading the) out loud 'ill do that #or you6

An Angel Visits Zacharias

In @u5e 1<111 the story is told a9out ho' Iacharias 'ent into the te)4le at a 7ery s4ecial ti)e1 EliBa9eth1 his 'i#e1 'as 9arren and they 'ere 9oth ad7anced in years1 9ut suddenly and une:4ectedly the acti7ity o# angels 9egan to create )iracles in their li7es6 Then an angel o" the Lor$ appeare$ to hi#) stan$ing on the right si$e o" the altar o" incense. *n$ when +acharias saw hi#) he was trouble$) an$ "ear "ell upon hi#. ,ut the angel sai$ to hi#) (-o not be a"rai$) +acharias) "or !our pra!er is hear$. an$ !our wi"e Eli/abeth will bear !ou a son) an$ !ou shall call his na#e

%ohn. *n$ !ou will have great 0o! an$ gla$ness) an$ #an! will re0oice at his birth. This should ha7e 9een 'onder#ul and e:citing ne's to Iacharias since 9oth he and EliBa9eth 'ere elderly1 Ho'e7er1 instead o# 9eing e:cited1 Iacharias 'as #ull o# dou9t as to the truth o# 'hat the angel said6 "ne o# the )ost i)4ortant things to note in this story is the #act that it says "ear #ell on Iacharias1 I))ediately the angel s4o5e to hi)1 -o not be a"rai$) +acharias. =There is such an intensity and such a 4resence o# 3od 'ith the a44earance o# a holy angel1 that it can easily 9ring #ear to your heartA The #irst 'ords the angel said 'ere 4recious1 lo7ing 'ords o# co)#ort to cal) Iacharias #ears6 Fear can 4ut a tre)endous nu)9er o# unholy things in your )indA The @i7ing i9le says that Iacharias 'as not only startled1 9ut also terri#ied at the a44earance o# an angel standing to the right o# the altar o# incense6 When #ear co)es in1 it o4ens the door #or the de7il to 9arrage your )ind 'ith thoughts that ha7e ne7er 9een there 9e#oreA *ou9t1 un9elie#1 'orry1 s5e4ticis)1 uncertainty1 sus4icion and distrust Guic5ly rear their ugly heads at a ti)e li5e thisA This is 'hat ha44ened to Iacharias6 He Guestioned the angels state)ent a9out ha7ing a 9a9y1 and 'ith good reason6 At his age1 9a9ies are not the nor)al e:4ected ha44enings in li#e6 The angel then sai$ to hi#) a# 1abriel) who stan$s in the presence o" 1o$) an$ was sent to spea& to !ou an$ bring these gla$ ti$ings =E7s6 1-F6 What a 'onder#ul and e:citing 4iece o# in#or)ation to realiBe that one o# the chie# angels1 3a9riel1 had 9een sent directly #ro) the 4resence o# 3od to s4ea5 to Iacharias6 !an you i)agine the glo' on hi)D What an honor and 'hat a 4ri7ilege this 'asA 3od had sent a special angel to 9ring a s4ecial )essage to a special person at a special ti)e6

3od is doing the sa)e thing todayA The angel 4ro)4tly su44orted this 'ith a state)ent that he 'ould ha7e ;oy and gladness and that )any 4eo4le 'ould re;oice at the 9irth o# their son 9ecause he told hi) that this son 'ould 9e great in the sight o# 3od6 He also ga7e hi) a 4ro4hetic 'ord1 gi7ing instructions that the 9a9y )ust ne7er drin5 'ine nor strong drin5 and that he 'ould 9e #illed 'ith the Holy %4irit e7en #ro) his )others 'o)96 3a9riel 'ent on to say that )any o# the children o# Israel 'ould turn to the @ord their 3od 9ecause o# this )iracle child1 =Iacharias 'as told 9e#ore anyone else that 3od 'as setting in )otion his o'n 7isit to earth6 Iacharias and his 'i#e1 EliBa9eth1 'ere 5no'n #or their 4ersonal holiness6 They 'ere 'ell suited to doing a s4ecial 'or5 #or 3od6 ut they shared the 4ain o# not ha7ing children long seen 9y Je's as 4roo# o# not ha7ing 3ods 9lessing6 Iacharias and EliBa9eth 'ere old1 and they had sto44ed e7en as5ing #or children6 =This tri4 to the Te)4le in Jerusale) #or Iacharias turn at duty had included an une:4ected 9lessing6 Iacharias 'as chosen to 9e the 4riest 'ho 'ould enter the Holy o# Holies to o##er incense to 3od #or the 4eo4le6 %uddenly1 )uch to his sur4rise and terror1 he #ound hi)sel# #ace to #ace 'ith an angel6 The angels )essage 'as too good to 9e trueA ut Iacharias did not re;oice at the ne's o# the co)ing %a7ior as )uch as he e:4ressed dou9ts a9out his o'n a9ility to #ather the child the angel 4ro)ised hi)6 His age s4o5e )ore loudly than 3ods 4ro)ise6 As a result1 3od 4re7ented Iacharias #ro) s4ea5ing until the 4ro)ise 9eca)e reality6 =The record o# the 4rayer in @u5e 1 is our last gli)4se o# Iacharias6 @i5e so )any o# 3ods )ost #aith#ul ser7ants1 he 4assed Guietly #ro) the scene once his 4art 'as done6 He 9eco)es our hero #or ti)es 'hen 'e dou9t 3od yet are

'illing to o9ey6 We gain ho4e #ro) Iacharias that 3od can do great things through anyone 'ho is a7aila9le to hi)6? J

Gabriel Visits Mary With An Announcement

%hortly a#ter this e7ent1 there 'as a second a44earance o# 3a9riel1 and this is the 7isit 'hich changed the #uture o# the entire 'orld1 9ecause it tells us a9out 3a9riels #irst 7isit to a young girl na)ed Mary6 Thin5 a9out the su4ernatural en7iron)ent at this 4articular ti)eA 3a9riels con7ersation 'ith the 7irgin Mary 'as 7ery shoc5ing 9ecause it says1 *n$ having co#e in) the angel sai$ to her) (Re0oice) highl! "avore$ one) the Lor$ is with !ou. blesse$ are !ou a#ong wo#en2' ,erse 2- reads1 ,ut when she saw hi#) she was trouble$ at his sa!ing) an$ consi$ere$ what #anner o" greeting this was. *n$ once again) the angel sai$) -o not be a"rai$) 3ar!) "or !ou have "oun$ "avor with 1o$' E@u5e 1<2+033F6 It 'as the angel 3a9riel 'ho 9rought the good ne's to Mary that she 'as to 9e the )other o# Jesus6 It is interesting to note that it 'as not a one0'ay con7ersation6 They tal5ed 'ith each other 9ecause 'hen the angel said she 'as going to ha7e a 9a9y1 Mary said1 How can this be since $o not &now a #an' and in 7erse 45) The angel answere$ an$ sai$ to her) The Hol! Spirit will co#e upon !ou) an$ the power o" the Highest will oversha$ow !ou. there"ore) also) that Hol! One who is to be born will be calle$ the Son o" 1o$.' Marys res4onse 'as a9solutely incredi9leA %he said1 Let it be to #e accor$ing to !our wor$.' Another translation says1 6hatever the Lor$ wants #e to $o) will $o it.' As soon as Mary had acce4ted the 'ord #ro) the angel1 it says1 The angel $eparte$ "ro# her.'

"ne o# the e:citing things a9out the a44earance o# angels in the i9le is that they do 'hate7er they are su44osed to do and they dont hang around6 They get on 'ith their other 'or5A It is 7ery interesting that in 9oth o# these a44earances the 4arents in7ol7ed 'ere told 9e#ore they 'ere 4regnant that they 'ere going to ha7e a 9a9y6 !an you i)agine ho' Mary #elt at that 4articular )o)entD %he had ;ust )ade the state)ent1 6hatever the Lor$ wants #e to $o) will $o it.' The angel le#t6 %he 'as standing there alone1 trying to acce4t the )agnitude o# this 'ord that had ;ust 9een gi7en to her 9y 3a9riel1 the highest o# all the angels in hea7enA I a) sure there 'ere )any thoughts racing through Marys )ind1 the sa)e thoughts that 'ould run through our )inds today6 Mary 4ro9a9ly thought1 =What a) I going to say to )y )otherD Ho' a) I going to e:4lain this to herD Ho' a) I going to e:4lain this to Jose4hD They 'ill ne7er understand6? And yet1 I a) also sure that in her heart there 'as a di7ine cal)ness that 'as totally une:4laina9le 9ecause she realiBed it 'as the angel 3a9riel 'ho had 9rought this )ost unusual ne's to herA %urely there 'ent through her )ind such thoughts as1 =What a) I going to do until the 9a9y gets here1 do I run o## and hide so no one 'ill 5no' 'hat has ha44ened to )eD? Many other thoughts along this sa)e line )ust ha7e co)e to her1 e:actly as they 'ould co)e to a young girl today6 Thin5 ho' 9lessed Mary 'as to ha7e had such an incredi9le angelic encounter8 i)agine ho' 9lessed she 'as 'hen she realiBed 'ho this 9a9y 'as 'ho) the Holy %4irit 'as going to 4lace in her 'o)96 I a) sure she did not treat this lightly1 and e7en though )any Guestions ca)e into her )ind1 there )ust ha7e 9een a tre)endous ;oy in 5no'ing that she had 9een chosen a9o7e all the other 'o)en in the earth6

"ne o# the )ost i)4ortant co))it)ents 3od e7er i)4ressed on !harles 'as the e:4ression1 =Whate7er the @ord 'ants )e to do1 I 'ill do it6? In 1-6+1 #ro) his heart1 !harles said1 =3od and !hrist Jesus1 I a) 'illing to do anything you 'ant )e to do6 I# I a) doing anything you dont 'ant )e to do1 tell )e and I 'ill ne7er do it again6 I# I) not doing anything you 'ant1 tell )e6 I 'ould rather die than not o9ey your desires6? The i9le says in He9re's 13<21 ,e not "orget"ul to entertain strangers. "or thereb! so#e have entertaine$ angels unawares E(J,F6 Most ha7e the #or) o# a hu)an 9eing and 'al5 or tal5 ;ust li5e an ordinary 4erson6 We need to 9e 7ery sensiti7e to the #act that angels are a)ong us all the ti)e1 Ksal) 3$<7 says1 The angel o" the Lor$ 7the angel that is "ro# the Lor$8 enca#ps or lives aroun$ the# that "ear hi#) an$ he $elivers us. We ha7e 4rotecting angels 'ho are enca)4ed around us all the ti)eA What a 9lessingA In He9re's 1<1301$1 3od sho's us that He sent the) #orth into the earth to 'atch a#ter us6 ,ut to which o" the angels has He ever saith Sit at 3! right han$) till l #a&e 9our ene#ies 9our "ootstool:' *re the! not all #inistering spirits sent "orth to #inister "or those who will inherit salvation: Angels ha7e 9een sent to )inister to us and on our 9ehal# at all ti)es6 They are 4art o# the )ultitude o# 9lessings 3od has 4ro7ided #or us6 It )ay not 9e necessary1 9ut 'e ne7er get in our car 'ithout saying1 =Father1 than5 >ou #or >our tra7eling )ercies6 Than5 >ou #or the angels that surround us6 Than5 >ou #or 4rotecting us #ro) those 4eo4le out there1 and those 4eo4le #ro) us1 in the 2a)e o# Jesus6? 3od )ay not need to hear this1 9ut it is a co)#orting re)inder to us6 Ksal) 1.3<2. says1 ,less the Lor$) !ou His angels) who excel in strength) who $o His wor$.

3od tells the angels to bless Hi)6 I# angels need to 9less Hi)1 then certainly 'e need to 9less Hi)A Another interesting #act is the state)ent that the angels e:cel in strength6 We )ay get 'ea58 'e )ay get tired8 'e )ay get 'orn out8 'e )ay get sic58 9ut they dontA When 'e as5 3od to send us an angel 'e 5no' the angel is going to 9e strong and healthy1 not sic5 and 4uny6 He is going to 9e a9le to assist us in 'hate7er areas 'e need hel4A e#ore Jesus 'as 9orn1 there 'as tre)endous angelic acti7ity and 'e are totally con7inced that the sa)e thing is ha44ening again today 9ecause o# the i))inent return o# the @ord Jesus !hristA

Chapter 2 What Are Angels?

The 'ord =angel? )eans =)essenger? E#ro) the 3ree5 'ord =angelos?F6 Angels are )entioned in thirty0#our o# the si:ty0si: 9oo5s in the i9le1 %e7enteen ti)es in the "ld Testa)ent and se7enteen in the 2e' Testa)ent6 The 'ord =angel? is used 1.+ ti)es in the "ld Testa)ent1 ;<5 ti)es in the 2e' Testa)ent and 66 ti)es in the 9oo5 o# He7elationA It is also interesting to note that in the i9le there 'ere 1.$ a44earances o# angels to )en or 'o)en6 John1 in the 9oo5 o# He7elation1 had )ore angelic 7isitations than any9ody else ="i"t!>two? 9ut a sur4rising thing is that in the 9oo5 o# Iechariah1 the angel a44eared se7en ti)es1 9ut only #i7e ti)es to *aniel Eand 'e re)e)9ered those 7isitsF1 and #our ti)es to Eli;ah6 Although the i9le )entions angels )any ti)es throughout the "ld and 2e' Testa)ents1 only #our angels are na)ed6

Gabriel Archangel
*n$ hear$ a #an@s voice between the ban&s o" the Alai) who calle$) an$ sai$) 1abriel) #a&e this #an un$erstan$ the vision? E*aniel +<16F6 The na)e =3a9riel? is )ade u4 o# t'o He9re' 'ords< geber) 'hich )eans 7aliant )an or 'arrior and El) 'hich )eans =3od6? The na)e literally )eans ='arrior o# 3od? or =7aliant )an o# 3od6? This is 7ery #itting since 3a9riel is an archangel1 the order o# angels gi7en e:alted ran5 and &

4o'er6 The archangels are also used 9y 3od to carry out s4ecial assign)ents6

Michael Archangel
9et 3ichael the archangel) in conten$ing with the $evil) when he $ispute$ about the bo$! o" 3oses) $are$ not bring against hi# a reviling accusation) but sai$) The Lor$ rebu&e !ou2' =%u$e B?. ,ut the prince o" the &ing$o# o" Cersia withstoo$ #e twent!>one $a!s. an$ behol$) 3ichael) one o" the chie" princes) ca#e to help #e) "or ha$ been le"t alone there with the &ings o" Cersia'=-aniel 1.<13F1 The na)e Michael is a co)9ination o# He9re' 'ords 'hich )eans1 =Who is li5e 3odD? Michael is an archangel li5e 3a9riel1 9ut Michael is also na)ed as =one o# the chie# 4rinces6? His role could 9e co)4ared to that o# a )ilitary leader1 one 'ho leads 3ods angelic host against the #orces o# %atan6

Abaddon or A!oll"an
*n$ the! ha$ as &ing over the# the angel o" the botto#less pit) whose na#e in Hebrew is *ba$$on) but in 1ree& he has the na#e *poll!on EHe7elation -<11F6 =A9addon? )eans =destroying angel? and =A4ollyon? )eans =destroyer6? This 7erse is the only ti)e this na)e is )entioned in the i9le and it re#ers to the =angel o# the 9otto)less 4it6?

How !ou are "allen "ro# heaven) O Luci"er) son o" the #orning2 How !ou are cut $own to the groun$) !ou who wea&ene$ the nationsLEIsaiah 1$<12F6 Its strange to thin5 that 'hen 'e hear the 'ord =!heru9? 'e thin5 o# !u4id or 4icture #at little 9a9ies 'ith 'ings1 9ut did you 5no' that @uci#er 'as a cheru9D 6

!heru9i) is the order o# angelic 9eings 'hich direct and e:4ress 'orshi4 to'ard 3od6 "nly the !heru9i) are gi7en the tas5 o# 4rotecting the glory and holiness o# 3od and 4roclai)ing His grace6 e#ore his re9ellion1 @uci#er 'as the )ost e:alted and 4o'er#ul o# all the angels and 'as entrusted 'ith the a'eso)e tas5s o# directing the 'orshi4 o# 3od and 4rotecting His holiness and glory6 2o 'onder the 9etrayal 'as so great 'hen the de7il decided that he 'anted 3ods glory #or hi)sel#A

In addition to archangels and cheru9i)1 the third order o# angels is called seraphi#6 The 'ord seraphi# co)es #ro) the He9re' ter) sDraph 'hich )eans on "ire6 This is the ty4e o# angel that ca)e to Isaiah 'ith a li7e coal and touched it to his )outh6

Did You Know Angels &an &oo'?

Then as he la! an$ slept un$er a broo# tree) su$$enl! an angel touche$ hi#) an$ sai$ to hi#) (*rise an$ eat)' Then he loo&e$) an$ there b! his hea$ was a ca&e ba&e$ on coals) an$ a 0ar o" water. So he ate an$ $ran&) an$ la! $own again. *n$ the angel o" the Lor$ ca#e bac& the secon$ ti#e) an$ touche$ hi#) an$ sai$) (*rise an$ eat) because the 0ourne! is too great "or !ou'= (ings I -&07F6

Angels Ha"e (ood and )at

3en ate angels@ "oo$. He sent the# "oo$ to the #ull EKsal) 7+<2&F1 ,ut he insiste$ strongl!. so the! turne$ in to hi# an$ entere$ his house. Then he #a$e the# a "east) an$ ba&e$ unleavene$ brea$) an$ the! ate E3enesis 1-<3F6

Angels *a'e +rders and Gi"e ,rotection

" !ou #a&e the Lor$ !our re"uge) i" !ou #a&e the 3ost High !our shelter) no evil will conEuer !ou. no plague will co#e near !our $welling. For He or$ers His angels to protect !ou wherever !ou go. The! will hol$ !ou with their han$s to &eep !ou "ro# stri&ing !our "oot on a stone. 9ou will tra#ple $own lions an$ poisonous sna&es. !ou will crush "ierce lions an$ serpents un$er !our "eet2 The Lor$ sa!s) % will rescue those who love #e. will protect those who trust in #! na#e. 6hen the! call on #e) will answer. will be with the# in trouble) will rescue the# an$ honor the#. will satis"! the# with a long li"e an$ give the# #! salvation. =EKsal) -1<-016 2@TF6 We can see that 3od uses angels to acco)4lish )any di##erent and re)ar5a9le ;o9sA

Angels Ha"e Ability to %!ea' #anguages

Though spea& with the tongues o" #en an$ o" angels) but ha !e not love) have beco#e as soun$ing brass or a clanging c!#bal EI !orinthians 13<1F6

Angels Are Glorious

For whoever is asha#e$ o" 3e an$ 3! wor$s) o" hi# the Son o" 3an will be asha#e$ when He co#es in His own glor!) an$ in His Father@s) an$ o" the hol! angels E@u5e -<26F6

Angels Are Immortal

,ut those who are counte$ worth! to attain that age) an$ the resurrection "ro# the $ea$) neither #arr! nor are given in #arriage. nor can the! $ie an!#ore) "or the! are eEual to the angels an$ are sons o" 1o$) being sons o" the resurrection E@u5e 2.<3&036F6

Angels Are ,ower$ul and Mighty

)$ to give !ou who are trouble$ rest with us when the Lor$ %esus is reveale$ "ro# heaven with His #ight! angels) in "la#ing "ire ta&ing vengeance on those who $o not &now 1o$) an$ on those who $o not obe! the gospel o" our Lor$ %esus Christ = Thessalonians 1<70+F6 *"ter these things saw another angel co#ing $own "ro# heaven) having great authorit!) an$ the earth was illu#inate$ with his glor!=Revelation. 1+<1F1 Then the angel o" the Lor$ went out) an$ &ille$ in the ca#p o" the *ss!rians one hun$re$ an$ eight!>"ive thousan$)@ an$ when people arose earl! in the #orning) there were the corpses Fall $ea$ EIsaiah 37<36F6

Angels -eed -o .est

*n$ the "our living creatures) each having six wings) were "ull o" e!es aroun$ an$ within) *n$ the! $o not rest $a! or night) sa!ingG Hol!) hol!) hol!) Lor$ 1o$ *l#ight!) 6ho was an$ is an$ is to co)eA? EHe7elation $<+F6

Angels &an A!!ear Visibly

*n$ she saw two angels in white sitting) one at the hea$ an$ the other at the "eet) where the bo$! o" %esus ha$ lain EJohn 2.<12F6 -o not "orget to entertain strangers) "or b! so $oing so#e have unwittingl! entertaine$ angels EHe9re's 13<2F6

Angels +!erate In *he Material .ealms

,ut the *ngel o" the Lor$ calle$ to hi# "ro# heaven an$ sai$) (*braha#) *braha#2' *n$ he sai$) Here a#' E3enesis 22<11F6

Angels *ra"el At Inconcei"able %!eeds

*n$ loo&e$) an$ hear$ an angel "l!ing through the #i$st o" heaven) sa!ing with a lou$ voice) 6oe) woe) woe to the inhabitants o" the earth) because o" the re#aining blasts o" the tru#pet o" the three angels who are about to soun$2' Then the "i"th angel soun$e$G *n$ saw a star "allen "ro# heaven to the earth) *n$ to hi# was given the &e! to the botto#less pit. EHe76 +<138 -<1F6 Also read the entire 9oo5 o# EBe5iel6 Angels tra7el at an inconcei7a9le s4eed6 They )o7e at the s4eed o# light 9ut they can 9e here and they can 9e there 'ithout e7en )issing one second o# ti)e6 We )o7e in the natural )aterial real)1 and they )o7e in the s4irit real)6 !harles had to go out o# to'n to see his )other one ti)e and he said1 =Ho' can the angel 9e 'ith 9oth o# us1? ut then he said1 =It doesnt really )a5e any di##erence 9ecause i# you need the angel1 the angel is 'ith you6 I# I need the angel1 the angel is 'ith )e6? Isnt that an e:citing thoughtD

Angels Wear &lothes

*n$ she saw two angels in white... EJohn 2.<12F1 The 'or5 o# angels is 7aried and 'ide6 They are constantly at 'or5 in the s4iritual and 4hysical real)1 e7en though 'e )ight not al'ays see the)1 Here are so)e other interesting things angels do<

Angels Dri"e %!irit Horses

Now Elisha saw it) an$ he crie$ out) 3! "ather , #! "ather) the chariot o" srael an$ its horse#en2' So he saw hi# no #ore. *n$ he too& hol$ o" his own clothes an$ tore the# into two pieces EII (ings 2<12F6 So he sai$) 1o an$ see where he is) that #a! sen$ an$ get hi#. *n$ it was tol$ hi#) sa!ing) Surel! he is in -othan. There"ore he sent horses an$ chariots an$ a 1.

great ar#! there) an$ the! ca#e b! night an$ surroun$e$ the cit!. *n$ when the servant o" the #an o" 1o$ arose earl! an$ went out) there was an ar#!) surroun$ing the cit! with horses an$ chariots. *n$ his servant sai$ to hi#) (*las) #! #aster2 6hat shall we $o:' So he answere$) -o not "ear) 7or those who are with us are #ore than those who are with the#. *n$ Elisha pra!e$) an$ sai$) (Lor$) pra!) open his e!es that he #a! see. Then the Lor$ opene$ the e!es o" the !oung #an) an$ he saw) *n$ behol$) the #ountain was "ull o" horses an$ chariots o" "ire all aroun$ Elisha EII (ings 6:13-1 7F6

Angles Guard Gates

*lso she ha$ a great an$ high wall with twelve gates) an$ twelve angels at the gates) an$ na#es written on the#) which are the na#es o" the twelve tribes o" the chil$ren o" srael =Rev. 21<12F6

Angels Wage War In Actual &ombat

*n$ war bro&e out in heavenG 3ichael an$ his angels "ought against the $ragon. an$ the $ragon an$ his angels "ought) but the! $i$ not prevail) nor was a place "oun$ "or the# in heaven an! longer. So the great $ragon was cast out) that serpent o" ol$) calle$ the -evil an$ Satan) who $eceives the whole worl$) he was cast to the earth) an$ his angels were cast out with hi# EHe7elation 12<70-F6$ to give !ou who are trouble$ rest with us when the Lor$ %esus is reveale$ "ro# heaven with His #ight! angels) in "la#ing "ire ta&ing vengeance on those who $o not &now 1o$) an$ on those who $o not obe! the gospel o" our Lor$ %esus Christ. These shall be punishe$ with everlasting $estruction "ro# the presence o" the Lor$ an$ "ro# the glor! o" His power = Thessalonians 1<701.F1


Angels )/ecute 0udgments

Then the Lor$ sent an angel who cut $own ever! #ight! #an o" valor) lea$er) an$ captain in the ca#p o" the &ing o" *ss!ria. So he returne$ sha#e"ace$ to his own lan$. *n$ when he ha$ gone into the te#ple o" his go$) so#e o" his own o""spring struc& hi# $own with the swor$ there = !hronicles 32:21 ! He cast on the# the "ierceness o" His anger) wrath) in$ignation) an$ trouble) b! sen$ing angels o" $estruction a#ong the# EKsal) 7+<$-F6 The Son o" 3an will sen$ out His angels) an$ the! will gather out o" His &ing$o# all things that o""en$) an$ those who practice lawlessness) an$ will cast the# into the "urnace o" "ire. There will be wailing an$ gnashing o" teeth EMatthe' 13<$10$2F6 Then i##e$iatel! an angel o" the Lor$ struc& hi#) because he $i$ not give glor! to 1o$. *n$ he was eaten b! wor#s an$ $ie$ EActs 12<23F6

Angels Minister *o %aints

3! 1o$ sent His angel an$ shut the lions@ #ouths) so that the! have not hurt #e) because was "oun$ innocent be"ore Hi#. an$ also) O &ing) have $one no wrong be"ore you E*aniel 6<22F6 Then the $evil le"t Hi#) an$ behol$) angels ca#e an$ #inistere$ to Hi# EMatthe' $<11F6 *re the! not all #inistering spirits sent "orth to #inister "or those who will inherit salvation: Hebrews 1<1$F6

God1s Angels Win

,ut the prince o" the &ing$o# o" Cersia withstoo$ #e twent!>one $a!s. an$ behol$) 3ichael) one o" the chie" princes) ca#e to help #e) "or ha$ been le"t alone there with the &ings o" Cersia E*aniel 1.<13F6 12

*t that ti#e 3ichael shall stan$ up) the great prince who stan$s watch over the sons o" !our people. an$ there shall be a ti#e o" trouble) such as never was since there was a nation) even to that ti#e. *n$ at that ti#e !our people shall be $elivere$) ever! one who is "oun$ written in the boo& E*aniel 12<1F6

Angels %trengthen In *rials

Then the $evil le"t Hi#) an$ behol$) angels ca#e an$ #inistere$ to Hi# EMatthe' $<11F6 Then an angel appeare$ to Hi# "ro# heaven) strengthening Hi# E@u5e 22<$3F6

Angels #ead %inners *o Gos!el Wor'ers

*bout the ninth hour o" the $a! he saw clearl! in a vision an angel o" 1o$ co#ing in an$ sa!ing to hi#) Cornelius2' *n$ when he observe$ hi#) he was a"rai$) an$ sai$) 6hat is it) Lor$: So he sai$ to hi#) (9our pra!ers an$ !our al#s have co#e up "or a #e#orial be"ore 1o$ Now sen$ #en to %oppa) an$ sen$ "or Si#on whose surna#e is Ceter' EActs 1.<30$F1

Angels Direct ,reachers

Now an angel o" the Lor$ spo&e to Chilip) sa!ing) (*rise an$ go towar$ the south along the roa$ which goes $own "ro# %erusale# to 1a/a.' This is $esert) So he arose an$ went) *n$ behol$) a #an o" Ethiopia) a eunuch o" great authorit! un$er Can$ace the Eueen o" the Ethiopians) who ha$ charge o" all her treasur!) an$ ha$ co#e to %erusale# to worship) was returning. *n$ sitting in his chariot) he was rea$ing saiah the prophet. Then the Spirit sai$ to Chilip) 1o near an$ overta&e this chariot. So Chilip ran to hi#) an$ hear$ hi# rea$ing the prophet saiah) an$ sai$) -o !ou un$erstan$ what !ou are rea$ing:' *n$ he sai$) How can ) unless so#eone 13

gui$es #e:' *n$ he as&e$ Chilip to co#e up an$ sit with him "#cts $:26-31 ! For there stoo$ b! #e this night an angel o" the 1o$ to who# belong an$ who# serve) sa!ing) (-o not be a"rai$) Caul. !ou #ust be brought be"ore Caesar. an$ in$ee$ 1o$ has grante$ !ou all those who sail with you?EActs 27<2302$F6

Angels A!!ear In Dreams

,ut while he thought about these things) behol$) an angel o" the Lor$ appeare$ to hi# in a $rea#) sa!ing) %oseph) son o" -avi$) $o not be a"rai$ to ta&e to !ou 3ar! !our wi"e) "or that which is conceive$ in her is o" the Hol! %4irit? EMatthe' 1<2.F6

Angels ,rotect *he 2elie"ers

The angel o" the Lor$ enca#ps all aroun$ those who "ear Hi#) an$ $elivers the# EKsal) 3$<7F6 For He shall give His angels charge over !ou) to &eep !ou in all !our wa!s... EKsal) -1<11F6 Now behol$) an angel o" the Lor$ stoo$ b! hi#) an$ a light shone in the prison. an$ he struc& Ceter on the si$e an$ raise$ hi# up) sa!ing) (*rise Euic&l!2@ *n$ his chains "ell o" his han$s. Then the angel sai$ to hi#) 1ir$ !oursel" an$ tie on !our san$als')@ an$ so he $i$. *n$ he sai$ to hi#) Cut on !our gar#ent an$ "ollow #e. So he went out an$ "ollowe$ hi#) an$ $i$ not &now that what was $one b! the@ angel was real) but thought he was seeing a vision. 6hen the! were past the "irst an$ the secon$ guar$ posts) the! ca#e to the iron gate that lea$s to the cit!) which opene$ to the# o" its own accor$. an$ the! went out an$ went $own one street) an$ i##e$iatel! the angel $eparte$ "ro# hi# EActs 12<701.F6


Angels Im!art God1s Will

,ut at night an angel o" the Lor$ opene$ the prison $oors an$ brought the# out) an$ sai$) (1o) stan$ in the te#ple an$ spea& to the people all the wor$s o" this li"e' EActs &<1-02.F1

Angels 2ring Answers *o ,rayers

H!es) while was spea&ing in pra!er) the #an 1abriel) who# ha$ seen in the vision at the beginning) being cause$ to "l! swi"tl!) reache$ #e about the ti#e o" the evening o""ering. *n$ he in"or#e$ #e) an$ tal&e$ with #e) an$ sai$) O -aniel) have now co#e "orth to give !ou s&ill to un$erstan$. *t the beginning o" !our supplication the co##an$ went out) an$ have co#e to tell !ou) "or !ou are greatl! belove$. there"ore consi$er the #atter) an$ un$erstan$ the vision...' E*aniel -<21023F6 Then he sai$ to #e) -o not "ear) -aniel) "or "ro# that "irst $a! that !ou set !our heart to un$erstan$) an$ to hu#ble !oursel" be"ore !our 1o$) !our wor$s were hear$. an$ have co#e because o" !our 'ords?E*aniel 1.<12F6 We 5no' that 3od is the "ne to 'ho) 'e 4ray and the "ne 'ho ans'ers our 4rayers6 He is our source o# strength in trials6 3od is the "ne Who ta5es care o# us and )eets our needs6 ut He can send the ans'er to our 4rayers 7ia an angel6 3od can gi7e us His strength through His )essengers1 the angels1 and 3od can send His su4ernatural 4ro7ision to us in the hands o# His angelsA


Chapter 3 Around The World With Angels

By Frances Thus he beca#e "ar greater than the angels) as prove$ b! the "act that his na#e (Son o" 1o$)' which was passe$ on to hi# "ro# his Father) is "ar greater than the na#es an$ titles o" the an gels. For 1o$ never sai$ to an! angel) 9ou are #! Son) an$ to$a! have given !ou the honor that goes with that na#e. ,ut 1o$ sai$ it about %esus. *nother ti#e he sai$) a# his Father an$ he is #! Son. *n$ still another ti#e when his "irstborn Son ca#e to earth 1o$ sai$) Let all the angels o" 1o$ worship hi#' EHe9re's 1<$06 T@ F1 Angels 'ere created to 'orshi4 3od and to 'orshi4 Jesus6 This is one o# their 4ri)ary #unctionsA Anointed 'orshi4 and 4raise directed to 3od 'ill o#ten 9ring the 4resence o# angels into a )eeting6 %e7eral ti)es this has ha44ened in ser7ices 'e 'ere conducting1 or in ser7ices 'e ha7e attended6 When 3od sends His angels into your 4resence1 loo5 #or the su4ernatural to ha44enA While at a church in !ali#ornia I 'as 4ri7ileged to e:4erience so)e o# the )ost a'eso)e 4raise and 'orshi4 I ha7e e7er #elt or 4artici4ated in during )y entire li#e6 I use the 'ord =#elt? 9ecause the 4resence o# 3od 'as so strong you could literally #eel it6 There are )any ti)es 'hen 4raise and 'orshi4 is 'onder#ul1 9ut it does not al'ays ha7e that s4ecial anointing1 or that su4ernatural 4o'er 'ith
= C


it that )a5es you actually 4hysically "eel the 4resence o# 3od6 This 4articular church is 4astored 9y an e:0Ma#ia )e)9er 'hose 9eauti#ul %4irit0#illed 'i#e leads in the glorious 4raise and 'orshi46 "ne o# the reasons #or the incredi9le 4raise is that they reGuire their 4raise and 'orshi4 tea) to ha7e a total and co)4lete co))it)ent to 3od in their li7es6 Kraise and 'orshi4 in this church o#ten lasts #or a long ti)e 9ut it see)s to 9e #or ;ust a )o)ent 9ecause the Holy %4irit0charged at)os4here so engul#s you that you are not a'are o# the 4assing o# ti)e6 At this 4articular ser7ice1 I 'as 4raising and 'orshi4ing 3od 'ith )y eyes closed6 Although there are a lot o# 4eo4le 'ho 'orshi4 'ith their eyes o4en1 i# I 4raise and 'orshi4 3od 'ith )y eyes closed1 to )e it is 4ossi9le to 9loc5 out e7erything else and really 9eco)e a9sor9ed in the 4resence o# 3odA *uring this 7ery intense 4raise and 'orshi41 I o4ened )y eyes #or a 9rie# )o)ent6 The entire #ront o# the theater0 style auditoriu) 'as #illed 'ith 'orshi4ing angels6 It see)ed as i# there 'as an ar)y o# 4raising and 'orshi4ing angels standing there ready to 9loc5 any acti7ity o# the de7ilA The rest o# the church had a cloud o# glory #loating o7er and 4er)eating it6 The cloud a44eared to 9e a sil7ery gossa)er #a9ric si)ilar to1 9ut thinner than chi##on6 It 'as #loating o7er and co7ering the entire church6 Then it see)ed to nestle do'n and co7er e7ery9ody in the entire audience including )e6 As 'e continued 4raising and 'orshi4ing1 the 4resence o# 3od 9eca)e stronger and stronger6 EnergiBed 9y the 4resence o# angels1 I could actually #eel a 4ressure on the outside o# )y 9ody6 It see)ed as i# 3od 'as literally sGueeBing )y s4irit out o# )y 9ody 9ecause I #elt His 4resence and His 4o'er so 7i7idly6 17

ecause I 'as sensing so)ething in )y s4irit that I had ne7er #elt 9e#ore1 I leaned o7er and said to !harles1 = ecause o# the intense 4raise and 'orshi4 you could really ;ust lea7e this earth 7ery Guic5ly1 couldnt youD? That 'as e:actly the 'ay I #elt6 The 4raise and 'orshi4 'as so 4o'er#ul and so anointed that it 'as li#ting us into hea7enly real)s )ore than I had e7er e:4erienced6 In #act1 I really #elt as i# 'e 'ere not e7en still on the earth during the 4raise and 'orshi4A The church continued in 'holehearted 'orshi4 and I continued to 4artici4ate6 There is a tre)endous di##erence in 9eing a s4ectator and 4artici4ating1 and as I continued1 )y entire s4irit1 soul and 9ody 'ere so in tune 'ith this incredi9le 4raise and 'orshi4 that a 7ery unusual thing ha44ened6 I do not 5no' ho' long it 'as a#ter I said to !harles that you could ;ust lea7e this earth1 that the 4ressure on )y 4hysical 9ody 9eca)e stronger and stronger until it 'as so great and 4o'er#ul that )y s4irit could no longer 9e contained in )y hu)an 9odyA %uddenly t'o angels a44eared1 one on either side o# )e1 The angels 'ere larger than the 'orshi4 angels 9ut not nearly as large as 'arrior angels6 "ne on each side1 they 4ic5ed )e u4 #ro) 'here I 'as sitting1 and )y s4irit and soul Boo)ed right u4 through the ceiling1 escorted 9y these hea7enly )essengersA I distinctly re)e)9er e:actly 'here 'e 'ent through the ceiling o# the 9uildingA There 'as no sensation o# 4assing through the ceiling e7en though I could clearly see )y 9ody as it 'ent through6 e#ore I 5ne' it1 'e 'ere in the hea7enliesA The s5y 'as the )ost 9rilliant )idnight 9lue I ha7e e7er seen1 and stars 'ere t'in5ling 9y the )illions6 The sa)e 9eauti#ul glory0cloud o# gossa)er0li5e a44earance see)ed to co7er the entire s5y that night as 'ell6 1+

It 'as an incredi9le1 ne7er0to09e0#orgotten ;ourneyA I))ediately a#ter ta5ing o## #ro) the church1 'e 'ere o7er the 2orth Kole6 E7en though the s4eed at 'hich 'e 'ere tra7eling 'as i))easura9le1 I had no sensation o# 'ind 9lo'ing in )y #ace or )y hair 9lo'ing8 only a slight ri44le in )y chi##on dress and the out#its o# the t'o angels escorting )e6 When 'e arri7ed at a 4lace 'hich 'as a44arently close to the 2orth Kole1 the angels allo'ed )e to dro4 do'n and see a church that 'as 4raising and 'orshi4ing 3od6 This 'as 7ery interesting 9ecause the light #ro) this church radiated out a9out a hundred )iles or e7en #urther6 It 'as a 9rilliant light shining in the dar5 night8 and e7en #ro) as #ar a'ay as 'e 'ere1 this light 'as easy to see6 It 'as an e:4erience al)ost i)4ossi9le to descri9e 9ecause as 'e dro44ed do'n to get closer to this church1 it 'as as though 'e actually 'ent do'n through the ceiling ;ust as 'e had gone out o# the ceiling o# the #irst church and 'e could see the 4eo4le inside the 9uilding6 They 'ere 4raising and 'orshi4ing 3od 'ith their hands raised6 There 'as a tre)endous glory in this church 9ecause o# the ins4irational 4raise and 'orshi46 "ur 7isit 'as 7ery short1 or at least it didnt see) to )e that 'e re)ained #or long1 9ut it 'as a)4le ti)e #or )e to really see that this 'as a church 'hich understood the 7alue o# genuine 4raise and 'orshi41 In ;ust a #e' seconds1 or a #e' )inutes ho'e7er long it 'as1 9ecause I had no idea o# the 4assing o# ti)e 'e 'ent 9ac5 through the ceiling o# the church into the s5y6 ut the ;ourney 'asnt o7erA Tra7eling ra4idly through the night1 the angels suddenly dro44ed )e do'n so I could see another church6 It 'as necessary #or us to co)e 7ery close to earth to detect the tiny light co)ing out o# this church1 'hereas the light #ro) the #irst church had radiated #or 4erha4s a hundred )iles6 Fro) as high u4 as 'e had


9een in the s5y1 the 9rilliance o# that 9ody o# 9elie7ers had 9een 7isi9le 9ecause o# their 4raise and 'orshi46 A#ter 'e had descended close enough to this church1 'e entered it in the sa)e 'ay 'e had the other one6 We o9ser7ed that the 4eo4le here had their #aces 9uried in song9oo5s and they 'ere )erely singing 7erse one1 t'o and #our6 There is a huge di##erence 9et'een 4raising and 'orshi4ing 3od and )erely singing 'ords #ro) a song9oo56 We stayed #or ;ust a little 'hile and then once again 'e too5 o##6 In a 'hirl'ind o# ti)e 9e#ore returning to !ali#ornia1 'e had gone all the 'ay around the 'orldA Where7er 'e 4aused to o9ser7e a local church 9ody1 the e:act sa)e thing 'as true6 When 'e could see a 9rilliant light radiating #orth1 'e 5ne' this 'as a church 'here they 'ere o##ering true 4raise and 'orshi4 to 3od6 When 'e had to search to see a #aint little light1 'e could see this 'as a grou4 o# 4eo4le ;ust singing6 %inging ne7er goes into the hea7enlies as 4raise and 'orshi4 does6 My tri4 around the 'orld 'as so e:hilarating and e:citing that I cannot thin5 o# enough ad;ecti7es to descri9e the sensation I #elt as the angels trans4orted )e #or this s4ecial onMsite learning e:4erienceA Then1 suddenly 'e 'ere 9ac5 in the little theater church and I returned to )y 9ody in a 7ery interesting 'ay6 As 'e entered the auditoriu) in the sa)e 'ay and 4lace 'e had le#t1 I sa' )y 9ody sitting there1 and in a #lash o# ti)e the angels too5 )e o7er to )y seat and sGueeBed )e right 9ac5 into )y o'n 9odyA I ha7e a9solutely no idea ho' long I 'as gone6 All I 5no' is that e7eryone 'as still 4raising and 'orshi4ing 'hen I ca)e 9ac5 in1 and a#ter I 'as settled 9ac5 in )y 9ody the 'orshi4 sto44ed6 I ha7e learned that 'hen you ha7e a su4ernatural e:4erience1 i# you do not share it i))ediately1 the de7il 2.

'ho co)es to steal1 5ill and destroy 'ill try to ro9 you o# it6 ecause o# ha7ing 9een in the 4resence o# these angels 'ho ha7e 9een in the 4resence o# 3od1 I 'as so drun5 I could hardly stand u46 I as5ed !harles i# he 'ould ta5e )e u4 to the )an s4ea5ing at the )icro4hone 9ecause I 5ne' I had to share 'hat 3od had done6 !harles had no idea that I had 9een on a celestial tri4 9ecause he had 9een sitting there the entire ti)e 4raising and 'orshi4ing 3od 'ith )e and 'as totally una'are o# the #act that I had te)4orarily le#t this earthly real)6 !harles too5 )e u4 to the stage 9ecause I 'as totally inca4a9le o# standing u4 9y )ysel#1 and I as5ed the )an 'ho 'as )a5ing announce)ents i# I could ha7e the )icro4hone so I could share this ad7enture 'ith the entire cro'd6 The audience 'as s4ell9oundA I))ediately a#ter that1 it 'as ti)e #or !harles and )e to )inister1 and I had to ha7e so)eone hel4 )c u4 the ste4s6 I 'as so #ull o# the 4resence o# 3od that I #elt as i# I 'as totally and co)4letely ine9riated1 drun5 on the Holy %4irit1 so lest I to44le o7er1 I said to !harles1 =Hel4 )e u4 to the 4ul4it1? 'hich 'as another t'o ste4s higher6 I hurriedly e:clai)ed1 =I ha7e got to ha7e so)ething to hang on toA? I si)4ly could not get )y head together a#ter such a su4ernatural out0o#0this09ody e:4erienceA !harles started the )eeting 'hich he nor)ally ne7er doesA I 'as hanging onto the 4ul4it 'ith e7ery ounce o# strength I had 'hen I #inally loo5ed 9ac5 and sa' a chair three or #our #eet 9ehind )eA I decided that I )ight 4ossi9ly 9e a9le to )a5e it that #arA It see)ed as though it too5 )e an eternity to tra7el those #e' #eet1 I #inally )ade itA A#ter I ste44ed 9ac5 and sat do'n in the chair8 it 'as o7er an hour 9e#ore I #inally got )y )ind #ocused enough so that I could )inister6 What ha44ened as a result o# this angelic 7isitation is #a9ulousA


Words o# 5no'ledge and healings s4ontaneously 9ro5e #orth i))ediately a#ter I shared this around0the 'orld e:4erience6 It 'as a night o# co)4lete gloryA The 4astor said he had ne7er 9e#ore seen such instant )iracles as he sa' that nightA 2o 'onder 'e had 9een in7aded 9y angelsA I a44reciate 4raise and 'orshi4 )ore than e7er 9e#ore6


Chapter 4 Touched By Coals of Fire

By Frances Each )eeting gets )ore and )ore e:citing as 3od re7eals Hi)sel# in di##erent 'ays dailyA A certain Tuesday night 'as a night 'e 'ill ne7er #orgetA It all started as !harles and I read the daily con#ession #or that day1 =Than5 >ou1 Father1 that angels are in charge o# )e6 I a) surrounded 9y angels at all ti)es 'ho )inister to )e and 4rotect )e1 e7en #ro) accidents1 I a) acco)4anied 9y angels1 de#ended 9y the) and 4reser7ed 9y the) 9ecause >ou ha7e ordered the) to do so? EHe#erence Ksal) -1<111 #ro) our de7otional 9oo51 *

Con"ession * -a! Ieeps The -evil *wa!@?.

We 'ere sitting in a restaurant as I read this and as soon as I #inished1 3od s4o5e to )e in that 4recious 'ay He s4ea5s to our hearts ;ust 9ecause He lo7es us so )uch6 He said1 =Tonight there 'ill 9e a 7isitation o# angels in the churchA? I al)ost #ell o## )y chairA As 'e can see #ro) the 4re7ious cha4ters1 there are )any 4ro)4tings that can 9ring an angel on the scene6 A 9elie7ers co))it)ent1 o9edience1 4raise and 'orshi41 earnest 4rayers and s4ea5ing 3ods Word are ;ust so)e o# the catalysts 'hich can initiate angelic in7ol7e)ent6 There are also ti)es 'hen 3od chooses so7ereignly to release angels into a situation1 'hether its ;ust #or one 4erson or #or the 'hole 'orld6 23

There is an incident 'hich occurred 'hen 'e 'ere )inistering in a tre)endously anointed ser7ice1 'hich taught us that there are things which will &eep an angel who is all poise$ an$ rea$! to #inister to us) "ro# being release$ to $o so. *uring our )orning ser7ice 'e e:citedly shared 'ith the 4eo4le at the )eeting that 3od had s4o5en to )e and had said there 'as going to 9e a 7isitation o# angels that night6 2o' 'atch 'hat ha44enedA The organist nearly ca)e u4 o## o# her 9ench 9ecause she said1 =@ast night I #elt the 4resence o# an angel so strongly do'n on the #ront ro' that I 4rayed1 N"h1 3odA @et )e see an angelA And 3od said1 N2ot tonight1 to)orro' night6? %he really got e:cited 'hen she heard that 3od had s4o5en to )e and this1 o# course1 ser7ed as a tre)endous con#ir)ation to )eA Then the 4astor ;u)4ed u4 and said1 =>ou 5no'1 I) going to share so)ething I ha7e ne7er shared in all )y li#e6 %i:ty years ago I 'as con7erted and I heard angels singing6 I told )y #ather the ne:t )orning that I had heard angelic singing and )y #ather said1 N*ont e7er tell any9ody that1 theyll thin5 youre craByA? This 4astor had ne7er shared his e:4erience 'ith anyone else6 A9out si: or se7en nights 9e#ore 'e ca)e to the church1 he 'as tal5ing to 3od and he said1 ="h1 3odA I ha7e ne7er heard the angels sing since the day I 'as sa7ed6 !ould I hear the) sing again 9e#ore I co)e to hea7enD? And he said 3od let hi) hear the angels sing again that night angels singing in that 9eauti#ul 'ay that only angels canA Isnt it really 'onder#ul to 5no' ho' )uch 3od lo7es us and really cares a9out usD Here 'as a )an 'ho #or si:ty years had 5e4t a secret loc5ed in his heart and no' suddenly he 'as sharing that secret6


We all sensed in our s4irits that so)ething #antastic 'as going to ha44en that night6 We could hardly 'ait to get 9ac5 to church to see ho' 3od 'as going to )o7e6 There 'as great antici4ation at the start o# the e7ening )eeting 'ith an a'areness o# the 4resence o# 3od in an unusual 'ay6 %uddenly a 4ro4hecy ca)e #orth saying that #ire 'ould co)e do'n #ro) hea7en that 7ery night6 The e:cite)ent )ountedA >ou ;ust dont sit do'n and say1 =All right1 3od1 send those angels6 I) going to 'ait until >ou do6? 2o1 'e conducted the ser7ice ;ust li5e 'e nor)ally do6 I 'ont say I 'as =on edge? 9ut I 'ill say I 'as a little )ore sensiti7e to the %4irit o# 3od 9ecause I 5e4t loo5ing around and 'ondering1 =When are the angels going to co)eD When are the angels going to co)eD? We s4o5e that night on the su9;ect o# =Total !o))it)ent to 3od and Holy @i7ing? 9ecause in these last days those Gualities are e:tre)ely i)4ortant in our li7es6 "ur li7es )ust 9e set a4art #ro) the rest o# the 'orld and holy 9ecause 'e dont in7ol7e oursel7es 'ith the things o# the 'orldA I 'aited and 'aited1 and 'e tal5ed and tal5ed1 and I 9egan to 'onder 'hether or not the angels 'ere really going to )a5e an a44earance a#ter all6 Where did the dou9t co)e #ro)D %atan1 o# courseA We )ade an in7itation at the end o# the ser7ice #or the 4eo4le 'ho 'anted to )a5e a total co))it)ent to 3od to co)e #or'ard and as they 'ere co)ing u4 'ithout any #an#are1 'ithout any ad7ance 'arning1 in ca)e the #irst angel 9lo'ing a horn that loo5ed li5e a tru)4etA He had 'ings and 'as not nearly as large as the angel that 'atches o7er us6 This a44arently 'as the signal #or the other angels to co)e and in the t'in5ling o# an eye1 there 'ere angels all o7er the 4laceA The only angel that I sa' 'ith 'ings 'as the #irst angel 'ith the tru)4et6 The rest ;ust )o7ed through s4ace1 too5


their 4ositions and then stationed the)sel7es o7er certain indi7iduals6 It 'as 7ery #ascinating 9ecause each angel had a 4air o# tongs and in those tongs 'ere li7e 9urning coals o# #ire6 In Isaiah 6<6171 'here Isaiah had a 7ision in 'hich a sera4hi)1 an angel 'ith 'ings1 #le' o7er to hi)1 having in his han$ a live coal which he ha$ ta&en with the tongs "ro# the altar. *n$ he touche$ #! #outh with it) an$ sai$G (,ehol$) this has touche$ !our lips. !our iniEuit! is ta&en awa!) an$ !our sin purge$.' A#ter that cleansing and 4uri#ication1 Isaiah could ans'er 3ods call 9y res4onding1 Here a# 2 Sen$ #e.' 2ot e7eryone in the ser7ice could see the angels1 9ut I could1 so I ;ust #ollo'ed 3ods instructions6 I 'al5ed o7er and touched a young )an 'here an angel 'as ho7ering6 As soon as I touched hi) on the li4s1 the angel 4laced the coal o# #ire on his li4s and then i))ediately de4arted6 The young )an #ell under the 4o'er o# 3od and instantly 9egan to s4ea5 in tongues6 He had ;ust 9een con7erted and didnt 5no' anything a9out the 9a4tis) 'ith the Holy %4iritA As I 'al5ed through the audience1 directed 9y the Holy %4irit1 it 'as so e:citing to #eel the 4resence o# 3od6 The holiness o# the angels 'as also so)ething a'eso)eA As I 'ould see an angel ho7ering o7er this one1 and then another angel o7er another one1 and then o7er another one1 an interesting #act sur#acedA The angels did not 4lace the coal on the li4s o# all the 4eo4le in7ol7edA They 'ere ;ust at attention o7er an indi7idual6 They didnt 4lace coals on any9odys li4s until I 'al5ed o7er and touched the 4erson 7ery lightly on the )outh6 2ot e7eryone got a coal6 I didnt understand it6 All I 5ne' 'as that I 'as only to go to the 4eo4le 3od sho'ed )e had an angel standing o7er the) 'ith a li7e coal6 I #elt that 3od 'as anointing the) to really ta5e the )essage o# the #ull gos4el out and carry it to the 'orld1 9ut the #unny thing is that )any o# the 4eo4le 'ho) I #elt 26

'ould recei7e the coal $i$ not receive a coal. Ho'e7er1 I only touched the li4s o# those as directed 9y the angels6 Jesus said He only did 'hat He sa' they Father doing1 and during this trial1 I 'as 'al5ing care#ully in His 4attern6 %uddenly1 the %4irit o# the @ord led )e to the 4astor 'ho 'as sitting on the 4lat#or)6 There 'as an angel there and as I touched the 4astor on the li4s1 3od said to )e1 The biggest coal is "or hi#) =And as I related this to hi) he really got e:cited1 and so did I6 Then I 'ent o7er and touched the li4s o# the associate 4astor and his 'i#e and he #ell under the 4o'er6 While he 'as on the #loor1 he reached u4 to #eel his li4s6 @ater he told )e that he #elt li5e I had hit hi) right in the )outh 'ith a t'o09y0#ourA He thought his )outh 'as 9leeding 9ecause he #elt such an i)4act o# 4o'erA %o)e o# the angels le#t 'ith the sa)e coals they 9rought6 Then 3od ga7e to !harles a tre)endous 4ro4hetic 'ord6 So#e o" these angels will visit !ou between two an$ three o@cloc& in the #orning an$ so#e o" !ou who $i$ not receive coals will receive a #essage.' A#ter a 4ro4hetic utterance li5e that1 e7ery9ody 'anted to go ho)e and ;u)4 into 9ed and get ready #or the angels1 I ha7e 'ondered since then i# )ore su4ernatural things ha44ened in the night than actually ha44ened at the )eeting Just to sho' you that 3od had e7erything 4lanned in ad7ance1 'e 'ere not scheduled to s4ea5 at this church the #ollo'ing night1 9ut 3od had graciously gi7en us an o4en night 9et'een engage)ents6 The 4astor 4leaded 'ith us to stay o7er8 'e had the night o4en and 'e 'ere a7aila9le1 so 'e agreed and then 'e understood 'hy 3od had gi7en us that e:tra night6 2o sooner had 'e gotten to the )eeting the ne:t night than a lady ca)e running in 'ith a sac5 that loo5ed li5e groceries6 %he ga7e the) to )e and said1 =Here1 I dont 27

e7er 'ant these again? When she had as5ed 3od the night 9e#ore 'hy she and her hus9and didnt get a coal on their li4s to gi7e the) a s4ecial anointing1 the only thing 3od had said to her 'as1 =!igarettes6? *uring the night the angel ca)e to this lady and said1 The coal is "or !ou when !ou give the cigarettes to 1o$)' I loo5ed in the sac5 and disco7ered she had 9rought nine uno4ened 4ac5ages o# cigarettes and laid the) on the altar o# 3od6 Its a 'onder#ul e:change1 isnt itD They ga7e u4 an addiction #or a coal o# #ire #ro) the altar o# 3od6 There 'as another 'o)an 'ho ca)e that night 'ho told )e an interesting story a#ter the )eeting6 The 'ay 3od does these things is so)eti)es al)ost un9elie7a9le6 That night 3od led )e to tal5 on a 7ery interesting su9;ect #ro) 2u)9ers cha4ter 126 @et )e share this 'ith you 9ecause I thin5 this is so)ething 7ery 7ital that 'e all need to understand6 Then 3iria# an$ *aron spo&e against 3oses because o" the Ethiopian wo#an who# lie ha$ #arrie$. "or he ha$ #arrie$ an Ethiopian wo#an. 3iria# an$ *aron began gossiping because 3oses ha$ entere$ into an interracial #arriage. *n$ the! sai$) Has the Lor$ in $ee$ spo&en onl! through 3oses: Has he not spo&en through us also: *n$ the Lor$ hear$ it. "# course He did1 9ecause He hears e7erything 'e sayA These are t'o 4eo4le 'ho 'ere #a7ored o# 3od 9ut 'ho decided they 'ould li5e to criticiBe one o# their 9rothers6 The i9le goes on to say1 =Now the #an 3oses was ver! hu#ble) #ore than all #en who were on the "ace o" the earth.? Su$$enl! the Lor$ sai$ to 3oses) *aron) an$ 3iria#) Co#e out) !ou three) to the tabernacle o" #eeting2' So the three ca#e out. I 'onder 'hat the three o# the) 'ere thin5ing a9out 'hen they ca)e6 It says1 Then the Lor$ ca#e $own in the pillar o" clou$ an$ stoo$ in the $oor o" the tabernacle) an$ 2+

calle$ *aron an$ 3iria# Enot MosesF6 *n$ the! both went "orwar$) They 'ere 4ro9a9ly e:4ecting to get so)ething really good #ro) 3od 9ut He said1 (Hear now 3! wor$sG " there is a prophet a#ong !ou) ) the Lor$) #a&e #!sel" &nown to hi# in a vision) an$ spea& to hi# in a $rea#.' In other 'ords He said1 =I# you are a 4ro4het Ill )a5e Mysel# 5no'n to you in a 7ision and Ill s4ea5 to you in a drea)6? Not so with 3! servant 3oses. He is "aith"ul in all 3! house. spea& with hi# "ace to "ace) even plainl!) an$ not in $ar& sa!ings. an$ he sees the "or# o" the Lor$. 6h! then were !ou not a"rai$ to spea& against #! servant 3oses.' So the anger o" the Lor$ was arouse$ against the#) an$ He $eparte$. Thats 'hat ha44ens 'hen you 9egin gossi4ing a9out 4eo4le 3od lea7es6 *n$ when the clou$ $eparte$ "ro# above the tabernacle) su$$enl! 3iria# beca#e leprous) as white as snow. Then *aron turne$ towar$ 3iria#) an$ there she was) a leper. ecause she gossi4ed1 3od let her 9eco)e le4rous1 'hite as sno'A So *aron sai$ to 3oses) Oh) #! lor$2 Clease $o not la! this sin on us) in which we have $one "oolishl! an$ in which we have sinne$. Clease $o not let her be as one $ea$) whose "lesh is hal" consu#e$ when he co#es out o" his #other@s wo#b2' And 9less his heart1 So 3oses crie$ out to the Lor$) sa!ing) (Clease heal her) O 1o$) pra!2' Then the Lor$ sai$ to 3oses) " her "ather ha$ but spit in her "ace) woul$ she not be sha#e$ seven $a!s: Let her be shut out o" the ca#p seven $a!s) an$ a"ter that she #a! be receive$ again.' So 3iria# was shut out o" the ca#p seven $a!s)


an$ the people $i$ not 0ourne! on till 3iria# was brought in again E2u)9ers 12<101&F1 E7erything had to 9e shut do'n and nothing could 9e done until Miria) could 9e 9rought 9ac5 into the ca)46 I had no reason to 9e sharing this story e:ce4t that 3od told )e to6 The 4enalty #or gossi4ing is s4iritual le4rosyA elo7ed1 in the !hristian 'orld today i# 'e could ;ust re)e)9er that 'hen 'e hear a ;uicy little tid9it o# gossi4 a9out so)e )inistry or 4erson1 'e shouldnt re4eat itA We should 4ray #or the) 9ecause 'hen 'e are hearing gossi41 its an indication that that 4articular )inistry or 4erson needs 4rayer6 When the ser7ice 'as o7er1 a 'o)an ca)e out to )e at the 9oo50ta9le and she said1 =*o you 5no' 'hatD @ast night at t'o0thirty in the )orning1 3od ca)e into )y roo) and s4o5e one 'ord1 He s4o5e the 'ord1 NMiria)6 I didnt understand1? %he understood as I taught 9ecause she had 9een e:tre)ely en7ious o# so)e9ody in the church6 %he 'as 4ro9a9ly guilty o# tal5ing against the) 9ecause 3od said the one 'ord to her1 3iria#) *o you 5no' 'hat 'e do 'hen anyone says that they 'ant to gi7e us a little ;uicy gossi4D We thro' our hands u4 in the air and say1 =@e4er1 le4er1 'e dont 'ant to 9e a le4erA? It is a)aBing ho' #ast this 'ill sto4 gossi4A I 'ant you to try that so)eti)e 'hen so)e9ody starts to gi7e you so)e ;uicy little gossi4 that they heard a9out so)e9ody else6 Thro' your hands u4 in the air and say1 =@e4er1 le4er1 I dont 'ant to 9e a le4erA? There 'as another young )an in that ser7ice 'ho years 9e#ore had stolen a dia)ond ring6 He had 9een in a hos4ital #or the cri)inally insane6 The 4olice arrested hi)1 he s'allo'ed the ring and they couldnt #ind it 9ut he later retrie7ed it only to ha7e it stolen #ro) hi)6 3od 'o5e hi) u4 at three ocloc5 in the )orning and said1 9ou #ight thin& !ou $on(t owe "or that ring because it was stolen "ro# !ou) but !ou still $o)' I))ediately the congregation 3.

generously too5 u4 an o##ering to allo' hi) to )a5e restitutionA There 'ere 4eo4le in that church 'ho had an a44oint)ent 'ith 3od that night1 9ut 'ho didnt recei7e the hot coal #ro) the angel and didnt get to )o7e out into their calling 9ecause so)ething in their li#e 'as 4re7enting it cigarettes1 gossi41 or #ailure to )a5e restitution #or a 'rong6 These and )any other things are 'ea5nesses in the #lesh 'hich 'e are res4onsi9le to deal 'ith 9e#ore 'e can recei7e all the 9lessings 3od has #or us6 We can do things to initiate angel 4artici4ation in our li7es1 and 'e can hold onto 9ad ha9its and sins that 'ill hinder or 4re7ent angels #ro) )inistering to us6 Its not that 'e ha7e to 9e 4er#ect1 9ecause all o# us are still )aturing e7ery single dayA Ho'e7er1 our 'illingness and sincere e##orts to correct things that are not 4leasing to 3od 'ill 9oth catch His attention and )a5e it easier to ha7e the angels in7ol7ed in our li7esA He9re's 1<1$ says1 *re the! not all #inistering spirits sent "orth to #inister "or those who will inherit salvation: According to 3ods Word1 'e ha7e angels 'ho are ;ust 'aiting to )inister to us6 Angels are sent to glori#y 3odA They are sent to e:alt JesusA They are sent to carry out 3ods 4lanA They are sent to #ollo' His instructions in accordance 'ith the Word o# 3odA 3ods angels are sent to 9e a 9lessing to usA


Chapter Angels !n The "cene

There are di##erent ty4es o# angels 'ith )any di##erent 4ur4oses and ;o9s6 %o)e o# the) are assigned to hel4 and assist you and )eA The )ore 'e learn to realiBe the 4otential o# angels and re)e)9er to than5 3od #or sending s4ecial )inistering s4irits to us1 the )ore they 'ill 9e a 9lessing to us6 We are a9solutely certain that angels are 'ith us and 4er#or)ing )ighty acts on our 9ehal# day and night1 'ithout our e7er 9eing a'are o# their 4resence6 We need to understand 'hat the angels do in the i9le1 so 'e 'ill 5no' 'hat 'e can e:4ect and 9e 4re4ared #or and 4raise 3od and Jesus #orA >ou can 4ro9a9ly thin5 o# a ti)e1 4erha4s 'hen you 'ere a s)all child1 and 'ere 4rotected #ro) danger8 or )ay9e a ti)e 'hen you 'ere dri7ing and nearly had a 'rec5 9ut didnt6 3od 4ro9a9ly sent an angel at that instantA %hortly a#ter 'e 'ere )arried1 our daughter Joan 'as dri7ing us on the #ree'ay and e:ited onto the #eeder street1 It 'as early )orning and tra##ic 'as hea7y and the #eeder street cro'ded1 To her horror and ours1 she disco7ered she had no 9ra5es6 We 'ere a9out to 4lunge into a truc5 or other cars6 A 9ad crash 'as ine7ita9le6 All three o# us instantly screa)ed =JesusA? We are not sure 'hat ha44ened1 9ut a s)all hole o4ened1 see)ingly not large enough #or our car to go through6 We )issed the truc5 and the 9ra5eless car ca)e to a halt at the red street lightA We 5no' at the s4ontaneous 32

i)4ulse o# calling on Jesus1 3od surely used one or )ore o# His angels to 4rotect us6 We instantly 4raised and than5ed 3od #or another li#e0 sa7ing )iracle o# 4rotectionA Hallelu;ahA

Angels (rom 2irth 3ntil Death

The )ost glorious account o# angels 9eing 4resent at 9irth is1 o# course1 the night o# Jesus 9irth in that lo'ly sta9le in ethlehe)6 That night so#e shepher$s were in the "iel$ outsi$e the village) guar$ing their "loc&s o" sheep. Su$$enl! an angel appeare$ a#ong the#) an$ the lan$scape shone bright with the glor! o" the Lor$ E@u5e 2<+013 T@ F1 *ont you 'ish you could ha7e 9een 4resent and seen enough angels that it 'ould a9solutely light u4 the 'hole landsca4e 'ith the glory o# 3odD This 'as ;ust one angel 'hose radiance lit u4 the 'hole countrysideA Then the angel reassured the she4herds 9ecause they 'ere terri#ied6 (-on(t be a"rai$2) he sai$. (; bring !ou the #ost 0o!"ul news ever announce$) an$ it is "or ever!one2 The Savior !es) the 3essiah) the Lor$ has been born tonight in ,ethlehe#2' Su$$enl!) the angel was 0oine$ b! a vast host o" others the ar#ies o" heaven praising 1o$G The 7ery ar)ies o# hea7en ca)e out that night1 @u5e 'rote1 a vast host o" others the ar#ies... !an you i)agine ho' )any ar)ies there are in 3ods angelic ar)yD I ha7e a #eeling that 'e dont e7en 5no' ho' to count on our greatest calculator the a'eso)e nu)9er6 I dont 9elie7e there is any nu)9er in the hu)an )ind that 'e could 4ossi9ly i)agine 'hich 'ould tell us ho' )any angels there are in hea7en1 "ne %cri4ture 'hich re#ers to the countless nu)9er o# angels is in He7elation &<116 Then loo&e$) an$ hear$ the voice o" #an! angels aroun$ the throne) the living creatures) an$ the el$ers. an$ the nu#ber o" the# was ten thousan$ ti#es ten thousan$) an$ thousan$s o" thousan$s... 33

And then the i9le says1 1lor! to 1o$ in the highest heaven)' the! sang) an$ peace on earth "or all those pleasing hi#' E@u5e 2<1$ T@ F6 Hallelu;ahA When the angels #inished heralding the 9irth o# Jesus and re;oicing1 'hat did they doD 6hen this great ar#! o" angels ha$ return e$ again to heaven) the shepher$s sai$ to each other) Co#e on2 Let@s go to ,ethlehe#2 Let@s see this won$er"ul thing that has happene$) which the Lor$ has tol$ us about.' Then the shepher$s) a#ter they 'ent to see Mary1 went bac& again to the "iel$s an$ Roc&s) praising 1o$ "or the visit o" the angels) an$ because the! ha$ seen the chil$) 0ust as the angel ha$ tol$ the# E@u5e 2<2. T@ F6 Angels are sent not only to 9e there 'hen you are 9orn 9ut angels are sent to 9e there 'hen you die6 In @u5e 16<22 ET@ F 'e learn angels are charged 'ith our sa#e arri7al in hea7en6 The de7il is going to 9e u4 there1 I) sure1 to accuse us 9e#ore 'e get in1 9ut the angels are charged 'ith our sa#e arri7al in hea7en6 This is #or all the saints6 @u5e 'rote1 Finall! the beggar $ie$ an$ was carrie$ b! the angels to be with *braha# in the place o" the righteous $ea$. The rich #an also $ie$ an$ was burie$) Enot )inistered to 9y angelsF an$ his soul went into hell. Just as the angels are acti7e at 9irth1 they are also acti7e 'hen a saint dies1 They 'ere ordered to carry the 9eggar u4 into hea7en6 3od is accelerating the e:citing 'or5 the angels are doing right no' in the 4resent century6

&ommitment 2rings Angels

I lo7e reading a9out and 9eing in7ol7ed in the su4ernatural things o# 3odA Whate7er 3od does that is 9eyond the 4o'er o# )an e:cites )e )ore than anything I 5no' o#1 so I es4ecially lo7e to read the i9le stories a9out angels6 3$

%o)e o# the )ost tre)endous angelic e:4eriences o# the i9le occur in the 9oo5 o# *aniel6 In the third cha4ter1 the three He9re' 9oys1 %hadrach1 Meshach and A9ednego1 are ordered along 'ith e7eryone else to #all do'n and 'orshi4 a golden idol 'hich had 9een set u4 9y (ing 2e9uchadneBBar6 These young )en had honored 3od all their li7es and they 'ere not a9out to 'orshi4 any gra7en i)age or 4ay res4ect to any god other than the one true 3odA 2e9uchadneBBar1 o# course1 'as #urious and screa)ed at the)1 6ho is the go$ who will $eliver !ou "ro# #! han$s:' =-aniel 3<1&F6 In other 'ords1 =I# that 3od you 'orshi4 is so 4o'er#ul and a'eso)e1 'hy dont you ha7e Hi) get you out o# the #iery #urnace youre headed #orD? I lo7e 'hat they re4lied1 'hich in essence 'as1 ="ur 3od is a9le to sa7e us1 and i# He chooses to do that1 its great8 9ut i# He doesnt choose to sa7e us1 thats still great1 9ecause regardless1 'ere still going to ser7e Hi)6? That is 'hat I call real co))it)ent1 total co))it)ent to 3od1 I 'onder ho' )any o# us 'ould ha7e the courage to say1 =3od1 I 'ould rather 9urn in a #ire than to deny youD? In 7erse 21 the narration continues1 Then these #en were boun$ in their coats) their trousers) their turbans) an$ their other gar#ents) an$ were cast into the #i$st o" the burning "ier! "urnace) 'here the #ire 'as so hot it 9urned u4 all the )en 'ho thre' our three heroes into the #urnaceA ut then the 5ing and his counselors 'atched in a)aBe)ent as they sa' not three 9ut #our )en 'al5ing around inside the #ireA In utter astonish)ent1 2e9uchadneBBar called the He9re' 9oys to co)e out o# the #ire1 and then he and all his ad7isors e:a)ined the) to see i# they had any scorched clothes or singed hairs1 3&

E7en i# you 9urn 'ood in a #ire4lace1 you ha7e a little s)o5y s)ell on you 'hen you lea7e the house1 9ut the 5ing and his sta## couldnt e7en s)ell any s)o5e on these three youths1 %o the 5ing changed his )indA He )ade a loud declaration in 7erse 2+6 ,lesse$ be the 1o$ o" Sha$rach) 3eshach) an$ *be$nego) who sent His *ngel an$ $elivere$ His servants who truste$ in Hi#) an$ the! have "rustrate$ the &ing@s wor$) an$ !iel$e$ their bo$ies) that the! shoul$ not serve nor worship an! go$ except their own 1o$2' What a 9lessing to 5no' that 3od cared enough a9out %hadrach1 Meshach and A9ednego that He sent a s4ecial angel into that #iery #urnace to 4rotect the) #ro) the heat6 He 'as the #irst #ire e:tinguisher e7er in7entedA A huge angelic ice cu9eA Thats all I could thin5 a9out 'hen I read that1 ho' 3od sent an ice cu9e angel to 5ee4 the 9oys cool in the )idst o# all that #ireA 2otice that angels are indestructi9le6 Metal1 #ire or )ountains are no o9stacle to the)6 When our angel a44ears on air4lanes1 4art o# his 9ody )ay 9e inside the 4lane1 4art through the )etal1 and 4art outsideA When 'e are #lying in air4lanes1 although !harles doesnt see our =9ig? angel 4hysically1 he o#ten tells )e e:actly 'here he is6 He says its li5e a )agnetic #ield o# energy1 and he says he could touch the angel on his nose1 ears or any other 4art o# his 9ody6 When I 4hysically see the angel1 he is e:actly 'here !harles tells )e6 3od sent so )any angels throughout the 9oo5 o# *aniel that I #ind it one o# the )ost e:citing 9oo5s to read in the 'hole i9leA Another incredi9le account o# unsha5a9le co))it)ent to 3od is #ound in cha4ter si:6 Most o# us learned in church ho' *aniel1 'ho 'as highly #a7ored 9y the 5ing1 got into a real 4redica)ent 9ecause o# the ;ealousy o# so)e o# his co0'or5ers1 These guys gre' to hate *aniel and decided to get rid o# hi)1 ut the only thing they could #ind to use against hi) 'as the #act that he 36

'orshi4ed 3od and 4rayed regularly throughout the day to his 3od6 They got real snea5y and 'ent to the 5ing1 saying1 =@ets )a5e a la' that 'hoe7er 4rays to anyone other than you 'ill 9e thro'n ali7e into a den o# hungry lions6 This 'as e:tre)ely #lattering to the 5ing1 so he #ell #or it and signed the la' to )a5e it e##ecti7e1 *aniel re#used to ac5no'ledge the ne' la'1 and 5e4t right on 'orshi4ing 3od and 4raying o4enly throughout the day6 He didnt run into a dar5 corner1 or hide in the 9ase)ent to 4ray6 He 'ent to his regular 4lace1 and his attitude 'as1 =I7e 9een ser7ing 3od all )y li#e and I) not going to sto4 no'A? When *aniel 'as 9rought 9e#ore the 5ing #or diso9eying the la'1 *arius recogniBed 'hat had ha44ened1 and 'as grie# stric5en1 I lo7e 'hat this 5ing said to *aniel1 as he 'as 9eing thro'n into the lions den E*aniel 6<16F1 9our 1o$) who# !ou serve continuall!) he will $eliver !ou. Isnt that incredi9leD E7en this 5ing1 'ho 'as a heathen1 #elt in his heart that 3od 'ould not #ail *aniel6 The 4rinces and cons4irators rolled a huge stone o7er the 4it1 to 9e sure *aniel didnt cli)9 out and run a'ay 'hile (ing *arius went to his palace an$ spent the night "astingG an$ no #usicians were brought be"ore hi#. *lso his sleep went "ro# hi#) EIn other 'ords1 he had inso)niaF6 Then the &ing arose ver! earl! in the #orning an$ went in haste to the $en o" lions. What do you thin5 the 5ing e:4ected to #indD Would *aniel actually 9e a9le to greet hi)1 or 'ould he 9e che'ed u4 into little 4iecesD *arius called out1 the i9le says1 with a la#enting voice to -aniel to see i# *aniel 'as in any sha4e to ans'er6 That )eans *arius didnt ha7e )uch ho4e at all and 'as already 'ee4ing and )ourning in his heart that *aniel 'as goneA ut I lo7e 'hat 7erse 21 saysA Then -aniel sai$ to the &ing) O &ing) live "orever.' 37

I i)agine that #ro) 9eneath the stone1 #ro) 'ay do'n in the 4it1 a hearty1 ro9ust 7oice 9ro5e through the silence and the shoc5 4ro9a9ly nearly 5noc5ed *arius o## his #eetA *aniel 'ent on to 9rag on 3od a little 9it1 3! 1o$

sent His angel an$ shut the lions@ #ouths) so that the! have not hurt #e) because was "oun$ innocent be"ore Hi#. an$ also) O &ing) have $one no wrong be"ore !ou.'
*aniel had rea4ed a )iracle 9ecause o# his un9ending co))it)entA Those "ld Testa)ent accounts are so 7i7id1 you can really get in7ol7ed and al)ost #eel you are 4artici4ating 7icariously6 ut let )e share an e:citing 2e' Testa)ent e:a)4le o# ho' co))it)ent 9rings angels on the scene6 In Acts cha4ter #i7e 'e read that the! brought the sic& out into the streets an$ lai$ the# on be$s an$ couches) that at least the sha$ow o" Ceter passing b! #ight "all on so#e o" the#. *lso a #ultitu$e gathere$ "ro# the surroun$ing cities to %erusale#) bringing sic& people an$ those who were tor#ente$ b! unclean spirits) an$ the! were all heale$. This is 'here the de7il sho's his agitation at 'hat the a4ostles 'ere doing6 Then the high priest rose up) an$ all those who were with hi# =which is the sect o" the Sa$$ucees?) an$ the! were "ille$ with in$ignation) an$ lai$ their han$s on the apostles an$ put the# in the co##on prison. ,ut at night an angel o" the Lor$ opene$ the prison $oors an$ brought the# out) an$ sai$) 1o) stan$ in the te#ple an$ spea& to the people all the wor$s o" this li"e.' *n$ when the! hear$ that) the! entere$ the te#ple earl! in the #orning an$ taught. Wo'A !an you i)agine the sur4rise o# the high 4riest and all the %adducees 'hen they got out o# 9ed the ne:t )orning and sa' Keter and the other a4ostles 4reaching againD They i))ediately rounded u4 the a4ostles and 3+

9rought the) in #or a re)inder1 saying in e##ect1 =*idnt 'e co))and you trou9le)a5ers to sto4 4reaching in the 2a)e o# this Jesus and con#using e7eryone 'ith all your doctrineD? I ;ust lo7e 'hat the a4ostles ans'ered6 Then Ceter an$ the other apostles answere$ an$ sai$G 6e ought to obe! 1o$ rather than #en.' ecause o# their co))it)ent1 3od had sent an angel to o4en the 4rison doors1 to let the) out o# ;ail so they could get 9ac5 to 4reaching as soon as 4ossi9leA When you honor 3od1 He honors youA

+bedience 2rings Angels +n *he %cene

!losely related to co))it)ent is o9edience6 3od al'ays #a7ors those 'ho are o9edient to do 'hat He says1 e7en 'hen they dont understand His 4ur4ose6 3od usually doesnt gi7e a lot o# details 'hen He gi7es instructions1 He Just 'aits to see 'hat 'e are going to do a9out it6 In 3enesis1 3od as5ed A9raha) to lea7e his #a)ily1 #riends1 and neigh9ors to go to a land un5no'n to hi)6 A9raha) had the rare Guality o# unGuestioning o9edience6 3od li5ed 'hat He sa' in A9raha)1 and He 4ro)ised hi) a child 'hose o##s4ring 'ould 9e as the stars o" the heaven an$ as the san$ which is on the seashore. ut A9raha) and %arah had to 'ait )any years 9e#ore the child o# that 4ro)ise 'as 9orn6 !an you i)agine ho' )uch A9raha) and %arah lo7ed little IsaacD Tal5 a9out the =a44le o# their eyeA? I i)agine there 'as nothing in the 'hole 'orld as 4recious as each and e7ery )inute that A9raha) and %arah s4ent 'ith their )iracle sonA ut 3od )ade a reGuest o# A9raha) in cha4ter 22. It 'as si)4ly1 Ta&e now !our son) !our onl! son saac) who# !ou love) an$ go to the lan$ o" 3oriah) an$ o""er hi# there as a burnt o""ering on one o" the #ountains o" which shall tell !ou.? E3od 4ro9a9ly didnt 9other to e7en 3-

)ention this reGuest to %arah 9ecause she )ight ha7e 4ut her #oot do'n and said1 =A9solutely notA? or 'ould ha7e hidden hi) a'ay in a 9lan5et and run a'ay1 4erha4s 9ac5 to their ho)eland6F A9raha) lo7ed 3od1 and also #eared and res4ected Hi)1 )ore than he did e7en his o'n son6 And that 5ind o# un'a7ering o9edience 9rought an angel onto the scene1 ;ust at the s4lit second he needed oneA For1 as A9raha) had 9ound Isaac and laid hi) u4on the altar1 and had his hand li#ted u4 'ith the 5ni#e that 'ould 5ill hi)1 ...the *ngel o" the Lor$ calle$ to hi# "ro# heaven an$ sai$) (*braha#) *braha#2' an$ he sai$) Here a#.' *n$ He sai$) (-o not la! !our han$ on the la$) or $o an!thing to hi#. "or now &now that !ou "ear 1o$) since !ou have not withhel$ !our son) !our onl! son) "ro# 3e.' 3od has al'ays loo5ed all o7er the earth to #ind so)eone 'ho 'ould o9ey Hi)1 'hose heart is 4er#ect to'ard Hi) EII !orinthians 16<-F6 He doesnt 'ant to 4ush and 4ersuade1 coa: and struggle 'ith the 4eo4le He chooses1 and yet1 He 'ill e:tend as )uch lo7e and 4atience as it reGuires ;ust to get so)e 4eo4le 'ho 'ill #inally say =2o? to their o'n desires and =>es? to His 4lans6 When 3od #inds this 5ind o# 4eo4le1 their o9edience 'ill 9ring angels right on the scene to hel4 out at their ti)e o# needA

,raise and Worshi! 2rings Angels

The incredi9le high 4raise and 'orshi4 that I 'rote a9out 4re7iously 9rought a 'hole ro' o# 9lessing angels and then another ro' o# 'arrior angels into the ser7ice that night in A9ilene1 Te:as6 There 'as another ti)e 'hen I 9elie7e the highest #or) o# 'orshi4 4ossi9le 'ent #orth to 3od1 and it had earthsha5ing resultsA This is another one o# those angel encounters 'hich really turns )e onA Kaul and %ilas had 9een out there 4reaching right and le#t1 and as al'ays had results that really turned the 'orld u4side do'n6 $.

Their 4reaching 'as really irritating the de7il1 and that )eans he reared u4 his ugly head and caused the to'n 4eo4le to 9eco)e enraged6 Ho'e7er1 'hen Kaul cast the de)on out o# a young 'o)an 'ho had 9een )a5ing her )asters rich through soothsaying1 it 'as the last stra'A Al)ost i))ediately Kaul and %ilas 'ere dragged a'ay1 9eaten 'ith a cat o nine tails1 and thro'n into ;ail6 Ha7e you e7er 7isited inside a ;ailD It is al)ost un9elie7a9le ho' cra)4ed1 cold1 da)4 and un4leasant e7en our )odern ;ails are6 ut those ;ails in Kauls day 'ere literally a )essA !o7ered 'ith ca5ed 9lood #ro) the )any stri4es1 Kaul and %ilas 'ere thro'n into the dar51 #oul0 s)elling cha)9er and their shredded 9odies loc5ed in chains6 I lo7e 'hat the i9le tells us6 ,ut at #i$night Caul an$ Silas were pra!ing an$ singing h ns to 1o$) an$ the prisoners were listening o the#. Su$$enl! there was a great earth>Eua e) so that the "oun$ations o" the prison were sha&en. an$ i##e$iatel! all the $oors were opene$ an ever!one@s chains were loose$ EActs 16<2&026F6 @oo5 'hat 4raise and 'orshi4 didA Who do you thin5 shoo5 the 4rison doors until they o4enedD Who unloc5ed all the 4risoners chainsD It had to 9e strong 'arrior angels sent #ro) the @ord 3od Hi)sel# to )inister to 3ods ser7antsA Kraising 3 d caused the angels to co)e and sha5e that 4rison o# its #oundation1 Kraising 3od resulted in the guard and his entire #a)ily getting sa7ed that nightA Kraising 3od o4ened the doors so Kaul and %ilas could 9e 9ac5 in to' 4reaching again in the te)4le early the ne:t )orning1 Hallelu;ahA

,rayer 2eings Angels

*aniel )ust ha7e 9een one o# the )ost godly )en e7er to li7e6 He certainly had a lot o# encounters 'ith angelsA He 'as a de7oted )an o# 4rayer 'hich had gotten hi) thro'n $1

into the lions denA He 'as also a hu)9le )an6 3od had gi7en hi) great s4iritual insight1 and a9ilities to inter4ret drea)s and 7isions6 >et *aniel ne7er clai)ed to ha7e any s4ecial 4o'er1 9ut al'ays sought 3od in e7ery situation 'hich needed an inter4retation or e:4lanation6 %o)eone 'ould co)e running to hi) 'ith a 4ro9le) that needed i))ediate attention1 and *aniel 'ould res4ond1 I ha7e to tal5 to 3od #irst6 *aniel +<1&016 tells o# a 7ision *aniel had 'hich he didnt understand1 He sought 3od6 He si)4ly 'ent to his roo) to 4ray1 and suddenly there stood 9e#ore hi) one ha7ing the a44earance o# a )an6 *aniel then heard a 7oice say1 1abriel) #a&e this #an un$erstan$ the vision. =The i9le says 'hen the angel ca)e near1 *aniel #ell on his #ace1 and at #irst he couldnt e7en )o7e 9ut 'as as i# in a dee4 slee46 *aniel had 9een slain in the %4irit as the glory o# this )ighty angelic )essenger a44roached hi)6 His 4hysical 9ody ;ust couldnt handle it6 The angel had to hel4 hi) u41 and then 9egan to e:4lain the 7ery trou9ling 7ision 'hich 'as a re7elation o# the last days6 There 'as another ti)e though1 that *aniel sought 3od1 and sought Hi)1 and continued to see5 Hi)1 and it see)ed that a9solutely nothing ha44ened6 This 'ent on #or three 'ee5s1 and *aniel1 ha7ing had such good results 'ith 4rayer in ti)es 4ast1 surely 9egan to 'onder i# the hea7ens had turned to 9rass or 'as 3od )ad at hi)1 or 'hat in the 'orld 'as going onA Then one day *aniel 'as do'n 9y the ri7er6 May9e he didnt stay in his roo) all the ti)e to 4ray1 9ut li5ed to ta5e little 'al5s and tal5 'ith 3od outdoors and suddenly he loo5ed u4 and so)eone had ;oined hi)A li"te$ #! e!es an$ loo&e$) an$ behol$) a certain #an clothe$ in linen) whose waist was gir$e$ with gol$ o" Apha/2 His bo$! was li&e ber!l) his "ace li&e the appearance o" lightning) his e!es li&e torches o" "ire) his ar#s an$ his "eet li&e $2

burnishe$ brass in color) an$ the soun$ o" his wor$s li&e the voice o" a #ultitu$e E*aniel 1.<&06F6 Again *aniel #ell on his #ace 'hen he loo5ed u4 and sa' this )agni#icent angel clothed in the glory o# 3od1 He did the sa)e thing you or I 'ouldA He #ell #lat on his #ace againA And he couldnt get u4A The angel hel4ed *aniel u4 and 9egan to s4ea5 to hi) in such a lo7ing 'ay that re7eals the closeness 3od #elt 'ith this )an1 *n$ he sai$ to #e) O -aniel) #an greatl! belove$) un$erstan$ the wor$s that spea& to !ou) an$ stan$ upright) "or have now been sent to you?E*aniel 1.<1101 3F6 He )ust ha7e 5no'n *aniels thoughts6 *aniel had 9een 'ondering 'hat had ta5en hi) so long6 (-o not "ear) -aniel) "or "ro# the "irst $a! !ou set !our heart to un$erstan$) an$ to hu#ble !oursel" be"ore !our 1o$) !our wor$s were hear$. an$ have co#e because o" !our wor$s) ,ut the prince o" the &ing$o# o" Cersia withstoo$ #e twent!>one $a!s.' Then he e:4lained ho' Michael1 one o# the chie# 4rinces1 had co)e to hel4 hi) 9rea5 through the de)onic acti7ity in the hea7enlies6 I lo7e this account1 9ecause it says to )e1 =Just 5ee4 on hanging in there1 9ecause your ans'er is on the 'ayA *ont GuitA *ont e7en thin5 a9out gi7ing u4A 3ods Word has 4o'er thats 'or5ing right no'1 and 'hether you see it or not1 re)e)9er the angel said1 have co#e because o" !our wor$s. =(ee4 4raying and s4ea5ing 3ods WordA >our )iracle is on the 'ayA 3od doesnt res4ect ti)e or circu)stances or gi7e )ore #a7or to one 4erson than another6 3od sent an angel to *aniel1 'ho had 9een tre)endously co))itted to Hi) all his li#e8 9ut He also sent an angel to Keter1 'ho at the ti)e 'as a ne' !hristian1 'ho had 4ro9a9ly 9een a 4retty rough and ro'dy character in his #ishing 4ro#ession6 $3

@oo5 at ho' 4rayer 9rought angels on this scene6 *bout that ti#e Iing Hero$ #ove$ against so#e o" the believers) an$ &ille$ the apostle %a#es) =%ohn brother?) 6hen Hero$ saw how #uch this please$ the %ewish lea$ers) he arreste$ Ceter $uring the Cassover celebration an$ i#prisone$ hi#) placing hi# un$er the guar$ o" sixteen sol$iers. Hero$@s intention was to $eliver Ceter to the %ews "or execution a"ter the Cassover. ,ut earnest pra!er was going up to 1o$ "ro# the Church "or his sa"et! all the ti#e he was in prison EActs ;J.;>5 T@ F6 elo7ed1 4ray that 4eo4le are 4raying #or you6 As a )atter o# #act1 I) going to as5 e7ery 4erson 'ho reads this 9oo5 to s4end one )inute e7ery day 4raying #or !harles and Frances Hunter6 I dont thin5 'e could e7er )aintain the tre)endous schedule 'e do or acco)4lish the things 'e do #or 3od i# 4eo4le 'ere not 4raying #or usA The story continues6 The night be"ore he was to be execute$) he was asleep) $ouble>chaine$ between two sol$iers with others stan$ing guar$ be"ore the prison gate) when su$$enl! there was a light in the cell an$ an angel o" the Lor$ stoo$ besi$e Ceter2 The angel 'as co)ing directly #ro) hea7en and the glory o# 3od 'as shining all a9out hi)6 I lo7e 'hat the angel did 9ecause he 'as so in#or)al he ;ust 'hac5ed Keter on the side6 !ant you ;ust see hi) going =4o'?D Ha7e you e7er a'a5ened your children that 'ayD When )y children 'ere little I used to ta4 the) on the u44er 4art o# their leg and say1 =!o)e on1 co)e on1 co)e onA @ets get out o# 9edA? And thats 4ro9a9ly 'hat the angel did to Keter1 Keter 'as su44osed to 9e e:ecuted the ne:t day1 9ut he 'as slee4ing so soundly that the angel had to sla4 hi) to a'a5en hi)6 Thats con#idence in 3odA ,erse 71 The angel slappe$ hi# on the si$e to awa&en hi# an$ sai$) Kuic&2 1et up2' *n$ the chains "ell o"" his wrists2 $$

When the angel s4o5e the 'ords that he had 9een directed 9y 3od to say1 notice that the chains #ell o## Keters 'rists6 Then the angel tol$ hi#) 1et $resse$ an$ put on !our shoes.' It is 9eauti#ul that e7en though 3od could ha7e instantly had hi) dressed1 He didnt6 He let Keter do a little so)ething6 3od intends #or us to do a little so)ething1 too6 He lets us do things on our o'n to see i# 'e are as interested in oursel7es as He is6 And the i9le says1 *n$ he $i$. Now put on !our coat an$ "ollow #e2' the angel or$ere$) So Ceter le"t the cell) "ollowing the angel. ,ut all the ti#e he thought it was a $rea# or vision) an$ $i$n(t believe it was reall! happening. The! passe$ the "irst an$ secon$ cell bloc&s an$ ca#e to the iron gate to the street) an$ this opene$ to the# o" its own accor$2 Keter didnt o4en the door1 the guard didnt o4en it1 no9ody o4ened it6 The door ;ust o4ened6 The angel 4ro9a9ly o4ened it 'ithout e7en touching it6 Thin5 ho' 3od 9y His %4irit or 9y angels1 o4ens doors #or us1 And it says1 So the! passe$ through an$ wal&e$ along together "or a bloc&) an$ then the angel le"t hi#. He si)4ly 7anished6 6hen the angel $isappeare$) Ceter "inall! reali/e$ what ha$ happene$2 t@s reall! true2' he sai$ to hi#sel" (The Lor$ has sent his angel an$ save$ #e "ro# Hero$ an$ "ro# what the %ews were hoping to $o to #e2 Isnt that ;ust 'onder#ul to thin5 that i# you had the sa)e 4ro9le) Keter had1 getting loc5ed u4 in ;ail #or 4reaching 3ods Word1 that 3od 'ould say1 =Angel1 go do'n there and )inister to that child o# )ine6?


%!ea'ing God1s Word 2rings Angels

Ksal) 1.3<2. 4roclai)s1 ,less the Lor$) !ou His angels) who excel in strength) who $o His wor$) hee$ing the voice o" His wor$. 3od is )o7ed 'hen His saints de)onstrate co))it)ent1 o9edience1 4raise and 'orshi4 and dedication to 4rayer6 He is 'illing and ready to s4ea5 a 'ord and send angels to )inister to and #or the heirs o# sal7ation 'hen 'e as5 Hi)6 We are also a9le to s4ea5 3ods 'ord1 In Isaiah $3<261 3od says to re)ind Hi) o# His 'ord1 and later on in Isaiah 55G; 1 He 4ro)ises that His 'ord 'ill not return to Hi) 7oid 9ut 'ill acco)4lish 'hat He 4leases6 When 3od s4ea5s1 angels 'ill hear5en to 4er#or) His 'ord6 Al'ays loo5 to 3od #or your hel41 9ut than5 Hi) #or the )inistry o# the angels through 'ho) He 'or5s6 We can as5 3od to send angels 9ut 'e cannot co))and angels to do anything6 e co))ittedA e o9edientA e 4rayer#ulA Kraise 3od all the ti)eA %4ea5 His 'ord all the ti)eA I 9elie7e in these last days you and I are going to see )ore o# the su4ernatural than e7er 9e#ore6 We are going to see )ore and )ore acti7ity o# angels than e7er 9e#ore in history6

God1s #o"e (or %ouls

The 'riter o# the 9oo5 o# He9re's 'rote1 *re the! not all #inistering spirits sent "orth to #inister "or those who will inherit salvation2 EHe9re's 1<1$F6 There are )essenger angels6 There are 'arrior angels1 and there are angels 'ho )inister to those 'ho 'ill inherit sal7ation6 I thin5 this is one o# the )ost e:citing #unctions o# the angelic real)6 3ods 4lan o# sal7ation is 'ritten all through the i9le #ro) 3enesis to He7elation6 We ha7e already shared a9out the night Jesus 'as 9orn1 and the glory that shone all o7er $6

the 4lace 9ecause o# the 9rightness o# the angels 'ho ca)e to announce that e7ent6 ut re)e)9er1 angels 'ere in7ol7ed in the thread o# sal7ation e7en 9e#ore Mary concei7ed6 An angel had 7isited Mary to tell her 'hat 'as going to ha44en6 An angel a44eared to Jose4h to tell hi) 'hat 'as going to ha44en6 Then1 'hen it 'as ti)e to lea7e ethlehe) so 9a9y Jesus 'ouldnt 9e 5illed1 an angel 'arned Jose4h to lea7e Guic5ly and go to Egy4t6 The conce4tion and 9irth o# the %a7ior recei7ed a lot o# angelic attentionA "ne o# the )ain 4ur4oses #or angels is one o# the )ost e:citing o# all1 3od is really interested in the sal7ation o# e7ery 4erson on the #ace o# the earth6 Thin5 a9out this in connection 'ith your o'n #a)ily6 The closer 'e dra' to the end o# ti)e1 the )ore and )ore 'e are going to 9e a'are o# the acti7ity o# angels6 The )ore 'e are going to as5 3od to send angels to do s4eci#ic things in our li7es6 3od can and does send angels e7en 'hen 'e dont as56 Angels are directed 9y 3od1 and His heart yearns #or souls to co)e into a right relationshi4 'ith Hi)6 Angels can 9e directed 9y 3od to go out and encourage1 or 4ush1 or 4ull1 or sho7e1 or 'hate7er it )ay ta5e1 to get unsa7ed 4eo4le to those 'ho 'ill lead the) into sal7ation6 An e:cellent case o# this in the i9le concerns Khili41 'ho had returned to Jerusale) and 'as 4reaching the gos4el in )any 7illages o# %a)aria6 2o' 'atch 'hat ha44ened in Acts +<260276 Now an angel o" the Lor$ spo&e to Chilip) sa!ing) *rise) an$ go towar$ the south along the roa$ which goes $own "ro# %erusale# to 1a/a. This is $esert.' Khili4 listened6 It )ight not ha7e 9een con7enient1 or on his daily agenda1 9ut he listened and he o9eyedA So he arose an$ went. *n$ behol$) a #an o" Ethiopia) a eunuch o" great authorit! un$er Can$ace the Eueen o" the Ethiopians) who ha$ charge o" all her treasur!) an$ ha$ co#e to %erusale# to worship) was returning. *n$ sitting $7

in his chariot) he was rea$ing saiah the prophet) Then the Spirit sai$ to Chilip) (1o near an$ overta&e this chariot. *id you notice that1 'hen he 'as sent1 he 'as sent 9y an angel8 and yet 'hen he got there1 7erse 2- says1 The Spirit sai$ to Chilip) 1o near) an$ overta&e this chariot. *id you see ho' 3od )o7ed on Khili4 'hen the angel said 'hat the %4irit said1 =3o o7er there in the desert on the 'ay 9et'een Jerusale) and 3aBa 9ecause I7e got so)ething #or you to do6? He sent an angel to Khili4 #or the 4ur4ose o# 9ringing the Ethio4ian eunuch into sal7ation1 3od is doing e:actly the sa)e thing todayA We ha7e 4eo4le 'al5 u4 to us in )iracle ser7ices 'ho say1 =I dont 5no' 'hy I) here1 I ha7e no idea 'hy I) standing here6? We 'ill say1 =We 5no' 'hy youre here1 >ou need to 9e sa7ed1? 3od has sent angels out to 9ring the) to the 4eo4le 'ho 'ill )inister sal7ation to the)A Hight no' 'hile youre reading this 9oo51 lets sto4 #or a )o)ent6 !harles and I are 4raying and 'ant you to ;oin your #aith 'ith ours and as5 3od to send angels out to 9ring your lo7ed ones to the 4eo4le 'ho 'ill )inister sal7ation to the)1 Father) in the Na#e o" %esus) we than& 9ou that 9ou create$ angels. Than& 9ou) Father) that 9ou create$ the# "or such exciting purposes. Than& 9ou that 9ou sent an angel $own to protect Sha$rac&) 3eshach) an$ *ben$ego right in the #i$$le o" the "ier! "urnace. The! $i$n(t even get singe$ an$ the! $i$n(t even s#ell li&e s#o&e because the angel 9ou sent protecte$ the#. Oh) Father) how we than& 9ou that 9ou protecte$ -aniel in the lions@ $en. Than& !ou that 9ou sent 1abriel $own to explain the vision to hi# so that things he $i$n(t un$erstan$ were reveale$ through the angel who brought a #essage $irectl! "ro# 9our lips. Father) we than& 9ou "or Chilip) too. 6e than& 9ou that he hear$ when an angel o" the Lor$ spo&e. 6e than& 9ou $+

that when the angel sai$) 1o near) he got over there an$ $i$ what 9ou wante$ hi# to $o) an$ that was to present the plan o" salvation to the Ethiopian eunuch2 There are #an! o" us who have unsave$ love$ ones in our "a#il!. Father) we as& 9ou in the na#e o" %esus to loose the vast ar#ies o" heaven. 6e as& 9ou to sen$ angels out there to bring =na#e o" !our love$ one? to a person) to a point) to a place where the! will "in$ the living %esus) where the! will "in$ %esus as their Savior an$ Lor$) 6e than& 9ou right now2 Than& 9ou "or $ispatching angels an$ "or sen$ing the# out. 6e than& !ou that those angels can $o #iracles in the lives o" our love$ ones an$ we re0oice even now) Oh) Father) the next ti#e we see one o" our "a#il! who is not save$) we are going to chuc&le to ourselves an$ sa!) (9ou $on (t &now it =na#e?) but !ou@ve got angels all aroun$ !ou shoving !ou right to war$ that person who is going to lea$ !ou to salvation. Hallelu0ah2 6e as& this in the na#e o" %esus2 Here is another e:a)4le o# ho' 3od sees a 4ersons heart and 'ill so7ereignly initiate angelic inter7ention in order to 9ring the) to sal7ation< In the tenth cha4ter o# Acts1 !ornelius1 an Italian 3entile1 'ho 'as de7oted to 4rayer and hel4ing the 4oor1 'as really see5ing to 4lease the 3od he 9elie7ed 'as out there so)e'here1 9ut he 'asnt sa7edA %o 3od sent an angel do'n to tell hi) there 'as a )an he )ust tal5 'ith1 the a4ostle Keter1 'ho 'ould sho' hi) the 'ay o# sal7ation6 3od 5ne' !ornelius heart had really 9een see5ing sal7ation1 and He )ade sure he 'ould #ind itA As a result1 !ornelius heart 'as di7inely 4re4ared and he and his 'hole household 'ere gloriously sa7ed6 He 'as the #irst o# the 3entiles to recei7e the 9a4tis) 'ith the Holy %4iritA The )ighty angels o# 3od are e7ery'here6 There are )ore than enough to go around6 And they are an:ious to do 3ods 9iddingA "ne o# the 'ays 'e 4ray #or the lost is to $-

as5 3od to send so)eone 'ith the good ne's o# Jesus to each one 'hose heart 'ould 9e 'illing to recei7e Hi)6 We 9elie7e that there are angels 'or5ing in e7ery tri9e and nation1 4re4aring la9orers to go and hearts to recei7e1 In Ksal) 2<+1 3od says1 (*s& o" 3e) an$ l will give !ou the nations "or !our inheritance.' I) certain 'e 'ould 9e a9solutely a)aBed i# 'e 5ne' all that 3od 'as ha7ing angels do all o7er the 'orld right at this instant1 9ecause o# His lo7e #or souls6

God1s com!assion
There are ti)es 'hen 3od 'ill loo5 u4on so)eone in their circu)stances 'ith such lo7e and co)4assion that He 'ill =)o7e hea7en and earth? so to s4ea51 ;ust to let the) 5no' Hes in control6 It )ight 9e so)eone 'ho has ser7ed Hi) #aith#ully1 or it )ight 9e so)eone 'ho 9elongs to so)eone 'ho has ser7ed hi) #aith#ully6 "ne o# the stories 'hich I ha7e al'ays thought 'as 7ery 9eauti#ul in7ol7ed A9raha)s #irst son Ish)ael1 not Isaac1 Ish)ael 'as not the son 3od had 4ro)ised A9raha) and %arah1 'hich 'as a s4ecial co7enant agree)ent1 9ut 'as the o##s4ring o# a union 9et'een A9raha) and %arahs )aid1 Hagar6 2onetheless1 Ish)ael 'as A9raha)s seed6 "ne day1 9ecause o# stri#e in the household1 Hagar and Ish)ael had 9een cast out into the desert to #end #or the)sel7es6 The i9le says1 There"ore she sai$ to *braha#) Cast out this bon$swo#an an$ her son. "or the son o" this bon$swo#an shall not be heir with #! son) na#el! with saac =E21<1$F6 So *braha# rose earl! in the #orning) an$ too& brea$ an$ a s&in o" water. an$ putting it on her shoul$er) he gave it an$ the bo! to Hagar) an$ sent her awa!2 Then she $eparte$ an$ wan$ere$ in the 6il$erness o" ,eersheba. *n$ the water in the s&in was use$ up) an$ she place$ the bo! un$er one o" the shrubs. She went an$ sat $own &.

across "ro# hi# at a $istance o" about a bowshot. "or she sai$ to hersel" (Let #e not see the $eath o" the bo!. So she sat opposite hi#) an$ li"te$ her voice an$ wept. *n$ 1o$ hear$ the voice o" the la$. Then the angel o" 1o$ calle$ to Hagar out o" heaven) an$ sai$ to her) (6hat ails !ou) Hagar: Fear not) "or 1o$ has hear$ the voice o" the la$ where he is. *rise) li"t up the la$ an$ hol$ hi# with !our han$) "or will #a&e hi# a great nation. *n$ 1o$ opene$ her e!es) an$ she saw a well o" water. Then she went an$ "ille$ the s&in with water) an$ gave the la$ a $rin& E3enesis 21<1.01 -F6 3od 'as )o7ed 'ith co)4assion 9ecause this 'as a child o# His #riend A9raha)1 so He sent an angel )essenger to encourage Hagar 'ith a 4ro)ise #or the #uture and 4ro7ided the )iracle o# 4ro7ision they needed right at that )o)ent6 Another account 'hich really sho's the co)4assion o# 3od is in Acts 'here Kaul had 9een ta5en 4risoner and 'as on a shi4 9ound #or Ho)e6 A#ter 4utting out to sea1 they had run into a tre)endous stor) 'hich lasted day a#ter day a#ter day1 The cre' all #eared #or their li7es 9ecause they 5ne' the shi4 'as going to 9rea5 into tiny s4linters 9e#ore the stor) 4assed6 Finally the shi4 ran aground1 and 9egan to 9rea5 u46 ut1 9e#ore e7eryone 4anic5ed1 Kaul said to the) in Acts 27<2202$1 (*n$ now urge !ou to ta&e heart) "or there will be no loss o" li"e a#ong !ou) but onl! o" the ship. What he 'as telling the) 'as1 =The shi4 is going do'n 9ut cheer u4 and dont 'orry1 no9odys going to lose their li#eA? Kaul could s4ea5 so 4ositi7ely 9ecause an angel had already 9een sent 9y 3od 'ith a 'ord o# encourage)ent6 He continued1 For there stoo$ b! #e this night an angel o" the 1o$ to who# belong an$ who# serve) sa!ing (-o not be &1

a"rai$) Caul. !ou #ust be brought be"ore Caesar. an$ in$ee$ 1o$ has grante$ !ou all those who sail with !ou2' 3od did not ha7e any o9ligation to all those sailors to send an angel to cheer the) u46 His 4lan 'as to ta5e care o# Kaul and get hi) to Ho)e6 He could ha7e ;ust co)#orted Kaul 9y the Holy %4irit1 or )ade sure Kaul got hold o# a 4iece o# 'ood to hang onto and test his #aith6 3ods heart is one o# co)4assion6 %o)eti)es He 'ill send an angel #ro) the throne roo) to the earth ;ust to encourage and 9ring 4eace to a #aith#ul ser7ant6 3od is so interested in e7ery single 9elie7er that not only 'ill He use su4ernatural )eans to 4rotect the)1 He 'ill also send angelic )essengers seen or unseen to co)#ort1 strengthen or encourage His child during a ti)e o# crisis1 In this situation1 3od also 5ne' the sailors 'ere scared1 and He sent an angel to gi7e Kaul a 'ord o# encourage)ent not ;ust #or hi)sel# 9ut #or e7eryone tra7eling 'ith hi)A

God1s 0udgment
Although I 9elie7e 3ods 4re#erence #or angelic 7isitations is #or 9lessing and )inistering to His 4eo4le1 there ha7e 9een throughout the i9le1 and 'ill 9e in days to co)e1 instances 'here 3od used and 'ill use the angels to en#orce His ;udg)ent on 'ic5edness6 Angels 'ere in7ol7ed in the destruction o# %odo) and 3o)orrah6 3od #irst sent an angel to 'arn A9raha)s ne4he' @ot6 Then angels hurried @ot and his 'i#e and daughters out o# the city1 e7en gra99ing their hands and yan5ing the) along 9ecause they 'ere 4o5ing along too slo'lyA *n$ while he lingere$) the #en =angels? too& hol$ o" his han$) his wi"e@s han$) an$ the han$s o" his two $aughters) the Lor$ being #erci"ul to hi#) an$ the! brought hi# out an$ set hi# outsi$e the cit! E3enesis 1-<16F6 &2

"ne o# the angels 'arned the grou4 not to loo5 9ac51 9ut @ots 'i#e diso9eyed and re)ained on the edge o# to'n as a statue o# salt6 Angels can still 9e sent to 'arn us o# i)4ending danger1 and ignoring the) can 9e disastrousA We need to 9e alert to realiBe the 4otential o# angels and re)e)9er to than5 3od #or sending s4ecial )inistering s4irits to us6


Chapter # $inistering Angels

elo7ed1 did you e7er thin5 ;ust a little tiny 9it a9out a su9;ect in the i9le and then suddenly it ca)e ali7e and you had a tre)endous desire an o7er'hel)ing #eeling that you had to #ind out e7erything there 'as a9out itD That is e:actly 'hat ha44ened to us on the su9;ect o# angels6 T'o 7erses in Ksal) 9eca)e real to us and started this tre)endous interest in angels6

Angels Watching +"er You

He shall give His angels charge over !ou) to &eep !ou in all !our wa!s) The! shall bear !ou up in their han$s) lest !ou $ash !our "oot against a stone. The @i7ing i9le states it eloGuently6 How then can evil overta&e #e or an! plague co#e near: For He or$ers His angels to protect !ou wherever !ou go. The! will stea$! !ou with their han$s to &eep !ou "ro# stu#bling against the roc&s on the trails. 9ou can sa"el! #eet a lion or step on poisonous sna&es) !es) even tra#ple the# beneath !our "eet2 =Csal# B;G;;);J?.

Growing 3! In *he #ord

%e had such a tre)endous ti)e 'ith and en;oyed our little granddaughter !harity so )uch 9ecause Joan and o91 our daughter and son0in0la'1 ha7e really raised her in the #ear and ad)onition o# the @ord1 When our oldest granddaughter 'as only t'o years old1 'e 'ould say1 =!harity1 ho' are youD? %he 'ould ans'er1 =I) 9lessed6? It al'ays delighted us to hear her gi7e her little con#ession6 Thats scri4tural 9ecause all the 9lessings that &$

3od ga7e to A9raha) 9elong to you and to )eA Then she 'ould say1 =I ha7e #a7or 'ith 3od6? All the 9lessings and all the co7enants that 3od )ade 'ith A9raha) are the things that )a5e us ha7e #a7or 'ith 3od6 ut the third thing she said really #ascinated )e 9ecause she said1 =Angels ha7e charge o7er )e6? *o you 5no' 'hat 4ro)4ted thisD "ne Hallo'een she 'as a#raid 9ecause 5ids 'ere running around saying1 = ooA? and ;u)4ing out #ro) 9ehind 9ushes dressed li5e ghosts6 When she ca)e 9ac5 into the house she said to her )other1 ="ooh1 Mo))y1 I) so scaredA? Her )other said1 =>ou dont e7er ha7e to 9e a#raid 9ecause 3od gi7es His angels charge o7er you6 His angels 'atch o7er you all the ti)e1 thats 'hy you dont e7er ha7e to 9e a#raid o# anything6? Jesus re#erred to children ha7ing angels 'hen He said1 Ta&e hee$ that !ou $o not $espise one o" these little ones) "or sa! to !ou that in heaven their angels alwa!s see the "ace o" 3! Father who is in heaven? EMatthe' 1+<1.F6 What a 'onder#ul 'ay to 9e 9rought u4A Ho' I 'ish I had 9rought )y children u4 in e:actly the sa)e 'ay6 We 9elie7e the acti7ity o# angels is accelerating today 9ecause the return o# Jesus is i))inent1 We 9egan an intensi7e study o# angelic acti7ity in the i9le and 'e 9egan to hear )ore and )ore a9out the acti7ity o# angels at the 4resent ti)e6 There are )any ti)es 'hen angels ha7e 9een 'ith all o# us1 9ut 'e ha7e ;ust not realiBed it! Kerha4s 9ecause o# too little teaching or too little e:4ectancy1 'e ha7e not recogniBed the tre)endous a)ount o# angelic acti7ities all around us6 Many ti)es 'e thin5 it is the Holy %4irit1 and I) sure that the angels ta5e instructions #ro) the Holy %4irit1 9ut ne7ertheless1 I 9elie7e there are ti)es 'hen angels are sent out as s4irit )essengers #ro) 3od6 They are dis4atched 9y &&

and instructed 9y the Holy %4irit 9ut the angels actually co)e to us to deli7er a )essage #ro) 3od6

Angelic Message (or Abraham and %arah

The i9le )a5es so)e 7ery interesting state)ents 'here it is tal5ing a9out the 9irth or the antici4ated 9irth o# a son #or A9raha) and %arah6 2otice 7ery care#ully that the #irst ti)e they 'ere ad7ised a9out ha7ing a 9a9y it 'as a44arently 3od s4ea5ing to the) directly6 E3enesis ;5G;><? *"ter these things the wor$ o" the Lor$ ca#e to *bra# in a vision) sa!ing) -o not be a"rai$) *bra#. a# !our shiel$) !our excee$ingl! great rewar$.' ,ut *bra# sai$) Lor$ 1o$) what will 9ou give #e) seeing go chil$less) an$ the heir o" #! house is Elie/er o" -a#ascus:' Then *bra# sai$ Loo&) 9ou have given #e no o""spring in$ee$ one born in #! house is #! heir2' *n$ behol$) the wor$ o" the Lor$ ca#e to hi#) sa!ing) This one shall not be !our heir) but one who will co#e "ro# !our own bo$! shall be !our heir.'

Descendants as -umerous As *he %tars

Then He brought hi# outsi$e an$ sai$) Loo& now towar$ heaven) an$ count the stars i" !ou are able to nu#ber the#. *n$ He sai$ to hi#) So shall !our $escen$ants be. And he believed in the Lor$) and He accounted it to him or righteousness! The ne:t ti)e 'e hear a9out this is 7ery interesting 9ut notice the di##erenceA E3enesis 17<10$F 6hen *bra# was ninet!>nine !ears ol$) the Lor$ appeare$ to *bra# an$ sai$ to hi#) a# *l#ight! 1o$. wal& be"ore 3e an$ be bla#eless) *n$ will #a&e 3! covenant between 3e an$ !ou) an$ will #ultipl! !ou excee$ingl!.'


Then *bra# "ell on his "ace) an$ 1o$ tal&e$ with hi#) sa!ingG (*s "or 3e) behol$) 3! covenant is with !ou) an$ !ou shall be a "ather o" #an! nations. No longer shall !our na#e be calle$ *bra#) but !our na#e shall be *braha#. "or have #a$e !ou a "ather o" #an! nations. will #a&e !ou excee$ingl! "ruit"ul. an$ l will #a&e nations o" !ou) an$ &ings shall co#e "ro# !ou.' A little 9it later1 3od s4o5e to %arah6 /4 until that ti)e she 'as called %arai 9ut then 3od changed her na)e to %arah 'hich )eans =Krincess6?

An Angelic A!!earance
In the 1+th cha4ter o# 3enesis notice that the @ord a44eared a44arently in the #or) o# a hu)an 9eing1 along 'ith angels1 or 'as it an angel that a44earedD @oo5 'hat it says6 Then the Lor$ appeare$ to hi# b! the terebinth trees o" 3a#re) as he was sitting in the tent $oor in the heat o" the $a!. So he li"te$ his e!es an$ loo&e$) an$ behol$) three #en were stan$ing b! hi#. an$ when he saw the#) he ran "ro# the tent $oor to #eet the#) an$ bowe$ hi#sel" to the groun$) an$ sai$) 3! Lor$) i" have now "oun$ "avor in 9our sight) $o not pass on b! 9our servant. (Clease let a little water be brought) an$ wash !our "eet) an$ rest !ourselves un$er the tree.

Abraham %hows Hos!itality

(*n$ will bring a #orsel o" brea$) that !ou #a! re"resh !our hearts. *"ter that !ou #a! pass b!) inas#uch as !ou have co#e to !our servant.' *n$ the! sai$) -o as !ou have sai$.


So *braha# hastene$ into the tent to Sarah an$ sai$) Kuic&l!) #a&e rea$! three #easures o" "ine #eal. &nea$ it an$ #a&e ca&es.' *n$ *braha# ran to the her$) too& a ten$er an$ goo$ call. gave it to a !oung #an) an$ he hastene$ to prepare it) So he too& butter an$ #il& an$ the cal" which he ha$ prepare$) an$ se tit be"ore the#. an$ he stoo$ b! the# un$er the tree as the! ate.

Again God ,romises a %on

Then the! sai$ to hi#) 6here is Sarah !our wi"e: *n$ he sai$) Here) in the tent.' Enote that the @ord 'as s4ea5ing through these three 4eo4le 'ho 'ere a44arently angels1F

Ha"e You )ntertained Angels ?

In another 4lace1 the i9le says1 ,e care"ul lest !ou entertain angels unaware. will certainl! return to !ou accor$ing to the ti#e o" li"e) an$ behol$) Sarah !our wile shall have a son. *n$ Sarah was listening in the tent $oor which was behin$ hi#. Now *braha# an$ Sarah were ol$) well a$vance$ in age. an$ Sarah ha$ passe$ the age o" chil$bearing. There"ore Sarah laughe$ within hersel" sa!ing) *"ter have grown ol$) shall have pleasure) #! lor$ being ol$ also.:' 3od 5no's e7erything 'e do and e7erything 'e say and e7erything 'e thin5A *n$ the Lor$ sai$ to *braha#) 6h! $i$ Sarah laugh) sa!ing) (Shall surel! bear a chil$) since a# ol$:@ s an!thing too har$ "or the Lor$: *t the appointe$ ti#e will return to !ou) accor$ing to the ti#e o" li"e) an$ Sarah shall have a son.' In this instance 3od s4o5e directly to A9ra) #or the #irst ti)e6 The second ti)e it 'as angels 'ho s4o5e the &+

'ord o# 3od through 'hat a44eared to 9e hu)an 9eings6 Whene7er angels s4ea51 it is al'ays the 'ord o# 3od1 Angels 'ill ne7er say anything that does not line u4 4er#ectly 'ith the 'ord o# 3od 9ecause the angels are the s4irit )essengers sent out 9y the Al)ighty 3od6 The i9le doesnt s4eci#ically record 'hether the angels 'ere 'ith Jesus all the ti)e1 although I thin5 that there are angels 9usy on our 9ehal# at all ti)es1 i# 'e only could realiBe and a44reciate 'hat they are doing #or us6 I ha7e a #eeling that )any o# us )ight 9e ha7ing a real 9ad ti)e i# 'e didnt ha7e so )any angels out there ta5ing care o# a lot o# our 9attles #or us1 9ecause one o# the 4ur4oses o# the angels is that 3od has gi7en the) charge o7er you to 5ee4 you in all your 'ays6 In other 'ords1 to 5ee4 you healthy1 or strong1 or to 5ee4 you #ro) danger6 I ha7e a #eeling i# you loo5ed around right no' you )ight disco7er yoursel# surrounded 9y angels 'here7er you are i# you could see 'ith your s4irit eyes instead o# your natural eyesA E7en though the i9le doesnt record 'hether the angels 'ere 'ith Jesus all the ti)e1 there are )any instances gi7en 'hen they 'ere6

An Angel Announces *he 2irth o$ 0esus

In the li#e o# Jesus1 the angel 'as there to tell Mary a9out Hi) 9e#ore He 'as e7er concei7ed and then the angels 'ere there again at His 9irth6 @ater an angel s4o5e to Jose4h and told hi) to ta5e Mary and the 9a9y a'ay 9ecause (ing Herod 'as going to issue an edict that all the 9a9ies 'ere going to 9e 5illed6 It 'as an angel 'ho 9rought that )essage to Jose4h to sa7e Jesus li#eA It 'as an angel 'ho a44eared to Jose4h in Egy4t and told hi) to return ho)e6 Angels )inistered to Jesus a#ter He 'as te)4ted in the 'ilderness6 They )inistered to Hi) at 3ethse)ane and they 'ere there 'hen He rose #ro) the gra7e6 At the sound o# the tru)4et angels 'ill gather His &-

elect1 and in the great end0o# ti)e1 grand #inale1 angels 'ill return 'ith the %on o# )an6 Angels 'ere totally in7ol7ed in the li#e o# Jesus and He is our e:a)4le6 Angels are totally in7ol7ed in the li7es o# 9elie7ers6 A#ter Jesus 'as 9a4tiBed in 'ater and the Holy %4irit ca)e on hi)1 descending li5e a do7e and alighting u4on Hi)1 the 7oice #ro) hea7en said1 This is 3! belove$ Son) in who# a# well 4leased? EMatthe' 3<17F6 2o' 'atch 'hat #ollo's in Matthe' $6 Here co)es the de7ilA Then %esus was le$ up b! the Spirit in to the wil$erness to be te#pte$ b! the $evil. *n$ when He ha$ "aste$ "ort! $a!s an$ "ort! nights) a"terwar$ He was hungr!. Now when the te#pter ca#e to Hi#) he sai$) " 9ou are the Son o" 1o$) co##an$ that these stones beco#e brea$.' ,ut He answere$ an$ sai$) t is written) (3an shall not live b! brea$ alone) but b! ever! wor$ that procee$s "ro# the #outh o" 1o$. The de7il te)4ted Jesus in three di##erent areas during this ti)e6 The #irst ti)e1 'e see Jesus 9eing te)4ted on the 4hysical or #leshly le7el8 He 'as hungry and the de7il o##ered hi) #ood6 Then the $evil too& Hi# up in to the hol! cit!) set Hi# on a pinnacle o" the te#ple) *n$ sai$ to Hi#) " 9ou are the Son o" 1o$) throw 9oursel" $own. For it is writtenG (He shall give his angels charge concerning !ou)@ an$) ;n their han$s the! shall bear !ou up) lest !ou $ash !our "oot against a stone. = %esus sai$ to hi#) t is written again) (9ou shall not te#pt the Lor$ !our 1o$. =


In this instance1 the de7il te)4ts Jesus on the le7el o# e)otions or the le7el o# the soul6 %atan 'as trying to te)4t Jesus into #ear1 'hich a44ears in our )inds6 *gain) the $evil too& Hi# up on an excee$ingl! high #ountain) an$ showe$ Hi# all the &ing$o#s o" the worl$ an$ their glor!. *n$ he sai$ to Hi#) *ll these things will give 9ou) i" 9ou will "all $own an$ worship #e)' Then %esus sai$ to hi#) *wa! with !ou) Satan2 For it is written) (9ou shall worship the Lor$ !our 1o$) an$ Hi# onl! !ou shall serve. Finally1 the de7il te)4ts Jesus on a s4iritual le7el6 !ould he actually get Jesus to use His su4ernatural 4o'er #or sel#ish reasons or sel#ish gainD He)e)9er1 the de7il 'anted to e:alt hi)sel# a9o7e 3od1 e:actly 'hat he 'as trying to get Jesus to doA Then the $evil le"t Hi#) an$ behol$) angels ca#e an$ #inistere$ to Hi# EMatthe' $<101 1F6 In all three te)4tations1 'e see Jesus o7erca)e the de7il 9y the Word o# 3od and i))ediately therea#ter =angels ca)e and )inistered to Hi)6? >ou and I 5no' that testing 'ill ine7ita9ly co)e to us i# 'e are truly ser7ing 3od6 Many ti)es1 the te)4tations 'e encounter are 9eyond hu)an logic6 Thats 'hy 'e can ne7er counter the de7il 'ith logic or reason1 only 9y the Word o# 3od6 We can 9elie7e that1 ;ust as angels )inistered to Jesus a#ter this 7ictory o7er %atan1 3od 'ill send angels to )inister to us6

Angels In *imes o$ %orrow4 Grie$ And Danger

"ne o# the 4ur4oses o# angels is to )inister to us in ti)es o# sorro'1 to )inister to us in ti)es o# grie#1 to )inister to us in ti)es o# danger1 to )inister to us in ti)es o# sic5ness and #or innu)era9le other reasons6 61

The i9le doesnt say e:actly ho' the angels )inistered to Jesus6 May9e they 9rought Hi) #ood1 )ay9e they 9rought Hi) so)ething to drin5 'hen this te)4ting 'as all o7er1 9ut it does say that the angels )inistered to Hi)6 They could ha7e e7en held his head in their la4 and ;ust let Hi) lie do'n #or so)e )uch needed 4eace and slee46 Angels are sent u4on direct co))and 9y 3od Hi)sel#1 and e7erything 3ods angels do is good and 4er#ectA Whene7er 'e get on an air4lane1 'e al'ays as5 3od to send His angels to hold the 4lane u46 Many ti)es 'e tell 4eo4le on a 4lane 'ho see) to 9e a little 9it ner7ous or a little 9it u4set i# there is a stor) in the air1 =*ont 'orryA 3od has His angels holding u4 the 'ings o# this 4lane1 so you dont ha7e to 'orry a9out it6? That is e:actly the 'ay I #eel6 I #eel that 3ods angels can do so )uch i# 'e 'ill re)e)9er to say1 =3od1 'ould you send your angels alongD? 3od o#tenti)es gi7es through an angel the greatest )essages He has to gi7e and the )ost outstanding in#or)ation He 'ants to relate6 We need to re)e)9er one thing C that 'hen an angel s4ea5s1 it is the sa)e as 3od s4ea5ing6 When 3od is s4ea5ing through angels1 He does not gi7e angels an o44ortunity to change His o'n 'ords and inter;ect their o'n thoughts6 The angel is s4ea5ing the e:act 'ords o# 3od as He s4o5e the) Hi)sel#A Thats 'hy 3od can trust the) and thats 'hy He has trusted the) on so )any tre)endous occasions6

When the Angels Were ,owerless

When Jesus 'ent to the cross1 He too5 u4on Hi)sel# all the sins o# the 'orld1 all the #ilth and all the sic5ness1 all the disease1 all the 7ile things that e7eryone in the entire 'orld has e7er done6 Then He 'ent do'n into the 7ery 4it o# hell1 and ca)e out 7ictoriousA As He hung on the cross 62

and as He 'ent into hell1 3ods angels 'ere 4o'erless to do anything #or Hi) 9ecause 3od had not gi7en the) any instructionsA The s5y )ust ha7e 9een #ull o# angels all the ti)e6 !onseGuently I) sure that the angels 'ere there 'hile all this 'as going on1 and yet they 'ere co)4letely 9ound6 They could not do anything 9ecause 3od had not gi7en the) any orders6 %o they1 li5e e7ery 4erson there1 stood 9y and 'atched Jesus 9e cruci#ied on the cross6 2o' 'atch 'hat ha44ened 'hen Jesus ca)e 9ac5 to li#e1 'hen He arose #or the deadA The great )essage o# all ti)es concerning the resurrection 'as entrusted to an angel to tell6 Now a"ter the Sabbath) as the "irst $a! o" the wee& began to $awn) 3ar! 3ag$alene an$ the other 3ar! ca#e to see the to#b. *n$ behol$) there was a great earthEua&e. "or an angel o" the Lor$ $escen$e$ "ro# heaven) an$ ca#e an$ rolle$ bac& the stone "ro# the $oor) an$ sat on itEMatthe' 2+<2F6 I can ;ust 4icture the guards 'ho had )ade sure that the to)9 'as sealed 'ith a stone and had 'atch)en around it all the ti)eA Angels ha7e 4ersonalities and I can ;ust 4icture this angel sitting on that stone laughing and laughing and saying1 ="h1 'ait until the 4riests #ind out 'hat ha44ened6? This angel sat there on the stone ;ust to 'atch and see1 e7en though they 5ne' 'hat 'as going to ha44en ne:t6 He had 9een in the 7ery 4resence o# 3odA When Moses 'as u4 on the Mount o# Trans#iguration and ca)e do'n1 the glory o# the @ord 'as u4on hi)6 The glory o# the @ord 'as on the angel1 thats 'hy his countenance was li&e lightning an$ his clothing as white as snow EMatthe' 2+<3F6 *n$ the guar$s shoo& "or "ear o" hi#) an$ beca#e li&e $ea$ #en EMatthe' 2+<$F6 They #ell under the 4o'er o# 3od6 I 9elie7e that is e:actly the sa)e thing you and I 'ould ha7e done i# 'e 63

had 9een sent there to guard the to)9 o# the )an 'ho had ;ust 9een hung on a cross and suddenly 'e disco7ered that the stone had 9een rolled a'ay and the to)9 'as e)4tyA The angel didnt tell the guards not to 9e a#raid6 ,ut the angel answere$ an$ sai$ to the wo#en) -o not be a"rai$) "or l &now that !ou see& %esus who was cruci#ied?EMatthe' 2+<&F6

Do -ot 2e A$raid
2otice that to those 'ho are on 3ods side the angels al'ays say1 (-o not be a"rai$. =*ont 9e #rightened6 He 'ants to 4ut us at ease6 I i)agine i# 'e could see into the #ace o# an angel 'e 'ould see so)ething that 'ould 9ring 4eace and co)#ort to our heartsA He is not here. "or He is risen. Three o# those 'ords ha7e co)e do'n through historyA "n e7ery ne's4a4er in the land1 4ro9a9ly in al)ost e7ery country around the 'orld1 on Easter %unday1 those three 'ords a44ear1 HE S R SEN' They 'ere direct 'ords #ro) 3od to the 4eo4le1 s4o5en through an angel1 He is risenA? Jesus didnt stay in that to)91 He arose6 Hallelu;ahA Co#e) see the place where the Lor$ la!. *n$ go Euic&l! an$ tell His $isciples that He is risen "ro# the $ea$) an$ in$ee$ He is going be"ore !ou into 1alilee. there !ou will see Hi#2 ,ehol$ have tol$ !ou. So the! $eparte$ Euic&l! "ro# the to#b with "ear an$ great 0o!) an$ ran to bring His $isciples wor$ EMatthe' 2+<60+F6 Isnt that interestingD *id you notice that it did say they de4arted Guic5ly #ro) the to)9 'ith #ear e7en though the angels had told the) not to ha7e #ear6 They really too5 o## 9ecause I 9elie7e they 5ne' that they had recei7ed a )essage #ro) the Al)ighty 3od to go and tell the others1 %esus is risen2' 6$

We 'ere in *allas1 Te:as1 one 'ee5 s4ea5ing at a church6 This 'as the last night and ;ust 9e#ore 'e 9egan to )inister to those 'ho 'ere sic51 )ore than eight hundred angels ca)e into this church6 Kre7iously 'e had ne7er seen so )any angels all at one ti)eA They 'ere di##erent than the angel 'hich is stationed 'ith us all the ti)e6 These 'ere 'hat I 'ould call 9lessing angels6 They 'ere 4ro9a9ly #our0and0a0hal# to #i7e #eet tall1 They 'ere all grou4ed together in little co7ies 'ith #i7e or si: o# the) in each6 *uring the 4raise ti)e o# the ser7ice they 'ere all 'orshi44ing and 4raising 3od6 I could see the) cla44ing their hands li5e they 'ere saying1 ="h1 glory hallelu;ahA Here is a church that really 5no's ho' to 4raise 3od6 Here are so)e 4eo4le 'ho really 5no' ho' to 4raise 3od6? The reason that I say )ore than eight hundred angels is 9ecause there 'ere a44ro:i)ately eight hundred 4eo4le in the church and there 'ere )ore angels than there 'ere 4eo4le6 Then a 7ery interesting thing 9egan to ha44en6 I 'atched grou4s o# angels go do'n to certain 4eo4le and they 9rought the) #or'ard to the altar6 As they 'ere 9rought #or'ard 9y the angels they 'ere healed1 not 9y the angels 9ut 9y the 4o'er o# 3od6 I es4ecially re)e)9er one young cou4le had a little 9a9y 'ho had a hole in the heart and a heart )ur)ur6 The hus9and 'as not holding the 9a9y1 the 'i#e 'as6 He told us later he had reached o7er1 9ecause his hands 'ere a9solutely #orced out 9y the angels1 4ic5ed the 9a9y u4 and ca)e to the altar1 He loo5ed co)4letely daBed as he handed the 9a9y to us6 We 4rayed and then handed the 9a9y 9ac5 to hi) totally healedA The angels nudged hi) to reach o7er and 4ic5 u4 that 9a9y and he didA They too5 the 9a9y 9ac5 to the doctor and the doctor said the heart )ur)ur and the hole in the heart 'ere totally and co)4letely healedA Special noteG We recently attended this health! young )ans graduation #ro) high schoolA 6&

Chapter % There Are T&o 'inds !f Angels

*o you 5no' there are t'o 5inds o# angelsD Holy angels and de)on angels666 2o sooner had the thought entered %atans )ind1 'ant to 9e li5e 3od1? until he #ound hi)sel# thro'n out o# hea7en6 ecause 3od cannot stand sin1 the )o)ent that thought started to enter @uci#ers )ind1 the de7il 'as cast out o# hea7en li5e a 9olt o# lightning and on this sa)e 9olt o# lightning there 'ere one0third o# all the angels in hea7en cast out along 'ith @uci#er6 *n$ He =%esus? sai$ to the#) saw Satan "all li&e lightning "ro# Heaven =E@u5e 1.<1+F1 As this 9olt o# lightning Boo)ed through s4ace1 it carried all o# these de)onic angels 'ho 'ere no longer holy angels 9ut had 9eco)e e7il angelsA !an you i)agine the stor) that 'as created as this hea7enly )issile hurtled through the earths at)os4hereD The sound )ust ha7e 9een horri9le1 The once09eauti#ul 7oice o# @uci#er1 the )ost )agni#icent 7oice in all o# hea7en had no' changed to a hideous screa) as he 'as cast at a su4ernatural s4eed to his unholy destiny6 He could no longer 9e called @uci#er1 a 4raiser o# 3od6 He 9eca)e %atan1 the de7ilA E7en as the angels 'ere cast do'n1 their character changed6 They 'ere no longer holy angels #ro) 3od1 9ut 9eca)e 4art o# the de7ils 5ingdo)1 the e7il angels6 2o one 5no's the total nu)9er o# angels in hea7en6 In the 9oo5 o# He7elation1 John re#ers to the angels around the 66

throne as 9eing ten0thousand ti)es ten0thousand 4lus thousands and thousands6 There )ust ha7e 9een )ultitudes o# angels 'ho 'ere cast out6 I)agine the hideous screa)s as these 9eings realiBed they 'ould no longer 9e co)#orta9ly nested in hea7en1 9ut 'ere instead cast do'n to earth1 and ulti)ately into the 9otto)less 4it6 I)agine the co))otion that 'as created 'hen this 9olt o# lightning carrying all o# these de)onic creatures landed on earthA E7er since that ti)e they ha7e continued to carry out that sa)e con#usion and co))otionA We ha7e #ound the notes on de)ons in the Li"e *pplication ,ible to 9e so hel4#ul in this study that 'e ha7e included the) 9elo'1

What Are Demons?

* #an possesse$ b! a $e#on was present an$ began shouting) 6h! are !ou bothering us) %esus o" Na/areth have !ou co#e to $estro! us $e#ons: &now who !ou are C the hol! Son o" 1o$2' %esus curtl! co##an$e$ the $e#on to sa! no #ore an$ to co#e out o" the #an. *t that the evil spirit screa#e$ an$ convulse$ the #an violentl! an$ le"t hi# EMar5 1<23026F6 *e)ons are e7il s4irits 'ho are ruled 9y %atan6 They 'or5 to te)4t 4eo4le to sin6 They 'ere not created 9y %atan1 9ecause 3od is the !reator o# all8 rather they are #allen angels 'ho ;oined %atan in his re9ellion6 In their degenerate state they can cause a 4erson to 9eco)e )ute1 dea#1 9lind or insane6 ut in e7ery case 'here they con#ronted Jesus1 they lost their 4o'er6 Thus 3od li)its 'hat they can do8 they can do nothing 'ithout his 4er)ission6 *uring Jesus li#e on earth de)ons 'ere allo'ed to 9e 7ery acti7e to sho' once and #or all !hrists 4o'er and authority o7er the)6 Many 4sychologists dis)iss accounts o# de)on 4ossession as a 4ri)iti7e 'ay to descri9e )ental illness6 67

!learly1 ho'e7er1 a de)on controlled the )an descri9ed in Mar5 1<236 Mar5 e)4hasiBes Jesus con#lict 'ith e7il 4o'ers to sho' his su4eriority o7er the)1 and so he records )any stories a9out Jesus casting out de)ons6 Jesus didnt ha7e to conduct an ela9orate e:orcis) ritual6 His 'ord 'as enough to send out the de)ons1 The de)on )entioned a9o7e 5ne' at once that Jesus 'as the %on o# 3od6 Mar51 9y including this e7ent in this 3os4el 'as esta9lishing Jesus credentials1 sho'ing that e7en the under'orld recogniBed Jesus as the Messiah6

Why Didn1t 0esus Destroy *he Demons?

Jesus healed )any 4eo4le o# the destructi7e 'or5 o# de)on04ossession1 9ut He did not destroy the de)ons6 Why didnt Jesus destroy or sto4 the e7il in the 'orldD His ti)e #or that has not yet co)e6 ut it 'ill6 The 9oo5 o# He7elation records the #uture 7ictory o# Jesus o7er %atan1 all his de)ons and all e7il6

*he Demons .ecogni5ed 0esus

6hen the! arrive$ at the other si$e o" the la&e a $e#on>possesse$ #an ran out "ro# a grave!ar$) 0ust as %esus was cli#bing "ro# the boat. This #an live$ a#ong the gravestones) an$ ha$ such strength that whenever he was put into han$cu""s an$ shac&les C as he o"ten was L he snappe$ the han$cu""s "ro# his wrists an$ s#ashe$ the shac&les an$ wal&e$ awa!. No one was strong enough to control hi#. *ll $a! long an$ through the night he woul$ wan$er a#ong the to#bs an$ in the wil$ hills) screa#ing an$ cutting hi#sel" with sharp pieces o" stone. 6hen %esus was still "ar out on the water) the #an ha$ seen hi# an$ ha$ run to #eet hi#) an$ "ell $own be"ore hi#. Then %esus spo&e to the $e#on within the #an an$ sai$) Co#e out) !ou evil spirit. t gave a terrible screa#)


shrie&ing) 6hat are !ou going to $o to #e) %esus) Son o" the 3ost High 1o$: For 1o$s sa&e) $on (t torture #e2'

More *han +ne Demon

(6hat is !our na#e) %esus as&e$) an$ the $e#on replie$) Legion) "or there are #an! o" us here within this #an. Then the $e#ons begge$ hi# again an$ again not to sen$ the# to so#e $istant lan$.

Into a Herd o$ Hogs

Now as it happene$ there was a huge her$ o" hogs rooting aroun$ on the hill above the la&e. Sen$ us into those hogs) the $e#ons begge$. *n$ %esus gave the# per#ission. Then the evil spirits ca#e out o" the #an an$ entere$ the hogs) an$ the entire her$ plunge$ $own the steep hillsi$e in to the la&e an$ $rowne$.

,eo!le As' 0esus *o #ea"e

The her$s#en "le$ to the nearb! towns an$ countr! si$e) sprea$ing the news as the! ran. Ever!one rushe$ out to see "or the#selves) *n$ a large crow$ soon gathere$ where %esus was. but as the! saw the #an sitting there) "ull! clothe$ an$ per"ectl! sane) the! were "rightene$. Those who saw what happene$ were telling ever!one about it) an$ the crow$ began plea$ing with %esus to go awa! an$ leave the# aloneA EMar5 &<1017F6 The de)ons destroyed the 4igs and hurt the herds)ens #inances1 9ut can 4igs and )oney co)4are to hu)an li#eD A )an had 9een #reed #ro) the de7ils 4o'er1 9ut the 7illagers thought only a9out their 4oc5et9oo5s6 Keo4le ha7e al'ays tended to 7alue 4ersonal gain o7er other 4eo4le6 Throughout history )ost 'ars ha7e 9een #ought1 at least in 4art1 to 4rotect econo)ic interests6 Much in;ustice and o44ression1 9oth at ho)e and a9road1 is the direct #allout o# so)e indi7iduals or co)4anys urge to get rich6 Keo4le are 6-

continually 9eing sacri#iced to )oney6 *ont thin5 )ore highly o# =4igs? than o# 4eo4le6 Thin5 care#ully a9out ho' your decisions 'ill a##ect other hu)an 9eings1 and 9e 'illing to choose a si)4ler li#estyle i# it 'ould 5ee4 other 4eo4le #ro) 9eing har)ed6

*he ,ower o$ Demons

Once as he was teaching in the s!nagogue) a #an possesse$ b! a $e#on began shouting at %esus) 1o a wa!2 6e want nothing to $o with !ou) %esus "ro# Na/areth. 9ou have co#e to $estro! us. &now who !ou are C the Hol! Son o" 1o$. %esus cut hi# short. ,e silent2' he tol$ the $e#on. Co#e out2' The $e#on threw the #an to the "loor as the crow$ watche$) an$ then le"t hi# without hurting hi# "urther E@u5e MG44>45?.

*he Goals o$ Demons

The 9oo5 o# Mar5 o#ten highlights the su4ernatural struggle 9et'een Jesus and %atan6 The de)ons goal 'as to control the hu)ans they inha9ited8 Jesus goal 'as to gi7e 4eo4le #reedo) #ro) sin and %atans control6 The de)ons 5ne' they had no 4o'er o7er Jesus1 so 'hen they sa' hi)1 they 9egged not to 9e sent to a distant land Ecalled the otto)less Kit in @u5e +<31F6 Jesus granted their reGuest 9ut ended their destructi7e 'or5 in 4eo4le6 He could ha7e sent the) to hell1 9ut he did not 9ecause the ti)e #or ;udg)ent had not yet co)e6 In the end1 o# course1 all de)ons 'ill 9e sent into eternal #ire6 The 4eo4le 'ere a)aBed at Jesus authority to cast out de)ons C e7il s4irits ruled 9y %atan and sent to te)4t 4eo4le to sin6 *e)ons can cause a 4erson to 9eco)e )ute1 dea# 9lind or insane6 Jesus #aced )any de)ons during his ti)e on earth and he al'ays e:erted authority o7er the)6 2ot only did the de)on lea7e this )an8 @u5e records that the )an 'as not e7en hurt1 7.

*he 3ltimate (ate +$ Demons

The! began screa#ing at hi#) 6hat $o !ou want with us) O Son o" 1o$. 9ou have no right to tor#ent us yet? EMatthe' +<2-F6 The i9le tells us that at the end o# the 'orld1 %atan and his angels 'ill 9e thro'n into the @a5e o# Fire6 When the de)ons said that Jesus could not tor)ent the) =yet1? they sho'ed they 5ne' their ulti)ate #ate6

Demon ,ossession And Its ,ur!ose

Although 'e cannot 9e sure 'hy de)on 4ossession occurs1 'e 5no' that it uses the 9ody in a destructi7e 'ay to distort and destroy )ans relationshi4 'ith 3od and li5eness to hi)1 E7en today1 de)ons are dangerous1 4o'er#ul and destructi7e6 While it is i)4ortant to recogniBe their e7il acti7ity so 'e can stay a'ay #ro) the)1 'e )ust a7oid any curiosity a9out or in7ol7e)ent 'ith de)onic #orces or the occult6 I# 'e resist the de7il and his in#luences1 he 'ill #lee #ro) us6 So give !ourselves hu#bl! to 1o$. Resist the $evil an$ he will "lee "ro# !ou EJa)es $<7F6

0esus1 ,ower And Authority +"er Demons

Satan #ust be boun$ be"ore his $e#ons are cast out8) 0ust as a strong #an #ust be tie$ up be"ore his house can be ransac&e$ an$ his propert! robbe$ =3ar& 3<27F6 Although 3od 4er)its %atan to 'or5 in our 'orld1 He is still in control1 Jesus1 9ecause He is 3od1 has 4o'er o7er %atan8 he is a9le to cast out de)ons and end their terri9le 'or5 in 4eo4les li7es6 "ne day %atan 'ill 9e 9ound #ore7er1 ne7er again to do this e7il 'or5 in the 'orld Eend o# note #ro) @i#e A44lication i9leF6


0esus De$eated *he De"il 64777 Years Ago

We #elt 'e could not 'rite a 9oo5 a9out the holy angels unless 'e 'rote a9out de)onic angels as 'ell6 Jesus de#eated the de7il and all his de)ons 21... years ago6 We 4ersonally do not s4end )uch o# our ti)e tal5ing a9out de)onic s4irits6 We 9elie7e that e7ery ti)e 'e tal5 a9out e7il 'ere ta5ing a'ay #ro) the ti)e that 'ere tal5ing a9out Jesus6 Ho'e7er1 it is i)4ortant to 5no' that de)ons ha7e a 4lace in the 'orld today6 We need to learn ho' to stand against the)6 In any study o# de)ons1 it is good to re)e)9er Johns 'ords1 9ou are o" 1o$) little chil$ren) an$ have overco#e the#) because He who is in !ou is greater than he who is in the worl$ = John $<$F6 We li5e to Guote this 7erse saying1 1reater is He that is in #e than he that is in the worl$. He that is in this 'orld includes the de7il and e7ery one o# his de)ons6

%tanding Against )"il Angels

Cut on the whole ar#or o" 1o$) that !ou #a!be able to stan$ against the wiles o" the $evil) For we $o not wrestle against "lesh an$ bloo$) but against principalities) against powers) against the rulers o" the $ar&ness o" this age) against spiritual hosts o" wic&e$ness in the heavenl! places) EE4hesians 6<11112F1 And dont e7er ta5e that ar)or o##A We #ight against #allen angels o7er 'ho) %atan has control6 They arc 7ery real and 'e #ace a 4o'er#ul ene)y 'hose goal is to de#eat !hrists church1 We 5no' that Jesus 'ill 'in in the end1 9ut 'e )ust engage in the 9attle until Jesus co)es 9ecause %atan is constantly 9attling against e7ery 9orn0again 9elie7er6 To de#eat hi)1 'e )ust ha7e su4ernatural 4o'er 9ecause he is a su4ernatural ene)y6 3od 4ro7ides us 'ith this 4o'er through the 9a4tis) 'ith the Holy %4irit6 72

Al'ays re)e)9er that you ha7e )ore 4o'er than the de7il6 In Matthe' 2+<1+1 Jesus said1 *ll authorit! has been given to 3e in heaven an$ on earth. ;;M The *ngel ,oo& Jesus had all 4o'er1 9ut then He dis4layed true !hristianity C He ga7e it a'ay to us1 so 'e 'ould ha7e )ore 4o'er than the de7il6 And in @u5e 1.<1- He said1 ,ehol$ l give !ou the authorit! to tra#ple on serpents an$ scorpions) an$ over all the power o" the ene#!) an$ nothing shall b! an! #eans hurt !ou. In Jesus1 'e ha7e )ore 4o'er than the ene)y6 He is a de#eated #oeA We are )ore than conGuerors through Hi) 'ho lo7ed usA


Chapter ( Angels Co)e *n +ifferent Colors

!olo)9ia1 the nation )ost 'idely 5no'n 9ecause it is the largest 4roducer o# drugs o# any country in the 'orld1 is also loaded 'ith angelsA *uring a Healing E:4losion there1 the s4onsor antici4ated so )any 4eo4le attending that he scheduled t'o 4iggy9ac5 ser7ices6 We had s4ent an incredi9le 'ee5 training the 4eo4le ho' to )inister healing to the sic5A We 'ere told that o7er si: thousand had signed u4 to ta5e the #inal training6 The s4onsoring 4astor had to reduce the nu)9er to #i#teen hundred and each seat 'as at a 4re)iu)6 The co##ee co)4anies 9rought co##ee 'agons to the scene1 and e7eryone recei7ed #ree !olo)9ian co##eeA Then ca)e the day o# the actual Healing E:4losion6 There 'as a su4ernatural at)os4here in the )orning ser7ice1 9ut e7en this did not 4re4are us co)4letely #or 'hat 'as to ha44en6 A#ter 'e )inistered to se7eral 4eo4le on the stage1 'e released the healing tea)s to go into the audience and lay hands on the sic51 'hich they did 'ith incredi9le resultsA The second ser7ice started1 and the 4astor 'al5ed o7er to the t'o o# us and said1 =I 9elie7e 3od 'ould li5e #or you to lay hands on those in 'heelchairs this ti)eA? We loo5ed at the audience and sa' a9out three ro's o# 'heelchairs all around the inside area o# the auditoriu) #loor1 They do not ha7e Medicare and hos4italiBation li5e 'e ha7e in the 7$

/nited %tates so you see )any )ore ho4eless cri44les than 'e see here6 We started to say1 =We ca)e here to teach your 4eo4le no' to heal the sic51 9ut didnt 9ecause 'e realiBed this 'as a s4ecial reGuest #ro) this 9eauti#ul 4astor6 As 'e 'al5ed do'n the stairs !harles and I 9oth loo5ed u4 and said1 =3od i# youre not in this 'ere sun5A? ut i# 3od isnt in any Healing E:4losion1 'ere already sun5A We 5no' ;ust a tiny little 9it o# %4anish and the only thing 'e really 5ne' to say 'as1 Recibe su sani$a$ en el no#bre $e %esus1' 'hich )eans1 =Hecei7e your healing in the 2a)e o# Jesus6? We didnt as5 the) 'hat their 4ro9le) 'as 9ecause that gets too co)4licated 'hen you try to translate it #ro) %4anish to English1 We 'al5ed u4 to the #irst 4erson in a 'heelchair1 a ho4elessly cri44led )an1 laid hands on hi) and said1 Recibe su sani$a$ en el no#bre $e %esus2' Acts 3<6 is a scri4ture 'e usually say 'hen 'e lay hands on so)eone in a 'heelchair6 =%ilver an$ gol$ $o not have) but what $o have give !ouG n the na#e o" %esus Christ o" Na/areth) rise up an$ wal&.' This is one o# the #e' scri4tures I 5no' in %4anish1 so I Guoted it until I got to the 7ery last #our 'ords6 Rise up an$ wal& and )y )ind 'ent co)4letely 9lan5 C co)4letely and totally 9lan5A I re)e)9ered the 'ord #or rise up 9ut I could not re)e)9er the 'ord #or wal& in %4anish6 It had totally 7anished #ro) )y )indA I Guic5ly searched all through )y )e)ory1 9ut that 'ord 'ould not co)e into )y )ind1 9ut 3od666 It is a)aBing ho' Guic5ly and interestingly 3od can insert thoughts into our s4irit and into our )inds6 He re)inded )e o# a little song 'e had sung as children6 This is a song I thin5 al)ost e7ery9ody 5no's1 =@a cucaracha1 la cucaracha1 ya no 4uede ca)inar666? = The coc5roach1 the coc5roach1 no' he is una9le to wal&...' There 'as the 'ord 7&

I needed C ca#inar =to 'al5? and 3od 4ut it 9ac5 into )y )ind in the )ost 4eculiar 'ayA In the e7ent you dont 5no' the rest o# the 'ords o# that song in %4anish they are1 CorEue le "alta) porEue no tiene) #ari0uana Eue "u#ar)' 'hich )eans he cant 'al5 9ecause he lac5s1 because he doesnt ha7e1 )ari;uana to s)o5eA What a 4eculiar 'ay #or 3od to re)ind )e o# so)ethingA He 5ne' that 'as one 'ay I 'ould instantly 5no' the %4anish 'ord #or =to 'al51? We loo5ed at the )an and said1 = Levantase ! ca#ina en el no#bre $e %esus2? 'hich )eans1 =Hise u4 and 'al5 in the 2a)e o# Jesus6? The )inute 'e said that the )an got u4 #ro) his 'heelchair and 'al5edA I 'as startledA I loo5ed at !harles and said1 =He )ust not ha7e 9een as cri44led as 'e thought he 'as1? 9ut 'e 'ere re;oicing6 I# so)ething is success#ul1 do it againA We 'ent to the second 4erson 'ho 'as also ho4elessly cri44led and said the sa)e thing6 We had no sooner said1 =3et u4 and 'al51? than he got right u4 out o# his 'heelchair and 'al5edA This 'as e:citingA We continued )a5ing the sa)e anointed co))ands in Jesus 2a)e6 We 'ent do'n the line and the #irst si:teen 4eo4le got out o# their 'heelchairs and 'al5edA When 'e got to nu)9er se7enteen 'e couldnt 9elie7e it6 The )an sat there and didnt get u4A We 'erent discouragedA We 'ent on to nu)9er eighteen and 9e#ore 'e )ade the circle1 o7er one hundred 4eo4le had either gotten out o# their 'heelchairs1 o## o# stretchers1 or o## o# crutches6 "ne 9lind )an 'as instantly healed1 What a day o# gloryA Ho' 'e 4raised the @ordA 3od sent us a real anointed hel4erA There 'as a 9eauti#ul 9lac5 )an there 'ith a tre)endous a)ount o# gray hairA This is 7ery unusual 9ecause )ost 9lac5 A#rican 4eo4le ne7er really get a lot o# 76

gray in their hair1 As soon as 'e had told the #irst )an to get u4 and 'al51 this 9ig 9lac5 )an 'al5ed o7er and too5 his ar) and 'al5ed hi) out to the center o# the arena6 While he 'as 'al5ing hi) out there 'e could hear hi) encouraging the )an in %4anish 'ho ca)e out o# the 'heelchair 4ro9a9ly saying so)ething li5e1 =Thats rightA Thats rightA (ee4 'al5ing 9ecause you ha7e to get your )uscles strengthened6? He 'as e:horting hi) to 4ut his #aith into action and continue 'al5ing so he 'ouldnt lose his healing6 What a 9lessingA When 'e #inished )inistering to the second 4erson1 the )an Guic5ly returned and too5 that 4erson and escorted hi) out to the center o# the arena a44arently 'ith the sa)e encouraging 'ords he had gi7en to the #irst one6 Without e:ce4tion1 e7ery 4erson 'ho got out o# a 'heelchair 'as )inistered to 9y this 9eauti#ul 9lac5 )an 'ith the gray curly hair6 He had to ha7e su4ernatural a9ility to 9e a9le to )o7e so Guic5lyA The last t'enty 4eo4le got out o# their 'heelchairs and ca)e u4 to us and said1 =Would you 4lease lay hands on usD? They hadnt e7en realiBed the 4o'er o# 3od 'as so strong that they 'ere already healedA As you can i)agine1 e7ery9ody 'as so99ing 9ecause o# the )ighty )o7e o# 3od6 We had ne7er seen anything li5e that 9e#ore1 nor ha7e 'e e7er seen anything li5e that sinceA It 'as an e:tre)ely e)otional )o)ent6 I ran u4 to get to the stage 'here )y 4urse 'as and )y daughter said1 =*ont loo5 in there #or (leene:A Theyre all used u4? Many 4eo4le later told us they had ne7er seen such a dra)atic ser7ice in their entire li#eA A#ter 'e regained our co)4osure a little 9it1 'e released the healing tea)s to )inister healing to e7ery9ody else6 We sa' the 9lac5 )an lea7ing C he ;ust disa44eared into the cro'd 9e#ore I could say anything to hi)6 We ran o7er to the 4astor and as5ed1 =Who is that 9lac5 )anD He did such a 'onder#ul ;o9 hel4ing us 9y e:horting those 77

4eo4le and e:ercising the) so they 'ould continue 'al5ing6 We 'ant to than5 hi)6? The 4astor said1 =I didnt see any9ody6? We said1 =The 9ig 9lac5 )an 'ho 'as hel4ing us6? He 'as at least a #oot taller than !harles 'ho is si: #eet tall6 The 4astor said again1 =I didnt see hi)A? Many other 4eo4le ga7e the sa)e ans'erA ut our ca)era sa' hi) and sur4risingly1 he a44ears in )any o# our sna4shotsA The 7ideo ca)era caught hi) as 'ellA 3od 'ill send His angelic )essengers to gi7e you all the hel4 you need e7en i# others cant see hi)A This 'as one o# 3ods in7isi9le angels1 9ut )ade 7isi9le to us and to our ca)erasA 3lory to 3odA


Chapter , Angel -ignettes

Introduction We could #ill 7olu)es relating the 'onder#ul things 3od has done #or us through His )inistering angels6 We could 'rite story a#ter story1 ours and our #riends1 a9out angelic 7isitations to us6 ut our desire in 'riting this 9oo5 is not to entertain 'ith )ar7elous accounts o# angelic 7isitation in our o'n li7es1 9ut to create 'ithin you a desire to e:4erience )ore o# the su4ernatural 4o'er o# 3od1 The )ore 'e share a9out 4ersonal encounters in our li7es and )inistry1 the )ore real is our relationshi4 'ith 3od and JesusA As you ha7e 9een reading the accounts in this 9oo51 you )ay ha7e 9een thin5ing a9out an e:4erience you or a #riend ha7e had6 Were angels in7ol7ed in your o'n li#eD I# you ha7e ne7er considered it in that 'ay1 ta5e ti)e to do so no' and than5 3od #or e7ery re)e)9rance He gi7es you6 (ing %olo)on 'rote1 Trust in the LOR- with all !our heart) an$ lean not on !our own un$erstan$ing. in all !our wa!s ac&nowle$ge Hi#) an$ He shall $irect !our paths EKro7er9s 4G5)<?) Ta5e ti)e to than5 3od #or the su4ernatural inter7ention He has already gi7en you1 and as5 Hi) #or )ore6

Angels Visited &harles1 Mother

By Frances !harles said1 =I dont e7en re)e)9er the #irst encounter I 4ersonally had 'ith angelsA? I thought1 =Ho' 7-

could you e7er #orget anything as e:citing as a li7e encounter 'ith an angelD? I Guic5ly #ound outA ecause o# our tre)endous interest in angels and the intense studies 'e 'ere )a5ing at the ti)e1 3od 9rought 9ac5 to our )inds se7eral sheets o# 4a4er 'ritten 9y !harles )other6 %he 'as a true saint o# 3od i# I e7er sa' oneA We had a letter dated June 1&1 1-6- in 'hich she 'rote1 =I really 'ould li5e to tell you a9out so)e o# the 7isions I had1 so I 'rote the) on 4a4er6 They are not as good as i# I told the) 9ecause I ;ust a) not a9le to 4ut in 'ords 'hat I 'ant to 'hen I start to 'rite6 May9e you can say the) 9etter than I and yet still ha7e the sa)e )eaning6? The 4a4er had a headline in )a)as hand'riting6 3! visions o" angels bringing our bo!) Charles) to #e. The night be"ore he was born saw a group o" angels co#ing $own over #! be$ an$ one sai$) (This is !our belove$ son)@ The! ha$ a bun$le the! han$e$ to #e an$ then the! were gone. What an a'eso)e thing it 'as 'hen I read her 'ords6 It 'as a re)inder to )e that 'e )ust )ore #ully realiBe that su4ernatural angelic acti7ities are ha44ening all the ti)e in our o'n li7esA 3od 4ut a call on !harles li#e e7en 9e#ore he 'as actually 9orn1 or 4ossi9ly at the 7ery )o)ent he 'as 9ornA !harles )a)a 5ne' this 9ut 5e4t it in her heart until a #e' )onths 9e#ore 3od ;oined us in )arriage6 !harles said1 =1 ne7er 'ent #ar a'ay #ro) 3od E;ust a #e' 9ad attitudesF 9ut I re)e)9er so)ething I did as a teenager6 My 4arents 'ere de7out !hristians and I 5ne' they didnt 'ant )e to go to a )o7ie6 ut I did6 I Nsnea5ed a'ay and thoroughly en;oyed a clean )o7ie6 %o)eho' I 9elie7e )y )other 5ne'1 9ut she also so)e 'ay 5ne' that I had a 3od0gi7en call on )y li#e1 I couldnt and didnt get +.

a'ay #ro) 3od6 Finally He 4ut a di7ine hoo5 in )y ;a' and reeled )e into the 5ingdo) o# 3od6 A#ter I )ade a total co))it)ent1 an a9andon)ent o# )y li#e1 that ended )y desire to sin1 e7en a little 9itA? May9e an angel didnt 9ring a s4ecial 4ac5age to you1 9ut 3od has a call on e7ery li#e He choosesA Isaiah 'rote1 Ever!one who is calle$ b! 3! glor!)@ have "or#e$ hi#) !es) have #a$e hi# =EIsaiah $3<7F6

%eeing Angels In *he %!irit

By C&arles Angels can 9e seen ;ust li5e 'e see a hu)an or they can 9e seen in any di)ension 3od 'ants the) to 9e1 They can a44ear large6 They can a44ear s)all6 They can co)e in the #or) o# a )ale or #e)ale1 or as a child6 3od has the) a44ear in 'hate7er #or) necessary in order to #ul#ill their 4ur4ose at that ti)e6 They are not restricted to our hu)an 7ision6 "ne )orning 'e 'ere )inistering on a stage in a large auditoriu)6 I 'as tal5ing at that ti)e and Frances 'as seated 4ossi9ly t'enty or thirty #eet o7er to )y le#t listening to 'hat I 'as saying6 %uddenly I sto44ed and said1 =Frances1 I 'ant to tell the 4eo4le 'here our 9ig angel is6? Frances 'as rather shoc5ed 9y that and she thought to hersel#1 =3od1 let hi) 9e in the s4irit 9ecause he cant see the angel the 'ay hes standing6? %he had seen this hea7enly 4resence 4hysically standing ;ust in #ront o# the dra4es in 9ac5 o# )e and she 5ne' I couldnt see out o# the 9ac5 o# )y head6 I 'as loo5ing directly into the #ace o# the audience and I didnt change )y 4osition at all 'hen I 9egan to descri9e 'here the angel 'as6 I said1 =The angel is standing directly in 9ac5 o# )e6 He is ;ust 9arely in #ront o# +1

the dra4es6 Hes loo5ing o7er )y head right into the #aces o# the 4eo4le in the audience1? Frances 9reathed a sigh o# relie# as she realiBed that 3od had sho'n )e1 e7en though she 5ne' I couldnt see hi)1 e:actly 'hat she 'as 'atching and seeing clearly6 That caused us to realiBe that you dont ha7e to li)it 3od in any 'ay 'ith or 'ithout angels6 It 'as 7ery clear that I 'as seeing hi) in )y s4irit 9ut I 'asnt loo5ing at hi) as 'e 'ould loo5 at another hu)an 9eing6 In the s4irit 7isi9ility can 9e any 4art o# 36. degrees1 any height or de4th1 e7en through 'ood or steel6 Hallelu;ahA Mo7ing in the s4irit1 I had =eyes in the 9ac5 o# )y headA?

Angels Gi"e Heart1s Desires

2y &harles A church in Wichita Falls reser7ed the #ront 4e' #or our #a)ily 'ho had acco)4anied us to a )eeting 'e 'ere ha7ing there1 I 'as sitting a9out three #eet #ro) the end o# the 4e'1 not e7en thin5ing a9out angels6 "ur 4lane had 9een delayed1 so things had 9een a little hectic6 I decided to co)4letely enter into the 'orshi4 ser7ice 9ecause there is nothing that 'ill cal) you do'n a#ter a hectic rough air4lane #light li5e 'orshi4ing 3od1 so I really 9eca)e in7ol7ed in doing ;ust that6 I o4ened )y eyes and loo5ed at the stage and 'as thrilled and sur4rised to sense our huge angel standing there6 It 'as a real co)#orting #eelingA Theres a di)ension si)ilar to a )agnetic #ield and I could see the angel clearly in the s4irit e7en though I couldnt see hi) 4hysically6 He 'as standing on the stage loo5ing at the congregation6 I 4rayed silently1 =Father1 it sure 'ould 9e nice i# you 'ould let hi) )o7e do'n here and sit ne:t to us on the #ront 4e'A? I hadnt e7en had ti)e to 9lin5 )y eyes 'hen +2

the angel instantly le#t the stage and 'as standing ne:t to )eA As I stood there I could clearly tell the 'hole height and #eatures o# this great angel6 I) al)ost si: #eet tall1 9ut he 'as al)ost eight #eet tallA My head 'as at the )iddle o# his #orear)6 He totally d'ar#ed )e6 3od had instantly res4onded to a little thought reGuest o# )ine and honored it 9y sending the angel do'n to sit 'ith us6 What a 9lessingA Ta&e $elight in the Lor$) an$ he will give !ou !our heart@s $esires =Csal# 4NGM NLT?.

Angels Gi"e %trength

By Charles and Frances O An unusual thing ha44ened in a !ali#ornia ser7ice6 At the 7ery 9eginning o# this )eeting1 a 9londe 9oy a9out ele7en or t'el7e years old #ell out under the 4o'er o# the Holy %4irit6 The )inute he #ell on the #loor1 his ar)s 'ent right straight u4 in the airA As the ser7ice 4rogressed1 'e noticed that he ne7er )o7ed and that his ar)s 'ere staying in the sa)e 4osition C straight u4 in the airA This 'ent on #or a44ro:i)ately three hours1 the entire length o# the ser7ice6 *uring this ti)e )any 4eo4le noticed this unusual 4heno)enonA When his ar)s #inally ca)e do'n1 'e ran o7er to hi)A We 'ere a)aBed that he could hold his ar)s u4 #or such a long ti)e1 so 'e said to hi)1 =*idnt your ar)s get tired holding the) u4 that longD? He said e:citedly1 =2o1 they didnt get tiredA *idnt you see the angelsD There 'as one on each side and they held )y ar)s u4 the entire ti)e6 Thats 'hy they didnt get tiredA?


That 'as a9out t'enty0#our years ago6 Ho' 'e 'ould lo7e to see that young )an today to #ind out 'hat that angelic 7isitation did in his li#eA

Angels 2ring Healing

By Frances O This angel has a44eared and still a44ears )any ti)es in our )eetings or other 4laces6 I ha7e ne7er tal5ed to hi) and I do not see hi) all the ti)e6 ut on the s4ecial occasions 'hen I do see hi)1 so)ething unusual al'ays ha44ens in the audience6 At one )eeting 'here this )ighty angel a44eared1 there 'as a )an in the congregation 'ho see)ed to 9e unusually tense6 We 'ere 7ery )uch a'are o# hi) 9ecause it 'as as i# the Holy %4irit had shined a 9right light on hi)6 He later s4o5e to us and said he #elt li5e his head 'as going to 9urst1 or he 'as an a44licant #or a stro5e1 or so)ething eGually as dra)atic and trau)atic6 At one 4oint I had loo5ed out and had seen the angel )inistering to this 4articular )an and I 5ne' there 'as a )iracle in the )a5ingA He said1 =The )inute I silently e:4ressed 'hat I #elt1 I #elt so)e9ody laid a hand on )e and1 'hate7er the 4ro9le) 'as1 it a9solutely totally and co)4letely disa44earedA? 3od ans'ered this )ans cry 9y sending a s4ecial angel right to his seatA

Angels ,rotect 3s (rom Accidents 2y (rances

Kraise the @ord that angels are gi7en charge o7er usA As 'e 'ere 9eing dri7en #ro) our hotel to the site o# a )eeting in !anada1 'e 4roceeded through a green light 9ut


the 4erson dri7ing a 7an co)ing #ro) the other direction ran through their red light and o97iously didnt see us6 We 'ere in an ordinary auto)o9ile1 'hen the dri7er o# the 7an 4roceeded through the red light C dro7e right to'ard the engine o# our car and 'ent right straight through it' I 'as sitting in the #ront seat and e7en though the )otor e:tended 'ay out in #ront o# our car1 the dri7ers #ace 'as no )ore than si: or eight inches #ro) the 'indshield o# the car in 'hich 'e 'ere ridingA The 7an 4roceeded do'n the street1 9ut not #or longA The 4eo4le cli)9ed out o# the car 'ith the )ost shoc5ed loo5s on their #aces 'e7e e7er seen6 They 'ere loo5ing to see 'hat had ha44ened to their 7ehicle 9ut there 'as nothing the )atterA We all said the sa)e thing1 =*id you see that angelD? An angel so)eho' su4ernaturally let that 7an run right through the )otor o# our car 'ith no da)age 'hatsoe7erA There 'as no accident1 no clanging o# )etal1 no ;arring1 no nothing6

0esus Wal'ed *hrough walls

Then) the sa#e $a! at evening) being the "irst $a! o" the wee&) when the $oors were shut where the $isciples were asse#ble$) "or "ear o" the %ews) %esus ca#e an$ stoo$ in the #i$st) an$ sai$ to the#) (Ceace be with you?EJohn 2.<1-F6 Angels are a 9lessing6 They 4rotect us #ro) har)A

Angels Guard +ur ,ossessions

By Frances The li#e o# e7angelists is o#tenti)es #raught 'ith )any interesting and une:4ected e7ents6 At a !anadian )eeting1 our 9oo5s and 7ideo ta4es 'ere dis4layed in the 7esti9ule o# the church 9ut the actual ser7ice 'as in the #ello'shi4 hail 'hich 'as slightly re)o7ed #ro) the 7esti9ule1 lea7ing +&

the 9oo5 ta9le co)4letely unattended until the conclusion o# the )eeting1 A 'e 'ere )inistering 'e 'ere not concerned a9out the 9oo5s and 7ideos e7en though there is a lot o# )oney in7ol7ed 4roducing these ite)s6 I 'as not e7en a'are that anything 'as ha44ening1 9ut to'ard the end o# the ser7ice a young )an ran u41 4ut his ar)s around )e1 sGueeBed )e tightly and started cryingA I said1 =Whats the )atterD? It 'as o97ious he needed to 9e sa7ed1 or that he had so)e sort o# 4hysical or o7er0 'hel)ing 4ersonal 4ro9le) he needed to discuss6 I)agine )y sur4rise 'hen he re4lied1 =I 'as dri7ing 9y and sa' all those 9oo5s 9y the door and realiBed I could sell the) #or a lot o# )oney1 so I ca)e in and stole a 'hole 9unch o# the)A A#ter I dro7e a'ay1 the #unniest thing ha44ened to )e6 An angel ca)e and told )e to ta5e all the 9oo5s and 7ideos 9ac51 I 'as a#raid not to1 so here they areA? I said1 =>ou need to 9e sa7edA? He said1 =I 5no' itA? And he got sa7ed right on the s4otA ,ut angels are onl! servants. The! are spirits sent "ro# 1o$ to care "or those who will receive salvation EHe9re's 1<1$ 2@TF6

Angels Guard +ur Home

By Charles !hrist)as is a 'onder#ul ti)e to ha7e s4ecial #riends and lo7ed ones in to sing carols and 'orshi4 3od together6 "ne night during the ti)e 'e had a i9le school at the !ity o# @ight1 'e in7ited all our students to co)e to our ho)e to cele9rate JesusA Frances and I 'ent u4 to the 9alcony o# our ho)e o7erloo5ing the li7ing roo)6 We 'ere standing 4ossi9ly three #eet a4art1 'hich is unusual #or us 9ecause 'e +6

nor)ally stand right together1 9ut 'e soon disco7ered the reasonA The students 'ere all singing !hrist)as carols and 'e all had our hands raised in the air 'hen suddenly the 9ig angel 'ho 'atches o7er us ca)e and stood 9et'een us1 The three o# us 'ere loo5ing do'n o7er the i9le school students6 The students sa' hi) #irst and they thought it 'as an a'eso)e thing to realiBe that 3ods s4ecial 'arrior angel 'as 7isi9le in our ho)e1 2one o# the) 'ill e7er 9e the sa)eA When 'e )o7ed out o# our 4re7ious ho)e1 a real estate #riend 'as selling our house6 He said that al)ost e7eryone 'ho loo5ed at the house said1 =What is this 'e #eelD? "ur agent re4lied1 =I dont 5no'1 9ut these 4eo4le sure are religious2@ When 'e )o7ed out1 'e had as5ed 3od to station angels o7er that ho)e to 4rotect it and to guard it6 3od ans'ered our 4rayer1 and though they didnt 5no' it they 'ere actually sensing the 4resence o# angels 'ho 'ere 'atching o7er the houseA Kraise the @ord1 our angel )o7ed 'ith us1 9ut 3od stationed others to guard our house until it soldA

Angels #i$t 3s 3!
By Frances *o you ha7e any idea 'hat it #eels li5e to get hit 'ith 9ursitis in the hi4 and ha7e to 9e ta5en #ro) an air4lane to a car1 dri7en across an air#ield1 4ut in a 'heelchair and ta5en u4stairs to 9e 4ut on another 4lane so that you can get ho)eD I should add1 es4ecially 'hen youre in the healing )inistryA I had 9een attac5ed 'ith 9ursitis in )y hi4 'hile 'e 'ere on a )inistry tri4 and 'as totally una9le to 'al5A When 'e got to Atlanta1 !harles called our o##ice and told the) to )a5e a doctors a44oint)ent Guic5lyA +7

We al'ays 4ray #irst1 9ut 'e 5no' 3od also uses doctors1 so our secretary 4ic5ed us u4 and too5 us directly to the doctors o##ice6 He 4ro)4tly ga7e )e a shot o# cortisone in )y hi41 9ut )issed the ;oint ;ust a little 9it1 so it didnt 5noc5 the 9ursitis out6 They loaned )e a 'heelchair to get 9ac5 to our car6 "ur secretary had gone 9ac5 to 'or51 so !harles 'as going to dri7e us ho)e6 !harles is an e:cellent dri7er1 9ut this a#ternoon he 'as not dri7ing 7ery 'ell6 When 'e turned the #inal corner to go to'ard our condo1 I 'as a'are that he 'asnt dri7ing nor)ally at all6 I said1 =!harles1 is so)ething the )atter 'ith youD? He said1 =%'eetheart1 I a) so sic5 I need to get ho)e and in 9ed as #ast as I canA? He had 9een so concerned a9out )e1 he hadnt realiBed ho' 9adly he #elt6 I li)4ed into the condo as #ast as I could 'ith )y hi4 in agony and 'e 9oth 'ent to 9ed 9ecause neither o# us 'as a9le to do 7ery )uchA %hortly a#ter this I too5 !harles te)4erature and disco7ered it 'as o7er 1.2 degreesA My 9ursitis 'as so 4ain#ul that I could hardly get out o# 9ed1 but I re)e)9ered 'e had so)e anti9iotics 'hich the doctor had gi7en us to ta5e o7erseas in the e7ent 'e 4ic5ed u4 any 5ind o# disease or in#ection1 I said to !harles1 =@et )e gi7e you one o# those 4ills6? The 'ay I got out o# 9ed to get the 4ill 'as really so)ethingA I 'as hanging onto e7erything 'ithin )y reach 9ecause I couldnt stand 9ecause o# the 4ain in )y hi4A He too5 the anti9iotic and 'e 'ent to slee46 %o)e'here around three ocloc5 in the )orning I 'o5e u4 and reached o7er to gi7e !harles a =lo7e 4at? E'hich I al'ays do 'hen I 'a5e u4 during the nightF and disco7ered he 'asnt thereA I had not heard hi) get u41 'hich 'as unusual1 and I al)ost 4anic5edA I thought1 =%urely he didnt ra4ture 'ithout )eA? 2o1 I decided hes 4ro9a9ly in the 9athroo) so I rolled o7er and 'ent 9ac5 to slee46 ++

A9out thirty )inutes later1 I 'o5e u4 and once again reached o7er in the 9ed to gi7e hi) a =lo7e 4at? 9ut he still 'asnt there6 It 'as a horri9le #eelingA %o)eho' in )y s4irit I 5ne' too )uch ti)e had ela4sed and that so)ething )ust 9e 'rong6 Either that or the Holy %4irit nudged )e and told )e so)ething 'as 'rong1 so I called out1 =!harles1 'here are youD? =I) in the 9athroo)1? ca)e his 'ea5 ans'er6 I said1 =What are you doing in thereD? He 7ery cal)ly re4lied1 =I) sitting on the #loor6? The )inute he said1 =%itting on the #loor1? I 5ne' so)ething 'as 'rongA !harles nor)al 9eha7ior does not include sitting on the 9athroo) #loorA In s4ite o# the 4ain#ul 9ursitis1 it is a)aBing the strength the Holy %4irit or angels ga7e )e1 so I ;u)4ed out o# 9ed and ran into the 9athroo)6 When I say I ran into the 9athroo)1 that is a 7ery 4oor descri4tion o# 'hat I actually did6 The 9ursitis 'as so 4ain#ul I had to hang onto e7ery 4iece o# #urniture 9et'een )y side o# the 9ed and the 9athroo) to e7en get there1 9ut 3od increased )y adrenaline enough #or )e to )a5e itA When I sa' !harles1 I could not 9elie7e )y eyesA He 'as sitting on the #loor in a totally daBed condition1 lood 'as sGuirting #ro) his head and co7ering his 4a;a)as1 the rugs1 and the #loorA I screa)ed1 =What ha44enedD? He ans'ered1 =I re)e)9er #alling and )y head hitting the #loor1 9ut thats all6? I as5ed1 =!an you roll o7er on your hands and 5nees and cra'l 9ac5 to 9ed a#ter I get this 9lood cleaned u4D? I didnt 5no' ho' I 'as going to get it cleaned u4 9ecause I couldnt e7en 9end o7er )ysel#6 He tried to get on his 5nees 9ut he couldnt e7en li#t the #ingers o# his le#t hand6 He couldnt )o7e anything e:ce4t #or a little 'iggle in one #inger6 He didnt 5no' 'hat da)age had 9een done to his s4ineA +-

2or)ally I a) the ty4e o# 4erson 'ho 5no's i))ediately 'hat to do in a situation li5e this1 9ut I really #ell a4art and said1 =!harles1 'hat shall 'e doD I cant carry you 9ac5 to 9edA =%hould I call ar9ara Ethats our secretaryFD? Then I said1 =%hould I call -11D? Then I said1 =%hould I call the hos4italD? We had no idea 'hat to do 9ecause I couldnt 'al5 'ith the horri9le 9ursitis in )y hi41 and !harles certainly couldnt 'al51 and there 'as no 'ay I could get hi) 9ac5 to 9edA At e:actly the sa)e )o)ent1 9oth o# us 4ut in a -11 call to hea7en6 We only said t'o 'ords1 =Jesus1 hel4A? I 'ould li5e to tell you 'hat ha44ened ne:t666 9ut I cant6 I ha7e no recollection o# getting the 9lood o## o# !harlesA I did not clean u4 the #loor 9ecause I 'as totally inca4a9le o# doing that1 9ut the ne:t thing either o# us re)e)9er 'as that the ne:t )orning 'e a'o5e at the sa)e ti)e and 9oth o# us 'ere in 9ed6 I said to !harles1 =Ho' did you get in 9edD? He said1 =I dont 5no'6 Ho' did you get in 9edD? I said1 =I dont 5no'6? We loo5ed at the 9ed6 We loo5ed at the #loor6 We got u4 and loo5ed at the 9athroo) and there 'as not a sign o# 9lood any'here6 Ho' did that ha44enD There is only one ans'erA We 9elie7e 'ith our hearts and souls that an angel 4ic5ed us 9oth u48 4ut us 9ac5 in our 9ed and 'ashed the 9lood o## !harles and cleaned u4 the rest o# the )ess #or us6 The only thing he had sho'ing the ne:t )orning 'as a 9adly s5inned head and the 9lac5est eye 'e ha7e e7er seen in all o# our li#eA -.

Kraise the @ord that He gi7es His angels charge o7er us 0 e7en an e:tra lo7e touch in cleaning the house #or usA ,ecause !ou have #a$e the Lor$) who is #! re"uge) even the 3ost High) !our habitation) No evil shall be"all !ou) Nor shall an! plague co#e near !our $welling. For He shall give His angels charge over !ou) to &eep !ou in all !our wa!s =Csal# -1<-012F6

An In"isible +rchestra
By Charles Will angels 9e 7isi9le to )ore o# the 9ody o# !hrist in the end0ti)e church than in the early churchD A9out one0 third o# all )entions o# angels in the i9le is in the 9oo5 o# He7elation1 and 'e 9elie7e that is the day in 'hich 'e are no' li7ingA In recent years hundreds o# 4eo4le ha7e co)e to us 'ith testi)onies o# seeing angels or ha7ing had 7isits 9y angels6 The e:citing thing a9out so)e o# these 'itnesses is that 'e ha7e seen the angels a44ear in the sa)e 4lace they tell o# seeing the)1 and they descri9e the angels e:actly as 'e ha7e seen the)6 3od does con#ir) His 'ord 9y )any 'itnesses6 %hortly a#ter 'e recei7ed the 9a4tis) 'ith the Holy %4irit1 'e 'ere )inistering in a )iracle ser7ice in Austin1 Te:as6 Frances and I1 the 'orshi4 leader and another )an 'ere on the stage o# the auditoriu)6 *uring the 9eauti#ul 'orshi41 Frances turned to the 'orshi4 leader and said1 =Will you lead us in singing in the %4iritD? He loo5ed rather shoc5ed that she 'ould )a5e such an earthly reGuest #or such a hea7enly act as singing in the %4irit6 A lot o# %4irit0#illed 9elie7ers had not yet disco7ered you can sing in the %4irit at any ti)e1 and do not ha7e to 'ait until the =%4irit co)es on youA?


Just 9e#ore the 'orshi4 leader started to lead the singing in tongues1 'e heard a sound 'hich )ade us 9oth instantly turn to'ard the 4iano6 !o)ing #ro) that direction1 'e heard 'hat sounded li5e a thousand 4iece orchestra tuning their instru)ents ;ust 9e#ore a concert6 ut C the 4iano 9ench 'as e)4ty and a guitar 'as resting 9eside the 9enchA The 7olu)e 9egan to intensi#y as they see)ed ready #or the do'n9eat o# the orchestra leader1 Then si)ultaneously 'ith the 'orshi4 leader starting to sing in the %4irit1 the 'hole in7isi9le orchestra 4layed in har)ony 'ith this 9eauti#ul singing in tongues6 We heard the )usic o# a thousand angels and it 'as a'eso)eA

Angels in Witnessing
2y &harles and (rances Angels ha7e a )ulti#aceted ;o91 and to )a5e a ;o9 descri4tion o# all the things they do 'ould 9e 7ery di##icult6 We ;ust try to 9e ready #or 'hate7er ha44ens 'hen they )a5e an a44earanceA At all ti)es there is a 9urning desire in our hearts #or 4eo4le to 'itness #or JesusA "7er the years1 this is one o# the su9;ects 'e ha7e 9rought u4 at al)ost e7ery one o# our ser7ices6 We are al'ays a)aBed 9ecause so )any 4eo4le ha7e a genuine #ear o# 'itnessing C #ear o# re;ection or #ailure1 A young )an recently said to )e1 There may be a million reasons why people dont witness for Jesus but here are the three most popular ones. The first reason is that Christians do not have a real concept of what heaven and hell are. The Bible tells us that heaven is where we will see Jesus face to face. It is a beautiful place where there will be no sickness or -2

poverty. However since we may be livin! a real !ood life here its possible "ust the idea of heaven will not encoura!e us to tell people about Jesus.# If we really understand what hell is like it will encoura!e us to share Jesus with everybody we meet. $e should visuali%e hell and envision our own mother there because we didnt talk to her about Jesus. &I have often said that 'od !ave me a vision of what hell was like the day I !ot saved and that is why I dont want anyone to !o there() He continued1 $e know we are not allowed to kill lie steal have se* outside of marria!e. Those are 'ods commandments But Jesus last commandment is the 'reat Commission He said we are to into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. If we take this commandment to heart and witness in every opportunity to everyone we meet we will be fulfillin! the number one commandment. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. This is the First commandment. And the second, like it, is this: !ou shall love your neigh"or as yoursel# There is no other commandment greater than these#&+ark ,-./0 /,) The second reason for not witnessin! is that we have not taken this as a commandment. $e have taken it as a su!!estion. +any people say 1Im not called to be an evan!elist. Jesus was sent to earth for one purpose 1to save the lost. He !ave His life in a horrible way to provide for us a way to -3

come into a relationship with 'od His last instructions to His disciples whom He left in char!e "ust before He went back to heaven was to preach the gospel to every creature$ &+ark ,2.,3). It is our responsibility as soon as we are saved to tell somebody about our e*perience no matter how we say it. The apostle 4aul wrote That i# you con#ess with your mouth the Lord %esus and "elieve in your heart that God has raised &im #rom the dead, you will "e saved '(om. ,0.5). 6emember the rich man who went to hell7 It wasnt until he !ot to hell that he had a heart for missions. 8nce he was there he said to 9braham )hy don t you send people to my relatives* +snt it a shame for someone to have to !o to hell before becomin! mission minded7 The third hindrance to witnessin! is devil: insti!ated fear The Bible tells us that there is no #ear in love, "ut per#ect love casts out #ear &I John ;.,<). The fear of re"ection and of failure causes even lon!:time seasoned Christians to literally 1free%e up when an opportunity confronts them.# Jesus command. -reach the gospel to every creature.$ =FEAHA? is the res4onse o# so )any !hristians6 *uring a )eeting in Massachusetts1 I 'as teaching the 4eo4le to start 'itnessing 'ithout #ear6 At 3ods leading1 I co))anded the s4irit o# #ear to co)e out o# e7ery 4erson there and #or a s4irit o# 9oldness to co)e into e7eryoneA Then161 %tanding in )ilitary0li5e #or)ation1 shoulder0to0 shoulder along 9oth sides and across the 9ac5 o# the auditoriu) a44eared ro's o# giant angels dressed li5e 'arriorsA It 'as a #or)ida9le sight 9ecause the angels 'ere 4ressed so tightly against one another that nothing could -$

4ossi9ly get through that 'all o# 'arriorsA oth o# us sa' this clearlyA Then 3od ga7e )e a 4ro4hetic )essage #or the 4eo4les =*ont 9e a#raid to tal5 a9out Jesus and the gos4el1 9ecause 'hen you are doing this1 you 'ill ne7er 9e alone6 "ne o# these giant angels 'ill 9e 'ith youA? Isnt it e:traordinary to 5no' 'e dont ha7e to entertain #ear 'hen 'e 'itness #or 3odD There is a huge angel standing there 'ith usA @oo5 around you ;ust )ight see hi)A

Angels &alling *he ,eo!le

By Frances =@oo5 at all those angels standing on the roo# o# the churchA? I e:clai)ed as 'e dro7e #ro) the air4ort in Fargo1 2orth *a5ota1 to the First Asse)9ly "# 3od !hurch 'here 'e 'ere to start a Healing E:4losion6 =@oo5A @oo5A @oo5A There are angels standing on all #our sides o# that churchA There are angels stationed all the 'ay around the roo# and theyre all 9lo'ing tru)4ets1 calling 4eo4le in #ro) the 2orth1 the %outh1 the East and the WestA Isnt that e:citingA? The church 9uilding has a #lat roo# and in the s4irit I could see all #our sides at one ti)e6 The 4astor 'ho 'as dri7ing said1 =That really sends goose 4i)4les u4 and do'n )y s4ine 9ecause ;ust this )orning in the 4rayer )eeting 'e as5ed 3od to 9ring the) in #ro) the 2orth1 %outh1 East and West #or the Healing E:4losionA This con#ir)s 'hat 'e 4rayed this )orningA? When the ti)e ca)e #or the Healing E:4losion to start1 3ods angels had 9lo'n those tru)4ets so clearly that 4eo4le strea)ed in #ro) all #our directions1 For the #irst ti)e in the history o# the city o# Fargo1 they had a tra##ic ;a)A Fargo is not a really 9ig city 9ut so )any thousands o# 4eo4le ca)e to the Healing E:4losion they had to 4ar5 their cars in the surrounding corn#ieldsA -&

When angels get 9usy on their tru)4ets C 'atch out things ha44enA

Angel *ouches *he 3nsa"ed Man

By Charles Acce4ting an in7itation to a 'edding can 9ring une:4ected sur4risesA %hortly 9e#ore it 'as ti)e #or the cere)ony to start1 a )an 9rought his 9adly cri44led 'i#e into the #oyer o# the church6 %he 'as )oaning 9ecause she 'as in such e:cruciating 4ain #ro) a 9ad 9ac5 4ro9le)1 and 'e i))ediately 9egan to )inister healing to her in Jesus 2a)eA The 'edding 'as scheduled to start1 9ut the 'o)an 'asnt co)4letely healed6 3od had 4ut her in traction1 and it too5 a9out ten )inutes #or the total healing to )ani#est6 %he 'as so e:cited she 'as re;oicingA We couldnt 9la)e her #or that1 9ut this delay )ade the groo) e:tre)ely ner7ous6 We told hi) that 'e 5ne' in our hearts 3od 'anted to #inish the )iracle #irst1 He agreed1 and the lady 'as then totally healed o# )onths o# agoniBing 4ainA The lady got her )iracle and the 'edding 9egan6 %o)ething 7ery su4ernatural ha44ened 'hile the )inister 'as conducting the 'edding1 and I as5ed hi) i# I could interru4t #or a )o)ent6 The 9ride and groo) 'ere #acing us as 'e #aced the audience1 I told the 4eo4le 'ho had co)e to share in the 9lessing o# this cou4le1 that it 'as an unusual 'edding 9ecause the giant angel 'ho) 3od had stationed 'ith us 'as standing directly in 9ac5 o# the 9ride and groo)1 #acing us6 Then he )o7ed to )y right1 and then 9ac5 to Frances side6 At that ti)e1 I had ne7er seen this angel nor any o# the large angels1 9ut 3od has gi7en )e the a9ility in the s4irit to tell e:actly 'here the angel is and to 5no' his )o7e)ents6 -6

Frances too5 the )icro4hone and said1 =!harles descri9ed hi) 4er#ectly1? Eshe sa' hi) as 4lainly as she could see )eF1 and she sa' hi) 'hen he )o7ed to our right and 4ut his hand on the shoulder o# the unsa7ed )an sitting there1 That )an acce4ted Jesus that night a#ter the 'eddingA Who 'ouldnt get sa7ed a#ter 9eing touched 9y an angelADA

Angel &on$ronts A 2ac'slidden ,astor

2y (rances *uring the 'orshi4 4eriod o# an a'eso)e )eeting1 as I loo5ed out in the congregation1 I sa' our angel leaning o7er a )an6 Instantly I 5ne' so)ething su4ernatural 'as going to ha44en6 I 'as 'ra44ed u4 'ith antici4ation1 and as soon as 'e sto44ed singing1 I said to the audience1 =Kraise the @ord1 an angel is here tonight and he is )inistering to a )an in the audience1? Mentioning the a44ro:i)ate area 'here the angel 'as1 e7eryone turned around to see i# they could catch a gli)4se o# the angel6 %hortly a#ter this1 the angel disa44eared6 A44arently he had done his 'or5 and then had 7anishedA When the ser7ice 'as o7er1 I heard the )ost a)aBing storyA The )an to 'ho) the angel had )inistered 'as a 9ac5slidden 4astorA He had le#t his 'i#e1 ran o## 'ith his secretary1 9ut a44arently an angel 9rought hi) into our )eeting6 Angels ha7e 'ays that they can urge or 4ro)4t you to do so)ething according to 3ods 'ill and ti)ing6 He said the angel )inistered to hi)1 encouraging and strengthening hi) to )a5e a decision to gi7e his heart 9ac5 to Jesus that night and to return to his 'i#e666and thats ;ust 'hat he didA


82usiness9 Angels 2y &harles

The su9;ect o# angels is #ascinating to teach in a i9le school6 %e7eral years ago I got u4 early one )orning and studied as )uch as I could a9out angels since I 'as teaching on that su9;ect6 I said1 =3od1 'hy cant 'e Nshi#t gears as though it 'ere and see into the angel real) and see their acti7itiesD? This 'as ;ust a thought0 4rayer and I didnt say anything to Frances a9out it! As 'e 4assed a s)all sho44ing area 'hile dri7ing #ro) our ho)e to the teaching center Frances said1 =!harles1 do you see all those angels out there todayD? I tried to see the) 9ut reluctantly said1 =2o6? %he cal)ly said1 =They )ust really ha7e a 9usy day scheduled 9ecause they are rushing along carrying so)ething6 It loo5s li5e a huge 9rie#case as i# they are headed on a )ission so)e'here6? They 'ere ;ust a9o7e ground le7elA 3od has 9lessed her to allo' her to see into the s4irit real)6 %he can o#ten see angels as though she is turning on a tele7ision set1 %he so)eti)es says1 =I ;ust 9ac5 u4 in the s4irit? and really she is saying1 =Ill 9loc5 out )y nor)al thin5ing and o4en )y heart to see the angels6? %he said there 'ere hundreds o# these =9usiness angels? going to and #ro a9out their 'or56 Arent you glad they are out there ta5ing care o# your 9usiness #or youD

2ig 0esus 2y &harles

A nu)9er o# years ago Frances de7elo4ed a horseshoe sha4ed tear in her eye and had to ha7e a surgical 4rocedure done 'hich the doctors called a =!ryo6? They si)4ly -+

=ironed? the eye 9ac5 together surgicallyA It 'as considered a )inor o4eration 9ut they ga7e her 7ery strict instructions 'hen she le#t the hos4ital6 The doctor said1 =>ou cannot tra7el #or at least a 'ee56 >our eye )ust heal co)4letely 9e#ore you tra7el6 >ou cannot allo' anything to 9u)4 against you 9ecause you could lose the sight in that eye i# you are not e:tre)ely care#ul6? We had already scheduled s4ea5ing engage)ents in %an *iego and Fresno1 !ali#ornia1 'hich 'e 5ne' I 'ould ha7e to ta5e alone6 We could not cancel this 9ecause o# our co))it)ent to 3od to 9e there1 e#ore I le#t1 'e 'ent into the 5itchen and 'ere tal5ing a9out ho' 'e #elt a9out 9eing a4art6 3od ;oined our hearts together so 4er#ectly 'hen 'e 'ere )arried that 'e can hardly 9ear 9eing a4art e7en #or a short ti)e6 I loo5ed into her eye and 'as shoc5ed to see there 'as a solid 4ool o# 9loodA Kanic hit our hearts as 'e re)e)9ered 'hat the doctor had told us1 so I touched her eyes and 'e 9oth instantly cried out1 =In Jesus 2a)eA? We called the e)ergency 'ard o# the hos4ital and tal5ed to the doctor on duty that night6 He as5ed i# she could still see out o# her eye6 He instructed her to close the other eye and test it to see i# the sight 'as still there6 We 'ere 9oth relie7ed 'hen 'e disco7ered her sight 'as thereA The doctor told us it 'as )ost li5ely a ru4tured 7essel and 'ould 9e all rightA That 'as 'onder#ul to hear1 9ut 'e still had a lot o# concern and tre4idation in our hearts a9out the condition o# her eye1 re)e)9ering that the doctors had said i# the eye tore in a co)4lete circle she could 9e totally 9lind in that eye6 Hegardless o# this1 'e 5ne' 'e had to #ul#ill our co))it)ent to 3odA The ne:t )orning1 a#ter reluctantly 5issing )y 9elo7ed good09ye1 I 'ent to the air4ort to #ly to %an *iego #or our #irst three0day engage)ent1 #eeling as though I 'as lea7ing 4art o# )y 7ery o'n #lesh 9ehind1 --

I 4rayed and #asted #or three days1 dra'ing 7ery close to 3od6 There 'as nothing on )y )ind e:ce4t 'hat I 'as doing #or 3od and 'hat He 'as doing #or )y 9elo7ed during our se4aration6 E7en that short 4eriod o# ti)e see)ed li5e an eternity to )e6 At the end o# the three days I #le' to Fresno1 !ali#ornia6 Frances had healed su##iciently 9y that ti)e1 so the surgeon ga7e her 4er)ission to tra7el6 %he )et )e in Fresno #or another three0day crusade1 'earing dar5 glasses6 In our #irst ser7ice1 the t'o o# us1 the 4astor1 his 'i#e and the 'orshi4 tea) 'ere on the stage during the 4raise and 'orshi46 %uddenly an a)aBing )iracle ha44enedA There 'ere a9out t'o thousand 4eo4le in the auditoriu) 'hich 'as a44ro:i)ately as tall as a three0story 9uilding6 in the t'in5ling o# an eye1 as i# so)eone had suddenly turned on a light s'itch1 I sa' t'o giant colu)ns6 They rese)9led 4ictures I had seen o# %a)son in the te)4le6 As I loo5ed at these colu)ns1 there a44eared a giant angel in #ront o# each one o# the)6 I loo5ed at the) 'ith utter astonish)ent6 They a44eared as giant )en standing 'ith their #eet on the #loor 'ith their heads al)ost touching the three0story0high ceiling6 The entire at)os4here 'as charged 'ith the su4ernatural energy o# 3odA Each angel 'as standing as i# in )ilitary #or)ation and 'ith a large s4ear1 in )ilitary ter)s =at rest1? as i# they 'ere guarding so)ething or so)eoneA As I 'as loo5ing at 9oth o# these giant angels1 suddenly )y s4irit 'as ta5en to the 9ac5 o# the auditoriu) and there 'as a 'hole grou4 o# angels 'ho loo5ed as though they 'ere acti7e in so)e other 'ay6 I didnt understand 'hat they 'ere doing 9ut they 'ere clearly 7isi9le6 Then as )y s4iritM)ind 9egan to see)ingly =#loat? o7er the auditoriu)1 )y attention 9eca)e ri7eted on the 7ery centerM#ront aisle o# the ci7ic center6 1..

As I continued 'atching that scene1 I sa' a third great1 giant )an 'ith His #eet on the #loor and His head al)ost touching the ceiling6 And there stood JesusA What an a'eso)e #eeling it 'as to 9ehold JesusA My heart stood stillA I couldnt e7en thin5 o# angels any )ore 9ecause o# the glory o# 3od on our @ord JesusA As I 'atched this s4ectacular 7ision1 the s4irits o# each o# those a44ro:i)ately t'o thousand 4eo4le suddenly le#t their 9odies li5e 7a4ors and 'ent right into the 9ody o# Jesus and disa44earedA When they had totally disa44eared into Jesus1 the scene again changed and the only 'ay I can descri9e it is to say that Jesus 9eca)e as 9ig as the uni7erse6 2o longer 'as He contained in the 9uilding 'here 'e 'ere 'orshi4ing1 He 'as out o# the li)its o# s4aceA As I 'atched this huge )ighty Jesus1 the 4o'er#ul %on o# 3od1 this 7ision suddenly changed di)ension 'hen Jesus1 as 9ig as the uni7erse1 9eca)e s)all enough to go into each o# the t'o thousand 4eo4le in the auditoriu)A Then He disa44earedA What a re7elationA It 'as al)ost too o7er'hel)ing to co)4rehend1 9ut as I continued to 'atch1 3od s4o5e6 =When you are co)4letely in Jesus1 then Jesus 'ill 9e co)4letely in you6? The a4ostle Kaul 'rote1 !olossians 1<271 Christ in !ou the hope o" glor!. 3od 'as sho'ing )e 7ery clearly that =!hrist in you is the ho4e o# glory? and also that Jesus li7es in and through each o# His 9elie7ers1 This is a ne7er0to09e0#orgotten )iracle07ision o# our @ord Jesus !hrist and the angels6 It changed )y li#eA


)scorted *o Hea"en 2y Angels

By Charles In 1-6+ 3od had dra'n )e li5e a )agnet into a 7ery close 'al5 'ith Jesus6 My 'i#e 'as dying and ulti)ately died o# cancer and I 'as s4ending huge a)ounts o# ti)e in the i9le ;ust lo7ing 3od and Jesus6 My only desire 'as to lo7e the) )ore and )ore and to ha7e a )ore inti)ate relationshi4 'ith the)6 I s4ent hundreds o# hours1 4erha4s e7en thousands1 in the i9le during 'hich ti)e stories a9out angels didnt necessarily i)4ress )e that )uch 9ecause that 'as not 'hat I 'as #ocusing on at that ti)eA "ne thing that 7i7idly i)4ressed )e1 though1 'as 'hen a !hristian dies angels escort the) to hea7enA They can also escort you to 4laces in the natural 'hile you are ali7e6 Finall! the beggar $ie$ an$ was carrie$ b! the angels to be with *braha# in the place o" the righteous dead E@u5e 16<22 T@ F6 When )y 'i#e died1 the head nurse 'as chec5ing her 4ulse and suddenly said1 =%hes gone6? I re4lied1 =>es1 I 5no'6? I actually sa' her s4irit1 al)ost li5e a 7a4or1 lea7e her 9ody and Boo) u4 to'ard hea7en6 I 5ne' instantly she had died1 9ut 9elie7e1 ;ust li5e the 9eggar in @u5e 16<221 that angels ca)e and too5 her soul and s4irit to hea7en6 That night 3od again 9lessed )e 9y letting )e see her in a 7ision1 in hea7en1 singing in a choir6 In 1-6+1 'hile this 'as ha44ening in )y li#e1 I 'as lying on a cot in the hos4ital roo) loo5ing u4 to 3od and 4raising Hi)6 Earlier that night 3od had audi9ly s4o5en to )e through )y hearing )echanis)6 That 'as a 4heno)enal e:4erience and I could hardly co)4rehend that the Al)ighty 3od 'ould s4ea5 to an ordinary 4erson in a huge city li5e Houston1 Te:as1 ecause He audi9ly s4o5e to )e1 I 'as lying on the 9ed loo5ing u4 to 3od and than5ing Hi) and 4raising Hi) #or letting )e ha7e that re)ar5a9le e:4erience6 I 'as a'ed 9y this6 I said1 =3od1 1.2

4eo4le in the i9le ha7e heard you s4ea5 and ha7e tal5ed to you and 'e 5no' you al'ays listen6? While I 'as lying there1 suddenly I loo5ed u4 a9o7e )e and sa' a 9ody sus4ended in air a9out eighteen inches a9o7e )y 4hysical 9ody6 As I 9egan loo5ing at this and 4ondering a9out it1 I could see through this 9ody li5e loo5ing through a thin #og or cloud 9ut I could clearly see this 9odyA It 'as the sa)e siBe as )e1 it 'as the sa)e sha4e as )e and 'hen I loo5ed at the #ace1 it 'as )y #aceA As I 'as 'atching this 4heno)enal scene I said1 =3od1 you ha7e ta5en )y s4irit out o# )y 'ide a'a5e healthy 9ody and allo'ed )e to see itA? A great 4rayer 'arrior had said earlier that night1 =I a) going to li#t you u4 in the light o# 3od in 4rayer6? %he 'as actually 4raying #or )y 'i#e 9ut she s4o5e that to )e and it sounded 4eculiar that she 'ould 9e 4raying #or )e1 9ut she did6 %he said1 =I a) going into )y 9edroo) and 4ray and I) going to li#t you u4 into the light o# 3od6? I thought that 'as si)4ly an e:4ression C I didnt realiBe it 'as 3od )o7ing in a s4ecial 'ay that 4articular night6 I sa' a 7ision o# this lady 'ho) I had ne7er seen1 'ith her hands under )y 9ac5 li#ting )e u46 When I got as high as her ar)s 'ould reach1 suddenly an energy 9egan to #lo' through )y 9ody #ro) )y #eet u4 to )y head li5e re4eated 'a7es o# the sea6 I 'as a'are o# this tre)endous surge o# the 4o'er o# 3od1 and that I 'as ascending into the air6 I 9egan to )o7e u4'ard1 #irst slo'ly li5e a roc5et ta5ing o## and then suddenly I 'as going at a 7ery1 7ery ra4id s4eed6 I didnt #eel any resistance #ro) gra7ity or any other thing 9ut I could tell I 'as )o7ing e:tre)ely #ast through s4ace6 While I 'as 'atching this1 suddenly )y =thin5er? )o7ed #ro) )y head into that other 9ody6 The thin5ing ne7er changed #ro) the 'ay I 'as thin5ing 'hile I 'as in this hu)an 9ody 9ut it continued in a nor)al 'ay as I 'as thin5ing to 3od1 'hich I o#ten do6 1.3

I didnt realiBe it at the ti)e1 9ut no' I a) Guite a'are that the i9le says in He9re's $<12 E(J,F1 For the wor$ o" 1o$ is Euic&) an$ power"ul) an$ sharper than an! twoF e$ge$ swor$) piercing even to the $ivi$ing asun$er o" soul an$ spirit... @ater I realiBed 'hat 3od 'as doing6 He had ta5en )y s4irit out o# )y 'ide a'a5e healthy 9ody and then too5 )y soul out to ;oin )y s4irit and I 9egan to )o7e u4'ard at this ra4id rate6 I didnt see anything as I 'as going1 9ut it 'as as though I 'as a9le to see1 yet not see6 It see)ed li5e si: or se7en seconds 4assed until suddenly )y s4irit and soul sto44ed and as I loo5ed1 the 'hole s5y1 'hich is nor)ally 9lue or cloudy1 'as a9solutely the )ost 9eauti#ul golden s5y I had e7er seen6 It 'as #ar )ore 4ure than any gold that I had e7er loo5ed at on earth6 I only stayed in the glory o# the light o# 3od as #ar as )y )ind co)4rehended another si: or se7en seconds 'hen suddenly )y 9ody 9egan to descend6 It didnt #all 9ut 'as lo'ered 9y an unseen #orce1 ;ust li5e 'hen I 'ent u41 and 'as )o7ing ra4idly 9ac5 do'n to earth1 When I got ;ust a little a9o7e )y earthly 9ody it 'as li5e I hit an air 4oc5et and )y s4irit and soul entered 9ac5 into )y 4hysical 9ody and I 'as a'are that I 'as 9ac5 to )y nor)al h )an sel#1 My )ind continued to thin5 ;ust as it al'ays ad and then I 9egan to realiBe 3od had ta5en )e on a ;ourney to hea7en and allo'ed )e to see all o# this su4ernatural e:4erience1 held in the )ar7elous light o# 3odA I had 9een escorted on a round tri4 ;ourney to hea7enA When I understood that angels ha7e the ca4a9ility o# escorting your soul and s4irit1 I realiBed that these 'ere angels 'ho escorted )y soul and s4irit u4 into the 4ortals o# hea7en1 into the light o# 3odA


Chapter 1. /ntertaining Angels 0na&are

y Frances -o not "orget to entertain strangers) "or b! so $oing so#e have unwittingl! entertaine$ angels EHe9re's 13<2F6 A hea7enly angelic encounter can redirect your entire li#e and change your 4lans #ore7erA "ne such )eeting1 'hich ha44ened to )e1 has a##ected !harles and )y li#e and 4ossi9ly the li7es o# the entire 'orldA %ur4risingly1 it occurred o7er a luncheon ta9le in a 7ery s)all to'n in Missouri6 %e7eral o# our s4ecial #riends had #lo'n in to )inister 'ith us in a series o# )eetings6 "ur 4lanes had all arri7ed at an early hour1 so 'e 'ere thrilled to 9e a9le to ha7e lunch together6 It 'as a ty4ical s)all to'n restaurant6 3ood ho)e Mcoo5ed #ood 9ut not a lot o# at)os4hereA There 'ere ten or t'el7e o# us at the ta9le1 and the e:cite)ent 'as at a 7ery high 4itch as 'e 'ere all sharing the )iracles 3od had 9een doing in our li7es6 We 'ere antici4ating all 5inds o# Holy %4irit ha44enings in the u4co)ing )eetings6 We had 9een seated #or ;ust a #e' )o)ents 'hen a )an co)4letely un5no'n to )e 'al5ed u4 to the ta9le and said1 =May I ;oin youD? I ans'ered1 =>es1? 9ecause he s4o5e directly to )e6 He then sat do'n at the end o# our ta9le6 !harles 'as sitting ne:t to )e at the side o# the ta9le and the stranger sat at the end o# the ta9le ne:t to !harles6 I assu)ed he 'as a #riend o# the 4astor 'ho 'as sitting directly across #ro) )e6 1.&

Just #or a )o)ent it struc5 )e as 9eing a little 4eculiar that the stranger 9egan to tal5 to #e. He didnt say1 =Hello1? or e7en s4ea5 to any o# the others at the ta9le6 He didnt e7en indicate that he 'as a'are o# anyone else 9eing at the ta9le1 including !harles1 9ut #ocused his attention solely on )e6 To hel4 you 9etter understand 'hat occurred ne:t1 I 'ant to e:4lain that I 'as one o# those Jesus #anatics #ro) the 'ord =goA? The day I got sa7ed1 I had a 7iolent ne7erM toM9e00#orgotten encounter 'ith the @ord Jesus !hristA When I say =7iolent1? I dont )ean I cried or rolled on the #loor or anything as dra)atic as that1 9ut 'hen I )et Hi) it 'as a dyna)ic 4ersonal encounter that i)4acted )y li#e #ore7er and e7er and e7erA I had 'al5ed into church 'ith the s)ell o# cigarettes on )y 9reath and alcohol in )y 9ody1 9ut 'ith a deter)ination in )y heart that )orning that I 'as not going to lea7e that church until I 5ne' that I 5ne'1 that I &new) that I &new that Jesus !hrist 'as actually li7ing in )y heartA I had a )ost unusual encounter 'ith 3od in a hos4ital roo) se7eral )onths earlier 'hen 3ods #inger1 di44ed in the 9rilliant red 9lood o# Jesus1 'rote #i7e 'ords in )y i9le 'hich are e)9laBoned on )y heart e7en today< =Frances 3ardner Ethat 'as )y na)e thenF1 I lo7e youA? Those #i7e 4recious1 ne7er0to09e0#orgotten 'ords changed )y li#e #ore7er and e7erA ut it 'as a9out nine )onths later that I )ade a )o)entous decision 9e#ore I 'ent to church that I 'as not going to 'al5 out o# that church until I 5ne' 9eyond a shado' o# a dou9t that Jesus !hrist1 the %on o# the li7ing 3od1 'as actually li7ing in )y heartA When that dra)atic )o)ent ca)e and I 5ne' Jesus had ta5en u4 residence in )y heart1 I e:4erienced an instantaneous changeo7er #ro) a 'ild sinner to a saint o# 3odA In the de4ths o# )y heart1 so)eho' I 5ne' that e7erything I had e7er done had 9een #orgi7en 9y 3od and 1.6

9uried in the dee4est sea ne7er to 9e re)e)9ered againA I 'as totally set #ree at the ri4e old age o# #ortyMnineA I couldnt 'ait to get out o# the church 9ecause there 'as such a co)4elling #orce 9urning 'ithin )e #ro) the s4lit second 'hen I as5ed 3od to #orgi7e )y sins and Jesus to co)e into )y heart1 that dro7e )e to 'ant to tell e7ery9ody I sa' a9out the sa7ing grace o# the @ord Jesus !hristA I sto44ed at e7ery store that 'as o4enA Keo4le thought I had lost )y )ind 9ecause all I 'anted to do 'as tal5 a9out JesusA ha$ lost #! #in$ C now possesse$ the #in$ o" Christ2 My only desire 'as to 9ring e7eryone I 5ne' into the 5ingdo) o# 3od6 I 'al5ed out o# church that day and said1 =3od1 I7e got to 'in the 'hole 'orld to Jesus 9ecause no9ody is tal5ing a9out Hi)A @ittle did I 5no' that so)e day !harles and I 'ould 9e called 9y 3od to coordinate a World E7angelistic !ensus 'here1 as Jesus said1 the gos4el 'ill 9e 4reached to e7ery creature6 The reason I #elt this 'ay and 9urned 'ith such an intensity in )y 'hole 9eing to share the gos4el o# sal7ation 'as 9ecause no one had e7er shared the gos4el 'ith )e until I 'as #ortyMeight years o# ageA I had gone to church all )y li#e6 I had done all the =things? 4eo4le in7ol7ed in =churchianity? do1 9ut there had ne7er 9een that 4ersonal con#rontation 'ith Jesus6 /4 until that ti)e1 no one had e7er as5ed )e i# I had e7er )et Jesus1 i# I 5ne' Jesus1 or 'hether I 'as sa7ed6 Ho'e7er1 there 'as a day 'hen I 'al5ed u4 on the 4orch o# the church 'here I e7entually got sa7ed1 that a girl said to )e1 =Hi1 FrancesA When did you get save$:' There 'as so)ething a9out that 'ord (save$' that stuc5 a 5ni#e right into the inner)ost de4ths o# )y heart6 I didnt e7en 5no' 'hat it )eant6 %o I as5ed1 =%a7ed #ro) 'hatD? All I re)e)9er is that 'ord save$ 4ierced and 1.7

4enetrated the core o# )y 7ery 9eing1 and un5no'n to )e1 con7icted )e6 %o 'hen I 5ne' that I 5ne' that was save$) I too5 o## deter)ined that the 'hole 'orld 'as going to get sa7ed6 I didnt care 'hat I had to do to acco)4lish this i)4ossi9le tas5 9ut I 5ne' so)eho' or other that I had to do itA As a result o# this dri7e 'ithin )e1 'hich has ne7er ceased or e7en cooled do'n1 I ha7e 9een 5no'n as a soul 'inner 'here7er I go6 My second 9oo51 1o) 3an) 1o2 'as strictly a9out 'itnessing and 'as 'ritten at a ti)e 'hen I didnt really e7en 5no' ho' to 'itness1 9ut I 'as still leading a lot o# 4eo4le to Jesus6 %ince then1 )y Beal #or 'inning souls has only increasedA ecause o# this consu)ing dri7e1 I 9elie7e 3od 4lanned a 7ery s4ecial encounter #or )e in that little Missouri restaurant6 The stranger 'ho sat at our ta9le 'as 7ery interesting in that he 'as dressed in a nondescri4t 'ay6 There 'as nothing outstanding a9out his clothing that I could re)e)9er1 and I 7aguely re)e)9ered his #acial characteristics later6 The one thing I do recall Guite clearly1 though1 'as the co)4elling 4ersonality he hadA When he 9egan to tal5 to )e1 I could not hear or listen to anyone elseA There 'as a su4ernatural dra'ing to this indi7idual 'ho) I had ne7er )et 9e#ore6 "ur con7ersation started in a 7ery interesting )anner6 He said1 =Frances1 I 5no' a9out your re4utation #or 9eing a tre)endous soul 'inner and I 'ant to sho' you a ne' 'ay to 'in 4eo4le to Jesus1? Although I did not recogniBe this )an1 I assu)ed he 'as a 4astor or a #riend o# the 4astor1 so I res4onded1 =Tell )eA? I) al'ays interested in 'hate7er 'ill 9ring 4eo4le into the 5ingdo) o# 3od1 'hether its an altar call1 a one0 to0one 9asis1 or ho'e7er it is1 so )y attention 'as ri7eted to 'hat he 'as going to share6 1.+

His ans'er1 ho'e7er1 'as not e:actly 'hat I had e:4ected at all 9ecause he said1 =*o you see that 'aitress o7er thereD? I ans'ered1 =>es6? He said1 N%hes going to co)e o7er here and the 7ery #irst thing shes going to say is1 NWhat 'ould you li5e to drin5D? Thats a 'ell05no'n a44roach1 9ecause thats the #irst thing e7ery 'aitress or 'aiter as5s 'hen you sit do'n at a ta9le in a restaurant6 They ne7er as5 #irst #or your #ood order8 they al'ays as5 #or your drin5 order #irst6 This )an o97iously 5ne' she 'as going to 9e li5e e7ery other 'aitress in e7ery other restaurant and he said1 =When she says that to )e1 I) going to ans'er1 NWater6 Then I) going to as51 N2o' )ay I as5 you a GuestionD Her ans'er 'ill 9e1 N>es6 =I 'ill say to her1 N*o you 5no' there are t'o 5inds o# 9eauti#ul 'aitresses in this restaurantD =%he is going to re4ly1 NHeallyD =Then I) going to say1 N>es1 those 'ho are sa7ed and those 'ho are a9out to 9e6 Which one are youD? Without one second o# ti)e 4assing1 so)ething literally e:4loded on the inside o# )eA Fro) the )inute the stranger started to tal51 I ne7er too5 )y eyes o## hi)1 nor could I hear the other con7ersations going on at our ta9le6 It 'as sort o# a situation o#1 NJust you and )e1 9rother1 and I dont e7en 5no' 'ho you areA? When he said1 =Those 'ho are sa7ed and those 'ho are a9out to 9e1? so)ething ha44ened 'ithin )e that I a9solutely cannot e:4lain6 Without any Guestion or dou9t in )y )ind1 'ithout e7en trying it the #irst ti)e1 I sa' that this 'as a ='inP 'in? situation 'here there 'as no 'ay you could lose6 I# the 4erson 'as already sa7ed1 you 'ould say1 =Kraise the @ordA That )a5es you )y 9rother Eor sisterFA? and i# they 'ere not sa7ed1 you7e gi7en the) no other choice than to gi7e you the ans'er you 'ant1 'hich is1 =I) a9out to 9eA? 1.-

There are all di##erent 5inds o# 4eo4le in the 'orld1 and I thin5 its 'onder#ul that 3od didnt )a5e us little car9on co4ies o# one another6 He )ade each and e7ery one o# us indi7idual1 distinct and di##erent in our a44roach to li#e6 I ha44en to 9e one o# those 'ho is a real =eager 9ea7er6? I) not the ty4e 'ho says1 =Well1 let )e see you do it and then let )e see you do it #i#ty )ore ti)es1 then )ay9e Ill ha7e the courage to try it1? The )inute I hear so)ething that stri5es )e as 9eing e:citing or outstanding1 I 'ant to try it right a'ayA ecause this had so touched )y heart1 so electri#ied )e1 I couldnt 'ait to get startedA As soon as he 4aused1 I e:clai)ed1 =@et )e do itA @et )e do itA @et )e do itA? I didnt e7en 'ant to 'ait to see hi) do it 9ecause so)ething in )y s4irit had so lea4ed 'ithin )e that I 5ne' instantly this 'as an incredi9ly e##ecti7e 'ay to 'in 4eo4le to Jesus6 !ertainly it 'as the si)4lest1 easiest 'ay I had e7er heard or seen6 He 7ery so#tly said1 ="5ay6? When the 'aitress ca)e u4 to )e and as5ed 'hat I 'anted to drin51 I ordered 'ater and then said1 =May I as5 you a GuestionD? %he said1 =>es6? I said1 =*o you 5no' there are t'o 5inds o# 9eauti#ul 'aitresses in this restaurantD? Klease note that I said e:actly 'ordM#or00'ord 'hat the )an had said6 I later understood 'hy I did that6 The 'aitress said1 =HeallyD? E;ust li5e he said she 'ouldAF Then I said1 =>esA Those 'ho are sa7ed and those 'ho are a9out to 9e6 Which one are youD? Without any instruction #ro) the )an at the ta9le1 I loo5ed directly at the 'aitress1 ne7er ta5ing )y eyes o## her1 and 4ut on )y 7ery 9est s)ile1 9ecause so)eho' or other I 5ne' it 'as going to 'or5 e7en though I 'asnt really 4re4ared #or 'hat ha44enedA 11.

The Holy %4irit #ell in a 'ay that 'ords cannot descri9e1 It 'as as i# the 'aitress and I 'ere en7elo4ed in a s4ecial su4ernatural sac51 'here e7eryone else 'as e:cluded e:ce4t the t'o o# us6 The 4resence and 4o'er o# 3od 'as incredi9le6 I did not say another 'ord6 I ;ust 'aited until she ans'ered and her ans'er 'as certainly a shoc5 to )eA %he i))ediately 9urst into tears1 = oo0hooA oo0hoo oo0hoot? crying so loud she could 9e heard throughout the entire restaurant6 Then she sto44ed and i))ediately said1 =I) a9out to 9eA? I guess I hadnt thought #ar enough ahead 9ecause all I 'anted to do 'as to try this ne' )ethod o# soul 'inning6 I 'as really 4re4ared #or an ans'er 9ut I certainly 'asnt 4re4ared #or such a s4ontaneous1 e)otional re4ly as this6 ut1 4raise the @ord1 'e 4ossess the )ind o# !hrist and Hes al'ays there to tell us 'hat to do in any situationA I gra99ed the 'aitresss hand so she couldnt get a'ay #ro) )e and i))ediately said1 NHe4eat this a#ter )e< Father1 #orgi7e )y sins6? Without Guestioning )e at all1 she said1 =Father1 #orgi7e )y sins6? Then I continued1 =Jesus1 co)e into )y heart and sa7e )e6? %he re4eated1 =Jesus1 co)e into )y heart and sa7e )e6 I said1 =Than5 >ou1 Jesus #or sa7ing )eA? %he re4lied1 =Than5 >ou1 Jesus #or sa7ing )eA? Then I instantly as5ed her the )ost i)4ortant Guestion o# all1 =Where is Jesus right no'D? %he 9urst into tears again and said1 =In )y heartA? %he ga7e the ans'er 'hich so )any 4eo4le 'ho ha7e gone to church #or )any1 )any years do not understand1 and that is the 4rinci4le o# 'hat Kaul 4reached1 Christ in !ou) the hope o# glory? E!olossians 1<27F6 Her ans'er 'as so #ast that there 'as a9solutely no Guestion in her )ind 'hatsoe7er that Jesus !hrist had co)e to li7e in her heart and she 'as sa7edA %he 9egan crying so 111

hard that she had to go 9ac5 to the 5itchen 'here she cried #or ten )ore )inutes 9e#ore she returned to ta5e our orderA As soon as this had ha44ened1 the )an 'ho taught )e this said1 =I ha7e another a44oint)ent and need to go no'6 Would you )ind i# I le#tD? I said1 =2o1 9ut than5 you so )uch #or sharing this 'ith )e 9ecause I thin5 its tre)endousA? I re)e)9er that as I 'atched hi) get u4 and 'al5 to'ard the door o# the restaurant1 I had the )ost unusual #eeling 'hen he le#t )y 4resence1 as though he 'as not an ordinary 4erson6 Wondering 'hether he 'as a #a)ous e7angelist or 4erha4s a 4astor 'ith a really s4ecial anointing1 I turned to the 4astor sitting across the ta9le #ro) )e and as5ed1 =Who 'as that )anD? The 4astor ans'ered1 =What )anD? I said1 =The )an I 'as ;ust tal5ing to at the end o# the ta9le1? He re4lied1 =I didnt see any9ody6? I said1 =The )an 'ho told )e ho' to do NThere Are T'o (inds o#666? The 4astor ans'ered1 =I didnt hear any9ody6 I thought that 'as your idea6? =2o1? I said1 =it 'asnt )y idea at all6 That )an told )e e:actly 'hat to do6? Again he re4lied1 =I didnt see any9odyA? I turned to !harles1 'ho 'as sitting right ne:t to )e1 between the )an Id tal5ed to and )e and as5ed1 =!harles1 do you 5no' that )anD? Again I heard the 'ords1 =What )anD I didnt see any9ody6? =The )an I 'as tal5ing to6? y this ti)e I 'as really 4uBBled6 !harles ans'ered1 =I didnt hear any9ody6? I turned to the 4eo4le at the other end o# the ta9le 9ecause at this 4oint I 'as really astonished and a)aBed1 112

I as5ed1 =*o any o# you 5no' 'ho that )an 'as 'ho told )e ho' to do1 NThere Are T'o (inds o#666D? "# all the 4eo4le at the ta9le1 only t'o others thought they sa' so)eone 9ut no one heard hi) s4ea5ing e:ce4t )e6 I didnt really thin5 too )uch a9out this e:ce4t that this encounter had so turned )e on that I got u4 #ro) the ta9le and said1 =I ha7e to #ind the rest o# the 'aitresses1 the cashier1 the coo5s1 let )e get the 9us9oysA This is the easiest and )ost a'eso)e 'ay to 'in 4eo4le to Jesus I7e e7er seenA? I ;ust e:4loded right there in the restaurant6 They had heard )e s4ea5 to the #irst 'aitress and they all thought it 'as an a9solutely 'onder#ul idea1 so all o# us started using this )ethod i))ediately 'ith a'eso)e results6 We collecti7ely decided1 9ecause o# the success o# this si)4le little soulM'inning tool1 to eat at di##erent restaurants the entire ti)e 'e 'ere there so that 'e could get all o# the 'aiters and 'aitresses in to'n sa7edA We shared it in the church that night and told the) to go out and do the sa)e thing and the results 'ere incredi9le6 The tele4hone lines 'ere really 9usy #or the ne:t #e' 'ee5s 9ecause all o# us 'ho had sat at that es4ecially anointed luncheon ta9le 'ere saying1 =There are t'o 5inds o#666 to e7ery9ody 'e )et1 and e7eryone 'as ha7ing e:actly the sa)e 'onder#ul success6 E7ery ti)e they called1 I 'ould say again1 =Are you sure you dont 5no' 'ho that )an 'asD? And their ans'er1 o# course1 'as al'ays the sa)e6 We didnt see hi) or the t'o that thought they sa' hi) said they had a9solutely no idea 'ho he 'as6 !harles started in our grocery store6 We ha7e a 9ig su4er)ar5et 7ery close to 'here 'e li7e and 'here there are a lot o# 9ag 9oys6 He 'ould ha7e the) carry the groceries out to the car and on the 'ay out he 'ould say1 =*o you 5no' there are t'o 5inds o# e:ecuti7e 9ag 9oysD? 113

We al'ays try to 4ut a co)4li)entary ad;ecti7e in there 9ecause that really gets their attentionA We ha7e 9een thrilled to disco7er that a9out ninety0 #i7e o# the 4ossi9ly one hundred 9ag 9oys 'ho 'ere 'or5ing in the store at that ti)e ga7e the sa)e res4onse6 =HeallyD? Then !harles 'ould tell the) and they 'ould say1 =Well1 I) the one 'ho is a9out to 9e6? We had such an e:citing ti)e that 'e got to the 4oint 'here 'e 'ouldnt e7en carry a Guart o# )il5 out 'ithout a 9ag 9oy 9ecause that 'as ;ust one )ore o44ortunity to 'in a soul to Jesus6 A lady ca)e into our o##ice recently and said1 =%o )e0 thing ;ust ha44ened at a grocery store that I ha7e got to share 'ith you 9ecause it )ust 9e the store 'here !harles and Frances Hunter sho46? %he continued1 =As I 'as chec5ing out1 the 9ag 9oy 'as singing and loo5ed li5e the ha44iest 4erson in the 'orld6 I said to hi)1 N>ou are really ha44y6 =He ans'ered1 N>esA %o)e =old )an? ca)e in here a 'ee5 ago and I got sa7ed and I7e 9een ha44y e7er sinceA This really i)4ressed the lady1 9ut she 'as e7en )ore i)4ressed 'hen a young )an t'o counters do'n said1 =*id that Nold )an get you tooD He got )e a9out a )onth ago and it changed )y li#e 'hen I got sa7edA? !harles didnt )ind 9eing called =an old )an? 'hen it 9rings so)eone into the 5ingdo) o# 3od6 We ha7e shared this e:citing )ethod around the /nited %tates and so)e 4eo4le ha7e really caught the 7ision o# 'hat the )an said6 %o)e #riends o# ours ha7e done an incredi9le ;o91 and one o# )y #a7orite stories o# theirs has a real ele)ent o# sur4riseA A tele4hone call can 9e a 7ery interesting o44ortunity6 This #riend o# ours ans'ered the tele4hone and o97iously the 4erson calling didnt recogniBe her 7oice6 He said1 =I) sorry6 I )ust ha7e dialed the 'rong tele4hone nu)9er6? 11$

%he Guic5ly ans'ered1 =2o1 you got the right nu)9er 9ut there are t'o 5inds o# 4eo4le 'ho thin& they dialed the 'rong nu)9er8 those 'ho are sa7ed and those 'ho are a9out to 9e 'hich are youD? =I guess I) a9out to 9e 9ecause no9ody e7er as5ed )e that Guestion 9e#ore1? the )an re4lied6 He 4rayed 'ith her as5ing Jesus to co)e into his heart and 'as 7ery grate#ul6 He 4ro#oundly than5ed her o7er and o7er again #or as5ing hi) that =t'o 5inds? o# Guestion6 We challenge you to ta5e ad7antage o# e7ery o44ortunity Ee7ery 4ersonF 'ho co)es 9e#ore youA Jesus said1 1o into all the worl$ an$ preach the gospel to ever! creature) =and He also said to start in Jerusale)1 your ho)e to'n6 As 'e 'ere 'riting this 9oo5 'e 'ent to ha7e a Guic5 dinner at a local #ast0#ood 4lace6 We 'ere 'aiting #or our order 'hen a little #our0year0old girl 'al5ed u4 to our ta9le and as5ed1 =*o you 5no' JesusD? =>es1? I re4lied 'ith a s)ile1 =*o you 5no' Hi)D? %he said1 N>es6 I as5ed1 =*o you lo7e Hi) li5e I doD? And she re4lied1 =>es1 I lo7e Hi) 7ery )uch6? While this con7ersation 'as going on1 a young lady ca)e u4 to !harles and said1 =I a) the 'aitress here1 so i# there is anything you need a#ter you 4ic5 u4 your order1 Ill 9e 7ery glad to get it #or you6? %he added1 =Is there anything I can do #or you right no'D? !harles said1 =>es1 >ou can ans'er this Guestion6 *o you 5no' there are t'o 5inds o# 9eauti#ul 'aitresses in this restaurantD Those 'ho are sa7ed and those 'ho are a9out to 9e1 'hich are youD? There 'as no hesitation 'hatsoe7er6 %he si)4ly said1 =I) a9out to 9e1? so she 4rayed the sinners 4rayer6 The lady at the ne:t ta9le o7erheard us and said1 =I couldnt hel4 9ut hear that 2a)e6 I 'ant to tal5 to you 9ecause you )ust ha7e 9een leading that lady to Jesus6? 11&

%he had no )ore than gotten these 'ords out o# her )outh 'hen this sa)e 'aitress ca)e 9ac5 'ith a young )an6 %he said1 =Would you 4lease gi7e hi) 'hat you ga7e )e 9ecause he needs it( too6? %o !harles as5ed the young )an the Guestion and he acce4ted Jesus as his %a7ior and @ord6 y this ti)e1 the con7ersation on our side o# the restaurant 'as a9out Jesus1 so 'e 'ere really ha7ing an e:citing ti)e although 'e hardly had the o44ortunity to eat any o# our dinner E'ho caresDF6 %oon the sa)e 'aitress ca)e 9ac5 again6 =I7e got another one #or you6 Would you gi7e to hi) 'hat you ga7e to )e 9ecause he really needs it! He stole )y ti4 yesterdayA? The thing that e:cited us so )uch 'as the #act that 'hen that one girl got the )essage she 9eca)e an instant disci4leA When 'e le#t she said1 =Klease co)e 9ac5 to dinner again real soon 9ecause theres a lot o# the) in here that I 'ould li5e to 9ring o7er to youA? I# 'e could ;ust get one 4erson li5e that at each o# our churches1 'ouldnt it 9e e:citing666 es4ecially i# that one 4erson 'as >"/A ecause !harles li5es to use the na)e o# Jesus E'hich is 'onder#ulF he started sayings =Those 'ho ha7e acce4ted Jesus and those 'ho are a9out to6? This 'or5ed1 9ut not nearly as 'ell as 'hen 'e said1 =Those 'ho are sa7ed and those 'ho are a9out to 9e1? And yet1 there is so )uch 4o'er in the na)e o# Jesus that !harles said1 =I really thin5 that gi7es it )ore credi9ility 'hen you say the na)e o# Jesus6? He continued #or a ti)e saying it that 'ay1 and 'hile he led )any 4eo4le to Jesus1 he did not ha7e the success he could ha7e had and should ha7e had6 We 'ere discussing this 'ith a 4astor in the state o# !olorado1 and I 'as telling hi) a9out the unusual characteristics o# the )an 'ho told )e a9out =There are t'o 5inds o#616? and the sensation I had 'hen he 'as 116

tal5ing to )e6 I said that I really 'ished I could #ind out 'ho he 'as so I could than5 hi)6 I also )entioned to the 4astor a9out !harles changing it to1 =Those 'ho ha7e acce4ted Jesus666? and )y saying1 =Those 'ho are sa7ed666? He loo5ed at )e and said 'ords that sent )ountain0siBe shi7ers u4 and do'n )y s4ine1 =*id it e7er da'n on you that it 'as an angel 9ringing you 3ods s4ecial end0ti)e re7i7al )essageD Thats the reason it has 9een so success#ul 9ecause it ca#e straight "ro# 1o$2' He continued1 =I 'ouldnt change one 'ord the angel saidA? The realiBation o# the truth o# 'hat he had said 'as li5e a 9o)9shell e:4lodingA I loo5ed at !harles and e:clai)ed1 =IT WA% A2 A23E@A? %uddenly I understood 'hy only t'o thought they sa' the )an and 'hy no one heard hi) e:ce4t )e6 It 'as an angelic )essenger 3od had sent directly to )e to 9ring the endMti)e re7i7al )essageA We all started saying1 =Those 'ho are sa7ed and those 'ho are a9out to 9e666? and disco7ered 'ithout a dou9t1 it is the )ost incredi9le 'ay in the 'orld to lead 4eo4le to Jesus6 2o 'onder it 'as sent 9y 3od and 4ersonally deli7ered 9y an angelA @ittle did 'e realiBe that the angelic 7isitation 'e recei7ed on an ordinary day in a little restaurant in southeast Missouri 'ould change not only our li7es and our 'ay o# 'itnessing 9ut 'ould change the 'orld as 'ellA We i))ediately changed all o# our World E7angelistic !ensus 4ac5ets to use the )ethod 9rought 9y an angel6 To date o7er 12& )illion docu)ented sal7ations ha7e 9een re4orted6 That nu)9er is daily )ounting as 4eo4le all o7er the 'orld are e:citedly 5noc5ing on doors and saying1 =*o you 5no' there are t'o 5inds o# 4eo4le616? ="ld? irthdays can 9e The Most E:citing thing i# the 'orld6 117

The righteous shall "lourish li&e a pal# tree) He shall grow li&e a ce$ar in Lebanon. Those who are plante$ in the house o" the Lor$ shall "lourish in the courts o" our 1o$. The! shall still bear "ruit in ol$ age. the! shall be "resh an$ "lourishing EKsal) -2<1201$F6 %o)e 9irthdays are )uch )ore unusual than othersA My eighty0second 9irthday 'as one o# thoseA I 'anted so)ething s4ecial #or )y 9irthday1 so I as5ed 3od to gi7e )e 30 )illion so*ls' We had seen the World E7angelistic !ensus go #or'ard in such tre)endous lea4s and 9ounds1 so 'hen J5 )illion souls had 9een 'on to Jesus 'orld0'ide 9y the #irst o# A4ril1 1--+1 I decided that surely 'e could get 3. )illion 9y the 9eginning o# MayA He4orts ca)e in e7ery day and the totals cli)9ed and cli)9ed and cli)9ed6 We had 4rayed and 4rayed1 and the sal7ations really ca)e in1 9ut the night 9e#ore )y 9irthday1 'e 'ere still ;M5)<M4 short o# the 3. )illionA We called e7eryone 'e 5ne' and as5ed the) to really 4ray that so)eho' or another 3od 'ould su4ernaturally send in the sal7ations needed #or )y 9irthday6 Then 'e as5ed 3od to send angels out to 9ring in the re4orts so that 'e 'ould ha7e it on )y 9irthdayA Angels can )o7e Guic5ly so 'e 5ne' they could do it in a short 4eriod o# ti)eA At 9edti)e 'e 'ere still short o# the 3. )illion1 9ut 3od ans'ers 4rayers in the )ost incredi9le 'aysA Than5 3od #or #a:es and e0)ails in the 'orld todayA At 1.<3. KM 'e 'ere a9ru4tly a'a5ened 'hen 'e recei7ed a #a: #ro) the coordinator in the Khili44ines 'ith a 4artial re4ort #ro) the eastern side o# Hegion 6 sho'ing 173132$ ne' souls 9orn into the 5ingdo) o# 3od6 3od not only ga7e us 3. )illion1 He ga7e us e:ceedingly1 a9undantly a9o7e all that 'e could as5 or thin5A What re;oicing there 'as in our house that nightA 11+

Than5 >ou1 Father1 that angels are s4ecial )essengers 'ho 9ring good re4ortsA


Chapter 11 /nd1Ti)e +rea)s2 -isions and Angelic -isitations

y Frances An angelic encounter can ha7e eternal e##ectsA E7ery ti)e I thin5 a9out the angel at a luncheon ta9le in Missouri and 'hat has ha44ened as a result o# that 7isitation1 )y heart lea4s 'ith e:cite)entA Many other things ha7e 9een tied into that angelic 7isit1 one o# 'hich 'as an end0ti)e drea) and 7ision6 !harles and I had gone to Terre Haute1 Indiana1 #or a )eeting o7er the Me)orial *ay 'ee5end6 We had arri7ed in the late 4art o# the a#ternoon and1 ha7ing had a no0#ood #light1 'e decided to ha7e a 9ite to eat 9e#ore 'e 'ent to 9ed6 "nce seated in the hotel dining roo)1 'e e:a)ined the )enu and noticed in the list o# side dishes so)ething that caught )y #ancy6 It si)4ly said1 =Mashed 4otatoes 'ith 'hole roasted garlic clo7es6? That really gra99ed )y attention 9ecause I had ne7er seen that on a )enu 9e#ore6 %ince 9oth o# us lo7e garlic E9ut 'e cant eat it too o#ten 9ecause o# s4ea5ing datesAF 'e decided that1 since it 'as %aturday night and 'e didnt ha7e any )eetings until %unday )orning1 it 'ould 9e o5ay to eat it6 %o I ordered )ashed 4otatoes 'ith 'hole garlic clo7es6 >ou )ight as51 =Ho' s4iritual is garlicD? 12.

The Je'ish 4eo4le ate lee5s and garlic in "ld Testa)ent ti)es1 so I guess its really a good idea6 When you disco7er 'hat ha44ened as a result o# our 4otent )eal1 you )ight 'ant to try so)e )ashed 4otatoes and roasted garlic clo7es1 tooA %hortly a#ter eating1 'e 'ent to 9ed 9ecause 'e 'anted to 9e sure 'e 'ere totally re#reshed #or %unday )orning6 %lee4 ca)e o7er us 7ery Guic5ly and during the night I had a drea)1 a 7ery unusual drea)A /sually1 'hen I drea)1 the drea)s dont )a5e sense6 %ince they dont )a5e sense 'hile I) drea)ing the)1 I) ne7er 7ery concerned a9out the drea)s 'hich I ha7e6 This 4articular night1 though1 I had a drea) 'hich 'ill stay 'ith )e as long as I li7e and it 'as not a garlic drea)6 It 'as a godly )essage6 The drea) started 'ith !harles and I entering our o##ice one )orning6 This 4articular day 'e ca)e in early1 a9out the sa)e ti)e that our sta## 'as arri7ing1 9ecause 'e had a tre)endous 'or5 load staring u in the #ace that day6 When 'e 'al5ed through the door I sa' and heard an unusual thingA All the tele4hones rang and the lines lit u4 at the sa)e ti)eA In actuality there are si: tele4hone lines co)ing into our o##ice1 9ut in this drea) 'e had increased the) to ten lines and all o# the) 'ere lit u46 We ha7e only eight other e)4loyees in the o##ice and the t'o o# us )a5e ten1 so 'e 5ne' 'hen 'e sa' the ten lines lit u4 that 'e 9oth had to ans'er a tele4hone6 !harles ran 7ery Guic5ly do'n to his o##ice8 I turned and 'ent into )ine and 4ic5ed u4 the tele4hone and got the shoc5 o# )y li#eA The )an on the tele4hone said1 =We ;ust ended an e7angelistic census in the country o# 1 Eso)e A#rican nation 'ith 'hich I 'as not #a)iliar1F and 7-$1622 4eo4le 'ere sa7edA? I thought1 Wo'A This is really e:citingA I didnt e7en 5no' 'e had anyone 'or5ing in that nationA When 121

4eo4le call in1 'e dont ;ust ta5e do'n the #igures1 'e con#ir) the) 9y calling the) 9ac56 There are so)e 4eo4le 'ho 'ould li5e to thro' the World E7angelistic !ensus o## 9y re4orting #alse #igures6 I as5ed the gentle)an #or his tele4hone nu)9er and as5ed hi) #or a little )ore in#or)ation6 He 'as so e:cited 9ecause 'hen he #irst heard a9out the census he said he 'asnt really too interested 9ecause he didnt thin5 such a si)4le 4lan 'ould 'or56 Then1 he said the )ore he thought a9out it( the )ore he tal5ed to 3od a9out it( and the )ore he realiBed that this 'as really 3ods end0ti)e )essage1 the )ore e:cited he 9eca)e1 4articularly since the 'ay to 'in 4eo4le to Jesus 'as 9rought 9y an angel directly #ro) the throne roo) o# 3od6 We had a little con7ersation1 and the entire ti)e I 'as on the 4hone 'ith hi)1 I o9ser7ed that all the other 4hone lines continued to stay lit1 As soon as one light 'ent out1 it 'ould i))ediately turn red again 9y another call co)ing in6 When I #inished the con7ersation1 I 'as so e:cited I could hardly 'ait to tell !harlesA I thought1 Wo'A This is really an a'eso)e thing 'hen you get a tele4hone call #ro) a country 'e 'erent e7en a'are 'as in7ol7ed in the censusA ut I didnt e7en get )y tele4hone hung u4 9e#ore it rang again6 In )y drea)1 I loo5ed o7er to'ard )y secretarys roo) and sa' her #oot stic5 out the door li5e she 'as going to 'al5 into )y o##ice 9ut then it disa44eared 'hen her 4hone rang6 This 5e4t u4 all day long6 All the tele4hone lines continued to stay lit u46 2one o# us could ha7e )ade a call out 9ecause there 'ere no lines a7aila9le1 We 'ouldnt e7en ha7e had ti)e to )a5e any calls 9ecause a44arently e7ery9ody 'as on the tele4hone the entire ti)e6 E7ery ti)e )y secretary 'ould start to co)e in to tell )e so)ething1 her 4hone 'ould ring again and she 'ould ha7e to go 9ac5 in and ans'er it6 122

3ods Word says1 Not b! #ight nor b! power) but b! 3! Spirit)' and His %4irit is )o7ing all o7er the earth6 I# 'e 'ant to 9e 'al5ing in the s4irit1 'e ha7e to )o7e 'hen 3ods %4irit )o7es6 %o 'e stayed 9y the 4honesA As the drea) continued1 I ne7er got u4 #ro) )y des51 and an a)aBing thing 9egan to occur1 The o##ice 'as1 o# course1 in a state o# con#usion 9ecause e7ery9ody 'as tal5ing on the tele4hone and no9ody got to share 'ith anyone else 'hat 'as going on6 %uddenly I heard a tre)endous roar outside the o##ice6 "ur o##ice is in the country1 and 'e ha7e a little road that runs in #ront o# it 'here there is not a lot o# tra##ic1 ut at that )o)ent I heard an un9elie7a9le roar C and thats e:actly 'hat it 'asA a roar1 a tre)endously loud sound co)ing do'n the street6 It 'as co)ing closer and closer6 %trangely1 I 5ne' that the sound 'as not )ade 9y auto)o9iles or truc5s 9ecause it 'asnt co)ing that #ast 9ut it 'as ad7ancing as though 4eo4le 'ere )arching or 'al5ing6 I could not get u4 #ro) )y des5 to go see 'hat it 'as 9ecause I 'as on the tele4hone1 and yet I continued to hear this roar 'hich 5e4t escalating in 7olu)e6 e#ore I e7en had ti)e to consider 'hat it 'as1 the #ront door o# our o##ice 9urst o4en and in ca)e 'hat see)ed li5e thousands o# 4eo4leA We ha7e 9oth an o##ice and a 'arehouse 'here 'e store our 9oo5s1 and the #unny thing is that the entire 9uilding1 including the 'arehouse1 'as suddenly and co)4letely #illed 'ith 4eo4le6 There 'ere thousands o# #aces1 all shouting and yellingA Each o# the) had their hands #ull o# little 'hite sli4s o# 4a4er 'hich I instantly recogniBed as 9eing the #or)s that 'e gi7e out all o7er the 'orld #or 4eo4le to sign 'hen they get sa7ed6 All the o##ices #illed u4 ra4idly 'ith 4eo4le and suddenly1 9ecause there 'as no )ore roo) to stand in the o##ices1 4eo4le 9egan cli)9ing u4 on the des5sA In the s4irit1 e7en though I 'as sitting in )y o'n o##ice1 I could 123

see into the 'arehouse and all the other o##ices and e:actly the sa)e thing 'as ha44ening6 e#ore Id hardly turned around there 'ere eight or ten 4eo4le standing on )y des5A Thats a lot o# 4eo4leA They 'ere all sho7ing 4ieces o# 4a4er at )e and yelling and shouting1 9ut I could tell that they 'ere not an angry )o9 9ut 'ere 4eo4le 'ho 'ere e:citedA They 'ere so e:cited a9out 'hat 'as ha44ening that they could hardly contain the)sel7es6 They utterly in7aded our o##iceA When the o##ice got so ;a))ed that no one else could e7en atte)4t to sGueeBe in1 I ha44ened to loo5 out through one o# the 'indo's in )y o##ice and sa' cro'ds o# 4eo4le standing outside the 9uilding all the 'ay around6 They 'ere standing on one anothers shoulders trying to see into )y 'indo'1 'a7ing little 4ieces o# 4a4er outside the 'indo'6 The little 4ieces o# 4a4er 'ere all the sli4s telling the nu)9er o# sal7ations #ro) 7arious nations6 I cant e7er re)e)9er going through a day li5e that in )y entire li#eA All I 5no' is that it 'as the )ost e:citing day Id e7er had1 and e7en though I didnt get to tal5 to !harles or any o# our o##ice sta## 9e#ore the day 'as done1 I 5ne' in )y s4irit that e7erything that 'as ha44ening 'as o# 3od and 'as 'onder#ul and e:citing6 When the day #inally ended and the 4eo4le suddenly disa44eared1 all o# our e)4loyees ran into )y o##ice1 They 'ere all tal5ing at one ti)e1 each one saying e:actly the sa)e thing a9out ho' )any 4eo4le had called6 There 'as no 'ay that anyone had an o44ortunity to add u4 the totals o# the sal7ations1 9ut e7eryone said the only 4hone calls they too5 all day long 'ere telling us a9out sal7ations1 %o)e o# these 'ere #ro) nations 'e didnt e7en 5no' e:isted1 so 'e had to get the 4eo4le to s4ell the na)e o# their countryA The 4eculiar thing is that all the 4eo4le 'ho called1 e7en though they 'ere #ro) #oreign nations1 all 12$

)anaged to s4ea5 English and co))unicate 'ith us so 'e got all their totals do'n6 When I a'o5e #ro) the drea) I could hardly contain )ysel# 9ecause it 'as so e:citing6 It had 9een so real that1 e7en as I 'rite this1 I can still see the #aces o# the 4eo4le 'ho 'ere standing on )y des56 Then 'e #ound out later that e7ery9ody in e7ery o##ice had 4eo4le standing on their des5s too1 9ecause there 'asnt roo) to stand any'here elseA The results 'ere e:actly the sa)e #ro) e7ery9ody6 E7eryone 'as yelling and saying1 ="h1 FrancesA @oo5 'hat I7e gotA @oo5 'hat I7e gotA? They 'ere all sho'ing )e nothing 9ut E7angelistic !ensus re4orts6 I i))ediately 9egan sharing 'ith !harles and telling hi) a9out 'hat had ha44ened in )y drea)6 We 9oth decided that this 'as a 7isitation o# the Holy %4irit in a drea) or 4ossi9ly through an angel6 Whate7er His )ethod o# s4ea5ing to us1 'e 9elie7ed 3od 'as saying1 =3et ready #or an e:4losion in the World E7angelistic !ensus 9ecause this is 'hat I) going to do6 Then 'hen its o7er1 Jesus 'ill 9e 9ac5 and all 'ill 9e endedA? I could hardly 'ait to call our o##ice on Monday )orning to tell our sta## a9out the drea)6 In our s4irits 'e 9oth 5ne' that this 'as 3od 4re4aring us to get ready 9ecause He is going to do an outstanding 'or5 in the E7angelistic !ensus6 When I called the o##ice on Monday )orning1 the 4hone 'as ans'ered 9y our gra4hics )an1 'ho has 9een 'ith us #or )ore than thirteen years6 2or)ally he doesnt ans'er the tele4hone1 9ut this 4articular )orning1 9ecause this 'as 3ods 4lan1 he ans'ered6 The #irst thing he said 'as not1 =Ho' did the )eeting go yesterdayD? or anything li5e he 'ould nor)ally as56 He si)4ly said1 =Frances1 'ould you li5e to hear a drea) I had %aturday nightD? This1 o# course1 shoc5ed )e since Id had such an unusual drea) on %aturday night6 I #irst res4onded1 =Wait 12&

until you hear the drea) I hadA? ut then I 4olitely re4lied1 =Tell )e yours #irstA? He 'as really e:cited as he said1 9ou 5no' I dont drea) 7ery o#ten1? He had )y attention 9ecause the sa)e thing is true o# )e1 and in all the years hes 'or5ed #or us1 I7e ne7er heard hi) tal5 a9out any drea) hes had1 He 'ent on1 =I had the )ost unusual drea) %aturday night6 I drea)ed 'e )o7ed our o##ices into a si:ty story o##ice 9uilding1 and our o##ices 'ere on the to4 #loor6 I had to go do'n to the #irst #loor to ta5e so)e 'or51 so I got on the ele7ator and 4ushed the 9utton #or the #irst #loor1 The ele7ator started to )o7e 9ut suddenly it sto44ed at the #i#ty0 ninth #loor6 =The doors o4ened and I ne7er sa' anything li5e it in )y li#eA The entire #i#ty0ninth #loor o# the 9uilding 'as #illed 'ith thousands o# 4eo4le and they 'ere all 'a7ing these little sli4s o# 4a4er and sho7ing the) at )e 9ecause they contained the na)es o# 4eo4le 'ho had acce4ted JesusA? He continued1 =I ne7er sa' so )any 4eo4le 9e#ore and ne7er sa' so )any hand#uls o# these WE! #or)s as I sa'6 The 4eo4le 'ere #rantically 'a7ing the) at )e 9ut there 'as no 'ay I could ta5e the) allA I thought1 NWhat i# all these 4eo4le try to get on the ele7atorD Well dro4 li5e a stoneA %o)eho' the 4eo4le 'ere 4re7ented #ro) getting on the ele7ator6 I 4ushed the 9utton again and the doors closed1 9ut 'e sto44ed at the #i#ty0eighth #loor this ti)eA When the ele7ator doors o4ened1 it 'as e:actly the sa)e as on the #i#ty0ninth #loorA =When the ele7ator doors o4ened1 I sa' that the 'hole #loor 'as #ull o# 4eo4le ;a))ed together as tightly as 4ossi9le1 'a7ing thousands o# little 4ieces o# 4a4er sho'ing the nu)9er o# 4eo4le 'ho had 9een sa7ed in the 7arious countries6? He said1 =%o)eho' the 4eo4le 'ere sto44ed #ro) getting on the ele7ator 9y an in7isi9le #orce1 9ut I ne7er sa' so )uch e:cite)ent and yelling and carrying onA 126

=I 4ressed the 9utton again1 still trying to get to the #irst #loor6 The doors closed and 'hen they o4ened again 'e 'ere on the #i#ty0se7enth #loorA It 'as e:actly the sa)e as the 4re7ious #loorsA Fro) there1 the ele7ator sto44ed at e7ery #loor #ro) the to4 all the 'ay to the #irst #loor and it 'as e:actly the sa)e e7ery ti)e the ele7ator doors slid o4en1? When I told hi) 'hat I had drea)ed1 he res4onded that 3od had said to hi)1 =We need to 4re4are to enlarge in order to ta5e care o# all the sal7ations that are co)ing in through the World E7angelistic !ensusA? I# you 'ill thin5 9ac5 on 9oth o# these drea)s1 you 'ill realiBe that they are 9oth e:actly the sa)e thing1 ;ust gi7en in a di##erent )annerA I shared this at one o# the church ser7ices and the 4astor ca)e running u4 and said< In 1-+$1 in @ouisiana1 3od a'a5ened )e in the )iddle o# a Wednesday night a9out 11<3. and 'hile e7eryone 'as in 9ed He s4o5e to )e audi9ly6 At #irst I 'as a little #rightened6 I thought I 'as going craBy6 I loo5ed in the 5itchen to see i# so)e9ody 'as 4laying a ga)e 'ith )e and there 'as no9ody there6 My sons 'ere in 9ed6 My 'i#e 'as in 9ed6 =Again the 7oice ca)e and said1 N3et on the #loor1 I 'ant to tal5 to you6 The @ord s4o5e to )e audi9ly #or so)e ti)e6 That ha44ened t'o nights in a ro'6 The third night He did the sa)e thing1 and then He ga7e )e a 7ision6 I had ne7er had a 7ision 9e#ore or since li5e this6 I ha7e had heart 7isions6 I ha7e had drea)s that I 5ne' 'ere #ro) the @ord6 I shoo5 )y head1 o4ened )y eyes1 tried to get rid o# it 9ut couldnt6 He 'anted to sho' )e so)ething6 =The second night I thin5 I le#t )y 9ody1 the 9est I can tell6 I 'ent a9o7e the earth and 'as standing in s4ace Noutside o# ti)e loo5ing do'n at the earth1 There 'as no ti)e in7ol7ed1 This 'as the #irst ti)e I had 9een Noutside o# ti)e6 I could #eel the @ord standing close to )e1 9ut I 127

ne7er turned to loo5 at Hi)6 I could #eel Hi) there as He tal5ed to )e6 =I 'ould as5 Hi) Guestions and He 'ould ans'er6 He sho'ed )e a 'a7e that 9illo'ed u4 at a certain 4oint o# the earth6 Kicture loo5ing at the earth6 It 9illo'ed u4 and then it started to )o7e6 "n the #ront side o# that 'a7e there 'as a cutting edge 'here great and )ighty things ta5e 4lace6 "n the 9ac5 side there 'ere )illions o# 4eo4le getting sa7ed1 =This 'a7e 'hich I called the 'a7e o# glory1 'ent around the entire 'orld and He told )e to tell e7ery9ody a9out it6 =I 'as riding in the #ront o# that 'a7e6 I sa' 4eo4le getting legs 'ho didnt ha7e legs1 hands on 4eo4le 'ho didnt ha7e hands1 cri44led 9odies straighten u4 and all 5inds o# incredi9le healings6 Keo4le 'ere 4reaching in 9ar roo)s1 9o'ling alleys1 4eo4le getting sa7ed on the side'al5s1 )iracles 'ere ha44ening6 =The third night 3od called )e again6 I got on )y #ace6 %a)e thing6 %a)e situation only this ti)e He too5 )e 9ehind the 'a7e6 "n the 9ac5 edge o# the 'a7e I sa' 9oats lined u46 It 'ould ta5e at least three hours to tell you the 'hole 7ision6 That glory 'a7e le#t a huge la5e6 Thousands o# 9oats 'ere #loating on that la5e6 These 9oats 'ere lined u4 nose to nose1 side 9y side all the 'ay around the earth1 There 'as no 4lace 'here there 'asnt a 9oat6 They 'ere e7ery'here6 The 4eo4le in 9oats 'ere gra99ing #ol5s6 =These 4eo4le 'ere #loundering in the 'ater and that 'as His gloryA %o)e 'ere dro'ning in it 9ecause they re#used hel46 Keo4le in the 9oats 'ere reaching and gra99ing the) 9y the hand1 9y the hair1 9y the #ace1 9y anything they could get a hold o#1 4ulling and thro'ing the) in the 9oats1 5ids1 )o)s1 dads1 teenagers1 ;ust thro'ing the) in6 These 9oats 'ere #ull and the 4eo4le 'erent sitting orderly6 >ou could see el9o's1 legs1 9otto)s1 headsA 12+

=I 'as serious as I could 9e 'hen I said1 N@ord1 those 9oats are going to sin56 That 'as )y #irst thought 'hen I sa' ho' #ull they 'ere6 He said1 N%on1 those 9oats dont sin56 When you thin5 they are #ull enough1 there is al'ays roo) #or )ore6 >ou ;ust 5ee4 on 9ringing the 4eo4le inA? As this 'a7e 'ent around the earth1 the #arther it got the #aster it gotA When the 'a7e o# glory hit 'here it started1 a huge s4lash 'ent into the air6 As that gigantic 'ater s4out 'ent into the air1 Jesus a44eared1 and that 'as the endA Thin5 a9out these three su4ernatural 7isitations6 We 9elie7e they are signals #ro) the throne o# 3od that the days are here #or 'hich 'e ha7e eagerly and earnestly longed and o# 'hich the i9le says the saints in hea7en are en7iousA We 9elie7e in an incredi9le )o)entu) o# re7i7al 'hich 'ill 9ring a9out the #inal E2* TIME HAH,E%TA


3e4elation The 5e& Jerusale)

Then I sa' a ne' hea7en and a ne' earth1 #or the old hea7en and the old earth had disa44eared6 And the sea 'as also gone6 And I sa' the holy city1 the ne' Jerusale)1 co)ing do'n #ro) 3od out o# hea7en li5e a 9eauti#ul 9ride 4re4ared #or her hus9and6 I heard a loud shout #ro) the throne saying1 =@oo51 the ho)e o# 3od is no' a)ong his 4eo4leA He 'ill li7e 'ith the)1 and they 'ill 9e his 4eo4le6 3od hi)sel# 'ith 9e 'ith the)6 He 'ill re)o7e all o# the#t sorro's1 and there 'ill 9e no )ore death or sorro' or crying or 4ain6 For the old 'orld and its e7ils are gone #ore7er6? And the one sitting on the throne said1 =@oo51 I a) )a5ing all things ne'A? And then he said to )e1 NWrite this do'n1 #or 'hat I tell you is trust'orthy and true6? And he also said1 =It is #inishedA I a) the Al4ha and the ")ega 0 the eginning and the End6 To all 'ho are thirsty I 'ill gi7e the s4rings o# the 'ater o# li#e 'ithout chargeA All 'ho are 7ictorious 'ill inherit all these 9lessings1 and I 'ill 9e the#t 3od1 and they 'ill 9e )y children6 ut co'ards 'ho turn a'ay #ro) )e1 and un9elie7ers1 and the corru4t1 and )urderers1 and the i))oral1 and those 'ho 4ractice 'itchcra#t1 and idol 'orshi4ers1 and all liars 0 the#t doo) is in the la5e that 9u)s 'ith #ire and sul4hur6 This is the second death6? Then one o# the se7en angels 'ho held the se7en 9o'ls containing the se7en last 4lagues ca)e and said to )e1 13.

=!o)e 'ith )eA I 'ill sho' you the 9ride1 the 'i#e o# the @a)96? %o he too5 )e in s4irit to a great1 high )ountain( and he sho'ed )e the holy city1 Jerusale)1 descending out o# hea7en #ro) 3od6 It 'as #illed 'ith the glory o# 3od and s4ar5led li5e a 4recious ge)1 crystal clear li5e ;as4er6 Its 'alls 'ere 9road and high1 'ith t'el7e gates guarded 9y t'el7e angels6 And the na)es o# the t'el7e tri9es o# Israel 'ere 'ritten on the gates6 There 'ere three gates on each side0east1 north1 south1 and 'est6 The 'all o# the city had t'el7e #oundation stones1 and on the) 'ere 'ritten the na)es o# the t'el7e a4ostles o# the @a)96 The angel 'ho tal5ed to )e held in his hand a gold )easuring stic5 to )easure the city1 its gates1 and its 'alls6 When he )easured it1 he #ound it 'as a sGuare1 as 'ide as it 'as long6 In #act1 it 'as in the #or) o# a cu9e1 #or its length and 'idth and height 'ere each 11$.. )iles6 Then he )easured the 'alls and #ound the) to 9e 216 #eet thic5 Ethe angel used a standard hu)an )easureF6 The 'all 'as )ade o# ;as4er1 and the city 'as 4ure gold1 as clear as glass6 The 'all o# the city 'as 9uilt on #oundation stones inlaid 'ith t'el7e ge)s< the #irst 'as ;as4er1 the second sa44hire1 the third agate1 the #ourth e)erald1 the #i#th ony:1 the si:th carneian1 the se7enth chrysolite1 the eighth 9eryl1 the ninth to4aB1 the tenth chryso4rase1 the ele7enth ;acinth1 the t'el#th a)ethyst6 The t'el7e gates 'ere )ade o# 4earls C each gate #ro) a single 4earlA And the )ain street 'as 4ure gold1 as clear as glass6 2o te)4le C c ould 9e seen in the city1 #or the @ord 3od Al)ighty and the @a)9 are its te)4le6 And the city has no need o# sun or )oon1 #or the glory o# 3od illu)inates the city1 and the @a)9 is its light6 The nations o# the earth 'ill 'al5 in its light1 and the rulers o# the 'orld 'ill co)e and 9ring their glory to it6 Its gates ne7er close at the end o# day 9ecause there is no night6 And all the nations 'ill 9ring 131

their glory and honor into the city6 2othing e7il 'ill 9e allo'ed to enterMno one 'ho 4ractices sha)e#ul idolatry and dishonesty C 9ut only those 'hose na)es are 'ritten in the @a)9s oo5 o# @i#e6 And the angel sho'ed )e a 4ure ri7er 'ith the 'ater o# li#e1 clear as crystal1 o'ing #ro) the throne o# 3od and o# the @a)91 coursing do'n the center o# the )ain street6 "n each side o# the ri7er gre' a tree o# li#e1 9earing t'el7e cro4s o# #ruit1 'ith a #resh cro4 each )onth6 The lea7es 'ere used #or )edicine to heal the nations6 2o longer 'ill anything 9e cursed6 For the throne o# 3od and o# the @a)9 'ill 9e there1 and his ser7ants 'ill 'orshi4 hi)6 And they 'ill see his #ace1 and his na)e 'ill 9e 'ritten on their #oreheads6 And there 'ill 9e no night thereMno need #or la)4s or sun C #or the @ord 3od 'ill shine on the)6 And they 'ill reign #ore7er and e7er6 Then the angel said to )e1 =These 'ords are trust'orthy and true< NThe @ord 3od1 'ho tells his 4ro4hets 'hat the #uture holds1 has sent his angel to tell you 'hat 'ill ha44en soon6?

0esus is &oming
@oo51 I a) co)ing soonA lessed are those 'ho o9ey the 4ro4hecy 'ritten in this scroll6? I1 John1 a) the one 'ho sa' and heard all these things6 And 'hen I sa' and heard these things1 I #ell do'n to 'orshi4 the angel 'ho sho'ed the) to )e6 ut again he said1 =2o1 dont 'orshi4 )e6 I a) a ser7ant o# 3od1 ;ust li5e you and your 9rothers the 4ro4hets1 as 'ell as all 'ho o9ey 'hat is 'ritten in the scroll6 Worshi4 3odA? Then he instructed )e1 =*o not seal u4 the 4ro4hetic 'ords you ha7e 'ritten1 #or the ti)e is near6 @et the one 'ho is doing 'rong continue to do 'rong8 the one 'ho is 7ile1 continue to 9e 7ile8 the one 'ho is good1 continue to do good8 and the one 'ho is holy1 continue in holiness6? 132

%ee1 I a) co)ing soon1 and )y re'ard is 'ith )e1 to re4ay all according to their deeds6 I a) the Al4ha and the ")ega1 the First and the @ast1 the eginning and the End6? lessed are those 'ho 'ash their ro9es so they can enter through the gates or the city and eat the #ruit #ro) the tree o# li#e6 "utside the city are the dogs 0 the sorcerers1 the se:ually i))oral1 the )urderers1 the idol 'orshi4ers1 and all 'ho lo7e to li7e a lie6 =I1 Jesus1 ha7e sent )y angel to gi7e you this )essage #or the churches6 I a) 9oth the source o# *a7id and the heir to his throne6 I a) the 9right )orning star6? The %4irit and the 9ride say1 =!o)e6? @et each one 'ho hears the) say1 =!o)e6? @et the thirsty ones co)e 0 anyone 'ho 'ants to6 @et the) co)e and drin5 the 'ater o# li#e 'ithout charge6 And I sole)nly declare to e7eryone 'ho hears the 4ro4hetic 'ords o# this 9oo5< I# anyone adds anything to 'hat is 'ritten here1 3od 'ill add to that 4erson the 4lagues descri9ed in this 9oo56 And i# anyone re)o7es any o# the 'ords o# this 4ro4hetic 9oo51 3od 'ill re)o7e that 4ersons share in the tree o# li#e and in the holy city that are descri9ed in this 9oo56 'ho is the #aith#ul 'itness to all these things says1 =>es1 I a) co)ing soonA?

Amen: &ome4 #ord 0esus: *he Grace o$ the #ord 0esus be with you All
=Revelation J;) JJ 2@TF