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Zafar Asia Electrical Industry This company is famous in manufacturing many kinds of Electronic like Air Coller, Washing

Machines, Dryer Machines, And different parts of Electronics. It is certified by ISO 9000. It is well-known in its competitors in all over the Punjab. It has Goodwill in public as well as in business world. It also exports its products in other Cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Islamabad, kharian, etc. It was constructed in 1992 by Mian Muhammad Aslam (Late) at Pasroor Road, Gujranwala. He took that company to the top of the success by working Dawn to Dusk. They face many problems in the start of the business but they survive and eventually reach to accomplish their goals. With the passage of time they continuously expand their business in different Electronic products like washing machines and Dryers. Profile of Zafar Asia Electrical Industry Zafar Asia Electronics Produce Different types of electronics products that are being used in the houses like Washing machines, Dryers, Air Cooler and different parts of these products. Currently they are producing Dryer Machines due to winter season. Dryers made with four basic parts which are Drum, Chana, Body and motor as shown in Exhibit 1. Their strategy includes selling their products to the lower middle class peoples because due to inflation the prices of major electronic brands like Super Asia, LG, Panasonic etc has been increased very rapidly and now they are out of reach from many upper middle class peoples as well. Zafar Asia aims to produce quality products at very reasonable prices for the lower middle class peoples who are not able to purchase a good quality product for their daughters marriage. Production Process Currently they are producing dryers due to increased demand in winter season. Dryers completed in 5 steps. First step is called motor making which consists of motor winding, fitting and covering. Each motor winding takes 10 minutes, and each motor fitting and covering takes 5 minutes in each. It means total time to produce a motor is approx 20 minutes. Second Step is Drum making. Drum contains two parts, one is ring and other is Kan. To join the drum with ring and Kan takes approximately 20 minutes. Third step is joining channa within the drum that takes approx 10 minutes. The fourth step is Assembly which constitutes to join Drum, Chana and Motor with each other that takes 5 minutes approximately for each unit to join. The Final step is to level the parts within the body that takes 10 minutes to complete a dryer machine.

Flow Chart of Zafar Asia Electronics

Motor Winding




Joining Drum and Chana

Drum making

Final product

Through Put Time It is the total time taken to produce or manufacture something. Through Put Time = First Step + Second Step + Third Step + Fourth Step + Fifth Step = 20 + 05 + 10 = 35 min

Capacity = 480-35 = 445/5+1 =90 units

Cycle Time = 5 min Bottleneck Bottlenecks are the narrow or obstructed section your Production process. Here the assembly and final product making are the bottle neck for the whole process. Suggestions Motor winding takes 10 minutes for each motor to wind because this happened through labor. If they bought a motor winding machine then only in 4 minutes a motor can be winded and they can save 6 minutes for each motor to wind and they can wind 15 motor in an hour rather than 4 motors. They purchase Drums with No ring and Kans that took 20 minutes of the labor to fit these components on the drum. But if they purchased those Drums in which the holes for nuts are already occurred and the rings are also made with the drums then they can save the cost for those labor who made holes in the drum for nuts and fix ring on the drum. My Pictures within the Factory

Exhibit 1

Components of Dryer Machine

Fig 1.1:

Motor Winding

Fig 1.2:

Drum Making

Fig 1.3: